Author: Jadhe

When he woke up in the hospital, he had several bandages on his body, serum and a nurse at his side; whose job at that moment was to try to lower the temperature, because even unconscious, his body convulsed; but this was not due to anything physical, but something in his mind. Since his head did not stop moving from one side to another and exclaimed non-stop no, no, no, no … while his heart changed heart rate and ended up drenched in sweat …

She asked the nurse where she was and she answered that at the Hospital del Seguro, she immediately asked the nurse to see her parents, even putting their ideas in order, … the silence that the nurse made, took him out of his thoughts and asked her again for her parents, this time looking her in the eyes; to find no answer and see the nurse disappear quickly.

Restless, he tried to find some explanation, because given his condition, he had probably lost consciousness for weeks and that’s why his parents were not there, possibly they were at home at that time. When he saw the doctor appear in turn, asking him how he felt, he replied that he was fine and asked again about his parents.

The doctor trying to evade the question, asked him to open his mouth and put the thermometer in, to silence him; while he was doing time, taking the pressure and making notes. He saw the doctor’s nervousness … and then he took out the thermometer that kept him mute, grabbed his arm and looked him in the eye, because the doctor was avoiding him with his eyes, the doctor could no longer dodge him.

-Doctor, please answer me. Where are my parents?

-I’m sorry boy, you must be strong … (making a long pause), unfortunately they died in the accident, 2 months ago

-What? … He was perplexed for a moment.

-One motorcycle, it got stuck, where your parents were and unfortunately …

Reacting told him that was not true, screaming … then began to tear off the things he had connected to his body and that prevented him from moving, and then get off the bed, because although the doctor tried to calm him down … he was like crazy, and his Strength seemed huge since I could not stop it. The doctor called several nurses to inject him with a sedative, since due to the shock and the delicate thing that was, a cardiac arrest could be provoked …

Two years later, sitting on the bed while looking at his watch, he realized that it was already quite late and he was hardly up, but without affecting him too much, he had more important things to think about. Life was weighing him too much at that moment, but he repeated himself; that after time, everything would return to normal … although I did not know when.

His life was chaotic, he had stopped giving music and singing classes, both in the Preparatory School and in the University; he lost his passion, his music, his love to teach; He lost the house that his parents owned, in bets; lost humor, joy, the struggle for daily life and with this the girlfriend; not even when they finished, he reacted; he assumed things, without traces of pain or so he made it seem; that is, he had lost his way.

Guilt consumed him, when he went to bed at night to sleep; he saw again and again, the scene in the accident in which his parents died and to which he ironically survived (since he would have changed his life without thinking twice, for that of his loved ones).

And then he shouted frantically, hitting what he found in his path, then clinging, squeezing his pillow to crouch, as if apologizing, evoking the image of his parents and there in his room, began to mourn in silence, biting hands and swinging your body back and forth, still hugging your pillow. Thus he remained for a long, long time … until the dream overcame him and invaded him.

That was his life, without something or someone could take away the pain he was carrying and that burned inside … the only thing that kept him out of his room, was a bit of relief when he sang in the restaurant where he was hired. He had a unique voice, the same sang a rock, a ballad or ranchera music, his voice was serious but he did it as he wanted.

He works only to survive, since he did not even fill it to sing, although he had stopped drinking; he always sang what his clients asked him; but always ended with the same song, or to go home, every day, in a kind of self-therapy, the favorite song of their elders, as he told them.

I had never understood because they liked that melody so much, but now it made the hairs on their skin stand on end, just to hear the introduction of it, when listening to the guitar, it shuddered: “A cat in the dark “By Roberto Carlos.

“When I was a kid, what a joy

playing war, night and day

jumping over a fence, see you

and so, in your eyes; something new, discover.

The roses said, you were mine

and a cat, he kept me company

Since you left me, I do not know, why?

the window is bigger without your love.

The cat that is in our sky

will not go home, if you’re not

you do not know my love, what a beautiful night

I feel that you are in that star.

The cat that is sad and blue

never forget, that you were mine

more I know that you will know, of my suffering

because my eyes, a tear is there.

Dear, my dear, my life

moon reflection, laughing …

When it was over, her cheeks ended up wet, from the tears shed on them. For the rest of the people, who did not know about their pain; I thought it was part of the show, since at the end he said goodbye with a smile and without breaking his voice, he told them some words of thanks. Everyone applauded and asked him to come back to sing, but the clients already knew that after that melody, he retired

Until one night, one of the important clients that the restaurant had, he became impertinent that he was obviously drunk and told him that he would not sing that song, that he did not like it; Without paying attention, to what he said, he started to sing it and that drunk man went to where he was, snatched the microphone from him and started to talk that he did not want him to sing that song.

Kindly, he removed the microphone, and invited him to sit down, accompanying him to his place; his partner (Alejandro) who already knew him, that smelled of problems and approached to dissuade him from singing the song, he had more nights to continue singing. He did not say anything to her and began to sing it, turning his back on his partner and the drunkard.

But as a good drunk, he stopped and pulled him on the shoulder strongly, to tell him not to sing that horrible song and without a huge blow with a clenched fist and armed with a bang. Finishing some in the hospital and others in jail.

The next day, the owner told him that he did not want to see him there (even despite himself, since in truth, many people came to the restaurant just to see him and hear him sing); because the drunk in question were people with a lot of power and had threatened the owner, that if he did not run it, he would close the restaurant and accuse him of something serious.

He sang in other bars, but they told him the same thing; I look for other places but nobody wanted to give him work, because the guy in question had threatened half the world, as well as the restaurateur. He felt lost, so he took the weekend, to see what he was going to do, maybe emigrate to another state, far from that heavy …

When Alejandro went to look for him in the middle of the following week to his house and told him that he had gotten a job, his eyes lit up. But this one told him that he will not be so excited, that he still did not tell him what the job consisted of, that he was not a singer. He stared at him with an interrogation face:

-It is not a difficult job, the one you are going to develop, but I want you to think calmly and to tell me if you will accept it or not; since I gave my word that the person who brought, was not going to back out, once accepted the job.

-So you can not be too bad Carlos … pawn my word and you know what that means for me.

He jokingly told her:

-When to Who should you kill? … do not scare me …

-It is not what you imagine Carlos, look I will explain what it is …

He told him what he had to do, although he omitted several important and relevant details. He told her that he was going to work taking care of a young woman, that he was going to be a kind of guarura (bodyguard) and teacher at the same time, but that he should not worry; since there were 3 other guards in the shelter of this with enough experience and who already had time with the family, that scared him, far from reassuring him, since he put it on notice, that the girl in question, was the daughter of someone who weighed

-But I know you loved teaching and you know how to handle young people, so that’s why I recommended you.

So the weekend, he spent thinking about whether he accepted that job or not; that drunk, had taken him momentarily, the only thing he liked and knew how to do well.

On the other hand, if he wanted to move to another state, he had to have money for the trip and for the first days he was there, getting a job, although he knew that it would not cost him so much, he should be prepared for the unexpected … and so he killed 2 birds with a single shot, because that way he avoided paying rent and the expenses of the food, since he was going to live there; according to Alejandro’s explanations. So after thinking it through, he saw that at that moment it was his only and best option.

Her parents were going to leave urgently and could not take her, as usual. She was 20 years old and was in the middle of her career, since they did not know how long it would take and because of the danger of the trip, she wanted her daughter to be well protected. Along with the servants and their lifelong lullaby.

His father had tried to get a girl who knew how to treat young people, who had taught, but simply had not found the character in question; that’s why, when Carlos was recommended, he did not think twice, it was enough for him to know the basics regarding weapons and personal defense, Carlos had those characteristics.

Finally the day they left, the girl was introduced before; although she contemptuously and haughtily, she did not even deign to greet him and as a good manipulator she was, she decided to take the reins so that she would know who was going to be the patron, during the absence of her parents. His father told the young woman:

-Look Samantha, this is Carlos Mendoza

– Is this the new guarura?

-Mmmmmhhh!, Sweeping it from top to bottom-You gave him the details of the house, the schedules, the dining room, etc …

-So it’s daughter

-Well, bye dad, have a good trip; I have to go to school…

His father continued to talk with him and told him about the difficult character of his daughter and that they had simply never been able to correct her. Physically she was a strong young woman, practicing swimming, although she was short of stature for her age, she always seemed to be 3 years younger; but, just by seeing her, her gestures, gestures, her way of looking, one could guess her way of being.

When the guards learned of Carlos’ hiring, they fell ill; Well, he did not have a bit of guarura, so many special deals with Carlos; that if he had a special contract, that he had a room inside the house and they were close to the stable, like the rest of the men’s servitude; Well, it was not fair to them that many of their colleagues did not hire them because of their fault.

The next day, the other 3 Guaruras (Fernando, Alberto and Guillermo) stopped very early at 6:00 am and when they went to the house for the happy Carlos, he still did not get up, since he was used to other schedules . Fernando taking the reins of his leadership, said to him:

-I’m not willing to do what you want, so you’ll do 3 more laps than we do, in the perimeter of the fences that surround the house.Carlos remained silent, without grumbling, for when he finished giving the Lapses, these had already finished breakfast and Fernando ordered that they remove the plate of Carlos; so as in the dining room there was a fruit bowl, he began to eat an apple; Samantha surprised him and told him.

-What he does, does not speak well of you, I already learned what happened … this morning


Then he spoke to the cook: –

Sandra, serve the Lord breakfast … that’s what the head of the guaruras (Fernando) entered the dining room, and he got to hear what Samantha said.

Then Carlos decided to slap the young woman with a white glove:

-No thanks, Samantha; I know that it was part of my punishment, and as such I will assume it, even if I do not agree with him … since energy is required for this job and I lost part of it when running … and he kept looking at Fernando’s eyes .

– You’re right Carlos, you can go to breakfast, after you do I’ll wait for you in our office to detail our functions.

On one occasion, when they were returning from school, she asked Fernando:

-In any store, to buy some chuchearías (term to buy potatoes, soft drinks, etc …)

-I’m sorry, miss, I can not … it’s for your safety

– How can you not? Do not be a fool and do what I say

– Miss … I really can not, believe me … (telling you in the form of supplication)

Then Carlos, I hold the doll and said:

-They told you that you can not, when we get home … some of us will go for what you ask. Did you understand?

-Okay … and looking at him, he said … but, let me go …

Fernando, who was in the front seat, in the copilot area, turned to see Carlos and he looked at him surprised …

Upon arriving, she got out of the car and threw the door behind her … causing one of the guards, almost crushed a foot, to leave this … on entering the house the guards said to Guillermo:

-To see you, bring me some fried, a soft drink and a palette and you can keep the change … When he came back with things, he did not even thank … Carlos thought his task would be difficult; they really treated her, as if she were the patron … since the three of them were used to taking care of Samantha’s parents and it was difficult to separate, one thing from another when they left.

Things went on like this for three months and none of them endured the situation anymore. Everyone complained about the tantrums the girl was doing. Carlos listened to his moans, but he did not say anything … since they always did it to one side and did heavy things to him, like hiding his clothes or things like that and he began to laugh in his insides, because he knew that the 3 guaruras, did not have the least idea of ​​how to treat it.

One day in one of those tantrums, they served him something that she did not like and shouting, threw the plate on the floor and spoke to one of the servants: –

Hey, Silvia! Come pick up this … and prepare me something else …

Carlos, he told himself, that was his chance, since all three were dying of courage in the kitchen; but they did not dare to contradict her …

-If it were not for the payment, I would have resigned … Fernando said and the other 2 nodded …

-I know, how to fix this situation … Carlos told Fernando … and stopped on the way to Silvia, so he would not go to Samantha’s call.

-As well as?

-Only one condition …

-Speak … Fernando told him

-Only leave it in my hands, hear what you hear and whatever happens, they will not intervene … they will stay here, okay? And none of you will have to give up.

Fernando, not very convinced, he was thinking, then I shake his hand and the others nodded, although inside … he thought he was not going to achieve his purpose. Well, Samantha’s cries were getting stronger:

-Hey … tarada, I told you to come pick this up …

Carlos left the kitchen and came to where Samantha was … –

I did not tell you to come, you, uh … where’s Silvia?

-The one that is going to collect all this … you’re youuuu …

– Ha … do not tell me, why do not you stop meddling … in what you do not care?

-Of course I care … Do you think those are ways …

-Silviaaaaaaaaa …

-She will not come, she has orders not to come … since you will pick up, what you threw …


-What you heard … he said calmly, trying not to despair, since he could not stand the insolence of that brat.

– Will you pick it up or not? You also owe the maid an apology …

-Do not tell me!

-Well … you get it … I grab a chair from the dining room, he took Samantha’s wrist, sat down and laid her on his legs:

-What are you doing tared? Let go…

Plop! Plop! Aaaayy!

-You are not nad … .Plaf! Plop! Aaaayy!


Plop! Plop! Plop! Aaaayy!

– I demand … that you release me!

Plop! Plop! Plop! Aaaayy! Plop! Aaaaayy!

-I do not think that you are in a position to demand

Plop! Plop! Plop! Aaaayy! Plop! Plop! Aaaaaayy! He lashed out harder …

– Did you say miss?

Samantha’s tears began to sprout

-Let me down, imbéciiiiiiiiil!

Plop! Aaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaaayy!

-Well … you are incredible, you have not realized yet … that if it continues in that form, it will be on my legs, for a long time or sooooooo …. And he continued to raise her skirt …

-What do you do?

Plop! Aaaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaaaayy! ,

Thus the punishment lasted more than 10 minutes and the guards leaned out the kitchen window, seeing what Carlos was doing, which none of the three dared to do and none of them gave credence, but respecting what he had said Carlos … none intervened.

– Yaaaa paraaaaaa, por favorooooor …

Are you going to pick this up?

-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii … I will …

-Well … when you finish cleaning … I’ll wait for you in the kitchen.

She began to collect everything and cut herself with the broken plate that was on the floor … since in her life, she had had to lift a finger at home; Carlos heard when the plate fell to the ground again:

-Aaaaaayyyyyyy! !!!

-What happened? Leaving the kitchen, to approach her.

-I cut myself …

Then he asked Sandra for help, to bring him the medicine cabinet, pressing on the finger, to prevent it from bleeding and went to the bathroom to wash the wound. When Sandra brought what she asked:

-You will not put me alcohol, will you? At school, we have been told that it is not … Aaaayyyy !!!!

-What is not necessary?

-Because I tell you … if you already put me alcohol …

-As you want … now only a couple of vecelets is missing … it’s already … now you’re just missing something

-I’m missing something? -If … certain apologies

-Ah, that! Well, I’m not going to do it …

-Listen well?

-Yes … you heard well, I will not do it …

-As you like

He took her arm and led her back to the chair, on her legs and lifted her skirt again:

-You can hit me again, but I will not …

-That’s what you think … to see who gets tired first … As he saw that it was not going to be an easy task, he took out his belt; but, Samantha covered herself with her hand.

-Remove the hand, if you do not want to hit you on top of her … But she did not take it away … challenging him even more …

– How do you prefer? I promise you, you will do it after the first

He gave him, without too much force, just to take his hand …

Splash, Aaayyyy! And immediately I take my hand …

Splash, Aaaayyyy! Splash, Aaaayyyy! Splash, Aaaayyyy! She kicked, to let go.

-Are you going to apologize?

-Nooo …

-Well … this is going to be more difficult than I thought … but, not impossible …

Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy!

-Noooooooo … then sliding a bit, she took a bite in the leg

He held her head, pulled her and again put her in the position he was in and released her other belts.

Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy!

– Demon’s mole …

Splaash, Aaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaayyyy!

-Are you going to apologize, now?

-I’m not going to do it …

Splaash, Aaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaayyyy! –

I would not be so sure…

Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy!

Even though her skin was not white, but skinny; the marks that the belt made on his skin, were visible …

Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy!

-Yaaaaaa, yaaaaaaaa … it’s okay; I will apologize …

-You can get up. She stopped and immediately took her hands, on the painful part … and went to the kitchen. He tucked the belt into place, while she watched this action.

Sandra, she said to Carlos:

-It is not necessary, Lord …

-Of course it is necessary, this young lady; You need to be educated … Right, Samantha?

She turned to see him and nodded, since the crying did not allow her to speak; the other guaruras, looked at how docile he had been …

-I am sorry…

-I’m sorry what …?

-I already told him I’m sorry, what more do you want?

-You want another beating, right? And he took it from the wrist

She opened her eyes, surprised and quickly answered:

-I’m sorry … I’m sorry, Sandra; it will not happen again …

– Can I … I can retieaaaaar? Still stopping

-It’s okay…

She went into her room … and then Fernando, she said:

– Do not you think, that you were too hard?

-Do you believe it? I just gave her … what she asked for; the first whipping, not enough was done … to apologize …

-Well, in that … you’re right …

-And do not you think your parents, you run? when they find out …

-No, his father told me that if I was able to change their attitudes, I would greatly appreciate it.

He knew what he was doing, when he hired a Professor … that’s why he did it.

Samantha understood, that things would not be the same from that moment; after Carlos was in that place …

(To be continue)