by constance22

It’s my first time to the gynecologist and I’m scared. I’ve hooked up a few times so far, but I’ve never done this. Something about being poked and prodded, treated like a non-human specimen, and being asked completely personal questions by a stranger… it’s just not the same as a hookup. I’m 19 and I’ve been putting this off too long. It took a lot of mental prep to get myself to even make the call for the appointment. But really, I just can’t get birth control any other way.

I walk into suite 210 and, after filling out some paperwork, take a seat in the corner. My stomach must be doing somersaults. I pick up a magazine to flip through it but my hands are too shakey and I can’t focus. I decide to just try to sit still with my hands in my lap. I’ll work on meditating or something.

After what seems like an eternity, but really just turns out to be five minutes, I’m called in by a friendly looking nurse in pink scrubs. She sits me down, takes my blood pressure, measures my height and weight, and asks me several of the questions I thought I already answered in the paperwork. Then she hands me a cup and instructs me to leave a urine sample. She directs me to the bathroom, and I try my best not to make a mess of this. After I come out, she leads me into an empty exam room.

The exam room has a regular exam table with the regular paper on it, but I notice this table is angled in the middle and has stirrups at the end… different from the ones I got used to as a kid in the pediatrician’s office. The nurse in pink scrubs instructs me to undress completely and put on the paper gown. “Gown” is an overstatement, really. It’s more of a flimsy paper vest and a flimsy paper blanket that’s just barely big enough for me to wrap around my waist. As I’m undressing, I notice the labels on the cupboards and drawers. Cotton swabs. Cotton balls. Bandages. Proctoscopes. Gloves. Wait, what? What the hell is a proctoscope?? I think about what it probably is, and as it dawns on me, my anxiety shoots up again.

After what seems like another eternity of sitting on the exam table, practically nude, thinking about proctoscopes and telling myself there’s no way in hell that’d be used on me today, the doctor finally comes in. She has dark brown hair, almost black, bright blue eyes, and what I think are some pretty stylish glasses. She’s wearing blue scrub pants and a fitted white tee shirt under her lab coat. She doesn’t seem older than 30… she must be new here. She’s friendly enough but mostly ready to get down to business. She starts off introducing herself (Dr. Lane) and starts asking me some questions. She asks about my previous partners (four?), whether I’m in a monogamous relationship at the moment (no), if I have been experiencing any problems (no), if I have any emotional stressors in my life (college, duh), etc.

“So what brings you in here today, Constance?” she finally asks.

“I’d like to get started on some birth control pills.”

She smiles warmly and lets me know that she will have to examine me before writing me a prescription, and instructs me to lay back on the table.

She starts with the breast exam. “Okay, now just relax and bring one arm over your head,” she says, as she gently takes my hand by the wrist and leads my arm upward. Oh jeez, it’s actually starting now. My heart must be pounding, and I’m sure she can see that. She carefully opens one side of my paper vest and starts feeling my right breast. I’m trying so hard to breathe slowly, but this is all too new. And weird. And it seems like it should be a little bit sexy. Is it? I’m so scared i’m starting to get a little wet, despite how hard i’m willing myself not to.

Dr. Lane takes two fingers and palpates every inch of my breast, paying special attention to my nipple, which is now hard thanks to her touching it. I try to tell myself she sees this all the time, just relax, she’s not here to judge. How many breasts must she rub in a day? Dr Lane then covers my right breast again with the paper vest and then comes around to the other side of the table to do the same to the left breast. Again, she gently leads my arm by my wrist over my head and opens my vest. Again, she firmly palpates my entire breast and nipple with her two fingers. Both of my nipples are hard now and I can’t believe I’m about to open my legs for her when I’ve become so accidentally aroused by the breast exam. I’m mortified, but part of me wishes she would have kept going.

She walks to the counter and starts preparing a tray full of tools, and instructs me to scoot my butt to the very edge of the table and put my feet in the stirrups. I do as she says, and she turns around with the tray and places it on a surface next to her, grabs a stool, and rolls right up between my legs. I’m trying to keep the paper blanket blocking my view of her—I don’t want to know what any of this scene looks like. So I stare up at the ceiling waiting for whatever is about to happen. I’m cold, I’m humiliatingly wet, and I’m exposing my most private parts to someone I met five minutes ago. I’m not even sure what exactly is going to happen next. Wait, what happens next?

“All right! I’m going to start off with an external examination. Ready?” she asks. I manage to choke out “yup”, and she begins. Using her index and middle fingers again, she starts rubbing and massaging my thighs, feeling for my lymph nodes, my mons pubis, my outer labia, and the part of my butt that was visible to her in my position, whatever that’s called. I waxed a few days ago, thinking how embarrassing it would be to show a completely unkept vagina to a stranger, but I’m starting to regret that now because there’s nothing hiding my lubrication. I’m sure she can see it, but she’s so far kind enough not to say anything. I then feel her use two fingers to open my outer labia and start examining what’s inside. She massages my inner labia, which almost makes me moan, and then my clitoris, which does make me moan. Was that supposed to happen? Maybe she didn’t hear it. The whole time she examines me, she tries to make pleasant small talk, and I try to respond as though my lady bits aren’t being pleasantly/awkwardly manipulated.

She massages my clitoris for what must be a solid five seconds, then massages my inner labia again with her thumb and forefinger of each hand, then massages my outer labia again, massaging from top to bottom. I can’t be sure since I’ve never had one of these exams before, but I’m starting to wonder if this is a little excessive. I’m so wet I can feel it on my ass now, and she has managed to massage it all over my hairless labia. Dr Lane then spreads open my ass cheeks and gently rubs my perineum and the exterior of my asshole for another five to ten seconds. I try to stifle another moan. She then stops and reaches over to her tray. I’m a little disappointed the massage has stopped. I can’t believe how good that was feeling. Is this supposed to feel good? It probably doesn’t help that I find her pretty sexy.

She turns back toward my exposed wet vagina and says, “alright, now for the fun part. I am going to insert this speculum into your vagina and get a swab from your cervix, okay?” Again, I barely manage to choke out an “uh huh”. She giggles and jokingly says, “normally I have to lube this thing up, but I think you’ve already taken care of that for me”, and slowly inserts the speculum into my vagina.

It feels really long. She must be going really slowly because it seems to take forever to get all the way in. Finally I feel the handle against my ass crack, and she stops pushing it in. I think I can almost feel it against my cervix it’s so deep.

“Now I’m going to slowly open it so I can see inside your vagina. Let me know if it’s too much.”

I hear some clicking and I feel my vagina open up. “So far so good?” she asks me. “Yup!” I try to cheerfully reply.

“Okay good, you’re doing great! Just keep relaxing.”

The clicking stops and my vagina is now completely open. I feel like she must be able to see into my soul. She grabs a light and brings it around. At least the light feels warm on me. In me.

I hear Dr Lane moving things around on her tray and I decide to look just as I see her pick up a long wooden stick with a cotton-tip and bring it to my now very wide opening. I feel a slightly warm sensation somewhere inside my belly, and before I know it she’s placing the wooden swab into a baggie and closing up the speculum. I’m relieved to know this is finally almost over. I have some pretty mixed feelings about this exam so far. Do I want to go home and cry? Or do I want to rub my clit until I get off the second I get into my car?

I’m ready to sit up and put my clothes back on when Dr Lane tells me we’re not quite finished yet. I lay back down and wonder what could possibly be left. “We’re not?”, I ask. “No, I still need to do a digital exam and palpate your uterus.” I’m not 100% sure what any of that means, but I soon find out. I try to relax as she gently spreads my knees even further apart and stands up. It’s hard to avoid looking right at her now. She puts her left hand on my belly, almost to my hairless pubis, and inserts what I think are two fingers into my vagina. She’s using her hand on my belly and her fingers inside me to massage me. Just like the other manual exams, this one also seems to last a while. Then she removes her fingers from my vagina, and without warning inserts one back into my vagina, and one into my asshole. I knew I liked ass-play during sex, but this is still surprising. This isn’t sex! But now she’s massaging my belly, my vagina, and my asshole. I look up at her and realize she’s blushing and breathing a little heavily. I close my eyes and decide, fuck it, may as well enjoy the moment—she almost certainly is.

But then suddenly it stops, and all fingers and hands are removed. I notice her gloved hand is glistening from my lubrication, right before she removes it. Dr Lane then picks up a clipboard and starts writing a few things down. I start to sit up and ask, trying to hide my disappointment, “is that it? can I get dressed?” She stops writing and looks at me, both of us blushing hard and a breathing a little heavily, my wet vagina still out in the open, and says with the slightest hint of a smile, “actually, I noticed something on your anus and I’d like to have a better look at it, if you don’t mind.”

My mind freezes. For a moment I just want to scream “no!” and get out of there, but something stops me. Something deep inside me is begging me to stay, begging to see where this goes next. Begging me to let her examine my ass just like she examined my labia and clit. I stammer, “oh-okay… y-yeah… sure.” Noticing my nervousness, Dr Lane comes over to me and puts one ungloved hand on my shoulder and one on my head, guiding me to lay back down. She strokes my hair a little to comfort me and says it might feel a little uncomfortable, but she’ll do her best to be gentle.

As I’m laying on the table, she opens the door a crack and calls, “Trish? Can you come here a sec?” A moment later, Trish, the nurse in the pink scrubs, pops her head in and glances in my direction for just a split second before she turns her attention to Dr Lane. Dr Lane tells nurse Trish to prepare an enema bag for a rectal exam. I sit up very quickly at this. “WHAT?!” I exclaim, never in my life having imagined that obtaining some pills could be such an ordeal. Trish leaves and shuts the door, and Dr Lane comes back up to my side and gently guides me to lay back again. “It’s just so we can see exactly what’s going on, so everything is clean and we don’t mis-diagnose anything.”

I lay back down, but I’m shaking again. And is it just me, or does Dr Lane seem to be enjoying this?

She saddles up again between my legs, pushing my knees far apart again, and tells me she wants to start with a proper digital rectal exam while the enema is being prepared. Despite all this humiliation, I am now wetter than ever, and she pulls on her gloves and easily slides two fingers into my anus. I can feel her warm fingers moving around inside of me, almost like she’s trying to explore every bit of my asshole her fingers can reach.

“Just relax, almost done…” she says while she works.

I’ve closed my eyes again and am starting to enjoy it when, without knocking, Trish reappears in the room. She’s brought with her an enema bag with a hose attached at the bottom of it, with a rectal nozzle at the end of the hose. The bag is full of water, and all I can do is hope it’s warm. While Dr Lane is still digitally examining my rectum, Trish (completely unfazed by what she’s walked in on) is hanging the bag up on a tall hook next to the examination table.

While Trish is working on preparing the enema, Dr Lane sneaks a third finger into my anus. My knees are shaking now, I can feel my clitoris pulsating, begging to be touched again, while Dr Lane keeps feeling around inside me, still maintaining a very professional medical demeanor. She then stops and slowly pulls her fingers out of me and removes her gloves. Dr Lane then comes to my side and instructs me to sit up, while helping me do so with one hand on my arm and one on my paper-vested back. I can’t believe I’m still practically naked.

Trish then has me scoot back on the table, puts away the stirrups, and then pulls out an extra length of table and pulls some paper over it. Trish tells me to lay down on my left side, with my knees pulled up to my chest. The paper blanket now is pretty much torn up (why are these things so delicate? They’re practically made of crepe paper) so I don’t even bother trying to use it to cover myself. My ass is now completely exposed to the room, and both Trish and Dr Lane are behind me.

Since Dr Lane “examined” my rectum, my asshole feels a little looser. Suddenly I feel a hand on my right butt cheek while Dr Lane says soothingly “okay we’re going to insert the enema nozzle now” as I feel the hard tip press into my anus. It’s a long rod with a bulbous tip, and goes in easily as they feed it in, and then it stops. I feel it wiggle a little, I assume to make sure it’s secure. They then let go of the nozzle and my butt cheek and I can feel the hose hanging from my asshole. It’s a very odd sensation, but one I would remember and imagine every so often later on.

“Now I’m going to begin releasing the fluid” I hear Trish say from behind me. I don’t really have time to respond when I feel it—a warm flow into my belly. For about the hundredth time today, I’m not sure whether to be humiliated or aroused, so I wind up stuck in between. Dr Lane comes over in front of me and is stroking my arm, I guess to help me relax, while Trish behind me keeps saying “just relax, we’re almost there, you’re doing great, almost done”.

It takes about five minutes to get all the fluid in me, and I realize my belly is bigger now. Dr Lane walks back over to Trish finally and the hose is clamped off, and the nozzle is gently removed. The warn me to be very careful sitting up. I slowly sit up, naked from the waist-down with nothing but a battered paper vest up top. The vest is hanging open and my belly is almost in my lap, it’s so full. While Trish is cleaning up the enema equipment and preparing whatever is coming next, Dr Lane comes over to me, opens my paper vest, and gently touches my belly.

“My, you’re able to take a lot, aren’t you?”

I am a little flattered at this, since she seems to mean it to be a compliment. She almost seems impressed. “Yeah, I guess so” I say, as I can feel it doing something to my insides, and struggle to keep my asshole closed. I almost wish I had a butt plug to keep it all in.

Taking the equipment with her, Trish takes her exit. At least fewer people are involved now… though I did kind of like the embarrassment of my asshole having an audience.

I start fidgeting a little, trying to keep all the fluid in. Dr Lane must notice this, because she reaches into a drawer and removes something, I can’t quite see it, and instructs me to lay back again. I do, and she opens my legs and pushes something firm into my anus. She steps away and it stays in place. “Better?” she asks. I guess it is better… I realize it’s really firmly stuck in my asshole.

While still struggling with a belly full of water, Dr Lane comes over and opens my vest again, sighing as she looks at my big belly and my breasts sitting on top of it.

“I need you to hold that fluid for as long as possible, it helps clear everything out. I know it’s hard, being so full. How does the stopper feel in your anus?” she asks me while ever so lightly stroking my belly.

“Okay I guess. It’s helping.”

Dr Lane seems satisfied with that, smiles to herself, and closes my paper vest. She then reaches into a cupboard and gives me an actual cloth gown, and tells me I can wear that to the restroom in the room next to this one to relieve myself, then come back in here. I stand up with nothing covering my waist and remove the paper vest, completely naked now with some sort of plug in my ass and a distended enema belly, and she doesn’t feel the need to look away. I put on the cloth gown, trying to hold it closed in the back because I don’t have time to tie it-this is getting urgent. I hurry into the bathroom and relieve myself. I can’t believe how much is in me, I had no idea. No wonder I felt so full.

Once I finish and clean up, I come back into the exam room and immediately notice that the stirrups are back out again, there is fresh paper on the table, and a new tool on the tray. Dr Lane is writing on some papers on a clipboard and barely looks up when I come back in. “Take a seat, lay back and put your feet up” she says to me while still writing. I do as she says, and after she finishes writing she takes a seat on her stool again and slides up between my legs, pushing my knees apart. Now that the enema is done, I realize I’m excited for what comes next.

She picks up what I realize is a proctoscope off the tray, lubes it up, and tells me to scoot so far forward that my butt is off of the table a little bit. I do as she says, and then I feel her spread my ass cheeks with one hand and she says “the proctoscope is being inserted now, you’ll feel some pressure” as I feel her insert the cold scope into my anus.

I’ve never felt anything like this before. My ass is loose enough now that it slides in easily, and it feels like it’s really deep in me. She then cranks it open slowly, and I feel the warmth of the light on and in me again. All I can think is that my ass is wide open for her. I’m pretty thankful for that cleansing enema now. I hear some tools being moved around again, and I feel tiny odd sensations deep inside my rectum.

Then, to my surprise, I feel my inner labia being massaged again. With the scope deep in me and my ass pretty much gaping, Dr Lane is using her other hand to stroke and gently pinch and massage my inner labia, up and down, from clitoris to vagina. I’m moaning now, and she’s breathing heavily. Then I feel her take my clitoris between her thumb and forefinger and start massaging it between them. Every few palpations she quickly and gently runs her thumb over the tip of my clit and I let out a louder moan.

My ass is still gaping, the scope hanging out of me holding my rectum open. Finally she gives my clitoris one quick lick while still plying it between her fingers and I can’t help but cum, right there in the doctor’s office in the middle of my rectal exam. She’s still slowly, gently, lightly massaging my clitoris while she closes and removes the proctoscope with her other hand, and I’m still orgasmically convulsing.

“Everything looks good,” Dr Lane tells me, as she stands up, still slowly stroking me while I keep having mini convulsions on the exam table. She finally removes her hand, removes her gloves, and starts writing me a prescription for Ortho-something. I sit up and start to get dressed again. I see a box of tissues I could wipe myself off with… but then decide I’d rather wear my wetness home. I pull on my panties, clasp my bra, pull my shirt over my head, and pull on my skirt. My thighs are wet now but I don’t care. While I’m slipping my sandals back on Dr Lane hands me my prescription and her business card.

“Let me know if you need anything else. I even make house calls.”