After more than a year in Madrid studying, we returned to Montevideo to resume our normal life. Nobody could take away what we danced, the amount of experiences we had had no price and now that we had tried it we did not want to lower the level.

Luckily being in Spain we had met a couple of Uruguayans with whom we had loved and we had pending our first meeting.
Then we did a whatssap group and started to plan, we had a couple of experiences with them that came out spectacular and that I will tell at another opportunity. But this story is about our third meeting, a very particular exchange that we had never made and that left us as crazy to the four.

They are a consolidated couple of many years ago who had only made a trio but wanted to raise the bet and incorporate a partner into their sex life. Cristian is a big guy, fanatic of weights and good nutrition, you could say that it is pretty “square” haha. Vane is short with nice tits and a good ass, but it stands out for a beautiful face, with big eyes and a trunk that make you want to eat all day.

We had already taken all four, Ceci was delighted with Cristian’s cock and I with the body and attitude of Vane. Although we had enjoyed like crazy, I had been left wanting to see what it would be like to be away from your partner, so I came up with the following idea.
I proposed that each girl bandage and tie her partner to a chair inside her room and immediately travel by taxi to the apartment of the other couple. In this way Ceci would meet Cristian tied and semi naked in his room and Vane would find me in the same conditions but in my house.

We had never done anything like this but everyone loved the idea, that same night we had planned to do so as the fever began to rise. Not only was I going to be able to catch Vane alone but meanwhile I was going to warm up imagining Ceci riding Cristian.
The moment arrived, we placed the chair, the lights, the music and when I wanted to agree I was already in a boxer tied in my room. I listened as they arranged everything by telephone and in a few minutes I only listened to the music in the background, Ceci was gone and it was a matter of minutes for Vane to arrive. A minor detail is that we had decided to film both meetings, so there was a cell phone in each house strategically placed …

At last I heard the lock on the house (keys had been exchanged) and I think that my cock immediately stopped. They do not know what Vane is, a divine skin and an even better attitude, in short, pure fire.
I was wearing a T-shirt and a boxer, with my hands tied behind my back and a blindfold that did not allow me to see anything. I usually like to dominate so this was a new experience but it did not excite me. Immediately I could feel his body close to mine, his smell, his breathing, everything put me a thousand. It was a few seconds of games where he could not find his mouth until we finally broke the mouth of a kiss.
While he kissed me passionately, the bitch-daughter was tapping my cock over the boxer, leaving me to the pole in a few seconds. I could feel how he was undressing and almost exploded when he supported that divine tail on my leg. I had her sitting in her underwear rubbing on my thigh as she kissed me and she was slowly winking.

After that satanic franeleo decided to take off my underwear and start with one of his skills. A small detail that I did not tell until now is that the girl is crazy about practicing oral sex, that is, she is an expert sucking cock. I do not lie if I say it’s the best I’ve ever known, it almost makes you forget to catch and get lost in that work of mouth art.
Alternated his hands with his tongue and mouth, several times I had to ask him to stop because I was going to end up in his mouth. Deep down I would have loved it but I was blindfolded and I was going to miss the show.

When she was alone, she let go much more than before and we could have a much hotter dialogue:
Me: you do not know what I missed that you sucked my cock
Vane: and I missed this divine cock, I love it
Me: please stop sucking because I’m going to fill you with milk
Vane: still do not finish that I want to feel you inside, I want you to take me all
Me: remove everything and put it to the bottom
Vane: I want to feel it first like this, bareback, all over my little pussy

When he released my cock to undress completely, I remembered for the first time that Ceciy Cristian were in the same situation, and knowing Ceci, he would be mad.

From what I could see later on in the videos he was right, the motherfucker had enjoyed that cock so cute.

To not make this first part so long, it will probably be better to leave two memories of both encounters. First a couple of what Vane did to me …

And now of extra, what Ceci did with Cristian …

To be continue