The truth is that we delay this second part enough, but hey, as a reward we leave you some photos at the beginning and at the end of each protagonist

First Vane.

It is important to read the first part of the story to understand what was happening in those two rooms …

When he released my cock to get undressed completely I remembered for the first time that Ceci and Cristian were in the same situation, and knowing Ceci would be driving him crazy.

With those images in the head, I could feel how Vane was strung my cock inch by inch, was soaked after so much previous and that allowed in a few seconds to be sitting completely on me. What we took in that chair has no name, at 5 minutes I had my hands untied and I hit him like a deranged man in that divine ass, I think he had never affirmed me so much in one ass to give him a good slap, but as he noticed that I loved it and could not stop.

I remember that he told me in my ear what my dick had missed and that made me a thousand. I had to tell him to stop and change position because I was going to end up in her at any time.

When we left my house, we decided to finish with the video and take a quiet moment, both without bandages or ties and with the bed just for us. It is not worth reporting everything we did in that bed but it was noticeable that we had left something pending for the last time since in 20 min we did everything. I had to remember that something punctual would be his little face looking into my eyes while filling his mouth with milk to finish me a second time, unforgettable …

Hours later, already naked with Ceci in our room, I could see what they had filmed while she told me the details in my ear and I made a monumental straw. But as the video did not show the whole meeting I asked Cristian to tell me how I had lived it. Here is your vision of the meeting …

Vane left me blindfolded and tied in a chair and when he said goodbye he whispered in my ear aCeci as loud as he likes and do not stop, I’m going to do the same. With that idea I stayed in the head.
A few minutes later I feel like they are opening the apartment door. In that moment I felt a mixture of excitement and fever, I felt like she was moving close to me taking her time to touch me. Anxiety was overflowing and Ceci knew, it was a game of dominance where she had absolute control of what was going on in that room.
He began to approach from behind and kiss me gently on the neck, my breathing became stronger and it was impossible to prevent him from realizing it. When my breathing could not be more intense, Ceci began to caress my cock which was Very hard from the moment he opened the door. From one moment to another I feel like it starts to go down until I start sucking it all. It is impressive the way he sucks and how he puts it all in his mouth all the way through the tongue, it was clear that he loves to suck it. He started gently going through the whole cock, he realized how much pleasure he was giving me in that moment so he got to suck harder and to the bottom, I felt that I was going to end at any time. Just when I was about to explode she stopped, as I said before Ceci had all the control and dominated the situation.
He began to take off his clothes and to scrub my entire tail for his cock. To have an idea you have an incredible skin and body and a tail from another planet. Of those women that if you see them in the street you can not avoid turning around. While I was rubbing my tail with one hand I was grabbing my cock and passing it through the shell, I felt it all wet and that made me want it more, I had I want to scream. Desam, I want to take you now !!!, but I endured and decided to follow the game. I could not see her because she was blindfolded, but I could feel that she was very hot because of how she breathed and moved, I knew that she could not take much more, then suddenly she pulled the blindfold from my eyes, there I saw Ceci with that round little tail and giving me back while gently pulling out the tanguita I was wearing.
He looked at me and sat on top of me in the chair, I entered his whole cock and I could feel how wet he was. He began to move the soft tail in a very sensual way and I felt as I moaned in my ear when the whole of the cock entered to the bottom. We were both recontra hot and we realized we wanted to get stronger.
When she untied me I turned her right away and I put her against the wall to catch her very strong, she separated her legs well so that everything came in. It was amazing to see her moan and enjoy that way while pulling her tail back. I could not stop and I took her with everything I had to make her moan louder. We had a half hour like that until, in the end, we decided to end the fantasy and return each one with their respective partners.

As you can imagine it was an incredible experience for the 4, full of morbid and feverish. This did not remain that way and then we have had several more meetings that we will tell at another opportunity.

I promise