by nochoiceleft

I have a pretty sweet deal. I’m a professional writer and work from my home office writing grant proposals for nonprofits, schools and businesses. Every so often I get hired on to manage grants or run a capitol campaign. I get to set my own schedule and work as hard as I care to. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard for a living, it’s just that I get to do it in my underwear if I choose to.

Lately I’ve had a lot of work and started looking for an assistant, somebody to do research and fact checking. Previously, when I had extra work my wife would support me, but she’s long gone now and I have to hire outside help. I placed an ad in our local paper and got about a dozen calls. There turned out to be some really qualified people available including an out-of-work paralegal and a gal who had spent the last twenty years as a corporate administrative assistant. There were also some recent college grads that just hadn’t found work yet. I could have justified hiring any one of them but nothing really clicked, nobody I was interested in spending my whole day with. Then came Sadie.

During our interview, Sadie said that she took some college classes after she graduated from high school but nothing that had grabbed her interest. She told me she was smart, could write well and was computer literate. I really hoped I nodded at all the right spots during the interview but the truth was I couldn’t take my eyes off her physical beauty. Sadie had eyes that sparkled, light freckles across a nose that scrunched when she smiled with the most perfect small nose and mouth, all framed a little off center by her one cute dimple. She was small, sleek and slender but not skinny.

She came to her interview in a casually professional pantsuit that accentuated her small hips and tight butt. Her slacks weren’t sexy on their own but draped over her bottom just enough to suggest two small cheeks and the front screamed flat tummy and slender thighs. She could’ve been mistaken for a young teen except for her perfectly firm “c” cup breasts under her blouse that declared her womanhood. She didn’t have near the employment experience of others but the thought of just spending my days in her presence was very alluring. I told her that there were other candidates better suited for the position and gave her the opportunity to convince me. Sadie admitted she had not worked that much but she was a very fast learner. That she would work very hard, was trustworthy, would be committed to the job, and obedient.

“Obedient? Did she say obedient? How odd,” I thought. The more we talked, the more infatuated I became. Being a thirty-something divorcee and Sadie being a young adult, barely, I knew nothing could ever come of it. She must turn the head of every young man that she encounters and probably has her pick. Even though we would always have an employee/employer relationship, it would be so much more enjoyable of a day for me hanging out with Sadie than with any of the other applicants. Maybe less work would get done but definitely more enjoyable, worth every penny I decided. I’m sure my moral compass was skewed but heck! I’m the boss; I can hire and work with anybody I want to!

When I told her, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance,” she lit up like a light bulb. I don’t think I had ever seen a prettier sight. I knew that I had made the right choice, at least for as long as I could afford it. So I took the proverbial boss role and gave her a run-through of my expectations. “I work hard here, people count on me for the funding of some very important programs, blah, blah, blah . . .”

She listened carefully as I told her that I am very particular and want things done a certain way. She responded with, “Yes sir, I will do whatever you want me to do, however you want me to do it.”

“Oh my naïve young thing, you don’t know how I wished that were true” I thought to myself but I loved her enthusiasm.

Sadie started work early the next day. It had been hot and she wore a pretty summer smock with a belt at her slim waist. It was a simple floral print but on her it took my breath away. I figured out on that first day that it wasn’t going to be how much work she could get done but rather I much I could get could done. Our desks butt up against each other’s, face to face, because that’s how the office has always been set up. There is a nice adjacent conference room to complete my home office. That first day I hoped she hadn’t notice but I could hardly keep my eyes off of her.

As time went on, she turned into quite an asset. Her proofing and fact checking were great and when we met with clients in the conference room, Sadie turned out to be an artist. She was courteous, welcoming and could make everybody feel at ease while charming their socks off, she was a natural.

Conversation seems to come easily between us. We talked comfortably as we worked, even though when I told her she didn’t need to address me so formally and to call me by my first name, she answered with, “Yes sir.”

I learned she had two sisters, one older and one younger, and she even though she grew up in a pretty strict household, she loved her family very much. When it came to work she was true to her word; she worked hard and was very committed. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to starting work each day, I was enjoying her immensely.

Every day I would look forward to see what she would wear. Sadie always wore appropriate clothing but she’s just so damned good looking. She could even make her oversized sweater look sexy, its bulky-ness only showed off her dainty-ness. Today it was a sheer top with spaghetti straps, leaving her shoulders mostly bare. Her skin is flawless and her narrow shoulders transition to a beautifully long neck. There seems to be some new element of perfection to discover about her each day.

This day settles, as usual, into our working routine, talking as we go and me stealing long looks of her whenever I can. Our conversation lands on her family and she mentions that her and her sisters always did what their father said or they would get a “switching.” For clarity I asked, “You mean switched, with a switch?” She nodded and I added, “That was strict, how long did that go on for?”

She matter-of-factly said, “Well into our teens I suppose, really until I moved out I guess. Did you want the ethnicity too?”

My mind stumbled a bit, first over getting “switched” as a young adult then “ethnicity?”

“The data, do you want it per ethnic group too?” she asked seeing my confusions.

“Oh yes, ethnic groups . . . he switched you as teenagers?”

Then with a thoughtful expression she said, “Well, just spankings mostly and only when we deserved it. But if we were bad . . .”

I couldn’t help wanting to know more, how could anyone strike this angel? “What would your mother do?”

“She would try not to upset daddy like the rest of us, I suppose.”

She was so calm, so natural talking about this as she worked, while my mind was bouncing between thoughts going 90 miles an hour. “Did your dad spank your mother too?”

This brought a smile to her face as she recollected, staring off at nothing she said, “Never that we knew but my sisters and I would often wonder what went on behind their bedroom door.”

Trying not to be too interested, “If you don’t mind me asking, how many times have you been ‘switched’?”

“Oh goodness, more than I could count. Although, often enough, it would be daddy just saying,” as she imitated a low male voice, “‘Don’t make me go outside a cut a switch’ . . . even though we all knew right where he kept it.”

This whole story was driving me crazy and my imagination was running wild, “Where?”

“Oh, on top of the refrigerator. He ‘never’ went out to cut a new one.” It was like her and her sisters had discovered dad’s big secret.

“Spanking and switching all seems so harsh,” I proposed.

“Umm, I don’t think so sir. You do something bad and after you get your spanking it’s over. You get to move on; it’s clean, simple, then done.”

Even though I was sure there was nothing sexual going on between her father and the girls, I had to change the subject just to get the image of this sweet little thing bent over with her tiny ass waiting to receive its due. She hadn’t intended it to be but this was probably the most erotic real life story that I had ever heard. As I thought it through, since I couldn’t get it out of my head, it also brought her accommodating and respectful behaviors into some clarity. I had met many “people pleasers” in my life but this had more of a “submissive” air about it. I have to admit I don’t know much about that kind of thing but it certainly added a whole other level of excitement to my absolute infatuation of this young beautiful creature.

I could never be degrading or dehumanizing like what I read about Dom’s in erotic literature or see in porn, that just not me. But I did decide to become a bit stricter of a boss to see how that went. I started being more concise and more demanding in my instructions, and asking for big tasks in limited time. It was interesting seeing that she was quick to please and seemed even more satisfied in her job with each accomplishment of the tasks. I also found as I became bossier, Sadie started opening up to me more and became a little more touchy-feely when we were physically close. Just small things, like touching my arm when she spoke or leaning in while looking at the same paperwork or computer screen. One time she thought I looked stressed-out and got up from her desk to come around to my side and rubbed my neck. Needless to say I was in heaven being that she could make my heart race with just a look, let alone a neck rub.

I knew she didn’t currently have a boyfriend from previous conversations but I wanted to know more. These recent insights made her even more desirable, how could she not be attached? So while we were working one morning, I started with, “Sadie, may I ask you a personal question?”

“Yes sir,” she said without even looking up.

“Have you had many boyfriends?”

She stopped what she was doing and thought, nodding as she said, “I don’t know about ‘many’ but I’ve dated a number of boys.”

Trying to get a couple of layers deeper I asked, “What happened, why aren’t you dating any of them now?”

“They just didn’t click, I guess.”

Okay, I wanted more, “What didn’t click exactly, weren’t they nice?”

Now she had a look of concentration on her face, which I found adorable of course, “I don’t know really, I suppose they were too nice.”

“Too nice? How can somebody be too nice?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe ‘nice’ isn’t the right word,” she said. “None of them seemed to know what they wanted. They all worked real hard at making me like them but that isn’t what I wanted I guess.”

One more layer I thought, so I asked, “What is it you want in a man?”

“Someone who can at least tell me what it is they want. Like you, in your business. I like working for you because you know what you want. You’re clear, it makes sense.”

“I can be tough to work for,” I said trying to look all confident on the outside while feeling like an adolescent bowl of Jello on the inside because she referenced me in her description of what she liked.

Looking straight at me with a big smile on her face she said, “No sir, you’re great.”

I had uncovered as many layers as my pounding heart could stand so I returned the conversation to work, or so I tried. She had now become the most interesting along with being the most beautiful person I knew. My eyes would drift away her but my mind couldn’t.

Over the next few days, all I could think of the possibility of having a sexual relationship with Sadie. There were a hundred fantasy scenarios running through my head but every time I get to the “sex part” I stumble over the reality of getting sued for sexual harassment and losing everything. So I kept a lid on it and tried to go back to just enjoying her presence.

Later that week, we had a meeting with representatives from a local school district regarding a grant denial we had received. Gathered around our conference table having this difficult conversation, one of the school administrators being disappointed and frustrated made a sideways comment that Sadie took personally. I could see her countenance drop immediately. There wasn’t anything that we had done wrong but more of the school district not having their act together, the comment was very inappropriate. After concluding the meeting and I walk the group to the front door and sent them on their way.

Walking back into the conference room, I find Sadie standing there looking defeated with her arms at her side and her eyes focused on the floor. My natural instinct was to jump to her support and tell her that it wasn’t her fault, but instead I just stood there and watched her, not saying a word waiting to see what she would do next? Without looking at me she said, “I am so sorry. I should have worked harder; I should have something different, something more.”

“What are we going to do?” I tried to ask without emotion.

She just stood there looking down with a slight whimper. I watched her chest rise and fall with each breath noticing that for the first time, her nipples were pressing against her front of her dress. I had never seen her show through before, so I continued to allow for the agonizing silence and watched. Her nipples became even more obvious. At this point I found myself losing all control and made a decision to risk everything, “Why are your nipples getting hard?”

She mumbled, “I don’t know, because I’m bad.”

“Why?” I insisted.

“Because I’m a bad girl!” she blurted out.

I didn’t know what to say next to take control of the situation so I let the silence do its work. Finally I said, “Show me.”

She brought her eyes barely off the floor to look at me through her hair, and I just gave her a single nod. With hardly a breath’s hesitation, she dropped the straps of her pretty little summer dress and with a shrugged of her shoulders made it fall to the floor around her feet. My breath virtually leaped from my body as I looked at her nearly nude body, she was magnificent. She was far beyond the expectations of my fantasies. From her slender shoulders to her flat stomach to her perfect legs, I was awestruck. I couldn’t put a sentence together without my voice faltering, so I just repeated, “Show me.”

With her eyes back on the floor, she reached up and undid the front clasp of her lacey brazier and let it fall off as she put her arms back to her side. OH MY GOD! Her breasts were better than perfect! They were large on her small, lithe body. They were firm, needing no support to stand out proudly with hard eraser size nipples. I was so glad silence made such a loud statement because I had no words; I could only stare and hoped my wobbly knees didn’t give way.

She was flushing and I could see goosebumps rise along her arms. She was stimulated. I didn’t know what to say next but I knew what I wanted to do. I stepped back to wall of the conference room where two straight-backed chairs were placed in case we needed extra chairs at the table. I sat down on one and said, “Come here.”

As Sadie slowly crossed the few feet to where I sat, I pointed to the right side of my chair. When she reached the spot I patted my lap, trying to look sure of myself before I chickened out. She proceeded to bend over my knees placing her tummy on my legs and her elbows on the chair sitting next to mine. I waited a moment before touching her, it felt so sinful, so erotic, so surreal, I thought I was going to burst. Finally I placed my one had on her lower back and the other on her absolutely perfect ass. Before going any further I had to come to grips that for me, this wasn’t punishment, this was sex! I mean sex that looked like punishment. Actually I didn’t know what it was but only that I wanted to enjoy what I was sure was going to be my one and only shot.

She patiently waited as I ran my hands up her back and down her butt to her thighs. One would think skin would have to be air-brushed to be this perfect. So soft and warm, without a blemish as she stretched out across me. I could see the definition of every muscle in her back and there wasn’t even a crease between her butt cheeks and her thighs. I could have sat there touching her forever but knew I had to get on with it.

With my hand flat on her ass I slid it under her panties and pushed them down her legs. They had no problem coming off her narrow hips and falling down her thin thighs. All I could do was stare for a few moments, I have never seen, let alone touch an ass so beautiful. My hand automatically slid back and forth across from her thighs to her lower back. I came to a stop to cup her cheeks before raising my hand and then lowering it in a hard slap. She flinched a bit but I flinched more. Composing myself I raised my hand for a more confident strike. But even with more intention, the sound reverberating through our conference room still caught me off guard. Although the small moan and her dropping her head down to rest on her forearms encouraged me on.

Getting serious, I came down with three or four rapid spanks. She let out a whimper with each one and her cute little butt cheeks reddened. Being the first time I had ever spanked anyone, I wasn’t sure how long this should go on for. I just knew I wasn’t ready for it to end. I don’t know if it helped Sadie any but I ran my palm in circles around her bottom and found looking at and touching her small red ass made me as hard as a rock. If I was younger I would have probably been self-conscious about her feeling me press up against her stomach but like I said, I was clear, this was all about sex not punishment.

Raining down another half a dozen hard spanks brought some of the sexiest guttural groans from Sadie that I had ever heard. I wasn’t sure if she liked being spanked but I liked it. This was the hottest foreplay that I had ever experienced. I took this opportunity to run my hands over her from her neck to her thighs. I studied how her waist thinned as she stretched across my lap and how her shoulder blades lifted up as she rested on her elbows. But her ass, her perfect ass, captured most of my attention. I almost came right there imagining my dick sinking so deep from behind that my balls slapped her pussy.

I reluctantly decided that this would be my last series of slaps. Coming more from behind rather than above I spanked across her thighs. Six, eight times, I didn’t want it to end. Finally, a bit out of breath, I stopped. She was breathing hard as well but didn’t attempt to move from my lap. With my cock pushing against her belly, it would be so anticlimactic to just end here. I ran my hand over her bottom and down her thighs. Moving my hand in between her legs, I raised my hand up her thigh until the edge of my hand came in contact with her sex. I didn’t move my hand back and forth but just held it there, gently applying more pressure with my thumb stretched out to her tiny rosebud and my index finger running up her slit. While I held my hand there she didn’t move except for her chest expanding to take deeper breaths as I applied more pressure. In trying to be the big-bad-boss again, I raised my butt slightly off the chair pressing my hard-on up into her belly and said, “Do feel the discomfort you’ve caused me?”

In a very meek voice she said, “Yes sir.”

“I want you to move to the floor and take care of that.”

Without a response, she pulled herself around to my front and slid her body off my lap to end up on her knees between my legs. In doing so, she seemed to press into my hand one last time. Not looking up, she reached to my belt buckle and started to undo it. It was obvious that she was not going to just unzip my fly but take my pants all the way down, so I helped by lifting my butt off the chair. She took my pants and boxers down to my ankles in one move. Still keeping her eyes down she had no problem finding my dick, as it jumped out and almost slapped her in the face.

I don’t have any idea how many cocks Sadie has seen in her life but she seemed to take some time studying mine. She reached up and took it with both hands at its base and then slowly ran one hand up to just under its mushroom head. She squeezed softly before taking her hand up and over the head. She held it with both hands and pulled it slightly towards her face. Watching her small tongue slowly stick out of that cute little mouth almost made me cum even before she touched me. Looking down upon her beauty, her bare shoulders, the rising and falling of her breasts with each breath was surpassing any fantasy I had ever imagined. When her tongue finally reached the underside of my dick it lurched with excitement. It startled her a bit, backing her away a couple of inches, then a small smile appeared on her face showing her one cute dimple and she came back with a more aggressive lick from bottom to top. Once she reached the top she opened her mouth right over the top of my mushroom head. My eyes rolled under as her mouth came off and back on the head of my dick several times.

Once again true to her word, she was fully committed to task at hand. She took my cock into her mouth until it rammed the back of her throat. She worked hard bobbing her head up and down on my dick, it was almost too big around for her. I could tell she didn’t have much experience giving head because it wasn’t until she tired some before she began to slow down and offer my cock the sensations it wanted. She worked her way up and down sucking and licking and kissing until she had me ready to boil over. She got barely more than my mushroom head in her mouth before she hit the back of her throat and her gag reflex. I really wanted to grab her pretty little face and push it further down on my cock. My only hope was that there would be another opportunity someday to teach her to suck a dick properly.

As I got closer to cumming I tried to get a little control back by saying, “I don’t want to see you make any mess down there.”

There was about as much of an “Uh ha” as one could expect with a mouth full of cock as I started shooting a long awaited load of cum into the most beautiful creature I had ever had sex with. It almost overwhelmed her and she had to bring one of her hands up gripping my dick right at her lips to stop the overflow from bursting out. She swallowed and swallowed until she was just licking and cleaning off the excess. Still holding my dick in her hands she slowly looked up at me for the first time since we began. The combination of her sparkling eyes, mussed up hair, and the last of my cum on her lips made my dick twinge again. I sat there appreciating this site before me for another few moment and then said, “Get dressed, we need to get back to work.”

She said, “Yes sir” and scooped up her clothes and went into the bathroom.

I felt the moment of truth would come when Sadie came out of the bathroom. If she stormed out the front door, never to return except accompanied by her lawyer, I had blown it. Even though I had so much at risk, all I could really think about was not working with her every day. Missing her pretty face, her wonderful personality, and that incredible ass. It would be a dark end to the best couple of months I’ve had in a long time. I sat back at my desk and looked like I was working but really I was just listening for the bathroom door. Finally it open and Sadie walked back to her desk with her normal pleasant look about her and said, “What could I have done differently on the school grant?”

I explained the need to accentuate the small nuggets of a program that doesn’t have many to begin with while she listened intently, nodding as I talked. I, on the other hand, was turning back flips over the fact she was staying. Not just staying, but staying after I spanked her for something that wasn’t really her fault and then stuck my dick in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it; I’m not this lucky or this good!

We finished the day out and it came time for her to go. I still had my chances at about 50/50 that she would think about it more tonight and not return in the morning. She got her things ready to go and said walking out the door, “Thank you for letting me keep my job after I screwed up.”

In a stroke of genius I responded with, “My expectation is that you will try even harder,” and then immediately thought, “Oh, that was stupid! Now I’ve probably creeped her out!” Then she was gone.

The next morning I waited with baited breath, I hadn’t stopped thinking about her all night. All I saw when I closed my eyes last night was her on the floor in front of me with her small hands holding my dick. What had I done . . . and could I possibly get to do it again? To my surprise, and my relief, she showed up for work. There was also something different about her, she had on the closest thing to sexy that she had ever worn. It was a simple blue shift but on her it was hot. It didn’t quite reach her knees and gave a nice view of her thighs when she sat and crossed her legs, plus was just low-cut enough to allow a peek of her breasts when she bent over. It was still conservative by most standards but just enough to ignite my imagination, or should I say my passion . . . no, most likely my obsession. Did she purposefully wear something a little bit more sexy, was this a message, a sign, or was I just crazy and making a bigger deal out of her dress or what?

She seemed very upbeat and chummy, driving me wild the whole time. We touched several times and I was trying to hold down this incredible urge to jump her bones as she just walked around the office. We hadn’t even been working for a half an hour and my craving for her was so overwhelming that I had to get up and walk into the conference room in order to breath. This was insane. What I got yesterday was more than I could expect to get, I’m so old and she’s so young, I’m her boss and she’s my employee, I can’t do this anymore. “Oh, fuck it!” I told myself and called from the conference room that I need her to come in. That, “I needed to eat her for breakfast.”

She peeked through the door with a smile on her face and said, “I’m sorry sir, what did you need?”

I stood at the conference table and said to her, “Please come here.”

Our clients are by appointment only so I knew it was just Sadie and me for the day and I was hungry for her, really hungry. Just watching her walk towards me made my pulse race. Again, she asked me, “What was it you needed?”

She neared and I guided her between me and the table. She looked at me with a question on her brow and I told her in a lower tone, “I said I need to eat you for breakfast.” I indicated I wanted her to sit on the edge of the table and helped her up. She complied, now with wide sparkling eyes. I pulled one of the executive chairs that line the table and sat down right between her legs.

She was looking down on me from the table and I just looked back waiting. She slowly leaned back onto her elbows still watching me. With my hands on the outside of each thigh I started to push her dress up. It reached a point of being bunched up at the table so I again looked her in her eye. She gently lifted her hips up allowing me to gather the dress around her waist and then separated her thighs slightly. I was so anxious that I wanted to rip her panties off but instead I just pushed my nose and mouth right into them.

She gasped and laid back onto the table. I mouthed her sweet pussy through her panties until they were thoroughly wet. I kissed and bit the inside of her soft, tender thighs. As I pulled her underwear down over her hips and pulled her to the very edge of table, lifting her legs over my shoulders. She whimpered as she felt the cool air reach her sex. Her scent was heavenly. I softly blew onto her slit causing another moan. Her pubic hair was sparse and soft, I had never felt a woman so silky. I lightly drew some of her soft pussy hair with my tongue in between my lips and gently pulled encouraging another moan.

Finally, I could take it no more and pushed my whole face deep into her vagina. My mouth open wide to gather as much of her small puss as I could in one mouthful. I sucked as I pulled my mouth off and then dove back in tongue first. She yelped and grabbed two handfuls of scrunched up dress. My tongue was exploring her opening from top to bottom as far as it could reach. I could feel her squirm on the tabletop as her breathing became erratic. Sucking her lips into my mouth I could feel her tense until I released them. Over and over I sucked her into my mouth until she was losing control. Once my tongue sought out her clit, it became the focus of my oral assault. Sucking her tightly between my lips and flicking it repeatedly she arched her back, grabbed my head with her thighs, screamed, and came flooding my face with her fluids. I licked and sucked and drank her sweet nectar until her orgasm subsided.

With her hips still on the edge of the table, I stood and place her feet on the table’s edge as well. Being so flexible and nimble she stayed in that position with her knees splayed leaving her fully exposed. Walking around to the other side of the table, her eyes followed me the whole way as she lay there, still breathing hard. Looking disheveled, flushed, with her dress pushed up around her waist and her arms held above her head, she was beyond hot. Her head lay near the other edge of the table but my obsession was now focused on her magnificent breasts. Standing above her on the other side of the table, her eyes were still connected to mine.

I gently moved the few strands of hair from her face to behind her ears, and then let my hands drift downward towards the first button at the top of her dress. Pushing against her firm tits as I worked down the line of buttons as she just continued to look up at me. When I had finished with the last button, I spread the dress wide to expose her bra. I bent over her head and took a covered nipple into my mouth while testing their firmness with each hand. When I found the clasp in the front I undid it and slowly revealed the two most flawless breasts I had ever seen. They did not fall back onto her chest when released but stood firm defying gravity. Her areolas were the size of quarters and lusciously pink against the porcelain white of her breasts. Her eraser shaped nipples were stimulated and hard.

I took one breast sucking it in until I had almost half of it in my mouth. Clutching both tits in my hands, I moved back and forth between them licking and sucking. Her moans began to increase letting me know how sensitive her breasts were. As I licked across her nipple with the broad width of my tongue, Sadie reached up and fumbled with my belt which hovered above her head. When that was accomplished, she moved on to the button and zipper. I continued to enjoy her tits as she frantically got my pants to fall to the ground. She pulled my boxers down releasing my cock onto her face. With me bent over her head mouthing her breasts, she attempted to capture my dick in her mouth but failed. It stretched from her forehead to her chin and my balls bounced against the top of her head. Giving up with her mouth she just slowly shook her head from side to side, rubbing her face on the underside of my cock. Trying to get as much face to cock contact as possible, she stuck out her tongue to add just a bit more. I could feel my pre-cum dribbling down my dick.

Standing back up over the table, I reached down under her chest and pull Sadie toward me. She watched me as I drew her close until her head came over the edge of the table and laid back. Holding her face in my hands, I touched the tip of my penis against her mouth. She opened wide and I slowly inserted myself into her mouth. I reached the back of her mouth and pulled back out. With her bent back over the edge of the table like this all I could see was her chin and bottom lip stretching around my cock. Pushing back in, I continued began to probe further down into her throat. She gagged several times and I pulled back out. Again, I push back into her throat as she began to gag but made no effort to stop me. Her hands were still lying on the table as I pushed further down than the last time. She choked and swallowed until I pulled back out.

I don’t consider myself “porn star” big but I’ve always been proud of the size of my dick. Bigger than most, I’ve never had a disappointed lover. Being a “one girl” kind of guy, I haven’t a whole bunch of different lovers but most have said I was their biggest by far. I’m convinced that my ex-wife loved my cock for much longer than she loved me.

With my cock pushed to the back of her mouth, I still had at least six inches to go. Once more, I reached her gag reflex and pressed beyond. Each time, she was taking more and more. I could see her slender, feminine neck expand as my dick snaked further down and her gagging and swallowing gripped me with an exquisite sensation. Making no effort to curtail me, I would eventually insert fully into her throat with my balls pressed against her nose. Several times my cock journeyed deep into her throat before enjoying the trip back out. Her breathing struggled and she fought the urge to choke, letting me hold deep and allowing me the best oral sex of my life. I could feel her full-cock massage with every swallow, gasp and gag. Resisting the need to cum, I pulled out one last time and enjoyed a moment studying this very erotic sight lying before me with strings of spittle connecting my dick to her mouth.

I lifted her head from over the edge and slid her body back fully onto the table. Again, without a word, she watched me quietly as I moved back around to other side of the table. Stepping up in between her legs, I hooked her knees with my arms and pull her back towards me again to get her ass up to the edge. This would be the first time that I have actually fucked her and somehow this meant more to me than all else. It would be the fulfillment of most every fantasy that I have enjoyed since the day we met.

Aligning myself up to her small slit, my raging hard-on looked like it might not fit. She had as much lubrication as I could expect so I began my assault. Pressing my mushroom head into her tight hole, I moved in and out with short strokes to open her up. She tensed, closing her eyes and pressing the palms of her hands flat and hard on the table. Slowly but surely I sunk deeper with each stroke. Every motion brought a short gasp or moan from my sweet little thing. Once in about six inches, I pulled out almost completely only to thrust rapidly back in causing her eyes to open wide and drawing a guttural groan from down deep in her body.

I started to pick up my pace and length of stroke. I lifted her legs off my elbows and straightened them out up my chest. I held her legs tightly together against my chest and found her tight little pussy even tighter in this position and began to pound her small body. Seeing her stretched out body with her arms over her head, her back arched, sheen of sweat, with her tits rocking back and forth with each thrust, was a beautiful sight. I filled her completely. Hard, full stokes was all I could manage as I lost control and strode forward with reckless abandon. Sadie was tighter by far than any other sexual partner I have ever had, especially as she was overtaken by an orgasm announced with a squeaky and rapid, “Oh god, oh god, oh god!”

I wish I could have slowed down for her but I only had one speed as her womanhood contracted around my cock. As I watched her slim frame roll right into another climax I discovered the only thing more beautiful than Sadie herself, that was Sadie with her face contorted in the throes of an orgasm. And no more beautiful sound than the guttural “Uhhhhhggggg” as her body deflated following her climax.

This took me over the top and I unleashed months of pent up sexual tension into her vagina, load after load, until I collapsed onto her body. She was still fully impaled as my cock throbbed with satisfaction. We lay there for a while catching our breath and I had an overwhelming sense that even though I had probably just risked my whole livelihood and reputation, it was worth it.

I knew that I would never be the true Dom that she needed if she really was a submissive, it’s just not who I am. But with my face next to hers I said in the most controlling voice I could muster, “Sadie, if you choose to continue to work here you should acquire some birth control.”

“Yes sir.”

Still being early in the morning I added, “Now go use the shower upstairs to clean up before we start our workday.”

“Thank you, sir.”

I sat back in one of the chairs as Sadie gathered up her panties and headed out of the room. I was dazed but euphoric and finally managed to get myself cleaned up in bathroom downstairs and sat back at my desk. I could hear the shower on upstairs and wondered what would happen when she came back down. This time was different; no punishment, no correction, I had just clearly had my way with her. Will things change, had I ruined it, would she just quit? If she stayed, could I satisfy her if she really was to become my submissive lover? I’m not sure if I even know where or how to start. I know I couldn’t demean or hurt her for my sake or hers, but I was pretty sure I would enjoy punishing her for my sake? First, I guess I need to find out if she is staying or suing my butt.

When she came down she looked as fresh as she did when she first showed up this morning. In a word, beautiful. She also answered my question pretty fast as she walked up behind my chair, put her hands on my shoulders and asked, “What do you want me to do next?”

My heart soared, and trying not to sound too giddy I said, “We have a deadline tomorrow, let’s get to work” and that’s what we did for the rest of the day.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but to my surprise our conversations didn’t lessen or feel strained in any way. We talked as we worked as usual. At one point Sadie brought the topic around to her apartment building not always feeling safe and that she might start to look for somewhere else she could afford. Maybe she would look for a roommate. A rush of fear ran through me, wondering what if she found someone she liked, who was better at this and could better meet her needs. I’d keep her as an employee but lose everything else? In a mad dash to keep my dangerous obsession near, I quickly said, “You should move into one of the extra bedroom upstairs.”

Resisting the urge to oversell it by pointing out all the reasons it made good sense, I chose to keep my mouth shut and waited to see her response. “How much would it cost?” she asked.

“I would include it in your employment package. You deserve a raise and that would be it.”

Her eyes widened as she said, “Oh, that’s too much, I couldn’t . . .”

In my best boss voice I told her, “I will have it no other way. I insist.”

Still wide-eyed she responded as I had hoped, “Yes sir.”

In a flash of inspiration I continued with, “You know how difficult I can be to work for, but I’m even more demanding to live with.”

Eyes ever wide I saw her shutter just a bit and say, “I understand sir.”

Here, I was supposed to be the controlling one and I was completely out of control. I needed her near, I couldn’t risk losing her. We ended up moving her over the next weekend. I convinced her to just walk away from the couple of weeks rent remaining so she wouldn’t have any more time to think it might be a bad idea.

Sadie was easy to move, the apartment had come furnished so all we had to move was her clothing, some knick-knacks, and books. Loading boxes, I ended up wrapping some family photos. There was one of her, her sisters and her parents. I was interested in seeing what this strict, overbearing dad looked like. The truth is he was a very handsome, pleasant looking guy. In fact her mom was very attractive, as well as her sisters. They were about the best looking family I had ever seen. In the photo they were happy. No fear, no apprehension, just a happy looking family having fun. Looking at the bunch of them I wondered if this was why Sadie didn’t seem to know how beautiful she was. At home, she’s just average, everybody was good looking. Thinking about her family, my mind continuously found its way back to the spanking and the switching of the bunch of them. I was getting hard just thinking about them.

We finished getting her moved in to her new bedroom and I had had a great day following her up and down the stairs in her tight shorts enjoying her perfect ass. She spent most of that evening getting her room and bathroom to her liking. I finally went to bed thinking that it would be too transparent to ask her to move in and then expect her to accept my advances. That was okay though, I still had so much to figure out. Like were we together? Was I just her authoritative boss with an inclination to spank? Does she see me as a lover or a piss-poor Dom? So much to figure out.

Lying in bed listening to her shower running, I was pondering the incredible series of events that resulted in beautiful Sadie moving into my home. After she was out of the shower for a while I heard some movement out in the hallway. I thought to myself I should have shown her where the extra linens and towels were before I went to bed. I figured if she couldn’t find something she needed she would ask.

The house went quiet and I was counting my good fortune when my cracked bedroom door opened wider. My lights were off but the outside lighting flowing through the windows gave a soft glow to the room. Sadie stood at the door for a moment then walked to the side of my bed. She stood there looking so little in pajamas that seemed too big for her. The sleeves dropped past her hands and the top went almost to her knees. She had pajama bottoms on that also looked like that barely hung on her. I knew she could see me looking at her but she didn’t say a word. Finally she lifted the sheet and slid in, turning her back to me and snuggling right up against me. It felt so natural to envelope her with my arms and pull her tight. Her PJ’s were the softest flannel I had ever felt, or maybe it was just her. My hand ran up her front until I cupped the softest breast I had ever touched. As I held her there and she pressed her little bottom up against me I began to grow. All I had on were my boxers which didn’t help at all. My cock ended up pressing into her bottom and lower back, when she said, “Is that my fault? Should I take care of it?”

She was pressing and wiggling her sweet ass against me and all I could get out was, “Yes.”

I wanted to maintain some authoritative façade but felt I had failed. Sadie didn’t seem to notice as she scrambled out from under the sheet and stood right up on the bed. She whipped the sheet off me completely and stood straddled over me looking down in her oversized PJ’s. She wore an impish smile and her face was full of excitement. First she wiggled out of her pajama bottoms and flung them onto the floor somewhere. Then she bent at the waist and grabbed both sides of my boxers and started pulling them down. I gave an assist by lifting my hips. She shimmied them all the way off then stood back up and shot them like a rubber band across the room. The whole time she had this glimmer in her eyes that was such a turn on, she was in complete control.

With a smile on her face, her bright eyes zeroed in on my dick. Still standing over me she slowly crouched down bringing her body down onto my now raging hard on. I couldn’t see anything above mid-thigh because of her oversized pajama top but soon found out she didn’t have any panties on. Her warm slit settled gently on the base of my dick and then she slowly ran her body up its length pinning my manhood against my belly. When her tight little cunt reached the mushroom head of my cock she reached down and took control of it. Lifting her weight off, she began pressing my dick into her small body. She was warm and moist but it still took her a bit to adjust for my size. Finally getting the head of my dick started, she raised up to where my cock stood straight up and began to slowly slide down until she had captured me completely. I couldn’t see it but it was an incredible couple of minutes, I could feel her tightly wrapped around me every inch of the way.

I watched her face as she stared up at the ceiling, gently moving her pelvis against mine to adjust. Once she seemed comfortable, she put her hands on my chest and started rocking. Short movements at first, then longer ones. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her beautiful face as it contorting to each sensation reverberating through her body. I reached up and started unbuttoning the pajama top. When I got the last one undone Sadie leaned back with her hands behind her on my thighs allowing the top to fall open and drop off her narrow shoulders. Her breasts were fully stimulated and defying gravity, swaying gently with her every movement.

Her flat stomach undulated, rolling like a belly dancer as she moved my cock up and down inside her. I held her at the hips to slide her back and forth. She leaned further back and I could see that she was pressing my thick piece of meat against the sensitive front of her vagina. She was breathing hard and flowing more now, gaining momentum. She was grunting with each stroke and moaned loudly when I reached up and pulled on her hard nipples. She was rolling her hips more, getting 4 or 5 inches of movement across my dick. She would push hard on her downward motion fully impaling herself, letting out a deep breath and a squeal each time. Watching her narrow hips engulf my thickness was amazing; I was disappearing inside of her. She was reaching a point of frantic movement, her breasts pointed towards the ceiling as she leaned back as far as she could again and with a complete deflation of her body she stopped.

Oh, what a lovely site. Looking down her body from my dick stretching her sweet slit, down her perfectly flat stomach, to her heaving chest as her body shuttered around my dick. I could feel her head on my legs down below my knees somewhere as I waited for her to catch her breath. She seemed to be mumbling under her breath or maybe purring. Finally she raised her arms up for me to take her hands and together we pulled her upright. She was still sitting on my fully implanted cock. With a shy look on her face she pulled her feet underneath her so she was crouching on me, still holding my hands for support. Watching down between her legs where we were joined, she slowly started raising herself up my dick. Again her beautiful face was contorted with sexual concentration. She got to the point where the mushroom head of cock pressed the inside of her opening, then with a series of short breaths she allowed herself to slide back down. With a guttural groan she dropped her head forward as she reached the bottom. Her hands gripped mine like a vice.

Without bringing her head up, she began the effort to once again climb to the top of her invader. Her legs were betraying her though, so she used her hands in mine to push herself up. As she got near the top, her head raised again with her eyes shut tight and her mouth shaped in an “O” in a silent grunt. Her arms and legs gave way and she again dropped until there was no further to go. This time her groan was not silent as she fell forward to my chest. I could feel her vibrating and pulsating around my cock. After Sadie had regained her breath she sat back up, bracing herself with her arms on my chest. I couldn’t believe she was going to give another go. The sight of her slender body straddling me with her messed up hair, covered in perspiration, impaled on my dick was taking me to a place I had never been before.

Rather than making her work any harder, I took Sadie by the hips and lifted her up and then let her drop back down my cock. Twice, maybe three times before I lifted her and just held her there as I started to raise my hips to bury myself deep from underneath. I slammed myself upward faster and harder. Sadie held tight to my arms. Finally I lost the ability to control myself and started pulling her down as I lunged upward. For the last few minutes she looked like a rag doll flailing around as she was being slammed by my cock. I came and I came and I came some more. She collapsed on top of me as her woman parts continued to milk my dick of all its juices. I’ve never before had a woman’s pussy grab hold of my dick so thoroughly, squeezing it so tightly. My cock could feel every beat of her heart as she laid there. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, planning to never move from this position ever.

I fell into blissful sleep still partially inserted in her. When I woke the next morning, she was no longer in bed with me. It was late, I had slept in. I showered and shaved, then headed downstairs. I found Sadie sitting at the kitchen table fully dressed and ready to start the Monday workday. She gave me a quick look and then diverted her eyes back to the table. I could see her dimple letting on to the small grin on her face. She was so demure, so angelic. I grabbed some coffee and sat down across from her. “Are you ready to start work?” I asked.

She looked at me with her bright eyes and shy grin saying, “Yes sir.”

Trying to figure out how to play this game better I said, “But first I think we need to talk about what happened last night.”

Her eyes quickly averted mine, back down to the table. I waited a moment and then said, “Well?”

Keeping her eyes downward she answered, “I’m sorry, I was bad. I just couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t. You fill me up like no one has before.”

“Hummm,” I contemplated. “How would your father handle this situation if you were still in his house?”

“Oh goodness, I would get the switch,” she said pretty quickly.

“Well then, we’ll have to discuss this further this evening after work. I have much to consider, let’s get to work.”

“Yes sir,” and up she got and headed into the office.

We worked the day through until I needed to run my special errand. I couldn’t keep my eyes or my mind off of her the whole day. She caught me a number of times starring with only a sly grin in return. It was later in the afternoon when I returned from my errand and I sat down at my desk and just looked across at Sadie. She looked up quickly a time or two and then fixed her gaze on mine as she realized she was my sole focus. These next few moments were going to be stepping beyond any of my fantasies to this point in my life and I was having a hard time containing myself. She set her work aside and gave me her full attention. I looked at her seriously and said, “We need to talk about your behavior last night.”

Her eyes got big but she didn’t look away, she just waited for me to speak. She looked so small, so feminine as she sat there. “I’ve decided your punishment, please go get the bag I left on the conference table. ”

She quietly got up and brought the bag in from the other room. Standing next to me with the bag I told her to take out what was inside. She reached in and first lifted out a scarf, then a set of wide leather cuffs. Her eyes opened wide. She saw they were about two inches wide and would wrap around each wrist and then could be attached together. I could see goosebumps forming on her arms as I told her she could put those down, that we would deal with them later. Next she lifted out a bottle of lube. This also brought wide eyes but no words. Lastly, she reached in and lifted out the heaviest item that had settled on the bottom of the bag, it was a medium size rubber butt plug. Now her beautiful eyes danced, it looked massive in her small hands. I couldn’t discern if it was fear or excitement or both on her face, but I could tell her heart was pounding just as hard as mine was.

“Come, I want you to stand here,” pointing to a place between my desk chair and my desk. She obediently stood where I had pointed facing me. I took her by the hips and turned her around facing the desk.

I just stared for the moment at the way her skirt laid nicely across her hips. She never needed to wear stockings, her legs were naturally smooth. I told her to bend over onto my desk; she leaned forward and placed her hands on my desk. I paused, then said “All the way” and she proceeded to lower herself onto her elbows.

With her ass ending up right in front of my face, I was ready to burst. I slowly lifted her skirt up onto her back revealing what I had been obsessing about all day. Her perfect ass encased in her little white cotton panties. I had to touch the perfect round smoothness of her panties against her bum before I slowly peeled her panties down her backside and was greeted by her tiny rosebud. Bent over like this I didn’t even need to separate her ass cheeks to have full access to her little flower. I had intended to be all business, playing up her punishment but I couldn’t help myself from leaning in and running my tongue up her perfect bum. As I touched the small space between her sweet slit and her bum, then circled her asshole, she shivered. As I pressed my tongue against her opening and wiggled the tip inward, she let out a moan. I was enjoying her reactions to what I suspected was a new sensation for her but I had to get back to the job at hand.

I took the bottle of lube and dapped a bit on my thumb. With a swipe, I rubbed the lube directly on her anus. This got a sharp breath and a quick contraction from her rosebud. Adding more lube and pressure, I rubbed in small circles. More lube, more pressure. Finally, bending my thumb, I was able to insert it into her ass. She gasped with a couple of quick breaths. Holding there, her tight little ass gripped my thumb tightly as it adjusted. Slowly moving it back and forth several times, I sunk it in past my knuckle before removing it. When I reached over and picked up the butt plug that was on the desk next to Sadie, she let out a concerned sigh.

Lubing the tip of the plug and Sadie’s asshole, I pressed one into the other. Lightly at first as her tight little hole contracted at the touch. Persistence reigned, as the end of the plug slowly entered to about the width of my thumb. More lube, as I gently turned the intruder to the left, then back to the right. After a few minutes, I had traveled up the butt plug about halfway. Sadie was no longer on her elbows but had stretched her arms out across my desk with her forehead on the papers lying about. I was having a hard time imagining her taking the rest of this plug, almost twice the size of where she was now. Maybe I had purchased a plug too large for her tiny rectum and my whole plan would have been in vain. I continued on. It was taking more time and more pressure than I would have thought but I was gaining. “Patience, take you time,” was the mantra I kept running through my head. Sweet Sadie didn’t move beyond the squirming of her backside against my pressure and not a sound other than the uncontrolled grunts and groans.

In and back out again, over and over. She was trying to relax her sphincter and accept her full punishment but there was more to go. Repeating my mantra, I was close and added one more extra push. With a yelp and an animalistic groan, Sadie opened up and received. Her tight little asshole swallowed the body of the plug and gripped tight around its base. I sat there for a moment staring at what had seemed almost impossible. The flat base of the plug was tightly pressed up against her bum. I had been using it to maneuver the plug inward but now I just turned and wiggled it a little. Sadie was breathless. She had endured, and now was ready for the balance of my plan. At each step, both of us were entering new territory and all the way I was hoping that I didn’t go too far, possibly losing her.

I slipped her panties back up covering the base of the plug and told her she could stand up and turn around which she did very tentatively. Her face was absolutely adorable as her perplexed look reflected the pressure of her anal invader. She kept a hand on my desk for balance bringing her knees together to adjust. She looked at me sheepishly and I told her, “Now, I need you to go out in the back yard and cut a switch.” She looked down as I told her where the garden clippers were on the back porch.

Without too much hesitation she turned towards the kitchen and walked out, however so cautiously. With each step she had to modify her footing to accommodate the butt plug. I stayed seated at my desk waiting for her return figuring we still had about an hour left in the workday. About ten minutes later she walked back in carrying a two and a half foot bare branch, about a quarter of an inch thick, lacking any leaves or offshoots. I told her, “You know where to put it; we’ll continue your punishment later.”

She turned and went back into the kitchen and placed the switch on top of the refrigerator, then returned and gingerly sat at her desk. She tried to ignore me watching her shift and squirm in her seat. Neither of us got much work done in that last hour, in fact she spent a fair amount of time leaning forward in her chair with her elbows on her desk with her eyes closed, trying to calm her breathing. As I learned several times before, she was more beautiful than ever when in sexual anguish. After a while I decided that she had suffered her current situation enough and it was time to move things forward. Actually, thinking about her tiny ass wrapped around that butt plug was driving me crazy and I needed to get going or I would explode right there.

“It’s time.” I said, startling her out of a daze. “Will you please go get your switch, please?”

Again, standing cautiously, she made her way into the kitchen returning with her switch. I don’t think I had seen her appear more submissive as she looked at this very moment. Maybe it was the childhood “switch” thing but more likely it was the new depths her old punishment was sinking to. As she approached I stood and had her place the switch in my hands which she did without looking up. I gave it a test strike into the palm my hand generating quite a whack, causing Sadie to flinch. I set the switch down on the desk next to us and picked up the two leather cuffs. Studying one, I opened it wide and held in front of me. Sadie received the unspoken expectation and raised one of her arms and presented it to me. She studied what I was doing as I took her thin wrist and laid it in the leather wrap. The cuff could be tightened and secured, leaving several rings and connectors on its exterior. We continued on to the second cuff. Once on but not connected, she studies both of them with a sigh.

I picked up the scarf and stepped around behind her, placing it over her eyes and tying it tightly. There she stood; her shoulders slumped with her arms hanging at her side. So, so lovely. From behind, I handed her the switch to carry as I led her out of the office into our foyer. I’m sure she knew where she was but not what I was doing. Our stairway rose overhead from the foyer as I took my blind beauty to where I had wrapped an old dog leash from banister above with the collar clasp dangling. I was glad she couldn’t see it, I felt like a pretty cheesy Dom. An old dog leash for goodness sake.

Turning Sadie to face me, I held her by the arms and studied her complete surrender. I began by unbuttoning her blouse starting from the top. I worked slowly, relishing in the sensuality of it all. She stood there quietly allowing me control. I slid her blouse off her shoulders and placed it on a nearby chair. Moving to her backside, I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. There she stood in her bra and panties as I lower myself to lift her feet out of her shoes and the skirt laying on the floor. I placed them along with the blouse. Her bra hooked from the front which I especially enjoyed taking off. Her supple breasts stood as if the brazier was unneeded, her nipples immediately hardened to the exposure and the cool air.

Lastly, I slid her panties down letting my nose linger as I past her sex, her arousal was evident. I was ready to bust out of my pants as Sadie stood there wearing only the circular base of the butt plug planted in her ass. Now standing directly in front of her, I lifted both of her hands and clasped them together. Then I raised the two together and connected them to dog leash hanging from above. She was now standing naked, blindfolded, with her hands cuffed and held a foot or so above her head. She was the most erotic creature I had ever been in the presence of.

I reached up and took the switch from her hands, as she sighed a sigh of resignation. With the staircase extending out from the wall above it us I had 360 degrees access as I walked around her, touching her with the switch as I went. I have to admit I was stalling a bit in order to figure out how to proceed. I had never taken a switch to anyone before so this was new to my clearly wimpy Dom act. I so wanted to own this little vixen, to mold her to my will, to act out all my fantasies on her and this was one of them. Here I stood, with the switch in my hand and this submissive little beauty at my mercy. If I just don’t screw it up.

I whipped the switch through the air with a swoosh. Sadie flinched, I smiled. I didn’t want to come off weak so my first blow was a pretty good one across her buttocks above the base of the plug. It immediately left a red mark and drew a yelp from Sadie. Another to the same area a little harder. My next several were below the base of the plug. I was getting a feel for it. Sadie was hanging from her cuffs a bit with her head down whimpering when I caught her off guard with a strike across the base of the butt plug. Landing the blow on her skin on both sides and a direct hit to the rubber base, I could almost see the electric-like shock coarse through the plug into her body as she let out a wail, then a moan. The second strike to the plug caused her hips to thrust forward trying to escape her intruder.

I paused a few moments as Sadie caught her breath before proceeding. I rubbed the switch across the back of her thighs before striking her there so not to catch her off-guard this time. Several welts raised from her thighs so I decided to move on. I walked around to her front dragging the switch across her body the whole way. This time I rubbed the fronts of her thighs before raising the switch and landing several strikes. Sadie was puffing and moaning a low whine. I was guessing she had never received the switch to her front before but this wasn’t about punishment any more. This was pure, unadulterated edgy sex.

I ran the switch up Sadie’s front to her breasts. A half whine and half moan rose from her throat. I move the switch from the underside, across her nipples to the top of her breasts. Again, an anticipatory moan rose. With a lighter blow than her thighs, I first laid the switch across the underside of both breasts. She bellowed out a groan that could have mistaken for her cumming, so I did it again. Her beauty radiated from her face as her mouth contorted to the pain. Her animalistic groan was musical.

I slid the switch around her body to where I could strike under her arm and across the side of one breast. Her nipples were so hard and extended that they suffered too when the switch reached around from the side. Sadie puffed a number of short little breaths in a row as sweat was beading across her brow. Balancing out the abuse to both breasts, I stepped back to where I was standing right in front of her. I could see her trying to locate me since I didn’t give her the switch’s touch to indicate. Finally I laid the switch on her nipple. She gasped at the touch. Light at first, I started tapping my weapon right on her nipple. Like a conductor of an orchestra striking his music stand to capture the attention of his musicians, I increased the speed and the strength before coming to an abrupt stop. Sadie exhaled in another groan that was birthed from deep inside her.

I ran the switch across from one breast to the other, lightly touching her causing goosebumps as I went. I settled on the second nipple, and again a pre-abuse groan came from within. Her milky white breast with its innocently pink nipple was beautiful with red stripes crisscrossing her flesh. This time I ran the switch lightly over her sweet nub of her breast from left to right and then back again. She drew in a gasp as I sped up and applied more pressure. The switch was now moving quickly from side to side, striking her nipple with each stroke. It looked like a sexual metronome on speed. A series of small squeaks escaped her throat as the switch battered its tender target. Her nipple began to take on the red hue of abuse but I continued on until her breast screamed with sensitivity before I stopped.

Sadie let out the long breath; I hadn’t even noticed she had been holding it. Her legs wobbled then gave out and I stepped up to catch her in my arms. It was pure instinct on my part as she only dropped as far as her arm restraints would allow, but I held her there enjoying the touch of her as she breathed hard into my chest. I think she had just cum as she whispered breathlessly saying, “Oh god, please don’t stop.”

Her acceptance of my abuse did nothing for my raging hard on. I thought I was going to pop as I got Sadie back to her feet. I no longer fit in my pants, so off they came. So did everything else for that matter. I had one more fantasy to satisfy in the discipline of this perfect creature. I pulled a couple of straight-backed chairs that sat against the wall in the foyer up to each side of Sadie. Still being blindfolded, I had to lift one leg, bend it at the knee and place it on the padded seat. Placing the second chair on the opposite side, I lifted her other leg into place. Now she hung from her restraint above with her legs spread between the two chairs. The chairs raised her a few inches so she was able to lean further forward than while standing.

This time I ran the switch up the inside of one thigh and down the other, eliciting a much louder moan of concern. She also knew I had some unfinished business as I took the base of the butt plug and began to turn and lightly pull on it. This made her stretch her body out and clinch every muscle from her back to her ass. I was crouched down watching her tight ass deal with plug’s movement as I decided to take its removal up a level. As I began to pull on the plug her tiny little ass fought me, trying to hang on to it. She started moaning as I pulled with more force, turning the plug as I went. Knowing the sensation of the plug had her complete attention, I took the switch between her legs and started lightly slapping it against her pussy. She immediately released animalistic groan and I could see her fluids glisten between her legs. I continued my assault on her pussy lips while I watched her anus starting opening up to allow its rubber captive a means for escape.

The array of sexual sounds coming from my beautiful, sweet, nubile little thing was about the most sensual thing I’ve ever heard. The plug had her stretched almost to its thickest part. As the outside rim of the plug reached its fullest diameter, I swatted her vagina with several harder strikes. Finally, the butt plug opened her to her widest and I struck with a couple of more intense strokes as her tiny little ass pushed the plug from her body. It all came to an end at once and she collapsed against her restraints once more. She just hung there with her knees on the chairs panting.

I had to take a moment to just stand and watch, stroking myself, as Sadie whole body glistened with a light covering of perspiration. As she regained herself, I could see her trying to figure out where I was and what I was up to. Stepping up from behind, I could see that I would have to bend at the knees a bit to align with her perfect ass. That ass that I had watched for weeks and fantasized over almost every night, now spread between two chairs right in front of me. Stepping in between the chairs, my cock laid right up her behind. She flinched as we touched, finally realizing where I was. Her back arched and stretched out forward against her restraint, thinning her small waist even smaller. She knew her ass was poised and had my dick’s full attention. Sadie let out a moan even before I made my move.

Taking my cock in my hand I leveled it with her tiny rosebud and pressed in. The butt plug had prepared her to take the mushroom head relatively easy with just a guttural groan. She was tight as I felt her small ass grab my dick. As I started to press further, past where the plug had readied her, she began to gasp and groan. I held there with my cock buried about three inches deep and just watched her beautiful feminine lines as her body subtly squirmed from her shoulders to her hips trying to accept me comfortably. She mumbled something under her breath just before she squealed as I rapidly backed out and pressed forward again in one movement. I began short strokes as I continued to press more and more of my cock up her ass. I thought she was going to faint before I got fully embedded. Finally my balls swung up between her legs and slapped her pussy. Judging from the absolute deflation as her breath escaped her body and the pulsing vice grip her sphincter muscle had on my dick, she had cum again.

Without giving her any time, I began long strong strokes in and out of her virgin ass burying myself to the hilt with each. I began pressing in so deep that I was lifting her knees off the chairs on my inward stroke, causing her weight to press even deeper onto my dick. Her grunts, moans and groans started blending together into one long animalistic growl. I reached around and roughly grabbed her tits, mauling and pulling them. When I pinched and stretched her nipples out, she growled and came once more.

I was in heaven. My dick entering Sadie’s ass looked like an optical illusion, that it was too big to enter a space so small. Watching my cock disappear into her ass, abusing her breasts, seeing her face contort as she came, I was going crazy. This experience was full-tilt sexual stimulus. I was getting ready unload the biggest load of spunk of my life. I was amazed that in all my excitement that I had kept hold of the switch somehow, so I reached across her tummy from above and started tapping her clit and pussy lips with it from the front as I slammed her ass from the rear. My balls were swinging forward so hard that they also were pounding her pussy with each stroke.

My cock grew even larger as it got ready to shoot its wad and with my last ounce of energy I impaled her fully as I tried to slap her clit with several hard whacks. When the switch came up between her legs, the far end whipped around and struck my balls as they pressed in against her from the backside. The pain was excruciatingly exquisite as it coursed up through my dick into her ass. Without even thinking or intending to, I followed through with a second and a third strike of the switch that all landed across the underside of my balls causing the release of my load with an high-voltage electrical shock, a lightning bolt through my whole body. Never had I experienced a climax to that degree, the pain shot through my whole body and brain into a explosive orgasm. My dick lunged forward lifting her complete body weight up by the ass as my sperm exploded deep in her behind.

I hoped Sadie would cum one more time but I wouldn’t know if she did or not, all I could see were stars as I almost collapsed. I leaned into her as my dick finished releasing what it had to offer deep into her rectum with the help of her pulsating asshole. As I pulled out I stumbled backwards a couple of feet until I bumped into another chair up against the wall directly behind us. I unavoidably sat down and stared back at an amazing sight, her tiny little ass still gaping with every breath she took. Her head had dropped down between her restrained arms and her lovely thin thighs had our combination of fluids running down the bright red stripes that crisscrossed, she was completely spent. I had never experienced the fulfillment of dominance like this before. I owned her . . . or did she own me?

I finally was got up and left Sadie hanging there while I went upstairs to clean up and ran a bath in the oversized tub in my master bedroom. Going back down the stairs I paused to look down at my beauty from above. I would have never imagined that my sweet little Fact Checker would bring me to such a place. A place of sexual satisfaction that I didn’t know existed.

I continued down the stairs to Sadie and stood in front of her. Even with the scarf blindfold still on, she knew of my presence as she tried to lift her head. I gently untied the scarf and laid it to the side. Then I unhook the cuffs from the leash above. She was wobbly, still spread between the chairs on her knees, so I left the wrist cuffs connected together and lifted her off the chairs. I carried her like a child back up the stairs. When I reached the bath with her in my arms, I stepped in and lowered myself into the water. It was warm and soothing. As I sank down, Sadie entered the water in my arms. Once we were both submerged, she just curled up on top of me and rested her head on my chest. I loosened and removed her leather cuffs, setting them aside for another day. The switch, of course, would need to go on top of the fridge.