by JustEvy

I arrived 13 minutes early at our agreed location, which was just a 5 minute walk from where the party was hosted. Because I didn’t want you to miss me, I got out of my car already, even though it was -4 degrees outside. After about 7 minutes I got a text from you, saying that you would be late, probably 10 minutes. Still I chose to stay outside, walking up and down the short street to keep myself warm a bit.

When finally your bus arrived, I quickly took my bags out of the car and joined you on our way to the location. I noticed that you didn’t even acknowledge me, let alone greet me, and just walked by me. This was quite unexpected, but I figured you wanted to get out of the cold as soon as possible.

Once we got inside I tried to get your attention, but still you ignored me. Then I realized what was going on, so I quickly walked to the changing room and changed into the outfit you had ordered me to wear. I felt unsure about how I looked. The skirt was too short for my liking, the top barely covered my breasts and I had trouble standing on the 8cm heels of my pumps. As instructed, I hadn’t put on make-up, although I didn’t understand why I couldn’t.

It took me about three minutes to find you upstairs. I walked up to you, taking small steps, feeling your eyes taking in my appearance and checking if I had correctly followed your instructions.

“Hi sweetheart, you look gorgeous,” you said, as you embraced me in a warm, loving hug.

I heard your words, but found it hard to believe that it could actually be true. Still I enjoyed feeling the warmth of your body against my bare skin, letting myself drown in your loving hug.

You allowed me time to finish the drink you had ordered for me, giving me time to greet some friends and catch up with them.

“Now follow me sweetheart,” you told me with a soft, demanding voice.

You knew very well that I couldn’t resist your commands when you spoke like this. I followed your lead, past the bar, down to the changing room where I had stuffed my bags in my locker.

“You know what to get me.”

Again that soft voice. I opened my locker and took out the bag which contained our toys. I took my collar out, kneeled in front of you and looked to the floor as I held my collar high so you could easily take it from me. You left me sitting there for what felt like ten minutes, before you finally took the collar from me and locked it around my neck.

“You can stand up again sweetheart. Take that bag and follow me.”

You found a room to play in the back of the venue, somewhat isolated and where the music from the bar wasn’t so loud. I had already started undressing when you stopped me.

“What do you think you are doing? You can keep your clothes on this time.”

I couldn’t fathom why you would torture me like this. You knew how I disliked my body, and that I felt even worse when scarcely clothed instead of being naked, because I thought that the tiny pieces of clothing accentuated exactly those parts I disliked most. My belly hanging a bit over the waistband of my skirt, my butt cheeks just visible underneath my skirt, the excessive skin under my arms that I couldn’t hide in that too-short top.

“You can take off your shoes before you lie down on the bed.”

Ooh, thank goodness that I can take off these heels I thought. I did as I was told and rested my head on my arms lying on the bed.

Taking into account the way you had treated me the last couple of minutes, I expected you to take the cane to hit me on my feet. Much to my surprise you didn’t. Instead, you sat down on the bed next to me and gently stroked my left arm up and down.

“Relax, little girl,” you whispered.

You must have felt the tension in my body.

“You’re doing great and you’re very brave dressing up like this. I know how hard this is for you.”

You continued stroking my arm, then my other arm and then my back. I dozed off, enjoying the stroking, the gentle tickling feeling and your energy.

After some time, it could have been minutes or hours, you got me back to reality.

“Wake up little girl. Gently now, keep your eyes closed for a minute.”

Your right hand was resting on my back, while you stroked through my hair with your left hand. Slowly I landed back on the bed where my body was still lying.

“Get up sweetheart, I’m heading back to the bar.”

Slowly I got up from the bed. I picked up my pumps, but didn’t put them on, since you hadn’t told me to. You had already taken the bag. Still somewhat dozing, I followed you back to the bar. You put down the bag next to one of the lounge seats. I looked at you questioningly.

“You can sit down sweetheart. I’m going to get you something to drink.”

I sat down on the ground next to the bag and waited for you to return. You returned quickly, handing me a glass of water.

“Why are you sitting on the floor, dear? You can sit in the seat if you like.”

“I felt like sitting on the floor, miss. It feels more appropriate like this,” I whispered.

“Okay, you let me know if you change your mind, okay? Then I’ll move to the next seat.”

“Yes, miss.”

I nipped from the glass of water as you sat down. Soon another person, who I didn’t know, joined us, sitting down in the seat next to you. You started making small talk. I couldn’t focus on the conversation, so I let it go by. After I finished my drink, I dozed off again while you were stroking my neck and upper back with your right hand.

I woke up as I felt someone tug the leash that had apparently been attached to my collar. You looked impatient.

“Get up sweetheart, I lost track of time and I have another plan for you today. We need to hurry!”

I got up as quickly as I could and I followed you again to the lockers.

“Now change into the other outfit you brought,” you told me, using that sweet voice again.

I got changed as quickly as I could, not wanting to let you down. Finally out of that horrible outfit, I thought.

I felt my current outfit suited me better. At least my legs were covered, as was my belly and my armpits. I was now wearing an old blouse, a half-worn thong and some old jeans that had been out of fashion for years, but which I’d never bothered to throw away. The second outfit you had told me to bring could be torn a bit, you had said, so I should pick something that wouldn’t bother me if torn.

Tugging the leash again, you urged me to follow you again upstairs, to the bar. To the bar?

“I thought we were gonna play again, miss. What are we walking to the bar for?”

You stopped, turned around and looked at me with piercing eyes.

“Since when is it a smart idea for you to start thinking when you’re submitting to me?”

I quickly appologized, knowing very well that you wanted me to follow your lead without questioning. Not that I always did that, not in a long shot, but at this point I wanted to and I felt horrible that I’d let you down.

You led me to the open space next to the bar, which was surrounded by lounge seats. Right in the middle of the open space you stopped. I noticed that I was standing in front of a suspension ring, which was suspended higher than I would have expected, at about 2 meters from the ground. For sure you weren’t going to suspend me. My clothes weren’t fit for tying, the ring was hanging too high and besides, you had never done anything more than some functional bondage to keep me from moving too much. That functional bondage was exactly what you were planning, I would soon find out.

You fastened some cuffs around my wrists and locked each of them with a small padlock. Then you took a length of rope from the bag and tied the cuffs together, taking the long end of the rope through the suspension ring and then down to my feet, where you tied it to a speader bar. Stepping on the speader bar with one foot, you fastened cuffs around my ankles as well and told me to move my feet apart so you could connect the cuffs to the ends of the bar.

After you had done so, you stepped behind me, taking the bag with you. I could move my arms up and down a bit, but turning around was certainly out of the question. I felt you move behind me. I was surprised when you suddenly put a blindfold over my eyes. You never used blindfolds before! Where was this going?

I tried to keep calm, when suddenly I felt something cold in the small of my back. Krrssh. You were cutting my blouse open! Slowly you continued cutting and ripping apart my blouse, until it fell in small pieces to the floor. Soon after that, I felt you put something against my skin, which you kept moving in several directions and shapes over my back. It took me seconds to realize that you were writing on my skin with some kind of marker. I tried guessing what it was you were writing, but I was lost already. I would only find out what you wrote later.

Touch me.

Tease me.

Compliment me.

Then I felt you reach above me and I heard a click as you closed another padlock. Also about this I would find out later what you’d done. The sign now attached to the ring read ‘Markers for writing compliments available at the bar.’

Then you said to me, “I’m going to leave you standing here for now. I’ll be close by, so you only have to speak normally for me to hear you. Just enjoy what’ll happen.”

With that, you walked away and probably sat down on one of the lounge seats closest to me.

I just stood there, wondering what was going on. Did you just put me on display for everyone to see? And why in the world did had I needed to put on old jeans as well? Crap! It hit me like a smack in the face. Were you really planning on cutting my jeans up as well?

I got pulled back from thoughts as someone was suddenly stroking an ice cold hand along my back. The hand was bigger than yours, and rougher as well. Who was touching me?! I tried moving to get it to stop, but you had made sure that I couldn’t get away. Then I heard you whisper in my ear.

“Do you trust me sweetheart?”

“Y-yes, m-miss,” I stuttered, barely audible.

“Will you do as I like?”

“Yes, miss.”

I felt a bit more assured already.

“You do know your safe-words, right?”

“I do, miss.”

“Try to enjoy what happens. You can always stop it.”

Then I felt a soft, small hand stroke my left cheek. The hand kept on stroking for about a minute. I felt a marker drawing more letters on my body, on my belly this time. I felt some fingernails lightly scratching my upper right arm. I tried my best to keep standing, while being overwhelmed by sensations.

After some time I heard your voice again.

“Please everyone stand back for a moment.”

People moved away while you walked up to me. You undid the tie down at the speader bar, allowing my arms to move again. You continued untying the rope and after that, you took of the cuffs around my wrists. Was this it? I felt your arms reach around my body and soon after that I felt the rope. You instructed me to move my arms on my back so you could tie a TK.

Once you finished the TK, I heard you speaking in a low voice to someone else. I couldn’t catch all you were saying, but I got the impression that you wanted them to check your ties. When you were satisfied, you focussed back on me and seemed to add another length of rope. I felt some tugging at my backside. You grazed my body as you reached up to the ring. I felt some more tugging before you apparently fastened the tie.

“We don’t want you to fall over, now do we?”

You were whispering in my ear again.

“No, miss, I wouldn’t want that.”

“Good, that’s why I tied you like this. You can safely hang in the ropes if you want to give your legs some rest.”

Seconds later I felt the cold metal of the scissors again, this time at my left heel. Indeed you planned on cutting my jeans as well. Relieving me from my jeans only took you a couple of seconds, after which you spoke to the crowd.

“She’s ready for some more.”

You had hardly finished your sentence, before two or three hands were on me again, stroking my right cheek, scratching my back, stroking my left inner thigh. Then I felt teeth on the left side of my neck. Surely you wouldn’t allow a stranger to bite me! Of course you wouldn’t. I calmed myself, remembering that you were close by and that this person must be someone we knew. I felt markers on my back, my breasts, my right upper leg. Then I felt someone touching my feet. Not just touching, someone was licking my feet! Yikes! Why would someone want to do that. I hoped that my feet weren’t too sweaty and that if they were, this person wouldn’t hold it against me.

There we so many sensations that I couldn’t keep track. My mind started to drift. I allowed myself to hang in the ropes and let it all wash over me. At some point my mind started to clear again and all of a sudden I realized I was soaking wet. I was struck with embarrassment and just hoped that no-one would notice or I would die of shame. Seconds later I felt a hand slide down my body, over my clit and then between my labia, moving up and down in my wetness. I shrieked!

“Calm down little girl, it’s me,” I heard you say.

You took your hand away and put your fingers in my mouth. I licked them clean. Slowly I realized that everyone else had moved away to allow us this interaction.

“You’re almost done sweetheart, I only have one more thing planned for you.”

You took off the blindfold. I allowed my eyes to adjust to the new-found light and looked around to see everyone looking at the two of us. I saw you take the scissors and bring them to my thong, which you cut away with two simple cuts. You just let it fall to the floor. Then you kneeled in front of me and gently started licking.

At first you only licked over my vulva, moving your tongue up to my clit once in a while. Excruciatingly slow you licked. Then you gently let your tongue slide between my labia, only a few millimeters. I loved and hated you for it, for how well you knew me and for how you worked so hard to restrain yourself, only because you knew how worked up I’d get when you took it this slow. Slowly tension was building. You moved back and looked up to me, an evil grin on your face.

“How long do you want me to hold this up without you getting your orgasm?”

I was flabbergasted. Were you actually planning to keep building up for minutes?! I looked away from your face, my shame too great to make it bearable to look at you.


It was too much. You having been so sweet to me at the start of the party. The humiliation of my body being so exposed. You taking so good care of me. The sensations of all those people touching me, stroking me, writing whatever it was they wrote on my body. I burst out in tears.

“Please miss, please let me have my orgasm,” I managed to say between my sobbing.

“Okay then, little girl.”

You moved towards my body and started licking again. This time you didn’t hold back and tension built fast in my body. When I reached my climax, I thought my legs gave out under me. I was gone from the world.

When I came by, I was sitting on the floor next to you, a blanket wrapped around my body and your arms holding me tightly.

“Well done sweetheart.”

Your voice was reassuring, calm. I rested my head against your shoulder.

“Thank you miss.”

We sat on the floor for some more minutes, before we moved to the lounge seats once again. You made sure that I was okay being left alone for two minutes, before you went to the bar to get us drinks. I was exhausted, so after we finished our drinks, we went down to the changing room for me to get dressed again. In the mirror I tried to read what people had written on my body. You’re beautiful. I love you. Your eyes look amazing! I started sobbing again, alerting you.

“Something wrong sweetheart?”

“No. I mean yes. I just can’t believe that people look at me like this when I don’t see it.”

“Darling, you are beautiful.”

You embraced me in a hug when you said it. Only when my tears stopped, you let go. You helped me get dressed. Then you took my bags and I followed you to the exit.

You unlocked my car, put the bags in the trunk and sat down in the car next to me. Only when we entered the highway, did I realize that you hadn’t taken off my collar before we left the venue.

“I love you,” I whispered, before I dozed off again.