by Feedseed


The adventures in sex of Peter Parker and his various lovers

Series of Sex one shots featuring various Marvel babes and our favourite spider hero.

Chapter 1: Storm.

The sound of deep kissing and moans of pleasure filled the abandoned toilets as the the two occupants made out, their tongues intertwining wetly as they kissed passionately before their wet lips parted.

The two were none other than Ororo Monroe Alias Storm of the X-men and the other being Peter Parker Alias Spiderman. The white haired beauty ran her hand over his soft cheek before leaning in to continue their sloppy kiss, her tongue seeking his as they came together and parted once more, her purple painted lips moving to encircle his tongue and suck on it softly, drinking his warm spit from it as it went down her throat.

The powerful mutant female had no problem acting like a slut for the younger hero. She saw peter as the perfect man for her. Someone who she wanted as her own. Funny, smart, loving, supportive and caring. She would be a fool to let him get snatched up by some young bimbo. She was all the woman he needed. And she would prove it. She had worn her blue coloured latex X-men battle suit and called Peter on the pretence of discussions only to drag him into one of the manors unused toilets a kissing him senseless, pasting her lips to his and panting like a bitch in heat.

She had cut her long white hair short, leaving it spiky at the tips and shoulder length, peter running his hands through it as they hungrily kissed each other. He could see the wet dripping spot on her latex where her cunt would be, its juices dripping so much that it was flooding past the latex onto the floor.

“You’re such a slut, storm.” Peter said as storm went down on her knees, smiling. “Only for you Peter. Only for you.”

He wasted no time, pulling his trousers down to his legs and letting his thick 7 inch cock spring out in front of storms awed eyes as he laid it down onto her face, slapping it down gently a few times as he let’s its musky sent pervade her senses.

“This is what you want, isn’t it slut? You want this cock spraying cum down your thirsty throat, isn’t it? Go ahead then. Take it.” He whispered, watching as he placed the tip of his cockhead at the entrance of storm’s mouth and watched as her wet and shiny purple painted lips formed a seal on his cock, parting open to receive it into her wet mouth as she began sucking and slurping on it loudly, his hands moving to her hair as her own move to his backside, pushing him in deeper down her throat.

“Ohhh fuck! You’re killing me, storm.” Groaned the Spider hero as storm’s tongue lapped at his cockhead within her warm mouth, her tongue parting his piss slit to shove its tip down the narrow hole as Peter groaned in pleasure. Her fingers behind his ass began to push aside his cheeks before slipping a delicate finger into his ass hole. That was the final straw.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! I’m Cumming babe!” He groaned, his cock spewing thick voluminous cum down storm’s gulping throat, her eyes widening at the sheer amount and thickness of his seed. He was so virile! And his seed tasted perfect! She could get enough of it. She gulped down hungrily, massaging his balls as they produced another surge of fertile jizz, his sperms seemingly releasing a mass of backed up cum.

Peter let his cock slip from her throat into her mouth, filling it with musky spunk that she showed proudly to him as his cock slipped from her mouth, gargling the delicious treat before swallowing it and licking her lips, Peter’s cock hardening once more at the sight.

He literally ripped off her latex suit with his enhanced strength, her huge dark tits open to his gaze and admiration as he pushed her to the floor on her back, parting her thighs and legs to expose her drenched and dripping bare pussy, her legs wrapping around him as he moved his body and cock forward and went in balls deep into the powerful mutants pussy.

Storm threw her head back as her lover rutted into her, taking her tight pussy as his own on the cold toilet floor. A slight bolt of pain sliced through her body as he pushed into the previously unreachable parts of her cunt, giving her full Penetration, but the pain melted quickly into a hot, slick pleasure as he fucked her, sliding his prick in and out of her desperately wet pussy.

“Yes Peter. Ugh! Yes! More!” She cried in pleasure, not caring if anybody passed by the toilet and heard.

She kept her brown eyes focused on Peter as her lover turned her into a slut for his cock. She panted for him, for his dick, the pounding he was giving her tight womanhood making her mind turn off. He was churning her pussy hard, and she loved it.

Peter sped up, fucking the sexy mutant harder, and she shook with his thrusts, her dark skinned body crushed beneath his, her huge breasts pressed tight against his chest. He growled, his breath hot in her ear, and she just could not stop from cumming. His dick slid over her pussy walls, making her whimper, and when he bit her neck hard, marking her as his, she nearly screamed as she hit her biggest climax yet.

“Fuucckkkk!! Soo fucking Good!” She cried out, her short and spiky white hair now slick and damp with their combined sweat.

Iā€™m going to cum, Storm,ā€ he rasped, and she almost cried out in want of his seed in her cunt. He thrust deep inside, past her cervix which kissed the head of his cock as he passed through into her womb, and she felt him pulsing as cum rushed out to spurt inside her, filling her pussy and womb packing her with his fertile thick seed. Her body shook as she accepted it, and she clenched him tight ā€“ her cunt squeezing his cock, her legs squeezing his waist. Her arms looped them around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers and she felt another string of jizz splashing into her as their lips met, their tongues tangling together.

They lay there for long minutes, sweaty and tired, panting with exertion, her pussy milking him of every last drop of sperm. Storm opened her mouth to say something, and Peter put his hand over her lips, before continuing their kiss and letting his sperm and her mutant enhanced eggs do their work to create a strong child in her womb to show as proof of their love and their new relationship.


9 months later


Storm watched Peter sleeping form resting gently next to her in their bed in the X mansion, his hand surrounding her gravid belly protectively as her womb nurtured their baby who would no doubt be a powerful mutant if its parents were any example to go by. She loved him and would want nothing more than him and their child to be happy together as a family.