by markydaysaid

At the base of Mount Olympus, near to the border between the realms of mortals and gods, there was a large and glorious hot spring. The waters of the spring bubbled up from the ground, warmed by the fire of Hades, and the bathes it formed ranged in temperature from comfortably warm to scalding hot. The air was always thick with steam and pleasantly scented thanks to the minerals in the water, and the vegetation was so thick that even in the relatively small area a shy bather could find a completely hidden bath all to themselves.

Most bathers who came to this hot spring were not at all shy though. Quite the opposite, they were hedonists and revelers, each as addicted to sex and debauchery as an alcoholic was to wine. These baths had been the site of many wild orgies, but more commonly they were used as a place for the day afterwards, a place where the exhausted partiers could wash the stains of sex out of their hair and the sweat from their bodies.

These bathers were no ordinary people either. This place being so close to Mount Olympus, and so hidden from the mortal world that only a few of the bathers were human, but each of them were legendary heroes or demigods, each with perfect bodies and innumerable accomplishments. Their presence at the hot spring was evidence of the favor they had won from the gods, either by slaying some offending monster, or just being too attractive for the god to resist.

Most of the bathers were spirits of some sort. Nymphs, satyrs, centaurs, and such, all of them different shapes and colors, all of them beautiful, and most of them busy fucking one another senseless. The nymphs often took the form of diminutive young maidens with barely post-pubescent bodies, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t take a brutally hard fucking from a horse-cocked centaur, even while their asses were being split open by some horny satyr.

Fewest of the bathers were the gods and goddesses themselves, since the gods were the rarest of all things. Beings of unimaginable power, and almost unequaled sexual appetites, the gods were feared just as much as they were adored.

There were three goddesses currently at the baths. The largest and hottest pool was reserved for them, as only their immortal bodies could stand the heat, and they giggled and gossipped as they watched the other bathers fuck, and they slowly recovered from the violence of their previous night’s orgy.

“Fuck,” moaned the first goddess. “Ares really did a number on my ass last night. I can’t even sit down or roll over. Thank Zeus I don’t have to shit like the humans do. I swear, Ares is an infinitely better lover than my husband, Hephaestus, but he fucks me like he’s trying to kill me.”

“Trust me, dear, just be grateful that you have a dominant lover and a submissive husband,” said the second goddess. “That’s the key to happiness. Being married to Zeus had been a constant tribulation. I hate him because he’s a drunken oaf who would rather waste his big dick on little mortal girls than a goddess like me, but I love him when he actually fucks me. My husband isn’t king of the gods for nothing, dears. When that man hits my pussy with his lighting-bolt . . . . well . . . ‘apocalyptic’ is too soft a word for it.”

“Gross,” the third goddess groaned. “That’s my dad you’re talking about. Can you two quiet down a bit. I’m trying to masterbate.”

“Nerd,” the first goddess snickered, noticing that the third was reading an erotic scroll as she bathed. “If you want a proper fingering come over here. The goddess of love knows how to treat a pussy.”

“Goddess of whores,” the third grumbled.



“Girls!” the second goddess interrupted. “Please be civil. I may not be your birth-mother, but I am your father’s wife, and I’m the one who sucks his cock to calm him down when one of you two have angered him. I’d like it if we all got along for once. Now kiss and makeup.”

The younger goddesses grumbled and kissed, the first taking much longer and enjoying her kiss much more than the third. The first goddess teased the third a little by grabbing at her little nipples and twisting them, and although the third goddess mewled in complaint she did not break the kiss.

The first goddess (the one whose ass had been nearly shattered by Ares the night before) was no other than Aphrodite, the goddess of love, sex, selfishness, sluts, and orgasms. She looked the part too. Tall, blonde, slender, but stacked with a huge pair of round tits that defied gravity and an ass that could shatter and stone-wall. Here lips, nipples, and pussy were all flawlessly pink and perky, despite having been used to suck and fuck more cocks than an entire brothel of five-penny whores. She had been the instigator and focus of last night’s orgy, which was usually the case. It was impossible to be within a mile of her and not feel the arousing power of her influence. Aphrodite could make any stale pussy dripping wet, and any old cock as hard as marble. Being touched by her was usually enough to provoke a spontaneous orgasm, as the third goddess was now feeling.

The third goddess (the one reading the scroll and masterbating) was the youngest of the three. Athena, goddess of wisdom, knowledge, pornography, poetry, pottery, science, table-top games, and all sorts of nerdy shit. She was easily more beautiful than any human, but next to Aphrodite she looked rather plain. She was short, cute, petite, with budding breasts that never seem to fully come in, but a nice firm butt that you could bounce a coin off of. Her long brunette hair was braided into pigtails that hung down to her lower back. She always braided her hair before on orgy. It gave the other gods something to hold on to when the fucked her from behind or skull-fucked her throat. She was so small she’d bounce away otherwise.

The second goddess (the one married to Zeus) was the oldest, most powerful, and most unmistakably godlike of them all. Standing over seven feet tall, with pronounced cheekbones, narrow eyes, titanically large breasts capped with wide brown nipples, a huge ass bigger than a mare’s, a slightly curvy stomach, a big fat pussy, and a heap of curly black hair, this goddess demanded attention, respect, and awe. This was Hera, queen of the gods, and patron deity of dominatrixes everywhere.

“Haha!” Aphrodite laughed at her little sister. “I got you to cum already, just from a kiss.”

“No!” Athena whined, but there was no hiding it. Her legs were quivering and her tiny hairless pussy was spitting like a piece of squeezed fruit. She sunk beneath the scalding water of the bath to hide her embarrassment.

“Amatuer,” Aphrdite giggled as she fingered herself and enjoyed the way her little sister’s cute face scrunched up in pleasure. “A little slut like you only knows how to lay back and get fucked. It takes a real goddess like me to master sex. I fuck back, and I fuck hard. You were a fucking appetizer last night, and I was the main course.”

“Arrogant slut,” Athena groaned. “It’s only because of your powers that anyone even finds a disgusting bimbo like you attractive. Ares practically crawled over you to get a turn with me, because I know how to please a man’s darkest fantasies and desires. I do the actual research, and learn what my lover wants.”

“You’re both children compared to me,” Hera interrupted, standing up in the pool and thrusting her imperious breasts into the air so that they hung over the younger deities heads like two falling moons. “How many gods did you fuck last night before passing out? Athena, maybe a dozen? Aphrodite, maybe twenty? I fucked over fifty gods last night, and with the exception of my husband, I dominated every single one of them. You two may have gotten put to sleep by Ares warring battering-ram, but I was the one who broke him, and pumped the last drop of his raging godhood from his body. You two little kittens need to recognize who is the top bitch around here.”

The three goddesses continued to argue for some time, each asserting that they were the sexually powerful. Athena claimed that it was her knowledge of kinks and fetishes that made her the sexiest, whereas Aphrodite said it was raw eroticm that made her superior, and Hera asserted her power by flexing her amazonian muscles. They three of them continued to argue until a fourth goddess came onto the scene, swaggering her slender body with a playful sort of haughtiness.

“I think I have a way you three can settle this argument,” the new goddess said with a bratty, nasally voice. She was taller than Athena, but not nearly as tall as Aphrodite and Hera. Her long blonde hair was curly and messy, as if she had just gotten out of bed after a long night of masterbation, and her succulent body was half-covered by a ripped robe that was stained with wine, leaving her breasts and thighs completely bare. Her face was perfectly pretty, but the insane twist of her smile and the uneven glint of her bright pink eyes were a little disconcerting. On her back sprouted two stubby wings, like that of a doves, which were completely white except that they were dirty and also stained with wine.

“Eris,” Hera growled. “Goddess of Discord.”

“Did you three have fun at the orgy last night?” Eris asked, swaggering as if drunk. “I’m asking because I don’t know. I wasn’t invited.”

“Your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, dear,” Hera said with a sarcastic sneer.

“Who’d want a dirty slut like you around anyway,” Athena said looking away and lifting up her nose.

“Yeah. I enjoy a wild party as much as the next goddess, but no one wants complete chaos,” Aphrodite agreed. “You fuck up everything you touch, Eris.”

“Well . . . I can’t argue with that,” Eris said glumly. “And just to show that there are no hard feelings, I have a gift for one of you.”

Eris held up an apple, but it wasn’t any normal apple. It was golden and shimmering, glowing with its own internal light, and yet it seemed edible. It was the most delicious looking apple any of the goddesses had ever seen.

“A golden apple!” Hera gasped. “From the Garden of the Hesperides. Where did you get it?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Eris said with a shrug. “The only thing that matters is who is going to get it. You see, I think that such an extravagant prize as this should only go to the very best goddess around. The sexiest. The horniest. The lustiest. Only the goddess who has the wettest pussy, tightest asshole, nastiest mouth, and most talented hands should get to shove this golden knob down their slutty throat. But who would that be?”

“Me!” all three of the goddesses said, before breaking out into another argument.

“Calm down, calm down,” Eris said, juggling the apple in the air. “You see . . . I know of a perfect way for you three to prove which of you is the absolute sexiest. You see, there is this mortal, a warrior, a beast of a man with the cock of a horse, and in all his life he’s never been bested by a woman of any kind, mortal or otherwise . . . His name’s Tavros.”


“Tavros! Tavros! Tavros!” the mercenary army cheered. They were a motley sort drawn together from every corner of the world, united by a common love of adventure, war, violence, gold, and rape. Some of them were Celts, some Greek, some Persian, some Nubian, some Ethiopian, some Scythian, and some from corners of the world which had no name yet. They were all warriors, bandits, and thieves, and yet they were not completely without honor. By ancient tradition, any battle between two armies could be substituted by a battle of two champions that would decide the victor. Even if a substantially smaller army had the better champion, they could claim victory, and the larger army would have to leave. That was the reason they were cheering for Tavros.

Tavros was a beast of a man, standing seven feet tall, weighing over three hundred pounds, and every bit of it was solid muscle. His skin was a deep bronze, both because of the burning sun he lived under and because of his mixed ethnic heritage. Tavros was contemptuous of armor, preferring the protection that his tremendous speed and strength offered, but he did were a skimpy loincloth with a bulging codpiece to keep his immeasurably large cock under control, and he wore heavy iron bracers on his wrists to stop his enemies’ weapons.

Tavros’s opponent was much like himself, choosing to wear only a few pieces of armor and a tight leather thong that pinched deep into the opponent’s pronounced buttocks, but Tavros’s opponent was slightly smaller than he was, and female.

The warrior woman was an Amazon with long red hair tied into a braid, beautiful green eyes, and a muscular body that was strong enough to wrestle a horse to the ground, but still feminine enough to be beautiful. Her half-naked body was covered in swirling blue war-paint, and what little armor she wore covered her large round breasts and crotch, but after almost an hour of fighting with Tavros had down its toll on her, and her war-paint began to drip down her body from the sweat, and her large breasts heaved in the tight constraints of her inadequate breastplate.

“Kia! Kia! Kia!” the opposing army of Amazons cheered. They were but one band from a much larger tribe of all warrior women, who raised their daughters in the art of war and wither sent their sons to love amongst other tribes or simply euthanized them. Men were nothing but beasts to them; just meat to breed with. Like Kia they were all skimpily dressed, some wearing nothing by loincloths and thongs while armed with nothing but slings and spears, but as Kia was demonstrating, armor was not what made a good warrior.

Tavros swung at Kia with a mighty fist, delivering a blow powerful enough to rip her head off, but Kia leaned back and let the first sail over her head. Her hands fell to the dirt and she used the leverage to kick her knee upward between Tavros’s balls, slamming them up into his muscular thighs.


Tavros fell to his knees groaning, and Kia’s allies cheered for her. Normally such a strike was enough to castrate a man, but Kia was alarmed to find that her knee actually hurt a little. Tavros’s cock and balls hadn’t felt like most men’s. His cock had felt like a heavy leathy pouch filled with something metal, and his balls were each as hard as ivory nuts.

“You’re bigger than most men,” Kia said, specifically referring to the inhumanly large bulge in his codpiece. “But like all men you are clumsy and stupid. Nothing but meat. Prepare to die.”

Kia lept onto Tavros’s wide shoulder and wrapped her legs around his neck. The muscles and cords of his neck were thicker than anything Kia had ever felt before, more like a bull’s than a man’s, but she was certain she could snap his neck if she tried hard enough. Kia squeezed her thighs together and leaned back until her head was hovering just an inch off the ground, but even with the added leverage and the immense power of her thighs, Kia could not get Tavros’s neck to even bend a little. Kia squeezed until her pussy smashed against the back of Tavros’s skull, but still he resisted. This was impossible, Kia thought. She had literally strangled a minotaur to death with her legs once before. She had fucked centaurs into submission, and broken men like twigs. How could this mortal man resist her so easily.

“Fucking . . . Bitch!” Tavros grunted, grabbing at Kia’s legs, swinging her body over his head, and slamming her against the dusty ground.

Kia landed with a hard thud, and before she could even inhale Tavros was rolling her over and grabbing at her breastplate.

“You tits seemed to be a little cramped, cow,” Tavros said. “Let me free them.”

Tavros tore the breastplate off of Kia’s chest so hard that the leather straps keeping it in place snapped like threads, and Kia’s breasts bounced on her chest like two mounds of fresh jelly. Tavros grabbed one of Kia’s breasts in his mighty hand and squeezed so hard that the Amazon began to scream, but the sensation was just as pleasurable as it was painful, and her nipples responded by hardening and erecting from her chest a full inch.

“Your nipples are already stiffening,” Tavros said as he mauled Kia’s breasts. “Conquring you is going to be easier than I though. I bet your pussy is soaking wet as well.”

“N-No,” Kia moaned, but she could feel that he was right. She had noticed how swollen and wet her pussy was when she was grinding it against the back of his neck. She couldn’t help it; the thrill of battle excited her, and as much as she hated to admit it there was something about Tavros that was sexuall mesmerizing, sometihng about his thick musky scent, and the arrogant smile on his handsome face as he fought her.

“Slut! Don’t lie to me!” Tavros said, reaching down to Kia’s thong and ripping it off her body. The tight leather cord dug into her swollen pussy before it snapped, and Kia squealed like a little girl as her clit got whipped by the snapping leather.

“See,” Tavros said. “Your dripping wet. Your pussy is so swollen it looks hurt.” Tavros pressed his thumb down on her clut and began grinding it around, rubbing his knuckles against her puffy slit, and forcing out the juice like he was squeezing a slice of lemon. Kia mewled and wiggled on the ground, desperately trying to kick herself away from Tavros, but the powerful man kept yanking on her ankle or waist to keep her in place, and she was already dizzy with the need to cum.

“Lubricant, or no lubricant?” Tavros asked.

“What?” Kia stuttered, too horny and scared to think straight.

“Do you want my cock to have any lubricant when I fuck you or not?” Tavros clarified. “It’s up to you.”

Kia didn’t know how to answer until Tavros tore off his codpiece and let his full manhood flop out. His cock was swollen and thick, but clearly not even hard yet. Still, even soft it was nine-inches long, as thick around a Kia’s wrist, and capped by a fat bulbous head so plump that it looked like an apple in the mouth of a python. His balls were huge too, each literally the size of an ivory nut, and they were pulsating with hot, potent, virile seed. The sight of it stunned Kia like a slap to the face, and she almost felt ashamed of her attempt to kill this man. Such a perfect stud was rare, and to waste such good breeding material was almost a sin.

“I . . . I want lubricant,” Kia gasped, imagining with terror what a thick cock must feel like ripping its way through her body.

“Then suck it,” Tavros said, grabbing the back of Kia’s head and pushing her puffy lips against his cockhead.

“Wait, I-HMMMPH!” Kia tried to speak, but her words were shoved down her throat along with Tavros’s cock. He was getting harder by the second, and she was already being stretched to her full limit. Any more and her jaw might snap. Tavros rocked back and forth with gentle thrusts, hammering the back of her throat, producing a “Gluck, Gluck, Gluck” sound as her probed deeper inch by inch, and yet his balls were still swinging so far away from her chin that she couldn’t even see them. Kia struggled to her knees to get a better angle, but Tavros took over by pulling on her hair and literally dragging her across the ground, lining up her throat and stomach to his inflating cock. His iron-hard muscle was now almost thirteen inches long, and still his balls were more than four inches from Kia’s chin.

Kia began to choke. Long strands of spit oozed out her lips and down her chin, some of it splashing against her naked breasts. Tavros caught some of the spit in his hand and he wiped it over her eyes, humiliating Kia as he pummeled her throat wide open. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her skull-fucked her, and finally, after almost a minute of asphyxiation, Kia felt his heavy balls knocking against her chin and throat.

“Shit, you’re not very good at this,” Tavros grunted as he held Kia’s head still and pummeled the back of her neck from the inside. His cockhead punched downward, and broke all the way into her stomach. Kia was gagging violently now, and was weakly slamming her fists against his bullish thighs. It was useless though. Tavors wasn’t going to pull out until he was done, and she was too defeated to bite down.

“That’s enough I hope . . . For your sake,” Tavros said as he pulled his cock out of her throat. The suction of it coming free was so great that it almost made Kia vomit, and when the wide cockhead finally burst forth it came with an explosion of spit that drenched Kia’s face and chest.

“Be . . . be gentle,” Kia begged, humiliated by how pathetic she sounded.

Tavros smirked. “No.”

He grabbed her hair and flung her to the dusty ground. She landed on her tits so hard she bounced, and her ass was left sticking straight up. Tavros grabbed her pussy and pulled her ass up by it, plunging two of his fingers deep into her gushing fruit. He propped her up on her knees and planted a foot on the back of her head to keep her from squirming too much. He could have crushed her skull like an egg, so Kia didn’t squirm anymore than she could control.

Tavros slapped Kia’s ass a few time and then pried her muscular ass open, flashing her pussy and anus to his army. They cheered at the sight of the defeated champion. It was then that Kia felt Tavros push the head of his cock against her tight virgin asshole.

“Wait! No! NO!” Kia screamed. “I . . . You can’t . . . I’ve never taken a man there before! I’ve never taken anything there before! It is forbidden in Themiscyra!”

“Well welcome to Greece, you stupid slut!” Tavros said as he drove all thirteen inches of his brutal fuck-stick deep into Kia’ bowels, and in one stroke shattered her mind and free-will,

crushed her womanhood, ended her Amazonian way of life, and broke her into a submissive whore.


Watching their champion get fucked into utter submission was too humiliating and demoralizing for the Amazons to tolerate, and their army broke. More than half of them fled in tears, while the others attacked out of blind rage. They managed to kill a few of Tavros’s men, but he quickly rallied his troops to counter-strike, and the mercenaries easily subdued the enraged women, stripped them naked, and fucked each of them just as hard as Tavros had fucked Kia, breaking each of them.

Hours later Tavros’s camp was still filled with the deep sexual moans and terrified cries of the captured Amazons as they were fucked into shape, doomed to spend the rest of their lives as concubines and playthings in the cruel world of men, a cruel world that beasts like Tavros thrived in.

Once he had finished with Kia she was practically comatose. Her green eyes were rolled far back into her skull, and her mouth hung wide open. Her pussy and ass dripped with semen, not all of which was Tavros’s, and her naked body was marked with dozens of little scores to indicate the number of times she had been fucked. To mark her as a slave she had a thick leather collar affixed to her neck, and each of her nipples were pierced with little barbells with a chain running between them. Tavros was still not satisfied though, and to make an example out of her, Tabros bound Kia’s wrists and ankles to a wooden cross, and he erected her atop of a hill overlooking their camp. For miles around, anyone could clearly see Kia’s naked body semi-crucified to that cross, and they would know what kind of man Tavros was.

Although the camp seethed with wild sex, and the sweaty bodies of the Amazons were passed around like cheap toys, Tavros was able to ignore it all as he rested. Laying down on a mattress of stolen silk pillows and looted Persian rugs, Tavros looked up at the stars and relaxed his tense titanic muscles, smugly enjoying the way the dim starlight reflected off of the geometry of his chest and stomach, highlighting each and every abdominal. Despite having climaxed within and upon Kia’s body almost a dozen times, Tavros was still hard, and his erect cock stood out from his body like a thick tentpole. If he had wanted more sex her could have gotten it easily, either from one of the defeated Amazons, or from Kia a thirteenth time, although he doubt she’d survive another round with him. Tavros could have even gotten pleasure from one of his own men, as he sometimes did for the novelty of a man’s body, or to establish dominance over an unruly subordinate. There was nothing like a broken asshole to install a powerful sense of hierarchy between two men.

Tavros didn’t seek more pleasure though, he knew that no amount of sex would satisfy him, not for more than a few hours at least. Tavros had come to accept this about himself, that the lust coursing through his mortal form was simply too powerful to ever be fully sated, and like a starving monster hungry for tribute, the most he could do was abate it. It was this insatiable lust that drove Tavros to the battlefield, to war, and to banditry. Where else could a man of his immense appetites find regular meals?

Tavros’s relaxed until his pounding heart slowed to a steady rhythm, and his titanic body cooled down, like an immense volcano slowly growing dormant after an eruption, and although he did not plan to bring himself to climax, he casually began to masterbate with both hands, stroking his massive column that was thicker than a spear’s shaft.

“Master Tavros,” a timid girl’s voice called out through the warm darkness.

“Tsoúla,” Tavros grunted and leaned up, causing the muscles in his chest to swell up like thunder clouds, and he did not stop stroking his iron cock for a moment. “What is it, girl?”

Tsoúla was a slave girl; a slender twig of a thing with barely budding breasts and a cute but boyish ass. Barely nineteen years old and no more than ninety pounds, Tsoúla was a pathetic excuse for a fuck-toy, but Tavros had taken a certain liking to the waif, although he still vastly preferred a cow with udders. Tavros had taken possession of her after killing her last slave-master, or maybe Tavros had murdered her family, or maybe Tsoúla had just come to camp like a starving kitten looking for milk . . . Tavros honestly couldn’t remember. He had fucked Tsoúla into unconsciousness probably a dozen times before he even bothered to remember her name.

Whatever the case, it was obvious to those who cared that Tsoúla was deeply in love with Tavros, so much so that her slender legs shook when she was around him. Tsoúla was so mesmerized by the immense sight of Tavros’s erect, pulsating, titanic cock that she lost her train of thought, and almost began to drool. Tsoúla did not worship the gods as a good Greek girl should; the only thing she worshipped was Tavros’s massive cock.

“I’ll ask you again slave, what is it?” Tavros said with a threatening tone. “Make me ask again and I’ll fuck you crippled.”

“Oh! . . . Um . . . Sir, some of the men have seen centaurs circling the camp.”

Tavros grunted. “We are five hundred men. Those horse-freaks won’t attack an army our size without-”

But just as Tavros was about to lay back down and go back to masterbating, he felt a growing thunder in the earth. It was the rhythm of a hundred hoofs beating the ground, stampeding in his direction.

There was a whistling in the air as arrows fell from the sky like rain, killing several of Tavros’s men outright.

“Centaurs!” someone screamed.

“Satyrs!” another yelled.

“Nymphs!” one last screamed.

Tavros jumped to his feet with the agility of a tiger, and despite being naked he ran for the front lines. There was no time to gather his armor or weapons, but he wouldn’t need them. His body was his most powerful weapon of all.


Tavros was proud to see that his men were handling themselves well without need of his command. Already they had formed a defensive shield wall that nullified the centaur’s arrows, and minimized the advantage their horse-bodies granted them. A few centaurs were bold (and foolish) enough to charge the wall, but Tavros’s men impaled them on spears before any damage could be done.

It wasn’t just centaurs either. There were satyrs running around, tossing stones from slings, and stabbing at his men’s ankles with little knives. There were nymphs as well, their sensuous bodies dancing erotically on the battlefield, creating a lethal distraction, not to mention their poison-tipped swords.

This surprise attack was concerning, as was this alliance. These races did not usually unite. Without a strong uniting purpose or god to command them, centaurs would not tolerate so many satyrs, and nymphs were more interested in sex than war.

Tavros noticed a centaur that was much smaller than the others, a pony really, and a mare. She was galloping away from the battle, giving Tavros a very generous view of her beautifully formed backside. Her human half was lovely and dainty, with petite but perky breasts and a toned stomach. Her horse half was also attractively shaped (Tavros wasn’t ashamed to mention) with a substantially large and curvaceous rump that bounced tantalizingly on her short but shapely legs. Her human hair was bright blonde, as was her mane, and the fur of her horse body was pristinely white, unlike the ruddy brown of most centaurs. She was a specimen of high breeding, and from the swollen look of her very juicy pussy she was also in heat.

“A messenger,” Tavros realized. “She must be going to their commander.” Tavros turned to his slave. “Tsoúla! My horse! Now!”

“But he isn’t saddled!” Tsoúla whined, hiding behind Tavros and staring at his naked butt.

“It doesn’t matter! Get my horse now!” Tavros roared, and he delivered a hard spank to Tsoúla’s ass so hard she was thrown through the air.

Tsoúla quickly scrambled up, and she led Tavros’s warhorse over. Tavros’s horse was a hulking behemoth of a beast, a monster, a freak of nature like Tavros himself. The horse was as black as oil and so muscular that its hide looked ready to burst at any moment. The horse’s heartbeat was so loud that it could be heard like the beating of a distant drum, and it’s breath was so hot that it could scald the skin off of a civilized man. Most pronounced of its feature though (much like its master) was the intimidating size and appalling girth of its penis. All horses had large members, but this horse was burdened with a log so heavy and thick that it must have slowed the beast down, and the sickening heat that radiated from it was hot enough to melt cheese. This was no mortal horse, as any man could see, but the unholy hellspawn of a mortal mare and one of Hades’s own steeds.

“Deimos, come,” Tavros called his horse, and he leapt upon it even without the help of a saddle. This was how Tavros had broken Deimos anyhow, by riding the hellish steed for three days and three nights with nothing but his naked body to aid him. Deimos gave Tavros the greatest battle of his life, dragging him through valleys and rivers, and even trampling a hydra to death in the process, but by the end of the third night Deimos was too exhausted to continue, and Tavros had won his first steed.

Tavros kicked Deimos into full gallop, and the demon-horse became like living avalanche, trampling an unlucky satyr into paste, and allowing Tavros to take a nymph’s head off with nothing but a swing of his mighty fist. The satyr was deader than dead, but even decapitated the nymph would survive. They were more spiritual than corporeal, but she’d be unable to reform her body for at least a year.

Tavros followed the blonde centaur he saw, and when Deimos picked up the scent of her juicy pussy he was filled with a sudden, biological, predatory need to pursue it, his body being fueled by an almost lethal flood of testosterone.

The lovely little centaur-mare disappeared around a massive pile of moss-covered boulders, and when Tavros came galloping up he found her kneeling on her front legs, bowing to a young woman.

“The commander” Tavros presumed, although her was a little surprised by what he saw.

The young woman was a goddess, of this he was certain. Her body was simply too perfect and radiant to be mortal, and the waves of power emanating from her naked form reverberated deep within Tavros’s own body. Her body was lithe, slender, atheltic, but lacking in the qualities Tavros preferred in woman; tits and ass. This goddess-girl wasn’t much more developed than the centaur in terms of her bosom, and her ass was a little small, which disappointed Tavros despite it being as firm and delicious as an apple. She was naked except for a large golden helmet that covered most of her face, but even it did not radiate with the same sparkling delicacy of her sunkissed skin, or the slightly bronze color of her perky nipples.

Tavros noticed that the centaur-mare was kneeling down so deeply that her juicy pussy was raised up higher than her head, and it was pointing directly at Deimos’s brutal bitch-breaking womb-buster.

“Deimos! Breed!” Tavros commanded as he lept off his demon-steed, and Deimos fell upon the little centaur like the wrath of Hades.

“Wait! What?” the centaur squealed in fright, feeling her little body being pushed down to the ground by the crushing weight of Deimos’s muscles, and her swollen pussy suddenly being crushed by the rock-hard sphere of Deimos’s cockhead.

“Wait! Stop!” the frightened mare whimpered. “I’m a virgin! I’m a priestess of Artemis! She’ll disown me if I’m bred!”

The poor little mare must have thought she was arguing with an intelligent centaur, and not the hellbent, raging, stud-machine that the demon-horse was. Her beseeching fell on deaf ears as Deimos began to slowly penetrate her woefully inadequate vagina with his thick, hip-shattering fuck-hammer. The horse-cock punched in like a spear trying to go through the eye of a needle, and her cherry began to strain.

“No! No! You’re too big! You’re too-FUCK!!”

Deimos rammed his full cock deep into the centaur’s body, shattering her virginity and punching the bottom of her stomach. The centaur’s eyes rolled up into her skull and her tongue hung loose as her mind suddenly went blank, and an inexplicably powerful orgasm rocketed straight to her brain, permanently stupefying her. Her pathetic cries and whimpers became slutty groans and moans, and she was inarticulate begging for more even as Deimos violently fucked her into the earth, slamming her hips into the ground so hard that it sounded like thunder. Deimos literally fucked the centaur so hard that the goddess Artemis felt it in Olympus (because of the psychic connection she had to he priestesses) and for the first time in centuries the lesbian goddess was violently reminded of what it was like to be completely dominated by a male force, and she fell to the floor of her temple pissing herself and cumming her brains out.

“Epona!” the slender goddess screamed, terrified by her friends sudden destruction. The retarded expression on Epona’s face was that of a mindless slut, which was what Deimos had turned her into, probably forever.

“What is your quarrel with me, little goddess?” Tavros asked, barring down on the slender beauty like a human colossus. Even though her golden helmet was crested, the highest tip of it just came up to his chin, and her eyes were level with his impenetrable abs. Even though she radiated with divine power, and her slender body pulsated with lithe muscles, she was a child compared to Tavros.

“This . . . This wasn’t my plan . . . My forces were supposed to weaken you . . . This battle was supposed to last for hours . . . Leaving you exhausted and prone to defeat.”

Tavros snorted. “Who are you?”

Some confidence came into the young divine’s eyes as she remembered herself, and she tried to thrust her small tits into Tavros’s hard chest, but his semi-erect cock was so hard that it punched her in the stomach and she fell flat on her ass, causing her golden helmet to bounce of her head and roll away. Her lovely brown hair was braided into a long single braid, leaving her cherubic face and swollen lips fully revealed.

“(Cough) . . . I’m . . . I’m Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.”

“Goddess of Foolishness more like,” Tavros said, “What did you hope to achieve by defeating me?”

Athena pouted and slowly writhed on the ground, pushing her tits up to seem more powerful . . . Or perhaps . . . Attractive?

“It is none of your fucking buisness why I desire your conquest, human scum,” Athena said, spreading her legs and wiggling her tight little pussy up at him. “Just know that one way or another, I will conquer you. My tactics might have failed, but I am still a goddess, and I have more power in my clit than you do in your entire body. If I can not conquer you with war, I will do so with sex. Now come and get it, you arrogant brute! You big, bulging, bulk of a beast! You-MMPHH!!”

Tavros silenced Athena by grabbing her hair and jamming his cock down her throat. Such a little girl as she was a tight fit for his substantial girth, but she did have the poutiest, plumpest, most succulent cock-sucking lips that he had ever seen, and she was able to use them well as he fucked her esophagus. Tavros did not go easy on her either, knowing that a goddess could survive *almost* anything, and even though it caused her neck to bulge obscenely Tavros still rammed his cock so deep into her gullet that his balls began to slap against her neck, and his cockhead dipped into her stomach.

“A man’s mouth is used for spouting wisdom,” Tavros said, grunting heavily as he enjoyed the tight fight. “A woman’s’ is used for this!”

Tavros leaned back and roared, suddenly cumming much sooner than Athena had expected. She tried to scream as his cock swelled even more, but she was stuffed that all she could produce was a gurgling moan. Tavros’s sperm shot deep into her stomach, slamming down so hard that it felt like she had swallowed and angry wolverine, and with every copious squirt of his mammoth cock she felt herself filling to the brim of her mouth, until sperm was squirting out of her lips and nose. A mortal woman’s neck would have snapped from the force of Tavros’s orgasm, but for a goddess it just left her disoriented and dazed.

Tavros pulled out and blasted the rest of his orgasm all over Athena’s face and chest, caking her so thickly with cum that she couldn’t see through it, and once he was done he let go of her hair and allowed her nearly unconscious body to fall to the ground, twitching from a lack of air, and vomiting thick bucket-loads of sperm.

“Pathetic,” Tavros said, looking down at Athena with contempt as she struggled to breathe through all the semen cementing her throat. “You’re a goddess, and you can’t even do what a hundred Nubian whores have been able to; swallow my load.”

“(Cough, cough) . . . You . . . You’re not human,” Athena gurgled, and she tried to crawl away.

Tavros chuckled and grabbed Athena by her long braid. He dragged her across the rocky ground to where Deimos was still pulverizing Epona’s ruined pussy. Tavros forced her to face her conquered friend. Tavros set Athena up on her hands and knees, pushed her head down and pulling her ass up, forcing her into the position of a submissive dog. Tavros yanked her hair back and forced her face up to Epona’s, pushing them so close together than their cheeks touched, and the semen coating Athena’s face smeared over Epona’s lips and eyes. Epona was so far gone that she began to lick Athena’s face, mewling like a drugged slut, desperate to fill her stomach with delicious man-seed.

“Look at her,” Tavros said as he roughly probed his fingers into Athena’s pussy. She was tight, but wet. Still, she was too tight to enjoy what Tavros was about to do to her . . . At first at least. Once he had her broken into shape she’d be cumming her brains out, just like her ruined friend Epona.

“Your centaur bitch probably spent her whole life thinking she was something special, being a Priestess of Artemis or whatever. She’s been wrong though. She’s nothing but a whore, nothing but a big, wet, warm, fuckable bag of shit for alpha-males like Deimos and I to beat up. That’s why she looks so happy right now, with that retarded smile on her face. She’s happy because Deimos is giving her what she deserved, just like I’m going to do to you.”

“Please,” Athena whimpered, trying to deny the growing wetness between her legs, and the disgusting pleasure she felt by being dominated. Not since Ares had she met a man who treated her so roughly, but Ares was a god, and this beast was allegedly human. This was truly humiliating for her. “Please . . . I . . . I surrender . . . Alright? I forfeit. I give up. I’m weak. I’m pathetic. I’m not the Goddess of Wisdom . . . not anymore. I’m just a stupid slut . . . Alright? I’m just a stupid little slut who needed to be taught a lesson by a man . . . By a real man . . . Like you.”

For a hopeful moment it felt like Tavros was going to stop.

“I know what you are, slut,” He said, tapping the tight opening of her pussy with his iron spear. “That’s why I have to do this.”

Tavros grabbed Athena’s slender shoulders, pulled back, and rammed his cock so deep into her body that to her it felt like she was being impaled, and that his cock would explode from her mouth at any moment. Athena felt her hips widen and legs splayed open as he stretched her apart, and she knew she’d never walk the same again. Tavros plowed her hard, painfully hard, so that her chest smacked against Epona’s leaving them both battered and bruised. It hurt, it ached, it damaged, . . . And yet . . . Beneath it all . . . Athena felt a tidal wave of hot, bubbling, mindless joy boiling up in her body. She started to smile, gurgle, and instead of begging Tavros to stop, she began to beg him to go harder.

“Ha-ha-harder!” Athena stuttered, her voice breaking with every rapid thrust of Tavros’s cock. “Ha-ha-ha-harder! Fa-fa-fa-faster! De-de-de-deeper!

Tavros punched the back of Athena’s head, dazing her, intensifying the humiliating pleasure of being conquered. He grabbed her arms and yanked back, grinding her chest against Epona’s, making their perky little tits slap over one another.

“Cum you little whore,” Tavros grunted as his powerful hips spanked Athena’s little ass. “Cum whatever pride and wisdom you have left out. Cum, you brainless little slut. Cum for me, my new slave!”

Athena gritted her teeth and squealed. “Cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-CUUUMMMMIINNGG!!”

Athena shrieked a long, high note as she came, and her brain sizzled in her skull. She felt her body swelling with a thick, hot flood of lava as Tavros came again, and at the same moment Deimos deposited another potent womb-full of his virile seed into Epona as well, certainly impregnating her if he hadn’t already broken her body beyond the ability to reproduce (as he had with most mare’s Tavros attempted to breed him with).

Athena and Epona wept with wild, submissive pleasure as they came, and they wrapped their arms around each other’s sweat-covered bodies, pushing their tits into one another, and their tongues into each other’s mouth. Athena and Epona melted together, two mindless cum-loving sluts with no greater aspirations in life than to get fucked senseless by big, fat, hard cocks; as they were now.

Tavros pulled out, and Athena slipped to the ground when he did. She was too exhausted to support herself, and she couldn’t control her wildly shaking legs. Tavros held his cock with both hands and tried to stop himself from cumming, but one rope of semen shot out and streaked across the back of Athena’s head. He was able to hold the rest of it in until he got between the two kissing sluts, and he shoved his bulbous cockhead between their mouths, alternating ejaculations of cum from one to the other, filling their cheeks almost to the bursting point long before he was finished cumming, and the rest he let gush over their vacant faces.

Athena and Epona kissed again, swishing the thick semen back and forth between their mouths, but it was Athena who swallowed most of it, and she practically pulled Epona’s hair out trying to lick up every last drop she could get to. She was still sucking up the last bits of sperm residue when Epona simply lost consciousness, and fell against Athena’s body as if dead.

Athena looked up at Tavros with a weak smile and tears in her eyes, feeling happier and stupider than she ever had in her life. Although she was too mentally fatigued to truly “realize” something, she knew deep down that being a stupid slut was going to be much more fun than a Goddess of Wisdom, and she was grateful to Tavros for enlightening her.

“Tavros . . . I . . . I think I’m in love with-”


Tavros swung his hips and slapped Athena across her face with his penis so hard that it echoed like a thunderclap, knocking what little senses Athena had left right out of her head, and she fell to the dirt unconscious and defeated.


Tavros rode back into camp on Deimos’s back naked and glorious, his muscular body

glistening with a thick layer of drying sweat, evidence of his conquest over Athena. Athena herself was on Deimos as well, but she wasn’t riding on his back. Tavros had tied Athena to Deimos’s underside and impaled her body on his horse’s gigantic cock, reducing her to nothing more than a divine cock-sleeve. With every gallop Deimos’s cock plunged up into her chest, and although she was unconsciousness her body responded by writhing orgasmically. She was ruined now; broken to a point that even a god might not recover, but Tavros didn’t care. He was done with her. She was just a trophy now.

As Tavros rode through the battlefield the centaurs, satyrs, and nymphs saw what had become of their goddess, and they immediately fled in terror. If Tavros had the power to break a goddess there was no telling what he could do to them. Once again, Tavros’s men pressed the advantage, and although they allowed the centaurs and satyrs to flee they leapt upon the nymphs, and rounded up a good percentage of them as the spoils of war. The men cheered and praised Tavros for this unprecedented victory. A single nymph (even heavily used) could sell for thousands of gold pieces at the slave-market, enough to make any man wealthy for the rest of his life.

It was a good day.

“Where is Tsoúla?” Tavros asked the fist of his men he came to. “Where is that little slut? I’m filthy, and I need her to wash me. She should be here to greet me after the battle anyhow.”

“She . . . she was taken.”

“What? Explain yourself.”

“A woman came into the camp, a woman like I’ve never seen before. She was tall, long legged, endowed with gigantic breasts, and she had long golden hair. Not blonde. Literally golden. Her skin was gold as well, and her bare nipples were like bronze. She . . . I think the woman hypnotized as all. I couldn’t control my body.”

Tavros looked at the man’s crotch and saw that it was soiled and sticky with premature ejaculate. The man had climaxed just from seeing the golden woman.

“Another goddess, no doubt,” Tavros grumbled.

“The woman put Tsoúla in a trance I think, and she stripped the slave-girl naked before all of it. She pinched one of Tsoúla’s nipples and led her out of camp by it.”

“Where did the goddess take her.”

“To the caves to the South, the ones they call the Mouth of Hades, because of the steam jets inside.”

Tavros grunted angrily as he remounted his demon-horse Deimos. “Secure the camp, begin breaking in our new slaves and tell the men to be vigilant. I should be back by dawn.”


The Mouth of Hades was a large cave system filled with scalding hot pools of water, stream jets, and pink phosphorus crystals that glowed as brightly as torches. As the sun set and the sky grew dark outside, the interior of the cave remained as bright as day, although colored pink and red from the tint of the crystals.

The billowing clouds of steam were so hot that even Tavros’s titanic body broke out into a profuse sweat, and for his comfort he disrobed as he walked, leaving all of his clothing and weapons behind. He knew he would not need them, not with the natural weapon he had swinging between his legs. He continued into the cave completely naked, armed only with his cyclopean muscles and thirteen inch cock.

Tavros came to a large pool with a single massive pink crystal jutting up the center of it, and bound to the crystal by silk knots hung the naked body of Tsoúla. The skinny slut was dripping with sweat, dizzy with heatstroke, and from the looks of her engorged pussy also incredibly horny. Her naked body writhed against the pink crystal, and when she saw Tavros she moaned desperately, and began to orgasm.

“I know you’d come, Tavros. I knew you’d come to save your little slut,” a sultry voice echoed in the cave. “My sister thought herself the Goddess of Wisdom, but what does she know about the ways of women and men. I’m glad you broke her. Saves me the trouble. I hope you enjoyed the feeling of dominating a goddess, mortal stud, because she will be your last. Tonight, I’m going to make you become *my* bitch.”

The golden goddess emerged from the scalding hot waters of the pool, her curly golden hair dripping wet down her firm, voluptuous, curvaceous form. Her skin was indeed golden, and her lips, nipples, and the folds of her swollen pussy were like rich bronze.

“I know you don’t love her of course, this skinny slut,” the goddess said as she ran her hands down the front of Tsoúla’s flat chest, pinching the girl’s nipples, and then spanking her puffy vaginal mound. “She’s not even a person to you. Just property. And you don’t like it when others disrespect your property.”

“You understand me too well, Aphrodite,” Tavros said, guessing the goddess’s identity as he descended into the scalding hot water. He was already erect, and his hard cock jutted almost painfully from his body a full fifteen inches, longer than it had before. He could feel the goddess’s influence saturating his body like poisoned wine. Aphrodite did not just stand before him in her radiant, perfect body; she also oozed through the air and tainted the water with her thick, potent pheromones. She was pure sex on every level.

Aphrodite was busy playing with Tsoúla’s writhing body, torturing the exhausted girl with pinches and nibbles that kept her in a constant state of excruciating orgasm. Aphrodite was bent over, and her big ass was waving right up at Tavros’s hard cock, split deeply down the middle where her juicy pussy literally sparkled with warm honey. Tavros was ready to grab the goddess by her waist and split her big ass in half like a battle-axe shattering a melon, but Aphrodite spun around and kneeled in front of him, bringing her huge breasts up to his cock and enveloping the massive weapon with her soft, oozing, warm flesh.

A small sigh escaped from Tavros’s lips. He had never felt breasts like these before, or skin like this. His cock felt like it was being bathed in molten gold, but it didn’t burn. The heat from Aphrodite’s body swelled into Tavros’s cock and balls, making him feel almost like a being of living magma. As soft as her breasts were though, her nipples were equally rough and erect, and they tickled his flesh like crisp rosebuds.

“On your knee already, whore?” Tavros grunted, trying to resist the influence of Aphrodite’s intense power. “I thought I was going to have to slap the shit out of your first, like I did your pathetic sister.”

“Oh, don’t worry, stud,” Aphrodite said as she began to twirl her wet tongue over his bulbous helmet. “You won’t need to force yourself on me like you did with that little bitch. I am very, very, VERY willing to do this. In fact, there’s nothing I love more than milking a big hard cock like this for every molten drop of sticky savory cum inside. Let me show you.”

Aphrodite began to suck on the bulbous tip of Tavro’s cock like it was made of candy. She moaned loudly as her tongue polished every curve of its salty surface, even wiping underneath his foreskin, running down the groove of his flanged head, and poking deep into his tight urethra. Most women couldn’t handle Tavros’s cock so expertly without risking a dislocation of their jaw, but Aphrodite’s tongue-bathed him as easily as any whore might an average sized penis. Tavros had never enjoyed a proper blowjob because his monstrous trunk was too big to received one . . . but now Aphrodite was playing him like a flute.

Aphrodite began to bob up and down, letting her throat make all those slutty “gluck, gluck” sounds, but even as his violent ramrod began slamming against the back of her throat, Aphrodite never lost control. She even began to play with his balls as they swung closer to her neck, slapping them around and like a naughty child’s ass. She tugged on them and squeezed them, twisting them around in her palms so hard that even Tavros hard to whimper.

“Fucking whore-goddess. You can take it a lot better than your sister can, but just because you can suck my cock doesn’t mean you can dominate me,” Tavros said. “In fact, you look rather submissive like this, on your knees with my cock impaling your throat.”

Tavros leaned over and spat on Aphrodite’s upturned face, making sure to hit her in her open eyes. The sex-goddess wasn’t humiliated at all though. If anything she seemed amused. Her wide mouth curved up into an arrogant smile, and she dove down to the base of his cock so suddenly that her throat nearly broke his cock right down the middle. Aphrodite’s nose stabbed into his hard stomach, and her chin came ramming into his balls so hard that one was nearly popped. At the same time, Aphrodite shoved two of her fingers up Tavros’s anus, and she jabbed at his prostate like she wanted to knock it out of his body.

“You . . . YOU WHORE!” Tavros screamed as he suddenly came, and violently. A tidal wave of semen rushed towards the tip of his cock so fast that his vision blurred, and his heart missed a beat. His cock was bent so awkwardly that it wasn’t a straight shot, and his raging ejaculate began to build up in the middle, forcing his cock to swell painfully. There were tears in his eyes as Tavros grabbed Aphrodite’s head and began to wildly hump it, partly to straighten his cock out, and partly because he was no longer in control of himself. Tavros fucked the goddess’s face so hard that semen jetted out of her nostrils and frothed out of her mouth, and the “gluck, gluck” sound of his sticky shaft sliding in and out of her throat became more of a “THUMP! THUMP!” like he was breaking down a wooden door with an iron hammer.

Tavros drowned Aphrodite with his thick cum, and he fucked her throat so hard that it felt like he was going to break her neck, but even as cum began to ooze down her chin, and tears rolled down her cheeks, Aphrodite never lost control, and she continued to suck Tavros so hard his apple-sized balls nearly imploded. Even on her knees with a titanic stud ejaculating all over her face, Aphrodite remained in the dominant position.

After almost a minute of this painful orgasming, Tavros’s cock finally popped out of Aphrodite’s mouth, and he pumped his last rope of semen across her smiling face. Tavros stood over her grunting and panting like a dying bull, sweat pouring from his body so profusely that it looked like he was standing underneath a shower. His muscles twitched painfully, and his heart thumping so loudly that Aphrodite could feel it through his cock.

“Poor baby,” Aphrodite moaned mockingly as she swallowed the semen on her mouth. “I bet you’re so use to fucking skinny little sluts like that one over there that you’re just not use to real women. Arrogant boy. You thought you could conquer me with a skull-fucking? You stupid, violent, beef-bound faggot. I INVENTED skull-fucking! I was the first being in the universe to put a cock in her mouth and suck it dry . . . or at least . . . I was the first one to do it RIGHT!”

Aphrodite chuckled evilly as she ran her finger down the length of his penis. Tavros whimpered as one last eruption of cum oozed from the tip of his painfully erect cock, and dripped onto the goddess’s breasts. She laughed to herself and pushed her fat tits up, even rubbing them over the shaft of Tavros’s cock, and she gave his helmet a few more kisses, some of them deep and tongue-filled, as if she were kissing her lover.

Aphrodite stood up and shoved her tits into Tavros’s chest. Her bronze nipples were so hard that they actually dented his muscles, and her hot pussy bent his iron-hard cock down at an awkward angle. She puckered her lips and came up for a kiss, but at the last second pulled back and spat out a whole mouthful of spit and semen all over Tavros’s face.

Aphrodite pushed her tits against Tavros again, this time knocking him over, and she laughed as she stood over his defeated body, even putting a foot on his face and pushing it beneath the water. Tavros was so exhausted that he could barely fight back, even as the scalding hot water of the pool filled his lungs.

“See that, little girl?” Aphrodite said over her shoulder to Tsoúla. “I broke your beloved master with nothing but my mouth, despite all the boasting you did on his behalf. ‘Most powerful man in the world,’ my golden ass. I’m actually disappointed I didn’t get to use my divine pussy on him. Other than Hercules I haven’t gotten a decent pounding from a mortal man since-”


Tavros’s massive hand shot up from the steamy water, and grabbed Aphrodite right at her inner-thigh. His iron fingers clenched down on her firm flesh, and despite the sexual curvature of her legs, he still got enough of a grip that he could pry her foot off his face.

“What the fuck!” Aphrodite screamed, trying to stomp Tavros’s head back beneath the surface of the water, but she could not. Her divine buttcoks flexed powerfully, but Tavros’s was overpowering her, and the muscles in his arm began to burn adrenaline and testosterone like oil in a war-machine. Aphrodite couldn’t believe it. She was powerful enough to ride a minotaur, to jerk off a hydra’s hundred cocks, to eat out a thousand Amazons, to exhaust a hundred nymphs, and to even satisfy the erotic hungers of her insatiable father Zeus . . . She could not believe this mortal was lifting her up like some skinny little slut.


Tavos erupted from the water like a human kraken, lifting Aphrodite up over his head by nothing but her open thighs. Scalding hot water poured down his bulging body, and steam rose from his erect cock like it was made of molten iron.

“Fucking beast! Unhand me!” Aphrodite screamed, wriggling and squirming in a pathetic attempt to get free. “Stop pulling my legs apart! My . . . You’re hurting my pussy!”

Tavros let her down just enough for her golden legs to wrap around his bullish neck, and for her piping hot pussy to land on his open mouth. His powerful lips sucked on the delicious juices of her sex, and his hard tongue penetrated her body as deep as any cock. His upper lip folded over her clit and stimulated it as the tip of his tongue began a brutal assault against her g-spot.

Aphrodite had never been eaten like this.

“HOLY FUCK!” Aphrodite screamed, grabbing Tavros’s iron-hard shoulders, and involuntarily humping his face. “WHAT THE FUCK? I’M CUMMING ALREADY!”

Tavros ate pussy like he was a starving man at a feast, and Aphrodite had the most delicious pussy he had ever tasted. He did not savor her though; her consumed her. He ate her rough, even chewing on her clit with his teeth, provoking an uncontrollable flood of cum to gush from her spasming body.

“OH GOD! OH ZEUSZ! FATHER! DADDY! SAVE ME!” Aphrodite screamed as she came, thrusting and grinding her pussy against Tavros’s face until her sparkling cum dripped down his chin.

Tavros bit down on her clit one last time and sucked her last spurt of cum, and then he dropped her on the ground like a sack of shit. Aphrodite grunted from the impact but didn’t stop climaxing. She couldn’t stop climaxing. Her orgasm tortured her body like the talons of a harpy. She writhed and flopped in the shallow water like a fish, and she was unable to resist as Tavros kicked her legs open and aimed his hard cock at her sopping wet pussy.

“I’m your Daddy now, whore,” Tavros said. “I am your Zeus, and this is my thunderbolt.” He then rammed his cock into Aphrodite’s eager cunt, destroying the Goddess of Love with one brutal stroke.


Tavros spent hours destroying Aphrodite in an ever-escalating, sweltering, and violent battle of sex. He held her head underwater and squeezed her throat as he pounded orgasm after orgasm out of her, heightening the pleasure of her climaxes with the fear of asphyxiation, but he’d always pull her up just before she could drown. One time he even fucking her up her ass to force out the water in her lungs so she wouldn’t lose consciousness. Killing a goddess was not an easy task, especially by fucking her to death, but Tavros knew he was capable of it, and so he took great care to keep Aphrodite just on the very edge of extinction for as long as possible without actually fucking her over it.

With what little strength she had Aphrodite tried to hold on to Tavros’s behemoth body, but they were both slippery and wet, and if it hadn’t been for the grip he had on her hair she would have been dragging across the ground.

“Fuck me! Fuck me you true, real, manly GOD! Fuck me hard enough for my father to hear! Fuck his little whore daughter! Show them all what a disgusting slut I am,” Aphrodite wailed and begged, crying hysterically as her pride slowly died with every cock-thrust. Sometime after her tenth mind-shattering orgasm she had simply lost it, and she had devolved into a simpering, self-loathing, degenerate slut. She didn’t want to be a goddess anymore. She just wanted to be Tavros’s fuck-toy.

Tavros would rotate between fucking her mouth, pussy, and ass in whatever order it pleased him, and Aphrodite would injure herself bending into whatever shape he wanted. She contorted her body into angles and shapes that were even beyond her experience, and when Tavros slapped her breasts and bit her nipples she didn’t protest, but begged him to hurt her more. The sick pleasure of her humiliation was the ultimate climax, so she didn’t care if she died. Eternal life without the promise of better sex than this wasn’t worth living.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Kill my pussy! Fuck me! Break my ass! Fuck me!” Aphrodite kept grunting, each slurring word becoming more incoherent than the last.

“Pathetic beast,” Tavros whispered into her ear with genuine disgust. Even as she desperately tried to kiss him, he would not allow it. He’d pull back from her cock-sucking lips, and spit into her open mouth. “I don’t kiss whores.”

Tavros slammed Aphrodite face first against the cave-wall, and he drove his cock so far up her ass that his balls slammed into her clit. With one hand he held her by her neck, and with the other he slapped her fat tits around while he pulverised her anus with the hardest, heaviest, deepest ass-fucking the very experienced goddess had ever received. Even her father in all his drunken fury had never fucked her this hard, and she had always considered her father to be the most powerful being in the universe.

“Guh, guh, guh, guh,” Aphrodite tried to speak, but all the came out was a wet gurgle of noises as her brain sizzled in an overdose of orgasmic juice.


Tavros’s cock-thrusts became so powerful that they echoed throughout the cave like thunder.


Like a sledgehammer striking marble, it really did sound as though Tavros was going to break the goddess’s golden ass in two. If he did, it would just make her body as broken as her mind.


“TAVROS! YOU GOD! I LOVE YOU! I HATE MYSELF! I LOVE YOU!” Aphrodite screamed with her last conscious thought, and then she began to spasm until she lost her mind, and her body vacated its contents onto the cave floor.

“You . . . Lose . . . Whore,” Tavros all but whispered, and then he roared like a lion in pain as he finally came, unloading a nearly lethal amount of semen so far up Aphrodite’s ass that she could taste it. He held her body tight for a few moments as the mind-numbing climax stunned his body like a cold shock, and he pumped the rest into her with a few heavy thrusts.


Each thrust slammed her head and breasts against the cave-wall, and from the impacts cracks began to form.


“Tavros . . . (gasp) . . . the cave is collapsing!” Tsoúla cried out with the last of her own energy. Tavros had left her to hang naked from the crystal in the middle of the spring for the entire night, and the poor girl was aching all over. Her arms and legs were strained from the bonds, and her pussy was painfully engorged from watching her sexual idol fucking like a godly champion, and yet she was unable to touch herself. Still, just from watching, Tsoúla had suffered more than few orgasms of her own.

Tavros looked around and saw massive chunks of the cave’s ceiling caving in. Still, he took a few moments to aim his spurting cock at Aphrodite’s vacant face, and he unloaded the rest of his thick cum into her eyes and open mouth, and he finished with her by wiping his dirty cock clean with her golden hair.

“Ha. I guess I shouldn’t have fucked this whore against a retaining wall,” Tavros said with casual humor, and he went to untie his slave.

Tavros ripped Tsoúla’s bounds off with his bare hands, and then he tossed her naked body over his broad shoulders. The ninety pound girl weighed nothing more than a feather to him, and her perky butt looked no larger than a peach next to his head.

“We’re leaving,” Tavros said, giving Tsoúla a sharp slap on her ass, making her squeal and wiggle on his shoulder.

“But, what about Aphrodite?” Tsoúla asked even as she desperately humped Tavros’s shoulder. “The ceiling will crush her!”

“Fuck her,” Tavros said. “She’s a goddess. Even if the rocks bury her for a hundred years she’ll live . . . Or maybe she won’t. I don’t really care.”

As Tavros left for the cave’s entrance he didn’t bother to look back at the goddess he had ruined, but Tsoúla did, and she saw Aphrodite crawling across the floor in puddle of her own fluids. Aphrodite raised her hand up as if begging Tavros to come back for her, her beautiful face shattered with insanity.

“Tavros . . . come back . . . I-”


A massive boulder crushed Aphrodite into the ground, followed by another, and then another, burying the goddess underneath several tonnes of rock, where she’d likely remain until another god bothered to dig her out. But that might not be for a very . . . Very . . . Very long time.


“Tavros . . . my lord . . . thank you for saving me,” Tsoúla gasped as her carried her naked body back to camp. He was naked as well, and she wiggled and gyrated her flat chest against his titanic form like a hedonistic worshipper. She kissed him all over, from his face, to his chest, to his stomach, even to his hard cock and balls. It didn’t matter that the entire camp was watching, they had all had their way with her numerous times, and she wanted nothing more than for Tavros to fuck her right there, even if it killed her. Her pussy was dripping for it, and fireworks were going off in her nipples she was so horny.

“Oh Tavros. Oh Tavros. Oh Tav-”

As soon as Tavros was back at camp he dropped Tsoúla’s naked body into a pile of mud and horse-shit, dropping her into the filth face-first.

“I didn’t save you for your own sake, girl,” Tavros said as he aimed the bulbous head of his cock over her muddy face. “You are my property, slave, and no one steals Tavros’s property, whether it is his most prized sword, his lowliest slut, or even his toilet.”

“Toilet?” Tsoúla asked, wiping mud from her face.

Tavros groaned as his bulking muscles relaxed, and his erect cock unleashed a steaming shower of urine directly onto Tsoúla’s face. The hot golden liquid washed the mud from her face and ran down her chest and stomach. Tavos urinated just like he ejaculated: copiously.

“Yes,” Tavros chuckled. “I’m demoting you from my slave to being my toilet, because of how much trouble you’ve been recently.”

Tsoúla knew she should feel humiliated. The whole camp was laughing at her, and Tavros wasn’t even finished with her yet, but his urine was warm and strong, and like everything else about him, it intoxicated her.

“Thank you . . . Lord Tavros,” Tsoúla meekly said, and she opened her mouth so she could be a better toilet for him.


Tavros did not bother to get dressed or to rearm. He went back to his tent to eat a quick feast of lamb and dates, to fuck a few of his new Amazon and nymph whores, and to drink a carafe of wine. Then he left camp and began hiking to the summit of the tallest nearby hill. No one questioned why Tavros chose to ascend to the summit completely naked, with his big cock slapping against his legs as he walked, since he had just defeated an army of Amazons, and army of nymphs, and defeated two goddesses in sexual combat in less than one day. Tavros’s legend was all but assured at this point, but he wasn’t done yet.

When Tavros came to the hilltop, he found what he was expecting, a shrine to the Olympian gods. There was a small marble figure for each of them, most prominent being the statues of Zeus and his queen, Hera. Zeus’s marble figure was much like his own, muscular and hulking, with a massive cock hanging down from his naked waist. Hera was sculpted like a sexual fantasy, with massive breasts and wide hips, and her pose was unmistakably erotic despite also appearing authoritative.

Tavros chuckled with contempt, and he snapped off Zeus’s marble cock like it was a twig. Tavros started playing with the statue of Hera, running his hands all over her cold breasts and thighs, before her got bored and finally smashed the statue to pieces with a single punch. Hera’s head rolled away, but her breasts fell to Tavros’s feet, and he began to slowly masterbate looking at them.

“I don’t know what other gods there are who wish to fight with me,” Tavros yelled up to the heavens, “but if you are listening, let us finish this now!”


The sky split open as a massive purple lightning bolt fell from Olympus, struck Tavros’s body, and carried him to the realm of the gods.


Tavros awoke in a throneroom, that much he could tell, but it was a room unlike any he had ever imagined. The ceiling was hundreds of feet above him, and it was a swirling mass of cosmic energy. The floor was solid pink marble, yet it was as warm as a woman’s flesh, and the air was thick with sensual perfumes that were not of earth. There were hallucinogenic plants all around him, as well as steaming pools of wine, and massive beds large enough to host dozens of sleeping bodies, or fucking orgy-goers.

“Get up . . . You human shit,” a powerful woman’s voice boomed throughout the air. “Get your ass up and let us finish this mockery of war, so that I might crush your body and destroy your soul. My foolish step-daughters may have broken beneath your massive, titanic, disgusting cock, but those sluts deserved what they got. Pathetic, weak, second-generation gods that they are. Don’t think yourself powerful for dominating such weak pussies as them. Now you face a true goddess, a queen, a daughter of a titan!”

Tavros rose to his feet and gazed upon the powerful goddess speaking to him. She was tall, taller than him, probably almost eight feet, but it was hard to tell because she was sitting on a massive marble throne, naked. She sat with her massive chest thrust upward, showing off how her colossal breasts defied gravity, and also the way her stomach pulsated with muscles as chiselled as his own. She sat with her legs spread open to reveal her thick pussy lips, and the way her fat clit stood up almost three inches from her vulva. Her massive heap of curly black hair was held up by a golden crown, which was the only thing she wore. Her face was beautiful, contemptuous, and just slightly masculine because of her strong chin and rigid cheekbones, but that did nothing to change to the fact that this goddess was the most powerfully sexual presence Tavros had ever felt, and even if his eyes were closed he knew he would see her, shining like a radiant orgasmic nova.

“Hera,” Tavros gasped, and he immediately winced in pain as his cock sprang to full rigidness. It was as if her name alone was pure sex, and saying it aloud caused him to almost ejaculate. “Queen of the gods. So even you wish to test yourself against me?”

Hera stood up from her throne, and the sky above seethed with hot energy. Her breasts swelled like angry stormclouds, and her three-inch clit swelled like an angry cock, as if it was her body designed to penetrate the male’s.

“This is not my test, you monster,” Hera growled. “This is your execution.”

Hera descended from her throne with a look of utter contempt, and although she seemed to be a mile away, with just two steps she was towering in front of Tavros, with her colossal breasts rising up into his face.


Hera’s tits hit Tavros in his face like two massive sacks of flour thrown by a cyclops, and at the same time she raised her knee up into his balls so hard that he was lifted from the ground.

Tavros hit the ground rolling, and his landslide of a body didn’t stop until it came crashing into a marble column. The hard rock shattered and crumbled around Tavros’s body, and the column came crashing down like a fallen tree.

Tavros tried to get up, but his mind was filled with stars, and before he could clear it, Hera was grabbing him by his head and pulling him up to his knees.


Hera sent her knee right into Tavros’s face. It struck with the force of a meteorite, and Tavros would have gone flying across the room again had Hera not grabbed onto his shoulders, pulled him back for more, and slammed her knee into his gut.


Tavros wheezed and fell to the ground, nearly puking his guts out. He was not sure if he was going to pass out from the pain or not. He had fought cyclopes, giants, and krakens, but this woman had just kicked his ass harder than any five monsters he had ever faced combined, and she had not even broken a sweat doing it. This was as one sided a beatdown as the Nemean Lion fighting a kitten. She stood over him with an arrogant smirk on her marble face, one which Tavros could barely see past her gargantuan breasts.

“I do love to see a man on his knees,” Hera chuckled. “But I prefer my sluts to prostrate themselves even lower than that. Let me help you.”

Hera put her foot on the back of Tavros’s head and stomped it into the marble floor so hard that the marble cracked.

Tavros frothed at the mouth as his consciousness slipped away. For the first time since he was a young boy, he had been defeated, never before by a woman of and kind, and it had been a humiliating ass-kicking.

Hera kicked Tavros in his side until he rolled onto his back, and then she squatted down on his face. A burst of hot, wine-flavored pussy-juice gushed from her thick vagina, and it filled Tavros’s mouth as he slipped into a coma.

That last thing he saw was Hera’s fat cunt grinding against his face, and the last thing he heard was her malicious laughter rocking the heavens.


When Tavros awoke he felt weak, drunk, sloppy, and painfully aroused. The arousal was normal; Tavros usually awoke with an iron-hard erection that could take hours to satisfy, but he usually awoke like a tiger ready to hunt. He had never felt so . . . *lethargic.*

His vision was blurry, but as it cleared he looked around, and he saw that he was in a place far different from the beautiful purple heaven he had been in, before Hera kicked his ass.

The room was vast and possibly infinitely large, just as Hera’s throneroom had been, but instead of the cosmos for a ceiling this place looked to be underground, close to the center of the earth. The only light came from ghostly lamps that burned bright blue, and from the red glow of several thick pools of molten rock. The air was hot and thick with the scent of sulfur and sex, and it echoed with the screams and whimpers of mortal souls being tortured. All around him hung the wracked bodies of men and women, some with large logs of wood shoved up their sexual orifices, others dangling from the roof by nothing but their nipple-piercings, and others put into positions that would have been instantly lethal to a living person . . . but these souls weren’t living . . . they were dead.

“Welcome to Hades, slut,” Hera said, stepping into Tavros’s view.

Hera looked like a wet-dream mixed with a nightmare, a hundred sexual disorders and fetishes mixed into one. Her huge nipples were covered by painful looking clamps, and her breasts were held up by excruciatingly tight straps of leather. Leather gloves and boots encased her limbs, and her pussy was cut right down the middle by an agonizingly tight little thong. She had makeup on now as well; thick black lipstick, oily mascara, and dark purple eyeshadow.

Tavros’s cock grew so erect that he thought it was going to split right down the middle.

“Can’t get enough, can you, you beast?” Hera asked, strutting forward slowly on sharply steep high-heels. She had a riding-crop in her hand, and she cracked it against her own ass as she walked, leaving deep red welts along her boulderous ass.

Tavros couldn’t answer. There was a dildo shoved down his throat.

“You fucking love this, don’t you, your big muscled faggot?” Hera said, walking onto the bed that Tavros was tied down to, standing over him like his executioner. “You were out for a while, bitch. For a couple hours I thought you might die, but you heal well for a mortal. Good. I have so many delicious tortures planned for you. I’m going to fuck you until you cry, Tavros. I’m going to keep you on the verge of an orgasm for the next hundred years, but never let you pop. That’s what all this is designed for, your hopeless bitch. Hades designed this chamber especially for me, and I’ve filled it with all the souls who have displeased me most. This bed you’re on was designed for my most hated enemy, Hercules. The sheets are soaked with poison and aphrodisiacs, and that dildo in your mouth was used to deflower a hundred nymphs. Hercules escaped my clutches, but you won’t. I’m going to make you beg for death, Tavros. I’m going to make make you call me ‘Mommy,’ and suck my nipple like a helpless babe. The only thing you’ll drink is my cum, and the only thing you’ll eat is my ass. I’ll deny your orgasm for days, weeks, years even if I have to, until you beg me to let you cum, knowing that the release will probably destroy you, and then I’m going to cut your balls off with my teeth and eat them.”


Hera slapped Tavros’s cock with her riding crop, and his torture began.

Hera spun around and squatted on his chest, shoving her huge ass in his face, and she lowered her mouth onto his throbbing cock. Her mouth suckered down on his helmet like a hot octopus, and her tongue slithered over his shaft like a long, wet, agile slug.

“MMMMPH!! MMMMPH!!” Tavros screams were muffled by the dildo stuck in his throat, which made the erotic pain so much worse . . . and better. He thought he was going to cum. He thought his cock was going to explode and his balls would detonate right then . . . but they didn’t.

Hera’s head bobbed up and down on his fifteen-inch shaft even slicker and faster than Aphrodite did, going all the way down until his cockhead broke onto her stomach. Her hands knocked his apple-sized testicles around like she was trying to crack an egg. Her saliva was blisteringly hot, and it oozed down his scrotum like fiery lava, making him scream and writhe in pain and pleasure. His body shook, his muscles swelled, tears rolled down his cheeks, and a profuse sweat cascaded down his body, soaking the bed, causing him to absorb more of the poison laced in the sheets.

Tavros wanted to cum. He needed to cum. He felt as though if he didn’t ejaculate in a few moment he would certainly die. His heart was threatening to explode, and the rate at which he was perspiring was literally dehydrating him to death.

Still, he did not cum . . . And if that dildo hadn’t been muffling his voice, he would have begged the goddess Hera to let him. He would have begged like a little slut.

“Mmmmm . . . Told you,” Hera said as she finally came off of his engorged dick, her plump limbs dripping with saliva. Tavros’s cock was so swollen that it was purple, and the veins in it were beating with his heart. “The poison saturating your body is a mixture of centaur blood, satyr semen, gorgon milk, and nymph nipple. It’s the most powerful aphrodisiac known to the gods, perfected by Aphrodite herself, ironically, and it has the extra benefit of shutting your urethra tighter than an airtight drum, preventing you from cumming. Unfortunately, the poison is extremely lethal. A single drop of it would have been enough to kill you back in the mortal world . . .But in Hades there is no death. The pain just multiplies . . . And multiples . . . And multiples . . . until your soul explodes.”

Just to prove her point, Hera pushed the tip of her pinky finger against the opening of Tavros’s urethra, and she began to shove it in. Tavros had experimented with almost every sexual practice known to mortals, included homosexuality (which he enjoyed), but the one thing he had always avoided was urethral penetration.

Hera knew that. That’s why she was doing it.

“Oh my . . . what a tight little hole you have here. Are you a urethral virgin, Tavros? How cute. Maybe I should pop your cherry. Whatta say, cock-sucker? Wanna see how deep my pinky can go?” Hera chuckled.

Tavros tried to scream “NO!,” but even before he could make his muffled cry, Hera plunged her pinky finger into his dick, burying it all the way to the final knuckle.

Tavros’s brain exploded as his body experienced all of the physiological symptoms of an orgasm, except he did not ejaculate, and instead of relieving the tension in his body, the tension continued to build . . . And build . . . And build . . . until everything became a burning fog.


What followed felt like an eternity of nightmarish sex, rape, and humiliation. It probably was an eternity, but time did not exist in Hades as it did in the mortal world, and what felt like a thousand years to Tavros might have only been a few hours back home.

Her remembered the dominatrix-goddess Hera pulling the dildo from his throat and affixing it to a belt she fastened to herself. Even with his throat clear, Tavros was too dumbfounded to speak, and all that came out were incoherent grunts and slurs as Hera used the spit-slickened dildo to impale his asshole. She bent him over the side of the bed and pounded his muscular ass just as hard as he had to Athena and Aphrodite . . . Harder, actually. Hera was a powerhouse. Her thrusts moved the bed across the floor, and slammed the headboard against the earthen wall so hard that the earth shook. Some of the tortured bodies hanging from the roof fell, most of them landing in the magma river. Their screams of excruciating ecstasy travelled for miles. Hera barely noticed them though. Their souls were just sparks in her sexual inferno.

Hera wrapped her arms around Tavros’s neck and pulled back as she pounded his ass, bending his behemoth body into an upward horseshoe, nearly snapping his spine and bending his abdominals to the breaking point. She reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand, flogging it so hard that all of Hades echoed with a “WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!”

Tavros was not able to cum, but Hera was, and she did, often. The friction of obliterating his asshole was enough for her to climax, and she did several times, each catharsis provoking a girlish fit of laughter, followed by deep womanly roars. Hera’s pussy gushed with liquid fire, and when her orgasms became too wild to control, she undid the belt and climbed atop of Tavros so she could hump his face and cum in his mouth, all the while leaving the dildo impaled deep in his man-pussy. Her huge clit swelled to a grotesque four inches, and she made Tavros suck it like it was a penis, causing her juice to gush down his chin and all over his chest.

Hera was not the only one who exploited Tavros in his debilitated state. Frolicking demons and ravenous Erinyes populated Hades, and when their lustful gazes turned to Tavros’s beefy body they grew hungry, and to a few dozen of them Hera lent her toy. The demons were of all shapes and colors, some in the form of females, some male, but most were hermaphroditic, with sopping wet pussies to swallow Tavros’s penis, and hard cock to fuck his ass and mouth.

Hera led the orgy like a ringleader in a demented circus, and Tavros was her abused animal. She’d whip the demons with her riding crop, hurring one after the other so that they all got a turn, and she’d chase away the smaller ones in favor of demons with the biggest, thickest, most brutal cocks and tentacles. When Tavros wasn’t getting fucked by the demons, Hera would fuck him herself, either with a dildo up his ass, or by riding his cock like a bull. Hera could break a bull, and she was proving it by breaking Tavros. She’s bounce on his cock so hard that the bed would crack down the middle, and her huge breasts would bounce just outside of his reach. Her erect nipples began spraying warm, nourishing milk, but like the waters of Tantalus, Tavros could never reach them, and instead the milk was sucked up by the sexiest demons that Hera would allow to attend her.

The only thing worse than getting fucked, was *not* getting fucked.

For many long, soul-breaking hours, Tavros was left to hang from a wall with a gag in his mouth, a dildo up his ass, but absolutely nothing touching his penis. The pain of not being touched was worse than getting his balls crushed by a hammer, and he would have rather Hera killed him there and then, rather than let his cock twitch painfully in the air, ignored.

Hera kept busy though. While Tavros hung, she entertained company on the bed, sometimes fucking some adorable little goddess or nymph just inches away from the tip of Tavros’s cock. Hera would tease Tavros with whatever cute pussy she had at the moment, and dangly the little nymph slut so close to him that he would feel the sex-spirit’s body-heat, but Hera would never let them touch. Tavros was be able to smell them, to taste them, and sometimes when Hera’s thrusts became powerful enough, a drop of cum would fly onto his body, and even that small stimulation felt like the sting of a giant wasp.

Tavros was reunited with Athena and Aphrodite this way. Hera had them both dragged in by their hair, and she began fucking them in turns even more violently than Tavros. Aphrodite’s golden body was still filthy with dirt, having been dug out of her tomb just hours before, and Hera didn’t even allow her step-daughter a bath before slamming her pussy apart with a giant ivory dildo, and breaking her ass with a jagged ebony pole.

Athena was passed around by the demons like a cum-rag, and by the end of it she was limp, bruised, and comatose, but left with the most disturbingly satisfied smile on her face. She was the Goddess of Wisdom no more, since she had no mind left to hold Wisdom with. She was just a warm fuck-bag, an immortal sex-toy to be played with and abused. She was also used as a toilet more than once, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Hera took both her daughters at the same time, slapping one on top of the other, and railing them both with a special dildo that forked outward with two shafts. One for Athena, one for Aphrodite, and all of it just inches away from Tavros who would have sold his soul for just a moment of relief.

“Mmm . . . Mmmm . . . CUMMING!!” Hera moaned triumphantly, and she plowed into her daughters one last time. Her erect nipples sprang up so hard that milk began to shoot out of them, and it doused the bodies of the two broken goddesses beneath her. Hera pulled one of her spurting nipples up into her own mouth, and she drank deeply. Even gods got hungry, and there was nothing more nourishing than the warm milk of a goddess. Tavros would have murdered a hundred innocent people just to suck on one of Hera’s nipples for a brief second.

Hera pulled out of her daughters and stumbled over to Tavros. She was exhausted, but her body still radiated power like an angry sun. She was intimidating and ferocious, so much so that the demons around her feared to approach, but as soon as she left her daughters alone they swarmed. Athena and Aphrodite were pulled into two different directions by dozens of groping hands. Aphrodite was dragged down a pit of black sludge by a gigantic tentacle, and Athena was lifted by her hair into the air by a lesbian harpy, who carried her off to the nest where the other demons bred.

“I win,” Hera gasped as she pressed her wet, naked body against Tavros. “It’s settled. I’m the most sexually powerful.” Hera licked her lips and moaned as she realized she was still ogasming. “Tavros . . . You slut . . . I beat you . . . I own you . . . It’s over.”

Tavros’s huge body just shook with a painful need to cum.

“It’s alright . . . you can cum now . . . I’ll give you permission . . . If you call me ‘Mommy.'”

Tavros’s whole body was shaking like an epliepdic. “Ma . . . Ma-ma . . .”

“That’s right, baby, sound it out. ‘Momm.’ All you have to do is say ‘Mommy’ and I’ll let you cum.”

“Ma . . . Maaaaa,”

“Oh, you’re so close baby. Just say ‘Mommy’ and I’ll end it for you. I’ll put baby out of his fucking misery. Now say it. Say ‘Mommy’ you fucking shit. Say ‘Mommy’ and admit defeat.”

” . . . Mommy,” Tavros whimpered.

Hera chuckled mirthlessly. She’d done it. She’d one. “Good baby.”

Hera grasped his cock with both hands and began to stroke it gently. The swollen purple head of his cock pushed against her breasts, and she began to spray her milk all over his chest and stomach. The poison with had saturated his body for an eternity was finally beginning to wear off, and like a universe being torn asunder, Tavros felt his urethra expanding.

“Cum and die, you fucking beast,” Hera whispered into his ear, her hot breath sticking to his skin. “Cum and die.”


Tavros’s cock erupted like a volcano, sending a single strand of thick, boiling semen ten feet into the air. The rope came down upon them both in a single piece, streaming over the top of Hera’s head, her muscular back, her breasts, her forearm, and all over Tavros’s face. His orgasm poured out of him like an ocean pouring through the eye of a needle, and their sheer pressure of his denied climax almost ripped his soul apart.

“Oh . . . oh yes . . . I’m so good . . . I’m so fucking good.” Hera moaned as her body melted into a glorious orgasmic state. “Worship me, mortal. Worship me, you fucking slut. Worship me, cum your brains out, and then just fucking die. Your life is nothing but a fuck to me. Worship me with all of your cum, and die. You . . . Little . . . Bitch.”

She pushed her pussy against Tavros’s bursting cock, and they were both overcome with a sensation like melting butter. She gyrated against him and pushed her breasts against his chest until milk poured down his chest and abs, all the while his semen was still blasting upward, caking the underside of her breasts, chin, and some even flying upwards onto her shoulders.

Hera even kissed him, smacking her powerful lips over Tavros’s and shoving her tongue deep into his mouth, so deep that his gag reflex kicked in and he began to choke on it. Hera reached between her own legs and grabbed his cock. She pulled it down and began to grind her pussy against it, forcing his cum to ejaculate out in heavy spurts, one after the other, each spiralling several feet away, until it slowly began to ooze down her thighs.

Hera bit down on his tongue and lips, and she came again . . . Or, more accurately, her overlapping series of multiple orgasms came to an exhausting crescendo, and her muscular body finally relaxed, went soft, and she gushed a final explosion of cum onto Tavros’s defeated body.

“I . . . I am so beautiful,” Hera gasped in victory. Her legs were shaking so much she could no longer stand, and she fell back onto the bed, gasping for air like a dying woman, and dripping with so much sweat it looked like she had just gotten out of a bath.

The two titans of sex spent the next hour just gasping and moaning, their bodies aching in sweet pleasure, and tingling with post-coital pain. Hera felt her strength returning, and when it did, she knew she would be more powerful than ever, maybe even powerful enough to topple her husband Zeus, and claim the throne of Olympus for herself. Tavros though . . . he would most likely die. There was a type of death that could be had in Hades, but it was rarely achieved. It only occurred when a soul was so exhausted, so broken, so dominated, that it simply ceased to exist. Hera had brought Tavros to that point, and now his existence hung by a thread.

“Congratulations, my queen,” a nasally, bratty, obnoxious voice said.

Hera was too tired to move, but she looked up to see Eris standing above her, the goddess who had started this whole mess by suggesting Tavros as a challenge.

“Eris . . . I won . . . I’m the most sexually powerful . . . I succeeded where my worthless daughters failed, and I . . . (pant, pant) . . . I dominated this man. His soul is finished. Gaze upon . . . Gaze upon my glory. Give me that fucking Golden Apple!”

Eris gave Hera nothing but a wry smirk. The Goddess of Discord actually looked a little high, and her messy blonde hair reeked of marijuana and opium. She held up the Golden Apple that Hera desired . . . and then she took a bite out of it.


“Mmmm . . . tasty,” Eris said as the golden juices of the magic apple oozed down her chin, and dripped onto her firm breasts.

“You . . . YOU BITCH!!” Hera screamed, even though it hurt her body to exert her voice that much. “That’s my prize! I deserve it! You said you would give it to the winner!”

Eris shrugged and giggled. “I lied.”

Tavros looked up, his limp body still hanging from the wall, his soul moments from eternal death.

” . . . Mother,” he gasped.

“Mother?” Hera repeated.

Eris giggled again. “Surprise! Tavros is my son. Surely you would have guessed by now that such a powerful being as him had to be at least a demigod. Yep. His dad was this super hunky Spartan champion who I witnessed defeating a gorgon sorceress in sexual combat . . . and well . . . I just had to rape the shit out of him. I was so crazy horny that I forgot to have him pull out . . . and well . . . nine months later Tavros dropped out of my pussy. Little bastard. I just love him bunches, especially after he got older and I took his virginity. His cock is even bigger than his father’s.”

“This . . . this was a trick all along!” Hera realized.

“No shit, retard,” Eris laughed, kicking the goddess Hera right in her vulva. “I knew I wasn’t powerful enough to take you on myself. Not yet anyway. I will be once I steal your power. Athena and Aphrodite I could have taken maybe, but not you, you fucking dyke. You’re like, the Goddess of Steroids and Big-Ugly-Muscles or something. My son though . . . I figured he had a chance.”

“Mother . . . help me,” Tavros begged, seconds away from obliteration.

Eris rolled her eyes, took a few more bites of her golden apple, and then held the rest in front of her son’s mouth like she was feeding a sick dog. Tavros eat the rest of the apple, and the magical sustenance of its golden fruit revitalized him, just saving him from eternal death.

“You’re lucky I love you so much, you fucking loser,” Eris said as she fed her son. “You look fucking pathetic, by the way. Like a complete faggot.”

Hera rolled onto the floor and tried to crawl away, but her big breasts dragged across the floor, and she was too weak to make it more than a few feet. Eris grabbed Hera by her ankle, and dragged her back. Eris kicked Hera in her side, rolled her over, and spread the older goddess’s thick legs wide open, and pulled Hera’s pussy up over her head.

“Not so fast, your majesty,” Eris snickered. “I’m not fucking done with you. I need to finish the job my little bitch son couldn’t.”

“No . . . no . . . no,” Hera cried and begged, but there was no stopping it.

Eris leaned down, kissed Hera right on her fat clit, sucked it into her mouth, and began to chew on it with the most cruel, wicked blowjob Hera had ever received. The already exhausted goddess was defenseless and drained, so it wasn’t more than a minute before her fat pussy began to melt, and she was gushing cum all over her vacant, mindless, comatose face. Eris ate Hera’s pussy like it was made of cake, and the younger goddess wasn’t afraid to shove her tongue deep into Hera’s ass as well, probing her, tongue-fucking her, making her cum harder, and harder, and harder . . . until the last twig of Hera’s resolve snapped, and she broke.



Mortals still remember the day the gods fell. Athena and Aphrodite simply vanished, their ravished souls never to escape the darkest orgy-pits of Hades, but the real beginning of the end came when a fiery meteor crashed into the earth. The meteor was shaped like a woman, a woman with massive breasts and a titanic ass, a woman who had once been the queen of the gods. Her broken husband came not long after, his perfect body pushed beyond its physical limits by the insatiable lust of a new power in Olympus. The rest of the gods came after; Ares, Hermes, Demeter, Artemis, and Dionysus; falling from the sky not because they refused to surrender . . . but because the goddess who defeated them didn’t desire her surrender . . . all she desired . . . was Discord.

Thus the reign of Eris began.