by Mystic47


I rolled to my back and pulled my knees up so my feet were on the too short bed. I was getting warm so I pushed the blanket down until my upper body was bare. My prick had swollen enough to play with so I fingered it slowly while thinking of where it could be more useful. I wasn’t masturbating, I was entertaining myself as I thought about fucking Shelby. I’d never before thought of my older sister as a sex partner, but then, I’d never been alone with her in a hotel room before.

“Goddamn it, we reserved a suite, two bedrooms not a goddamn single room with one bed!”

“I’m sorry sir but with the unexpected flooding in Dentonville we opened our rooms as emergency accommodations, it is our policy to help in such situations. We let families have the suites.”

“Then what about us, where are we going to stay?”

“Sir, we have only this one room left and if you don’t take it I doubt you will find another in town tonight. It does have a fold away couch, one of you can sleep on that.” The reservations clerk softened the offer by adding “We won’t charge you sir, you two can stay the night and you need not pay.”

I looked at my sister, “What do you think?”

“I think I’ve been in the car too long, take the room” she growled.

Shelby gathered her two bags then led the way to the elevator, “What floor?”

I looked at the number on the key card “Eight.”

It was a typical hotel room. Long but narrow, the bathroom to the left just inside the door then a few steps into the main room. The queen bed was prominent against one wall, a chest of drawers with a flat screen TV on top against the other wall at the foot of the bed. A two cushion sofa and one hard looking easy chair with squared arms were positioned against the bank of windows. A small computer desk was jammed into a corner next to the bed.

Shelby dropped her backpack onto the bed, an unspoken claim to that territory then pulled out her makeup bag and headed for the bathroom, “I need a shower.” She paused, looked past me to the sofa and said with authority “You get the foldout.” I thought that I should remind her that she is considerably shorter than me so she would fit better on the small bed but the look in her eyes conveyed that she was the big sister and would take no debate. I wasn’t up to arguing with her so I just nodded and commenced to pull the cushions off and toss them into a corner.

Shelby and I were driving to a family reunion 1100 miles from where we went to college. We had reserved a two room suite for the one night on the road for both directions of the trip. At twenty-three my sister was just three months from earning her Business degree, I am sixteen months younger so I was a junior.

I unfolded the little bed that had a mattress about one inch deep. Two pillows from the big bed and a blanket from the miniature closet completed my sleeping arrangements. I was going to have to sleep in a fetal position to keep my legs from hanging over the edge. I got on the large bed, turned on the TV and waited my turn for a shower. She came out of the bath followed by a puff of warm, humid, feminine scented air. She wore a towel wrapped around her wet hair but below that only a mini tank top that exposed most of her midriff and panties, she caught me looking at her and said “I didn’t bring a night gown, don’t look.” I pulled my eyes off Shelby’s very alluring shape and retreated to clean up too.

When I stepped into the shower I noticed a dark colored clump of something circling the drain and cringed because I thought it was moss or mold, I mean the hotel wasn’t the best. I closed the drain so the glob wouldn’t go down before I looked at it. Carefully I pinched it in my fingers and that is when I realized I was looking at a wad of brown curly hair. It was too long and curly to be from legs so I guessed it was pubic hair. My sister had shaved her muff while in the shower? Holy crap, when it dawned on me I had a pinch of my sister’s pubes my cock started to inflate, not a lot but with heightened awareness that a female was near by. I opened the drain and let the mat of hair go. As it washed away my mind’s eye envisioned Shelby with one foot on the wall of the shower stall while carefully trimming herself with a razor. I added shave gel to the vision and watched her shave away the ragged ends of her cunt hair while the creamy white gel streamed down the inside of her thigh. By the time I imagined her exploring her pelvic area with two fingertips feeling for stubble my prick was half an erection. The final thought of my quick fantasy was to wonder why I found the hair. Did she shut the water off before it washed down the drain on purpose? Did she leave it for me to discover? That idea finished the full construction of my erection, I took a little extra time washing my cock and nuts while thinking about what I found.

I stayed in the bathroom until my erection withered to a prick again. I slipped my boxers on then I too went back to the main room in just my underwear. Shelby was lying on her right side on the bed and when she saw me she pulled up the sheet to cover herself, but not before I got a good look at her. Again my imagination went berserk, I had the impression her position was staged and she purposely pulled the sheet over moments too late; she could have pulled it up when she heard the door open. She watched me wordlessly as I went past the bed to the cramped foldout. “Do you want to watch TV?” I asked while my eyes roamed up and over then down the form of her body from neck to feet. She had kicked the thick quilted cover to the end of the bed so it was just the thin sheet over her. She was facing away from me so her ass was the prominent feature in view.

Shelby snuggled into the pillow she was hugging, “No, turn off the light, I want to sleep.” In order to kill the lights I had to get up and cross the small room. My sister again lifted her head to watch me rise from the foldout bed to go hit the switch. It seemed to me her eyes leveled off at my groin as I moved around.

The ambient light from the city outside the window lit the room enough to see without stumbling into anything. I climbed onto the sofa bed and curled up to keep my feet from hanging over the sharp edge at the end. The room was silent, some traffic on a nearby street was a low murmur of background noise. I lay in the dark quiet and began to think about Shelby. I could hear her shifting slightly on the bed, the sheet rustling, the fragrance of her after bath powder lingered in the air and the persistent imagery of her shaving all began to work on my libido again. Sister or not, she was an enticing female and I was getting hard.

I rolled to my back and pulled my knees up so my feet were on the bed. I was getting warm so I pushed the blanket down until my upper body was bare. My prick had swollen enough to play with so I fingered it slowly while thinking of where it could be more useful. I wasn’t masturbating, I was entertaining myself as I thought about fucking Shelby. I’d never before thought of my older sister as a sex partner, but then, I’d never been alone with her in a hotel room before.

My nuts got harder, my cock filled to capacity with lust. I looked at Shelby’s outline under the sheet and she didn’t look natural. I mean there was something in her position that hinted she was still awake, not relaxed in sleep. To my filth laden imagination she looked tense, as if she were anticipating, awaiting something. The longer I handled my erection, the longer I looked at Shelby, the longer I lay on that thin hard mattress, the more I thought about moving to the bed. I was rationalizing; there was plenty of space, she was on the far edge so I could lie next to her without touching her. I could turn away so we were back to back that way she wouldn’t discover my hard-on even if she turned over. Like a thief in the night I rose silently then carefully eased onto the bed next to Shelby. My heart was slamming, I felt hot as I settled into a pillow, I kind of expected her to protest, to send me back to the kid sized sofa bed but she remained still and quiet; asleep? I lay facing away from her with my legs stretched comfortably but my boxers were tented a fucking mile, the end of my erection poked over the edge of the mattress, my heart was crashing, the rush of blood made my ears ring.

I couldn’t get my mind cleared of my sister. She was lying only inches from me wearing just lingerie, bathed, powdered and smooth shaven. I was shaking mildly, I wanted to turn on the air conditioning to cool off but didn’t want to leave where I was, if she was asleep she couldn’t object to me being on the bed with her so I didn’t want to chance waking her. I turned my head to look at Shelby but I couldn’t do an owl like 180 head turn so I carefully rolled over to my other side, facing her. There were still a lot of empty bed between us so I could lie there and be sure not to touch her anywhere. As I examined her form under the sheet she pulled one leg up so it was bent at the knee which caused her ass to move in my direction. When she was done shifting her butt was even more prominent and the leg was uncovered from foot to hip, the hem of her pale blue panties curved over her thigh then under the sheet. The sight of my sister’s leg shot a surge of vibrations through my groin, I almost groaned from the intensity of them. My nuts were aching.

Everybody on this Earth is going to die. We all know it, we don’t really want to think about it, but it is inevitable. The big question is always ‘when’? Lying on the bed next to my sister I made a decision, if I was going to die then I couldn’t pick a better time. I carefully eased closer to Shelby then put an arm over her waist, my hand rested on her stomach; if she woke up and killed me, I guess that would be my ‘when’. She didn’t move and I was still as a statue while my hand and arm rested on her soft skin. Well, almost all of me was still, my balls were churning rapidly, brewing up a large dose of lust for her.

Emboldened by a lack of protest I slipped my hand under the top then paused when my fingers pressed on the underside of a breast. She still was quiet so acting with hormone driven courage I cupped the breast lightly. The mound filled my palm and as my fingertips moved over her skin I felt her nipple stiffen. Oh my gaud! She reacted to my feeling her up and it wasn’t a protest……..! Encouraged by the reaction I pressed my luck and pressed her tit even more. I could feel my own pulse in my neck while I felt Shelby up. I quickly succumbed to temptation and got more active by stretching my fingers to caress the other nipple. It took no time at all to be paying attention to both breasts. When I felt both nipples standing tall I knew I couldn’t stop until I seduced her, asleep or not.

I played with Shelby’s tits for a couple of minutes then took another breath of courage and eased closer to her. When my erection touched her ass I shifted until it was lodged in the length of her butt crack. I bumped my hips giving myself a thrill then moved my adventurous hand from under her shirt to the flat of her stomach. The skin under my fingers was growing warm, the temperature in the air around the bed was increasing as I heated up even more. I pulled my hand to her hip then tugged gently, to get her even closer. Her back bent slightly and the pressure of her butt against my cock increased, I bumped again, rubbing it on her. My hand eased over her hip, down her pelvis until I was touching the top of her cunt through her panties. When I stroked her sex with my fingertips her body jerked lightly and her legs moved far enough apart I could put my hand over her cunt.

I don’t know if she was asleep when I got onto the bed but I sensed she was awake as I caressed her slit. She began to move in sync to the feel of my hand, her head rolled back stretching her neck then Shelby reached behind her, between us, and gripped my erection. As I rubbed her through the thin material of her panties she began to stroke my cock. Even as warm as I was, I felt my sister heating up.

We lay like that for a few minutes, she squeezing and pumping my erection through my boxers while I played with her pussy. When she moved her hand then slipped her fingers under the waistband of my shorts I did the same for her. As she contacted my erection directly I slid two fingers over the soft fleshy lips of her pussy the bent a finger into her. For several minutes she and I did nothing more than use our hands to raise our levels of lust. She was smearing the bubbles of pre-cum over the length of my cock as I was pressing on the hood that hid her clit. When I touched her there it stiffened like a miniature hard-on and she whimpered a soft sound of pleasure. I concentrated of turning Shelby on and she responded by undulating her back, rolling her ass against me. It took maybe three more minutes until she froze solid for a moment then gasped a deep breath and quivered in silence. When she climaxed she gripped my cock so hard she left fingernail indents. It was an awesome feeling.

She turned her head to look at me with wide inviting eyes and the hint of a smile on her lips, I pulled on her shoulder so she rolled over to face me. She put a hand on my cheek and caressed my face then kissed me. The kiss was gentle, soft, and full of permission which caused an explosion of need in my balls. I wrapped her up in my arms and pulled her into a full body hug. She and I lay quiet like that until I bumped her groin with the erection trapped between us. She kicked the sheet off completely then sat up to pull my shorts off. When I was nude Shelby again held my cock but this time she was exploring it with her eyes as well as her hands. Since she was sitting next to me I took the opportunity to pull her shirt off. After I tossed it to the floor I pushed her back to the mattress then took her panties down her legs and dropped them to join the top. I moved around until her breasts were within reach of my mouth then began to kiss, lick and suckle her tits. She relaxed back on the bed again and let me seduce her.

Seducing my sister may have been one of the most intoxicating things I had ever done in my twenty-one years. She was soft, sexy, pliable and the fragrance of her fresh from the shower only heightened my desire. As I felt, caressed, massaged and fondled Shelby she was getting more feral. She was moving fluidly, sipping short gasps of air as I worked on her from face to ankles. After several long minutes of turning my sister on I stretched lengthwise between her legs then paid attention to the focus of my desire. She hadn’t shaven all of her hair, she had neatly trimmed the edges and thinned the mat. I put my nose in her pubic hair and inhaled the scent of her musk mixed with perfumed powder, I kissed her cunt while fucking the bed. I nuzzled her thighs, licked the crack from anus to clit then turned my tongue loose on her. I lapped Shelby and she got even more limber, taking quick sharp breaths while rolling her nipples in her own fingers. She lifted her legs, wrapped them over my back so my head was trapped between her warm smooth thighs, she wasn’t going to let me go until she climaxed again. I managed to get a hand under her ass and caress her anus with my middle finger. Shelby arched off the bed and she began to quake. Her legs were shaking, her arms shot out to each side then she slapped the bed when I jammed a finger in her butt. She never made a sound louder than a soft wheeze. When she stopped moving I pushed up and her legs slid boneless off my back.

I got to my knees between her wide spread legs then took her hips and pulled her close enough I could put my erection in her. She reached for me then held it in place while I pressed forward. Her orgasmic juices were flowing so Shelby’s hot wet cunt welcomed me with no resistance, no friction. I pushed into her until our pelvic bones meshed, Shelby lifted her arms, put her hands on my chest and looked into my eyes as I began to fuck her slowly. We coupled in that position for a few minutes then I pulled away and laid behind her. She lifted her leg to give me access then I entered her again. Spooned against her like that freed my hands to feel her body and tits. I fondled Shelby as we fucked gently, our hips were rolling with a relaxed rhythm, my erection sliding, not slamming in her. The slow easy pace only heightened the pleasure of sex. She was purring; each time my balls pressed against her pussy she rolled her back, like a cat enjoying the stoke of a hand. She reached over my head and pulled it down until my lips were on her neck. I licked her skin then started kissing the nape of her neck which caused her to shiver against me. I worked my mouth to her face then she turned to me as far as she could and we started making out, our tongues quickly joined the ritual. She rolled to her back and lifted her near leg so I had more room to fuck her and we could neck without stretching. My hand went to her breast, my tongue explored her mouth and my cock pressed even deeper.

Shelby broke the kiss then said the first thing since I got on the bed with her, “Cum.”

It was magic. Just that one word uttered as a whisper caused my cock to clench and my body to jerk. I held back just long enough to see her eyes roll up and take a long deep breath. Shelby started vibrating from feet to head as the end of my erection shredded and I surged into her repeatedly. She went stiff as a board, arched her back and emptied her lungs in a rush of soundless air. Again she had a totally silent orgasm.

We rested for a few moments, bonded by my relaxed prick in her cunt. She pulled off, rolled away from me then cradled a pillow. I went to my back and enjoyed the afterglow of good sex as we drifted to sleep.

I woke up slowly to the sensation of another growing erection. As I came more awake I became aware of a hand caressing my thigh, and it wasn’t my hand. I turned to see Shelby on her side facing me, she was smiling as she moved her hand to my nuts. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t need to. In seconds she had what she wanted, my cock stiffened rapidly and she shifted her fingers from my balls to my erection. When I was man enough for her she crawled over my lap, guided my cock to her cunt then started rolling her hips. I glanced at the bedside clock and saw that it was 3:04 AM. She fucked me with more energy than the first time but it was still a totally silent affair. We shifted around, screwing with the passion of new lovers until she lay with her face on a pillow, on her knees, her ass high in the air. The orgasm building in her womb burst like a pricked balloon. Her cunt flooded with her cum which sent the message to my balls, I came into Shelby as she quivered in silence. My cock fell from her when I leaned back and her pussy started oozing semen. She cupped her cunt, looked at the mess on her fingers, relaxed back to the bed, wiped her hand on the sheet then closed her eyes. We were done and she was ready to sleep again.

I was first up that morning and had two cups of bitter hotel coffee ready when she roused. She got off the bed and I saw her complete nudity in full light. My cock stirred as she stretched then mumbled “Morning.” I thought she might say something about what we’d done but without comment she went to pee and clean up. 30 minutes later we were back on the road to the family reunion. By some mutual, unspoken agreement we didn’t talk about what we did, we didn’t’ reminisce, make excuses or confess our feelings. It was as if we had spent the night alone, in the two beds. Three days later we stopped at the same hotel, got the suite we reserved then spent the night in separate bedrooms. I was kind of hoping she would come to me but she didn’t and we didn’t. We were lovers that one night, no more.

Eleven weeks after our trip she came to my dorm room, she was graduating the next day so her room was empty and she was hanging with me until our parents showed up. It had been a long day and she was tired so Shelby came to lay on my bed with me. She napped on a pillow for about an hour then woke up. She picked up her head, put her lips next to my ear and said softly, “We should have been more careful, I’m pregnant.”

My sister kissed my cheek then got up to leave me in stunned silence. When she opened the door I found my voice, “Shelby.” She turned, “Could it be someone else?”

It was a straightforward question so she gave me a straightforward answer, “No” then closed the door after she stepped though it.

Chapter Two

Shelby graduated the next morning and by early afternoon was on her way back to our home with our parents. I still had a few days of finals left so I would leave in eight more days. For those eight days my hours were not only spent cramming for tests, my mind was full of my sister. I could have sent her text messages or emails but I didn’t. She hadn’t sent me any either. For those eight days I wondered what the hell we should do about her carrying my baby. More to the point, what she should do? There were only two options, go to term or not, but the choice wasn’t mine.

“It just never occurred to me that you could knock me up, I mean you’re my brother, that’s not supposed to happen.”

I watched her picking at the salad in front of her, I had been home two days and this was the first chance to get Shelby alone so I took her to lunch. “Yeah, well, I didn’t offer any safety measures either, I’m sorry Shelby, sorry I did this to you. Are you okay?”

“Of course. And don’t worry, I’m fine with you too, it was an accident, not the first time we’ve banged each other up.” She paused then laughed brightly, “Banged each other up, now that’s funny, you banged me up too well this time.”

“You don’t seem to be too upset about this, how do you really feel, is your good mood a denial against what is happening.”

“Look what’s done is done, we can’t change that. I got horny, you got horny, we fucked and I got pregnant. Shit like that happens all the time, maybe not with siblings so much, but I’m not going to go into a depression or jump off a goddamn building just because I’m carrying my own niece or nephew. We had a good time and now we have to figure out how to deal with the result.”

As I sat there and studied my sister I began to reminisce and my fucking cock started firming up. I was thinking about that night and decided it was time to clear the air so to speak, “What happened, I got turned on for you but you didn’t club me in the head or chase me away, why?”

Shelby sat back in her seat, pushed the salad plate aside and laced her fingers together. She glanced around to see if any strange ears were near then back to me. Her large hazel eyes locked on mine and she started, “When you were arguing with the clerk over the room I had a flash vision, you and me forced to share a bed. It shook me up, not because sleeping next to my brother would be repulsive, but just the opposite; my thoughts were pure sexual. What would it be like sleeping with my brother? When we got to the room and I saw the bed I felt another rush; I saw us. I saw you lying with me and knew I wouldn’t say no if you hit on me. I got horny for you.”

“So the hair in the shower, the skimpy top and panties, those were clues?”

Her eyes smiled, “Did they work?”

“You got fucked didn’t you?”

She smirked, “Only too well, but I’m not sorry. It was a good night, maybe it was the perversity of what we were doing but I got off like crazy, I had a good time.”

The pressure of my swelling cock reminded me it was time to leave this thread of conversation so I pushed past that night, “Now what?”

I saw her tense in the chair, “I don’t care to have an incest baby so I think I should end this, what do you think?”

“Why you asking me?”

“Because you’re the father, if you want me to carry it I will.”

I stared at my sister for several seconds, that she cared enough for my feelings or beliefs made me swell with respect for her and because I respected her I couldn’t let her fuck up her future. “What do you need from me? I have some money.”

She relaxed, allowing the tension to ebb, “There is a clinic is in Culver City, can you take me next week?”

We left the day before her appointment, the trip was over a hundred miles so we didn’t want to leave the same morning. Shelby had made reservations for a motel and when we got there she went in to register while I sat in the car. She came back, “Room 34, down there.” I pulled around and parked in front of 34. When she opened the door the first thing I saw was a single queen sized bed. “Another fold out sofa?” I asked.

My sister dropped her pack on the bed, turned to me then put her arms around my neck and pulled me close, her tits were mashed on my chest, her groin rubbing on mine. She lifted her face, kissed me gently and offered, “I thought we might have a little more fun before I do this.” She smiled broadly, “I mean it’s not like you can make me pregnant.”

There was no intense passionate need to have sex as soon as the door closed, we weren’t hot heedless lovers so Shelby and I left the room to get some dinner. I wanted to fuck her yes, but ripping our clothes off wasn’t what we needed or felt. Our desire was more casual, simmering, waiting for the right moment.

We found a small diner and settled into a booth near the back so we could talk without neighbors. The conversation quickly became intimate as we talked about our past.

“You remember Mark Sodle? He used to come in my window and spend the night with me, that’s when I learned not to make any noise when I have sex. You were next door and Mom and Dad were just two rooms away and I didn’t want you all to hear.”

“Mark? Then you must have been what, seventeen?”

“No, sixteen. When I was seventeen it was Jerry Carmo. Him and me fucked like crazy in the back of his pickup, he had that shell on it and inside it was like a bedroom.”

“Did you make noise?” I asked jokingly.

“No, and that bothered him, he wanted to hear how great he was as loudly and wildly as I could but he wasn’t really that good, I kept waiting for him to ask what would make me happy but he was too self centered. He thought five minutes was the best fuck a girl could ever get. I finally got tired of getting faking it so he would get off me and went searching for a new boyfriend.”

“What does make you happy?”

Shelby looked at me, her eyes were smoldering, “Why don’t you take me to bed, I’ll tell you.” I called for the dinner check.

We were lying fully clothed, face to face on the bed. Shelby and I mused quietly while I opened blouse buttons, bra straps and zippers. When I freed her of a piece of clothing she would make me pause long enough for some sensual necking and caresses. It took me fifteen minutes to strip her to nothing then she paused and posed while I rolled to my back and shed my clothes. By the time we stretched out together naked we were both ready to fuck. She was on her back so I lifted her near leg, rolled to my side then as we locked eyes I slipped my erection into my sister again. As with the first time we did this we didn’t erupt in a frenzy of passion or an overheated destruction of the bed. We were quietly talking as our bodies gently meshed and moved together. Shelby was telling me, “I like it slow like this but most guys don’t understand that. They climb over, slam their cocks in then start banging so hard I get pushed up to the end of the bed and my head starts bumping the headboard.” She grinned broadly and said with humor, “Fucking like that gives me a fucking headache, literally.”

“Have you ever been in love?”

“I’m pretty sure I loved Mark, I was sixteen, he was my first boyfriend and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. I was devastated when we broke up. After him I thought I loved Allen but he dumped me for a long legged, noisy bitch. He told me that they had fucked in a car and she got so loud people on the street stopped to watch. After he left I was surprised I didn’t feel shit on, I thought about what he and I had then realized he was kind of selfish with sex too. I went looking for another boyfriend the next day, someone who could keep me entertained.”

I shifted down the bed slightly which changed the angle I was in her, she arched her back then moved her legs further apart. I put a hand over the top of her cunt and pressed on the nub of her clit, it reacted by swelling, she reacted with a deep sigh and a shudder. “So if you don’t get what you need you don’t take them to bed anymore?”

“Sometimes I’ll let some guy that didn’t excite me a lot come back, but only if he is sexually mature enough to listen to me, not take what he wants. If a guy can learn to make me happy then he’ll be happier with me. I’ve had three long relationships because the sex was good.”

“And me, can I make you happy?”

She looked at me, her eyes crinkled with mirth, “Where is your cock right now?”

“Deep between your legs.”

“That’s right dear brother, and it’s there because you made me happy the first time we did this.”

“Yeah? Not only that, I made you pregnant too.”

Shelby nodded and said soberly, “You know what, when I got up that morning I knew what happened. I don’t know why but I felt it, my intuition was working and I knew for sure you connected with me, I think it was the second time. It was the strangest feeling but I wasn’t mad, scared or worried, I just sort of accepted it.”

Talking about impregnating my sister was beginning to raise the temperature of my balls to the boiling point. I pulled out of Shelby, rolled her to her stomach then mounted over her back. She spread her arms and legs wide, closed her eyes the we concentrated on the enjoyment of what we were doing. She was rolling her back while I pumped my cock. She compressed her lips, closed her eyes then all conversation stopped as I fucked her. I pushed up and watched her ass bounce while my groin rolled over it, she bent her legs at the knees until her calves were pulled up against the back of her thighs. I put my lips on the nape of her neck, the final act which tripped her orgasm. Shelby went stiff, slammed her feet back to the bed and arched her hips off the bed, inviting me as deep as I could get. While my sister convulsed in silence my cock relented and I again sent legions of sperm into her womb.

Thirty minutes later Shelby was astraddle my lap, rolling her hips, sliding her cunt on my second erection. She leaned down and kissed me with a hint of tongue play and a lot of passion. I reached between us then searched for her clit with my fingers. When I started massaging it she moaned into my mouth then cramped with a series of climatic seizures. I held off cumming into her while she convulsed then as she relaxed she slid off my lap and down until she could pay attention to my cock. She put her mouth over me then pressed down until I could feel the back of her throat. Shelby worked on me with her mouth and a hand until I had to warn her, “Shelby ——-uh—– almost.”

She didn’t back off, she rolled her eyes up to mine, smiled around my cock then sucked the semen directly out of my balls. When I was done groaning and pulsing she moved back up beside me and rested her head on my chest, “I like sex with you” was the last thing she uttered before her breathing eased into sleep mode.

She hadn’t found a job yet and I was on a break so we spent the next few weeks in our parents home, we were a family again. Shelby was catching up with her high school friends while looking for work, I spent my time loitering in the back yard sipping beers with our dad and a couple of my childhood friends. Since neither of us were dating anyone we dated each other but we didn’t jump into another bed after the visit to the clinic. When we did go to the movies or clubbing with each other I felt a lingering lust for her but was sure our sexual past would remain in the past. Shelby and I were siblings, we were friends, not lovers.

The day before I needed to leave for my last year of college we were on a ‘date’ at a local theme park when she put a hand on my arm and stopped me in front of the roller coaster. She pulled me around to face her, looked up into my eyes then asked “Tony, why haven’t you hit on me again?”

“Huh? I thought we were done, you wouldn’t want to after the scare.”

She stood still as the crowd parted around us, “I told you I don’t like aggressive self-centered men who treat women as objects but I don’t mind aggressive men who treat women as women.” She paused, looking directly into my eyes, “I like the way you treated me but you could be more aggressive.”

I put my hands on her cheeks to hold her face still as I bent to kiss her. When I pulled back I asked “You want to get a room with me, there are motels on every corner around here.”

Her answer was a tease, a question, “And what would you do with me in a motel?”

I smiled into her eyes and told her “I’ll fuck you until you pass out from exhaustion.”

I spoke loud enough that some guy walking past us looked up sharply, checked out my sister then smiled knowingly at me. Shelby glanced at him, blushed red then stepped into my arms and whispered into my ear, “Let’s go.”

“We need to stop at Walgreen’s, I‘ ll get some safety.”

Shelby took my hand and led me out of the throng, “Don’t need to, I’m okay. You can fill me up until my eyes turn white and we won’t be taking chances.” I didn’t know that some weeks after the procedure at the clinic my sister opted for birth control by IUD. Shelby had hinted she wanted me to be aggressive but it was her taking the lead again. I didn’t mind.

The first two times I fucked my sister I was cautious, slow in my approach but as soon as the motel door closed I dropped to my knees then put my head under her skirt and inhaled the fragrance of perfume mixed with the sensual musk of her body. My cock which had been firming up, swelled to capacity as I put my lips at the top of the slit under the panties. I kissed Shelby there then licked her pussy through the cloth. She fell back to the bed, her knees bent over the edge, my mouth still on her. She moved a hand between me and her then with two fingers pulled her panties to the side, exposing her pussy for my attention. I kissed, licked and probed her cunt with my lips and tongue until she began to vibrate. Shelby grabbed a pillow and smothered herself as she orgasmed, her thighs were shaking, vibrating against my cheeks and ears when she came.

I leaned back from my prone sister, she moved the pillow from her head and looked at me with soft, warm eyes, “Wow” was all she said. She pushed up to her elbows and looked at the tent in my pants. Shelby got off the bed, kissed me lightly then we undressed completely.

The first time I had sex with her we were subdued, coupling without passion, it was enjoyable but sedate. The second night with her was more animated, we were not being shy but still reserved in what we did, how we screwed. But this time was different, Shelby bounced onto the bed, dragged me by an arm to join her then got up and over me so she was sitting on my chest with my arms pinned to the mattress. She squirmed her butt, moving up my chest until her crotch was pressed on my chin. I could feel the warmth of her cunt as she radiated lust. “If you want to put your dick in me again you’ll have to wrestle me down.”

The challenge was answered in a heartbeat. I arched my back which flipped my sister off, she fell next to me and I rolled to face her. We started wrestling, tickling, teasing, laughing, fondling, necking and touching as I not too gently assaulted her. After a few minutes of heating her up I moved around until my mouth was over the junction of her legs then kissed her crotch. Shelby’s left leg shivered and her stomach contracted at the first touch of my mouth then I got serious about turning her on with my lips and tongue again. I couldn’t tire of eating my sister.

The scent and taste of her assailed my senses and turned my prick to hot steel, my nuts were high and tight while I humped the mattress between her legs. I focused all my lust on licking and kissing her cunt. She was flowing, I lapped the erotic tasting fluids from the crack between her thighs. It was when I rubbed the end of my thumb on her anus that Shelby pulled up her legs then began to vibrate with the shocks of her second orgasm. Her clit swelled and extended from it’s soft skin hood so I captured it between my lips and sucked on it which caused her to crest over a series of orgasmic peaks. When she was done shaking and gasping I rolled away from her, her tits were bobbing as her chest heaved for cool air. She rolled her head to me “My god, Tony, I never felt any thing like that, ever. What is it about you that makes me so damn hot?”

“I don’t know, maybe because we aren’t supposed to be doing something like this? Fucking your brother is supposed to be illegal, evil, vile and totally perverse.”

She evaluated my words for a moment then replied “Yeah? Well, I like being totally perverse with you.” She lay quiet next to me a little longer then pushed me to my back then sat over my legs. She sat up straight and studied my cock while she pumped it with fingers. She looked up at me through long curled eyelashes. Her body angled down until her face was over my groin. She glanced into my face, smiled almost bashfully then put her lips on the end of my hard-on. She licked it gently then parted her lips and ducked her head, my cock slid over her tongue into her mouth. She started moving her head slowly, wetting my cock, I lay back on a pillow and mellowed. My hands went to her hair instinctively but I didn’t apply any pressure, I caressed her neck and back. She took more of my dick in her mouth and I felt her cup my balls in a hand. She lifted off my erection momentarily looked at me to judge my reaction then started again, with more enthusiasm. She bobbed her head a few times then started sucking as my erection rapidly filled with a load. I stretched my hand down to caress her butt then began to stroke her anus again which caused her to shiver.

I watched her hair tossing as her head moved up and down, her mouth was wet and hot so it didn’t take long before I had to say, “I’m close girl,” but again she didn’t stop. She was determined, taking more of me into her mouth she started sucking harder. The first rush of cum splashed over her tongue, the convulsion so strong I reacted by plunging my long finger into her ass. I watched her her eyes grow wide with some unidentifiable emotion as her body jerked. I fired another liquid bullet then she could take no more, she raised her head and watched as I squeezed more rounds over her hand. Each time I pulsed I flexed the finger in her ass causing her eyes to flutter, her breath to catch.

She sat straight up next to me which caused my finger to slip from her butt. Semen dripped down her chin and splashed on her left tit but she didn’t seem to mind. After a few moments I saw her throat move, her eyes glistened as she wiped the cum off her chin. She looked at the mess all over her hand and my stomach and commented “Jesus you cum a lot, no wonder I got pregnant.”

The oral sex was just a prelude to a long hot night with my older sister. I was going back to school the next day and she was looking for work and her own place to live. Our paths were diverging so Shelby and I acted as if this were the last time we would be together like that. The blow job only whetted my sexual appetite so she when she proposed “Let’s break some more fucking laws” I screwed my older sister three more times before the sun rose. I was so tired from sex all night that I had to pull into a rest stop for an in-car nap later that morning.

Chapter Three

I went back to finish my college degree, Shelby found a job and an apartment in Asheville, about 180 miles from our parents. We corresponded by email, text and occasionally by phone. We resumed our normal family relationship, the sexual interludes were relegated to history. Even though we weren’t screwing any more, I used my memories as stimulation when I took matters into my own hands. After jacking off while thinking about my sister my nuts would relax in total satisfaction but my cock would stay half hard until I slept it off. Sometimes my girlfriends’ cries of passion weren’t even enough to lure my thoughts from Shelby. Twice I asked a girl I was fucking if she could climax quietly; they tried, but couldn’t. I kind of missed sex with my sister.

I graduated, found a job nearer to home than my sister and settled into a routine life. Shelby and I would go to our parents for birthdays and holidays and once in a while I drove to Asheville to visit her. Those times were strictly platonic, we didn’t jump into her bed to satisfy some base urge to commit incest again. We had separate lives, we were becoming long distant relatives.

I opened my mail one day to find a wedding invitation from Shelby. I knew she had been dating Kevin for over two years, I had met him several times when she brought him home on visits. Our mother went into “Oh my god! She’s getting Married!” mode while dad and I toasted the couple with a beer over the back yard grill.

The day arrived, Shelby was getting married. She was radiant, beautiful in her wedding dress. The floor length gown flowed in waves of silk and lace from a high neck to the broad flared skirt that hid silver heels. The back of the dress swept back into a train laden with pearls and opals that shown in the soft artificial light. Her long blonde hair cascaded in waves to the middle of her back, it too was wrapped with lace ribbons and sprinkled with pearls. She stood still as the bridesmaids made final adjustments, she was minutes from getting married to Kevin. I had been hovering near her the entire time she readied to marry.

I was allowed in the dressing room because I was the wedding photographer. After college I had set up my own studio for photography so I was shooting my sister’s wedding as a gift to her and her new husband. I’d been present with my cameras since Shelby began the long process of getting ready for the ceremony. I had images of her from the moment she stepped out of her street clothing to the time she was fully made up and decked out as the radiant bride. Rachel, her best friend who knew I was her brother, objected at first but was finally convinced that as a professional photographer, paid to take pictures, I’d seen many brides in panties and bras before so my presence was okay. That was true, it was part of my job and I was usually ignored as part of the decor’. I was used to snapping photos of not only brides and bridesmaids, but models, male and female, in many stages of undress. What was not normal is that this beautiful shapely bride and I had an immoral sexual history and I was reminiscing as I took pictures.

Just like most brides I took photos of Shelby was conscience of the camera for the first few minutes but gradually accepted my presence and started to ignore me which is the best way to get a more natural look in the pictures. As I moved around the room taking pictures of her I started getting turned on. I had several times been in dressing rooms with semi-naked brides but this was the first time I’d ever gotten aroused even though she was doing nothing to entice me. Taking taking pictures requires much time looking through the lens of the camera. I could zoom in and focus at the touch of a button so my unprofessional self was taking a lot more time than necessary viewing my sister; her tits, ass and face all fell under my lens on the pretext of setting up another shot. My cock was slowly gaining weight as I took pictures from various angles, asked her to pose in various positions.

She was wearing a garter belt over white satin panties and matching lace bra when the bridesmaids sat her in front of a vanity and began to prepare her hair while I took photos. Rachel and two more young women fussed with Shelby’s hair for 30 minutes until it was finished with the ribbons. During that time our mother came in to critique the work then gave me an evil eye, “Do you have to be here?”

“He’s the photographer mom, don’t get your girdle in a twist.”

“But in your state of dress dear, shouldn’t he be out of the room?”

Shelby looked up at our mother, “Oh mother, quit living in the last century, it’s fine, it’s okay.”

“It’s bad luck to let him see you before the wedding” mom countered.

“It’s bad luck if my future husband sees me, not my brother. Go away now, I have to get ready.” Dismissed by her daughter our parent threw me another dagger then huffed out of the room.

I told Shelby “She’d really have a hissy if she knew the family secrets.”

Rachel looked up to listen to the conversation, a question in her eyes as my sister responded “Yeah, but some skeletons will stay in the closet forever.”

After the hair was done the three girls helped my sister into her dress, it took another 25 minutes to get the ‘look’ just right. I was clicking shots the entire time. When my sister finished dressing for her wedding I took her to a room where I had set up a studio. The bridesmaids vanished to get ready and I was left alone with Shelby. When the door closed I turned to my sister to pose her for a portrait shot but she resisted my hand on her shoulder. “Wait, there’s something I want to do before I get married.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

I was stunned. “What!?”

She stepped close and repeated as a whisper, “I want you to screw me. You have a problem with that?”

“When? Right now?”

Shelby smiled then stepped to a corner of the room, lifted her skirt, unhooked the garter from the stockings then pulled her panties to the floor. She nudged them away with her foot then came back and sat on the tall studio chair. She spread her legs, lifted the long white dress to expose her cunt then said “Yes, right now.” I was looking at the junction of her legs, my prick swelled to X-rated in seconds.

“You shave?”

“Kevin likes me that way, it makes him think he is sticking his dick into a younger girl.”

My erection was jerking with lust but I had to remind her, “Shelby, this is your wedding day, in a few minutes you’ll be a wife, this isn’t something we should be doing now.”

“Tony, put the camera down and come here.”

Hey, she was my big sister, I almost never argued with her so who was I to object? I set the camera aside, opened my pants then stepped between Shelby’s wide open legs. The chair was tall enough that my sister’s cunt was at the right level for me to press into her without bending my knees. Before I penetrated her she cautioned me, “Lock the door.”

With my pants resting on my ankles I shuffled the few feet to the door, locked it then shuffled back, my erection was bouncing, Shelby was watching it with amused eyes. When I was close enough she gripped my cock and pulled me into place. The end of my erection brushed on the smooth shaven skin of her body and I damn near groaned out loud. Her pussy lips were open far enough I could see the where my cock was about to enter. She rubbed the head of my shaft up and down her cunt twice then centered it for me. I pushed into her until my nuts were rubbing her ass. Shelby lifted her legs, the silk stockings were caressing my hips while her ankles were crossed behind me. My sister looked into my eyes and said “Don’t try to get me off, I just want you to cum and we don’t have a lot of time.”

As my erection slipped in and out of the warm inviting hole between her legs I asked, “Why this, why now?”

She shifted on the chair for a better position, “Kevin came to my place drunk after the bachelor’s party and went to bed with me. I sucked his cock then let him fuck me. When he was done he passed out, I was still horny but he was done. The next day I was having lunch with Rachel and she told me what Melvin said to her, that he and the other guys at the party paid two girls to screw the groom. I sucked that his cock after he fucked two whores and now it’s time for payback. Hurry up.”

My balls were slapping her cunt as I asked, “You know this and still want to marry him?”

Shelby looked at me as if that were a stupid question, “Of course, I love him. He was drunk and he wasn’t cheating on me, they were part of the per-marital ritual. But he let me blow him after, that pissed me off.” I reached under the long skirt of the wedding dress, grabbed my sister’s hips and concentrated the feel of her hot wet pussy. Since I had her permission to get off without worrying about her feelings it took me only a few more moments to fulfill my sister’s wish. My balls clenched, my cock convulsed and I saturated the bride with brotherly love. I stepped back and when my erection slipped from her hole I saw my semen ooze from her to the chair. Shelby gave me a delighted smile then said, “Now he’ll be getting sloppy seconds on his wedding day.” Other than the awesome feeling of screwing my sister again my only thought was ‘She just fucked for revenge and he likes to think he’s screwing a hairless young girl. How in hell long is this marriage going to last?’

“Are you going to tell him?”

She stood from the chair and put a hand between her legs then pulled it back up, her fingers were coated with fluids. “No, he won’t know but I will.” She looked at the mess on her fingers, “Tony, you cum more than any guy I know, this is perfect.” She paused to look at me, “It’s too bad you live so far away.”


“Why?” She lifted her sticky fingers so I could see them, “You have to ask why?”

I bent to pick up her satin lingerie’ and offered them to her. Shelby took them from my hand, wiped her fingers clean then stuffed them into my pants, down my underwear, over my prick, “I’m not putting them on, I’m going drip while I get married.”

Twenty minutes later as Shelby was giving her vows of faithfulness I was flirting with Rachel. I knew from experience that weddings always put bridesmaids in a receptive mood. Rachel looked receptive but moments later, when I framed the picture of my older sister and her new husband kissing to seal the pact of marriage, I was thinking that Asheville North Carolina might not be a bad place to open a studio.

Chapter 4

Shelby’s lifelong best friend Rachael became my lover. She still lived in our hometown so we slipped into an intimate relationship much to the delight of my sister. I never forgot what my sister and I did twenty minutes before she got married and even though we didn’t talk about it, whenever we got together after that my libido was on alert. I also kept hearing the persistent echo of her words, “It’s too bad you live so far away.”

About 15 months after the wedding Rachel and I were visiting Shelby and Kevin when I came across a real estate ad for a photography studio in Asheville. Interested, I spoke to the owner, he wanted to retire and needed to get out of the business because the money would help him and his wife move to Belize. When I told Kevin and Shelby about the studio she became animated, alive in a flirty sort of way. She wasn’t obvious in front of my girlfriend or her husband and she didn’t say anything overt, but I got the message loud and clear. If I moved to North Carolina, there would be rewards. On the 5th of August I opened my studio on Rankin Avenue in Asheville. After a long agonizing period of uncertainty Rachel decided she couldn’t move from her home and we broke up.

The first day of my grand opening my sister and brother-in-law stayed at the studio helping me greet the throng of customers, all six of them. As the days turned into weeks I began to get more and more clientele as the word went out that my photo portraits and events photography were quality work.

I’d been living near Shelby for four months and in all that time we didn’t jump into a bed. We spent a lot of time together, clubbing, grilling or hiking in the mountains but our relationship was as brother and sister should be. Kevin and I would never be best friends but he was acceptable as Shelby’s husband so we got on well enough. I met a half black girl named Lonnie, a tall, slender twenty-something with awesome basketball shaped ass cheeks and eyes as dark as the universe and deep as a mystery. She had come to my studio to build a portfolio so she could get into modeling. Since there would be semi-nude poses for pictures I asked Shelby to come in and chaperon Lonnie. It was my practice to have another female present when I was shooting pictures of semi-nude girls because I’m too wary of some bitch screaming sexual abuse after a photo shoot.

After Lonnie left that first day Shelby asked me to take some pictures of her. Pictures that she would give Kevin as teasers and reminders of what he had. When I agreed she said “I have to go shopping, I’ll be back in an hour.”

She came back carrying a brown paper shopping bag then stepped into my studio where she started taking her jeans and blouse off. I stood aside and watched my sister strip fully nude then pull a pair of white lace panties and matching bra from the bag. My cock reacted to my naked sister and for the first time in a long while I was thinking the time was right to fuck her again. “You better be careful Sis, you’re easy prey for the beast in my pants dressed like that.”

She paused with the lace lingerie’ half way up her legs and looked at me, “Not now, you have to take pictures.”

‘Not now’ – A surge of anticipation made my cock swell until my pants were too tight. When Shelby finished putting on the bra and panties she raised her arms over her head and posed for me. “What do you think?” Shelby was 28 years old but neither advancing age nor gravity had begun to affect her body. My sister was as hot then as she was the first night we spent in a hotel. I stood staring at her charms, she had bought a pair of crotch-less panties and a bra that had sheer lace across the front of the cups, her nipples jutted proudly against the transparent lace, it looked like they were bare.

‘I think you’re going to melt my camera. Kevin will have a permanent boner looking at the pictures. I see you still shave your pubes.”

She smiled and moved her eyes to my pants, “Is that one going to be permanent too?”

I was on the verge of raping my sister so I had to deflect my thoughts, “Come on, move to the settee, you pose how you think you should.”

Her eyes glinted with mischief, “You pose me, that’s what you do, right?”

For the next 45 minutes I adjusted and moved my sister in modeling postures, taking pictures of her. I had her cup her tits in her hands, holding them so the nipples behind the see-through lace were the focal point of the picture. One knee raised, foot on the cushion so her pussy peaked from through the split crotch of the panties. On her hands and knees, ass to the camera, looking over her shoulder, long blonde hair cascading to one side, her hairless cunt pouting through the slit in the lingerie. My balls were so fucking swollen I could hardly walk.

She was still in the hands and knees pose when I set the camera down, “I’m done Shelby, you can get dressed now.”

She looked at me for a few moments then offered, “Tony, we’ve waited long enough.”

I unleashed the rabid animal from my pants and stepped up behind my sister. We didn’t need any artificial jelly to slick us up. Shelby’s cunt was glistening with lust, my erection was pumping pre-cum by the quarts. I put the head of my hard-on into the hot dilated hole between her thighs and pressed in until my groin dented her ass. Shelby arched her back and gushed softly, “Oh damn you feel good, I’ve missed you.”

I had to concentrate on slow fucking my sister, that’s how she likes it so even though she and I coupled tenderly, softly she was getting hotter, more turned on. She pulled away and went to her back on the floor next to the settee, I moved to cover her then penetrated her again. Shelby and I made out like new lovers while fucking. I molested her tits, she pulled her knees up to her sides then jammed her two middle fingers in my ass then helped me fuck her. I went to my back and pulled her up and over so I could caress her clit while she rocked on me. It took only moments more until she sucked in a long breath, her eyes locked on mine then she started vibrating. The invitation to cum in her was in her gaze so my cock convulsed and I pumped all the lust I had stored for her deep into her womb. Shelby still kept her silence when she orgasmed.

We were lying on our backs on the floor staring up at a poster of Mr. Spock, looking down on us with one eyebrow cocked up. Shelby turned her head, “That’s an odd picture to have up there.”

“You just noticed?”

“I don’t usually crane my neck to look at what stores have plastered to the ceiling.”

“He is totally non judgmental, I can do anything I want in here and he will never say a thing.”

“What the hell do you do here?”

“Besides smoke pot and screw my big sister, nothing.”

Shelby smiled softly, kissed my cheek, “When those pictures are ready let me know, I want to give them to Kevin on our anniversary.”

“What’s he going to say when you show him slutty pictures of you taken by me?”

“I’ll tell him they are selfies” she snuffled. Ten minutes later she was dressed and ready to go, as she readied to return to her husband she said “Let’s not wait so long to do this again.” She turned to leave but I stopped her with a hand on her arm then pulled her close. As our lips met in a soft kiss I slipped a hand under her skirt then caressed her cunt with two fingers. Shelby moaned into my mouth then let me lead her back to the settee. I had no intention of waiting another twenty-one months to fuck her again.

The second time Lonnie came to my studio I asked her out, the third time I seduced her on the studio furniture. Shelby chaperoned the first two times Lonnie was there then volunteered to be my full time studio assistant, at least that is what she told Kevin. She came often to help with appointments, chaperon the women who came alone, and fuck me. Shelby and I romped all over the studio once in a while and Lonnie romped all over my bed damn near every night.

Once I asked my sister “Why do you cheat on Kevin with me, are you tired of him?”

She paused to think then rationalized; “I don’t feel like what we do is cheating. You’re my brother so I will never marry you or have your kid so what we do is sort of like recreation. I step out, have a good time then when I get home I don’t feel guilty or have to be afraid that some bastard is going to show up and challenge my husband. If you call and Kevin answers my phone it doesn’t worry me, it doesn’t cause him to get suspicious. You and me have great sex and if Kevin doesn’t get me off properly, I have you to take care of me. I’m not cheating on him” she repeated.

“I’m recreation?”

“Oh yeah, Adventure Land –” she whispered into my ear then bent over my lap.

Over the next few months Lonnie and I became a serious item. Shelby and I continued our off and on incestuous affair and my business grew. One night after burning burgers on the backyard grill Kevin and I were enjoying beers and the women were in the house when he asked me “Tony, can I get you to do me a favor but not let on to Shelby?”

“Maybe, what’s up?”

“I have a friend who’s daughter wants to be a model so I thought you might set her up with a small portfolio, kind of a start to show agents or someone.”

“Is there a catch, why can’t Shelby know?”

“First, they don’t have much money, I’m asking you do donate time and pictures, kind of pro bono work. And second, Shelby isn’t too keen on the family, she thinks they are socially corrupt.”

“Socially corrupt?”

“Yeah, the husband goes to jail about every two weeks and the wife sips too much moonshine but their girl has dreams to get out and she thinks modeling will lead to acting, fame and fortune so I’m asking if you can help.”

His request was reasonable, I could help him and if he didn’t want my sister to know, I could keep the secret. After all, I’d been keeping her secrets since they day they got married. “I can open the studio next Sunday for a couple of hours, bring her by about 11, we’ll see how well the camera likes her.”

“Thanks man.”

They came in the door and my first impression was that this girl was too fucking young to be hanging around my brother-in-law. She was pretty for sure with raven hair and bold blue eyes and a face full of innocence. She had put on makeup but I could tell it wasn’t something she did every day. The eyeliner was a bit heavy, blushed cheeks blushed too much and her lip gloss was unevenly applied. She looked like a cheap Chinese doll with round eyes. I pulled Kevin aside “How fucking old is she?”

He looked toward her then back to me and said loud enough she could hear, “Eighteen, she just looks younger, she has good genes.”

I turned to the girl, “Hi, what’s your name?”


“How old are you Charity?”

Her eyes darted to Kevin then back to me, “Eighteen last week.” Her eyes, her pose, her voice all betrayed her, I was thinking eighteen in a few years maybe. I relented, it didn’t matter how old she was, a lot of girls in their early teens or even younger came in for a folder of pictures. But usually with parents hovering near, not with their 30 year old male neighbor.

Charity was carrying a bag which I assumed was clothing, “Do you want to change?” She nodded, “Okay, the changing room is back there.”

When she left the room I asked Kevin, “Why is she lying about her age? I shoot girls of all ages, it’s not illegal.”

My brother-in-law fidgeted, “She thinks she has to be eighteen to get the pictures she wants you to take.”

“What the hell do you mean? What’s going on here?”

“I, uh, she wants some pictures that wouldn’t be printed in Newsweek.”


“Look man, I’m asking a favor, can you take pictures of Charity that only me and you see? I mean some nice poses like what we might find online somewhere.”

“You want me to take nude pictures of that girl?”

“I would do it but I only have my smart phone, I don’t even own a camera.”

“How fucking old is she Kevin, don’t fucking lie!”

He stammered, “She’ll be fifteen next month. I know she looks younger but she really is almost fifteen.” Just then Charity stepped back into the room. She was wearing a short tight black skirt that formed around her petite bubble ass then stopped maybe two inches below her crotch, her legs were too thin to be attractive. Her top was cropped just above her bellybutton so her midriff was smooth bare skin. The top her hip bones were prominent peaks, she had breasts but they were more bumps than tits. She must have taken a little time to rearrange her face because the makeup was less garish, not as sloppy. The girl that went into the room was timid and plain, the girl came out stood in front of us with a bold cast in her eyes, she no longer look so innocent. She was trying hard to look sexy but couldn’t pull it off, I saw only a victim. I changed my mind, I would not take any pictures of the girl. Looking at her reminded me of something Shelby had told me years earlier about her husband, I as eyed his young friend I asked Kevin in a conspiratorial whisper, “Does she have hair?”

The son-of-a-bitch confirmed my perverted thoughts about him by shaking his head as he said “Almost none.”

I may have been having an incestuous, adulterous affair with my sister, Kevin’s wife, but at least she was old enough to fuck. The girl my brother-in-law wanted me to photograph was by far too immature for anything but Hopscotch or jump rope. I knew without asking he was screwing her, the looks they were trading left no doubt. “Kevin, I can’t do this man. You need to stop thinking with the head of your dick and use the head on your shoulders, she could land you in prison in a heartbeat. Take her home, say goodbye then go back to my sister.”

He started to protest, “Come on man, just some pictures. Get me some good pictures and I swear you will never see her again.”

“No, out, take her home. Get her out of my studio.” I turned to Charity, “Girl, if you have any self respect you will go home and play with your Barbie for a few more years. Don’t get caught up an adult world yet, you are not ready for it.”

Up to that moment Kevin had been an okay in-law, but watching him follow his illegal piece out the door caused a major rift in our relationship. How could I face Shelby again, what should I say, should I say anything? If the girl had been a woman I might not have objected to his fucking around behind my sister’s back, I would have probably taken the pictures, but a pedophile? That was way beyond okay.

I was torn. Most people who know evil shit about someone go through the same headache making thoughts. Should I tell Shelby, should I ignore what I know, should I keep Kevin’s secret that he’s fucking a fourteen year old? I closed up shop and ran to Lonnie.

“He’s screwing a little girl?”

“She’s almost fifteen but she looks twelve.”

Lonnie rolled to her stomach, her big round brown ass cheeks dominated my interest in her nudity. “I gave it up when I was fourteen but I looked more mature. My dad used to check my panties for cum stains from the time I was thirteen. When I did start screwing around I would take clean panties and throw them on the floor so if he snooped he wouldn’t find a mess.”

“Were there messes?”

Her deep black eyes sparked with mirth, “The first kid to screw me told me outright he wanted to make me pregnant. I didn’t know enough about sex to know how to stop him from cuming in me, I thought I had to let him so he never pulled out. I was lucky, he pumped me up for months before I figured out I didn’t have to let him. When I started making him get out before he finished he got mad and dropped me like a broken toy.”

“You were lucky.”

“Yeah, but two other girls weren’t. Before he dropped out of school he knocked them up, one was his own fucking sister.”

“His sister? What did you think of that?” My chest tensed, how did she feel about siblings fucking around? I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her about Shelby but I was feeling a little unsettled with the secret just then.

“I don’t know, I don’t have a brother so I don’t have a frame of reference but sex is sex right? I mean if a man and a woman want to get it on why should being kin stop them. If I did have a brother I would probably have been curious enough to experiment a few times.” She rolled to her stomach and put her hand on my chest then looked into my eyes, “Did you ever think of Shelby that way?”

The look in her eyes, the fingers caressing my skin almost seduced me into blabbing. Before I exposed my affair with my sister and I put my arms around Lonnie, pulled her into a long erotic kiss then lured her by saying “I’ll be your brother today, get hot Sis, I want to knock you up.”

Two days later as Shelby was putting her clothes back on in the studio she looked at my back, “What the hell happened to you, your back looks like you crawled under a low hanging barbed wire fence?”

“Lonnie got a little enthusiastic last time I visited her.”

“A little enthusiastic? She ripped you to shreds, whatever you did to make her so fucking hot you need to try with me.”

I was still fretting over what I knew about Kevin, whether to tell my sister or not when she called me after eleven one night. “Tony! Tony!” she gasped into the phone, “Kevin’s in jail! You have to take me down there!”

The patrol car was prowling Tunnel road when the cop spotted an SUV parked in a leafy alcove behind a local restaurant. When he stepped up to look inside he spotted a man’s bare ass humping over a pair of thin female legs in the back seat. When he tapped on the window the man inside panicked, grabbed his pants and tried to dive out the opposite door. The girl was left lying on her back with her skirt hiked up over her stomach while her lover bolted. He pulled out in such hurry the condom slipped off his cock and was hanging from the girls pussy. Both were put into custody and taken to the station. When the cops found out she was barely fifteen they called her mother to pick her up. Kevin they locked up so far back he wouldn’t see the sun rise. When the mother signed Charity out of custody the police had sympathy for her but couldn’t keep her any longer. If the mother’s condition and appearance foretold the future of the girl, the young woman was destined to be a slut too.

Shelby didn’t know why Kevin was arrested until she posted bond. When she learned he was banished from the house, from her life. Two months later he pled guilty and went to jail for fifteen years, one for each birthday the girl had so far had. At first Shelby was in denial but gradually she realized her husband was a pedophile. Even if he hadn’t been caught with his boner in Charity there were enough videos and pictures on his laptop to convict him. Once she had that figured out she quit shaving her pubes. A clean smooth pussy was a reminder that she couldn’t handle anymore.

The divorce came three months after Kevin was sent up. Shelby called me, “Tony, what are you doing tonight?”

“Lonnie and I are going to Charlotte.”

“You have to cancel. Call Lonnie and beg off, I haven’t gotten laid in months, I need to get fucked.”

“Can’t you find a boyfriend?”

“You are my boyfriend, come on Tony, I promise you won’t miss Lonnie.”

Chapter 5

“Where are you going?” Lonnie asked.

“Our dad is sick so Shelby and I are driving home to sit with mom until dad recovers.”

“Is it serious?”

“For mom anytime any of us gets sick, it’s serious. That’s why we need to go, she will be frantic with worry so my sister and I need to be there for her.”

That was the conversation I had with Lonnie after Shelby convinced me to spend some time with her. My sister might have settled for a few hours in her own bedroom but I decided that she needed to get away for a few days. Away from the house where she and Kevin had lived for three years so I reserved a room in New York for a week. When my sister heard about the arrangements she was elated, “A week? You are going to close your shop for a week just for me?”

“Just for you.”

“I’ll have to take a vacation, I’m sure my boss will let me but if you want me exclusively every night for a week you don’t have to take me to a hotel, we could stay here.”

I took my sister’s hands and caught her attention with my eyes, “Shelby, I’m not taking you there just for sex, we can do that anywhere. You need to get away, you need to enjoy yourself, you need a friend not just a cock between your legs so you and I are going to enjoy New York, not just each other.” Shelby’s eyes grew soft, her gaze tender then she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly but silently. I could have seduced her right there at that moment, but I wanted to give her time to anticipate, to build up passion, not just satisfy her lust.

The first night in New York Shelby and I acted as if we had just gotten engaged. We walked hand in hand on the streets, we touched and petted lightly while waiting for Walk signs to change. We talked, laughed, and flirted easily as the day passed. After dinner we went to the hotel, I had reserved a room near the top so we would have a view of the city. I was sitting on the balcony in a lounge chair when Shelby came out of the apartment, she had taken her clothes off. She bent over me then began to open my pants, her tits were hanging in front of my eyes, I reached up and pinched both nipples while she smiled into my eyes. When my cock was free she dropped to her knees and began to lick the length of it. She looked up, “I need you Tony, I need you to make love to me” then she slipped the end of my cock through her lips. When she had finished raising a stone hard monolith in my lap Shelby straddled my legs and settled down. She wrapped her arms around my neck then started rocking her cunt, my erection was sliding in and out of the oven hot tunnel of her sex. My sister rocked her hips until her entire body cramped then she clutched me even tighter as she climaxed.

Shelby and I spent the next five nights trying to destroy the hotel bed. When we weren’t fucking we were sleeping to regain enough energy to fuck again. Once in a while we ventured out for food, drink and sightseeing. By the time we got back to Asheville, she was bowlegged and I was too fucking tired to fuck Lonnie.

Seven weeks later my sister came to my studio. “I’m pregnant.”

“Shit, New York?”

She grinned, her eyes were twinkling, “Yeah, it happened in New York.”

“I thought you were on birth control, what happened?”

“After I split with Kevin I stopped, I don’t know why but having that thing in me made me feel like Kevin would be coming back for more, I took it out because without it Kevin will never touch me again.”

“So I got to impregnate you again, this is becoming habitual. You want me to go with you to a clinic?”

Shelby stood from the studio sofa, “No Tony, not this time, I won’t do that again, I want this one.” She stepped to me, put her hands on my chest and looked me straight in the eyes and repeated, “I want to have this baby.”

My head was spinning, my heart fluttering, I knocked up my sister and she wanted to keep it? “Shelby, what if the baby has problems, you know incest babies sometimes don’t come out perfect.”

She stepped back, “You remember what I told you the first time this happened, that my intuition was working and I knew without a doubt?”


“Well, my intuition working overtime right now, I know I’m pregnant, I know it is a little girl and I know she will be healthy and normal. You are going to be a daddy Tony.” The joy in her face was hard to ignore.


“Yes, she, and she will grow up to be your favorite niece, you will be the proud uncle.”

I wrapped my arms around my sister and pulled her close, we stayed bonded by our arms for several moments then I kissed her tenderly, “You want to move in with me, live with me and raise our daughter together?”

She shook her head, “No, you want to marry Lonnie and I won’t take that away from you two. You get to be the favorite uncle.”

We didn’t have sex that day but after she left my head was full of my sister. That she wanted to carry my baby didn’t shock me as much as I thought it should, I kind of enjoyed the idea. I wondered what she would look like in six month, her stomach protruding with the produce of my balls. I thought long and hard about Shelby’s future, the future of her baby girl and my future with Lonnie.

She came to my apartment two nights later to talk to me. Shelby told me she wanted to tell mom and dad in person the good news, that she was having a kid. Our mother had expressed her dismay several times that she wasn’t a grandma yet, she kept reminding Shelby that she was not getting younger so her and Kevin should reproduce. Now that Kevin wasn’t going to be impregnating anyone for many years I asked Shelby what she would tell our parents.

“I’ll tell them it was an accident after a party.”

“Dad will want to know who the father is.”

My sister grinned salaciously, “I don’t think we should tell them it’s you, I’ll just say I was too fucking drunk to remember.”

I reminded her, “You don’t drink that much.”

She rolled to her side, pressed her breasts against my side then reached for my cock. As her fingers teased my nuts, her voice teased my ear, “I did that night.”

I pulled her up until she was lying on my stomach, put my hands over her hard round ass and pulled her legs apart. When my erection rested along the crack of her body I flexed it which caused Shelby to moan. Surprised I responded “You made a noise!”

She opened her eyes, “I did?”

“Yes Shelby, you actually sounded like that felt good.”

“It did feel good, you always feel good, maybe I was just singing to my baby, she should know that she was conceived by a happy, satisfied mother.”

I found the entrance to Shelby then rolled my hips pushing into her until my balls stopped me, her eyes grew wide, her face lit up with pleasure then she gasped, “Oh my god Tony, I can feel every inch of you, this is so different, new, I never felt an erection that far in me before.” My sister bent her head down and put her mouth over mine, her tongue launched an erotic invasion in my mouth then she moaned again, even louder.

Thirty minutes later she was on back with her legs caught in my elbows when she peaked with a long series of cramps. When Shelby climaxed she slapped a hand over her mouth, closed her eyes and cried out repeatedly into her hand. My sister was voicing her rapture for the first time since I started fucking her six years earlier. I didn’t think I could ever feel closer to Shelby than I did when were fucking but hearing her vocalize the pleasure I gave her drew me emotionally tighter to her.

The next night it was Lonnie who was panting her passion in my ear while I injected her with my erection. After we were done, she lying with me, I compared what I was feeling just then with how I felt with Shelby the night before. I had come to a nexus, a point in my life that no matter what I did, what path I took, my future was about to change radically. I just didn’t know which path to follow but I was going to have to become devoted to one woman, it was time to stop screwing both.

We were sweating, we were totally sated, we were totally happy with each other. “Shelby, that first night with you, in that hotel, did your keen intuition ever tell you we would end up like this?”

“End up like how?”

“With you pregnant by your brother and your brother wondering if he should even marry Lonnie.”

“You’re thinking of breaking up with her? Why?”

“I’m not sure how I feel about you, if I love you like a sister or if I love you like a woman but right now I feel like Lonnie is between us in a way I don’t want. If I married her I couldn’t be close enough to you or to our baby. I think I want that more than her.”

She focused on me for several long seconds, concerned, “Tony, what in hell would mom and dad say if we start living together? We might be able to hide it for a while but they aren’t that stupid. If they found out we were living, fucking and having kids together they would write us out of their will.”

“You’re worried about an inheritance?”

She put her hand on my cheek and pulled me to her for a soft kiss, “Not in the least.”

“We’ll need to move, too many people here know we are brother and sister.”

Shelby rested her head on my chest, sighed then asked tentatively, “Can you love me like a woman Tony?”

I kissed the top of her head and assured her, “I think I already do.”

She snuggled closer, “I hear Tampa is nice.”