by AmethystQueen

When I think about it, I’d say I’m ready for a Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship…or am I?

I think I would love to get a call from my daddy Dom with that serious tone in his voice telling me, “You’d better be ready, ’cause you’re gunna get it today!”

When he comes in the room he’d lock the door. Kiss me hard on the lips and bend me over facedown on the bed. He’d pull my hair a bit and lean his weight on me and hiss in my ear “Get undressed NOW!”

As I timidly start to undress, he smacks my face hard and roars, “Faster, cunt!”

I hurridly slide the rest of my clothes off into a heap on the floor. He grabs my hair again and roughly pushes me to bend over the bed with my face in the covers. I struggle for air but he continues to hold me down and laughs at my feeble attempts to push my head back up.

“Don’t you get it”, he hisses into my ear, “I own you!”

With that he lets go of my hair. I gulp in air as fast as I can not knowing if I’ll be denied the sweet oxygen soon. He fumbles for something out of my line of sight behind me. I know better than to turn around and just whimper there bend over the bed and spread open.

“How’s this to make you feel comfortable, sweetheart?” He asks sadistically as he rams a huge lubed dildo up my butt. I cry out from the shock and receive another set of smacks on both my butt cheeks and my face.

“Quiet! You’re gunna take it like the whore you are!”

I quiet down but continue to sob as I feel the dildo shake and jerk. Then he tells me to stand up…but I can’t! I have to push my butt out more off the edge of the bed to get my balance. He’s cuffed my ankles to a spreader bar! From the feel of it, the bar extends all the way up to the dildo planted deep in my butt. I’m impaled!

He stands back watching me struggle to get to my feet. I fall down hard on the floor face first. He takes the opportunity to lash me with his whip of many tails. I flinch, but it’s not that painful…yet. In my struggle I feel some contents of my bowels seep out over the dildo. Guess I wasn’t ready for backdoor play.

“What a dirty, disgusting stink hole you have, my dear”, he comments, seeing the filth run down my legs as I stand. “We’ll have to take care of that, now won’t we?”

He grabs my hair again and drags me to the bathroom. I hustle after him as best I can with the spreaderbar dildo up my butt. I’m not liking the squishy feeling back there. Each movement seems to trigger another leak of the movement in my butt. I hang my head ashamed.

When we get to the bathroom, he takes off his belt and says “You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you?”

When I say “No, Daddy!” he pulls my hair and says, “Did you just say I was wrong?”

I start weeping because I know this isn’t going to end anytime soon.

He orders me to bend over and administers whack after whack to my bare bottom. Tears are streaming down my face and I begin to cry out with each lash. It’s starting to hurt now.

“Tell me I’m right, Daddy.”

“You’re right, Daddy!” I scream.

“Tell me you’re a dirty, nasty whore that needs her bottom cleaned out!”

“No! Not that, Daddy! I hate that!”


“Did you just tell me no, again, whore? What did I tell you to say?”

“I’m a dirty, nasty whore who needs her bottom cleaned out!”

“That’s right. Now, let’s begin.”

I’m a sobbing, movement-runnny mess. I really hate how Daddy cleans me out for his enjoyment. An enema is bad enough without all the humiliation Daddy puts me through during it.

He gets the enema bag ready and brings me across his knees. He undoes the spreader bar and takes out the filthy dildo. Some filth gets on his lap and drips onto my butt. He rubs my big butt a few times before he smacks my cheeks barehanded. I yelp, but he continues while I cry some more. I’m glad the dildo is gone, but the stinging blows are too much as I cry hysterically.

“You can cry all you want but this isn’t going to get easier for you yet”, he says.

He finally stops slapping my butt cheeks and jams the enema nozzle into my tight hole amid protests from me. Then he lets the liquid run and fill my tummy. As it fills, he rubs around my hole and massages the space between my butthole and my pussy. Then with one hand still massaging around my butthole, he lets the fingers of his other hand inspect my pussy. With all of the prior abuse he’s given to my derriere, I welcome the gentler touches. When I start to moan, he smacks my butt cheeks again.

“Quiet whore! This is for my enjoyment, not yours!”

I settle down and try to stifle the lustful feelings inside. I begin to feel uncomfortable as the liquid fills me up more and more. The cramping begins and that uneasy feeling starts to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. My shame rolls over me and I cry some more.

All the while he’s telling me what a bad girl I am and how I needed my filthy hole cleaned out. He says I should be ashamed because of my poor hygiene. He wants me to be ready for him at all times.

When the liquid stops filling me, he puts a plug in my butt and an egg vibrator in my pussy and tells me to interlock my fingers behind my head. He orders me to kneel with my legs apart in front of him. He massages, pulls and twists my nipples as I clench my eyes, softly sobbing and hating the predicament I’m in. He takes my hair again as he’s standing up and guides me to stand up in front of him. He comes close and backs me against the wall holding my wrists over my head while he sucks at my breasts. Still lightly sobbing, I start to feel oh so aroused while at the same time wanting desperately to expel the liquid in my bottom. The plug he put in me holds everything firmly in place. As he continues to suck and lick my breasts I feel the need to cum so bad! He can tell by my trembling that I’m getting close to my orgasm.

“You’d better not”, he whispers. He keeps me there, licking to his delight until he is satisfied. I just try with all my might not to cum. I don’t want to make things worse for me in any way, but my body betrays me and I start to moan again.

“Did I tell you you could enjoy this?!! Huh? Did I?” The anger is back in his voice. “I’ll fix that right now.”

He pulls my hair and leads me to the front of the house. The big plate glass floor-to-ceiling mirror in the living room seems to be our destination. My eyes widen in horror as I see plastic laid out on the floor, a stainless steel bucket and a pole on wheels used in hospitals to carry IV bags.

“You, my dear, will be on display for all in the neighborhood to see as you expel and take your second enema of the day.”

“No! You can’t…” my voice trails off as I see his hand raise up to backhand slap me across my face.

“You better watch that tongue. It’s gunna get you in serious trouble, Missy.”

Then he pulls my hair as he shoves his hand up my vagina to retrieve the egg. While still pulling my hair, he pushes me to my knees. He takes some cuffs out of his pocket and handcuffs my writs behind my back. He pushes my face into the floor, but turns my head so I’m facing the outside street. The curtains are drawn so no one sees him setting this whole thing up. He kicks the pail closer and kicks my feet apart more so the pail is directly under me. Fresh tears start to well up in my eyes as I think of what will happen as the curtains are slid back to reveal me in this position…and expelling my enema into a pail!!

“There. All nice and comfy. Ready for your big debut, enema-slut?” I can tell from his voice that he has a malicious smile on his face as he nears the curtain string behind me.

“One last thing to take care of”, he says as he leans down and pulls out the butt plug. As I start to gush loads of liquid mixed with my bowel movement, he pulls the curtain open.

I am now on display for anyone to see! I shut my eyes and cry harder.

“Oh no, pretty princess. You’re gunna have your eyes open for this one. I want you watching all those passing by you on the street and gawking at your lewdness.”

I snap my eyes open fearful of retribution later. He’s right. There are some people walking on the sidewalk who casually glance up at our window. One old lady squints and stops in her tracks as she tries to get a closer look of what’s behind our window. I’m glad the house is far from the sidewalk, but hate the fact that it causes so many on the street to stop and stare. I can just imagine their disbelief at what they are witnessing. Still crying I wish for this moment to end! I hear him laughing at my shame from somewhere behind me. He’s actually enjoying my humiliation. As my pussy gets wetter and wetter, I have to admit I am too.

My butt continues to expel the contents of my rectum making gross noises as it farts out ounce after ounce of liquid.

Finally, the stream ceases.

“Aaawwww so soon?” he says. “Well, we’ll just have to set you right up with another one. That was more entertaining than one of those expensive movies! I’m making my own porno flick right here!”

I feel like I’ve sobbed out all the tears I have. My face is stained and puffy from the smacks. My butt is still exposed as the remnants of the expelled enema dry in my crack. I don’t feel like I can take much more…but oh there’s lots more…

As he closes the curtain on my debauched circumstance, hiding me from the eyes of the public, he says, “You know. Watching you squirm, suffer and eliminate while on display like that, has gotten Daddys dick happy. Watch it twitch, Princess.” With that, he pulls down his zipper and whips it out. It does indeed seem to be dancing in his hand.

“Stay right there, beautiful”, he says as he kneels down behind me and grabs my hips to enter me. No! I scream to myself. Not like this!! But it’s too late. Daddy chooses my most nasty of holes at this very moment to squeeze his member inside in spite of all the muck. I grunt and groan, but not in pleasure.

“Awwwww yeah…that’s what’s up”, Daddy moans as he pumps in and out of my butt. “Your hole is so tight and dirty. I love it just like that. Don’t you Princess?”

I know what he wants to hear so I say, “Y-y-yes…ow…Daddy…”

He pumps and pumps while he holds onto my hips. My arms still handcuffed together on my back are aching by now and my face is sliding back and forth on the floor as he goes in and out. Finally, he starts to pick up the pace and I feel relief as the end is near.

“Ooooohhhh Princess! Daddy’s cummminnnnnn…I’m gunna shoot my heavy, thick load deep inside your hot, nasty hole!”

And he did just that.

“Now to clean Daddy off, Princess”, he says as he pulls me by my hair to an upright position on my knees as he stands.

With my head bobbing back and forth on his stained dick, I think, Just my luck. I end up with a Daddy who has the most depraved mind of them all.