The waiting period was about to expire when the Prosecutor of the Labor Court approached to tell me:
-Doctor, the hearing has been suspended at the request of the counterpart, the Judge provided his request presented at the last minute. We will have to set a new day and time. I thought that Dr. Alvarez had warned her yesterday.
No, the very cretin had not bothered to pick up the phone to tell me she would ask for a postponement of the hearing. A postponement that did not make sense because I, in a gesture of professional loyalty, had warned him that my client was willing to comply with the claims of his client, and that the only thing we would ask would be costs for his order and a short deadline to pay the totality. That is, it was a virtually finished case.
I left the court cursing the lost time, execrating all known lawyers and to know, in particular that pecora that has a beautiful face and an exciting figure to ambulate as a diva for all courts.
Besides angry I was baffled. What the fuck was that vedette trying to ask for a postponement? I went into the office ruminating my anger and tried in vain to concentrate on the stacked files that were waiting for me on the desk.
The phone brought me to reality. It was Alicia, my secretary, telling me that she had a call from Dr. Alvarez.
I attended very reluctantly with a dry “Hello” that according to my intention should detonate like a bullet in your ear. From the other end came the mellifluous voice of my colleague, who without excusing his professional impoliteness asked me for an interview to adjust the claim of his client.
-Adjust what, Doctor? We had not almost agreed that my client would pay everything if he was granted a short time to collect the rest of the money?
-Look Doctor, unfortunately my client has changed his mind because he wants to expand the demand, you will have read that there is a reservation in that sense … (Indeed there are in almost all those demands, they are of practice but that gave very bad smell).
– It’s okay, Doctor. You will then say what your client’s claims are for us to evaluate.
-On the phone, I can not tell you, Doctor, it will be better if we meet at an hour that suits you at the “El Galeón” …
I agreed, we agreed on the time and mentally cursed her.

* * *

I hate to admit it and I only do it to myself. I would never accept before anyone the deep respect and professional admiration I have for Lorenzo, and much less what excites me to see him in a lawsuit defending his case: so sure, so virile, so wise and knowledgeable about the twists and turns of our profession.
A couple of times I had to face it and it was not easy. I always wanted to win a case as it should and when I found out that he was the defender of the other party I said to myself: “this is mine”, given that the case is extremely easy. And the little devil of revenge plus the arrogance of wanting to win him took over me. But I went even further and planned something a little more complicated, more to annoy it than anything else.
I asked for the hearing to be suspended and the judge provided it to me. Of course I did not warn him, which made him lose time and in all safety … annoy him a lot!
When I called his studio to set up an interview and adjust my client’s claim, I could not hide his anger and that amused me a lot. I almost forced him to meet us at “El Galeón”.


“El Galeón” is the preferred confectionery of the lawyers because it is very close to the Palace of Courts; it is an old bar that maintains the façade and the furniture of the belle époque, a place where more deals have been closed and more litigation concluded than in the courts themselves.
I decided to make her wait like a small revenge for the morning’s sit-in and when I came in half an hour later I found her smiling in front of an empty coffee cup and a couple of butts crushed in the ashtray. I purposely did not apologize for the delay, I snapped my fingers for the waiter to come, ordered a coffee and sat down in front of that shoddy vamp.
He went straight to the point and without preamble, looking at his arranged nails, those so taken care of that fascinated me but that, at that moment, they seemed like the claws of a tigress; He said that his client was going to sue my sponsor for sexual harassment demanding compensation for moral damages.
It was a deadly blow to my client, by professional secrecy I knew many details of his career amatoria and if that relationship with his former employee was ventilated in the courts would be their marital ruin and the beginning of an economic earthquake.
I could not contain myself and I told him what I thought, that it had a very ugly name, it was called extortion.
“Call it whatever you like, Lorenzo,” he said, still smiling. In public we gave each other a professional treatment but in private we talked to each other- Talk to your client and convince him that it is convenient to fix.
It was better for him to arrange. I had already solved a marital crisis that put him on the verge of divorce. This time I was ready. The very ladina knew it.
“Well, Doctor, I’m waiting for your call,” she said as she said goodbye, smiling derisively as she stomped out, taking the look of desire of all the parishioners behind her.

* * *

I was quite punctual, but just as I imagined him, he was late for the sole purpose of making me wait. Of course I did not say anything to her and I went straight to the point: I was willing to sue her client for sexual harassment. Given the situation of this man, he would have no choice but to accept and I knew it.
I enjoyed Lorenzo’s anger, his helplessness, knowing that I had him in my hands and although I was not being honest or professional, I was enjoying having my favorite lawyer in my hands. God, what a way to gloat over this situation!
When he told me that “it” had only one name: extortion, I just kept making fun of him. I told him to talk to his client and what better to fix. He knew it, and of course I did too. I could have had a bit of pity, but I did not want to, I did not feel like it. I wanted to feel the satisfaction of having it in my hands and that was what I was doing. And it was … simply delicious!
-Well, “doctor,” I await your call, “I said goodbye while waving my hand while smiling. I turned around without being able to hide the smile of triumph that illuminated me. Because this was not over yet.


I had to call her just and accept the conditions she imposed on my client. As if that were not enough I had to go to his studio to take the checks. I went, but I had matured a plan to take revenge. My client would pay, of course, but she would pay them to me. and in a way that I would remember for a long time.
The arrangement was made under the conditions that she imposed. He acted in the way I imagined he would when I reminded him again that this was extortion because my client’s relationship with the plaintiff came not from sexual harassment but from a situation that was wanted and even sought by her, as she had voluntarily surrendered herself. to your employer.
Estela did not stop laughing and strutting as I expected, admitted that it was true what I said, that he was right, but that men were so foolish that “it” made us lose our heads, that we deserved it for hot, it was Just because we paid the case because the judge would give the reason to the weaker or his client, because he was also a man and as boludo as others. After receiving the checks he signed the withdrawal of the action and the right.

* * *

When he called me as expected, to make the payment, I had him come to my office to get me the checks, which angered him even more.
I waited for him dressed in a low red dress, very tight on the top that marked every inch of my bust. The wide skirt moved to the rhythm of my hips. Sandals the color of the dress, with high heels, served to support my long legs, of which I was proud. I wanted to provoke him and show him my triumph from more than one aspect. I knew that Lorenzo found me attractive, but he never said a word to me because he was a great professional who did not like to mix things …
While he handed me the checks, I could not disguise the joy of my triumph.
“Estela dear, my dear Dr. Álvarez … you are clear that this is extortion, right?
Do not answer. I just looked at him and smiled.
-This case is not about sexual harassment. Your client searched and even offered his boss. That is, it was a dear situation.
-And with what? Yes Lorenzo, this is clean and pure extortion, I admit it. But you, the men, are so stupid that for “that” they lose their heads and more. So … it’s fair that they pay. You know perfectly well that the case, the judge, who is a man and as boludo as the rest of his species, will give the reason to the weakest part, that is … to my client.
Having said that and satisfied with myself, I signed the withdrawal of the action and the right. I was happy, I was very happy to win the case even though I had not been professional or too honest. But I had beaten Lorenzo and that was all I wanted, everything that mattered to me.

* * * *
Then I took a microgravure from the pocket of the bag and showed it to him:
– Dear colleague, we are going to see what the Professional Ethics Court of the Bar Association dictates when I listen to this tape after reading the complaint that I am going to present against you …
The hour of my triumph had sounded. It was I who had the letters of triumph in her hand, her face changed, but even so she was radiant, I had not escaped either the brightness of her eyes or the care she had put in fixing herself, because she was dressed and made up with care , more like someone prepared for a party than to work in the office. In other circumstances I would have found her there well dressed, yes, but surely with more comfortable clothing, pants, a sweater to the tone; low-heeled shoes and collected hair, more typical of a lawyer.
The red dress with wide neckline and flared skirt that she wore with elegant high-heeled sandals plus the hair that betrayed the passage through the hairdresser, could not mean anything but the pleasure of victory, like those generals who come to the parade with All your decorations and gimped, that’s how my colleague appeared.
-Lorenzo! You will not dare! You can not do that to me! That would be a bastard! … No, you will not dare …
-Look dear, my client was injured unjustly so when your registration is suspended, with the silver of your fees plus what you will charge your client you can take a nice vacation …
With studied calm I got up and went to the door. She thought I was retiring, so she begged us to come to an agreement, she was on the verge of tears. I closed the heavy oak door with a double turn of the key and put it in my pocket.
-Look doll, I do not want to hurt you, I’ll give you the cassette, but only after doing what I have to do with you …
-What are you going to aaa hhhaccceeer? Let’s go!
“If you scream,” I murmured, “your secretary, the intern, and the people in the waiting room are going to learn that Dr. Álvarez received a severe beating in her own office.

* * * * * *

But the smile and the air of triumph were erased from my face when the very wretched man took out of his pocket a micro-recorder that he showed me smiling while saying:
– Dear colleague, we are going to see what the professional ethics tribunal of the Bar Association dictates when listening to this tape after reading the complaint that I am going to present against you …
I could not believe what I heard. The very wretch had made me talk and he had recorded me. I became desperate and started walking towards him:
-Lorenzo! You will not dare! You can not do that to me! That would be a bastard! … No, you will not dare …
He told me something that with what I had unfairly gotten his client, with my fees and what I would charge my client, I could go on vacation when I suspended my registration. I thought I was dying of disgust and nerves. I had to lean on the desk, but immediately reacted:
I wanted to hit him, to insult him more, to hurt him with my words but … nothing came to mind and I had to calm down. He had me at his mercy …
Lorenzo got up and went to the door. He could not let her go.
– Wait, do not go please! We have to reach an agreement, I beg you.
I felt my head explode. I had to think something and fast. I knew Lorenzo and he knew that if he did that, it was because he was sure of winning. When I felt that he locked the door and kept it in his pocket … least I understood. Until I saw his smile of triumph …
Lorenzo does not need to talk. With his gesticulations he says everything. She has thin lips, and when she smiles with the certainty of having won a case … she closes her eyes, blinks softly and her lips turn into a thin line that ends in two delicious dimples. And I know from experience that his opponent is lost, as I was at that moment.
-Look doll, I do not want to hurt you, I’ll give you the cassette, but only after doing what I have to do with you …
Without a word and without my mind allowing me to move, he took the chair he had been sitting in, placed it in the middle of the office, took off his jacket and tie, rolled up his shirt and grabbed my arm.
-What are you going to aaa hhhaccceeer? Let’s go!
It did not take much effort for me to finish on his knees. Many times I had been promised a whip but I had never believed him, especially with that case with which I felt totally winning. I started shouting to let go, while he calmly told me that if he shouted he would find out my secretary, clients and all the people who were outside. The worst was that he was right.

* * * * *

She felt triumphant, until luck, which is also a woman, stopped smiling.
There I was dumbfounded and silent looking at me while I got rid of my coat and tie. At that time I was not sure I could fulfill the goal I had set for myself, she could recover and ask for help. Your secretary, then with the intern and the people in the waiting room come and find the door locked. What a scandal!
If he accused me of sexual assault, with so many witnesses he would see me in figurines to make the charges, nevertheless I trusted that she feared the scandal more than me, because I did not ignore at all the feelings and desires that I had been inspired for a long time.
Barely stammered a protest at my unworthy behavior, for having abused his good faith by recording the conversation … But as he thought, he did not ask for help and when the soleve to turn her on my knees, so surprised was not able to resist.
He acclaimed the first clapping with little gems very similar to those of a cat in a trance. That encouraged me, not only to move forward but to move on the flimsy defenses.
I suspect that at that moment he cursed to have chosen that dress of light gauze whose skirt I went up without difficulty to gloat over the sight of her creamy buttocks encased in a satin white slip.
I must be true to the truth at no time I felt anger, but neither repentance, what I experienced in those moments was pleasure. Pure pleasure, a wonderful compound of aesthetic emotion, feeling of power and a lot of gratitude, not to say love for the person who had plotted the plot of which had ultimately been a victim.
He rested quite resignedly the loud slaps that he gave him and that encouraged me to tear down the last barrier. I seized the elastic waist and with firm and safe movements I annulled the last bastion of modesty. Despite their pleas and protests I managed to descend the garment until it completely cleared the glorious crimson field from which my hand had dominated.

* * * * *

The first spanking I felt through the thin dress. They tasted delicious, like caresses, I knew that I was not getting too strong, but I was beginning to feel a rich warmth in my buttocks. When he lifted his skirt, I thought I was going to die of shame! I, a recognized professional, Dr. Alvarez, with my buttocks on the air … no! I could not allow it! I tried to shake myself loose, to let go: kicks, blows on his legs, sudden movements and even pleas … everything was in vain. His hand continued to fall on my buttocks, but they did not know how to touch me because now they burned a lot.
I had to have my tail like a scarlet, but Lorenzo’s hairy beast continued with the whipping, and even dared to take off my white bikini. I have never felt such shame in my life. I felt as much shame as … as … as … excitement? Yes, that wonderful feeling was a mixture of sweet pain and excitement. Tears began to roll, but a smile of mischief and pleasure crossed my face. “I followed Lorenzo, I continued … Yes! What a delicious sensation! “I thought to myself.
Anyway, although defeated once again, the end of this episode was really “reconciliatory”.

* * * *

Yes, more than the spanking, humiliated the joke that I spent, is that any lady teasing hurt more than that kind of lashes.
Tears of indignation fell when he heard that the recording was a lie. I noticed that it would cost him to forgive me and he also wanted to do it. I approached her, took her by the chin to raise her face and kissed her …
She, I boast to say it, returned the kiss transforming the episode into a real conciliation hearing.