I was raised in an adoptive home with many brothers and sisters. Aunt Diana was a person that ran a clean and tidy home with more love than anyone could ever need. When anyone was sick or ill we were given special treatment and separated from the others to keep everyone from coming down ill.

Aunt Diana had a way of knowing if our ills were physical or just a case of the blues. Sometimes all we needed was a bowl of hot soup and some TLC. Occasionally junk food and bad school meals made for a cramped stomach and “clogged pipes”.

Aunt Diana was not one to run us to the doctor unless we were truly sick or needed medical care. A case of “clogged pipes” was resolved with an Epson Salt Enema. We had 3 bathrooms in our house one for the boy’s one for the girls and a “big” bathroom. The big bath was much larger than the others and had a separate tub area from the toilet. A large white enamel bucket would always sit on the shelf over the bath tub with its long rubber hose wound tight and tucked inside.

I had been away for a week one summer on a camping trip with friends. I returned on Sunday with a weeks worth of hotdogs, potato chips, marshmallows and lots of pop and even a couple of beers inside. I had a great time but I was feeling a little weighted down from all the junk. Aunt Diana told me to get everything unpacked and take a bath (I guess a week is too long without one).

Unpacking was nothing more than dumping all the dirty socks shirts in one pile pants in another. I striped down in the laundry room to my underwear. Aunt Diana came in and said use the big bathroom. I probably needed a good cleaning out from all the junk I had ate. I had been given a few enemas in the past, but I was almost never sick. This time was different, I was older and I did not feel sick just sluggish. I got into the tub of hot water and almost fell asleep in 60 seconds flat. Aunt Diana came in as I was starting to doze and said I needed to be cleaned up on the inside as well.

We did not run around the house naked, but were accustomed to seeing each other nude and I was not too embarrassed by her walking in. Aunt Diana started to fill the bucket with warm water and mix in the salt. Filling it half way and sloshing the mix inside to dissolve the salt, she was joking about that is what my insides were doing when I walk. She filled the remainder of the gallon can with hot water just as I watched the dirt in the bottom of the tub as the water drained away.

Before, I had always lain across her lap when I took my enema and was expecting to do the same this time. Instead she told me to put my towel on the floor and get down on all fours. I felt her hands on my butt cheeks as she put the ointment on her fingers. She applied what felt like a large amount on the outside and slowly worked 2 of her fingers inside to apply more.

The nozzle slipped in so easily I almost did not know it was in. Then the clamp was opened and the water started to flow. I could feel the warmth from the water and pressure start to build, almost as soon as it started. The pressure and cramps were quick to follow, every time I said stop, she clamped the hose and told me to arch my back and relax. The cramps passed and the flow was started again. She would massage my belly using more of the ointment. This would go on for about 20 minuets, and I said I am full I need to stop. She helped me up and told me “walk around the bathroom as much as you can before sitting on the toilet”, “you have the entire can inside you”. “I will come back in a few minuets and check on you to see how you feel”.

I was glad to be alone in the bathroom. From the time the ointment coated finger went into my anus, I had an erection. With the pressure and fullness of almost a gallon of liquid inside me I felt as if I was going to explode at any time. I was too embarrassed to masturbate in fear Aunt Diana would walk in and see me. But as I sat on the toilet my erection subsided and the week’s worth of junk went down the toilet.

Aunt Diana came back in and ask me how I was feeling. I was like a new person, I felt great! Aunt Diana said that I needed to take care of my body and not abuse it. “A good cleansing enema can keep everything working as it should” she told me. “It can also bring you some good safe pleasure, as I noticed”. I knew what she was taking about, but try play dumb.

“It’s ok to enjoy the feeling of a good enema, let me show you what I mean”. “We will do it again, but this time I want you to enjoy the way it feels”. “Ok now I want you to fill the water and mix in the salt”. So I begin filling the water and scooped out 2 hefty scoops of salt into the can. Check the temperature of the water as you mix it in, too cool and you will cramp, too hot and it will burn”. So I did, filling the can as full as I could without spilling a drop. I sat the can on the shelf and tested the flow into the tub.

Aunt Diana said “make sure you have everything before you start, you don’t want to stop until you are ready”; “and always, always, make sure your door is locked”. “I am going to get you started then I will leave you alone to finish yourself, I think you will know what to do”.

As I applied the ointment to my anus I was harder than I had ever been in my life. I started the flow and I knew I was going to enjoy this very much. As the warm water filled me on the inside I could not help but start to masturbate. Aunt Diana said “slowdown, relax, make it last as long as you can, that is what this is all about”. With a soft pat on the head she asks if I wanted her to leave. All I could do was shake my head no. She opened the jar of ointment and scooped some out with her fingers. She took my hand in hers and softly spread it in my palm. Without ever touching me she moved my hand back but slowed the pace of my strokes with a slight twist of the wrist in every one. She said “enjoy this the way you like”.

I was in a total bliss, never had I felt this good before. I had done a circle jerk a couple of times; but the idea was to see who could finish first. This was so incredibly different. I close my eyes and had to stop several times just to catch my breath. I did not even notice the enema can was empty. Aunt Diana helped me stand up and she started to fill the can again without removing the nozzle. I lean back against the tile wall gripping the hose with my butt as the flow started again. I knew I would not be able to take much more before I exploded either on the inside or outward. I had somewhere about half to go before I came with so hard that I almost fell to the floor. I had spewn my seed with such force Aunt Diana was in its path. Very embarrassed and in need of more relief I removed the nozzle without clamping the flow first. As I sat on the toilet for even more relief Aunt Diana came over and gave me a smile put both hands on my face and said “remember this always and you will make someone very happy”.

25 years later I have never forgotten my first real enema. Having given a select few people the benefit of my learning, my enema equipment is on proud display in my bathroom. Aunt Diana will forever be my most erotic memory, every time I feel my clogged pipes are ready for attention.