by Red Tempest

Christmas was just around the corner, and it would a sad and tough time for me. I lost my wife of 30 years to breast cancer. She fought a brave battle, but in the end this tough disease won.
It was her second marriage and my second also, she had 3 kids from her first, and I had 1, plus we had 1 together. The kids are all grown with there own kids and a couple with grand kids. When we all get together it totals over 24 at a function. We always would meet on the holidays, but this year I just was not into it. I told them to go ahead with their own plans, and that I would be ok.

The real reason I want to be left alone is because I had a date for Christmas dinner. I was in our local Walmart a few days before Christmas, when I bumped into Tina. Boy she still look great, and I had not seen her for a few years. She lost her husband to a heart attack this summer, a few weeks before my wife died. We both wished each other our deepest sympathy for the loss of our spouse’s.

I asked her what she was doing for Christmas, and she replied that she would be home alone. We chatted some more and then I asked her if she would like to come over to my house and have Christmas dinner with me. She politely refused saying that she did not want to be a bother, like the odd person out. I informed her that would be just her and me and the dog. I had a real nice pork loin that was way to large for me to eat alone. It took some convincing, but she agreed to come over around 4 pm for dinner.

On Christmas Day I took the pork loin and sliced it into ½” thick chops. I got out a baking dish and open a can of apple pie filling and put it on the bottom of the dish. I then put the 4 chops on top of the apples, and put stove top stuffing over the chops, and baked for about 45 minutes at 350. I got out a package of veggies and nuked them in the microwave oven. The rest of the meal consist of a salad and fresh fruit cup.

She showed up right at 4 pm, with a bottle of wine. Even though I am not a big wine drinker, I choked down a glass to be polite. We sat down to a candle light dinner at 5 pm. I have to admit it was a wonderful meal and the company was delightful. We took turns telling each about our life story to date. Let me tell you a little about Tina. She is about 5’6″ has blonde hair, blue eyes, a beautiful body, great breast, slender waist, nice ass and legs, she told me she works out almost everyday in the morning for about hour and a half. She was wearing a tight green sweater, and a red skirt about knee high, with black shoes. For a lady around 55 she was drop dead gorgeous.

We finished dinner and she helped me clean up the dishes, and put away the leftover food. She excused herself to go to the bathroom, and I went into the living and turned on the gas fireplace, put a blanket on the floor, and turned on some Christmas music. I had a couch pillow under my head as I laid on the blanket in front of the fireplace. She came into the room and sat on a chair by me. After a few minutes she asked if there was a pillow for her to use. Now why in the fuck did I not think of that and have an extra pillow there for her. Her intoxicating beauty was making me think with the wrong head. I quickly gave her my pillow and I got a different one.

We laid there for a while listening to the music and having our feet warmed by the fireplace. I turned on my side to look at her, and she stared back into my eyes. I lowered my head down to her and our lips met in a soft kiss. I move down to make our bodies come together, and we made out like a couple of teenagers. Slowly we shed our clothes till we both were naked. Her body was like a piece of art work, and I was the artist who is going to work on it. Our kisses became more passionate, with our tongues probing each others mouth. I was really getting hot, until I realized that my feet were almost in the fireplace. She giggled about that as we shifted over away from the fireplace.

After that slight delay we resume our heavy kissing, and I was gently massaging her breast and rubbing her nipples. She was really getting turned on as she was moaning into my mouth. Slowly I worked my way down her body, kissing and biting softly her neck. Man what a beautiful neck she has, if I were a vampire I would suck on it all night. I finally made to those perfect breast. I lick and sucked on them and her nipples. She finally started to talk to me, tell me to suck her nipples harder. I took her nipples in my mouth and suck real hard on them, then took my teeth and started to nibble and softly bite them. Then I used my tongue, and gently lick them.

While I was working on her breast, my hand move down her tummy and threw her bush, to her pussy. I gently rubbed her thighs, and then my fingers moved to her outer lips, gently stroking them. She softly whispered in my ear, I am so wet put your finger in me, and get me off. I opened her lips and inserted my finger and worked her slit with a vigor. She was really wet, and was moaning and groaning out loud. My finger found her hidden jewel, and I started to work on her clit, getting her more stimulated. Pretty quick she moaned out loud, clutch my head tightly and locked her legs against my hand, as she was in a gripping orgasm.

I let her settle down, before I started to make my way down her body. She had a trim bush that smell full of her last orgasm. I spread her lips and inserted my tongue, and lick her pussy, like a cat lapping a saucer of milk Pretty quick she started to squirm again. She cried out I going to cum again, and my face got a bath from her orgasm. I stayed put and licked up all of her juices that I could.

She started to beg please I need you inside me, I want to feel you in me, it has been so long since I have had a cock inside me. Do it now, Do it now!! I moved up to her on my knees and grabbed her legs and split her apart like a turkey wishbone, and entered her wet hole with my cock. I pounded away with her feet riding on my shoulders. It has been a while since I fucked a woman, and I knew that I would not last real long. She started to scream I am going to cum, I am going to cum. I could feel that strange feeling in my sack that I was going to cum also. I said get ready baby I am going to cum, and I blasted off a load in her that would have made NASA proud.

We collapse into each others arms, and laid there for a few minutes. Finally she got up and went to the bathroom. I turned off the fireplace, and went into the kitchen to get out some dessert. I had made chocolate pudding for us and got it out of the fridge and a can of whip cream, and set it up on the counter for us to eat. She came out of the bathroom and walked into the kitchen to join me.
We sat there naked eating dessert, how erotic. I could not help my self, I kept looking at her, she was so beautiful. Her breast are so full with very little sag in them.

Then a goofy idea struck me.

I grabbed the can of whip cream and gave her boobs a couple of shots. That caught her by surprise. I also took some of the pudding and put that on her boobs. The look on her face was priceless. As I put away the whip cream and pudding, she was watching my every move. I came back and took her hand and lead her back to my bedroom. I pull down the covers, and we got into bed. She asked what about this mess on me. I just smiled and leaned down and started licking. It did not take me long to clean that mess up and I just kept licking and sucking on her breast and nipples. I could tell that she was getting aroused again.

I continued to explore her body, as I worked my way up f rom her breast to her neck to her ears to her lips. We kissed passionately with our tongues working together in unison. My hands were not idle while we kissed. They were giving her breast and nipples a good work over. I took my time with her, making sure that she was full aroused. Slowly I started to work my way down back to her breast. First I gave her ears and neck a good working over, with a little smut talking in her ears. I kept working my way down over her breast I stopped at her tummy and suck and nibbled on it and her belly button. I heard her suck her breath in when I start to work on her belly button.

My hands were all over her legs rubbing her thighs, working down to her knees, rubbing the back of her knees, and back up her thighs, and caressing her pussy lightly. She was aroused now as she was moaning and talking say how good that feels. I asked her if she was getting wet yet, and she responded YES. I asked her if I should stick my fingers in her pussy and rub her clit. She said YES make me feel good.

I inserted my fingers into her cunt, and she was soaked. I work them around and reach up to the roof of her vagina and hit her sensitive spot, causing her to lift her hips up off the bed, but I stayed with her rubbing that spot and riding out her orgasm. When she settled back down, I went to worked on her clit rubbing and stroking it, causing her to have more pleasure. She was moaning and groaning and tell me how good that felt. I responded by asking her if she want me to lick her pussy. She just moaned, and I said come on baby tell what you want, do want me to lick your pussy? She yelled Yes Yes Yes lick my pussy make me cum again.

I moved my head down between her legs and lick and nibble her thighs, and then I licked her pussy lips and sucked on them. She moved her legs wider opening up her cunt to me. My tongue flicked in and out of her pussy as fast as I could do it. Then I slowed it down and lick up and down real slow. She was start to squirm and buck her hips as her arousal got stronger. I move my tongue up to her clit and licked and rolled my tongue around it. My finger was rubbing her asshole, and I slowly inserted my finger into her asshole. I had her up to a point of no return and she let out a scream that scared my dog. Then her whole body just shook and her hips bucked wildly, as she had one really big orgasm. She flooded my face and I tried to drink in as much of her juices as I could, but finally I just had to pull off.

She reached down with her hands and grabbed my head and pull me to her for a real hard fierce
kiss, jamming her tongue into my mouth, tasting her orgasm which is all over my face and mouth. She broke the kiss and looked right in the eyes and said I want you to fuck me right now, I am so ready for your cock. Well I did not need a mailed invitation on what to do, I roll over on top of her, and she guided my cock right into her soaking wet pussy, and I started to pound away.
I varied my pace, as I had already cum once tonight so I knew that I would last a lot longer this time.

I fucked her in different positions, missionary, on my knees with her legs held wide open, and I flipped her over and we did it doggie style. Finally she cried uncle and I rolled off her, proud of buddy and the good job he did pleasing her. She must of had a couple of orgasms during all this fucking. We laid together on the bed, with her in my arms it felt so good to just hold her. Finally she feel asleep in my arms.

I heard the dog make that whin that means he needs out to do his business. I looked around and at the clock, it was 7:30 am, and we were laying side by side in my bed. I looked at her sleeping there so peacefully. What a beautiful site. The dog whined again, so I got up and let him outside, and I went to the can and took a piss. I walked back to the bedroom and watched her sleep for a few minutes, then grabbed a tee shirt and my sweat pants, got dressed and headed for the kitchen.

First thing I did was clean up the mess we left from last night. I then thought about what to make for breakfast. I decided on making an omelette. I got some bacon, onion, garlic, and diced up some of that leftover pork. I put all in a pan and sauteed them. I got out 4 eggs, milk, parsley, chives, salt and pepper and combined all in a bowl and beat them. I got out my omelette pan and sprayed some pam on it and heated the pan up. When ready I poured in the egg mixture and let it cook. I grabbed a tomato and diced it up and put it aside. I also got out some bread to make toast. When the egg mixture was done, I put the sauteed items with the tomato and cheese on top the eggs and flipped the lid closed. I checked on the coffee brewing and put the bread in the toaster, and put everything on hold, while I went in to wake sleeping beauty.

I walked into the bedroom and kneeled down, and gave her a soft kiss on her lips, and whispered in her ear, Sleeping Beauty your Prince Charming is here to wake you. She open her eyes and smiled at me and reached her arms up around my neck, pulling me down for a good morning kiss. She asked what time is it?. I replied 8:45 in the morning. She popped up and said I slept here all night.

The covers dropped down to her lap, and of course my eyes dropped down to her tits. She quickly grabbed the covers and brought them up to her chin, making me laugh. I said Tina I have kissed, licked, sucked, and fucked almost every part of your body, there is not much that I have not seen. She blushed and said I guess you are right. I grabbed a robe out of the closet, and held it open for her. She put it on, and I said when you are done in the bathroom, come into the kitchen, and I will have breakfast waiting for you. She gave me a soft kiss and said you are spoiling me. I laughed and said that you are worth spoiling.

As I walked back to the kitchen, I stopped to let the dog back in. I got the toast going and started to server up breakfast. By the time Tina got there everything was ready. She gave me a big kiss and said thanks for last night it was great, it made me feel like a woman again. Then she said that breakfast look and smelled wonderful. We had the omelette, toast, fruit cup, orange juice, and coffee. It tasted delicious. She asked if she could take a shower, and I said go right ahead, I will clean up the kitchen while you shower. She wanted to know if she could help me, and I said no, go take your shower, this won’t take me long. I told her the towels were in the closet.

I hurried to clean up the kitchen, rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I rinsed the two pans out and let them soak in the sink. Then I headed down the hallway towards the bedroom. I stripped out my clothes, entered the bathroom, grabbed a towel and put by her’s and entered the shower, saying is there room for one more, we should conserve water.

She squealed in delight, pulled me next to her gave me a kiss, and hand me the soap. I soaped her down from head to toe, taking my time at her sexual spots. I got the shampoo and washed her hair. Then took the water pik shower head off the holder and rinsed her down. Then it was her turn to wash me. She started at my feet and worked up to my cock, as she washed my cock she never lost eye contact with me. Of course it started to get hard. She washed my chest and back, then got the shampoo and washed my hair. Then she rinsed me off.

She started to stroke my cock which was still semi hard from her washing it. She got down on her knee’s grabbed my cock and looked me straight in the eyes and said, it has been a real long time since I have done this, I hope I do it ok. She started to lick and kiss my head and she worked on my jap eye, putting her tongue in it. She final took most of my cock in mouth and tried to swallow me whole, gagging a few times. Then she started to suck me faster, and I was done for, it wasn’t long and I could feel my nuts start to boil in my sack. I said Tina I am going cum real quick. She just suck me harder, and I shot off a load that I could have sworn blasted some wax out of her ears. She got up and gave me a kiss and passed a snowball over to me. I swirled my cum around in my mouth and then passed it back to her, and she swallowed it.

When we got done kissing, she reached down to hold and play with my cock, she stop and was looking at my cock, and said you don’t have any hair on it, why? I told her I shaved it just for her. She did not believed me. So I told her the truth that when I had a heart procedure, they shaved me, and I just keep doing it.

I gave her a kiss, and said you should let me shave you. She look at and said What!! I repeated myself, and she look at me strangely, and I thought O FUCK NO I hope I did not just blow it. All of sudden she just smiled and said ok. I shut the water off and we dried each other off. I went into the bedroom and got my beard trimmer and went back to the bathroom. I boosted Tina up on the counter next to the sink, and laid out my tools shaver, razor. shaving cream, and wash cloth. I decided to leave her a landing strip, I always thought they looked cool.

I took the shaver and got most of the hair off, then I lathered her up and use the razor to get her smooth. I had some warm water in the sink and I got the wash cloth wet and washed the shaving cream off her shaved fanny. God she looked so sexy, a shaved pussy with a landing strip. I could not help myself as my finger started to rub her shaved lips. Pretty soon I had my fingers in her bald pussy, and was she wet, her juices were really flowing. I looked up at her and she had glow on her face and lust in her eyes.

I helped her down from the counter, held her hand and we walked to my bed. I set her on the bed, and I kneeled down between her knees. She laid back and spread her legs for me, and dove in tongue first. I licked the outer lips first as they felt so nice and smooth. Then I put my lips over them and tried to suck out her juices. I then open her lips and my tongue located her clit, and I licked it gently, alternating between licking her clit and sucking real hard on her pussy. Pretty quick I had her talking, telling how good that feels lick right there in that spot, suck harder, suck harder. Suddenly she screams OOOO god I am going to cum, and she locks her legs on my head, her hips raise up, and I do my best to ride her out through her orgasm.

She came down from her orgasm, still panting, and a wild look in eyes, she said come fuck me, I want you in me right now. We get squared away on the bed and I move up on my knees and put her feet on my shoulders, and I just pound that bald pussy for all that I can. It seem like hours, but probably only minutes my legs were starting to give out on me. I pulled out and moved over and she climbed on top of me, and rode my cock. I told to turn around and ride it backwards. That way I can watch her pussy lips grip my cock. Man what a turn on. Finally she got off and said I want it dog style.

So I turned her around and I got out of bed and pulled her to me and start to pound away. As I fucked her that way, I also gave her sexy ass a spank. She flinched but did not say anything. I started to play with her corn hole, gently rubbing it and probing it with my finger, as my cock pounded away at her pussy. I had some lotion on the end table by the bed, and I reached over and grabbed it. I put some on finger and lube up her hole. I pull my penis out of her pussy and put some lotion on it and rubbed my cock around her butt hole. I told her to relax as I gently pushed my cock against her hole. Slowly she opened up and my cock entered her asshole. Bang we were off having anal sex, and she was grunting like a sow pig in heat.

As I fucked her ass gently at first then I picked up a rhythm going faster and deeper. I spanked her ass a couple of times, she yelp at the last spank. Finally she shouted out OOOO that feels good do it harder and spank me again. So I slammed away at her ass and spanked her cheeks so hard, that I could see my hand prints on her cheeks as they got red from the spankings. All of a sudden she gave a loud groan and collapsed on the bed. I did not know what happen. I moved her around and checked her and she was still breathing, so I guess that she passed out. I must have over loaded her sexual stimulation circuits. I tucked her in bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin. I went and got her clothes and put them on the end of the bed.

I grabbed some clean clothes and jumped into the shower to clean up. I dried off and put on the clean clothes, and booted up the computer. Got the net going and hit my favorite list, and clicked on xnxx, to checkout if there were any new stories on the update list. I read a few of the new stories. Then jumped over and played some diablo III for a while. An hour later I heard
some movement coming from the bedroom, and pretty quick Tina walked into the computer room. She walk over to me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. She asked me what happen did I pass out. I told her that you most certainly did. She said that has never ever happen to her before. She whispered in my ear thank you, you are a very good lover.

I shut down what I was doing, and put the computer back to the desktop. I got up and took Tina into my arms gave her a hug and a soft kiss on her lips. She kissed me back. I broke the kiss, and asked her if she was ok. She said she felt fine, but a little sore down below and behind. I said I was sorry that I did not mean to hurt her. She replied that it was some of the best sex she has ever had. She said that it was time for her to go back to her house, but hoped that we could do a repeat performance. I said count on it, and I hoped more than just once. I walked her out to her car, and gave her a very passionate kiss goodby, and watched her drive away.