by Shiine-chan

Alice fumbled with the key to her dorm door, surprised that they were here already. She and Brad had been walking around campus talking most of the evening. The current topic about how bad most grad students are at teaching freshman courses was enough of a distraction. Well, maybe Brad was the distraction.

They had met earlier that day in chemistry class. Well, they met as much as two people can meet in a class of 250 with assigned seating in an auditorium. But they exchanged enough glances across the room that Brad had asked if they could get together later.

There – the lock finally clicked open. Alice was feeling a little nervous now, since she wasn’t entirely sure what was going to happen next. Actually, she had a good idea – she’d been on a number of dates in high school, so it wasn’t like this was a completely new experience. But all of those had ended with kisses (and sometimes a little more) in the car in her parents’ driveway. The thought that her parents were just around the corner and would come out in a few minutes always kept things from getting carried away.

Now at college, hundreds of miles from home, with nobody else around, it felt different. Alice couldn’t even rely on her roommate since she had an evening job that would keep her out until well after midnight. On the other hand, Brad was really nice – maybe she was worried about nothing.

She opened the door, gesturing Brad in, and sat down on her bed. He came in, closing the door behind him, and sat down next to her. In a few minutes, their conversation winded down and there was a quiet pause. Brad put his arm around Alice’s shoulder, leaned in slightly, and the two met in a soft kiss.

‘Wow, he’s quite a kisser,’ was Alice’s first thought. Suddenly she was quite glad that nobody else was around. It felt like she didn’t want this to end. She slid a little closer and really started getting into it. She loved the pressure against her lips, the way his tongue delicately danced around hers and over her teeth, and the way his hand tickled her shoulders and hair.

Suddenly, she was aware that one of his hands had moved down off her shoulder and down to her breast, slowly making circles around the edge of her mound. She became strikingly aware of how alone she was and reacted instinctively – she bolted.

“Brad, what are you doing!” she shouted as she pushed him away and stood up and back.

“I…” he began, but she gave him no chance to explain.

“Just get out!” she insisted as she opened the door. Brad was at a loss for words, so he slowly got up and left. Alice slammed the door shut behind him. ‘People were sure nicer back home,’ she thought to herself as she pondered what to do with the rest of the evening.


Alice found herself sitting on her dorm bed next to Brad again. They were kissing – the way it was when she was really enjoying it. There was a sense of calm around her, like nothing bad could happen. Brad moved his hand down toward her breast again but Alice found herself unable to react. Instead, she just kept kissing Brad as his hand slowly circled her tit.

His hand slowly closed over the entire mound as he slowly kneaded the flesh through her thin shirt. Again, there was no feeling of worry – just a tingly sensation of how nice his touch felt. She found herself hugging Brad even tighter, running her hands up and down his back and leg, mirroring the action of Brad’s other hand.

As both of their arms were roaming all over each other’s bodies, Alice realized that they were both naked. Even though she couldn’t remember how that happened, it still felt natural. They were very close now, and images kept flashing through her vision of various touching and kissing. She felt her center getting very warm and suddenly a burst of energy surged through her, starting from her center and radiating out towards all of her extremities.

“Oooooh!” she moaned as the pulses of pleasure surged through her. When they passed, she realized she was sitting up in her bed, under the covers in her PJs. It was dark, with only the light of an alarm clock reading “3:17” to catch her eye. It had all been just a dream.

“Are you okay down there,” Alice heard coming from the top bunk. Apparently, while it had been just a dream, her moan has been quite real and had woken up her roommate Jennifer.

“I’m fine,” she mumbled embarrassingly. “Just a dream.”

As Alice lay back down to go to bed, she pondered. While she was still a virgin, she knew how to pleasure herself and wasn’t any stranger to orgasms. But none had ever been quite as intense as the one in her dream (which, from the amount of moisture in her panties, also happened in real life).

She thought back to Brad and decided that she had overreacted. It’s not like she’d never been felt up during a date before. Maybe a little harmless fun would be okay. If anything, Brad had shown her that he would stop at whatever line she wanted to draw.


Alice was waiting outside the door to a classroom in the math department building. She hoped that she remembered which class he said he was in. As the students started filing out of the room, she saw Brad and went over to him.

“Alice, hi,” Brad said uncertainly.

“Hi, Brad. Sorry about last night. I think you went a little too fast for me and I just freaked out,” Alice replied sheepishly. “Would it be okay to get together again?”

“Sure. Remember that chemistry quiz we have tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Why not come over to my room around eight and we can study for it together.”

“Sounds good. See you tonight,” Brad said and gave her a quick pat on the shoulder as he turned to head towards his next class.


It was a little before 8pm and Alice was pacing around her dorm room, sweltering in the heat. `How they can build dorms in the south that don’t have air conditioning,’ she thinks to herself. But thoughts of her dream last night also flash through her mind from time to time as she wonders what’s going to happen.

“Knock, knock.” She sees Brad poking his head through the open dorm door into her room. “I can see I was right,” he says as he holds up two iced coffees.

Alice brightened immediately. “Come on in,” she says, grabbing one of the drinks. “Thanks, that’s just what I need.” She took a long drink and then set it down on the table next to the bed. “I guess we’d better get started, huh?” as she pulls out her chemistry notebook and plops down on the bed.

Brad kicks off his sandals and sits behind her, looking over her shoulders at the scribbled notes. “Don’t worry – it’ won’t be that bad. It’s not finals week yet.” She liked his attitude – he didn’t seem any smarter than her, but he was much more relaxed and didn’t let things get to him.

They went over their notes for the next half hour or so. Alice was keenly aware of how he felt against her back, the way his hand touched her shoulder, and his breath teased her ear. She could feel his legs against her rear. She also felt like he could probably get a decent view down the front of her loose shirt from time to time. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Alice was giving him that view occasionally. She was quite proud of how they looked and got a thrill every time she thought Brad took a peek.

She stretched her arms up high, giving a moan. “Are we done yet?” she asked rhetorically.
“Here, maybe this will help,” Brad said as he put his arms on her shoulders and started massaging the back of her neck.

“Ooooooh…” she moaned. “That feels quite nice.” She wasn’t really aware of how stiff she had gotten until his large, warm hands melted away her muscles. She took a couple of deep breaths and then melted back into his arms.

At that point, she looked up at Brad. Their eyes met. Alice reached up with her hands and pulled his face down, joining his lips to hers.

The kiss started very softly at first, but quickly escalated. Alice remarked at how things felt slightly different when you’re kissing upside-down. The unfamiliar sensations seem to heighten the enjoyment.

Brad didn’t stop his massaging, but now his hands moved down her back and around towards the front. Alice could feel his hands gently rubbing the outside of her tits and flinched slightly. But this time she was prepared for this, and quickly relaxed, sinking further back into his arms and kissing even more enthusiastically.

Brad took this as an encouraging sign and moved his fingers in circles all around her mounds, slowly spiraling in towards the centers. Alice was squirming in time to his touch. The path that his fingers followed seemed to leave a burning trail. She started moaning softly into Brad’s mouth as his fingers reached their destination, pushing down on the nipples which he could feel even through her shirt and bra.

Alice arched her back into his hands at the contact, giving a great sigh. His hands then moved towards the buttons in the front of her shirt and deftly slipped open the top couple. Oh, wow, did his hands feel even better touching directly against her skin! ‘I hope Brad is as glad as I am that I’m wearing that front-clasping bra today,’ she thought to herself.

Brad did notice quickly and popped open the clasp on the front. Alice felt her tits loosen as the bra fell away, but his hands quickly replaced the bra’s support has he gently cupped the whole breast in his hand. When his thumbs brushed against her nipples, she felt a rush of pleasure arc through her nerves and she bent her back to push her tits even harder into his hands.

Alice felt waves of pleasure surge through her body every time Brad moved his hands up and then down her chest. She was squirming slightly in time with his movements. Could she feel something poking at her from behind? She wasn’t sure if she was feeling it or imagining, but it raised her curiosity.

Then Brad’s hands moved towards the waistband of her shorts, seeking out the snap holding them closed. Alice had a good idea of what would happen if she let him get that snap open and she wasn’t ready for that… at least not yet. But it felt so good – she didn’t want this to end yet either.

So, she turned over in his arms, pushing Brad back onto his back and lying on top of him. Alice could see the way that Brad was looking at her. Her breasts hung seductively down from her torso, bouncing loosely through her shirt. Brad’s hands were now cupping her ass. His hands were just big enough to hold the whole cheek, and she could tell that he liked what he was feeling.

Now that Brad was laid flat, she could also see another sign of his desire. His loose shorts were tented up. “Oh? What’s this?” Alice said as she stared down at the bulge. She knew about guy’s equipment of course, but she’d never actually seen any in person. “Does it want some attention too?”

Alice tentatively reached out and touched the top of the bulge. She could feel it twitch from her contact. She put more of her hand over the bulge, moving in circles, feeling it shift and react to the pressure.

“Would you like to take a closer look?” Brad asked as he took one of her hands and moved it to the waistband of his shorts. Thoughts raged in Alice’s mind – caution warring with curiosity. Curiosity won in the end and she pulled down his shorts. When his cock cleared the elastic band, it was suddenly released and popped up, right in Alice’s face.

‘Wow… that’s bigger than I thought it would be,’ she thought as she studied it. It just hovered there; straight up from his body, and when she brought her fingers near it, it twitched in response. She even thought she could see it twitching in time to his pulse.

While Alice was transfixed with the sight, Brad pushed back her shirt and slipped it off her body, then pulled off his own shirt as he lay back on the bed. He then returned his hands to Alice’s back and rear, slowly stroking them lightly.

Alice continued her “study” of Brad’s anatomy. She ran a finger from the tip all the way down the base, and then back up. Then she wrapped her whole hand around his cock. It felt very warm in her hand, and she could definitely feel the blood pulsing through it. It felt both very soft and very hard at the same time. It also delighted her the way Brad’s breath would catch on every stroke up and down.

With her other hand, she felt the sack below his cock. She could feel the two nuts inside. They seemed to move and flow on their own as she rubbed the sack. She also seemed to move up and down in time with the pace that she was rubbing his cock up and down.

Alice could start to feel the end of his cock starting to get a little wet with a very slippery liquid that made her hand move even easier over the surface. She also noticed Brad’s breathing getting a little faster too – it must feel good for him.

Brad now reached up to her shoulders leaning her further forwards and down. His lips moved up to taste her breasts that hung full and loose in front of her. Alice let out another let of loud moans as Brad’s tongue did its magic all over her tits, flicking across her rock-hard nipples and making circles around her mounds. Brad’s hands moved back to her ass, moving his hands in hypnotic circles. Alice was in enough of a rapture now that she didn’t really realize that Brad was completely naked in her bed and that she was well on the way to being naked herself.

Brad’s hands moved slightly lower and moving towards the sides and around towards the front. As they did, Alice instinctively lifted up to give his hands some working room. He got one hand in between them and started rubbing directly over her pussy. Even through the layers, Alice could feel the electric shock of the contact. She felt like she was lifted up with the charge. Brad’s hand darted in for another quick rub, and got another flinch and moan from Alice in response.

Brad’s hand then deftly popped the snap on the front open and pushed down her shorts, quickly replacing the panties that used to cover her pussy with his hand. Alice was caught up in the sensation that she didn’t notice at first – this felt even better than anything else so far. She was quite moist down there too and Brad’s hand seemed to know exactly where to rub to stoke her fire.

They gently rolled over in the tiny dorm bed. (Alice wondered later how they managed that so well.) Alice lay beneath Brad, her hands clutching to his back, tried to pull him down towards her. He could see his penis hanging beneath him, pointing directly where it wanted to go, with his sacks hanging heavily beneath, ready to deliver their payload. The tip of his cock brushed against her exposed pussy.

“Are you ready?” Brad asked. Alice found herself nodding, even though part of her was wondering if she should be doing this. Alice could feel as he led his cock to her opening. Both of them were already quite wet, so he was able to slip it in the gap without much resistance. He then gently, but firmly, pushed his hips forward and Alice could feel her insides being stretched apart to make way for its new guest.

The feeling of being so full overwhelmed her. There was so much of him inside her, filling a gap that she didn’t realize existed. She pushed her pelvis up to meet his, forcing more of him inside her, forcing out the air from her lungs.

Brad then started to slowly pull out. Alice could feel a sense of loss as his cock slid back towards the entrance. Her pussy tried to follow, to clench it to keep it from going, but it was sliding out anyway. Just when only the tip remained inside, he suddenly reversed direction and pushed all the way back in, filling the void it had left and making the fire in her pussy burn twice as hot.

Alice felt the waves pour over her as Brad moved back and forth inside. Each time he entered, it felt like another ocean wave crash into her. Brad was murmuring something to her, but she couldn’t focus on it.
Suddenly, Brad lurched forward and let out a loud moan of his own. His cock, buried deep within her pussy, twitched violently, and Alice could feel a sudden gush of wetness filling her inside. Brad was cumming! He was cumming inside her! Even though she knew she should be scared that there were now millions of sperm inside her, seeking out her vulnerable egg, it gave her a thrill of delight. A second twitch followed the first, and then another and another.

This was enough for Alice, as it launched her into the biggest orgasm she ever experienced. Her legs, wrapped around Brad’s back, pushed him even deeper into her and refused to let him move. Her cunt clamped down on Brad’s cock hard, squeezing every last bit of juice out of it, and sucking up all of those dangerous fluids deep into her waiting uterus.

A moment later, when both had recovered, Brad looked as if to say something. Alice just smiled, pulled him down, and kissed him.


They saw a lot of each other over the next two weeks. However, one thing Alice didn’t see was her next period. Even though they were better prepared on their subsequent dates, apparently that first night was enough. What was she going to do now?