An unattainable woman

Averaging the morning of Friday when Fernando Fustez, possibly the most efficient, willing and laconic of the employees of Pompas Fúnebres El Ocaso Sociedad Anónima, went through the glass door and entered the reception area of ​​the executives of the company, the boundary of Nancy’s private hunt, the secretary.

Nancy … If someone had asked Fernando Fustez what was his ideal as a woman, he would have answered without hesitation: “Nancy.”

Nancy, with the enigma of her age – and that air, at once youthful and stately – in her court suits, her white blouses, and her scowl. Nancy, personified efficiency, the other face of seriousness, with a character not conducive to familiarity and not permissive for insinuations and office jokes. Nancy and her mysterious private life. No one could say that he knew his marital status, if he had a partner or if he liked women. But all agreed that if in that office there was a woman that everyone wanted but with whom it was not convenient to have a run-in, it was with Nancy.

Nancy, the perfect secretary for a company with these characteristics, that at that moment wrote an email, got a ur-gen-te communication for one of the bosses, and answered a call by mobile phone, all at the same time.

“He told me he wanted to talk to me,” he said, assuming she knew he was talking about his boss. It was known that in the company nobody could cross the virtual wall of Nancy’s desk who, like a soldier in his guard post, decided who could and who could not, which made her deserving of the antipathy of almost everyone, except that of Fernando. He did not care about that.

He could look a little farther and see Nancy with slender hands, with her long legs exquisitely turned like Greek columns, her blond hair picked up with studied carelessness, the generous breasts that could only be glimpsed beneath the silk as she bent over the keyboard of the computer, or the way the skirt strained on the perfect hips, as if they had been molded by a Renaissance artist. Sometimes he had furtively looked at her from behind to appreciate a perfect back ending in a buttocks more marked than his physical type could indicate, round, generous and very probably hard … He saw a Nancy of singular elegance, of an almost mythical beauty , mistress of a feline sensuality betrayed in the barely more pronounced thickness of the lower lip. A Nancy who skilfully concealed those freckles that sprayed her cleavage and smelled of French perfume.

Nancy … How many nights had she fallen asleep thinking about Nancy, fantasizing about that delicious woman totally inaccessible to him? He thought about having her on his knees and making him understand who was in charge … but … he was sure that she did not even remember his name.

But on that sunny Friday morning, and to her surprise, Nancy stopped pounding the keyboard, looked at him and smiled at him as she had never smiled at anyone he knew before.

“Go ahead, Fernando,” he said, as he emptied the contents of a packet of sweetener into the coffee cup he had on his desk.
I had called him by his name.

When he left the office, after half an hour of meeting, he already knew that this weekend, he had to take extra work home. A work on the profitability of cardboard coffins pressed for incineration “that has to be the lu-nes-sin-fal-ta, Fernando, I know you can do it”, had said the boss. He closed the office door behind him and could not help looking at Nancy who was just finishing her coffee at that moment. She smiled at him again.

Two smiles in one day!

His cheeks burned, as if someone had lit them with a flamethrower.
“Thank you … see you later …” he said, looking sideways and heading towards the exit.
Fernando was not the Rodolfo Valentino of the company, although he was not a timid woman either. In fact, he had gone out with some companions – that game that is known as office adventures – although he had not engaged in any relationship, perhaps because it was a company that worked with death, everything was compensated with a powerful Eros that It circulated through its corridors, meeting rooms and office. Fernando was a regular Internet navigator in search of women fond of erotic whipping … although it was very difficult to obtain appointments by that means, he had to settle for vanilla sex. In general, and although he did not consider himself a gallant or a professional seducer, he had no problems in dealing with girls, but with Nancy …

With Nancy, it was different.

When she crossed it in the elevator, at the entrance or at the time of leaving, she could not help but behave like a shameful adolescent, who blushes when she is face to face with the girl of her dreams. In all the time I worked in the office, and from the first time I saw her, they had not crossed more than a couple of words and the odd gesture in greeting.

He almost reached the double glass door when he heard the voice behind him:
-Fernando-again her name in her mouth.
-Hey? He stopped halfway and when he turned around, there was the smile again, enveloping him. Was I seducing him?
“They told me you can deal with computers,” she said.
“Emm … yes, something …” Fernando answered, modestly and stunned by the sensations.
“I … I wanted to ask you a favor,” she ventured. Well, actually I want to ask you a favor.
-A favor? Fernando asked. To me?
-Yes. Precisely to you, “she replied with the smile that was stubborn in her mouth, exposing her even teeth, with the two central ones barely separated, which gave her a youthful air and green eyes overflowing with golden sprinkles,
-Well, I … e-this … -she hesitated Fernando. He felt that in the chest, instead of the heart, he seemed to have a pneumatic hammer. What favor?
“You could say it’s an exchange,” she said.
“I invite you to dinner and you check my computer, I do not know what’s wrong,” he answered as if he had known in advance that he would not refuse under any circumstances.

It was barely past eight o’clock that night, when Fernando pressed the buzzer of the building’s power porter. His legs had been made of rubber. A cool breeze rippled the treetops of the street where she lived. He had given him the address of his house that morning, in the office, explaining that he could not use e-mail or the search engine and he promised to take the CDs to reinstall the programs, because he had to deal with that, no doubt. At that moment, when she handed him a card in which he scribbled his address, Fernando’s heart began to beat too fast, now he felt that at any moment he was going to escape from his chest.
Of course, he had completely forgotten about the work on the damn cardboard boxes that the lu-nos-sin-fal-ta had to be
-Fernando? His voice on the intercom, anticipating her response.
“Yes, it’s me … Fernando,” he answered.
“Come in, come in,” her voice said and a second later, the buzzing of the door opening.

When Nancy opened the door and opened the door, she stood on her toes to greet him with a kiss on the cheek. Fernando felt like pinching himself to make sure he was not dreaming, that it was reality.
She was wrapped in a white toweling robe, her hair still wet and barefoot. How could it be otherwise, I had some delicious feet. Her nails were painted red and a thin gold bracelet on her left ankle.

He entered the peaceful atmosphere, barely illuminated by the diffuse light of a table lamp and others, strategically located in the ceiling. From somewhere in the interior came the chords of Adaggio, by Albinoni.
-Discredit me for the outfit … but I arrived ground and needed a shower before preparing dinner.
“Excuse me the attire? What’s wrong with the outfit? Fernando thought, “She’s fantastic!”
“You should not have bothered,” he said, instead, without moving from the place where he had remained petrified, by the door.
Nancy stretched her hands.
– Are you going to stand there with your jacket on? There was something mischievous about the question. Come, man, make yourself comfortable.
He helped him take off his jacket and with natural ease and awkward femininity loosened the knot of his tie.
– Let’s see the machine now? Fernando offered, letting himself be done.
“After,” Nancy answered, and with a funny air added: “Now, Mr. Fustez, if you want to go with me, we’re going to finish preparing a delicious meal and having a glass of good wine. Tell me you like wine, please.
-Yes … I like red wine -Fernando, suddenly, he felt exceptionally comfortable.
“Come, come and uncork the bottle,” she encouraged him, and at that moment he somehow knew with certainty that that night was going to end as he had not imagined even in his craziest fantasies.

When they noticed that it was almost midnight. They had talked about everything, except the office. Of them, of their lives, of some fragments of their personal histories. By then, they knew each other a lot more and the wine bottle was empty.
“Oh, look what time it is,” she said. Time has passed so quickly …
“The computer,” he said.
– Is not it too late for you to go to work? she asked, leaving the plates on the kitchen sink.
-It’s a minute -I was not going to leave there, especially at that moment. Where do you have the equipment?
At that moment Nancy turned and faced Fernando less than half a span. The neckline of the white smock that smelled of clothes, sun and woman conditioner, had opened and he could see the sinus channel, dotted with freckles.
“In the bedroom,” Nancy said, looking into his eyes. He took her hand. “Come on,” he said. The last image that Fernando remembered was that the bedroom was on a mezzanine, a sort of upper floor, and was a reflection of Nancy’s personality. When they climbed the spiral staircase, she preceded him and he could not stop admiring her calves, which ended in the thin curve of her ankles, the thin gold chain on the left. The pink perfect heels, which he lifted slightly when he climbed the wooden steps on tiptoe. He appreciated – appreciating – his well formed ass that was deliciously marked. He also saw that the computer was in a piece of furniture embedded in a well-stocked library that covered a whole wall by the window.
“There it is,” Nancy pointed out, inviting him to sit in the comfortable work chair.
“It’s a minute,” said Fernando, for saying something, because he really wanted time not to happen.
– A little more wine? she offered.
“Only if you accompany me,” he agreed.

Then he went to work with the computer, loaded the programs again and, against all odds, everything worked perfectly.

He commented:

– You have a little messy My Documents folders, I help you organize them?

She answered affirmatively, while she kept looking at him somewhat uneasily.

When you get to a folder whose title was “A. SPK “to Fernando the heart gave a turn … he asked:

-Can I enter this folder?

She replied with a roguish gesture:

-Better than not because you would know almost all my secrets

He hit the double click and the surprise was capitalized when he came across a file with hundreds of photos and spanking clips …

She had lowered her gaze

And, he with an extraordinary rapidity of reflexes, he said:

– Do not worry I’m also fond of this kind of whipping fantasies

-What do you prefer to be spankee or be spanker? Because I’m spanker …

She answered with great relief and naturalness:

– I played in both roles, I have fantasies of the two types and you can say that I am a switch

Later, magic turned fantasy into reality.

Fernando told him:

– You have provoked me a lot and all your arrogance deserves a strict punishment!

Nancy with a barely audible voice whispered:

– I have not done anything wrong, I do not deserve to be treated like that, I’m a lady!

He took her tightly by the wrist, laid her down in a second on her legs and told her

– Now you are going to pay for everything you have made me suffer with your unattainable woman’s cockiness

He pulled her bathrobe up, to her surprise wore pretty lace culotte panties, and began to spank her over her underwear. She began to protest, already with a voice that indicated that she was recovered and was again a reflection of the woman-goddess that Fernando knew so well. This inflamed Fernando who redoubled the strength of his lashes and lowered his panties to the middle of his thighs.

Now she protested more forcefully saying:

-Don’t do that to me that is very humiliating, please, Fernando …

He was about to fall into the trap, but his reflexes of old spanker made him increase the intensity and cadence of his lashes that fell on one and another buttock and already began to blush that ass dream.

For a long time, despite Nancy’s protests, the whipping on Fernando’s knees continued, even with monotony, the more excited Fernando was, the more systematically he proceeded with the punishment.

Finally decided to give a truce to Nancy, stroked her buttocks and shortly after she was already laughing. Fernando thought that the second part would come now.

Then he made her stand up, took off her bathrobe and panties and laid her face down on the bed, resting her hips on a large cushion. He quickly took off his shirt, since he was hot and a lot of his clothes and, took advantage, to slide his belt out of the clips.

Without a solution of continuity, he started with the belt, with which he was not as skilled as with the whip, but unfortunately he was not prepared, for which he had to settle for the belt.

I was punishing with energy the exposed buttocks of Nancy, alternatively, although some belt fell on the last section of the thighs of the woman.

Now Nancy was complaining, but she was also gasping for breath, and she was moving restlessly. From time to time he tried to protect himself with his hands, but Fernando withdrew them immediately and his whirls became stricter.

While he was following the “cueriza,” as his Mexican Internet friends called this kind of punishment, Fernando peered out of the corner of his eye on Nancy’s dresser into a gigantic, traditional hairbrush. Told him:

-This is not over, I have to be certain that the message I’m sending you arrives … I’ll just leave you a minute of rest …

He took the brush, changed it for the belt and remembered the handling of this homemade but grateful instrument.

She had not noticed the change and was surprised by the first brush stroke that followed at least a hundred … it was a long session of whipping …

Fernando noticed how his sex, shaved on the lips, was wet from the beginning of the correction with the belt, but when the brush was overflowing and the humidity, it was no longer a mere dew but a tiny spring of pink and throbbing flesh. Fernando also had a stony erection …

Fernando decided to enter the phase of consolation and mimes, very well accepted by Nancy who changed his initial attitude of rebellious spankee for a behavior, first of greater submission and then very mimosa. Finally she showed herself as an entire woman yearning for sexual follies.

He pulled her to her feet and looked at the resounding body of a beautiful mature woman. The breasts more than generous, with the erect nipples and the pink and small areolas, and the way the skin bristled when he brushed it with his fingers.

Fernando’s hands could not stop touching that skin that seemed like silk; weigh your breasts, cradling them to brush your nipples with your lips. Somewhere in his memory he remembered that while he kissed her-he adored her, to be fair-he said things to her and that Nancy smiled at him and interlaced his fingers in her hair and also said something that excited him.

Until it was her turn, which also whispered in her ear that she had wanted it so much, although now it hurt a little, while she lowered the zipper, letting him explore her and recognize her.

And in the next moment they were both in bed, the bodies intermingled, kissing each other in the mouth, playing with their tongues, looking each other in the eye, enjoying having reached what they both sought: the end of the road.

Fernando was excited caressing her ass, still very hot from the whipping received.

Fernando enjoyed himself and Nancy was so excited, writhing with pleasure, asking him not to stop caressing her and not stop touching her, to keep stroking and kissing her breasts, to recognize her.

Nancy … As he had imagined it, as he had glimpsed it under the appearance of serious efficiency. A woman delivered and demanding at the same time, which at a certain moment forbade her to move and she slid her tongue down her torso and belly, until she reached her sex, where she devoted herself fully to giving him pleasure. Active, vehement, possessive and expert, he took it to the final explosion and drank from that spring the slightly sweet nectar that flowed from Fernando’s body.

Then she opened herself to him, and asked for reciprocity, offered her own well of delights so that he would satisfy the same thirst that had captivated her. And when he had satiated and sated it, he urged it to slip inside and accepted it, captured it and both allowed themselves to reach the highest peaks of pleasure, and gave themselves up to the vertigo of orgasm and then, sweaty and agitated, They embraced but for a brief moment, because almost without realizing it, they had started again. And again. And another … On Sunday, when the sun like a disk of fire was hidden among the buildings of the big city, they had already spent two days with their nights locked up, dedicated completely and exclusively to love.

They had cooked together. They had dived together in the big bathtub to take a relaxing breath between oils and salts, to return again and again to explore new forms of pleasure, the exhilarating exercise of love. At no time did they dress. They enjoyed walking naked on the floor, with that naturalness that gives the intimacy achieved to pure passion discovered and unleashed.

There was another delicious session of spanking and sex, more sex, good sex … For both of them, this was like a distant dream come true. They spoke between lashes and sex, between sex and spanking, they talked and talked. How the taste for whipping had grown up in them, the playmates they had had. Nancy confessed to him that for many years she had spanked a second niece who had been living in her house while studying Law. And of course they talked about the great difficulty of getting partners for these games. They both confessed to each other that they only expected good vanilla sex, but luck had allowed them both to show themselves as they were.

They played many forbidden games, especially when she opened her closet and from a Samsonite-type case with combination she extracted all kinds of sex toys. Nancy confessed to Fernando that the plugs were her favorite, in the OTK position, Fernando soon followed by gradually inserting the three plugs that made up the game, when the thickest gauge was inserted, he hit her with a shoe and when his ass was red as a tomato, placed on all fours and extracted the plug and thanks to the achieved dilation the sodomized in one fell swoop, she did not take a minute and a half of synchronized movement, in having an explosive and deep orgasm . A few minutes later, Fernando also reached a thermonuclear orgasm within the narrowest canal of Nancy. Truly she honored her confession of being a “very anal” woman.

Only one concern came to disturb that idyllic weekend.

It was when they took a last bite in bed-almost had not been able to take off from that sacred ground of love that was the box spring-while watching a spanking movie down the network.

-Uh! Fernando suddenly exclaimed, snapping his forehead.
-What? What’s wrong, dear? Nancy asked, taken by surprise.
-The work … the damn job on the profitability of the new product.
-What job are you talking about?
“The one your boss commissioned me, the one with the cardboard coffins, when I had the meeting with him … Friday.
-What about work? -she asked, leaving the glass of wine on the bedside table.
– That I did not do it – he said.
Nancy removed the tray that was between them.
-What? Do not you realize that tomorrow I do not know what I’m going to tell him? he insisted.
But Nancy’s hand had taken hold of his manhood, which quickly woke up again.

Nancy did not answer him. In his eyes shone those golden little sparkles of mischief that he had discovered in her eyes, he bit his lower lip lightly and poked his beautiful tongue between his teeth.

A moment after straddling him and making him slide into her flesh, with his generous breasts splashed with freckles brushing her cheeks, and when he was already giving himself back to the woman, he heard her say:
– Leave it on my own, I solve it. Forget about that job and dedicate yourself to this one …

When, exhausted, they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, a new day began to dawn.

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The secrets

I left the sanatorium, with renewed hopes and the thought put in Charito that, with inevitable slowness, would be replaced there in room 101.

The place had changed a lot; the successive extensions and remodeling transformed it into a first class establishment. Nothing remained of the old sanitarium, only the bronze plaque reminiscent of the foundation and the portraits of the first doctors on the walls of the central hall, invaded at that time by doctors, nurses, patients and visitors who wandered the silent corridors.

Forty years ago, I remembered it with absolute clarity, I had entered my mother’s hand there to meet my newborn cousin, I was seven years old and I think that at that time I preferred boys; because the little brother who had promised me was delayed in arriving … So much that in the end he never appeared.

I guess I did not pay too much attention to either the mother or the daughter, attracted as I was to other more novel objects for me, like the doorbell on the head of the aunt’s bed, which I carelessly ignored. getting the immediate presence of a solicitous nurse and a reprimand of my mother along with the exhortation of my grandmother to behave like a “little man”.

From that first visit to my cousin, the only late daughter of the wealthy Don Raul Deroud and of Mama’s sister, the image that I keep is her red face like a radish, nothing more.

The visitors saw her beautiful, rozagante and I do not know what, but for me it was a deformed and ungraceful thing. Of course I took care to express that thought aloud so as not to win a new reprimand, a maternal coscorron, or both.

Probably because of that initial impression I do not have registered the first times of Maria del Rosario, names with which she was baptized, I just started to take her into account when I was walking around the house babbling her name “Charito” for Rosarito as we said the others.

Obstinated from the beginning, she managed to identify herself as Charito before the whole world, the truth is that from then on she got us to call her that and started to shine with her own light not only because of her stubbornness, but also because of her intelligence and, perhaps, for contradict my first impression-, for its beauty.

To say that my cousin was born in a cradle of gold and raised between cottons is no exaggeration. Desired, expected daughter of mature parents, sole heir of the solid fortune amassed penny by penny by her father, had since opened her eyes to life everything that a little person can have: mimes, riches and family prestige, because although our The maternal branch came from an old bourgeois trunk, the paternal social ancestor was acquired by the old Don Raul, based on assorted banknotes that opened wide the doors of the church and of all the other institutions as a prominent benefactor. the local and even provincial authorities distinguished him as a man of consultation and the community considered him the most representative figure of his values.

Certainly Charito all those things did not care a damn, I dare to say that not only ignored them from childhood but maintained the same indifferent attitude throughout his life.

As far as I’m concerned, my only cousin was a great annoyance at first. He followed me, -perhaps he chased me- everywhere, with his hands covered with chocolate or caramel, he would cling to my pants, he would cling to his cheeks every time he kissed me, he wanted me to participate in his games, very little honorable for a boy.

Anyway, like the little girl spoiled to the point of exhaustion, she did everything she could to upset a grown boy like me who looked with more interest at her classmates.

It goes without saying that most of the time Charito achieved his goals, or because, even reluctantly, he ended up surrendering to his persistent harassment or to obey the elders who instilled in me the duty to protect, attend and please the little cousin who loved me so much …

Neither does she acknowledge that the games were conducted by her and that she had me as she did with her dolls, which she left in penitence in the corners or lifted her skirts to apply to them for “behaving badly”. Only for me there was no corner or punishments, on the contrary sometimes my role consisted in sending penance to the corner also to her, something that, I confess, did often and very willingly.

But if he persecuted me for a playmate, our grandmother, who lived with them, overwhelmed her by demanding that he read or tell her stories.

Rosario evidenced from an early age an extraordinary interest in everything related to corporal punishment, especially penances and spankings, something that everyone called powerfully because she had never received punishment of any kind.

However, no one found abnormal in that interest and if someone murmured: “What a strange curiosity this baby!” Those of the family accustomed to my cousin’s extravagances, responded indifferently: “It’s going to happen …”

I suspected that our grandmother, who philosophically argued that the stories in which the protagonists were not in danger or suffering, did not arouse any interest, stimulated the inclinations of his granddaughter and somehow determined their tastes.

My guess was that in order to please her, she modified the end of the children’s stories, so Little Red Riding Hood then received a good beating from her mother for having stopped in the forest to talk to the wolf, the lying little cowherd took a good beating for cheating the other shepherds, the milkmaid’s ass paid for the broken pitcher, the respective buttocks of Hansel and Gretel suffered the family anger for being covered in chocolate, thus, with lashes, always put an end to all the stories.

Charito then loudly celebrated each narration demanding from the grandmother more details and details about the beatings.

I ignore the precise moment when my cousin’s demands stopped bothering me, when my feelings changed and I began to pay more attention. It is possible that this happened when she, close to ten years old, was emerging as a beautiful little woman in the making and began to exercise with more ease the innate art of seduction and manipulation of others.

It was in this way that between us was established little by little, more than a kind of camaraderie a kind of complicity that led us to move away from the older to incorporate our less innocent or more procrastinating variant games, depending on how you look at it.

It is not in my mind to avoid responsibilities as a male and a few years older, but I must clarify in turn that a large part of those, somewhat impure, variants suggested and promoted the same Charito with absolute self-assurance.

As an example, since it is not appropriate to dwell on this kind of detail, I will say that on one occasion he presented me with a small figurine that represented a little girl face down on the knees of the father who punished her on the panties with the Open hand and after asking me if I knew what that meant, he proposed that I do the same with her.

Charito herself placed herself in that position on my lap, urging me to hit her. I patted her gently on the coquettish yellow panties, while she mocked the “punishment” saying: “It does not hurt! … It does not hurt! She did it with the obvious purpose of forcing me to proceed with greater energy, I threatened her then to lower her panties. He challenged me to do it.

I had my reservations, not out of decency precisely, but for fear of a subsequent accusation, so I told her I did not because she would tell her mother.

She assured me that she would not do it, immediately provoked me by calling me “Silly! … Silly!” With what she got the quick removal of the garment and that, when poking her ass, there was a loud clapping sound that startled her.

– “Ayyyy! … – shrieked-” You made me hurt, silly! … ”

But he made no attempt to abandon my knees, writhing in satisfaction when my hand touched his skin again … I do not follow.

This kind of games continued until a couple of years later she traveled with her parents to Europe, in the meantime I enrolled in the University of Buenos Aires and began to pursue my career.

My cousin was absent nine months. My uncles returned when Europe began the northern winter while we began to enjoy the austral summer. So we went back to see each other during the holidays.

Charito insisted on showing me, by dint of gifts, that during her absence I had been present in every place where they had been: From Geneva I brought a gold “Omega” chromometer, from Florence a leather embossed agenda, from Rome half a dozen of silk ties, of Paris lotions, of Toledo a razor, of Barcelona a wallet and a leather belt, of Frankfurt a “Leica” camera, of Nice a pair of sunglasses and a multitude of gifts more like a gold tie pin, a “Mont Blanc” fountain pen and other things I do not remember where.

Upon returning from the wedding trip the couple settled in the family house. They looked very happy. And while I was in contact with them, little by little I was taking distance, because although the misfortune of others is related to people of good will, happiness, selfish by definition, moves away from others around them.

That happened to me who could not bear to feel like a stranger in the middle of such joy.

Several years passed. They did not have children, but they were more united than ever and both were still very happy.

We were on emblematic dates such as Christmas and New Year. For the respective birthdays we exchanged greetings and good wishes.

Suddenly the misfortune hit them. A huge pig crossed their path; surprised Andrés twisted the steering wheel, but did not manage to dodge the animal, consequently the vehicle gave three tumbles before being recostado in the banquina of the side of the driver, who took the worse part: he died in the act.

Charito, unconscious, was transferred to the sanatorium and I had to travel urgently.

I fulfilled my duty, I took charge of the funeral of the unfortunate Andrew, I hired the service, I sent two huge crowns one in the name of the wife and another of mine, I also made the decision to order a mass of corpore insepulto, before proceeding to the inhumation.

I thought I did the right thing, even though my political cousin was recognized as a freemason, but at the time of death the church does not pay attention to these minutiae especially if the alms are paid in advance.

Afterwards, I dedicated my cousin who remained unconscious, but whose vital signs were encouraging, so much so that the doctors decided to move her from the intensive care room to a private room.

Until she recovered, as a close family member and also a partner -as she continued in society- it was up to me to take charge of her affairs so that once she was installed in the sanatorium room, entrusted to the care of specially hired nurses. so that they did not leave his head, I went to the house of the Deroud, whose walls kept so many secrets.

I feel the duty to say it. Despite the time that had elapsed, my spirit still corroded the mystery of that relationship so sui generis of my cousin with Valdivia. The same questions that had been raised by the curious at the time continued to unveil me.

At what point did you meet? How did they fall in love? How did they manage to hide their love in the eyes of the world? Questions that I had never dared to ask, but whose answers I hoped to find in there.

Encouraged by that thought, I entered the house. Margarita, the woman who officiated as housekeeper, cook, maid, and Charito’s assistant from her maiden days had arranged for me one of the guest rooms.

Without being asked, she handed me the keys to the house, so that no sooner had she retired, I began my investigation.

The first verification was that my keys did not open all the doors, there was one sector of the house, specifically a couple of rooms, hermetically closed. There was undoubtedly what interested me.

I remembered then that the police had handed me the personal effects of the dead man in a polyethylene bag. At that moment, busy as I was between the sanatorium and the funeral home, I did not check the content, I just kept it as I had received it.

I went for it and there were the clock, the wedding ring, the wallet, other small objects like loose coins, a nail clipper, driver’s license and what interested me most: the key ring.

I just had to hit the keys that opened the doors to the mysteries of the couple.

The threatening storm from the first hours of the day suddenly unleashed all its fury on the city, lightning and thunder were happening continuously and shortly after a thick curtain of water enveloped everything.

I entered the first room. Until I found the light switch, the lightning flashes gave me a ghostly vision of my cousin’s playroom. She kept the dolls, toys, books and other objects that had been part of her childhood and that I still had in mind.

When I turned on the electric light I could observe in detail the room of light pink walls decorated with children’s motifs, white windows with curtains and cream-colored curtains.

Beyond the harmless aspect that it offered at first sight, the whole radiated something morbid; cruel and sensual at the same time, like some Victorian canvases whose shadows and halftones suggest a cluster of strange voluptuousness.

An aroma of idolatrous sanctuary floated in the air, as if the place were prepared to perform esoteric rituals.

The inspection of the wardrobe reinforced that impression because I found it full of children’s clothes, pleated skirts, organdy dresses, beautifully embroidered blouses, capes, hats, gloves, leather sleeves, costumes and a myriad of accessories, all made to measure today. cousin.

I moved to the adjoining room, whose gray walls and dark Chippendale furniture, a desk, chairs and high-backed armchairs upholstered in leather, offered a stark contrast to the previous one,

There was a wall there covered with books, photographs, statuettes and other small ornaments, the other two had paintings and the last one besides reproductions, a panoply with whips of different types and sizes.

In the larger frame, -a gouache-, one could see a man dressed in the peasant fashion, dressed in windbreakers and wearing a woolen hat finished in the shape of a stocking, lashing a naked young woman’s backside with a strap. waist, while another girl of the same age, with joined hands and fingers intertwined, contemplates anguished. It did not bear a signature, only the following legend: “To each one his own”.

The other of equal size framed a sheet, reproduction of a stamp engraved in steel. The reason for the scene, presumably of the eighteenth century, the punishment of a maiden crossed face down on the lap of a lady who waves a bunch of sticks on the exposed buttocks, while holding skirt and petticoats above the waist. In the lower right corner, in small letters, it reads: “A. Molinier – H.Stahl SC “and at the bottom, in the medium printed in gold, the title:” Pour l’amener à la Raison “.

There were also other smaller pictures framed, among them an engraving by Goya entitled: “And if he has broken the pitcher …” also some photographs, almost all naked of my cousin.

I concentrated on the desk whose drawers were locked. I found them without major difficulties inside one of the amphoras decorated with Greek motifs.

Everything I was looking for was there: several bundles of letters, a multitude of photographs and several leather diaries that turned out to be my cousin’s diaries. All that consumed me several days of reading nuanced with visits to the sanatorium.

The letters and diaries contained material to write several erotic novels or a dense catalog of voluptuousness wholesale.

They had met in the library, which Valdivia frequented daily. None had noticed that Charito was there in the afternoons as a librarian, while the presence of “Lechuzón”, mixed with the few readers, went unnoticed by everyone.

In that favorable environment, little frequented, secluded, where silence reigns or little is spoken and in a very low voice, his loves bloomed.

First came the crossings of looks, then the comments of certain books, such as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” the biographies of some iconic saints and the rich stories of the Inquisition in America by José Toribio Medina, led them to discover the reciprocal hobby for the whipping.

Aware both of the huge social differences that separated them resolved to maintain their relationships outside the eyes of others.

They began by exchanging letters daily through the skillful system of putting them inside the books, so that each time Valdivia approached the desk to return or withdraw a work, inside correspondence went from one to the other.

I never would have imagined the audacity of the lovers, especially my cousin, nor the ingenious tricks they used to secretly gather themselves to enjoy ardent hours of passion, since according to the reading of the intimate diaries the feelings of both of them flowed quickly in unstoppable passion.

Usually at dusk Valdivia would go through the library to sneak surreptitiously into the back of the “Chevrolet” that Don Raul had bought for his daughter. I waited there lying on the floor for Charito to leave her homework.

She kept the car in the garage with the hidden passenger who stayed there until he came back for him.

Charito used to play the role of a devoted daughter: she had dinner with her father, accompanied him until the moment he went to the bedroom, there he brought her tea and stayed by his side until he was sure that he would take the “Bromural” pill that would immerse him in it. a continuous and deep dream.

Soon after, in bedclothes, with nothing underneath, according to his own words, he went in search of the beloved to indulge in the pleasures of Eros in which lashes were indispensable.

The intimacies of marriage were even more closely recorded and described. Through them I managed to know that Charito was fascinated by playing the role of “babe” for which she had the assortment of trousseau she had found in the wardrobe of the playroom; while his spouse loved the roles of severe teacher, irascible tutor, strict dad who allowed him to bend her on his knees to redden her buttocks …

The forecasts of the Neurologist that I brought from Buenos Aires were fulfilled: after a few weeks of the accident Charito regained consciousness. I was at his side when he opened his eyes.

It took him a while to recognize me, when he placed a painful smile on my face, I squeezed his hand that was between mine and I murmured:

-You still have me …

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Forced empathy

Author: Jadhe

When he woke up in the hospital, he had several bandages on his body, serum and a nurse at his side; whose job at that moment was to try to lower the temperature, because even unconscious, his body convulsed; but this was not due to anything physical, but something in his mind. Since his head did not stop moving from one side to another and exclaimed non-stop no, no, no, no … while his heart changed heart rate and ended up drenched in sweat …

She asked the nurse where she was and she answered that at the Hospital del Seguro, she immediately asked the nurse to see her parents, even putting their ideas in order, … the silence that the nurse made, took him out of his thoughts and asked her again for her parents, this time looking her in the eyes; to find no answer and see the nurse disappear quickly.

Restless, he tried to find some explanation, because given his condition, he had probably lost consciousness for weeks and that’s why his parents were not there, possibly they were at home at that time. When he saw the doctor appear in turn, asking him how he felt, he replied that he was fine and asked again about his parents.

The doctor trying to evade the question, asked him to open his mouth and put the thermometer in, to silence him; while he was doing time, taking the pressure and making notes. He saw the doctor’s nervousness … and then he took out the thermometer that kept him mute, grabbed his arm and looked him in the eye, because the doctor was avoiding him with his eyes, the doctor could no longer dodge him.

-Doctor, please answer me. Where are my parents?

-I’m sorry boy, you must be strong … (making a long pause), unfortunately they died in the accident, 2 months ago

-What? … He was perplexed for a moment.

-One motorcycle, it got stuck, where your parents were and unfortunately …

Reacting told him that was not true, screaming … then began to tear off the things he had connected to his body and that prevented him from moving, and then get off the bed, because although the doctor tried to calm him down … he was like crazy, and his Strength seemed huge since I could not stop it. The doctor called several nurses to inject him with a sedative, since due to the shock and the delicate thing that was, a cardiac arrest could be provoked …

Two years later, sitting on the bed while looking at his watch, he realized that it was already quite late and he was hardly up, but without affecting him too much, he had more important things to think about. Life was weighing him too much at that moment, but he repeated himself; that after time, everything would return to normal … although I did not know when.

His life was chaotic, he had stopped giving music and singing classes, both in the Preparatory School and in the University; he lost his passion, his music, his love to teach; He lost the house that his parents owned, in bets; lost humor, joy, the struggle for daily life and with this the girlfriend; not even when they finished, he reacted; he assumed things, without traces of pain or so he made it seem; that is, he had lost his way.

Guilt consumed him, when he went to bed at night to sleep; he saw again and again, the scene in the accident in which his parents died and to which he ironically survived (since he would have changed his life without thinking twice, for that of his loved ones).

And then he shouted frantically, hitting what he found in his path, then clinging, squeezing his pillow to crouch, as if apologizing, evoking the image of his parents and there in his room, began to mourn in silence, biting hands and swinging your body back and forth, still hugging your pillow. Thus he remained for a long, long time … until the dream overcame him and invaded him.

That was his life, without something or someone could take away the pain he was carrying and that burned inside … the only thing that kept him out of his room, was a bit of relief when he sang in the restaurant where he was hired. He had a unique voice, the same sang a rock, a ballad or ranchera music, his voice was serious but he did it as he wanted.

He works only to survive, since he did not even fill it to sing, although he had stopped drinking; he always sang what his clients asked him; but always ended with the same song, or to go home, every day, in a kind of self-therapy, the favorite song of their elders, as he told them.

I had never understood because they liked that melody so much, but now it made the hairs on their skin stand on end, just to hear the introduction of it, when listening to the guitar, it shuddered: “A cat in the dark “By Roberto Carlos.

“When I was a kid, what a joy

playing war, night and day

jumping over a fence, see you

and so, in your eyes; something new, discover.

The roses said, you were mine

and a cat, he kept me company

Since you left me, I do not know, why?

the window is bigger without your love.

The cat that is in our sky

will not go home, if you’re not

you do not know my love, what a beautiful night

I feel that you are in that star.

The cat that is sad and blue

never forget, that you were mine

more I know that you will know, of my suffering

because my eyes, a tear is there.

Dear, my dear, my life

moon reflection, laughing …

When it was over, her cheeks ended up wet, from the tears shed on them. For the rest of the people, who did not know about their pain; I thought it was part of the show, since at the end he said goodbye with a smile and without breaking his voice, he told them some words of thanks. Everyone applauded and asked him to come back to sing, but the clients already knew that after that melody, he retired

Until one night, one of the important clients that the restaurant had, he became impertinent that he was obviously drunk and told him that he would not sing that song, that he did not like it; Without paying attention, to what he said, he started to sing it and that drunk man went to where he was, snatched the microphone from him and started to talk that he did not want him to sing that song.

Kindly, he removed the microphone, and invited him to sit down, accompanying him to his place; his partner (Alejandro) who already knew him, that smelled of problems and approached to dissuade him from singing the song, he had more nights to continue singing. He did not say anything to her and began to sing it, turning his back on his partner and the drunkard.

But as a good drunk, he stopped and pulled him on the shoulder strongly, to tell him not to sing that horrible song and without a huge blow with a clenched fist and armed with a bang. Finishing some in the hospital and others in jail.

The next day, the owner told him that he did not want to see him there (even despite himself, since in truth, many people came to the restaurant just to see him and hear him sing); because the drunk in question were people with a lot of power and had threatened the owner, that if he did not run it, he would close the restaurant and accuse him of something serious.

He sang in other bars, but they told him the same thing; I look for other places but nobody wanted to give him work, because the guy in question had threatened half the world, as well as the restaurateur. He felt lost, so he took the weekend, to see what he was going to do, maybe emigrate to another state, far from that heavy …

When Alejandro went to look for him in the middle of the following week to his house and told him that he had gotten a job, his eyes lit up. But this one told him that he will not be so excited, that he still did not tell him what the job consisted of, that he was not a singer. He stared at him with an interrogation face:

-It is not a difficult job, the one you are going to develop, but I want you to think calmly and to tell me if you will accept it or not; since I gave my word that the person who brought, was not going to back out, once accepted the job.

-So you can not be too bad Carlos … pawn my word and you know what that means for me.

He jokingly told her:

-When to Who should you kill? … do not scare me …

-It is not what you imagine Carlos, look I will explain what it is …

He told him what he had to do, although he omitted several important and relevant details. He told her that he was going to work taking care of a young woman, that he was going to be a kind of guarura (bodyguard) and teacher at the same time, but that he should not worry; since there were 3 other guards in the shelter of this with enough experience and who already had time with the family, that scared him, far from reassuring him, since he put it on notice, that the girl in question, was the daughter of someone who weighed

-But I know you loved teaching and you know how to handle young people, so that’s why I recommended you.

So the weekend, he spent thinking about whether he accepted that job or not; that drunk, had taken him momentarily, the only thing he liked and knew how to do well.

On the other hand, if he wanted to move to another state, he had to have money for the trip and for the first days he was there, getting a job, although he knew that it would not cost him so much, he should be prepared for the unexpected … and so he killed 2 birds with a single shot, because that way he avoided paying rent and the expenses of the food, since he was going to live there; according to Alejandro’s explanations. So after thinking it through, he saw that at that moment it was his only and best option.

Her parents were going to leave urgently and could not take her, as usual. She was 20 years old and was in the middle of her career, since they did not know how long it would take and because of the danger of the trip, she wanted her daughter to be well protected. Along with the servants and their lifelong lullaby.

His father had tried to get a girl who knew how to treat young people, who had taught, but simply had not found the character in question; that’s why, when Carlos was recommended, he did not think twice, it was enough for him to know the basics regarding weapons and personal defense, Carlos had those characteristics.

Finally the day they left, the girl was introduced before; although she contemptuously and haughtily, she did not even deign to greet him and as a good manipulator she was, she decided to take the reins so that she would know who was going to be the patron, during the absence of her parents. His father told the young woman:

-Look Samantha, this is Carlos Mendoza

– Is this the new guarura?

-Mmmmmhhh!, Sweeping it from top to bottom-You gave him the details of the house, the schedules, the dining room, etc …

-So it’s daughter

-Well, bye dad, have a good trip; I have to go to school…

His father continued to talk with him and told him about the difficult character of his daughter and that they had simply never been able to correct her. Physically she was a strong young woman, practicing swimming, although she was short of stature for her age, she always seemed to be 3 years younger; but, just by seeing her, her gestures, gestures, her way of looking, one could guess her way of being.

When the guards learned of Carlos’ hiring, they fell ill; Well, he did not have a bit of guarura, so many special deals with Carlos; that if he had a special contract, that he had a room inside the house and they were close to the stable, like the rest of the men’s servitude; Well, it was not fair to them that many of their colleagues did not hire them because of their fault.

The next day, the other 3 Guaruras (Fernando, Alberto and Guillermo) stopped very early at 6:00 am and when they went to the house for the happy Carlos, he still did not get up, since he was used to other schedules . Fernando taking the reins of his leadership, said to him:

-I’m not willing to do what you want, so you’ll do 3 more laps than we do, in the perimeter of the fences that surround the house.Carlos remained silent, without grumbling, for when he finished giving the Lapses, these had already finished breakfast and Fernando ordered that they remove the plate of Carlos; so as in the dining room there was a fruit bowl, he began to eat an apple; Samantha surprised him and told him.

-What he does, does not speak well of you, I already learned what happened … this morning


Then he spoke to the cook: –

Sandra, serve the Lord breakfast … that’s what the head of the guaruras (Fernando) entered the dining room, and he got to hear what Samantha said.

Then Carlos decided to slap the young woman with a white glove:

-No thanks, Samantha; I know that it was part of my punishment, and as such I will assume it, even if I do not agree with him … since energy is required for this job and I lost part of it when running … and he kept looking at Fernando’s eyes .

– You’re right Carlos, you can go to breakfast, after you do I’ll wait for you in our office to detail our functions.

On one occasion, when they were returning from school, she asked Fernando:

-In any store, to buy some chuchearías (term to buy potatoes, soft drinks, etc …)

-I’m sorry, miss, I can not … it’s for your safety

– How can you not? Do not be a fool and do what I say

– Miss … I really can not, believe me … (telling you in the form of supplication)

Then Carlos, I hold the doll and said:

-They told you that you can not, when we get home … some of us will go for what you ask. Did you understand?

-Okay … and looking at him, he said … but, let me go …

Fernando, who was in the front seat, in the copilot area, turned to see Carlos and he looked at him surprised …

Upon arriving, she got out of the car and threw the door behind her … causing one of the guards, almost crushed a foot, to leave this … on entering the house the guards said to Guillermo:

-To see you, bring me some fried, a soft drink and a palette and you can keep the change … When he came back with things, he did not even thank … Carlos thought his task would be difficult; they really treated her, as if she were the patron … since the three of them were used to taking care of Samantha’s parents and it was difficult to separate, one thing from another when they left.

Things went on like this for three months and none of them endured the situation anymore. Everyone complained about the tantrums the girl was doing. Carlos listened to his moans, but he did not say anything … since they always did it to one side and did heavy things to him, like hiding his clothes or things like that and he began to laugh in his insides, because he knew that the 3 guaruras, did not have the least idea of ​​how to treat it.

One day in one of those tantrums, they served him something that she did not like and shouting, threw the plate on the floor and spoke to one of the servants: –

Hey, Silvia! Come pick up this … and prepare me something else …

Carlos, he told himself, that was his chance, since all three were dying of courage in the kitchen; but they did not dare to contradict her …

-If it were not for the payment, I would have resigned … Fernando said and the other 2 nodded …

-I know, how to fix this situation … Carlos told Fernando … and stopped on the way to Silvia, so he would not go to Samantha’s call.

-As well as?

-Only one condition …

-Speak … Fernando told him

-Only leave it in my hands, hear what you hear and whatever happens, they will not intervene … they will stay here, okay? And none of you will have to give up.

Fernando, not very convinced, he was thinking, then I shake his hand and the others nodded, although inside … he thought he was not going to achieve his purpose. Well, Samantha’s cries were getting stronger:

-Hey … tarada, I told you to come pick this up …

Carlos left the kitchen and came to where Samantha was … –

I did not tell you to come, you, uh … where’s Silvia?

-The one that is going to collect all this … you’re youuuu …

– Ha … do not tell me, why do not you stop meddling … in what you do not care?

-Of course I care … Do you think those are ways …

-Silviaaaaaaaaa …

-She will not come, she has orders not to come … since you will pick up, what you threw …


-What you heard … he said calmly, trying not to despair, since he could not stand the insolence of that brat.

– Will you pick it up or not? You also owe the maid an apology …

-Do not tell me!

-Well … you get it … I grab a chair from the dining room, he took Samantha’s wrist, sat down and laid her on his legs:

-What are you doing tared? Let go…

Plop! Plop! Aaaayy!

-You are not nad … .Plaf! Plop! Aaaayy!


Plop! Plop! Plop! Aaaayy!

– I demand … that you release me!

Plop! Plop! Plop! Aaaayy! Plop! Aaaaayy!

-I do not think that you are in a position to demand

Plop! Plop! Plop! Aaaayy! Plop! Plop! Aaaaaayy! He lashed out harder …

– Did you say miss?

Samantha’s tears began to sprout

-Let me down, imbéciiiiiiiiil!

Plop! Aaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaaayy!

-Well … you are incredible, you have not realized yet … that if it continues in that form, it will be on my legs, for a long time or sooooooo …. And he continued to raise her skirt …

-What do you do?

Plop! Aaaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaaayy !, Plaf! Aaaaaaaaayy! ,

Thus the punishment lasted more than 10 minutes and the guards leaned out the kitchen window, seeing what Carlos was doing, which none of the three dared to do and none of them gave credence, but respecting what he had said Carlos … none intervened.

– Yaaaa paraaaaaa, por favorooooor …

Are you going to pick this up?

-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii … I will …

-Well … when you finish cleaning … I’ll wait for you in the kitchen.

She began to collect everything and cut herself with the broken plate that was on the floor … since in her life, she had had to lift a finger at home; Carlos heard when the plate fell to the ground again:

-Aaaaaayyyyyyy! !!!

-What happened? Leaving the kitchen, to approach her.

-I cut myself …

Then he asked Sandra for help, to bring him the medicine cabinet, pressing on the finger, to prevent it from bleeding and went to the bathroom to wash the wound. When Sandra brought what she asked:

-You will not put me alcohol, will you? At school, we have been told that it is not … Aaaayyyy !!!!

-What is not necessary?

-Because I tell you … if you already put me alcohol …

-As you want … now only a couple of vecelets is missing … it’s already … now you’re just missing something

-I’m missing something? -If … certain apologies

-Ah, that! Well, I’m not going to do it …

-Listen well?

-Yes … you heard well, I will not do it …

-As you like

He took her arm and led her back to the chair, on her legs and lifted her skirt again:

-You can hit me again, but I will not …

-That’s what you think … to see who gets tired first … As he saw that it was not going to be an easy task, he took out his belt; but, Samantha covered herself with her hand.

-Remove the hand, if you do not want to hit you on top of her … But she did not take it away … challenging him even more …

– How do you prefer? I promise you, you will do it after the first

He gave him, without too much force, just to take his hand …

Splash, Aaayyyy! And immediately I take my hand …

Splash, Aaaayyyy! Splash, Aaaayyyy! Splash, Aaaayyyy! She kicked, to let go.

-Are you going to apologize?

-Nooo …

-Well … this is going to be more difficult than I thought … but, not impossible …

Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy!

-Noooooooo … then sliding a bit, she took a bite in the leg

He held her head, pulled her and again put her in the position he was in and released her other belts.

Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaayyyy!

– Demon’s mole …

Splaash, Aaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaayyyy!

-Are you going to apologize, now?

-I’m not going to do it …

Splaash, Aaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaayyyy! –

I would not be so sure…

Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy!

Even though her skin was not white, but skinny; the marks that the belt made on his skin, were visible …

Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy! Splaash, Aaaaaaaayyyy!

-Yaaaaaa, yaaaaaaaa … it’s okay; I will apologize …

-You can get up. She stopped and immediately took her hands, on the painful part … and went to the kitchen. He tucked the belt into place, while she watched this action.

Sandra, she said to Carlos:

-It is not necessary, Lord …

-Of course it is necessary, this young lady; You need to be educated … Right, Samantha?

She turned to see him and nodded, since the crying did not allow her to speak; the other guaruras, looked at how docile he had been …

-I am sorry…

-I’m sorry what …?

-I already told him I’m sorry, what more do you want?

-You want another beating, right? And he took it from the wrist

She opened her eyes, surprised and quickly answered:

-I’m sorry … I’m sorry, Sandra; it will not happen again …

– Can I … I can retieaaaaar? Still stopping

-It’s okay…

She went into her room … and then Fernando, she said:

– Do not you think, that you were too hard?

-Do you believe it? I just gave her … what she asked for; the first whipping, not enough was done … to apologize …

-Well, in that … you’re right …

-And do not you think your parents, you run? when they find out …

-No, his father told me that if I was able to change their attitudes, I would greatly appreciate it.

He knew what he was doing, when he hired a Professor … that’s why he did it.

Samantha understood, that things would not be the same from that moment; after Carlos was in that place …

(To be continue)

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It is difficult for a woman to be a supervisor, boss, or with a high executive position and have a certain group of people under her command.

This was the case of Gabriela, head of the section with more personnel of that factory. His performance in the leadership was correct: fair, impartial, firm, authoritarian without abandoning human warmth. That was the profile that Miguel liked.

That woman could excite him just by watching her go from one place to another giving orders dressed in a simple tunic; Especially when he left work wearing elastic pants that highlighted his wonderful buttocks or shocking miniskirts, because to his opulent forms everything was fine.

Frequently, Miguel imagined that underneath his tunic he wore only minimal underwear and, of course, he also marched with nothing under that simple attire.

Despite the taste he felt for her and the excitement that caused him to make him daydream, was far from perfect lady, so he nicknamed “Doña Quejitas”, because he complained continuously. She always found reasons to grumble: either because it hurt her here, or because so-and-so had done or omitted such a thing, because that season was more work than ever, or because the new control forms were more complicated, etc.

Gabriela was a defiant woman, who although she had not risen the charge to her head, made him feel at every opportunity. In spite of everything, the staff appreciated it because it knew how to forgive mistakes but it was too strict and very attached to the letter of the regulation.

To Miguel the daily deal made her discover how capricious, incorrigible, spoiled and stubborn, could become when things did not go as she expected. In such circumstances she lost control and anger took away the necessary equanimity. Those explosions made him ill, Miguel contained his reactions because it was his superior.

Until one day, at the time of rest, Gabriela arrived and took a seat next to Miguel. Actually, rather than sit down, what he did was collapse in the chair.

-Uffff … I hate Wednesdays! -Brew- This afternoon I’ll have to fill all those odious forms … I see no way to avoid it and I do not want to do them.

-But he’ll end up doing them, is not that Gabriela?

-Of course! I am a responsible person!

-Then … why do you complain so much?

– I’m not complaining!

-Do not? And what name does he give then to this he does every day?

– Does it bother you to express me, Miguel?

-Nothing Gabriela. Also … you are my boss and I must listen to you.

– It’s not about charges. Better tell me what bothers you. He knows perfectly well that what he has to say to me “will not be used against him” -she raised an eyebrow defiantly.

-I know perfectly Gabriela, you are above all a fair person. I only doubt that you like my opinions.-Take the test, man, or perhaps you fear reprisals …

-Not really. But it’s okay, if you insist on knowing, I’ll tell you: You’re a complainant because you want things to go to your liking, always. -Recalcó “su” to refirmar the most shocking attitude of the personality of his interlocutor

-You, despite being an excellent person and a competent manager, behave very often as a spoiled, capricious and stubborn woman.

Gabriela crossed her legs and adopting a more challenging tone, she snapped:

-Okay: it’s your opinion about me and I respect it. Now, I ask: Do you think that at this point in my life I am going to change my way of being? I am as I am and I repeat, I will not change.

-I thank you for giving me the reason. But that irrational affirmation “I will not change” is the typical response of an insolent and capricious girl.

-And if it is what? -Gabriela was already getting out of the boxes. The reasons and arguments of that subordinate, a man so handsome and virile, made her uneasy making her lose her poise.

“Another expression of a spoiled girl,” she said, standing up and holding her gaze, mockingly added, “Gabriela, the only thing you need is to find someone who treats you like you, with that way of being a spoiled child, she is screaming … The only thing that can make her change her mind is the whiplash that she probably never gave him and what a good lack she does.

Gabriela could not believe what she was hearing. He tried to calm down, but it was impossible. His eyes flashed sparks and the tone revealed the anger that consumed her.

-Oh yeah? And can you know who that “someone” will be? Because the man who dares to flog me has not yet been born.

-You are wrong. That man was born, grew up and at this moment he has it in front of his eyes.

Impulsively he abandoned all formalities, exclaiming:

– Will you correct me? Hahahahahaaaaaa … You … and how many more? Without realizing it, he incurred the provocation that Miguel expected to act:

-Yes Gabrielita, I alone and enough coarse … do you know why? Because I will not do anything to force you, you will realize that I am right and that is why you will come to the warehouse on Friday, after the staff has left. But I warn you: you better be punctual or it will go worse than you imagine. I would not like to add unpunctuality to your list of defects.

– You can already grab a chair and sit down to wait for me! -It was the woman’s angry response.

– Precisely a chair will need me to place you on my knees once sitting. I congratulate you because you are understanding.

Oh, what annoying! I hated this man so sure of himself, with that security, manliness and those dominant airs!

The following days were torture for Gabriela. Each time they crossed, he whispered in his ear:

-Preparate your buttocks stubborn babe …

– Remember that I wait for you in the warehouse!

-The spoiled girls deserve a good chirlos in their colitas

-Hello Doña Caprichitos. Ready for the lesson of your life?

-Please … I looked angry and give me more reasons for your punishment, yes?

-Get pillows and creampie, huh? You will not be able to sit all weekend …

Gabriela did not understand why, but every time she heard something of this, butterflies fluttered in her stomach. I hated him but at the same time I felt a terrible excitement and the date of Friday could not be erased from his head. I hesitated between going or not, I did not know what to do. On the one hand, I did not want to give my arm to twist and accept that Miguel was telling the truth. On the other hand, I longed fervently to see how it would feel to be whipped and dominated by such a man.

Friday arrived but the hours passed slowly. He avoided crossing with Miguel all day, although he perceived his penetrating gaze every time he approached his place of work.

The time has arrived There was no one left in the factory, Gabriela had delayed some tasks to have reasons to delay the exit … Miguel decided to sit down and wait. God had blessed him with the gift of patience, but that was a special occasion and every few minutes he looked at the clock. What would Gabriela decide? Would he come? I was almost sure yes, but …

At 17 o’clock sharp, Gabriela stood in front of him. She was beautiful in that short yellow skirt that enhanced the tan of her skin. Blouse and white sandals completed their clothing.

-Caramba! The girl will be spoiled and capricious, but she is also punctual. That will not take away a single scourge, but neither will add any.

-But who do you think you are?

-I’m the man who will take away your malpractice.

-Oh yeah? Well, give it! I came to look for me, “he said defiantly, gesturing for her to come closer.

What am I going to look for? Hahahahahaaaaa … Of course not! You will come here alone, by your own decision, I will not force you into anything you do not want to do.

-Ja! I knew … I knew you were pure blablabla. Neither you nor anyone dares to confront me.

– You know perfectly well that Gabriela is not that. Here it is not about confrontations, but about discipline. You need to be disciplined and that is what I am going to do. But you alone will put yourself on my knees. That will mean that you understand that I am right and that you need a good spanking.

– That will be in your dreams!

– Enough, it’s time! We are 5 minutes late and for every minute that you make me lose I will give you 5 extra lashes. You decide. Or you leave right now and everything will remain the same, or … you come immediately to throw yourself on my knees to start your disciplinary education.

He hesitated a few moments. She was about to flee, but … felt like an inner force pushing her towards Miguel, who smiled complacently as he laid his boss on his knees.

– Well, dear Gabriela, you have made the right decision – he said while supporting his hand and caressing those delicious buttocks that he had wanted so many times – from this moment you will understand that you can not walk through life wanting to fulfill your whims and that all Do your will.

The first spanking resonated in the warehouse and Gabriela jumped in surprise. But he did not have time to recover, because immediately the second fell, and the third and … his buttocks began to burn. It was not the intensity of the blows but the frequency and rhythm of the blows: one buttock and the other, with a one-second pause between one whip and the other. Slowly but surely. Gabriela’s timid moans of pain were beginning to be felt when Miguel lifted her skirt.

-Nooooooooo! But what are you doing? how dare you?

“The capricious girls have to be spanked like that,” he said, while he continued distributing shreds left and right. “And if they get stubborn and pretend to do their holy will as they are used to, then this is done to them” and with a jerk he lowered his panties immaculately white and ran into a beautiful pair of buttocks. They were white, almost snowy, “of satin and jasmine” as the tango says; buttocks soft and round like two globes, separated by a channel that made imagine that Miguel would take him to the most delicate pleasures. But now he had to concentrate on those fleshy mountains that were beginning to color.

Gabriela jumped on her knees and tried to stop the descent of her last garment, but everything was useless: the bombacha went to hit the ground. I did not expect that. He did not imagine such humiliation, and tried to cover himself with his hands.

-This is too humiliating Miguel. Stop Please!

-I’m sorry, but it’s part of the punishment. And I suggest you do not cover your hands, because I will be forced to tie them. I will not repeat.

Of course he tied them, and he did it with a string that he had prepared on the back of the chair. And the punishment continued for more than 20 minutes. Gabriela could not discern the feelings and sensations that invaded her. It was pain, yes, but mixed with pleasure. It was humiliation and submission, but with a feeling of freedom. The only thing he had no doubt about was the enormous excitement he felt, and that moisture between his legs that he could not avoid. Miguel stopped the punishment and began to caress the buttocks that, although red and hot, would still resist more.

-Well dear Gabriela … -she made an attempt to get up, but he stopped her- Do not move, this is just beginning.

-What? But if I can not anymore pain. Let me go now! I demand that you release me.

-You are not in a position to demand anything, and you will not leave until I decide. You wanted to stay and that gives me the right to punish you until I believe it is enough. You, spoiled babe, you do not decide anything … you gave yourself to me, you are my responsibility and I will take care of you while I teach you discipline.

Gabriela felt a sound that caught her attention. He was moving too much. Intrigued, she turned around as best she could and saw that Miguel was taking off his belt.

-But … why do you take off your belt? what are you going to do?

-I will continue with my discipline lesson. I will give you 20 belts. And if you come to protest … I will give you 5 more for each time you protest.

-You can not do that, you have no right


-Let me go, wretch!


-I do not want you to hit me, animal. Let’s go fuck!

-35 … and 10 more for the curse, that is: 45 belts. Do we start or want to continue adding whips?

Gabriela did not answer. His belt began to fall on his already battered butt, but he endured it stoically. As the lashes were falling … his arrogance and arrogance also began to fall and tears rolled down his face. When they went in almost 40 lashes, Miguel began to caress the buttocks of this woman who had had during that afternoon, several acts of submission.

He pulled out the cream pot he had brought and began rubbing those so hot and red cheeks. While spreading the cream, his big finger took advantage to check the humidity of another area. When the finger approached, Gabriela had a notorious shudder.

Miguel looked at her with tenderness and considered that the punishment, for that day, had been enough.

(To be continue)

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Conciliation hearing

The waiting period was about to expire when the Prosecutor of the Labor Court approached to tell me:
-Doctor, the hearing has been suspended at the request of the counterpart, the Judge provided his request presented at the last minute. We will have to set a new day and time. I thought that Dr. Alvarez had warned her yesterday.
No, the very cretin had not bothered to pick up the phone to tell me she would ask for a postponement of the hearing. A postponement that did not make sense because I, in a gesture of professional loyalty, had warned him that my client was willing to comply with the claims of his client, and that the only thing we would ask would be costs for his order and a short deadline to pay the totality. That is, it was a virtually finished case.
I left the court cursing the lost time, execrating all known lawyers and to know, in particular that pecora that has a beautiful face and an exciting figure to ambulate as a diva for all courts.
Besides angry I was baffled. What the fuck was that vedette trying to ask for a postponement? I went into the office ruminating my anger and tried in vain to concentrate on the stacked files that were waiting for me on the desk.
The phone brought me to reality. It was Alicia, my secretary, telling me that she had a call from Dr. Alvarez.
I attended very reluctantly with a dry “Hello” that according to my intention should detonate like a bullet in your ear. From the other end came the mellifluous voice of my colleague, who without excusing his professional impoliteness asked me for an interview to adjust the claim of his client.
-Adjust what, Doctor? We had not almost agreed that my client would pay everything if he was granted a short time to collect the rest of the money?
-Look Doctor, unfortunately my client has changed his mind because he wants to expand the demand, you will have read that there is a reservation in that sense … (Indeed there are in almost all those demands, they are of practice but that gave very bad smell).
– It’s okay, Doctor. You will then say what your client’s claims are for us to evaluate.
-On the phone, I can not tell you, Doctor, it will be better if we meet at an hour that suits you at the “El Galeón” …
I agreed, we agreed on the time and mentally cursed her.

* * *

I hate to admit it and I only do it to myself. I would never accept before anyone the deep respect and professional admiration I have for Lorenzo, and much less what excites me to see him in a lawsuit defending his case: so sure, so virile, so wise and knowledgeable about the twists and turns of our profession.
A couple of times I had to face it and it was not easy. I always wanted to win a case as it should and when I found out that he was the defender of the other party I said to myself: “this is mine”, given that the case is extremely easy. And the little devil of revenge plus the arrogance of wanting to win him took over me. But I went even further and planned something a little more complicated, more to annoy it than anything else.
I asked for the hearing to be suspended and the judge provided it to me. Of course I did not warn him, which made him lose time and in all safety … annoy him a lot!
When I called his studio to set up an interview and adjust my client’s claim, I could not hide his anger and that amused me a lot. I almost forced him to meet us at “El Galeón”.


“El Galeón” is the preferred confectionery of the lawyers because it is very close to the Palace of Courts; it is an old bar that maintains the façade and the furniture of the belle époque, a place where more deals have been closed and more litigation concluded than in the courts themselves.
I decided to make her wait like a small revenge for the morning’s sit-in and when I came in half an hour later I found her smiling in front of an empty coffee cup and a couple of butts crushed in the ashtray. I purposely did not apologize for the delay, I snapped my fingers for the waiter to come, ordered a coffee and sat down in front of that shoddy vamp.
He went straight to the point and without preamble, looking at his arranged nails, those so taken care of that fascinated me but that, at that moment, they seemed like the claws of a tigress; He said that his client was going to sue my sponsor for sexual harassment demanding compensation for moral damages.
It was a deadly blow to my client, by professional secrecy I knew many details of his career amatoria and if that relationship with his former employee was ventilated in the courts would be their marital ruin and the beginning of an economic earthquake.
I could not contain myself and I told him what I thought, that it had a very ugly name, it was called extortion.
“Call it whatever you like, Lorenzo,” he said, still smiling. In public we gave each other a professional treatment but in private we talked to each other- Talk to your client and convince him that it is convenient to fix.
It was better for him to arrange. I had already solved a marital crisis that put him on the verge of divorce. This time I was ready. The very ladina knew it.
“Well, Doctor, I’m waiting for your call,” she said as she said goodbye, smiling derisively as she stomped out, taking the look of desire of all the parishioners behind her.

* * *

I was quite punctual, but just as I imagined him, he was late for the sole purpose of making me wait. Of course I did not say anything to her and I went straight to the point: I was willing to sue her client for sexual harassment. Given the situation of this man, he would have no choice but to accept and I knew it.
I enjoyed Lorenzo’s anger, his helplessness, knowing that I had him in my hands and although I was not being honest or professional, I was enjoying having my favorite lawyer in my hands. God, what a way to gloat over this situation!
When he told me that “it” had only one name: extortion, I just kept making fun of him. I told him to talk to his client and what better to fix. He knew it, and of course I did too. I could have had a bit of pity, but I did not want to, I did not feel like it. I wanted to feel the satisfaction of having it in my hands and that was what I was doing. And it was … simply delicious!
-Well, “doctor,” I await your call, “I said goodbye while waving my hand while smiling. I turned around without being able to hide the smile of triumph that illuminated me. Because this was not over yet.


I had to call her just and accept the conditions she imposed on my client. As if that were not enough I had to go to his studio to take the checks. I went, but I had matured a plan to take revenge. My client would pay, of course, but she would pay them to me. and in a way that I would remember for a long time.
The arrangement was made under the conditions that she imposed. He acted in the way I imagined he would when I reminded him again that this was extortion because my client’s relationship with the plaintiff came not from sexual harassment but from a situation that was wanted and even sought by her, as she had voluntarily surrendered herself. to your employer.
Estela did not stop laughing and strutting as I expected, admitted that it was true what I said, that he was right, but that men were so foolish that “it” made us lose our heads, that we deserved it for hot, it was Just because we paid the case because the judge would give the reason to the weaker or his client, because he was also a man and as boludo as others. After receiving the checks he signed the withdrawal of the action and the right.

* * *

When he called me as expected, to make the payment, I had him come to my office to get me the checks, which angered him even more.
I waited for him dressed in a low red dress, very tight on the top that marked every inch of my bust. The wide skirt moved to the rhythm of my hips. Sandals the color of the dress, with high heels, served to support my long legs, of which I was proud. I wanted to provoke him and show him my triumph from more than one aspect. I knew that Lorenzo found me attractive, but he never said a word to me because he was a great professional who did not like to mix things …
While he handed me the checks, I could not disguise the joy of my triumph.
“Estela dear, my dear Dr. Álvarez … you are clear that this is extortion, right?
Do not answer. I just looked at him and smiled.
-This case is not about sexual harassment. Your client searched and even offered his boss. That is, it was a dear situation.
-And with what? Yes Lorenzo, this is clean and pure extortion, I admit it. But you, the men, are so stupid that for “that” they lose their heads and more. So … it’s fair that they pay. You know perfectly well that the case, the judge, who is a man and as boludo as the rest of his species, will give the reason to the weakest part, that is … to my client.
Having said that and satisfied with myself, I signed the withdrawal of the action and the right. I was happy, I was very happy to win the case even though I had not been professional or too honest. But I had beaten Lorenzo and that was all I wanted, everything that mattered to me.

* * * *
Then I took a microgravure from the pocket of the bag and showed it to him:
– Dear colleague, we are going to see what the Professional Ethics Court of the Bar Association dictates when I listen to this tape after reading the complaint that I am going to present against you …
The hour of my triumph had sounded. It was I who had the letters of triumph in her hand, her face changed, but even so she was radiant, I had not escaped either the brightness of her eyes or the care she had put in fixing herself, because she was dressed and made up with care , more like someone prepared for a party than to work in the office. In other circumstances I would have found her there well dressed, yes, but surely with more comfortable clothing, pants, a sweater to the tone; low-heeled shoes and collected hair, more typical of a lawyer.
The red dress with wide neckline and flared skirt that she wore with elegant high-heeled sandals plus the hair that betrayed the passage through the hairdresser, could not mean anything but the pleasure of victory, like those generals who come to the parade with All your decorations and gimped, that’s how my colleague appeared.
-Lorenzo! You will not dare! You can not do that to me! That would be a bastard! … No, you will not dare …
-Look dear, my client was injured unjustly so when your registration is suspended, with the silver of your fees plus what you will charge your client you can take a nice vacation …
With studied calm I got up and went to the door. She thought I was retiring, so she begged us to come to an agreement, she was on the verge of tears. I closed the heavy oak door with a double turn of the key and put it in my pocket.
-Look doll, I do not want to hurt you, I’ll give you the cassette, but only after doing what I have to do with you …
-What are you going to aaa hhhaccceeer? Let’s go!
“If you scream,” I murmured, “your secretary, the intern, and the people in the waiting room are going to learn that Dr. Álvarez received a severe beating in her own office.

* * * * * *

But the smile and the air of triumph were erased from my face when the very wretched man took out of his pocket a micro-recorder that he showed me smiling while saying:
– Dear colleague, we are going to see what the professional ethics tribunal of the Bar Association dictates when listening to this tape after reading the complaint that I am going to present against you …
I could not believe what I heard. The very wretch had made me talk and he had recorded me. I became desperate and started walking towards him:
-Lorenzo! You will not dare! You can not do that to me! That would be a bastard! … No, you will not dare …
He told me something that with what I had unfairly gotten his client, with my fees and what I would charge my client, I could go on vacation when I suspended my registration. I thought I was dying of disgust and nerves. I had to lean on the desk, but immediately reacted:
I wanted to hit him, to insult him more, to hurt him with my words but … nothing came to mind and I had to calm down. He had me at his mercy …
Lorenzo got up and went to the door. He could not let her go.
– Wait, do not go please! We have to reach an agreement, I beg you.
I felt my head explode. I had to think something and fast. I knew Lorenzo and he knew that if he did that, it was because he was sure of winning. When I felt that he locked the door and kept it in his pocket … least I understood. Until I saw his smile of triumph …
Lorenzo does not need to talk. With his gesticulations he says everything. She has thin lips, and when she smiles with the certainty of having won a case … she closes her eyes, blinks softly and her lips turn into a thin line that ends in two delicious dimples. And I know from experience that his opponent is lost, as I was at that moment.
-Look doll, I do not want to hurt you, I’ll give you the cassette, but only after doing what I have to do with you …
Without a word and without my mind allowing me to move, he took the chair he had been sitting in, placed it in the middle of the office, took off his jacket and tie, rolled up his shirt and grabbed my arm.
-What are you going to aaa hhhaccceeer? Let’s go!
It did not take much effort for me to finish on his knees. Many times I had been promised a whip but I had never believed him, especially with that case with which I felt totally winning. I started shouting to let go, while he calmly told me that if he shouted he would find out my secretary, clients and all the people who were outside. The worst was that he was right.

* * * * *

She felt triumphant, until luck, which is also a woman, stopped smiling.
There I was dumbfounded and silent looking at me while I got rid of my coat and tie. At that time I was not sure I could fulfill the goal I had set for myself, she could recover and ask for help. Your secretary, then with the intern and the people in the waiting room come and find the door locked. What a scandal!
If he accused me of sexual assault, with so many witnesses he would see me in figurines to make the charges, nevertheless I trusted that she feared the scandal more than me, because I did not ignore at all the feelings and desires that I had been inspired for a long time.
Barely stammered a protest at my unworthy behavior, for having abused his good faith by recording the conversation … But as he thought, he did not ask for help and when the soleve to turn her on my knees, so surprised was not able to resist.
He acclaimed the first clapping with little gems very similar to those of a cat in a trance. That encouraged me, not only to move forward but to move on the flimsy defenses.
I suspect that at that moment he cursed to have chosen that dress of light gauze whose skirt I went up without difficulty to gloat over the sight of her creamy buttocks encased in a satin white slip.
I must be true to the truth at no time I felt anger, but neither repentance, what I experienced in those moments was pleasure. Pure pleasure, a wonderful compound of aesthetic emotion, feeling of power and a lot of gratitude, not to say love for the person who had plotted the plot of which had ultimately been a victim.
He rested quite resignedly the loud slaps that he gave him and that encouraged me to tear down the last barrier. I seized the elastic waist and with firm and safe movements I annulled the last bastion of modesty. Despite their pleas and protests I managed to descend the garment until it completely cleared the glorious crimson field from which my hand had dominated.

* * * * *

The first spanking I felt through the thin dress. They tasted delicious, like caresses, I knew that I was not getting too strong, but I was beginning to feel a rich warmth in my buttocks. When he lifted his skirt, I thought I was going to die of shame! I, a recognized professional, Dr. Alvarez, with my buttocks on the air … no! I could not allow it! I tried to shake myself loose, to let go: kicks, blows on his legs, sudden movements and even pleas … everything was in vain. His hand continued to fall on my buttocks, but they did not know how to touch me because now they burned a lot.
I had to have my tail like a scarlet, but Lorenzo’s hairy beast continued with the whipping, and even dared to take off my white bikini. I have never felt such shame in my life. I felt as much shame as … as … as … excitement? Yes, that wonderful feeling was a mixture of sweet pain and excitement. Tears began to roll, but a smile of mischief and pleasure crossed my face. “I followed Lorenzo, I continued … Yes! What a delicious sensation! “I thought to myself.
Anyway, although defeated once again, the end of this episode was really “reconciliatory”.

* * * *

Yes, more than the spanking, humiliated the joke that I spent, is that any lady teasing hurt more than that kind of lashes.
Tears of indignation fell when he heard that the recording was a lie. I noticed that it would cost him to forgive me and he also wanted to do it. I approached her, took her by the chin to raise her face and kissed her …
She, I boast to say it, returned the kiss transforming the episode into a real conciliation hearing.

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Spanking from younger people to seniors

Editor’s Note: this story is based on true facts that happened to the narrator.

On the subject in question, I will have to tell you that, since quite young I had some occasions to sob and give a few spankings to the butts of respectable ladies who took me añitos, some more, some a few.

I remember one incident in particular, when I was the nurse of a very interesting lady-a relative. She was Paraguayan and by then she would be around 40, while whoever writes this would be around 22 or 23 years old.

It turns out that this was almost my aunt, who was spending a season in the care of an old woman who lived very close to the house that was then living with my parents, was quite cold and the thing was complicated by a bronchitis that almost did not let him breathe.

For convenience and also for affinity, once he had attended to the old woman, she came to share the midday and evening meals at home.

It was on one of those visits that the comment came out that he felt really bad, but that he had to spend the night taking care of the old woman and that, worst of all, the nurse who had given him the first injection – of 3 doses Prescribed-I could not go that day.

Neither short nor lazy, I offered to collaborate, since he was the new holder of a certificate that guaranteed my ability to provide first aid, which I had recently achieved through a course that was dictated at the Red Cross.

Seeing that woman still young and well proportioned, slim body and hips pleasing to the eye that crossed his surprised look with me, I could see how his face quickly invaded the blush, propitiated, I suppose, by the strangeness of the situation. It is perhaps necessary to clarify that we were both alone, in the daily dining room, since the rest of the family was enjoying television on the top floor.
He asked me if I had experience placing injections and I answered yes, that it had been the best of the course in applying them intramuscularly and that, in short, the intravenous ones gave me a little more work, so I had some fear of applying them.

He replied that on that side there would be no problem, because the injections he needed were intramuscular. But, precisely because of that, “he confessed,” he was very embarrassed to think that I would apply them and concluded that it was better to look for a pharmacy where they could inject it. She asked me to go with her instead to find one.
However, we could not find any near and she felt very bad, so she asked me to accompany her to the old woman’s house, where she lived temporarily.

Arrived there, he invited me to spend a moment, to invite me to a coffee and asked me to wait for her in a large room that owned the old woman’s house.
When he returned with the coffee, he surprised me by telling me that he had thought better of it and that, given the circumstances, he accepted my offer. She told me that she had the penicillin ampoules and the water bottles mixed with silocaine. I replied, somewhat embarrassed, that he would also require cotton and medicinal alcohol and told me there would be no greater problem.

While I was still savoring the coffee and talking, with her lying on one end of the large armchair, I asked her if she did not feel that she had temperature. In response, he asked me to go to his room and look for the thermometer he had left on the night table, which I found in that location, next to 4 ampoules and two disposable syringes.
Without thinking much, I took one of the bottles of water, I broke it by the neck as I had been taught in the course and proceeded to fill one of the syringes with its contents, to later break the seal of the vial containing benzathine penicillin. 1,200 units that had been prescribed and proceed to mix the water with the white powder to form a viscous substance that I shake with firmness until verifying that no lumps remain. Then I reloaded the contents into the syringe, put the protector on the needle and went to look for it.

Back in his room, quite excited by the way, and with an erection of the thousand demons that tried to hide under my jeans, unable to hide the protrusion that had formed as a leafy vein in my right front pocket and that came down from my leg, I dared to tell him that, first I would take the temperature and then apply the injection, so I invited her to lie on her stomach and let go of her pants. He asked me something strange if I was not going to take the temperature first and I answered yes, but that would be rectal, which was the most accurate. Confused, she asked me how to take that temperature and I explained that I should put the thermometer in her anus. Uffffffffffffff !!!!!!! I almost died and how my voice trembled when doing it !!!!! Quickly, he replied that no, that was enough and that maybe it would be better to go home. I replied that he had already prepared the injection and that if he did not want me to take the temperature it was fine. Maybe, she could do it herself later, but I insisted, maybe with a little morbid and because I really still think it’s the best way to take it, that when I did, I introduced the thermometer in her anus.
With great suspicion, he finally accepted that he injected her, not without repeating his denial several times, but, given his fragile state, he finally gave in and, while releasing the brooch of his pants, he lay face down on his bed.

I approached from behind and pulled the pants down to mid-leg, causing her to try to lift it up again. Instinctively, without meditating, I applied a couple of spanks for doing it and told her to stay still. Almost immediately I apologized, but I did not receive any response and I only saw her wrinkling her buttocks and hiding her head pressing her against the bed. Observing this and more emboldened, I took with my two hands his pants (black polyester) by the upper band, at the height of the hips and a blow I lowered it to the base of the buttocks, discovering a pair of very white meats with a light pink color in one of them (the left). At that moment, I saw how my buttocks tensed further and I indicated that I should relax to receive the injection, but I only received his silence. Next, I looked for the syringe and I just realized that I did not have cotton and alcohol, so I asked him where he had them. Without moving and with her mouth pressed against the bed, she told me to look in her closet, while she remained that way, exposing her buttocks to my anxious sight.
Once both elements were obtained, I returned to her and proceeded to clean the surface where the injection would be applied (I chose the left buttock). I asked him to put my buttocks loose but since I did not do it, I applied the learned technique of patting them until finally they were looser (I must say it was a great delight for me, since the slaps consisted of rhythmic and soft strokes of my fingers against those soft flesh contained by firm skin, as I could see). When I saw fit, I pinched an appropriate extension of his buttock and introduced the needle with a soft stroke that apparently barely perceived, then proceed, after checking that he had not drilled any glass, to gently introduce the viscous liquid. She started complaining about the pain sensation (benzathine penicillin is a very painful injection), so I decreased the pressure on the upper base of the syringe and gave myself all the time in the world to apply it. When I finished, I pulled the syringe and saw a little whitish liquid come out of the small hole left, so I went with the cotton soaked in alcohol to proceed to rub the space. Instinctively, I placed my free hand carelessly on the other buttock and, realizing it, I also caressed it. Oh, I got horny with it! More pleasing, however, was to see that she let me do it. When I finished this unthinkable sovereignty that lasted for a few delicious and endless moments, almost naturally, I applied a few more spanks and I put up his breeches, telling him he could get dressed.

Slowly, as he got up from the bed, he turned his face towards me, still turning his back on me and I could see, in addition to the marked flush that flooded his cheeks, a broad smile that infected even his eyes, while he thanked me and asked me to return the next day to put the other injection and ponder my nursing skills.
Ah! I forgot, yes I finished, but not that day, taking the rectal temperature and I can confess that I put many more injections, that I gave many spankings (although never disciplinary as I always wanted to) and that I caressed those meats throughout all that year that remained close to us.

The rest, I keep it in a special corner of my memory.

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Betania left the chair on which she knelt for twenty minutes rubbing her buttocks in two hands, with the futile desire to mitigate the sting produced by the countless number of lashes she had received during that time. He drove diligently to the bedroom to lie on the bed as he had been ordered.

Maybe it’s better to start at the beginning and portray Betania and her circumstances.

She is a young woman, Venezuelan, with long black hair, with big black eyes, hard and straight breasts, narrow waist and beautiful hips that accompany some attractive and prominent buttocks: of regular height, her figure, to put it once, It attracts the looks of anyone with whom it crosses and has eyes to enjoy its splendid figure and attractive face. Always with a smile on his lips, it does not go unnoticed by anyone.

In the year … when she was seventeen, she went to work for J. as a maid, cook and everything related to the care of the house and her person. Since that time, five years had passed.

For a while, his behavior was irreproachable. The efficiency that he showed satisfied J who was not oblivious to his charms and was delighted to have hired her.

A few months later, Betania, aware of the admiration that J. felt for her, began to neglect her obligations, to pay less attention to the good condition of the house and her lord, convinced as she was of what he felt for her and, therefore, unable to reprimand her. She spent more time lying in bed or watching TV than she was busy with her homework.

Although J. was attracted to her and wished with all her might to possess her, the situation was becoming untenable: she found dust almost anywhere, the good foods that she prepared for him before had become inedible. His bed made in any way, with wrinkles and lack of care. Her shoes and clothes, once so spoiled and put in place, now went crazy trying to find any garment.

He spoke with her making him see the irregularity of his behavior without obtaining any result. She continued to behave in the same careless way.

Against his kind and patient natural, J. decided to take matters into his own hands to try to change those bad habits of Betania to whom, in fact, he had taken something more than affection and who did not want to lose for anything in the world: It would have been appropriate to dismiss her, but … and that was what she felt and prevented her from doing it.

Twice more he tried to change her bad habits of recent times without getting the least. Betania, in her heart of hearts, believed that nothing she did wrong would be reason for her to dismiss her because of the love J. knew for her person. I was not very misguided.

However, after a long time in J., armed with patience and love mixed with desire, fed up, desperate not to get results by good and reached a point of no return, after a new attempt and check that only the words did not make a dent in the attitude of the young woman, extremely angry, almost without knowing what she was doing and against all of her vital approaches to nonviolence, she unloaded her hand on her face, which forced her to wobble. With eyes wide open in surprise, Betania put her hand to the place where she had been beaten.

Against all foresight, a single word of protest did not come from his mouth: he remained motionless, expectant, swinging on one foot and the other. On his face he painted himself, he did not know what. Enraged by her response, J. dragged her unceremoniously to a nearby chair and, making him lean over him, began to throw an endless series of lashes at those buttocks that he so desired to caress only protected by the tight black dress in uniform .

An insane satisfaction seized J. while he punished her in that way. Maybe that way I got what I did not get in good manners. In any case, the result of that action mattered little: his degree of excitement and the pleasure of the punishment he was inflicting on the young woman were such that nothing that happened afterward worried him.

Meanwhile, Betania, inexplicably, only uttered moans without it being noticed in her intention to escape punishment. Esthetically, he remained in the position in which J. had placed him. This one, more and more excited, encouraged by the passivity of Betanía and what seemed an acceptance of such punishment as expiation for so long of not fulfilling its mission, without the slightest consideration, lifted the dress of the girl to the waist and lowered her panties up to the ankles. It was then that for the first time he could appreciate the magnificence of those glorious buttocks, which, even covered by clothes, so many nights of insomnia and febrile states had cost him. For a few seconds, prey to the admiration and the desires that that vision produced, he did not know whether to whip or caress, to immerse himself in the pleasure of touching and to inhale his aroma or to continue with the punishment. He opted for the latter and again began to smash his hands mercilessly on that throbbing and already red skin. The groans of Betania that accompanied as the answer in a canon each scourge that received, excited more and more to J. to the point of which one way of thick fog was hovering over him.

Unexpectedly, J. leaned over those lovely buttocks and caressed them with pleasure while inspiring the scent that came from them. With an effort of will, although what he wanted above all things was to penetrate between those turgid and desired balloons, with a decisive gesture, he took out his belt and, with the bent in two, he re-started the punishment by lashing Betania without rest during ten minutes or more. Meanwhile, she still did not leave the altar where her buttocks were being sacrificed.

As everything has an end, the punishment came to an end. J. Betanía rose from his position and, without power or want to remedy, hugged and kissed with hot kisses to which she corresponded in the same way. Leaving to hold him with both arms, one of his hands stroked the so lashed buttocks and then take them to the pubis where he found a real source. Without further ado, right there on the carpet, they both frantically possessed themselves for an unlikely and timeless space of time.
After the outbursts of passion, decided to give and ask for explanations. J. confessed to Betanía the love that had been growing towards her almost from the moment of knowing her. She confessed that the same thing had happened to her and that all the things she had done wrong were to get her attention; that he saw him so distant and gentleman that he could not think of another way to do it. She was happy because she had achieved her purpose and with the beating she had paid for everything she had done wrong.

For a time, Betania was again what she was and the relationship between her and her lord, became something more than work.
However, strangely, after a time when everything worked perfectly, in that they loved each other at all times and the house shone clean and tidy, some things began to fail. J. realized almost immediately but did not want to take drastic measures with which now, in addition to the house, was busy filling him with satisfactions having become his lover to which corresponded with enthusiasm and love.

The days passed and things went worse and worse. The disinterestedness of that past time seemed to have settled in Betania. Seeing that the warnings were useless and that the house was getting worse, J. decided to take back what, except that first time, had left in suspense: he had never punished his love.

One night when after enjoying their bodies and their love he reproached her for her carelessness, she replied that she was not his slave. Astonished by those words, irritated, he turned her naked as he was and began to flog her without mercy. She saw how her buttocks were getting more and more red, how she kicked and complained about the deal despite which, he continued to unload his hands on her. He stopped for a moment and asked if that was enough to rectify his behavior. To that she replied that no and the spanking recommenced. Only when J. felt almost exhausted and with a gesture checked the state that presented the crotch of his lover, ceased to hit her.
Pouting and looking at him tenderly, Betania said:
-Fool; Did not you realize that what I was trying to do was to punish you again? What did I like so much that time that I wanted you to repeat it and you did not find out? –

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Mountain Angel

by nzeddie

How I met my darling wife on the mountain….
My story takes place back in the late 80’s, when PC’s and Digital Cameras still were a rarity, but
which I had in my possession, using them for my main hobby: taking photos.

This was a hot (well, hot by Norwegian standards, 25 deg C or 80 deg F) summers day and I had
decided to venture up to my favorite mountain spot, some 500 feet above where I lived.
Down in the valley, the air was still and uncomfortable, but I knew there would be a small
breeze up on the mountain.

I filled my backpack with some necessities like lots of water, some sandwiches, my camera,
some sunscreen and a sun pad. Whenever I visit my secret mountain ledge, I always try to lie
down nude and enjoy the sun as much as possible; back home there were just too many onlookers.
The ledge was not large, but enough so that I could lie down in comfort and be sure not to have
any audience. I put on my lightest mountain dress and went along, eager to reach my destination.

The walk up to the mountain was a steep and tiresome journey, and sweat started to wet my
wardrobe. This was not a nuisance, it meant I could lie down and consume the sun rays,
without having to put on any sun lotion until later.
I certainly hoped the breeze was up there as expected….

Whenever I want to reach the ledge, I have two paths to follow. Either straight up a mountain side,
which involves a bit of climbing, or walk around the top and enter the ledge from behind and
above, which meant a longer walk, but an easier one.
Fortunately, it would turn out, I decided to do the latter!

When I was starting my descend from the top down to the ledge, I was surprised to see someone
already occupying “my” spot. Damn! No one ever came up here, this was a first, and I thought
about retreating and find somewhere else.
But, as luck would have it, I took a closer look and found to my astonishment that whoever
was down there were lying down NUDE, and it was a female!

Wow! My curiosity (and my horniness!) made me go closer and investigate.
This was a gorgeous young female, perhaps 17, short and curvy, blond hair (blue eyes as I
later found out) and her tits were amazing; full, abundant, with thick nipples and a large
deep brown areola, but not saggy at all!
She was lying on a thin pad, wearing only a set of earplugs connected to a walkman, which
sounded like blasting into her ears. Lucky for me, because it meant I could approach her
without her noticing me. And better still, she was engaged in a serious masturbation,
her eyes closed, frigging her cunt with gusto and squashing her soft melons, moaning hard!

I already had my camera ready and started to take several shots of her performance, in different
angles, zooming in on her private parts now and again.
What a delightful sight, my manhood slowly rising to the occasion, which made me feeling more and
more uncomfortable. I let go of my camera and started to disrobe quietly, making sure she did
not sense my presence. She was too busy anyway, so I managed to shed my clothes completely
and got down on my knees just beside her. Taking one of her tits in my mouth, I barely managed
to suck on her delicious nipple, before she jumped up, tearing her earphones off, yelling
“What the fuck!” – and – “Mr. Evans!?”.

That’s when I noticed who she was: Betty, one of the few young girls in my neighbourhood!
I must admit to having ogled her (and her friends, all equally hot) whenever I met upon her.
Here she was, using “my” spot in search for an orgasmic pleasure, one I would have died to
give her myself. And soon I did!

She desperately tried to cover herself, but her clothes were behind me in her bag, and I was
holding her down slightly, even though she could not run away.
“Betty,” I said “You seem to enjoy Yourself today?”. “I, I…” she stammered.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t tell anyone. As long as You agree to my proposal!”
“What proposal?” she whispered and swallowed.

“Well, I thought we could continue what You just started and have a good time, since we’re both
alone up here?” “What do You mean? I can not be with You! You’re old enough to be my father!”;
she started to become a bit certain of herself.
In fact I was only 15 years her senior, but when You’re at her age, everyone older than 20 is
going senile, at least in their eyes.
“Well, I have a few pictures of You, playing with Yourself, which I easily can print out and
send to Your parents, friends and school! Would You prefer that?”
She held her breath and a tear started to emerge from her eyes.
“Nooh….” she uttered, hardly audible.

My dick was now at full mast and I took the opportunity of her confusion to straddle her
chest facing her. My rod was bobbing in her face and she were staring at it, wide eyed
and grimacing. “Just open Your mouth and let me teach You how You may pleasure a man!”
“You’ll enjoy it too, darling Betty.” “Nooo…” she mumbled and shook her head from side to side.
“Remember the photos!” I sternly told her, and she froze.

Without much hesitation, I simply let my cock head slide inside her warm and wet oral cave,
the experience sending a chill down my spine. “Damn, this is heavenly” I thought to myself.
She on the other hand seemed somewhat uncomfortable, having such a large object entering her
mouth for the first time. It turned out, she was a virgin in all respects and her sucking
skills were nonexistent. I began to move my dick further inside her mouth and was soon entering
her throat, but not without her starting to gag. I retreated from her throat to ease her pain.
“Stay calm, breath thru Your nose and simply try to swallow it!” I told her.
She seemed to get my message and calmed down.
“Now rotate Your tongue around the head and along the base.”
“And stick Your tongue in my peehole as much as You can!”
She was an attentive pupil and tried her best to comply.
I continued my attack on her throat and moved my dick back and forth,
holding on to her head and fucking her face vigorously.
What a unexpected treat this mountain trip turned out to be!

While she tried her best to satisfy me orally, I had my hand in her slit, moving first one,
then two fingers inside her shaven cunt.
I really enjoy women who shave their crotch; it makes their important parts so much easier
to access and there’s nothing to obstruct the view of the delicious female genitals!
By now, Betty was squirming and moaning “loud” (she was almost muted by my cock).
Her throat muscles flexed and tensed hard around my cock deep inside her,
which sent me over the edge in no time.
My cock started to swell inside her, which she noticed too.
“OK, I’m starting to cum, Betty!” “Make sure You swallow ALL my cream!!”
Then a huge load of cum blasted deep inside her throat, making her gag slightly,
but she managed to swallow most of my precious cream.
After 5-6 spurts, most of which my dear Betty managed to gulp down, I was drained.
Some sperm leaked out thru her lips, running down her chin and neck, glistening in the
bright daylight. I scooped up as much of the leakage as possible and fed her.

“Keep sucking my dick, Betty!” I ordered her.
I kept my rod inside her mouth for a while, enjoying the warmth of her saliva.
As I removed from her mouth, my dick was still fully erect, thanks to Betty and her
continued pleasuring of my cock.
She on the other hand slumped down on her pad, seemingly exhausted.

Moving down to her chest, I took first one tit in my mouth, sucking and biting her nipple.
The other tit, I massaged and squeezed quite hard. Then I swapped tits.
Betty started to moan and cry softly. She would gasp each time I bit hard on her nipple,
almost to the point of blood leaking out.
I mauled and kissed each tit, enjoying her response to my performance.
Her nipples seemed to grow even bigger from my administration,
and they were so delicious I could have licked and sucked them forever.
She was soon covered in hickeys and bitemarks from my intense action.
Sweat started to appear on her forehead and in the valley between her tits.
It tasted ever so sweet when I licked all over her beautiful mammaries.
Squeezing them together, I straddled her chest and began to pound my cock in and out of this
artificial orifice, which gave me intense gratification and led me to the brink of cumming.

Not wanting to risk cumming too early, I moved further down her abdomen
until I had her vaginal paradise in full view.
Holding her thighs back and wide open with my hands I started to kiss and lick from the top
of her mons, all the way down to her anal opening, causing her moaning to go faster and louder.
Moving back again I sucked her engorged clit firmly into my mouth.
This caused it to swell noticeably and made Betty squirm, her moaning increasing to an even higher
level and I could feel her getting seriously moist and sensitive.
I curled my tongue and started to penetrate her cunt with it as deep as possible,
wiggling my nose against her clit. This was unbelievably hot!
I inhaled her delicious scent and slurped her cream, never wanting this moment to end!
Within minutes she bucked her hips, shook furiously and cried out her orgasm and flushed my
face with her warm cunt honey. I swallowed as much as I could of her sweet nectar,
but most of it escaped, wetting my face, her thighs and the sun pad.

Seizing the opportunity of her ecstatic bliss, I prepared my next move.
I took hold of her knees, lifting them and forcing them back, until her arms were locked down,
keeping her fully under my command. Her butt lifted from the pad, giving me perfect access to
my most desired target: her virgin cunt!

Betty seemed to know what was about to happen and started to protest:
“NOOO! Mr. Evans! Please don’t! I’m still a virgin!! AAAAGGHHHH!!”
Not giving her protests any attention, I led my hard cock to her cunt opening and forced my way in.
“AAAAUUUU!!! NOOOOO!!!” she cried.
Her vaginal tunnel was narrow, clasping my dick as I continued inside.
Not far within her cunt I reached her virginal defense, as I expected.
With a quick thrust, I ruptured her hymen and moved further inside, until I reached her cervix.
An inch of my dick was still outside her vagina. God, was she small!

I let my dick rest inside her for a bit, to let her recover from the violent attack.
She bled quite a bit, but this only added to the lubrication of her cunt and the bleeding
soon stopped. Betty was now sobbing but also shaking.
I leaned down and took hold of both her tits, mauling them with my hands.
Not stalling any longer, I started to withdraw my cock until only the head was inside her.
Her vaginal walls tried to hold me back, but with a forceful push I again bottomed out.
Betty yelled out loud: “AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!”

I started a rhythmic in out movement inside her, slow at first, but picking up speed fast,
until I was fucking her with vigour and great force.
Since I had already cum in her mouth (a lot too) I managed to keep up for almost 40 minutes.
Meanwhile, Betty was both moaning and sobbing, eyes closed.
She seemed to enjoy her unwelcome fate more and more and I soon noticed a smile on her face.
No doubt this was a hot little bitch! I could feel her orgasm hard at least twice, holding
her breath and shaking uncontrollably, wetting my fuck pole with more of her warm elixir.
As could be expected, I was in pussy heaven, and even Betty beamed ecstatic satisfaction
from our magical love making!

“Oh shit!” a sudden thought entered my mind!
“How ooold aaare You, dear Betty?” I managed to stammer.
At first she seemed to ignore me, but finally she opened her eyes and spoke:
“I just turned 16!”. “Ah, Thank God!!” (Our sexual age limit is 16)
I suddenly pictured myself locked up and saw my freedom vanish before my eyes!
Thankfully, I could keep on fucking my hot vixen, her butt and abdomen shaking wildly
while her mugs were trapped under her legs. She was so incredibly hot!

At last my member started to swell and another thought came to me:
“Shit, she probably isn’t on the pill!” and of course I had no rubber on.
Too late, my volcano was erupting, sending hot baby-making lava out my hard and hurting manhood,
filling her ripe uterus with my tiny, tail wagging soldiers of misfortune.
Betty could also feel what was about to happen and cried out loud:
“NOOOOOOOHHH!!! You cannot cum inside me, Mr. Evans!!!”
“Sorry, mi amor! AAAAAAAAHHHH! Sweet Jesus!”
Spurt after spurt came gushing out my cock and kept filling my hot young bitch.
Shock and satisfaction were both evident in the eyes of my baby, filled with tears of joy.
I kept pounding her cunt hard till I was totally spent, feeling well how long her
orgasm kept flowing, her body shaking and her cunt pulsating trying to milk my cock.
I have never cum so hard in my life and stars seemed to shine before me.
Streams of semen came in a steady flow down her butt as soon as I removed my now deflating cock.

I slumped into Betty’s embrace, letting her legs down and kissed her softly.
She was still breathing fast, but I wrapped my arm around her neck and pulled her close.
I forced her lips open with my tongue and pushed deep inside her mouth.
I went on an oral expedition and sucked her tongue with force.
Soon our tongues were fighting hard in a sloppy form of WWII, sucking, licking and
penetrating each other mouths.
This hot man teaser really gave her all and kissed back like a pro.

All this oral excitement soon trickled down to my “virgin conqueror” and I could feel it
stir once again. I ordered Betty to lie face down on the pad and to get on all fours.
She happily complied and I moved behind her.
I started to lick her bum hole, which made Betty shiver and gasp.
I entered two fingers inside her cunt and was greeted with a thick mixture of semen, blood
and pussy juice. With my soaking fingers I managed to pry open her ass hole and make sure
she became well lubricated inside her bum.
She was soon ready for my third “unwelcome” attack of the day: her ass!

Betty probably anticipated what would happen, so when I led my cock to her bum and was ready
to enter, her ass hole was shut tight. But she never saw my next move coming:
SLAP! I used my right hand to spank her right buttocks hard. Her nice round ass cheek vibrated
and got red in an instant. SLAP! My left hand hit her left cheek in the same manner.
Betty squealed like a beaten pig at each blow and her tits bounced wildly below her.
SLAP! On the third blow I managed to enter her sphincter with ease since her body now was
occupied with the slapping pain. With a loud plop I finally was inside her bum.
Betty managed to keep silent, but gasped and started to breath fast.
Her rear hole were even tighter than her pussy, but I managed to wiggle my way inside her,
until my balls met her pussy. I rested for a bit, but soon withdrew my cock completely.

I spanked her with extensive force once again, held a tight grip on her hips and with a
quick push bottomed in her anal cave. Betty let out a loud and heavy groan and raised her head
abruptly and with eyes closed. Her rear was now a deep red from all the spanking, but I added
a few more slaps to make her bum shake in that wonderful, lustful way.
I then took hold of Betty’s shoulders and started ramming my cock hard into her behind,
sending shivers thru my spine and giving Betty great pleasure too, judging by her loud moans
and heavy pussy vibrations.

I plowed hard into Betty’s behind for twenty minutes or so, feasting on the warm and moist
feel of her bum, her bouncing tits, her moans and the contractions she (unconsciously?)
made with her anal muscle, milking my dick as I pounded her ass.
Several times during this “attack” Betty held her breath, started to shake violently
and arched her back, finally letting go with a loud “OOOOOOHHHHHH!!! MY GOD!!”
On her third orgasm I no longer could hold back and let my fire hose fill her burning bum
with white creamy fluids. I was in anal heaven, seeing stars one more time.

WOW! This feisty nymph had me completely drained and I had to lie down.
Cuddling together we both dropped off to sleep for an hour or so.
Thankfully, the sun had been blocked by thin skies almost as soon as I reached
the mountain top or we would have been seriously burned during our excesses!
It was warm enough to like naked though and we enjoyed our embrace on the sun pad.

When I finally opened my eyes again, I was greeted with the sight of Betty sucking on my newly
revived cock with a devilishly grin on her face!
I was lying on my back and when my cock was good and ready, Betty straddled me and led my dick
into her moist love canal. I could only raise my head and enjoy the sight of her lowering
herself completely on my manhood.
I never believed in angels before, but here I was being “molested” by my very own Mountain Angel
intent on giving both of us extreme pleasure.
She raised herself till only the tip of my cock was inside her, then dropping hard down on me,
exclaiming “OOOHHH MY GOD!!!”. She now started to fuck me slowly up and down, closing her eyes,
moaning and whining all the time.
The sight of her tits bouncing up and down drow me wild and I started to push up against her
trying to fuck even deeper inside her. She was now able to take all my manhood without problem,
burying it deep within her cervix.

I took hold of her tits swaying before my eyes and mauled them hard, twirling her nipples with
my fingers. I also slapped them, lightly at first, but seeing her highly sensual response to
my tit-spanking, I increased my power a notch or two, giving her tits the same deep red color
her ass received earlier.
Betty just moaned harder and harder until she could once again enjoy an earth shattering
orgasm, never once stopping her movement up and down my stiff rod.

After some 15 minutes of incredible fucking by my darling Betty, my balls started to feel
like bursting, which they did, all the way thru my steel member, sputtering several loads of
semen deep in Betty’s birth canal.
Luckily, she also came hard as I ejaculated, slumping down in my arms.
She looked heavenly satisfied staring deep into my eyes and kissed me tenderly.
I was also fully spent, merry from the fact that I had conquered both the mountain and
it’s Angel on this hot and bright day.

With a huge grin on both our faces we lay cuddling for a while, before deciding to get
dressed and head home before dark fell upon us.
When we were almost home, we kissed once again and agreed to repeat our encounter the next day.
From that day forward, we met regularly, sometimes on our secret ledge, sometimes back in
my apartment, always engaged in hot and mind-blowing sex.

A few weeks later it turned out I had managed to impregnate little Betty, probably after
our first intercourse on the mountain. Her parents were quite understanding and accepted
our newfound partnership. They insisted I should marry Betty when she turned 18, and I had no
trouble accepting this term, since my feelings for Betty had become stronger ever since we
first met on the mountain.

After two blissful years we tied the knot and are now living happily together.
And the sex still remains magic and fulfilling for both of us.

…Our three lovely children still lives at home…
…The pictures I took of sweet Betty is still on my PC…
…I never showed them to anyone, but we still enjoy a peek now and again…
…Since that day, I have photographed her body several times, both nude and otherwise…

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Fucking his little sister and her friends

by Fortify

Waiting on his sister before she goes to the disco, John runs into his sisters friends, and their plans…
John sat on his porch, smoking a joint as he watched the young girls walk by. Friday meant the teenage disco down the road and a bit of idle purving. He reckoned they were all around sixteen or seventeen, and the parade of tight asses and young tits was better than watching the news. He wondered why girls didn’t dress like that when he was young, but then everyone thinks that.

He was really waiting for his sister Anna, who was going to the disco and planned to change in his house. His parents weren’t so happy about small dresses and high heels so she always wore her sexy clothes under her normal ones to pass her parents inspections before going to her brother’s house to transform for the boys.

John had to admit that Friday’s were starting to become his favourite night of the week; watching his little sister change into whatever these young sluts seemed to be wearing these days would send him out on the town with a hard-on that lasted through Sunday. She was a petite brunette with a killer ass and a cute little smile that would always send him over the edge. When they were younger they used to fool around under the covers, pretending they were a couple, but since they had grown-up more it had changed into gentle flirting.

The steps outside his apartment block were raised above the road and two teens sat on the lower level, slightly facing away from him. They were handing around a bottle of vodka, drinking it straight and grimacing each time they took another swig. John looked closer at the two girls.

The first was a pale redhead, who had a slight emo look with her dark eye shadow, was wearing a tight black and white striped dress that hugged her slim figure. Her hair hung down past her bare shoulders and her shy eyes kept glancing up at John whenever she turned her head. The other one, a skinny blonde, wasn’t glancing up at John, she was staring.

‘Is that a joint?’ she called up, while putting her fingers under the waistband of her denim hot pants. She jutted out her chest, proudly showing off her sexy breasts that were barely contained within a tight white top that was split down the middle.

‘Maybe’ he said, taking another drag.

She walked up the steps and stood above him, her blonde hair blocking out the setting sun. John took her in more closely. Her legs were perfection, without an ounce of fat, and he thought that he’d be able to wrap his two hands around her tiny waist. Her face was of a naughty angel, the soft eyes off-set by an inviting mouth and high cheek bones. She was no emo, her bright make-up and light pink streaks in her blonde hair showed a more cheerleader air.

‘Can I have some?’ she asked, twirling her hair in an obvious attempt at flirting to get her way. John shrugged, why not he thought, and handed it over. She took a long drag and blew it out through her nose. John smirked, she was trying to be cool in front of him.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked, as she handed him back the joint.

‘Emma’ she said, sitting down beside him ‘you’re Anna’s brother, right?’

‘Yeah, you waiting for her too?’ he said, looking at his watch ‘I’m not expecting her for another hour.’

‘I know, she just texted us. Got any more of that inside?’ she said, pointing at the joint that was nearly finished.

‘I’ve got something better’ he said, opening his legs and not exactly hiding the large erection in his jeans. It was a ridiculous move, but he didn’t feel like being flirted with all night, he wanted to know the score. He had heard the rumours about what went on at these discos, and thought he might as well test it.

She arched her eyebrow sexily and looked down towards her friend.

‘You promise to help me out with a problem I have with my friend?’

‘Depends on the problem…’

‘You don’t need to know the problem’ she said ‘but you’ll definitely enjoy the solution…’

She ran back down the stairs and John watched out of the corner of his eye as they urgently whispered between each other. Eventually the redhead nodded and they both came up the stairs. He stood up as they reached him.

‘Hi, I’m Sarah’ said the redhead. John took her in more closely, admiring the small dash of freckles running down the top of her cute nose, her small lips still full and pout.

Emma, the blonde, stood beside her. As John said hello back she put her arm around the girls’ waist and squeezed, before slowly moving her hand down to rest on her ass. The redhead, Sarah, scolded her lightly and slapped her hand away.

‘So what have you got that’s better than weed, eh?’ she asked ‘we’ve got a disco to go to after all.’

John smiled ‘come inside, I’ll show you’. He was thinking that his sister might arrive at any minute, but it was worth the risk; these two girls were giving off a serious vibe, especially the blonde, and the red head had a look in her eyes that said to John ’it’s always the quiet ones’, so he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The girls walked ahead of him and John watched their tight little asses shake down the hallway; the tight dress squeezing the redheads’ ass while her high heels lifted it up and showed off her superb, long legs and the blonde wriggled her juicy cheeks in the denim hot pants that barely covered half of her ass. John was so entranced he forgot to lock the door behind him.

Once inside, John beckoned them to sit around the table on the couch as he went into his room to get his party pack, as his friends liked to call it. He listened to the girls giggling in the other room while he checked what was left. It was more than enough.

‘Well’ he said while grabbing three shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard ‘how would you girls like to do an Irish tequila? I wouldn’t normally offer, but you two look mature for sixteen.’

‘Oooh’ said Emma ‘what’s an Irish tequila?’

‘Like everything Irish, it’s stronger and better.’

He poured out three shot glasses and took out two bags of white powder.

‘Wait, I forgot the lemon!’ he said, jumping up to the fridge and taking out a plate of lemons. After cutting a few slices, he lowered each one into a bag of powder, coating it in white crystals.

‘Now girls, hold out your hands.’

The two girls, who had been sitting together on the couch held out their hands silently. John took the other bag and took a large pinch out of each and sprinkled it on the girls’ hands before doing it himself.

‘What is this stuff?’ the redhead asked, nervous despite herself. She seemed to be one of those cool and aloof girls – never wanting to speak too much in case she got caught out saying anything stupid.

‘It’s cocaine’ said John ’and the lemons are covered in crushed-up ecstasy. The whiskey is just whiskey, but I still rate that the most dangerous.’

‘It’s okay, Sarah’ said Emma, balancing the cocaine ’my sister did it before and said it was great.’

‘Well, let’s do it shall we?’ said John, sitting down between the two girls, feeling their warm bodies resting against his ‘first lick the cocaine, then the shot, then the lemon.’

After a momentary hesitation the two girls went for it. With grimaces and squeals they did it all, slamming the shot glasses down in the table and collapsing onto John, laughing with the triple whammy of highs. John laughed with them, enjoying the feeling of the two girls’ hands touching him, and felt himself get hard as Emma moved her hand onto his inner thigh and stroked her fingers up and down.

‘That was amazing!’ screamed Emma to her friend ’I could do another one right now!’

‘Easy now’ said John ’there’s plenty of time for that later.’

‘So what will we do in the meantime?’ asked Emma, staring at him and squeezing the inside of his thigh playfully. The instant hit of the two drugs and the drink had already gotten the girls giddy and loosened up.

‘I dunno’ said John ‘we could play a game…’

‘What sort of game?’ asked Emma. She asked in a way that all three knew what type of game she was suggesting.

‘What about a kissing game?’ said the redhead. John liked where this was going.

‘Kissing games are lame!’ said the blonde, giggling ‘that’s for kids’

‘Well, y’know’ said the redhead, looking at her friend with a grin ‘Emma here gives a great blowjob, or so I‘ve heard…’

‘Sarah!’ shouted Emma, looking genuinely angry ’You know not to say that!’

‘It’s true!’ said Sarah ’I heard you and Anna…’

‘Anna?!’ exclaimed John ’As in my sister?’

Emma raised her eyebrows and looked at John. Her demeanour had changed. A second ago, she was looking daggers at her friend, now she seemed to have decided something.

‘That doesn’t matter, it’s not true. Anyway’ she said, looking at her friend ‘you’re just saying that because you’ve never even been with a boy before’

‘Yes I have!’ said Sarah. The drugs had seemed to loosen her up. She had been suspicious of John at the start, now she didn’t seem to give a shit.

‘Prove it then’ demanded Emma.

‘How the fuck am I supposed to do that?’ asked the redhead, crossing her arms to her chest.

‘Suck his dick. Right now. That’s the game. Whoever makes him cum first is the winner’ responded Emma. John sat, not wanting to say a word in case he fucked this opportunity up.

‘Okay, fine’ said the redhead. John couldn’t help notice that she was eyeing the bulge in his trousers. She looked John in the eye and moved closer to him, thrusting her hand into his trousers and grabbing his cock before whispering in his ear ‘and who say’s I’m sixteen anyway?’

On the other side, Emma began to unbutton his jeans hurriedly, getting frustrated at even the slightest delay. John’s nearly nine inch cock sprung out and the two girls stopped for a moment to gaze at it.

‘Oh my god’ said Sarah as she gingerly wrapped her right hand around the shaft ’I’ve never seen anything so big…’

‘Too much for you, eh?’ he said jokingly, but the girl just smiled and lowered her head to his chest. He felt her long red hair fall onto his lower body and then the warm touch of her mouth as she began to engulf his cock. The blonde stared at her friend, breathing heavily as she brushed the girls’ hair to the side so she could see the action.

John grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulling her towards her and kissing her deeply. The little girls tongue darted around his mouth as she pressed against him, while Sarah spat on his cock and began jerking it. Her lips worked the head while her hands slowly milked his cock and massaged his balls. Even in his increasingly horny state John realised that the girl had skills, despite what her friend had said.

Soon Emma couldn’t keep herself and the blonde dropped to the floor beside her friend.

‘C’mon’ she said, watching her friend ‘you can go deeper.’ With that she began to push her friends head from behind down onto John, causing her to gag harder and her eyes to open even wider. ‘That’s it, take it in, take it all in.’ Despite her best efforts, there was no way the redhead could fit it all on her own, so the blonde took a different approach.

She moved her face towards John, taking off his top, kissing him lightly before whispering ’Fuck her face, fuck it like it was her pussy. I know her, she pretends she’s a little angel but I know she’s nothing but a fucking whore.’

The little redhead whimpered and for the first time looked away at John and towards her friend. For a moment it looked like she would pull her head back but John grabbed her at the back of the hand and said ‘You heard what your friend said, I have to fuck your little whore face.’

With that he began pumping his cock into her mouth. He felt her trying to pull away but that only made him rougher, lifting up off the couch as he quickened the pace. Even with that she couldn’t take it all, but Emma raised the stakes. She moved behind Sarah and lifted John’s legs so they wrapped around the back of her head. He began pulling his legs towards him while pumping his cock down the girls’ throat. The little redhead was gagging hard, her head locked into place, while her cheeks went red as she felt his massive cock fuck her throat.

‘You like that, bitch?’ demanded Emma as her friends’ mascara began to flow down her face ’You fucking cunt, you told everyone that we sucked those guys’ dicks just because you wanted everyone to remember your dumb little party, didn’t you? For the last year everyone’s been laughing behind my back, and you two faced little whore just kept smiling and pretending it wasn‘t you – I know it was you!’

John saw the look of rage on the blondes’ face, but quite frankly couldn’t have given a shit; this little beauty was about to make him cum any second. It didn’t matter to him if this was all to get revenge for some teenage gossip. With a final push, he slammed his cock all the way down her throat, the girls’ eyes meeting his with a look of what John thought was pure terror.

It was only when he released the girl and moved his legs that he saw that she had been feeling her pussy the whole time, reaching her hands under her dress. She sat back, breathless, fingering herself violently to orgasm as Emma reached around, feeling her tits through her top and slapping them through the fabric.

He stood up off the couch and began to jerk his cock to cum over these two sluts’ faces, knowing that they were going to get the full load. It was at that moment that he heard a voice from the door.

‘Emma! No! Not my fucking brother!’

It was his sister, Anna. She stood there; her hands on her hips watching the scene unfold. The two girls looked up at her, still heaving and touching themselves and each other. John stood there, facing his younger sister, but continued to stroke his cock. He saw her hesitate, staring at his manhood. Before she could help herself, John saw her lick her lips.

There was only one thing to do. John turned and walked slowly towards his sister, his cock sticking high into the air. At first she took a step back but then remained stock still as he reached her. Moving behind her, he rested his hands on either of her arms and began kissing her neck.

‘John… I’ve… I never meant this… oh, fuck…’ she whispered, but the soft moan betrayed her as he lightly kissed her neck. He began to unzip the billowy dress and let it drop to the floor, revealing her real party outfit. Not for the first time in his life, John looked on his baby sisters’ body in awe, but this time she had even out done herself.

She wore a short tartan skirt that was frayed at the bottom as if she had cut it even shorter herself. A black fishnet top barely covered her body, riding high at the back and low at the front with the stockings continuing down the sleeves ending with a triangle at the hand. A black bra covered her c-cup breasts and she stood taller than her small frame from black high-heels.

‘Jesus’ he said ‘what were you planning to do at that disco tonight?’

He stood back a moment and soaked in her body. Their mother was Spanish and it showed on her daughter, her olive skin covering a frame that had curves in all the right places. Her slim waist led to an ass that seemed to defy gravity, pert and full, pushing the skirt even higher, while her dark hair flowed down the curve of her arched back. She looked over her shoulders and her eyes rested on her brothers.

‘Do you really think I look sexy?’ she asked shyly, biting her bottom lip.

He couldn’t even respond, instead moving behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her neck and her shoulders. He moved his cock in between her legs, and she squeezed her thighs together, reveling in the feeling of her brothers’ dick pushing against her pussy. She moaned again as he turned her around, stared at her straight in the eyes before gently kissing her upper lip. Soon they were kissing deeply and passionately, now seemingly unaware even of the other two girls in the room.

Emma and Sarah hadn’t been watching the two siblings idly however, both were touching and kissing each other too, the effects of the drugs taking hold over their bodies. The blonde was just in her bra and a g-string, while the other had kept her figure hugging dress on.

Anna reached down and took her big brothers’ cock in her hand, starting to stroke it up and down as they kissed.

‘Do you want this?’ she asked seductively, but with a hint of fear in her voice.

‘I’ve always wanted this, sis, always’

John, fearing he was set to burst, picked his sister up and lay her on the couch. The two girls moved towards them, the redhead crawling across the floor before stopping at the couch. On all fours, she arched her ass into the air, stretching the fabric of her dress to breaking point.

‘Hello’ said Emma, smirking over Anna’s body. ‘Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody, as long as you don’t tell about us two of course.’ She rubbed Anna’s right breast with her fingers, twisting the nipple roughly through the top. ‘Y’know, I was going to get my revenge on that little bitch over there tonight, but this is a lot more interesting.’

The blonde bent around and starting sucking deeply on John’s cock which had been resting against his sisters’ shaved pussy.

‘Not yet’, the little blonde smirked ‘we haven’t finished the game yet’.

He began to take off his sisters’ panties with one hand while he used the other one to reach out and feel the redheads’ ass. His sister began kissing Sarah, their tongues reaching out to meet each other. After a moment, Emma released his dick and looked at John.

‘I want you to fuck that little whore before you fuck me and your sister. And make sure you pound the little bitch; she deserves it after all the shit she’s been saying about us’ she said simply. He looked at his sister who seemed to nod in agreement and he moved behind the redhead and began touching her ass through the dress.

‘Spank her, you fucker’ demanded Emma, and John obliged willingly. Sarah groaned as he started to spank her hard, moving her dress away to expose her tiny ass. He moved his cock into position and pushed against her pussy opening. He stopped for a moment before looking at the blonde who was watching the scene unfold.

‘What the fuck are you staring at?’ he asked, gesturing towards his sister at Emma ‘lick her pussy you little cunt.’

Obviously, Emma liked being ordered about as well, because she immediately moved towards his sister, slowly slid off her panties, reached below her skirt and began to feel Anna’s pussy. She started to moan in pleasure as Emma started to push her tongue against her clit, moving in circles while fucking her with two fingers.

John couldn’t take it any longer; watching his younger sister getting licked-out made his dick bigger than ever and he started to shove his cock inside the little redheads’ pussy, getting progressively more turned on as it went further in. He felt her tight pussy clamp over his cock. He started to loosen her up, sliding in and out of her faster and faster.

‘Oh fuck yeah’ she whimpered ‘that feels so fucking big inside me… harder… fuck me harder…’

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face back towards his own. Moving his hands around her front, he pulled the dress down, exposing her tits, and he used his right hand to feel her body while his left kept her hair pulled back. He quickened the pace, fucking her harder and faster. The girl squealed in pain as he pumped her pussy as fast as he could while his sister began to orgasm on the couch, her body arching in pleasure as the blonde quickened her pace.

He tried to take the whole scene in; his sister groaning loudly, her slim body gyrating against the blonde girls’ mouth. She still had most of her clothes on and John was desperate to finally see those tits that he had fantasised for so long about. Emma seemed to read her mind, reaching up and pushing the bra over her breasts before his sister finished the job. He could see her nipples poking out from behind the fishnet top and he began fucking the redhead even harder; her body began to move away with the force, making him grab her around the hips and pulling her pussy onto his cock.

The little blonde moved away from his sisters’ pussy and began sucking on her tits, eventually kissing her deeply.

‘Do you like watching your brother fucking your friend? Is it turning you on?’

John and Anna’s eyes met. She licked her lips as the blonde started fucking her pussy with two fingers.

‘I fucking love it…’ she almost whispered.

‘You want his big cock inside you?’

‘Yes, more than anything’ she moaned, as John continued to pound the young redhead.

The redheads’ body was starting to shake and her pussy seemed to be almost vibrating. John decided to send her over the edge; he reached out to the table with one hand and took a pinch of ecstasy before shoving it under the girls’ nose. She sniffed it in deeply without really knowing what it was. She screamed at the combined feeling and her body began shaking violently. John could feel a pressure building up against his cock, pushing it back out. The redhead was squirting, her orgasm spilling out onto the floor.

‘Wow, you really are a little whore!’ said the blonde, grabbing the redheads’ face roughly. The girls’ eyes were still rolling up towards the sky, her legs shaking with the force of the orgasm. ‘Now make yourself useful’ she said, pushing the girl towards John’s sister lying on the couch. She made Anna go down on all fours on the couch, spanking her ass to make sure she stuck it out high enough in the air. She seemed to become entranced with his sisters’ ass, rubbing fingers down and around it before sticking them into her tight, inviting pussy.

‘Your sister is incredible’ she said, allowing herself a deep and long lick along her pussy lips and to her asshole. John couldn’t agree more and smiled at his sister as she looked at him over her shoulder. He made a move towards her, unable to help himself anymore.

‘Down boy!’ Emma cried, playfully smacking his cock ‘I need cock now’. She again grabbed the redhead by the hair and positioned her behind his sister and demanded that she eat her asshole.

No matter how much he wanted his sister, John was looking forward to this. The little blonde was practically vibrating sluttiness, her every body movement aimed at getting pleasure. He decided to play her at her own game. He grabbed her hair.

‘So who’s the real slut here, eh?’ he asked, moving his other hand down to her pussy. ‘You want my cock? You want me to fuck your little pussy?’

‘Oh fuck yeah’ she groaned ‘make me your fucking whore!’

He moved everything off the table and, picking the blonde up, dumped her onto the surface and spread her legs wide. He began licking the inside of her leg, moving along her smooth skin and breathing in the smell of this hot little slut. She kept pushing her pussy towards his mouth, desperate for him to lick her wet pussy, but he wouldn’t give her the pleasure, not just yet.

‘Beg me for it, you little bitch. Beg daddy for his cock.’

‘Please! Please fuck me! I need it!’

‘You didn’t fucking listen, you whore’ he hissed at her, smacking her tits roughly ‘I said beg Daddy for his cock.’

‘I’m sorry! Please Daddy, please fuck my pussy! It’s so wet… please!’

‘Not good enough now’ he said harshly.

He moved to the head of the table and pushed his balls into her face. He could feel her breathing in the scent deeply and he let his whole weight dropping onto her face, making her go red with the lack of air. He put his hands around the back of her head and lifted it towards him, positioning his cock against her lips.

‘Open wide for Daddy’

She tentatively opened her mouth and he shoved his cock in deeply causing her to gag against his thrust. Deciding she needed a dose of her own medicine, John began fucking her mouth roughly, feeling his cock slide down her throat. Watching the young girls’ eyes bulge and his cock disappear into his mouth nearly made him cum, but he wanted to keep that for as long as possible. Before he finished, he grabbed her behind the head with both hands and began fucking her face as hard as she could. The little blonde girl started to gag wildly, using her hands to try and push him off her.

‘Oh fuck’ she gasped, gulping for air, before regaining her composure and asking with a smiled ‘so, do I win the game?’

John smiled back. That’s better, he said, grabbing her legs again and spreading them wide. He rested the cock at the top of her pussy for a moment and looked at her, waiting.

‘Please Daddy’ she almost whimpered ‘please fuck me…’

With that, he shoved his cock as deeply as he could into the little blonde. He could only force it halfway, but even with that the girl screamed loudly, reaching out both hands to grab onto anything as her body rocked against his thrusts.

John used his weight to force more of his cock inside her tight pussy before pulling it back out and starting to get into a rhythm. The little girl squirmed beneath him, her body trying to take in his cock. He looked across at his sister who had her head rested sideways on the arm of the couch, groaning loudly as the redhead lapped at her ass hole. She reached down with her own hand and began rubbing her clit to orgasm, watching her brother fuck her best friend.

‘You want it, sis?’ he said, grabbing the blonde by the thighs and pulling her onto his cock, his full length going in and out of the small girl.

She almost couldn’t respond, instead biting her bottom lip and groaning. ‘I want it so bad, so fucking bad. Fuck me… stick your cock inside me…’

‘What do you want me to do to you’

‘I want you to fuck me… I want you to fill my little pussy… I want… I want… I want you to hurt me…’

With that, John pushed away from the blonde. Moving to the couch, he grabbed Sarah and pushed her away, the little redhead falling to the floor, naked and panting.

John began feeling his sisters’ ass, pulling the tartan skirt down and past her high heels. Resting his cock against her ass, he pulled her by her breasts towards him. Her head reaching behind, they met in a deep and passionate kiss. He moved his hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit, making her groan into his mouth, while she reached around and grabbed his cock.

‘Are you going to fuck me, big brother? Are you going to fuck your little sister?’

Listening to his little sister talk dirty broke any doubts that John may still have had. He pulled her fishnet top over her head, leaving her naked except for her high heels. He took one long feel of her body, resting on the curve of her back and pushing it down so her ass stuck up into the air. He began rubbing the tip of his cock along her pussy, pushing it upwards and feeling her wetness.

‘Tell me what you want me to do to you, little sis’

She looked around again and pulled his face towards hers. To his surprise, she had a look of real seriousness on her face.

‘Please, John. I’ve always wanted to be used, my boyfriend, he’s not… I just want to be fucked. I want you to hurt me, to use me, do anything you want with me…’

He understood, but he couldn’t bring himself to be rough with her just yet. He kissed her again, feeling her smooth body with his hands. He pushed her head back onto the couch and moved his cock to the entrance of her pussy. He could feel the warmth emanating from it, begging for him to be inside her.

He pushed inside, feeling her pussy clamping down on his cock. It was so tight he could barely fit it inside her but the feeling of fucking his little sister was immense. He had never felt anything like it. He didn’t even notice the two other girls moving to the two siblings’ side to watch them fuck each other.

Emma wriggled underneath his sister, her legs coming around and locking John against Anna, plunging his cock even deeper inside her. Sarah got on all fours and brought her head down beneath him and began sucking on his balls, taking them into his mouth.

‘You dirty little sluts. You dirty little fucking sluts’ he gasped, almost in disbelief.

With that, John decided to treat his sister like she wanted him to. He got a purchase on her hips, thrusting inside her and holding it one more time. He then pulled out until only the tip rested inside her.

‘Oh God, fuck me big brother, fuck me like I always wanted you to’

He violently thrusted his cock all the way in, making her scream with pain and pleasure. Squeezing her hips tightly, he began to fuck her hard, roughly pounding his little sisters’ cunt.

‘Is that what you want, you little cunt? You want your own brother to fuck you?’

‘Yes, fuck me! Fuck your sister! It’s your pussy, fuck your pussy!’

He could feel her on the edge of an orgasm already, her little body shaking against his. Even with this, she still began to push back against him, their two bodies working together so they could feel themselves inside each other, the taboo heightening every sense.

After only what seemed like moments, John felt his sister convulse in an orgasm that rocked her body. She screamed loudly and bit the sheets at the end of the couch, her ass shaking as her brothers’ cock continued to thrust in and out of her.

The blonde by now was licking her lips and thrusting against his sister in an almost sexual frenzy, pulling Anna’s mouth towards her tits. John saw her hand reach down and feel her own clit, trying to watch John’s cock go in and out of his sister.

‘Oh my God’ she said in an almost awed voice ‘this is so fucking hot.’ She stopped and looked at John. ‘Fuck me too, please fuck me!’

John looked down to see the blonde raising her pussy off the couch, touching it against his sisters. He pulled out and began to fuck the blonde underneath, sending her into an almost immediate orgasm.

‘Oh yes Daddy, fuck your baby girls’ pussy!’ she screamed, bringing his sisters’ face up to hers ‘Your brothers’ cock feels so fucking good inside me… it’s so big.. you’re not allowed to have it back…’

His sister didn’t take kindly to that, pushing the girls face and slapping her roughly.

‘He’s mine you little bitch!’ and then spat on her face. This only seemed to turn the blonde girl on even more.

The two girls wrestled for a moment, before John grabbed his sisters’ hair and pulled her up from the blonde. The redhead stayed on the floor, looking up at the three on the couch with a look of total submission, fingering her pussy as mascara continued to run down her pretty face. John decided to deal with her later. First came his sister.

‘You know you shouldn’t be fighting!’ he shouted in his sisters’ ear ‘you’re going to have to be punished now.’

She smiled defiantly, drool running out of her mouth. He reached down and spread her ass wide open, pushing his cock against the small opening. For the first time, she started to have a look of fear on her face.

‘John… I’ve never…’

He didn’t wait for her to finish, pushing his cock inside roughly. He could only get an inch or two in it was so tight, but the look on his sisters’ face gave him all the encouragement he needed. She seemed to be lost in her own little world, oblivious to Emma twisting her nipples in revenge.

‘You take what I give you, little sister. All of you is mine. All of you.’

Never before had he fucked a girl that like. He was like a madman, pounding his little sister from behind for all he was worth, ignoring her screaming, knowing she was more turned on than ever before because he saw her grab the blondes’ hand and pressing it against her pussy as her ass was violated.

The blonde began to move more and more of her fingers into John’s sisters’ pussy, and he encouraged her to do her worst.

‘Fist the little whore. Fist my little whore sister while I fuck her virgin ass.’

Anna began to have wave after wave of orgasms, hitting her like a hurricane. She stopped moving as her friend and her brother filled her holes. She felt the little girls’ fist fuck her and her brother pushing all his nine inch cock inside her ass. She collapsed in a final orgasm, dropping like a dead weight onto the blonde.

John turned her over and pulled her up. He looked into his sisters’ face and knew that he had done what she had wanted. She seemed to come out of a daze and looked at her brother.

‘Are you going to give me your cum now, big brother?’ she asked as the little blonde moved beside her.

He pushed his cock into his sisters’ mouth for the first time, feeling her warm, big lips as he grabbed her by the back of the hair while she deep throated him.

‘That’s it’ he said ‘taste your ass, sis. Do you like the taste of your slut ass?’

Finally, he let himself go, pulling out and releasing load after load onto his little sister, letting it splash onto her eyes and cheeks before letting the final stream into her inviting mouth. She let it drool out of her mouth, the blonde licking it off her face and the two meeting in a kiss, swapping the warm cum between them.

‘Mmmm’ said his sister ‘that was fun…’

‘Yeah it was’ said the blonde, millimetres from her face. She kissed her again lightly on the lips, a stream of cum connecting the two as they moved away from each other, before pointing to the redhead and asking ‘but what are we going to do with this little bitch? She’s bound to shoot her slut mouth off.’

‘I won’t tell!’ Sarah shouted ‘I promise!’

Anna smiled up at her big brother before responding ‘I dunno, you told about me and Emma and those two guys, so why won’t you tell anybody about this?’

‘I swear! I really won’t tell!’

John decided to take the situation in hand. ‘I know what to do’ he said ‘Anna, get your camera phone.’ He picked up the redhead and led her into the shower, making her kneel on the floor.

‘You rolling?’ he asked his sister, who nodded mischievously.

With that, he took his dick out and unleashed a stream of warm piss all over the redhead, who seemed to be resigned to her fate.

‘Who’s the slut now?!’ said Emma, standing behind Anna with her arms wrapped around her.

‘Open your mouth’ John demanded, and Sarah opened her mouth and let the piss roll flow into her mouth and down her throat. John was surprised when he saw the girl reach down and feel her pussy as he humiliated her in front of her friends. She was a keeper, he decided. When he had finished he put on the shower and water began to wash over the young girl. ‘Clean her up’ he said, pointing to Emma ‘we’re not done with her yet.’

He pulled his sister towards her and walked back into the room. She kissed him deeply again, but this time lovingly. ‘I can’t wait until you do that to me’ she said seductively.

‘You have no idea the plans I have for you’ he said, spanking her ass and bending her over the arm of the couch. ‘You aren’t going to that disco anymore, I can tell you that much.’

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Lovely Dove

by EvvyFontaine

A predator finds his prey on the train.
In the night sky far above the lighted ceiling of Penn Station’s main concourse, thunderclouds gathered in the New York City sky. Even on a good night it was next to impossible to see a star, but the encroaching storm blackened the Manhattan night. Neon signs stood out in brilliant relief against the rumbling grey darkness.

A story and a half below street level, the brown concrete of the platforms vibrated with the force of trains pulling into the station. Miles Pierson checked his watch, briefcase dangling in his grip. Forty past the hour of one. The train was two minutes early.

The Long Island lines usually weren’t this deserted, even on the other side of midnight, but this Friday had been exceptionally miserable. The sun hadn’t made one appearance from behind the heavy cloud cover, and it had drizzled off and on across the city for most of the day.

One of the ticket collectors nodded to Miles as he boarded the train. “Late night again, Mr. Pierson?”

“You know how it is, Derrick,” Miles said, giving the man a friendly smile. He worked late at the office often enough that he knew most of the staff on his line by name. Miles was a friendly, personable guy, the kind that people found easy to talk to. He whistled softly to himself as he wandered through the train, trying to find a quiet place to sit.

Normally, he would be eager to return to his home on the beach after such a long day at work. He hadn’t quite intended to stay at the office as late as he had, but the new sales report had just come in for the previous quarter, and he’d found it engrossing enough that he had only noticed the time when the security guard came around for midnight lockup. On this particular Friday, though, there was nothing waiting for him at home other than a small pile of dry cleaning and yesterday’s leftovers. Nothing to be eager about.

Most of the train cars were empty. The Port Jefferson line didn’t stop in many of the areas where young, partying college students lived – and even if it did, tonight was not the kind of night for standing in line outside the club. Miles tugged the cuffs of his suit jacket, resettling it over his broad shoulders, and pushed into the second car from the end.

The lights were on the fritz in this car, leaving patches of shadow across the seats. Miles’s blue-green eyes scanned the rows. There was a figure slumped against the window in one of the rows toward the back of the car.

Miles may have looked like an average, corporate employee, but as he identified the figure as a young woman, leaning against the window with her eyes closed and her breath puffing gently against the glass, something stirred deep in his chest. Aside from his corporate day job, Miles Pierson was a predator.

And the young woman sitting on the train registered as prey.

Miles didn’t approach her immediately. He took a seat across the aisle, a couple rows up from where she slept. She must have boarded this car as soon as the train pulled in and promptly gone to sleep. Her train ticket was wedged in the small metal strip on the top of the aisle seat, so that she wouldn’t have to wake up when the conductor came by to punch tickets.

An announcement echoed through the otherwise quiet train car, and they lurched into motion. The girl didn’t even twitch. Miles’s pulse sped up. Definitely prey.

Miles opened his briefcase and pulled out the day’s newspaper, folding it in eighths and pretending to occupy himself with the financial headlines. The hunt was on, and she didn’t even know it. The only sound was the rhythmic clacking of the car along the tracks, the thump of Miles’s blood pounding in his ears, and the intermittent soft shift of cloth as one or the other of them moved.

As they passed out of the tunnel and into the night, rain pattered on the roof of the train. The door between cars banged open, and Derrick clicked his hole punch as he entered the car. He punched the girl’s ticket, glanced at her, and then back at the ticket with his brows furrowed. He shook his head and moved on, waving off Miles’s frequent rider card. “I know I ain’t got to punch you, Mr. Pierson,” he said.

“What stop does the young lady get off at?” Miles asked.

“Port Jefferson – end of the line, just like you.”

Miles smiled at the train conductor. “I’ll make sure she wakes up and gets off when she’s supposed to,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. Pierson. I do wish there was more New Yorkers like you in the city.” Derrick grinned, all white teeth in his dark face, and moved on to the next car.

As soon as the door banged shut after him, Miles opened his briefcase, put his paper away, and got up to move to the young woman’s row. He sat slowly and gently, not wanting to disturb the seat in case he woke her.

He needn’t have worried. Now that he was this close, he could smell alcohol on her sleeping breath. She was pale and blonde, her gently-curled hair spilling freely over her shoulders. Miles reached out, hardly daring to breathe, and tucked one of those curls behind an ear. He ran his finger over the swell of her cheek, the soft curve of her jaw. She didn’t move.

Miles let his breath out slowly and turned his attention to the purse she had tucked in against her side. It was a snap closure, easy for him to tease open and retrieve her wallet from inside.

Her name was Hannah Marquette. She had a Michigan license, with what was presumably her parents’ address listed, and a student ID for Stony Brook. Miles carefully replaced the wallet. She was more than likely a student at the business or radiology school out near Port Jefferson, and probably shared an apartment with one or more other students. Her cell phone wouldn’t help him – girls her age password-protected their electronics.

He drew his hands away from her purse and examined her clothes. She wore a short, tight skirt and a short, tight top. Miles couldn’t keep himself from trailing his fingers across the strip of soft skin exposed between the hem of her shirt and the waistband of her skirt. Once again, Hannah didn’t twitch. Her breath continued to puff across the window of the train.

Her shirt was low-cut, exposing the white curves of the tops of her breasts. Miles’s mouth watered. Possibilities spun out in his mind. He’d told Derrick he would make sure she got off at her stop – his stop. He could take her home, do it slowly and properly, make her scream-

But no, a student couldn’t live in Port Jefferson alone, not when the student’s parents were states away. She would have roommates; she would be missed. He needed to make her come to him.

Miles Pierson was a predator, and he was always prepared to encounter his prey. He looked up, ensuring that nobody else had entered the train compartment since Derrick left, and opened his briefcase again. This time, he pressed his fingers against the back seam, and the bottom of the briefcase opened up to reveal his toolbox – at least, the part he carried with him. This was not the first time Miles had encountered prey of opportunity, and it wouldn’t be the last.

He removed what he was looking for and shut the briefcase, setting it gently on the floor. Now was when it started to get tricky. Miles had to hope that the sheer quantity of alcohol the girl had consumed would keep her from waking up. He curled one hand around the soft, pale skin of her thigh and drew her legs gently apart. Her skirt rode up to expose lace-trimmed cotton panties, blue. Miles pressed the backs of his knuckles against her through her underwear.

Hannah moved sleepily, and Miles froze. Her lips parted, just a little, and she wiggled her hips on the seat. Her eyes never fluttered. She was still asleep, just responding to the stimulus. A smile curled across Miles’s lips, and he inched his fingers higher to the waistband of her underwear, hooking them inside the elastic and gently tugging the material down. It was slow going, teasing her panties down over the curve of her ass, but Miles eventually maneuvered them down low enough on her thighs to fully expose her to his gaze.

He spread the lips of her cunt apart, mouth watering as he glimpsed her pink, wet slit. He dipped one finger inside, slowly, and a short huff of breath escaped Hannah’s mouth. She didn’t know what was happening, consciously, but her body recognized pleasure and wanted it. Now more than ever Miles wanted her in his bed, spread out and tied down under his hands, forced to accept whatever he was willing to give to her pliant, yielding body.

Miles’s free hand closed around one of the objects he had taken from his briefcase. This one was a vibrating dildo with a flared base meant to keep it firmly seated inside the wearer. Miles had modified it with a wifi receiver, so that he could trigger it remotely from wherever he was. It wasn’t large – three inches long and barely two inches wide at the base – but Hannah would definitely notice it was there, once she was awake and coherent again.

Miles slowly teased another fingertip inside and spread them apart, exposing her wet hole. He licked his lips and eased the dildo inside, watching it sink into her body with little resistance. Her pussy swallowed it eagerly until the flared base rested against her outer lips. Such a wanton cunt. Miles wanted to press his tongue into it and lick until she came apart beneath him.

Patience, he thought, and picked up the second object. It was slim and metal, with black leather straps dangling from it. This would be harder than the dildo, but it was crucial to his plans. Carefully, he eased the chastity belt down the juncture of her thighs, lifting first one leg, then the other to wrap the straps firmly around her hips. He worked slowly, easing each strap across her skin, keeping his touch light and fleeting. Already her cunt felt wetter than it had when he first touched her, a product of the firm plastic inside of her. He reasoned that if the jolting of the train and his hands between her thighs hadn’t woken her, it was unlikely that this would.

Hannah stirred as he brought the straps around front, and he froze, his fingertips resting against her skin. Her head lolled back against the seat and she shifted. Miles moved with her as she adjusted, and she didn’t wake up. He smirked, snapping the finishing touch on his prize, a padlock engraved with the number of his latest prepaid burner phone. He pulled her panties back up her legs and the curve of her ass, then tugged her skirt back down.

That done, he resisted the urge to continue fondling his new toy and opened his briefcase one last time, removing a slip of paper. He wrote a brief note and tucked it into the left cup of her bra, right against the nipple where it would rub and chafe. Then he got up slowly and returned to his own seat, checking his watch. The entire operation had taken about fifteen minutes. They had another fifteen at least before the end of the line.

Time to see how good his new toy really was.

The vibrator had several settings, and was controlled from an app on his phone. Miles keyed in his password and brought up the interface. The ambient noise from the train was too much for him to hear the dildo switch on, but it had a rewarding effect on Hannah. Her lips parted further, until he could see her soft, pink tongue between her teeth, and her cheeks flushed. Miles turned up the intensity and watched her breath puff faster against the window, watched her writhe in her sleep.

Miles reached down to adjust himself in his slacks. She was lovely. Responsive. He dialed up the intensity to the highest setting and was rewarded by a soft, breathy noise from the girl, like the coo of a dove. His cock swelled in his pants, pressing against the seams, and he turned the vibrator off, taking deep breaths to contain himself. He would have her at his mercy soon enough.

For the rest of the ride he watched her with hooded eyes. The flush slowly receded from her pale cheeks, but her lips remained parted, her mouth hanging slightly open as she slept, blissfully unaware that she had been marked by a persistent, intelligent predator.

The train finally lurched into its final stop. He got up as Derrick entered the car and moved to Hannah’s row, shaking her shoulder gently. She was more thoroughly passed out than even he could have considered, as she only made a sleepy, protesting noise and tried to snuggle closer to the train window.

“Girls her age shouldn’t get so drunk,” Derrick said, shaking his head. “Good thing she found herself among decent folk, eh Mr. Pierson?”

“Good thing,” Miles said, leaning forward to collect Hannah into his arms. He stood slowly and nodded to Derrick, who handed him his briefcase. “I’ll make sure she gets home, wherever home is.”

“Good luck to you, Mr. Pierson. I better not see you on the midnight Monday train, too.”

“No worries,” Miles said, returning Derrick’s easy smile. “I’ve had enough late nights this week.” And with a new plaything to keep him occupied, he would have a reason to come home immediately after work.

Hannah’s head rested against his chest, her breathing soft and even. Miles’s pants felt tight at the thought that it would take her hours to realize she had been violated, that someone had exposed her intimately, someone had touched her without her permission.

He stepped off the train onto the platform, hunching over Hannah’s sleeping body to try to keep the rain off. He strode to the nearest covered bench, trying to figure out what he was going to do with her. He could take her now, but there was the small matter of her probably-existent roommates. He hadn’t seen anything with her address on it in her purse…

“Hannah?” Miles looked up at the new voice. It was another young woman, mousier than Hannah, with short dark hair, large glasses, and a round, perky face. The girl scowled at him. “Who are you? Some creep?”

“I’m sorry, I can see how it would look like that,” Miles said smoothly. “I believe your friend would have slept all the way back to the train yard if I hadn’t carried her off. She seems to have had a few too many.”

The brunette rolled her eyes. “Of course she has,” she said, disgusted. “Good thing I brought my car, as if I wouldn’t in weather like this… dumb midwest country bitch, doesn’t she know what can happen to her, passed out on the train?”

Miles said nothing, but stood to follow Hannah’s roommate back to the car. The girl grumbled the whole way, making him think that this was perhaps not the first time Hannah Marquette had been handed off to her roommate by a total stranger on a late weekend night. She yanked her passenger door open and Miles gently settled Hannah into the car, buckling her in.

The girl got into the driver’s seat and started the car. “Thanks for your help,” she said. “Sorry I called you a creep.”

“No need to apologize,” Miles said, reflecting that Hannah’s roommate had much better instincts than Hannah herself did. He shut the passenger door and waved as they drove away. It was only a matter of time, now.

He reached down and adjusted himself again, anticipation keeping him at least half-hard. His own car was not far away, and he smiled slowly to himself as he turned the key in the ignition. An excellent end to a very, very long day.


Saturday morning dawned grey and blustery. All that was left of the previous night’s rain was a wet mist, clinging to trees and windowpanes. It took most of the morning for the obscured sunlight to slant through the windows at the right angle to hit Hannah in the eyes. The clacking of computer keys was the first thing to reach her ears. Jackie was awake, or maybe had never gone to sleep. Hannah groaned.

“About time you woke up, drunk ass,” Jackie said acidly from her computer. “I had to retrieve you from a strange man on the train. Again.”

Hannah grumbled something under her breath, started to sit up, and froze.

There was something hard between her legs, and a feeling of fullness inside of her. “The fuck-” Hannah rolled out of bed with a thump and dashed for the bathroom.

“I keep telling you that you shouldn’t drink so much!” Jackie called after her as she slammed the bathroom door.

Hannah frantically pulled up her skirt, yanking down her underwear. The hardness she’d felt was a metal strip going from the swell of her pubic bone between her legs, covering her labia and the opening of her vagina. It was held around her thighs by thin, black leather that joined in the front, closed with a padlock. Hannah tugged, but she couldn’t get the contraption off. Her heart started to pound. There was something else – something she could feel inside of her, pressing against the inner walls of her pussy and filling her up. It felt good, satisfying in a way she didn’t want to admit.

It also made her need to pee, desperately, and she felt at the metal over her crotch. It at least had holes. She couldn’t help herself – whatever was inside her was pressing against her bladder. Hannah sat down hard on the toilet, staring at the padlock between her legs as she relieved herself.

Last night was a blur of lights, noise, and pattering rain. She concentrated, trying to remember details. The clicking of the conductor’s hole punch, the rocking of the train. Something else, something fleeting – light touches. Cologne, maybe? Hannah shook her head. She couldn’t remember. She groaned and put her head in her hands, flinching as something stabbed into her nipple.

She pulled down her bra and found a folded piece of paper. Her fingers trembled as she unfolded it, a sick feeling crawling its way into her gut. The handwriting on the paper was neat and slightly slanted, blocky, a man’s writing. It said:

If you tell anyone, the whole internet will know what a sweet, hot little cunt is between your legs. I have video.

“Oh god,” Hannah said, feeling bile rise in her throat. She spun around quickly, kneeling in front of the toilet and emptying her stomach of the remains of the liquor she’d drank the night before. Her head was spinning. Her breath started to get short. She’d been raped, violated on the train, in public, where anyone could have seen it happen. Worse, her cunt throbbed hotly around whatever was buried inside it. Every way she moved, it put pressure on her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her thighs.

It was so wrong, and Hannah couldn’t help that it felt good. She spat, clearing her mouth, and brushed her teeth vigorously. What could she do? She didn’t even know who had done this to her. She couldn’t tell anyone, not if she didn’t want video of her being fondled – or whatever this mysterious man had done to her – to show up all over the internet.

She looked down at the metal contraption again, mouth trembling, and inspected the padlock. Something was engraved on it. Digits. A phone number.

Like a dog tag, she thought, and bit her lip against the surge of shame that moved through her. Worse than the shame was the tiny, secretive spark of squirmy pleasure in her gut. Something about being marked, being owned like this…

Hannah shook it away and stormed out of the bathroom to retrieve her phone.

“Did you have a good time, at least?” Jackie asked dryly.

“Sure,” Hannah said, distracted, not really paying attention to her roommate. She needed to go somewhere private to dial the number on the padlock. Jackie would look at her weird if she took her phone into the bathroom. The apartment they shared was the basement of a house, and their landlords let them store some of their stuff in the attic. That was as good a place as any not to be overheard. “I’ll right back,” she said, and left the apartment, quietly letting herself into her landlord’s place.

The couple was out, and Hannah was able to climb the stairs to the attic unseen. Every step made the metal rub against the juncture of her thighs, made her more aware of the hard thing inside. Once there, she yanked up her skirt again and frantically dialed the number etched into the padlock. Her hands started to sweat as the call rang on the other line.

After three rings, someone picked up on the other line. “Hannah,” the voice said. It was male, warm and smooth, and Hannah couldn’t help but shiver a little. The way he said her name was like a caress.

Hannah scowled. “How do you know my name? What did you do to me?”

The low chuckle on the other line did bad things between her legs. Hannah pressed her knees together, biting her tongue to keep any noise from escaping her. “My lovely dove, you should be more careful where you pass out drunk,” the man said. “I know your name because I went through your purse. As for what I did to you…” there was another chuckle. “I did nothing I didn’t know you would enjoy.”

As soon as he said it, whatever was stuffed inside Hannah’s vagina came to life, vibrating hard. Hannah let out a soft, breathy, “Oh!” without meaning to and writhed in place.

“You see?” he asked. “You have such a wet, wanton little cunt. It was practically begging me to be filled.”

“You’re sick,” Hannah said, teeth gritted. Lord help her, it felt good. Too good. Whatever he’d put inside of her was pressing against all the right places. “Stop, please, just- just stop.”

To her surprise, the vibration did stop, but Hannah’s sigh of relief stuck in her throat at the man’s next words. “I wouldn’t want you to come before I could see you fall apart,” he said. “You do want me to take the chastity belt off, don’t you?”

“You- I-”

“You’ll never get it off without the key,” the man said, and then suddenly the vibration was back, even harder than before. “I can do this to you whenever I like. The receiver has a prodigious range. If you decline to come to me, I’ll simply have you at my mercy… whenever I like.”

“Stop!” Hannah said, throat closing on a sob. She was so close, so close, after being stuffed full all night and aching. Even if she hadn’t been awake for it, her body had accepted it without her.

The vibration stopped again. “You’ll receive a text with my address. Report me to the police, and you know what will happen. Do not mistake me – I have many resources at my disposal. I will not be caught. You will come to me.”

“No, don’t-” Hannah said, but the phone disconnected before she could finish her sentence. Almost as soon as the call hung up, the thing inside her started to vibrate again. It wasn’t as intense as it had been before, and she could only conclude that whatever dildo or vibrator the man had put inside her had several settings. He was playing with her, keeping her on the maddening edge of orgasm without letting her fall over. Hannah sat down, gasping, pressing her knees together and concentrating on not falling over that edge. Her body might think this felt good, but her mind knew it was wrong.

Her phone buzzed just as the vibration intensified. Hannah could do nothing for a moment but bite her lip, hard, riding it out until her tormentor backed off, dialing it back down to the lowest setting. She felt hot and heavy between her legs, the flesh throbbing. Hannah checked her phone with trembling fingers and mapped the address, head spinning. He didn’t live far – only a few blocks. She could walk there.

Hannah’s hand clenched around the phone. What was she thinking? She wasn’t going to go to him, she wasn’t going to let him win! Whatever video he had taken, surely it was obvious that she was passed out? What was the worst it could show?

Shame flooded through her again. She was actually thinking of letting him post that video. It couldn’t happen. What if someone she knew saw it? It wouldn’t be a threat unless her face was in it, and someone who had planned this much would have been careful to get her face-

Her train of thought stuttered to a halt as the vibrator buzzed intensely again, the highest setting yet. Hannah panted, leaning forward with her head propped on her knees, phone clutched in her hand. The phone buzzed again, and she looked at the text message.

I’m waiting.

A lump rose in Hannah’s throat. She didn’t have another choice. She had to go if she wanted this thing out of her. She punched the keys on her phone angrily, sending, ‘on my way’ as she got to her feet. A few seconds after she sent the message, the vibrator shut off again. She let out a slow, relieved breath. It seemed that the man would leave her be as she walked to his house. Hannah’s cheeks burned with shame as a thought popped into her head – it was a good thing he’d shut the vibrator off, because if he’d left it on she would have come all over herself before she got halfway there.

Hannah stomped down the stairs and slammed back into her apartment, yanking last night’s clothes off with her back to her roommate. Jackie didn’t look up or turn around – the girl was a recluse, and barely tolerated humanity in general and Hannah in specific. Hannah yanked on a pair of jeans, gritting her teeth as the tight denim made the vibrator press more firmly into her. She changed her bra and her shirt and pulled a brush through her hair. “I’m going out,” she said.

“Off to get some hair of the dog?” Jackie asked without looking up from her computer. “Don’t make me come get you from the train station again.”

“I won’t,” Hannah said shortly. She grabbed her purse and practically ran out of the apartment. She had to leave her own neighborhood and cross a main road to get to her tormentor’s house. The temptation to call the police made her fingers itch. They would be able to get her out of this contraption – they would have bolt cutters.

But no, how did Hannah know he wasn’t watching her? He lived so close. He could have been following her for weeks. He could be watching her right now. She swallowed, glancing nervously around the street as she walked, the vibrator pressing up against the sweet spots inside of her. Her cheeks felt like she had a permanent blush staining them, and her breath came rougher than it would if she had just been out for a walk.

Anger surged through her. Just because she’d been passed out, how was that any excuse for this kind of torture? Hannah resolved to find a way to get rid of that video and report this man to the police. She had to get him caught. This plan was too involved for her to be the first one. He’d done this to other girls, she was sure of it.

The neighborhood where the address was located was better off than Hannah’s, with larger homes. She could hear the surf and smell the ocean mist as she jogged down the block, biting her lip against the sensation of the vibrator, rubbing against her with every step.

Her steps slowed as she approached the address she’d been given. She checked it against her phone. Now was when she would see the face of the man who had done this to her. She bit the side of her tongue and marched up the driveway to the front door, trembling despite herself.

As soon as she knocked, the vibrator started up again on the lowest setting, making her squirm as the door swung open. She tried to glare, but probably ruined the effect with her bottom lip between her teeth and her hands twisting in the hem of her shirt.

She had expected a sweaty, fat man, the stereotypical basement dweller that every girl’s parents warned her against. She hadn’t expected him to be tall, or broad in the shoulders, or have such piercing eyes, blue-green like the ocean after a storm. His hair, greying at the temples, was full and brown, styled impeccably. His button-down shirt was stretched taut across a fit figure. Hannah’s mouth went dry. He smiled.

“Hannah, my lovely,” he said, reaching out to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. Hannah flinched away from him, and his eyebrows knitted together in an expression like concern. Hannah wasn’t fooled. The only thing in his eyes was wicked hunger. “Come inside.”

Hannah hesitated, slowly putting one foot in front of the other. She had a sudden, terrible feeling that once she crossed the threshold, she would never return. She stood frozen in indecision, one foot poised above the doorway. Then the vibrator turned up and she gave an involuntary, whole-body shiver, glaring as she entered the house.

He shut the front door behind her, threw both deadbolts, and then was on her before she could move. He pushed one hand into her hair, yanking her head back and pinning her against the door with his weight. “Please,” Hannah said, struggling to get away from his grip, but it was like iron, and his body was like stone, muscular and unyielding.

“Lovely dove,” he whispered, his lips tickling the shell of her ear. “Don’t waste your breath begging me to let you go. You came to me. I own you, now.”

Hannah’s throat closed on a sob as he grabbed her wrist and wrenched her phone away from her. He kept her pinned the door with the grip on her hair and the weight of his body as he paged through the menus, pulling up her calendar, her planner, all her personal data. “Ah, your responsible roommate’s name is Jackie, I see,” he said. “If only she had trusted her instincts about me last night, you might not be here today. We’ll have to send her a text later to let her know you won’t be coming home tonight.”

That provoked another small sob, and Hannah shoved against him, struggling to get away. She whimpered and went still when the hand in her hair twisted, sending shooting pains across her scalp. “That won’t do,” the man said. “I knew you would need training – best for us to get started right away.”

He pulled her away from the door by the hair. Hannah staggered, her hands going to his wrist, trying to pry his hand away. He paid no attention to her efforts, pulling her along behind him like she was nothing. She struggled harder when she saw the bed and was rewarded with a sharp smack to her ass. Hannah sucked in a breath. The blow surprised her into stillness long enough for him to throw her down on the bed and straddle her hips.

She started to struggle again as he worked her shirt up over her head, and then harder when he unhooked her bra. It was like trying to throw a pile of bricks off her back. Her captor looked like he was in his mid-forties, but his grip was like iron. He leaned forward, pressing her down to the bed with his body weight. Hannah heard something jingle off to the side of the bed, and then he took her right wrist and wrenched her arm around behind her back. Something like cloth or leather closed around her wrist, and then she heard a sound like a crank being wound. As he grabbed her left wrist and repeated the treatment, Hannah pulled, and found that she could barely move her arm an inch before her shoulder protested.

The man’s weight left her back, but with her arms tied down the way they were, she couldn’t get the leverage to sit up. Hannah pushed, trying to get her knees underneath her, but he wrapped both hands around her ankles and yanked, undoing her jeans and pulling them down off her legs. “Please don’t,” Hannah gasped as he pulled her underwear off. Getting up on her knees gave her leverage, but with her pants off it also exposed her, put her ass up in the air and put her cunt on display.

Not like he hasn’t seen it before, she thought, and flushed dark red. It didn’t seem to matter that she laid prone against the bed – he put one hand on her hip and the other behind her thigh, shoving her up onto her knees and spreading them wide. “Stay like that,” he said, his broad palm cupping her ass.

Like hell I will, Hannah thought, and kicked out with her right leg. He caught her foot and shoved her leg back into position. She was rewarded for her small rebellion with another smack to her ass. She gasped and jerked away from the sting, but it was followed by another, and another.

“If you do not do as I say,” the man said, punctuating it with a hard slap to the inside of her thigh, “you will not enjoy this anywhere near as much as I will.”

“I’m not going to enjoy it anyway,” Hannah snapped.

She could hear the smirk in his voice. “Is that so?” he asked, and then the vibration inside of her intensified again, cranked up to its highest setting and left there. “I suppose I’ll just leave you to it, then.”

The bed dipped and rustled, and then Hannah was alone, cool air moving across her bare skin as she fought the sensation between her legs. She could feel an orgasm building in her, her breath coming shorter and her cheeks flushing hot. Fingertips brushed against her cheek and her eyes flew open. He was staring down at her, his gaze hungry and intent, watching her come apart in his bed. The thought made her shudder. Her eyes squeezed shut. She was so close, so-

The vibrator shut off as soon as she reached the precipice. Despite herself, Hannah let out a soft, “No!”

“Ah, and here I thought you didn’t want this.” The bed dipped again, and his hands returned to her body, running down her sides and over the curve of her ass, down the smooth skin of her thighs. “You will do as you’re told, and stay where I put you. Won’t you?” Hannah said nothing, and then let out a small, hurt noise when his palm crashed over her asscheek again. “You will, or I will keep you hovering at the edge and never let you come.”

Hannah’s heart thumped, and a hot tingle went down her spine. She’d been on the edge too long already. She wanted to come, if only to get it overwith. “I will,” she said quietly.

He smacked her on the ass again, and she yelped. “You will what?”

“I will do as I’m told, and I’ll stay where you put me,” Hannah said, miserable, her cheeks burning with shame.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking a gentle hand over her hair. It made something twist in her gut, something pleasurable, and Hannah buried her face in the bed. “None of that, now,” he said, and grabbed her chin firmly, turning her head so that her cheek lay against the bed. “I want to see your face.” She opened her eyes and glared helplessly, her cheeks bright red. He pushed her hair back behind her ear. “You liked it when I said that.”

Hannah squeezed her eyes shut and tried to shake her head. He spanked her again, the sound loud in the quiet room. “Yes!” she burst out, feeling like it had been dragged from her.

“Well, well,” he said, sounding pleased. “I knew you were going to be good. It didn’t take much, last night, to have you react. I knew you’d be sensitive, but I didn’t know you’d be submissive.”

Hannah kept her eyes closed and stayed silent. Hearing him talk about last night made her stomach turn, and even worse was the shame in knowing that he was right. She was submissive. She always had been submissive. If this had been her choice, her decision, she would have loved every second of being pinned down at his mercy. And yes, the praise felt good. It sent a jolt straight between her legs when he told her she was a good girl, and she hated it.

He leaned forward, pressing his hips against hers, and she could feel the hard line of his dick through his pants, nestled in the crack of her ass. She gasped in a shuddering breath and held perfectly still, not wanting to encourage him with even the barest hint of movement. His breath washed hot against her cheek. He nipped her ear playfully, his hands stroking over her body. He worked one hand in between her and the bed to cup her breast, running his soft fingertips over her nipple. Hannah shivered, her breath quickening, and he chuckled. “Lovely dove,” he said. “So beautiful. What do you want, Hannah?”

“Let me go,” Hannah whispered. “Please. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I know that,” he said, and pinched her nipple, rolling it between his fingers. Hannah bit her lip and trembled helplessly against the shocks of pleasure he was sending through her body. It wasn’t fair. “You won’t tell anyone what I do to you. This is for you and I alone, my dove. But I won’t be letting you go, and it isn’t often that I’ll ask you what you want. You shouldn’t waste the opportunity.”

“Oh god,” Hannah said, her eyes flying open as he licked into the shell of her ear. She gasped and squirmed, pressing back against him without meaning to, trying to get more or get away, she wasn’t even sure anymore.

“Good girl,” he breathed, right in her ear, and Hannah let out a helpless groan as heat and pleasure flooded through her. “Now, I will only ask you once more before I decide for you – what do you want, Hannah?”

“I-I-” Hannah stammered, still squirming in his grip. She couldn’t move much or she would risk really hurting herself, thanks to the way he had her bound with her arms behind her back.

“I’ll give you to the count of five, and then I’ll decide for you,” he said. He held still, letting her squirm and rub against him, taking his hand away from her breast. “Five.”

“I don’t- I can’t-” Hannah gasped. He turned on the vibrator again, which was completely unhelpful toward her effort to form coherent sentences. If she begged him to let her go again, there was no telling what he would do to her.


Hannah let out a wordless whine of protest, struggling against the bindings. She was not going to give him the satisfaction of begging for anything.

“Three,” he said, and dialed up the vibrator’s intensity. Hannah’s thighs shook, but she didn’t dare close her knees, didn’t dare do anything contrary to his orders. “Two-”

“I – I – I want to come,” she blurted, blushing.

He chuckled, and she blushed harder. “I’m sure you do,” he said. “You’ve had this inside of you all night.” He pressed his knuckles against the metal strip that held the vibrator inside her, putting pressure on her clit. She pressed her face into the bed and gasped for air. If he kept up that pressure-

The vibrator shut off. Hannah thrashed, whining, “I asked, I told you- ah!”

Her protests were cut off when he spanked her again, hard, on the back of her thigh. “I heard you,” he said. “I cannot abide a brat. You will come when I am ready, not when you are ready.” He punctuated it with another sharp slap.

Hannah gulped huge breaths of air as the spanking continued – sometimes hard, painful slaps, sometimes soft taps that felt more pleasurable than painful. She could feel the heat coming from her ass by the time he stopped, trailing his fingertips over the sensitized skin.

“What do you say, Hannah?” he asked.

Hannah closed her eyes. She couldn’t. She wasn’t going to do this. She had come here to find the blackmail he had on her and escape, not to writhe under his hand and whimper. His grip tightened on her ass, his fingers digging into her tender flesh, and she gasped, “I’m sorry!”

“Sir,” he said, not relenting in his grip.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Hannah whispered, hating that it made her ache inside.

He let go and stroked his hands over the backs of her thighs. “You’ll have to refresh my memory,” he said. “I don’t remember what you asked me for, after all.” Hannah stilled. After he’d just punished her for asking for the same thing twice? He must have guessed why she didn’t answer, because he chuckled. “It’s not a trick, my dove. I want to hear you beg me in that lovely voice.”

Of course he did. Hannah’s ass stung, but she was still teetering on the edge of orgasm. “I w- want to come.” Then, hastily, because she knew he would ask, “Sir. Please.”

“You can do better than that,” he said, and she could hear the smile in his voice.

God help her, it made her want to do better. “Please sir, please, may I come?”

His hands felt cool on her fevered skin. “Come, then, if you can,” he said, and stroked her hair out of her face.

He couldn’t be serious. He couldn’t be trying to bait her into what she thought he was.
She opened her eyes and stared into his face, into his beautiful, cold eyes, and realized that he was. “Please, sir, I need-” Hannah wanted to close her eyes, but she knew that if she did, he would just make her look him in the eye again. “I need you to make me come, please.”

He smiled. She couldn’t look away from the way it made his eyes crinkle at the corners, but brought no joy into them, only a spark of reptilian interest. Like a predator. “One please was sufficient, but it will do.” He moved out of her field of vision, and Hannah was finally able to close her eyes as he settled on the bed behind her.

She had expected him to turn the vibrator up again, so she let out a surprised gasp and twisted, trying to see, when she heard the jingling of keys. He gave her a light smack with the back of his hand, and she resumed her position without further protest, her pulse speeding. His palm was warm over the metal as he cupped her there. She felt him tug on the padlock, then the unmistakable sound of a key fitting in a lock.

Hannah shivered when he unwrapped the straps from her thighs and took the metal away. On the one hand, it had only served to keep that damn vibrator inside her. On the other hand, it had kept him from putting anything else inside of her.

She couldn’t hold onto the thought for long, though, as he immediately closed his fingers around the vibrator inside her and pulled, slowly. She felt it stretch her open, and then she was mercifully, achingly empty. “So wet,” he whispered from behind her, and then she wasn’t empty anymore, two of his fingers plunging deep into her.

Hannah pushed back against his fingers, writhing. She had never needed to come so badly, panting with need. His fingers inside her stretched her wide, pulling her open, and she gave a shocked cry when his tongue pressed firmly in beside his fingers, licking into the wet, aching folds of her cunt. He licked broad stripes up her clit, pressing the tip of his tongue where she needed it most, and her thighs trembled when he finally let her tumble into orgasm at last, clenching around the fingers buried inside of her, gasping.

“You taste delicious,” he said, smoothing his hands over her ass and licking back into her even as she trembled from the aftershocks. “What do you say, Hannah?”

She was oversensitive, squirming under his touch. Every brush of his thumb or swipe of his tongue sent shocks down her thighs, up her spine. She squeezed her eyes shut, thrashing in her bonds, and tried to pull away from him.

His hands curled tight around her hips, and Hannah yelped as he bit down on the inside of her thigh. “I asked you something, lovely dove,” he said – practically growled.

Hannah closed her eyes, letting out a shivery breath. She was long beyond standing on principle. She had just begged him to make her come. “Thank you, sir.”

“Good girl,” he said. Some of the tension bled out of Hannah’s shoulders. She held still as he returned to his ministrations, this time pushing his fingers back into her pussy along with his tongue. She felt raw and stretched. It occurred to her that she still hadn’t seen what he’d put inside of her, and had no idea how big it was. He pushed a third finger into her, and she decided it had been about that big, the thought flying wildly through her head as she tried to breathe through the overwhelming stimulus.

Just as suddenly as he had put his fingers into her, he pulled them out, leaving her aching and empty again. He trailed his fingertips up to her asshole and she couldn’t help herself – she tried to jerk away from his grip. “Don’t, please, I don’t-”

It didn’t matter what she said, not when she was tied down and helpless. He pushed one finger into her ass, slowly. “Hush,” he said, pressing his thumb against her clit even as she writhed away from the invasion. “You got what you wanted, after all.”

Hannah gritted her teeth against the sob that wanted to escape her. She had asked for it, begged for it, but it had not been what she wanted.

He grabbed her asscheeck with his free hand and spread her open, a second finger nudging into her hole beside the first. “Don’t panic, my dove. I won’t fuck your ass, not just yet. You’re too tight. I don’t want to hurt you.” He pressed the second finger in deep, ignoring the high whine, practically a scream, issuing from between her teeth.

He didn’t want to hurt her? What a joke. Even so, his words made her relax just a little. He twisted his fingers inside her, pulling the tight ring of muscle open. It had been a long time since Hannah let someone even finger her ass. She had forgotten how vulnerable and open it made her feel, like a raw nerve.

“Still,” he said, pushing his fingers all the way in to the knuckle. “I will have this sweet ass stretched around my dick eventually, so we should get you used to the idea.”

His words knocked the breath from her like a physical blow. Eventually. He really wasn’t going to let her go. Hannah shook as he pulled his fingers from her ass. She felt something hard press against the wet, stretched hole and whined, trying to squirm away as he pushed it inside. The tip slipped in easily, but it got wider, as wide as his two fingers and then wider still. Her ass burned, stretching around the plastic thing he pushed into her. “Wha- aahhh!” Just when she thought she couldn’t possibly take more, the widest part popped inside of her and her asshole clenched around the base.

“Do you recognize the way it feels?” Her tormentor asked. “Maybe if I turn it on.”

As soon as the vibration started, Hannah gasped, tightening around the vibrator involuntarily. It was the same hated device he had put in her pussy on the train, only now it buzzed in her ass, feeling impossibly bigger in the tighter hole.

“Now,” he said, going back to running his hands over her body. “What should we do with that wet pussy?” His hands were on her ass again, spreading her wide open, flushed and exposed under his gaze. “I think it’s ready to get fucked, don’t you?”

Hannah’s eyes flew open and she pulled against the bonds. “Please don’t!”

“No, none of that. Did you really think I would make you come on my tongue and not ask anything in return?” Hannah heard the rustling of cloth and the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

“No,” Hannah whispered, inching her knees forward as much as she was able, trying to get away.

He smacked her ass, hard, and the vibrator inside it turned up. “If this is the thanks I get for making you come, I don’t think you’ll get that privilege very often,” he said. He dragged his cock over her clit, barely pushing the tip inside before going back to teasing her with it. “One day you will come to me on your knees and beg for me to fuck you with this cock.”

Hannah shook her head, helpless to resist him as he pushed into her, stretching her pussy wide around his dick. He felt huge, or maybe that was the plug in her ass, still vibrating hard. He kept sinking into her, impossibly long, until his hips were flush against hers. She squirmed – the buzzing in her ass and the hard, wide length of him impaling her was enough to make her clit throb and her skin tingle.

He started with short, shallow strokes, his cock stroking over her inner walls with every thrust. Each time, he pulled a little bit farther out of her before slowly sinking back in. When his hips shoved flush against her ass, it put maddening pressure on the vibrator in her asshole.

Hannah couldn’t help the small, helpless noises he wrung out of her every time he pushed in deep. “Lovely dove,” he said, and fucked into her harder than he had before. She cried out, something between a moan and a noise of protest, and he did it again. He pressed one hand flat on Hannah’s back, between her shoulder blades, and began driving into her, their hips crashing together at the end of every stroke.

All Hannah could hear was the wet sound of his cock inside her sopping pussy and the noises she made, soft cries and moans torn from her chest. His breath started to get ragged, too, his thrusts crashing into her.

“No! I- I’m not on the pill!” Hannah said desperately, trying to stave off what she knew was coming.

To her surprise, it drew a groan from him that sounded pleased. “Hannah,” he said, grabbing her hip and fucking her hard. “You are a clever girl, but a – ah – a terrible liar. I saw your pills in your purse.”

Hannah shook her head, burying her face in the covers, unable to do anything but hang on as his cock slammed into her, wringing more shameful noises from her throat.

He leaned forward, and the changed angle made her eyes open wide. His breath washed hot over the back of her neck. “I’m going to come inside your sweet, tight little pussy,” he said, voice rough. Hannah’s cunt spasmed around his cock and he chuckled. “What about you, will you come like this? Spread out on my cock?”

“No- oooh,” Hannah’s protest devolved into another moan as he rocked forward, rubbing all along the inside of her pussy.

“Don’t lie to me, Hannah. If you tell me you aren’t going to come and then you do, I will take special joy in teaching you a lesson.”

Hannah squirmed, pressing back against his cock as he fucked her. She was going to come, despite her words to the contrary, but she was not going to beg for it again, not ever.

“Have it your way,” he said. He wrapped both hands around her hips and pulled her back against him, his dick driving into her. She was panting, soft moans spilling from her lips mixed with an endless litany of ‘no’ and ‘please stop.’ Her orgasm was building, her pussy squeezing tight around his cock.

“Last chance to ask me properly,” he panted, voice ragged. Hannah shook her head, shutting her lips on the whimpers he forced from her, dizzy with the force of what was building within her.

He moved one hand from her hip and pressed his thumb against the base of the vibrator, forcing it in deeper. On his next hard thrust, Hannah came apart, sobbing and practically screaming as her orgasm ripped through her.

“Bad girl,” he said. “I shouldn’t even give you this now but your pussy is just- too- good!” He punctuated each word with a brutal, hard thrust, and then at last stilled, cock twitching as he filled her up with his come.

Hannah closed her eyes tight, gasping for air as he slid his softening cock from inside her. He stroked her side with a pleased sigh. “Beautiful, Hannah,” he said. “But don’t think I’ve forgotten that you came without permission, and you lied to me about it on top of that.”

“I’m s-sorry,” Hannah stammered, flinching when he smacked her on the ass.

“You’re sorry, what?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Hannah said, cheeks burning. She could feel slick wetness dripping from her pussy and sliding down her thighs – her come and his both.

“I’m afraid that isn’t going to be good enough this time,” he said. Hannah opened her eyes and stared up at him. He shook his head with a small smirk. “You must learn not to lie, lovely dove.”

He leaned down, and suddenly some of the pressure on Hannah’s arm released. She tensed. He was undoing the bindings, probably to move her into a different position. She waited until the other binding slackened and exploded into motion, scrambling away from him.

He had her by the hair before she could get far, yanking her back and wrestling her down on the bed. “Let me go!” She screamed, twisting in his hold. It was useless. He dragged her back up the bed, on her back this time, and pulled her wrists up to the headboard. Hannah craned her neck to look and saw that he had a pair of leather cuffs around her wrists, which he clipped to the headboard with a gesture that spoke of long practice.

“We have been over this once, but I see you don’t quite understand me, so I’ll say it again.” As he spoke, he grabbed her right leg and yanked, fitting another leather cuff around it. There was a ring and a bit of chain attached to the footboard, and he fastened her ankle to it. “You belong to me. I own you. I will use you as I like, and share you with whom I will.” Hannah sobbed, struggling as he grabbed her free leg and repeated the treatment, leaving her cuffed spread-eagled on her back with the hated vibrator still buzzing in her ass.

He pulled up his pants and tucked his cock away. Hannah screamed as he left the room, thrashing in her bonds. The vibrator was a firm, steady pressure in her asshole, and her sore pussy still leaked come. Maybe if she screamed loud enough, someone would hear.

She squeezed her eyes shut, opened her mouth, and yelled for help as loudly as she could.

“Stop that.” Her captor had returned. “I can’t have you screaming loud enough to wake the dead. It gives me a headache.” He moved up beside her head and dropped something on the bed, something black. “Open your mouth.”

Hannah clenched her jaw shut stubbornly. He sighed and pinched her nose shut, staring her down. Her vision began to go grey at the edges before she opened her mouth to gasp for air.

He pushed something rubber into her mouth – a gag. Hannah tried to spit it out, but his broad palm moved to cover her mouth. With his free hand, he worked the straps of the gag behind her head and fastened them, holding it in place.

He picked up the second piece of black leather. Hannah tossed her head, whining around the gag, trying to pull away as he tied the blindfold tight around her eyes. She was blind, tied down, gagged, with his come dripping down her thighs.

The vibrator turned up to its highest setting and Hannah writhed, face red, knowing he was looking at her. His fingers ghosted over her cunt, barely a touch but enough to set her aflame again.

“I have errands to run,” he said, and Hannah’s breath quickened. “While I am gone, you can lie there and think about the consequences of your actions.”

Hannah jerked her head, glaring behind the blindfold. Her throat was closing around hot, frustrated tears. He was just too prepared, too ready for what she might try. She slurred something rude around her gag, her head turning to follow the sound of him moving around the room.

“Oh, Hannah?” he said, and she stilled. “Just so you know, there never was any video from the train. I’ll be back soon!”

The front door slammed. Hannah screamed wretchedly around the gag and burst into tears.

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