Movie Night Submission

by robcub32

It was Saturday evening and I was bored. I decided to buck my routine and go to the movies. I go to the movies every Sunday morning when it’s not crowded and when the prices are cheapest. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too crowded. I didn’t like people to be too close to my personal space.

I’m deathly shy and totally lacking in self-confidence. I guess that comes from my weight issues. I have always been a little overweight. It sucked being the nerdy, husky kid. And now I’m a chubby adult. I’m 26 years old, 5’8″ and just over 200 pounds. I have greenish/hazel eyes and brown hair, which I keep short. If it gets too long, it starts to curl. I also have a light covering of brown hair on my chest, around my belly button, my crotch and legs. For all of that hair on me, I can’t grow a decent beard to save my life. I settled for a patch of whiskers on my chin. I also wear small, round, nerdy looking glasses. None of that seems to be very appealing to other guys.

Oh, and my name is Scotty. Yeah. Scotty. How gay is that?

My shyness didn’t really help make me any friends in high school or college, either. At least not any long term friends that have wanted to keep in touch with me.

Being a corporate application developer didn’t seem to help any, either. The whole group of us at work seemed to be misfits who went off by themselves every day at lunch. We IM’d or e-mailed questions to the person sitting in the next cubicle. Anything to avoid human contact with the other people in the department.

I wrapped my scarf around my neck and put on my winter coat and my hat. I know the beanie cap with the ear flaps didn’t help my geek image any, but it keeps my ears warm. I headed to the parking lot and brushed the show off my car while it warmed up and then headed for the theater.

When I got to the theater, I bought my ticket for the latest Harry Potter movie and headed inside. The theater was nice and toasty warm. My glasses instantly fogged up. I pulled my gloves off, took my glasses off and wiped them down. Once I put them back on, and I could see again, I gave the usher my ticket and stood in line for snacks.

I bought a Coke icee and a medium popcorn and looked up at the LED boards to see where my movie was playing.

“We’re over here,” a voice called out towards my direction.

I looked up to see a guy waving me over to his group. He was in his mid to late twenties, about my age or a little older than me if I had to guess. He was a little bit taller than me as well. I’d say he was 5’11” or 6’0″ tall. He had brown hair cut into a crew cut, and a goatee and mustache. He was a little bit chubby like me.

I looked at him, confusion all over my face. I looked behind me to see if he was talking to someone behind me.

“Come on,” he said to me. “We’re in theater 8.”

I looked up at the LED board and my movie was in number 8. I looked back at him and the group of guys he was with. There were about a dozen of them. All big and husky guys, of all different ages. They started moving into the theater and I fell in line behind them. The guy who motioned me over moved up next to me.

“I’m Eric,” he said and held out his hand for me to shake.

I juggled my popcorn and drink and quickly shook his hand and he furrowed his brow.

“I don’t remember emailing anyone new about tonight,” he said. “What’s your name again?”

“Scotty– Er, Scott.”

“Well, Scotty Scott,” he laughed. “You’re not here for the bear club’s movie night, are you?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Shit. I’m sorry. Well, I’d love it if you joined us anyway.”

He flashed me a very friendly smile and I shrugged and gave him a shy smile back. “Okay.”

We piled into a couple of rows and pulled our coats off. I pulled my dorky hat off and smoothed down my hair.

I ended up sitting between Eric and another guy about my age. He was built like me, but with shaggy blond hair.

“I’m Stuart,” he said as he offered his hand.

“Scotty,” I said as I shook his hand.

Damn. I meant to say ‘Scott.’

“Nice to meet you, Scotty. This is my boyfriend, Darrell. And that’s Dominic next to him.”

Wow. Boyfriend! I glanced around at all the guys and wondered if they were all gay. Of course, they all seemed completely gay now that the thought was planted in my head.

I reached across to shake Darrell’s offered hand. Darrell looked like he was in his late twenties. He was heavy set, bigger than Stuart. He had wavy strawberry blond hair and a bushy, but still neat, beard.

I then leaned forward a little and waved to Dominic and my heart skipped a beat and my mouth dried up. The theater lights were dimmed and I really wished I could see him better. He looked to be very handsome. Definitely older than me. Dark hair and light eyes. A full beard, closely trimmed and nicely shaped. I always had an attraction to guys who were a little older than me and I especially liked dark hair with blue eyes. He looked at me for a second with interest, then nodded his head at me. He turned his attention back to the slide show on the screen.

Eric had put his arm around my chair. His finger tips tapped on my shoulder. I turned and looked at him.

“I’ll share these M&M’s with you if you share your popcorn with me,” he said.


He put the yellow bag of Peanut M&Ms in the cup holder between our seats and I held the popcorn between us so we could both eat out of the bag.

I had a smile on my face as the previews started.

* * *

After the movie, I walked out of the theater with Eric.

“You wanna grab a beer?” he asked me.

“Um… Okay, I guess so.”

“Cool,” he said with a smirk.

Stuart, Darrell and Dominic walked up to us and Darrell told Eric, “Thanks for setting this up.”

Stuart said that a new movie was opening up next week and some of the guys talked about going, even though movie night was only once a month.

“I’ll take care of it,” Eric said.

Stuart and Darrell said goodbye to us, and Darrell gave me a wink. Dominic regarded me for a second, then nodded at me and walked out with Stuart and Darrell.

I walked with Eric out to the parking lot.

“Hey, I have beer at my house,” he said. “Why don’t we just to my place and save some money?”

“Okay. Sure.”

I followed Eric in my car to his apartment. We stomped our snowy feet at the door and I stuffed my cap and gloves into my coat pocket. He took my coat and hung it in the closet with his. We took off our boots and Eric turned up the heat on the thermostat. He grabbed two bottles of beer, one for each of us and we sat down on the couch together.

“So, what did you think of the movie?” he asked.

We talked for a while about the movie, what we liked and what we didn’t like. I started to nerd out and analyze the parallels to what was happening in the world today, when I noticed that Eric started to zone out.

“Sorry,” I said with a blush.

“Nah, that’s okay. You’re kinda cute when you get excited.”

“Really?” I said, knowing that I was blushing even harder.

“Yeah,” he said quietly.

He moved in closer and pressed his lips against mine.

It was my first ever real kiss. I let him lead me and I tried to copy him and return his kisses with equal passion. It was all a blur. I don’t know if it was the beer, but my body felt like it was on fire. He was touching and kissing me, making out with me. A part of me wanted to stop and slow down, but another part of me was horny and desperate.

Guess which part won?

Eric took my hand and led me to his bedroom. We fell onto his bed and kissed and made out. My hand ran up and down his soft chest and belly and then he was tugging my shirt off. I immediately felt self-conscious, but the way he touched and kissed my chest made me feel so good. When his tongue flicked over my nipple, I about jumped off the bed.

Soon we were unbuckling and unbuttoning our pants.

“I’m not very hung,” he whispered.

I thought it was strange that he would say that, but I didn’t really care.

“That’s okay,” I said and we both chuckled nervously.

His dick was almost five inches, shorter than my six and a quarter, but it was a little thicker. His had a small head, but mine was kind of skinny. We were both circumcised. Mine was dripping a lot more pre-come than his.

We laid on our sides kissing as we touched each others dicks. This was the extent of my previous sexual experience. A mutual hand job with a drunk boy at a party in college. I hoped it was going further.

I thought I was going to spontaneously combust when Eric started sliding down my body, kissing down my chest and stomach. He lifted my hard dick from my belly and looked at it for a moment. Then I felt the hot wetness of his mouth engulf it and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He bobbed his head up and down and sucked.

My body shuddered and I grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as my head thrashed back and forth.

“Eric… I’m… Oh god!”

My body tensed up hard and then exploded in intense relief. I gasped for air as I spurt my come into his sucking mouth. He drained every drop and then swallowed.

“Come here,” Eric growled as he got up and stood next to the bed. He grabbed me and pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

“Suck me,” he said.

I took hold of his cock and pulled it down towards my mouth. I licked up the bottom of it and licked around the head. I looked up at him nervously. His hand moved to the back of my hand and he pulled me closer. I took the head into my mouth and Eric pushed his hips forward. More of his dick slid into my mouth and I sucked just like he had done to me. I tentatively moved up and down his shaft at first, then became more and more confident in what I was doing.

Just when I was getting the hang of it, Eric pulled me up to my feet and kissed me.

“I wanna fuck you, Scotty.”

He turned me around bent me over the bed. He spread my legs apart and I felt cold gel being spread between my cheeks.

I knew in my gut that I should have stopped him and said ‘no’. But I didn’t. It felt good to be wanted, and I wanted him too. I didn’t want to be a 26 year-old virgin.

His finger slid into me and I moaned. He slowly slid it in and out. I panted and closed my eyes. He pulled out and pushed two fingers in.

“Oh god,” I groaned as my virgin hole throbbed in pain.

Eric held his fingers still for a second, and the pain slowly faded away. His fingers thrust in and out, twisting and stretching. He wiggled them inside me and I whimpered in discomfort.

“Yeah, you like that?” he grunted.

Three fingers pushed into me and I gripped the sheets. “Eric… Wait…”

“Breathe deep,” he said. “Relax.”

He moved his fingers in and out of me until I was moaning in pleasure. I looked back at him when he pulled them out. He grabbed a condom and rolled it onto his dick. He poured lube on it and then poured more lube into my crack.

Eric put one hand on my back and pushed down. The head of his dick pushed into my ass with a pop.

“Oh my god,” I groaned in pain. It felt like Eric was splitting me in two. “Eric, stop.”

Eric held still and rubbed his hands up and down my back as tears ran down my cheeks.

“Breathe,” he said. “Relax.”

I was breathing hard and the pain slowly became a dull throb. Eric started moving slowly in and out, and I groaned quietly as the pain surged with each thrust.

“You’re tight,” he groaned.

He grabbed my hips and pushed in and out of me, moving faster and faster. In less than a minute, he cried out.

“Oh, fuck!” he shouted.

His cock stiffened and throbbed and Eric’s movements slowed and then stopped completely.

Eric collapsed onto my back and laid there until his breathing evened out. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. But it wasn’t like I thought it would be. It was uncomfortable and it hurt and it was kind of awkward. However, I really liked the closeness of his body, the way he was laying on top of me right now.

He pushed back up and slipped out of me. He tied the condom off and tossed it into the trash.

“That was good,” he said. “Um… That wasn’t your first time, was it?”

“Yeah,” I said, rolling into my back. “Thanks, Eric.”

Eric laughed and said, “My pleasure.”

Eric moved up onto the bed and stifled a yawn. He looked over at the alarm clock on his nightstand. “I need to get your phone number and email address before you go.”

“Sure,” I said with a smile, hopeful that there would be a next time.

Eric pulled a pen and pad of paper from his nightstand drawer and I wrote down my name, cell and email address.

We kissed for a little bit and then I got dressed and headed home for the night.

* * *

I got the email blast invite on Tuesday from Eric for movie night on Saturday, followed by another personal email that said he really hoped that I was coming. I was grinning as I replied that I would be there.

I had been anticipating movie night all week and now that it was here, I was really nervous. When I stepped into the warm theater I had to pull my glasses off and wipe them off.

“Hey, Scotty,” a familiar voice called out.

I squinted at the blur and put my glasses on. Stuart, Darrell and Dominic walked in and we gave our tickets to the usher and got our snacks. We made our way down the hall to the theaters to find our group. I smiled when I saw Eric, but my smile quickly faded.

He was talking to another young guy I didn’t remember seeing last time. They were standing close and looked like they were flirting. The guy was smiling bashfully and hanging on Eric’s every word like a desperate school girl.

I cringed. Shit. Is that what I looked like last week?

I wanted the floor to open and swallow me whole. I cleared my throat nervously as I tried to blink back the tears. I wasn’t upset so much as embarrassed.

“Sorry, Scotty,” Stuart said quietly. “Eric likes the newbies. I would have warned you, if I knew…”

“And Stuart should know,” Darrell chuckled. “Eric got Stuart’s cherry two years ago.”

“Hey!” Stuart pouted.

My face paled and my stomach flip-flopped. They all looked at me. I’m sure my expression told them everything that happened.

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry,” Darrell apologized. “I got a big mouth. Don’t pay any attention to me.”

“Fuckin’ Eric,” Dominic spat under his breath.

I looked up Dominic in shock. It was the first time I had heard him speak.

“This ain’t supposed to be his personal dating service,” he grumbled in a deep voice.

“Don’t let him bring you down,” Stuart said to me. “You can hang out with us tonight.”

“Thanks, guys,” I smiled.

We walked into the theater and all three of them gave Eric a dirty look as we passed him. I looked down at the floor and didn’t make eye contact with him.

I ended up sitting between Stuart and Dominic in the theater and Stuart and I chatted quietly during the slide show before the previews. Dominic quietly listened, but didn’t speak.

When the lights dimmed as the previews started, I leaned over to Dominic and quietly told him, “Dominic, you can have some of my popcorn if you want.”

I held the bag between us so he could reach. I smiled at him and he smiled back and took a handful of popcorn.

At some point, our hands touched in the popcorn bag and I felt a shock travel up my arm and into my body. The energy went straight to my groin where my dick twitched and quickly filled with blood. In the darkness, I looked up at him and saw that he was looking down at me. He jerked his hand away and turned back to the screen, but I could see he had a little smile on his face.

After the movie Darrell wanted to go grab a coffee, so the four of us headed to a nearby coffee shop. We sipped our warm drinks and talked and laughed. Even Mr. Strong-and-Silent Dominic joined in. After talking about the movie, we shared personal details about ourselves so that they could get to know me better and I could learn more about them.

Stuart owned a flower shop, which Darrell teased him relentlessly about. Stuart was 27, a year older than me.

Darrell was a lawyer and 31 years old, about to be 32. He and Stuart have been dating about a year and a half, and living together for nearly a year now. They were a really cute couple. Darrell teased Stuart a lot, but I could tell that he adored and loved him. I hoped someday that I would have that.

Dominic — who hated to be called Dom, but didn’t mind Nic — was an engineer for the county. He was 42 years old. I wouldn’t have guessed him that old. But in the light, I could see his black hair was graying a touch around the temples. His beard also had flecks of gray in it. His hair was thinning on the crown of his head and his hairline was also receding. The little tuft of hair in front was really cute to me. His eyes were a bright blue that seemed to sparkle.

I realized that I had been smiling the whole time. I wondered if this is what it would be like to have real friends.

While I wanted these three guys to be my friends, I felt a little strange around Dominic. He was so manly, so masculine. I really wanted him to like me, even more so than Stuart and Darrell.

Dominic finished his black coffee and said, “I’m gonna get a refill.”

“I’ll get it for you, Dominic,” I offered.

Dominic looked at me and the corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk. I gave him a blushing smile and grabbed his cup and went up to the counter. I returned the freshly filled cup to Dominic and set it down in front of him.

“Thanks, Scotty,” he said.

“You’re welcome.”

I sat down and took a drink of my latte. Dominic was watching me intently as he sipped his coffee. I looked up at him over the rim of my cup and smiled.

The conversation turned to a discussion of bear culture, which I found fascinating.

“I’m a bear and Stu is my cub,” Darrell said.

“So cubs are younger bears?” I asked.

“Well… Pretty much. But it can also imply a more passive partner.”

“Ooh. So clinical,” Stuart said with a chuckle.

“Watch it, Stewie,” Darrell warned him. He sounded mad, but he had a playful smile on his face.

“So, would I be a cub?” I asked. “I got a little bit of hair on my chest, but I’m not real hairy. I can’t grow a beard either.”

“Definitely a cub,” Dominic said, while staring a hole into me. His intense gaze made me look away. I felt my cheeks flushing a little bit and my ears felt hot, but I felt happy inside.

Somehow the conversation turned to coming out. After hearing their coming out stories, I was embarrassed to tell them that I hadn’t come out to my parents yet. They were all very supportive and said that when the time was right, I would do it. And all three insisted that they would be there to help me with whatever I needed. I thanked them and swiped under my eye before the tear could fall.

After we finished dinner and talking, I exchanged hugs with my new friends. Stuart and I traded phone numbers and then I headed home.

* * *

The next week, Stuart called me and invited me to meet the three of them again for dinner on Saturday.

I arrived at the restaurant on Saturday just after Stuart and Darrell. When Darrell went to the restroom, Stuart leaned in close.

“What do you think of Dominic?” he asked quietly.

“He’s nice.”


“Yeah. And he’s hot,” I said with a blush and a giggle.

“So you do like older guys then?”

“I’ve never been with an older guy before — I mean, I’ve only been with, you know. But I have always been attracted to older guys… like Dominic.”

“Nic is very dominant. He likes younger, submissive guys.”

I wanted to ask him more, but Darrell returned to the table and Dominic arrived at the same time.

Throughout dinner, I caught Dominic staring intently at me a couple of times and I would blush and look down.

I thought of what Stuart said. Dominic likes younger, submissive guys. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that was definitely me. That was what I felt when I was around him. I wanted to please Dominic.

The four of us had a really good time at dinner and we made plans to meet again soon.

As we walked out into the parking lot to our cars, I pulled my hat out of my coat pocket. I went to pull it over my cold head when my feet slid out from under me. I didn’t even see the ice patch. I felt myself flying through the air, but I was caught by Dominic. His arms scooped under my armpits and he pulled me up to him and settled me on my feet.

My face felt warm with embarrassment as Stuart and Darrell looked at me in shock.

“You okay?” Stuart asked.

I nodded. I realized that I was leaning back against Dominic. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my head.

I took a small step away from him and he bent down and picked up my hat. He moved around to stand in front of me and dusted the snow off the hat. I looked up at him and looked into his deep blue eyes. Damn, he was tall. Damn, he was hot.

He took the hat and put it on my head, making sure my ears were covered. My eyes never left his.

“There ya go,” he said, as he smoothed down the back of my head with his black leather gloved hand.

He straightened the collar on my coat and tugged the zipper up all the way. “You need to watch where you’re going… Boy.”

That one spoken word, and the tone in which he said it, caused a physical reaction in me. Boy. I shuddered as I felt warmth spread throughout my body. I was grateful my coat covered my crotch as my dick started to push against my jeans.

“Thank you,” I said in a quivering whisper.

He looked down at me, and his mouth turned up in a smug grin. He was pleased.

* * *

I was pleasantly surprised when Stuart called me the next day. He said it was slow at the shop and he was bored, so we chatted on the phone for quite a while. Then he casually mentioned that Dominic called him the night before.

“Really? What did he say?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

“He was asking about you.”

“Oh?” I said. My voice quivered, betraying my attempt to sound calm and cool. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him he should talk to you.”

Stuart called me again later in the week and to finalize plans for dinner on Saturday. By the time Saturday came around, I wasn’t nervous, but I was very excited.

When I showed up at the restaurant on Saturday, I thought I looked pretty good in my jeans, a baby blue button down shirt with a dark blue argyle sweater vest.

The four of us settled into a comfortable rhythm of conversation during dinner. At one point, Stuart and Darrell headed to the bathroom. Stuart gave me a knowing smile as they left.

Dominic cleared his throat. “Scotty, you wanna grab some coffee after this?”

“Sure, Dominic.”

“I meant just us. You and me.”

“Oh. Okay,” I grinned.

After dinner, my friends and I bundled up and exchanged hugs in the parking lot. Stuart and Darrell waved as they got into their pickup truck.

“Follow me,” Dominic said quietly as we turned and walked through the parking lot to our cars. When we got to my little blue Toyota, he opened the door for me and when I got myself situated, he squeezed my hand and then shut the door.

I followed his Audi SUV in my car to a café and coffee shop a few blocks away. He held open the door for me and let me walk in first. He asked me what I wanted to drink, then told me to go save us a table.

“That one in the back corner?” he suggested.

I made my way to the table in the back corner. I pulled off my hat and shoved it into my coat pocket. I hung my coat on the back of my chair and sat down. I smoothed down my hair, which was feeling a little static clingy from my hat, then wiped the condensation off my glasses.

Dominic returned a few moments later with our drinks and sat down next to me.

“Cheers,” he said with a smirk and held his mug up.

I laughed and tapped my mug to his and took a drink of the latte. Dominic was staring intensely at my mouth as I drank. He reached up to my face and his fingers moved under my chin as his thumb slowly swiped over my bottom lip, capturing the whipped cream in the corner. His hand was warm and I really wanted him to keep it on my face. He pulled his hand away and I watched him kiss the cream off his thumb.

I swallowed nervously as I watched his mouth. His tongue peeked out of his full red lips, licking away the excess moisture. A shiver tickled my spine.

We watched each other drink for a while until he finally leaned in close to me. I could feel his hot breath in my ear as he whispered, “You wanna come home with me tonight, boy?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered automatically, as my body trembled.

Dominic leaned back in his chair and a grin slowly spread across his mouth.

“Good boy,” he said simply.

I quickly finished my latte and sat there nervously while Dominic took his time drinking his coffee. When he finally finished, I got up and followed him out to the parking lot. He gave me quick directions to his house and we traded cell phone numbers in case I lost him on the way.

To say I was nervous when I arrived at his house was an understatement. I stomped the snow off my boots on his porch, then followed him inside. He took my coat and hung it up in the hall closet.

Dominic gave me a tour of his home, and I was very impressed. Everything was neat and clean. The two-story, four bedroom house seemed to be very large for just Dominic. We ended the tour in the family room, where he motioned for me to sit on the couch with him.

He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him.

“I’m very particular about my partners, Scotty,” he said to me. “I like them submissive and eager to please. I’m not talking master and slave play. I want to give you pleasure, not pain. Do you understand?”

“I… I think so. Do you mean, like, you want me to…” I cleared my throat before adding in a whisper, “be on the bottom?”

“Yes. I want you to submit to me. Do as I tell you, immediately without question. I may get a little bit rough, but I promise I will NEVER hurt you. I will not abuse you, degrade you or humiliate you. At anytime, if I do something you don’t like, you tell me to stop and I will stop immediately. I get tested regularly and I am clean. I never have more than one partner at a time and I don’t share. Are you okay with this?”

“Yes,” I quietly replied.


Dominic leaned down and kissed me. He pulled me tight to him and opened his mouth. He kissed me slowly and sensually, pushing his tongue into my mouth. His tongue took charge and pushed and prodded its way around my mouth. His kisses turned harder and more demanding. His lips and teeth pushed into me, trying to devour me.

He pulled away from me, leaving me breathless. He stood up and pulled me to my feet.

“My room. Now,” he growled.

I hurried up the stairs with him right behind me, guiding me down the hallway. I stepped into his dark bedroom and waited for him. He turned on his nightstand light.

“Come here, boy. I know what you want. I know what you need. I knew it when I first saw you… saw the way you looked at me…”

I didn’t think he wanted me, but he did. The thought made me very happy, but also made me even more nervous. I stepped in front of him. He looked me up and down, then started to take my clothes off. I felt exposed and vulnerable standing naked in front of him. I wanted so much for him to be pleased with me. Despite my nerves, my dick stood at attention between my legs, all six inches straight up against my belly. I let my arms hang at my sides, unsure of what to do.

He ran his fingers through the light patch of hair in the middle of my chest, then rubbed my soft tummy.

“Fucking adorable, my little cub.”

I beamed. My grin was so bright it could have lit the room. I let out a breath as my nerves steadied somewhat.

“Undress me,” he commanded.

I pulled his flannel shirt off and dropped it onto my pile of clothes. His wife-beater undershirt came off next. My knees buckled when I saw his body. His beefy torso was covered in curly black hair. I ran my hands down him, raking my fingers through the coarse hair. I unbuckled his jeans and unzipped them and pushed them down the floor.

I was squatting in front of him when I pulled his boxer briefs off. His huge cock sprang up and it bobbed in front of my face and I let out an involuntary moan. He was big. Long. Thick. Uncut.

I looked up at him, staring into his blue eyes. His right hand grabbed around his dick, pulling the skin back to expose the head. He pushed it down with his thumb, pointing it towards my mouth.

His voice was deep and husky when he commanded me with one word. “Suck.”

I whimpered and moved my head forward. I opened my mouth and took him inside. I wrapped my lips in a tight seal and sucked on it as I slid my head back and forth. I swirled my tongue all over the shaft and the head as I sucked and bobbed.

Dominic grabbed my shoulders and stepped back. His cock slid out of my mouth with a pop.

“You got a hot mouth, boy.”

He let me suck him for a while, then he stepped back. I moaned in disappointment and pushed forward on my knees, trying to get him back. He grabbed under my arms and pushed me back onto the bed. I scooted back into the middle of the bed as he moved on top of me. I let out a ragged breath. I loved the feeling of his big, warm body on me.


He kissed up my neck to my ear. His hot breath and whiskers made me shudder.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, boy,” he whispered into my ear.

I moaned and grabbed his back, pulling him closer to me.

He slid down my body and licked and sucked my nipples. I moaned and whimpered, thrusting my chest up, grabbing at his shoulders and his head. I was on the verge of falling apart when he slid down. His tongue flicked all over my dick, teasing me. I pushed my hips up, wanting to feel his mouth on me.

“Please, Nic,” I whispered.

“Mm-mmm,” he grunted as he shook his head.

I whimpered in frustration, pushing my hips back up. His hands moved to my hips and pushed me back down to the bed. I couldn’t move my hips as his tongue flicked all over my balls and sack. My dick jerked and pre-come oozed out onto my belly. Dominic was driving me crazy with his teasing. I wanted to come so bad.

His face pressed under my balls and his tongue swiped up my crack.

“Oh god,” I moaned.

Dominic’s hands pushed harder onto my hips so that I couldn’t move. His tongue was licking and pushing into me. He rubbed his bearded face all over my ass crack while grunting and groaning.

I never imagined that it would feel so good. I was clawing at the bed, trying to reach down to Dominic, trying to grab anything I could as I writhed on the bed. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I reached down and grabbed my dick. Dominic pulled away and grabbed my hand.

He climbed over me and grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands above my head.

“Don’t you ever touch yourself without my permission,” he growled. “You understand me, boy?”

I whimpered and nodded my head.

“From now on, you only come from my hand, my mouth or my cock. You hear me, boy?”

I nodded my head again. His hands tightened around my wrists.

“Say it!” he demanded.

“I understand, Nic,” I whimpered. “I promise.”

Dominic bent down and kissed me hard until I was breathless. He pulled my glasses off and set them on the nightstand.

“Turn over,” he husked into my ear.

He helped me turn over onto my belly and he knelt between my legs, sitting back on his heels. His warm hands were on my ass, kneading and massaging and spreading. He suddenly got up from the bed. He grabbed a towel out of the bathroom, then opened the nightstand drawer. He pulled out a big bottle of lube.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax as he moved back onto the bed. He had me get up so that he could spread the towel out underneath me, and I laid back down on the towel.

I felt his slippery fingers sliding up and down my crack, rubbing over my hole. He pushed his middle finger in nice and slow and I moaned softly into the pillow. He started moving his finger, slowly finger fucking me with it. He twisted and turned it, then wiggled it inside me. It brushed over something inside me and I bucked underneath him, letting out a deep moan.

“Yeah, that’s the spot,” he said.

He kept pushing and rubbing his finger against the spot, my prostate. I was panting and writhing around on the bed. My dick was hard and throbbing, pushing against the sheets. I whimpered in pleasure. This was nothing like my experience with Eric. I realized that this is what it was supposed to be like. Dominic was experienced. He knew what he was doing. Like he said, he wanted to give me pleasure.

“You ready for another finger, boy?”

“Yes. Please, Dominic…”

Dominic pushed a second finger into me and continued to stretch me and prepare me. He soon had a third finger inside me and he was pumping me hard and fast. I could feel the pressure building inside my balls. They tightened into my body and I gripped the pillow with my fists.

Suddenly he pulled his fingers out. I turned my head back and looked up at him. He lowered his big body on top of me. His hairy chest and stomach pressed into my back. I could feel his hard dick in my crack. It felt so big, so warm.

He growled into my ear, “Ready for my cock, boy?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

I wanted him so bad, but I was a little bit scared. He was bigger than Eric. A lot bigger.

Dominic must have sensed my fear. He kissed my cheek tenderly and rubbed my head. “I won’t hurt you, Scotty,” he whispered softly and gently. “Never hurt you. Don’t be nervous. Relax and breathe deep.”

I closed my eyes and took a long deep breath. I heard Dominic spreading the lube on his dick and then he smeared a little more into my hole. He moved on top of me and I spread my legs wider for him.

I felt the hot head press against me and I tensed up.

“Relax, Scotty. Breath slow and deep and push out. Remember what I said. I won’t hurt you. Breathe…”

I did as he asked and he pushed into me. I gasped as the pain shot through my body. It burned and cramped and I cried out. Dominic’s arms moved under me and he held me tight to his chest. He kissed the side of my neck, then ran his lips across my skin. His beard tickled my neck and shoulder.

“Shh… It’s okay. You’re okay,” he whispered.

My breathing slowed and the pain dissipated. I brought my hands under my chest and grabbed onto Dominic’s arms as the tension in my body released. Dominic must have felt my muscle relaxing, because he started to move.

He very slowly pulled his hips back until his dick was about to slip out of me. In a smooth and steady motion, he pushed back in, rubbing over my prostate. I gasped and called out his name as an intense burst of pleasure hit me.

Dominic started thrusting in and out of my ass, slowly building up speed.

“Christ, you’re fucking tight,” he whispered into my ear. “So hot, so wet. I’m gonna make you my boy. You wanna be my cub?”

“Yes, Dominic. Please. I wanna be yours.”

“Yeah, you’re MY cub now. This ass belongs to me.”

Dominic held me tight, his body covering mine completely. He was fucking me now. Hard and fast. Every thrust slid past my prostate. Every time he bottomed out, a high-pitched whimper escaped my mouth. He alternated his long strokes with short strokes. He’d twist and thrust his hips. Dominic was breathing loudly as he rocked his hips into me. I was in heaven. I was his. I would do anything he wanted.

“Yes,” I moaned. “Yes…”

I felt the pressure quickly building up. My balls pulled up into my body and my dick throbbed. I gripped Dominic’s arms tighter under my chest as my toes curled and pushed into the mattress. My body started to tremble.

“Oh god, don’t stop. I’m gonna shoot, Nic,” I cried out. “I can’t hold it!”

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted. “You’re a hot little slut. Come for me, boy. Gonna make you come with my cock!”

“Oh yes, I’m coming! Dominic!”

Dominic slammed into me relentlessly. My body tensed up and I exploded, spurting into the towel below me.

Dominic grunted and groaned. His breathing was hard and fast. With a roar, he pushed up away from me and pulled out. I turned my head back to look at him fisting his cock. The first blast of come shot out in a long rope and splattered all over my neck and back. The second hit the side of my head. He shot several more times, covering my back with pools of hot semen. It was just like in a porn movie. I felt a little dirty, but in a good way.

Dominic collapsed onto my back, squishing his jizz into our bodies. He peppered my neck and shoulders with small kisses. “Good cub,” he whispered.

I laid there with my eyes closed, relaxing into the mattress and let out a little giggle. I felt amazing. I felt free and alive. Dominic slicked back my sweaty hair and kissed my temple.

“You wanna take a shower?” he asked as he ran his finger over my chin whiskers.

I opened my eyes and nodded.

He helped me up off the bed. He grabbed the sperm soaked towel and tossed it into the dirty clothes basket.

I followed him into the bathroom, where he turned on the shower. We stepped into the shower stall and he took me in his arms. He held me under the hot water for a few minutes. I felt like I could fall asleep right then and there as he hugged me and peppered the top and sides of my head with light kisses. I reluctantly let go of him when he pulled back to grab the soap. We washed and rinsed each other and then got out of the shower and dried off.

Dominic hung our wet towels on the rack to dry and took my hand. “Come on.”

I followed him like a puppy to the bedroom and then back into his bed. He spooned up behind me and pulled me tight to his warm, furry chest.

“Go to sleep, baby,” he said groggily.

It was the most perfect feeling of belonging I had ever felt. I felt his body relax and he started to snore. I ran my fingers through the dark curly hair on his forearms until I finally succumbed to sleep.

* * *

I woke the next morning curled up next to Dominic. He was on his back with his right arm covering his eyes, mouth open, and snoring.

The blankets covered him up to his chest. I ran my hand over his soft furry body, down his chest and stomach.

I realized that Dominic was no longer snoring and I looked up to see him watching me. He pushed the blankets back, exposing his hard seven-and-a-half inches. His meaty hand moved to the back of my head and he gently pushed.

My lips automatically parted as the head of his dick pushed into my mouth. My lips pushed the foreskin back and his cock sank into my mouth. I moved up and down on his dick with my mouth and hand. As I became more confident in what I was doing, I started to use my tongue more, twisting it around the head and swirling it around the shaft. Dominic seemed to like that, judging by the moans and groans he was making.

“Suck it harder, Scotty. Faster.”

I did as he asked and I felt him stiffen even harder in my mouth. A gush of sweet pre-come flooded my mouth and I hummed in delight.

“Oh, fuck, baby. You’re gonna get my load. Swallow it, boy.”

I sucked his cock until he blasted into my mouth, and I did what he asked, swallowing every drop.

Dominic pulled me up and kissed me, then rolled me over onto my back. His head moved down and sucked my dick into his mouth. He pushed his finger into my ass.

“Oh god,” I moaned as he sucked up and down the length of my shaft and fucked me with his finger. I gripped his shoulders tightly. I was so turned on, there was no way I could even try to hold back.

“Dominic… I’m gonna come…”

I cried out and bucked up into his mouth, spurting my seed onto his swirling tongue.

He crawled on top of me and took me in his arms. We kissed slowly and gently.

“Nothing like a good blowjob to start the morning,” he said and we both laughed.

We got out of bed and put our underwear on. After taking care of our bathroom needs, I followed Dominic to the kitchen.

Dominic patted the breakfast bar counter. “Sit down, Scotty,” he said and I sat down at one of the stools at the breakfast bar and watched him.

He started a pot of coffee, then fried up some bacon and scrambled some eggs. We then sat down together and had a quiet breakfast.

“Why don’t we head to your place and get you a change of clothes, then we can hang out today?” he said.

“Sure. That would be great.”

And that’s what we did. In fact, over the next couple of weeks, we saw each other several times. We went out and had dinner together, and got to know each other.

We always spent the night together at his house. Sex with Dominic was incredible. His kiss or touch could make me come undone. I loved how sexually aggressive he was. I went from being a virgin to a little horndog practically overnight. But I was only horny for Dominic. I worshiped the bigger, older man. He was so manly and sexy to me.

The Friday before the next movie night, we went out to dinner and then headed back to his place. I could tell that Dominic was really horny and it really turned me on that he wanted me so bad. As soon as we got back to his place, he was ready. He dragged me up the stairs to his bedroom.

“Get your clothes off, put this on, and get into bed.”

Dominic opened his top drawer and pulled out a white jockstrap, an old style Bike jock. He tossed it to me and I caught it. It was brand new. He obviously bought it just for me. My dick started to leak in my jeans at the thought of wearing it for him.

While Dominic went downstairs and locked up the house, I got a towel from the bathroom and quickly undressed. I pulled the jockstrap on and adjusted the waist and straps. I hadn’t work a jockstrap since middle school gym class. I was in bed by the time he came into the bedroom.

I watched Dominic get undressed. His thick inches were already jutting out from his hairy crotch and I drew in a ragged breath at the sight. I was as hot as he was. I wanted him inside me so bad.

“Turn over,” he ordered as he got onto the bed.

“Yes, sir,” I said as I flipped over onto my belly.

“You are so fucking hot,” he growled as he ran his hands over my bare ass. “You’re gonna be the fucking end of me, boy.”

The fact that he was so turned on by me made me grin like an idiot. He flipped me over onto my back and my grin fell away as he squeezed my cock in the pouch. My head fell back and I let out a ragged moan as he crawled on top of me and pushed my legs apart. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down to me and we kissed deeply and made out.

“Do you trust me, Scotty?”

“Yes, Nic. Of course I do.”

He got up and opened the bottom drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a length of thin, white rope, almost like a clothesline. He sat down next to me. I stared at the rope wide-eyed. A shudder went through my body at the thought of him tying me up. It excited the hell out of me, but at the same time scared the crap out of me. I looked up into Dominic’s eyes for reassurance.

“Remember I promised you that I’d never hurt you?” he asked gently.

“Yes,” I nodded. “You know I trust you, Nic.”

“If you don’t like it, tell me to stop.”

I nodded and he leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. He smiled at me for a moment, then his smile faded as he went into ‘business’ mode.

He reached into the nightstand and pulled out two wrist sweat bands. He put them on my wrists, then tied the rope around my right wrist. He didn’t want to bruise or burn my wrists.

“Lay back, boy,” he growled.

I relaxed back as he looped the rope through the slats in the headboard. He pulled so that my arms were above my head, then tied my left wrist.

I laid there trembling as Dominic moved on top of me. He pushed my legs apart, settling between me.

He slid a lubed finger into my ass as he sucked my neck, then moved down to my nipples. He pulled the pouch of the jock aside and licked down the length of my shaft, taking each of my balls into his mouth.

I shuddered and gripped the rope with my hands.

“Nic, please,” I begged.

“No talking,” he grunted.

I bit my bottom lip as he moved down and started to rim me.

“You smell so fucking good,” he groaned into my ass.

I whimpered and thrashed my head back and forth as he drove me crazy with his tongue. He licked his tongue up my sack and my shaft. He sunk down to the root and sucked hard as he pulled up.

My body quivered and I couldn’t help but moan. “Oh god, Nic.”

He pulled away from me and I whimpered, “Please…”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “I said no talking, boy.”

I pressed my lips together and nodded frantically.

Dominic got up and grabbed his boxer briefs off the floor. He moved back on top of me and kissed me hard.

He pushed back and rolled up the briefs and pushed them into my mouth. My eyes widened as he tied them around the back of my head, gagging me. He looked down at me. His chest heaved and his eyes were filled with lust. I looked back at him and nodded that I was okay.

He maneuvered my dick back into the pouch of the jockstrap, then pushed my legs back towards my chest. I wrapped them around his waist. I moaned into the makeshift gag as his thick cock slid into me. Having taken him inside me many times over the past three weeks, the pain was minimal and it quickly faded to pleasure as he pushed against my prostate.

Dominic started thrusting into me and I pushed back against him. He dropped his body onto me and wrapped his arms around me. His mouth clamped onto my neck and chewed and sucked hard on my skin as he relentlessly pounded his hips into my ass.

I whimpered and bit down on his briefs as he slammed hard into me. His hips slapped loudly against mine. The bed frame shook underneath us.

I could feel him panting into my ear. “I’m gonna come,” he grunted. “I’m gonna fucking come!”

I moaned and arched my back up. My body shuddered and I gripped the ropes tight and screamed into Dominic’s underwear as my dick exploded. I came harder than I ever had in my life, unloading my thick load into the jockstrap pouch. My tight hot tunnel contracted rhythmically around his thick thrusting cock and Dominic cried out my name. He pushed into me and his body convulsed as his dick jerked and pulsed inside me. He was coming inside me, shooting his hot load deep into my guts for the first time.

“Oh fuck, baby,” he groaned. “So good…”

I shuddered underneath him. Dominic’s arms tightened around me.

He pulled the makeshift gag out of my mouth. I stretched my jaw and licked my lips.

“You okay, Scotty? I wasn’t too rough?” he asked tenderly.

“No. I’m okay. Better than okay,” I panted.

He nuzzled his beard and lips against my neck, kissing my skin lightly. His cock finally softened and slipped out of me, and a torrent of his come spilled out.

He untied my wrists and pulled the wrist bands off. He rubbed and massaged each of my wrists to get the blood flowing. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight.

“I couldn’t pull out,” he whispered. “It felt like your ass was sucking my cock into your body.”

“You were amazing, Nic. You make me feel so good.”

I reached up and scratched his beard with my fingers and smiled at him. He looked down at me and I saw a twinkle in his eyes in the way he looked at me.

Dominic pulled the towel out from under me and wiped me down between my legs. He pulled the jock strap back and wiped it out. He tucked my soft dick back into the pouch. He wiped his dick and then tossed the towel onto the floor.

He pulled me to his chest and spooned behind me.

“I want you to wear only jocks from now on.”

“Yes, sir. I would love to do that for you.”

“Good boy. Night, Scotty.”


I snuggled back against Nic as he started snoring behind me.

* * *

When we arrived at the theater the next night, I was a little bit nervous. We got our snacks and joined the group. We greeted everyone and said hi. As Eric walked in, Dominic moved close to me. His hand moved to my back, and slid down to the small of my back, resting just above my butt. His little finger slid underneath the waist of my pants and fingered the three inch band of the new jockstrap he bought me. He slid his hand back up to the small of my back and let it stay there.

He was letting Eric and everyone else know that I was his.

Eric glanced at us and quickly turned away when he saw Dominic narrow his eyes and scowl at him.

Stuart’s mouth dropped open when he walked up to us. “Are you guys…?”

“We’re dating,” I said with a grin.

“Scotty is my cub,” Nic said.

His hand moved up to my hair and he rubbed the back of my head. His arm moved around my shoulder and he pulled me closer in a sideways hug, causing me to giggle.

Darrell walked up and handed Stuart a big drink.

“Hey, guys,” he said. He saw how close we were standing to each other and he grinned widely. “Congratulations,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said with a grin.

After that weekend, things changed between Dominic and myself. We became even closer, even more intimate. We saw each other almost every day and spent the night together almost as often. He loved to fuck me at night and loved a blowjob in the morning.

We were in love, though neither of us said it. Well, I was head over heels in love with him and I was confident that he felt the same way. There was just something in his eyes when he looked at me.

One thing I loved about Dominic, besides for how hot he was, was how sweet he was. Yes, he was very dominant and aggressive in bed. Amazing in bed. But he was also very gentle and loving. He always put me first. Even the little things he did, showed me how much he cared about me.

He always held open doors for me, letting me enter first. He would even open the door of his SUV for me. He was always touching me. He would hold my hand whenever we were alone together. He would almost always let me pick the movies we watched.

We had been dating for about four months and things were great between us. The only time we got into a fight had to do with the fact that I wasn’t out to my parents.

I had just arrived at Dominic’s house after work. He pulled me to him and kissed me hard.

“Go watch some TV,” he said as he gave my butt a smack. “I gotta finish up this report and then we can go.”

I smiled at him and he returned to the dining room table where his work laptop was setup. I sat down on the couch and picked up the remote when my phone rang. I looked at the screen and groaned inward when I saw that it was my mom.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Scotty, you’re alive!” she exclaimed sarcastically.

I sighed. “Hi, mom. Of course I’m alive.”

“I just wasn’t sure since you haven’t called me in over two weeks.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I’ve just been busy lately.”

I glanced across the room at Dominic. He was working on his laptop, but he lifted his eyes and smirked at me.

“I want you to come over for dinner tonight,” Mom said. “I’m making a pork roast.”

“Oh… I can’t. I have plans with a friend.”

“We haven’t seen you in over a month. You can go out with your friends any time. I won’t take no for an answer.”


“No buts.”

“Okay,” I sighed.

“Hurry up. Dinner’ll be ready soon. Bye.”


I hung up the phone and stood up and grabbed my keys.

“I gotta go,” I said to Dominic as I pulled my jacket on.

Dominic frowned at me. “What’s up?”

“Mom wants me to come over for dinner.”

“So, you’re just gonna go, just like that?”

“It’s my mom. She insisted. What am I supposed to say?”

“You could say ‘I’m sorry, Mom, but I already have plans with my boyfriend’ or I’d even take ‘I’m sorry, Dominic’.”

“That’s not fair! My mom doesn’t know about me. You know that. And I am sorry.”

“Okay. I’ll see you around then.”

He looked back down at this laptop screen and began typing. I could see that he was mad and now he was ignoring me.

I slumped my shoulders and sighed. I walked up to him and moved behind him and bent down and put my arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry, Nic. I’ll tell them soon. I promise. Please don’t be mad at me.”

He sighed, then bent his head down and kissed my arm.

“When you’re done at your parents, I want you to come directly back here. When you walk in the door, you will utter not one word. You are to go directly to my bedroom, take your clothes off — except for your jock — and you damn well be better wearing a jock…”

He paused to hook his finger in the waistband of my jeans and check. I was indeed wearing a jockstrap.

“…You will get onto my bed on your hands and knees. You are not to move or speak until I tell you. When I am ready, I will come in and I will deal with your rude behavior.”

“Yes, sir,” I quivered.

I straightened up and started to leave, but Dominic grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. He pulled me down to him and gave me a tender kiss. I smiled warmly at him and he gave me a quick wink before turning back to his computer to resume work.

I had a grin on my face the entire trip to my parents.

Dinner with my parents was pleasant. Mom hounded me with a million questions about my life. I mentioned that I had made some new friends and she seemed quite pleased. At one point, I almost told them I was gay, but I chickened out.

It was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I was a coward. I knew that I would have to tell them soon. I was afraid that Dominic and my relationship would suffer if I didn’t and I didn’t want to lose him.

* * *

When I got back to Dominic’s, I was a little nervous, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. When I walked in the house, I did just as he told me. He was watching TV. He didn’t look up or speak as I came in. I walked right upstairs to his bedroom. I got undressed, pulling off all my clothes except for my jockstrap. I got onto the bed on my hands and knees and waited.

It seemed like it took him forever to come upstairs. I waited quietly and patiently. Just when my arms started to hurt, I heard the door shut. The light on the nightstand turned on.

Dominic’s warm hands ran across my butt cheeks. He pulled at one of the straps framing my ass and pulled it out. He let go and it slapped against my skin, making me tremble. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed.

His hand drifted across my butt, kneading and squeezing, rubbing and stroking.

“You were a bad cub today, Scotty,” he said quietly. “Do you know what happens to bad cubs?”

He paused for a second. I didn’t know if he wanted me to answer, so I remained quiet.

I could hear the smile on his face when he finally said, “They get spanked.”

I swallowed nervously and took in a deep breath. As I was letting it out, I felt the sharp sting of his hand on my ass.

“Oh!” I cried out. “Ow!”

“Be quiet. Take your punishment.”

His hand came down again with a smack. I bit my bottom lip and squeezed my eyes shut. My arms and legs trembled as he spanked me again and again. My dick slowly rose up until it was laying against my belly.

After several swats, he came down really hard, causing me to gasp. He smacked the same spot four more times as hard as he could. Tears poured down my cheeks while pre-come oozed out of my piss slit. I could feel it soaking into the pouch of my jock, causing a wet spot.

Dominic slowly rubbed my sore bottom. His touch was so soothing as it moved over the curves of my ass cheeks. My breathing slowed and I let out a little sigh of pleasure.

Dominic let out a satisfied grunt. “Mm. That’s my good cub… Now it’s time for a reward.”

I felt him shifting his position. His hands moved and spread my cheeks apart. I gasped and moaned when I felt his tongue swirl around my hole.

“You like that, Scotty?” he asked as he kissed and nipped on my cheek.

“Yeah,” I breathed.

Dominic pushed his face into my crack and attacked my hole with his tongue. He licked and swirled. He scraped his teeth across it. His tongue moved fast, then slow, around and across. He rubbed his whiskered chin across it, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. He pushed this tongue into me and I shuddered and whimpered. My dick was dripping a steady stream into the jock.

“Please, Nic… I need you inside me… Please!”

Dominic chuckled. “Since you asked so nice…”

I looked back at him and watched him open the lube and pour it onto his fingers. He pushed two fingers inside me and I dropped my head and moaned. I pushed my ass back against his fingers.

“Yeah, you want it bad, don’t you, boy?” he asked in a raw and throaty voice as he pumped three fingers in and out of me.

He pulled his fingers out and I gripped the sheets tight and braced myself for what was coming. Dominic stood next to the bed. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to the edge. He pushed down on my ass to get it lined up with him. I felt the slickened head of his cock pushing against my hole. I whimpered and pushed back against him. The head of his cock slid inside me. He tightened his grip on my hips and pushed in until he was buried completely inside me.

“Nic,” I moaned.

“Oh fuck, Scotty,” he groaned. “Your ass is too fucking good, baby…”

“Fuck it, Nic,” I whispered. “Fuck my ass.”

Dominic groaned loudly and pulled out until the head almost popped out. He shoved back into me, all the way to the root. His dick head hit my prostate and I cried out as pleasure burst through my body.

Dominic took me hard and fast. He suddenly pulled out, causing me to whimper with need. “No, don’t stop. Please…”

“Turn over,” he commanded.

I rolled over onto my back and scooted back on the bed as he climbed in between my legs. He pulled my legs apart and knealt in between. He grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart. He pushed forward and shoved his cock hard into me. I reached up and grabbed his soft waist and held on. He rocked his hips back and forth hard and fast.

He leaned down over me and grabbed my hair and tugged it, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to get my attention. I looked up into his eyes as he pounded his cock into me.

Oh god. I could see it in his eyes. He wanted me. He needed me. He loved me.

My body started to shake and shiver. My mouth opened to scream, but nothing came out as I erupted. Volleys of hot semen shot out of me, coating the inside of the jock pouch.

Dominic let out a roar. “Oh! Fuck, baby! Milk my cock!”

Dominic groaned and grunted loudly. His dick expanded inside of me. I felt him throb and pulse and then I felt the warmth of his seed spreading inside and dripping from me.

He relaxed his grip on my hair and laid on top of me, panting and heaving.

I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight.

“Thank you,” I whispered as tears trickled down my face. “Thank you…”

* * *

A week later, Dominic and I met for dinner on Thursday night and we had plans to spend the night together.

By the time Dominic took me home, I wasn’t feeling well at all. I was so sick, we didn’t even make love. He spent the night with me and held me, trying to soothe me and comfort me, but I couldn’t sleep well. My stomach was cramping badly and it kept me awake. We thought maybe I had food poisoning, but he wasn’t sick at all.

In the morning, he had to go to work. He was doing a survey on a retention pond. I called in sick to work because I knew I wouldn’t be able to work like this. He told me to go to the doctor if I didn’t feel better.

I woke up a few hours later, sweating profusely. The pillow and sheets were soaked. My stomach was killing me. I stumbled to the bathroom and threw up twice. I knew that there was something wrong with me. My stomach hurt so bad I was crying.

I called Dominic and left him a voice mail. In between the tears, I jokingly told him that I had an Alien chest-burster inside me and I was going to the hospital.

I somehow managed to drive to the ER and check myself in. What happened when I got there was a blur. I filled out and signed forms and then waited. I remembered waking up at one point flat on my back on the floor in the waiting room with doctors and nurses hovering around me. I was examined and quickly admitted for an appendectomy.

I awoke later laying in a hospital bed. I was wearing a flimsy hospital gown and I could tell that my backside was exposed underneath me. I also felt slight discomfort around my lower belly. I squinted and looked around the room, but without my glasses I couldn’t see a thing.

Someone came into the room and I squinted to see him. I could tell it was a doctor from the clothes.

“Ah, you’re awake,” he said. “I’m Doctor Murray. How are you feeling, Scott?”

“Okay. Better.”

“Good,” he said. “I’m going to take a quick look at you and then you can have visitors.”

He pulled down the blankets and pulled up my gown, exposing my soft belly and groin. My face turned bright red in embarrassment.

“You’ve got two small incisions, here and here,” he said, while touching above my pubes and then off to my right side. “There’s also an incision inside your belly button. Everything looks good.”

He lowered my gown and pulled up the blankets.

“You’ll need to keep the incisions clean,” he said. “Try not to exert yourself physically for a couple of days so that you don’t tear your staples. You should be fine to walk around now, if you need to use the bathroom. You should be able to go home in the morning provided everything looks good. Do you have any questions?”

“No,” I said and shook my head. “But, do you know where my glasses are?”

“They are probably with your clothes. I’ll have someone check on that for you. And I’ll be back to check on you later,” he said as he patted my shoulder.

He left the room and a nurse returned a few minutes later with a bag of my clothes. She pulled out my glasses and handed them to me.

“How’s that?” she smiled.

“Much better,” I said as I adjusted them on my nose.

She pulled back the curtain to give me a little privacy from the other men in the room.

I heard a distinct voice chattering in the hallway and I groaned inwardly. When my mom walked in, I gave her a weak smile. She and Dad came up to the right side of my bed and she bent down and kissed my cheek.

“Are you okay, Scotty? How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay. I’m a lot better now.”

“Good. We were worried sick about you,” she said as she grabbed my hand and squeezed.

“You lose some weight, son?” Dad asked.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, you look good,” he said with a sympathetic smile.

“Thanks, Dad. Um… Is, uh… Was there anyone else waiting to see me?”

“I don’t think so. You expecting someone?”

“A friend of mine,” I said cautiously. “I thought maybe he would be here.”

Mom and Dad glanced at each other. They both appeared very uncomfortable. The silence was deafening.

I reached over to grab a glass of water from the table and Mom picked it up.

“Let me help you, sweetie.”

She put a hand behind my head and brought the glass up to me so that I could take a drink. When I had my fill, she put the glass down and fluffed up my pillow and adjusted my blanket.

A tap at the door had the three of us looking up. Dominic was standing in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. His blue eyes were bloodshot and glassy. I could tell he was worried and it really touched me, but I was so glad that he was here. I was overcome with joy and a huge grin spread across my face.

“I just wanted to check that you were okay, Scotty,” he said quietly.

“I’m okay.”

He nodded, then stepped back. He was going to leave. He didn’t want to stay because of my parents.

“Don’t go,” I choked out as my eyes welled up with tears. “Please.”

His eyes cut to my parents and then turned back to me. He hesitantly moved up to the left side of my bed and I reached out to him. He took my hand and awkwardly shook it, and then put my hand back on the bed. He shoved his hands back in his pocket.

My dad cleared his throat and I turned my attention back to my parents. Dad was eyeballing Dominic suspiciously and Mom was looking anywhere but at Dominic.

“This is my friend, Dominic Gianotto,” I said. “And these are my parents, Sam and Jane Fisher.”

“How do you know my son?” Dad asked him.

Dominic cut his eyes at me, then cleared his throat as he looked back at my dad. “We met at the movie theater. A group of my friends go once a month. Scotty joined us.”

“You don’t have friends your own age?”

I gasped in shock. “Dad!”

Dominic shifted uncomfortably. “I’d better get going. Call me when you get home, Scott.”

He turned to leave and I had to stop him. Before I knew it, I had blurted it out. “Dominic is my boyfriend.”

All three of them gasped simultaneously and turned to look at me with their mouths agape.

I took a breath and looked up at Dominic through my lashes. “I’m in love with him,” I added quietly.

I sniffled and wiped the tear that fell down my cheek. Dominic swallowed and blinked back tears of his own.

“What are you, some kind of pervert who prays on children?” Dad asked Dominic.

I was horrified by my dad’s words. “Dad! Leave him alone. I’m not a child. I’m 26 years old.”

“He’s old enough to be your father. It’s disgusting.”

“He’s not that much older than me. Please, Dad. I love him.”

I grabbed at Dominic’s wrist and pulled his hand from his pocket and pulled him closer to me.

Dominic cleared his throat. “It may not mean much to you right now, but I do love your son. He’s the sweetest, most loving man I’ve ever met.”

“Dominic makes me happy, Dad.”

“I need some air,” he said and stormed out of the room.

“Give your father some time, Scotty,” Mom said. “It’s been hard enough on him knowing that you’re gay. And now you’re dating someone. Someone a little unexpected. It’s all a little shocking at once.”

“You already knew… I was gay?”

“We found one of your, um, movies… when you still lived at home.”

“Oh god,” I moaned as I slid down into the bed.

“‘Glory’ something… Something about a bathroom. I don’t remember… Anyway,” she said with a dismissing wave of her hand.

I wanted the floor to open and swallow me whole. I felt Dominic’s trembling. Without even looking up at him, I knew he was trying his best to contain a laugh and I squeezed his hand as tight as I could to let him know that I didn’t appreciate it. He let out a bark that sounded between a cough and a laugh.

“I’m just glad it’s all out in the open,” Mom said. “Your father will come around. He just needs to get used to seeing you two together. We want you to be happy, Scotty. And you’ve had such a smile on your face ever since this man walked into the room. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you smile… I mean really smile.”

Mom covered her mouth and started to cry.

I reached out for her hand and I squeezed it. She leaned down and hugged me, then kissed my forehead. She pulled a tissue out of her purse and dabbed her eyes and nose.

“I’m going to go check on your father.”

She squeezed my arm, gave it a pat, and left the room.

I looked up at Dominic and smiled at him. “That wasn’t exactly how I imagined my coming out.”

He smiled at me and rubbed the top of my head. “Are you okay, Scotty?”

“I’m okay. I’m better now that you’re here.”

“I’m so sorry I left you home by yourself,” he said. “I should have stayed with you.” His eyes filled tears as he looked down at me. “If anything happened to you… I…”

He swallowed and drew in a ragged breath.

I rubbed my thumb on the top of his hand. “It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have done anything different if you were there.”

“Maybe. But I wish I had been there for you. I should have been there.”

“Well, you’re here now, and I’m glad.”

“What you did just now… It was very brave. I’m proud of you, cub. I love you, Scotty.”

He bent down and kissed me, a quick peck on the lips. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer and kissed him back, opening my mouth and flicking the tip of my tongue against his lip.

“You’re a bad boy,” he chuckled. “You keep that up and you might get a spanking.”

I giggled. “I hope so.”

He shook his head and then nipped the end of my nose with his teeth. He stood upright and looked down my body.

“Can I see your scars?” he asked as he ran his finger across my belly.

I looked at the door, then back at Dominic. “Okay,” I said.

I couldn’t help but blush a little as I pushed down the blankets and pulled up my gown, exposing my naked torso to my boyfriend.

“You got yourself a little shave,” he laughed, pointing to the shaved patch above my pubes where they went in with the scope.

“I’m glad they didn’t landscape the entire thing,” he joked as he gave my pubes a little tug, causing me to jump a little.


“Well, I see this still works,” he said as he tweaked the head of my half-hard dick. It surged to full erection just from his brief touch.

He grabbed it around the base and wiggled it around and started to laugh and I swatted his hand away. I laughed and pushed the gown back down and pulled the blankets up.

“Nic. You know, the doctor said I can’t have any ‘strenuous activity’ for two days. What are you going to do?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Well, I guess I will have to borrow that movie of yours, and take matters into my own hand, so to speak. I’ll ask your parents where you keep it.”

Dominic tried to keep a straight face, but he couldn’t hold it in. I couldn’t help but laugh with him. We laughed so hard, we had tears running down our faces. Every time our laughter started to die down, one of us would start back up. We were still laughing when my parents came in.

Mom smiled at the two of us and Dad’s scowl softened some when he saw us laughing. He took a deep breath and let it out, walked up to Dominic and held out his hand.

“I’m sorry about what I said earlier,” he said with a forced smile. “I just don’t want to see my boy get hurt. But I suspect you’re gonna be around for a while, so we’re gonna have to try to get along.”

Dominic shook Dad’s hand. I was grinning and trying not to laugh at the thought that Dad was shaking the hand that was just fondling my penis.

“I promise I would never hurt Scotty,” Dominic said.

Dad nodded and then moved back to Mom’s side. He looked at my grinning face and he chuckled to himself and smiled back at me.

“Thanks, Dad.”

The three of them stayed until visiting hours were over. They made small talk and seemed to get along okay. I could tell that Dad was still uncomfortable, but he was making an effort. That was all I could ask of him. I hoped that after some time, both of my parents would grow to love Dominic like I did.

Doctor Murray came back in just as they were about to go. He pulled my gown up and looked at my stitches. Mom turned her back when my dick came into view, but I still blushed beet red. Dad and Dominic both seemed to be interested in what was going on down there, but from completely different points of view I imagine.

The doctor pulled off the dressings and put down new ones.

“No signs of infection,” he said. “You can go home first thing in the morning.”

Mom kissed my forehead and Dad squeezed my shoulder.

Dominic came over and pushed my hair back as he leaned into me. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning to take you home, Scotty,” he said.

“Hurry back,” I whispered.

He bent down and gave me a quick peck on the lips, then whispered into my ear, “I love you, cub.”

“Love you, too.”

* * *

Dominic picked me up the next morning. He opened the car door for me and helped me get in and got me buckled up.

I called work and took a week off and Dominic decided that I should stay at his place. We stopped at my place and I packed a suitcase and my toilet kit and then were were off to his house.

“I can walk, you know,” I frowned as he guided me into the house and to the couch.

“Don’t argue with me, boy,” he growled with a scowl. But then his face softened and he kissed my forehead. “Just let me take care of you, okay?” he added quietly.

How could I argue with that? I simply nodded. “Thank you,” I said before I kissed his cheek.

Dominic took the day off work and basically waited on me hand and foot, even though I felt perfectly fine.

After a couple of days of that, I was going out of my mind. Dominic was driving me crazy, treating me like a child. And then there was the teasing, albeit unintentional. He would kiss and touch me and hold me, but he wouldn’t touch me where I needed it the most. And god forbid if I even made a move towards his crotch.

It had been nearly a week and my shy little hints weren’t working. When we were getting ready for bed that night, I decided tonight I would have him. He wouldn’t be able to resist me.

I took a shower and cleaned myself up until I was squeaky clean all over. While Dominic was in the bathroom, I got undressed and I slipped on his favorite jockstrap, the black one with the tight pouch. My dick was so hard in anticipation that I had trouble stuffing it into the snug pouch. I pushed the blankets down and laid on my belly in the middle of the bed. My dick throbbed in anticipation. I folded my arms under my head, laid my cheek on my arms and spread my legs a little bit.

Dominic came out of the bathroom rolling a swab in his ear. “Baby, I–”

He froze when he saw me. I watched his eyes glass over. His dick started to rise. A little grin spread across my face. Oh yeah, I was going to get some tonight.

“God damn, you are a sexy little cub,” he groaned as he tossed the swab into the trash.

I looked into his blue eyes and pleaded. “I need you, Dominic. Please. I’ll die if I don’t have you inside me tonight. Please don’t leave me like this.”

“Fuck, boy. You make me hard as fucking steel when you beg.”

I looked down at his crotch. His cock was now fully erect, pointing towards the ceiling. I couldn’t help but lick my lips. It jerked and the foreskin pulled back as it burped pre-come out of the slit. It ran down in a little river down his length. I drew in a sharp breath and my hole puckered in anticipation of what was to come. I swallowed the saliva that began pouring into my mouth.

Dominic moved onto the bed and crawled between my legs. I spread them apart for him. He hovered over me on his hands, while lowering his hips. His dick lightly brushed back and forth against the crack of my ass. I gasped and a shudder ran through my entire body.

I started to turn over, and Dominic moved so that I could get onto my back. I brought my hands up to his beefy arms and squeezed tight. I closed my eyes as he lowered his face to mine. His lips gently brushed against my lips. As he kissed me, he lowered his body onto me. His furry chest and stomach pushed into me and I moaned. I ran my hands up his arms to his fuzzy shoulders. I grabbed at his back and held him tight to my body. He was being so gentle with me, but I didn’t want gentle. Not this time, any way.

“Dominic? Will you…”

My breath caught in my throat and I felt color rising on my cheeks.

“What, boy? Tell me what you want.”

“I want,” my voice was barely above a whisper. “I want you to hold me down and give it to me… hard.”

I closed my eyes and tried to breath deeply. I felt Dominic’s hand on my chin. I opened my eyes to see his lusty eyes staring back at me.

“I love you, Scotty,” he said. “I just fucking love you. So fucking much. And now I’m gonna give you what you want, boy.”

Dominic grabbed the waistband of my jock and gave it a sharp tug. He pulled it off me and tossed it down onto the floor. He kicked my legs apart with his knees and leaned over me. He was so freaking sexy. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down to me and kissed him.

Dominic grunted into my mouth and kissed me back hard. He pulled back and I moaned in disappointment, trying to pull him back to me.

“Turn over,” he growled. “Hands and knees.”

I scrambled to get onto my hands and knees. Dominic moved behind me and ran his hands down my back. A shiver went up and down my spine as his large, rough hands squeezed and stroked my ass.


Dominic’s hand hit my ass cheek so hard I know that he left a hand print. I moaned and my entire body convulsed. Another smack and I was having trouble staying on my hands. He slapped the other cheek twice. I moaned and collapsed onto my forearms, pressing my cheek into the bed. My cock lurched and dripped a blob of pre-come onto the bed.

His hands rubbed soothing circles around my stinging cheeks. I felt him move and shift away from me, but he wasn’t gone long. He spread my cheeks apart and then I felt his bearded face in the crack of my ass as his tongue swiped across my hole.


Dominic noisily and sloppily ate my ass. He grunted and hummed as his tongue swirled and licked. When he tightened the slick muscle and pushed it inside me, I thought I was going to lose it. My cock was so hard it ached. My sack pulled tight and my nuts contracted up into my body.

“Mmm,” Dominic hummed, making the sound he makes when he eats a particularly delicious dessert. He kissed my ass cheek, then bit it. He bent over me to get to the nightstand. He yanked the drawer open and it clattered to the floor, spilling the contents all over.

“Fuck,” he mumbled.

I turned my head and watched jump off the bed and bend down and pick up the bottle. He snapped open the cap and poured a generous amount onto his fingers. He got back onto the bed behind me and slicked my crack up. His fingers made circles around my relaxed sphincter, then two of them pushed into me.

“Such a good boy,” he whispered. “Gonna make us both feel good.”

He pushed a third finger into me and I moaned and pushed back against his hand. He pulled out and slapped the head of his cock against my hole over and over.

“Dominic, please,” I whispered, not caring that I sounded like I was begging, because I was. “Put it in me. I want you so bad. Make me come, Nic. Make me come with your big cock.”

“Oh, you little slut,” he husked. “I’m gonna give it to you good.”

Dominic jerked my hips back and up and I moved up onto my hands. He poured a little more lube into my crack, then proceeded to slick his bone up. He lined up the head with my hole and pushed into me slowly and steadily, not stopping until he was completely buried inside me. He bent over and kissed between my shoulder blades.

He reared back and slid his hands down to my waist. He slowly pulled back until the head was about to slip out of me. He paused for a second and then snapped his hips forward hard. I screamed as the head of his cock stabbed and rubbed along my prostate.

“Fuck me,” I moaned.

Dominic let out a sound that was like a groan and a roar combined. I gripped the sheets with my fists as he pulled back. He slammed forward again. My cock lurched and spurt pre-come onto the bed. My nuts pulled up even tighter. Dominic held my waist in a death grip as he began slamming his cock into me.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m coming!” I cried out as my body tensed and then released. I choked back a sob of pleasure as my dick jerked over and over, spraying a huge load all over the sheets below me.

“Oh fuck!” Dominic shouted as my ass contracted around him.

He pulled away and flipped me onto my back. He pushed my knees up and apart. He shuffled closer to me and pushed his cock into my ass. He fell forward onto his hands and then grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. I wrapped my legs around his ass as he started to pound into me.

My dick responded to the pressure inside my ass and the rubbing of his hairy belly against it. I still was wet and slippery from the huge load I shot. I was soon hard as a rock as his belly rubbed back and forth along it. I moaned and arched my back up to him. He growled and tightened his grip on my wrists.

Dominic’s rhythm never faltered. Fast and furious was his pace. He pounded into me with everything he had. He let go of my wrists and braced himself on his arms. I couldn’t help the little whimpers that spilled from my throat every time his hips slapped against mine, slamming hard against me over and over. He rubbed his bearded chin along my neck, then started to suck and bite. I quivered underneath him, whispering, “Yes, Nic… Don’t stop…” over and over.

When I felt the top of my head bump the headboard, I reached up and pushed my hand against it to brace myself. I stared up at him wide-eyed as he gazed back down at me. His eyes were dark with lust. He licked his lips.

“Fuck, boy,” he groaned. “Love how your body responds to me. I’m pounding you into the fucking wall. God, I can’t get enough of your tight little ass. Can’t get enough of you, baby. I love you, Scotty. I fucking love you. So much.”

“Dominic,” I moaned, his words bringing me to the brink once more. “Love you!”

“You’re gonna make me come, baby. I’m gonna fill you up, boy…”


Dominic pushed a hand between our bodies and grabbed my slimy dick. His deep blue eyes remained locked onto mine. “Oh god, yes… I love you… You’re my boy. My boy. Mine. Oh, FUCK!”

Dominick’s rhythm stilted and his body jerked hard. His cock expanded and swelled inside me. It throbbed and pulsed against my prostate and I felt it jerk as the first rope of hot semen splattered against my insides. I dug my fingers into his back and cried out his name as his hand brought me to a shattering climax. Dominic grunted loudly with each contraction of his intense, extended orgasm. My ass muscles squeezed and milked him, draining every drop of his load from his pulsing organ.

I slumped back onto the bed, feeling boneless as Dominic fell on top of me, unable to hold himself up any longer. I held his sweat soaked body tight to me, letting him rest his ample weight on me. I panted as the last of the shudders left his body. “Love you, Dominic.”

Dominic planted kisses along my collar bone and neck. His cock started to soften and my body pushed it out along with a rush of his fluid. A shudder ran through my body.

His hands moved up to my head and he cradled it in his hands. He wiped the sweaty bangs off my forehead and pressed his lips in the middle of my forehead. He kissed the side of my head at my temple, then nuzzled his nose against my ear.

“When I heard your voicemail,” he whispered. “And then I couldn’t get in touch with you… The things that went through my head… And then I found out you were rushed into surgery. Damn. I was so fucking scared that I was going to lose you. I…” Dominic’s voice faltered and he cleared his throat. “I hope I never have to live through that again. But I realized that I can’t live without, baby. I want you to move in with me. I want you to stay with me. Here. In our home. Please, Scotty. Say yes.”

“Yes,” I whispered back.

Dominic was silent for a second, then he pushed back so that he could see my face. “Did you just say yes?”

“Yes, I said yes.”

Dominic’s eyes watered and he blinked rapidly, then threw his head back and barked out a loud and joyous laugh. I couldn’t help but giggle.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, then kissed me with all the love and passion he could manage.

“I love you, boy.”

“I love you, Dominic,” I whispered against his swollen lips.

Dominic rolled onto his back and pulled me with him so that I was cuddled up against his chest. His arms tightened around me and I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep in the arms of the man I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with.

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by robcub32

I felt my eyes starting to droop as I laid on the couch watching a rerun of “The Golden Girls”.

A sudden pounding on the door startled me awake. I sat up and stretched and shuffled to the front door. I opened the door to find my brother-in-law, Sheppard Bannister, standing in the hallway looking pitiful, slumped over with a dejected posture. He had his hands shoved in his jeans pockets.

“Shep,” I said with surprise. I glanced up at the clock and saw that it was 11:45 at night. “Is something wrong?”

“Hey, Billy. Can I crash here for the night?”

“Oh. Uh, sure.”

I opened the door wide and gestured for him to come in. He picked up the duffel bag laying on the floor next to his feet. I shut and bolted the door behind him. I felt slightly embarrassed standing there in a t-shirt and briefs, but I wasn’t expecting company. We stood in awkward silence for a moment.

Shep is married to my older sister, Wendy. I don’t know how she landed a guy like Shep. Shep was the captain of all of his sports teams in high school. A big, brawny jock. Of course, that was more than ten years ago. He’s a little softer these days, but he’s still a total stud. He’s got wild dark blond hair and blue eyes. Like his hair, his five o’clock shadow is thick and dark blond, as is his goatee. He’s got long sideburns that reach almost to his jaw. I have always been jealous of Shep’s ease at growing any style of facial hair. At 28 years, I can’t even manage a proper goatee. At 6’5″, Shep’s eight inches taller than me. He’s 32 years old, making him four years older than me. He’s got a bit of a rebellious streak and he’s a bit gruff, but he’s mellowed some with age. He’s a good guy. He’s always been nothing but nice to me.

When Wendy first brought Shep home eight years ago, I was still in college. I was home for Christmas break and she brought him with her. I was immediately in lust with him, but after talking to him and getting to know him, I found that I really liked him as a person. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what he saw in Wendy. She’s a shrieking harpy and a total nag. Nothing is ever good enough for her. They got married a year later and I figured if her ‘bridezilla’ behavior didn’t scare him off, then nothing would.

“I wasn’t sure where else to go,” he finally said.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you need, if you don’t mind the futon in my office.”

“Yeah. That’d be great.”

I walked down the hall to the second bedroom, which I use as a computer room. I turned on the light and pulled out the futon so that it was laying flat.

“Here ya go,” I said. “You know the bathroom’s across the hall. Let me get you some sheets and a blanket.”


I walked across the hall to the bathroom and opened the linen closet. I grabbed a set of sheets and a blanket. When I returned to the computer room, Shep was sitting on the futon staring at the floor. I stood there, not knowing what to say.

“I’m leaving Wendy,” he said quietly.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said, though I wasn’t really sorry.

“Thanks for letting me stay here, Billy.”

I watched his eyes go glassy and he turned away from me. I set the sheets and blankets on the futon.

“Anytime, Shep. Yell if you need anything.”

I left the room, shutting the door behind me. I turned off the TV in the living room and got ready for bed. I went into my own bedroom and shut the door behind me. I tossed my glasses on the nightstand and crawled into bed. I couldn’t help but think about Shep. I had never seen him so depressed. I really hoped he would be okay. Maybe a good night’s sleep would help.

* * *

I woke up early the next morning and showered and got dressed for work. I went to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I got myself a bowl of Raisin Bran and sat down at the small table. When Shep walked into the kitchen, I nearly spewed my coffee all over the place.

He shuffled into the kitchen with half closed eyes. His hair was all over the place. He had on a pair of green boxer shorts. And nothing else. His chest and stomach were covered in dark blond hair, which was thickest in the middle of his chest and the line that ran down the middle of his body and disappeared into his boxer shorts. Despite having a little bit of a soft tummy, he’s still in pretty good shape for a guy his age. He has various tattoos on his arms and also a large tribal spider pattern on the front of his lower left leg. The spider is really cool, but my favorite is the big cross on his left arm. I couldn’t help but notice that those thin and flimsy boxers did nothing to hide the large lump that hung down the left leg.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and looked down at my cereal. I could feel that my face was warm and flushed. My dick throbbed in my briefs and I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself.

“Smelled coffee,” he said. His voice was rough and scratchy and he cleared it.

“Help yourself,” I said without looking up. “The mugs are in the cabinet above the pot.”

He grabbed a mug and poured himself a cup and sat down at the table. He took a drink and set the mug down and stretched his arms over his head and groaned. He yawned and absentmindedly scratched at the patch of fur in the middle of his chest. It took everything I had in me to rip my eyes away from him.

“There’s milk in the fridge if you want cereal,” I offered.


I quickly finished my cereal and made my excuses about heading in to work. I was going to embarrass myself if I hung around him any longer.

“You sure it’s okay if I stay here?” he asked as I was about to leave the room. “Just for a few days. I won’t wear out my welcome.”

“Yeah. It’s no problem. As long as you want. Here’s a key.”

I pulled the spare key out of the drawer and set it on the counter. I looked up into his eyes and smiled, then quickly hurried out. I walked to the parking lot and saw his red truck parked next to my Jeep.

Shep was a mechanic. He mostly worked on restoring and repairing classic cars and trucks. He drove a classic Chevy pickup truck. It was bright red and looked like he just drove it off the lot. It ran like new as well. He told me how old it was once, but I can’t remember. I think it was from the 60’s. Wendy was always trying to get him to sell it, but he wouldn’t because he worked so hard over the years restoring it. It was his baby and he was proud of it. While I have no attachment whatsoever to my Jeep, I can understand Shep’s attachment to his truck.

I ran my hand over the hood of the truck, then got in my Jeep and drove to work.

As I sat at my desk in my small gray cubicle, I found it hard to concentrate on the spreadsheets in front of me. All I could think of was Shep. If I wasn’t wondering about what was going on with him and Wendy, I was daydreaming about his hunky body.

When I got home from work, I went to my bedroom and pulled off my khakis and my briefs. I had drooled into my underwear all afternoon. I tossed them into the hamper and laid out the khakis to get another day’s wear out of them. I pulled on a clean pair of underwear and some sweat pants.

I decided to start dinner. I really liked cooking and it would be nice to cook for someone else besides myself. I decided on honey balsamic glazed chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Shep came home while dinner was cooking. He leaned in the kitchen doorway and watched me. He was wearing his navy blue Dickies branded pants and a matching mechanic’s button-down shirt. He had a patch on his left breast that said “Midtown Auto”. On the right was a rectangular patch with “Shep” embroidered in the middle of it. His pants had a couple of smears of grease on them.

“Smells good in here,” he said.

I looked up at him and smiled. “Thanks.”

“Need any help?”

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Okay. Um… I’m gonna go watch TV if that’s okay?”


He walked over to the sink and scrubbed his hands. “Need some gojo,” he mumbled as he tried to scrub the grease and dirt from his hands and nails. After he cleaned his hands, he kicked off his work boots and picked them up and walked out of the kitchen. I let out a nervous breath and returned to smashing the potatoes.

I set the rolls on the table and called Shep. He turned off the TV and stood at the table looking nervous.

“You want something to drink?” I asked.

“You got any beer?”

“I got this Blue Moon wheat beer.”

“That’s fine.”

I grabbed a bottle of Blue Moon for Shep and a bottle of water for myself. We sat down at the table and helped ourselves and dug in.

“Mm. This is fantastic, Billy.” Shep let out a satisfied little grunt and took another bite. “Don’t get cooking like this at home,” he added. “Or what used to be home.”

“Thanks, Shep. It’s nice to cook for someone besides myself.”

We made small talk while we ate dinner. Nothing deep. Shep was too busy eating to talk. He finished quickly and then got a second helping.

After we finished eating, Shep helped me clear the dishes and put the leftovers into containers.

“You can take this for lunch tomorrow if you want,” I offered as I put the containers in the fridge.


“Sure. If you want.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Bill,” he said with a big grin.

I grabbed another bottle of water and gave Shep another beer. We went into the living and turned on the TV. We didn’t really talk. We just silently watched TV and sipped our drinks. It was in the middle of the news that Shep finally spoke up.

“Thanks again for dinner, and letting me crash.”

“You don’t have to keep thanking me.”

“You didn’t hear from Wendy today?”


“We been fightin’ a lot lately,” he said quietly as he took the last swig of his beer. He thought for a few moments, then added, “It must be nice to not have any expectations piled on you. You’re lucky. You just get to be yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know… You being gay and all.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I said with a frown.

“I don’t mean it like that. I just meant, you know, no one expected you to be the best at sports. No one telling you to get married, buy a house, start a family. No one nagging at you to make more money. You know, guy stuff.”

I bristled and my posture stiffened. “‘Guy stuff’? What is that supposed to mean? Just because I’m gay?” The volume of my voice started to raise. “You think I like living in this little apartment all alone? You think I don’t want to find a man and get married and have a family? Just because I’m gay?”

Shep held up his hands in defeat. “I didn’t mean to upset you, Billy and I wasn’t trying to say that you were a woman or something. I just thought that gay dudes didn’t go for that stuff. I didn’t know.”

“Well, now you do. I think I’m going to go to bed.”

Shep grabbed my wrist and kept me from leaving. “I’m sorry.”

He looked genuinely sorry for offending me and I softened my attitude a little bit and tried to smile. “Don’t worry about it. Maybe I’m just being over-sensitive.”

I got up and got ready for bed, leaving Shep sitting on the couch. While I could tell he felt bad for what he said, I was still annoyed.

He didn’t know what it was like. I knew that I was gay for so long. I came out when I was sixteen. My mom said she didn’t care, but I could tell she did. Dad was ‘fine’ as long as we never talked about it under any circumstances. Wendy was so self-absorbed that if it wasn’t about her, she didn’t care. My younger brother Wilson thought I was a freak anyway and that just confirmed it in his eyes.

I was such a little nerd back in high school. It was until I went away to college that I finally really found myself. I had a growth spurt and filled out. I even got myself a boyfriend.

I still look pretty much the same as I did back then. Like everyone else in my family, I have brown eyes and dark brown hair, which grows in loose curls. I keep it somewhat short so that it doesn’t curl out of control. I wear glasses like my brother and my mom. I’m kind of short at 5’8″. My tummy is a little softer than it used to be these days, but I still have a fairly small build.

My first boyfriend Dave was wonderful. He was strong and confident and mature for his age. He was everything I wasn’t and I wanted to be just like him. I fell head over heels in love with him. I gave him my virginity and we dated for over two years. He really helped me to come out of my shell. As we dated, I became less nerdy and became more confident. I was devastated when we broke up. As graduation approached, Dave seemed to be really busy. I thought it was just because of school and getting ready to graduate along with job hunting. I was shocked to find out it was because he was having an affair. But I picked up the pieces and tried to hold my head up high, even though inside I felt like I was dying.

After I graduated from college and moved back to my home town, I met Payne. He was an older guy. I was 22 at the time and he was 36. He was a big and husky guy. He treated me really well and we dated for nearly four years. I know our age difference made my family uncomfortable almost as much as the ‘gay thing’, but I didn’t care. His age didn’t matter to me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after he turned 40 that he freaked out and went through a midlife crisis. I guess that’s what it was. The whole thing was so clichéd. He bought a little red convertible Mustang and then dumped me for a 21 year old. At the time I was devastated, but now I think back and realized that he was a total asshole. His age didn’t matter to me, but apparently mine mattered to him.

That was a couple of years ago. I’m 28 now. I wouldn’t say that I’m bitter, but I’m a little weary. I don’t want to get hurt again, so I don’t put myself out there. I would rather be alone than be hurt. Okay, maybe I’m just a little bitter.

* * *

The next morning at breakfast was a repeat… Shep in his boxer shorts getting me hot and bothered.

When I got home from work, I made a lasagna and heated up some garlic bread. Shep carried on about how great it was and that made me feel really good.

After dinner, we retired to the living room and turned on the TV. Shep pulled his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants and relaxed back on the sofa. He was just sitting there next to me, totally oblivious as to what he was doing to me.

“I talked to a lawyer today,” Shep said suddenly.


“Yeah. I’m filing for divorce. My mom thinks I’m making a huge mistake, but I just can’t do it anymore, Billy.”

“Well, I don’t know how you put up with her all these years.”

Shep let out a little laugh. “Well. She had some good qualities,” he said with a smirk that implied that I didn’t want to know the details behind that statement.

“I do love her,” he added. “It’s not that I don’t love her. I’m just tired… Tired of being told what to do. Tired of doing what’s expected. I just wanna be myself. Like you.”

I looked at him in surprise. He looked at me for a second, but I couldn’t read him. He then took a drink of his beer and turned back to the TV.

The next day at work, I was surprised to get a phone call from my sister.

“I know he’s staying at your place,” she hissed.

“Yes. Shep’s crashing at my apartment. And ‘hello’ to you, too.”

“Whatever. Well, tell that lazy, good for nothing, limp-dicked bastard that he still needs to pay his share of the rent here. Maybe if he spent his money on viagra instead of beer–”

“First off all, I’m not his secretary and–”

Click and dial tone. I stared at the receiver in shock. She hung up on me.


* * *

Over the next few weeks, Shep and I fell into a routine. Every morning, he would shuffle into the kitchen in his boxers and we’d have coffee and cereal together. Every evening, I’d make us dinner. He helped out around the apartment, washing the dishes and even cleaning the bathroom. He didn’t mention finding another place to live, and neither did I.

We talked more comfortably over dinner and while watching TV. I opened up to him in a way I hadn’t in a long time with anyone. I told him about my past two relationships and how I felt. He would tell me about life with Wendy and I would shake my head in disbelief. He told me how he didn’t have any friends anymore. Wendy had chased them away years ago. When he left, I was the only person he could think of that would maybe take him in.

I found myself liking him more and more every day. I loved having him here with me. I wasn’t lonely anymore. I found myself wanting more, of course. In my fantasies we were a couple. Except at night time, he’d go to the futon in the other room and I’d go to my bed. I would lay in my bed and pleasure myself, lost in images of a nearly naked Shep and imagining what lay beneath those boxers of his.

We hung out every night and on weekends we’d hang out as buddies. We’d go to the movies, or shopping, or go cruising around in his truck. I loved that the best. His old truck was awesome.

One Saturday night, we decided to stay in and watch a movie on On Demand. I wanted a snack, so I offered to make some cookies.

“‘Make’ cookies? Like homemade?” Shep asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “Cookies are easy.”

“Chocolate chip?” Shep asked, grinning like a little boy.

I couldn’t help but smile and let him have his way. “Sure.”


He clapped his hands together and rubbed them in anticipation. I laughed and went into the kitchen to get started. I got out the bag of chips, the flour and the sugar and started making the cookies using the recipe on the chocolate chip package. As I folded in the chocolate chips, Shep came up behind me and looked over my shoulder, then stuck his finger in the batter. He swiped up the raw dough and popped it into his mouth.

“Hey!” I said as I tried to smack his hand away.

“Don’t worry. I just washed my hands.”

He laughed and reach around me and I tried to push him back with my butt. He reached around me and grabbed another fingerful and ate it with a snicker.

“We’re not gonna have any cookies if you eat all the dough,” I said, trying to sound like I was annoyed, but I was laughing as I said it.

“But it’s so fucking good.”

I turned around and laughed as I put my hands on his chest and tried to pushed him backwards. He was big. He didn’t budge. I looked up into his blue eyes and my heart skipped a beat. He was so close to me. My hands felt hot as they pressed against his chest. My blood pounded in my ears. He leaned towards me and I drew in a sharp breath. My stomach flipped as his hand moved behind my back.

He had a little smirk on his face as he brought it back up to his mouth. It was coated with cookie dough and he snickered and ate it off his finger. I swallowed nervously and tried to move away, but he stepped forward and pinned me to the counter. He brought his finger up again, but this time he moved it towards my mouth. He stared back into my brown eyes and I opened my mouth. I closed my lips around his finger and brought my tongue up along the underside and gently sucked off the dough as he pulled it out. I seductively swirled my tongue around his finger.

His eyes widened as if he was horrified and he stepped back from me. He tore his eyes from mine and then quickly left the room.

Shit. What did I just do?

I took a couple of deep breaths. I realized then that tears were falling down my face. I lifted my glasses and wiped my face. After I washed my hands, I then proceeded to spoon the cookie dough onto the baking sheet. My hands were shaking as I formed the cookie balls. I put the cookies in the oven and set the timer. There was still no sign of Shep as I sat down on the couch in the living room.

Shep walked in a few seconds later. His face looked slightly damp like he had just splashed it with water. He glanced over at me for a second and then quickly looked away. I couldn’t help but notice that he sat down in the arm chair instead of on the couch with me like he normally would.

We sat in awkward silence for a moment until I picked up the remote and started the movie. I tried to concentrate on the movie and not on Shep and the tension that filled the room.

When the timer went off, I got the cookies from the oven and put them on a cooling rack and returned to the living room. Shep unpaused the movie and set the remote back down on the coffee table.

After a bit, I went back to the kitchen and checked on the cookies. They were still warm, but cool enough to eat. I put the cookies in a paper towel lined basket and returned to the living room. I sat back on the couch on the side next to the arm chair and I held out the cookies to Shep. He grabbed a couple of cookies and finally looked at me. He gave me a forced smile.

“I’m sorry, Shep,” I said quietly.

“It’s okay, Billy. Can we just go back to the way things were?”


Shep took a bite of his cookie.

“Mm. Warm and chewy.”

He looked at me and smiled. Some of the tension in the air evaporated. I smiled back at him and I grabbed a cookie and turned my attention back to the TV.

That night when I crawled into bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. My dick was so hard it ached. I slid my underwear off and tossed them to the floor. I looked down at my crotch. My dick laid parallel to my belly. The shaft was smooth and slender, the skin stretched taught. The head was red and sticky. I ran my fingers up and down my shaft and a shudder ran up my spine.

I reached into my nightstand drawer and pulled out the small bottle of lube. I held my dick upright and poured a bit of the slippery liquid onto the head. I tossed the bottle back into the drawer and slid my hand down the shaft. I drew in a hiss as my hand moved over the crown and sent a wave of pleasure through my body.

I rubbed my left hand all over my chest and belly as I stroked up and down with my right. I closed my eyes and Shep immediately invaded my fantasies. He was in his boxers. His furry chest and belly beckoned for me to touch him. His lips beckoned me to kiss them. That bulge in his shorts…

“Oh god,” I groaned. My body tightened and I exploded. Warm bursts of semen shot out of me and covered my chest and my stomach. I fell back into the bed and panted as I tried to catch my breath. My juices began to cool and thin and started to drip down my sides. I grabbed my briefs and wiped my hands and my body. I got a clean pair of underwear and slipped them on. I padded down the hallway to the bathroom. After I cleaned myself up and used the bathroom, I returned back to my room.

As I passed by the office, I could hear Shep’s snoring through the closed door. I listened for a second, then continued to my room to go to bed.

* * *

The next couple mornings, Shep didn’t come to breakfast. When we ate dinner, it was in silence. I was sure that I had ruined things between us. But then again, he started it.

Friday morning, Shep shuffled into the kitchen in his boxers. He looked slightly embarrassed and he finally looked me in the eye and gave me a little smile. He poured a cup of coffee and then sat down at the table and fixed a bowl of cereal for himself. I got up to get ready to go to work.

“Hey, Billy. Don’t worry about dinner tonight.”

I looked at him with a confused expression. “You sure?”

“I’m going out with the guys after work. We’re gonna grab some beer and wings.”

“Oh. Okay then.”

I tried to disguise the hurt I was feeling, but maybe I wasn’t successful.

Shep looked guilty when he said, “You can meet us there if you want.”

I dismissed him with a wave of my hand. “Oh, no, that’s okay. Have fun tonight. I’ll just… whatever…”

I quickly grabbed my keys and my bag and headed to work. Work was crazy busy. By the time I got home, I was tired. I plopped down on the sofa and sighed. I got up and went to the kitchen to see what I could make for dinner. Since it was just me tonight, I decided to just heat up a frozen dinner.

As I sat in front of the TV eating my tasteless but overly salty meal, it hit me how lonely I was. Shep had been here almost two months now. I hated that he wasn’t home and was out having a good time with his work buddies. I knew that I was being petty and jealous and I kicked myself for feeling the way I did, but I couldn’t help it. I tossed the rest of my dinner into the garbage and sat on the couch and sulked.

By midnight, Shep still wasn’t home. I left a lamp on in the living room for him and then headed to bed. I laid on my side and curled up into a ball and resisted the urge to cry myself to sleep.

I was startled awake when I heard the front door open. I squinted at the clock and saw that it was almost 2:00 AM. I listened to Shep stumble through the apartment and make his way to the bathroom. He knocked into something and cursed. After a bit, he stumbled to his makeshift bedroom and went to bed. It took me a while to fall back asleep, but I managed to get some rest.

I woke in the morning with a groan. I squinted at the clock and was surprised that I had slept in so late.

I grabbed my glasses and got up and walked out of my bedroom to go to the bathroom. The door to Shep’s room was open and I couldn’t help but peek. He was laying on his back on the futon, all sprawled out. His mouth hung open and he was snoring up a storm. His left arm and leg were slumped over the side of the bed. The sheet was bunched up around his legs, which were spread wide. I realized then that he was too tall for the futon. His legs hung over the edge.

He was only wearing a pair of thin boxer shorts. I could see the outline of his dick laying along his thigh. He looked like maybe he was partially hard. Either way, it looked big. I burned the sight of him into my brain, then backed away from the door.

After I took care of my bathroom needs, I went to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. After it was done brewing, I poured a mug and sat down at the table and quietly sipped it.

“Need coffee,” Shep grumbled as he shuffled into the kitchen.

His dark blond hair was usually mussy, but today it stuck up all over the place. His eyes were nearly shut. He still had a red spot and a couple of lines on his face from where the pillow pressed into him. He looked adorable. I couldn’t help but smile at him.

He poured a mug of coffee and slumped down in the chair next to me.

“Good morning, sunshine,” I said with a smirk.

He just grunted.

I tried not to laugh. “You need some ibuprofen?”

He grunted again and nodded his head. I got up and grabbed the value-sized bottle of pain killers from the cabinet. He poured two of them into his hand, thought about it for a second, then added another. He then popped them into his mouth and chased them down with a swallow of his coffee.

“Can you drive me over to get my truck from the bar?” he asked as he scratched the side of his head.

“Sure. You want breakfast first? Or don’t you have the stomach?”

“Yeah, I could eat.”

I got up and pulled out some eggs and bacon. I fried up the bacon and fried the eggs over-easy, the way Shep preferred them. I dropped four slices of bread into the toaster.

I served Shep his breakfast and then sat down. He gave me a genuinely warm smile for the first time in about a week.

“Thanks, Billy. You been real good to me. I appreciate it.”

I looked at him and shrugged, then quickly looked down at my plate and began eating.

I would do anything for Shep. My feelings for him had grown stronger over the past couple months. I tried to bury them inside me, but they keep creeping up. Especially when he was nice to me.

I could tell that his eyes were still on me and I tried to ignore it and kept my head down to my plate. He then salted and peppered his eggs and began eating.

I felt awkward and nervous, so I tried to make small talk. “So, what did you end up doing last night?”

“Well, we went to a sports bar. Mac bought us a round of beers and bought some wing platters.”

“Mac? Is that your boss?”

“Yeah. He’s a cool guy,” he said after he chewed a bite of eggs. “You’d like him. He’s queer. Married his boyfriend in Massachusetts or Vermont or something. A nerdy little guy. Comes by the shop a lot.”

I frowned at his use of the word ‘queer’. I knew he didn’t mean any disrespect by it, but still…

He looked up at me and saw my facial expression and his cheeks reddened a bit. “Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that…”

“I know. Just don’t let him hear you call him that.”

“I wouldn’t do that. He’s a good guy. A good boss. Anyway, after the sports bar, some of us went bar hopping.” He cocked his head and looked like he was thinking hard as he joked, “I might have had a bit too much to drink.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I figured that when I heard you come in.”

“Sorry. I’m sure I was trying to be quiet.”

I laughed again. “Yeah. I figured that, too.”

Shep shrugged and laughed.

After we finished eating, Shep put the dishes in the dishwasher and we went and got dressed. He gave me directions to the sports bar and I pulled up next to his red pickup. He got in the truck and waved to me as he pulled out of the parking lot.

I decided to go grocery shopping. It would give me time to space out and not think about Shep as I pushed the cart up and down the aisle. Of course that didn’t work, because every little thing I picked up I would think ‘Shep likes this’ or ‘Shep doesn’t like this’ or ‘Maybe I’ll cook this for Shep’.

When I got home, Shep was in the living room, kicked out on the sofa in his boxers and a wife beater watching football on TV. He jumped up off the couch when he saw me and grabbed some of the bags out of my hand and helped me carry them to the kitchen.

“You should have told me you were going to the store,” he said as he helped me put the groceries up. “I would have come with you.”

I shrugged. “No big deal.”

He pulled the receipt out of one of the bags. “Let me pay for half.”

“You don’t have to.”

“You always say that. And you know that I’m not gonna let you do that. It’s bad enough you let me live here for free.”

He went and got his wallet and gave me enough money for just over half of the bill. I thanked him and put the money in my wallet

* * *

That night for dinner, I made spaghetti with Italian sausage. It was simple to make, but it was good. I also had garlic bread and a bagged caesar salad to go with it. Shep said he loved it and had two big servings. Afterward, he packed the leftovers into a plastic container to take to work for lunch. It made me feel really good that Shep was always so excited about bringing my leftover cooking to work.

After dinner, we relaxed on the sofa together. Shep kicked back and sipped on a beer.

“You’re gonna make someone a good husband someday, Billy,” he said.

“Yeah. Right.”

“I’m serious. A guy would be lucky to have you. You know how to take care of a man. You keep a good house. You’re a fantastic cook. And you’re even kinda cute. As cute as your sister. Maybe even cuter.”

He chuckled and nudged my shoulder with his. I looked over at him. What he said really touched me. Sure, it wasn’t the most eloquent compliment I ever heard and he made me sound like a total girl, but it was heartfelt. My eyes started to sting and I blinked a few times and turned away from him.

His smiled melted. “Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

I didn’t trust myself to talk, so I just nodded.

He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed. “You sure?”

He just sat there looking at me, waiting. I finally turned and looked at him. He watched me with such care and concern in his eyes. It had been a really long time since I felt a connection with someone and it killed me that I couldn’t have him. I wanted so much to tell him that he was the lucky guy that I wanted to love and take care of. Even though I was sitting with Shep and he had his hand on my shoulder, I felt lonely. I was in love with Shep and even though he was here with me, I never felt more alone that I did right now.

A tear fell from my eye. He reached up and swiped it away with his thumb. He didn’t move his hand from my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand. It was hard and rough, but so warm on my skin. I felt him shift in his seat as he moved closer. My heart pounded in my ears. I had to be imagining this. Was I asleep? Was I dreaming?

I felt his warm breath on my face and then his lips brushed against mine. They were soft and warm. My mind went totally blank. I let out a little whimper and pressed my lips back against his.

Shep pushed me onto my back and cradled my head with his arms. He kissed me slow and deep. He opened his mouth and his tongue slid between my lips. He ran it across my tongue and then explored every inch of my mouth. His mouth tasted of the beer he was drinking. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I returned Shep’s deep kiss with equal passion. His body was big and wide and covered mine completely in a way that no one else had ever before. I brought my hands up around his back and slid them under his wife beater. I felt the patch of hair at the base of his spine and I rubbed it for a bit, then slid up his back. As we kissed, I could feel his dick growing in his boxer shorts and pressing into my hip. He might have been a bastard, but he certainly wasn’t ‘limp-dicked’. All I know is that I was harder than I had been in so long and I knew he had to feel it through my jeans.

His goatee tickled my neck as he kissed down past my adam’s apple and to the hollow. He ran his tongue over to the left side and began sucking on my neck. I opened my mouth and gasped. I pulled my left hand from under his shirt and gripped the back of his head, curling my fingers into his thick hair. I arched my back up to him and I shuddered.

“Shep…” I moaned. “Please…”

Shep’s arms moved around me. He rolled us onto our sides so that we were facing each other. His leg moved in between mine and he leaned in and kissed me again. His large hand moved up under my t-shirt and his thick, calloused fingers rubbed up the bare skin of my back. I trembled in his arms from his touch and his kisses. I pushed my hands up under his tank and raked my hands through the thick pelt of hair on his chest. His pecs were hard and his belly was a little soft.

He was grinding his hips in little circles and I rubbed back. I let my right hand slide down. I gasped when I came into contact with the hot flesh jutting out of the fly of his boxers. I wrapped my fingers around the thick column and Shep moaned loudly. “Oh, fuck…”

I looked down between our bodies. Shep’s cock was swollen and purple. The shaft was very thick and about seven and half inches in length. It felt heavy in my hand and it had a slight curve upwards towards his belly. His dark bush was untrimmed. I slid my hand down and gently pulled back his foreskin and uncovered the angry looking head.

As I squeezed it, a drop of pearly liquid oozed out of the slit. I ran my thumb over it, then brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. Shep let out a little grunt as he watched me.

I slid my way down Shep’s body. I tugged at his boxers and he hesitated, but then lifted up. I slid them off and dropped them onto the floor.

“Billy… maybe we shouldn’t…”

Before he could stop me, I moved so that I was kneeling on the floor. I bent down over his crotch and took him into my mouth. I slid down the length of Shep’s cock until my nose was buried in his bush.

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned as he slumped back onto the sofa.

I was going to give Shep the best blowjob he ever had. He would never forget it. I would ruin all other mouths for him. When I was done, he would never want another. I sucked hard as I pulled back up. I swirled my tongue around the head, tickling the sensitive spot underneath where his foreskin connected. Shep groaned and brought his hand up to my head. His fingers pushed through my hair to my head and he pushed down as he bucked his hips up.

“Oh my fucking God. Suck it, Billy. Suck my cock!”

Shep’s body shuddered and he groaned loudly. His head tossed back and forth. His hand roughly pushed my head up and down his cock, while the other maintained a death grip on the sofa. My nose kept hitting Shep’s pubic bone over and over as he fucked my face. I cupped his balls with one hand and rested the other on his furry stomach.

“Feels so good… Don’t fucking stop… Oh, shit, I’m gonna come!”

Shep gripped my hair tight and grunted loudly. My mouth was filled with a burst of hot liquid. Before I could react, another pulse even larger than the first had my mouth overflowing. My body contracted and my dick throbbed and I began shooting my own load into my underwear while Shep’s cock kept pulsing and throbbing. I swallowed down what I could, only to have my mouth filled again and again.

Shep’s chest heaved up and down and his body shuddered as he came down from the high of his intense orgasm.

I cleaned Shep up with my tongue and gave him a couple of final strokes. His hooded prick lay limp and sated, still long and thick, against his thigh. I sat back on my heels and looked at Shep. He had tossed his arm over his eyes and he pulled it away and looked over at me.

“Christ, Billy. Where’d you learn to suck cock like that? God damn. You about gave me a fucking heart attack.”

He started to laugh and I let out a breath in relief. He suddenly looked nervous and his eyes darted away from mine. He cleared his throat. “Do you need… um… I don’t know if I’m ready to, you know, return the favor….”

I blushed beet red. “I came when you did.”

He sat up on his elbows and looked down at my crotch. “Really?”

“Yeah. I, uh, come easy when I’m really turned on.”

A smug grin slid across Shep’s face. “Really turned on, huh?”

“Shut up,” I muttered in embarrassment as I moved to sit on the couch. Shep moved his legs away to make room for me.

“I never heard of a guy coming without, you know, at least a hand or something.”

I shrugged. “It’s happened a few times to me. So… Are you okay with what just happened?”

“I’m trying not to completely freak out on you. But inside… Yeah I’m a bit…” Shep sat up and grabbed his boxers and pulled them on. “I just need a little bit of time to think, okay, Billy?”

“Yeah. Sure, Shep. I just… I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”

Shep nodded once and then walked out. When I heard the office door shut, I slumped back on the sofa. I pushed my glasses up with my finger and let out a sigh.

What the fuck did I just do?

* * *

I was disappointed when I went to bed that night. Shep hadn’t come out of his room. I thought maybe he was upset with me, but when I walked by the office, I heard his snoring loud and clear.

I wore him out. That’s what I told myself as I crawled into bed. It’s not because he hates me.

I tossed and turned all night long. I kept glancing at the clock, checking the time.

I must have eventually fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was awoken by the mattress sagging and the whisper of my name. “Billy…”


I turned over to find Shep crawling into bed with me.

My voice quivered when I questioned him. “Shep? What are you–”

“Shh. No thinking… Too much thinking…”

Shep pushed me onto my back and kissed me. I brought my hands up to him and kissed him back.

He moved on top of me, bringing more of his body weight onto me. I spread my legs and he moved on top of me and settled between my legs. I felt the heat and rigidness of his hard cock through his boxer shorts. I arched my body up, trying to get more contact with his.

Shep’s mouth nibbled and sucked at the base of my neck. I knew that I would have a dark red mark there. Shep’s mark. I shuddered at the thought. I reached between our bodies and pushed my hand under the waistband of Shep’s shorts. I fisted the length of his thick shaft. It rapidly hardened to full bone.

“I want you, Shep,” I panted. “I want you inside me. Fuck me, Shep.”

Shep pulled back and looked down at me. “Jesus, Billy. Are you sure?”

“God, yes. There’s lube in the drawer there.”

Shep crawled over to the edge of the bed and opened the night table drawer. He fished around and found the clear bottle. He came back to me and popped the top with a snap. I watched him pour a healthy amount of the clear liquid onto his fingers. He reached between my legs and ran his finger up the crevice of my ass. His slippery finger slipped through my crease until it found my hole. He traced along the rim of my opening, teasing it with the tip of his finger.

He’s done this before. Maybe not with a man, but still….

His thick blunt finger pushed into me, slowly and gently. I let out a low moan and relaxed back onto the mattress.

“You okay?” he asked.

I looked him in the eye. “Yeah. Fuck me, Shep.”

He pulled his finger out and slid in two. He pumped them in and out, twisting them around, wiggling and stretching. I writhed on the bed, practically delirious with need.

Shep grunted and pulled his fingers out. He squirted a liberal amount of lube along his cock. I pulled my knees back to my chest, exposing myself to him. He fisted it a couple of times and then aligned the head with my opening. He gave a firm push and the head slipped into me. I let out a long groan and I locked my knees against his waist and grabbed onto his sides.

“Christ,” he groaned. “You’re tight.”

Shep’s his thrust forward and he slowly sunk into me until I felt his thick bush against my skin.

“Oh God, Shep… That’s it.”

“You’re… unbelievable… So fucking hot…”

Shep started moving. He slowly pulled back and then sunk back in with a groan. He shifted his weight and looked down at me. The look in his eyes was intense. I held his gaze as he pulled out, then snapped his hips forward hard. The head of his cock jabbed and slid across my prostate and my body was wracked with a shudder.

“Please, Shep,” I cried out. “Do it again. Just like that.”

To my pleasure, Shep did it again. And again. And again. He grunted and gasped as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.

“Can you take it harder?” Shep asked. His voice was practically begging. His eyes looked down at me. He was holding back and I wanted all he had.

I stared back into his eyes. “Give it to me, Shep.”

Shep’s eyes fluttered shut and he let out a groan. He slammed hard into me, stabbing my prostate, causing me to see stars. He thrust into me like a jackhammer over and over. I was moaning and whimpering like a bitch, but I didn’t care. I wanted this. I needed this.

“Like that, Billy?” he asked with a cocky grin on his face. “Like that cock?”

“Yes, I love it. You’re so fucking good, Shep. Oh god, you’re so good.”

“Fuck yeah,” he smirked. “I got what you want, what you need. You need my cock, don’t you?”

“Need it so bad, Shep,” I moaned as I lifted my hips to meet his.

As I rapidly approached my orgasm, I gripped Shep tight. My nuts drew up into my body and I started to tremble. All of my muscles contracted and I clenched my ass tight around Shep. I opened my mouth to cry out and I let out a gasp as my dick exploded, sending pulses of white hot juices between our bodies. My ass rhythmically contracted around Shep’s cock, squeezing and milking his thrusting girth.

“Holy fucking shit!” he cried out. “Oh fuck, I’m coming! I’m coming now!”

I tightened my arms and my ankles around Shep’s convulsing body. With a loud grunt and a final series of short thrusts, his body shook as he unloaded deep into my bowels. “Oh fucking God… fuck fuck fuck…”

His arms faltered and he fell on top of me, his body still shuddering. My arms gripped him harder, holding him against me as I let my legs fall to the bed. Shep panted in my ear and I felt him press his lips against my neck. He laid light kisses along my jugular. His cock eventually softened enough for my body to push him out along with a trickle of his come. I would gladly lay in the wet spot if it meant getting fucked by Shep like this.

“Thank you, Billy…”

“Thank you, Shep. It’s been a while for me…”

“Yeah, me too.”

Shep planted another kiss on my neck. He nuzzled his nose in my ear. I ran a hand over the back of his head, twirling my fingers around the thick locks.

“I made you come,” he whispered. “With my cock.”

“Yeah,” I blushed. “You were good…. The best I ever had,” I admitted truthfully.

Shep chuckled softly. “You’re good for my ego, Billy.”

He pushed back onto his hands and knees. My drying, sticky load tugged at his body hair and he let out a little grunt as he pulled free. He pushed up to his knees and reached down and grabbed his boxers from the foot of the bed and wiped himself down, then wiped me off. He wadded his boxers up in his hands and turned towards the door.

“Shep? You can sleep here… if you want.”



He thought for a second and then nodded. He settled down next to me on his side. I turned around to face him.

“Night, Shep.”

“Night, Billy.”

Shep reached up and lightly stroked my cheek with his knuckles. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips, settled on his back with his head down on the pillow and closed his eyes. Within seconds, his mouth was open slightly and he was snoring. I took the opportunity to reach out and touch him. I traced along his tattooed arm and twirled my finger though the hair on his chest. I lightly rubbed his soft belly, letting my fingers glide over the soft hairs.

I took a chance and moved in and curled up next to him. I put my arm around his body and laid my head on his warm chest. He let out a little snort and his arm moved around my shoulder and pulled me close. He started snoring again and I closed my eyes.

I love you, Sheppard Bannister.

* * *

I woke the next morning as Shep got out of bed with a grunt. He quietly padded out of the bedroom and I pushed myself upright. I swiped my glasses from the nightstand and put them on. I pulled on a t-shirt and pair of underwear and went into the kitchen. As I passed the bathroom, I could hear his loud stream of urine pouring into the toilet.

I started a pot of coffee, then opened the fridge. I bent over and looked around to see what I could make for breakfast.


I looked up as Shep wandered into the kitchen wearing only a pair of boxers, like he normally did. He had an embarrassed look on his face. His eyes darted around nervously, not sure of where to look.

“Morning,” I said. “I was thinking about making omelets for breakfast.”

“Oh. Uh. You don’t have to do that,” he said as his eyes finally met mine.

“It’s okay. I want to.”

“Well… I guess… if you want to.”

I dug around the freezer and found some frozen hash browns. I pulled out the eggs and several ingredients, and asked Shep what he liked in his omelets. He walked over and stood next to me.

“Not the green peppers,” he said as he crinkled his nose. “Everything else you got is good. Extra cheese?”

I looked up at him and smiled. “Sure. Extra cheese is good.”

We were both smiling and looking at each other. I wanted him to kiss me so bad. I wanted him to hold me and tell me that what happened between us meant something to him. He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it, then nodded at me.

I guess that would have to be enough for now.

Shep poured a mug of coffee and sat down at the table. We made small talk while I cooked.

“I feel like going for a ride,” Shep later said as he put his plate in the dishwasher. “I’m gonna cruise around in the truck for a while. Get out of the house…”


Shep nodded and left the room. I put the frying pan in the sink and began washing it. My mind was going a mile a minute as I ran the sponge around the same spot on the pan.

Was Shep trying to avoid me? What did he think about what happened? Is he going to pretend like it didn’t happen? Will it happen again? God, how I wanted it to happen again. I wonder what he would do if I made a move on him. Should I just let him make the next move? What if he never does?


I gasped and jumped in the air and spun around to see him in the doorway.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, trying not to smile. “Didn’t mean to scare ya.”

I shrugged dismissively. “I just zoned out for a second there… I didn’t hear you walk in.”

“You wanna come? Riding with me?”

“Yeah? Sure. I’d like that.”

Shep nodded. “I’m gonna take a quick shower.”

After I showered, I met Shep in the living room. He was wearing a gray sleeveless T which showed off his big arms and his tats. He had on a pair of camo shorts and white socks and work boots. Damn, he looked good. My eyes lingered on the crotch of his shorts for a second and my dick got hard as I remembered what we had done together.

Shep threw his arm around my shoulder. “Ready?” he asked.

He had a cheery grin on his face and I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

Shep started up the truck and turned on the radio as he pulled out of the parking lot. Classic rock.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Nowhere,” he shrugged. “I just like cruising. It helps keep my mind clear… helps me to relax. We could both do with some relaxin’ right about now.”

I let out a nervous chuckle. “Yeah.”

We drove in silence for a while. It was a comfortable silence. We listened to the music and our heads bobbed and our toes tapped.

After a couple of hours of aimless driving, he pulled off the road onto a dirt road. It seemed like he knew where he was going now.

“Do you know where we’re going?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’ve been here a few times.”

The road veered to the right as it came to a small river. Shep followed the road along the river a ways until the road ended at old electrical station. Shep turned the truck around and pointed it back to the direction we came in. He parked the truck and cut the engine off, leaving the radio on. Shep took his seat belt off and I did the same.

I swallowed nervously and stared at the flowing water. My eyes moved to a fallen tree on the other side of the river bank and I watched the water swirling around it. My heartbeat pounded in my ears and my face started to feel warm. I wiped the dampness away from my forehead with the back of my hand.

Shep chuckled, then started to laugh out right. I looked over at him like he had gone bat-shit crazy. “What’s so funny?”



“Yeah. You look like you’re ’bout to have a nervous breakdown. Sittin’ there lookin’ like I brought you out here to kill ya or somethin’.”

He started laughing louder.

“That’s not funny,” I said, trying to sound mad, but then I started to laugh too. “You’re a jerk,” I managed to say between laughs.

I shoved his shoulder with my hand and he laughed harder. He grabbed my arm and shoved his hand under my armpit. I screamed and jerked back. I was howling with laughter as Shep tickled me. He pushed me onto my back and was all over me. I was laughing so hard it started to hurt.

“Stop!” I screamed. “I give! Uncle!”

Shep stopped tickling me, but he stayed hovering over me. My legs were splayed apart and he was between them. Our chests heaved in sync as we tried to catch our breath.

“Shep,” I whispered. “I–”

Shep grunted and pushed his mouth onto mine. Our teeth slammed into each other, but I didn’t care. He kissed me hungrily as if he was trying to devour me. I moved my hands around his back and pulled him down so that he was on top of me. His big body felt so warm and heavy as his weight pushed me into the bench seat. I linked my leg around his and I gripped his back tight.

Shep pulled my glasses off and tossed them onto the top of the dashboard.

He licked, sucked and bit at my neck. His rough beard whiskers and goatee scraped my sensitive skin, causing me to shudder. He sucked hard on my jugular near the base of my neck, pulling the blood towards the surface. I moaned and scraped my fingers down his back as I arched my back up towards him.

“Mmm,” Shep moaned in my ear as he licked the hickey he just created. “Now you got one to match the other side.”

I shuddered and let out a soft whimper. “Shep. Fuck me.”

Shep’s hand moved to my shorts and he unbuckled my belt and began shimmying the shorts down my hips. He pushed back enough so that he could pull them off. He pulled me up and maneuvered us so that he was sitting in the middle of the seat and I was straddling his lap. His fat cock was pressed into the crack of my ass. I took his face in my hands and kissed him hard as I ground my bare ass on his boner.

Shep brought an arm around me and he held me tight to his body as he leaned forward and popped open the glove box. He dug around and found a small bottle of lube.

I raised my brow and looked at him. “Prepared, I see,” I said as I scraped my fingertips through his thick sideburns, then along his whiskered jaw.

“You never know,” he said with a sly smile.

He poured the clear gel onto his fingers. He slipped his hand around me and found my hole. He swirled his fingers around, smearing the cold gel around my opening. “Are you sore?” he asked quietly.

I shook my head. “No.”

He slid two fingers into me and I threw my head back and moaned. Shep clamped his mouth onto my neck and sucked and bit as he began pumping his fingers into me.

He pushed me back so that he could get to his belt. He unbuckled his belt and shoved his shorts down his thighs. His cock flopped out against his stomach. It was rock hard. The foreskin was pulled back to reveal the head, swollen purple with need. I grabbed the base to hold it steady as Shep squirted the slippery lube onto it. I slicked my hand up and down a few times and then moved so that the wide and blunt head was pressed against my hole. I let go of his dick and put my hands on his shoulders. Shep’s hands gripped my waist and I began lowering myself onto him. I hissed as the head pushed past my sensitive ring. Shep squeezed his eyes shut. His face contorted with concentration as he tried not to thrust up into me. I paused for a few seconds and then slid all the way down.

I looked into Shep’s eyes as I pulled myself up and then slid back down. The head of his cock rubbed against my prostate and pulses of pleasure rippled through my body.

I began riding Shep hard. His fingers dug into me and he thrust his hips up into me. We were frantic as we both slammed into each other. Our eyes never left each other. Shep’s blue eyes were dark with lust. I was already falling over the edge and I let myself go. My body started to quiver as I struggled to maintain a rhythm.


Shep grunted. “Billy. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

I tried my best to keep my eyes on Shep’s as I bounced up and down on him. But at the last minute, I couldn’t hold it. They squeezed shut as my body froze and went completely rigid. I was aware of Shep’s fingers digging into the flesh of my waist as his hips pounded up into me.

“Shep! I’m gonna–!” I shouted out as my cock exploded, pulsing hot jets of jizz in between our bodies and all over Shep’s T-shirt.

“Billy, I’m gonna fucking come! I’m coming, baby!”

Shep pulled me down hard as he thrust up one last time. He let out a roar and I felt his thick rod expand inside me. It throbbed and jerked violently and I felt the hot wetness of his come shooting in thick ropes into me, then dribbling out around his shaft.

I slumped bonelessly onto Shep and let my head fall onto his shoulder. His arms wrapped tight around me. I closed my eyes as I felt his lips pressing small kisses along the side of my head.

We sat like that in comfortable silence for a few moments. His cock softened and my body finally pushed it out. I felt a warm trickle down the inside of my thigh and I clamped my hole closed to trap his juices inside me. I let out a quiet sigh and gave his neck a soft kiss.

“You bring all your conquests out here?” I asked as I nuzzled my nose against the coarse whiskers of his goatee. I kissed up the side of his jaw and rubbed my nose across his thick sideburn. God, I loved how hairy he was.

“Nah,” he said. “Well, there was one…”

He gave me a quick side glance and I knew he was talking about my sister.

“Great,” I muttered.

“Before we got married. She’s too uptight these days to do anything like this. Not that she gives it up anymore anyway. Been at least eight months since I had any puss–”

“Okay then,” I interrupted.

I felt really uncomfortable now. I didn’t want to talk about Wendy. I wanted to pretend that Shep was mine. I let out a sigh and sat upright and looked at him.

“Not that I wanted it,” he said with a shrug. He appeared to be deep in thought, but then turned to me with a serious expression on his face. “You think I can get your brother Wilson up here next?”

My mouth fell open in horror as I looked at Shep’s serious face. The corner of his mouth twitched and he couldn’t hold back and started to howl with laughter.

“You’re a bastard,” I laughed as I pushed his chest.

“I guess I can settle for two out of the three Harper kids,” he said between laughs.

I slapped his arm. “Asshole! That is just so wrong.”

He stuck out his tongue at me and I tried to nip at it with my teeth. When our laughter died down, I leaned in and kissed him slowly and tenderly as the thought rang in my head: I love you, Sheppard Bannister.

* * *

When we got back home, we took turns freshening up in the bathroom, then I went to the kitchen to start dinner. Shep walked in wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and a wifebeater. He grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge and slumped into one of the kitchen table chairs.

“Whatcha makin’?” he asked, then took a long pull of his beer.

“I got this flank steak and some tortilla shells. I was thinking of fajitas maybe?”

“Yeah? That sounds really good. You got chips and salsa too?”


I went to the pantry and grabbed the spices and olive oil for the marinade. I rubbed the marinade in the steak and then set it back into the fridge.

“We should let that marinate for an hour or so,” I said as I washed my hands.

Shep got up from the table and followed me into the living room. I slumped on the sofa. Shep upended his beer and guzzled the last of it, then set the empty bottle on a coaster on the coffee table. I watched Shep reach down and scratch his balls. His cock looked like it was growing inside his boxers. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me. He licked his lips.

“We got an hour, you said?” he asked.

I nodded and managed to squeak out, “Yeah.”

Shep stood up and stepped closer to me until he was standing between my knees. I looked up at him through my bangs.

“So fucking cute,” he whispered as he cupped my chin in his hand. He ran his thumb along my bottom lip. I parted my lips and touched the tip of my tongue to his thumb.

Shep let out a groan. His voice was quiet and breathy as he asked, “You know what I want, don’t you, Billy? You want it too, don’t you?”

I let out a ragged breath and placed my hands on his thighs. I slid them up towards his crotch. I grabbed the waist band of his boxers and slid them down until they fell at his ankles. He kicked them away and spread his legs shoulder width apart. His left hand moved to his hip while his right slid behind the back of my head.

I took his half-hard cock in my hand and stroked the foreskin back and forth across the head. I leaned in and slicked my tongue over the wet head, and pressed the tip of my tongue under the soft skin. I kissed and licked all over and it slowly swelled until it was pointing towards the ceiling. I let out a soft moan and slipped to my knees as Shep applied pressure to the back of my neck. His dick slipped between my lips until the head nudged the back of my throat. I gripped it with my fist and sucked hard as I pulled off.

“Christ, you do that good,” he groaned. “Suck me, baby. Suck my cock…”

I moaned and hummed around his shaft as I dove down onto it. I sucked, stroked, and slobbered all over Shep. I was drooling so much, it ran down my chin and dripped down his shaft into his furry ball sack. I pulled off and licked up the extra spit. While jerking him with my fist, I licked his fleshy sack, feeling the weight of his low hanging nuts.

Shep pulled off his wifebeater and tossed it on the ground. He groaned and tightened his grip on the back of my head. I sucked one of his large balls into my mouth, lolling it around my tongue. I let it fall and then gave its twin the same treatment. I slid my tongue back up along the vein on the underside of his shaft. I fluttered my tongue over the head and then plunged down to the root, burying my nose in his thick bush.

“Oh, FUCK!” Shep cried out.

I gripped his thighs tight and began sliding my mouth up and down his length, from the root to the head and back. Hearing Shep’s appreciative groans and grunts, I was suddenly very grateful to Payne the asshole for teaching me how to do this properly.

Shep began to shake. His knees buckled and his breathing hitched. I pulled off and blew air along the wet shaft.

“Fuck, don’t stop,” he groaned, sounding like a whine.

I wrapped my tongue around the base, then slid it up and down the length of one of his veins.

“Billy, please… I gotta come. Please, baby…”

“Love your cock, Shep,” I moaned as I nuzzled my nose and lips into the fur at the base of his organ. “It’s so big and thick. So perfect.”

“It’s yours, baby. Anytime you want it. Just make me come…”

I grabbed the base and pointed it back towards my mouth. I slid my mouth down the shaft, fluttering my tongue along the soft skin. I twisted my head back and forth as I bobbed up and down. Shep’s hips thrust forward.

“Oh, fuck, here it is. I’m gonna fucking shoot. Don’t stop, baby! Oh fuck, don’t fucking stop!”

Shep let out a roar and his hands gripped my head tight. He pumped into my mouth and I felt it thicken and then pulse along my tongue. It jerked in my mouth and a rush of hot liquid filled me. I let out a moan as a second blast splattered against the roof of my mouth. I swallowed over and over as Shep unloaded his nuts into my sucking mouth.

Shep hissed and stepped back when it got too sensitive.

I pushed myself up onto the couch and unbuckled my belt and pushed down my shorts. I grabbed my dick and started jerking off, while staring unabashedly at Shep’s manly body.

Shep knelt down between my legs. He pushed my hand away and grabbed my dick.

“Shep, please,” I moaned as I thrust my hips up towards him.

Shep jacked my cock in a steady rhythm, not too fast and not too slow. I pushed closer to him so that I could touch him. I ran my hands all over his shoulders and his arms. His biceps flexed underneath my fingers. He tapped the head of my cock against the middle of his chest, then rubbed it around his thick dark blond fur. That did it. I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to.

“OH GOD!” I cried out and I began spurting my load all over him.

I fell back onto the couch and looked back at Shep, who was staring at me wide-eyed. He had my come all over his chest, under his chin, and across his shoulder. The thick, white semen was caught in the fur and looked so damned sexy.

“Christ, Billy. I need a shower,” he said and then laughed.

I ran my index finger through the thick jizz stuck in his chest hair. Shep took my wrist and guided my hand to my mouth. Keeping my eyes locked on his, I licked my finger clean. I scooped up the blob on his shoulder and brought it up to his lips. His tongue hesitantly flicked out and tasted it. He made a frown and licked and smacked his lips.

I was laughing at him as Shep grabbed me and pulled me up to my feet. He gave me a shove towards the bathroom. A grin spread across my face when I realized he wanted to shower with me.

The shower was slow and leisurely. There was a lot of gentle kissing and touching as we washed each other.

After we dried off, we ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. We laid together on our sides facing each other. Shep kissed me tenderly as he ran his big hands all over me. One of his hands found my ass.

“Your ass is fucking perfection,” he whispered as he gently kissed along my neck while stroking and squeezing my ass cheeks.

“You can have it whenever you want it,” I whispered back.

“You make an offer like that and I’m gonna want it all the time,” he growled as he nibbled on the skin of my neck. His goatee scratched at my skin. I was going to have whisker burn, but I didn’t care.

“It’s yours Shep. I’m yours. Whenever you want.”

My face burned hot at my confession. I was laying it all out there.

Shep pulled back and looked down at me. His eyes were so beautiful. I couldn’t turn away.

“You really want me like that, Billy?”

“Yes.” I swallowed visibly. “Do you… do you want me?”

“Yes,” he said quietly as he ran his finger along my chin. “For a while now.”

“Me too…. for a long time. I never thought… never imagined that you would… that we would ever be together.”

“I’m good at pretending,” he confessed quietly. “Good at lying. But I can’t do it anymore.”

* * *

The next couple of months were simply amazing. Shep and I lived a quiet life together at home. He was no longer in the guest room. His things were moved into my room. My bed was plenty big enough for the both of us.

He still went out on Fridays with his work buddies. I suggested meeting them once, but Shep kind of freaked out, so I didn’t press it. I had him to myself the rest of the week. I knew that he would come out when he was ready.

Shep’s sex drive kicked into high gear. We made love almost every night without fail. In the mornings before he had to leave for work, I would give him head. He said he loved waking up to my mouth.

The first time Shep reciprocated and went down on me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I only lasted about a minute and he pulled off before I came in his mouth, but it was still the best blowjob I had ever had.

I was comfortable and happier than I had ever been in my life.

What could go wrong?

* * *

“Smells good,” Shep said as he walked up behind me and looked over my shoulder.

“Thanks,” I replied as I gave the pot of chili a stir.

I grabbed the two round sourdough bread loafs and cut out the insides to use as bowls.

After Shep scrubbed his hands at the sink with his nail brush and his special orange soap, he dried his hands off on his hand towel. He then reached around me and popped a chunk of bread in his mouth. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and slumped into one of the kitchen chairs. Since he had just got home from work, he was still wearing his Midtown Auto shirt and navy Dickies. I could tell something was wrong. He usually gave me a kiss when he got home and would tell me all about his day.

He just sat in the chair, staring off into space, as he drank his brew.

I grabbed the cheese, diced onions, sour cream and jalapeños from the fridge and set them on the counter. I leaned back against the counter and watched him daydream. “Are you okay?”

“Huh?” Shep’s eyes focused on me and he shook his head. “Oh. Yeah, I’m fine. Oh. I got a call from my lawyer. We sign the papers tomorrow. The divorce will be final.”

“Oh. That’s good, right?”


He finished his bottle and then stood up. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

That night when we got ready for bed, he was still quiet and moody. I tried not to press him. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t know what to say.

We crawled into bed and I snuggled up to him. He pulled the down comforter over us and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Do you want to talk about what’s wrong?” I asked.

Shep let out a deep sigh. “I… I feel like a fucking failure.”

“You’re not a failure, Shep.”

“I let my marriage fail. My parents are pissed. I could never please my old man anyway. This just gives him more ammo. I’m sick of it.”

Shep rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

“And then there’s us,” he said after a moment. “How can I tell them that I’m… dating a man?”

“I know it’ll be hard to tell them that you’re, uh, bisexual, but–”

“I’m not bi, Billy. I’m gay.”


“And what about your family? Huh? What are they gonna say when they find out that I’m your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. I’m scared to death to find out. I don’t know what Dad will do. And then there’s Wendy.” I let out a deep sigh. “Thanksgiving is in two weeks. I guess we’ll find out then.”

Shep scoffed. “Yeah, right. Is it– Is all this worth it, Billy? The pain and hurt? It’s more than just us. It’s both of our families.”

“Yes,” I whispered. “You’re worth it, Shep. We’re worth it. Don’t you think so?”

“I don’t know.”

My eyes welled with tears. I rolled over so that Shep could see my face. “We are worth it, Shep. As long as we have each other, everything will be okay.”

I love you, Shep.

Shep squeezed his eyes shut. When he opened them, they glistened with unshed tears. He didn’t return my declaration, but when I looked at him, I knew that he did love me, even if he couldn’t say it yet.

Shep pushed me onto my back and moved between my legs. He kissed me deeply and passionately. I reached over and got the lube I poured it into my hand and rubbed it between my cheeks. I held his thick cock in my hand and poured a generous amount of the clear liquid along the shaft and onto the head. I slid my hand up and down. I grabbed the back of my knee with one hand and raised it up as I guided him into me. When the head hit my entrance, Shep pushed forward and he slid into me until his balls rested against my ass. I brought my legs up and locked them around Shep’s waist.

“Make love to me, Shep,” I whispered.

Shep brought his head down to me and kissed me.

“I need you, Billy.”

He made love to me slowly. His hips rocked and twisted, alternating between long and deep thrusts and short jabs. We kissed deeply. He sucked hard on my neck, leaving a dark bruise that I wouldn’t be able to hide.

Shep cradled my head in his hands, resting his weight on his elbows. He stared into my eyes. The emotions in his eyes had me on the verge of tears. I felt so vulnerable. I knew the way he was looking at me that he knew. He knew that I was in love with him. It was on the tip of my tongue. I wanted to shout it out. As he slowly brought me to a loud and intense orgasm, I almost said it. But when I opened my mouth, only a choked scream came out. I arched my body upwards and threw my head back. Shep bit down on my neck as he let out a loud roar. I felt him pulsing inside my ass.

Despite having just come so hard, he was still rock hard inside me. He leisurely glided in and out and I knew that he could come again. I pushed him onto his back and I climbed on top and rode him hard and fast. Our loud panting, the slapping of our bodies echoed throughout the room, along with the squishes and slurps. I rode him until he came inside me a second time. He screamed out my name as he emptied another huge load into my guts.

I slumped forward and fell onto his chest. His hands slid up from my waist to my back. As I laid my cheek on his furry chest, I knew that I would have bruises on my hips where his fingers dug into me and I knew that my ass would be nice and sore.

I finally slid off him and moved to his side. We laid in each others arms not speaking. I’m not sure how long we laid there like that, but we eventually fell asleep.

I was exhausted when I woke the next morning. I got out of bed and felt a twinge of pain in my ass, reminding me of Shep’s fat cock. It was a good pain.

After I went to the bathroom, I peeked in the office, the kitchen, then the living room. Shep was already gone, which surprised me a little. He wasn’t a morning person and I usually had to drag him out of bed with the smell of coffee. I was also surprised that he was able to get out of bed and get ready for work without me hearing him. I must have really been out of it.

He was probably really nervous about the meeting with the lawyers this afternoon.

I was dragging ass all day at work. I managed to get through the day without falling asleep at my desk, but just barely.

As soon as I walked in the door to our apartment, I felt something was amiss. I looked around. Nothing looked out of place or missing. I walked into the bedroom and immediately saw a yellow sheet legal paper on the pad.

I drew in a deep breath and picked it up, trying to concentrate on the words written in Shep’s nearly illegible chicken scratch.


I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.

Please don’t hate me.


I choked back a sob and crumpled the note in my hand. My vision blurred as angry and hurt tears spilled down my face. I threw myself onto the bed and squeezed my eyes shut and curled up into a ball, where I remained for the rest of the night.

* * *

I pulled into the Midtown Auto parking lot at 9:00 AM. I spied Shep’s red truck in the back with the other employee cars, so I knew that he was here. I narrowed my eyes at the truck. Fantasies of setting it on fire brought a slight smile to my face. I slammed my car door shut as I stormed into the building.

I stepped into the customer lobby and a tall, well-built man with a horseshoe mustache intercepted me and gave me a friendly smile. “Hi. Can I help you?”

“I need to speak with Shep Bannister. Please,” I said, trying to sound calm as I twisted and folded the yellow paper in my hands. I looked through the wide window that overlooked the shop floor.

The man turned his head back towards the large man behind him. “Dirk? Can you get Shep?”

“Sure, Mac.”

The bearded giant named Dirk stepped out onto the shop floor. Mac turned back to me and gave me a smile that I’m sure was meant to calm me down. “Can I get you a coffee or drink?”

“No,” I snipped as I tried to look past him through the window to the shop floor.

Mac motioned towards some chairs along the wall and he put a hand on my arm. I flinched and backed away, shooting him a glare that said, Don’t touch me.

A familiar voice from the doorway asked, “You need something, boss?”

I looked up as Shep walked into the lobby with Dirk. He was wiping his grimy hands on a rag. When he spotted me, the color drained from his face and he looked back at me wide-eyed.

I walked up to him and shoved the paper into his chest. “A note?!” I shouted.

“Billy, calm d–”

“Don’t tell me to be calm! You left me… with a note? Is that all I meant to you?”

Shep cut his eyes towards Mac, who was trying to pull Dirk out of the room.

“Sorry,” I said sarcastically. “I forgot. You don’t want anyone to know–”

“Billy!” Shep said forcefully. “That’s enough.”

“You’re a fucking coward! And I hate you!”

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. The tears started to stream down my cheeks. I shoved Shep out of the way and ran to my car. I threw it into gear and raced home.

I spent the night crying until I had no more tears.

* * *

Shep’s breakup hurt more than Dave and Payne combined, but I got through both of those and I would get through this.

I operated on auto-pilot for the next two weeks, feeling a little better as each day passed.

The last thing I wanted to do was go to Thanksgiving at my parents house. I didn’t have much to be thankful for. I tried to call and say that I was sick, but Mom wouldn’t hear it.

When I stepped through the front door, I could feel the tension immediately. The first thing I noticed was Dad. His face was red and he glared at me with an anger I had never seen before. Mom stood next to him sniffling into a tissue. My little brother Wilson stood nearby, his eyes darting around the room, looking everywhere but at me.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him. Shep. Standing with Wendy. Shep looked up at me and I saw tears in his blue eyes.

I never occurred to me that he had gone back to Wendy. My knees buckled and I struggled not to get emotional. The last thing I had said to him was “I hate you” but that was a lie. I didn’t hate him. I loved him.

Wendy’s chest heaved and she let out a snort of air. She walked up to me, hauled her hand back and slapped me as hard as she could across the face. The force was enough to knock me backwards into the wall.

I brought my hand to my face to try to sooth away the sting. I looked between everyone in shock.

Wendy shoved my chest. “You. Are. Disgusting!”

I looked to Mom and Dad.

“Get out of my house,” Dad said. “Now.”

I backed up towards the front door. The last thing I saw before I turned and ran was Shep. I should have been livid with him. But the look of anguish on his face and the tears that slid down his face shattered my heart into a million pieces.

* * *

I only got about a mile away before I had to pull the car over. I was shaking so bad I couldn’t even drive. I parked the car and slumped forward, resting my forehead on the steering wheel.

I jumped a foot into the air when my cell phone started to ring. I picked it up and looked at the screen. Wilson.

My voice was shaking as I answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, Billy. It’s me. Are you okay?”

“Um… Yeah, I’m fine,” I lied.

There was a long pause, then Wilson finally asked, “Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“Did you seduce Shep?”

“I… It wasn’t like that, Wilson.”

“They’re inside freaking out… Mom, Dad, Wendy… She says…”

I heard Wilson take a drag of a cigarette and exhale, then he continued, “Listen. Where are you? We need to talk.”

“I’m… um… At 5th and Grove. Kroger parking lot.”

“Okay. Give me ten minutes.”

Several minutes later, Wilson slid into the passenger seat of my car. He looked at me for a second, then reached over and gave me a hug. I could smell the smoke on him. He slumped back in the seat and pushed his black framed glasses up on his nose and let out a deep breath.

“I told them I needed to get some air,” he said. “Grab a pack of smokes. I probably shouldn’t be gone long.”

I nodded and sighed. “I don’t understand why Shep would tell them.”

“He didn’t. Not exactly. Wendy figured it out. She was being her bitchy self, ragging on him. I mean, for fuck’s sake, he decides to try to save their marriage and she’s acting like a raging cunt. You know. Her usual. Anyways, she called him a limp dick bastard, and then it was like a light clicked on. She accused him of cheating and he said he never cheated while they were together. Then she accused him of fucking you. Dude. He looked like he was going to puke, but he didn’t deny it. The look on his face… We all knew it was true.”

“I didn’t seduce him, Wilson. I swear. I loved– I mean, I love him. He left me. I didn’t know he went back to Wendy.”

“Dad threw him out. Right after you left. Right after Wendy punched him across the jaw.”

“Jesus,” I said with a sigh.

“Yeah. But I really need to thank you.”

“What for?”

“I have been dreading telling Mom and Dad something. I was gonna tell them today. But you and Shep fucking… Well, that totally trumps me.”

“Thanks,” I said wryly. “So what’s your news? Please don’t tell me you’re gay.”

“Uh, no,” he laughed. “Not gay. This girl I’ve been kinda seeing… Well, she’s… pregnant.”

“Oh, wow. Yeah. I can see why didn’t want to tell Mom and Dad.”

“I’ll just sneak it in between Dad and Wendy’s homophobic ranting. You know, something like… ‘Damned queers are gonna burn in hell’ … ‘Hey, I knocked up my girlfriend’ … ‘That little faggot ruined my marriage’.”

Wilson mimicked Dad and Wendy’s voices and I couldn’t help but chuckle at his sick sense of humor. “And after Dad gets out the shotgun to shoot Shep, he can use it for your wedding.”

We both laughed and Wilson leaned his head back against the seat and sighed.

“God. I’m not ready for a kid. Mom’s gonna want us to get married. Can’t have a bastard in the Harper family, you know.”

“Yeah. But you gotta do what’s right for you, Wils. Don’t try to please them, ’cause God know, you never will.”

“Yeah, I know. And you too, Billy. He’s gonna need you, you know.”


“Duh! Shep? I saw the look on his face when you left. He’s in agony for hurting you. I think he loves you. He never looked at Wendy the way he looked at you.”

“I don’t know… He just threw me aside… With a note.”

“Ouch. Well, you should talk to him. Give him a second chance. And if he fucks it up again, I’ll get Dad’s shotgun and shoot him for you.”

I laughed. “Thanks, Wils.”

“Anytime, big brother. I’d better go. Wish me luck.”

“Good luck, little brother. And thank you.”

Wilson and I hugged tightly.

“I love you, Billy,” he whispered. “No matter what.”

“I love you, too. Call me if you need anything.”

I pulled back and ruffled his hair.

“Hey! Knock that shit off,” he grumbled as he slapped my hand away, but he gave me a smile and a nod, then got out of the car.

* * *

I spent the weekend in bed, contemplating what I should do. I over-analyzed the situation to death, but I knew what I was going to do even while I was talking with Wilson. Any conversations or lists I had in my head didn’t make a difference. There were a million Cons, but in the end only one Pro mattered: He’s Shep.

Monday afternoon, I left work a little early and pulled into the Midtown Auto parking lot. I took a deep breath and went inside.

Shep’s boss Mac was quietly talking with a smaller man near the door to the shop floor.

Mac cut his eyes at me and I gave him an embarrassed smile. “Hi. Can I speak with Shep please?”

“Look, I don’t need you making another scene in my shop. If you wanna talk to Shep, you do it when he’s not here. He’s off in 15 minutes.”

“I’m really sorry… I just…”

My voice cracked and my face felt flushed. I opened my mouth, but words escaped me.

Mac’s companion took his hand and leaned into him and said quietly, “Give him a break, Andy.”

Mac sighed and stepped out onto the shop floor.

I gave the other guy a smile and said, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. I’m Mike.”


I looked past Mike as Shep followed Mac back into the lobby. Shep looked awful. His eyes had bags under them. His clothes were wrinkled. He hadn’t shaved in a week and he was looking all-around scruffy.

“Come on, big guy,” Mike said to Mac. “Let’s give them some privacy.” He took Mac’s hand and dragged him onto the shop floor. They went into the office and shut the door behind them.

Shep shoved his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath, then finally said, “Hi, Billy.”

“Hi, Shep. How are you?”

“I’m okay.”

“Are you really?”

He shrugged and looked away.

“Where are you staying?” I asked.

“A motel down the street.”

“Come home, Shep.”

Shep looked up at me. His eyes started to water and his jaw quivered.

I held my hand out to him. “Can we give it another try? Come home, Shep.”

Shep slumped down and his shoulders started to shake. I rushed to him and put my arms around him. He grabbed onto me and held me tight. After a few moments, he got his emotions back under control. He sniffled and I felt him run his face across my shoulder.

“I know you didn’t just wipe your nose on my shirt.”

Shep’s shoulders started to shake again, but he was laughing this time. I squeezed him tighter and kissed his collarbone. Shep sniffled loudly, then pulled back so that I could see his bright blue eyes looking at me.

He brought his hands up to my face. “I love you, Billy.”

“I love you, too, Shep.”

His fingers tightened on my face and he leaned down and kissed me. His tongue pushed into my mouth and he kissed me deeply and thoroughly. The rough whiskers of his beard scraped my skin erotically and I brought my hands up to rake my fingers through it. I let out a soft whimper and Shep growled and kissed me harder.

The sound of clapping and cheering brought us back down to earth and we turned and saw all of the guys in the shop looking at us through the window. I wiped my mouth and turned my head into Shep’s chest in embarrassment.

Shep flipped them off with a laugh, then turned back to me.

“Let’s go home, baby.”

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Lust For Luciano

by danielblue

It had been three weeks since my incredible session with the hottest bear I had ever encountered and I couldn’t get him out of my head.

For three weeks I had been celibate: it was longest time I had gone without sex in ages but I just couldn’t bring myself to look at anyone else, let alone think about making out with them. Luciano had promised to call but of course he hadn’t and I felt too vulnerable to make that call myself at first; when at last I did make the call I got a voice telling me that my call could not be connected. So every night I wanked myself crazy thinking about Luciano’s sexy eyes and that deep, husky voice of his and his juicy big thighs and firm, full butt. Every night he came to me, in my imagination, and overwhelmed me with his masculine presence and his charm and good looks before flipping me over onto my belly and drilling me deep until the cum just about flowed out of my ears.

So imagine my surprise when I was strolling along in a shopping mall and I saw the ass of my dreams lazily rolling about in a pair of faded denims. I would know that ass anywhere and I felt panicked. What the hell was I supposed to do, Go up to him and casually ask how he was or turn on my heels and make a swift exit? My head said leave but my heart said no. The sight of those beefy cheeks quickened my pulse like nothing in the whole wide world ever had before. Memories of his sweet kisses and gentle caresses flooded my brain. I could no more leave the mall that cut my arms off. I needed this big butted man back in my life so I had to take the chance and face rejection.

I quickly walked past him, shielded by other shoppers, and then pretended to be look in a shop window. As he drew close I quickly drank in the beauty of his handsome face and admired the way his big goose eggs had worn the fabric in the crotch of his jeans to the point where it looked like it might just give up the fight to stay intact. And then he saw me and his face just lit up. I had never seen anything like it and I felt absolutely elated.

‘Dan, Dan!’ he cried. ‘Is you, no?’

‘Yes Luciano, it’s me.’ I stupidly replied and he pumped my hand in his beefy paw.

‘My phone is lost.’ He said. ‘I don’t got your number.’

‘So that’s why you didn’t call.’ I said.

‘Why you didn’t call me, huh?’ he demanded.

‘I tried,’ I told him ‘but I couldn’t get through. Maybe I took the number down wrong.’

‘You show me this number.’ He said.

I had to fight back my laughter. There was something about the way he spoke that just got to me. I felt like I was being chastised, but I’m sure he didn’t mean it. I took out my cell phone and showed him the number I had stored there.

‘Aah,’ he said ‘is missing the seven.’

He took out his cell phone and took my number down again. I was pleased to see that it wasn’t the same one that he had had last time so it wasn’t just some lame excuse not to call me. When we got done taking down numbers, and double checking them, there was a moment of awkward silence between us. Was this all a big act, I wondered. Did he really want to see me again or was he trying to let me down gently. Suddenly Luciano leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

‘Do you want to fuck?’ the magic words, that only I alone could hear, rushed straight into my brain and hungry cock.

I smiled and told him that I did. I asked him to lead the way out of the mall because I wanted to check out his big, beautiful bum and he chuckled and did exactly as I asked. I noticed that he had his bunched fists pushed into his pockets which drew the fabric even tighter around the pleasure mound. I thought of all the tiny asses I had known in my time and realized that I would never again stray from the beefier side of town. There was just so much visual pleasure to be had from Lucian’s ass before I even got my hands on it. I had to put my own hands in my pockets to hide the stirring beast that lurked down in the cotton cage of my underpants. How it longed to be out in the fresh air and feeling the sexy bear’s hands and mouth working its shaft. I could almost see the headlines in the newspaper if I gave in to the base thoughts that jangled through my brain: man arrested for fucking in a car park.

My hands trembled as I inserted the key into my front door. My knees were like jelly as I opened it, let us in, and shut the door on the world. Luciano picked me up in his massive arms just then and kissed me and I clung to him like my life depended on it. He carried me through the house to the bedroom where he lay me down on the bed and just about ripped my clothes of me. As soon as I was naked my hard cock disappeared into his warm mouth and I reached down and held his large head in my hands while he nursed on my cock. It had been too long and I’m ashamed to say that my cock exploded within five minutes, blasting fountains of my joy juice down his throat.

‘I’m sorry, Luciano.’ I said as he came off me licking his lips.

‘Nothing to be sorry for.’ He said. ‘All these three weeks I am thinking of drinking your juice.’

He lay down on the bed, fully clothed and held me in his arms while we talked. And all the time he talked he stroked my arm. I had never felt so loved in all my life. What was it about this big dude that got under my skin? Although I was still horny I felt peaceful enough to just lie there and enjoy his caresses.

In time those caresses grew ever more ardent. My hungry bear was unfulfilled and feeling the power of his lust through his warm hands and horny tongue was starting to get me ready for round number two. I let him know this by reaching back and grabbing his thick cock through his jeans. He got up off the bed and asked me to put some music on. I quickly turned on my bedside radio and was amazed as Luciano began the most sensual strip I have ever seen performed. His eyes sparkled and those cherry red lips looked so inviting. My eyes were out on stalks and my throbbing cock leaked a river of precum as I watched him slowly reveal his multi colored rug of chest fur. My mouth ached for those juicy nipples that he had teased into erection. In a lust fuelled daze I watched his hands slide down his belly and undo his fly buttons; he now turned around and wiggled his fat ass at me and I had to restrain myself from prematurely ending his sexy strip.

I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my cock the way it demanded me to. He tuned around to face me and smiled at me now as he slowly slid his jeans down his big, furry thighs. They slid down to his ankles and he stepped out of them and he was now clad in just his socks and underpants. His big thick cock peeked out of the waistband of his undies, trapped against the dark fur that grew there. It was a rosy red color and so fat and juicy I almost had to sit on my hands. He danced up to me and pressing his large right hand behind my head ground my face against his full and furry crotch. I caught a whiff of the stinky cheese that had zapped its way through my taboo barrier and straight into my brain last time. My hands instinctively reached for his warm thighs so that I could steady myself as I nuzzled his crotch but he had other plans. With surprising speed he turned around and pressed my face into his beefy butt crack and I inhaled his intoxicated musk. I was so far gone I just had to have this man now. In my eagerness to get him undressed I ripped his underpants to shreds and buried my face in his deep, masculine crack as my hands stroked up his thighs and searched out his big, fuzzy nuts.

Luciano groaned and bellowed like a love-sick bison as I ate out his hot hole. He held his massive cheeks apart for me as I tongue dived into his love chute. His was begging me to fuck him but I had other plans. My hands teased his massive balls before sliding on up to his leaking, overheated cock. I relished his sigh as I spread his cooling gel over his flared cockhead. I knew the little guy needed a home and I was just the man to give it to him. I asked Luciano to lie down while I quickly lubed my asshole. Then I kneeled over my big bear and once more just gazed in lust and total awe at this mountain of a man with the big heart. He smiled at me and I could feel all reserve melting away. I wanted him completely; I wanted – and needed — to be taken by him and used for his pleasure. But first I wanted to please him a little more. I kissed his brow and then down his face, soft little nibbly kisses that he appreciated. He turned those juicy lips toward me and my tongue plunged into his mouth and writhed pythonesquely against his horny tongue. I felt his hand reach down and squeeze my little bubble butt but I was not quite ready to give it to him.

I broke free of Luciano’s kiss and licked down his neck before pushing his arms above his head and licking his luscious pits. He writhed and cooed as I licked his salt and sweat and I could tell my poor beefy bear was almost close to the limit of his endurance; I could feel his hard, thick, slippery cock prodding me in the belly. I licked down onto his nipples and teased each one in turn. Next I kissed down to his belly button and let my tongue slither deep inside it before traveling lower still. I could feel his anxious fingers digging into my shoulders as I nibbled the creamy pale, silky smooth place where his left leg met his torso. His big balls rolled around in their sack as he waited for me to move a little higher and take his hungry cock into my mouth. I quickly peeled back his foreskin and rubbed the pungent cheese off the underside of his cock ridge. I sniffed my fingers and drove myself crazy over the horny scent as I moved back over his prone body and impaled myself on his fat cock.

We both gasped: me because of a twinge of pain as his fuck flesh slid all the way home and Luciano because at last I had given him the release he so desperately desired. His big hands grabbed hold of my slender hips as he started thrusting into me. His forehead and eyebrows were knitted in concentration and I wished I had a camera just then to capture that horny look on his handsome face. He fucked me slowly and steadily and my protesting ass soon relaxed and adjusted to his girth. Now it was my turn to ride the wave; I could feel pleasure emanating from somewhere deep inside me and spreading out to every single cell and nerve in my body. I was being taken by the man that had tortured my brain with longing these past three weeks. I had given up hope of ever seeing him again and yet here he was deep inside me, slowly fucking me and mumbling things in Italian that I couldn’t understand but that I guessed were in appreciation of the tight, warm vice-like grip that I held him in now. My big, soft cock flopped against his belly; I was in no hurry to do anything with it as this was all about Luciano.

I braced myself against his strong, hairy arms as I snuggled down deeper onto his fat hog so that his pubes were now mashed up against my ass. I wanted this moment, and this intense pleasure, to last forever. On and on he fucked, with so much tenderness and yet so incredibly passionately; it was as if this man had been born to fuck. I felt something akin to love as I looked down at his handsome face all screwed up in concentration and lust. His magic stroking soon had my cock back on the bone and he reached for it now and began to gently milk it in his beefy paw. I looked down at the fur on his fingers and felt incredibly turned on by seeing my cock massaged by that massive, bear paw. It was as if I was stroking my own cock; he seemed to know exactly what to do to turn me on. He alternated concentrating on my inflamed cockhead with jerking just the base of my cock and he was starting to drive me crazy. My ass took on a life of its own as it gripped Luciano’s cock tight as I started to ride his throbber. His bass groaned rumbled through the quite of my room as he felt my asshole grip his cock so insistently.

We were locked in lust: him thrusting and me ridding and both of us groaning. I could feel the soles of my feet start to tingle and I knew I was done for. I started bucking against Luciano’s stiff prick and begging him to give me his jizz. His hand flew faster and faster over my over stimulated dick and suddenly it all became too much. I think I must have blacked out for a second or two and when I regained my senses I saw a massive rope of thick cum spray out of my cock and land on Luciano’s chest. It was followed by a second and third jet of spunk that landed in the dense fur of his belly. And then I felt myself being pushed higher into the air as Luciano strove to get every last bit of his cock deep inside my ass. He whimpered as orgasm washed over him and he blasted a geyser load of hot spunk up into my satisfied chute. I collapsed on his broad, furry chest and lay panting as he wrapped his arms around me as I savored the feel of his deflating cock slide slowly out of my well used hole.

He kissed my nose and smiled and I knew then that my lust for Luciano had turned into love.

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The Jock and the Therapist

by robcub32

(This story is a spin-off of “Bobby and the Cop” and “Bobby and the Jock”. You don’t have to read those stories first, but I recommended it.)

I stared up at the blue sky and watched the white cumulus clouds slowly drift by.

It was eerily silent.

Suddenly whistles and voices shouting assaulted my ears. The growing white noise of a crowd hissed in the background. An intense, searing pain ran through my leg.

“Bo? Can you hear me?”

I tried to focus on the voice, but the pain increased and overrode my senses. “FUCK!” I shouted as I struggled to remain conscious.

As I was carried off the field on a stretcher, I heard the crowd cheering, but I knew it was over. I heard the crack when he landed on my right leg. Even without looking down at my leg, I knew the broken bones were sticking out of my shin.

I knew I would never play again.

I went through six surgeries and spent months in the hospital. When I looked down at my right leg now, all I could see was the ugly scar that hid the titanium rod that was now my leg bone. At least the hair grew back and covered it up a little bit. At first, I had lots of visitors, both friends and teammates. As the months passed by, they came less and less and eventually stopped coming.

My little buddy Bobby surprised me and flew down to see me with his partner, Tony. I had a lot of people that I would call friends, but if I had to pick a best friend, I would have to say that it would be Bobby. He was the only person that I was ever completely honest with; the only person I could be myself with.

Tony gave me a heads up before they got there. He said they had been watching the game and when Bobby saw me get hit and saw the way my leg bent as the broken bone burst through my shin, he practically became hysterical. They replayed the clip over and over and Bobby ran out of the room in tears.

Standing beside my bed, Bobby looked the same as always. Over the seven years I’ve known him, he’s put on a little weight, so he’s not rail thin anymore. He looks good and healthy. He’s still a short little guy at 5’8″. He has black hair and brown eyes and still wears glasses.

His partner Tony is a big guy, tall and stocky, but muscular. Typical Italian looking dude. He wears his black hair in military style. Blue eyes. Really good looking. Insanely good looking. And a cop. Bastard. I would have hated him on principle, but he adores Bobby and treats him really good, so I just can’t hate the guy.

I saw that Bobby was looking at my leg. He was looking a little pale. I put on a smile for him, but I had a feeling that he saw right through it.

“I’m okay, little buddy,” I said.

I knocked on my leg and smiled again.

Bobby blinked back tears. “Okay, Bo. If you say so. We’re just worried about you.”

“What have the doctors said?” Tony asked me as he put his hand on Bobby’s back to comfort him.

“They said with the proper physical therapy, I should make a full recovery and be able to walk and run normally. It’s gonna take a lot of time and a lot of work.”

“That’s good, right?” Bobby asked, with a hopeful smile.

“Yeah. They also said I’d never play again.” I scoffed, and then added bitterly, “Five years…. I found out I was released on TV. A god damned ‘Sports Center’ crawl. I got the phone call right after, but still. Five years and what do I have to show for it?”

“I’m so sorry,” Bobby whispered.

I could see that Bobby was genuinely hurt because of my pain. He always wore his emotions on his sleeve and I couldn’t help but love him for it.

At one time, Bobby was mine. We met in college and I was his first. He loved me and I betrayed him. It is my biggest regret in life. That day when Daniel stepped into my room, I knew what he wanted and I did nothing to stop it. But I also wondered if I had thrown Daniel out and Bobby had stayed with me, how would things have turned out? Would I have just cheated on him with someone else later? How would Bobby have handled me hiding our relationship while I played pro? Only a small handful of my teammates knew that I was gay and I didn’t really advertise it.

When Bobby fell in love with Tony, I had to force myself to let him go. I think in the back of my mind, I always thought that Bobby and I would end up together. But the first time I saw Bobby and Tony together, I knew that would never happen. I don’t doubt that Bobby was in love with me in college, but he never looked at me the way he looks at Tony.

I let out a sigh. “What are you gonna do, right?”

“I know a physical therapist,” Tony said. “I could talk to him about you if you want.”

“Nah. The doctor’s hooked me up with a PT. I’ll be fine.”


Once I was finally out of the hospital and back home at my house in Atlanta, I started the physical therapy. It sucked.

My therapist Drew meant well, but looking back on it now, I know that I was taking out my frustrations on him because I wasn’t ready to get to work. I wanted to crawl into bed and hide and wallow in self-pity. I couldn’t do that with him coming over every day and wanting me to work out. I was a total bastard to him, but he just took it. He finally pissed me off enough that I smacked him upside the head with one of my crutches. He finally had enough and quit, but not before royally cussing me out.

So now I was able to wallow in self-pity until the doctors forced another therapist on me. Mindy went the opposite approach. She apparently thought she was that bitch from ‘The Biggest Loser’ and spent every day getting in my face screaming at me. She only lasted a couple of weeks before I called her a fucking cunt and told her to get the fuck out of my house. After she left, I regretted just for a moment for being so nasty. But I had every right to be angry. My life as I knew it was over.

I don’t even remember the third guy’s name. He only lasted a few days before he got sick of my shit.

The fourth was a wimp. I walked all over Russell. After almost a month of no progress, he got pulled by the doctors.

So now I was stuck with my fifth therapist in as many months. When the doorbell rang, I grabbed my crutches and made my way to the front door. I opened the door to see a compact little dude standing on the porch.

“Hi,” he said with a chipper smile. “You must be Bo. I’m Darren.”

Darren was a short guy with nice muscle definition. He had dark hair and brown eyes. Not bad on the eyes.

“Yeah, yeah,” I grumbled. “Come on in.”

Darren shut the door and followed me to my home gym. I tossed the crutches aside and stood there with my arms folded across my chest. Darren set his bag down and clapped his hands together.

“Okay, Bo. Why don’t we start with some stretches so we can see what we’re working with?”

I laid down on one of the mats and Darren moved between my legs. He took a hold of my bum leg and pushed it back until I grunted.

“That fucking hurts,” I said through gritted teeth.

“You should be a lot further along than this, Bo. Just relax your leg for me…”

He continued to pull and push my leg. His hand was on the inside of my thigh. I looked down at him. He was kind of cute the way his face was all serious as he concentrated on his work. I’ve always had a weakness for little dudes. I could see his biceps flexing as he worked my leg. He looked up at me through his long lashes. I hadn’t been laid in months. Not since before…. My cock started to stiffen in my shorts.

“I think with some hard work, we could really…”

His voice trailed off and I saw that he was looking up the leg of my shorts. He blushed and turned away. That only turned me on more.

“Sorry about that,” I said quietly, not really sorry one bit.

I squeezed and groped my dick, kneading the thick shaft through my shorts. He struggled to look away, but he kept cutting his eyes back at me.

“It’s been a while,” I added. “It’s got a mind of its own…”

“Bo. Stop that. It’s inappropriate.”

I lowered my voice to a husky growl. “Maybe I should take care of this first, then we can get to work.”

I pulled the leg of my shorts up and reached in and pulled my dick out. I had over seven inches of thick uncut meat. I heard Darren’s soft gasp and I knew that I had him. I gripped it with my fist and glided my skin back and forth over the head.

“How ’bout you help me out, buddy?” I husked.

“I can’t,” he whispered. “I’ll get fired.”

“No one will know.”

His hand trembled as he reached for me. He stopped and looked at me like he was scared. Cute.

“Go on, buddy,” I urged him, holding my dick by the base and wiggling it at him.

He took me in his hand and started stroking me. I leaned back and locked my fingers behind my head. Darren started stroking me with a purpose, sliding his hand up and down. I moved my hand behind his head and gave him a little nudge.

“Suck it for me,” I whispered.

Darren bent down and took my dick into his mouth. He slobbed all over my dick. He bobbed up and down my shaft while stroking it with his hand. All of his inhibitions were gone now.

“Yeah, you like that big fat dick?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” he moaned as he sucked me.

“A little faster… yeah, just like that… oh, fuck…”

He kept up the fast pace, stroking, bobbing and sucking. It only took a few minutes before he got me there.

“I’m getting close… don’t stop… I’m gonna come in your mouth… Oh, fuck yeah…”

I thrust up into Darren’s mouth and grunted. “Unh! Fuck, I’m coming now!”

Darren coughed as my first blast of come jetted with full force into his throat. He backed off, but kept sucking the head and stroking the shaft. Once I finished blowing a huge load into his mouth, he licked me all over, cleaning up every drop.

“Thanks. That was pretty good, buddy,” I said.

I let out a breath and stuffed my wet dick back into my shorts.

He grabbed a towel and wiped his hands and chin.

“Okay, let’s get started,” he said.

“Yeah… I don’t think this is gonna work out,” I said.

Darren frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I can’t have a trainer who’s a bitch.”

His jaw dropped. “What?”

“You walk in here and you’re sucking my cock within thirty minutes. You’re a little bitch. It’s not gonna work. But listen, I won’t tell your boss about this little incident. Just tell them it didn’t work out. No hard feelings.”

Darren looked like he was pissed and about to burst into tears. He grabbed his bag and turned around. He stopped and looked back at me.

“You know what? Fuck you, Bo. I came here to help you. You’re not the first person to have to go through this. You’re a bitter piece of shit and if you don’t stop feeling sorry for yourself, you’re gonna end up in a wheelchair, living all alone and miserable, for the rest of your life.”

My face went red with anger. I balled my fists, telling him through gritted teeth, “Get the fuck out of my house.”


I grabbed my water bottle and threw it at him as hard as I could. He deflected it with his arm and it smacked against the wall and exploded in a shower of water. He shook his head slowly back and forth as he walked out.

“You little motherfucker!” I shouted after him. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

The front door slammed shut. I fell back down on the mat and slammed my fists down in frustration.


The god damned phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I pushed the covers off my head and grabbed the cordless handset off the nightstand and looked at the screen.


Shit. I haven’t talked to him in a couple of weeks. If I don’t talk to him, he’ll start to get worried. I sighed and pressed the talk button. “Hello?”

“Hi, Bo! It’s me. Bobby.”

“Hey, Bobbo,” I said, trying to sound cheery. “What’s going on, little buddy?”

I grabbed the bottle of painkillers from my nightstand and popped one and chased it down with the lukewarm glass of water there. I laid back and closed my eyes, waiting for the pounding in my leg to dissipate.

“Nothing,” Bobby said. “I just– Oh, wait. I didn’t even look at the time. I’m not interrupting your training session, am I? I’ll call you back.”

“No, you’re not interrupting. I was just taking a nap.”

“Oh, okay. When do you have your therapy today?”


Bobby was silent for a moment. “Bo, you fired another trainer, didn’t you?”

“He wasn’t working out.”

“What is that, five now?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I shrugged even though Bobby couldn’t see it.

Bobby sighed. “I guess it won’t do me any good to lecture you again, will it?”

I chuckled. “I’m fine, Bobby. I just need to rest for a few days. Then I’ll start my therapy again. I promise.”

Bobby was silent. He knew I was lying. I should have known better to lie to Bobby.

“You know what? Tony and I are going to his parents in New York for the Fourth of July. You should come.”

“Aw, no, that’s okay,” I said dismissively.

“Why not? Busy with physical therapy?”

“Sarcasm doesn’t really work for you, Bobby,” I chuckled.

Bobby changed tactics. “I would really like to see you. It’s been almost six months. Please.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Great! I can’t wait to tell Tony when he gets home. This is gonna be great. You’ll get to meet Tony’s family. They’re awesome. And I think you need a break with your friends. A little vacation will make you feel better, Bo.”

“Bobby, I said I’d think about it.”

“Okay. But don’t think too long. You need to make your flight reservations right away.”


“Would you like a wheelchair, sir?” the flight attendant asked.

“No, I’m fine. Just give me my crutches.”

“Are you sure? It’s not a bother.”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

I got up from my seat and hobbled down the aisle. The flight attendant handed me the crutches. I knew the other passengers back in coach were annoyed having to wait behind me, but I didn’t give a fuck. Let them wait all fucking day.

It probably would have been easier to use the cane. A couple of my teammates pitched in and bought me a “gentleman’s cane”, they had called it. I hated that fucking thing. It made me feel old and useless. The crutches felt temporary. The cane felt permanent.

As I made my way down the jetway, I grumbled to myself, “This was a fucking mistake.”

Once I got through the gate door, I moved out of the way so that people could pass me.

One of the gate workers came up to me and put his hand on my back. “Mr. Matthews? I arranged a ride for you to baggage claim.”


“No problem. I’m a really big fan. It’s good to see you walking around.”

I glanced at the big guy’s name badge and tried to smile. “Thanks, Kurt. I appreciate that.”

“You’re welcome. If you don’t mind my saying so, my boyfriend is going to be so jealous that I got to meet you. He’s a little guy with a thing for bears. Obviously.” Kurt motioned to himself with his finger and I chuckled. With his big build and bearded face, Kurt was a typical bear.

“Here. Let me see that pen,” I said. “What’s your boyfriend’s name?”

“Oh, wow. His name is Jeffy.”

I took the pen and notepad and wrote, “Jeffy- WOOF! Bo Matthews”

Kurt had a huge grin on his face as he read what I wrote. He took my hand, pumping it up and down vigorously. “Thank you so much. Jeffy’s going to shit himself.”

I laughed and leaned in and said quietly, “You might even get laid tonight.”

“Tonight? This’ll get me laid for years.”

I laughed as I got on the little golf cart. It felt nice to know that I had a couple of fans out there and that I could make them happy. My mood brightened considerably for the first time in a while.

I gave Kurt a wave and was whisked off to baggage claim. I thanked the driver and slipped him a tip.


I looked up and saw Bobby grinning and waving his arm at me, followed by Tony. I waved back and smiled.

Tony shook my hand and patted my shoulder. “I thought for a minute you might not come.”

Bobby shook his head. “No. I knew he’d come.” Bobby gave me a quick hug and I leaned on a crutch and patted his back.

We went to the baggage carousel and when my suitcase and bag came up, Tony grabbed them.

Tony looked at me, and hesitated for a moment. “You need help, bud?” he asked me.

“No, I’m good. I got pretty good at this.”

Tony and Bobby flanked me and they walked slowly with me as I crutched my way through the terminal. When we got to the curb, Tony set the suitcases down. “I’m gonna go get the truck. Wait here.”

Tony hurried off towards the parking deck, leaving Bobby and me standing on the sidewalk.

Bobby smiled at me. “I’m glad you decided to come, even though I can tell you’re not happy about it.”

“Yeah, well… I suppose it’s better than sitting at home. But it’s good to see you, little dude.”

I leaned on a crutch and ruffled Bobby’s hair.

“Thanks,” he said with a giggle and pushed my hand away. “It’s good to see you, too. You look like you’ve lost some weight.”

“A little,” I said as I patted my belly.

Bobby looked up at me and smiled. “You look really good.”

I’m a big guy, 6’3″ tall and built wide. Before leaving, I got a hair cut, so my dark brown hair was trimmed short. My beard was also trimmed short and neatly shaped up now, not wild and scraggly like last time Bobby saw me. I got big hands, big feet, big arms, big legs, a barrel chest and a slight belly. Since my injury, I’ve lost some weight and some of my muscles have gone a little soft underneath my extra padding.

“Well, we’re gonna have a relaxing week. It’ll be fun. You’ll see. It’ll be good for you, Bo.”

The little guy was so excited and seemed to be proud of himself. I gave Bobby a reassuring smile.

Tony pulled up in the rental SUV and jumped out and tossed my suitcase and bag into the back. I got into the back seat and we took off to his parents’ house in Brooklyn.

When we pulled up in front of the house, Tony grabbed my bags and we headed up the sidewalk. Before we even got to the door, an older Italian couple rushed outside. It could only be Tony’s parents. Tony’s mom practically scooped Bobby up and hugged him. She then pulled Tony in and hugged them both.

“Antonio and Little Bobby!” she exclaimed. “Oh my gosh, I missed the both of you.”

I couldn’t help but smile at ‘Little Bobby’. She gave both of them a kiss on the cheek, then smacked the back of Tony’s head.

“Ow, Ma!” Tony moaned as he rubbed his head. “What was that for?”

“You not coming home to visit.”

“Ma, we were just home for Christmas.”

Tony’s Dad then shook Tony’s hand and hugged him, then pulled Bobby in for a big bear hug.

I chuckled at their interaction. I already loved both of them for the way they obviously loved Bobby. His mom and step-dad disowned him after he came out and his brother doesn’t speak to him either. He doesn’t talk about it because it makes him emotional, but it’s nice to know that Tony’s parents treat him like he was their own kid. Bobby deserved that.

Tony’s mom was an attractive, curvy woman with long dark hair. His dad was a big bear of a guy. He looked a lot like Tony, but heavier. His thinning hair and his bushy beard were salt and peppered with gray.

“Ma, Dad, this is our friend Bo. Bo, these are my parents, Angelo and Maria Paolucci.”

Angelo shook my hand hard. “Good to meet you, Bo. I’m glad that you could join us. It’s a damn shame how they did you. You deserved better.”

“Welcome,” Maria said as she hugged me. “Come on in and make yourself at home.”

She then turned to Tony and told him, “Antonio, put his bag in your room. You and Little Bobby can use Big Bobby’s room.”

I followed Maria, Angelo and Bobby into the living room. Bobby took my crutches and I plopped down onto the sofa. After Tony put my bags away, he went back to the car and brought in his and Bobby’s bags and brought them upstairs. When he came in and joined us, he sat down on the couch next to Bobby. He put his arm around Bobby and Bobby automatically snuggled into him.

Angelo asked me about all of my surgeries. He was really curious, so I told him all of the gory details. Maria and Bobby were both a little squeamish at some of the description, but they were all more interested than I thought they’d be.

We talked for a while longer, and then I started to feel a bit tired. I stifled a yawn.

“Why don’t you go take a nap before dinner, Bo?” Maria offered.

“I hate to be a spoil sport, but that sounds really nice,” I said.

“Come on, buddy,” Tony said. “I’ll show you to your room.”

I pushed myself up from the couch and left the crutches. I gimpily followed Tony up the stairs to his bedroom, trying not to put any weight on my right leg. When I got to the top of the stairs, I wiped the sweat away from my forehead. I cursed that I left the crutches downstairs.

Tony opened the door. The small bedroom had two beds and was still decorated as if Tony was still in high school. The shelves above the desk had football trophies. There was a picture of Tony in his football uniform. Next to that was a picture of Tony in a Marine dress uniform. A picture on the other side of the shelf showed one of his brothers in a baseball uniform, posing with a bat, ready to swing.

“Here ya go, bud,” Tony said, motioning to one of the beds. “Make yourself at home. I’m gonna make sure the bathroom has towels and stuff.”

Bobby walked in with the crutches as Tony left. Tony leaned down and kissed him on the head as he passed.

Bobby leaned the crutches against the wall next to the door. “Just in case you need them,” he said. He looked around nervously, his eyes settling on Tony’s bed. “We got here just before you, so we didn’t, you know, sleep in the bed or… anything yet,” he said nervously.

I chuckled. “Good. Then I won’t have to burn the sheets. You and Tony really sleep on this little bed when you stay here?”

“Yeah,” he shrugged. “Usually Tony’s older brother Bobby is here with his wife too.”

“Ah. So that’s why you’re ‘Little Bobby’ then.”

“Yeah. It cuts down on the confusion. All of Tony’s brothers are big like him. Except Dominic. You’ll meet Dom, A.J. and Bobby. Christina is out of town with her college roommate. And Angie lives in Michigan, so she won’t be coming.”

“Christ. How many of them are there?”

Bobby chuckled. “I know. But it’s just the five. Well, there’s also the spouses and kids, too.”

“Great,” I grumbled.

“Well, I’ll let you take a nap. The bathroom is across the hall, and if you need anything, just yell.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

“You’re welcome, Bo. I’m really glad you’re here.”

“C’mere, little buddy.”

I pulled Bobby to me and gave him a hug and kiss on the top of his head. I ruffled his hair and he smacked my hand away and laughed. He pulled the door closed as he left. I pulled the blankets back and I flopped onto the bed.

I tried to push aside the fact that Bobby and Tony had probably fucked in this same bed and closed my eyes. I was asleep in an instant.


I woke with a snort when the bedroom door opened.

“Sorry, man,” the man said. “Didn’t mean to wake you.”

I sat up on my elbows. “No problem.”

I took a look at the guy. He was damn good looking with dark hair and blue eyes. He was obviously one of Tony’s brothers. He wasn’t as tall as Tony and his dad. He was built smaller, but he looked very fit. He definitely worked out. I figured he maybe took after his mother instead of his father size-wise.

He tossed his suitcase on the other bed.

“You must be the famous Bo Matthews,” he said. “I’m Dominic Paolucci. Call me Dom.”

“Good to meet you, Dom.”

He walked over to the bed and we shook hands. His hand was warm and his face was friendly. I felt a current run between our hands as I stared into his eyes. He quickly pulled his hand away, then moved over to his bed and sat down. I sat up and leaned back against the headboard.

“Are Tony and Bobby staying in the girls’ room or Bobby’s room?” he asked, diverting his eyes away from mine.

“They’re in the other Bobby’s room. So you’re stuck with me. I’ll try not to snore too loud,” I said trying to make a lame joke.

“Eh. I can sleep through anything. So, how’s your leg?” I shrugged. His eyes moved down to my leg, seeking out the scar. “Tony says you’re still using crutches.”

“I’m working on it,” I grumbled, not wanting to talk about it and hoping that he’d get the hint.

“Yeah? You’ve gone through a couple of different physical therapists, I hear. I know some people in Atlanta. I can hook you up with a good P.T. if you want.”

I narrowed my eyes at Dom, and regarded him suspiciously. “Why?”

Dom shrugged. “I know some people. I’m a physical therapist myself. In Dallas. I work primarily with sports injuries and I know some people that can help you.”

I sighed. “Why do I feel like I’ve been set up?”

“I don’t know anything about a set up. Tony just mentioned you’ve had a hard time finding a good therapist that you get along with.”

“I gotta piss,” I muttered.

I pushed myself out of bed and went across the hall and took a leak. After I washed my hands, I hobbled back to Tony’s room. Dom was still sitting on his bed. I had hoped that he would have left.

I shut the door behind me and sat on my bed.

“When did you have your last surgery?” Dom asked.

Jesus. We’re still on this? “About six months ago,” I said grumpily.

He looked at my leg and frowned. “Listen, Bo. Let me give you a couple of names. You shouldn’t be limping like you are. You’re not even putting weight on your leg yet. Whoever you got working for you might not be familiar with your type of injury.”

Dom pulled out his phone and flipped through his contacts. He grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down a couple of names and numbers.

“Drew is the best in the Southeast,” he said as he handed me the paper.

I cringed as I read the name. “Oh…. Yeah…. He was my first therapist. I kinda threw my crutch at his head. And he kinda didn’t like that.”

Dom covered his mouth and tried not to laugh.

I looked at the second name and let out a groan. “And I kinda burned my bridges with Mindy, too…”

He let himself laugh this time. “I hope you didn’t throw a crutch at her, too.”

“No. I called her… something not very nice.”

“Oookay. How many therapists have you had?”

“Uh… Five.”

“Wow,” he said with a head shake. “Lemme take a look at your leg.”

“You don’t have to do that,” I said.

My body tensed up as Dom walked over to my bed and knelt down in front of me. He looked over the scar on my leg. He put his hands on my legs. I felt a jolt of electricity run through my leg straight to my balls. My very blue balls. Dom jerked his hands away.

He felt it too.

He returned his hands, strong and self-assured as he traced with his thumbs along the scars through the hair on my shin. All I could think about were those hands going higher, flipping that switch, making my dick stand up and take notice. Down boy. This is Tony’s little brother, not some random trick we can run through and kick to the side.

“They did nice work here,” Dom said quietly.

He lifted my leg up to straighten it until I winced from the pain. He repeated it a couple of times, then sat down on the bed next to me. He didn’t say anything and we sat in silence for a few moments.

“I’m not exactly easy to get along with these days,” I confessed quietly.

“It’s understandable,” he replied. “You’ve been through a lot.”

I scoffed, the anger rising. “What do you know about it? You have no idea.”

“You’re right. I don’t know. But I’ve worked with a lot of athletes like you, and I could see how they’ve felt at the time. But I have to say that I feel like I know you already from Bobby and Tony. And feeling sorry for yourself, or taking your anger out on someone trying to help you… The Bo Matthews that Bobby talks about? That’s not something that he would do. In fact, I’ve become a big fan of yours. Don’t tell any of my other clients.”

Dom gave me a wink and a smile. I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath and counted to ten as I tried to keep from becoming emotional. Dom was right. He didn’t deserve for me to lash out at him.

Dom patted my leg. “I’ll let you get some rest.”

He got up and left and shut the door behind him. I laid back down, but wasn’t able to fall back asleep. My leg was throbbing a bit. I didn’t want to take another pain pill because I was trying to become less dependent on them.

I laid there for about an hour when there was a knock on the door. I sat up on my elbows. “Come in.”

Bobby peeped in and looked at me. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

I pushed up out of bed and followed Bobby down the stairs. I limped along to the dining room and sat down at the empty seat next to Dom. I avoided looking at Dom and instead focused on the food that Maria was piling onto the table. Damn, but it smelled good.

Before we ate, Angelo said grace and I couldn’t help but be touched when he mentioned me in his prayer.

Dinner was fantastic. It was the best home cooked meal I had eaten in years, and I made sure that Maria knew it.

“Ma’s the best cook there is,” Dom said. “And wait until dessert.”

“Crostata, like an Italian apple pie,” Maria said.

“I can’t wait,” I said with a smile.

“It’s so good,” Dom said with a grin. Tony and Bobby nodded in agreement.

Not only was the food good, but everything about the meal was great. Everyone was just talking and laughing and having a good time. I was used to quiet meals by myself. I realized it had been a really long time since I smiled and laughed as much as I did. At one point, I looked over at Bobby and he was grinning at me, clearly pleased that I was having a good time.

After I stuffed myself with dinner and dessert, I hobbled into the living room, following everyone else, and plopped onto the couch. Dom sat down next to me. “Hey. We can do some stretches if you want,” he offered.

“Nah. You’re on vacation. You’re not here to work.”

“I don’t mind. And you need it.”

I could tell everyone was looking at me and I felt like I was on the spot.

“All right, all right,” I agreed reluctantly. “I guess that’d be okay.”

Dom stood up and held out his hand and braced his foot against mine. I grabbed his hand and pulled myself up. I was impressed. He was stronger than he looked if he could pull my big ass up without much effort. I followed him to what looked like his dad’s office or study.

He spread out a blanket on the floor and I laid down on my back. He bent my leg at the knee and pushed it back towards my chest.

“Relax your leg. Breathe.”

Dom held the leg in position for a bit, then let me relax. He repeated this several times. I was well aware of his hands on my bare leg. He slipped one of them up the leg of my cargo shorts onto my thigh.

“Keep your back flat,” he said as he pressed a hand on my belly, while pushing and turning my thigh towards my other leg with his other hand.

He was just doing his job and there wasn’t anything sexual about it at all. But his touch was so warm. He was gentle, yet firm. And he was cute as fuck. His black hair hung over his forehead and he looked up at me through his lashes and smiled. My dick started to get hard. I tried to think of anything I could to make it go down. I hoped that he wouldn’t notice it, but there was no way he could miss it. The outline of my cock in my shorts was very obvious. Not that I’m bragging. (Okay, maybe a little.)

Dom nervously cleared his throat and jerked his hands away. “I guess that’s enough for now,” he said quietly.

He then got up and quickly left the room.

Shit. I laid back and let out a sigh. I waited a few minutes for my problem to die down, then I pushed myself up to my feet. I put the blanket back on the small sofa, and then limped back to the living room. Everyone looked up at me and Bobby smiled and asked, “How were your stretches?”

“Fine,” I muttered and sat down on the couch next to Tony.

Later, I was starting to doze off on the couch, so I wished everyone a goodnight and hobbled up the stairs. I got ready for bed, popped a pain pill to get through the night, and then stripped down to my boxers and crawled into bed, covering myself with the sheet.

Dom entered the room a bit later, trying to be quiet. I watched him undress in the moonlight, stripping down to his boxer briefs. I could see the silhouette of his body, with muscular curves in all the right places. He crawled into bed and turned over with his back to me.

“Good night, Dom,” I said quietly.

A few seconds passed and then he replied quietly, “Night, Bo.”


I woke sometime in the middle of the night. It was quiet. Too quiet. I heard a sharp breath and a pant. I looked over to the other bed. Dom was on his back. I could barely see him in the light from the street, but I could see what he was doing. His right hand was underneath the sheet. The rising and falling of the tent told me that he was jerking off. His left hand appeared to be touching his nipple. My own cock throbbed and ached as I listened to the quiet slicking sounds and the soft pants that fell from his parted lips.

I reached into my boxers and squeezed the base of my shaft. I wondered if Dom was fantasizing about me. Did seeing my hard-on get him excited?

I wanted to stroke so fucking bad, but I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want him to know that I was awake.

Dom’s breathing hitched and his body shuddered and I watched him come down from his orgasm. He looked over my way and I shut my eyes. I heard his sheets shuffling and his bed creaking. I opened my eyes to see him quietly sneaking out of the bedroom.

As soon as he shut the door, I threw the sheet back and pushed my boxers down. I grabbed my cock and stroked it fast and hard. After watching Dom, there was no way this wouldn’t take but a few strokes. With a grunt, I shot a huge load all over my chest and stomach. My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath. That was fucking intense.

I grabbed a t-shirt and wiped my chest and hand. I wadded the shirt up and dropped it onto the floor. I had the sheet pulled up before Dom snuck back into the room.


I woke the next morning when Dom entered the room and shut the door behind him. He was wearing a tank top and running shorts, both soaked with sweat. He rubbed a towel around his head, drying off his damp hair. The fine dark hairs on his chest were matted down with sweat.

“Hey,” I groaned hoarsely.

“Good morning,” he said. “I just got back from a run. It’s gonna be a hot one today.”

I tossed the sheet off me and stood up and stretched. I saw Dom’s eyes looking at my body; my hairy chest and belly, then down lower. He quickly turned away and began fumbling in his suitcase. I looked down and saw that my morning wood was tenting out my boxers in a completely obscene way. I let out a quiet chuckle and grabbed a pair of shorts and tugged them on. I pulled on a wife beater and grabbed my toilet bag. I went across the hall to the bathroom and did my business and brushed my teeth.

When I exited the bathroom, Dom was waiting in the hallway with a change of clothes. He wouldn’t look me in the eye. He was more than a little uptight, but I knew without a doubt that he was attracted to me. I smiled to myself and returned to our room. I got dressed and then headed downstairs and found Bobby and Tony in the kitchen.

“Hey, y’all,” I said.

“Good morning,” Bobby said with a happy smile.

“Mornin’,” Tony offered as he sipped a mug of coffee. “Want some coffee?”

“Yeah. I’d love a cup.”

Tony poured me a mug of coffee and I took a sip and leaned back against the counter. When Tony excused himself to use the bathroom, I motioned Bobby to come closer.

“What’s the deal with Dom?” I asked quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean is he single?” I whispered.

“No, he’s not dating anyone that I know. Why? Do you like him?” Bobby asked with a little grin.

“I’m not sure. I don’t know if I want to kick his ass or fuck it.”

Bobby blushed and stammered. “Oh… Uh… Okay…”

I smiled. Bobby was always so embarrassed to talk about sex, even though I knew from first-hand experience that he loved it. “I assume he’s gay?”

“I guess,” Bobby said quietly with a shrug. “Tony says he’s bi. He lived with his college roommate for a long time. Dom didn’t talk about it, but Tony said everyone knew. You know, that they were… Then he dated a girl and it seemed serious, but they broke up. That was a few years ago, I guess. I don’t know. That was all before I met him. Dom and I never talk about relationships or anything. He seems private about that kind of thing.”

Dom and Tony stepped into the kitchen. I watched Dom grab a big glass and fill it with water. He drank it down quickly, filled it again and slowly sipped on it. His eyes moved up and down my body. “Go upstairs and change into your gym clothes.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“We’re going to the gym.”

“Cool,” Tony said. “We’ll come with.”

Bobby let out a groan and pouted. “Do we have to?”

“I thought you liked to watch me work out.”

Bobby’s cheeks turned bright red as he whispered, “When we’re at home.” He turned so that I couldn’t see his face and whispered, “In private.”

“Oh, so I have to wear more than just a jockstrap?” Tony asked with a mischievous grin.

“You better,” Bobby muttered as he went upstairs to get changed.


“Are you kidding me?” I asked with my arms folded across my chest, trying to look as menacing as I could.

“No,” Dom said, matching my pose. “I’m not.”

“I ain’t doing no fucking leg presses,” I growled.

“We’re not leaving until you at least try. So, stop being a bitch and get on the damned machine.”

I looked up and saw that Bobby and Tony were watching while trying not to look like they were watching. I turned back to Dom and glared right back. Well, well. It seems maybe Dom is a little more dom and a little less sub than I thought. I’m not going to lie, I liked the fact the Dom wasn’t easily intimidated by me. He pushed back. I wanted to explore pushing him to his limits, swinging from my dick or maybe him taking what he wanted from me. I wanted to claim that cute, compact Italian package and put my stamp on it.

Still standing there with his arms folded across his chest, he raised an eyebrow.

“Fine,” I muttered, being the one to back down first. This time.

Dom helped me onto the sled and set the weights. “Use both legs, not just your left,” he said. “You can do this. I won’t let you get hurt.”

By the time I finished the reps, my legs felt like they were on fire. I pushed myself hard. And maybe I was trying to show off a little bit for Dom.

“Don’t you feel better?” Dom asked. “Like you accomplished something?”

“No,” I mumbled. “I can’t even fucking walk now.”

I swiped at my sweat-soaked forehead with my arm and glanced at Dom. He was watching me with an unreadable expression on his face. I didn’t want to admit it, but I did feel a little better. Sure I hurt like hell, but I really did accomplish something. Something that no one had been able to get me to do.

“You need help?” he asked as he held out his hand.

“No, I can do it myself,” I said as I pushed the hand away.

A smug grin appeared on his face. “Good.”

I pushed up with a huff and followed Dom to the next exercise in our circuit.

After we finished working out, I limped along to the shower. I was in pain, but I felt surprisingly good. In the locker room, I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Dom. He kept his back to me, so I got a nice view of his tight little ass. He had a little patch of dark hair above his ass crack. His ass and his legs had a light dusting of the same hair. He was in excellent shape. He wasn’t built like a big tank like his brother, but he was defined and perfectly proportional. Luckily, I was too tired to pop a boner, but I stored away the visual for later recall.

As we were leaving the shower, I caught him peeking at my dick. He quickly looked away and the tips of his ears turned red. Oh, yeah. He liked what he saw. Fuck, I felt like a stud. I puffed out my chest and actually managed a swagger back to my locker.

When we got back to the house, Maria was in the middle of preparing lunch, toasted Italian hoagies. I was starved, as were the other guys. I dug into my sandwich with gusto.

“Mmm. This is good. Thanks,” I said as I pulled a string of melted cheese and popped it into my mouth.

“You’re welcome,” Maria said. “Eat. There’s more.”

“How was the workout?” Angelo asked.

“Good,” Tony said. “Show ’em your guns, Bobby.”

Bobby blushed and they both laughed as Bobby pushed Tony’s shoulder.

“Good workout,” I said. “Even though Dom tried to kill me.”

“It’s good for you,” Dom said. “Stop bitc– complaining.” He gave his mother a sheepish look for almost cussing at the table.

“Bo needs someone to push him,” Bobby said.

I threw Bobby a dirty look and he just threw me back a sly smile. The little brat.

But maybe he was right. Maybe I did need someone to really push me. Despite the pain, I felt good. Better than I had in a long time. I looked around the table at everyone’s happy faces, until I finally rested on Dom. His face was unreadable, but I gave him a friendly smile that I hope said ‘thanks.’ He nodded at me and went back to eating his lunch.

That night before bed, Dom helped me with stretches. This time I was able to do it without getting a hard on, but it took some concentration.

For the next two days, Dom and I worked out and did stretches. We worked out twice a day and then did stretches in between. He kept a professional distance from me, but occasionally, I would see him look at me with a spark of desire in his eyes. I wasn’t nearly as subtle. I couldn’t help myself. Usually if I wanted something, I just went for it. I didn’t make any passes at him, but I openly ogled him and let him know that I liked what I saw.

On the Fourth, Tony and Dom’s brother A.J. and his family showed up for the family barbecue. AJ’s wife Caroline had her hands full chasing after three little hellions, plus caring for a baby girl.

A loud crash and a boy’s crying had her sighing deeply. She handed the baby to Tony and went to see what trouble her boys were causing.

Tony cradled the baby in his arms and Bobby walked up and tickled her chin. Tony and Bobby looked at each other lovingly and then Tony leaned down and kissed Bobby tenderly on the lips. While Bobby played with the baby in Tony’s arms, Tony leaned his forehead on Bobby. I could see that he was whispering into Bobby’s ear. They looked so good together with the baby and Bobby looked so happy. They looked like a family.

I felt a tightening in my chest. I suddenly felt like I was intruding on a private moment. I quickly turned away and left the room and went out onto the back deck.

I wanted what Bobby and Tony had together. I didn’t have anyone in my life. I didn’t even have a fucking job anymore to keep me company. All I had was a big, empty house and a fucked up leg. I squeezed the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath. When the back door opened, I cleared my throat and straightened up.

A.J. stepped out onto the deck. “Finally some peace and quiet,” he said with a laugh.

“You got yourself a handful,” I said with a smile.

The oldest Paolucci brother rolled his yes. “Oh yeah. Love ’em all, though.”

He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and tapped it against his palm a couple times. He shook one out and then held out the pack to me. I hadn’t had a smoke in years. I took one along with the offered lighter. I lit it and inhaled deeply, then slowly blew out a gray stream. I felt my nerves relaxing instantly.

A.J. leaned against the rail with me. “What happened to you… It’s fucked up. Don’t know what I would do. It fucking sucks, man.”

“Thanks,” I said with a wry chuckle. I liked that he didn’t try to give me a pep talk.

“Dom says you been working out this week. Says you’re doing better.”

“Yeah?” I said casually. I liked that Dom was pleased enough with my work the past couple days that he’d mention it to his brother.

A.J. took a drag of his smoke and leaned back and exhaled.

“Don’t hurt him.”

I turned and looked at him, unsure if I heard right. “What?”

He turned and looked at me, his face very serious. “I seen the way you look at him when you don’t think anyone’s looking. And I’m telling you, don’t hurt him. He’s been through some shit the past year, and he’s… You hurt my little brother, and you won’t need to worry about learning to walk again.”

I swallowed nervously and nodded my head. “Understood.”

“Hey, son. Start the grill for me,” Angelo said as he peeked out the door.

“Sure, Pops.”

A.J. tossed his butt over the side of the rail, then walked over to the gas grill. He opened the lid and turned the knobs. He pressed the button to start it, then adjusted the knobs and shut the lid.

I put out my cigarette and got rid of the butt. “Thanks for the smoke,” I said.

A.J. nodded and I went back inside.


I looked up as Dom was walking past me, on the way to the kitchen. “You want a beer or something?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’d be nice. Whatever you’re having.”

I plopped down onto the couch with a groan. Dom came back with two open bottles and handed me one, then sat down next to me.

“Have you been smoking?” he asked as he took a drink.

“Your brother offered,” I said with a shrug.

“Ah,” he said with a smile. “I quit a couple years ago. A.J. is always offering me smokes. He’s a bad influence.”

“Yeah. I quit when I was in college, when I was trying to get healthier and build some muscle.”

“How are feeling? Your leg okay?”

“Yeah. I feel pretty good actually.” I lifted my leg and held it a second and let it fall. I thought for a moment about how far I’d come in just a few days. I let out a sigh and quietly spoke, “I was a real bastard to those therapists. They didn’t deserve the way I treated them.”

“It’s normal that you’d be depressed,” he said, just as quiet. “But having friends and family helps, don’t you think? To help get through it? Bobby and Tony really care about you. They wanna help you. Don’t shut them out.”

“Yeah. You’re right. It’s good to have friends who care.”

I gave him a smile to let him know that I put him in that category. He gave me a nice and friendly smile back.

I felt warm and fuzzy inside from the way he looked at me and my heart rate sped up. “So you live in Dallas, huh? How do you like it there?”

“I like it okay. I miss my folks, though, so I was really looking forward to this trip.”

“You ever do any therapy with the Cowboys?”

Dom’s face lost expression as he nodded. He took a drink of his beer and set it on the coffee table. “Gotta go to the bathroom,” he muttered and got up and left. I furrowed my brow and stared at Dom’s retreating back. Just when we had started to have a real conversation, he bolts.

I saw A.J.’s big form leaning in the doorway, scowling at me through narrowed eyes. He turned and followed his brother up the stairs.

Fuck. Why do I get the feeling like I did something wrong?

A little while later, A.J. came down the stairs followed by Dom. I gave Dom a look to ask if he was okay and he gave me a half-hearted smile in return. I decided to give him some space.


That evening the family wanted to go see the fireworks display. Even though my leg was sore from all the working out I had been doing, I decided to go along.

We headed towards the East River and staked out a spot. The second brother, Bobby, met us there with his wife and their toddler, a little dark-haired boy who looked just like the rest of the boys.

We set some thick quilts down on the grass and sat down. I sat with a groan and laid my crutches behind me. I rubbed below my knee a bit.

“Let me help you,” Dom said quietly. He moved up next to me and sat down on his heels. He began rubbing and massaging my leg. His soft, warm hands soothed my throbbing muscles and my body instantly relaxed.

“Feels good,” I whispered. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” he whispered back. “Sorry for freaking out earlier. But… um… I know you like me. It’s just that, I’m not interested in you like that. Okay?”

“Ah… Okay… Wow…” I nodded my head slowly. “Honesty. That’s good. Can’t say I’ve ever been turned down like that before.”

Dom chuckled as he continued to massage my leg. “Yeah, right. I’m sure that even a charming stud like you strikes out from time to time.”

I grinned. “Oh, you think I’m charming, huh? And a stud, too?”

Dom had a little smile on his face and even in the fading sun, I could see his cheeks pink up. “That’s not what I said.”

“That’s what I heard.”

“I think you have selective hearing.”


Dom chuckled and gave my leg one last squeeze and then moved to sit down next to me.

Tony and Bobby were sitting in front of me. Tony had his arm around Bobby, resting his hand on his waist. Bobby turned and looked back at me over his shoulder and his eyes moved between me and Dom. He grinned and turned back around. I rolled my eyes and toed his butt with my good foot. Without looking back, Tony’s hand slid down and pushed my foot away from his boyfriend’s butt.

Dom and I both laughed loudly at Tony’s possessive move. I looked at Dom and my eyes got caught in his. He was laughing and smiling and he looked so happy. His laughter died down and he stared back at me. I could see him trembling and he leaned his head in just a little closer…

Holy shit. He wanted me to kiss him.

As I moved in, he suddenly went rigid and turned his head away.

Damn. There goes that wall again.

He cleared his throat and then got up and went to help his brother wrangle in his boys.

I leaned back on my elbows and let out a deep breath.


Dom dragged my ass to work out again the following morning. Dom seemed fine and acted friendly. I put on a smile, but I was going out of my mind. I wanted him. I could feel the sexual tension between us and it was a struggle to not get hard when I looked at him.

But then he’d do something like squat down on his knees and rub my leg and then look up at me through his bangs. It was easy to imagine him taking my snake down his tight throat. Getting it nice and wet, choking on it just little bit with those lips clamped down tight… shit.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?” he asked, looking at me like I was an alien with two heads.

“Jesus, Dom. You’re on your knees in front of me, looking up at me with your face inches from my cock.”

“Oh, god!” He pulled his hands away from me like I was on fire. He rubbed his hands on his shorts. “Sorry.”

“It’s not a problem. I’m trying to keep it professional, but you’re making it hard. No pun intended.”

Dom let out a nervous laugh and his eyes darted down to my crotch. I knew damn well that he was attracted to me. I could see it in his eyes and all over his face. I just didn’t know how to break through the wall.

“Let’s just get back to work,” I said.

He raised his eyebrow. “Never thought I’d hear you say you wanted to workout.”

“Yeah. Well… It gives me something to do.”


“And it seems to be making a little difference,” I muttered.

Dom looked smug. “Mm-hmm.”

“Cut it out. Let’s do this.”

Despite the sexual tension, we started talking while we worked out. Dom opened up and we went beyond the boring small talk. I loved to listen to his voice as he told me about how much he loved what he did.

“I played baseball in high school. I wasn’t the best player, but I loved it. Since I didn’t make my college team, I decided to go into PT.”

“Bet your ass looked cute in your uniform.”

“Bo,” he warned. “Stop that. And pay attention to what you’re doing.”


“Anyway, I really do like therapy. I get to work with a lot of great guys. It’s really rewarding, you know? I like that I can help people. Sometimes I miss my family, though. I usually come home two or three times a year, whenever I can. See the folks and A.J. and his family. It’s even better when Tony comes, too. He comes home a lot more now that he has Bobby.”

“You’re close with your brothers?”

“I’m close with all my siblings, especially Tony since we shared a room growing up. He always looked out for me when we were younger. He always stood up for me. But I’m probably closest with A.J. now. We talk a lot on the phone. Gimme four more reps…”


Since Dom and I were leaving soon to go back to our respective homes, I worked out hard with him for the next two days. Even after just a week of workouts, I could tell a difference in the strength of my leg.

The night before I was flying out, I got ready for bed and sat down on the bed and stared down at my leg. I lifted it up until it was straight and held it for a minute. It throbbed in protest, but I actually held my leg out totally straight for a second. I repeated it a few more times and then relaxed it and began rubbing on it to soothe it.

Dom came in fresh from the shower. Like me, he was wearing a wife-beater and boxer shorts. I could smell his clean, slightly soapy scent from where I was sitting. He ran the towel through his hair one last time and tossed it into a laundry basket.

He caught me staring at him and he gave me a shy smile. He moved in front of me and I spread my legs slightly as he knelt down. He started rubbing my leg. God, I was addicted to his touch.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered back.

“I… I meant for everything,” I said, continuing to speak in soft tones. “Even after a week with you, my leg is killing me, but I can already tell that it’s getting stronger.”

“I was just doing my job.”

“Naw, it’s more than that. You care. The other guys either let me feel sorry for myself, or they grinned like idiots telling me that I was going to be back running in no time. You didn’t do that with me. You didn’t let me. So, thank you, Dom.”

My voice cracked and I cleared it. Shit. I must have got something caught in my eyes. It sure as hell wasn’t tears. I blinked a few times to clear the dirt or whatever it was.

Dom stopped rubbing my leg and looked at me with a bit of surprise on his face. His hands now rested on both of my thighs as he looked up at me.

“You’re welcome, Bo. I wanted to tell you, I made a call to Drew today. I think I’ve talked him into taking you back. I don’t want to lose the progress you’re making.”

“I appreciate that. I won’t let you down.”

“Don’t do it for me, Bo. Do it for yourself.”

“It’s hard to do it for myself, when you’re all I can think about.”

This time when I leaned in, Dom didn’t pull away. I brushed my lips against his. They were so soft and warm. He still didn’t back away, so I pressed into him again, deepening the kiss. I flicked the tip of my tongue along his lower lip. His mouth parted for me, allowing my tongue entry. He hesitated for a split second, then slid his tongue across mine. My cock surged to full bone as we kissed slow and deep.

I brought my hands to his freshly shaved face and held him gently as our kisses turned hungry and needy. Dom’s hands gripped my thighs tightly as he allowed me to ravage his mouth with my tongue.

I broke the kiss and Dom drew in a deep breath. His hands slid up my thighs and I groaned and thrust my hips forward. I ran my tongue along his jaw and then around the outside of his ear. “I want you, Dom,” I whispered. “Want you so fucking bad.”

Dom let out a little moan as I started to suck on his neck. “I want you, too,” he whispered.

His hands slid all the way up to my crotch. I groaned into his neck and sucked harder as his hands found my cock. His head dipped down and I moved my hands to his head. He pulled my boxers down and tossed them away. His tongue snaked out and licked at my nuts, then slid up the length of my cock.

“Mmm,” he moaned as he licked up the leaking precome. “So nice. So big and thick.”

“Fuck, baby,” I whispered.

He swirled his tongue around the head, then slid it under my foreskin. He wrapped his lips around the head and I flopped back onto the bed. His mouth was like heaven. So warm and soft. His tongue fluttered all over the bottom of my shaft as he slowly lowered his mouth onto me.

I gasped as he kept moving, not stopping until I was buried completely in his throat. He slid up and sucked hard, then plunged back down.

“Dom. Baby,” I quivered a warning, trying to stay quiet. “I’m close.”

He slid back up with a slurp, using his hand to pull and twist as he went. He bobbed up and down, his nose burying into my furry bush with each downstroke. His other hand tugged my nutsack, trying to hold off the inevitable.

“I’m gonna come, baby,” I quietly hissed. “I’m coming now!”

I doubled over, gripping Dom’s head tightly as I fired a huge load into his hot sucking mouth. My cock pulsed, shooting and filling his mouth over and over. Dom moaned softly as he milked and swallowed every single drop I had to give.

I pulled Dom up to his feet and tugged his boxers down. His dick bounced up, smacking against his abs. I pulled my wife-beater off and Dom did the same.

“Lie down,” I whispered.

I scooted over and helped him get onto the bed next to me. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it furiously. I pushed his hand away and I gripped him in my fist. It was a tad longer than mine, but not as thick. It was a beautiful piece of man that I held in my fist.

“You’re uncut, too,” I said. “Nice. Never sucked an uncut dick before.”


I bent over and slid my mouth down the length as far as I could. I used a lot of tongue and hand as I slid up and down his cock.

“Oh my god,” he moaned. “Bo… Feels good…”

Dom’s breathing hitched and his body started to quiver. He gasped and let out a stifled groan and then thrust his hips up. My mouth was suddenly flooded with a burst of warm jizz and I instinctively swallowed. I slowly stroked and sucked Dom through his orgasm, letting his juice collect in my mouth before swallowing it down.

He was panting and trembling as I laid down next to him. I pulled him into my arms and he grabbed onto my chest and held me tight. We lazily kissed, tasting our come on each others mouths. He finally broke the kiss and stifled a yawn. I shifted and laid his head down on my chest.

“Didn’t expect that from you,” he said softly. “It was…” He yawned again. “…really good.”

“I aim to please. Go to sleep,” I said as I kissed the top of his head.

“I can go back to my bed if you need more room.”

“No, I’m good. You fit so good in my arms, so right,” I said as I bent my head to kiss the side of his forehead. “I’m not ready to let you go yet.”

“Okay.” I could hear the smile in his voice. He stroked his fingers through the fur on my chest and belly. “Sexy,” he whispered. He laid his arm lazily across my body and let out a soft sigh.

I kissed the top of his head again and held his smaller body in my arms. His breathing slowed and he softly snuffled into my chest.

The fact that we were both leaving in the morning weighed heavily on my mind. I was already falling for Dom. What we had could really work if we found a way to give it a chance.

“What am I gonna do with you, little man?” I whispered to his sleeping head.

I closed my eyes and finally succumbed to sleep.


I woke up to light kisses along my neck. I opened my eyes to see that it was still dark. The only light in the room was from the streetlamp outside. Dom had his hand wrapped around my hard-on as he continued to plant little kisses along my neck and shoulder. I slid my hand up Dom’s back to his hair. I leaned in and kissed his forehead.

“Hey, baby,” I whispered. “Mornin’.”

“Hey, Bo.” He gave me a kiss. “It’s still early. You still got some time before you have to go.”

He moved up on top of me and straddled my waist. He bent down and kissed me. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into mine. We kissed hard — deep and sensual. Dom was gyrating his hips on my cock. I held him tight in my arms, pushing my hips up to grind my cock into his taint.

Dom moaned and shuddered and then stilled. He suddenly sat up. “Be right back.”

He gave me one more quick kiss, then hopped off the bed. He dug around in his toilet case for a moment, and then let out a small displeased grunt. He returned with a folded piece of paper and a small clear bottle with a purple cap. He sat down on the bed and looked at me sheepishly.

“I, um…. I thought I had a rubber, but… I get tested regularly. See.”

He handed me the folded paper and I pushed it back to him. “I trust you, Dom. I don’t have my test with me, but I’m negative, too. No STDs either.”

“So, maybe we could…”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want this to be something you regretted.”

“Yeah. I’ve never, you know, barebacked before. I normally wouldn’t even consider it…” He buried his face in my neck as his voice dropped and quivered. “But you don’t know how bad I want you right now.”

“Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea,” I said with a snicker. “It’s probably about half of how bad I want you.”

Dom let out a nervous laugh. “Okay.”

I thought it was only fair that I tell him, “Full disclosure. I’ve barebacked before. With one other guy. We never really used condoms the whole time we were together. He was special to me.”

He looked up at me and nodded his understanding. He knew that I was talking about Bobby and I decided to leave it at that.

I reached up and tried to grab the lube, but Dom put his hand on my chest and pushed me back down. “Let me, Bo. Let me do the work. Lay back and relax.”

Dom straddled my crotch again. He poured the lube onto his fingers and then reached behind him.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as I watched him push his slippery fingers into his ass. “That’s fucking hot.”

I could see his well-defined pecs covered with a light dusting of dark hair. He had six pack abs with a line of hair that ran from his navel to his groin. The dark, wispy pubes surrounded the base of his very erect cock.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, baby,” I whispered.

I rubbed my hands all over Dom’s tight body, feeling his ripped abs and pecs. I tweaked his little brown nipples and they stiffened under my fingers.

Dom closed his eyes and pushed in a second finger. He drew in a sharp breath, then relaxed. My cock throbbed in anticipation. Dom opened his eyes and looked down at me through half-closed lids. “I want you so bad,” he whispered.

Dom grabbed the base of my cock and held it upright. He squeezed a liberal amount of the clear liquid onto my shaft and began sliding his hand up and down. He reared up and held it by the base as he lined up the head with the hidden entrance between his cheeks. He lowered himself onto me with a hiss, then froze. His eyes fluttered closed as he suspended himself above me.

“You’re so thick,” he moaned softly.

He rubbed his hands up and down my body. He braced his hands on me and lowered himself slowly and steadily until I was buried completely inside his ass. Fuck, he was tight. Unbelievably hot and soft. His tight ring quivered around my girth and then slowly relaxed.

He opened his eyes and looked down at me. “You’re so sexy, Bo. So strong and manly. Love all that fur.”

I stroked my hand over his abs. “Love your tight body, baby.” I slid my hands around and cupped his ass. “And your tight little ass.”

Dom smiled down at me. He started moving, slow and steady at first. He closed his eyes and threw his head back with his lips parted. His sweet face radiated the pleasure he was feeling. His dick was rock hard and the skin was pulled back, exposing his head, bright red with desire. It jerked and burped out a dollop of precome, which drooled down the shaft in a slimy trail.

I moved my hands up his thighs to his waist. On Dom’s upslide, I gripped his waist tight and thrust up into him. Dom’s eyes flew open and he gasped as I jabbed his g-spot. I couldn’t help the smug smirk on my face at his reaction.

“Bo,” he whispered, sounding needy and desperate.

His hands gripped my wrists for traction and he began riding me harder and faster. I held on tight to him, thrusting up into him. Tony’s little bed creaked underneath us. The only other sounds in the room were our bodies slapping together and my soft groans and Dom’s quiet whimpers. I tried, but there was no way I could hold back. I felt my nuts pulling up. The base of my spine tingled and my groin muscles contracted.

“Dom, baby,” I said through gritted teeth. “I’m gonna come… gonna come inside you.”

“Oh, god, Bo… Bo… Oh god.”

“Gonna fill you up, baby.”

“So good, Bo… Oh my god, you’re gonna make me… Oh god, I’m gonna come…”

He stretched out one last moan of my name and his cock lurched and then began spewing come all over my chest and belly.

I bit my lip to keep from shouting as his hot tunnel contracted rhythmically around my cock. “Fuck,” I grunted as quietly as I could. I pulled Dom hard onto my lap as I pushed up. Dom moaned and I grunted with each volley of come that splashed against his inner walls.

I was still convulsing and shuddering through my climax when he fell forward onto me. We held on tight to each other until our breathing finally slowed to near normal. He slid off me and flopped onto his back. I rolled onto my side and pushed my arm under his neck and held his back against my chest. His body and muscles were completely relaxed and satisfied. I felt like the proudest stud in the world for having made him this way.

“That was amazing,” he whispered. “I’ve never been with anyone where it was like that.”

I kissed the side of his head, then gave him a tender kiss on the lips. “That’s because it wasn’t just sex between us. We have this strong connection, baby.”

He looked up at me and smiled. “Yeah. I know. I feel it too.” His smile faded to a frown as he looked at the clock.

“Don’t look at the clock.” I leaned down and kissed him senseless. He reached between my legs and shifted and pulled his leg over me, pointing my still hard cock at his tight entrance. I pushed forward, burying myself to the lit. I laid there on my side, with Dom on his back in my arms, and my head buried in the junction between his neck and shoulder. I thrust slowly and steadily into him. He was soon moaning and writhing on the bed. I grabbed his dick and stroked him in time with my thrusts.

“Bo… Oh god, babe. You’re gonna make me come again…”

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Come for me.”

I sucked and bit hard on Dom’s neck, marking him with a love bruise. Dom bit his bottom lip and moaned as his body stiffened. His dick spurt thin jets of semen onto his belly as his ass contracted around my thickness. I sped up my thrusts and then shoved in one last time. I pushed my forehead into Dom’s neck as my body went rigid and I unloaded my nuts deep into his body.

I kissed his shoulder. “Dom…”

My cock was finally spent. Dom’s body pushed it out as it softened. I rubbed his load into his abs and then he shifted around so that we were facing each other.

“God,” Dom sighed. “I’ve never been with someone like you.”

We slowly kissed and then I rested my forehead against his.

“Come with me.”

He jerked his head back and stared at me. His eyes glazed over. “What?”

“Come home with me. I need you, baby,” I said as I stroked my knuckles across his cheek.


“I…” I struggled to maintain eye contact with him. I was suddenly feeling very vulnerable and it was uncomfortable. “I don’t know if I can do it without you.”

“Yes, you can. I have my job to return to… I can’t just take time off…”

“I’m not just asking you to be my therapist. Life’s too short, you know. If you want something, you gotta go for it. And I want you, Dom. I want a relationship with you.”

Dom buried his head in my chest and trembled in my arms. He was struggling to keep it together and I hated that I was the one to make him feel this way. “I… I can’t,” he choked out.

“I understand,” I replied. Bullshit. I didn’t understand, but didn’t want to ruin these last moments together. Leave it to me to find what I always needed in a different state with obviously lots of baggage and no way to sort out the details. I never could do things the easy way.

I closed my eyes and gripped Dom tighter when I felt the wetness on my chest. I felt sorry for myself as I pressed my lips to Dom’s head, drying his tears with my gentle kisses.

Our moment was interrupted by a rapping on the door and Bobby’s voice. “Bo? It’s almost time to go.”

“I’m up, Bobby,” I called out, praying that he didn’t open door. “Be right out.”

I reluctantly let go of Dom. “I guess I’d better hit the shower.”

He nodded and sniffled, then swiped his nose with his hand. He turned away from me. I wanted to hold him and comfort him, but something told me that it would be pushing him and I didn’t want him to throw up that wall again. Instead, I gave him a quick kiss on the back of his shoulder.

I wiped myself down as best as I could with my boxers and then hurried across the hall to shower and clean myself up.

When I finished in the bathroom, Dom took his turn and I went downstairs. Maria was in the kitchen making a huge breakfast.

“Smells delicious,” I said.

“Get yourself some coffee and relax,” she said. “It’ll be ready in a bit.”

“Thank you.” I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined Bobby and Tony at the table.

“Sleep okay?” Tony asked with a smile on his face.

“Yeah. Like a log.”

Tony nodded slowly. “My old bed’s kinda noisy. Hope it didn’t keep you up.”

Tony snickered as Bobby’s face went bright red. Bobby couldn’t look me in the face. I couldn’t help but chuckle. I didn’t care that they knew that Dom and I had made love.

When Dom walked in the room and sat down, Tony started with him. “Sleep okay, Dom?” he asked with a sly smile.

“Yeah,” he shrugged. Dom’s eyes darted away from Tony and he shifted in his chair.

“That chair a little uncomfortable?” Tony asked. His grin widened. “If you want I could look at it. Get to the bottom of it.”

“Shut up,” Dom muttered. This tips of his ears turned red and he sipped his coffee. He looked up at me over the rim of his mug and gave me an impish little grin.

Angelo and Maria joined us at the table. Angelo helped Maria into her chair and gave her a kiss on the head. It was very sweet. Angelo said grace, adding a prayer for safe travels for his sons and friends.

Breakfast went by way too fast. I wasn’t ready to leave, but I had to catch my flight, as did Bobby and Tony.

After we finished breakfast, we loaded up Tony’s rental with our luggage. I went upstairs and took a last look around the room. Dom’s suitcase was on his bed, all packed up. He wasn’t flying out until later, but he looked like he was all ready to go.

The door opened and shut and Dom leaned back against it. He looked so unbelievably sad that it nearly broke my heart.

“Hey,” I said.

He came up to me and put his arms around me and laid his head on my chest.

“I’m gonna miss you, Bo,” he said, his barely discernible.

“Gonna miss you too, baby. You call me if you need anything. And if you change your mind, my front door is always open to you.”

I held his head in my hands and I gave him one more kiss. I put all I had into it. I wanted him to know how I felt about him. When I pulled away, I saw the look on his face. He looked up at me with wonder. I knew then that he felt the same way about me that I felt about him. I took a deep breath. I had to get out of there before I made a fool of myself. I pressed my lips to his forehead one last time and then I was out the door.

We stood on the sidewalk as Tony and Bobby said goodbye to Tony’s parents and Dom.

After a round of hugs between Angelo and Tony and Bobby, I shook Angelo’s hand and thanked him for his hospitality. He nodded and patted my arm. “You’re welcome anytime.”

Maria looked between Dom and myself, then pulled me in for a hug.

“You take care of yourself,” she said, and then leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry, he likes you.”

I looked at her with surprise, but I smiled and said “Thanks.”

Dom pulled his hands out of his pockets and hugged me tight.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“You’re welcome.”

I discreetly pressed my lips to the side of his head. “Bye, baby.” And then I let him go.

I got into the back seat of the SUV and stretched my legs out. I stared out the window at Dom as Tony and Bobby climbed in. I watched Maria put her arm around Dom, who was trying his best to smile. I wanted to get out of the truck and hold him tight, but instead I gave him a smile that was meant to make him feel better.

The three of them waved to us as Tony pulled out into the light morning traffic.

I leaned my head back against the back rest and sighed.

“You okay?” Bobby asked quietly as he turned around in his seat to look back at me.

“Yup. I’m good.”

“Maybe you two can visit each other.”

I looked up at Bobby and just shrugged.

“Well,” he said. “I’m glad you came.”

“Me, too.”

Once we got through security, we had to go our separate ways. I shook hands with Tony and gave him a quick hug. I gave Bobby a tight hug.

“Thank you, little dude,” I whispered.

“For what?” he whispered back.

“For being a true friend. For showing me what a bastard I was.”

“You’re not a bastard.”

“See? That’s how I know you’re my friend. I love you, Bobbo.”

“I love you, too.”

I gave Bobby a kiss on top of his head and then I pulled back. Tony pulled Bobby back to his chest protectively, with an arm around Bobby’s chest. Tony smiled at me to let me know that he wasn’t upset or jealous. I nodded to Tony. “You’re a good man, Tony. Take good care of my little buddy.”

“You take care of yourself, Bo,” Tony said. “And call us if you need anything or if you need to talk.”


“Shit,” I grunted as I pushed open the front door. The door alarm squealed until I keyed in my PIN. I tossed my bags down and shut the door. I let out a deep breath. I stood in the foyer and looked around. The house never seemed so big and empty as it did now.

I was exhausted and felt like taking a nap. I realized I had left my crutches in the SUV. I didn’t feel like going back out to the driveway. I spotted the cane in the umbrella stand by the door and I pulled it out and used it to make my way up the stairs to my bedroom.

As soon as I sat down on the bed, the phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number and the name just said “LOCAL CALL.”


“Hi. Is this Bo Matthews?”


“Oh, hi, Bo. This is Drew.”

“Hey, Drew. I was expecting your call.”

“Yeah. I spoke with Dom Paolucci. He said you needed a therapist and that you were ready to work.”

“Yeah. I am. No fucking around this time.”

“Okay. Well, Dom’s a good guy and he insists I give you another chance. So, how ’bout we start next Monday? Same time as before?”

“Sure, Drew. That sounds good. Thanks so much.”

“No problem. See you Monday.”


I hung up the phone feeling good about myself. I was making a new start. I promised myself that I would give Drew all I had. I would make myself proud, and make Dom proud of me.

I laid down and fell asleep thinking about Dom.


One Month Later

“Hello?” I didn’t recognize the number when I answered my cell phone. I had just spent an hour and a half in my gym and was relaxing in the hot tub when I got the call.

“Hello?” I repeated when there was no response.

“Bo? It’s me. Dom.”

My breathing hitched and I almost dropped the phone into the water. I hadn’t heard from Dom in over a month, not since I left him in front of his parents’ house in New York.

“Hey, Dom. It’s good to hear from you,” I said. I then added a little quieter, “I miss you.”

“Me too, Bo. I was wondering… Was that offer still good… I, um… I just need to get away for a bit.”

“I’ve been working with Drew for the past month, but I’m sure we can arrange something.”

“Shit. Of course. I knew that. Well, that’s okay then–”

“Dom. We’ll figure it out. Just come. Please.”


His breathing grew a little ragged and I furrowed my brow, wondering what was wrong.

“When can I come?” he asked. “Can I come now?” His voice cracked. He didn’t sound like my Dom.

“Get here as soon as you can, baby. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Okay. I’ll call you soon. Bye.”

As soon as I hung up with Dom, I called Drew and let him know that Dom was visiting and he’d be helping me out for a bit. Thankfully, Drew was very understanding. I then called up my cleaning service and asked if they could do an emergency clean today.

I grabbed my cane and headed out to my truck to drive to the store. I wanted to make sure I was stocked up in case we decided to stay in.

When Dom called later that night and said he was getting in a cab and asked me for my address, I was shocked. He said he was coming now, but I didn’t think he meant right now. I gave him the address and he relayed it to the cabbie and said he’d be here in an hour. I paced around the great room for a bit, wracking my brain at what needed to be done before he got home. The house was clean. The pantry and fridge were stocked. The guest bedroom and bathroom were ready, though I hoped it wouldn’t be needed.

When the doorbell finally rang, I practically flew to the front door. Dom was standing there with a baseball cap lowered over his brow, hands shoved in his pockets.

I reached down and grabbed his duffel bag and pulled him into the house. I shut the door and dropped the bag and took him into my arms.

I pressed my lips against his neck and inhaled his scent. A calm washed over me. “Oh, god, baby, it’s so good to see you. To hold you.”

“I missed you, Bo,” he said as he clutched onto me.

“I missed you, too.”

I pulled back and held his face in my hands. My smile melted away when I saw the bruise on his jaw. I pulled his hat off and he had another bruise under his left eye.

I struggled to hold back my rage. “What happened? Who did this to you, Dom?”

He let out an exhausted sigh. “My ex-boyfriend.”

I pulled him to me and held him tight. “He’s never gonna touch you again. Not if I have anything to say about it.”

I picked up his hand and kissed his knuckles, which were bruised and raw. I smiled at the thought that my baby got some licks in himself.

“I’m so tired, Bo. I know I just got here. But is it okay if I go to bed?”

“Of course.”

I grabbed his bag and my cane and he pulled the bag from me and tossed it over his shoulder. “I got it.”

“Come on,” I said as I made for the stairs.

“Wow, look at you. You’re walking so much better. And without the crutches.”

“Someone finally pulled my head out of my ass.”

I gave him a wink and he smiled at me. “I knew you could do it.”

I stopped on the landing at the top of the stairs.

“The master bedroom is there,” I said pointing to the double doors on the left. “The guest rooms are to the right.”

I waited to see where he would go, not wanting to pressure him. I was disappointed when he turned to the right, but I tried not to show it. I directed him into the first bedroom.

“Make yourself at home. You got your own bath. It should have everything you need. The kitchen downstairs is stocked, so help yourself if you get hungry or thirsty.”

“Your home is beautiful, Bo.”

“Thank you. But to be honest, I hired someone to do all this. They listened to me ramble and they did all the work. If it was up to me, it’d probably look like the inside of a redneck’s trailer.”

Dom laughed a cute little laugh. His smile made my cock twitch. He looked around the room. “Well, it’s beautiful.”

“Think of it as your home, too. I’ll give you the grand tour tomorrow after you’ve had some rest. I’ll be down the hall if you need anything.”

“Thank you.”

He gave me a strong hug. Before I pulled away, I gave him a tender kiss on the lips. I held the back of his head in my hand. “I’m glad you’re here, baby. Goodnight.”


I had to get out of there before I threw him down on the bed. I gave him one final squeeze and then left. I shut the door behind me and walked down the hall to my bedroom. I looked at the clock and realized how late it was. I stripped naked and took a quick shower and got ready for bed. I turned the ceiling fan on low and slipped between the soft sheets and comforter.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but it was like my cock knew that Dom was down the hall. It throbbed and ached for him even more than it normally did. I reached down and started to stroke myself. “Dom,” I whispered to myself as I conjured up one of my nightly fantasies of Dom. I twisted my fist up and down while I tugged at my nuts with my other hand.

A quiet knock on my door startled me. I cleared my throat and jerked my hands away from my crotch. “Yeah?”

“Bo? It’s me,” Dom said through the door. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah. Come in.”

I pushed myself up so that I was sitting up. I leaned over and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. Dom opened one of the doors and then shut it behind him.

“I can’t sleep,” he said bashfully. “Can I sleep in here with you?”

I had a grin so big it probably lit up the room. I pulled up the covers and held them open. He padded over to the bed. His eyes widened when he saw that I was naked… and hard. He paused for a second and then dropped his boxers. His own hardon thumped up against his belly.

He turned off the lamp and crawled in. He snuggled into me and I pulled him into my arms, and we cuddled next to each other, skin to skin. He laid his head on my chest. His fingers twirled through the thick fur on my chest.

“Better?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said with a sigh. “You’re like a big, warm teddy bear. My teddy bear….”

I kissed the top of his head as he began to softly snore. “Yeah, babe. I’m yours.”


I awoke to the sensation of warm suction. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Dom’s dark head of hair slowly moving up and down.

My eyes fluttered closed and I fell back and groaned. “Fuck…”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Dom said as he crawled on top of me. He straddled my body and leaned down and kissed me. I reached up and tenderly stroked under his eye. I ran my thumb over the shiner and looked up at him with concern.

He started to tremble and I saw his eyes filled with answers to my questions. “Later,” he said. “Okay? I promise.”

I nodded and he bent down and kissed me again. He ground his ass against my cock as our tongues explored each other.

“Want you, Dom,” I growled. “Wanna be inside you, baby.”

“Oh god,” he breathed. “I need it, Bo. I haven’t been able to think of anything else.”

“I been jerking off every morning and every night thinking ’bout you, baby.”

Dom let out a quiet whimper. “Can you– Your leg’s strong enough, right? For you to be on top?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“God, I want you on top of me.”

He pulled himself off and laid down on his side next to me. I pushed Dom onto his back and climbed on top of him and settled between his spread legs. I kissed him deeply. My tongue explored inside his mouth. I kissed Dom’s chin, then across his jaw to his neck. I swiped my tongue along his jugular, causing a shudder to run through his body. He moaned and gripped the back of my head. I nipped gently at the base of his neck and then started sucking.

Dom drew in a sharp breath. “Bo… Feels so good. Love your mouth on me… Your beard tickles… oh god, it’s so good…”

I slid down his chest, kissing the soft patch of dark hair in the middle. I swirled my tongue around one of his nipples. Dom’s hand gripped my hair tighter and he moaned while he pulled my head down and arched his chest up simultaneously. The little brown nub quickly hardened and I sucked on it, and flicked my tongue back and forth over it. I pulled back and blew on the wet nub, causing Dom to whimper and groan.

His fist tightened in my hair. “Bo,” he moaned. “Mine…”

I loved hearing Dom claim me. I was all his.

I sucked my middle finger into my mouth and pulled it out. As I worked his other nipple with my mouth and tongue, I slid my slippery finger between his legs. I stroked the finger over his tight hole, then pushed it in.

Dom bucked up against me and his body shuddered. “Bo!”

I kissed Dom’s chest and neck, then I attacked his mouth. As I slid my finger in and out of him, I rubbed my dripping hard cock on him.

Dom was writhing and whimpering underneath me. His hips pushed back against my hand as he moaned into my mouth. I broke the kiss and dropped my forehead on him. Dom looked up at me; his eyes were wide and glistening, silently pleading for me.

“You are so fucking sexy, baby,” I whispered in a deep voice. “God, your body is so responsive to my touch.”

“Everything you do drives me insane with pleasure. Something about you makes me want to lose control. It scares me.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Dom. Give me control. I won’t abuse your trust.”

Dom placed his hand onto my bearded cheek. “I know you won’t,” he said as his fingers lightly stroked my whiskers. Dom pushed his head up and kissed my lips. He kept his lips pressed to mine as he whispered, “Fuck me.”

I reached out and pulled open the nightstand. I felt around and grabbed the bottle of lube. I shut the drawer, leaving the condoms behind.

I poured the lube onto my fingers and slid them up and down the crease between Dom’s legs. Dom moaned and spread his legs wider. His hands moved around my beefy arms. I slid my finger into his tight heat and I twisted and wiggled it around. I stroked his nut and Dom’s back arched up off the bed. He let out a loud moan and writhed around on my finger.

“Bo… Please…”

I pulled the finger out, re-lubed, then replaced it with two. I stretched, turned and scissored my fingers, quickly trying to relax and stretch Dom’s tight ring.

“Now, Bo. Put it in.”

“Just a little more stretching, babe.”

I slid in a third finger and stroked them in and out. When I saw that Dom wasn’t hurting, I pulled them out. I grabbed the bottle and poured it down the length of my cock. I slicked it up with my hand. Dom spread his legs and pulled his knees back. I pushed my swollen head against his little pucker and leaned forward. He let his knees fall onto my arms and I pushed forward. His ring opened for me and I slid into his tight heat.

“Fuck,” I grunted.

I forced myself to remain still while Dom adjusted to my thickness. He was breathing deep, with his eyes closed. He was so beautiful, I had to lean down and kiss him. I unhooked his knees from my elbows and pulled them back to my sides. He locked them on my hips and I bent forward. I cradled his head in my hands. He snaked his arms around my neck and opened his eyes and looked at me. His sparkling blue eyes stared back at me.

I fucking melted.

No one had ever looked at me like that before. Like I was some kind of god. Like I was the total love of their life.

I pulled my hips back and snapped them back in. Dom gasped and I repeated the motion, pegging his prostate again. The head of my cock jabbed his gland, then slid across it, causing Dom to shudder and moan. “Oh god, Bo!”

I continued to stare down at him. My lips hovered above his. “You feel so fucking good, baby. So fucking tight.”

My hips thrust forward and I began moving hard and fast. I slapped hard against Dom’s body over and over as I pounded my cock into his tight sheath. I panted and grunted as high pitched whimpers spilled from Dom’s lips.

Dom’s hips pushed back against me. His fingers dug into my neck. He moaned wantonly. “Bo… So good. So, so good. No one can fuck me like you do. No one makes me come like you do.”

“Yeah? I’m gonna pound you into the fucking mattress,” I growled. “I’m gonna make you come so hard, baby. Gonna make you scream. Gonna make you mine.”

Dom’s eyes glazed over. “Oh god, Bo, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come!”

I felt Dom’s tunnel contract around my cock. He let out a sob that sounded like my name. The ring tightened and I felt warm spurts of liquid between our bodies as his ass muscles began to pulse rhythmically.

My rhythm faltered and my hips snapped short, uneven jabs. One last deep thrust and I roared out Dom’s name as the hot jets of come shot out of me and into Dom’s welcoming body.

I finally lost my strength and I collapsed on top of my smaller lover. My cock was still rock hard, buried inside his body.

He let out a quiet sigh as his legs relaxed and slipped down onto the bed. “Love you on top of me. My big teddy bear.”

I tightened my grip around him. “I love you, baby. I love you so much.”

Dom’s hands grabbed at my back, pulling me tighter to his body. He buried his head into my neck and shuddered. “I love you, too, Bo,” he whispered.

I could feel myself starting to drift off, so I rolled off Dom’s body onto my side. He turned with me and we fell asleep tangled in each others arms and legs.


“Sit down,” Dom said. “Let me do this.”

“You don’t need to make me a sandwich, baby.”

“I know. But I want to.”

“Okay,” I relented.

My surrender got a big smile out of Dom, so that was enough to make it worthwhile. I walked over to the breakfast bar and sat down on one of the stools.

Dom was wearing one of my old practice t-shirts and a pair of my boxer shorts. They were both way too big for him. But seeing him in them did something to me. It was a possessive feeling. This man is wearing my clothes. This man is mine. My cock pulsed to life in my boxers. I licked my lips as I watched him move around the kitchen. “Fuck, you look good in my clothes, baby.”

Dom looked back at me and rolled his eyes. But the little smile on his face told me that he was very happy to be wearing my things.

I watched him put together two large sandwiches with plenty of deli turkey. He layered on swiss cheese. He added some pickles and a leaf of lettuce. He even sliced up a tomato.

“Mayo or mustard?”

“A little mayo, please,” I said.

He spread mayo on both sandwiches with a butter knife, then squirted a bit of mustard on one of them. He put the tops on and set them on plates. He took the knife and cut each one on the diagonal.

My mouth started to water and my stomach growled loudly. “Mmm. Now that’s a sandwich that would make Dagwood jealous.”

Dom laughed softly and continued what he was doing. He put everything back into the fridge and while he was in there, he dug around and pulled out a bag of baby carrots. He dumped some onto each plate.

“There’s some chips in the pantry,” I said.


He put both plates on the breakfast bar, grabbed two bottles of water, and then joined me. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and sat down on the stool.

I chuckled and repeated, “I said there were chips in the pantry.”

“I heard you. But carrots are better for you. Not that I don’t think you’re perfect the way you are.”

He leaned in and pushed his hand up my shirt. He rubbed my furry belly while he gave me a kiss.

“Well, I guess I can live with the carrots if it gets me kisses.”

“Might get you more,” he said with a sly grin.

I laughed and dug into my sandwich. “Mmm. Good.”

After we had our lunch, I put the plates into the dishwasher. I took Dom by the hand and walked him to the living room. We sat down on the sofa and I turned so that we were facing each other. I ran a hand over his head and I cupped his cheek. He leaned into my hand while my thumb stroked under his bruised eye.

“You wanna tell me?” I asked quietly.

He moved so that he could lay his head on my shoulder. I put my arm around him and he snuggled into me.

“My ex… I started dating him a couple of years ago. He had wrenched his knee and I worked with him to get him off the disabled list. After, he kept calling me. He was so charming. You could take lessons.”

“Hey, I’m plenty charming. I charmed the pants off you, didn’t I?” I joked.

Dom laughed. “Yeah. You did. Anyway, we started dating after that. He was a good guy, you know. He treated me good for the most part. But he couldn’t be out, you know?”

I nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

“We never went out together in public. Never. But we had a lot of romantic evenings at my house. I’ve always been private about my sexuality, so I didn’t mind it. At first. Meanwhile, he was always seen out with girls, you know. I tried not to let it bother me, but after a while you can’t help but feel like some dirty secret.”

I nodded that I understood exactly what he meant.

“I didn’t date anyone else, but he was with a new girl every week. Then he met this girl, some swimsuit model,” he said as he rolled his eyes. “I hated seeing them out together all the time. I supposed if you’ve agreed to it, it’s not cheating. But it felt like he was cheating on me. I was devastated when I read that they were engaged. He didn’t even tell me. I found out about it online.”

“You broke up with him?”

“Yeah. That was about four months ago.”

I wracked my brain trying to figure out who played for Dallas who was injured two years ago and just got engaged.

He nudged me with his elbow. “Stop it. I’m not gonna tell you who it is. Anyway, he didn’t take our break up too well.”

I laid a kiss on Dom’s head, but didn’t say anything. I had already figured out who it was.

“When I got back from New York, he was waiting at my condo. I told him again that we were over, that I didn’t want to see him. He pushed his way into my house. When he saw that I was marked–” He ran his hand over his neck, remembering the hickey I gave him. “–he went crazy, saying that I was fucking around behind his back. Can you believe that? He had never hit me before. He tried to say that he was sorry, that he loved me, but I told him to get out. But he didn’t stop calling. I finally had to put a block on my phone. Yesterday, he showed up at my house drunk. He…”

I stiffened. “He what?”

“He was grabbing at me, like he wanted sex, but I managed to knock him off me and I decked him as hard as I could. We got into a huge fight. Lucky for me he’s not very coordinated when he’s drunk,” he said with a joyless laugh. “I threw him out of the house and then I called you.”

I took a calming breath. Dom didn’t need me to get upset and go off the handle right now. “I think you should call the police.”

“I can’t do that.”

I tried to remain calm, but inside I was seething. “He assaulted you. He was going to rape you.”

“I may have a bruised cheek, but I kicked his ass and threw him out of my house. He’s got a fat lip and a black eye and probably a ton of bruises. I wasn’t going to take him putting his hands on me. I can take care of myself.”

I scoffed. “I still think you should report that fucker. If he hadn’t been drunk, he could have hurt you.”

“He’d be ruined if it got out. I just couldn’t do that to him. I know you don’t approve, Bo. I can feel how angry you are. You don’t have to like my decision, but I’d appreciate it if you’d respect it.”

I sighed. “You’re right, Dom. I can do that.”

I squeezed him to reassure him, then kissed the side of his head. He calmed down and leaned into me.

“Your brother, A.J.? He knows about this guy?”

“Yeah. I was really upset when it happened. I didn’t know who to talk to. I knew that he would understand and not judge me.”

“He’s very protective of you.”

“Oh god,” Dom moaned. “He had ‘the talk’ with you, didn’t he?”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “Right before you told me you weren’t interested in me.”

Dom laughed into my chest. “I was lying. I was interested.”

I smiled. “Yeah. I figured that out.”

He let out a soft breath, then quietly said, “I was just scared.”

“You don’t ever have to be scared of me, Dom.” I pressed my lips into his hair and gave him a sweet kiss on top of his head. “I would never hurt you, baby.”

“I know you wouldn’t.”

I decided to change the subject to a more pleasant and lighter topic.

“My coach — well, ex-coach — is trying to get me involved in this football camp for underprivileged kids. I’m not a big name or anything — especially now — but they need volunteers. I was thinking about doing it once my leg got a little better.”

Dom twisted around so that he was straddling my lap. He put his hands on my shoulders. “Really?”

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “It’d give me something to do.”

“That’s just… amazing.” He leaned in and kissed me softly. “You are amazing.”

“It’s no big deal, baby.”

“Yes, it is. There are so many kids who don’t get a chance just because they don’t have money. I’d love to help with something like that.”

“Move here then. Move in with me.”

I nuzzled my nose and lips in his neck and planted light kisses up his jugular. I nipped his earlobe with my teeth and he shuddered. I smiled to myself knowing that I could make him react like that.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” he asked.


“That’s a big step, Bo. We haven’t known each other that long. Can I think about it? It’s not a ‘no’… I just need some time…”

“Of course, baby. Take all the time you want,” I said as I started sucking on the base of his neck.

“We should probably go work out,” he panted breathlessly.

“Mm-hmm. Right after.”

I grabbed Dom and pushed him down onto the couch. I pulled off his underwear, reached into my boxers and pulled my cock out of the fly. I knew that Dom was still wet from our early lovemaking. I spit on my fingers and swiped it across the head of my cock. I lined up and slid into his welcoming heat in one smooth move.

Dom arched up into my body and I slowly and gently made love to him. We stared into each others eyes as I thrust into him. It was fucking intense and I struggled to not come too quickly.

I cradled his head in my hands, forcing him to look at me. I pegged his prostate with every thrust. Dom pushed and thrust his throbbing bone against my hairy belly. His heels dug into my ass and his fingers dug into my back.

“Let go, baby,” I told him. “I’m waiting for you.”

Dom cried out my name and his body convulsed under me. His ass contracted around me and I finally let go. “DOM!”

I collapsed on top of him and held him tight as he clung to me.


Dom stayed with me for the next four weeks. I called his agency and arranged it so that he was paid for my therapy sessions.

Neither of us brought up the subject of his leaving, nor him moving in permanently. As far as I was concerned, he was already home. He slept in my bed with me. He had his own drawers in my dresser, plus a whole section of the walk-in closet. He also liked to lounge around in my t-shirts and boxers, which was guaranteed to give me a raging boner.

We worked out six days a week. He was amazed at my progress, as was I. I still limped a little bit after I got tired, and I needed the cane for extended walking, but I could now get around without pain. My muscles and tendons were getting used to the titanium and they were getting stronger every week.

Dom was holding onto my feet while I finished the last of my sit-ups. I slumped back on the ground with a grunt.

“Good job, babe,” he said as he patted my leg.

I sat up once more and tugged my tank top off. I wiped my head, around my neck, and under my arms, then tossed it aside.

“Damn, you look good,” he whispered.

I laughed. “I’m sure. I feel like a sweaty pig.”

“And you’re all tired now. Unable to resist my advances.” He laughed like an evil scientist and I laughed with him.

His hands crawled up my legs like crabs. He pushed a hand into the leg of my shorts and squeezed my cock. I dropped my head back to the mat and groaned loudly. “Yeah… Blow me, baby….”

“Ask me again, Bo.”

“Blow me, baby. Please?”

“Not that.”

I sat up on my elbows and looked at him. He was looking off, down and away to the side. I put my index finger under his chin and forced him to look at me. “Move in with me, Dom.”

Dom nodded. “Yes. Okay, now I’ll blow you.”

I slumped onto my back and grinned like an idiot. I was the luckiest bastard in the world. He kissed up my leg closer and closer to my crotch. I could feel his warm breath on my nuts and then the god damned doorbell rang.

“Fuck!” I grunted.

The doorbell rang again twice.

Dom snickered and sat back on his heels. “You better get that, or they’ll never go away. We can play in the shower when you’re done and I’ll make sure you get that blowjob. Maybe more.”

“Ooh. Damn. Sounds good to me.”

I pushed up and grabbed my tank top and pulled it on. I pushed my hard-on down with my palm, hoping that it would go down by the time I got to the door. On my way out of the room, I grabbed my cane from where it leaned against the door. I walked to the front door as the doorbell rang twice more.

“Hold your fucking horses,” I muttered.

I opened the door and froze. The second string safety for Dallas was standing on my porch. “Burgess. Can I help you with something?”

“You got something that belongs to me, Matthews.”

I raised a brow. “Sorry, there aren’t any Brazilian swimsuit models here.”

The muscular man pushed past me and stood in the foyer. “DOM!” he yelled.

I moved to intercept him before he got any further into the house. “Dom doesn’t belong to anyone. But if he did, he would belong to me now.”

Burgess put his hand on my chest. “You need to back away from me, man. You don’t want to piss me off.”

I smacked his hand away from me. “You need to get the fuck out of my house.”

He shoved my shoulder with his fist. “You gonna make me?”

Now he was really pissing me off. I shoved him back. “Yeah. I am.”

“Anton,” Dom’s voice interrupted. “What are you doing here?”

“We’re going home. Get your bag.”

“I’m not going anywhere, certainly not with you. I told you over and over; we’re through. Now, please leave.”

“You heard him, bub,” I said. I grabbed his arm and he gave me a shove. He swept his foot under my bad leg and knocked it out from under me. I grunted as I slammed onto my back and lost my grip on my cane, which skidded across the floor.

Burgess dropped down to one knee and clamped his left hand around my throat as he brought his right fist back. Before he could swing, I saw my cane smack him hard upside his head. I looked up in shock to see Dom holding the cane like a baseball bat.

“You little bitch!” Burgess growled. He clutched the side of his head, where blood started to trickle. He got up to his feet and stepped towards Dom.

Dom held out the cane to hold him back. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. He tapped the buttons on it and held it up so that Burgess could see the screen. “I’ve already called 9-1-1. If you don’t want to be around to leave a statement, you’d better get the fuck out of here.”

Burgess stared wide-eyed at Dom for a second. His face softened. “I care about you, Dom. You know that.”

“I deserve better than that. I mean it, Anton,” Dom continued. “I don’t want to hurt you or your career, but if you don’t leave us alone, I will tell the cops why you’re here. How long do you think it’ll take before it ends up on TMZ or OutSports?”

His face turned beet red in anger. He blew out a sharp breath and kicked his foot, then turned around and stormed out of the door. He got into his rental and peeled out of the driveway.

Dom set his foot against mine and held out his hand. I grabbed it, and bracing my foot against his, I pulled myself up to my feet. He handed me my cane.

“You really called 911?” I asked as I shut the front door.

“I had it dialed and had my finger on Call. I would have done it. But I think he’ll leave us alone now. He wouldn’t risk his career.”

“Too bad for his wife. She doesn’t deserve that.”

“No, I guess not.”

I took Dom into my arms. I kissed him slowly and deeply.

“I love you, baby,” I told him.

“I love you, too, Bo.”

“You know… I thought my injury was the end of my life.” I ran the back of my knuckles across Dom’s smooth cheek. “But now I can see that my life was just beginning. All because of you, sweetheart.”

Dom’s eyes teared up. “Wow. That is so sweet, Bo.”

I gave him a quick kiss. “Now, about that blowjob you promised me…”

Dom laughed and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the stairs.

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Across the Pond Ch. 03

by dagan732

Hey everybody, I thank you all for your comments and apologize for taking so long with this one. I’m going to work on this story so you won’t have to wait so long for the next chapter. Thanks again.

Two days later, Cion sat on the couch where he had spent much of his time since leaving the hospital being taken care of by Sharon lovingly and to the point of irritation. He had never taken many sick days in his young life and was an awful patient. Sitting about was not something he was accustomed to and Sharon’s mothering was getting to him. He finally snapped and bit out a harsh retort when she asked him for the fourth time if he wanted something to eat or drink.

“Don’t be using that tone with me, boy-o or I’ll belt ya back to Brigid’s Well faster than a Tinker can whistle.”

“I’m sorry, Sharon. You’re right. I shouldn’t have bitten at ya. I just don’t like being sitting round, not of much use to anyone and nothing to keep my hands busy.”

“Well, you could do what you’ve been putting off and call the nice, good looking doctor like you said you would.” Sharon smiled.

“I could, yeah. But what should I say?” Cion asked, feeling the familiar nervousness he’d felt since meeting Sam.

“How about ‘Good evening, Doctor. This is Cion. Fancy a spot of tea?’.”

“Jesus, people didn’t talk like that when you were my age, did they?”

“Keep a civil tongue in your head and I’ll keep the arsenic out of your black and white pudding.”

Cion laughed and shook his head but glanced at the phone sitting next to him like it was a grenade that hadn’t yet exploded.

“It’s simple, Cion. Just talk to him a bit and then ask him if he’d like to go out for coffee or dinner or whatever.” Sharon said as she set a cup of tea down on the coffee table in front of him.

“And if he says no?”

“He won’t say no. Doctor’s are smart, generally, and you’re a great catch. He’ll be interested. He’s probably wondering why you haven’t called already.”

“Fine then. I’ll do it.”


“What? Why now?” Cion asked.

“Cause my brood’ll be home soon and you’ll get no peace. You’re lucky the dogs are being quiet now.”

“Fine. I’ll call now.”

“Good.” Sharon smiled and sat back on the couch.

“Could I have a bit of privacy then?”

“What if you need moral support or a little coaching?” Sharon asked with the bright gleam of mischief in her eyes.

“I’m not a twelve year old girl callin’ my first crush, Sharon. I’m thinking I can handle it.”

“If you could handle it you’d have called yesterday.” Sharon said but made her way out of the room as Cion picked up the phone. He took a deep breath and dialed the number. ‘Here I go’, he thought.


“Dr…” Cion cursed. He had forgotten the doctor’s last name. “Dr. Sam?”


“This is Cion. Um… Cionadh Malloy. We met the other night in your E.R. there.”

“Yeah, I remember. I was wondering when you’d call.”

“Well, I sort of had to gather a bit of courage first.”

“Oh really?” Cion grinned as he heard the smile in Sam’s voice.

“A bit, yeah. So, I was hoping you’d be free to meet for coffee or a drink or a bite to eat?”

“Well, actually I’m a little busy but… um, yeah. A cup of coffee sounds great..”

Cion was a little disappointed that Sam had chosen coffee over a more intimate dinner but took what he was given.

“I’m a little bit new to the area, I’ve only been in America for about three weeks. Is there anywhere you’d recommend?” Cion asked.

“There’s a great little coffee bar in my neighborhood. It’s called Jo-Jo’s. I’m off tomorrow if that works for you.”

“It does. I’ll see you there around six?” Cion was hoping that after a nice cup of coffee he might be able to convince the good doctor to go out for dinner.

“Six is good. I’ll see you there Cion.”

“I’m looking forward to it Sam.” Cion said and hung up the phone. “He said yes.”

Sharon peeked her head into the room from where she had been eavesdropping and smiled.

“Of course he did. I told you so.”

“You did, but there was something in his voice. A sort of hesitation.”

“Just nerves. You’ll be fine.”

“I suppose.” Cion sighed.

“Will you be able to get around all right?”

“Sure, I’m well enough to get around by myself now if you weren’t always hovering.” Cion said with a smile.

Cion left with more than enough time for him to get to the coffee house Sam had suggested. He caught the trains which changed him over to Sam’s neighborhood and walked the few blocks till he came to Jo-Jo’s. The smell of coffee was overwhelming and Cion actually decided against his usual cup of tea and ordered a coffee to sip while he waited.

He didn’t wait long till Sam came in and watched him look around till their eyes met. Cion felt his stomach flutter and happiness spread through his chest. He couldn’t help his smile and was rewarded when Sam smiled back.

“Hey.” Sam said as he came over to Cion’s table.

“Hey yourself. How are you?”

“Fine thanks. You?”

“Doing well.”

Just then the waitress stopped by to ask them if they wanted anything and Sam placed his order.

“Is this your first time to America?” Sam asked after the waitress had left.

“It is. I’m on holiday. I had a yen to come see what the fuss was about.”

“And have you found what it’s about?”

“I think I have.” Cion smiled and watched as a blush crept up Sam’s face. The doctor chuckled at himself and lowered his gaze.

“You don’t beat around the bush too much do you?”

“I try not to. Never been good at games. Even as a child I’d always get chosen last for football.”

“I doubt that. A big guy like you?”

“It’s European football. Size doesn’t really matter.”

“I’ve heard that about Europe.” The doctor teased and had the gratification of watching Cion blush and laugh. “Sorry. It was hard to pass up and you did set yourself up for it.”

“I did at that but rest assured, I’m more than adequate.” Cion winked and Sam grinned and both paused their conversation as the barista returned and handed Sam his cup of regular black coffee.

“Cion, I should tell you before we go much further- Christ, I should have told you before we even got here.” Sam sighed. “I’m not in a good place. I can’t be thinking about a relationship right now.”

“Oh?” Cion felt his stomach drop. “You just got here. I can’t be that bad.”

“No, you’re not. You’re great. You seem nice, you’re adorable, it’s just where I am.”

“And where’s that?”

“Not able to think about starting a future with someone.”

“You were hurt?” Cion asked.

“No. Well, yes, but that’s not really why I can’t-. I just can’t.”

“You can’t.” Cion repeated. “That sounds final.”

“You have no idea.”

“If you weren’t in this ‘bad place’ would you be able to think of starting a future with someone?”


“Well, then there’s really only one thing to do.”

“What’s that?” Sam asked.

“I guess we’ll be friends and we’ll see if we can’t get you out of this place you’re in.”

“I can’t ask you to do that.”

“Then don’t. I’m offering. I could use a friend here in the states and people in bad places generally need friends to pull them out.”

“This isn’t something a friend can help with.”

“A friend can’t be supportive?”

“I suppose.”

“Then that should help. Besides, I’m hoping that when you’re in a place to start thinking of a future you might consider me.”

“Why don’t I explain a little bit more and then maybe you’ll understand.” Sam took a sip of his coffee hoping it would give him the strength to admit something to someone else he hadn’t even come to grips with himself. “You asked if I’d been hurt and I have. My boyfriend of a year and a half left me seven months ago.”

“He must be a real shite piece of work.”

“No, he’s actually a nice guy.” Sam shook his head. “He just can’t handle what I’m going through. He’s weak but still a nice guy. I guess if we were both honest we’d have seen that we weren’t exactly head over heals for one another to begin with. I miss his friendship more than I miss our relationship.”

“Then it’s good that this happened. You know he wasn’t the one if he leaves over some trouble.” Cion argued and Sam laughed.

“Well, not many people handle their loved one dying too well.”


“I have a glioblastoma which is basically a tumor in my brain. I only have about eight months to a year to live.”

Cion could barely swallow and felt nauseous. He didn’t know what to say to make his remarks any better.

“I don’t know what to say, Sam.”

“There’s not much to say, Cion. It’s a shitty deal and I have to live with it. Or not.” Sam chuckled. “Sorry, I’m still dealing with it and my humor can get a little dark at times.”

“Can’t they operate?”

“They can and they will but that’s not going to be it. They’re just taking out most of the tumor and giving me a little more time.”

“Don’t they use radiation or something?”

“Glioblastomas are actually really resistant to radiation therapy but one type of radiation might be an option. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to try chemotherapy.”

“I’ve heard the term but I don’t actually understand what it is?”

“Basically they give you a drug which is basically poison and they hope that it kills the tumor before it kills you. More or less.” Sam sighed and took a sip of his coffee. “I’m sorry, Cion. I shouldn’t have dragged you into this. I’ve been dealing with this alone for a while now, ever since I first found out and when you asked me out I thought it might be nice to just have a drink with a nice guy.”

“I’m glad you did.” Cion said, still feeling the rock in the pit of his stomach.

“No you’re not. You look like you’ve just been told you had a year to live. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done this. I’m gonna go.”

Sam said, and grabbed his coat from the empty chair where he had laid it.

“No! Please! I’m sorry. It’s a bit of a shock. Even doctors don’t hear that someone they know and like is going to die every day.”

“That’s true but there’s no reason you have to be pulled into the muck my life has become.”

“You forget, I’m Irish. I happen to like muck.” Cion said and smiled brightly hoping he could put aside his own feelings for the moment.

“You’re crazy.” Sam chuckled but sat back down. “If your offer’s still open, I think I’ll take you up on it.”

“Dinner?” Cion asked.

“Well, that too but I meant being friends.”

“My mother always said ‘no one is too rich as to throw away a friend’ and we were poorer than most.” Cion lifted his mug in salute. “Then it’s settled. Friends.”

“Friends.” Sam agreed.

The two finished their drinks and headed to one of Sam’s favorite restaurants for dinner. It was a nice little Italian place with an ambiance that was at once intimate and not overly suggestive. They talked over dinner and found each other to be the prefect company for the evening.

“What did you do then?” Cion asked, being entertained by Sam’s stories of med school.

“We waited. We waited for four hours but it was so worth it. When Ryan came back into the morgue and started back to work, we inflated the tubes and all this weird looking jello came out of the cadaver. I mean, everywhere! His eyes, his mouth, the y incision, it was a mess.”

“You were a cheeky bastard then.” Cion said, smiling at the image in mind of a young, roguish Sam.

“Oh yeah. But Ryan’s face was horrified! He thought he had been working on a body with the Bubonic Plague or Hemato-Lacrimal Fever or something.” They laughed as the waitress appeared at their table.

“Anything else tonight, Doc?” She asked.

“I’m fine, Marie. Cion?”

“Couldn’t eat another bite.”

“Great. I hope you guys have a great night.” She said and placed the check down on the table.

Their eyes met as they both reached for it.

“I asked you out tonight, Sam. I’m paying.”

“No, Cion. It’s not everyday you meet a great guy who offers to be your friend through something like this. I’ve got it.” Sam pulled the check from under Cion’s hands.

“I just offered to be your friend, Sam. I haven’t walked on water.”

“Well, when you walk on water I’ll get the check then too.” Sam slipped some bills into the check folder and laid it on the table. “Are you ready?”

They walked down the avenue continuing their conversation as they noticed a great deal of people heading in their general direction. At the end of the block they saw it had been closed off and a large banner named it the St. Anthony Festival.

“What do you think?” Sam asked. “You game?”

“I haven’t been to church in ages. Do you think ol’ St. Anthony might get a bit bent?”

“Let’s take our chances.” Sam smiled and led the way.

Hours later, they were still laughing as they stopped in front of Sharon and Jake’s house.

“This is me then.” Cion said as he fished his keys out of his pocket.

“Wow. You live here? I live in an apartment. Just how much do construction workers get these days?”

“It’s my ma’s friends that live here. They’re just letting me stay while I’m here.”

“On holiday.” Sam remembered.


“So when do you think you’ll leave?”

“If you ask Sharon, I’ll be here till she’s good and ready to send me packing. I’m thinking I’ll be here for another few weeks till my visiting visa expires, then head back and get a work visa. Jake’s already said he’ll sponsor me and he’s got a few friends ‘in high places’ as he puts it that will help the paperwork go through.”

“Friends ‘in high places’?” Sam asked. “You know what, don’t tell me. I’d rather not know.”

“I didn’t ask too many questions myself.” Cion smiled. “Would you like to come in? I’ve got a terrible thirst, I imagine you do as well.”

“I’d better not.” Sam said. “I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I’m actually training my replacement, so to speak.”

“You’re replacement? You’ve been fired?”

“No, I’ve taken a leave of absence indefinitely. My condition makes it dangerous for me to practice medicine, especially emergency medicine.” Cion felt the reality of their situation flood back to him.

“I see.”

“Yeah. Anyway, I want to thank you.” Sam sighed. “If you rethink this… being friends and all… I’ll understand. I just appreciate tonight. It’s been a while since I was able to relax a little.”

“Sam, I’m not going anywhere. I said I’ll be your friend and that’s something the Irish take very seriously.” Cion smiled. “That and whiskey.”

“Glad to hear it.” Sam smiled back. “I should get going.”

“Sure, yeah.” Cion stepped forward and took Sam in his arms. “I’ll see you soon?”


Cion watched as the doctor walked back the way they came. He sighed and headed into the house. He lay in bed unable to sleep until his phone rang a few hours later and he saw that it was a familiar number.

“Hello Ma.”

“What’s wrong?” She asked without preamble. He wasn’t surprised. Though he didn’t put too much credence in psychic abilities his mother did have an uncanny gift of knowing when he was upset.

“I met someone.”

“That’s usually a good thing.”

“He has a problem.”

“He’s married?”

“What? No! Why would you think that?”

“Something that happened- never mind. What’s the problem?”

“He’s got cancer.”

“He’s American. They all have cancer.”

“Ma, this is serious.”

“Right. Well, what are they doing for it?”

“I can’t even remember. He told me but I honestly was stuck at the cancer and the part where he thinks he’s going to die.”

“People who think they will usually find a way to make it happen.”


“What are you going to do?” Margaret asked.

“The only thing I can do, Ma. Be his friend. That’s all he’s allowing me.”

“That may be all he thinks he has to offer.”

“I’ve felt like I’m looking for something for so long and now that I finally found it, it might be taken from me.”

“You’ve been looking for someONE not something. People don’t come with guarantees love. You’re going to have to have a little faith on this one.” Margaret sighed, feeling her son’s pain.

“I’m not sure I’ll come out of this in one piece.” Cion admitted.

“If you did, it wouldn’t have been worth it.”

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Across the Pond Ch. 02

by dagan732

The rest of the week, Sharon and her family showed Cion what Queens had to offer and showed him Manhattan during the weekend. He was enthralled. Bright lights and big city were words that could never have hoped to do New York justice. As they drove along the streets or made their way through the subways, Sharon made a point to show Cion every gay bar she knew of or suspected. Her son Alec had scoffed when he had found out Cion’s preference till Jake tapped him upside the head.

“We don’t judge in this family.” He said with a strength behind his words.

“Don’t worry, Cion.” Jake and Sharon’s daughter Jess said. “He hasn’t even had a girlfriend so what does he know. He could very well be gay too.”

“Jess, stop aggravating your brother!” Sharon yelled, then went back to whatever it was she was saying about New York.

Cion had gotten used to the whirlwind that was the Burgoyne-DeLuca family. Their love was apparent but the parents gave their children no quarter when it came to disrespecting others. And all in all, Cion had to admit that the kids were pretty good kids, even Alec. He definitely felt welcome with them and looked forward to his time here with more excitement, but couldn’t shake the feeling that he was looking for something. How was he supposed to find something in a city this big when he didn’t know what it was he was supposed to be searching for?

They called it an early evening Sunday and went home for dinner rather than eating out as they had most of the week. Everyone seemed tired but happy with the fast paced tour they had given Cion and happy to have a nice quiet evening at home. Even Alec’s music, usually rather loud, was quiet and subdued. Sharon and Jake sat on the couch, her legs propped up on his, reading and unwinding from the day.

“You have a minute, Jake?” Cion asked as he came up from his room.

“Sure. What’s on your mind?”

“I was wondering if I could start at work tomorrow with ya?” Cion asked and saw Sharon frown.

“We told you, Cion. You’re not to be paying us anything, so why don’t you take some time for yourself?” Sharon argued.

“Sharon, if I did that I’d likely go off the rails. I’ve been working since I could spit in a dogs eye. I’d really feel much better with something to do.”

“If you want to, Cion.” Jake finally relented.

“I do.”

“Great. I leave around six in the morning.”

“Grand.” Cion said, smiling. “It’ll be great craic, Jake. You’ll see.”

Cion left to go downstairs to his bedroom. Jake looked at Sharon.

“What the hell did he say?” Sharon only smiled.

The next morning, Cion’s alarm rang at quarter after five and he pulled himself out of bed like a hibernating bear who thinks it’s a bit too early to be lumbering about. Once under the shower spray, set to tepid to help him wake up, he felt more human and able to meet the day. He dressed quickly and was upstairs as Jake was buttering a slice of toast.

“Morning.” Jake greeted cheerfully.

“Morning.” Cion’s greeting was not as cheerful.

“Wow. You know, you don’t have to do this.”

“It’s fine, Jake. I’m just a bit slow in the morning is all. I’ll have me mother’s milk and be right as rain in no time.”

“Your ‘mother’s milk’?” Jake asked.

“Aye. Tea, I believe you Yanks call it.”

“Oh right. Um… not sure where it is. Sharon’s turned into more of a coffee drinker.”

“She keeps it right over there in the cabinet. She was sweet enough to buy it special.” Cion said as he set the kettle to boil and took out two bags. “We’ve time, yeah?”

“Yeah. We’ve got another couple minutes. You sure you’re going to be good with just that? You wouldn’t want toast, or eggs or something?” Jake asked.

“An Irishman can go to war on one of three things; love, whiskey and tea.”

Jake laughed. “I’ll have to remember that.”

They arrived home later that night, tired but feeling a sense of accomplishment. Jake was suitably impressed with Cion’s work and Cion was happy that Jake was impressed. They walked in the door and Sharon came to meet them.

“Jesus! You both look like hell. Go take your showers and I’ll have supper on the table when you get out.”

They both agreed and went to their respective rooms to change. Cion stripped down in the bathroom and turned the shower on allowing it to steam the room up nicely. After the work out he had today, his muscles would need some relief. Not that he wasn’t used to manual labor, but the extra effort he used to convince Jake that he was capable took it’s toll.

Cion used his hands and wiped some of the condensation away from the large mirror in front of him and thought of Sharon’s comparison of him and his father. He had seen very few pictures of Dylan Malloy when he was growing up and had thought that his father and mother had been married until finding out that M had legally changed her name after his death.

He stood at the mirror, all six feet two of himself and smiled. His teeth were white and thankfully straight as he thought if there had been a problem, his mother would have tried crystals or blue green algae before braces. His dark hair was a bit long, but it suited his face which he usually swept it back from. His eyes were bright blue and his lovers often said they changed with his moods.

His lovers also said he often had the look of Clive Owen but with his goatee, Cion couldn’t see it. His chest was muscular and sparsely covered with hair. His arms were muscular from the many years of hard work and his stomach was flat despite his non-vegetarian diet. All in all, he thought he made an attractive package and wished he would soon find the man that would steal his heart and gladly give him his. And with a sigh, he slipped into the water and let his worries wash away.

The week went on pretty much the same as it had started. Cion loved the work, the new challenge and the area. It was exciting being in Queens, where all he had to do was stop in the local pub to hear a bit of home and look to the east to see Manhattan stand so tall and pretty. Some nights he would go up to the roof of the house and stand watching the city sparkle and shimmer in the summer heat. The breeze that would blow by him was so warm it felt like a hot whisper against his skin. But he couldn’t bring himself to go exploring much more than to the local store. Something held him back and he wasn’t sure what it was.

“You should go out.” Sharon began to push him as he sat in one weekend. “You’ve been here two weeks and you haven’t stepped outside the door. Go out and make some friends. If you want I can call some and ask if you could tag along.”

“Thanks, Sharon but no. I couldn’t do that. I’d feel awkward. Besides, they’re already friends. I’d just be an unwanted addition.”

“You wouldn’t though. At least let me call one and ask for a nice place for you to go.”

“You’d better let her, Cion.” Jake said. “You’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t.”

“I’ll go with if you like.” Sharron offered, her face bright with the thought of going to a gay club.

“Again Sharon, thanks but no. I’ll go on my own. It’ll be grand.”

And with that it was settled. Cion worked the week with Jake and his crew, took his pay and bought some new clothes with the help of Sharon’s daughter Jess. She was young, but Cion had to admit, she had an eye for good clothes and he trusted her to show him what was in style. Sharon met them as they got back to the house with their arms loaded with bags.

“I see you had the help of our professional shopper.” Sharon said nodding at Jess.

“I did and she was magnificent. Apparently I needed more than I thought I did.” Cion grinned.

“You got him good deals on all of it, Jess?”

“Course I did, mom. As you said, I’m a professional.” The teenager smirked. “Have a great time tonight, Cion. I’d say that I’d go with you but there’s no chance in hell.”

“You can say that again, miss.” Sharon nodded. “You’re lucky your father allows you an occasional beer when I’m not looking. You won’t set foot in a bar till you’re twenty one.”

“That’s such crap though. You were in bars when you were sixteen.”

“I grew up in Ireland. You don’t. Live with it.”

“So when we go to Ireland again I can drink?” Jess looked hopeful and her mother looked trapped and unhappy about it.

“We’ll discuss it then.” She said and watched her daughter head up to her room.

“I imagine they grow up fast.” Cion observed.

“Faster than you’d like and slower than is safe for them. When they get to be this age you just pray for them to be safe.” She sighed. “Are you excited about tonight?”

“I guess I am. A little nervous though. There are gay clubs in Mayo but I’m going to be a bit on my own tonight.”

“I told you I’d go with you. I still can. Or I can call my friends.”

“No. I need to go out on my own tonight. Perhaps another time. Thanks.”

“No bother. And don’t worry about needing to be discreet. The door downstairs won’t wake us up.” Cion blushed but nodded, making Sharon smile as he headed to his room.

He didn’t eat dinner, preferring to pick something up on his way out. Cion spent an hour lounging about his room before getting ready and heading upstairs to say goodnight to his hosts. Jake and Sharon were in their usual places on the couch watching t.v.

“Jake, Sharon I’ll be heading out now.” Cion said and they both turned.

“Oh Cion! You look devastating!” Sharon smiled.

Cion looked down at what he was wearing and hoped she was right. His dark green shirt set off his bright blue eyes and his dark slacks complimented the look. Even his new shoes, which Jess had insisted he needed, made him feel well dressed and attractive.

“Yeah, guy. You look pretty sharp.” Jake agreed.

“So I won’t be too rough on the eyes then?” Cion felt a little nervousness leave him.

“Definitely not. You’ll be having them queue up for blocks.” Sharon said.

“That really didn’t sound good, honey.” Jake added, shaking his head.

“Well, I’ll be off then. Wish me luck.”

“You won’t need it. You’re stunning and Americans are fools for the brogue.” Sharon yelled after him as he headed out.

Cion chuckled and headed the few blocks to the subway. He made his way out to the club which one of Sharon’s friends had said was a good place to start. The club was in Queens as Cion hadn’t wanted to stray too far away from the area he was familiar with and as he walked up the street he saw a good many man, in groups or alone, heading toward the same place he was. He walked into the club and was hit by a wave of music and heat.

‘Definitely a gay bar.’ Cion thought sardonically as he made his way to the bar.

He ordered a drink from the cute little bartender who stayed and chatted with him for a while, before finally agreeing to go and dance with one of the many offers he received. One dance led to another, one partner led to another and it was some time before Cion found himself back at the bar able to order another drink.

“You’re popular tonight.” The cute bartender said with a smile.

“It must be the accent.” Cion answered, thinking of what Sharon said.

“I don’t think it’s the accent. Not that it hurts. If I were single I’d hit on you hard core.”

“You’re not then?”

“No, my boyfriend’s right over there.” The bartender pointed.

“Next to the go-go dancer?”

“He is the go-go dancer.”

“Fine right body on him.” Cion observed.

“That he does and a mind to match. He’s pre-law at Columbia. I keep wondering what he sees in me.”

“If he’s got a mind to match, I imagine he sees a sweet, cute man he can spend his days with.” Cion winked and the bartender grinned. They introduced themselves as the bartender, Travis bought Cion’s next round.

“So what brings you from Ireland?”

“Adventure. Mystery. Romance. I’ve heard tell that they’re opening up the west to settlers.”

“Um yeah about a hundred and fifty years ago.”

“Well, Ireland’s not big on getting the news.”


Cion refused all other offers to dance preferring to speak with Travis and his boyfriend, Eric when he was on break. At the end of the night, Cion was allowed to stay and nurse his drink while all others had been shown the door.

“So Cion, why did you spend the entire night talking to me when there were so many guys here who would be dying to go home with you?” Travis asked. “Not that I minded the company, I’m just wondering.”

“When I was back in Ireland I sort of got it in my mind that I should go to America and felt like there was something here for me. I didn’t feel like what I’m looking for was here tonight.”

“That must be the deep poetic Irish soul I’ve heard so much about.” Eric grinned.

“Ah yes, the Irish have deep souls.” Cion agreed. “Where else are we going to hide the liquor?”

“I think it’s romantic.” Travis said with a dreamy sigh. “Foolish and hopeless but romantic.”

The bartender lifted the glass of whiskey he had poured himself and Eric once the club closed and saluted Cion.

“To your foolish, hopeless and romantic search, Cion. May you find what you’re looking for.” They each downed their drinks and slapped the tumblers down on the bar.

“Well lads, you’ve been great letting me stay for the craic but I’d best go.” Cion said, standing.

“Crack? You have crack?” Travis asked, confused.

“Craic is Irish for good conversation and fun times.” Eric explained.

“Ah, you know a bit about the Irish then?” Cion asked.

“My ex was from County Westmeath.”

“Who? Timothy the slut?” Travis asked.

“Yeah.” Eric answered, shaking his head at his boyfriend’s jealousy.

“Well again boys, thank you and hopefully I’ll see you again.” Cion said and left the bar.

It had been a good night and he had had enough to be in good spirits but not so much as to have difficulty walking home. He was only a block away when Cion had the feeling that he was being followed and glanced back to see a small group of young men walking behind him. As he turned and saw then, they broke into a run after him. He was caught within minutes and thrown to the ground.

“Fucking faggot!” One of the boys said as they slammed their shoe into his stomach.

Cion had the breath knocked out of him and struggled desperately to draw in air. His back burned as another kicked him from behind and felt a wave of nausea as one kicked his groin. He stopped listening but knew they still screamed hatred at him and knew that if he stayed there he was likely to die. As he struggled to stand, one of the boys grabbed his shirt and threw him head first into a brick wall. Cion barely had enough time to raise his hands before his face and head connected with the hard surface.

“Get the fuck away from him?!” Came a loud roar.

“Someone call the cops!!!” Came another and the group of boys scattered away.

Eric and Travis raced up and knelt down.

“Oh shit! It’s Cion. Call 911, baby.” Eric said but Travis was already on his cell phone.

They stayed with Cion until the medics and police arrived and he was lifted into the back of the ambulance. Cion blacked out and only awoke later in the hospital.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” Said a kindly voice and Cion turned his head to see an elderly nurse standing next to his bed. She was fiddling with an I.v. that was apparently hooked up to his arm.

“What happened?” He asked and winced at the pain in his face.

“You were attacked. The police are waiting to get your statement but the doctor is keeping them out till he sees you first. I’ll go get him.” She said and left the little room.

Cion took stock of his injuries, feeling his arm which throbbed and ached and touching his face feeling bandages taped over a good portion. ‘This isn’t what I need, Lord.’ he thought as the nurse returned with the doctor.

Cion looked up and saw two of the kindest eyes he’d ever seen staring at him with concern. They were green like the hills behind his house and he suddenly felt like he was home for the first time in his life. The man was tall or seemed to be tall standing next to his bed, with broad shoulders which looked like they carried the emotional weight of his occupation regularly. His hair was light brown with subtle highlights of gold and just a bit of red. Though he was a large man, he looked in shape with just a bit of a belly. The man smiled and Cion felt his own lips curve in response, though it was painful.

“Hey, you’re looking better.” He said, and Cion felt his deep, sexy timbre slip over him like a comforting blanket.

“I’m feeling like shite though.”

“I imagine you do but luckily the worst injuries aren’t severe. You had a bad bump on the head, but luckily there’s no internal damage or bleeding. I’d say a sprained wrist, some small scrapes and scratches. You’re going to be sore and tender for a couple of days at least.”

“Will I be able to work, though?”

“Not for a while. Give yourself some time to heal. Is there anyone we can call to come get you?”

“Um yeah. Sharon.” Cion gave Sharon’s number to the nurse.

“Sharon is a girlfriend? Wife?” The doctor asked and had turned away as if his attention were caught elsewhere.

“No. She’s my ma’s friend. I’m staying with her for a few weeks.” Cion said and met the doctor’s eyes as they swiveled back to his.

“Not to pry, but the police said this was possibly a gay bashing.”

“Aye, it was. I had just come from a club not far away and some kids were following me.”

“Did they rape you?” The doctor asked, his voice lowering.

“No. They just beat the sin out of me.” Cion answered and the doctor nodded.

“Well, if you feel up to it the police are waiting for your statement. It’s usually best to get this out of the way but if you need some time…”

“No, thank you. I’d like to get it over with.”

“Ella,” the doctor said addressing the nurse. “Would you give Mr. Malloy’s friend a call?”

“Yes, doctor.” She said and left to call Sharon.

“Are you in any pain?”


“All right. I’ll get the officers. It was nice meeting you, Cionaodh.” The doctor said and smiled.

“Cion.” He said, smiling back.


“It’s Cion for short.”

“Oh. Ok. Nice meeting you, Cion.”



“What’s your name?”

“Oh sorry. My name’s Sam.”

“Nice to meet you too Sam.” Cion smiled and felt a burst of joy when the doctor blushed and grinned before he left the room.

Sharon arrived an hour later and burst into the room with her usual energy and concern. Jake wasn’t far behind her.

“Jaysus! Cion! Are you all right?”

“Yeah, Sharon. I’m well, thanks.” Cion chuckled at his own little joke. “Actually, I feel a little worse for wear.”

“I don’t doubt it. Those fuckers! You spoke with the police then?”

“I did, but they don’t seem too optimistic that anything will come of it. I barely saw their faces.”

“Little shit heads!” Sharon burst out. “You try to teach your kids to be tolerant of all others and little bastards like that go around and make us all look bad.”

The doctor came in at that moment and took a minute to introduce himself to Sharon and Jake. Cion flushed a little when Sharon wriggled her eyebrows at him behind the doctors back. The doctor explained Cion’s injuries and then the discharge plan before handing them papers to sign.

“Sharon, Jake, I’ll pay the whole thing back.” Cion said after the doctor left.

“Don’t worry about it, Cion.” Jake shook his head. “You don’t owe us anything. I can’t believe this happened.”

“I told your mum I’d take care of you, boy-o. Fine right job I’m doing from the looks of it.” Sharon added.

“This isn’t your fault. It’s mine. If I hadn’t gone out tonight-.” Cion began.

“This isn’t Belfast, Cion. We don’t live in a police state here. You can bloody well go where you please. And you should be able to go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about taking a beating.”

The nurse came in and handed them a copy of the discharge plans the doctor had outlined before and a prescription for a pain reliever and said they were free to go. Jake and Sharon helped Cion out of the hospital as he was a little unsteady on his feet. The electric doors opened and ushered them out into the heat of the summer night when Cion caught a glimpse of the doctor off to the side smoking a cigarette.

“Would you give me a moment?” He asked them. Sharon grinned.

“Of course, love. You’ll be all right?”

“I think I can handle a few steps.” He said and headed over toward Sam.

“You caught me.” Sam said with a guilty smile. “I’ve been meaning to give them up.”

“Ah sure, five year olds smoke in Ireland so it’s fine.” He answered, then wasn’t sure where to go from there. Sam apparently wasn’t either and just nodded.

“Come back if you have any trouble or you’re still in pain after a few days.” Sam added.

“Right. I will. Thanks.”

“No problem. It’s the job.”

“Right….. the job…..”

“Well, it was nice meeting you Cion.” Sam said and tossed his cigarette to the street. “I’d better get in.”

“Sam?” Cion called, just as the doctor was about to head into the hospital.


“I hope I’m not making a total ass of myself, which is probably a really good thing to say to make good and sure that I am, but….”


“I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me at some point? I mean, I should be healed up nice and good in just a few days. At least that’s what my doctor says and I trust him. He seems to know what he’s talking about.”

“Um…” Sam began.

“We could grab a cup of coffee or some lunch if you’d like. Or if I’ve made an ass of myself by assuming you’re gay and you’re not, than I’m sorry and hope that you’ll take it as a compliment.”

“No. You assumed correctly.” Sam smiled.

“You have someone?” Cion asked with a sour stomach. He hadn’t even thought of that option.

“No. I’m single. It’s just that-.” A nurse ran out and interrupted Sam.

“Doctor, we’ve got a mass casualty coming in. Five patients. E.T.A. six minutes.”

“Thank you, Beth.” The doctor turned back to Cion. “I’ll give you my cell phone number. Give me a call tomorrow.”

“I don’t have a cell phone. You wouldn’t happen to have a pen and paper?” Cion asked.

“I’ve one.” Sharon said from where she had been listening a few feet away. She rushed over and took the doctor’s number.

“I’ll call tomorrow then.” Cion assured Sam.

“Great! I’ll talk to you then.”

“Good luck with the casualty thing!” Cion called after Sam as he rushed into the hospital.

“‘Good luck with the casualty thing’?” Sharon asked with a giggle. “Jesus, you’ll have to go home and kiss the Blarney stone like a fecking tourist!”

“Ah that’s enough from you.” Cion said with a wide smile across his face. He rode home in the s.u.v. not minding the pain but waiting for tomorrow when he could call Sam.

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Do Bears Fuck in the Woods?

by adam_c

“So Jack, let me get this straight,” Michael said, swatting at a mosquito that landed on his arm. “You’ve dragged me out into the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a bunch of hemp-wearing nature enthusiasts because you’ve been chatting to some guy on Grindr who likes hiking?”

Jack grinned at him and dabbed at his sweat beaded forehead with a (Marc Jacobs) handkerchief.

“Guilty,” he said, “But if you’d seen him you’d have done the same thing. His cock should be in a museum”

They were at the very rear of the group, two hours into a six hour hike and on day one of a three day trip. The tour guides were keeping up a grueling pace and the uneven shale track made walking awkward and treacherous. They reached the base of yet another steep incline and watched in dismay as the rest of the group took to it with enthusiasm and vigor.

Michael took a long draw on his water bottle and sighed. “You know what might have been easier?” he said. Jack looked at him with interest. “Lying!”

“Oh well of course.” Jack replied. “I told him I loved the great outdoors. Enjoyed nothing more than communing with nature, crapping in the bushes and wiping my ass with leaves.” His voice came in short gasps as he stomped up the trail. “In fact,” he wheezed “I told him I’d just got back from a grueling kayaking weekend.”

“Good man.” Michael said, rolling his eyes. “And then?” Jack flung out his hands dramatically. “Pictures!” he shrieked. “He asked for fucking pictures!”

“Ah. A flaw in your almost perfect deception.” “Damn right. I had to tell him that my camera had been stolen by a mischievous raccoon.”

“Thats what you come up with?”

Jack snorted. “Yeah, not my best work.”

When they reached the top of the ridge Jack gestured for Michael to stop. He reached into the side-pocket of his backpack and withdrew a tiny digital camera. He waggled it and grinned. “Will you do the honors.” He said. “You are a photographer after all.”

Michael groaned. “Have you not heard of photoshop?” he said. “It would have saved us a lot of effort.”

“I thought of that.” Jack replied, thrusting the camera in Michael’s hand. “But doing it this way means I’ll have some sexy blisters for him to look at when my feet are up around his ears.”

“Classy.” Michael said.

“And I know it.” Jack replied, moving into position at the top of the ridge and striking a pose more suited to the cover of GQ. “Anyway,” he said, smoothing down his hair. “There are some perks.”

Michael switched on the camera and squinted at the screen. “Oh,” he said, “and what would they be?”

“Hotty One and Hotty Two.” Jack replied, gesturing further along the trail.

Michael glanced down at the two broad-shouldered men picking their way down the slope.

“I hadn’t noticed.” Michael lied. One of them in particular was devastatingly good looking. Tall with a rugby players build and a beautifully trimmed beard. “And anyway, they’re totally straight.”

“No doubt.” Jack replied. “But nice to look at nonetheless. Speaking of which, get on with it and take the damn picture” “Okay, okay.” Michael said, fixing him in the viewfinder. “Just take a tiny step back.”

Jack did as instructed and with a yelp and a shower of loose rocks, disappeared over the ridge.

Michael watched with horror as, with many expletives and much girlish screaming, Jack tumbled down the narrow slope. Hotty One and Hotty Two paused and turned towards the commotion. With a sickening thud Jack collided with Hotty One and the pair of them disappeared into the undergrowth.

In the disconcerting silence that followed, Michael picked his way down the slope as quickly as he dared and discovered Jack and Hotty One in a tangled heap at the foot of a huge tree. Hotty Two was crouched beside them and appeared to have taken charge of the situation. He helped to untangle them and began assessing both Jack and his own friend for injuries. He ran his hands over Jack’s torso and then his arms and his legs.

“Any pain here?” Hotty Two said repeatedly, and despite the fact that his face was scratched and bleeding Jack seemed to be enjoying himself at least a little.

“No.” He said. “Nope. No. Nah…….. Ow!”

Hotty Two hissed through his teeth as he examined Jack’s already swollen and purpling ankle. “Bad news buddy,” he said, “I think it might be broken.”

He looked up at Michael. “You,” he said sternly, “run along the trail and get the guides. There’s no way your … er … friend is walking out of here.”

Michael mumbled something incoherent and did as instructed. He jogged along the track, overtaking several of the other group members until he collared one of the guides, a wiry women in her mid-fifties with the aura of a stern school teacher. By the time the two of them returned to the scene of the accident it had become apparent that Hotty One had also suffered a fracture – his collarbone. With calm efficiency and authority the tour guide radioed the nearest ranger station and arranged for an all-terain vehicle to collect the two injured party members. They would be taken to a nearby clearing where they would be speeded by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

Michael crouched with Jack in the undergrowth, clutching his friends hand as they waited for the rangers. Jack’s face was flushed and he was breathing in-and-out in little gasps.

“You look like you’re giving birth.” Michael said.

“Fuck. You. Asshole.” Jack replied.

“Do you still want me to take a picture?”

Jack looked set to repeat his previous statement, but after a brief pause his face lit up. “Thats. A. Great. Idea.”

With a pained grimace on his face he maneuvered his injured foot into view. “Make sure you capture the swelling.” He said. “I may get a pity fuck out of this.”

Hotty Two was sat on a felled log nearby helping to strap up his companions arm. He cleared his throat and glared at them with disapproval as Michael took several pictures.

“Right you two.” The guide said in a clipped British accent, looking at Michael and Hotty Two. “No use dawdling here. Go and catch up with the rest of the group and I’ll stay until the Rangers arrive.”

“Oh,” Michael said. “I should really go with my friend.” “Nonsense! There’s no point in both of you missing out on the trip. And besides, there won’t be room for all of you in the chopper.”

“She’s right.” Jack whispered, peering up from the muddy ground like something out of Saving Private Ryan. “You. Must. Go. On”. His voice was heavy with feigned disappointment, but his eyes glittered with amusement.

“Uh.. Oh … um.” Michael muttered, but like a chastised schoolboy he marched back to the trail under the withering glare of the guide.

Jack called out from behind him. “Take lots of pictures.” +++

After locating the rest of the group, Michael and Hotty Two continued along the trail in stony silence. As Michael stared at the man’s broad, sweat-stained back he could practically see the waves of disapproval and annoyance radiating from him.

The remaining guide called them to a stop at a small clearing an hour or two before sundown. Michael felt bone tired and had developed painful blisters on both feet. The rest of the group however, simply glowed with health and groaned with disappointment when the guide reported that they were done hiking for the day. Stoic Hotty Two just looked generally pissed off. Smolderingly sexy and pissed off.

Michael settled down on a nearby rock and downed the last, lukewarm dregs of his water bottle. Without a word Hotty Two went over to speak to a pair of young women and made a great show of helping them to erect their tent. One of the girls, a statuesque brunette who appeared to have come dressed as Lara Croft, flirted outrageously with him and thrust her bosom so far forward that she seemed at risk of straining her back.

The unseemly display was interrupted when the tour guide called both Michael and Hotty Two together in the centre of the clearing. The guide had clearly spent too much time in the wild, for he was more beard than man. As he spoke to them it was impossible to see his mouth moving.

“You two can bunk up together for the rest of the trip.” He said, to which both Michael and Hotty Two immediately began to protest.

The guide silenced them with a raised hand. “No discussion.” He said. “There’s no reason to be setting up more tents than necessary and we have a strict buddy system for most actives. Y’all better get used to each others company.”

With that the guide turned and walked away, leaving Michael and Hotty Two in a most uncomfortable silence.

Michael took a deep breath and thrust out his hand. “I’m Mike.” He said.

Hotty Two stared at Michael’s offered hand as if it were an angry rattlesnake before reluctantly taking it in a warm, firm grip.

“Aaron.” He said, curtly. “Can you take care of the tent?” . He nodded towards the two girls that he had been helping earlier. “I’m trying to lay some groundwork with that brunette over there.”

“Oh … um … sure.” Michael said.

Putting up the tent was easier than Michael had expected and he was tucked up inside just as the sun dipped below the horizon. He had stripped down to his underwear and was examining his blistered feet in the white glow of a camping lantern when the tent flap opened and Aaron crawled inside. Aaron nodded a silent greeting before unfurling his sleeping bag and climbing inside fully clothed.

“Do you mind turning the light out?” He muttered. “I want to get some shut-eye for tomorrow.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course.” – You gorgeous, miserable bastard – Michael replied and flicked the switch on the lantern.

He settled into his own sleeping bag and turned so that his back was towards Aaron.

“Your friend?” Aaron whispered suddenly, startling Michael.


“He’s gay, right?” “Right.” Michael said, concerned about where this conversation was going and considering the likelihood of being dismembered and buried in the woods before the end of the night.

“And you?” For a shameful second Michael considered lying. “Yeah” he said, “I’m gay too.”

There was a deathly silence and Michael cringed into the darkness.

“Okay.” Aaron said finally. “But I want to make it clear, I’m not. Okay?”

“Okay.” Michael said, relieved that it was out of the way and annoyed at Aaron for being so presumptuous. Why did all straight guys assume that they were irresistible to any gay guy? Michael fumed over it for a few seconds before he realised, with a flush of shame, that he was incredibly attracted to Aaron and were circumstances different he would’ve hit on him in a heartbeat.

“There’s some cream in the side-pocket of my bag.” Aaron said, startling Michael again.


“Anaesthetic cream. It’ll help with your feet.”

Maybe he wasn’t such a bastard after all. “Thanks.” Michael said. “Can I put the light back on?”

“If you’re quick.”

They were woken early the next day by the surly British tour guide who had obviously rejoined them during the night. They were given an hour to decamp and would hike half a day to the ‘Watering Hole’. This raised a ripple of excitement from the group and even raised a smile from the usually the stony-faced Aaron. Michael hadn’t bothered to read the brochure before agreeing to join Jack on the trip and had not idea what the fuss was about.

After quickly consuming a bowl of tasteless porridge the group set off at a brisk clip. The anaesthetic cream was a Godsend, and Michael’s blisters barely bothered him. His leg muscles protested for the first couple of hours, but he soon settled into the pace and began to enjoy the scenery and fresh air, stopping here and there to take a picture. Aaron walked just ahead of him as he had the day before but barely spoke. Michael consoled himself by enjoying the view of his firm round ass in the fabric of his snug shorts. Gay or straight it didn’t mean that Michael couldn’t look.

At all of the regular, short rest-stops Aaron spent his time chatting to the brunette and her friend. Michael exchanged small-talk with the rest of the group, a pleasant if slightly oddball bunch of middle-age couples and lesbians.

At just after mid-day an excited hush overcame the group and it became apparent that they were approaching ‘The Watering Hole.”. Michael could hear the sound of running water in the distance and had expected to find a pool of greenish water fed by a small stream, perhaps with a half-rotted raccoon carcass bobbing on the surface. However, when the trail dipped down into a small opening Michael gasped with surprise at what lay within. ‘The Watering Hole” was not a name that did justice to the beautiful work of nature that greeted the hot and sweaty hikers. A glorious waterfall tumbled down from a cliff about twenty meters high and into a deep pool of clear sparkling water. The pool was surrounded by a tall jumble of smooth dark rocks and patches of rich green foliage. Rainbow patterns danced in water droplets that hung in the air.

With whoops of delight several of the group threw off their backpacks and jumped fully clothed into the pool while others stripped down to shorts or swimsuits. The water looked so cool and refreshing that Michael immediately kicked off his shoes and peeled off his sweaty clothes until he was stood in just his underwear. He stepped down onto the cool wet rocks just as one of the older women he had been chatting to earlier did the same. Just a few steps down the woman trod on a patch of slimy fungus, slipped and nearly tumbled head first upon the rocks. With a speed that surprised even himself, Michael reached out and grabbed the woman’s arm, preventing her fall.

“Thank God you were there.” She said, her eyes wide and face pale with shock. “I could have broken my neck.”

“If only I’d been so quick when my friend fell.” Michael laughed and guided the woman the rest of the way down.

After he’d helped her into the water he looked up to find Aaron watching him from the centre of the pool. His expression was reliably dour, but Michael though he detected a glint of approval in his pale blue eyes. Perhaps he was impressed by his good deed and ninja quick reflexes. Aaron’s interest was fleeting however, and he soon turned his gaze upon the brunette as she swam circles around him in nothing but her bra and panties.

Michael shrugged and lowered himself into the deliciously cool water, sinking right down until it covered him completely. The floor of the pool dropped away so dramatically that he was immediately forced to tread water.

After a few minutes of aimless splashing about Michael turned to find Aaron climbing out onto the rocks on the far side of the pool. Much as Michael had, Aaron had stripped down to his underwear. The snug white material of his shorts had become almost see through in the water and clung to the firm, pink mounds of his buttocks. The waistband had slipped down to reveal the very top of his ass crack and above that his broad muscular back glistened with droplets of water. Michael sighed with delight as Aaron turned to give the front view, a beautifully sculpted chest and flat stomach covered in a thick, wet thatch of dark hair, his nipples small and hard from the cold water. He stood shameless – or perhaps oblivious – of the fact that his thick cock and plum-sized balls were plainly visible through his sodden shorts.

Michael felt his own cock growing rigid at the sight, and was more than a little relieved that his reaction was hidden beneath the water. When Aaron smiled, his face lit up, attaining an almost boyish aspect and for a moment Michael half-convinced himself that the smile was aimed at him. However, when he followed the line of Aaron’s gaze his heart sank as he saw for whom this little show had been performed. That damn brunette.

When Aaron turned to climb over the rocks and into the tree’s, his half-naked image was burned like a bright-light onto Michael’s retina’s. One for the spank-bank, he thought with a sigh.

The brunette followed Aaron into the tree’s a few calculated minutes later and Michael’s erection abruptly disappeared along with his previously good mood. Suddenly bored with swimming, he climbed out of the pool and pulled on his clothes without bothering to dry off. He retrieved Jack’s camera from his backpack and decided to see if he could find the way to the top of the waterfall, thinking that a shot down into the clearing below would make a dramatic shot.

He soon discovered that this was a well-trodden route and stumbled across a narrow trail that wound steeply towards the cliff-top. There was a small lookout at the top, just to the left-hand side of the waterfall with a metal railing to prevent spectators from plunging to their deaths. As Michael had expected, it was a fantastic vantage point and he managed to take some beautiful shots even with the limited capabilities of the basic digital camera.

Mission accomplished he started making his way back down to the pool only to be distracted by the sound of girlish laughter coming from somewhere below. He stepped off of the trail and into the tree’s following the sound to its source – Aaron and the brunette.

The pair were standing in a shallow basin, what perhaps might have once been another pool fed by the waterfall, but was now a dry cracked depression. The brunette had rid herself of her bra and panties and she and Aaron were kissing passionately. Her hands roamed his body, lingering over his chest and teasing at the waistband of his shorts. Aaron’s own hands were tangled on the brunette’s hair and with greedy, authoritative force he guided her downwards until she was on her knees. Once there she obligingly slipped his shorts down to reveal an abundant bush of dark, wet pubic hair and his thick, hard cock. Modest in length but deliciously generous in girth, his member had the proportions of a beer can. The brunette struggled to get her mouth around the generous portion in front of her and Michael tutted at her amateurish technique, imagining the things he could do in her position. Aaron too seemed frustrated and after only a minute or two of futile tonguing pulled the girl onto her feet and bent her forwards over a nearby rock. Her kicked her legs apart and with one aggressive thrust entered her from behind. Face contorted with lust, the brunette’s groans were half pleasure and half pain.

Michael’s asshole tingled at the mere thought of taking that wide cock deep into his ass. With a sigh full of wanting, he reached into his shorts and tugged at the erection that had sprung up within, imagining in his minds eye that it was he who was bent over that rock.

Aaron pounded away furiously at the brunette, cupping her breast with one hand while pulling her hair back roughly with the other. His face was bullish and flushed, and it was clear that the girls enjoyment was not his priority. With one final shuddering thrust he arched his back and let out an animal-like grunt.

The sight of Aaron’s face twisted in ecstasy was enough to bring Michael to orgasm at that same moment, spilling a thick pool of cum into his already damp shorts. He gasped for breath and collapsed against a nearby tree, his whole body trembling with pleasure.

Michael took a minute or two to regain composure, and when he looked back into the depression he found that Aaron and the brunette were gone. On unsteady feet he made his way back to the pool just as the group were preparing to make the short trip to the next campsite.


Following a dinner of barely edible tinned stew, several members of the group had remained gathered around the campfire. The mood was genial and the conversation easy. Even Aaron, a man of few words, chatted amiably when questions were directed his way. Michael noticed to his surprise that he barely even looked at the brunette and did not speak to her for the entire evening. She too seemed to notice his inattention and retired early to her tent, pouting like a little girl.

At some point during the evening the middle-aged woman that Michael had saved from a broken neck produced a bottle of whiskey from her backpack. The bottle had circulated the group several times and by the time that the fire had died down to glowing embers Michael was more than a little drunk. He staggered back to the tent humming contentedly under his breath and looking forward to a good nights sleep. When he lifted the tent-flap, Michael found Aaron fumbling through the contents of his backpack. Instead of having the good manners to look guilty, Aaron fixed him with an accusing stare.

“What the hell are you doing?” Michael said.

“Looking for you camera.” Aaron replied, his voice slurred with whiskey. He continued to paw through Michael’s things.

“What? Why?” “Earlier …” Aaron said, “someone was watching me and the brunette in the woods. I reckon it was you. Wouldn’t surprise me if you’d snapped a few pictures.”

Michael was too drunk to lie. “I did see you.” He said. “How could I not? That girl was making so much noise it sounded like she was being murdered.”

Aaron’s stern mask slipped suddenly and he started to giggle. “Yeah.” He said. “She’s a noisy one. Never shuts up in fact.”

Michael took Jack’s camera from his trouser pocket and thrust it towards Aaron. “And no,” he said. “I didn’t take any pictures.”

Aaron chose now to look guilty. He peered blearily at the camera and then at Michael’s open backpack.

“Take the camera.” Michael said.

“Nah man.” Aaron said sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I believe you. I shouldn’t have gone through your stuff.”

Michael’s annoyance slipped away almost immediately and with a sigh he sat down.

“She looked seriously pissed at you earlier.” He said.

Aaron snorted. “Women.” He said, and rolled his eyes.

When Michael nodded in agreement Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Well, not that you’d know I suppose.”

“Pah.” Michael said. “I know women.” He stripped off his clothes and climbed into his sleeping bag.

“You know women or you KNOW women?” “I KNOW women.” Michael replied yawning. “Had girlfriend’s while I was at college. I was in my twenties before I … er … discovered what I was missing.”

Aaron began to undress and it took a monumental force of will for Michael to avert his gaze. Thankfully Aaron switched off the camping lantern to save him the effort.

“Cock?” Aaron said suddenly.

“Excuse me?”

“What you were missing?”

“Ah.” Michael laughed. “Yeah, pretty much.”

Silence followed for a few minutes and Michael assumed that Aaron had fallen asleep. However, Aaron spoke quietly in the darkness.

“What’s it like?” He said. “Kissing a guy. Compared to kissing a girl I mean.”

Michael felt suddenly wide-awake. His skin tingled with anticipation at the unexpected direction of the conversation.

“Well.” Michael said, suddenly hyper aware of his proximity to the other man, the warm musky scent of him. “Kissing a girl is soft, delicate. Their mouths are smaller I suppose. Kissing a man … its more aggressive, innately sexual, hungry.”

He paused and the silence dripped like syrup. “And guys with beards, guys like you. There’s the roughness against your mouth, your face.”

Several moments dragged out and neither of them spoke. Spurred by whisky and arousal Michael took a gamble. “I suppose there’s only one way to find out really.”


“You could kiss a guy?”

Heart in mouth, Michael held his breath. He felt Aaron shifting position and his whole body tensed, suddenly afraid that he had said the wrong thing.

Gently, tentatively, fingers brushed the side of Michael’s face drawing him over onto his side. In the silvery moonlight Michael could just make out Aaron’s face inches away from his own. When Aaron kissed him, his whole body tingled. Aaron’s mouth was closed at first, lips stiff and dry, but within moments they were devouring each other with abandon. Aaron’s tongue thrust greedily into Michael’s mouth wrestling with his own, he nibbled on his bottom lip almost hard enough to draw blood. After an undefinable amount of time they separated, both dizzy and panting. Aaron rolled onto his back, the bulge in his shorts unmistakable on his silhouetted form.

“Wow.” He gasped.

“Uh-huh.” Michael replied, pleased that he had not disappointed. “Do you want to feel what it’s like to be sucked off by another guy?”

Not waiting for an answer Michael reached out in the semi-darkness. He tugged down Aaron’s shorts and with practiced ease swallowed his fat cock to the hilt. Aaron groaned, clapping his hands onto the back of Michael’s head and bucking his hips. With saliva dripping from his lips and his nose buried in earthy scented pubes Michael submitted to a ferocious face-fucking. He lapped his tongue around the bulbous tip of Aaron’s cock even as it pounded the back of his throat. With both hands he reached up and viciously pinched Aaron’s stiff nipples, arousing little mewls of pleasure from the other man.

With a strangled cry, Aaron’s fingers dug painfully into Michael’s scalp and he let loose a thick gush of salty cum directly into his gullet. With great hungry gulps Michael swallowed the lot and rolled away onto his back.

“Wow.” Aaron said again, before falling silent.

With a smile on his face and a glorious throb in his pants, Michael turned onto his side and prepared to go to sleep. He’d played this game with so called ‘straight’ guys before and knew the chances of reciprocation were next to zero. It came as some surprise then when Aaron reached around from behind and grasped his cock in the darkness.

“It would be rude not to return the favour.” He said simply, and started stroking Michael’s cock with slow, luxurious movements.

He moved in close until the were spooning and began nibbling and nuzzling Michael’s neck. Michael could not believe his luck when he felt Aaron’s cock already growing hard again, and pressing against the the top of his thigh. He reached back and grabbed the thick meat, still slick with cum and spit and they began to wank each other simultaneously in one shared rhythm.

When Aaron’s cock had reached its full tumescence Michael took one last gamble. It was hard to keep the humour out of his voice when he said. “Wanna found out how it feels to fuck a guy?”

“Fuck yeah!” Aaron replied.

Fumbling in the darkness Michael located his backpack and the box of Durex hidden in the bottom. He handed one to Aaron.

“A bit presumptuous.” Aaron laughed with surprise. Maneuvering onto all fours Michael replied. “I always come prepared. You never know what opportunities might present themselves.”

Michael heard the rustle of the Durex wrapper and then the sound of Aaron spitting on his hand and lubing up his dick. With far more care than he had shown the brunette, he gently pressed against Michael’s asshole. Michael crouched forwards and arched his back opening himself up. Inch by glorious inch Aaron eased his cock inside, sending waves of burning pleasure cascading through Michael’s every nerve. Aaron began with slow, gentle strokes, but Michael was impatient, he wanted to be fucked in the same way that the brunette had been. He wanted to be pounded.

Taking control, Michael rocked backwards and forwards, impaling himself over and over again on Aaron’s fat cock while pumping away on his own. Aaron growled with pleasure, slapping Michael firmly on the ass with one hand and wrapping his fingers tightly into his hair with the other.

The relentless pounding of his prostate was too much and Michael came first, thick ribbons of jizz shooting across the floor of the tent. Aaron was not far behind, tripped over the edge by the spasmodic rippling of Micheal’s ass muscles. Spent and sweaty they collapsed in a tangle of limbs. Michael’s last thought before falling to sleep was that he finally realised why they called it the GREAT outdoors.

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Spit Kisses

by acolyteoftheskin

The place smelled like tetanus. Blindfolded, naked, and pretty much tied to a pillar, smell was all I had to go on. There were other scents—urine, sweat, dust—but mostly I smelled rust and burnt metal. I figured that meant an abandoned factory. Great. Like there weren’t a few dozen of those in this Rust Belt suburb of Chicago. I couldn’t hear anything except a distant highway. Then, without warning, footsteps.

I could have been scared. Maybe should have been. But Mr. DeCarlo said I wasn’t in any real danger, and generally what Mr. DeCarlo said was what happened. If I had known that a few months ago, I wouldn’t be on my knees right now, paying back a generous payday loan with, well, services rendered. The W-word didn’t seem appropriate, and the P-word wasn’t any better. Callguy? Ah, right, I saw the movie. Hustler. That was a word I didn’t flinch at applying to the situation.

He was in front of me, and he was definitely a “he”. The smell couldn’t’ve belonged to a woman: an earthy musk, equal parts leather and sweat and Brut aftershave. In spite of myself, I got a little excited. With my eyes covered, as far as I was concerned he could have been perfect: tall, muscled, with a man’s hair, a real Brawny Man. He smelled like it. And when he grabbed my hair with calloused hands and pulled my head forward, the first thing I got to lick was his jeans. Of course he was wearing jeans. Old jeans, my tongue found out as he grunted, trying to free from them his rapidly growing cock.

It made it hotter that he didn’t say anything, and despite the insanity of the situation I was actually pretty horny. I didn’t think that I had any fantasies about submissive, anonymous gay sex, but it was working for me. Just like I was working for Mr. DeCarlo. I licked his jeans, I licked his belt, I licked his hands, I licked everything I could get my tongue to, straining at the zipties holding my wrists together behind me.

Then I got a mouthful. And then some. No preliminary kissing or nibbling at the tip for this mystery man; he went straight to deep-throat, ram-it-in, gag-the-slut mode. I was no stranger to giving a good blowjob, but I was out of practice. I usually dated women, but this is 2012. Everyone’s a little bisexual. Out of practice or not, though, he wasn’t messing around, and after a few close calls with my gag reflex I managed to get the whole thing down. Without my eyes, I couldn’t tell you how long it was—longer than average, surely, and thicker—but in my esophagus it felt as long and thick as my forearm. At the end of every thrust, my nose was buried in his hair, which smelled as sweaty and manly as his dick tasted.

I’m not sure how long that lasted, him grunting and thrusting, me slurping and choking. He pulled back every so often so I could get a gasping breath in, always just a few seconds after I thought I couldn’t possibly hold my breath any longer. His hands gripped my hair, maneuvering my head however he wanted. My lips and tongue and jaw were all working overtime, keeping up with him. He reached down once to twist my nipples, and I almost came. He finally said something then, as I moaned in pleasure: “Yeah.” Then, again, when his next plunge into my throat elicited a huge gag: “Fuck yeah.” Slowly, the taste in my mouth changed, less to one of sweat and masculinity and more to one of salty precum. His cock swelled even larger, and I knew he was about to finish. I wondered if there was room in my throat for both that giant dick and what would obviously be rivers of cum.

And then he was gone, his cock from my mouth and his hands from the side of my head. He had been half-supporting me, because I fell forward, held up only by my wrists. I was as hard as a rock myself. He’d gone around behind me. I heard the flick of a blade and the zipties parted, dumping me on my hands and knees onto the floor. Immediately my wrists began to throb as circulation returned, but I didn’t have time to massage some life into them, because he was back, lifting me bodily off the ground and spinning me around to face the pillar.

I knew what he wanted, and I bent at the waist, widening my stance. I wasn’t wrong, because he started spitting into my asscrack, using his calloused fingers to rub his saliva up and down the cleft, and then, when I was moaning for it, into my ass. With my eyes covered, I noticed something I never had before—you can hear someone spit before the glob hits you. My last girlfriend had enjoyed turning a dildo on me from time to time, so I was reasonably loose, and on the orders of Mr. DeCarlo, I’d prepared for this today, but I wasn’t thinking about any of that. I sank down as much as I could on whichever finger he had inside me. I think I was saying something meaningless in between the moans, urging him to fuck me, but he took his time, spitting on my ass, working a growing number of fingers deeper inside.

Then he was spitting, but not on me, and I felt a hot, wet, large pressure at my asshole. I hadn’t heard the tear of a condom packet, but when I opened my mouth to object he slid into me, full and raw, so what I said instead was “Geeughyeah!”

After that I didn’t do thinking of any sort. I’d never taken a cock raw before, and the extra warmth spread out from my ass to my entire body, like good scotch spreads across your chest. He’d prepped me well, and despite his girth I took him all in that first slow thrust. He paused then, letting me squirm in pleasure between the building’s pillar and his own. When he pulled back, my prostate sang out its particular Hallelujah Chorus.

Compared to earlier, he took a slow pace. I felt every glorious inch, inward and outward. My own dick starting climbing back up to near orgasm without being touched. He steadily pounded in and out, a more thorough fucking than I had ever gotten. Gone was the shame of whoring myself out to repay a debt. He fucked it away. Gone was the fear of getting beaten by a john. He fucked it away. Gone was the fear of unprotected sex. He fucked and fucked and fucked it away.

And as he disassembled me from the inside out with every thrust and plunge, he gradually picked up the pace. As he fucked me faster, his balls started slapping against my skin and my ability to speak dissolved into inchoate whimpers. That’s when he found his own voice: “Do you want it?” he asked, as if I could even form a response. He repeated the question a few times, before shouting, “Here it comes!”

He came so hard I felt I should have been able to taste it in my mouth. Cum from my overfilled ass slid down my legs and dripped onto the floor. He kept up a slow thrusting, breeding me deeper and deeper. He pulled out all the way, then slid all the way back in. My response to all this was halfway a grunt and halfway a groan, because I had just begun to cum, untouched. I felt like my entire body was orgasming, as I sprayed my own cum and he continued to grind his up inside me. When he let me go, I fell all the way to the ground. Slowly, I rolled over so that I was sitting against the pillar facing him. Nothing sexual I had ever done felt so good. I wanted to spend the rest of my life getting fucked by him. His cock was magical, that was the only explanation. It was a divine gift. He was the son of Zeus. It was unreal. I wanted more of it.

He grabbed my hair, like he had earlier, and pulled me forward, onto my knees. Then he slid his cock back into my mouth. I had never done anything like this before—I don’t even like giving rim jobs—but right then, after that masterful fucking, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to continue pleasuring the cock that had given me so much pleasure. I sucked and licked him clean, savoring his salty cum mixed with my own tastes. “Suck that, boy,” he said, but softly—almost tenderly. So I did.

Finally, he began to soften, and he pulled away, turning my head so that I faced upward, toward him. He spit softly, and a large glob of saliva hit me in the forehead, rolling past my blindfold and down my face. After that, all I heard was him walking away.

I think, to him, it was a kiss goodbye.

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Hot Older Neighbor

by sexyscott1331

Just back from my freshman year of college, I come home to an empty house. My parents had been on an anniversary vacation I wasn’t invited too.

In college, I began to find myself. I started partying, working out, nailing girls left and right. I finally had confidence.

My body was tall and slightly muscular. I had a decent set of abs and a nice patch of peach fuzz around my pecs. My arms were not bulky, but were shaped well. My cock was nothing to brag about, yet nothing to worry about at 6.2 inches. Comfortable with my body I now took my shirt off when I cut my neighbors’ grass.

It was a blazing hot day. Sweat was dripping down my back and chest as I moved the mower up and down the yard with all my strength. All the neighbors were inside except for one.

My neighbor, Jim, across the street from where I was, was on his driveway washing his car. Jim was a father of two girls and divorced, but he was rich as hell. He was shirtless like myself, but not the same body. The 45-year-old man had hulking arm muscles that flexed when he moved one ever so slightly. His right arm was covered in tattoos and so was his back. He had an almighty hairy chest and an almighty hairy six-pack of abs. He often moved up and down showing off his hot round ass and muscular calves. As for his face, he had brown eyes, a big nose, facial hair, and spiky black hair.

I was never gay and never thought of a man sexually, but I knew Jim was fucking hot.

All of the women adored him and all of the men envied him. All I thought at that time was the fact that he was just a nice guy.

Mowing the lawn, I had the feeling I was being watched. I’d occasionally look over my shoulder and Jim would turn his head away towards his car.

Was he looking at me? Does he recognize me?

I had just finished and decided to walk over to him.

“Would you like any help, Mr. Rhodes?”

“Hey, Scott, you certainly grew into your body since you left for college?”

He looked up and down as if he were checking me out.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I could use help,” he said.

So I grabbed a sponge and washed the car with him. We talked about my studies and how things were going for each of us.

At one moment washing the lower part of the car I saw him checking out my ass. I looked back at him and he pretended to be looking up.

“Well, I think that will do it,” he said. “Thanks for your help, Scott. I know your bored by yourself at home, so… If you want you can borrow a swimsuit and swim in our pool. The girls aren’t home or anything, but I’d just thought you might want to…”

At first, I was a little confused, but I accepted his offer. After all it was fucking hot as balls.

He led me inside and up to his bedroom. He went into his closet fishing around for trunks even though I offered to go in my shorts.

He gave me a pair and led me to his bathroom.

I dropped my pants and put his on. I notice some women panties in the corner of the bathroom. I also noticed some oil lubricant on a shelf nearby.

I just thought ‘what a player.’

I walk out of the bathroom and out to his backyard. There he was on his diving board wearing nothing but a speedo and his long- probably 8 inch- schlong was noticeable. He winked at me and did a front-flip into the pool revealing his hairy bubble-butt.

I jump in and swim around. He threw a beach ball at me and I hit it back. We each continued the action chatting up a storm about sports, movies, and you name it.

Somehow we got closer and our little game of catch turned into smear the queer. Each of us tried to get the ball off each other. He tucked the ball into his chest as I jumped on his back.

I reached for the ball as he chuckled and showed off how much stronger he was than me.

I finally caught a hold of the ball which he seemed to have just let up.

“Oh, I’m hungry, you want a hot dog?” he asked me.

I accepted as he got out of the pool showing me the top of his hairy ass-crack. I followed him out onto his deck where he put the food on the grill. I don’t know why but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

I sat in a chair as he stood and grilled the food. He lay four hot dogs on a plate and grabbed two beers and put them on the table.

“Umm… I’m 19,” I said.

“Oh, shit. That’s right I keep thinking it’s 18, the drinking age. Well I’m sure you already had one.”

He offered it to me. And I took it.

What a cool guy, I thought.

He sat and positioned his chair towards mine and opened his legs wide apart.

“Sorry, don’t have any buns,” he said. “You don’t mind do you.”

“No problem,” I said.

While eating his hot dog with his hands I sneak a peek down below.

His big number was noticeably bigger up close. I saw a couple patches of dark hair over his swimsuit that was probably supposed to be covered. His strong thighs were very hairy as well. My eyes ventured down to his feet.

I had always had a fetish for girl’s feet, but this was gold.

He had massive feet with round, long toes. His nails looked like they had just been clipped. He had to be a size 15. Which made me think… I know I’m not daydreaming. This guy’s cock must be fucking huge.

I looked up taking a bite of my hot dog, I noticed he was looking at me. This time he didn’t turn away.

He took a big sip of his beer.

“You want to go inside, now? It’s getting kind of chilly,” he asked.

It wasn’t getting chilly so I said, “Yeah.”

He led me in touching my back and stroking his hand down.

A little scared I said, “Whoa. What was that?”

He apologized. “I’m just a touchy kind of guy.”

We sat down in his den watching a game in our swimsuits still. He got up to go to the bathroom.

A couple minutes passed and I started wandering. I came upon the bathroom where I heard grunts. The door was creaked open and I was curious. I leaned my right eye in and saw it.

He was stroking his huge cock standing naked looking into the mirror. He touched his nipples and they were as hard as his fat dick. He felt around his body and snuck his left hand up his ass and jiggled it around.

This dude was gay for me. And I had to admit he did a good job of trying to seduce me.

Then he noticed me. I didn’t even look away or go in a different direction. I opened the door and dropped my suit myself realizing I had a hard-on as well. He grabbed and pulled me into himself. His long hard cock was against my slightly smaller one. And I liked it.

He felt my body around and kissed me with a great force. His tongue leaped down my throat scraping his against mine. He forced my head away and down his body and pushed me against his pulsating dick. I licked up and down all 8 inches of the the schlong.

I cupped his hot hairy nut sack and gently mouthed his balls spitting in and out his low-hangers.

“That it,” he said. “Now suck that fat dick.”

I lifted it up and into my mouth where I deep-throated it until my nose reached his pelvis. I moved up and and down making choking and squirt sounds. Then he grabbed my head still and thrusted his cock in my mouth rapidly hardly leaving room for me to breathe.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” he commanded.

I was game.

He picked me up with my legs wrapped around his sweating hunky body. I was shocked by his strength. I knew I was definitely the bottom in this fuck session.

He carried me all the way up the steps while making the fuck out with me. Licking my lips and anywhere near, he busted his door open and threw me on his king sized bed.

He went to the bathroom and lay the lubricant on a nightstand by the bed. He lathered up his meat stick with it and along with the rest of his body. He then put it all over myself.

He got on top of me and we rubbed against each other. He on top of me rolled his hard body against mine kissing me violently. I felt his cock slide down my belly touching my own dick.

He moved his head down and grabbed my prick. He flopped it around onto my belly and against his cheeks.

“Aw, fuck me,” I moaned.

He slid my cock down his mouth and played cat and mouse with it using his tongue. Dipping it in and out and licking it from side to side. He slid his oiled hands up and down my sixer at first very slowly then very rapidly. I arched my back enjoying this almighty erotic pleasure.

He then moved my ass off the bed and moved my erect cock towards me. He scaped my ass-crack with his tongue up and down. Around the hole, he dipped his tongue in and out. He tried spreading my tight ass-cheeks apart as best as he could.

“Can’t wait to damage this tight hole,” he said.

He had me stand up as he lay down. I squatted my butt over his face and he reached and licked. I held on to the bars of his bed set as I felt his sharp nose wipe through my ass. His facial hair prickled the inside of my cheeks as he got deeper and deeper.

It was time.

I got up and squatted over his long veiny hairy cock that seemed to have been reaching for me. I grabbed hold of it and gently place it into my hole. I lathered up his cock with the oil and began to press it in.

“Yeah, take that fucking cock, baby,” he said.

The top was now in and I just slid down it til I was sitting on him. I rocked back and forth shifting the bed.

“Oh, hurts so fucking good!” I screamed.

I jumped back up as he thrusted under me. He was going slow and he was making sure I got every little last bit of his huge dick. And I felt it tearing my ass apart as it rolled in and out with tenderness.

I was moaning uncontrollably. My eyes started twitching and going back into my forehead. It seemed by asshole was getting used to his large rod as he was now moving his pelvis up and down in me much faster. Jim had a smirk on his face and his hands were behind his head enjoying my virgin ass getting plugged.

He grabbed me around my waist with both of his bulky arms, now moving me up and down his cock.

“You like that? Huh? You like my fat cock inside you? Huh?” he asked.

“Oh,” I moaned, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me that big cock!” I demanded.

I felt up his sweaty pectorals and rubbed his nipples.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” he screamed.

My arms moved up and down his muscular body that must have been working every muscle to light a fuse in my ass.

“You like that, Scott, huh? You that dick.”

I was now barking like a little dog with arousal.

He pulled out and flipped me on all fours on the bed. He stood up and started fucking me doggy style. His body rocked me back and forth along with the bed that was creaking so loud the neighbors had to have heard. Along with the creaking, clacking began as his low-hanging balls slapped against mine which made me moan like a girl.

“Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Give me that huge fucking cock.”

“Yeah, you like that? Huh, little boy?”

He slapped my ass with his godlike hands.

“Who’s your daddy, son? Who’s your daddy?” he asked.

“Your my daddy!” I screamed.

He switched me over on to my back again and slid it back in. He hauled his arms around me and picked me up fucking me. The clacking got louder and the moaning got louder. My hands were around his neck and he was bouncing me up and down his 8 incher.

Then he turned us and sat on a chair and had me riding his cock like a cowboy. I road it back and forth and side to side. I took it in deep and really rocked him.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Not yet, your not.”

He picked me back up and put me backside on the bed with him standing on the ground thrusting vigorously. He flexed his muscles as I lay in gracious agony when fucking me senselessly.

I couldn’t help it anymore. The sensation firing in my hole and the movement of his cock. I came.

My cum gushed out and onto my chest and face along came a mighty “Ohhhhhhhh!”

He pulled out and got on top of the bed. He smacked his cock onto my face with a thump and moved around scraping up the cum. My hand went on his dick and I pushed him back to lay on his back.

His knees bent and I grabbed his foot. I licked all around sucking each and every toe and the same with the other.

I then went back up and stroked his big dinger for him. I used both of my hands to slide up and down. His head was back moaning as I stroked up and down.

He then let out, “Awwwww. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And jizzed right onto my face. He pulled me forward and licked every bit of cum that was on my face.

We lay there for a while still stroking each others cocks until it was time to go home. He said he would like to do this again, and I left.

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Pizza Boy Gets Busted

by pizzaboyatdoor


Even though most of our business was the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, our delivery territory also included the rather rural edge of town where there was a wide mix of homes. Everything from old trailers on overgrown lots to large houses in the middle of 4 or 5 acre manicured mini estates could be found on the couple dozen roads and lanes that ran off the main highway.

We called everything beyond Little Creek Road “the boonies” because almost every delivery was at least 7 or 8 miles out and one $10 pizza special could take you better than a half hour to deliver along with odds that the tip wouldn’t be great either. The only advantage to a run like that was getting some time for serious music blasting and to enjoy a smoke on the way back. Course, you also had the plus of being able to fly low late at night as the main highway wasn’t busy after dark and you made up time whenever you could. The speed limit was 45, but all of us usually pushed it to 60 or more all the time.

It was about 10:30 PM and I was walking thru the door when Cody passed me with his run and poked me. “Sorry dude….you’re stuck with Sunset Lane….see ya in 45 minutes!” and laughed as he headed for his car.

DAMMIT! Sunset Lane was a little unpaved half mile long road that had been cut thru the trees off another side road that was at least 8 miles from the shop. There might be a total of 10 houses on the whole road and all had a reputation for shitty tips. To make matters worse, once you turned off the main highway, there was nothing that resembles street lighting so you had to watch carefully for every pot hole, stray garbage can, and raccoons that like to wander down the middle of your lane. I bagged up the order and yelled “Going to Sunset Lane….see ya again at midnight.” to the shift manager. He grinned knowing I was almost serious as this was always a delivery that took 35 or 40 minutes, and then laughed as he said “Well, if you don’t drive like a little old lady, you can make it back in 45.” I flipped him off and headed out the door to my car.

I slipped a cigarette between my lips as soon as I was out of the parking lot and by the time I hit the main highway, was already jamming to Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ that was on the classic ’70s CD that Cody had loaned me. Between the music and the complete lack of any traffic out in the slightly cool night air, I decided to push the gas pedal down and was soon buzzing along at 65 determined to turn this delivery into a 25 minute one. By the time the song finished I was only a mile or so from my turn. Another half minute later I noticed the single set of headlights pull onto the road behind me from the side road I just flew past. I paid little attention to them as I clicked on my turn signal and started down the dark road leading to Sunset Lane….which was still another 1-1/2 miles away. The lights turned in behind me at the same time I flipped the cigarette butt out the window.

When I swung onto Sunset, I happily saw that the delivery was going to first house and pulled into their drive. The headlights that had been behind me continued down the other road. I trotted up to the front porch, quickly collected the cash and mustered up a half-hearted “thanks” for the $2 tip they included with it, instead of telling them how 30 minutes of my life, the wear & tear on my car, and gas to drive 18 miles round trip was worth a lot more than two bucks on a $23 order! I gave them a quick, toothy, cheesey smile and had my car headed out of their driveway before they had the first slice out of the box.

I knocked another smoke out of the pack and lit it as I turned back onto the first road and decided to just mellow out and take my time driving back….especially since the stereo was now playing Led Zep’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ classic. I had just started getting into the music when the headlights came up rapidly behind me….and I noticed the blue flashing one its dash!

FUCK! The last thing I needed was a Barney Fife looking to fill his quota! I edged over to the side of the dark road and switched off my engine. I plastered my best “Hi, How are you?” innocent smile on my face while digging for my license & insurance card….which were sure to be the first words out of the cop’s mouth. He fooled me though, by asking me to step out of the car first.

Cops are always intimidating anyway, and it didn’t help that he was at least 6′ 2″ and his 200# of 28 or 30 year old beef cake body was packed in the too tight deputy’s shirt and towering over my 150#, 5′ 8″ quarterback build. I handed him my IDs without being asked and after glancing quickly at them, rhetorically asked “I was following you up Capital Highway a few minutes ago….Right foot is kind of heavy tonight, isn’t it?” Then he ominously added “I clocked you at 64 in a 45.”

I was so obviously busted that all I could do is play for sympathy and hope for the best. I leaned back against my fender, lowered my eyes, and mumbled “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I was just trying to make some time on a long run.”

Staring at my license for a moment, he let out a sigh before saying “You know Joshua, we usually overlook you guys making deliveries late at night, but 19 over the limit is really pushing it on the forgiveness meter.”

Sensing that his words were giving me the possibility for a chance of nothing more than a warning, I quickly looked in his eyes and said “I know sir. I should have been driving no more than 55….even clear out here in the boonies. I’ll be sure to watch myself closer.” I missed his reply because up close, even in the darkness of the deserted road, I could now see that it wasn’t that his shirt was too tight, but that he had pecs and arms that were the product of some serious gym time.

Suddenly he was ruffling my hair with his hand and I refocused on his words as he said “Did you hear me junior?”

“No, I’m sorry sir,” was what slipped out before I could think….my mind filled with other thoughts besides digesting his standard lecture. Adding “Damn! I didn’t mean for that to sound like I wasn’t listening to you sir,” probably wasn’t the most intelligent comment either.

He crossed his arms….which made his shirt stretch even tighter across his chest and bulge at the sleeves….and shook his head. “What am I to do with you? I’m trying to cut you a little slack and you ignore me. You need to at least put a little effort into getting out of me writing you up.” The slight grin that came with the words led me to believe I hadn’t totally blown it yet.

“I know. It’s just been a long night and I usually never drive that fast….but I wasn’t thinking I guess.”

His grin turned into a smile. “I remember being 18….all you think about is what your crotch tells you to think about 90% of the time. You just need to watch that speedometer more, instead of planning how you are going to get off in the shower later.” He laughed when he realized how deeply he made me blush.

“Well a ticket would certainly ruin me being in the mood later,” I quipped back….hoping his sudden sense of humor was a good sign again.

He uncrossed his arms and looked up and down the long road. “So you are telling me that it is all up to me whether you can get it up tonight?” His hands were on his hips and a quick glance down let me see that the crisply pressed slacks were every bit as tight as his shirt….and showing as nice a bulge as the pecs made in his uniform shirt. The opening was there, so I decided what the hell and replied “Completely in your hands,” as I let my right hand brush across my own growing box.

He stepped closer and looked down into my eyes. I looked up into his deep brown ones and tried to figure out how far to take the opportunity. He let me know by locking his thumb in his belt buckle and strumming his long fingers across the now obvious hard on he had below it. “Maybe you can suggest your own punishment for being in such a hurry?” was the tease he gave me.

Throwing any fears I had aside, I squeezed my crotch and offered “Maybe a little time in the back seat of your cruiser could make understand going the proper speed?”

Without a word, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his patrol car. He then spun me around, pushed me into “the position” against the door, and did a slow and overly personal frisk. “Looks like you only have one weapon you are concealing,” was his jab as he cupped my balls with one hand and my rock solid dick with the other. He unsnapped his utility belt holding his service revolver and placed it on the front seat. “Don’t want anything going off except what NEEDS to go off right now,” were his words as he gently pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

I looked up at his hulking frame and said “I’ll bet you still have something that is fully loaded though,” as I reached out and released the buckle on his pants belt and leaned in to kiss the massive box that was showing in the tight fabric. The moan that slipped from his lips told me it was fine to continue and I did by clenching the zipper in my teeth and slowly pulling it down as I unsnapped the latch at the waistband. A totally packed pair of red bikini briefs came into view as I slid his slacks over his hard thighs….a gigantic head and at least three inches of hard cock was sticking out of the top of them. The stud cop’s knees buckled slightly as I ran my tongue across the piss slit and lapped up the wad of pre that had leaked out. I kept licking at the silky sides and tonguing the head as I rolled the briefs down over the rest of his gorgeous 7″ pistol and low hanging balls. Partially because I was so horny and partially because we were standing out in the open on a public road, I immediately took him in my mouth and started working his tool like it was a candy cane with a prize in the middle.

His big hands grabbed my ears and his hips began a slow back & forth motion….pushing another inch inside me with every stroke until he was tickling my tonsils with all of it. A couple more thrusts and he pulled me off and up to his face. “In the back seat before we get interrupted,” was his near breathless instruction. I crawled in quickly and he peeled his slacks down to his ankles before joining me and pulling the door shut. My head went straight back to his lap and resumed the bobbing motion I was performing on my knees seconds earlier.

I felt his hands roaming over me as I sucked him and he suddenly uttered “My name’s Mark by the way,” as he yanked my tee shirt over my head. Pushing me down on the seat, he then ripped open my pants and pulled them and my boxers down at the same time. I managed to kick one leg out of them and was now laying nearly naked on the seat as he looked down with hunger in his eyes at me.

“Take off your shirt and let me see those hard pecs, Mark,” I pleaded. He happily complied and I was staring the finest chest I had ever seen. Covered with light fur and accented with erect, quarter sized nipples, I leaned up and pressed my face into the center and began soaking it down with my lips and tongue. Mark pulled me tight against him while searching for the hardness between my legs. He wrapped one of his massive paws around it and pulled it to full length. My head was working its way south again wanting that cock back in my mouth, when he pushed me over onto my back and dropped his face to my crotch.

A few quick slurps and then taking me fully between his lips, this hunky cop had me so boned that I would explode at any moment if he hit any right spot. After only a minute or so of sucking me, Mark let my dick slip from his mouth and held it tight while licking my now ultra tight balls….and then running his tongue across that sweet spot below my sac as he planted his lips on my rosebud. I muffled my screams from feelings I didn’t know existed as he gently alternated between sliding his tongue in and out of my virgin hole and gently chewing on its edges. He was nibbling on that nerve-filled spot between my balls and ass when I felt his thumb and fingers scoop up the pre that was oozing all over me. His thumb slid across the slickness on the head and then I felt two fingers rubbing the rest of my leak all over them. My body was completely out of control and my brain was shut down to all but the vibrations he was putting thru me with every new touch.

Suddenly I felt my butt cheeks separate and the wet tip of a finger press against my pucker. “Relax baby….I’ll go easy,” was all that was said before the first digit popped into me. My eyes snapped shut and then exploded back open as he moved that thick finger ever so slowly into me. Thanks to his chewing on my ear lobe and whispering how much he wanted my cute virgin ass, by the time he had his index finger buried all the way, I was prepared as he slipped the first inch of his middle finger in beside it. My ass muscles clenched down when the second inch entered and the third inch caused me to push back into his hand to get more. “Motherfuckin’ DAMN!” was about all I could get out of my mouth as I was being opened up for the first time. My muscles released a little and I let the euphoria of Mark finger fucking me take over. I never thought I could stand being screwed but at this point my body was running the show and it was ready for the next act.

Mark sensed my willingness and without a word, threw my legs over his broad shoulders and guided his manhood to the entrance of my boy pussy while rubbing his own pre slime all up and down his shaft. I was both scared shitless and ready for anything as he nudged the head in. I gasped a little as that first inch followed. Mark leaned down to my face, smiled, and said “Don’t worry….I won’t hurt you baby,” just before he covered my lips with his and kissed me deeply. He kept his mouth tight to mine as the next inch slid in…and the next one. It also muffled the scream that wanted out as he pushed the final 3″ in all at once. My ass was on fire but quickly adapted to the slow strokes he was taking. I could have grabbed an electric fence while standing in damp grass and not felt the way having my ass pumped did. I began moaning deeply and even pushing back against his forward strokes….wanting him even deeper than he already was.

“Feel OK baby?” was the question I finally opened my eyes to and saw this stud poised above me, staring down and smiling as he increased his tempo slightly.

“Oh, yeah….fuckin’ feel FINE dude! Please don’t stop.”

With that, the pace picked up and I reached down to begin jacking my own dripping hardness trying to keep up with the long strokes Mark was taking. Every time he humped into me, his heavy balls slammed against my own creating yet another feeling I didn’t know about previously.

Mark looked down and throatily asked “You like having your ass full, don’t you college boy? You think you can take more?”

I looked up and matter-of-factly answered him with “Oh yeah. Give me whatever you got stud.” and then gritted my teeth as he started slamming me with full long strokes. My head was banging against the car door and I was yanking my own rod as fast as I could move my hand. My head whipped back and forth and from somewhere I heard the words escape from my lips “Yeah! Fuck Me! Fuck me HARD you pony dicked motherfucker! Harder! OH FUCKIN’ YES!!!!!”

The young copper was banging me like he would never get it again and shoving all 7″ deep with each thrust. He looked down at my pistoning hand and ordered in between his humps “Jack that fucking cock. Pound it hard and fast. I wanna see boy cum all over the place before you get mine.” I happily complied and jerked myself even faster. My hips began to raise as I felt my ass getting slammed again and my balls pushing that first wad up the shaft. “Oh yeah….oh YEAH…..OH YEAH FUCK ME HARD NOW!” accompanied the first explosion from my hand that landed in the thick fur covering Mark’s tummy. He slammed into me again and again and again as I emptied myself with another half dozen strings across my stomach.

He had just let out with “That’s my boy….pull every last drop out of those cute boy balls….keep pumping it you little hunk!” when he reached down and used two fingers to wipe up the glob that hit my chin. I was trying to milk yet another load out of myself when he put them to his lips and licked them clean. Smiling with a little trace of my cum on his bottom lip, he moaned “Sweeeeeeet,” and pushed into me two more times before pulling out and whacking himself maybe three times before the multiple sprays of man juice plastered my chest and face. He must have dumped a weeks worth because he just kept cumming and cumming until I was covered in white stickiness.

He grinned and moved up to my face and I greedily licked his dick and hand clean while savoring the scent of sex that filled the car. A quick kiss and Mark opened the door to get out. He stood there watching me pull on my jeans as he redressed himself. “Thanks buddy….I really needed a hot little college boy to get me off tonight. Hope it was good for you too.”

“More than you know dude….MORE than you know,” was my reply as I slide out of the backseat.

“Well….let me call in and take myself off dinner and back on patrol now that I have had the best dessert I could.” Then he added with a wink: “You get back to work and drive safe….and only speed in MY zone from now on….OK?”

I winked back at him and said “Sure Deputy. I promise. I learned my lesson.”

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