Unexpected Portuguese Sex

by ninacole7

I never had any interest in German men, but my German friend Dagmar had fucked a fair number of good ones so I figured they couldn’t all be bad. On my current rampage of international fucking, I figured one German should at least be added to the mix. After all, I had spent two weeks in Frankfurt and hadn’t fucked once.

Carme and I went out with my new Costa Rican friend Jeffrey, who was hot but married, and his Mozambican friend Manuel to a fairly cool German bar. When we first walked in, people were self-consciously standing around and no one was dancing.

I was on the prowl as usual, doing laps around the place looking for a decent guy to fuck. Most of the guys were yuppy-looking with glasses, in dressed down suits—so not my type. I couldn’t seem to find any cute guys, which meant I kept coming back to Jeffrey and dancing with him flirtatiously, which he responded to. By three, however, Jeffrey had left with his friend. I was still on the prowl and had tried unsuccessfully to make contact with the only cute guy in the place. I noticed a ring on his finger shortly after I asked him for a light that he coldly gave me.

As I was beside the stage dancing, I noticed a cute girl on the stage, dancing rather seductively with a guy. We smiled at each other and she extended her hand, inviting me to dance on stage with her. I accepted. Soon, she had left the guy completely and danced with me. But it was the usual thing that always happens to me with women. I don’t know if this is fun or flirtatious. If it is flirtatious I don’t know what the boundaries are. Is it acceptable to run my hand on her side, like I do with a guy, how close can I dance to her? I always worry I am somehow going to blow it. I feel like the salivating guy that watches too many porn flicks cause he can’t get girls and when one finally pays attention to him, he gets dog-like and fucks it up.

We were dancing together, but not too close, then apart. We would each do our own thing for a bit, periodically smiling at each other. At times she would gently grab my side. I grazed my hand across her leg and back at times. The tall guy I had forgotten about came over to talk to me. We stopped dancing.

A tall German guy I had spotted earlier was now showing interest. He came over and started dancing with me and was very touchy feely. At some point he asked for a kiss. I obliged without too much fight but gave just a bit of resistance so I didn’t seem too easy. He surprised me in that he was a better kisser than I thought.

I spotted the girl again and went over to dance with her. We started talking a little and I learned she was Portuguese but had been in Germany for five years. She was with two apparent friends and her sister who were all being fairly protective of her and had little interest in meeting me. It was clear she was drunk when we were dancing as she stumbled a few times on her turns. She asked me if I liked dancing cause she loved to dance. The tall German guy came over again and I was swallowed by him for a few moments, but then I saw the girl again and shifted my focus.

We did the same routine we had done on stage, dancing sort of together then apart. Her friend came over and danced very close by, eyeing me suspiciously. Then the girl came up behind me very close. I ran both hands up her side lightly. She kissed my neck. I leaned back and our lips brushed.

“I have to go to the bathroom, come with me,” I said and grabbed her hand.

As we approached the bathroom, I noticed a door just beyond it and decided to see where it led. To my surprise, it was a small lounge area that no one seemed to know about it. It was lit by black lights and had a few couches and armchairs. As we entered, I realized I had no idea what to do when we got there. Should I kiss her or just sit on a couch? Should I tell her directly I want to kiss her and see how she responds? She resolved the problem for me. As the door was closing behind us, she pushed me up against the wall and collapsed her body onto mine. She started kissing me, slowly and seductively. It was soft but passionate.

I was surprised by her initiative because she was so much tinier than me and here she was throwing me against the wall. I had a cerebral moment of wondering what was acceptable, what was not. She resolved my uncertainty when she took off my shirt within two seconds and had my tits in her mouth. There were going to be no boundaries I quickly learned. I followed her lead and removed her tight white tank top, and unhooked her bra that clipped in the front. As the bra fell back, I discovered she had the most perfectly round, slightly more than a handful sized tits, and a narrow stomach with zero fat on it. Her tits were simply gorgeous and as I kissed them she breathed heavily telling me it felt good.

I started kissing her down her stomach, then her legs and inner thighs. She was standing, her back pressed against the wall with me on my knees. I teased all around her underwear until she ripped her underwear off and I started licking her completely shaved pussy. Her pussy was petite and presentable, somewhere between pink and olive toned. She was moaning extremely sexily and I was surprised that just my licking her pussy and listening to her moaning was about to make me cum. She hadn’t even touched my pussy yet. I felt like I could lick her pussy forever, it was almost tasteless, a tinge of sweetness. As I kept licking, I could taste her wetness in my mouth and her pussy juice was getting all around my mouth. The more I licked, the sweeter she tasted. I was almost disappointed when she began moving her pelvis in quick thrusts against my mouth, moaning louder until she came. I wanted my tongue to keep exploring every inch of her pussy and to continue making her moan for eternity.

After orgasm, she grabbed for my pants and pulled them down. She edged off my underwear and started licking me. My legs were quickly turning to jelly, I couldn’t physically handle how good it felt. I still had the taste of her pussy on my mouth and lips and kept licking around my lips to taste her. I grabbed her by the hand and led her to one of the leather couches, where I lied back, and she knelt between my legs on the floor and introduced my pussy to the most skillful oral sex I’ve ever received.

Her tongue was pillow soft but the delivery was massage-like. My pussy had never experienced such expertise before. The softness of it drove me mad. I wanted more of her but was already so close to cumming with so little touch of her tongue and mouth. I felt like I could orgasm within seconds and tried to hold out for longer. I didn’t want to seem inexperienced, like a 15-year-old boy who had just seen a vagina for the first time.

I couldn’t hold out and came quickly. Too quickly.

We continued kissing, her on top of me on the couch now, her perfect round tits pressed against mine. We were both overcome with excitement as our bodies gyrated against one another in a sitting position. My hands moved between her tits and feeling her back and sides. I could’ve cared less that anyone could enter the room at any time. I was lost in her smell, her body, her tongue in my mouth, soft tits pressing down on me and the feel of her dripping wet pussy periodically grazing mine.

I slipped my finger inside her pussy. It was both strange and familiar to feel the inside of a body part I knew so well, except now it was someone else’s. She was crazy wet and my finger slid smoothly in and out. We started kissing again as I fingered her. She moved her finger from gently massaging my clit to inside of me. We maneuvered from her straddling me to both of us facing each other on the couch. I sat with my legs open and she sat between them as we kissed and fingered each other. Every part of my body screamed for more, like every cell in my body couldn’t get enough. It didn’t take long of her alternating between fingering me and massaging my pulsating clit for me to cum again, moaning into her mouth. Both our juices created a wet, sticky cover on the leather couch below us.

I wanted it to never end but after maybe 10 more minutes of kissing and fingering, she said we should go. We dressed together and kissed at the same time. I watched her fasten her bra around her perfectly round tits and pull her tank top down over her stomach. I kissed her as we pulled our skirts down. We couldn’t locate our underwear and had to crawl around the dark room looking for it. As she crawled in front of me on her hands and knees, I pulled her ass toward me, pushed up her skirt and ducked my head between her legs and started licking her pussy again. “I really have to go,” she pleaded.

“Should I stop?” I asked, pulling away from her.

“No, don’t stop. Just a little longer,” she smiled.

I turned over on my back and she positioned her pussy on my face and rocked it back and forth as I ferociously ate every inch of her clit and vagina, all the way back to the opening of her ass. She was breathing so heavily and moaning so loud I was sure people outside the door would hear us. She grinded against my face aggressively and I was loving it—all that pussy and all mine to taste, lick, drink, suck and tease for those moments.

She pushed my skirt back up and as she grinded against my mouth, she slipped her finger back inside me, which only made me eat her out with greater enthusiasm as I reacted to my own pleasure through my mouth.

“Make me finish,” she moaned in her sweet accent. I knew what she meant: lick the shit out of me until I cum. I kept licking and her breathing became quick and fast.

Just as she started to scream in pleasure, a male voice suddenly broke the spell and asked us what we were doing. We looked up, both of us still on the floor with our skirts up and pussies out. She was still straddling my face. There was no playing this off. The guy didn’t seem pleased at what he saw and told her abruptly they had to get going. I couldn’t figure out if it was her pissed off boyfriend or a brother. She quickly dismounted from me, jiggled her skirt down and walked out calmly without bothering to find her underwear.

As tempted as I was to find her underwear as a souvenir, I decide against it as only pervy guys do that shit. My only regret about the night was that we were interrupted.


About the author

Nina Cole often gets mistaken at bars for a girl without a brain, which is always amusing to her. Nina has a Master’s degree from Columbia University and has spent the last four years working around the world as an economist in international development . Nina can never get enough of learning languages, traveling to new countries, current affairs, latte machiattos, tall boots, and Dutch bicycles. And she doesn’t understand why you can’t be a girl who is super sexual and smart at the same time.

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There Goes the Neighborhood

by MarshalMarmont1812

That Friday started out like most others. I rode my bike to my friend Myra’s house. It was about an hour since school had ended but I didn’t have to attend. As one of the 10th grade Gifted Group members, I often stayed at home striving to learn more about things. That day however, I would unknowingly learn more than I ever had before.

I gave a knock on the Jackson home side door. After a few seconds, Audrey Jackson, Myra’s mom came to the door.

The first thing I noticed were the protruding perky 36d breasts almost spilling out of her shirt. Though having noticed many times before, I had recently been finding it harder to resist them. They were so firm and yet so soft. They jiggled just barely when she walked. And her butt… oh her butt! Like two plump hams. I wasn’t exactly sure why I thought of them. I just did. Constantly.

“Hello Kyle” Audrey said happily, “How is your mother?” I stared for a few more seconds before saying “Oh… she’s fine. At home right now.” I had to tear my eyes from those breasts and maintain eye contact. She nodded and bit her bottom lip a little as her eyes seemed to travel down toward my leg for some reason.

She seemed to break out of some trance and clapped her hands and exclaimed “Oh! I’ll be late for work.” She grabbed her purse and kissed my forehead as she began to leave. As she walked faster, I thought her breasts would jump from her straining bra. She gave me another one of those funny looks and left after a swift goodbye. I watched her butt jiggle as she went out the door.

Myra then walked in. “Hey Kyle!” she said happily. We headed to her room to play video games. Myra looked almost exactly like her mom with auburn hair and light freckles. She was my best friend who was a girl but constantly played football with me and my friends. She was also very attractive but of course I never told her.

Her brother Ryan’s room was at the end of the hallway and like we almost always did, we heard weird moans though we never could figure out what was wrong with him. Since he always seemed so irritable, we just left him alone. After 4 different games, we heard Ryan leave without a single glance. “What do we do now?” I asked to which Myra thought for a second and suggested we watch Youtube.

She went and got Ryan’s laptop and opened the browser. I went to the bathroom but when I came back, she seemed entranced by something on the screen. When I went over, the screen showed a woman with gigantic breasts apparently rubbing another man’s dick. They were nowhere near as appetizing as Ms. Audrey’s but enticing nonetheless.

I vaguely remembered my oldest brother Shane talking to one of his many girlfriends of something called ‘porn’ which seemed to be what this was. I sat and watched with Myra. The man groaned as the woman spit on his dick and rubbed faster. this I had seen one girl do to Shane when I accidently walked in and he ordered me from the room.

I soon noticed my own dick seemed to be getting large, which had happened also when talking to Ms. Audrey. On screen, the woman had placed the dick of the man into her mouth and was moving her head up and down. I suddenly felt an odd sensation on my dick. Myra had placed her hand down the waistband of my shorts and had started rubbing my dick like the woman on the screen. Not knowing what else to do, I did the same to her. It felt moist and I stuck my fingers in.

Myra suddenly jerked and her head hit the wall behind her. I was worried I had hurt her and pulled back my hand. However, she grabbed in and guided it back and she moaned loudly. She pulled off her shirt. Her boobs were similar to her mother’s, not as big but just a intriguing. As she kept jerking me off, I started sucking. Soon the room was full of moans.

After my shorts were all the way off, she started sucking my dick. She moved her tongue over the tip and I couldn’t help but moan as I felt pressure build in my balls. She couldn’t get very far but it felt amazing. In the distance I seemed to hear a car door close but I paid no mind to it. She pulled from it with long strands of saliva coating it.

By now, the woman was screaming as the man slammed his dick into her vagina. It seemed to hurt her but she kept begging for more. I pushed Myra back and pulled down her pants and underwear. I saw that her area there seemed very wet. I pushed in and we both groaned. The feeling was incomparable. I kept pushing as my legs went weak and I supported myself on my hands.

I pushed harder to which Myra gripped hard on the edge of the creaking bed. I remembered from health class it was called an orgasm. After a few minutes, her vagina tightened around my dick and I felt the pressure in it build and I screamed more from pleasure than pain. I forced my way through. At one point, she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Yes! Yes Kyle!” she yelled repeatedly.

I kept hammering inside her and was hypnotized by the fast rythmic slap of my balls against her vagina. Myra then gently pushed me onto my back. Imitating the woman and sat on my throbbing dick. The wet softness of her insides felt so warm and inviting. I pull her down all the more and she screamed more and more.

“YES!” she screamed loudly. We both kept screaming as she leaned back until she finally just kept riding with her mouth open but no sound coming out. Finally, she learned back forward and kissed me and we forced against each other harder each time. Myra wailed under the incessant pounding and began to cum. “Kyle…” she said sounding almost out of breath “…it…feels… so g-good!”

I wanted to agree but I was barely in that dimension anymore. She bounced up and down and I yelled out as a sharp sensation traveled through me. My world then exploded in what felt like a large blast of energy. My dick shot load after load into her. She then started shaking a little until she fell back resting on her palms, breathing heavily. I watched her chest rise and fall as my dick throbbed inside her. We made eye contact and we were feeling the same thing. Absolute happiness.

Myra kept sliding up and down with my dick coated with liquids. As the video ended, Myra fell over and kissed me. It was long and sweet. She gripped my softening dick and stroked it fast and I stuck my fingers in her. We groaned into each other’s mouth as the sensations died down. We kept kissing until we heard someone clear their throat.

“Well, what do we have here?” Mrs. Jackson asked.

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Infatuation with a Co-Workers Tits

by fearthisss

Have you ever worked with a total bitch that was also smokin’ hot? Who hasn’t, right? I had a boss years ago that said women like that “just need a good fuck thrown into them.” The one I’m currently dealing with — well, my favorite one, at least ­– is Katherine. Not Kathy. Not Kat. Katherine. She went to an all-girl Catholic high school. Ivy League college. Snooty as hell because she thinks — she knows — that she’s better than everyone else and those that work with her should be grateful. And absolutely smokin’! She knew it, too. 5′ 5″, long, blonde hair, slender face, and curves that a Ferrari would have trouble navigating. 38-24-36. She was always wearing skin-tight tops or low cut sweaters. Or a combination of both. Short skirts with high heels that showed off those luscious legs no matter what the weather was like would complete the ensemble.

I couldn’t help but get an eyeful whenever she was around. Not necessarily stare, but definitely get a good look. Apparently it didn’t go unnoticed.

One day my desk phone rang. It was Katherine.

“Mark, can you come up to my office, please?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.” I couldn’t imagine what this unscheduled meeting could involve. Her team had nothing to do with my team. We barely interacted with each other. But it meant I’d get to be alone with that incredible body. I’d have to deal with her attitude, though. The first was worth dealing with the latter.

“Hey, Katherine, what’s up?” I asked as I entered her office.

“Close the door, please,” she said in her usual cold tone.

All the managers’ offices had floor-to-ceiling glass fronts that looked out over their team. She closed the remote controlled black drapes behind me. This generally wasn’t a good sign. One of three things happened behind those closed drapes. A top secret project was being discussed. Somebody was being disciplined and tears might be involved, so the drapes were closed to help the disciplnee embarrassment. Or somebody was getting canned. We weren’t working on any project together, let alone a top secret one. So that scenario could be ruled out. She didn’t have the authority to can me, so that was out. That left getting my ass chewed for something.

I closed the door and sat in one of the small, wooden chairs on the opposite side of her desk. She sat in her high-backed manager’s chair, all prim and proper, sizing me up with those blue eyes.

“I thought I would speak with you before I go to HR to see if we can resolve this like two adults,” she said.

“HR?! What the hell did I do that would make you go to HR?!” I was stunned and completely caught off guard.

“Language, please,” she said, looking down her nose at me.

“Fine, okay. So what did I do?”

“I feel uncomfortable around you. Harassed. Sexually harassed.”

“What?! We barely speak. I’ve never touched you, even accidentally. What are you talking about?!”

“Not with the spoken word. With your eyes. I feel as if you’re undressing me with your eyes any time I’m around you.”

I was incredulous. It was true, of course. But incredulous nonetheless. “You have got to be kidding me!”

“No, sir, I am not kidding you.”

“So you were going to go to HR because you don’t like the way I look at you?”

“Yes. That’s right.” She placed her hands on the desk and intertwined her fingers.

“Good luck with that,” I chuckled. “If that’s the case, Barry and Joe will be filing a case against me, too.” She didn’t see the humor in that.

“Be that as it may, I thought we could have a discussion like two adults and see if we can come to some sort of resolution that’s satisfactory to both parties.”

“C’mon, Katherine. You wear those skin tight shirts, low v-necks, short-short skirts. C’mon.”

“So you’re saying I deserve your leers?”

“Not necessarily deserve. Encourage.”

“Encourage?” she said with an annoyed tone.

“Yes, encourage. C’mon. You know exactly what you’re doing.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I dress in attire that I feel comfortable in. I have no intention of encouraging unwanted leers from animals such as you.”

“Animal, huh? I’ve got an animal in my pants just for you,” I thought to myself. “So, what am I supposed to do? Never look at you?”

“No, nothing that drastic. That would be unrealistic.” She paused. “In psychology class it was suggested that people react to an unknown experience differently. Some are frightened. Some are curious. Some are infatuated. Once that unknown, whatever it may be, has been explained or experienced, that persons feeling about said experience is alleviated in most cases.”

“So, what’s this unknown experience to think you can alleviate for me?” I wasn’t sure where this was going. Therapy for me? Professional growth classes? Good luck with that.

“You seem to be infatuated with my breasts. Maybe if you experience them it will alleviate your infatuation with them, thus solving the issue that we’re having.”

“Wait. What?” My mind was racing. Was she suggesting what I think she was suggesting? “‘Experience’ your breasts? How do you plan on doing that?”

“I think letting you see my breasts should suffice,” she said in a flat voice.

My jaw smashed against the floor. My eyes nearly came out of my head. “Seriously?” She nodded her head. “Okay, is this a set up? Are you recording this so you can take it to HR?” I scanned the room and the ceiling.

“No. I assure you this is not a set up. This is science in action.” Silence filled the room. Stunned silence from me. Cold silence from her. “What do you say? Shall we try?”

I swallowed hard. “Absolutely!”

“Don’t act so excited,” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse. “This is not for pleasure. This is to alleviate your infatuation so that we can continue to work together.”

“Sure. Right. Whatever.” “Get on with it!” I thought.

She unbuttoned the blouse and peeled it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy white bra that was struggling to contain her 36DDs. She laid the blouse on her desk and folded it nice and neat. Then she reached behind her, unclasped her bra, and nonchalantly pulled it down her arms, placing it on top of the neatly folded blouse.

Her tits were amazing! Better than I had even imagined. The skin was lightly tanned, matching the rest of her body. No tan lines. Interesting. Miss Prude tans topless at the very least. They were round and firm. I’m pretty sure when Bob Seger wrote the words “way up firm and high” he had Katherine’s tits in mind. Her areolas were pink and quarter sized. The cool air of the office had her nipples grow to gum drop sized points almost immediately. I instantly had a hard on.

She placed her hands on the desk once again and clasped them together. Her tits hung over them like hot air balloons.

“There. Now. You’ve seen them,” she said without an ounce of feeling, as if she was asking me how my day was going. “That should satisfy your infatuation with my bosom.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” I said, scratching my chin. “Maybe if I got a closer look.”

“A closer look? Fine.” She stood up from her chair and came around to my side of the desk and stopped directly in front of me. She leaned her ass back against the edge of her desk and moved her arms backward, placing her palms on the edge of the desk. Her tits were less than two feet from my face. I was salivating. My cock was about to break through my jeans. “There. Now. Is this close enough for you?” She asked as if she was asking me to pass her the salt at the dinner table.

“I think it would help if I were able to touch them,” I said trying to hide a grin.

“Touch them?” She paused. “I don’t understand men’s fascination with women’s breasts. They’re simply skin wrapped around fatty tissue and milk-producing glandular tissue,” she said, shaking her head.

Only Katherine could make squeezing a fabulous pair of tits sound boring. “Well, if they’re nothing special, then it shouldn’t be a big deal if I touch them, right?”

“You have a point. Yes, you may touch them. Briefly.” She turned her head away and closed her eyes.

I reached up and cupped a tit in each hand. Fabulous! Firm and perfect. I could play with these fun bags all day. Her husband’s a lucky bastard. Of course, he has to deal with her bullshit, so maybe not so lucky. Hell, for all I know he’s never touched ’em.

I lightly massaged and caressed them. I squeezed them. I rotated my hands around them. All the while she kept her head turned and her eyes closed. I run my fingers down and brushed each nipple. She gave a slight gasp. “Sensitive nipples. Good to know,” I thought to myself. I gently pinched and twisted both nipples. She gave a deeper gasp. I continued to massage one breast with one hand. I took my other hand and unzipped my pants. I squirmed around until I had worked my rock hard 9 inch cock out of its constraints and began to stroke it.

Katherine reached up and pulled my hand away from her breast. “Okay, I think that’s enough,” she said as she opened her eyes and turned her head back towards me. “That should…Mark!” Her eyes spied the tool I was stroking. “Mark! What do you think you’re doing?!”

“I don’t think just feeling them was doing the trick. I think I want my cock between your tits. I think a good titty fuck will do the trick,” I said, not trying to hide a grin this time.

“Language!” She shouted, making her tits bounce

“Sorry, sorry,” I said holding my hands up, trying to calm her down. “I think I’m still infatuated with your bosom,” I said, doing my best to sound Ivy League. “I think placing my penis into the cleavage of your breasts may solve the problem.”

“You want to put that,” she said in disgust, pointing at the beast, “between my breasts?”

“Yes,” I nodded my head. “And I want you to squeeze your breasts together and bounce up and down.”

“You’re serious?” she asked incredulously.

“Serious as a heart attack.”

She thought for a moment. “Well, if you think this exercise will help alleviate your infatuation, then we can try it.”

“Holy fuck, I’m going to tit fuck Katherine! Where’s my phone when I need it?” I thought to myself.

She dropped to her knees in front of me. She slid in between my legs and lifted herself up. She grabbed each breast and moved in closer.

Just as she was about to envelope my stick, I stopped her. “Hold on. You’ll need to lubricate it a little. Otherwise it will actually be painful instead of healing.”

“Lubricate it? I have some lotion on my desk.” She started to stand up.

“No no! Not like that. Saliva works best,” I said trying to keep a straight face.

“Saliva?” She paused. Then it hit her. “You want me to put your penis…in my mouth?!”

“You’ve never given your husband a blow job?”

“A blow…language!” She caught her breath. “No. We’ve talked about oral sex. But we’ve never performed it.” I was right. Poor bastard.

“Well, saliva generally works best.”


She scooted back between my legs. She reached up slowly and hesitantly grabbed the base of my cock. She could feel the veins pulse with energy. She looked at it and paused. She looked up into my face. She looked back down and stared it. Ever so slowly, she lowered her head, opened her mouth, and for the first time in her life, took a cock into her mouth.

Her mouth was warm and wet. Her lips felt like velvet. Knowing mine was the first cock in her mouth was a very powerful feeling.

Her lips slid past the helmet of my soldier and hovered there. “Keep in mind,” I said, “you need to get the full length of it wet to make this work properly.”

“Mmmmmhmmmm, uhhhhkkk,” she mumbled.

Her head started to slowly bob up and down on my pole. I didn’t even care how fast or hard she sucked at this point. Just the fact my cock was impaling her face was enough for me right now.

The tip would hit the back of her mouth and just slip past the entrance of her throat, making her gag. This was barely taking in half of the beast. Much to her credit, she tried several times to deep throat me. But she wasn’t able to do it.

She removed me from her mouth. Saliva was sliding down her chin. “I can’t get your entire penis in my mouth. It’s too large.”

“You’re not the first to tell me that,” I said proudly.

“You’re much bigger than my husband. How do I get the rest of it lubricated?”

“Well, you can always lick it.”

“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’ve never sucked dick, you fucking cunt,” I thought to myself.

She cocked her head and began to lap at the bottom half of my stick. She was holding the top half trying to hold it steady. I grabbed her tiny hand and begin to slowly slide it up and down the top half. She did it without protest. Even after I removed my hand she continued to stroke it as she licked the bottom half.

After a few minutes she stopped and looked up at me. “Will that do?” Saliva had begun to drip off her chin and onto the top of her breasts.

“Yeah, that should do the trick.”

Without a word, once again she cupped her breasts and slid forward. She leaned in until my cock was resting against her chest and proceeded to wrap her tits around my throbbing cock.

They felt like warm pillows. They completely enveloped me, 9 inches of cock disappeared into her cleavage.

She sat there for a moment holding her breasts firmly wrapped around my rod.

“Don’t forget to bounce,” I reminded her.

“Oh yes! I’m sorry, I forgot,” she said truly apologetic.

“Its fine, I know this is a first for you.”

She slowly began to move her body up and down, stroking my cock with her tits. The purple head would pop out of the top of her cleavage on every down motion.

“Let me know when you feel as if this has cured your infatuation,” she said matter of factly.

“Oh, you’ll know,” I said with a grin. She would know soon enough.

There was a knock at her door. Without missing a beat she coolly said, “Who is it?”

“It’s Marcy,” came the voice from the other side of the door. “I’ve got some papers for you to look at.”

“Okay. I’ll be done here shortly. I’ll come to your desk when I’m done.”

“Okay! Thank you!” You could hear her walk away.

She continued to bounce for several minutes. I’m sure she could feel my cock throb between tits. I’m also sure she had no I idea what that meant was going to happen soon.

“Are you over your infatuation yet?” she asked clinically.

“Oh my god, woman,” I growled. “If you’ll just shut the fuck up, I will be soon.”

“Excuse me?” she said in a shocked tone, still bouncing. She had probably never been spoken to that way.

“Shut. The fuck. Up!” I looked into her shocked face. “Squeeze harder and move faster! We’re almost there.”

Stunned, she did as she was told. The added grip and speed was all I needed.

I grabbed her hands and squeezed them, wrapping her tits even tighter around my hose. I began to buck my hips, my thighs slapping against the bottom of her breasts.

“Grrrrrrfuck!” My head flew back. A thick stream of spunk shot from my hose and splashed against the bottom of her chin and spreading across her throat.

This caught Katherine quite by surprise. “Oh!” she yelped. Her face wrinkled up and she turned her face away as if somebody had stuck a turd under nose. But I kept a grip on her tits and continued to pump my hips.

A second rope shot up the side of her cheek with her head turned and stopped at her temple. A third and fourth smaller spurts pumped out and landed directly on top her tits. Her tan skin only accentuated the whiteness of the jizz that was now covering them and streaking towards her erect nipples.

I finally released my grip on her tits. She began to pull away. But before she could get too far away, I firmly shook my hose at her, sending several more small droplets in her direction, landing on her chin and in her cleavage.

She continued to slide away. I stood up. “Where do you think you’re going?” She looked up at me with confusion on her face. “We’re not done yet.” I grabbed the base of my pulsing cock with one hand and the back of her head with the other. I pulled her in close until the tip of my cock was touching her lips. She opened her mouth and took me in.

With my hand on the back of her head, I slid my cum covered cock in and out of her face. On several strokes I would slam the tip against the back of her mouth and into her throat, causing her to cough and gag, making cum bubbles escape her lips.

Once I felt like I had given her a good face fuck, I pulled out and sat back down, breathing hard. Cum was dripping of her chin onto her tits, and off her nipples onto her thighs.

She paused. I’m she was in a little shock at what had just transpired. She was gathering her thoughts.

She finally regained her composure and stood up. Her legs were shaky as she moved around the desk and back to her chair. She grabbed several tissues from the box on her table and began to clean herself up.

“Wait!” I said, holding my hand up like a police officer directing traffic. “You know what I think would really help now?”

She stopped. “What’s that?” She was genuinely curious.

“If you licked some of my cum off of your tits,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

“Language!” she said with her fists in a ball.

“Shit. Sorry.” I paused. “I think it would help if you licked some of my ejaculate from your breasts.”

“Do you really think that would help?”

I nodded, trying to hide my grin again. “Yes, I really do.”

She cupped a breast with her hand and lifted it up, meeting her tongue as she lowered her head. She lapped at the cum on the top of her tit, watching me the entire time. If I wasn’t careful I was going to get another hard on.

She stopped and lifted her head, still watching me. I stood and tucked my warrior back into his shelter.

She began to dab at her face and breasts, wiping as much cum off of her as possible, then grabbing another tissue as needed and continuing the process.

“How do you feel, Mark? Do you feel like you’re over your infatuation with my breasts?” she asked as she continued to dab away at her body.

“I feel good!” What I wanted to say was “Fuck no I’m not over my infatuation! Now I want to fuck those tits every time I see them!” What I actually said was, “I dunno, only time will tell,” as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Well, let’s hope this worked so we can continue to have a good working relationship.” She was still dabbing away. She was going to run out of tissues soon.

“What if it didn’t work? What if you still feel like I’m infatuated with your breasts?”

“Well, sometimes these things take time. Or several treatments. We may have to repeat the process several times. Different people react to treatment in different ways.” She said it as if we were curing a common cold.

“Several treatments?! Fuck yeah!” I thought to myself. “Well, I feel better. But the ultimate decision will be up to you if you still get the feeling I’m infatuated.”

“Yes, of course,” she said. “Thank you for your understanding and your willingness to try to improve the situation, Mark.”

She’s thanking me? Can this get any better?! “Thank you for coming to me with your concerns, Katherine. I hate the thought of a co-worker being uncomfortable in my presence.” I tried to say it without giggling.

“That’s quite thoughtful of you, Mark,” she said as she was beginning to button up her blouse of the cum that she hadn’t gotten and was beginning to dry and crust. “You’re excused. Have a nice day.”

“A nice day? This has been an awesome fucking day!” I thought. “Thank you, Katherine. You as well.”

She opened the drapes and I walked out the door. As I sat down at my desk I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can convince her I’m infatuated with her ass?”

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Troy and Louisa… and Friends!

by silverfern

Troy and Louisa … and friends!

Troy leant over the naked woman lying asleep beside him. He smiled as he brushed a loose lock of long blonde hair off her face. I might just be the luckiest man in the world he thought.

“Happy anniversary Louisa baby,” he whispered and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Troy then glanced to the other side of the bed, where another beautiful naked woman slept. Yep, definitely the luckiest man in the world.

It was Troy and Louisa’s 24th wedding anniversary and they had celebrated this one the same as all 23 others. A good meal, some fine wine, and great sex. There was of course one difference this year … someone else had joined the party.

Troy lay back between the two beautiful women. He couldn’t help but smile again as he remembered some of the amazing things that had happened with Louisa over the years they’d been together.

She had been his childhood sweetheart, the first girl he’d kissed, the one he’d taken to the prom, and for the first 23 years of their marriage the only girl he’d had sex with.

They’d meet when they were both ten years old. Louisa had shifted into the house next door. Troy had his first encounter with her the day after she’d moved in. He’d been in his bedroom and as he looked out the window he saw someone climbing up the tree on the boundary between their properties. It was a skinny kid in blue jeans, a black T shirt and a baseball cap, they were heading through the branches towards his tree house.

The tree house was Troy’s domain and no one could go in without his permission. He’d even nailed a large sign onto the front wall ‘Keep Out – trespassers will be flour bombed’. The intruder from next door must have seen the sign and Troy was hell bent to let them know that the warning meant what it said.

He had raced down the hall and climbed out through the second story window which led onto the back porch roof. A thin plank bridged out from the roof over the lawn and into the side of the tree house. The plank was one of three entrances to his two story wooden fortress, the others being a knotted rope hanging from a branch behind the tool shed and a retractable wooden ladder that could be pulled up through a trap door in the floor.

He scurried across the plank and through the small hinged door. Quickly grabbing a flour bag bomb from his arsenal he flung open the shutter that covered the window.

“Trespasser!” he yelled at the top of his voice and hurled the flour bomb at the baseball cap which was only a few feet away.

The ‘trespasser’ got such a fright that they jerked backwards, lost their balance and fell fifteen feet to the ground. Luckily their arm took most of the impact of the fall, unluckily the arm broke.

Louisa had fallen back onto her own side of the fence and her cries for help resulted in her parents rushing outside. Troy meanwhile ducked down onto the treehouse wooden floor and pretended that he didn’t exist.

Louisa went off to hospital and got an arm cast while Troy stayed in his fortress wondering whether he’d killed the new neighborhood kid.

Later that afternoon he got a stern call from his Mom.

“Troy William Jenkins! Get down here right now!”

Troy figured it was probably the victim being covered in flour that had given his guilt away. He was marched over to the neighbours and found himself standing in front of the other kid’s Mom. At least he assumed it was the Mom because he hadn’t had the nerve to look up into their face … but bright red shoes and stockings kind of gave their identity away. Troy was told to apologize, which he mumbled looking at the red shoes. He was then told to apologize again, properly. He looked up and found himself staring at the face of what nowadays people would call a MILF. The neighbor Mom was drop dead gorgeous with long blonde hair and the nicest smile Troy had ever seen. After realizing he was staring Troy regained his faculties and made his second apology. He also started wondering, under the present circumstances, why was she smiling at him … maybe she was a psychopath and was going to pull out a knife and stab him. He suddenly felt a cold chill down the back of his neck … he took a step backwards and was about to turn and make a run for it.

“Thank you for the apology young man,” she said still smiling.

Troy waited for the knife … it didn’t come.

“It’s not the first time Lou has fallen out of a tree and broken something. But it is the first time it’s been done with flour in the face.”

“I really am sorry … but he was trespassing.” Troy replied gaining back some confidence. “I had a sign and all and …”

“Troy! That’s enough.” His Mom interrupted. “You’re already grounded for a month, don’t make me make it two.”

Troy looked back at the red shoes. Maybe the knife wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Why don’t you go up and see Lou. It’s the first door on the right at the top of the stairs. Your Mom and I can have a cup of coffee.”

The red shoed Mom’s tone was still friendly. “Lou’s pretty impressed with the cast. You’ll need to sign it,” she added.

As Troy moved towards the stairs, his mother reminded him to apologize to Lou as well … properly!

The first door on the right upstairs had a skull and crossbones flag pinned on it and someone had stuck large false eyelashes on the skull. Weird … but kind of cool looking, Troy thought. He knocked on the door and waited.

After knocking a second time and getting no reply Troy opened the door and peeked inside. What he saw changed his life forever. Propped up in the bed was a girl, with a bright yellow arm cast encasing her lower left arm. Her eyes were shut and she had headphones on, her head was moving in time to some music coming from a walkman. Troy walked into the room and stood studying her from the foot of the bed. She looked about his age, her hair was shoulder length blonde and she had a cute nose … in his opinion.

Suddenly her eyes opened and they stared at each other for a moment.

“You’re the guy from the tree house, cool flour bomb idea, caught me by surprise. I’m Louisa, but everyone calls me Lou. Want to sign my cast?” She blurted out without taking a breath.

Louisa grabbed a felt marker pen from the bedside table and held it out in Troy’s direction.

Troy was shocked that there hadn’t been the slightest hint of anger or resentment in her voice. He reached out and took the pen and proceeded to sign her outstretched cast laden arm.

Now in the years to come Troy would always say that it was love at first sight for him. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Either way he had never looked at another girl the same way again.

Louisa however would always say that she fell in love with Troy a week later. It was her first day of school and she had earlier introduced herself to the class as Lou. Some of the kids had sniggered at the time, a girl having a boy’s name. Louisa hadn’t even thought about it as she’d always been called Lou. After school some of the kids corralled her on the way home and started to tease her. She’d retaliated and said something smart back. One of the bigger boys didn’t like it and he pushed her. Louisa fell over, hitting her cast on the ground. The pain was immediate and she started to cry. The big boy was still laughing when Troy skidded to a halt on his bike, leapt off the seat and punched the boy in the face. The bully hit the ground hard and blood started to spurt out of his now broken nose. He squealed like a pig as he writhed on the ground.

“Who’s next?” Troy turned and faced the others. His fists were raised and he was breathing hard. The others all backed away in fear. Some even took off running.

Troy helped Louisa up and picked up her school bag.

He looked down at the bully who was now sitting up … blood streamed down over his face and hands.

“You’re just lucky she’s got a broken arm or she would have whipped you herself.”

Louisa looked at Troy and thought that was the nicest thing anyone could ever say about her.

From that day on Lou decided she was to be called Louisa, and Louisa was in love!

As they grew older their friendship turned to romance and they officially dated. By the time they were seniors in high school it was obvious to both family and friends that Troy and Louisa would always be together.

Both of them were regarded as good looking. Troy was 5’11” and played a number of sports so his body was in good shape and Louisa at 5’5″ inherited her Mom’s good looks and a great athletic figure.

They were regarded as the perfect couple and since they’d been together so long almost everyone thought they were lovers. But at seventeen they were both still virgins. They certainly had the desire for one another but had made a promise years ago not to …’go all the way’… until they were at least eighteen. The promise was made to Troy’s Mom. She was a local police officer and the state law said the age of consent was eighteen and she did not want them breaking the law. Despite their raging hormones, a promise was a promise, and their parents were proud of the commitment to it. On the other hand both sets of parents knew exactly what would happen when they were both eighteen.

Troy was only a few weeks older than Louisa and finally turned eighteen mid-March. Louisa’s birthday was the day before spring break. For the last few years they’d celebrated their birthdays together, it saved on family expense and meant a bigger party.

A week out from Louisa’s big day Troy’s Dad pulled him aside after dinner one night and said they needed to talk.

“Sit down son,” he said indicating the spare chair in the den. “With you now officially being a man we need to have a chat.”

Troy looked at his Dad and smiled. “Dad, If you’re going to give me the birds and the bees talk, we had it when I was twelve remember?”

“I know, and it was one of the most difficult moments of my life if I remember rightly.” He chuckled, and smiled back.

“So what’s up then?” Troy quizzed.

“I want to talk about expectations. We all know that you’ve kept your promise to Mom … in regard to … you know.”

“It’s called sex Dad.” Troy quipped still smiling.

“Alright, no need to be a smart arse. This is difficult enough already OK.”

“OK. Sorry, I’m all ears.”

“I just wanted you to be aware that sex is not always like it is in the movies … especially the first time. I’m not saying it’s going to be bad but just have realistic expectations OK. Like most things practice makes perfect. Your Mom didn’t orgasm until …”

“Whoa Dad! Information overload!” Troy winched.

“Alright, alright. I’m just saying if you don’t go in with to higher expectations to start with then you won’t be disappointed. OK?”

“OK.I get it.”

“Good. And by the way, the practice is really fun.” He grinned at Troy.

“Dad. Stop it OK. I get it.” He grinned back. “Thanks. I’ll take that info on board.”

The next day Troy relayed the conversation to Louisa. She laughed out loud and said her Mom had given her the same talk.

“What are our folks doing? Do they meet over coffee and discuss our sex life!” Troy shook his head in disbelief.

“I know. I’m half expecting them to ask for a post coitus report. A thousand words double spaced on plain white paper.” Louisa grimaced and then giggled.

They joked for the rest of the day about what they could write in a report. But for all their joking there was now a slight nervousness in their expectations.

Later that week the combined birthday party went off with a bang! About ninety friends, neighbours and family attended and they partied on until the wee hours of the morning. There were some nice speeches made and everyone had a good time.

The next morning as they were tidying up Troy and Louisa were asked to join their parents for a chat.

“This isn’t going to be another ‘birds and bees’ thing is it?” Louisa asked rolling her eyes as they all sat on the deck behind her house.

“Not this time,” her Dad replied smiling. “It’s just we didn’t give you a present last night, so we want to give you now. It’s from all of us to both of you.”

He stopped and handed an envelope to Troy, then continued talking.

“We know you’ve both been accepted to the same arts college next year, and we also know it’s going to be an exciting time for you but it’s also going to be challenging. New environment, new friends, hard work. So we’ve decided to make things a little easier for you to settle in.”

Troy lifted the flap of the envelope and removed the contents. It was a set of keys. He held them up and looked a little confused.

“Keys?” Louisa said also confused.

“Yep, keys,” her Dad replied straight faced.

“Com’on Dad. Keys to what?”

“Keys to your new apartment, just off campus,” he responded with a grin.

Troy and Louisa looked at the group of grinning adults around them.

“Our apartment?” Troy finally asked still a little bewildered.

“We pooled our resources and bought a property by the college. We figured it would be a good long term investment and in the short term you guys could use it and save some money.” Troy’s Dad explained.

Before they could respond Troy’s Mom held out another envelope.

“This is the second part of your present.”

Louisa took the envelope and opened it up. It contained two airline tickets.

“We thought you might like to take a trip down there over spring break, to check out the apartment and familiarize yourselves with the area.”

The two kids just sat there stunned, trying to comprehend what they had just been given. Finally they got up and hugs and thanks were given all round. It was quite an emotional time for them all.

“By the way your plane leaves in under four hours so you better get packed,” Troy’s Dad revealed.

Three hours later they stood in the airport saying their goodbyes.

At the departure gate Louisa’s Mom whispered something in her ear. Louisa nodded in reply and followed Troy through the gate.

“What was that about?” Troy asked as they waved and walked away hand in hand.

“Mom asked if I’d packed the pill,” she replied and smiled.

After the flight they caught a cab from the airport to the apartment building and were shocked at what they saw. It was a four story building and looked almost brand new. They went into the lobby and saw there was a concierge desk with a man sitting behind it. After explaining who they were the concierge offered to give them a quick tour of the facilities. Fifteen minutes later they returned to pick up their luggage with huge smiles on their faces. The complex came with a pool, gym and a sauna. Their apartment was on the fourth floor and came fully furnished. It was like an expensive hotel suite. The lounge and bedroom faced south and would get lots of sun and they even had a small balcony with views over to the university two blocks away.

For the next twenty minutes the explored every nook and cranny in the place and finally collapsed in a state of near euphoria on the leather couch. They slouched looking at each other, the smiles on their faces were even bigger now. How the heck were they going to get any work done with all this luxury around?

An hour later they had managed to unpack and decided to go out for a walk and get dinner. Strolling hand in hand through the campus they talked about the apartment, the college, and the future. They were also both conscious about what they weren’t talking about … bedtime!

They got back to the apartment after a nice dinner at a student hangout on the edge of campus.

“I’m going to take a shower,” said Troy.

“Mind if I join you?” Louisa asked coyly.

“I think I’d really, really like that.”

They undressed each other in the bedroom, taking time to enjoy the process. They kissed and touched between removing items and it became a game of alternate removal. They had seen most of each other’s bodies before but this was different as they both savored the sight of more flesh being revealed as each piece of clothing hit the floor.

They almost didn’t make it to the shower, as the kissing and caressing got more heated. Finally Louisa pulled Troy into the bathroom where they spent the next ten minutes washing one another under the hot water.

Back in the bedroom Troy sat on the bed while Louisa dried her hair. When she entered the room he drank in the beauty before him. Troy was speechless. Louisa was gorgeous. Her blue eyes sparkled in the light and her smile was radiant. Her pert breasts rose and fell with each short breath, the small dark nipples grew under his scrutiny.

Louisa couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting from Troy just looking at her. She felt his eyes devouring her body and she could feel the heat between her thighs grow.

Troy finally stood and drew her close and they kissed passionately.

“Wow!” Louisa panted, as they broke the kiss, her legs felt like they were going to give way. She held onto him tightly her arms wrapped around his neck.

Troy pulled her in for another kiss, which was even more passionate than the first. Their tongues touched and they explored each other’s mouths as they slowly moved to the bed and sat down, their lips still locked together.

Troy finally rolled Louisa onto her back, and began to kiss down her neck slowly inching his way to her breasts. His lips found her nipples and he circled them with his tongue, she giggled as the sensitive flesh tickled. The giggles quickly turned to moans as Troy sucked each taut nipple until they stood out hard and erect. Louisa’s breathing was ragged and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She pulled Troy up and reached down between them, her hand encircled Troy’s stiff cock.

“I want him in me … I want him in me now!”

Troy was caught up in the moment and he lunged forward, thrusting his throbbing cock deep into her.

Louisa let out a loud guttural cry.

Troy pulled back thinking he had hurt her.

“God, don’t stop!” She exclaimed, as her body pushed forward into his, her legs and arms wrapping around his muscular body.

Troy pushed back into her. He wasn’t being gentle as he thrust again and again.

Louisa hadn’t experienced anything like this before and as her head flung back into the pillow, the feelings grew to an intensity she didn’t think was possible. She’d used a vibrator before so technically she wasn’t a vaginal virgin, but her five inch purple piece of plastic didn’t feel anything like what was inside her now.

When her rising orgasm finally came her whole body convulsed as waves of heat enveloped her entire body.

Seeing and feeling Louisa’s release was way too much for Troy and he erupted, sending spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her.

Louisa wasn’t sure if she had passed out but next thing she remembered was Troy lying on top of her. He held his weight on his elbows and his face was inches away from hers. His eyes were closed and beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. She reached up and pulled his mouth into hers and they kissed.

“If it gets better with practice then I don’t think I’ll survive,” Louisa finally said as her breathing returned to some normality.

“That makes two of us babe,” Troy replied smiling.

Later as they lay in each other’s arms they joked again about what kind of report card they could give their parents.

“I just hope we haven’t used ten years of pent up passion in one go,” Louisa said smiling as she rested her head on Troy’s chest.

“Not a chance baby,” Troy replied kissing her on the head. “I reckon I’ve got plenty more where that came from.”

“Hmm, is that right? Well I think I might just test you out on that,” and she slipped down beneath the sheets. Moments later her warm mouth enveloped Troy’s fast growing cock.

The next few days were spent more in bed than out. They both seemed hell bent on making up for the years of self-imposed abstinence. And remarkably Troy’s Dad was right, things did get better with practice!

They travelled home at the end of the week and returned to finish the school year. After graduation and a short break they headed back to the apartment and started the next chapter of their lives.

The following years of college went quickly. They had married after the first year, with their families blessing. It was a good four years for them, they enjoyed classes, made great friends and both got a better handle on what career line they wanted to follow.

After graduation Troy decided to move into the area of three dimensional installation art. He had a very creative mind and had started to produce work that got high praise, and sold for a good price.

Louisa pursued a career in interior design and went into business with Emma her best friend from college. They slowly built up a client base and eventually became sought after by a number of development companies.

Emma and Louisa could have been twin sisters. They looked so much alike they were quite often mistaken for one another. In fact the first person to get them mixed up was Troy. It had been the first week of college and Troy had decided to meet Louisa after class so they could walk home together. He spotted her amongst a group of girls at the front of the lecture theatre and had approached her from behind. He put his arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck.

“Hey babe, you ready to go home?” he’d said quietly into her ear.

“Maybe it’d be good if we were introduced first,” an unfamiliar voice replied from the girl in his arms.

Troy was firstly confused and then shocked as he realised that Louisa was sitting down in front of him and not in his arms. Her eyes and mouth were opened wide in surprise. She suddenly burst out laughing as Troy stepped back holding his hands up in mock surrender. The girl he’d been holding turned to face him, she raised her eyebrows and glanced at Louisa.

“If this one is yours you may need to keep a leash on him,” she said and smiled. “On the other hand if he isn’t yours, damn introduce me!”

“I’m afraid he’s mine,” Louisa quipped still laughing. “Troy, say hello to Emma.”

“Shit! Sorry, I thought you were her,” Troy managed to blurt out looking between the two girls. He felt his skin grow warm as he blushed in embarrassment.

The rest of the group were now laughing as well, which only added to Troy’s discomfort.

Louisa stood and gave him a reassuring hug.

“What did I tell you?” One of the girls remarked to Louisa. “You do look the same, even your boyfriend can’t tell you apart.”

They all laughed again.

Over the next few years Emma became a close friend to both Louisa and Troy. As well as having a great body and looks, she had a wicked sense of humor and would always greet Troy with his first words to her on the day they meet ‘Hey babe’. It started out as a long running joke but over the years it became a term of endearment and showed the depth of their friendship.

Forward to twenty three years later Troy and Louisa were living the dream. They were both successful in business, they lived in a great house overlooking the sea and they had two beautiful twin daughters who were both at college. They were deeply in love, and things seemed pretty good. However deep down they both knew life had become to … predictable. They needed something new in their lives, a new adventure. They just weren’t sure what it was supposed to be.

Then one day things started to happen.

Troy had picked up a new job doing a feature wall for his friend Rob at a vacation house. It wasn’t a big job but would still take three weeks to complete. During the same time period Louisa and Emma were going to a couple of design expos, followed by a week vacation at a spa retreat.

On the day before the girls left Emma came to stay the night. They had an early start the next day and would have to be at the airport by seven o’clock in the morning. Emma arrived mid-afternoon, she was wearing a loose white t-shirt and cutoff jeans that showed off her long tanned legs. At 42 she had put on a little bit of weight but was still a beautiful woman and like Louisa she didn’t look anywhere near as old as she was.

“Hey babe,” she greeted Troy and they embraced.

There was always a bit of flirting going on between them and as they hugged Troy patted her butt.

“Nice and firm Em, you been working out?” he joked giving her one more pat.

“Gotta at least try and keep up with the competition, or I’ll never have a chance with you,” she joked back and smiled at Louisa.

“You keep wearing shorts like that and even I won’t be able to keep him off you,” Louisa replied as she embraced her friend.

Louisa didn’t mind the flirting going on, it was harmless, and she knew Emma needed the attention at times to make her feel sexy and wanted. Emma had never married, and although there had been a few boyfriends over the years the relationships always seemed to end badly. In the end she just stopped dating and spent more time with Louisa, Troy and the family. She was godmother to both kids and they would often introduce her to friends as their second Mom, a title Emma adored. Everyone liked having her around and she was part of the family. To Troy, Emma sometimes even felt like a second wife … but unfortunately without the sex!

After dinner that night they had sat and finished off a couple of bottles of wine and the girls talked about their trip. Louisa mentioned that the hotels they were staying at had great pool areas and they would be able to spend a bit of time working on their tans. Emma mentioned she hadn’t packed a swim suit so Louisa offered to lend her one.

“I don’t think I’ll fit into one of yours, my boobs and butt are bigger now,” Emma complained. She was aware of her slight weight gain and had lost a little confidence because of it.

“At least you’ve got boobs. Mine shrunk after breast feeding the kids and never came back,” Louisa complained.

“For goodness sake!” Troy interjected. “You both look great, and have amazing boobs and butts … and I mean that!” He raised his glass in toast to them both.

“Thanks babe.” Louisa blew him a kiss.

“Yeah thanks babe,” Emma said and smiled.

Louisa caught Troy’s eye and mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him. She knew he liked her boobs but it also pleased her that Troy had taken the opportunity to lift Emma’s self-image with the compliment.

They finished the wine and Emma headed off to her room with a handful of brightly colored bikinis to try on. Louisa went to finish off some paperwork in her office and Troy decided to take a shower before bed and headed off to the bedroom.

He undressed and walked naked into the ensuite bathroom. As he went to switch on the light he noticed through the slightly open window that he could see directly across into Emma’s room. The guest bedroom that she was using faced a private walled courtyard and the only other room that had a window into the area was the master ensuite bathroom. Her light was on and she had not bothered to pull the curtains across. It was quite dark outside so Emma would have been unaware of the view Troy was getting.

He watched as Emma pulled her t-shirt off and threw into an open suitcase, her jean shorts followed, as did her white sports bra and black lace panties. She stood and looked at herself in the full length mirror, turning around and studying her profile. Troy couldn’t believe what he saw, and his cock sprang to life as he stared at the beautiful sight before him. In all the years he’d known Emma, he’d actually never seen her fully naked before. Sure there had been times when she’d sunbathed topless at the beach but she’d always been quite discrete and watchful. He’d definitely not seen her nicely trimmed pussy before … but now there it was, not more than a dozen feet away, and under a small strip of light brown hair two small strips of labia flesh were clearly visible.

Emma picked up a red and white bikini from the bed and tried in on. She twisted and turned in front of the mirror to see how it fit before changing into a bright green outfit. This routine was repeated several times until she seemed to settle on a silver and black one. Troy agreed with her choice, she looked incredibly sexy in it.

His cock was now fully erect, and he stroked it slowly as he continued to watch the show before him.

Emma was naked again and she stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her hands cupped her breasts and she massaged them slowly, she then pinched each nipple lightly. The small buds of flesh grew and she pinched them harder, twisting them with her fingers. One of her hands slid down over her stomach, brushed across the strip of hair and stopped between her legs. Her eyes were glued to the reflection in the mirror as she started to rub the hood of skin covering her clit.

Troy’s eyes widened as he realised she was masturbating in front of him. His cock seemed to gain another inch as he stoked it, his eyes never leaving the image in the room across the courtyard.

Suddenly Troy felt a presence beside him. He turned and saw Louisa, her eyebrows were raised enquiringly.

“What are you doing baby?” She said in a sexy voice reaching over and gripping his cock.

Louisa obviously hadn’t noticed where Troy was looking and must have thought he was just jacking off.

Fuck! He thought. She’s going to go ballistic when she knows. Better get it over with. He indicated the window and moved slightly so Louisa could see.

To Troy’s surprise Louisa didn’t react how he thought she would. In fact her only reaction was the tightening of her hand around his cock. She started to slowly stoke him. It was now her eyes that were glued to the gap in the window and Troy realised that she had a hand up under her dress and it was obviously inside her panties. As her breathing got deeper Louisa looked up at Troy and there was a look of lust in her eyes. He pulled her in for a passionate kiss and their tongues probed each other’s mouths. Their lips finally parted and they smiled before once again focusing on Emma. Troy grabbed hold of Louisa’s dress and pulled it off over her head, he then released her bra and it fell between them. Louisa started to pump his cock up and down while he slid his hand inside her damp panties. His fingers plunged into her sopping wet pussy as she continued to rub her clit.

Across the courtyard in her room Emma was now lying on the bed and her hand was flying over her own clit as her other hand continued to massage her breasts.

By now all three of them were close to orgasm and when Emma arched up and started convulsing the other two couldn’t hold out any longer.

It was just as well the window in Emma’s room was closed as all three of them let out a cry of release as their orgasms consumed them. Emma slid onto the floor trembling and panting. Troy shot rope after rope of cum onto the wall under the window and Louisa squirted as Troy continued to thrust his fingers into her.

Finally as their breathing returned to normal Louisa turned towards Troy and they kissed long and hard. Covered in sweat they moved to the shower, where the kissing continued. Troy found himself hard again and they made quick and passionate love under the flow of warm water. By the time they got out and dried off out Emma’s room was dark. They shut the bathroom window and climbed into bed.

“We need to talk about this,” Troy whispered.

“Yes we do, but not now … in the morning,” Louisa said giving him a quick kiss before cuddling up against his naked body. “Right now I need sleep lover boy.”

The following morning was chaos. The alarm set for 4.30am didn’t go off. They woke an hour late. Quickly dressing they rushed straight out the door, getting to the airport just in time for their flights last check-in call.

As Emma went to quickly buy a book to read, Troy and Louisa managed to get a few last moments alone.

“Last night … it was …” Troy started.

“Incredible!” Louisa finished his sentence.

“Yeah, incredible,” Troy echoed. “I haven’t felt like that for a while. I don’t mean our sex life is bad, but last night … it was like someone else was there with us.”

“I know. Maybe we need to look at experimenting more.”

“What are you saying? Do you want us to involve others in our sex life?” Troy looked at her a little shocked.

“I don’t know. We’ve only ever been with each other … we haven’t done anything else.” Louisa said shrugging. “Maybe we do need to spice things up a bit. Whatever happens I know we love and trust one another.”

“Let’s just take things slowly. OK babe.”

They hugged and kissed.

As he watched the girls leave through the departure gate Louisa turned back to Troy.

“Remember I trust you, have fun. We will.” She smiled and playfully patted Emma’s butt as they walked away.

Troy wasn’t quite sure how to take that. He drove home with more questions than answers.

The new job at the vacation house was supposed to start the next day, but a phone call from Rob posed a problem. He told Troy that his sister Lucy was planning on staying at the house for a while. She had just gone through a bad break up and needed some down time. Troy told Rob that he couldn’t do the work if someone was staying because of the smell from the special glues he was going to use. They discussed future dates but nothing seemed to fit, either the house was being used or Troy had other work on. Finally Rob said he would talk to Lucy and get her to delay her vacation until Troy had finished.

The next morning Troy loaded up his pickup and drove ten minutes down the coast to Rob’s house. It was a modern two storied place with the living area upstairs, and there were amazing views over the harbor from the balcony off the lounge. A number of vibrant paintings and sculptures adorned the walls. Troy recognized some of artists … Rob must have done quite well for himself to be able to afford these he thought. He also knew that his work would not be out of place with the caliber of the other artwork.

The wall he had to work on was 20 foot long and 12 foot high, it covered half the length of the living area. He visualized his 3 dimensional wooden and steel installation in place and was satisfied it would look good in the space. After working for a couple of hours he left early to collect some more tools.

That night Louisa called. She told him they had arrived at their hotel next to the exhibition centre to find out there’d been a fire the night before. The damage was minimal but the smell of smoke had closed two floors. All the nearby accommodation was full so the hotel had asked if they minded sharing a room with another guest attending the expo. Louisa explained they would make the best of the situation and planned to just go with the flow. The downside was she and Emma were now sharing a double bed. The upside was all their meals and drinks were now complimentary. She joked that they may not get a lot of sleep but they were going to drink the place dry if they could manage it.

Troy told her how his job was going. They chatted for another half an hour before hanging up. Louisa had told him they’d already spent time by the pool getting some sun. Troy couldn’t get the picture of Emma in that little silver and black bikini out of his mind for the rest of the night.

The following morning Troy had a meeting and didn’t start work until after lunch, but by early evening he had still made good progress. It was hot and he took off his shirt and wiped the sweat off his brow with a towel. As he went downstairs to the bathroom to wash his hands he heard a noise coming from the guest bedroom. The door to the room was shut and he approached it cautiously. He put his ear to the door and listened. Someone was definitely in there as he heard muffled sounds. He took the hammer out of his tool belt and braced himself.

“Whoever is in there you better stand back from the door. I’m coming in and I’m armed,” he said in the most forceful voice he could muster.

As he turned the door handle a distressed female voice replied from inside.

“Don’t come in! Please!”

Troy was taken aback by the female voice. He took his hand off the handle.

“Who the hell is in there?”

“I’m the owner’s sister.” Came the reply. “I … I don’t want you to come in.”

Troy noted the distress in the voice again.

“Are you OK?” he asked concerned.

“I’m stuck … I can’t get off.”

“What do you mean stuck … what do you need?”

“I don’t know … I just need help!”

“Look, I’m coming in.” Troy said.

“No! Please,” she replied in a distraught plea.

“Alright … alright,” he said feeling frustrated. “Do you want me to call the police, or ambulance or something?”

“I don’t know … I don’t want anyone to see me,” the distress becoming more evident in her voice.

Troy decided to try and calm things down.

“Look, my name is Troy, I’m a friend of Rob’s. I want to help but I can’t if you don’t tell me what’s going on. I’m going to come in OK, I just want to help.”


Troy put his hammer away and took off his tool belt, then slowly opened the door. What he saw left him stunned. A naked girl was standing facing him. She had obviously been crying as streaks of mascara lined her face. Her dark black shoulder length hair was matted and messy. Troy was confused for a moment as to what was wrong, then he noticed that the girl was standing in a funny position. Her legs were slightly bowed and she was leaning forward slightly. Suddenly it struck him. She was impaled on the wooden bed post. It was up inside her butt hole!

“Help me please … I’m stuck,” the girl pleaded as tears welled up in her eyes.

Troy glanced at the other side of the bed and realised how big the ball on the end of the bedpost was. How the shit could she have gotten that up inside her was his first thought.

The girl must have seen his expression.

“I know, it’s so fucking big I can’t get it out.” Her voice broke and she started to cry. Her whole body shook as the tears streamed down her face.

Troy moved over and put his hands on her shaking shoulders.

“It’s going to be OK,” he said trying to be reassuring.

She calmed slightly and looked up.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Lucy.” She replied between sobs.

“Well Lucy, let’s get you off this thing eh,” he smiled and rubbed her shoulders.

Regaining some composure Lucy nodded her head.

“How long have you been like this? When did you even arrive?” Troy asked.

“I got here late last night … I’ve been like this since early this morning,” Lucy replied.

“Shit! You’re joking,” he said in disbelief. “I’ve been here all afternoon you must have heard me, why didn’t you call out?”

“How would you like it if someone found you like this?”

“What did you plan to do? Just stay here?” he said shaking his head.

“I don’t know!” Lucy was getting upset again.

“Hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to … let’s just work together and get you off,” he said calmly. “I’m going to have to take a closer look,” he added apologetically.

Lucy nodded her consent. Troy bent down and looked between Lucy’s bowed legs. The first thing he noticed was the smell. At some point Lucy had urinated and her legs and the bed sheet were still wet. He gagged slightly.

“Sorry.” Lucy said weekly.

“No problem,” he said looking up reassuringly.

The second thing Troy noted was that Lucy had a pierced clit. A shiny silver ring adorned the top of her spread opening. He suddenly realised he was just staring at her pussy and not really assessing the problem. He moved quickly and looked behind her at the engorged butt hole. It was stretched wide and the skin around it looked raw and red.

“I think it’s just a matter of leverage and lubrication.” he said standing again and trying to sound positive. “Do you have any lube?”

“I’ve got some shampoo in my bag by the door,” Lucy offered shrugging.

Troy retrieved the bottle of shampoo. He opened it and squirted out a liberal amount on his palm.

“I’m going to have to … touch you down there,” he looked at her uncomfortably.

“OK,” was her quiet reply.

Troy bent down again and started to spread the lube around Lucy’s stretched anus and onto the wooden bed end. He then stood in front of her and placed his hands under her butt cheeks.

“OK. On the count of three I’m going to try and raise you up. Put your arms around my neck.”

On ‘three’ Troy pulled upwards. Lucy screamed out and he felt her nails dig into his bare back.

“Shit. I’m sorry, are you OK,” he asked lowering her back down.

Lucy was breathing hard and the tears were back. Troy held her as she buried her head into his shoulder and cried. After a few minutes Lucy spoke.

“It really hurt, but I did feel it coming out a bit. Let’s go again,” she took a deep breath and held onto Troy tightly.

Troy lifted her lightly again and then pulled upward. Lucy cried out in pain and dug her nails in again. Suddenly they rose sharply as the huge butt plug came out. Unfortunately two other things happened at the same moment, firstly Lucy’s bowels gave way and the contents gushed out all over their legs. Secondly they fell backward and Troy’s head slammed into the wooden dresser.

For a Moment Troy thought he might black out and leant on the wall for support. It was the smell of Lucy’s bowel movement that quickly awakened his senses and he regained his feet.

“Are you OK?” Lucy asked concerned. Her face only inches in front of Troy’s.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine … what about you, are you OK?”

Lucy looked at him briefly then burst into tears again. Her arms and legs were still wrapped around him and his hands held her butt cheeks.

The smell in the room was getting stronger and Troy knew they were both covered in the stinking mess. He walked through the door and entered the bathroom. The shower was a large tiled area and had no door. He managed to turn the tap and once it heated up he carried Lucy in and let the water flow over them. Turning around slowly he let the water wash off most of the mess. After about ten minutes Troy put Lucy gently down and faced her away from himself. He picked up the soap and spent the next few minutes washing her body. When he reached her stomach he handed her the soap and she washed between her legs. She handed the soap back and he continued down to her feet. He then shampooed her hair and rinsed it under the water. Once Lucy was clean he pulled off his cargo pants and quickly washed his own body.

Troy was aware that Lucy hadn’t spoken a word since they’d left the bedroom. She had let him take total control in the shower and had also stood quietly allowing him to dry her off with a towel.

When they were both dry he wrapped a towel around his own waist and another around Lucy. She looked up at him.

“I’m so sorry. Thank you,” her voice was barely above a whisper.

Troy smiled. She looked so small and fragile standing there. He took her by the hand and led her down the hall to the master bedroom, where he pulled the covers back on the bed.

“Get some sleep,” he said quietly.

Lucy let the towel drop to the floor and climbed into the bed. Troy pulled the sheet over her and turned towards the door.

Over the next couple of hours Troy cleaned up the other bedroom, put his pants in the wash and took another shower. He found some shorts in the pool house and after checking on the sleeping Lucy he walked down to the local store and got some dinner. After eating and checking on Lucy one more time he feel asleep on the couch.

The next morning Troy woke to the sight of Lucy in the chair opposite him. She was sitting cross legged with a sheet pulled around her.

Troy realized he hadn’t had much of a chance to see how attractive she was last night, but now with her hair pulled back in a ponytail she looked very pretty in the morning light. He tried to guess her age, she was of slight build and about 5′ 3″ tall, her skin was unwrinkled and clear … maybe early thirties he thought. With the white sheet wrapped around her and the sun lighting up her hair she reminded him of the fairy from the bottom of the garden. It was a picture he remembered from a book he used to read to his younger sister. He smiled at the memory.

“What’s so funny?” Lucy smiled back.

“It’s nothing, just remembering something. How are you feeling?” he asked sitting up.

“Like a real idiot.”

“But you feel OK physically?”

“Yeah, just a little sore. I can live with a little pain but I don’t think I can live with the embarrassment,” she smiled again.

Troy smiled back.

“I was just … I was feeling horny and I was messing around, and decided to try something new … and well it was real dumb. Look I’m not usually the kind of person who …”

“Hey, it’s OK really. You don’t have to talk about it.” Troy interrupted.

“Come on. I shit all over you! I think I owe you some form of explanation,” Lucy replied. “Or does that sort of thing happen to you all the time,” she added.

“No, I’ve got to admit, that’s the first time a girl has shit on me when we’ve first met.” He shrugged grinning.

“What, I was supposed to wait until we knew each other better?” She joked smiling.

“Way, way better!” Troy joked back.

“I am really sorry,” Lucy said getting serious again.

“It’s OK Lucy. Look why don’t I go and get some coffee, and bagels for breakfast, and then maybe we can start over as though nothing happened,” Troy offered.

“Sounds good, thanks. I better get dressed and start cleaning up the mess downstairs.”

“All done … so why don’t you just relax. I’ll be back in ten minutes with breakfast.” Troy stood and grabbed his keys.

“You cleaned up my mess! Are you really human or a guardian angel or something?” Lucy said in disbelief.

“I don’t think angels drink coffee,” he said on the way out the door.

They sat and ate breakfast on the balcony. Lucy opened up on her recent break up, with someone called Tony. They’d been together for a couple of years and Lucy was finding it hard to move on. She said she’d gone into rebellion mode, and had ditched her job, gotten a tattoo and had her nipple and other parts pierced.

Troy grinned when she said ‘other parts’. Lucy noticed and blushed.

“Yeah, I guess you saw the other parts last night.”

Troy thought she looked really cute when she blushed.

“So you’re married?” Lucy asked changing the subject. She indicated the ring on his finger.

“Yep. Twenty three years and counting.”

“Did you get married when you were ten or something? You can’t be that old,” she stated in surprise.

“Thanks for the compliment. But I got married at twenty. So I’m well over the other side of forty.”

“I thought you were more my age.”

“Come off it. I might look OK for forty three, but I’d never pass for your age.”

“How old do you think I am,” she asked raising her eyebrows.

“My mother told me never to guess a ladies age. She said if you aim too young they’ll think you’re trying to get into their pants and if you guess too old then they’ll never speak to you again.”

Lucy smiled. “Clever mother. I’m actually thirty six next week.”

It was Troy’s turn to look surprised. “Get out of here. There is no way you’re thirty six. I would have said mid late twenties at the most.”

“Are you trying to get into my pants Troy,” she smiled. “Oh, that’s right, you’ve already been there, done that.” Lucy giggled.

They talked for the best part of the morning before Troy pulled himself away and started work. Lucy sat on the couch and watched him, asking the odd question as he worked.

The next few days were pretty much the same. He arrived with breakfast and they talked for a while before he got down to work. They liked each other’s company and time passed quickly.

Troy had talked to Louisa and she seemed to be getting on OK at the exhibition, but it did sound like they were spending more time at the pool than at the seminars. He told her about Lucy being at the house but left out the first night … it was hard to explain over the phone that he’d seen another woman naked, manhandled her private parts and then let her shit on him … all within a couple of days of his wife going away. He’d find some way of telling her when she got back.

It was on the fourth day of the job that Troy had to start using some powerful glues to secure parts of his art work. The glues had a very strong smell. Lucy had to go out shopping for the day while Troy worked wearing a filtered breathing mask. By late afternoon the smell was still too strong for Lucy to stay overnight so Troy offered the use of the guest room at his house. Lucy accepted and offered to buy dinner at a local restaurant … a belated thank you for Troy’s help.

They headed over to Troy’s so they could shower and dress for dinner.

Lucy went to the guest room and appeared thirty minutes later wearing a little black dress with high heels that left Troy staring wide eyed in amazement. Her braided hair and heavy eye makeup made her face look stunning. Plus the dress left little to the imagination showing off her small perky breasts and well sculptured legs perfectly.

“Wow!” Troy exclaimed. “You look gorgeous.”

“Thank you kind sir,” Lucy replied with a little bow.

They ate at a small place up the coast overlooking the ocean. The food and wine were superb and they enjoyed the evening. When they arrived back at the house Troy opened up a bottle of his best Merlot and they sat on the terrace relaxing to the sound of the waves lapping along the beachfront. Finally at midnight he escorted a slightly tipsy Lucy to her room. At the door she stood on tip toes, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. Troy was initially surprised, but as Lucy’s lips lingered on his, he found himself returning the kiss.

As their lips parted their eyes meet.

“Goodnight then.” Lucy whispered and brushed her hand seductively over his cheek. She smiled, turned slowly and entered the bedroom shutting the door behind her.

Troy stood looking at the closed door wondering what had just happened. Was it the wine, or was it more than that? He looked at the door handle debating whether to reach out and turn it. After a few moments of internal debate he turned away and headed for his room.

Stripping naked he climbed into bed. His mind was still working overtime, he was still trying to figure out Lucy’s intentions with the kiss and his reaction to it. Also he was very aware his cock had increased in size during the kiss and it was still semi erect now as he lay there. His hand travelled down and he started to stoke himself and soon had a full erection. If I release the tension then I may just be able to get to sleep he thought. His hand moved faster.

Just as he was about to ejaculate there was a knock on the door. Pulling the sheet up to his waist he took a few deep breathes to compose himself.

“Come in.”

Lucy opened the door. She was naked.

“I can’t get to sleep,” she offered as an explanation for her presence. “But then I don’t really think I want to go to sleep yet.”

She walked up to the bed and slowly pulled the sheet down across Troy’s legs.

“Oh my! I don’t think you do either,” she remarked looking at his stiff cock.

Lucy smiled and sat on the bed, then leaned forward and kissed Troy again. This time his response was immediate and he pulled her closer, crushing their mouths together. Their tongues explored each other as the kiss went on and on. Finally coming up for air, Troy pulled Lucy on top of him, her legs straddling his body. His mouth found her breasts and he briefly sucked each nipple then watched them harden as he blew gently across her chest. Lucy gasped as she felt his cool breath.

As his tongue continued to tease her nipples she reached behind and grasped his cock, squeezing it between her fingers. Suddenly Troy grabbed her legs and pulled them up onto his shoulders, Lucy giggled at the sudden movement and her head fell back onto his lap. Troy’s head was now level with her exposed pussy, his tongue darted out and licked up her moist lips and his teeth latched onto her clit ring. He pulled on the ring gently and Lucy moaned in pleasure.

With her moans filling his ears Troy continued to lick and nibble on her clit. He inserted a finger into her pussy, probing her warm flesh. Eventually Lucy’s body started to shake and a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. Troy didn’t stop, and before long a second climax rippled through her body. Finally when she could take no more her hands pushed his head away.

Troy grinned down at her as she quivered and sucked in short breaths trying to regain control. Her sweet musky smell permeated his nostrils and he drew a deep breath savoring the scent.

Releasing her legs from his shoulders he gently pulled her up until their mouths met in a tender kiss.

“Wow! That was so good,” she managed to say as her body still gave the occasional tremble.

They sat quietly holding one another, enjoying the feeling of their warm bodies against each other. Finally Lucy reached back and gripped his still very erect cock.

“I think this may need to be deflated,” she mused.

She moved down his body until her wet pussy lips were over his engorged cock, but instead of letting it enter her she lowered her lips on top of it. With his cock now lying flat on his stomach Lucy began to rub her moist pussy up and down the length of the hard shaft. Troy could feel the cold, hard clit ring on each stoke and it added immeasurably to the pleasure.

It was Lucy’s turn to tease Troy. She managed to bring him to the brink of climax time and time again before backing off and waiting for his pending orgasm to subside. Sweat was pouring off his body as her manipulations had him trembling with pleasure.

Finally as though she was aware he could take no more, Lucy raised her hips and engulfed his tortured cock. She pounded up and down on him for less than a minute before he exploded inside her. After waiting so long his release was extreme and he thrust back into her forcefully as his cock spasmed.

Once the orgasm subsided Lucy rolled off and enveloped his still hard shaft in her mouth, sucking him dry. She looked up smiling and pawed her way up his chest and planted a kiss on his lips before snuggling in beside him.

The next morning Troy woke to the sound of music. He stumbled out of bed and made his way down the hall. The CD player was on and Lucy was in the kitchen making breakfast. Her back was turned and she was humming and moving to the music as she worked. Troy stood in silence and watched as her hips gyrated to the beat, her hair tied back in a ponytail, swung backwards and forwards in perfect rhythm. Troy’s dress shirt from last night was her only clothing and he had to admit it looked far better on her than him.

She finally turned and saw Troy staring at her.

“Morning sleepy head. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. Pancakes and bacon.”

Her voice was bright and cheery and Troy wondered how anyone could be that alive first thing in the morning, especially after only a few hours sleep.

As she turned back to the stove Troy put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

“Smells great,” he said hugging her body into his. His hands started to roam undoing a couple of shirt buttons to get to what was underneath. Lucy wriggled in his embrace.

“Enough of that,” she scolded. “One thing at a time. Shower, breakfast and then maybe if you’re good I’ll think about giving your shirt back.”

Troy gave her a playful slap on the bottom as he headed back to the bedroom.

Ten minutes later he emerged from the shower feeling more awake. As he started to get dressed Lucy came down the hall, she was talking to someone.

“I think he’s out of the shower,” he heard her say as she appeared with a half-eaten piece of bacon in one hand and the phone in the other.

“It’s Louisa,” she said holding the phone out to him.

Troy’s eyes widened and he stood rooted to the spot.

Lucy winked at him and passed him the phone. Then she turned and walked back down the hall munching on the bacon strip.

Troy sat on the bed and took a deep breath before placing the phone to his ear.

“Hey baby, how’s it going,” he said trying to sound relaxed and confident.

“Good, but we’re getting a little sick of the seminars,” came the reply. “Hey, Lucy sounds nice, we’ll all have to get together when I’m back,” she added like nothing was unusual.

“Ah … yeah, if she’s still around,” Troy mumbled, his mind in a state of utter confusion.

“Did you change the sheets on the spare bed for her? I suppose if you didn’t it’s not too bad, Emma only spent one night in them. If Lucy has to stay more than a couple of nights you should change them though, OK.”

Troy was still wondering what the hell was going on and didn’t reply straight away.

“Are you still there babe?” Louisa asked.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Don’t let her go back to Rob’s place if the smell is still around. I remember how strong those glues are from when you used them in your studio downstairs. I told Lucy not to go near that foul smelling stuff.”

“How long were you guys talking?” Troy asked the question that he was thinking.

“I don’t know, ten minutes maybe … why?”

“I was just wondering why you didn’t ask me why a strange women was staying at our house,” he replied feeling a little relieved that Lucy has obviously explained the situation.

“Well I’ve got to say I did get a shock when she answered the phone and said you were in the shower,” she responded with a laugh.

Troy new he should be feeling guilty, but instead he was filled with an overwhelming sense of relief.

“What’s she like?” Louisa asked.

“What do you mean? I know she works for a law firm, or did, she quit her job after a bad break up and came down here for a vacation.”

“She already told me that. Do you think she’s good looking?” Louisa quizzed, her voice had a playful tone.

“What? I guess she is … she’s short, black hair, kind of cute I suppose,” he said wondering where the conversation was going.

“So you think she’s cute?”

Troy immediately regretted using the word.

“I don’t know … I suppose,” he sighed. “I think you’re cute too you know,” he added, sounding confused at her line of questioning.

“I know baby … I’m just having you on,” she replied realizing he was feeling uncomfortable with her joking.

They talked for a few more minutes about general stuff.

Louisa’s last comment before hanging up was, “Just remember I love you baby, have fun.”

The ‘have fun’ comment did nothing to help his confused state. The way she said it almost sounded like she was giving him permission to enjoy himself in new ways.

As he finished dressing he wondered why women can’t just say what they mean, they should know men are too dumb to figure these things out by themselves.

Troy decided to talk things over openly with Lucy over breakfast.

They had a good talk and both concluded neither wanted to see Troy and Louisa’s marriage hurt. They mutually decided that what they both wanted was a brief affair. Lucy didn’t want to be alone after her breakup and Troy wanted to experience another woman. Both goals were selfish and that’s why they both knew they could just walk away at the end of the week.

So Lucy stayed at Troy’s for the next two weeks. They had sex in the morning before he went to work and again in the evening. She was open to almost anything in the bedroom so nothing was taboo. Deep throating, spanking, anal, prostate massage, watching each other masturbate, even having night sex on the beach. They simply enjoyed each other’s bodies and company.

Troy was amazed he actually had the energy to complete the job at Rob’s place, but by the end of the third week it was finished. Then the night before Louisa was due home Lucy shifted back to Rob’s.

Troy knew he would have to tell Louisa what had happened. Since they were ten years old they had trusted and confided in each other and he knew that couldn’t change.

The girl’s plane arrived back mid-afternoon and on the way home they talked about the expo and the new things they’d learned. Emma stayed for dinner then drove back to her place, leaving Troy and Louisa alone.

As they sat on the deck having a night cap, both of them were a little quiet. Troy new the reason for his silence, he knew he had to tell her what had happened. He assumed Louisa was just a little tired from the trip. A little after ten o’clock they headed to bed.

They started kissing in bed and one thing led to another, before long they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Surprisingly the sex they had that night was great. They ended up showering together after a very long and passionate session between the sheets. Finally they feel asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning Troy had to leave early to go up the coast and see a client. Louisa was still asleep when he left.

All day Troy worried about what Louisa’s reaction would be. Had he got everything totally wrong and only heard what he wanted to hear in her ‘have fun’ comments. He stopped on the way home and went for a long walk on the beach to clear his head and prepare how he was going confess everything.

Louisa was sitting outside when Troy arrived home. He opened a bottle of wine and took two glasses out onto the deck.

“We need to talk,” he said as he sat down and handed her a glass.

“I know.” she said looking up.

Troy took a deep breath, looked her in the eye and started to talk.

“While you were away I …”

“I know,” Louisa interrupted.

“Let me finish babe. I need to tell you something important. I was unfaithful to you and I …”

“Troy. I know,” she repeated squeezing his hand.

“Know what?” He said confused.

“I had lunch with Lucy today … she told me everything.”

Troy was stunned.


“We had lunch. We talked … I was expecting to hate her but I really like her, she smart and cute … we got on great and she explained things a little from her perspective. I’m not upset with you baby, really. I guess I was a little shocked at first … but then … deep down I kind of hoped you’d done something.”

“I’m sorry babe, I …”

“Let me finish,” She interrupted again. “I kind of hoped you had so I wouldn’t feel so guilty.”

Troy was even more confused now. As he went to say something Louisa held her hand up to stop him.

“I was unfaithful to you too.” As she spoke her eyes welled up and a large tear drop feel down her cheek.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you either baby … it just happened.” Her voice was distraught with emotion.

Troy reached out and pulled her into an embrace. They held each other tightly. As she cried, he felt his own tears start to flow.

“What’s wrong with us?” Louisa said between sobs.

“I don’t know,” was Troy’s reply. “All I know is I love you.”

“I love you to baby,” came the muffled reply.

They held each other until the tears stopped.

“I need to tell you what happened,” Louisa said quietly.

“I don’t need to know who he was baby. It’s in the past, maybe we should just move on.”

“No, we need to both talk about it. Please, I think it’s important.”

“OK. I suppose we do need to understand what’s happening,” he agreed.

“Let’s get some supper first, I can hear your tummy rumbling from here,” she smiled weakly.

They ate in comparative silence, both of them feeling mixed emotions. There was a sense of anticipation but also a sense of contentment, like they both knew everything was going to be OK. As they sat opposite each other at the table they reached out touching hands, smiling.

As Troy cleared up the dishes, Louisa disappeared down to the bedroom. When he had finished he knew where to find her … the outdoor bath on the bedroom deck. The huge claw foot bath was their favourite place in the house. Over the years it had become their special place to relax and talk. He opened a bottle of wine, grabbed some glasses and headed to the bedroom.

Ten minutes later they lay soaking in the water, Troy’s arms wrapped around Louisa’s body as she lay back on his chest. They’d always felt a sense of peace here, and would often sit and talk until their skin was pink and wrinkled from the warm water.

Troy told his story first, as he recounted what had happened between himself and Lucy. Louisa laughed when he told her about the first nights bowel movement, and she gasped in surprise when he described the various sex acts they had performed. Finally when he had finished they sat in silence for a while.

“Do you want to keep having sex with her?” Louisa eventually responded.

“I like her, and honestly I’d like to see her again … but not without … your consent. We talked and both feel the same way.”

He paused searching for the right way to explain how he was feeling.

“The sex … was something I needed to do … an experience I think I needed to have before you and I could move on. I’m not really sure why. It’s all a bit confusing. What I do know is I love you, I always have and I always will. Being with Lucy hasn’t changed that, in fact if anything it’s kind of freed me up.” Troy sighed. “I know I’m not making much sense, I just hope you can understand.”

Louisa turned her head to face him. Reaching up she stroked his face with her hand and smiled.

“I think I do understand … and you’re making more sense than you think. We married young and we didn’t get to experience … other things. I haven’t had any regrets about that, and up until now I’ve been happy and contented with what we’ve had. But now with the girls at college and us being alone again maybe it’s time for some adventure. Before we get too old to handle it.”

“I guess you’re right,” Troy agreed. “But in the future I would prefer we planned these adventures together. I don’t want any secrets. We both have to agree how far we go and with who, OK?”

“I don’t want any secrets either,” Louisa agreed. “So, in that light I better tell you what happened while I was away.” She took a deep breath and continued. “It wasn’t another man I was with … it was another woman, Emma.”

She looked back over her shoulder at Troy, and grimaced. Then taking a deep breath she continued.

Louisa told how it all started when we got to the hotel. She explained about having to share a room with another conference attendee. The other woman’s name was Beth, she was from up north somewhere, by the lakes. On the first night everything was kind of normal they were all tired and fell off to sleep quickly. It was the next morning when things started to get a little strange. Beth took the first shower and when she came out she was topless with just a towel wrapped around her waist, it didn’t seem to bother her that Louisa and Emma could see her boobs, but they tried not to look anyway. Then Beth drops the towel on her bed and starts to rummage through her suitcase. Louisa said they were really shocked as they hadn’t been that casual around other women since college days. Again Beth didn’t seem to be bothered at all … she even bent over the bed at one stage to pick up her hairbrush and her bum was right in their faces. They didn’t know where to look. When she turned around she noticed the look on their faces, but she just smiled and said that she was … pretty uninhibited around others and that they all had the same stuff anyway.

Troy felt his cock give a twitch at the thought of Emma and Louisa looking at another girls butt.

“Was this Beth good looking?” Troy interrupted before Louisa could continue.

“Trying to form a visual picture are you!” she replied with a smirk. “I felt that cock twitch you know.”

Louisa pushed back into him and his semi erect poked into her back.

“Just asking a question.” Troy replied sheepishly “Sorry, Carry on.”

“Yeah well, don’t interrupt … and yes Beth is very attractive, if you want a picture think of Halle Berry with slightly smaller boobs, OK.”

“She’s black then?”

“Yes Troy, she’s black!” Louisa said frustrated at another interruption. “She’s also slim and has a short pixie cut hair, she likes to eat orange tic tac’s and has a tattoo of a dove above her breast. Got the picture now. OK!”

“I’m not saying anything.” was the defensive reply.

“Good! Where was I …?”

“Tattoo, above the right or left breast?”

“Troy!” Louisa sat up and poked him hard in the ribs with her elbow.

He laughed as water splashed out of the tub. He then wrapped his arms back around her and held on, just in case another elbow jab was planned.

“Do you want me to tell you or not. This isn’t easy Troy.”

“OK, OK, I was just trying to take the tension out of things.” he said as he continued to hug her.

Louisa took a deep breath and relaxed in the embrace.

“I appreciate your intent, but just shut up OK. Please,” she pleaded.

“No more interruptions, I promise.” Troy kissed her on the head.

Louisa continued her story. She explained Beth just moved around the room naked, and both she and Emma couldn’t help staring. Beth must have noticed them staring but she just carried on normally got dressed and left for breakfast. Once she’d gone Emma and Louisa both laughed at what had happened and carried on getting ready for the day. But Louisa admitted she was really horny and could feel herself wet down between her legs. Then she confessed to actually masturbating in the shower, so did Emma she found out later.

Troy’s cock gave another twitch at the memory of Emma masturbating in the guest room.

“Felt that one too!” Louisa giggled and pushed back into him again.

“Sorry, I was remembering …” He started to apologize.

“It’s Ok baby, I remember it too. I think it was that night that set all this going anyway, my feeling towards Emma were all screwed up when we left for the conference and then sleeping in the same bed and seeing Beth just bought things to a head.”

Louisa took a sip of wine and then continued.

That afternoon after the conference they went swimming in the hotel pool, Beth joined them and they played around and splashed each other, it was like they were all college age again. There was plenty of physical contact and chasing each other around in the water. They all seemed to enjoy it. Louisa sensed a real sexual tension in the air. That night after dinner they crashed a wedding that was on in the hotel, well just the dance part anyway. They drank a bit and by the time they got back to the room they were all pretty tipsy. The room was really hot because the air con wasn’t working that night … something to do with the fire. They had given each room a fan but it just pushed the warm air around. Beth just stripped off and hopped into bed nude saying that it was too hot for PJ’s. Emma and Louisa followed suit, stripped and got in with just a sheet over them. They could feel the heat off each other’s bodies as they lay there. Louisa said she couldn’t get to sleep and was kind of restless moving around when suddenly she felt Emma reach over and take her hand. They were both lying on their backs and Louisa could hear Emma breathing beside her. Everything happened really slowly, first their fingers started moving, gently stroking each other’s hands, and then they moved closer together so their bodies were touching. The warmth of Emma’s skin was so electrifying, Louisa started to touch herself she felt so horny, she was so wet. Then she could tell that Emma was masturbating as well, her breathing had changed and there were little movements she was making, it was so erotic. Louisa was masturbating next to her best friend. They both orgasmed while trying to be really quiet, and then spontaneously they rolled together and hugged. It just felt so amazing, doing that together then lying in each other’s arms afterwards. They were trying not to giggle and wake Beth, their heads were together and they kissed.

Louisa turned her head and looked up at Troy. Her eyes were moist and she smiled weakly.

“I always knew I loved Emma, and up until that Moment I had thought it was as my best friend but at that moment I realised that I was in love with her.” Louisa stoked Troy’s cheek. “It doesn’t change how I feel about you baby it’s just something I that happened … maybe it happened years ago but I just haven’t let myself believe it.”

“You don’t have to explain it, I know how you feel.” Troy said quietly

Louisa looked into his eyes and smiled. “You’re in love with her too aren’t you?”

Troy shrugged and slowly nodded.

“It’s OK baby. I know … I guess I’ve kind’a known for years. The way you’ve looked at her and the way you’ve said things … then that night in the bathroom, it should have been so obvious to me, how turned on you were seeing her. I don’t know how …”

“Nothing’s ever happened between us, I swear.” Troy interjected with concern.

“I know. Neither of you could have kept that a secret from me. I was going to say that I don’t know how you could not do anything. Why, haven’t you talked to me about it?”

“Babe, you and Emma are best friends, I would never even think of doing anything that would destroy that. Besides I’m a one woman man. Well I was.” He added a little touch of guilt in his voice.

“We’ve already covered that one, and we’re OK there aren’t we?” Louisa questioned.

“I guess so, but …”

“No but’s Troy, OK.” she said quietly, and stroked his cheek. “Let me finish my story.”

“What about Emma, and how I feel about..?”

“We’ll come back to that baby,” Louisa interrupted again. “First I need to explain everything that happened.”

After another big sip of wine Louisa continued.

Emma and Louisa had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, it was a beautiful feeling. The next morning they woke up and Beth was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at them. She had a wicked smile on her face and came right out and asked whether that was the first time they had been together. The girls both turned bright red and didn’t know what to say, they were so embarrassed that Beth must have heard them. Thankfully Beth let it go and they all got dressed and headed out for the day. Louisa needed some time to think. After breakfast she agreed with Emma to talk about things later that night. For the rest of the day they had both chosen different electives and Louisa was going to a local firm to check out their design department, it was a whole day trip. She laughed as she remembered not retaining anything she heard that day, her thoughts were all about what had happened … and what she wanted to happen. She couldn’t get the feeling of Emma’s body pressed up against hers out of her head, her panties were soaked all day and she even went to the toilets during a break and masturbated. She laughed again thinking how she must have smelt like sex all day!

Troy’s cock twitched again at the thought of Louisa rubbing out a quick one in the toilet. Louisa reached back and gave him a squeeze.

“Like the idea of me drenched in my own cum all day do you?” she quipped.

“It has a certain pleasurable effect on me.” He quipped back

“By the time I got back to the hotel I was both horny and worried.”

“Worried. Why?”

“I didn’t know what I was going to say to Emma. Plus I didn’t know what to do if we … you know … went further. I’m not exactly experienced in seducing other women. By the time I got to the room I was almost scared to go in.”

“Poor baby, what happened?” Troy kissed the back of her neck and gave a reassuring hug.

Beth was just leaving, when Louisa entered the room, she said she had a dinner meeting or something. Emma was in the shower. Louisa stood in the middle of the room by herself wondering whether she should stay or run. Her hormones won the battle and she stripped off and joined Emma in the shower. They kissed for a long time under the warm water, it was tender and loving. They even both cried a little they were so happy. They ended up on the bed and all Louisa’s fears seemed to be for nothing, Emma took control and it was wonderful.

Louisa paused her story and reached for her wine. She took a sip and sat silently.

“There is no way you’re going to stop your story there!” Troy exclaimed and dug his fingers into her ribs.

Squirming around trying to avoid being tickled Louisa finally relented.

“Alright, alright! Maybe I can tell you more.” She giggled.

“All the sexy details please.” Troy demanded in mock sternness.

It was like nothing she’d experienced before. Louisa admitted excitedly.

“Not that what we do is bad or anything,” she quickly added looking up at Troy. “It’s just … different.”

“I understand baby.” Troy assured her before the story continued.

Emma moved her leg between Louisa’s thighs, and while they kissed she began grinding herself against Louisa’s pussy. The feeling between her legs was so good. She was soon moaning into Emma’s mouth and getting all hot and dizzy. Then she felt Emma’s fingers between her legs and she could hardly breathe, as her clit was stroked and rubbed. Just when she thought she was going to cum Emma stopped and pushed herself off the bed. Louisa almost screamed in protest. Then to her surprise, she felt Emma’s fingers replaced by her tongue. She liked and sucked until Louisa orgasmed, bucking like a rodeo bull. Emma tongued her right through the orgasm, and carried on until Louisa came again. She sure she’d squirted into Emma’s face but she didn’t stop, it was so intense. As she came down from her orgasmic high Emma kept gently kissing and blowing on Louisa’s pussy, it felt so good.

Louisa paused and smiled at the memory.

“When I came it was like I felt it all over my body, my pussy was contracting … my clit had electricity running through it. My breasts and skin felt on fire.” Louisa’s voice was husky and sexy as she remembered the feelings.

By now Troy’s erection was huge as it pushed into Louisa’s back. Her hips were slowly moving back and forth and her back rubbed up and down his hardness.

“So what happened next?” Troy asked as he moved his hand down into the water between Louisa’s legs. She shuddered and gasped as he touched her swollen clit.

The story continued and had the girls kissing for a while before Louisa ran her hands slowly up Emma’s thighs and then bent down to kiss her breasts and belly. Emma spread her legs and gently pushed Louisa’s head lower, she needed release as much as Louisa had. Lying down between her best friends legs Louisa could actually feel the heat and wonderful musky scent as her nose brushed against the wet pussy lips. Louisa then did to Emma what had been done to her … kissing and licking up and down the slick slit. She decided to put a couple of fingers up inside Emma like Troy did to her, she knew how good that felt. Emma shuddered and took a deep breath … she liked it too. Louisa explored her lover even deeper, plunging into her wetness. She was so wet. Emma’s hands gripped the head between her legs even tighter, then gasping for breath she had a massive orgasm, right into Louisa’s face.

“I have to admit I almost suffocated as her thighs clamped around my head. I had to push myself free. The whole experience was so exhilarating … I loved it, I loved making Em feel good.” Louisa said breathlessly.

“I take it that you’ve tasted her hot warm lips and musky sweet scent on more than one occasion since … and enjoyed it?” Troy asked still gently rubbing Louisa beneath the water.

Louisa’s response to Troy’s descriptive question and prolonged hand movement was to let out a soft moan and have a small shuddering orgasm.

“Oh baby, that felt so good.” she finally managed to say as her breathing returned to normal.

“So what about my question?” Troy prompted.

“Yes we may have … experimented more … much more actually. Is that OK?” she looked up at Troy questioningly. He smiled back.

“If it made you happy babe, then it makes me happy.” he replied kissing her neck.

“What if I wanted to continue being with her?” The question was again asked with some trepidation.

“We both love Emma. To see both of you happy is all I want.” He replied sincerely.

Louisa splashed water over onto the deck as turned in the bath to face Troy. She looked at him and smiled, tears forming in her eyes.

“I love you so much,” she managed to squeak out before the tears took over. Troy enveloped her in his arms and they hugged tightly.

During the next week they developed into a normal routine again, Louisa went off to work and Troy started another commissioned work for a long time client. Their sex life was better than ever and they ended up sweaty and exhausted each night, and most mornings.

Lucy came for dinner one night and surprisingly there was no awkwardness. Much to Troy’s relief the girls talked like old friends and they seemed to have reached an understanding on what had happened and were open about how things might be in the future. Everything was kind of an unbelievable normal. It seemed to Troy that they were even flirting with one another.

The following weekend the house was full, both daughters came back from college and Emma visited as well. It was real family time and Saturday was spent on the beach relaxing and catching up on what everyone had been doing lately … sexual situations aside of course. Lucy again joined them for Sunday brunch and she immediately hit it off with the girls having attended the same college. They chatted and laughed about some of the old professors who were still around and what had changed on campus. It also turned out that Emma and Lucy had favourite authors and artists in common and by the end of brunch they were already planning to exchange books and visit an exhibition together.

Emma stayed on after the weekend and she and Louisa went out shopping early Monday morning while Troy went to work. Breakfast time had been a bit quiet with just the three of them. They all knew they’d have to talk things out sometime but there was no time that morning.

Troy was distracted all day and finally decided to leave work early to get home in time to hopefully ‘clear the air’ before dinner. He wanted Emma to know that he was OK with what had happened between her and Louisa. When he arrived back he noted that the girls were already home as both cars were out front. The living area was empty when he looked inside so he figured they were out for a walk on the beach. Deciding to take a quick shower before heading off to find them Troy went down the hall to the bedroom. As he approached the bedroom door he heard a sound that made him stop … it was a sound he had heard many times before. Glancing inside the bedroom door he confirmed his assumption … it was Louisa moaning in sexual pleasure. The sight before him had his cock immediately straining against his pants.

Louisa was lying naked on the bed with an also naked Emma kneeling between her legs. Emma’s mouth was latched onto Louisa’s pussy and her tongue was obviously responsible for Louisa’s cries of passion. Troy stood stock still and watched from just outside the door … he was about to turn and head back down the hall when Louisa opened her eyes and saw him. Troy smiled and silently indicated that he would go away but Louisa quickly shook her head in reply, then she raised her hand and pointed at Troy and then at Emma. Troy looked taken aback, and he mimicked Louisa’s actions to be sure he had understood. Louisa nodded her head again, she then left no doubt in Troy’s mind as to what she meant by mouthing the words ‘Fuck her baby now, please’.

Troy backed up into the hallway and quickly removed his clothes. When he re-entered the room Louisa was smiling wickedly, her eyes were locked on his and he could see the burning passion in them. Stepping silently up behind Emma he looked at the wonderful naked backside before him. Emma’s swollen pussy lips were wet and glistening with a combination of Louisa’s saliva and her own juices, obviously she had recently cum. Troy couldn’t believe he was about to actually fulfill his longtime dream of having sex with Emma. He was so hard he thought his cock might explode.

Louisa placed her hands on top of the unexpecting Emma’s head and held it tight against her pussy. Troy stepped up close behind and once again locked eyes with Louisa. He placed his hands on the side of Emma’s thighs and quickly plunged his rock hard cock deep inside her. Emma gasped in surprise and tried to raise her head but Louisa held her grip. Troy pulled out and once again pushed forward burying his shaft in the warm wet pussy until his balls slapped against her clit.

He quickly got into a rhythm and soon Emma’s muffled moans could be heard as she pushed back into him. Louisa and Troy’s eyes remained locked on each other the whole time and they both could sense their building orgasms. Emma continued to furiously lick and suck Louisa’s pussy as her own climax approached. Finally as if an unspoken cue was given they all orgasmed together … Louisa flung her arms out onto the bed and bucked her hips as she felt her pussy contracting, Emma shrieked and her head rose sucking in huge breathes of air as her body shuddered, and Troy grunted as his cock spurted again and again, filling Emma with a huge load of cum.

As their combined climax subsided they were all left gasping as they tried to recover. Emma had collapsed onto Louisa and they wrapped their arms around each other embracing. Troy lent forward and kissed Emma on the neck, she turned her head and their lips meet in a passionate kiss between heavy breathes. He then rolled onto the bed, his semi hard cock coming out of Emma covered in his and her cum. Louisa slid out from under Emma, leant over and took the cock into her mouth, enjoying the taste of both her lovers. Finally she rolled over the top of Troy and lay beside him, her head on his chest, he in turn pulled Emma into the same position on his other side. They lay in each other’s arms savoring the moment. It was Louisa who spoke first, just a simple ‘Wow!’ The others responded with contented sighs of agreement.

Later that night they all managed to fit into the outside bath and over a glass or two of fine wine they talked about their feelings and professed their deep love for one another.

Emma moved in permanently a couple of months later. Troy and Louisa told the girls what had happened and were pleasantly surprised by the positive acceptance from both of them.

Six months later and here we are back at the beginning of our story, Troy lying between two beautiful woman, happy and content. A knock at the door made them all look up, there stood Lucy with a bottle of wine.

“Happy anniversary!” she said smiling.

Louisa reached out and beckoned for Lucy to join them. The petite brunette placed the bottle on the dresser and slid out of her cute sun dress. Naked she climbed in beside Louisa.

Troy looked on, as Louisa, Emma and Lucy shared a kiss. Yep definitely the luckiest man in the world he thought.

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New School New Teacher

by Nale_stoneyhunga

I have just moved from Intermediate to college and the new school I’m at is alright. The school I go to is an all boys school. No girls which is sad. I knew that life at an all boys school would be tough but I just have to accept what’s given to me.

Our school is very busy. There’s always teachers, students and substitutes walking around the hallways of my school. Through the experience of me being at this school I must say I have seen some great teachers in my time but this school was different.

All the teachers that attended my school were at least over 20 and were female staff. Most of these teachers were seen in my classes as they were my teachers. I knew that this school was the best for me by the time I got to meet and greet my teachers and this is the story:

It was my first day, students were walking around busy trying to find their classes and I was still trying to figure out my schedule. I kept on walking until I bumped into a teacher. I had apologised and bent down to pick up the stuff she had dropped and as I did I examined her.

She was wearing a red thin blouse and was also wearing tight black jeans. She had brown hair with highlights and was wearing black boots that stopped at her ankles. She had seen the way I presented myself and introduced herself to me.

“I am Ms. O’leary.” She said.

“Morning Miss.” I replied.

Later on I saw Ms. O’leary again in class and without hesitation scanned her up in down. She had the figure of time glass. She looked as though she was just under thirty. Her brown hair met to her shoulders and her black boots looked tight. What really appealed to me was her thick ass and big tits.

After class, the whole room flooded with emptiness as students fled the classroom all except for Ms O’leary. I insisted on her getting out the door first so I could stare at her gorgeous round cheeks and she thanked me but as we were about to exit through to the hallway we both got stuck into a queue. Apparently, the stairs appeared to be wrecked due to a couple of students jumping and screaming all over the staircase which turned into one massive parade on a small spot and crashed through the stairs so each student that was trying to get down had to descend one at a time and was supervised by a few teachers. It was going to take a while since everyone was lined up to get down.

I was lucky though as I had entertainment right in front of me. I continued to resume where I left off on checking Ms. O’leary’s fat ass. We were starting to become closer together as more students continued to enter the hallway. We kept moving in until her ass cheeks had made physical contact with my dick. The sensational feeling was outstanding. Her fat ass cheeks had touched my dick! I couldn’t believe the luck I was getting.

I experimented on this moment. I continued to push forward against her soft colossal ass trying to make her think that a long line of kids were rushing in line but no. It was my dick trying to feel her ass cheeks once more. She turned around and blushed, asking if I could step back. I apologised but continued to admire her figure.

All of a sudden, she had dropped her papers on the floor. And bent down to retrieve them. I couldn’t resist but giving her a push with my now solid cock. I thrusted inwards into her crack trying to make her think that the queue was pushing in once more. She didn’t move. I couldn’t believe it! I had just pumped my hard cock into her fat bubbly ass and she didn’t seem to care.

I left my dick inwards to her ass trying to see how long I can hold this position for feeling the wonderful sensation of my cock between her ass cheeks while she was still trying to pick up her papers. She had kept moving her legs up and down so that in this was she was grinding her big soft ass onto my cock as she was getting her papers.

She did this for a long five minutes. Eveytime she stuck her ass in the sky, I would push her ass towards my dick and every time she lowered herself, I’d lower with her secretly grinding my lucky dick onto her big fat ass.

When she finally got back upwards, she pushed back getting her ass onto my lap. We remained in this position for a while. Knowing that she wasn’t holding back, I stealthy placed my hands onto both her ass cheeks feeling the soft round chunky texture of her ass yet she didn’t seem to care although she was trying to find some space for herself.

She then started to search for some free space so that she could move somewhere else but I wasn’t going to let this moment pass me. She kept on looking rotating her body, causing friction towards her rare end and my erection. I tried to rotate as well getting more of a feel on her butt but I don’t think she was enjoying me groping her ass.

But I think she started to feel used to it after five long minutes of me penetrating her beautiful round cheeks because she then started to move with me in rhythm. I couldnt believe her reaction.

After we were all helped down, I then started to follow Ms. O’leary seeing as we were both heading towards the same area. Her and I were heading towards the library. As we were walking I continued to mind her gorgeous fat ass cheeks swaying from left to right. I noticed she was holding her empty water bottle and there was a tap in front of us.

The tap was about the height of her waist down. She went to refill her water bottle while I stood and watched the scene. She stands far away from the tap just being able to reach the tap. When she bent down to fill her water bottle, her ass was sticking out at my face. I then started to feel my penis getting harder by the second as she continued to fill her water bottle. She was taunting at me.

When she had finished her task, she went off to the library and I followed. We entered the library and I saw Ms. O’leary walking towards the nearest book shelf while I watched her gorgeous butt frolicking from side to side. When she had arrived she bent down at the lowest shelf possible making her ass the only thing visible to my eyes. She looked back at me with a smirk on her face. That ass was calling me.

I hurriedly ran to her concentrating on her rare end that was touching the sky. I pretended to reach a book from the top shelf causing me to pound my throbbing cock into her black jeans. I pretended to try and get higher books just so that I could grind upwards into her soft ass. I then reached for the middle shelf so in that way I could perform a doggy style on top of her shoving my loaded dick between her cheeks.

We did this for a while until the librarians started to eye me and her out. The final bell rang for lunch and I was sad because now I can’t grope her some more. She walked out of the library and left my dick to throb. I chilled on the benches outside waiting for the bell to ring reminiscing on the feeling I had felt when I grinded on her.

Finally, the bell rang. I had Phys. Ed with Ms. O’ Leary. We ran to the gymnasium so that we could change into Phys. Ed gear. When we finished changing we walked into the gymnasium to find Ms. O’leary standing there waiting for us. For Phys. Ed she wore nothing but a sports bra and black tights. My erection began to rise.

“Before we get into basketball we need to do some stretches to relax our muscles.” Ms. O’leary spoke.

She ordered us to spread apart at arms length and then instructed me to volunteer. Out of all the students she could’ve selected she picked me!

“Now the both of us are going to show you a simple stretch that releases all tension from within your thigh muscles.” She said.

“This should be interesting.” I thought.

She got me to lay flat on my back while she kneeld down beside me. She then lifted up my left leg seeing as it was closest and then hopped on top of my right leg so my left leg was being held in the air by Ms. O’leary while she sat on top of my right leg grinding her fat ass onto my right my leg.

She then slowly pushed my left leg forward towards my face and every time my leg got closer towards my face, her thick boobs would rest onto my crotch causing a hard-on.

She did this to me multiple times for a while. I was the luckiest man in school.

She then started to present to us a different stretch where she would get down on all fours and arch her back towards my cock so her legs were underneath my balls with her ass pressed against my erection. Every time she arched her back, her round ass would stick out onto my cock causing to surge a powerful thrust against her booty cheeks. My cock ran deep into her asshole thanks to her soft tights.

After this, we were told to run towards the basketball courts and circle her and I. She then demonstrated how to play defence in basketball. She got a ball, turned around so that her fat booty was facing me and she then squatted. She then began to dribble the ball drawing my dick towards her ass. I tried to reach for the ball so that my cock could sink in deeper between her ass cheeks. I leaned on her. She then started to push me back with her round ass causing my dick to go harder.

She then shot while we were still close causing her sweaty boobs to smack me in the face. Her tits were so bouncy every time she released the ball making a jump shot. We played one more game and I went for a block but when I blocked her we both fell onto the ground with herself on top of me. We all moaned pain. I knew she wasn’t in pain though, she just didn’t want to get off of me. She lied on me with her left leg onto my stomach and her pussy resting on my hard dick. She then got onto all fours shuffling to make her boobs comfy until my face was placed into her cleavage. We were hesitating to get back on our feet.

I finally got back up and apologised so the class thought it was an accident. After Phys. Ed we were to go to the locker rooms and change. After Phys. Ed class I asked Ms. O’leary if we could workout to help me get into better shape for Phys. Ed and she had agreed to be my VERY personal trainer.

After Phys. Ed I had wood work with Ms. O’leary once again thank god. She had no time to change as she were to prepare our wood for what we’re making today. When I arrived for wood work class she still had on her sports bra and tights revealing her fat ass if you could see through enough. Her boobs were also very sweaty. Her breasts look as if they were about to burst because her sports bra was so tight.

She began to gather the blocks of wood from the lowest cabinet once again sticking out her ass at me waving it from side to side. I couldn’t help but jack off a little underneath the table. After she had gained her strength to carry the box of spare wood. She slammed it on the table causing her boobs to shake about. She glared at me before beginning to explain what we were making today.

“So today we’re going to see how to build a birds house.” She said.

She got five placks of wood, glue, nails and sandpaper. She then placed two placks of wood seperate of each other, one plack for the floor and two for the roof. She glued them together and then nailed in the wood. As she nailed it in her boobs started to move up and down, side to side in all kinds of motions. She then got the sand paper to sand down her house ready for polishing and as she moved the sandpaper against the house she did it fast making her boobs shake about again. I continued to wank underneath the table. Out of nowhere, a bit of her nipple popped out just bofore it went back into hiding. She kept on smiling at me. She knew I was jacking off towards her cleavage she wanted to keep it that way. She then started to stop what she was doing and pull up her bra causing her tities to bounce up and down again before resuming. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

The bell rang again for next period. The whole time I was just jerking off to her cleavage.

I had swim sports again with Ms. O’leary. Yes! I ran to the school pool passed the gymnasium after I got changed into my togs. When I jumped into the pool, I saw Ms. O’leary, standing beside the pool wearing nothing but a bikini that couldn’t be seen because of her fat ass cheeks covering the bikini and she also wore a small swim bra that was covering only her nipples. My cock was on the edge of bursting into cum.

It was a free swim period so the students were mucking around in the pool and it was quite crowded inside the pool with everyone whacking pool noodles against each other and splashing water everywhere and it was just all fun and games. I began to practise on my swimming when my face had entered Ms. O’leary’s butt. I felt her soft jiggly cheeks moving across my face. I apologised but she just laughed and continued splashing around. I decided to bump into her again. I swam into her breasts, sinking my face deep into her boobs as I tightly squeezed on her ass cheeks. She then started to bend down underneath thr water. I then decided to bump into her ass again with my dick this time I help my position and she didn’t move a single muscle as my horny cock swiped up her ass and back down. She responded by moving in opposite directions, pushing against my cock with her ass and placing her boobs into my face. I rubbed my face all over her breasts as I slobbered over her soft tits. I then turned her around and started shoving my dick right into her big fat ass pumping her harder with every thrust she received. I could feel her starting to cum and I think I was about to as well I hammered her harder getting my loaded cock in and out of her fat ass. I could feel my cum getting ready to shoot inside my teacher. As her fat ass cheeks swallowed my dick, I squeezed her tits so hard, rubbing her hard nipples.

I turned her around again and put my dick between her breasts and slid in and out as she sucked on my cock. I could feel my cock about to burst in her mouth as she licked the tip of my penis and shoved it down her throat and back out. I finally cummed in her mouth. Wave after wave of sperm flooded her mouth. As I released I gave her throat a few final pushes hitting my cum onto her tongue. My dick was wobbling inside her mouth trying to get every last drop of cum into her mouth as I was still squeezing both her round ass cheeks.

After that we continued to playfully bump into each other for the rest of my schooling days. What a lucky student I am.

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Ramses II

by Overhill63

Bright sunshine burned into Prince Ramses II’s eyes interrupting his deep sleep. “What’s going on?” he asked testily.

“Prince Ramses, it is time for you to get up. The Nile is flooding. Your eighteenth cycle has begun. This is an important day,” his personal assistant Anen replied as he pushed aside the tapestries covering the windows. “The vizier Paser will be here soon to begin the next round of your education.”

“What?” Ramses’s mind was still clouded from sleep. He wasn’t quite sure what else Paser could teach him. Since his father, the Great Pharaoh Seti I had appointed him as Prince Regent five cycles ago, he had been trained on all the things a Pharaoh needed to know. How to handle the religious ceremonies, how to read and write hieroglyphics, how to act towards his servants and subjects, and even the slaves, how to handle diplomacy with other kingdoms, how to fight with the sword and drive a chariot in battle, how to come up with strategy to win those battles. What else was there? He voiced his confusion to Anen, “Really? More training. What else do I need to know? Haven’t I learned everything yet?”

Anen responded with a grin, “Oh, my Prince. There is so much more to life than what you have been taught so far. You will see. Trust me.”

Ramses grinned. He trusted Anen. He trusted him with his life. So he would have to trust him this time too. “Very well. I’ll get ready and see what Paser has for me today.”

“Cleanse yourself in the bath I’ve prepared my Prince. It is waiting for you in the bath room.”

That was strange. Ramses usually took his bath after training with Paser, not before. “Won’t I be all dirty after the training? Won’t I need another bath afterwards?”

“Perhaps. But it is important for today’s lesson that you are clean beforehand.”

“Very well,” Ramses relented though he was still confused.

So Ramses did as Anen had suggested and headed to the bath room. As promised, a fragrant steaming bath of warm clean water awaited him and Ramses gratefully lowered his body into the water. “Ah…, he moaned as he felt the water surround him. Anen snapped his fingers and two slaves quickly entered the room with cloths and began washing his body. He relaxed back and let them do their duties.

His mind wandered. He let thoughts of Paser and his training sessions drop from his mind. Instead he thought about a young maiden he had noticed tending the gardens the last few weeks. Her long dark hair shone in the sun as she moved around. Her movements had afforded him brief glimpses of her youthful breasts moving freely around under her linen dress. He had tried not to stare but she mesmerized him. He was sure that as he had looked closely he had also been able to see the darkness of her nipples. They had pushed against her light dress and seemed to beg for his touch. Her long dress had covered her legs but as she did her duties moving around and bending down, he was able to make out the strong muscles of her calves. He remembered the feeling of arousal that had come over him and he could feel it overtake him again as he relaxed in the bath.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by Anen’s quiet whisper, “My Prince. Your bath is complete. Let us dry and dress you now.”

He shook free of his daydream and nodded. As he stood to rise out of the bath, the water ran down his young muscular body. The hard training that Paser had put him through had tanned and hardened his muscles. He felt that he was no longer the young boy that had started training. His penis rose into the air as if it wanted his attention. Thoughts of that gardener had caused him to get excited. Though he had often masturbated to relieve those tensions, he had only done so in private and did not feel comfortable doing that deed with Anen and the slaves in attendance.

Of course no one dared mention anything about his condition as they proceeded to dress him. Skillfully they worked their way around his penis and by the time they were done, it had dropped back down to its normal state. Ramses made a note to himself that he needed to find some time after training to daydream some more and relieve the tension.

“Have your nourishment now,” Anen now told him gesturing towards the other room where his morning meal was now laid out for him.

As Ramses entered the room, he saw that Paser was already there and waiting. Quickly Paser rose and bowed before him, “Prince Ramses, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?” he asked.

“Not bad Paser. Not bad.” Truthfully though, the thoughts of that gardener had made sleep difficult to come by. That is, until he had relieved the stress by masturbating in the middle of the night.

“Good, my Prince. That is good. Today is a big day. You have many things to do today.”

“Yes, Anen mentioned that my eighteenth cycle begins today. What is so special about it?”

“All in good time, my Prince. All in good time. First, let’s go over the latest information from our frontiers.” Ramses nodded his agreement and as he ate his meal, Paser brought him up to date on the goings on throughout the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. It had taken a few years to understand all the nuances that Paser brought him in these briefings but finally Ramses felt that he was starting to understand. Paser nodded in approval as Ramses asked the right questions at the right time.

“Very good, my Prince. You will make a great Pharaoh when your time comes.”

That brought thoughts of his father to his mind. “How is my father doing?” Ramses asked. Though Seti I was not an old man, he had always been frail and was not feeling that well lately.”

Paser hesitated before responding. “Pharaoh Seti is, I’m afraid, not doing too well these days. He continues to have that shortness of breath that has come over him the last few years.”

Ramses nodded. He had noticed that as well in his father and was glad that Paser felt comfortable enough to share this information with him. “I’m aware of that. Thank you for sharing with me. I worry about his health.”

“Pharaoh Seti chose well when he picked you as his successor, Prince Ramses. Though I pray that Osiris does not come for our Pharaoh for a time yet.”

“Yes.” Ramses agreed and finished his meal in silence. He loved his father and worried about him. He knew that if he died, that he would become Pharaoh immediately. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that just yet.

“So, Paser, what do you have in mind for me today?” Ramses asked as he sat back after satisfying his hunger. “More chariot work. Perhaps some sword play.”

Paser smiled and shook his head. “No, my Prince, nothing like that. I really think you’ll enjoy what’s planned for you today though.”

He raised his eyebrows. “But I enjoy chariots and the sword.”

“Ah, but you didn’t when we started. I remember a young boy complaining about all the sword repetitions I put you through. And today, we’re going to start something new again. This time I think you’ll be ok with it though.”

Ramses was interested now. “Oh really? And what would that be?”

“And ruin the surprise? No, just follow me and you’ll find out.”

“Ok. Lead the way I suppose,” he relented.

As Paser led the way from the room, Ramses followed. As they made their way down the corridors, he tried a couple more times to pry information from Paser, but to no avail. As they passed by the inhabitants and workers at the palace, they all bowed deeply as they saw their future Pharaoh pass them by. Ramses, remembering what Paser had taught him, greeted each person by name – where he could. And when he couldn’t, he made sure to get that person’s name from Paser and commit it to memory. “Remember my Prince,” Paser reminded him, “to always greet your subjects by name. You are a God in their eyes and to be recognized by a God will bring them all great joy.”

After some more twists and turns down the hallways, Ramses now realized that their travels were bringing them towards the women’s harem on the other side of the palace. “Why are we going to visit the women?” he asked.

Paser smiled. “Soon, my Prince. You will know soon enough.”

As they approached the entrance to the harem, the eunuch guards stationed there nodded at Paser and parted to allow him entry. Ramses followed, not quite sure what was going on.

Upon entering the large room, Ramses looked around. The large windows were covered in billowing cloth as a light wind moved them around like sails on the feluccas on the great river Nile. Scattered throughout the room were a collection of soft feather cushions covering chairs and sofas. And reclining on these cushions were a large number of women of all ages. When they noticed who had entered their room, they all immediately stood and bowed to their prince. Ramses nodded back in response. He was still feeling a little confused as to why they were here.

One of the older women approached Paser and bent her head in his direction. “Vizier Paser. Welcome. How can we be of assistance today?”

“Hello Merit-Amun. Today is Prince Ramses eighteenth cycle.” Merit-Amun’s mouth broke into a wide smile as she glanced quickly towards Ramses. “I think you know what that means.” She nodded. “Is Priestess Ahset around today?”

Merit-Amun continued to smile. “Of course. I will go find her immediately.”

As she turned and headed down a side corridor, Paser turned to Ramses. “For your first lesson, you are to watch. Later you can participate. Understand?”

But Ramses didn’t. “Watch? What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“You really don’t know?” Paser asked in surprise. Ramses shook his head. “I would have thought that one of your older friends would have told you by now, or even Anen.” Ramses’s eyes shot open. He and his friends had discussed many things. One thing in particular though. Was what they had said true? He looked around the room at the expectant faces before him. Was this what he had heard? Was he about to have sex? Today? Now?

“You mean …,” he started haltingly.

Paser smiled at his protege. “Now I think you’re starting to understand. Today your lessons on sex begin. First you will watch Ahset and myself have sex. Then, if you’re up to it, perhaps there is someone you can find to have sex with.” Ramses’s mind immediately flew to the gardener. Was she staying here? Of course she was. All the unattached women at the palace lived in this area. At least he hoped she was unattached.

As this played out over Ramses face, Paser put his hand on Ramses’s arm. “No worries my Prince. Remember you’re a God.”

Oh great. Ramses face showed his thoughts. These women all thought he was a God. How was he supposed to keep up to that standard on something he knew nothing about?

“Bad choice of words my Prince,” Paser admitted as he saw the panic cover his face. “Do not worry about it. It will all come naturally, and anyone here will never forget their time with you – whether you were a God, the Pharaoh, or just a lowly Prince,” he finished with a grin.

At that moment, Merit-Amun returned leading, what Ramses could only assume was, a goddess. She was beautiful. Obviously somewhat older than he, probably close to Paser’s age. The long dark shining hair of a true Egyptian. Dark penetrating eyes. A beautiful wide smile showing her perfect white teeth. Tall. Not as tall as he but only slightly shorter. She was wearing only a long light white linen dress and Ramses could easily see her body moving beneath it. As the light shone through different areas Ramses could see her silhouette. Breasts moved freely as she moved. Long legs peeked at him, teasing his eyes.

“Ah, Paser, so nice to see you,” she said to Paser as they leaned together in a short kiss. “And My Prince,” she continued as she turned to Ramses and gave him a bow. “I am so glad you came today.”

“Priestess Ahset, all pales before your beauty,” Ramses responded.

“Thank you, Prince Ramses. That is very kind.” She turned to Paser. “You have taught him well.”

Paser bowed his head in acknowledgement. “Thank you my lady. I have done my best. But now it’s time for his next lesson. I’m hoping we can help the Prince learn the art.”

“Of course, I would be delighted. Shall we?” she suggested holding her arm out to Paser. As he grabbed hold, she held out her other arm to Ramses. “My Prince?”

Though stunned at the thought of what was about to happen, Ramses remembered his manners and took hold of the arm extended his way. “Lead the way Priestess,” he told her.

The three of them walked through the again-reclining women towards the corridor that Merit-Amun had gone done earlier. Ramses looked around and noticed that many, if not most, of the women were looking at him with interest. He nodded politely to them as he passed. As they entered into the hallway, Ramses noticed doorways down both sides, covered in heavier cloths so they would not move too easily. Occasionally he could hear talking, laughing and even what sounded like moaning as they passed the different doorways. His imagination filled in the pictures of what that moaning represented.

Towards the end of the corridor they approached another doorway and Ahset held the cloth to the side and motioned for the two men to enter. “Welcome to my home,” she told them. Ramses followed Paser in and looked around. It was not a large room. In the corner a bed took up most of the room. It was covered in smooth sheets. On the other wall from the bed was a large mirror over a small cabinet where Ramses could only assume that Ahset kept her clothes. He imagined that she had need for very few of those. At the foot of the bed, two chairs sat by a small table. Candles were lit on the table and cabinet throwing a flickering light around the room. There was no window but the candles provided enough light to illuminate the room.

Ahset motioned towards the chairs, “My Prince. Please have a seat. Watch Paser and I make love. We have known each other for many years now and I feel that what we do is make love. You are still a little young for love – though I’m sure it will happen soon. For you, at least the first few times, it will only be lust and sex. But that’s OK. One learns through doing and love will come when it comes. We all start out having sex before making love.”

Ramses was entranced by this woman. Without hesitation he sat down on the chair offered him so he could listen and observe.

Ahset continued, “Watch us Ramses. Watch how Paser pays attention to my body, to my needs.”

Paser chimed in. “It is always most important that the woman is prepared for penetration Ramses. And to prepare her, one must touch, kiss, and most of all listen. Listen to what she is saying – with her mouth and with her body.”

Ramses watched as the two moved closer together. Their eyes were locked on each other and slowly closed as their faces and mouths moved together. Ramses could see their lips touching and as they occasionally pulled back, he could see their tongues sticking out and battling each other like small swords. Paser had run his hand down Ahset’s back and was massaging the cheeks of her ass. Slowly he pulled her dress upwards until her bare ass was revealed. Ramses couldn’t help but let out a little moan as he saw the perfection revealed there. Paser now massaged the bare globes of her ass and pulled her body tight against his own. Ramses knew that Paser had to be getting excited. After all, he knew he was getting excited from just watching.

Ahset pulled herself away from Paser and after a quick glance at Paser, her gaze shifted to Ramses. She smiled at him and again he was amazed at her beauty. In one quick motion, she pulled the dress up and over her head, again looked at him, and then bent to the side to place the dress on the cabinet. Ramses watched every movement. Her now uncovered breasts moved enticingly as she moved around the room. Between her legs, Ramses could make out a covering of dark black hair which seemed to be pointing its way down to her vagina. Ramses had never seen a naked woman. A woman in all her glory. A beautiful naked woman. He felt his penis start rising, pushing against his clothing, wanting to see for itself.

Meanwhile, Paser had also removed his clothing. Ramses had seen him naked many times, in the baths and in the training sessions but this was the first time he had seen him aroused. Surprisingly though Ramses noticed that Paser’s penis looked much smaller than his own. Not as long and nowhere near as big around. It was an interesting observation but was quickly tossed aside as he watched Ahset drop to her knees before Paser with her face right close to his penis.

What was she going to do? He wondered.

His question was answered as Ahset moved her mouth to Paser’s penis. To himself, Ramses started to use the more vulgar term that he had heard. To his cock. She grabbed hold of it and started licking on it. She was licking his cock. Then Ramses watched as she took it into her mouth. All of it until her lips were against Paser’s dark pubic hair. Ramses watched in amazement as her head bobbed up and down his length, covering it in her saliva.

Ahset pulled away and stroked Paser’s cock as she knelt before him. Turning to Ramses, she commented, “Men love this. You’ll love this. A woman’s job is to please her man and this is one of the things that men love. But women love it too. We may not admit it, but the feel of a man’s penis, of his cock, in one’s mouth is indescribable. It makes us wet between our own legs thinking of the power we have over the man. And getting a woman wet and well lubricated is very important to love making, to sex.”

Ramses could feel his own cock throbbing against his clothing. He shifted around uncomfortably. Ahset noticed his predicament. “Why don’t you undress Ramses? You look very uncomfortable – and overdressed as well,” she added with a smile.

Fine with him. Quickly he stood and shed his clothing. His cock freed itself from its confines and popped out towards the couple before him.

“Oh my!” Ahset exclaimed as she looked over at the site before her.

“What?” Ramses asked in shock as he looked down to see what she was talking about. “What’s wrong?”

“In the name of Amun, my Prince, absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. You are truly a God to be blessed with a cock like that,” she explained. “I have been with many men but have never beheld anything so magnificent. You are going to make many many women very very happy … if you learn how to use your gift. I feel privileged to be the one to help teach you.”

Ramses looked down at himself. Magnificent? A gift? Usually his penis had gotten in the way when it got hard. He wasn’t sure he believed her. “Really?”

“Believe me, my Prince. Once you learn how to use that penis, women will be begging to spend some time with you. Actually even with your inexperience, some would be begging just to see it. But remember the lessons here today. You will enjoy the experience even more if you can excite your women to a high level first.”

Paser reached down and pulled Ahset to her feet. “So let’s continue those lessons shall we? There’s something else that will get a woman wet,” he said to Ramses. Ramses watched as his hand travelled down between Ahset’s legs. “Women, like men, like when their genitals, their pussy, their cunt, is rubbed gently. Like this.” Ramses watched as his fingers rubbed Ahset’s pussy. He could see that yes indeed there was some lubrication there. The area seemed quite wet and Ahset’s moans seemed to show that she was enjoying the motions of Paser’s fingers.

“And this is her vagina Ramses,” Paser continued as he pushed a finger into her. Again she moaned in response and seemed to be holding onto Paser for support. “Though it may not look like much right now, it will easily expand to accept my cock. It could even maybe accept you – if it’s lubricated enough.” Ramses watched as Paser moved his finger in and out of Ahset’s pussy. His finger seemed to be now completely covered in her wetness.

“But there’s another thing that women like my Prince. Let me show you.” With that Paser gently pushed Ahset down onto the bed. “They love having their nipples sucked on, right Ahset? But don’t forget about her pussy.” Ramses watched as Paser sucked on both of Ahset’s nipples. He could see them harden as Paser’s mouth covered them in his saliva. Meanwhile Paser continued sliding his finger in and out of Ahset’s vagina. From Ramses’ viewpoint, he had a perfect view up her body. He had never seen between a women’s legs like this and could see that the pink fleshy lips around her pussy were becoming covered in her juices. He found the site beautiful to behold. Up her tight flat stomach, he could see Paser continuing to kiss and rub her breasts. They were just as beautiful. At that moment, he realized that this was something he wanted to experience for himself. As much as possible. As soon as possible.

Paser now shifted his attention and Ramses watched as he left her breasts behind and moved back to kiss her lips. But that was only for a brief time before he moved down her body, again over her breasts, over her stomach, down further until he shifted his body on to the floor and was before Ahset’s spread open legs.

“Watch now Ramses,” Paser told him. “Women also love when you lick their pussy. Tease a bit first.” Paser licked and kissed his way around Ahset’s wet pussy but Ramses could see that he was avoiding the actual area. Ahset was moaning and groaning now. Her hands were on the back of Paser’s head trying to push him towards her pussy.

Paser looked back at Ramses and grinned. “Tease her until she’s begging for it, and then…” Paser ran his tongue up the length of Ahset’s pussy. Her body tensed and pushed itself against him. Paser took another lick. “See how she likes that my Prince.” Ramses nodded. He and his cock saw how that caused her to react. “And right here is a special spot,” Paser continued. He pulled her pussy lips apart and Ramses could see a small bud poking out at the top. “Watch,” he ordered. So Ramses watched as Paser put his lips around that bud and sucked on it. Ahset’s body shook and bounced in response. Was he hurting her? Ramses wondered. No, she didn’t seem to be in pain but in amazing pleasure instead. Suddenly he realized that she was having an orgasm, cumming. He had experienced that pleasure himself and now recognized it in her. The deep moan, the uncontrollable shaking, the tensed muscles. Yes, she was cumming.

“Yes, yes, Paser, yes, just like that,” she chanted as her orgasm continued. “Fuck me now. Please fuck me,” she begged.

Paser looked back at Ramses once again. “Now that she has been pleasured, she’s ready for me to fuck her.” Paser stood up before Ahset. Ramses could see that fluid was dripping from his cock. He knew that that happened as he had also experienced it. That extra lubrication had always made his strokes much easier and he figured it would make penetration easier as well.

Ramses watched as Paser positioned himself above Ahset. He leaned down to kiss her and then held his cock at her entrance. Ramses watched entranced from behind as he pushed inside her. He could see her pussy expand to accept his girth. This time Paser moaned as he felt the penetration. Ramses watched as he started moving back and forth and grinding against Ahset.

Through his gritted teeth, he looked back at Ramses. “Always try to grind against that small bud you saw me suck on. Women like that area to be stimulated. And your motions. Throw some variations in now and then.” To demonstrate, Paser started thrusting faster and faster. Ramses heard the slap of his body against hers.

Ramses reached down to grasp his own cock. The pre-sex lubricant was flowing from him and covering his cockhead. Without thinking, he rubbed it around and over and down his length. His hand travelled effortlessly up and down his length. Paser continued thrusting against Ahset’s body and the two of them were kissing deeply. Ramses watched the two lovers closely, seeing how Paser’s actions caused a reaction in Ahset. Making a note of which one of his movements seemed to elicit the greatest response.

Suddenly Paser stopped and pulled out. Ramses could see his red swollen cock covered in their juices. Though panting from the exertion, he was still teaching. “And there’s more than one position you can have sex in.” He tapped Ahset’s thigh and she quickly flipped over to her hands and knees. This pushed her beautiful ass up towards Paser. “You see? Women really like this position. It seems to stimulate something inside them. And this way, one can hold on to the woman’s hips and really thrust hard.” To demonstrate, Paser slipped his cock back into Ahset and held on to her hips. He started thrusting hard against Ahset’s ass and it jiggled in response to his forward actions.

Ramses got up from his chair and moved to the side to get a better view. By looking between their bodies, he could see Paser’s cock sliding in and out of Ahset’s pussy. Mindlessly, his hand continued stroking his cock at the site. His eyes travelled up and down Ahset’s body. Her skin was flawless. He could see her breasts hanging down from her chest as she knelt there. She looked his way. He could see the lust in her eyes. The fire burning inside her.

“My Prince. Please come here with that cock. I have to taste it. I want to be the first woman to swallow your seed.”

Ramses looked towards Paser as he continued fucking Ahset. He grinned back at Ramses, “Never turn down a woman’s request. Especially one like that.”

“You’re ok with it?” Ramses asked.

“Of course. In the bedroom, the woman is always in charge. If she wants you, you don’t ask questions. If she wants another woman, don’t complain.” He continued sliding his cock back and forth. “Sometimes she may ask you to dominate her but ultimately she’s in charge.”

Ramses nodded and shifted his body closer to Ahset’s face. She dropped down to one elbow and reached out with the other hand for his penis. Ramses almost came on the spot when she touched him. No one had ever touched him like this before. He watched in amazement as her hand took up his earlier stroking motion.

“An amazing gift you have here My Prince. So hard. So big. Remember that you will never have to stroke your cock by yourself again – unless you want to. No woman in the harem will ever deny you your wishes. You are a Prince. You will be Pharaoh and you are a God. But remember – though anything you wish will not be denied, do not let the power change you. Paser has taught you well I think. You will remember this. Women will do whatever you want, whenever you want. But don’t ever force them. They will do it willingly. If someone does not, or cannot due to their health, there will always be someone else able and willing.”

Ramses listened closely to Ahset’s lesson, trying to take it all in. It was difficult though as she continued stroking his ready-to-burst cock. As she finished she leaned closer to him and he held his breath as her tongue touched his cockhead. He continued holding his breath as she took the first inch or two into her mouth. He couldn’t take any more and reluctantly felt his cum boiling from his loins and travelling up his length. “Oh, oh, I’m cumming!” he exclaimed and tried pulling back but Ahset reached out and pulled him closer, sending another couple inches into her mouth. Again he tried pulling back. He was going to cum in her mouth. What sort of horror would that be for her?

It was too late though. His first blowjob was too much for him. The buildup from the morning bath, the image of the gardener in his mind, watching Paser and Ahset have sex, Ahset’s body there before him, her mouth around his cock. With a loud growl, he let loose. He felt the streams of cum erupt from his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t help it. She would hate him afterwards he was sure. His orgasm continued on and on as he emptied his cock into her mouth. He watched as some overflowed and ran down her chin to drip on her sheets.

Dimly he was aware that Paser was groaning out as well and had pushed himself deep into Ahset’s pussy. It seemed that he was cumming as well.

Finally, his orgasm ended and Ramses fell backwards almost crashing into the cabinet and its candles. Quickly he tried to apologize, “I’m so sorry Ahset. I couldn’t stop it. It felt too good. Can you forgive me?”

Strangely though, Ahset didn’t seem mad at him though. Instead she smiled widely at him. “Didn’t I say I wanted to swallow your seed? That’s what I wanted you to do.”


“It’s true that not all women like to do that. Most do though. And,” she added as she licked her lips and brought some of his seed back to her mouth, “you really taste good. Some guys don’t. But I could get used to this taste. Almost as good as Paser’s,” she added looking back at him with a smile. “And don’t worry about not lasting too long. Again, keep practising and you’ll be able to last as long as Paser did. And you’re still young so it won’t take too long for you to be ready to go again.” Her gaze travelled down to his cock, which though he had just cum, was still semi-hard and starting to grow again. “And oh my, look at that.” She looked back at Paser. “We need to find someone for this young man right away or else this cock will never go down.”

Paser looked at Ramses, “Oh to be young again,” he said. “I used to be able to do that. Now it takes a while before I’ve recovered enough. So, My Prince, how was your first lesson?”

Ramses smiled at his friend and teacher. “I would say it was very educational and you were right. I did enjoy it. When’s the next one?”

Both Paser and Ahset laughed, and Paser replied, “Ahset, what have we done? Have we released a monster on the women of the kingdom?”

“Maybe so. But I like this kind of monster,” she finished as she again reached for Ramses growing cock. It hardened a little more in her grip. “Oh my. My oh my. Impressive to say the least.”

“Thanks,” Ramses replied with a shy smile.

“So My Prince,” Ahset continued, “is there someone you have your eye on that should come along for the second lesson?” Immediately his mind flew to the gardener. “Ah yes, I see there is,” Ahset replied seeing him pause in thought. “What is her name?”

Ramses though said sadly, “I do not know. I have never met her and have never heard her name.”

“So how do you know her then?”

“I have seen her working in the garden. She seems to be about my age, a young beauty who tends the flowers near my side of the palace.”

Ahset thought for a moment. “Oh, I think I know who you mean. Her name is Nefertari. Very beautiful young woman. Give me a moment and I’ll call for her. She may be working today but I’m sure she’d be willing to come visit us. Paser, can you hand me that cloth so I can clean up some of Prince Ramses’s seed?”

“Of course,” Paser replied and handed her the cloth. “I know of Nefertari. From Thebes I believe.” He paused in thought before continuing. “Perhaps now I should leave you two to continue the lessons from here? I think Prince Ramses will be in good hands.”

“Thank you. Yes, but please come back later and we can continue where we left off.”

Paser nodded with a smile. “I will.” He turned to Ramses, “My Prince. Listen to Ahset and her words. She knows much about the art of sex. And treat this Nefertari well.”

Ramses nodded. “I will. Thank you for the lesson Paser.”

“My pleasure.” He turned to Ahset and bowed to her, “My Lady. As always, my heart has leaped in your presence and now drops as I depart.”

“Mine as well Paser.” Ramses watched as the two lovers exchanged a final kiss. Paser nodded at Ramses and parted the curtain to leave him with her.

That made Ramses feel a little embarrassed. Here he was sitting naked next to a naked woman. Even though he had just cum in her mouth, still, he was not comfortable.

“Why don’t you redress, My Prince?” she suggested. “I will also redress and go find someone to gather Nefertari from her duties.”

Ramses didn’t hesitate and quickly slipped his clothes back on. Though his cock was still only semi-hard, it caused him some issues as he attempted to cover it. Ahset noticed his problems and commented as she slipped another dress over her body, “You should really find a different set of clothes to help your … situation. I will speak to one of the seamstresses and see if she can put together an outfit for a … well-developed young man such as yourself. I will return in a moment. Rest here for a moment. Are you thirsty?”

He nodded. He felt as parched as though he had been riding chariots all morning. “I am.”

“Let me get you a drink as well.” Ahset left from the room and he heard her calling to the other women.

Seconds later, a cute young woman appeared with a pitcher of water and a cup. Shyly, she asked, “My Prince, some water for you?”

“Yes please. Thank you … What is your name?”

“Istnofret, My Prince,” she replied quietly.

“Thank you Istnofret. I was getting quite thirsty.”

“Anything more, My Prince.”

“No, not right now. Thank you again.”

Istnofret left bowing as she stepped through the curtain and made her way back to the main room. Seconds later another woman entered the room. She was older and was carrying a measuring string. “My Prince, my name is Menhet. Ahset suggested that I come and measure you for some new clothes. She suggested that you had a … condition of some type?”

“Well.” Calling his penis a condition didn’t help his embarrassment.

“I am sorry. Let me reword that. She said that you were endowed like the God you are meant to be. I was not sure if I should say that or not. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It is a little embarrassing Menhet,” Ramses replied.

“Don’t worry My Prince. I am old and have seen many ‘conditions’ over the years.” The smile on her face alleviated some of Ramses’s concerns.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Start by just standing and letting me measure your body.”

Ramses stood and let her run the string over his body. On a small piece of papyrus, she wrote down the various measurements. His height, the breadth of his chest, the length of his arms, the length of his legs.

“Are you still getting taller?” she asked.

“No, I have not grown any in the last cycle or so.”

“Ok. You are a tall well-muscled young man. You really don’t need to do any more growing. I did do some of your clothes back when you were younger but have not been assigned to your clothing in the recent past. You are much bigger now than you were then.”

“Oh, really. So you’ve measured me before?”

“Yes. Though that was when you were just a young child. You wouldn’t remember me.” She paused a moment. “So, Ahset mentioned your … endowment. Can I see how it causes you issues with your current set of clothing?”

Ramses grimaced a bit. His conversation with Menhet had caused his penis to soften and was no longer in the way. “Well. It’s OK now.”

“I see. However, you’re a young man and it will grow on its own and cause you a problem?” Ramses nodded. “Hmmm… well, I need to see the situation to figure out what to do with your clothes.”

His embarrassment returned. “I see. I’m not sure what to do.”

“No worries, My Prince. Let me see if Ahset can return to assist us. I assume that’s ok with you?” Ramses nodded his agreement. “One moment then.”

Menhet stepped from the room and Ramses sat back down again to await her return. Ahset passed the threshold followed by Menhet. “So Menhet wants to see your endowment but you’re having some issues?” she asked.

“It’s just … embarrassing.”

“Not to worry My Prince. I’m sure I can help out, if you’ll let me.”

“Of course.”

“And I’ve sent a messenger over to get Nefertari and talk to her leader so she doesn’t get in trouble by leaving her job. It will take a while for her to arrive, and I’ve asked someone to let me know when she arrives. I want you to be presentable when she gets here.”


“So, what can I do to help things out? Perhaps if I reveal my breasts to you again?” Ahset parted her dress allowing Ramses to see her. “I like having them played with. Paser is very good at getting me wet when he sucks on them. Perhaps you’d like to suck on them My Prince?” Ramses nodded quickly. “Well, I think that can be arranged.” She moved forward to where he was seated and held her breasts out towards his mouth. Ramses took in the site of her breasts. They were not large but would be a handful if he held them. Her nipples were light brown and looked soft. She moved them to his lips and Ramses greedily sucked on them. First one and then the other. As he wet them with his lips, he could feel them harden with his tongue. He could also feel something else hardening. Beneath his clothes, his earlier issue was returning.

He heard Menhet exclaim to the side. “Oh, I see. Yes, that is an issue. Umm… yes. Ok. I see what you mean Ahset.”

Ramses was too engrossed in sucking on Ahset’s tits to pay much attention to the conversation.

“He’s larger than I’ve ever seen,” Ahset commented to Menhet.

“I know, me too.”

“And he’s probably not even completely engorged yet,” Ahset added.

“I see. Ramses, will you stand for me so I can better see?”

Reluctantly Ramses pulled his mouth from Ahset’s breasts. “Ok.” Standing he realized that yes this had caused him to harden once again. He stood there uncomfortably as his cock strained against his clothes. Menhet dropped down to her knees and in an almost clinical fashion, she moved his cock from side to side. That didn’t stop him from hardening at all.

“Yes. I see. I think I have an idea that may work. My Prince – do you harden up or down, if you know what I mean? Is this more comfortable?” and she held his cock up against his stomach, “or this?” and she held it down against his leg.

“Well,” Ramses began. “When I’m not ‘really’ hard, down the leg is OK. It’s just when it’s really hard that it comes up at an angle.”

Menhet continued moving his cock around. “You’re not ‘really’ hard now though, are you?”

“No, not really.”

“Hmmm… I see. Let me think about this a while. I enjoy a challenge.” She stood back up and looked almost longingly at Ramses’s cock as it dangled between his legs. It was again softening. “Interesting. Not overly large when it’s soft. Still larger than normal but not extremely. That may make this easier. Or just control yourself and don’t let it get hard when you’re dressed,” she added with a smile.

“I’ve been trying to do that.”

“Yes, I would imagine. Maybe after today it won’t be as much of an issue any more. Or maybe it will be worse. I think I’ll have to come up with some sort of pouch or something that will hold your manhood whether it’s soft or hard.” She turned to Ahset. “I think I can have a couple items ready by later today.”

“Thank you Menhet,” Ahset replied. “I’ll be waiting for your invention.”

“My Prince,” Menhet said bowing to Ramses. “You have made an older woman’s day. I will come up with something to make you comfortable.”

“Thank you Menhet.”

As she opened the curtain to leave, another woman came along. “Nefertari is here,” she told Ahset.

Ramses began getting nervous. He had only seen this girl from afar. What if she wasn’t interested in him? What if she just figured he was forcing himself on her? He started mumbling, “I’m not sure this is a good idea. I don’t want to force her to do something she doesn’t want to.”

Ahset rested her hand on Ramses wrist, “My Prince. Don’t be nervous. I’ve said this before. Though you are the Prince and women have to obey you, we have ways to bypass that. We are skilled at throwing unwanted advances aside – even from a Prince or Pharaoh. But, believe me, I have heard Nefertari and her friends talk about you. They are all enamoured of you and she will not disappoint you. Though she is similar in age to you, she has already experienced the feel of a man. But no man like you I am sure. She has been taught by all us women how to please a man – when the man is worthy of pleasing. And you are worthy, My Prince. In more ways than one.

Also, I don’t think she knows why she was called back here. I only said that it was royal business that needed to be attended to. So she will be pleasantly surprised when she comes in here.

Sit back down in the chair and greet her when she arrives. Ok?”

Ramses nodded his agreement, rearranged his clothes, and sat back down in the chair. Even with Ahset’s assurances, he was still nervous.

Ahset covered her breasts and moved to the doorway. “Nefertari, come down here please.” A moment passed as Ramses waited. He sensed her right outside the doorway. “Nefertari, please come in. I have a guest I want to introduce you to.”

Nefertari stepped through the doorway and her eyes opened wide when she saw who was there. Ramses stood, struck blind by her beauty. From up close, she was even more beautiful than when he had seen her in the garden. She was shorter than Ahset. Lighter. Almost frail. But he could easily make out her large breasts through her dress. They seemed huge on her smaller frame. Her dark hair framed her youthful face. A face that was covered in shock at who was before her. Quickly she bowed her head, “My Prince.”

“Call me Ramses. And you are Nefertari?”

“Yes, My Prin… Ramses.”

“You are even more beautiful now that I see you up close.” Her eyes popped up to his for a second before dropping back down. “I have noticed your beauty while you’ve tended the gardens. Don’t look down. I want to see your eyes.” Nefertari raised her eyes to look into his. Ramses felt lost in their dark depths. He felt himself being pulled towards her. Not wanting to shock her, rather than ravishing her with the kiss that he wanted to do, he took her hands in his and kissed them gently. “Very nice to meet you Nefertari.”

“And I you, My Pri… Ramses,” she replied with a small smile. Ramses realized that her smile was as beautiful as her eyes. He smiled in return and continued holding her hands before him. They stood staring into each other’s eyes and not saying a word. Ramses felt spellbound by her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He knew that all others paled before her and whether he liked it or not, he was hers forever.

Ahset cleared her throat to get their attention. Reluctantly Ramses pulled his gaze from Nefertari’s. “I sense something special between you two. Am I not mistaken?”

Ramses looked back at Nefertari. “You are not,” he replied with a smile.

“Nefertari?” Ahset asked. “What do you feel?”

“I feel … I’m not sure. A calmness. As if I was meant to be here.” She glanced down at Ramses hands which were still holding hers. “It just feels … right.”

“That is what I thought,” Ahset replied with a knowing nod. She continued, “Nefertari, the Gods have brought you two together. This is Ramses’s eighteenth cycle. He has chosen you as his first. Are you willing to give yourself to our Prince now and forever? Remember that as a Priestess of the temple, I can do the joining.”

Nefertari turned her gaze back up to Ramses’s face with a smile. “I am. I would agree to a joining with Ramses.”

“Ramses, are you willing to join yourself to Nefertari now and forever?”

“I am.”

“Very well. And you both know what this implies?”

Ramses knew. He was being bound to Nefertari for life. Based on the way he was feeling, that was fine with him. “I do.”

Nefertari continued looking at Ramses and nodded. “I do as well.”

“Excellent. You have both made a fine choice. I feel that the Gods will smile upon your union. And just so you understand also, Nefertari?” She waited until Nefertari’s gaze returned to her. “You understand that Ramses is the Prince and will be Pharaoh. He will become a God. He will have many women, and many wives in his lifetime, and hopefully many children as well. But you will be the Great Royal Wife until you die.”

“I understand Priestess,” Nefertari replied.

“And is that acceptable to you?”

“It is.”

“And you Ramses, do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“With that, I will leave you two alone. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call for someone. Remember, we are all here for you, My Prince and My Princess.” Nefertari looked towards Ahmet in shock not realizing that she had just been elevated to royalty. Ahmet smiled, bowed and left the two newly betrothed behind.

Ramses could have stood there holding Nefertari’s hands and staring at her face forever but realized that was not practical. “Let’s sit,” he suggested motioning towards the chairs by the table. Nefertari bowed and stepped over to it. Ramses stood watching her glide over the floor. She seemed to be floating on air. He shook his head and quickly sat next to her. “Are you hungry? Thirsty?” he asked.

“Maybe a little thirsty,” she replied. Her voice sounded like a goddess to his ears. Quickly he jumped up and ran to the curtain. “Istnofret,” he called out.

Seconds later, Istnofret appeared. “Yes, My Prince?”

“Can I get another cup and that pitcher of water?”

“Of course.” Ramses stood at the doorway waiting and looking back at Nefertari. He found it painful to look away from her for too long. Istnofret soon returned and handed the items to Ramses. Her eyes widened when she now looked through the doorway and saw who he was with. Ramses thanked her, closed the curtain blocking her view, and returned to Nefertari.

“Do you know Istnofret?” he asked. “She seemed to know you.”

“Of course. We’ve been friends for many years. We share a room together. She is as close as a sister to me. I think though that she almost dropped her pitcher when she saw me in here,” Nefertari finished with a smile.

“She did seem a little shocked,” Ramses replied. He poured her some water and replenished his own supply. His eyes continued to be drawn to hers. Each drank as they stared at one another.

“You are beautiful Nefertari.”

“Thank you Ramses. You are very handsome as well.”

“Oh. Thank you.” No one had ever said he was handsome before. At least not in this context. His mother had said he was handsome but that wasn’t the same as hearing it coming from this beautiful creature before him. His wife. Well, that was an unexpected twist to the day. Not at all what he was expecting this morning when Anen had awoken him. He smiled at the thought.

“What are you smiling about?” she asked.

“I was just thinking that I had not planned on being joined to someone in this way when I got up this morning.”

“Does it bother you?” she asked with a frown.

“Oh, no, no,” Ramses quickly replied. “No. It’s just a little overwhelming. Don’t you feel that as well?”

Nefertari nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. I was not thinking this was going to be how I spent my day. I was planning out instead how to arrange the flowers in the garden.”

“I’ve watched you while you worked,” Ramses admitted.

“You have?”

“Yes. From the balcony of my room. I could see you working down below. Always working so carefully to keep the flowers blooming. But they could never compare to you.”

“You’re making me blush,” Nefertari replied bringing her hand up to her reddening cheeks.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just can’t help it. Do you enjoy working in the garden?”

She nodded. “I do. But I guess I won’t be doing that anymore.”

“You can do whatever you wish. If you want to continue to work there, you can do so.”

“I don’t know. This, us, our joining. It will change things. Especially with the primary gardener. He will feel … Well, he’ll have lost his power over me, I guess you’d say.”

“I see.” Ramses sat in thought for a moment. “Why don’t we create a small garden just for you then? You won’t work on the full palace gardens but on your own plot of land. I’m sure that could be arranged.”

Nefertari reached out her hand and rested it on Ramses’s wrist. “That is a fabulous idea. I would like that very much.”

Ramses felt a jolt of electricity go through his body as Nefertari rested her hand on his. He was shocked into speechlessness. “Are you Ok Ramses?” she asked.

That shook him out of the trance he was in and he rested his hand over hers. “You have no idea Nefertari. I could not be more OK than I am at this moment.”

“Me too. I’ve never been happier. I as well have admired you from afar. Well, we all did. I would try as much as possible to go watch you when you trained with Paser.”

“You would?”

Nefertari nodded. “I would. Since I arrived here from Thebes, I’ve been watching you whenever I could. You’ve become very skilled with the sword the last few moons.”

“Thank you. Paser has been a great teacher.”

“Yes, he has taught you well.”

“And you’ve talked about me with your friends? What have you talked about?”

Nefertari looked away, her face turning red. “I’d rather not say. It’s embarrassing.”

“Why? What? What do you say?”

She looked back at him. “Well. When you’re working, we can see how well muscled you are … and we wonder … well, we wondered and would talk about … well, how well muscled the parts we couldn’t see were.”

Ramses sat back in his chair shocked. “Oh. You would? Really? You girls would talk about things like that?”

“Oh Ramses, you’d be shocked at some of the things we talk about. Don’t you discuss girls with your friends?”

“Well, yes, some. But mostly just in fun. You know. Oh, doesn’t she look nice? Doesn’t she have nice … umm… breasts? Things like that.”

“And what about me? Have you told your friends that I have nice breasts?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

He was trapped. If he said no, she’d think that he’d think she didn’t have nice breasts. And if he said yes, she would think he was crude. She sat there with her little smile waiting for his response. “Um… well. Yes. I …,” he stumbled along with his reply.

But then she saved him. “It’s OK Ramses. I’m glad you think I have nice breasts.” She looked down at them in her gown. “Though they’ve always seemed a little too large. Bigger than most girls. And I’m so small that they look even bigger on me.” That brought Ramses gaze down to them as well. Yes, they did seem bigger than Ahset’s now that he was close to her. And it was true he had noticed their size as she worked in the garden; but being this close to them, he could really see how full they were. “My eyes are up here,” Nefertari said jolting him from his admiration of her breasts.

“Oh. Sorry. You just mentioned them and I had to look.”

“I know. I’m just teasing you Ramses. I hope that’s ok with you. I like to tease sometimes. I think they’re pretty nice myself and look at them in the mirror quite a bit.”

“You do?”

“Yes. When I’m playing with them, it gets me quite excited.” Ramses’s earlier lesson came to mind and he remembered Paser mentioning that exact same thing. “Do you want to watch?” she asked suddenly.


“Watch me play with them.”

“Umm… yeah, sure. If you want me to.”

“For a bit anyway. Then maybe you’ll help me out?”

Ramses was starting to get into it now. “I could do that,” he replied with a smile.

Ramses watched entranced as Nefertari lowered the top of her dress freeing her breasts. The dress pushed them up and towards him even more than normal. Ramses was amazed. On her smaller body, they looked even bigger and they looked so soft. He almost reached out to touch them but resisted the urge.

Nefertari did it for him and hefted her breasts up in the air. “So, what do you think?”

Ramses croaked out a reply. “Beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like them,” she replied. “When I do this it really does get me excited,” she said as she rubbed her fingers over her nipples. They hardened as she touched them. “And this,” and Ramses watched as she brought one of her nipples to her mouth and licked it. “I really like this Ramses.”

“Ok.” Ramses shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Nefertari showing him her breasts and sucking on her nipples was getting him excited again. He was glad that Ahset had brought out an orgasm from him earlier. He knew otherwise that he would not last long the way things were progressing.

“Are you getting uncomfortable Ramses? Are you getting hard?” she asked. “Can I see it?”

“Of course.” Thankfully Ramses would be able to shed his clothes and relieve his discomfort. He stood up. As he started to remove his clothes he looked down at Nefertari. She was still gently rubbing her breasts and staring at him intensely. Her eyes were travelling up and down his body and settling on his groin. Now was the time. He removed the last item and stood there naked before his wife for the first time.

He heard a small intake of breath from her. “Oh. Oh my. Wow. I mean …” For a change, this time she was at a loss for words. Ramses stood there and held his cock in his hand. It was as hard and as big as it had ever been. He waited while Nefertari recovered and spoke. “I’m sorry. It’s just that … I assume you know that I’m not a virgin.” He nodded. “But none of the men I’ve ever been with … I mean. They were … well … small compared to you. You are truly blessed by the Gods.”

Ramses felt a little jolt of pride. Ahset had said something similar. He could get used to hearing it.

“Can I touch you?” Nefertari asked quietly. He nodded and moved closer to her. She reached out with her small hands and took hold of his manhood. “It’s so big Ramses. So big. So beautiful. I can’t wait to feel it inside me. It is going to feel so good when you fuck me.” His cock twitched at her words. She smiled, “Do you like that my husband? Do you like when I talk a little dirty?” Ramses nodded. “Good. I have a dirty streak in me. I’d like to share it with you as much as I can.” That sounded good to him. She continued holding onto his cock. Her fingers did not touch as she wrapped them around it. She placed one hand over the other. They easily fit over his cock with room for a third hand above them. She stroked him a few times and then Ramses watched as her mouth moved towards his penis. He held his breath as she licked up his leaking fluid and licked his cockhead. Then she opened her mouth and took some of his cock into her mouth. This had caused his orgasm with Ahset but this time he was able to hold back.

Gently he rested his hands in Nefertari’s hair. Without conscious thought he moved his hips back and forth slowly fucking her mouth. His hand guided her head as he slid back and forth.

Nefertari pulled away and a string of saliva joined her lips with his cock. “Oh Ramses, you feel so good in my mouth but I would rather have you somewhere else … if that’s OK with you?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Because all this is getting me really horny.” She stood and slipped the dress down and off. This caused her abundant breasts to bounce attracting Ramses’s full attention. At least until she tossed the dress aside and stood there naked before him. Another goddess. Two in one day. But this one was his. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His eyes travelled up and down her body, taking it in, as she did the same to him. Starting at her long dark hair and her eyes and that smile, his eyes travelled down her body, over her magnificent breasts, down over her stomach to her vagina. Ramses could see that she was shaved clean and had no hair down there. Though it gave her an image of innocence, what came out of her mouth next tossed that image aside.

“Oh my Ramses. I can’t wait to feel that cock of yours sliding in and out of my pussy. I’m so wet just thinking about it. Want to see?”

Ramses nodded. Yes, he wanted to see that.

She quickly sat down on the bed and opened her legs. As with Ahset, Ramses could see that she was very wet. “See. Look how wet I am?” she asked as she rubbed the slimy liquid around her pussy. “I don’t want to wait any longer. Please Ramses, put your cock inside me. Please fuck me.” Ramses stood there entranced by Nefertari rubbing her pussy. She sat up and reached towards him. “Come here Ramses.” She grabbed his arms and pulled him closer. She shifted her grip and found the back of his head and pulled it towards her. Their lips touched. Ramses felt a jolt. This was meant to be.

He responded to her kiss and felt their mouths mesh perfectly together. He felt her tongue probing against his lips and when he parted, she plunged her tongue into his mouth. He responded with his own.

He realized that Nefertari, as they kissed, was stroking his cock once again, and pulling it towards her vagina. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He pulled himself away from their kiss and watched as she positioned his cock near her pussy. “Slowly Ramses. I need to adjust to you so go slow.”

As she suggested, he slowly pushed against her pussy. Nothing happened. She lined him up again and he gave another push. This time he felt her pussy give way. First just his cockhead entered her body. Oh how he just wanted to push all the way in; but she said slowly so he followed her instructions. They both looked down to watch his cock as it slowly entered her body.

Ramses realized that his life was now never going to be the same. He knew that there was going to be nothing that compared to this feeling. He could feel her hot wetness envelop his cock. About half way in, Nefertari put her hands on his chest and panted out, “Hold it there for a moment. You’re so big.”

He paused. The wait was killing him but he didn’t want to hurt her, so he stayed still.

“Ok, pull out a bit and then push back again,” she told him. He nodded and pulled back until he was almost out and then pushed back in. The going was easier this time and before he knew it, he was completely inside her. He was inside her. He was having sex. This was thousands of times better than using his hands for relief.

“Hold there again,” she spoke up. He held his hips against hers, waiting for word to continue. It came after only a short time. “Ok, fuck me Ramses. Fuck my pussy. Make me yours forever. Cum in my pussy. I want to give you sons and daughters. Shoot that baby making cum into my pussy.”

The dirty talk excited Ramses and he couldn’t help but pull out and push back into Nefertari’s body. Back and forth he went. The hours of work on the practise field gave him the stamina to keep going when a normal man would have been unable to continue.

As he fucked her, he dimly realized that she was flowing from one orgasm to the next. Streams of foul dirty talk flew from her mouth. “Fuck me Ramses, fuck me hard,” she growled at him. “By the Gods, this feels so good. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Keep fucking me.” Then her talk degenerated into unintelligible moans and grunts and then into screams of passion. “Yes, yes, I’m cumming,” she screamed out. That was soon followed by, “Oh, again, again, I’m cumming again…”

And Ramses couldn’t stop fucking her. His hips were on autopilot. His mouth found her nipples and he sucked one and then the other into his mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her.

But even a God reached a limit and Ramses realized his was being reached. “Nefertari, I’m going to cum,” he groaned into her ear.

“Yes, my love, yes. Fill me with your seed. I want to feel it fill me up. Cum. Cum, my love.”

So with one deep hard plunge into her pussy, Ramses let loose his orgasm. He could feel it pumping from his cock into Nefertari’s pussy. Into her body. He filled her to overflowing and felt it squirting out around his cock as he thrust his hips back and forth a few more times. Finally sated, he slowed and stopped. Sweat covered his body and dripped down onto Nefertari’s body.

“I’m sorry. I’m all sweaty,” he apologized.

“Don’t worry about that,” she assured him. “Come here,” and she pulled his face down to hers to kiss him. This was not a hurried sexually charged kiss. This was a deep soul-binding kiss.

Ramses pushed himself away and looked down at her beauty. “I love you Nefertari.”

“I love you too Ramses.”

They kissed again but only briefly before Ramses rolled over to his side next to her. They turned their heads towards each other and stared at each other for a long while. Ramses studied her entire face. It was flushed from her exertions and he could see sweat forming on her nose and brow. But that just made her more attractive to him.

“You are so cute,” he commented.

“Oh, so not beautiful anymore?” she asked with a smile.

“I didn’t say that. You are beautiful but now from this angle, you just look so cute. The way you have those little dimples in your cheeks when you smile. It’s just … cute.”

She gave him a little playful punch on his chest. “You’re playing with me.” Her hand paused as she touched him and she started running her hands over his muscular chest. “So muscular,” she commented. “And I seem to have figured out the answer to the other ‘muscles’ you have. And they are very impressive as well,” she ended with a grin and a glance down towards his penis. “Very impressive indeed.”

For a long while they laid there looking at each other, gently rubbing each other’s skin and talking. Of course Nefertari knew all about Ramses but he knew nothing about her. He listened closely as she described her family back in Thebes and how much she missed them.

“So why did you come here from Thebes?”

“To be trained in the palace. And possibly to find a husband,” she added with a grin.

“It seems you may have done so.”

“I have. And I couldn’t be happier.”

At that moment, Ramses’s stomach grumbled loudly. “Guess I’m getting hungry,” he commented.

“Yes. It must be time to eat. Let me clean up a bit and we’ll see about finding some food. I’m a little hungry as well.”

Reluctantly, Ramses stood and began putting his clothes back on. Now he knew why Paser had wanted him to bathe this morning, and he knew that he was going to need another one when he returned to his chamber. Then it dawned on him. Was Nefertari now going to be sharing it with him?



“I’m not sure how this works. But are you going to move your items into my chamber?”

The look on her face showed that she had not considered this either. “I think so. I’m not sure either. It would seem to be the thing to do. If it’s OK with you of course? It’s your decision.”

“No. I’d love to share my chambers with you. It will be good to have you there with me.”

“I’d like that. Very much.”

“Me too.” Thoughts went through his head. He would have to talk to Anen about setting things up. He would have to approach his mother and father with the news. Hopefully they would approve. Paser too – though he at least had some knowledge of the two of them. It was time to start spreading the news around, if it hadn’t been already by the ladies in the great room.

Nefertari was now fully redressed as well and waiting for Ramses to finish his thoughts. “Thinking about who we need to tell, and what we have to do?” she asked knowingly.

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I don’t know. I just knew. Maybe I can read your mind?”

Ramses looked back at her questioningly, “Can you?”

“No. I just can read your face and your movements. It’s pretty easy to see that you were thinking about our situation.”

“I see.”

She moved to the curtain and braced herself to open it. “Ready?”

“Ready,” he replied.

“They will all know of course. I was not very quiet during our lovemaking.”

“I know. I think I’m deaf in one ear now.”

She smiled back and opened the curtain. Ramses followed and holding her hand, they walked down the corridor.

Ahset immediately moved over to them. “It seems I was mistaken,” she said to Ramses.


“Yes. I said that love would come your way but not right away. I think I was mistaken.”

He glanced lovingly at Nefertari, “Yes, I think you were.”

“I’m ok with this mistake. How can we be of assistance to the Royal couple?” she asked.

Nefertari spoke up, “Well, we were getting a little hungry.”

“Yes, of course. I don’t blame you,” she added with a knowing smile. “You were somewhat … amorous for a while in there.”

Ramses blushed. They really needed to find somewhere more private next time.

Nefertari looked up at his face and smiled. Her response was simple. “Yes, we were.”

Ahset bowed to them, “Let me see about getting some food prepared for you. Please sit,” she said pointing to a cushioned area.

Self-consciously, Ramses followed Nefertari to the offered spot and sat down next to her. He could feel all eyes upon him. Usually that did not bother him and he was used to it, but this situation was different. He looked around the room. Knowing smiles greeted him from everyone. He tried smiling back.

He turned to Nefertari as she arose from the cushions and called out, “Istnofret. Over here!” Ramses looked and saw Nefertari’s friend entering the room. Upon seeing her friend, Istnofret’s face broke out in a smile and she quickly headed to Nefertari. However, as she approached, she slowed and stopped. As she did so, she bowed her head, “My Princess. How can I be of service?”

“Istnofret. Don’t be silly. You’re my sister. If I’m a Princess, then so are you. Please come sit with us and meet Ramses.”

“Of course,” she replied though Ramses could see that she was still uncomfortable. Though Nefertari had called her a princess, it was true that in reality she wasn’t and she knew it. She sat down stiffly beside Nefertari who seemed unaware of her friend’s discomfort.

“Istnofret, this is Ramses… but I guess you know that, don’t you? We are bonded now. I’m to be, or am I guess, his Great Royal Wife.”

“Yes, I heard that. Congratulations, My Princess.”

“Istnofret, it’s still me Nefertari. Please just call me that.”

“As you wish … Nefertari.”

“Ramses, this is my closest friend Istnofret. She is like a sister to me, as I told you. I love her dearly.”

Ramses bowed to her. “Yes, we have met briefly already. I hope we can be friends as well Istnofret.”

“Of course, My Prince. I wish that as well.”

At that moment, Ahset came back with news that food had been gathered for them in one of the side rooms. “My Prince, My Princess, food has arrived. Please follow me so you can eat in private.”

“Istnofret, please come with us,” Nefertari told her friend.

Ramses could see that she was still very uncomfortable and trying to help the situation, decided to give her a task that would take her away for a bit. “Actually, could you do me a favor?”

“Anything you wish, My Prince.”

“I was wondering if you could go to the wine cellars and bring back some of my favorite wine to drink. Ask for Mai. He will know what wine it is.”

“Of course, My Prince. I will be right back.” She bowed and quickly headed away to complete her task.

Nefertari looked at Ramses with a confused look, “Why did you do that Ramses?”

“Let’s go sit down and eat and I’ll explain.”

“Ok,” Nefertari agreed reluctantly.

They entered the room that Ahset had led them to and sat themselves at the table. Ramses looked at the food and realized how hungry he had become. Having sex was a grueling workout. He started to reach for it but Nefertari would have none of it and stopped his hand with her own. “Why did you send Istnofret away? Don’t you like her?”

“Nefertari. Of course I like her. She’s a beautiful woman. But couldn’t you see how uncomfortable she was? This morning you were sharing the same room and could talk about anything. Now you’re the Princess, the Great Royal Wife to me, her future Pharaoh. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to act around you.”

“She was just a little nervous. She’ll get over it.”

“Perhaps. But she knows you’re a Princess and someday Queen, and she’s not.”

Nefertari thought for a moment. “Why not?” she then asked. “Why can’t she be? You said she was beautiful. Why don’t you make her your wife as well? You can do that.” Ramses sat there taken aback. He had just acquired one wife and he loved her dearly. Why would he want or need another? Nefertari was continuing on, “You have the power to have as many wives as you want. There’s nothing stopping you. And it would be perfect. Her and I could still live together, and be equals and friends. And …,” she leaned towards Ramses until she was only inches away from him and added in a whisper, “and lovers.” That shocked Ramses even more. She smiled at the look on his face. “Yes, Ramses, lovers. We’ve … experimented … with each other.”

“But two women? How? That’s not possible.”

“Oh Ramses, you are somewhat naive aren’t you? Of course we can’t have sex in the conventional way like a man and a woman but there’s still kissing and licking and fingers. It can be quite pleasurable.” She grinned mischievously at him, “Maybe you’ll have to watch us sometime?”

“What? Watch you two … have sex?”

“Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Well, yes, I suppose I would.”

“And maybe join in. Oh, that would be fun. I’ve never done that.”

Though still somewhat shocked at what his new wife was suggesting, Ramses was starting to enjoy this conversation. The image of Nefertari and Istnofret together with him there as well jumped into his mind. He smiled broadly, “I think I’d like that.”

“I figured you would, once you thought about it. So, it’s settled then. You’ll make Istnofret your wife as well.” She paused for a moment. “But I do have one request. I hope you don’t think it’s out of line or self-centered.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I’d like to ask that you didn’t … umm… cum inside her until I can give you your first son. Is that selfish of me?”

“You are my Great Royal Wife Nefertari. I don’t think it’s selfish that you want to give me my first heir. Will Istnofret be OK with all this? You know … marrying me, having sex with me, your request?”

“We’ve both been in love with you for a long time Ramses. We’ve talked about you a lot and her love for you is almost as deep as mine. We’ll speak to her when she returns. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear of this arrangement we’ve come up with.”

With that decision made, they turned to the food. Ramses was famished and buried himself in the food before him. Nefertari ate less though just as heartily.

After a while Istnofret pushed the curtain back on the room. “My Prince, I have returned with your wine.”

“Excellent Istnofret, now come join us,” Ramses suggested. “We have something to discuss with you.” He turned to Nefertari, “Do you want to handle this or shall I?”

“Go ahead. It’s probably best coming from you.”

“Ok.” He waited while Istnofret sat herself at the table. She was still stiff and uncomfortable in their presence. “Istnofret, Nefertari and I were talking. We don’t want your friendship with Nefertari to be affected by her … change in status that happened today.” Istnofret looked from Ramses to Nefertari to see her nod in agreement. Ramses continued, “So, we have a proposition. Well, I guess I do.” This time Nefertari gave him the nod to continue. “Istnofret, will you be my wife and become my second wife and a Princess like Nefertari?”

Istnofret sat there in shock. Nefertari reached her hand out to her friend. “Istnofret. I told Ramses about the love we have for one another. How we are friends and lovers. He’s OK with it. And if you become his wife then we can continue that, and of course, you may also have to have sex with him. Trust me, it was … pleasurable … to say the least.” Her smile at Ramses showed him that she thought it was more than ‘just pleasurable’. She turned back to Istnofret, “That would be OK with you though, wouldn’t it?”

Istnofret, still in shock, nodded slightly. Ramses could see her face blush in embarrassment as she gave him a shy look.

“I just have one condition,” Nefertari continued getting Istnofret to look back at her. “I would like to give Ramses his first son and the only way to assure that is that he not plant his seed inside you until that is done. … But anything else is OK with me. I’m sure we can use our imaginations to help with that. So Istnofret, what do you think? Would you like to become Ramses’s second bride? Become his wife? A Princess?”

Istnofret finally spoke and she quietly replied. “I would like that very much.”

“And you’re ok with my request?”

“That’s ok with me. As long as I get to be together in some way with My Prince, and you.”

“I think we’ll be together in many ways Istnofret,” Nefertari replied with a smile.

“Good,” Ramses said. “We’ll make a great team, the three of us, I’m sure. Shall I call for Ahset to make the union official?”

Nefertari nodded, “Yes, let’s do that. Istnofret?”

“Now? Ok.”

“Yes, now. Let’s get this discomfort put aside and continue with our lunch,” Nefertari replied.

As they stood, Ramses looked more closely at his new wife. He had only looked at her briefly earlier but now studied her more closely. She didn’t compare to Nefertari in beauty but was still very beautiful. High cheekbones, shorter dark hair. Actually a little taller than Nefertari and probably a little heavier. Through her diaphanous dress he could make out her breasts as she shifted around. On her bigger body they seemed well proportioned and probably similar in size to Nefertari’s. He smiled to himself and realized that he must be a breast man the way he fixated on them. With her taller stature, when she stood, he also realized that she had beautiful long legs like a gazelle. Truthfully, he couldn’t wait to see her without the dress.

Nefertari stepped to the doorway to call Ahset who appeared moments later. “Ramses has something to ask of you Ahset.”

“Oh course. My Prince?”

“Priestess, would you please join Istnofret and myself, and make us husband and wife?”

Ahset’s eyebrows raised in surprise but she recovered quickly when she realized why this was happening. “Of course. Nefertari, as the Great Royal Wife, are you ok with this?” she asked.

Nefertari nodded. “I am. Very much so.”

Ahset nodded knowingly and continued. “Istnofret, come stand next to Ramses and hold his hand.”

Ramses reached out and held her hands in his. Her hands were not as dainty as Nefertari’s but still soft and smooth to the touch. He looked into Istnofret’s eyes and saw her love for him there. Nefertari had been right. He realized that he could love her too.

“Istnofret, Ramses has asked that I join the two of you. Do you agree to this arrangement?”

She nodded with a wide smile. “I do.”

“Ramses. Do you agree to make Istnofret your wife, your princess?”

“I do.”

“Excellent. You are now joined. My Princess, My Princess, My Prince, do you need anything else from me today?”

“No,” Ramses spoke. “I don’t think so. Nefertari?”

Ramses noticed that she was standing there smiling broadly. “No, I think that’s all.”

“Very well.” Ahset bowed her head and departed from the room.

Ramses looked at Istnofret and then Nefertari. They all looked at one another and then broke out laughing. As they sat, they continued laughing. The tension in the air was broken.

“Do you feel better now Istnofret?” Nefertari asked.

She nodded in reply. “Much better. I’m sorry if I acted so strangely before. I was just a little shocked, and didn’t know what to do or say. And …,” she lowered her voice, “I was afraid I had lost you.”

Nefertari reached over to hold her hand. “Istnofret, you’ll never lose me. I love you too much. Not in the same way I love Ramses here,” and she glanced at him with a smile, “but I do love you.”

“I love you too Nefertari,” Istnofret replied.

“What about me?” Ramses asked.

Istnofret turned to her husband. “You have no idea how much I love you too My Prince.”

“Call me Ramses. After all, you are my wife.”

“Very well Ramses. I’ve loved you for years.” She took a side glance at Nefertari and then looked back at Ramses. “And later I’m going to show you how much.”

Nefertari gave her a slight slap. “You’re bad Istnofret.” She turned to Ramses, “If you think I have a dirty mouth, just wait till Istnofret gets going. She can make a sailor blush. In fact, I think you have, haven’t you Istnofret?”

“Nefertari! Stop that! I have not.” She paused for a moment and then added with a grin, “He wasn’t a sailor, he was the ship’s captain.”

Ramses shook his head and wondered what he had gotten himself into. He almost felt like an outsider as his two wives continued their playful banter. He was happy to let them talk as he continued eating. His mind wandered as he continued going over the things they needed to do in the afternoon until he heard the word ‘muscle’ and the two giggling uncontrollably. “What are you two talking about?” he asked. Though he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

Nefertari replied with a grin, “I was just describing your ‘muscles’ to Istnofret. She doesn’t believe me. She will though, won’t she?” she asked.

Ramses smiled back. “I think that can be arranged.” He continued with a wider smile, “Perhaps with the right … encouragement, she can get a preview now?”

“Excellent idea,” Nefertari replied. “Hmm… What sort of encouragement can we give you? I wonder.” She paused with her finger on her lip as if deep in thought. Ramses hoped she’d come to the conclusion he was hoping for. She snapped her fingers. “I know. Perhaps a little kiss between Istnofret and myself will provide the encouragement you’re looking for?” Ramses smiled back. She was such a playful woman.

“I think that may just work. Maybe … we’ll have to see,” Ramses played right back.

“Oh, it will,” Nefertari replied knowingly. She turned to Istnofret, “Come over her beside me. Let’s give our husband a little glimpse at what he’s in for.”

Moments later the two were sitting next to one another. Nefertari lovingly pushed some hair from Istnofret’s face. “You are beautiful,” she said. Her lips moved to her friend’s neck and nibbled the skin there. Istnofret moved her head to the side giving Nefertari a clear path. Nefertari’s lips moved from her neck around to her earlobe and nibbled there. Then she jumped straight to Istnofret’s mouth and gave her a deep kiss. Ramses watched them closely. He was starting to grow but wasn’t quite there yet.

Gracefully, Nefertari moved her lips from Istnofret’s mouth, slipped the top of her dress aside, and moved to the now-exposed nipple. Ramses saw that his earlier observation had been true. Her breasts looked as large as Nefertari’s. He couldn’t wait to suckle on that nipple like Nefertari was. Then he realized that they could both have a nipple at the same time. That painted a picture in his mind that he was pretty sure would come true. He felt his cock starting to harden.

Istnofret held Nefertari’s mouth on her tit and moaned quietly at the touch. Nefertari shifted to the other breast leaving the first saliva-covered nipple open to Ramses’s view. Oh yes, he was looking forward to touching her, seeing how her breast felt in his hand, how her nipple felt in his mouth. He was ready now. His cock was now hard and feeling uncomfortably confined in his clothes. He stood up before them. “I think it’s time.”

Nefertari pulled her mouth from Istnofret’s breast and turned her face to Ramses. “Show her Ramses. Show her what she has to look forward to.” Istnofret was breathing heavily and was staring at his groin. Her eyes were wide as she could make out the outline of his cock straining to be free. Ramses reached down, shifted his clothes and withdrew it.

“Wholly fuck!” Istnofret exclaimed. “Fuck me,” she added next.

“Soon,” Nefertari told her. “Soon. Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked her friend and fellow wife.

“Now I believe you,” she answered. “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. Did it fit inside you?” she asked questioningly. “I don’t know if it will fit in me.”

“It fit just fine. It was a tight fit but I was so wet … And if it fit in me, it will fit in you too. You’re bigger than I am.”

“I hope so. I’m sorry Ramses but that is the biggest, most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. And, well, I’ve seen a few.”

“You are bad Istnofret,” Nefertari commented again.

She shrugged her shoulders in resignation. “I guess so. I just really like sex. And I’m going to love having sex with you Ramses.” She turned to Nefertari, “Does this mean, we’re one-man women now? Since we’re married?”

Nefertari thought for a second. “I guess it does. What do you think Ramses? You’re going to have other women, can we have other men?”

“I don’t see why not… Sex is ok with other men but if we can continue from what you asked for earlier, I still want to have my first son with you Nefertari. How about I make the promise that, at least until I have my son with you, that my seed will only enter your body?”

Nefertari looked to Istnofret. “That’s agreeable to me. You can cum inside only me, at least until I provide you your first son. After that, you can cum inside Istnofret or I guess any other woman. However, we will only feel your seed inside us from this point onwards. We will never have children with anyone but you.”

Ramses spoke up as he proceeded to slip his softening cock back into his clothes. “That doesn’t seem fair to you two. Only having me from this point onwards.”

“We have each other Ramses. And I don’t think I ever want another man cumming inside me again. I may not even want another man to have sex with me. You may have spoiled me.”

Istnofret, who was putting her breasts back into her dress, spoke up, “I agree with Nefertari. I’m also OK with only feeling your seed inside me. Though I’d really not like to wait too long for that to happen. We’ll have to start working on your pregnancy as soon as possible Nefertari.”

“I’m ok with that,” Nefertari grinned back at her friend.

“Ok. Ok. Let’s get back on track,” Ramses interrupted. “Are we all agreed then? I will only cum inside Nefertari until she produces me a son. After that, Istnofret and other women are able to accept my seed. And you two will accept my seed only from this point on?”

“Agreed,” Nefertari spoke up.

“Also agreed,” Istnofret said. “Though we can have sex with other men but not accept their seed … at least in our pussies. Does that mean our mouths and asses are ok?” she asked with a grin.

Nefertari laughed, “I told you she was bad Ramses. But I agree to that.”

Ramses held his hand out to his two wives and they put their hands over his. “So it shall be written, so it shall be done. But we do need to get that written down. I can send for a scribe to document it.”

“No need,” Nefertari spoke up. “I can do it.”

“You know how to write hieroglyphics?” Ramses asked surprised.

“I do. Something I learned a couple cycles ago.”

Ramses shook his head. This woman was continually surprising him, and he was sure the surprises were not going to end. “Let’s go to our room and get this down,” she suggested and led them down to the room that she and Istnofret used to share.

Ramses looked around with interest. Two small beds. Similar layout to Ahset’s room though slightly bigger to hold the beds and the clothing of two women rather than one. Nefertari grabbed her writing utensils and set to work putting their contract down on papyrus. Ramses sat in the chair watching as she wrote out the symbols. He was also versed in hieroglyphics so could appreciate her work. When she finished, he nodded, “Looks good to me.”

Istnofret moved over as well and read through the document. “Me too.” The three of them put their marks on the papyrus and it was done.

“So what now?” Nefertari asked. “I guess we should pack our belongings. Ramses, do you have room for both of us in your room?”

Ramses smiled back. It seemed that Nefertari did not realize the size, and number, of rooms that he had. “That shouldn’t be a problem,” he responded. “How long will it take to gather your things? We can get someone to take them to my … our room later. I really should present my new wives to my father and mother.”

“Oh oh. You can’t do that now. We’re not prepared for that,” Nefertari said quickly. “We have to do our hair, put makeup on our faces, have baths … I must smell terrible and all sweaty.”

“You both look beautiful to me. You don’t need to do all that.”

“Oh yes we do,” Istnofret backed up Nefertari. “There is no way that I’m presenting myself to the Pharaoh looking like this. We have to pick out the right clothes as well.” She turned to Nefertari, “What do you think, matching dresses, or different?”

From the military campaigns he had been on, and the studying he had done, Ramses realized that he had lost this battle, and with a smile, he realized that he’d probably lose a lot more over time. “Ok. You two win. Can you pack and get yourselves ready … by evening meal time? Is that enough time?”

“I don’t know Ramses, it’s going to take a while to do all that,” Nefertari started, “but if you promise to ravish us both this evening, then we will do it. Sound good Istnofret? Can we pack and get ready by then?”

Istnofret smiled at her friend and looked at Ramses. “I think I could be ready much sooner if I get to experience what our husband is hiding under those clothes.”

Ramses shook his head. “After we eat, Istnofret, after we eat. I promise. So I’ll go off and start some of the preparations on my end; and I’ll meet you two later on near the Great Hall – say around the 10th hour since sunrise?”

“Ok.” Nefertari came up to him first and planted a kiss on his lips. He returned it without hesitation. As they parted, Istnofret came up to him. Of course they had never kissed so Ramses was a little hesitant as he bent down to touch his lips against hers. Strangely, he tasted a faint pleasurable taste on her lips and proceeded to pull her body against his to enjoy it longer.

As they parted, Istnofret spoke, “Wow! A good kisser too.”

Ramses nodded in acknowledgement, “Thank you. I feel like I may need some more practice though. Think you can help me out with that?”

“Oh, I think so,” she replied smiling.

Ramses bowed to his wives, “Nefertari, Istnofret. I will see you soon. I can’t wait for that time to come.”

“Neither can we,” Nefertari replied with a bow.

“Yes, I agree,” Istnofret replied.

Ramses turned and left the room and headed out through the large room. The women there, again rose and bowed as he passed by them. They all had knowing smiles on their lips. He, though, had many things to do and sped through the throng quickly. He needed to talk to Anen. Probably Paser as well. And needed to schedule some time with his mother and father.

He quickly strolled down the hallways and entered his bed room. Anen was there, as he suspected. “Hello, My Prince, how was your morning?” Of course Anen knew what had happened. He knew everything.

“Busy, overwhelming, best morning of my life,” Ramses finished with a smile.

“Yes, I can imagine. Are we … modifying the living arrangement somewhat?”

Ramses smiled. “Yes, we need to make room for my wives.”

“Wives?” Anen asked. “More than one?”

Ah, it seemed that Anen did not have ‘all’ the information after all. “Yes, wives. Two wives. I married two women this morning – Nefertari who will be the Great Royal Wife and Istnofret.”

“I see. I had not heard of your second betrothal. That will require some modifications to my plans.”

“What are you proposing Anen?”

“Well, I assume that you three will share your bed?”

“I would assume so.”

Anen nodded, “Ok. It should be big enough for three of you. But I’ll have to gather another cabinet for more of the women’s clothing.” He snapped his finger and a slave quickly came over. “Find another cabinet and put it there beside the other one. Quickly.” The slave hurried away to carry out the order. Anen continued, “Let me handle things here. When will they be moving in?”

“After the evening meal. They are packing their things right now, and preparing to meet father.”

“Ok. You will need to go and talk to Paser to confirm that your father, and mother, are available. And you’ll need to take a bath My Prince. You are … fragrant.”

Ramses realized that he was probably covered in dry sweat from his morning ‘workout’. Plus the unfamiliar smell of a woman’s sex was probably on him as well. “Yes, you’re probably right. Let me go find Paser first though.”

Ramses left his room and headed to the training grounds where he was sure that Paser would be working. Sure enough, Paser was putting one of his charges through the paces of sword play. Ramses spoke up as he approached, “Paser, can I have a moment?” Paser nodded at his trainee and made his way towards Ramses.

“My Prince. How was the rest of your morning?”

“Excellent Paser. Did you know I am now married?”

Paser looked back in surprise. “My Prince. That did not take long. Nefertari, I presume?”

“Yes, her and her friend Istnofret.”

“The girl who often brings water? Her as well?”

“That’s right.”

“She is quite beautiful as well. You have had a busy morning My Prince.”

“I have. Can you see if the Pharaoh and the Queen are available to meet my brides later today? Right before the evening meal?”

“Of course. Of course.” He quickly turned to the men he was training. “You are all done for the day. Take the rest of the day off.” They all cheered at the news and Paser turned back to Ramses. “I will go talk to the Pharaoh and Queen and make sure they are able to meet their new daughters.” He shook his head. “Pretty quick, My Prince.”

Ramses shrugged. “Love will do that I suppose.”

Paser laughed back. “And I think you should have a bath and prepare for the audience My Prince. You look a little … disheveled at the moment.”

“So I’ve been told.”

Ramses turned and headed back to his rooms. As expected Anen had a new cabinet in place, and had a bath ready and waiting for him. He stripped from his clothes and put them aside. “Oh, Anen, just to let you know, I was fitted for some new clothes this morning as well. A woman by the name of Menhet will be bringing something along for me.”

“Very well, My Prince. I know Menhet and her work. She is a fine seamstress.”

Ramses nodded and dropped his body into the tub of hot water. Again the slaves came out and washed him down. This time his mind was full of thoughts about his new wives. He didn’t need to imagine things any longer though. Now he could relive in his mind the morning he had just had. Meeting Nefertari, the swell of her breasts, her smile, the feel of her pussy as his cock entered her. He was looking forward to more of that feeling. And Istnofret, what would she feel like? From what he had seen and experienced with her, he was sure that it would be beyond pleasurable as well. His life had changed remarkably in just a few short hours. These thoughts of course caused his cock to swell in size, and again, once he finished his bath, it was hard and throbbing.

Naked, he moved back into his bedroom. Clothes were laid on the bed and he noticed that they were new. “Are these the items from Menhet?” he asked Anen.

“They are. Let’s get them on you, shall we?”

He stood as the new items were draped over and around his body. His dressers were not sure what to do with the pouch that was attached to them. “Here, let me,” Ramses said and proceeded to slip his cock in. “Interesting,” he commented as he moved around trying it out. “Comfortable too. Anen, remind me to compliment Menhet.”

“She’s waiting right outside, My Prince. She wanted to make sure they fit.”

“Ah, let her in.” Anen opened the door and motioned for Menhet to enter.

“Hello Menhet, you’ve done excellent work here. They fit like a glove.”

“Thank you, My Prince. … Does everything fit ok? You know…”

Ramses smiled, “Yes, perfect so far. Thank you again. Can you make me some more outfits? Ones for training, and when we’re out in battle, and for just normal day wear? These ones are a little too fancy for that, though perfect for today.”

“Oh course, My Prince. I have your measurements so will start that right away.” She bowed to Ramses and Anen and departed his room.

“These are really comfortable Anen. Where has she been all this time?”

“Well, mainly doing the Pharaoh and Queen’s wardrobes lately I believe.”

“Oh. Hopefully I haven’t overburdened her now with my request.”

“I’m sure it will be fine. She’s probably not making too much new these days for your parents and instead just mending.”

“Good. And one more thing Anen.”

“Yes, My Prince.”

“I promised Nefertari that we would find a plot of land close by here, where she can continue to do her gardening. She said she enjoys it and would like to continue but can’t do it working under the lead gardener any more of course. She’ll just have some land of her own to do with as she wishes.”

“Oh course. I’ll see to it right away. I’ll speak to the lead gardener and we’ll work something out for the Princess.”

“Thank you Anen. Am I ready?”

“You’re ready, My Prince. I will clean things up here while you’re gone and make sure you have your privacy this evening. I assume you’d like that?” he added with a smile.

“Yes, I think we will,” Ramses replied. “Thank you again. Ok. Off I go.”

Ramses made his way to where he was going to meet his new brides. They hadn’t arrived yet so he waited, occasionally saying hello to passersby.

At the agreed upon hour, Ramses heard people approaching and looked that direction. What he saw took his breath away. Nefertari and Istnofret were coming down the hallway. Both were dressed in matching luxurious dresses that covered their bodies but on the other hand did not. Skin peaked out as they moved. He caught glimpses of legs, stomach, even brief glimpses of their breasts as they came toward him. Their faces were painted with dark eye makeup giving them smoldering looks. Nefertari’s longer hair was wrapped around and on top of her head. Istnofret’s shorter hair hung down as normal but brought his attention to her beautiful eyes and face. He couldn’t believe how beautiful they both looked.

“Well?” Nefertari asked as they approached. “How do we look?”

“I’m speechless. You two are gorgeous.”

“Thank you, My Prince,” Istnofret replied. “You’re looking very handsome in your outfit as well.”

“Thank you. It’s new. Menhet just made it for me today.”

“She is a magician, isn’t she? Who do you think made our dresses?”

“She’s amazing. So, are you both ready to go in then?” Ramses asked.

Both nodded. “We’re ready.”

“Very well.” He held out his arms and each girl grabbed hold. “Let’s go.”

They walked towards the entrance to the Great Hall where his father held court. Paser was standing by the doorway and nodded at them as they approached. “Very nice My Prince. Princess Nefertari I assume?” he said to Nefertari. She nodded her hello. “And Princess Istnofret, very nice to meet you as well.” Another nod. “You two both look very beautiful.”

“Thank you Paser,” Nefertari answered.

He looked back to Ramses. “You have two beautiful wives My Prince.”

“Thank you Paser. I think so too,” Ramses replied as he beamed at the women on his arms.

“The Pharaoh is waiting for you. Let me go tell him you’re here and you can follow in a moment. Ahmose here will let you know when.” Ramses nodded his understanding and Paser entered the Hall. Others were in attendance of course and all conversation ceased as Paser entered and approached the Pharaoh.

Ramses waited until he received a nod from Ahmose telling him that Paser had spoken with his father. Ramses entered the hall with his wives on his arms. All eyes were upon them. As he had been taught, he walked tall and strode purposely through the throng towards his father. He was quite happy to see that Nefertari and Istnofret kept up with him with ease.

They approached the dais where Pharaoh Seti I and Queen Tuya sat on their chairs. Ramses paused before them and nodded his greeting. The Pharaoh spoke, “Hello Ramses. It seems you have some news for the Queen and me.”

“Yes, Pharaoh. I would like to present my Great Royal Wife, Nefertari.” He motioned to her and she bowed before the Pharaoh. Ramses continued, “And my second wife, Istnofret.” She also bowed.

“You have been busy this morning, haven’t you?” Seti responded with a smile at his son. “You have two very beautiful wives.”

“Thank you, My Pharaoh.” Ramses turned towards his mother, “Queen Tuya. My wives Nefertari and Istnofret.”

Tuya nodded at her two new daughters and her son. “Our Pharaoh is correct. These are two beautiful young women you have found. But step aside for a while Ramses while Pharaoh and I speak with our new daughters. Istnofret, come over to me.”

“And Nefertari, let me speak with you,” Seti added. “Ramses, we’ll call for you after we get to know these two a little better.”

Reluctantly Ramses stepped aside and watched as his wives approached his parents. He hoped they would like each other. Quickly his friends gathered around him to congratulate him, forcing his attention to shift from the situation around the throne.

“Ramses, you dog, where did you find these two? They’re gorgeous.”

“Tell me your secret.”

“Weren’t you talking about that girl the other day? Isn’t she the gardener?”

Ramses did his best to answer their questions, accept their congratulations and keep an eye on the four people talking around the throne area. One after another his friends came by to tease him about his morning. He did his best to hold his own but he was almost relieved when he heard his father call his name. “Ramses, please come here.”

Quickly he headed towards his mother and father. On the way, he passed Nefertari and Istnofret as they moved the other way. He was relieved to see them both smile at him. They did not seem to be discouraged from their conversations. “My Pharaoh, My Queen,” he greeted his parents.

“Come with us,” Seti said as he rose and walked back to the private area of the Great Hall. Tuya went with him and Ramses followed.

When they were in private, Seti turned to his son and looked him over. “You’re growing up quickly my son.” He looked to Tuya, “Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was running around the Great Hall causing trouble?”

She smiled warmly and nodded, “Not quite yesterday but not too long ago.”

Seti looked at Ramses again. “You have chosen very well Ramses. These are two remarkable young women.” Ramses let out his stress in a breath. Seti captured that. “You thought we wouldn’t like them?”

“I was hopeful you would.”

“Not to worry, my son. We talked to them both and I think they are perfect compliments to one another. Nefertari will make a perfect Great Royal Wife. Istnofret is perhaps a little too,” he looked to Tuya for inspiration, “maybe a little too shy for that role.” Ramses smiled at that comment. “Why do you smile?”

“She’s not shy once you get to know her. In private, she’s probably more outspoken than Nefertari.”

“I see. In any case, we approve of both of them. But I do have a question. Why both? You could have joined with Istnofret after getting to know Nefertari better?”

“I met Nefertari and knew she was the one so were joined together right away. Later I found out that she and Istnofret shared a room and were very close. When Istnofret met me, she was so distraught, so sad, and didn’t know how to act around the girl who just earlier was her roommate and best friend. It broke my heart to see her this way. Nefertari didn’t really understand the issue until I pointed it out to her and we decided that to make everyone happy, that I would wed her as well. We all think it’s the best solution.”

“Interesting. Just remember to treat them as equals in private. Women don’t like being second best to anyone. Correct Tuya?”

“As always, my Pharaoh, you are correct,” she answered with a smile.

He shook his head. “Took me a long time to learn that lesson. So, Ramses, when will you be producing an heir?”

That embarrassed Ramses somewhat, “Well, as soon as possible I guess.”

“Are you working on it?” Seti asked with a grin.

“Yes, My Pharaoh.”

“Good to hear.” He was still grinning. “No troubles in that area.”

“Umm… no My Pharaoh.”

“Excellent. You’ve worked out some … arrangement … so Your Great Royal Wife produces your first heir?”

“Yes, we have.”

“I guess I don’t need to hear the details of that arrangement. Tuya, anything you want to add?”

Ramses’s mother turned to him. “Ramses, like my husband says, you have chosen well. I can see great things in the union that you three have joined into. Keep them happy and I’m sure they’ll keep you happy as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know both of them better.”

“Thank you mother, ” Ramses replied. “And you too father. I’m glad you like them.”

“We do. Now let’s join the others and have our meal.”

Seti led the way and Ramses took his mother’s arm and led her out. As they reentered the room, silence fell on the crowd. Seti looked them over and said simply, “Let us eat.”

After the meal and some conversation with the others, Ramses was feeling antsy to get away with his new wives for some fun. He looked towards his father for his approval to leave. Seti glanced his way, smiled, nodded, and stood, “Everyone.” All conversation died down. “I would like to thank you all for coming to eat with us this evening. It is now time to depart back to our homes to enjoy the rest of the evening with our families.” Seti and Tuya left first towards their rooms. Ramses was next and he stood with his wives and left the hall. Others followed but Ramses didn’t care. He was going to have some fun now.

Quickly he led his wives down the hall towards his rooms. He wanted them in private, not just for the sex but wanted to see what they had discussed with his parents. They approached his rooms and Ramses saw Anen there waiting for them.

“Anen, may I introduce the Great Royal Wife, Nefertari and my second wife Istnofret. Nefertari, Istnofret, this is my personal chamberlain Anen.”

Anen bowed. “My Princesses. Please to meet you.”

“And us you,” Nefertari responded.

“Let me show you to your new rooms,” and he opened the door to Ramses’s expansive area. “My Princesses, this is the entry area. Through here is the living space,” and he showed them the area covered in couches where Ramses reclined. “The bed room is through here.” Both girls walked around in shock at the size of the rooms, and when they saw the bed, both unsuccessfully stifled small giggles.

Nefertari spoke up, “Nice bed Ramses. Looks big enough for all of us.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Hopefully we don’t get too cramped.”

“I think we’ll do fine.”

Anen continued, “and through here is the bath room.” Both girls stopped in their tracks as they saw the huge tub that Ramses had.

“Oh my,” Istnofret commented. “That looks so comfortable.”

“I like it,” Ramses replied with a shrug. “It does the job.”

Nefertari looked at Ramses in shock. “It does the job! Ramses, this is amazing. Why didn’t you tell us about this tub of yours?”

He looked at it. “It’s just a tub.”

Nefertari looked at Istnofret and shook her head. “Just a tub he says. Oh boy.”

Anen cleared his throat to get their attention. “I’ve also had your belongings brought over and put in the two cabinets in the bed room. Your ladies in waiting will be available tomorrow morning to assist you.”

“I’ve never had a lady in waiting,” Istnofret commented.

“Well,” Anen answered, “you both have one now. If that is all, then I think I will leave you all for the evening.” Ramses nodded, as did the two girls. “Very well. I will see you in the morning.” Anen turned and departed leaving the three standing in the bath room.

“Ramses. This is an amazing home you have,” Nefertari commented.

“That we have,” Ramses corrected her. “I have to know though. What did my parents talk to you about?”

Nefertari looked at Istnofret then back at Ramses. “Just your basic questions to get to know us. Where we are from? What we were doing before we met you? Things like that. The Pharaoh seemed quite interested that I was from Thebes and he knew of my father there. Father will be happy to hear that. Same things for you Istnofret?”

“Pretty well. Nothing too earth shattering. I think they both just wanted to gauge our abilities. I probably should have been forthcoming though. I always get so shy and nervous when I first meet someone, especially the Pharaoh and the Queen.”

Ramses nodded. “Yes, they thought you were a little shy. I told them to wait until they got to know you better.”

“You didn’t? Ramses!”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry.”

“Oh my. I’m going to die now.”

“It’s ok Istnofret. They’re really very friendly people. They just laughed when I told them that. Though I guess I did say too that you were probably more outspoken than Nefertari.”

“Oh, you are in deep trouble mister,” she said with a stern look on her face.

“Are you going to spank me?” Ramses asked with a grin.

“Maybe… No, it sounds like you want that. Maybe I’ll just tease you till you’re begging for me.”

“Careful, I might like that too.”

“Ok you two. Stop it,” Nefertari interrupted. “Istnofret, you’ll get your chance in a bit. What did they say about me Ramses?”

“They said you are going to make a great Great Royal Wife. They really liked both of you, believe me.”

“They said that? That’s nice of them.”

“Like I said, they have to display a certain sternness in public but in private they are very loving parents. I couldn’t have asked for better ones.”

Nefertari replied. “I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. Well, I don’t know about you two but I’m wiped and I think I’m going to go to bed now.”

Istnofret also stretched and yawned, “Yeah, me too.”

Ramses looked at the two of them with a shocked crestfallen look. “Um… well, I … thought…”

They both broke out laughing. Through her laughter, Nefertari spoke first, “We’re just kidding Ramses. Gosh you are kind of easy to fool sometimes.”

“You two are terrible. What have I gotten myself into?” he said throwing his hands in the air.

“You’ve gotten yourself two wives who are going to torture you every day … but only the kind of torture that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Remember, whenever, wherever, however you want us, we’re yours… for all time.”

“Hmm… that sounds promising I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Ok. I like the sound of that. A lot.”

“That’s better.” Nefertari turned to Istnofret, “So, shall we prepare ourselves to ravish our new husband?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it. That teasing earlier today has been on my mind all day. I could hardly eat. My pussy has been leaking for hours waiting to feel Ramses inside it.”

That talk got Ramses’s cock’s attention and it proceeded to start filling out. Menhet’s new clothes did the trick and cradled it as it grew.

“So shall we retire to the bath room for a few minutes? Ramses, why don’t you wait for us in the living area? We won’t be long. I’ve been waiting for this all day too.”

“Of course.” Ramses slipped away and went back to the living area to recline on the cushions. He thought back over the day. So much had changed. But all good as far as he was concerned. He had basically lost much of his privacy but had replaced it with two gorgeous sexy wives. A good trade he thought to himself. He wondered what they had in store for him and knew too that he’d enjoy whatever it was.

Only moments later, the two girls appeared at the doorway. Both were now naked, their hair down, standing there looking at him with sultry looks. His gaze flew back and forth between them. Taller, heavier Istnofret with her shorter hair and voluptuous hips and tits. Shorter Nefertari with her long dark hair, smaller frame overshadowed by her large tits. He so loved looking at her, and when those dimples appeared from her smile, his heart melted.

“So, our husband, we’re ready. Are you?” Nefertari spoke.

“One second,” Ramses replied and quickly started removing his clothing.

“No, wait Ramses.” His hands paused. “When the time is right, we will do that for you.”

“Oh, ok.” He stopped undressing and put his clothes back in place. “Ok,” he repeated.

“Come with us,” Istnofret told him crooking her finger at him, and turning towards the bed with Nefertari. Ramses did not hesitate and followed them, admiring their tight asses as they led the way.

“Sit down over there and watch us,” Istnofret continued.

Ramses groaned. More sitting and watching. That’s how the day had started. Oh well. However, he wasn’t going to argue and took a seat to the side.

“Sorry Ramses, but we need to punish you for your comment to your parents about me,” she continued. “I don’t think you’ll mind this punishment though. Nefertari and I are going to make love in front of you. Show you what we’ve been doing the last while … between men. Show you how to please a woman. How to please us. How to please any woman you may want in the future.”

Ramses nodded. He was ready. He wanted to watch. He wanted to learn.

Istnofret pulled Nefertari toward her. “First just a touch, a light touch,” she started as she gently traced her fingers up and down Nefertari’s arms. “The arms, then a light touch on her breasts.” Her fingers followed her instructions and slowly ran over and around Nefertari’s breasts. “They are so beautiful, aren’t they? So full.” Ramses nodded. He didn’t disagree with that. Istnofret moved forward and rubbed her breasts against Nefertari’s. “It feels so good when our tits rub together. Our nipples get so hard. Can you see?” Again he nodded. She looked over at him. “Cat got your tongue Ramses?” He nodded and then shook his head. He didn’t know. She laughed lightly. “It’s ok. As long as you’ve got your tongue back later when you eat my pussy.” His cock jumped at that thought. “And Nefertari’s too. Hers tastes so good. Did you eat it earlier?” He nodded his reply. “So you know then. I can never get enough of her taste. But first maybe a kiss,” and she moved her mouth to Nefertari’s and they kissed – deeply. Ramses watched as Nefertari’s hand moved down Istnofret’s back and rested against her ass cheeks. He could see her pull Istnofret closer to her body.

They kissed and then parted, slightly short of breath. “I love kissing her,” Istnofret continued. “And your kiss earlier was pretty good too. Can’t wait for more of that.” Ramses was all for that as well. Istnofret pushed Nefertari towards the bed, and then crawled up over her as they both fell down. From his position, Ramses could see both their pussies before him. He could see them both getting wet from their make out session. Oh how he wanted to just bury his face in there, and his cock. Bury it in both of them. If he could, both at the same time. You’d think a God could have two cocks. Oh well, not to be.

“Keep watching Ramses,” Istnofret continued and he watched as she flipped herself around so her face was next to Nefertari’s pussy, and her pussy was over Nefertari’s face. “This works for both of us,” she explained and reached down to the pussy before her. “While I’m doing this, she can do the same for me, or whatever she likes.” Ramses looked back and could see that Istnofret’s pussy was now being licked by Nefertari’s tongue. “Oh yes, Nef, that’s what I like. You do it so good,” Istnofret said to her friend before her own face dipped down into Nefertari’s pussy. Ramses watched as her tongue licked away at Nefertari’s spread open pussy. “Tastes so good,” she commented. “And so wet too. You want to feel Ramses’s cock inside you again, don’t you?” she asked. Ramses heard Nefertari’s affirmative grunt. “Does it feel good? Filling you up with that beautiful big cock that our husband has.” Again a grunt came from the other end. “I know I can’t wait until I feel it inside me. My Gods, I haven’t even touched it yet. I have to touch it now.” She looked up at Ramses, “Can I? Can I touch it now?”

Ramses was all for that and stood up. Istnofret continued rubbing Nefertari’s pussy, getting it even wetter. He watched as she pushed two fingers inside her friend. His articles of clothing were quickly opened and tossed aside. His cock flopped out into the open.

“Oh,” Istnofret moaned when she saw it. “That is beautiful,” she commented.

Ramses reached down to stroke it. He knew that it wasn’t even completely hard yet and rubbed it a couple times to get it to its maximum size.

“Oh Ramses. That is amazing. Can I touch it?”

Ramses moved next to her face with his throbbing cock. She pulled her fingers from Nefertari’s pussy and rubbed the wetness over Ramses’s cock. The combination of that and his own leaking lubrication made it shine in the light from the flickering candles. “So hard,” she commented. “So big.” Her mouth opened and she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into her mouth. Ramses watched in astonishment as his entire cock slipped into her mouth. He knew it had to be going into and down her throat. He pulled back leaving a trail of saliva hanging from her mouth. “Fuck, that feels so good,” she moaned before taking his cock back into her mouth.

“Sure does,” Ramses added.

“Fuck me Ramses,” Nefertari said around Istnofret’s pussy. “What are you guys doing back there? I need you to fuck me now. Shove that hard cock into my pussy.”

Ramses looked down at Istnofret. Her blowjob felt so good but he wanted to fuck Nefertari. Gently he pulled his cock out of her mouth. She understood, flipped around and knelt beside him. Then she helped him out by guiding his cock into the pussy before her. He held Nefertari’s hips and slid his cock inside. It seemed to fit easier this time than the first time. Nefertari moaned as she felt his cock. He moaned too when he bottomed out inside her, his hips flush against hers, his cock deep inside her.

He slowly slid his cock back and forth, feeling her pussy grabbing hold of his cock, squeezing it hard. He looked down over his first wife’s firm hard body. Her tits bounced back and forth as he fucked her. Istnofret moved around so she could take a nipple into her mouth. She pushed Nefertari’s tit flesh together to push her nipple out even more. Her dark hair covered Nefertari’s chest and Ramses could only see the back of her head. But that was OK. He glanced down between their bodies to watch his cock buried deep in Nefertari’s pussy. It felt so right. He realized that Nefertari’s orgasm was quickly approaching so moved his hips harder and faster, pushing his large cock deep into her body. As Istnofret attacked one tit and then the other, Nefertari’s orgasm shook her entire body, causing it to tense up and squeeze down hard against his cock. Ramses held back his own orgasm. He still had another wife to fuck.

“My turn Ramses, please. Please fuck me now,” Istnofret begged as she knelt next to her friend. She roughly squeezed her own tits now. Her one hand was down between her legs rubbing her pussy. “I’m so wet. I’ve been waiting all day. Since my first view of your amazing cock.”

Ramses glanced down at Nefertari silently asking for her approval. She nodded with a satisfied smile. “Do it. You don’t need to ask me.”

So Ramses turned his gaze to Istnofret who was now laid out beside her friend. Her long legs were spread wide opening her pussy to him. He wanted a taste and moved his head downwards. A long lick produced a moan from her mouth. Ramses grinned to himself. He could get used to this. He held her legs apart and feasted on the delicious liquid flowing from her body. His cock though begged to experience her pussy for itself. He wasn’t going to deny it. Sliding his body up over hers brought his cock to her entrance. Holding her gaze with his own, he pushed his cock into her pussy. Her eyes opened wide as she felt his girth. They opened wider as he continued pushing his cock deeper into her body. A small grin escaped from his own mouth as he watched her.

“Oh fuck Nef, he’s fucking huge,” Istnofret turned her head and said to her friend. “Feels so fucking good filling me up like that.” Her head turned back to her husband and she reached up for his face to bring it down to hers. Her mouth attacked his, her tongue pushed into his mouth as she kissed him hard. Ramses kept his hips moving throughout, sliding his throbbing cock in and out of her wet pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she grunted as their mouths parted. She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him deep. “Deeper, deeper,” she commanded. Her orgasm was quickly approaching. “Yes, yes, I’m cumming,” she moaned out as Ramses bottomed out inside her.

Ramses felt his cock get covered in wetness as liquid escaped from her pussy. It lubricated her vagina to the point where he could effortlessly thrust his cock in and out of her body – which he did as her orgasm flowed through her body. After a minute of continuous orgasm, her body finally dropped back down to the bed and relaxed. Ramses slowed his thrusting and withdrew his cock from her pussy. Her juices covered his cock and dripped down to the bed.

He reached down to feel his cock. His hand easily slid up and down his length. He was so close to cumming. He glanced over to Nefertari and caught her watching him. She noticed, “Don’t stop Ramses. You look like a god. Stroking that gorgeous cock. I love seeing that. So powerful. So hard. So fucking big. Come over here and fill me with your seed. I want to feel your seed inside me. Make me pregnant so I can give you a child.”

Ramses could only grunt in reply. He was long past the point of rational thought. Sweat dripped down his body. He could feel Istnofret’s juices covering his cock. He shuffled his way back to Nefertari and aimed his cock at her pussy. They were both so well lubricated that he entered her effortlessly. With one deep thrust he pushed his entire length inside her and with a growl, let his orgasm overtake him. His cock lurched inside her emptying itself. Though he had already cum multiple times today there was no shortage of his seed and he felt his cock twitching inside her as his cum filled her up.

Finally he was empty and withdrew his cock. Some of his cum escaped with it but Nefertari quickly reached down to push it back inside. “I don’t want any to escape you know,” she said with a determined look on her face.

Ramses was wiped. He shook his head and laid down next to his wives. Nefertari on one side and Istnofret on the other. What a day it had been and within only a few seconds, his eyes closed and he was asleep.

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The Seduction of Emma

by RichardLeslie

I met Emma in the small reference library of our work place. This is the story of her seduction (of me?), and our education.

My story was pretty boring before I met Emma. Racing through high school and college, I had started my own business at age twenty. No big sweat; it came easily as long as I worked hard and kept my nose to the grindstone. No time for the partying and socializing of my peers. Any down time I had, I ran. The intense exercise cleared my head and de-stressed me. Some people called it jogging, but I went full out, and not many runners passed me on these excursions.

One year into my new business, I was bought by a much bigger endeavour and thought that the transaction would be beneficial to both parties. I stayed on, heading up the division where my expertise lay.

My office was noisy, so I often headed to the small reference library downstairs. It wasn’t really a library; it was a quiet room with working desks, a large project table a couple of very nice computers linked to high speed access, and a collection of technical manuals I often referred to. I could spend hours in there, lost in my own little world of science and ‘what if I tried this’ possibilities. It was my place of refuge.

I noticed Emma in the library one mid June day. Mid height, and with shoulder length hair, she sat with a poise I’ve rarely seen. Her skin was pale, which accentuated her dark hair, and when she looked up, the depth of her eyes made me feel dizzy. I didn’t know her name then, but she had this quiet beauty that stuck in my mind, and I thought of her pretty much constantly over the next few days.

I couldn’t understand how this young woman, who had said nothing and had passed by me like a ship in the night, could stick in my brain so intensely. When I didn’t see her again for several days, I kicked myself for not having introduced myself to her. Not knowing her name precluded asking around, not that I ever would have entertained that thought. I wondered if she was just an itinerant student and she had appeared before me just to test me by the gods almighty.

I swore to myself that if another opportunity arose I would not pass it by. I was already 22 years old, and now comfortable enough in my career to start thinking of what I had pushed back for so long.

It was another two weeks before I saw her again. I wanted to jump up and ask her where she had been, but common sense and my own intrinsic shyness saved me from embarrassing myself.

I had been working on a project that could wait, so finally screwing up the courage, I stood and walked over to where she was reading.

“I’m Mark,” I said.

She looked up, then immediately down again. Her dark eyelashes fluttered and she started turning an absolutely gorgeous shade of pink. It made me think of a peach just as you caress it before taking your first bite.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I know who you are.” She looked up as she stood and extended her hand, and I took it to shake it. For what seemed at first glance as an extremely shy girl, she grip was firm and dry, telegraphing a confidence not apparent to the causal observer.

I smiled, not saying anything.

She looked down again, her colour changing again.

“I’m Emma.”

It was barely above a whisper and I strained to hear her. I wasn’t about to throw this opportunity away, so I asked her if I might sit.

She nodded, a smile just playing at the corner of her mouth.

“Please,” she said barely louder than her last words.

The details of what we talked about are not important. Suffice to say that as soon as she started talking about her project, she became animated and excited. I wasn’t my area, but I was certainly knowledgeable enough to understand the nitty-gritty of it.

When she finally looked at the time, she jumped up, excusing herself profusely, and headed for the door. As she disappeared down the hall, I couldn’t help but think it was going to be an interesting summer. I didn’t know anything more of her, except her name, but I had my ‘in’ now.

I didn’t see Emma for the next few days. I knew where her base was, so I made an excuse to myself and headed up to discuss details of a joint project with one of her supervisors. It was actually quite a fruitful meeting, and I left feeling that it was not just an excuse after all.

Emma was waiting to head into the office as I came out. I almost walked right into her but stopped short. She looked a bit flustered, and went to back away, but I interrupted her by greeting her by name.

“Hello, Emma. I’ve missed you in the library.”

This young woman had a beautiful range of colours she could turn, and she demonstrated it again. I smiled and waited for her to regain her composure.

“Yes, soon,” she managed. “My super has suggested I ask you about a few aspects of my project.”

I tried to keep my expression neutral, but I couldn’t believe my luck. A chance to work with this young creature.

“Can we meet tomorrow at a time of your convenience?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I’m flexible all day.”

I headed backflip my office, smiling inwardly. I could hardly believe this turn of events and I headed home later with an unfamiliar ache in my groin.

I had a very fitful nights sleep. It was filled with visions of Emma, and all the possibilities that only an over heated young man’s imagination could produce. This was new to me, and I was more than just a little confused by these feelings.

Morning finally came, and I was in my office early. I needed to get my desk cleared, to have time for Emma. I didn’t want to rush anything.

Emma appeared quite early, before some of my colleagues had even arrived. We headed to the library because as I had noted, it was quieter and more conducive to deep discussion. Besides her morning greeting, she had barely said anything, but as I walked behind her, I could smell her aroma and it was intoxicating.

I felt I was going to be challenged drawing her into any non-work conversation, and I was desperate to make it work.

We sat, Emma along the long side of the table and me at right angles to her on her left. I felt we could be close enough to examine papers together, but non-threatening at the same time. Emma opened a folder, blushed at me, stuttered twice then began.

Like a cold Diesel engine, as soon as she warmed to the task, she set a pace I could hardly match. I listened intently, scribbling a note on a scratch pad in front of me.

When she finished, we sat in silence. For the second time in two meetings I had been totally surprised by the Emma that lurked under the surface of this pretty, lithe young woman. I was quiet for another few long seconds.

“Fantastic,” I said. “I have a couple of comments and a couple of ideas I think you might like.”

“Super,” was all she said.

Another silence and then we both started talking together. A couple of nervous laughs, and three hours later we looked up to the clock and both gasped. How had the time flown by so fast?

Emma folded up her papers and put them in her satchel.

“Thank you,” she said, and looked at me intently.

“You’re welcome,” I replied.

She made to leave, but paused to turn to me again.

“Was there anything else?” she asked.

It was my turn to stammer. I could feel the heat in my face. I could only hope it wasn’t too obvious. She was watching me, and that almost smile played at the corner of her lips again.

“Actually,” I stammered, “there was something. I was wondering, I mean, I had something I wanted to talk to you about.”

She was starring at me, her large brown eyes, so deep and endless, silently asking me to go ahead.

“It has nothing to do with work,” I blurted out.

It was Emma’s turn to be more composed. She didn’t wait to ask what it was about, or what I meant. She raised her hand to me and just said, “Meet me in the coffee shop across the street after work.”

She then put her fingers to her lips, silently saying keep it a secret, and she turned and walked out, down the hall.

I sat there with my notes in front of me, scattered like my brain was at that moment. How did she turn me into a quaking bowl of jelly without even a word, and how in the world did she know where I was going before I even managed to spit it out! I needed to up my game, but realized I was in over my head in something I wanted for the first time in my life.

The afternoon dragged on. I had never had an afternoon last that long before. I even walked into a colleague’s office to check my clock. Finally I had had enough, and did my best to wash up and make myself presentable. No small ask if you are me.

The coffee shop was not busy, but not quiet either. I found a spot where I could sit with my back to the window, and be anonymous.

Emma was late. I wondered if she had had second thoughts about meeting me. After all, workplace trysts have been discouraged by the powers that be, and we were about to tread on thin ice.

Just as I was beginning to curse myself for being so naively hopeful, she walked in. I say walked, because she had had to have been walking. What I saw was an angel float in, hardy touching the ground. She was wearing something different from earlier in the day. It was yellow, and light, and barely seemed to hide her graceful curves. I swallowed hard, and told myself to keep my cool, just be me and it would be okay.

Emma sat down across from me. She smiled, gazed at me with those wide, dark eyes of hers.

“Hi,” was all she said. She wasn’t making it easy for me.

Moments passed. I shuffled in my seat.

Finally she continued “Before we go any further, we need to lay down some ground rules.”

“How do you know where we are going?” I replied. “I haven’t said anything yet!”

She smiled at me again that way. She said simply that she had been watching me watching her since that first day in the library. It was her idea to develop a joint project, and that I was an open book when it came to reading my mind.

I sat up, totally overwhelmed. Here I was thinking I was the hunter, all the while being the prey.

I cleared my throat to speak but she put her hand up.

“Yes,” was all she said.

I breathed out. What would it be like to date someone who knew what I was thinking before I did? This was going to be interesting!

I took another big breath, and suddenly we were both talking at once. And no, she couldn’t read my mind, she just had a very perceptive take on behaviour, and paid attention to people around her. She was one of these people who could read a face like it was a book. Her shy demeanour hid a very interesting and inquisitive mind. On the other hand, it became apparent that Emma was not worldly at all. She had followed the same path as I had, with pretty much the same results. She was just a couple of years behind me.

After talking and exploring our common pasts, Emma said she had to head off.

“We can’t be seen together,” she said. “I know people and how they behave. I can’t be seen with you or my co-workers will think I’m sucking up. They would make my life impossible.”

I nodded. Mine too I thought.

We said our goodbyes, but turning before she left she said, “Friday. Somewhere quiet. You decide.”

I headed home then. The ache from earlier in the week had intensified and localized. My balls had never hurt when I walked before, but I had a difficult time now. I was going to have to temporize or life was going to be very painful.

I headed for my shower immediately on arriving home. I had thought that I didn’t want to come across as a total loser when and if the big moment came, I should practice putting a condom on before hand. What better place than a nice warm shower, and I could relieve some of the pressure at the same time.

Warming up was easy. All I had to do was think of Emma, and sproinge, up I went with an ache and throb that was begging for release. I opened the little disc, and placed it over the head of my cock. I had read the instructions, and rolled it down the shaft. No problems so far. I started slowly stroking, thinking of Emma all the while. Within seconds, I had a burning sensation along my shaft, which grew rapidly to intolerable! I ripped the condom off, and look with dismay at my lobster-red cock. I turned into the shower and hurriedly rinsed myself off, using soap and a lot of TLC. Just my luck, and I had even bought the non-latex brand because they had promised that ‘you don’t even know it’s there’.

A lot of Benadryl cream, and a sleep of the dead, and the next morning I was relieved to examine myself and find everything thing appeared to have returned to normal. No one was ever going to believe this.

I should have known that Friday would take longer than usual to arrive. I tried to bury myself in my work, as was my usual pattern. It worked, but it was painfully slow. I also wracked my brain for an idea for us. Somewhere quiet.

Time does click by and a pretty regular rate. It’s only our perception of it that changes. But Friday did come and I was more than ready.

I left a message for Emma, under the guise of work on her project. Time, place, and I would bring a bottle of nice wine. All she had to do was to bring herself and her wonderfully acute sense of observation.

Emma was there pretty much on time.

It was a nice restaurant, out of the way, quiet, and certainly not pretentious. Perfect for a first date. I was surprised how relaxed we both were, given the surprises at work and the uncertainties of a true first date. We talked about me, of course, but soon enough, all about Emma.

I found her a fascinating, multifaceted young woman. She had done everything except fuck around. She could talk about science, about art, and more importantly, could listen to opinions that did not agree with her own. I thought that here was the woman I wanted to spend a lot of time with.

Dinner came, and we shared bits and pieces. One of the wonderful things about the bistros I my neighbourhood was that you couldn’t just eat your own dinner. You had to share, because each mouthful was so delectable. Watching Emma eat was also part of the enjoyment. Every bite seemed an experience not to be forgotten.

Eating dinner with a beautiful woman makes food and wine taste better, and mine was tasting like it never had before. Not even a starving man on a desert island could have had the same appreciation that I felt.

Dinner finished, much later that I had anticipated. We had talked about ourselves, work, and many other things. It was easier than I could have ever hoped for. We walked along the lake front and suddenly it was very late. We made our way back to my car, and I drove her home.

Emma lived in her own apartment, her parents were living in another city.

I walked her to the door. She didn’t ask me in, and gave me a chaste kiss goodbye. I was secretly relieved, because I still had the allergic episode in my mind. I had no idea of what we would do when the opportunity finally arose.

As I drove home, my mind was more settled, but my balls were not. This ache was becoming familiar, and I needed to do something about it. Alas, that something was a somebody, and we were going to move at her pace. I was going to have to be patient.

Another visit to the shower, but this time without and props, and I soon felt that I could be more patient.

Over the next two weeks, I met Emma several times. Each time as chaste as the first. I was a little frustrated, but we were clicking extremely well on all other fronts. The furthest I had reached as far as physical contact, was holding hands.

We walked and talked, and laughed and talked some more. Sometimes Emma would walk, and I would just admire her lithe form moving. She didn’t seem to walk like other people; she seemed to float, not really touching the ground. I had noticed this the first time I had seen her out of the work environment. I didn’t think I could ever get enough of it.

Her hair also had seemed to change. Still dark, it seemed to be alive, and she would toss her head slightly to move it on out of her eyes. It could see her sneaking peaks at me when she thought I wasn’t watching. Of course, I was doing the same.

One evening we were sitting by the lake watching pairs of ducks. The mallards with all their colours were spectacular. We laughed as the males patrolled and protected their mates. Emma moved closer to me, pushing her shoulder into my side. I put my hand on hers, and she reached over to take my hand with her other hand also, holding it firmly on her lap. She didn’t look at my, keeping her gaze on the ducks.

As we returned towards her place, we walked hand in hand. Emma walked close to me, and I could feel her breast gently colliding with my arm every few strides. I wondered if this was on purpose, or just because we were walking so closely, but when her hand tightened on mine every time this happened, I knew it wasn’t by chance.

Things finally seemed to move forward. On a subsequent evening we had been exploring near her flat, and as I walked her to her door, she turned and gave me a very warm kiss right on the lips. I returned the kiss eagerly, and she reached up to take my neck and pull it down to her.

“I’d really like to do this again soon,” she whispered, kissing me again, pushing against me fully. I could feel her breasts on my chest, and an arm pulling my waist.

“Tomorrow is Friday, so come over here after work. I can try to make something nice.”

Friday evening could not come soon enough. I kept thinking of Emma pressed against me, of her lips on mine.

I was in the library again, trying to concentrate on some esoteric part of a job, and Emma sat down across from me. I looked up and caught her eye. She gave me that almost smile, and looked away. There were other people around, and she was playing it close. Something though, made me feel better, having seen her and having her see me. I couldn’t describe it, but it was as if our hearts had talked in a conspiratorial way, without ever having said a word. We had our secret and it was safe.

At home, I showered and changed. If Emma was cooking, I was bringing flowers and wine. I arrived at her doorstep just on time.

I rang.

Was this the woman of my dreams?

Was I waiting for my life to change forever?

I waited with baited breath.

Opening the door, she took my hand, and wordlessly guided me in.

I looked at her, and she did her almost smile again. I knew now that this expression spoke worlds, and I could feel my cock throbbing with un-promised anticipation in its prison. She tipped her head up and gave me another warm kiss.

“Yesterday was really nice. I’m surprised that you took so long to kiss me,” she whispered. “I think that’s why I’m really getting to like you.”

I was more than a little surprised. I have been patiently waiting for her to give me a cue, while she had been testing me.

“I think we need to explore this possibility further,” she said in her most scientific and businesslike expression, then burst out laughing.

She was obviously as as interested and nervous as I had been about taking our relationship to the next level. I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time letting my hands play softly over her hips. We stood and kissed like this for a bit, neither of us knowing exactly what the next step should be.

“This way,” she motioned, and led me down the hall.

Emma had set her table romantically. There were candles on the table, and strategically placed around the room. Their flames cast a soft glow on everything, especially on Emma. She seemed to positively radiate and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

Emma was a novice cook, and that was being generous. Fortunately, it didn’t really matter, because her company more than made up for it, and the effort she had made was also above and beyond.

We finished our meal, and sat talking over the ends of the wine bottle. We were both novices in this department also, and were feeling very relaxed by the time that the bottle was dead.

Emma leaned across the table and touched her lips to mine. She stood and took my hand and led me down the hall.

She stopped out side an open door, tiptoeing up to kiss me again, and steered me towards the entrance.

I led Emma into her bedroom. She was holding two of my fingers with her hand, like I’d seen small girls to with their fathers in the park, but I was only too aware that Emma wasn’t a small girl. She was ripe, and needed very much to be picked without any bruising.

I turned to face her. Looking into those two bottomless wells of dark brown, I leaned into her and gave her the gentlest of kisses on the lips again. She responded eagerly, this time opening her mouth just slightly as we met a second time. She tasted better that those wonderful Niagara peaches I had been comparing her to, and there was something else.

When our lips had touched, I had this sensation that my body had been brought to life for the first time ever. I could feel every heartbeat and breath. The smells and colours in the room seemed to spring to life, shedding the dullness that they had previously owned. There was… I couldn’t describe it, an awareness of a longing in my groin, a new and exciting urge to explore and touch that I had never felt before.

As Emma responded eagerly, sucking on my upper lip and then kissing with open lips. Our tongues started a mutual exploration. Emma nipped my lip and as I opened my mouth to protest, her tongue darted into mine. The sensations of tongue on tongue, and the exploring was beyond this world. How had I missed this for so long?

She touched my lips with her finger.

“How did you learn to kiss?” She asked.

“I didn’t,” I replied. “I was hoping you could teach me and we could practice a bit together.”

She groaned and wanted to know how long I had been saving that corny line to use on some poor unsuspecting girl. I laughed, and replied that it was true. That she was the first girl I had ever really kissed. That I really hoped that she and I would be doing the exploring together.

Emma looked at me, quizzically, then said, “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

I replied that, yes I was, as sad as that might be, but it was true. She was my first real date, ever. I only hoped that being truthful was a way in, and not a quick exit from this exciting young woman in front of me.

“Me too,” she whispered. “Maybe we can learn together. We can start tonight, maybe just neck a bit?”

Well, that was my answer.

I looked at her, melting under her gaze. “I’m yours,” I said. “I can be anything you want. I can do anything you like.”

We lay on her bed necking for some time. She tasted good, she smelled good, and she felt absolutely fantastic. I could feel my raging hard-on beneath me when I rolled over, just our upper bodies entwined. I could feel Emma ghost thrusting as I moved away from her lips and started kissing her ears and neck. She moaned, and pulled the edges of her blouse so I could kiss on down a little lower.

What was necking? Did Emma mean just the lips on lips and some tongue work? Or did she mean exposed skin as well? I thought that we should find out, so that is why I was exploring on past and into neck territory.

She moaned some more, and reached up to undo her top two buttons. I kissed down to the top of her collarbone.

“More, more,” she moaned, twisting so that access was easier for me.

Not normally one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I murmured back that I thought that she wanted to limit our intimacy to necking this evening. I understood that first times could be touchy if misunderstandings are not cleared up early.

We stopped and looked at each other. She reached up and cupped her hand around the back of my head, pulling me down to her again.

“It’s a poor scientist who ignores interesting new findings in the course of an experiment!” She whispered, giving me that almost smile again.

Well, ‘In for a penny in for a pound’ was my philosophy, and so the mutual exploration of lips on skin continued.

I bit one of her remaining buttons. It popped open and I bit the last one holding her blouse closed. I struggled with it a bit more and she reached up to help me. Suddenly I had a lot more to kiss and I started by her clavicles, heading south. Not being content with just my lips, she moved her hand over mine, and placed it on her breast. I gasped at the wonderful warm fullness of her breast, and Emma moaned audibly as I explored their shape through her bra.

Emma rolled over, pushing me as she went so she ended up on top. She flicked my buttons open and immediately started caressing my chest with her hand. She bent over and kissed me on the chest. How could kissing me on the chest feel so good? As she straddled me, her crotch rubbed my hard cock between all the layers. She paused, noticing it also. A wicked look came into her eyes as she slowly gyrated on me, watching for my reaction.

Emma pushed my shirt up and over my shoulders. I struggled to get it off completely.

“No fair,” she teased, and suddenly she was only wearing her bra on top. I kissed her neck and shoulders as she bent over onto my chest.

“I could help you with that,” I whispered in her ear, giving her bra a bite with my teeth. She gave me that almost smile again.

“Can I trust you to behave yourself?” And she blushed now, looking down. “Nobody has ever touched me their before.”

I answered by reaching back to unclasp her bra. It slipped down, held only by her free hand. I kissed her again on the shoulders, slowly heading down her front. She gasped as I reached the outside edge of her breast, slowly letting go of the bra, then sitting up straighter to give me easier access. I reached her areola and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it gently as I could feel it tightening.

Emma grabbed my head, pulling it into her fiercely. I pulled back.

“I need to breath.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she gasped. “I had no idea …” and she then pulled me back to her breast.

I pushed her back, so again my waist was on the bed, but my chest was on hers. We kissed, more desperately now, with the added sensations of so much skin in contact. I bent lower, to kiss her other breast, and I could feel her hips thrusting gently against the edge of my waist. I was going to have to push our envelope a bit further!

I pushed my hips up, placing one knee between her legs, all the while continuing my ministrations to her breasts. No objections, and I moved my other knee over. Emma open her legs to give me room, and I lowered myself onto her. I kissed my way back up to her lips. My cock, now completely tangled within, was pushing on her crotch again.

She stopped.

“Your belt is digging into me.”

“I’ll take yours off if you take mine,” I smiled, not sure if it had been my belt, and if I had gone a little too far.

She pushed me over, straddling me. Her fingers deftly unclasped my belt, and it was off before I could blink. She sat up, laughing and said, “Your turn.”

I reached up to do the same, but quickly realized that her belt was an intrinsic part of her pants. She looked at me, laughing again, when I pushed her back, upending her to be suddenly on top and between her legs again. She squealed, and before she had time to recover, I grasped her jeans by the edges, and they were down past her knees before she had time to react.

“Ohh, no fair, no fair,” she laughed. “You still have yours on.”

That was easily remedied, as we reversed positions once again and she slowly tugged my jeans off too.

My cock, which had been trapped in a maze of clothing, sprang up as it was released.

Emma looked at it, then at me. We were both on her bed, down to our underwear only. We had already passed our planned limits, but our bodies were vibrating with anticipation of what might yet come.

She put her hand gently on my member, through my underwear, and said, “I’ve never seen one before.”

“And I’ve never seen a naked woman.”

There was a long silence as she gently rubbed her fingers along it through my shorts.

“Would you like to see?” I asked her.

I’m about average, I think, from what I’ve read. Six and a half inches long, with maybe slightly greater than average girth. Emma sat up and crossed her legs in front of me. I could see a spreading wet patch on her plain white panties.

“If I touch you, does that mean you can touch me?” She asked.

“Only if you want me too.” I replied. I leant forward and gave her another long lingering kiss. We came up for air.

“Okay she murmured, and leaned into me, reaching with one hand to pull the elastic of my waistband forward. She looked down, and gasped, letting it snap back.

“Ouch,” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she blurted out. “Is too big. It will never fit.”

I held her tenderly, as we both sat, cross legged face-en-face. I took one of her legs, and placed it around my waist, and did the same to the other. I pulled her closer, so that now, my cock was rubbing her crotch through our undergarments. I kissed her more, murmuring in her ear. I could feel her relax as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled herself closer.

I kissed her face, and with my fee hand, rubbed her breasts. I rolled her nipple between my finger tips, and she moaned loudly. I cupped her breast and bent my head down to lick and suck on her, and she started thrusting against my rock hard cock. There was a far-away look in her eyes as her thrusting became harder.

I pulled her down, onto me, then I rolled over on top of her. It was my turn to dry bump against her, and I could tell she had lost all sense of self control. I too, wasn’t far from the edge. Just the incredible feeling of skin on skin had tipped me past prudent behaviour.

I stopped and raised myself to my knees.

“We need to talk,” I said, and she looked at me not understanding.


“Yes, before we go any further.”

I started to say that there was a condom issue, and she laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I got some.”

I explained what had happened the two weeks before. I was just a little embarrassed having to explain how it happened, but Emma was understanding, if not disappointed.

“I’m a virgin,” she whispered. “I saw how big you are and I don’t think we’ll get that far tonight. Anyway, my period is due tomorrow or the next day, so it’s probably safe now.”

I kissed her again. We both wanted to get back to the breathless feeling of before the interruption. I lay beside her, putting my weight on one elbow and running my kisses over her neck and down to her breasts. They were warm and full, and I felt the throb of my own lust with each kiss and moan.

With my free hand, I ran my fingers over her taut stomach. I inched my way down to her panty line. I stopped, retreating a bit before inching down under her panties to her tight little curls. I felt her dimple, and she reach up to push my hand down further, and I felt her wetness, and her lips. She opened her legs and moaned loudly.

I explored her nether regions for a while, sliding my finger up and down her lips. I could feel her hood, and her clitoris below it, but I didn’t linger on it.

Soon enough she breathed, “More, Mark, harder. Don’t tease me so!”

I hooked my fingers in her panties, and slowly edged them down, then off completely looking at her face the whole time. My first naked woman, and my whole body felt like it was going to explode.

I bent down and kissed her mound of tight dark curls. I kissed across the top of her triangle, and down the side. She relaxed and opened her legs more, and I kissed her lips. She was very wet, and her smells were intoxicating. I ran my tongue between her lips, up to her hood, then down to her nubbin.

She was moaning continuously now, thrusting against my tongue.

“More, more. Oh please don’t stop,” she continued.

Her clit was swollen and sensitive, and after about a dozen good kisses, she jammed my head into her muff, gave a strangled cry and shook uncontrollably. I let up with my kisses. I could still feel the contractions of her pussy on my tongue.

She was still breathing heavily when I flexed my knees and pulled my own shorts off. She reached up and pulled me to her. I lowered myself and my cock rested on her mound. We gently rocked back and forth, and I let my cock drop down along her lips. I felt my cock slide along her slit, easily entering her up to my crown. My god she was wet and slippery.

A look of alarm came over her face.

“No, it’s too big,” was all she said, and pushed me over.

She sat up beside me and looked at my cock, now standing proudly at attention. The tip was glistening, from pre-cum or Emma’s juices, or both.

“Too fast,” she whispered. “I’m not sure I’m ready yet.”

She took a big breath, and used her finger to slide it over my head spreading the slippery juices. She then circled my base with her hand, bending further to kiss and lick my head. She used her other hand to cup my balls, and she took me into her mouth. She gently stroked my shaft up and down, twisting with the stroking. I felt the tightness and pressure in me increasing, and it was all too much, and I exploded violently into her mouth.

Emma was cool. She gagged, she spit and she swallowed with the first gush, and her eyes grew huge as she watched jet after jet of ropey white cum blast out of me.

“Wow,” was all she could say.

My chest was covered with my emissions, and Emma bent down and kissed me, then licked some.

“Mmm, salty.”

She put her leg over me, then lay on me, sliding a bit with my juices. I held her, my now detumesced cock lying limp between us.

“I came pretty quickly,” I said, embarrassed at my lack of endurance.

“So did I,” she replied, “but that was still something out of this world.”

We lay there together, just holding each other. After a while, she stirred and lifted her head.

“Are we still virgins?” she asked, again with that smile playing on her lips.

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t answer. We hadn’t had full penetration, but we had both had orgasms.

I looked at her and said, probably, but not for much longer! Emma gave me that look again.

“For how much not much longer?” she whispered. “Did you have a plan?”

I rolled on my side, kissing her gently and caressing her hips. I did have a plan, but we were already so off course that it was probably irrelevant.

“We have as long as you want,” I said to her. “From now until forever.”

“Okay. I want to do this again. I want to have proper sex with you. I don’t want to be afraid of you going in me.”

“Well, there is no hurry now.” I was flaccid in my post orgasmic state.

“It doesn’t look so scary now,” Emma said, reaching over to caress my cock. “Maybe we could try with it like this.”

I burst out laughing. I explained that it would never go in, soft like this. She shot back that it wasn’t going to fit in its expanded state. We both laughed.

Emma got up and brought back a warm cloth. She wiped herself then my chest. She then turned her attention lower. She took her time, and I felt myself coming back to life. She cooed, and watched in fascination.

“Does it always do this?” She asked.

“Only when I’m around you.” I replied, and pulled her onto me to kiss her again.

“Can you come again?” She looked at me again and I knew she was asking several questions all at once.

“Not likely for a while.”

She smirked and sat up on me, straddling me on my stomach. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on me.

“I’m safe now,” she whispered to me.

I was still only semi-erect but the thought of being inside her was like pouring gas on a fire! She leaned forward onto me and raised her back up and repositioned herself over my cock.

“How long till you are hard again?”

“Not long if you keep this up.” I moaned. And it wasn’t. Moments later she started sliding back and forth on me and I became very hard indeed. She reached down to hold me, and reposition me, rubbing my head between her lips.

“Ohh that feels nice.”

She moved me back a bit, lowering herself onto me. I went in crown deep, and there was resistance. She let herself put more pressure on me, but then drew back, off me completely.

“It’s too big, and it hurts too much,” she said. “It’s not going in.”

“We don’t have to do this now.” I said and caressed her breasts.

She was lying beside me, looking a little upset. I hugged her closely, my cock jammed into her thigh. I started kissing her breasts again, paying particular attention to her nipples. Approaching her areola with my tongue, I would move over her swollen nipple before circling it again. She used her hand on the back of my neck to encourage my exploration of her sensations.

My hand roamed down to play with her triangle, and I carefully began teasing her clit again. I let my fingers slide into her pussy, lubricating them well, before coming back to her clit again.

She moaned and started slow motion thrusts against my fingers. I nuzzled her breast some more, squeezing her nipples lightly. On I went, knowing I was drawing her closer. As she started panting, I manoeuvred myself over her, and lowered my now rock hard rod towards her pussy. My head slipped again between her lips.

“Are you sure about this?” I whispered. She nodded.

I pressed gently at first, thrusting back and forth in a slow, shallow manner, letting my head massage her clit now, sliding across her entrance repeatedly. I was just going crown deep, making sure of the trajectory of my cock would take me home. She opened her legs wider, putting her hands on my hips, trying to control my depth. I whispered to her to put her legs around mine, and her arms around my neck.

As she moved to do this, I thrust much deeper, sliding into her snug canal in one, two then three smooth strokes. There was no ‘pop’, or scream of pain. Emma just looked at me with surprise, and then a huge smile spread over her face.

“You were so gentle,” she cooed.

She wrapped herself around me, and started to move rhythmically, so that my cock moved in and out completely with each thrust. I buried my face in her shoulder, inhaling her smells and losing myself in her arms. Her breasts, pressed between us, accentuated our oneness. She started moaning louder, trying to pull my body completely into hers. She was panting again, and I could feel my balls slapping against her with each thrust. I felt her as her canal grabbed my cock and squeezed it rhythmically. I could feel my balls tightening as Emma continued to shake and climax.

I slipped out of her canal, expecting to shoot my load all over her mound and stomach, but somehow I stalled, right on the brink. I’m sure that if I had taken one more thrust, into that warm slippery passage, it would have been enough to complete my journey, but I stayed, poised above her, teetering on the edge.

“What’s wrong?” asked Emma and she tried to pull me back in before she realized what was happening.

“Nothing,” I replied. “I just though I shouldn’t cum inside of you. You know, not wearing a raincoat and all.”

She looked at me and kissed my face, holding me tightly. We rolled over and she stayed on her side, back to me.

“I want you to snuggle me.” She whispered.

I wrapped myself around her, my arm across her body to hold her breasts, and pushed my hips into her.

“You’re sticking into me,” she complained, and reached between her legs to move my cock up a more comfortable position between hers legs, and in front of her mound.

I nuzzled her neck, taking in her wonderful scent, and plastered myself tightly to her back. I was still extremely aroused and hard between her legs. Emma reached done and touched my head as it stuck out between her legs. She slowly pushed it back, and started moving her hips, to caused my cock to move back between her lips, and the wetness there encouraged her to slide her hips forward and back to massage my shaft.

I groaned and thrust gently to share the movement. A few times like this, and she pushed back more, lining me up with her entrance, and I slid in, base deep, into her wetness. Oh what bliss, and I new that I was close to Nirvana helplessly under her control.

A few gentle thrusts, and I couldn’t help the growing urgency I felt, and I rammed in harder and harder. I felt the tightening of my balls again, that unstoppable urge to let it go, no matter what, and as I tried half-heartedly to withdraw, Emma pushed back into me, and I had no where to go. I lost my load just as I was in her entrance and she pulled me back into her, our juices melding the consummation of our new relationship.

Lying together later, she said, “That was silly of me, wasn’t it. You tried to be good, and I didn’t help at all.”

She was quiet for a moment and I kept my arms wrapped around her, holding her close.

She continued, “I think we’ll be okay. If this is going to become a habit, we need to be safer the next times. We’ll figure it out.”

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Band Geeks

by Bountytorag

All characters are 18 or older.


She had that sheepish smile on her face as she looked at him. She didn’t want to look down, because she knew who was there. He couldn’t help but confess his love for her and show what she does to him. In the large empty room that was the band room, Zack had wanted to talk to Bailey when nobody was there. Bailey just thought her friend wanted to just talk, but he had another thing in mind.

His pants were at his ankles and he wore no underwear. Bailey had seen one before, but not in person. And certainly not from a friend. And she had a boyfriend. How could she look at something that wasn’t her boyfriend’s? And she didn’t. She kept her eyes on him. Her big blue eyes stayed on his small brown eyes. Bailey’s hands were folded in front of her as she refused to look down. But Zack insisted that if she just looked, their friendship could strengthen. Besides, it was just the human body. And he wanted to prepare her for the inevitable events between Bailey and her boyfriend.

She finally nodded, but didn’t wanna look. Zack stepped out of his pants and approached her. He lightly touched one of her hands, gripping her wrist. He said to feel it, grasp it. Her hand went forward, and slid under his penis. Her fingers went around his base as the head touched her wrist. Her sheepish expression grew. He was warm, he was smooth and he was hard.

“Move your hand back and forth” he said as she did so. His skin came with her hand as she started rubbing it. She was masturbating him, and he wanted to return the favor. She finally looked down, and when she did, she gasped. Her free hand went to her mouth as her eyes went wide. She’d seen bigger, yes, but those were on models and porn stars. This was the real thing, and it was bigger than she expected. It wasn’t huge, just unexpectedly thick. She saw veins running around it as she quickly let him go. She stepped back, and turned to leave, but Zack grabbed her. He apologized for making her look, he just wanted to help her with experience. Make her first time special. He brought his hand around her stomach, and slowly inched it towards her pants. As he unbuttoned it, she grabbed his wrist.

She turned back to him, and she wasn’t smiling anymore. Her mouth was slightly open, as if begging for a kiss. Her eyes looked into his with desperation, and she kissed him. She slid her tongue into his mouth as their tongues danced. She brought one of his hands to her breast, his other hand stuffed down her pants. He heard quiet moans come from her as she grabbed his dick. It was bigger now, full throttle and ready to go.

Her breast was soft like the rest of her. He moved it around ferociously as he maneuvered his hand around her underwear. He felt her fur as he touched her. She was wet, and Zack smiled when he felt it. Her moans intensified as he slid his fingers in her virgin pussy. Her mouth let go of his as her eyebrows crinkled and her mouth went wide. She pushed him into one of the instrument lockers as she got down to her knees. Her jeans were past her ass as her underwear bulged out, revealing some of her ass. She licked his dick, and rolled her tongue around his head. He caressed her hair, smiling as her ferocity.

She smiled as she slowly took him into her mouth. She didn’t take her eyes off him, but his eyes were squeezed shut. She fit all of him in her mouth as he grabbed her hair. Her lips, soft as they were, felt great. She sucked on his cock as he played with her hair. He slid to the floor as she kept sucking his dick. She adjusted her position so her as was to him. He pulled down her underwear to see it. Bailey’s vagina. It was more beautiful than he could expect. So pink and pretty. He only licked her a few times before she moaned so loudly she let go of his penis. She sat up as her ass pushed together and spread from her upwards force. It became so big. He pushed her off of him, and got onto his knees.

She was on her stomach on the hard floor as her ass was brought up by Zack. His face became buried in her ass as he clutched it tight, his tongue moving up and down her vagina, the end was past her vaginal lips. Her fists hit the floor as she moaned loudly. “Zack, I can’t take it anymore! I want you inside me!” They both stood up, and Zack pushed her into the lockers. He pulled off her pants as she took off her shirt, revealing her breasts. They were so beautiful, and they shook as Zack lifted her leg. Her nipples, a rose color, met with his lips as he sucked on them. His penis was rubbing against her, and she grabbed it. She moved it to her pussy as his head slid between her lips.

Zack grabbed her ass hard, gripping it tightly as he drove his penis into her. He was so thick, and she was so tight, but she was deep enough for him to go all the way. When he got all of his penis into her, they both smiled. Then, the fucking began. Her lifted leg wrapped around his ass, her ass in his hand, and he pounded her. Her breasts shook and bounced as he felt her mouth against his cheek. She didn’t kiss him, she just heavily panted on his face as his head laid against the locker. Her glasses fell onto the floor, and she took off Zack’s. They looked into each other’s eyes once more. Her mouth was hung open moaning at the rhythm of each pound as Zack slid his cock in and out of her, and her big blue eyes looked at him with desire.

Their soft lips touched again as her tongue went as deep in his mouth as his cock was deep in her dripping wet cunt. Her juices flowed from her as her pussy squeezed him tight. This continued for a good five minutes before their lips let go of one another. Bailey’s eyes shut as her head arched back. Her nails dug into his back as she screamed, “Zack, I’m about to cum!” She repeated that she was gonna cum as Zack was reaching that point as well. She got even tighter as Zack said, “Bailey, I’m cumming too!”

“Cum inside me, Zack! Fill me up!”

His pounding slowed down. He pounded her harder, each pound resulting in a more intense yell from Bailey. Eventually, he gave one final pound, harder than all the rest. They both let out a large yell heard throughout the school as they both came. Two virgins, finally releasing their first orgasms from intercourse. Bailey felt Zack’s cum coat her insides as he jerked off his dick, still inside her. His hand remained on her breast as he came inside her. As they calmed down, Zack took his cock out of Bailey as his pure white semen dripped from her, they fell to the floor, their backs on the lockers, they embraced each other on the cold floor, their genitals and legs covered in each other’s love juices. They kissed once more as Bailey realized she was ready for amazing sex with her boyfriend. And Zack was glad Bailey was his first, and he was her first.

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Julia’s Staycation

by zpolymer

Author’s Note: This is a fictional story that includes sexual themes. The sexual descriptions in this story take place between adult characters aged 18 or older.


It was the last day of school before spring break and I should have been ecstatic for my family trip to Las Vegas. But it was just my luck that one of my aunts dies and the trip is cancelled. Instead, Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow for the funeral while I’m stuck at home with his bullshit list of chores, half of which I can’t even do (I’ve never even touched a lawn mower and Dad wants it fixed by the time they’re back!). To make matters worse, Vicky’s older brother Greg was going to be a visitor at school today for some reason, and I was dreading having to put up with two of them.

During science I managed to corner William and convince him to help out with the more “manly” parts of my dad’s chore list after school. Despite not saying a word to one another since we fucked in the health room months ago, he seemed pretty eager to give me a hand. The bell rang as I was writing down my address for him. With perfect timing, as usual, Vicky walked in the room and immediately started with her shit.

“Ooh, love notes to William? Better watch out, stud; she might take your virginity, but she’ll definitely give you something in return.” I clicked my pen closed and turned my head to see Vicky smirking in the doorway, her grotesque snaggletooth poking sideways out of her mouth. I couldn’t help but smile back at her once I saw Greg looming right behind her, arms folded over his chest.

“Jesus, sis. Do you have to be such a catty bitch to all your friends? And to think I was just about to give you a patented Greg Hug.” Vicky clammed up and hurried to the far side of the room without saying a word, blushing bright red with embarrassment. “Sorry about my sis; I think she’s just acting out because we don’t get to hang out like we used to.” He smiled big and winked to Vicky, who was already jamming earbuds into her head as if that would make Greg stop embarrassing her. He sat on the edge of the table eyeing my chore list just as William was leaving for his next class.

“Maybe you should come around more often, then.” I was nervous talking to him but immediately smitten. Greg was a senior when Vicky and I were both freshmen. He was a rambunctious (and kind of intimidating) dickhead prankster back then, but a few years in college really seemed to do him good. In fact, the moment he walked in I found myself undressing him with my eyes.

“What’s this? Lookin’ to become a Julia of all trades?” He skimmed his finger down my list of chores. I was pleasantly taken aback that he had remembered my name after all these years…or moreso that he ever learned it in the first place.

“No, that’s just a bunch of stuff my dad wants me to do while they’re gone. But I don’t even know how to fix a lawn mower.” He grabbed my list and shoved his ass off the edge of the table.

“Oh that’s easy, I can do that before you even get home from school. I’m done here anyway.” He plucked the visitor’s pass from his shirt and tucked it into the breast pocket. “You’re just around the block from our place anyway. Grey and blue house with the riding mower in the carport, right?” Without thinking, I nodded. I was too distracted by New College Greg and his subtly toned physique (not to mention the more than noticeable bulge behind his jeans) to remember that I had literally just made plans for William to help out only moments before.

I spent nearly 20 minutes looking for William after school to cancel our plans, but gave up once I realized there’s a chance Greg might still be at my place. I rushed home, drenched in sweat, to see Greg just finishing up with the mower. Through his tight, dirty t-shirt I could see his whole abdomen, from his modestly protruding nipples to his belly button. I trudged up the driveway to meet him, panting for air still.

“Doing some jogging?” He said with a big grin. Unlike his sister, Greg’s teeth were perfect. I smiled back, still too dumbfounded by his chest to say anything. “Well, it took a lot longer than I thought but this thing should be ready for the first cut of Spring.” He kicked the back tire and folded his clean button-up shirt over his forearm. “Anyway, it was nice seeing you again, Julia. Even if we never did talk any back in high school.”

Standing there, panting like a dog and smelling worse, it hit me that Greg must have had a thing for me this whole time. Why else would he single out me, out of everyone at school? It’s kind of cute if you think about it; he doesn’t really know about my reputation, and he’s a junior (so what if it’s college) so I’m kind of like his upperclasswoman. I composed myself as much as I could before he had the chance to walk off.

“Wait,” Greg looked up at me while dragging a few greasy fingers across the breast of his t-shirt. “At least come inside and get something to drink…” I paused, getting a second look at his filthy shirt and jeans. “Or throw that in the wash. You look pretty fucked up.”

“Hah, what, you don’t care for my new look? I call it 4-stroke chic.” I laughed (too loud) as he posed for me.

“Nah, it looks more like you lost a fight with a lawn mower.” I unlocked the side door for him and gestured for him to follow. “Come on in, there’s half a strawberry-rhubarb pie in the fridge, too if you want some.” I nearly halted in my tracks, turning beet red hoping he didn’t take that for some kind of lazy double entendre. Luckily he didn’t say a word; I poured him a tall glass of water and pointed Greg toward the laundry room. I blushed again, seeing the subtle tone of his back muscles as he peeled off his shirt on the way to the washer.

“You know, if you’re that sweaty you can take a shower in my parents’ room. They’re gone until the day after tomorrow.” Greg hid behind the laundry room wall, peeking his head out of the doorway.

“Actually, that’d be great. To be honest I didn’t pack clothes before I left my school and these are yesterday’s clothes. I feel filthy.” Greg ducked his head back into the laundry room, but kept talking. “But shit, the way you’re lookin’ I bet you could use a shower yourself. Care to join me?” I turned around from putting the water pitcher back in the fridge, only to see Greg standing in the laundry room doorway wearing nothing but a snugly-fitting pair of boxer-briefs.

“Uh…” My mind was drawing an absolute blank. Greg chuckled and turned away before I could eke out a response; I couldn’t tell if he was serious or just being funny and flirty. Just before he turned down the hallway I caught him leaning over to slip out of his underwear. In the brief moment of voyeurism I caught a glimpse of his taut ass, his pale cheeks standing out from the rest of his tanned body. He wadded up the boxer-briefs and flung them into the laundry room on his way down the hall.

I was like a deer in the headlights; I couldn’t believe the situation I was in, and how okay with it I was. I was all kinds of nervous and excited, but still undecided. The sound of the shower faucet turning on snapped me back into reality, and I decided to join him, whether or not he was serious.

I walked into the master bedroom to see a stark-naked Greg, with his back turned to me, quietly peeking through my mom’s dresser drawers.

“Need something?” I couldn’t help but smirk at his sudden jump. He immediately twisted around to face me, blushing beet red at having been caught in my mother’s dresser. This was also my first time catching more than a mere glimpse of him au naturale. Like William, Greg was circumcised, but that’s where the similarities ended. He had a long, pink scar line with a defined, robust head. Even seeing him flaccid, it was easy to tell that he was much thicker and bigger than William, and certainly more tempting than the magic marker I usually play with.

“Uhm…heh, towels?” He scratched the back of his head innocently. Making myself break my gaze, I led him to the linen closet by the laundry room. We both stopped in our tracks once we turned the corner out of the hallway, staring wide-eyed at William who must have came in through the side door that I just then realized I had left open this entire time. I could see William was caught off guard as well. His gaze sunk down and settled on Greg’s hefty package and I could tell he was probably feeling a bit out of place.

“Oh uh, hey. Julie’s friend from school, right?” Greg was clearly trying to hide his embarrassment with a bit of good-mannered small talk. “Care to join us?” He forced a chuckle and tried to nonchalantly cover himself up with his hands. I slapped him on the stomach with the back of my hand.

“Sorry, William. He’s almost as sassy as his sister, I’m beginning to find out.” William stammered, apparently in disbelief of the whole situation, but couldn’t manage to form a coherent sentence.

Having the two of them together like that, in my own house while my parents were out…it did something to me; I felt a thrill twice as tempting as what I felt with William in the health room last winter. And if I learned anything from that experience, it’s to not let opportunities like these pass through your fingers. So before he had the chance to run off in a panic, I made my way over to William and led him by an index finger back down the hallway, motioning for Greg to follow along. “The mower’s been fixed already, but I have something you can both do for me.”

They both silently followed me into the master bedroom and stood in front of me as I sat at the edge of the bed. I eyed the two of them standing side by side, then pointed a lazy finger toward William.

“Take those off for me.” William, the good boy he is, looked bashfully at Greg and his plump dick before obeying and disrobing without a single protest. I crossed my legs and grinned at the two of them. I was feeling a bit more confident and assertive now that William had showed up, and slipped out of my top with them both watching. Before I could undo my bra, I noticed William’s short willy already standing stiff at attention; even fully erect it was clear that he was still smaller than Greg’s flaccid member. I hurried to toss my bra across the room, then reached out to cup one hand around Greg and William’s balls, guiding them both closer to the edge of the bed with a couple gentle tugs.

“I want to try something new.” A fat bead of precum dropped onto my wrist from William’s stiffy. I made sure he was watching as I dipped the head of Greg’s soft dick into my mouth. Immediately I could feel him swelling up as my tongue grazed the contours of his glans. I gave another gentle tug to both of their balls, hesitantly lowering myself further down Greg’s length before deciding he’s simply too big for my mouth. I dragged my tongue along the underside of his dick as I pulled myself off of him.

“Jesus, Julia. This is-”

“Nope.” I gave Greg a not-too-firm squeeze. “No talking, from either of you. Understand?” Greg and William glanced at each other (William stone serious, while Greg I could tell was trying to hide a slight nervous grin). They nodded in unison, and I realized I was beginning to fall in love with the level of control I had over them once their balls were in my hands.

I tugged William a bit closer still, then slipped his glans past my lips the same way I did with Greg. Only William was much more comfortable to have in my mouth; I sunk my head down until my lips touched his abdomen. Surprisingly I could keep myself there without any discomfort in my jaw; unlike with Greg.

I had never given oral before, and I was kind of excited to explore it a bit. But I should’ve seen it coming. As soon as I was beginning to get a taste for fellatio, William came without warning. Only about 20 or 30 seconds into it and I felt a hot spurt of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I pulled my head back in surprise, only to see William’s pulsing dick shoot cum onto my chin and chest.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry.” Greg smirked at William, who was too embarrassed to notice. I gave William’s balls another taut pull.

“What did I just say mere moments ago, Will?” I waited for him to close his mouth. “That’s right, no talking from either one of you.” I was disappointed, and trying not to get seriously angry at William. I barely had time to savor the moment, and he covered me in cum just like last time (I mean, sure that’s pretty hot, but it can be such a bitch to clean up).

I took a brief moment to collect myself, releasing my grasp on William’s balls to wipe the cum off me with his underwear before throwing it out into the hallway. I leaned back onto the bed, lifting my hips up so I could wiggle out of my jeans and panties (which were now sopping wet). Propping myself up with my elbows, I pointed toward Greg’s dick.

“Big Boy. Come show William how properly please a lady.” He perked back up and nodded, finally getting the hang of my no-talking rule. I spread my legs apart as he nestled himself between my thighs. Greg wasted no time squeezing his plump glans into me, his dick pushing one of my labia partially inward as well. Before I could adjust, Greg had already begun firmly yet slowly shoving the rest of his length inside of me. I let out a soft, surprised gasp at the sensation. It was a thrilling, full sensation that I’d never experienced before with William or even my trusty marker.

Greg leaned over me, wrapping one arm around my shoulder and burying his head down by my cleavage as he began to thrust excitedly inside of me with little warning. His rapid pumping jostled me on the bed, my breasts heaving up toward my face with every thrust. I couldn’t help but let out a restrained grunt each time he shoved his dick inside of me; despite his size and eagerness, I found myself squirming underneath him trying to get some satisfaction out of it all.

I loved the sensation of Greg’s thick member filling me up the way it did, but his style of fucking was too abrasive to be pleasurable. I could feel the friction building with each push into me and a borderline soreness each time he would pull back. Before too long I began wishing for him to be a premature finisher like William. I peeked over Greg’s shoulder to see William still standing in place, staring at us fucking.

“Wait.” I pressed my palm to Greg’s chest. “This isn’t working. Sit at the edge of the bed; we’re trying something different now.” Greg obeyed and sat down, leaning back a bit with his arms propping him up. I walked around and gently slapped at his thighs. “Legs together.” Again he obeyed, pressing his legs together so that his plump dick was sticking straight up.

I swung a leg over Greg’s lap, facing away from him as I slowly lowered myself back onto his prominent glans, taking the time to spread my labia a bit before sinking down further and finally sitting on his lap with my back pressed against his chest and his fat dick throbbing idly inside of me. As long as he wasn’t fucking me, I loved the feeling of having Greg’s cock inside me, spreading my pussy and filling me in a way I had never imagined was possible.

I snapped for William’s attention, then pointed down to my pussy stuffed with Greg’s cock, and nestled snugly over his shaved balls. “Help me take care of this, and try not to disappoint me this time.” William nodded, blushing bright red. Greg tried to choke down a chuckle before I turned my head slightly back toward him. “And don’t you go trying to fuck me. Just sit there and stay hard.

William kneeled down in front of us, hesitantly drawing his face closer to my pussy. Getting tired of his reluctance, I grabbed the hair on the back of his head and shoved his face against my pussy and Greg’s heavy balls. William let out what could almost be described as a muffled whimper, but accepted his fate soon after and slipped a shy tongue out to lap at my clit.

I closed my eyes, sighing softly and basking in the combination of sensations between the two men. After a few moments I pushed William’s forehead back a bit and made him watch as I rubbed my own clit while squirming in place on top of Greg’s dick. I started panting already as I tugged back the skin covering my clit, swirled around it a few times with one finger, then let my hood roll back over that pink nub. I could hear Greg breathing harder as well, apparently getting worked up over all my squirming.

Once I felt like William had seen enough of my technique I pulled him back in. This time he was plenty more eager and I could see his little member standing at attention once more while his tongue delved in. He eventually worked up the courage to reach an arm up and gently pinch at the base of my clit while suckling at it.

“Ooh, fuck. Looks like the boy can learn after all.” William peeked up at me and I smirked down at him. “Don’t be afraid to get a little bit rough with it.” He exhaled over my slick pussy and began to tug back firmly on my hood, swirling his tongue around my clit with each pull. I brought Greg’s arms around, guiding him to play with my nipples as I rocked my hips in a slight circular motion on his throbbing member.

I could feel Greg’s heavy breathing on my back; he gave each of my nipples a firm squeeze just as William had happened to be squeezing and tugging at my now plump clit. The two sensations made me throw my head back and let out a lusty moan that surprised even myself. At that moment, Greg let out a soft whine and tried to buck up further into me despite being fully hilted.

Immediately I could feel him cumming inside of me. I rocked my hips side to side, nestling myself firmly over his pulsing dick as spurt after thick spurt of hot cum shot into me and leaked out onto both of us. Knowing William might be squeamish, I held his head in place again, forcing him to finish what he started.

Surprisingly, William seemed to pay no mind to the cum pooling near his face; he acted determined to get me off for once. Greg’s dick pulsed inside of me, a last couple lazy spurts of cum filling my pussy. I gyrated on his now spent dick as I was right on the brink of my own orgasm.

William, perhaps seeing how close to the edge I was, gently pressed my clit between his teeth, instantly making me shudder and begin to cum. Once I felt it coming on I couldn’t help but push William’s head away and continue on myself. I tugged back the skin over my clit hard with two fingers, rubbing circles around my clit with my free hand. I shuddered more; I could feel my pussy clenching around Greg’s half-hard length as I came, sending me into a full second orgasm and leaking cum over the both of us.

I closed my eyes tight, jerking off my clit and pressing down into Greg’s lap. To my pleasant surprise, I felt William’s tongue drag along the length of my pussy again, this time focusing closer to where it met with Greg’s dick. My thighs closed around his face and I let out another soft moan as a third, short orgasm escaped my body, my clit pulsing excitedly before retreating back under its hood.

After a few moments, the three of us sitting and panting in silence, I slowly raised myself up from Greg’s lap. His now flaccid member flopped out of me and hung over the edge of the bed, glistening with our cum. Even more cum dripped out of my pink, swollen pussy, landing on Greg’s dick before dripping onto the carpet.

“I guess we’ve all earned a shower after that.” Greg looked down at his spent member, then to me and William.

“You go ahead,” I smiled wide and looked to William as well, “I can just have little Willy here clean me up.” William’s head jolted up and he blushed beet red, looking at my pussy covered in someone else’s cum. I laughed (too hard) seeing his look of shock and reached over to throw my panties playfully at his head. “I’m kidding, dork. Come clean up and then we can have some pie afterwards.”

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