First Full Pelvic Exam

by constance22

It’s my first time to the gynecologist and I’m scared. I’ve hooked up a few times so far, but I’ve never done this. Something about being poked and prodded, treated like a non-human specimen, and being asked completely personal questions by a stranger… it’s just not the same as a hookup. I’m 19 and I’ve been putting this off too long. It took a lot of mental prep to get myself to even make the call for the appointment. But really, I just can’t get birth control any other way.

I walk into suite 210 and, after filling out some paperwork, take a seat in the corner. My stomach must be doing somersaults. I pick up a magazine to flip through it but my hands are too shakey and I can’t focus. I decide to just try to sit still with my hands in my lap. I’ll work on meditating or something.

After what seems like an eternity, but really just turns out to be five minutes, I’m called in by a friendly looking nurse in pink scrubs. She sits me down, takes my blood pressure, measures my height and weight, and asks me several of the questions I thought I already answered in the paperwork. Then she hands me a cup and instructs me to leave a urine sample. She directs me to the bathroom, and I try my best not to make a mess of this. After I come out, she leads me into an empty exam room.

The exam room has a regular exam table with the regular paper on it, but I notice this table is angled in the middle and has stirrups at the end… different from the ones I got used to as a kid in the pediatrician’s office. The nurse in pink scrubs instructs me to undress completely and put on the paper gown. “Gown” is an overstatement, really. It’s more of a flimsy paper vest and a flimsy paper blanket that’s just barely big enough for me to wrap around my waist. As I’m undressing, I notice the labels on the cupboards and drawers. Cotton swabs. Cotton balls. Bandages. Proctoscopes. Gloves. Wait, what? What the hell is a proctoscope?? I think about what it probably is, and as it dawns on me, my anxiety shoots up again.

After what seems like another eternity of sitting on the exam table, practically nude, thinking about proctoscopes and telling myself there’s no way in hell that’d be used on me today, the doctor finally comes in. She has dark brown hair, almost black, bright blue eyes, and what I think are some pretty stylish glasses. She’s wearing blue scrub pants and a fitted white tee shirt under her lab coat. She doesn’t seem older than 30… she must be new here. She’s friendly enough but mostly ready to get down to business. She starts off introducing herself (Dr. Lane) and starts asking me some questions. She asks about my previous partners (four?), whether I’m in a monogamous relationship at the moment (no), if I have been experiencing any problems (no), if I have any emotional stressors in my life (college, duh), etc.

“So what brings you in here today, Constance?” she finally asks.

“I’d like to get started on some birth control pills.”

She smiles warmly and lets me know that she will have to examine me before writing me a prescription, and instructs me to lay back on the table.

She starts with the breast exam. “Okay, now just relax and bring one arm over your head,” she says, as she gently takes my hand by the wrist and leads my arm upward. Oh jeez, it’s actually starting now. My heart must be pounding, and I’m sure she can see that. She carefully opens one side of my paper vest and starts feeling my right breast. I’m trying so hard to breathe slowly, but this is all too new. And weird. And it seems like it should be a little bit sexy. Is it? I’m so scared i’m starting to get a little wet, despite how hard i’m willing myself not to.

Dr. Lane takes two fingers and palpates every inch of my breast, paying special attention to my nipple, which is now hard thanks to her touching it. I try to tell myself she sees this all the time, just relax, she’s not here to judge. How many breasts must she rub in a day? Dr Lane then covers my right breast again with the paper vest and then comes around to the other side of the table to do the same to the left breast. Again, she gently leads my arm by my wrist over my head and opens my vest. Again, she firmly palpates my entire breast and nipple with her two fingers. Both of my nipples are hard now and I can’t believe I’m about to open my legs for her when I’ve become so accidentally aroused by the breast exam. I’m mortified, but part of me wishes she would have kept going.

She walks to the counter and starts preparing a tray full of tools, and instructs me to scoot my butt to the very edge of the table and put my feet in the stirrups. I do as she says, and she turns around with the tray and places it on a surface next to her, grabs a stool, and rolls right up between my legs. I’m trying to keep the paper blanket blocking my view of her—I don’t want to know what any of this scene looks like. So I stare up at the ceiling waiting for whatever is about to happen. I’m cold, I’m humiliatingly wet, and I’m exposing my most private parts to someone I met five minutes ago. I’m not even sure what exactly is going to happen next. Wait, what happens next?

“All right! I’m going to start off with an external examination. Ready?” she asks. I manage to choke out “yup”, and she begins. Using her index and middle fingers again, she starts rubbing and massaging my thighs, feeling for my lymph nodes, my mons pubis, my outer labia, and the part of my butt that was visible to her in my position, whatever that’s called. I waxed a few days ago, thinking how embarrassing it would be to show a completely unkept vagina to a stranger, but I’m starting to regret that now because there’s nothing hiding my lubrication. I’m sure she can see it, but she’s so far kind enough not to say anything. I then feel her use two fingers to open my outer labia and start examining what’s inside. She massages my inner labia, which almost makes me moan, and then my clitoris, which does make me moan. Was that supposed to happen? Maybe she didn’t hear it. The whole time she examines me, she tries to make pleasant small talk, and I try to respond as though my lady bits aren’t being pleasantly/awkwardly manipulated.

She massages my clitoris for what must be a solid five seconds, then massages my inner labia again with her thumb and forefinger of each hand, then massages my outer labia again, massaging from top to bottom. I can’t be sure since I’ve never had one of these exams before, but I’m starting to wonder if this is a little excessive. I’m so wet I can feel it on my ass now, and she has managed to massage it all over my hairless labia. Dr Lane then spreads open my ass cheeks and gently rubs my perineum and the exterior of my asshole for another five to ten seconds. I try to stifle another moan. She then stops and reaches over to her tray. I’m a little disappointed the massage has stopped. I can’t believe how good that was feeling. Is this supposed to feel good? It probably doesn’t help that I find her pretty sexy.

She turns back toward my exposed wet vagina and says, “alright, now for the fun part. I am going to insert this speculum into your vagina and get a swab from your cervix, okay?” Again, I barely manage to choke out an “uh huh”. She giggles and jokingly says, “normally I have to lube this thing up, but I think you’ve already taken care of that for me”, and slowly inserts the speculum into my vagina.

It feels really long. She must be going really slowly because it seems to take forever to get all the way in. Finally I feel the handle against my ass crack, and she stops pushing it in. I think I can almost feel it against my cervix it’s so deep.

“Now I’m going to slowly open it so I can see inside your vagina. Let me know if it’s too much.”

I hear some clicking and I feel my vagina open up. “So far so good?” she asks me. “Yup!” I try to cheerfully reply.

“Okay good, you’re doing great! Just keep relaxing.”

The clicking stops and my vagina is now completely open. I feel like she must be able to see into my soul. She grabs a light and brings it around. At least the light feels warm on me. In me.

I hear Dr Lane moving things around on her tray and I decide to look just as I see her pick up a long wooden stick with a cotton-tip and bring it to my now very wide opening. I feel a slightly warm sensation somewhere inside my belly, and before I know it she’s placing the wooden swab into a baggie and closing up the speculum. I’m relieved to know this is finally almost over. I have some pretty mixed feelings about this exam so far. Do I want to go home and cry? Or do I want to rub my clit until I get off the second I get into my car?

I’m ready to sit up and put my clothes back on when Dr Lane tells me we’re not quite finished yet. I lay back down and wonder what could possibly be left. “We’re not?”, I ask. “No, I still need to do a digital exam and palpate your uterus.” I’m not 100% sure what any of that means, but I soon find out. I try to relax as she gently spreads my knees even further apart and stands up. It’s hard to avoid looking right at her now. She puts her left hand on my belly, almost to my hairless pubis, and inserts what I think are two fingers into my vagina. She’s using her hand on my belly and her fingers inside me to massage me. Just like the other manual exams, this one also seems to last a while. Then she removes her fingers from my vagina, and without warning inserts one back into my vagina, and one into my asshole. I knew I liked ass-play during sex, but this is still surprising. This isn’t sex! But now she’s massaging my belly, my vagina, and my asshole. I look up at her and realize she’s blushing and breathing a little heavily. I close my eyes and decide, fuck it, may as well enjoy the moment—she almost certainly is.

But then suddenly it stops, and all fingers and hands are removed. I notice her gloved hand is glistening from my lubrication, right before she removes it. Dr Lane then picks up a clipboard and starts writing a few things down. I start to sit up and ask, trying to hide my disappointment, “is that it? can I get dressed?” She stops writing and looks at me, both of us blushing hard and a breathing a little heavily, my wet vagina still out in the open, and says with the slightest hint of a smile, “actually, I noticed something on your anus and I’d like to have a better look at it, if you don’t mind.”

My mind freezes. For a moment I just want to scream “no!” and get out of there, but something stops me. Something deep inside me is begging me to stay, begging to see where this goes next. Begging me to let her examine my ass just like she examined my labia and clit. I stammer, “oh-okay… y-yeah… sure.” Noticing my nervousness, Dr Lane comes over to me and puts one ungloved hand on my shoulder and one on my head, guiding me to lay back down. She strokes my hair a little to comfort me and says it might feel a little uncomfortable, but she’ll do her best to be gentle.

As I’m laying on the table, she opens the door a crack and calls, “Trish? Can you come here a sec?” A moment later, Trish, the nurse in the pink scrubs, pops her head in and glances in my direction for just a split second before she turns her attention to Dr Lane. Dr Lane tells nurse Trish to prepare an enema bag for a rectal exam. I sit up very quickly at this. “WHAT?!” I exclaim, never in my life having imagined that obtaining some pills could be such an ordeal. Trish leaves and shuts the door, and Dr Lane comes back up to my side and gently guides me to lay back again. “It’s just so we can see exactly what’s going on, so everything is clean and we don’t mis-diagnose anything.”

I lay back down, but I’m shaking again. And is it just me, or does Dr Lane seem to be enjoying this?

She saddles up again between my legs, pushing my knees far apart again, and tells me she wants to start with a proper digital rectal exam while the enema is being prepared. Despite all this humiliation, I am now wetter than ever, and she pulls on her gloves and easily slides two fingers into my anus. I can feel her warm fingers moving around inside of me, almost like she’s trying to explore every bit of my asshole her fingers can reach.

“Just relax, almost done…” she says while she works.

I’ve closed my eyes again and am starting to enjoy it when, without knocking, Trish reappears in the room. She’s brought with her an enema bag with a hose attached at the bottom of it, with a rectal nozzle at the end of the hose. The bag is full of water, and all I can do is hope it’s warm. While Dr Lane is still digitally examining my rectum, Trish (completely unfazed by what she’s walked in on) is hanging the bag up on a tall hook next to the examination table.

While Trish is working on preparing the enema, Dr Lane sneaks a third finger into my anus. My knees are shaking now, I can feel my clitoris pulsating, begging to be touched again, while Dr Lane keeps feeling around inside me, still maintaining a very professional medical demeanor. She then stops and slowly pulls her fingers out of me and removes her gloves. Dr Lane then comes to my side and instructs me to sit up, while helping me do so with one hand on my arm and one on my paper-vested back. I can’t believe I’m still practically naked.

Trish then has me scoot back on the table, puts away the stirrups, and then pulls out an extra length of table and pulls some paper over it. Trish tells me to lay down on my left side, with my knees pulled up to my chest. The paper blanket now is pretty much torn up (why are these things so delicate? They’re practically made of crepe paper) so I don’t even bother trying to use it to cover myself. My ass is now completely exposed to the room, and both Trish and Dr Lane are behind me.

Since Dr Lane “examined” my rectum, my asshole feels a little looser. Suddenly I feel a hand on my right butt cheek while Dr Lane says soothingly “okay we’re going to insert the enema nozzle now” as I feel the hard tip press into my anus. It’s a long rod with a bulbous tip, and goes in easily as they feed it in, and then it stops. I feel it wiggle a little, I assume to make sure it’s secure. They then let go of the nozzle and my butt cheek and I can feel the hose hanging from my asshole. It’s a very odd sensation, but one I would remember and imagine every so often later on.

“Now I’m going to begin releasing the fluid” I hear Trish say from behind me. I don’t really have time to respond when I feel it—a warm flow into my belly. For about the hundredth time today, I’m not sure whether to be humiliated or aroused, so I wind up stuck in between. Dr Lane comes over in front of me and is stroking my arm, I guess to help me relax, while Trish behind me keeps saying “just relax, we’re almost there, you’re doing great, almost done”.

It takes about five minutes to get all the fluid in me, and I realize my belly is bigger now. Dr Lane walks back over to Trish finally and the hose is clamped off, and the nozzle is gently removed. The warn me to be very careful sitting up. I slowly sit up, naked from the waist-down with nothing but a battered paper vest up top. The vest is hanging open and my belly is almost in my lap, it’s so full. While Trish is cleaning up the enema equipment and preparing whatever is coming next, Dr Lane comes over to me, opens my paper vest, and gently touches my belly.

“My, you’re able to take a lot, aren’t you?”

I am a little flattered at this, since she seems to mean it to be a compliment. She almost seems impressed. “Yeah, I guess so” I say, as I can feel it doing something to my insides, and struggle to keep my asshole closed. I almost wish I had a butt plug to keep it all in.

Taking the equipment with her, Trish takes her exit. At least fewer people are involved now… though I did kind of like the embarrassment of my asshole having an audience.

I start fidgeting a little, trying to keep all the fluid in. Dr Lane must notice this, because she reaches into a drawer and removes something, I can’t quite see it, and instructs me to lay back again. I do, and she opens my legs and pushes something firm into my anus. She steps away and it stays in place. “Better?” she asks. I guess it is better… I realize it’s really firmly stuck in my asshole.

While still struggling with a belly full of water, Dr Lane comes over and opens my vest again, sighing as she looks at my big belly and my breasts sitting on top of it.

“I need you to hold that fluid for as long as possible, it helps clear everything out. I know it’s hard, being so full. How does the stopper feel in your anus?” she asks me while ever so lightly stroking my belly.

“Okay I guess. It’s helping.”

Dr Lane seems satisfied with that, smiles to herself, and closes my paper vest. She then reaches into a cupboard and gives me an actual cloth gown, and tells me I can wear that to the restroom in the room next to this one to relieve myself, then come back in here. I stand up with nothing covering my waist and remove the paper vest, completely naked now with some sort of plug in my ass and a distended enema belly, and she doesn’t feel the need to look away. I put on the cloth gown, trying to hold it closed in the back because I don’t have time to tie it-this is getting urgent. I hurry into the bathroom and relieve myself. I can’t believe how much is in me, I had no idea. No wonder I felt so full.

Once I finish and clean up, I come back into the exam room and immediately notice that the stirrups are back out again, there is fresh paper on the table, and a new tool on the tray. Dr Lane is writing on some papers on a clipboard and barely looks up when I come back in. “Take a seat, lay back and put your feet up” she says to me while still writing. I do as she says, and after she finishes writing she takes a seat on her stool again and slides up between my legs, pushing my knees apart. Now that the enema is done, I realize I’m excited for what comes next.

She picks up what I realize is a proctoscope off the tray, lubes it up, and tells me to scoot so far forward that my butt is off of the table a little bit. I do as she says, and then I feel her spread my ass cheeks with one hand and she says “the proctoscope is being inserted now, you’ll feel some pressure” as I feel her insert the cold scope into my anus.

I’ve never felt anything like this before. My ass is loose enough now that it slides in easily, and it feels like it’s really deep in me. She then cranks it open slowly, and I feel the warmth of the light on and in me again. All I can think is that my ass is wide open for her. I’m pretty thankful for that cleansing enema now. I hear some tools being moved around again, and I feel tiny odd sensations deep inside my rectum.

Then, to my surprise, I feel my inner labia being massaged again. With the scope deep in me and my ass pretty much gaping, Dr Lane is using her other hand to stroke and gently pinch and massage my inner labia, up and down, from clitoris to vagina. I’m moaning now, and she’s breathing heavily. Then I feel her take my clitoris between her thumb and forefinger and start massaging it between them. Every few palpations she quickly and gently runs her thumb over the tip of my clit and I let out a louder moan.

My ass is still gaping, the scope hanging out of me holding my rectum open. Finally she gives my clitoris one quick lick while still plying it between her fingers and I can’t help but cum, right there in the doctor’s office in the middle of my rectal exam. She’s still slowly, gently, lightly massaging my clitoris while she closes and removes the proctoscope with her other hand, and I’m still orgasmically convulsing.

“Everything looks good,” Dr Lane tells me, as she stands up, still slowly stroking me while I keep having mini convulsions on the exam table. She finally removes her hand, removes her gloves, and starts writing me a prescription for Ortho-something. I sit up and start to get dressed again. I see a box of tissues I could wipe myself off with… but then decide I’d rather wear my wetness home. I pull on my panties, clasp my bra, pull my shirt over my head, and pull on my skirt. My thighs are wet now but I don’t care. While I’m slipping my sandals back on Dr Lane hands me my prescription and her business card.

“Let me know if you need anything else. I even make house calls.”

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Lessons to Learn

by mirri

Pulling you by your long blonde hair, I drag you down the stairs. The basement is dark but for a small nightlight, creating more shadows than light. Glaring at you as you stumble behind me, I throw you against a St Andrew’s cross and slap your face. Already terrified, you crumble into a trembling mass on the cement floor.

“Stand up, bitch!” I snarl, causing you to shrink further into the floor. My hand finds your hair again, burying deep into the blonde curls and fists, dragging you to your feet with a squeal of pain. “Move again, without permission and I’ll call a biker gang in here to show you what real abuse is all about.”

Your face, so beautiful, but for the angry red mark from my hand, pales and you freeze long enough for me to strap you to the cross. Leather cuffs, secured with dully gleaming brass locks restrain you to the oak cross, making an X with your body.

“You interrupted my conversation, that was bad enough…”

“I’m so sorry, Mistress, it will never happen again,” you whisper, interrupting me again.

“Shut the fuck up. How many times do I have to tell you to be quiet in one night? You insist on interrupting me; what do I have to do to keep you quiet?” I pull out a cock gag. The black dildo completes a circle of latex tubing. It has no straps, only the elastic latex to keep it tight, and a ring on the outside. You won’t be able to push it out with your tongue.

“Suck on this, my little bitch, you want a cock so much, here’s one for you to suck on. Maybe this will shut you up while I teach you a lesson.” My hand moves under your jaw, fingers pinching your cheeks so your mouth opens then shove the gag in. I know it will fill your mouth completely and any movement of your mouth or speech attempts will force a gag reflex. I snap the band around your head, pulling your hair in its grip.

Tensing, your eyes fill with terror; your breathing stops. Crimson tipped fingers curl into claws; you panic and try to get away. Wrenching your body forward and back, you lunge at me, trying to escape. You try to reach the gag, to yank it off, but I’ve you locked tightly.

I slap you again, another red mark blooms on your alabaster cheek, gaining your attention again. Gripping your jaw again, I growl, “breath through your nose, idiot. You have no reason to panic. Yet.”

You calm as my words sink into you and suck in chest-heaving breaths. You fall limply onto the cross, letting the cuffs take you weight. The claws are the last to relax. Head hanging in shame, pressing into my palm, I feel you slow down, remembering again why you are here, not the panic attack.

Tugging your face up so I can look into your eyes, I snarl, “You’re not getting out of this with subbie drama. You gave yourself to me with a collaring and contract, to do with as I choose to, in play or punishment. Now is the time for punishment.”

Your eyes close, forcing a tear to slide down your cheek. I laugh softly and murmur, “Now you’re understanding, aren’t you, baby? I’m angry. I’m going to teach you certain lessons tonight that you’re not going to forget.” I hear a soft moan come from low in your throat.

I stroll to a cabinet, under your watchful gaze, pulling out a small plastic bag attached to a long, flexible tube and a dildo. This one is short and fat, with wide spirals going down to its flared bottom. I look at you; your eyes widen, then clench shut. You concentrate on breathing. Laughing, I walk to the sink, then let the water flow until it’s comfortably warm. I fill the bag and snap the tube, just to see you jump before walking to the freezer. My nipples tighten with the rush of cold air and I quickly toss three long ice cubes into a bowl, along with the dildo. You whimper as I approach you, I only smile sweetly – with a touch of evil. On a whim, I stop back at the cabinet, retrieving something small, you can’t tell what it is, then rummage around for more little things. Three small items clang into the metal bowl.

Kneeling in front of you, I place the bowl between your legs, slightly behind, you can’t see anything but the top of my head and the hand holding the water filled bag that I have hooked to a nail on the cross.

I slowly rip your thin muslin skirt to the waistband, you wear no panties, as usual; I do not allow you to wear them. A muslin vest, secured closed with a single button covers your breasts.

My hand moves between your legs, you are completely open to me, not even a dusting of hair to hide your most vulnerable place. One finger rubs your clit, starting slowly, in big, slow circles. Your head tilts to the side, resting on your shoulder as your ass cheeks clench in pleasure. My finger moves faster until I see you gleaming with moisture; one long finger dips into you, drawing a hot rain into my palm. You shift so that your knees are pointed outwards, opening you further to me, becoming lost in my pleasure.

I take the end of the hose, and slide it into your wet heat, drawing it out quickly. One hand separates your ass cheeks more as I slide the tube into your tight little asshole, lubricated with your own juices. Already the warm water begins to fill you.

“You had a lot to drink tonight, didn’t you, baby?” I murmur, “you’re going to have to get rid of that pretty soon.” Your eyes widen even more as you realize that the enema will not be a simple one. You suddenly notice that your bladder is straining and just as your ass is filling.

“I don’t like it when you drink alcohol, baby, it makes you forget the training I’ve given you in being a lady. You snuck into bar without my permission.”

The bag is emptying and your tummy is beginning to pouch out. I flick your clit with my forefinger. “Tighten up,” I instruct and pull the tube out of your ass, quickly replacing it with the dildo, after dipping it into your liquid heat. Tapping on the dildo, I murmur, knowing you can hear me, “Don’t let this fall out, if you do, you’ll be sorry.”

I pick up a piece of ice, drawing it up your inner thigh, and smile, then push it into your hot cunt. You immediately tighten more. I add another piece, knowing the first is already melting inside of you; you shriek behind your gag. Feeling your hips squirming, I slap your thigh, “Be still, you can’t push the ice out without pushing the dildo out, but to make sure, I’m going to make sure that its not going to come out until I want it to.”

Reaching into the bowl, I pull out heavy black upholstery thread, that I’ve scrupulously unwound, sterilized and wound again, already threaded onto a thin needle. I prick the skin of your labia, blood wells into a tiny droplet. Your cunt tightens; melt water is already dripping from it, drawing the needle through and out, to prick the other side, then cinching it closed. The cunt I’ve spent hours worshipping, gapes and flinches as more crimson blood oozes from your tender skin. Your screams are muffed behind the cock gag.

“You were upstairs begging for male attention, you whore. You were kissing every male you could get your hands on. Every one of them pushed you away. You want something in your little cunt, bitch, you can have it.” I shove the last piece of ice deep inside you and lift the needle to penetrate you again. Hot liquid pours from you as you piss into my hand, losing control in your agony. Savagely, I growl and slap your thigh, then wipe my hand over the flaming area.

“With this pussy sewed shut, you won’t be able to get a cock in here.” I close one more stitch. “This is my pussy, you little whore, no one touches it without my permission.” The needle digs into you again. “You have been told about offering your body to others. It is in our contract that only I may offer you to another. You may never do it yourself.” I tighten your labia closed over your cunt, dripping with pinkish water, grab something from the bowl and stand.

Lifting my hands to hold yours, looking down into your pain filled eyes, my forehead drops to yours. I kiss your nose, just as I do in times of loving play, knowing it drives you nuts, but still makes you giggle.

“You gave your body to me, to love and to punish. You are mine, now and always.”

One hand glides down your body, opening the single button on your vest to caress your breasts. Gentle fingers tease them to peaks, then my mouth follows, sucking greedily on my property. You taste of heaven on earth, your texture is silk, your scent is sweat and honey. I stand. In each hand now, is a clover clamp. I open one and close it on your nipple, pulling the string then treat the other to a kiss before clamping it, too.

“Your breasts may never press against another person’s body in lust, little one, they are mine.” I pull the strings again, tightening the clamps. Your moan fills me like music.

A single finger traces down your breastbone, over your painfully full tummy, sliding down into your treasure, still closed. Gently, I pull out the first strand of thread, leaving the other two, your whimper filling my soul. My finger delves deeper, stroking your clit. I gently kiss your eyelids. I carefully pull out the next thread, one finger sinks into your cunt, still chilled from the ice, to stroke it back to heat, my thumb caressing your clit from under its hood. My other hand rubs across the very tips of your nipples, surrounded by steel, you shiver. I drop my head to lick tenderly, teasing the hard points of your breasts as I pull out the last thread, dropping it to the floor. Moaning in pleasure, you move your cunt into my hand, seeking more of my pleasure, you grind into my hand, seeking more of my fingers, even though your belly is straining for release. I pull away.

“You disrupted the entire party, beautiful girl, with your drunken humiliations. What should I do?” My fingers tap the dildo, holding the water inside of you. “Tighten up,” is the only warning I give you before pulling it out, dropping it to the floor and stepping back quickly.

I turn away, hearing you groan in embarrassment as you void. Sobs are muffled by the gag and the sound of liquid hitting the floor.

The smell fills the room as I get the hose, holding it limply until the only sounds are your tears from behind the gag. Knowing you are now completely empty, I turn the hose on and walk back to you, hosing the filth down the basement drain. Holding the hose in one hand, I remove the clamps. You try to scream, but the cock in your mouth stops it from assaulting my ears.

Expressionless, I hold the hose up to your chest, letting the cool water cascade over your breasts and down your body, clearing most of the filth away. After cutting your vest and skirt off with one of the many pairs of safety scissors, I throw the ravaged muslin into the fireplace, to be destroyed later. Then, using a washcloth and soap, I efficiently wash your body, gently cleaning the piercing sites, then ruthlessly hosing down the floor. After dropping the hose, still running, near the drain, to flush it.

Your skin is pink from embarrassment, but pale underneath the rose. I unlock your feet from the cross first, then your hands; you sink into me, I guide you to sit on the floor. Curling as small as you can, you sob into your hands.

I stand and watch you for a moment, tears sliding around your hands and onto your naked breasts, before going to the fireplace and touching a match to the kindling below your clothing.

Resting my hands on the mantle, I lean with all of my weight, pushing my frustration into the wood, knowing what still must be done. I stand for minutes, I don’t know how many. The clothing, consumed by the flames, is now only glowing embers. Your sobs have slowed, to be replaced by a mantra of “I’m sorry, Mistress, please forgive me.”

Sure the fire is safe, I leave its warmth and turn off the hose, the smell has dissipated. I go back to the cabinet and retrieve a long leather thong, then string it through the ring on the front of your gag. Your head bows, eyes close and you assume the position of all fours. Echoes of begging for horsy rides and loud cowboy yells earlier skim through your mind; I say nothing. You already know. Your knees part and hips square while a silent sigh of relief shudders through your body that I’m not holding the tail you’ve worn in your ass before. You know this isn’t play, but a quiet lesson, more humiliating than painful.

You take up the washcloth, lying on the floor, and carefully wash my shoes, then kiss the tips of each. While you rub your cheeks over my shins, I say quietly, “we will now put away my tools.”

Your hips square again and I sit on your ass, directly above your legs. You crawl slowly to the washing machine, far across the floor, as I ride you. I drop the cloth in, knowing that it will be clean and put away before I am awake in the morning.

Silently, I guide you by tugging on your reins to the cross. Body weak, but resolute, you crawl to do my bidding, bringing us closer to the bowl still sitting on the floor and bag hanging from the cross. Without looking, I know everything in it must be washed thoroughly. We reach it, I drop the bag and tube into the bowl. You begin the slow journey to the sink, pushing the bowl across the floor with each forward movement. The only sound is the slap and thump of your motion and the harsh scraping of the metal bowl across the cement floor.

At the sink, I stand and help you rise and remove the thong from your gag. You do the washing up under my supervision. Each item is washed in hot soapy water then soaked in alcohol for a minute before being placed in a bag and into the cabinet. You move on your knees to the cross as quickly as possible, to wash down and dry the leather cuffs and covers and return to me, to wash your hands and kneel. I remove the gag, setting it in the sink. Tomorrow will be fine for that.

My hands slip into you hair again, this time to caress and stroke. I raise you to your feet, take your hand and lead to the stairs. You’re confident that I’ll take care of your wounds, as is my plan. At the base of the stairs I stop, gently kissing your lips, saying nothing.

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Enemas for Two

It started out an ordinary day in my ordinary life. Up with the sun. Morning coffee and some quiet time to begin with. I got dressed, and out the door I ran to a meeting for my Internet retail business. I arrived early at the Internet Café, a local hangout for geeks like myself.

Ordering a double latte, I took a seat in a booth by the window, opened my laptop and logged on to the company website. Immersed in the web, indulging in my six buck cup of coffee, it wasn’t long before I noticed her in the doorway looking misplaced or lost. I quickly stood and waved, getting her attention.

She was a looker if never I saw one. She had a five foot six inch slender figure and she smiled with a look of seducing allure. She had a smile only models seem to have, and her curly red hair flowed over her vampire skin shoulders, which embodied the color of pure virgin milk.

Approaching the booth her lustrous scent indulged every sense of my nose as a melting feeling of ecstasy evoked my imagination.

“Hi, I’m Salesa, I am guessing you are Gregory? It is such a delight to finally meet you,” she sensually stated. Her lustful bedroom voice emanated with the scent of her body as the sensuality of every erotic nerve in my body went into overdrive. “Yes, I am Gregory, it is a pleasure to meet you,” I calmly and professionally replied.

As Salesa sat down her perfumed scent enveloped me. Her sleeveless red sundress exposed the smoothness of her perfect, soft skin. The ruffled length of her dress was hemmed above her unscathed knees, showing off her smooth silk textured legs. Her black leather pumps enhanced her spicy look.

I glanced at her hands, observing she wore no wedding ring. I politely asked a worker to bring another beverage.

Our meeting began with the discussion of profits, loss and gains. I showed the business plan explaining the detailed layout of our operations. Two hours passed and our discussion of business slowly diminished. She began asking simple questions about my personal life. I answered as honestly as any guy of my stature would do, which led to a personal, and sexual conversation.

Salesa slowly leaned over our table, crossing her arms and asked in a seductively soft voice, “I’ll tell you my sexual desires and fetishes if you tell me yours.”

The sensual tone of her voice and honest words caught me off guard; I blushed to collect my thoughts.

“Well?” she replied. “I know you want me, I sensed it the moment our eyes met.” What could I say, it was as if she knew me.

Our conversation took a fast turn for the erotic when she began to unveil confessions I only imagined or saw in the movies. She expressed how she loved the feeling of another woman’s lips gently kissing her. How deeply passionate a woman’s lovemaking was compared to that of a man.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she said. “I love the feel of a man’s body almost as much, it’s just they don’t have the deep sensitive compassion to satisfy my sexual desires in the same manner as another woman.”

I swayed, listening closely as my uncontrolled erection grew to full length. “Now, it’s your turn to arouse me, what is it that drives you to ecstasy?”

I could not avoid nor deny my true pleasure.

I gathered my thoughts and answered with hesitation, “You really wanna know?”

She replied, “Just tell me.”

“Ok,” I answered with shy doubt. “I enjoy the sensual erotic participation of taking enemas and having a woman or two share the experience with me”.

Salesa’s face glowed bright as the morning sun with a smile from ear to ear. “I have the same sexual fetish,” she confessed in excitement, “though I enjoy it with a partner before indulging myself with a third party.”

With excitement and aroused enthusiasm she softly asked, showing no hint of hesitation, “are you free until tomorrow, because my cleansing urge has been aroused for days, yet I’ve been holding off with hope I may find a partner.”

My body grew excitedly numb as if a drug invaded every sexually aroused nerve inside me. I replied, ” Yes I am free for today.” We gathered our belongings and scurried excitedly to our car.

After arriving at my home we lit the fireplace, opened a bottle of wine to relax, letting go of our inhibitions. We finished our drinks and strolled to the bedroom. I gently unzipped her silk dress and it slipped off her soft shaven body, exposing her black velvet bra and tantalizing thong.

She removed her soft velvet covering as I placed my arms around her hourglass waist, feeling the warmth of her silky white skin and perfectly formed breasts press gently to my body.

Her fire red hair glowed upon her skin like an erotic California sunset.

We walked to the bathroom, filled our two-quart enema bags with warm soapy water and carried them to the bedroom, hanging them upon the bar of my canopy bed.

Salesa asked in her sensual seductive voice, “Will you lube n tube me first?”

I looked into her eyes and replied, “My pleasure is yours.”

As she lay across my satin bed the perfect curve of her naked body stretched to a horizontal position. I placed my hand upon her thigh, rolled her on her left side, bringing one leg to a bent position. I expelled air from the tube, gently inserting the well lubed silver bullet nozzle into her rectum, massaging it in circular motion, intensifying her anal pleasure. I thought she would orgasm at any moment.

“Deeper,” Salesa moaned with exquisite pleasure. “Push it deep inside me till it connects with my colon.”

“How will I know when it’s there”, She looked over her shoulder and replied with a blissful pleasured smile, “You will know, trust me.”

I continued inserting the nozzle deep inside her rectum, while massaging her clitoris and caressing the outside of her beautifully stretched anus.

Suddenly, Salesa let out a squeal so intense I felt her body shake.

“OOOOHHHH, it’s there,OOOOHHHHH, what a sensation of erotic pleasure it gives me, let the water flow begin,” Salesa moaned in excruciating pleasure.

I wanted to satisfy her every desire, opening the enema clip, letting the warm water gently wash her colon and rectum.

Salesa screamed with excitement as pleasure converged deep inside her. “Oh my heavens, the feel of flowing water electrifies every nerve in my anus, it’s like a continuous running of cum from your hard shaft.”

Her erotic smile expressed a look of orgasmic enjoyment . As her bag ran empty, Salesa moved herself in a fetal position using her pelvic muscle to retain the water that flowed within her lower intestines.

I realized she was well experienced with enema sex when she raised to a kneeling position, with a look of blissful pleasure, “Now, it’s my turn to insert your lubed tube!”

I swallowed with an aroused lump in my throat.

Salesa rolled me on my stomach as she lubed up the silver bullet, slowly inserting it up my erogenous hole. Sensual pleasure ravaged through my body as the smooth textured curves massaged my warming anus.

Salesa caressed the outer rim of me with her warm lubed fingers. As she pushed the tube up slow and deep, she whispered with watered pleasure, “Tell me when it has reached your deep spot.”

I enjoyed her soft hands as she stroked my genitals, licking them with her warm, salivating mouth and elongated tongue.

In a moment of silent pleasure, Salesa fully released the clamp of my enema tube letting the warm water flow against my colon, arousing my anal senses while enjoying the wet pleasures she helped give.

I realized now why it’s called the Silver Bullet.

As the warm water continued bathing my insides I began cramping with pleasurable pain, forcing me to a fetal position. I held my two quarts of pleasure as Salesa repeated softly, “Hold it in, hold it in, let it flow within your pleasure zone. Let the water gently push into you.”

After the flowing stopped we continued to hold our water as it flowed through us, cleansing our intestines with erotic pleasure.

We held our water until its unbearable pressure could no longer be contained, forcing us to hurry frantically to the toilets. Our water erupted with pleasures of squirting ecstasy followed by screams of intense gratification. This water eruption lasted a satisfying amount of time, after which we cleansed ourselves with pleasured enjoyment, indulging and experimenting with the use of numerous sexual toys.

As the night moved on we pleasured our bodies with enema cleansings and ravenous hot showers.

Salesa squirted while I came, we lavished and douched, indulging in each others tasty liquids of love.

When the morning came, Salesa dressed her voluptuous clean body, embraced me gently, finalizing her goodbye with a deep passionate kiss.

She looked into me with her erotic bedroom eyes and softly whispered, “Next time we’ll be three.”

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Prisoner of Love

Prisoner of Love

Cindy had dozed off for a while on the bed in the hotel room, although she was vaguely aware of some soft music on the radio, and occasional sounds of someone moving around. Her head was spinning from all the wine Steve had made her drink while they were making out on the sofa. He knew he could get her helplessly hot and excited by putting his hand up under her skirt and caressing her, while deep-kissing her aggressively and forcing his tongue into her mouth. After a few minutes of that, she “melted” and he could do anything with her. He had then taken her over his knee, lifted up her skirt and given her a sound spanking … causing her to sob like a humiliated little girl. Then he took her in the bedroom, laid her carefully on the bed and told her to be a good girl and take a nap for a little while because he had a surprise for her later.

(a half-hour later …….)

Cindy tried to get up but couldn’t move … something seemed to be holding her. Then she realized that Steve had tied her arms behind her back after he had removed her panties, leaving her only in her bra, garterbelt and stockings. There was also a gag stuffed into her mouth. She struggled briefly but soon realized the ropes had her hopelessly secure and she couldn’t even call for help. She decided the best thing was just to close her eyes and relax. She trusted Steve and knew that, although he was absolutely dominant, he would not injure her. He was a masculine aggressive male and was a bit rough with her at times, but did so with TLC. He understood her every need .. her every feeling. He had the amazing ability to get into her mind and almost “play” her like a musical instrument. That, more than the ropes, gags, and other things he used, is what really gave him such total control over her.

She heard water running in the bathroom. In a few minutes she saw him return to the bedroom pushing a white enameled cart that looked like some kind of hospital equipment. It had a 4-foot rod mounted on the side, and hanging from it was a large red rubber bag, bulging as if it held a gallon of water. It was so full that the top was slightly brimming over with some kind of white suds. It had a piece of tubing extending from it that was itself connected to a large red rubber tube with a small slit on the side of the tip. Cindy shuddered as she realized this was a hospital system for giving large volume enemas to patients. She hardly had to guess what was in store for her.

Steve sat down on the bed beside Cindy and gently caressed her and removed her gag. “Did you have a nice nap, my sweet one?”

She was lying on her tummy, the only way she could be comfortable with her arms bound behind her. He began kissing her on the back of her neck and simultaneously moved his hands under her, massaging her breasts and working his way down between her legs to her clit.

“I have decided to give you a special treatment today … it will be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but you will feel wonderful afterwards. I am going to give you a deep, cleansing soapsuds enema.”

Cindy was already excited and breathing hard from his kisses and caresses. Now, she gasped, “Oh please, Sir, don’t make me take one of those … things. I don’t like them … Please!”

Steve just laughed, kissed her again and whispered in her ear, “Don’t you worry, my Sweet … it will all be over in a little while and you will feel much better. Then I will take you out to a nice dinner. Sweet girls like you need a good cleaning out once in a while. It is good for your complexion and general health. It will wash out all the bad chemicals and toxins you have taken in from those fast food places and junk food.”

But Cindy cried, “Please, Sir, don’t make me do this … I promise I will do anything and be a good girl. My daddy used to give me those things when I was a little girl and they were so humiliating … I felt so ashamed afterwards.”

But Steve only hugged her again and replied, “I promise I will not hurt you. I will go very slowly and carefully. To get the best results, I am going to use a long colon tube and work it deeply into your intestine. But, as I said, I will push it in very slowly. I have prepared a very good enema mixture with warm soapsuds. The thick soapy water will help the colon tube to pass more easily up into your tummy.”

Cindy began sobbing softly, little tears of humiliation running down her face. “Why do you have to control me so completely? … You won’t even let me keep control of my bodily functions!”, she sobbed.

But she knew there was nothing she could do but accept what he had decided to give her. Although he punished her often in various ways, even painfully sometimes, it seemed to cause him to love her more intensely each time. It was as if the punishment and degradation caused the love and affection that she craved so much.

Steve then took a small squeeze bulb filled with mineral oil and lubricated the tip with K-Y Jelly. He then pulled Cindy’s little cheeks apart and pressed the tip against her tight little anal rosebud.

“I want you to take several deep breaths now … it will help you to relax.” Now in total resignation and submission, she did as instructed, her arms still bound tightly behind her back. Then he gently pressed the tip of the syringe against her anus and pushed it all the way in. Simultaneously, he squeezed the bulb and forced it to eject its contents into Cindy’s rectum.

She gasped, “OH .. oh .. that feels so strange .. it … ” Although she didn’t want to admit it, she began to experience a strange feeling of wonderful surrender. She was helplessly bound and was being forced to receive a humiliating invasion of her body. But she also had an ambiguous feeling of happiness in being “taken” against her will this way by this man she loved and trusted so much. Steve then took the large red rubber colon tube, lubricated it slightly, and began working it into Cindy’s delicate little rear passage. He successfully got it past her tight anal ring and felt it glide free up into her rectum about 6 inches. Then he skillfully twisted and probed until it popped thru the rectum into her ascending colon.

“Now we are ready to begin your enema,” Steve said. Cindy heard a “click” as he opened the stopcock on the tube from the bag.

“Uu..hhh..uu…hhhhh,” Cindy gasped as she felt the warm soapy solution jetting and spurting into her tummy. She could even hear it gurgling as it rushed into her lower colon. She jerked slightly and tried to reach down to remove or pinch the enema tube. However, Steve had taken the precaution of binding her arms tightly behind her back, using a special technique of pulling her tied hands high up to lock them in place and keep her from reaching anywhere near her buns. He continued to work the colon tube deeper and deeper into her.

“I’m giving you a high enema”, he said. “By pushing the entire length of the tube into your colon, we will get much better results.” Cindy moaned as she felt the tube penetrating deeper and deeper into her, steadily ejecting its soapy solution.

Cindy closed her eyes and fought to hold back the tears. She felt so completely defeated and humiliated. She glanced up at the large 4-quart enema bag hung from the wall to see if it was nearing emptiness. It appeared to be half empty. She squirmed and tried to force out the enema tube. But it was no use … it was a long thick one and it felt like a snake had entered into her. She could feel the warm soapsuds flooding across her transverse colon. The pressure began building up back in the other direction. She struggled and was able to look down and could see her huge bulging tummy.

“Please, Master, stop the enema … I can’t hold any more … I can’t take it,” she begged him. Her tummy was churning and cramping now from volume of the enema, which was by now 3 quarts, and the nausea caused by the soapsuds.

Steve then became very kind and ‘fatherly’ with her. He began gently kissing and caressing her as she struggled to hold the enema. He rammed his tongue deeply in to her mouth and moved it back and forth.

“That’s my sweet little girl … just close your eyes and be a little girl again for me … I want you to be a good little girl and hold your enema for Daddy, and fantasize that I have ejaculated a huge quantity of my masculine fluids into you. It will be over in a little while and you will feel so good afterwards. You know I am only doing this for your good, don’t you? Of course you do … you’re my sweet little girl and I’m going to take care of you because I love you very much. You know that don’t you? You must hold your enema for a little while in order for it to work. But this will help you take your mind off the pressure and cramping in your little tummy. Do you know how little babies calm down when they have a mother’s breast put into their mouths to suck on? Well, big girls are sometimes like little babies too … but they need something different in their mouths. Daddy is going to put his penis in your mouth and I want you to just close your eyes and kiss and suck it … just like you used to kiss and suck mommy’s breast when you were a baby. Right now, my penis is enlarged and swollen, and it will feel fairly big in your mouth. That is because you are such a sweet little girl that you have made me feel good, and that’s what happens to a man when his girl makes him feel good.”

Steve then gently pushed his hard erection against Cindy’s mouth. Her lips resisted at first, but he pushed harder and forced himself deeply into her mouth. She gasped and moaned from her Master’s intrusion. She could feel how hard and swollen it was. She could barely take in her mouth as it almost made her gag. However, it did seem to relieve the pain and discomfort she was experiencing from the soapy enema. She closed her eyes and moaned as Steve begin to slowly thrust himself back and forth in her mouth. She involuntarily pursed her lips and clasped his wonderful cock the same as if he was having sexual intercourse with her mouth. With her tongue she instinctively began licking and caressing the swollen head, moaning softly. Cindy now actually felt good … the discomfort of the enema had magically turned into an almost pleasant full feeling. She fantasized that she felt this way because he had made her pregnant. She felt wonderfully secure with her arms tied tightly behind her back. There were no awkward decisions for her to make … she could just lie quietly and helplessly under the control of her Master as he moved back and forth in her mouth with a steadily increasing rhythm.

Cindy was delirious with pleasure and anticipation. She was already moaning and breathing harder, involuntarily moving her hips from the sexual pleasure he was giving her. She was sucking passionately, feeling like she was a baby again.

“Oh, dear Go,d” she gasped. “That feels so good, Master.”

The fullness of the enema and the fullness of his cock in her made her delirious with pleasure. She was now ready to totally surrender herself.

“Oh Steve … please … I give in .. I surrender to you … just take me and use me for your pleasure … make me your woman .. your little girl … your obedient disciplined girl … yes … yes …. discipline me, train me, make me exactly the kind of girl you want.”

He began to steadily increase the rhythm of his strokes and she could hear him panting and breathing harder. Then he was furiously pumping back and forth almost ramming the full seven inches of his swollen cock all the way into her, almost down her throat, causing her to gag.

Finally, and mercifully, he groaned, “Daddy’s going to give his little girl something special … a special gift now …. here it comes …. I’m coming sweet girl …..I’M COMING ….. OH … AH.H…. OH .. arrrgggggghhhhhhhh ……….”

Cindy felt the blast of thick fluid jet into her mouth. She could actually feel how hot it was, and this was the ultimate pleasure … the one thing that could cause her to totally lose control of her mind. She tensed and squirmed again, testing the rope bondage on her arms as she swallowed his huge load. Mercifully, Steve put his hand down between her legs and began caressing her erect little clit. That’s all it took … she completely lost control and her body jerked and thrashed back and forth as she felt an intense climax sweep thru her. Both of them were panting and sweating from the intensity of their sex and orgasms. Wonderfully helpless in her bondage and her master’s cock still throbbing in her as she sucked out the last drop of wonderful fluid, Cindy broke down and cried, sobbing with tears of joy … a prisoner of love.

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Coffee Enemas

The first time I had anal sex I was shocked. One, what was I doing with the guy I was with? And two, what was he doing with me? He lived in the upstairs apartment of his family home. He was the son of a cop. I was the daughter of a cop. I had gone home with him because I thought he was sexy. There were fist holes in his bedroom wall. We had conventional sex at first, and then he pushed the head of his penis into my virgin anus. I squeezed my eyes tight and let him enter me, endlessly. When I went to the bathroom later, it hurt, and nothing came out, not even blood. While it was happening, I thought that fighting back might not be the best idea, so I didn’t. He had his way with me. The worst of it was, he shared his sexual exploits on the telephone with his friends while I was trying to clean up the next morning. I did not have any unwanted anal encounters after that. After that instance, I always controlled things, allowed and sometimes even persuaded the right sized penises to enter my anus. Still, I felt dirty and wrong about wanting anal.

Until years later, when I went for a high colonic at a doctor’s office in Chicago. There, I felt water rushing into me in a fluid motion, and flowing out of me through a clear tube that showed me what was coming out of my body. It was amazing – the doctor (holistic, entirely) told me what to look out for, what was coming out of my body, what it all meant. He told me I had hypothyroid and should only eat Caesar salads from then on. I took his advice for about two months and then slipped into my old patterns of behavior.

A month ago a delivery man came in with a meat order. I am a prep cook at an upscale restaurant in a mid-American city. He said that he needed to flush his system, and that he would use a coffee enema to do it. I wasn’t particularly shocked. This particular delivery driver was prone to giving TMI on a regular basis. But something he said about it was intriguing: You can lose weight this way. It will make your skin better; your eyes shine brighter, the luster of your hair will improve. It will speed up your metabolism.

I entertained thoughts of losing weight through enemas for several weeks, and finally broke down last weekend. I went back online and researched the benefits and the recipes of the coffee enema. I went to the local pharmacist and purchased a combination douche, enema, and water bottle. And I proceeded to take the meat man’s advice.

I began by using up the last four tablespoons of espresso style coffee I had in house. I put five cups of water to boil with the remainder of coffee, let it boil for three minutes, and then simmer for fifteen additional minutes as instructed by the site I had visited. I diluted the water with a half portion of cold water from the tap.

Into my new red water bottle, I administered the coffee serum. I hadn’t quite mastered the art of the squeeze clamp, so I squirted the first cup of coffee/water serum right onto my closet floor, but after that I found a way to clench the tube. I lubed the tip with olive oil, as directed by the website, lied down on my back, and opened the clamp to allow the coffee solution to enter my body. I held it in as long as I could and when I was ready, expelled. A seemingly astronomical amount of fecal matter left my body, with a liberal dosing of coffee. It was amazing. I flushed, and flushed again. I still had more to let go of. I looked down and aliens were exiting my buttocks.

I went down for another dousing of enema water. I did it lying on my back, holding it in for as long as I could. I expelled, again, into my household toilet. I was amazed that nothing overflowed, as so much appeared to be leaving me.

The feeling of an enema filling you is like no other. I’ve taken cocks into my ass, I have. But the sensation of water filling you is very different. It’s kind of gentle, and painful at the same time. I remember lying there thinking, “You’ve taken more than this in flesh form and you can handle this. Stay cool.”

I remember a cock not being able to fill me in quite this way at all. In fact, I remember nothing about anal sex that is as pleasant as the slow, steady flushing motion of water filling your asshole. I can remember nothing so tender and loving as liquid flowing in. Mind you, I alone controlled the flow of fluids into my bowels during my first enema, and my second, and my third. When a cock rushes into that orifice, it’s a lot less forgiving. But every time I’ve had anal sex after that first time with the fist punching wall bastard, it’s been gentle, and guided by my own discretion. I’ve always chosen a cock size just right for plunging into my rectal depths. And every time after that first anal rape that I suffered, I’ve made it a point to stimulate my clit while being entered anally by a rock hard but exactly right sized penis.

None of that, however, measures up to what I feel when the crimp in the tube is loosened and the water starts filling my bowel chambers during an enema. I get so turned on by it that I cannot see straight. I hold it in, and hold it in for the prescribed length of time, ten minutes or fifteen. Then I position my buttocks over the toilet and forcefully expel. I feel in that moment the fullness of being, letting go of all that pent up liquid. I feel full, but not with the sawing essence of a hard cock… though I enjoy that immensely….

With enemas I feel clean and dirty at the same time. It’s filling, intense, and wonderful. One day, in the near future, I would like to have an enema and then a good solid ass fucking from the right guy.

I mean that.

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Beande’s Huge Enema


Beande is a slightly past middle-age married man. He is a bi anal erotic with a life long fascination for enemas. He often administers enemas to himself and sometimes submits to enemas administered by others. Today Lady DeTorma will give Beande the largest enema of his life.

Chapter 1

I am again naked in the dungeon of Lady DeTorma, waiting for her to arrive with her slave Jill. Last time that I was here, she spanked my butt till it turned purple and I screamed myself hoarse. This time she has promised to give me a very large enema. I know that she has an amazing assortment of skills and equipment to inflict many forms of abuse upon my body. I will soon find out what methods she will use today.

The door opens and Jill enters. Only Jill. She is nude, of course.

“Hello Beande. Lady DeTorma gave me instructions on how to prepare you for your ordeal today. I am to give you cleansing enemas so that you will be completely emptied out before she begins to work on you. She wants you to be empty and stretched so that you can hold more enema solution. These won’t be little enemas like I gave you last time you were here. These will be large enemas and several of them. The whole process will take at least two hours, probably longer. Lady DeTorma finds this boring, so she assigned the task to me. I’m glad, because I like to give you enemas. We should get started now. Will you help me prepare the hot, soapy enema solution?”

I take the dish pan to the sink and put about six quarts of hot water in it. Then Jill adds three heaping tablespoons of Ivory flakes to the water and stirs it with her hand to be sure that it isn’t too hot. Then I carry the pan to a small table in front of a sturdy wooden bench. Jill sits down at the middle of the bench, where she can easily reach the dish pan with the pint enema bulb.

“Lay across my lap, Beande, with your head to my left.”

I lie down on the bench with my butt raised on her lap. My dick is hanging between her legs and it begins to get hard.

“You like that don’t you Beande – feeling your cock against my legs. It will get even harder when I put this hot soapy enema solution into your ass.”

She slips the nozzle into me and begins squeezing the bulb. As my prostate gets warmer, my dick gets harder. It feels good. She notices the hardness and closes her legs around my cock. When the first bulb full is in, she refills it and slowly injects the second one. After a minute or so wait, she fills the bulb for the third time and empties it into me.

“Let that soak in for a while and then you can go to evacuate it.”

As I lay there with my colon full of hot, soapy water and Jill’s legs griping my penis, I can not decide which I want more – to evacuate the enema or to screw Jill. Jill decides it for me by telling me to go to the toilet.

I stay on the toilet for a few minutes to let my colon drain completely. While I sit there, Jill walks slowly around the room, deliberately giving me the opportunity of viewing her body from all angles.

Jill is a very beautiful young woman. Twenty-three years old, perfect skin, long blond hair, blue eyes, firm breasts, narrow waist, sensuous hips, long legs, excellent muscle tone and of course her pussy is shaved.

She sits down on the bench again, “Let’s do it Beande.”

As I lay down across her lap, my dick slips between her legs again. Her legs feel warm, but I’ll bet that her pussy would be even warmer. She fills the bulb, inserts the nozzle and again fills my rectum with hot, soapy water. My prostate gets hotter and my dick gets harder. Twice more she fills the enema bulb and empties it into me. Three pints is not an overly large enema, so I was content just to lay there across Jill’s lap and enjoy having my dick between her warm legs. It ended all too soon when she told me to evacuate the enema.

The sink is directly across the room from the toilet. Jill walks to the sink and stands facing it with her legs spread apart. She bends over from the waist, with her legs straight, as though looking for something on the lower shelf. I have a clear view of her beautiful, shaved pussy. She remains that way for far longer that is necessary to see everything on the shelf. My dick is really hard now.

She returns to the bench and beckons to me to lie across her lap. I do so and feel her legs grip my hard dick again. Jill empties three bulbs full of enema solution into my bowels.

“I’m going to give you a full two quart enema this time, Beande.”

She fills the bulb again and inserts the nozzle. She injects the enema solution slowly, stopping every few seconds to let my tummy expand to accept it. When the bulb is empty and withdrawn, she pushes a two inch diameter butt plug into my ass.

“You have to hold this enema for several minutes and that butt plug will ensure that all of the enema solution stays up your butt.”

Even though I am very uncomfortable, I don’t mind it as long as I am across Jill’s lap with her warm legs holding my dick.

“After this enema soaks your colon for a while, I am going to rinse you out with several large enemas of clear water. I’ll use an enema bag with a hose and you will not be on my lap. You will be bending over with your head lower than your butt. You can put your head and shoulders on the padded foot stool.”

Oh darn, this is the last time today that I will have Jill’s warm body against mine. I’m beginning to like these large enemas when Jill administers them this way.

“Five minutes is enough soaking. Time to go evacuate your bowels.”

With reluctance, I get off of Jill’s lap and sit on the toilet. After I pull the butt plug out, I allow the enema solution to just flow out of me without forcing it. This third enema comes out completely in less time than the other ones. The cleaner your bowels, the faster the evacuation. All that is left inside my colon is a lot of soap suds. Jill will soon take care of that with her rinsing enemas.

“When you think that your colon is empty, come over here and stand in front of the foot stool. Good. Now bend over and rest your head and shoulders on the foot stool. Keep your legs wide apart. That’s good. Now your head is lower than your butt and the enema solution can flow down into your bowels. This position makes it easier for you to hold the five pint enemas that I will be giving you. I know that it’s a lot of fluid to take, but it will help to enlarge your colon capacity. Lady DeTorma plans to give you at least six pints of an enema solution that will be very hot and have a very strong soap in it. You need to take these enemas to prepare you for the bigger enemas that she will give you.”

Jill pushes a large, plug shaped enema nozzle into my ass and immediately releases the hot water from the enema bag hanging above the foot stool. The hot water rushes into my colon with a force I hadn’t felt before. As my colon rapidly fills, the water flow slows, but does not stop. Even though my bowels are full, the pressure from the overhead enema bag stretches them until the five pints are inside me. My stretched guts and muscles hurt in a way that I had not experienced before. It was a new kind of pain – or pain in new places. I start to stand up, but Jill pushes my head down.

“No. You have to hold that enema for several minutes. It will help your colon to remain enlarged for the bigger enemas to come.”

The enema nozzle has a shut-off valve where the hose connects. Jill closes the valve, clamps the hose closed and removes the hose form the nozzle.

“Ok. Beande, that’s long enough for this one. Hold that nozzle in until you get to the toilet.”

I stand up and waddle over to the toilet. It’s difficult to walk normally when my tummy is distended like this. I sit down, pull the plug and the water gushes out of me. My tummy deflates so quickly that it feels like I’ve been punched in the gut. Most of the water comes out immediately, but a pint of so remains in my ascending colon. I have to bend and twist and push on my abdomen to expel it.

“No time to rest, Beande. Get in the position for another one.”

Jill has filled the bag again with five pints of hot water. She pushes the nozzle into my ass, opens the valve and releases the hose clamp. The water rushes in full force. In less than a minute my colon is being stretched to a five pint capacity. Soon all the hot water is inside of me. I’m very hot and my entire body is covered with sweat. My tummy is as tight as a drum.

“You can stand part way up, Beande. Put your hands on the stool with your arms straight. That way the water is still pushing out on your tummy.”

I hope this position relieves the pressure inside me. It doesn’t. At least three or four minutes of misery pass before Jill lets me go again.

“This is the last one Beande, but I’m putting in a bit more that five pints of hot water this time and you should hold it for at least five minutes.”

For the last time five plus pints of hot water gushes into my bowels, stretching my colon even further. I am sweating profusely as the five minutes tick slowly by. The lower half of my body aches from the stretching of my skin and muscles. The heat and pressure in my gut has set my balls to throbbing. And this is just a preview of what Lady DeTorma plans to do to me.

At last the time is up and I release the pressure from my insides. I spend extra time on the toilet to ensure that my insides are completely empty.

“The last part of my instructions is to fix a drink for you. I’ll be right back.”

Jill soon returns with what appears to be a glass of beer.

“Here, drink this. It’ll help you relax.”

“What is it?” “It’s a glass of beer with two shots of 100 proof Vodka in it. Just drink it down and we will wait in the playroom for Lady DeTorma.”

I finish the drink and put the empty glass in the sink.

Chapter 2

The gynecology exam table is in the center of the room. In front of it is the enema machine and a utility table covered with the items that Lady DeTorma will use on me.

The door opens and Lady DeTorma enters. Today she is wearing a pink, form-fitting, sheer body suite with an eight inch wide black belt and black high heel shoes. Black latex gloves complete her outfit.

“Beande, today you will receive the largest enema you have ever experienced. You will be hooked up to an enema machine that will inflate your tummy until you think that it will burst. You have never taken a six pint enema before, but you will take more than that today. The enemas will be very hot and thick with an irritating soap. You are going to suffer and I am going to enjoy your screams.”

Her words send shivers through my body. Oh Mother of Misery, what have I let myself in for this time. How can I endure this?

“Beande, step up here, sit on the edge of the table, between to stirrups, lie back, and put your legs into the supports.”

As I lie back on the table and put my legs into the raised supports, Jill straps my legs firmly to the supports.

“Jill, move those leg supports further apart, I want his legs to be spread wide. And elevate his head and shoulders a little. I want him to be able to watch me. Then secure his arms to the sides of the table.”

I am securely restrained on the table by the straps binding my arms and legs to the table in a manner that will not interfere with Lady DeTorma’s activities.

“I will now begin to stretch you sphincter so that you will be able to accept the large enema nozzle that I will be using on you.”

I see Lady DeTorma pick up a medium size dildo, about 1 ½” in diameter, and spread lube on it. Then she presses it against my anus and applies a steady pressure. I feel my sphincter muscles slowly stretching until the head enters my ass. She continues to slowly apply pressure until it hits bottom, deep inside me. She lets it stay there for a few seconds, allowing me to feel the fullness inside my rectum, and then begins to fuck my ass using long steady strokes. After a couple minutes she withdraws that dildo and selects another, larger one. This one is over 2″ in diameter. She has to push harder to get this one in. I feel my sphincter muscles stretching to their limit as the head slides into me. It continues to stretch its way into my bowels until it can go no further. I am as full as I have ever been before. Maybe more. As she strokes the big plastic cock in and out of me, I feel my ass hole moving in and out with it. She begins to increase the pace of the strokes until that cock is going rapidly in and out. By the time she stops, I am more than ready to have that thing out of my ass.

” Now we are ready for the enema machine. Lets get him hooked up, Jill.”

The enema machine isn’t really a machine – it doesn’t have any motor or gears or pumps. It consists of a small platform on wheels that holds two five gallon buckets with lids and a post that rises over 6 feet high. On top of the post is a graduated cylinder marked off in pints. It holds ten pints of liquid. A tube connects the cylinder to a shut-off valve on the bottom of a large enema nozzle which is shaped like a butt plug. Another, larger tube, with shut-off valve, connects the enema nozzle to a bucket. It works like this. The shut-off valve on the large tube is closed and the one for the cylinder is opened. Water drains from the graduated cylinder into the bowels of the enema recipient. When a sufficient amount of water is in the bowels, the cylinder valve is closed and the larger valve is opened, allowing the fluid to drain from the bowels into the bucket. Gravity operated, no pump needed.

The enema nozzle that she is going to push into my ass is shaped like a butt plug and over 2 ½ ” in diameter. Larger than the big plastic cock. Lady DeTorma puts lube on the butt plug and in my ass. When she pushes it against my anus, it goes in about half way before it stops. My ass has been stretched by the dildo, but not enough to accept that huge butt plug. She pushes harder and rotates and wiggles the plug in an effort to get it in. I can feel my ass hole being stretched bigger than it has ever stretched before. It hurts. I think that my muscles are tearing. Just when I think that I will split wide open, it popes in and my muscles close around the base of the enema nozzle. I am thinking that it will probably hurt just as much when it comes out.

“Jill, did you prepare the enema solution as I instructed?”

“Yes, Lady DeTorma. The water temperature is 125 degrees and I stirred in several spoonfuls of very strong laundry soap flakes. It’s very hot and very soapy.”

“Good. Now put eight pints in the glass cylinder and get the air out of the tubing.”

Jill fills the cylinder and manipulates the tubing so the air can rise into the cylinder and the tube is full of the hot enema solution.

Now Lady DeTorma opens the small valve. Not all the way, but just enough that the fluid will flow in slowly. I watch the fluid level go down in the cylinder. I feel the heat building in my rectum. I see my tummy slowly swelling up as the hot fluid floods my colon. I feel it getting tight and my whole body is getting hot. I start sweating all over. With the heat and soap irritating my colon, I want to push out the enema solution, but the butt plug makes that impossible. I look at the cylinder again. About four pints. Only half way. I’m not hurting yet, just very uncomfortable but I know that I will be hurting by the time the whole eight pints are inside me. And the cramps are starting as my body tries to eject the hot enema fluid. The cramps persist for about a minute than subside for a while. But the hot, soapy fluid just keeps flowing in and heating my rectum far above normal body temperature. It hurts. I can do nothing. I am powerless to stop the buildup of pain. All I can do is to endure. Will this go on forever? I look again at the cylinder. Five pints. My tummy hurts. Help me! Lady DeTorma closes the valve. Not that I feel relief. No. I want desperately to evacuate this pain from my body, but I can’t. All I can do is lay here and suffer as the sweat runs off my body.

On the table is a piece of 1″ diameter plastic pipe about 16″ long. I wonder what she is going to use it for. Did you ever see a trucker thump his tires to check the pressure? She thumps my tummy with the pipe to see if it is as full as it can be. THUMP THUMP THUMP

“You aren’t quite full yet Beande. There are many things that I can do with this little piece of pipe. Here’s another one.”

With those words she slaps the pipe against the narrow area below my swollen tummy and just above my penis. The pipe beats a steady barrage against that area. THAWK THAWK THAWK The blows come hard and fast. The red hot pain of this beating makes me forget the pain in my bowels. I try to shift my body away from the painful strokes, but the restraints will not permit any movement. She gives me 40 blows that turn the area bright red.

“Time to add another pint or two. Then some time to let your tummy stretch and adjust to the pressure.”

She sets the valve for a medium flow.

I watch my tummy swell as the fluid level goes down. My insides are on fire, my tummy is about to explode, the pain is becoming unbearable. Just when I feel that I will pass out, she stops the flow.

“You have taken six and a half pints, Beande.


“You are stretched very tight now. I’m going to stop now for about a half an hour to let your gut relax and get limber enough to take the rest of this enema. Jill, watch him while I’m gone. If he faints, use the smelling salts to revive him.”

Pressure, pain, heat, sweat. Half an hour seems like an eternity, but the pressure and pain diminish while I await Lady DeTorma”s return. I don’t faint.

“It’s time for the Grand Finale, Beande. I sincerely hope that you can survive this without passing out. But don’t concern yourself about that. Jill has the smelling salts to revive you if you do. I don’t want you to miss any of the action.”

It starts. Lady DeTorma adjusts the enema valve for a slow flow.

“No reaction yet, Beande? Maybe you will notice this.”

She opens the enema valve more. Now I can really feel the water stretching my tummy, the pressure is becoming so intense that I can feel the stimulation in my genitals. My balls draw up, my cock is hard and throbbing. As the pressure and heat increase yet more, I begin to moan and scream.

“Oh what a beautiful sound, Beande. I love it. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you won’t get any more enema. You already have the whole eight pints inside you. And you told me that you couldn’t hold even six pints. Just for lying to me I’m going amuse myself by tormenting your testicles.”

With that, she grabs my scrotum and pulls until my balls are compressed by tightly stretched skin. Then she uses her sharply pointed fingernails to scratch dig and jab at my balls. The scratching isn’t bad, but when she buries a pointed nail into a testicle, I scream long and loud. Still holding my balls tight, she makes a fist with her other hand and punches my testes several times. I can feel the pain radiate up into my kidneys.

“Beande, I’ve had my fun for today. Now Jill will help you recover from your ordeal. She will rinse out your bowels and give you a hot bath to relax you. Then you will get an alcohol rub-down, a stiff drink, muscle relaxants and be put to bed to sleep off the pain of this session. When you awaken, you will be able to claim your reward for enduring this session. Jill is your reward.”

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Just Say Neigh

Just Say Neigh

September is the time of year when days begin to cool and leaves begin to change from their seemingly endless array of summer green to the more vibrant colors of autumn. The air turns crisp and clean in the early morning hours as the nearing frost hints at the pending winter. It’s the time of year when the days grow shorter and the bees buzz in frenzy to get their stores in supply for the long winter. It’s the time of year when a spring foal will have turned from wobbly-legged wonder into a more confident young filly. As she gains her bearings and learns of the world around her, she begins to explore further into the pasture to partake of the moist grass that beckons with fresh morning dew. She bows her head and takes a choice mouthful of the succulent carpet of sustenance. Her curiosity causes her to stray further on her own and test what the world has to offer.

It was one such morning that I knew it was my task to make a trip to the barn for the morning feeding. The horses would be waiting impatiently for their morning ration which included a treat of a carrot and molasses cake. Each had become accustomed to this morning ritual and were pacing restlessly as I approached. “Yes, Brindie, you get your morning treat,” I smiled as the young Arabian took the molasses cake nimbly from the palm of my hand. Her soft muzzle was a reminder of how gentle these creatures could be yet also possess a power that could propel the most avid equestrienne into another place and time.

I finished the treat distribution to the remaining group and replaced the soiled straw in each of the stalls with fresh. With the work finished, I turned to the shower that had conveniently been constructed in the barn for clean-up after chores. It didn’t take long to remove the dirty, dusty clothes and expose my skin to the heat of the barn. I adjusted the water of the shower to tepid and stepped beneath the rain shower head. The water felt cool against my smudged face and the well-worn cake of lavender soap was a delight as I lathered it up in my hands. It didn’t take long before I had covered my entire body with aromatic lather. It felt smooth and soft against my warm skin and I used the opportunity for this private moment to let my fingers linger on my heavy breasts. Round and round they went. Circling slowly until I’d allow the tips to tease the hardening nipples. They’d easily slide off as I tried to pinch them to a more attentive state. I moaned as my soapy hand strayed down my tummy and into the sparse patch of hair between my legs. The lips were smooth and slippery as I kept them shaved for Master’s ardent touch. I took great care to make certain each fold was cleaned then began to think of what I would cleanse next.

A hook attached to the wall of the shower room held a shiny silver can from which a long hose protruded. I swung the hinged unit underneath the steady stream of the shower and moved my soapy finger to my awaiting backside. As I slid my finger down to caress my puckered anus, I envisioned what may happen later in the morning. Never knowing and not wanting to know. I was just preparing. My soapy finger felt little resistance as it slipped past the tight rim. The heat from the inside of my body was a sharp contrast to the temperature of the shower water. My mind strayed as I removed my finger and replaced it with the soapy tip of the latex hose. It slid in easily for the first five inches and then met with resistance. I reached to the clamp on the hose and opened it. The sudden burst of air alternating with water in my rectum took me off guard for a second as my body began to adjust to its presence. As the water continued to flow, my sphincter gripped the hose and seemed to ache for it to snake to a higher place. Grasping the hose with my fingers, I began to ease it deeper as the water filled me. Easing the soft shaft deeper inside me as my colon continued to be filled with the tepid water. It didn’t take long for the water to start the spasms that would demand my body give it relief. I pulled my lower lip into my mouth and groaned as I waited for the urge to pass. My legs clamped together and my hand massaged the area in my abdomen causing this urgency. It must be controlled and retained and I must feel this ache to a greater depth within me before I’d allow any of it to be released.

I continued the short strokes of the hose, inching it in further each time until I could feel the tepid water bulging on my right side. My eyes looked down at its familiarity and my hands massaged it until I could no longer resist the urge to keep the contents within me. My sphincter relaxed as the water began to seep around it and I moved to stand over the meager commode directly adjacent to the shower. I allowed the can to stay beneath the head of the shower as the steady stream of water kept flushing my colon. My hand once again moved to the freshly washed pussy. I took my clit between my fingers and squeezed it hard to divert my attention from the unbearable cramping from the thorough cleansing. It took several minutes of continued concentration to stand there and let the purge become clear. Satisfied that I had accomplished what I had set out to do, I removed the hose and allowed the rest of the watery contents to empty from my chilled bowels. This complete, I stood and washed myself with the lavender cake, rinsed my body with clear water and turned the water to the shower off. The next task was to dress in the proper attire for the day’s activities.

Master kept his equestrienne gear in a separate tack room in the barn. As the creaky door swung open my nostrils were filled with the aroma of warm leather. The varying browns of the various tack items were kept clean and supple with a regimented schedule of cleaning with leather soap and buffing. The surfaces were soft and glowing in the morning light. The smaller box in the tack room contained the special equestrian equipment that I was interested in this morning. I found the key to the small brass padlock on the box and opened it gingerly. Propping the lid up, I looked at what lay before me. What are finer mares to be fitted with these days? The equipment within was a striking array of black leather with silver trim. I chose the black leather cincher as a starter. It’s fine leather lacing up the back was a stark contrast to the stiff boning of the ribs within the bodice. I pulled it up over my hips and fastened it securely, feeling its silk lining against my freshly washed skin. My breasts, now more accentuated by the narrowing of the waist the cincher produced hung seductively over the top. I touched my nipples tentatively and thought of what may be in store for them later in the morning. The bridle was a simple design that required my silvering hair be pulled up and through the top in a traditional pony-tail fashion. The rings at each side were available in case Master would choose to place a bit between my teeth and stifle any complaints I may have during our play. I donned the long, leather fingerless gloves and stepped into the three-inch black leather heels. The outfit would be complete when I inserted the blonde pony butt plug into my vacant rectum. I reached for the special lubricant that Master prepared for me to use for insertion of the plug prior to our play. His desire was to have my rectum prepared by softening it with the girth of the butt plug while warming it with a gel that was spiked with a pinch of ginger. Master knew the effect the warming would have on me. I lubed the plug generously as close to the widest bulge of the plug as possible and placed the tip against my anus. The warmth of the ginger made itself know almost instantly. This was a difficult task to do alone, but Master required of it his pony prior to play in order to prepare her for his attentions. He knew his mare would be warming before he even touched her. Knew her body would be begging for his touch and crying out for release. The sting of the ginger went deeper and deeper as the plug was worked in meticulously. It was all I could do to keep myself from cuming during the insertion process and as the plug expanded me to its widest point, I let go of it. I closed my eyes and let the sensations overtake me as its contoured form slipped the rest of the way into my backside and gasped as my knees went weak. The wispy ends of the horse-hair tail tickled the backs of my calves as I swayed from the intensity of the insertion. The ginger lubricant was like a roaring fire within me as my rectum clenched onto the plug which began to stoke my arousal. Master knew full-well the effect this would have on me. I felt my legs, wobbly like new-born foal, as I made my way out of the tack room and into the stall that was prepared especially for our morning tryst.

The brightness of the morning sun streamed through the window onto the clean golden straw that covered the floor of the meager stall. The straw was prickly against my skin as I got down onto my knees and leaned forward to place my hands on the floor. My pony-tailed backside was directed towards the stall door and I inhaled and waited for his arrival. My mind kept going over the cleansing shower I had taken earlier and the thought of having cleaned myself to Masters liking prior to insertion of the heated plug. Not wanting to disappoint him when it came time for him to fill me with his desire. I ground back instinctively during my wandering thoughts as I heard the door to the stall open and Masters boots crunching on the straw.

His shadow cast across my face as he neared me and placed one hand on my exposed ass cheeks. His other hand went to the silvery tail on the top of my head and tousled it before he grabbed hold of it and pulled my head back. His hand roamed freely over my ass cheeks and then he abruptly whisked my blonde pony tail to the side and brought his hand down with a resounding smack over my exposed pussy lips. “You’re like a mare in a state of continual, wet heat,” he stated. “I’ve tried time and again to tame you, yet you continue to test my patience. Perhaps what you need is some discipline to remind you of what Master expects of his pony.” With that, Master strode to the cabinet on the wall and opened it to reveal the array of pony discipline implements. The thin wooden box mounted on the wall was a convenient hiding place for his riding crop, leather slapper, suede flogger and wooden paddle. “You need this as a reminder of who it is that allows such a state of arousal. “ With that, he took the leather slapper from its hanging peg and positioned himself behind me. I waited in anticipation of the sting of the thick leather on my exposed cheeks. My backside quivered visibly as I heard the slapper glide through the air and land firmly on my right buttock. I cried out as the implement imprinted its outline on me. The heat from the stroke caused me to lurch forward slightly and then push my bottom back towards Master in an ache for more of his attention. I knew with a few more strokes of the slapper that I would be lost in a world from which I would not soon return. A place that Master knowingly took me. The lines and imprint of the slapper began glowing brighter as he whipped me. The heat increased with each stroke and my cries went unbridled as I orgasmed over and over from the pain/pleasure. Master watched as his marks grew brighter with each landing and could see the nectar from his pony’s pussy dripping down her inner thighs and wetting the flying bits of horse tail hair that adhered to them.

With that, Master replaced the leather slapper onto the peg and picked up a sugar cube and the riding crop. “You’ve taken your discipline well,” he stated as he dipped the cube onto the pre-cum oozing from his erect member. “This is your reward, “he smiled as he placed the wetted cube upon my tongue and put his finger under my chin to close my mouth. I closed my mouth and savored the strange mix of Master’s seed and the sugar cube. I sat up and he knelt before me and pushed two fingers abruptly into my wet pussy. The heat of his hand set a fire burning through me causing me to orgasm once again. “Naughty pony.” He muttered and brought the slapper down over an erect nipple. As the taste of his pre-cum revisited itself in my mind, my eyes wandered to Master’s erect member. I so longed to taste more of him. The taste of his seed and the silky feel of his member on my lips, along with the corona teasing the back of my throat made me recall times past where his arousal pulsated deliciously prior to spewing its essence into my mouth. Much like the horses response to their morning ritual, I savored the “pony treat” he so thoughtfully bestowed upon me from time to time.

Master watched my gaze, stood before me and put the head of his cock against my lips. I closed my eyes and placed my wet lips against the tip of it to suckle. My tongue instinctively licked at the silvery liquid on my lips. He tasted like more. Master ran the riding crop lightly down my back and to the pony butt plug as I drew him deeper. He knew how I wanted to feel his thickness in my softened backside. I moaned and took his cock deeper while my fingers wrapped around its girth. I then wet my finger and placed it directly onto his heated pucker. Circling and pressing until I could feel his cock responding in my mouth. Master turned and leaned forward to allow me greater access to his tightness. Both hands went to his cheeks and parted them. I leaned forward and pressed my face between them and begin to savor his tightness with my tongue. The heat of him on my tongue stirred me to want to press forward deeper, feel him give in to the sensations. My fingers went to his hips and clenched them while drawing him back harder onto my face. My lips and tongue worked feverishly at him. As my tongue dipped into his relaxing ass, I reached between his thighs and pulled on his scrotum. The moan from his lips only fired me to want to see more of his arousal. I placed a finger on his wetted ass and eased easily inside of him. His heat instantly enveloped my finger and I knew Master would enjoy it if I were to turn my hand and probe for the swell of his prostate. I eased a second digit into his hungry ass and started to probe. Finding his prostate, I stroked it until it hardened even more while I ran my other hand up his shaft to help ease the steady flow of pre-cum from his dick.

His cock thoroughly slathered with his pre-cum, I reached to grasp the penis-headed nozzle dangling on the side of the stall. Master positioned himself on his hands and knees on the blanket lying on the floor of the stall. While he was getting comfortable, I proceeded to take great care in lubricating the bulbous tip of the nozzle. I placed the shiny head against his waiting ass. The smooth, lubricated surface of the tip nestled nicely against Master’s anus. I rocked the tip against it until I could feel him relaxing against it then watched as his sweetness swallowed it. It looked so heavenly going into him. His pucker closed tighter around the more slender part of the nozzle shaft as I continued to push its entire five inch length into his backside. My hand slid up the warm hose and opened the roller clamp to release the heated enema. As the warm salt water began to flow into him, I moved the nozzle in and out of him. I could not help but to lick and suckle on his exposed cheeks as the enema begin to fill him. A finger strayed to massage his sphincter as I pulled the nozzle closer to the bulbous tip. I knew this would cause him to feel like he was going to lose the enema but that was part of my wanting him to enjoy all the sensations of the entire enema experience.

I twisted the nozzle slightly as I pointed the black tip at his prostate. Reaching up, I grasped the bag between my fingers and squeezed. The water streamed against his prostate momentarily and then I released my hold and slid the nozzle back in to the base. My free hand went to his lower back and massaged it as then enema continued to flow. The bag was emptying slowly and I knew Master would be experiencing that exquisite feeling of having the warm enema bathing his colon and the fullness that accompanied it. Full evidence of its effects could be seen as his dick bobbed and the enema bag continued to empty. I lay on my back and scooted underneath Master so his cock was directly over my mouth. My breasts were bumping against his ass cheeks as he slid him member past my waiting lips. He began to hump my mouth as one hand pawed at his masculine man cheeks while the other worked the nozzle. The position left him in total control of the depth and speed of thrusts both back towards the nozzle and into my mouth. I knew what an emotional, sexual frenzy this might create as he tried to feel the pleasure from both the nozzle and my mouth at the same time. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked voraciously. My mouth pulled his oozing cock past my lips until I could feel the hair from his enema-filled tummy against the tip of my nose. At this time, I heard the faint gurgle as the enema bag emptied the last of its contents into Masters ass. He would soon need release of some sort or other. Which it would be first, I did not know.

He rose from his position above me and reached for the spreader bar that was hanging on the wooden slats beside us. He attached the ankle restraint clips and pulled on the rope to raise my pony tailed bottom from the floor of the stall to a height that was readily accessible for him from a standing position. Reaching down and grasping the pony tail by the hair, he pulled the plug out in one swift motion. The abruptness of the motion caused me to gasp and I felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me as I knew the readiness of my backside for Masters engorged cock. Master quickly placed himself between my thighs and placed the head of his cock against my sphincter. In one thrust, his member was embedded into me as far as he could go. Master placed his hand around the front of my thighs and held me firmly as he began to thrust mercilessly. The total arousal from the event had taken its toll on me and I had an instantaneous orgasm The wetness from my orgasm trickled down over my mons as Master continued his maniacal pace, slamming his cock hard into my ass. I lost track of the long continual orgasm as his dick continued to plunder my tender backside. Master’s strokes stopped abruptly as he drove his cock hard and deep and held me to him. His body quivering as his stream of hot man-juice jetted into my ass. I could feel the heat and the pressure as it spurted against my recently cleaned colon. My sphincter clenched around him to draw out everything he had. “One more form of release, “he whispered as he strained to start the flow of pent up pressure in his full bladder. “Another treat for you my pet,” he smiled. I felt the heat of his golden liquid flowing into my body, filling me as I dangled from the spreader bar. When he was finished and his cock becoming flaccid from our activities, he pulled himself out and pushed the pony butt plug back into position. “You may hold that for a while.” With that, Master took the enema bag from the rail of the stall and walked to the barn bathroom.

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Parisian Initiation


I was eighteen and after five years at a British public school, I was ready for adventure. I was delighted when my parents sent me to Paris for a month to learn French before I began a career in banking. They arranged for me to stay with an attractive widow, her pretty daughter, Henriette, and her aged mother-in-law in their spacious apartment overlooking the Seine. By day, I studied hard at the Sorbonne and in the evenings I flirted with equal zeal with Henriette. She responded, lowering her eyes and giggling at my efforts to speak French until I was driven mad with lust for her. So mad, that one night before supper, when I thought we were alone, I embraced her, locking my mouth on hers, and was rewarded by the dart of her tongue. ‘Arêtes!’ We leapt apart as her grandmother flung open the doorway. Her eyes fell on the protrusion in my trousers, which I was too late to hide.

Following the discovery, Henriette was locked in her room and I was marched back to mine and instructed to drop my trousers. Somehow my embarrassment did nothing to quell my erection. It was still there when Madame joined her mother- in- law. They left me standing in the middle of the room, while they covered the narrow single bed with a black rubber sheet. I had noticed the bucket in the bathroom with the tubing coiled around it, but had assumed it was some emergency measure to overcome the ancient Parisian plumbing. But when Madame carried it into the room, filled to the brim with steaming water, I didn’t know what to expect. The grandmother urged me towards the bed and before I knew what was happening, she had me on my left side, my right leg raised. She tilted my chin back to make made sure I watched while her daughter-in -law uncoiled the tube. The water fizzed lightly when she added two heaped spoonfuls of soda and swished it around.

The two women were clearly very practiced at their art. The grandmother ran her finger between my cheeks and found the ring. I struggled a little, but it was pointless as Madame was in front of me, holding me down. So I took a deep breath and resigned my self to my strange situation. I cried out afresh when I became aware of the warm flow seeping onto me, but Madame soothed me, stroking my thigh. For a while it felt strange but not unpleasant but soon I was begging again. The flow was clamped off but not before a slap on my buttocks from the grandmother to silence me. With each pause, she checked and pinched my stomach for hardness, making me wince with the effort not to expel. As the clamp was reopened, Madame massaged the swelling more gently. I was beyond shame and more grateful for the distraction when she took hold of my erection, and squeezed it hard. At the same time, my thighs were developing an ache that spread like oil through my stomach. They may consider this a punishment, I thought, but at that moment, it didn’t seem like one.

It must have taken a full twenty minutes to empty the pail of water into me. The grandmother spilled very little onto the rubber sheeting when she skillfully removed the tube and inserted a plug in its place. ‘Restez la!’ – ‘stay there!’ I was told, but in case I had other ideas, my ankles were fastened to the foot of the bed. I began to panic when they left the room, taking the pail with them. The cramps were beginning again when I heard them unlock Henriette’s door. Suddenly my own condition seemed less consuming. As the sounds drifted down the corridor, it was impossible not to imagine Henriette being undressed and spread on the bed. I heard her pleading, her mother cooing softly and her grandmother’s firmer tones. Before I knew it, my hands were working between my thighs, my wrists against the hard drum of my stomach, images of Henriette flooding my thoughts; how her soft belly would be swelling up and how her ripe buttocks would be raised and exposed. It wasn’t long before I was overcome but with a new intensity that I hadn’t experienced until then, enhanced by the vulnerability of my position.

When the women returned from dealing with Henriette I was untied and taken to the bathroom. The sense of release when the plug was removed was overwhelming and I was finally allowed to evacuate. They left me alone but several times, the grandmother came to check on me, watching me heave and strain, a look of triumph on her face. At last I was allowed to return to my room where the evidence of my pleasure still lay in a creamy white pool on the black rubber sheet. My French was good enough to understand that the grandmother regarded this as proof that I was not yet sufficiently purged or repentant. Lying face down on the black rubber, she spanked me until every final drop of liquid had drained out of me.

I returned to England a few days later without daring to flirt with Henriette again. Just as my parents intended, I went on to have a long career in banking. I’ve traveled the world, and confess that what began that night has become an obsession. I have discovered extraordinary women all over the world, all with their own special techniques, but I confess, that the trio of women who first initiated me in Paris are rarely far from my thoughts.

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Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy told me a week ago that I had to leave the door open when I went to the potty; all babygirls needed to be supervised when using the bathroom. I was appalled. I didn’t want him or anyone watching me use the toilet! Of course, it only took one time for him to catch me with the door closed for me to learn my lesson.

He yanked my bum right off that toilet right in the middle of my peeing! He dragged me down the hall with my pants around my ankles and then put me over his lap and delivered twenty-five really hard smacks with the paddle across my rump. I screamed and cried for him to stop. Naturally that didn’t work any, it only made him do it harder. By the time he was finished I had tinkle dribbling down my legs because I wasn’t finished when he caught me with the door closed.

It even got on his jeans, how embarrassing for me! A grown woman pissing herself. He was not happy with that and told me that big girls didn’t pee themselves, especially not when they’re on Daddy’s lap. He delivered two more smacks to my already cherry red bum and half pushed, half pulled me off his lap. Off to the bathroom we headed and he stripped my clothes right off and plunked me onto the potty again.

I had to pee in front of him, with him watching. I blushed right down to my toes I think. When I was finished he made me get into the shower and wash myself up with him still watching me. Those two things should have cured me of being embarrassed in front of Daddy. Still I held onto my modesty and refused to defecate in front of him, that was just too personal. He knew it was just a matter of time until I had to.

And he made me a list of rules too! Number one was that I had to ASK him before babygirl could go potty. That was so that he could watch. Number two was that the door always had to be open when I went. He said that those were to get rid of all my modesty and so that I’d submit to him completely. I thought that the incident where I pottied on his leg had gotten rid of all my modesty. Boy was I wrong. I still had a lot more to learn over the next few days. I refused to go poop in his presence. Daddies are usually right, and this case was like no other.

I held it as long as I could. Every time the urge hit me to go poop I held it. Daddy looked at me and my discomfort and knew exactly what was wrong. The only thing he told me on the first day was, “Babygirl, you’ll have to go sometime. If you don’t go soon you’ll need an enema.”

The second day I fought the urge to go poop again. I thought that if he wasn’t around I could sneak to the potty and tend to my business without him watching. At night, perhaps. He outsmarted me and put a small chain around my ankle and a lock! it was long enough where I wasn’t uncomfortable trying to sleep but I did have to wake him in order to go potty.

Peeing in front of him wasn’t so bad any more; I didn’t blush every time after a while. It became second nature for me to ask before going and I became used to his following me and making sure the door was open. But he knew that I hadn’t gone number two, and that I was getting mighty uncomfortable.

On the third day he told me again, “Babygirl, the longer you wait the worse it’s going to be. You’ll have to ask me to give you an enema now that you’ve waited this long because it’s the only way you’ll be able to potty now.”

That really weighed on my mind. I’d have to ASK him to give me an enema? Ohhh no, I couldn’t do that and blushed at the very thought. Not only did he expect me to poo in front of him, he was going to make me ask for an enema. This man was insane, he was downright sadistic…but he knew that I was doing this to myself.

Finally the morning of the fourth day I was really uncomfortable, I’d not pooped in four days! It was sheer torture, but it was all self-inflicted. It was mind over matter. All I had to do was ask and I’d have relief. But the bad part was now that I was so miserable, I knew he was right. I’d need an enema to be able to relieve myself.

I went and crawled in Daddy’s lap and very quietly whispered to him, “Daddy, I need to potty and it’s number two.” I couldn’t bring myself to ask for the dreaded enema even though I knew that’s what was needed. I hoped he’d just do it and not make me voice those words.

The man was true to his word. He followed me to the toilet and I sat. Nothing happened. Nothing was going to come out, it’d been four days and I was constipated. Daddy watched me and my inner struggle. He knew I didn’t want to ask and he saw how deeply I blushed.

Almost inaudibly I said, “Daddy, I need help to potty, I can’t go.” He wasn’t going to let me get by that easily though.

“What is it babygirl that you need to be able to go potty? And you need to speak up if you expect me to hear you, girlie.” He inquired innocently. Like he didn’t know! The man knew exactly what it was I needed. He was going to make me actually say those words even though I didn’t want to. This was the final barrier of my modesty…or so I thought.

I sighed and tossed the last shred of my modesty to the wind, “Your babygirl needs an enema to be able to go potty because she’s been silly and held it for four days, Daddy.” He smiled at me and warmly took my hands, then kissed me softly.

“Good girl, I’ll make it up for you now. You know that if you’d have tended your business the first day then you’d not be in this predicament.” He turned and pulled an enema bag out of the cabinet, turned on the water to warm, then got a bar of soap and proceeded to shave some off the side of it, dropping the shavings into the enema bag.

He very carefully cut a piece off one side and laid it on the edge of the sink as I watched intently, shaking slightly on the potty. I’d never had an enema, even as a child, and I was strangely curious as to how this was going to happen and what it’d feel like. Would it hurt? Would it be pleasurable? Would it actually make me go poop and give me the relief I so desperately needed?

Once the bag was filled with warm water and all the soap shavings, he mixed it. He then hung the bag on the towel bar and attached a long piece of tubing to it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, there was no way that all that water would fit inside me!

Finally he turned back to me and said, “Babygirl, I need you to take your pants off and get onto your knees on the floor. Then put your head down on this towel.” He pointed to the folded towel and then helped me to the floor as I slid out of my jeans, shaking all over.

“First I’m going to put a bit of lube onto your bottom, then I’m going to put this piece of soap into your bum. It’s to help you to poo like you should have four days ago.” He didn’t want me to be scared, I knew that. Daddy was always good at making me comfortable when he did things, even if they were unpleasant. True to his word he applied a bit of lube onto my bum and worked his finger in and out slowly, allowing me to relax. Once I was relaxed he ever so gently put the piece of soap there and pushed it inside.

“Now babygirl, I’m going to insert the nozzle and let you get used to it, then I’ll turn on the water and let it flow very slowly into you. That’s going to wash everything out.” Then I felt the end of the enema nozzle press against my tight hole. Steadily he applied pressure and it went inside me. Once I was ok with that I heard the clamp click and then felt a trickle of water inside me. Not too fast, just like he promised. Daddy was always so good about being true to his word.

“Dear, if you have any tummy cramps then let me know and I’ll slow it down for you so that they stop.” Softly stroking my back and keeping me relaxed he softly murmured to me to keep my nerves calmed. After about 10 minutes I had a cramp and almost uncontrollable urge to go.

“Ohh, Daddy I really need to go, now!” Rubbing my tummy and clamping off the flow, he reassured me that I was ok. Those things fixed my need to go and allowed me to take some more of the warm fluid into my bottom.

Turning it back on, he allowed me to take some more of it into my bowels. A total of thirty minutes later I was shocked to learn that I’d taken every bit of what was in that bag into me. My tummy felt really full and swollen.

He helped me to my feet and sat me onto the toilet. “Babygirl, now you’re going to really feel like you need to go. Anytime is good, you’ve done excellent and taken all the enema, just like a good girl that I know you are.”

Now I’d peed in front of him, on him, asked for an enema and received one. There was no more modesty left in me. I let go and felt the huge rush of fluid come out of me and into the toilet. Finally after four day I got relief and felt hugely better.

Daddy always knows best what his babygirl needs. Next time I won’t wait for four days to poop, I’ll ask him when I need to go and then do it.


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She Loves Enemas

We met on the airplane and started to chat, about nothing in particular, but just about things in general. She was about my age and indicated that she was a widow. So was I. She said that she had a daughter who was in her early twenties but still lived at home, but wasn’t home too often. Well, as the conversation continues we got on the subject of sex and one thing led to another. She said that it had been a long time since she had had a man in bed.

This was where I decided to turn things up a bit, and indicated that I also had not had sex for a long time. She kinda smiled and gave me a little chuckle. With that I did say that one thing that I liked to do was to make sure that the woman that I was with truly enjoyed herself sexually. At this she said that she had never been with anyone, including her late husband, that she felt had truly satisfied her. I said that I had to agree with her on that point: that most women don’t reach climax because most men don’t take the time to try and satisfy the woman, or don’t know how to do it.

She pressed me about how I would go about satisfying a woman. Well, I said, getting closer to her so as not to disturb the other passengers on the flight, I would gently kiss her on the mouth and the neck and then start to remove her clothes one piece at a time, stopping to kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. From there I would move down to her navel and kiss and lick there before removing her lower garments. Then I would slowly tongue around her vaginal lips and clit. By now she was showing signs of arousal and was having a hard time sitting still in her seat. I could tell I had her. She was to be mine, so I continued to explain about laying her on the bed and proceeding to lick and suck on her clit and pussy.

I told her that I would then put a finger in her pussy, and still licking and sucking on her clit, would move my finger in and out of her. I would also use another finger to slowly rub around her anus. With that she asked me to stop telling her about it. I did as she asked and looked her in the eyes and asked why. She said that she was getting so excited that really what she wanted was for me to prove it to her. So when we landed I said, okay, lets go to your place. It was not too far from where I lived.

By now we were both extremely excited and wanted to get physical. So off to her place we went; when we got inside her house, we headed straight into her bedroom. She noticed that her daughter was not home, so we would not be interrupted. We started by kissing and slowly removing each other’s cloths. I was kissing her neck and lips and slowly moving down to her ample but nice tits and hard nipples. I licked and sucked on them until she was moaning out loud and panting. Moving down lower, removing her skirt, smelling that sweet fragrance of her wet pussy. She also was pulling my pants off and removing my shoes and socks, my cock was starting to press out of my briefs. She noticed at once and asked did I expect her to suck my cock. I told her yes, and that I would lick her too. She pulled my briefs off and kissed the head of my rigid cock. I pulled her up and knelt down and removed her underpants, which by now were getting wet from her pussy juices. I licked and took her clit in, and started sucking and flicking my tongue across it. She moaned and said lets get on the bed, I want to suck your cock. I laid down on my back and she straddled me and lowered her now wet and pouting pussy to my face. I started to lick and suck on her pussy and clit. I moved a finger into her pussy and then two in and moved them in and out. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked like it was the last one she’d ever have. As I fingered her pussy I also was running a finger around her asshole. I got it wet with her pussy juices and started to insert it in her ass.

She jerked up and off of my cock, asking just what I was about to do. I said that I have found that most women’s asses are very erotic and that it would enhance her pleasure. She just drew a breath and said ok. So we continued until finally she came off my cock and I knew that she was about to climax like she had never done before. Her ass muscles and her pussy muscles were starting to tighten up and then it happened she let out a loud moan and came like a champ, not once but twice as I sucked on her clit.

We decided that before we went any further that we would give each other the enemas that we so really wanted. She got up and went into the bathroom and started getting things ready, asking if she could go first since I had already got her ass so excited by playing with it. Sure, I said, what nozzle do you want to use? She informed me that the douche nozzle was her favorite. So the full bag was hung, and the nozzle lubed. I had her get on her hands and knees with that lovely ass in the air. I put a large glob of KY on her asshole and slowly moved it around and then put more on and inserted my finger in her ass. Then I slowly inserted the nozzle in her ass, and she started to move back on the nozzle, taking it in all the way. I started the warm water into her rectum slowly, so as not to give her cramps. It wasn’t long before she had taken the entire 2 quarts and was ready to expel it out. I removed the nozzle and she got on the toilet and started to expel it all out.

After cleaning the equipment and she had finished and was clean, I was ready for my warm enema. She had me on my hands and knees with my ass in the air for her to lube. With a slow motion she lubed me and inserted a finger in my ass, which made me moan with pleasure. She asked if I liked it and I said very much. Soon she was inserting the douche nozzle in my ass and starting the warm water running in. She then started stroking my cock. Soon I had taken all two quarts in and was ready to expel. She started to remove the nozzle and then pushed it in and out a few times acting as if she was fucking my ass with the nozzle. Finally she removed the nozzle and I was able to go to the toilet and expel.

After finishing up I said lets go back to the bedroom and finish getting relieved. She agreed and we were on the bed licking and sucking each other. I got her on her hands and knees on the bed, and I got up behind her and slowly started to push my cock into her pussy. I stroked until we both came, her for the third time and me for the first time. I asked her if she liked the way I played with her asshole and she said yes. That she always liked it and loved to do it herself before giving herself an enema. I thought I would come again when I heard she say that because I also loved enemas and loved anal sex. I told her about it and she said we should get together soon for a good enema session. I asked her what type of nozzles she would like to try, and she said she didn’t know there were different nozzles. I said I would get a different one and bring it over when we got together. She wanted to know what kind I would get. I told her that she would just have to wait and see, but that I knew that she would love it.


She Loves Enemas Part 2

It wasn’t long before I received the colon tube and the balloon tip for our enema session. I called her and told her that I was all was ready and asked when she would like to get together for our mutual enema experience. She said as soon as possible; she was starting to get so horny that she was afraid her daughter might get suspicious and start asking questions.

It was only a couple of days before I arrived at her house. She answered the door dressed only in a bathrobe tied around her slim waist, showing an ample amount of her nice tits. I came in and she wanted to inspect the contents of the bag that I had brought. I told her that she had to wait until we were in her bedroom and both undressed. We also had to get all the other parts of the enema together. She said that she had it all ready except the nozzle that I had brought.

So we entered her bedroom and she started to remove all my clothes, and when she took my briefs off she hungrily took my cock into her mouth and sucked like she hadn’t had it in a long time. It was only a couple weeks since she had had it in that tight mouth of hers. I lifted her up and removed her bathrobe and handled her beautiful tits and lightly pinched her nipples. My other hand was down stroking her pussy and rubbing her now protruding clit.

I asked her if she had ever had anal sex. She said no with wide eyes. She didn’t know if she ever wanted to. She said the thought of a cock going in her ass was beyond comprehension and didn’t think she would allow it. I said that done the proper way it was very pleasurable. She still wasn’t sure about it so I said let’s get on with the enemas and talk about it later.

Into the bathroom we went. I asked if she wanted to get hers first. She said how about second. This way she could see what kind of nozzle I had brought and if she was going to like it or not. So I took the two nozzles out of the bag and she asked what in the world they were. I explained that the long tube was what is called a colon tube and when inserted, it went way up into the colon and got the water where it would do the most cleaning. The other was a balloon type nozzle. When inserted into the rectum it would be inflated so that no leakage would occur, thus allowing you to hold more water and longer, since you could not evacuate the enema until the balloon was deflated.

She asked me which one I wanted and I said the balloon one, since the colon tube had to be inserted in a special way. So we started with me on my hands and knees and her lubing my ass up real good, slowly inserting a finger. She asked if it hurt and I said that it felt really good. Soon, with my instructions, she lubed the nozzle and slowly twisted it into my ass. She then pumped it up three times, which filled my rectum. She tugged on it to make sure it was in properly. Then came the flow of the warm water, which I had been thinking about for days. As she rubbed my ass my cock rose to the occasion. She noticed it and slowly started to stroke it. It was such a turn on: the warm water entering my ass and her stroking my cock. I wanted to cum but asked her to stop stroking. She stopped and said that I had taken all the water in. I was surprised that I had taken it since I really had no cramps. Probably due to the addition of Epsom salt to the water. I held the water in for a good five minutes, while she cleaned the equipment and got ready for her first balloon nozzle enema. I removed the balloon nozzle from my ass and started to evacuate. I handed her the nozzle and told her to rinse it off. She said she didn’t know in she could take the balloon nozzle in her tight ass. I said that if she couldn’t we would use the colon tube.

When all was ready I had her get on her left side, on the floor, and pull her right leg up so that her asshole was exposed. I put a generous amount of KY on her ass and slowly inserted a finger, so as to lube the inside of her rectum. I then put lube on the colon tube and slowly started to insert it in her ass. After about two inches of the tube was in her I started the water flowing slowly. I continued to put the tube in her, going slowly but firmly. She gave a bit of a gasp as more of the tube went in. She asked how much more had to go in. I told her a bit more and I also started the water going in faster. It wasn’t long before she said that she was really full. I told her she had a bit more to go so I had her roll over on her back. I pushed the rest of the tube into her; her belly was starting to protrude, due to the amount of water inside her. She looked at her belly and let out a low moan. Almost done, I told her. Finally, all the water was in, and I clamped off the tube. She said she didn’t think she could hold it any longer. I put my finger down at her ass and pushed the tube in till the whole thing was in.

After a bit of time she got up and sat on the toilet and I helped pull the tube out so she could evacuate the water out. I then cleaned up the equipment and hung the bottle up to dry. After she had finished emptying out, I had her get on her hands and knees there in the bathroom. She wanted to know why. I said she was going to learn the art of anal sex. She said she wasn’t sure she wanted to learn, so I told her to relax. I won’t hurt you, I said. I started to put the KY on her ass. I slowly put a finger in and rubbed the KY around in her rectum. I then put more KY on her and worked my way up to three. I removed my fingers and lubed my cock and brought it to her lovely asshole. I pressed it against the opening and slowly inserted the head. She gasped and said to stop. I held there so she could get used to my cock in her ass. Finally she was able to take it all in, and we fucked till she came and I gave her a warm cum enema. She loved it and asked if we could do it again. That’s another story.

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