The horny schoolgirl

I was so horny that I went, and with the excuse of helping her I got behind her and started rubbing my erect cock already on her sweet pussy, she noticed it, but she did not say anything to me so I continued until she seemed very cheeky

Hi, I’m Roberto, I’m going to tell you a story that happened to me a few years ago in a town in Seville. All this started when I was in my last years of university and I would not work at all. But first I will start by describing myself, I was not very attractive at that time, I was around 90 kilos although in any case thanks to the exercise I was doing I was not fat but more muscular, let’s say 1’80. I had brown hair, brown eyes, and it was brown and my cock was more or less of a normal size, it was around 17 cm. erect, but the best was its width that was indescribable in its erect form. What would stand out most of me would be my ability to make girls feel comfortable with me, since my way of being was calm and inspired confidence something I would certainly learn to use in my favor.
Well the story takes place in the university where I studied, in my class there were many really beautiful girls, but no doubt who gave me hundreds of hours of infinite pleasure masturbating was a girl named Laura, every time I remember her I was spliced the cock She was a girl who was 1.70 if I’m not mistaken, she had short brown hair, more or less acceptable tits, in which she could be noticed when she was aroused, by her beautiful nipples, but what I was crazy about her and she produced many straws. Her ass was, uuuummm, her ass was to frame it, I think all the men in the class wished we had it in our hands if only for a few seconds. Her ass was a bit uptight and it was not very wide, but I think I’ll never see an ass as perfect as the one Laurita had. Laurita in his way of being, was a pija from the feet to the head, although she will refuse to admit it, besides she was a bit presumptuous and flirtatious. In my opinion I think that the pijas are the most powerful girls out there, especially at 19 where they dazzle you with their beauty and their curves that’s why they are my favorite.
Well, I think with this you already have a good introduction, so we started with the story. It started on a normal school day, we came to class we sat, me and her always in the front row though on different sides. The class by the way was tiny, although we rarely coincided close. In the first hour, we gave the class and everything was normal, each with their gangs, in the rest everything normal. The hours have passed until we get to the class we do the work and we begin to chat: -Listen, Laura, nice house.

-Thanks, Roberto, to see when I can see yours.

-That’s done. (I said it thinking, what I would do in my house) -And this has a girlfriend? -she asks me- -No, but there is something, and you? -No, but there is also something-laughs- -I am surprised at how beautiful you are and that body.
She remains silent for a few moments-the same, as handsome as you are-comments.
While I was doing the work, I was looking at her tits, ummm, what I would do if she left me, you could tell she was not wearing a bra, I loved that, she was priming me with her mentally, imagining how I would fuck that slut . But I had fallen in that I had not yet seen his ass, so I had the idea of ​​dropping a pencil so that he would bend over and shortly after I did. And I could see how he was bending down, I saw the black thong he wore, ummm, what he would give for having been able to smell his odors coming from the thong.
At that time I was so horny that I went, and with the excuse of helping her I got behind her and began to scrub my erect cock already on her sweet pussy, she noticed it, but she did not say anything to me so I continued until it seemed very sassy. I stopped and we continued with the work until we finished. And I left.
The next day in class, she sat next to me and was wearing a semitransparent yellow top and a very short miniskirt that made me horny. The first hour passed and in the second he told me that he had forgotten to do his homework and asked me to leave mine, I agreed, but I told him that he owed me one, although I never thought he would take it so seriously. After endless hours, came the recess, in which we could leave school or not for a half hour. When I was about to leave, she stopped me.

“Wait,” he said, I agreed, but I did not realize that he had closed the door, when he said, “Thank you for the before, you saved my life. It’s nothing,” I said, and I was about to leave when he grabbed me. my hand, and I said, “What do you want?” “Recompensarte,” he said. And then he took off his shirt and started giving me a bite that was hard to forget. That’s how I want to pay you, “he said, as he continued to tease me and I stuck his tongue into the bell.

I let go a little and said, “Well, I think you’re doing very well. While I grabbed her head and placed her on the teacher’s table, I removed everything, throwing it on the floor and began to touch her tits, those longed-for tits, I would pinch, pinch and knead her, while I kissed her, in her mouth, in the ear until I decided to plant with my tits, and I started to suck from outside to inside, she while moaning with pleasure-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, sisisisisisisisi, follow, follow, bastard, kill me and order me, ssisisisisisisisi, like this until she got her first orgasm After I had already taken off my clothes, she looked at my cock and said, “Um, I’m going to suck you until you do not come anymore,” then she started first to rub her tongue from bottom to top through the trunk of My cock, then he put it in his mouth and began to make me mischievous with the tongue, you could tell that that bitch, had already done it many times and very well. While I was sucking her, I watched her feed me with pleasure, she liked the very slut, I kept on like that until I laid her down on the table and I crouched down and started licking her clitoris, what I liked the most was how I heard her moan. oooohhhhh, siiii, siiiiiiii, ooohhh, siiiiiiii, first day fuck you wanted me to put it, I’m your bitch-so we continued until I gave him the 5 orgasm and I took my cock and she automatically began to suck me until I told her I was running, but that did not matter to her and continued like this until I dropped everything in her mouth with a deep groan of mine, and Laura swallowed everything. At the end I gave a good morrera what I took to touch that ass with which I had dreamed my whole life.
After this we did not have more meetings, and after the university we lost each one and we have not met again. Well I hope you liked it, I’ll be back if that …

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It happened at a bank teller

Story of an unforeseen session of sex passed in a downtoun bank teller, in a lost street, without a soul circulating at that time.

Doris is a graceful friend, in her early thirties, neither skinny nor fat (rather plump), endowed with an active libido. That day we were chatting in a pub until late, when the banking and office center is almost completely depleted. I bellowed with desire for her, but that night she entertained me telling me of a quasi-failed sexual experience lived in earlier hours, and explaining to me that she thought she would start going to meetings of anonymous sex addicts to lower her sexual appetite. It did not make me any grace, especially since she showed me interest, but the kind of talk had dissipated the climate to do something that night.

I thought that just waiting a few days would have my reward, so I let her go (she has her own vehicle) and I promised her that the next day in the afternoon we would be inexpert (I planned to attack without mercy and turn her over without further delay).

When he spoke to me the next day he gave me the extensive story that I transcribe below, which left me astonished and cursed for not having embetado and caught that same night of our talk. Doris added that she had imagined that I myself was the initial gang bang who lived that night.


The story of Doris

Since I got in my car to the cashier, urged by a little cash, just to satiate the hunger for fuel in my car, my own appetite for a sandwich and a couple more drinks, I glimpse a couple of guys, one inside and one outside the teller’s booth. The night was already advanced and the street looked deserted, the couple of guys, one inside the cashier and the other waiting outside frightened me a little, but, in quick reasoning, I thought, what could I lose? My balance is almost zero … or that they violate me? … maybe I would love this … the guy with whom I spent the afternoon did not leave me anything satisfied and … a good fuck would not hurt at all. Finally, I laughed to myself and decided to get out of the car, before, a quick glance at my hairstyle and makeup, I put the miniskirt and jump out of the car.

The first thing I notice is a marked smell of marijuana smoke that the outside guy smoked, makes me hesitate a little, but hey, the glasses I had on top and my always adventurous soul give me the courage and forward I approached the cashier, greeting to the outside guy with a shy hello and for the only answer I receive a puff of smoke and a sarcastic smile accompanied by a glance running up and down. I patiently wait for you, the one inside, to finish making your transaction and come out, turn around and again I have to swallow another look running from my ankles to my breasts, you do not even see me in the eyes, only the body is interested . When I see you from behind I find that I like your slender body, with wide backs and a small but hard buttocks, making an attractive athletic body altogether. After a couple of minutes you pretend to finish and leave, you give me the step inside, but no, you stay there without taking another step, in that moment the door closes again, and I think “go then you were not wrong, you are going to fuck”. At that moment I face envalentonada and I say, good boy, what are you not going to leave and let me make my retirement? Hala! outside!. For answer I only receive a beautiful smile and a serene look full of confidence, your face captivates me without knowing why, you are not exactly handsome but if terribly attractive, maybe those big eyes or will be the big nose? or the smile? namely. I also feel a slight sting in the lower part of my abdomen and a little lower down a small almost imperceptible shudder. I know myself and I know what those signs of my body mean. A little stunned turn to put the card and try to get the little money available, however incomprehensibly I’m nervous and I’m wrong a few times to type the PIN, without turning to look at you I feel your look, it’s not vanity but I know that I have long and well formed legs as well as a nice butt, without ignoring that I am not pretty enough or at least as I would like it.

Anyway, you notice my nervousness and you approach me very close to the ear almost in a whisper you ask me if something happens, with this you increase my nervousness and I barely separate an inch from the cashier and I feel with surprise the proximity of your body hitting my back , I perceive your genitals rubbing my ass, instinctively as a cat in brama with a slight bend in the waist I stop the ass a little bit to feel more, you get the invitation and you hit me a little more, my terrible temperament and the attraction I felt for you from I saw you, they make my excitement grow started to go through my body. You take me by the forearms and press my body with yours, I feel your hardness frankly, which I love, you split a moment releasing an arm so that your free hand take it to your genitals accommodating them in such a way that your huge penis, even in underpants and pants, stay in vertical position in such a way that the next repel because of the thinness of the fabric of my skirt and my tiny pantyhose of dental floss make me feel it in the middle of the buttocks with all its hardness and in all its dimension. The pleasure I enjoy makes me close my eyes allowing you to rub it on my butt with gentle circular movements of the waist. You kiss me and nibble my ears, my whole body shudders with horny chills, you whisper meanness that excites me even more, you loose my forearms and now with your hands you pull me towards you by the breasts. For my part I take care of keeping your ass stuck enjoying your huge package, the more I felt it there in the middle of my buttocks my excitement grew wanting to penetrate me, this leads me to describe slow waist movements enjoying your virility between my buttocks, which instinctively every time I get up more trying to feel it also in my already soaked vagina. I reach to put my own hand under the skirt and thong to touch my wet pussy to the extent that I could see that they began to drain my own juices, ran my finger with my slit from my drooling hole to my erect and inflamed clitoris I start stimulating with my finger to increase my pleasure. Finally you loose my bruised breasts, you lift the skirt and break my fragile panties, you separate your body from mine for just a moment, just to take out of your pants your huge slobbering trunk like my desire, you make me open to the fullest your legs and you try to hit my holes. The first try you do it on my anus, I feel like you wet it with your hot and abundant ejaculation, likewise I perceive the terrible disproportion between the tiny little hole compared to the swollen head of your huge cock, which of course at the minimum attempt to pierce it produces a acute pain, I instinctively retract with rapid movement, you understand that I do not want it out there and you take the huge phallus that with your hand guides making it go up and down and in the opposite direction along my labia, you repeat again and again the movement intermixing our lubricating fluids, you have me on the verge of madness, the overwhelming desire that you penetrate me once and again makes me moan with pleasure, already soaked with our flows finally you place the huge and swollen head at the entrance of my expectant vagina, you start by gently inserting it just a little bit, which tenses me and makes me vibrate, it enters slowly and I begin to experiment in each centi Meter of my narrow vaginal walls the reality of the thickness of that piece of hard and hot meat, continues to enter still, the sensation was delicious, however it hurt my vagina and belly and even higher, I felt it up to my chest, my body I could not stand the pain I only accepted for the pleasure that at the same time it offered me, you reached the depths of my bowels where nobody had ever come before, I felt that I would break in two, the long and thick of that huge cock I was suffocating, when I thought that it would reach my throat at the end I felt your hairy belly touching my buttocks, a sensation of relief invaded me thinking that you would not go any further. For a few seconds of calm we were still, I felt deliciously full of you, enjoying that incredibly huge portion of you. Then you take it out with the same slowness, this is even more delicious, I moaned and bellowed with pleasure with my mouth open as well as my eyes that seemed to come out of their orbits. For a moment I turned to the glass walls of the cabin that housed that ATM and I realize that now there were three guys who watched with lust and without losing detail of the tremendous fuck you were applying to me, it made me laugh like they pressed with their hands over their trousers their respective penises almost in an act of mass masturbation. You take me out of my thoughts when starting the introduction again, now not so slowly, the pain is no longer so strong, you reach the top and repeat the removed, you apply several times the movements of take and put gradually increasing the speed of movement , the joy that this produced me is unspeakable, there was no pain, it was all infinite pleasure. You take it out completely and after a moment you suddenly push hard and let it go with a single blow to the bottom of my insides, you take it out and an instant later again you push to the bottom, you repeat the movement three, four times, one and again, I do not know how many more taking with your two hands strongly of the hips crashing loudly my bulging ass in your abdomen, just felt like your also huge testicles were whipped on my buttocks and thighs vibrating my body and my aching breasts. At last crazy of pleasure I shuddered my vision clouding and almost falling to my knees as my powerless legs twisted without strength, I run wildly, a moment passes and comes a second time, the joy was infinite. At this time you had me completely steep with my ass up just holding me with my palms on the cashier receiving your fucked of wild man. Suddenly once again you put my huge piece of flesh in my body to the bottom and I feel you tense and immediately you let out a powerful blast of burning inside my aching belly, twice more the hot semen is repeated, you hold yourself in me, ecstatic and sweaty selfishly you take it out without waiting for me to finish completely. When I take it out of my vagina, it is accompanied by a large amount of semen interspersed with my own body juices, the dense mixture crashing on the floor with a loud snap. You have finished, but I have been desirous of more.

Without saying a word, you move away from me and I can still see that huge piece of your body that seconds before played inside of me maddened with pleasure, I could see that although it was not fully erect was still huge, observe patiently and somewhat disappointed by your attitude, see how you accommodated that semi-erect enormity inside your underwear.

Suddenly without saying anything, another of the three outside spectators enters, without saying a word he quickly undoes his pants and jumps his erect member. The size of this one was normal, like the many that I had already known before. It makes me turn, it empties me, places it in the entrance of the already lubricated vagina and lets it go to the bottom. I do not have any pain, and with unpleasant speed it takes it out and puts it in, it makes me feel like a street dog that dog after dog is caught just to satisfy their cravings and come inside me, the previous experience had left me all numb my interiors so that this small cock (maybe normal) slipped freely and quickly without pain or glory. He had the urge to take it out completely and instead began to rummage through my vagina with the longest and most experienced finger I look for my “G-spot” that he knew how to do with mastery, when he found it he shouted there, if there, the yolk his finger touched and rubbed over and over and again I took to the ecstasy until reaching another delicious coming which came accompanied by a tremendous and sonorous fart issued by my uncontrolled vagina, expel my own coming with part of what you had left soaking the hand. It seems that this redoubled his excitement, gave me a few more minutes of finger and I take it out. What I poured into his hand I put it perfectly in the anus, pointed and slowly introduced it to the top of his abdomen. Again pain, mixed with pleasure. First time I accepted a penis out there, I found it rich, there was no doubt that this guy did not know how to treat a vagina, but he did have the ability to treat your rectum. With rhythm and cadence he put it in and took it out at his pleasure, sliding it fabulously well. Her legs and mine were shaky and exhausted and she let go of her buttocks falling on the floor of the casetilla pulling me by the hips without removing my whistle in such a way that I fell sitting on her lap what made me go to the deepest of the intestine. Already seated he made with his knees to open his legs fully to continue playing with his fingers on my lips and clitoris, three pairs of eyes exorbitant, including yours, watched with bewilderment as my pucha open wide and was tainted and deformed. Another hot dog bystander could not take it anymore and took out the member about to explode in a coming, I look like to kneel down or settle down to somehow put her down for the drooling pout and desirous of more. He never found a way to adjust himself to achieve it, then he chose to place it in front of my face, slapped me two and three times with his erect and overflowing member inferring at the same time the whole gamut of insults and baseness of his repertoire and then putting it in my mouth demanding He fucked her, so I did and in less than a minute he let the first gulp into my mouth, disgustedly turn his head to get it out and the next two gushes slammed into my face, almost immediately the penis inside my ass started to emptied and I did not enjoy it anymore because of the disgust that this last animal produced.

There was a fourth dog bent on the fact that he also wanted to put his cock in my mouth, begged him and told him that he could not do it anymore and the truth was that he wanted it but my insides hurt terribly. My ass was throbbing and burning, the vagina had her numb and cramped her stomach At her insistence I opted to hold her by the hand and kneel in front of him, suck it tasty using my best technique, sticking my tongue through the glans and into the little hole that you have, of which I do not remember the name, after a while of blowjobs he grabbed me tightly by the head pulling my hair signal that it would come in an instant, I did not want to swallow his cum and I quickly expelled him from my mouth without leaving him an opportunity to protest because I kept pulling her with my hand until it came profusely again on my face and chest.

Finally they let me go, I had arrived there, thinking about the disappointment that the guy I was with all afternoon gave me without satisfying me completely, when I was going to think that I would receive the milk of four more. When I left that house, only you looked at it, we all kept silent, they finally let me board my car to go to my house.

Already alone in the car I meditated on the great reception received, yours left me marked forever, lightly touched my aching belly and I remembered the piece of collection that maybe an hour before was inside giving me so much pleasure. My anus hurt horribly, the other three did not even want to remember them and that’s how I got home.

I got out of the car and felt again the deep pain of anus that made me gesticulate, I felt that I walked with my legs open, stinking and still draining all the semen that in just minutes they poured on me. I took a shower washing profusely the whole body, I applied a wash of vagina, I applied ointment and I caressed with my own finger, so I lay naked by the strong summer heat, sore but satisfied I slept thinking of you, your destiny and in your huge and delicious phallus. I would never know about you again?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

Of course you can continue this story, but I do not know when I will have time to put it on paper. I hope some comments from the gentle readers, to have the necessary feedback.

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Another one of her

For the Christmas holidays visit my friend Lilian, she works in a sporting body, some time ago, well I went one morning to visit her, they were all but her on vacation and it was an office in a second level, well we were both alone and The security guard but they are forbidden to enter the offices and well we went into it and started talking, it was not the first time that we made love and it was quite tempting to do it there in that place, besides she whenever I see her shows me a little of his signs that are quite large, and well firm and formed, I love it because I always support it, because I always see it either because of the tiny blouse or because when you bend over to something you can see the soul and well DAY had a very tight blouse and her looks were bigger I think, well finally excite me and I said, Lily I want to make love to you, a naughty smirk told me that she had desire too, finally began the handling, of my part I went straight to his signals, which were hard of pleasure and she went straight to my penis that was very hard from the bruise that was giving me, besides she already knew how I liked to caress me, in order to remove her blouse and her breasts were covered of a white lace bra that covered only half of her tits, in addition her nipples were paraditos and they were marked on him, do not completely remove the bra, just lower it to lick and eat your tits, so big they look Oranges big and well formed is an incredible woman, good while I was licking her two little things, she was dedicated to take my penis out of my pants, she said she loved to see my erect member, which made her want to eat it every time we We saw, well that way it was swallowed to the bottom of his throat, I can say that I do not think it is so small, I have a penis 22 centimeters long and 6 wide, she is a girl of short stature, imagine how they look his little hands Turbarme, do not give the width and almost with the two I have to masturbate, so his mouth also does not reach to make it oral but it makes it delicious, she continued while I put my hand down to his pants which without further removing him and his sexy lace panties, white but different color by the juices that I threw as if it were a trickle, I love those liguitas that pulls, they are aphrodisiac seriously she was still entertained with my member while I entertained me with what little hairy, because it is well vellida and almost never shaves only for when we plan to make love surprises me with her shaved pussy and well the juices look better like that, we also make love every month more or less although I had not seen her for six months and you can imagine how she had Her little pussy was already true, well she was moaning and opening more and more while my tongue played with her clitoris, that little gemma made me ejaculate I had not done it for almost three weeks, which made it a ejaculated abundant also that we had about 20 minutes of being licked and groping, in order she swallowed what she could hold in her mouth because she almost drowned when I started to let go of my little sticky pussy all over her mouth.

She continued to caress her pussy while I was cleaning my penis and that made me more eager to continue eating her so I kept licking and putting my fingers in her lubricated little thing, erected again and I got it to the bottom I enter so easy, she was already so dilated we were fucking for an hour or so until she ejaculated in the middle of her orgasm, it was so exciting because those little donuts on my glans while she almost cried from the moan and screaming that she was giving as her vagina contracted and her legs wet me they burned more and more while having their orgasm, we both had not to make love for six months but it is already known that if we masturbate sometimes by phone but it was delicious in the end that’s how it happened and it will continue to happen only that every time we do Love is more delicious …

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After a party

My name is Cris and the last weekend of a friend invited me to her graduation party. Everything was normal until the party came Beto, a friend of both and did not see a good time. He is very nice and cheerful and as expected we had a lot of fun.

Already at the time of the dance he took me and from the first moment did not lose the opportunity to flatter me and make me an occasional “innocent” caress. I was wearing a long, lead-colored dress that looks super stuck on me and highlights my body and I’m sure he did not miss the chance to give me a furtive check. None of the 2 is a good dancer but as they say: he knew what he was doing. ”

When the music stopped the DJ introduced the rock band that they hired and while they were making the final arrangements he hugged me around the waist and he was caressing my neck for a long time, he really did not care about being watched, on the other hand I I left to do since I liked it, I was having a lot of fun and I did not think it would get older.

At 1 o’clock in the morning we had stayed with my boyfriend who would pick me up because I live a little away from the place of the party. At the moment of truth my boyfriend did not arrive and since Beto also had to leave he offered to accompany me. While we were in the taxi he asked me how I was going to go if I lived so far away that I answered that in these cases I would sleep in my father’s office that is closer and only the next morning I go home and it was just there where I asked him to leave me, he hugged me and said “OK, come on”

When we were arriving and as it was early I told him if he wanted to spend some time, he told me that he could not because he had to go to another engagement with his girlfriend, but at my insistence we remained that he would stay while calling my house and then to my boyfriend to complain because he had not come.

At home they did not do much more problem when I called my boyfriend the thing was different. It turns out that if he had gone to pick me up but late and after asking he found out that I had gone with another boy, he became angry and started yelling at me. He did not even let me explain to him and between cries he told me where he was going and with whom, how could he do that to him. I started to cry and it was when “click” she hung up the phone and I saw that Beto had done it, he smilingly told me not to worry, that I did not put it like this, that it was better to wait the next day for my boyfriend calm down He dried my tears and gave me a delicious hug, for when we parted he said: “if you put music I stay a little longer”. I turned on the PC and after a while we were dancing, it made me laugh, it hugged me, it made me spin, I really knew how to make myself feel good to the point that I forgot what had happened with my boyfriend.

The music became somewhat slow and sticky and he told me to show him “the little step”. Neither short nor lazy I began to make my best moves, he was stuck to me enjoying them to the fullest, he said: “you are beautiful, what beauty, you move very rich”, I obviously crazy with those words, until I resisted and I approached him and we kissed each other sweetly for a long time. I imagine that she could not stand it anymore and began to walk all over my body over the dress, with special attention on my tail that was kneaded with great skill. He kissed me on the neck and turning me around he said “keep dancing for me”, while he caressed my breasts and belly.

I was super hot and wet, with my eyes closed I kept moving to continue enjoying his caresses and kisses. I felt the closing of my dress lower and slowly began to remove it, underneath I had nothing but a tiny thong that was also torn off leaving me completely naked. As the thing was already serious, I proceeded to remove his tie and shirt kissing his chest, I knelt to take off his pants leaving him only with the boxer on. We went to the sofa, he kissed me and bit my breasts, slowly lowered his tongue to the level of my vagina and gave him a few kisses that made me arch my back, noticing this I do not hesitate to start licking my sex playing with his thumb my clitoris When he put a finger in me I shouted, he played inside me for several minutes that were an eternity of pleasure with my inevitable first orgasm.

He had removed the boxer and with my juices moistened his penis, it accommodated him to the entrance of my vagina and with a single blow he penetrated me making me moan with pleasure. His thrusts were slow, he really made love to me with a lot of tenderness and I enjoyed it as never before. He drained them and I nail his nails in the back, what more delicious pleasure that provoked me, another orgasm that clouded my sight and he followed with the sticks and panting out of taste. He took it out and put me on top of him, took his member and I buried it to the bottom, he took me by the buttocks and guided my rhythm while I licked and rubbed my hard breasts and my neck.

He took it out again and he put me on four with my tail pointing up and he entered me so wildly that my moans became screams of pleasure, he kept me like that for a long time and my body trembled with each attack and again another orgasm at the same time I felt my vagina flooded with his hot cum. We parted and he settled me on his body to follow me caressing and giving me pleasure with his hands, there were no words only the noise of our agitated breathing.

He spent a while and settling me sideways I penetrated again, my sex was still wet so there were no problems in continuing to enjoy. He seated me with his back to him and opening my buttocks gave me hard causing even some pain but it did not lower my excitement, he took it out and I took it to take him down and take over his member which I licked like crazy, while with a hand rubbed the balls. He arranged me in such a way that we were in a perfect 69, again an orgasm with his tongue inside and to do better I got a finger and I sucked that cock, I used my lips, tongue and even my teeth, that sweetness. Suddenly I felt that my ass was invaded by his fingers which caused me even more pleasure and I took his penis out of my mouth to moan like possessed although I had never been put there.

I again accommodate four and said “you’ll like it, you leave me”, I said nothing and nodded. I felt the head of his member at the entrance of my anus, could not enter the first so with a little saliva lubricated his limb and a direct thrust I got to my insides, I shouted but not of pain, what a delight to be so wildly insane, I really thought that it would make me more drowsy but after a while I enjoyed the bitch like a bitch. At the same time I introduced a pair of fingers in my vagina and kissed the back of my neck, which I did not imagine was in me an erogenous zone.

I fucked hard for a long time, I think I even lost consciousness because he made me react when he spanked me so hard that he had to leave his fingers marked. He took it out and ran on my buttocks, pulling me to my side to stroke my hair and kiss me on the mouth.

We fell asleep for a long time, when I felt he got out of bed and began to get dressed, I told him not to do it, to stay with me, he looked at me and when I thought he was going to say no, he just settled beside me and He hugged me to stay deeply asleep a while later. By the time we woke up it had already dawned (7 in the morning), waking up by his side made me feel strange but when he hugged me and attracted me more to his body I remembered how well we had spent it. My anus hurt a bit and this he noticed, he told me laughing that it was normal and that we had to get used to it, we looked at each other and we kissed, he caressed me again and we started again, he made love to me like a savage, not precise details Well, imagine what he did to me and how much we enjoyed until 10 o’clock in the morning. Before dressing we went naked to the balcony that overlooks the house and he kissed and caressed me very tenderly, making me feel chill with that warm air on our bodies.

It was time to leave, we talked about trivial things and when we were dressed he called a taxi and embarked me. We do not talk, we just go out and we say goodbye with a kiss on the mouth, I know that one night is not enough to feel something for him and even more so having both partners, but if he gives himself the opportunity to be together I will not oppose at all.

A kiss to everyone … Cris.

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The perfect donor

We have been married for 15 years, she is not very attractive but she is good in bed, although sometimes it takes time to reach orgasms, before I arrive, leaving her unsatisfied because of her anxiety to get pregnant, I always worry about the subject and if I wonder if it would be the same to get into a ball with another, I proposed to make threesomes but he told me flatly, no, I would never sleep with another being married, frustrating my desires but this I proposed that one day that would change …

I forgot those shady desires and I spent some time, we wanted to have a child and we could not be desperate. I wanted to be a mother. I was the one with the problems and they were practically insanables, we could not afford an insemination in vitro, I could not afford it and it did not encourage me to tell you
I fell into a big state of Stress.
I went to work.

The hospital guard was the next day, weekend mid-month, …
boring, quiet, I was an assistant, a new nurse I did not know, tall, athletic, about 30 years old, attractive and his hands were strikingly large, learning that he had been the goalkeeper of a 2nd division team.

Time passed there were no patients and we started a conversation that revolved around sex his curious fantasy caught my attention, he wanted to fuck a woman without her seeing it, the man was very shy and was not motivated if his partners looked at him I took them all as a puppy.

I told him my fantasy and my wife’s complexes, I changed reality a little, I omitted the sterility, I thought to myself (I could fulfill two dreams!) And an idea came up.

We made a plan a list of materials to buy and a hotel address.

I asked Hannibal the nurse to do a study of venereal diseases because with my wife we ​​never used condoms.

He was healthy as an oak tree.

I arrived home and I proposed to my wife a romantic weekend away from home, a walk, dinner and sex. She was bored with the routine and said yes, delighted.

The day arrived impeccably perfumed, shaved and waxed 100% as you know I like me, with a pretty dress.

During dinner I put him in his Spanish Fly drink, an aphrodisiac told me in the sex shop that it was good, I needed to have it very hot to propose new ideas, 30 minutes later we went to the hotel, the drug began to act, in the corner From the hotel Hannibal was waiting with the camera to enter the room 20 minutes after us.

Being already inside, next to the bed between kisses and caresses I propose that to increase the other senses, I was going to cover the view with a black handkerchief and tie the hands to the back gently, I lied !.

She agreed not very convinced, tied her hands with knots impossible to release.

I covered his sight too, in that Aníbal enters silently, camera in hand, turns on all the lights, smiles closer, I slowly undress my wife, I leave her in a little white ensemble of almost infantile underwear, Aníbal swallows.

I take the camera from the nurse and let him take out the bombachita and bra, I see how he bites his lips and the boy’s hands tremble. He discovers his little pink pussy and big tits, a bulge grows in the boy’s pants. athlete.I return the camera.

Now it’s me, I massage her tits, I lick her slit, which smells good!

I put him 1,2,3 the whole fist was very wet, he beckons me to open the pussy that wants to film him, the image of those big red lips open wet, shaved and my wife’s orders to penetrate what they put 100, the boy gets naked, God!

– “! Let’s get me now! “- she begged.

His penis like his hands was huge, 20 cm., 4 wide, a cannon!

Just in case he puts on a biker’s balaclava to hide his face to the camera and helps contain his rapid breathing product of the kid’s excitement ..

He goes to the bed and he gives me the video camera, he takes my place, he checks my wife’s ties she unknowingly follows the game and lets her tie her hands to the bars of the head of the bed, puts two pillows under her belly, his ass is in pomp and his body leaning down resting his head on the mattress, he is looking for a few seconds entranced by the wicked image in front of my naked woman at his mercy, immediately opens with his big hands, sucks the shell, that does not cool penetrates her with his tongue, nibbles her clitoris, she asks me for penetration and he roughly opens her legs to the maximum, his cock needs it that is exaggeratedly wide and needs her well sprawled, taking moans and insults to she responds by whipping his buttocks.

– “There’s a brute!” – he yells.

– “Desátame, that this way I do not like it that way, I want to go home!” -, she struggles and she starts to move struggling with the ligatures and wanting to get out of bed, I release the camcorder and hold her hips always taking care of not to support more than two hands at a time in his body, I separate his buttocks, Aníbal points his glans at the pussy of her that moves pushes in slowly his limb disappears inside her she moans.

– “Ahh, degenerate, perverse!” -.

He enters to move with great and rhythmic blows of hip, she calms down and stays more still, the loose, I grab the camera I take spectacular close-ups, spend a few minutes and ahhh! She begins to enjoy intercourse and reaches her first orgasm then the second.

– “! Ahhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, that riiiicoooooooo, acaaaaaabooooooo!” – she yells.

– “Parà that my legs hurt” – she moans and this excites him more than he increases the pace, it is a deep penetration and his penis sticks in her uterus.

– “It’s enough that it hurts !! No! Do not! Do not! and ahhhhhhhhh !! “- shouts when the third arrives, the cries of my wife become begging, I had never seen my wife get to three orgasms running, sweating, he ignoring their pleas and without taking out his cock of the pussy of her takes a dildo smeared in cream and chup with a dry blow he introduces it in her ass that screams.

– “Huyy !! Nooo! take that out, not there “- and enter to move the ass as if to get rid of that great object, these movements massage the penis and suddenly …

– “! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” -, the longest orgasm I’ve heard accompanied by contortions, convulsions and contractions, announces the arrival of a 4th intense, orgasm accompanied by a great cascade of semen that fills her uterus invades her ovaries, fills her vagina and stains her white lips dripping down her thighs, staining the sperm sheets, he drowns her scream by clamping his hands on her buttocks, biting her back, as if that dust had been insufficient.

Those screams were heard without doubt outside the hotel room, a scandalous orgasm that excites him, his cock becomes tense, grows, continues as an animal that seeks to ensure the species and that his female is pregnant, between cries she begs

– “Stop!” – whines her, dripping sweat and cum.

– “! Please if you want I give you a blowjob and you cum in my mouth! “- she pleads, he ignores her now he takes her tits under the body pinches her nipples breathes in the nape of her neck and continues to thrust and with each stroke displaces and splashes semen from the previous run, until inseminated again, spectacular!

He withdraws his cock already flabby and dripping, get off the bed I still filming my wife gasps, moans and sweats seas, smells like a man, drips milk, his shell is scarlet and white, on his buttocks are the marked fingers of Hannibal and In his ass he has got the plug, excited but not disgusted I climb to the bed I take out the plug and try to put my cock she screams

– “No more porfa!” – threatens the divorce, I doubt but Hannibal releases the camera takes the buttocks holding them and separating leaving the dilated and lubricated, hole in his ass in sight with a look tells me not to do case and that the encule in fact.

She moves bites the mattress and cries but not too much she does not want the hotel manager to scream between the screams in such a shameful situation.

In 2 minutes I cum, filling his insides.

Hannibal is silent, turn off the lights then I untie her between fatigue and gasps, dirty, sweaty, exhausted, dripping semen everywhere, inseminated by a stranger without knowing it, curls up and falls asleep.

The next day the hotel still wakes up and told me between insults

– “Animal, brute, you hurt me” -.
– “But it was a sensational night, what did you take to perform so much?” – she adds.

I do not answer Rio and we go away with a crazy hunger to have breakfast.

Before leaving, a smiling administrator asks us with clear double intention.

– “Did you have a good time?” – with a sly laugh, no doubt saw Anibal leave the room.

I imagined the guy peeping through the peephole in the door.

My wife blushes at the touch.

A week later they leave me the SD card of the video camera in my dressing room at the Hospital.

At home one morning after a month and a half, she was happy that she was pregnant, I can not hide the truth for longer, I tell her about my sterility, she does not understand anything and I show her the tape, she gets into a rage.

“-! But … Who is it? What did he do to me? And you … Did you let me rape? “- But upon hearing her moans, screaming orgasms and seeing those cocks entering her, she got hot, jumping over me, making me take her by putting my cock in her re-wet shell and in her fertilized belly.

Caressing his belly that was already starting to swell, thinking about his next son, I asked myself more details about Hannibal, that I did not give them all, it was enough that he was handsome and healthy, I asked him if he liked it as a stranger enjoyed it and he said:

– “Next time to have the baby, the donor is looking for me” -.

With Anibal we have not met again and of course he will never know that my son is his.


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After the beach

Ian and Breth, in the middle of the afternoon, after a day on the beach, went in the car to their house. Breth was driving as he told Ian how handsome and sexy he was in his new swimsuit.
Ian … – Brerth was excited again as he was counting – with this swimsuit you have an ass … mmmm … that you do not see. It squeezes you just enough to mark you to the tip of the “cocoon”, and lifts your eggs … grrrrr. There has been a while that I have become super hot, I wet the bikini panties. Surte that I do not trem …
When Breth turned to look at Ian for a moment, he found him sleeping and immediately noticed the huge bulge in his crotch. She did not know what to do. He got even more excited than he already was, wanted to touch her, wanted to suck her …
As they were driving along a road between two villages, Breth soon found, on his right, a sandy road. He turned sharply.
He could not stop staring at Ian’s huge erection, and it was getting hotter and hotter. At the same time, he did not know anything, he was just having an erotic dream in the country with Breth and his new swimsuit. Breth went on down the sand road buried by a huge forest. He veered off the path and entered it until he found a place well hidden among shrubs, oaks and oaks. He stopped the car and pulled his seat back. I did not know where to start.
Ian was still asleep, but he had moved a little. Now he was sitting facing forward, with his legs spread and his feet widely apart. His left knee touched the gear change. He was so comfortable that the bulge in his groin was still pronounced. Breth put his hand on it carefully, then Ian gasped with pleasure and moved slightly with the intention of throwing his pelvis forward. His cock got harder. I was still asleep, but happy.
Breth was super excited, her vulva was hot and wet. He began to massage, little by little, the huge cock over the shorts. Ian melted with taste but did not wake up. Then Breth lowered the bermuda’s waist a little and put his hand on the swimsuit. Ian had been so excited for so long that he had his swimsuit soaked in seminal fluid. Breth could not take it anymore and began to lower the swimsuit. He half woke up, and raising the ass of the seat cleared the ground so that she could lower the swimsuit and the shorts to the ankles. As he did so, he got so close to Ian’s cock that he could not stand it anymore. He began to suck, and in what way.
Hooo … Cari, fuck, what a pleasure. – Ian woke up suddenly, he was in limbo, he did not know very well what happened, but he was so hot and relaxed that he let himself be done.
Breth evidently did not say anything, and continued licking satisfied, his mouth was busy.
Ian’s hot member was so wet that Breth’s cheeks slipped easily. Then she put it all in her mouth until it touched her throat. Ian moaned with pleasure and from the tip of his burning glans came out a huge drop of transparent liquid that Breth felt hot on his palate, so, without taking the cock out of his mouth, he took the testicles with his hand and squeezed them gently, but firm enough for Ian to want to come at that very moment.
God, what a pleasure! – Ian moaned. – I want to tuck it in … and chew on everything.
They tried to change positions but they realized that in the car they could not continue. They went outside, put the towels on the beach, as they could, on the floor and Ian, still with his cock quite upright, invited Breth to lie down on the towels. Before sitting down, she licked and nibbled on his buttocks, passed through her hips, until she reached the pelvic area. The erection became more prominent. Then Breth threw himself on the towel, opening his thighs so that he could lick her juices.

She started playing with her breasts, licking her nipples. Meanwhile, Ian’s erect cock touched the female pubis from time to time, getting harder.
Hooo … .. mmm … – in the air were the gasps of both when rubbing.
Ian touched and licked every corner of Breth’s body as he felt his chills of pleasure. He kissed her navel and went down to touch the hair of the pubis, there almost without touching, I pass my nose and lips making circles. Breth was getting a hundred, wanted to kiss him in the mouth and let him know. So he climbed to his lips, feeling the hard nipples on his chest and letting his sex fall on hers. They kissed and sucked with enough desperation while the two sexes burned more and more.
Ian, after a while, needed to suck some more, and with very soft tongue and soft lips gently descended to the hot pussy of Breth and began to lick her huge swollen lips, introduced the tongue into the vagina and delicately, with the soft tongue began to play with the clitoris, stimulating it without stopping.
Breth could not open his legs anymore. It was getting hotter every time – hoo … keep it up … hoo … I want to feel you inside … – Breth with his hand, he looked for Ian’s cock.
I was hard and erect. Ian shivered with pleasure – hoo … I’m super hot – he gasped – I’ll put it to you … hooo … – He felt Breth’s hand squeezing his cock and began to move his hip to get a wank – mmm …. I’ll put it on you already, “he said as he got down on his knees between Breth’s legs. She opened her legs wide, letting Ian insert her member inside her.
Haaa … mmm … – the two moaned rhythmically.
Then, Breth sat on top of Ian with his legs spread, while he knelt down to the bottom with his hip movements – ho … ho … – while they embraced and kissed with passion. This made them very horny.
Let me put it behind you … mmm … – Ian gasped as he ate her ear.
Breth liked the idea and without thinking he got on all fours, put his ass well in pomp so that his vulva swollen with pleasure was seen from behind. Ian wet his hand with spit and passed it through his sex, it was burning and had a hard clitoris. He wanted to suck it. This made him a hundred and harder, so he grabbed her hand, little by little passed the cocoon soaked in seminal fluid, by the hard clitoris and began to jerk while licking Breth’s back.
haa … haa … if you continue I’ll run … haa … – Breth said – I want you to run inside …
Then she lay down on the floor again, with her legs spread and her pussy opened with her hands, so that Ian could easily get into her. He quickly got on top of her and put it to the bottom and remained quiet for a few seconds without removing it -haaaaaa … ..- gasped with pleasure both. Then he began to move his hips back and forth rhythmically, while kissing Breth on the mouth and neck.
haa … haa … haa … – they moaned with pleasure – they were both very hot and about to cum.
Breth with his right hand began to massage the wet clitoris by jerking. Ian saw that Breth was about to explode and started pumping faster. Each time it got hotter and his pulse quickened. – haa … haa … dear, I’m going to run – I told Breth pumping my hips faster and faster. – I also … haa … do not stop … that comes to me … haaaaaaaaaaa … – Breth felt in her vagina as the member of Ian became bigger and harder, and as the hot semen was deposited inside. At the same time Ian moaned with pleasure as he felt how Breth’s vaginal contractions wrapped around his hard and throbbing cock.- haaaaaaaaa … fuck … hooo … Goodbye … – They both ran at the same time.
They stayed embraced and relaxed for a while, until the ecstasy was over. The two lying on the towels in the middle of the forest, feeling the breeze in the late afternoon when the sun sets in the west.

It’s been great, sweetie, “Ian told Breth.” It’s one of the best powders we’ve ever thrown. What happened? I was asleep and …
Your swimsuit, which has put me in tune – she said laughing – I was telling you how sexy you were on the beach and when I turned you were sleeping with a trempera that you can not see and that has put me on top. What were you dreaming?
It’s true – he replied – I dreamed that we were on the beach and I was wearing my new black swimsuit, but we were alone, there was no one else and you were bathing naked and I started to get hard. Then I took off my swimsuit running towards the water.
Were you trepado? – She asked.
Yes, it was hard butt. When I was on the shore, you came out and on your knees, you started to suck me. God how you sucked me.
They began to get hot, again, with Ian’s story.
Hey darling – said Ian – I’m getting back, because I do not tell you in the car on the way home, that there is little left and when we arrive, you know, I’ll be ready again for …
Ok … – she said – because I’m also getting – he said putting his hand on the member to Ian – tell me everything we were fucking like crazy on the beach?

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Bath me with your female ejaculation


Thanks for the messages sent to me by my readers and especially my readers, it is impressive how through the Internet one can meet people in these times. The story that I am going to tell you just happened this Saturday that happened with a woman of the most sexual that I met on the Internet because she read one of my stories on this page and I contacted my email address.

Every day, I was connected during all working hours and about 20 days ago I got an email message in real time since my Hotmail messenger was activated a message saying:

Subject: What a Rich Story!

Hello Tato, I read your story “Adriana que regia eres” that you published on the web, a great “friend” sent it to me via mail, let me tell you how excited I got when reading it, I suppose you are divine for sex or so it seems, please, if you can, send me more stories that describe and further detail your sexuality … ..

I hope one day to be yours …


I responded kindly thanking him for his time and for having written to me and I actually sent him another story that I have published on this same page entitled “What a nice ass” trying to guess where she was from her adjectives when writing me and I thought she was Mexican because they write me Many women from that country and also because his email address was @ I asked him some very morbid questions and this was what he answered me.

Undoubtedly Adriana’s is better, as a story and as you culled with her …

I tell you that I am not Mexican, the direction was partly because of my ignorance, it was the first one that enabled, I am Ecuadorian, I live on the coast and I love sex. Please, do not stop sending me your stories, I am ecstatically excited when I read them, because I can not stop the humidity from taking over my southern area …

I will gladly answer your questions, I am 28 years old, I am married and obviously I live with my family in the city center, I am an accountant and I work in a commerce company, I also do some tax and accounting consultancies for companies and people, for my work I travel frequently to Quito and Guayaquil for updating seminars and other business reasons; I love sex, unfortunately my husband is too conservative in that sense and although it is very good doing it we have taken it more for the sentimental side than for sex itself, I tell you that I am very sexual and I like to experience new things, without extremes, Although the truth is not how far I could go in that sense, I usually masturbate when he is not, I love doing it especially if I have a direct stimulation (someone warming up over the phone), my sex life is very active, I have sex with my husband every day except when he travels clear, however relations with him leave me a little unsatisfied in the sense that as I told you, it is very traditional; with respect to men, then I tell you that I like men well men, who take care of their appearance regardless of whether they are handsome or not because that makes them attractive, tall, and medium build, having good treatment and GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR, Like every woman I like to be treated well, to pay attention to me and to worry about my satisfaction, especially in sex; my height is 1.69 my frame is a little thick, I have a very big ass which has brought me more than one argument with my husband who is very jealous, I think I am attractive or at least they say that, although it will be you who really qualifies me ….someday…

I would love to continue writing with you, to know you better to see what happens …

In truth, sexual fantasies I have some that I have not yet come true, but there is one that has me obsessed, and for which I need a man who acolite me, I would like to be “prostitute for one night”, you measure yourself ?, would be a good option to make a true story? By the way, I recently wrote one, I’m going to send it to you so you can rate it ok?

Do not stop writing…

In this same message that they just read, I sent their cell phone number to the one I called three days after having read it in the night and we started to talk about everything a little bit and I kept warming it up little by little, I am very morbid when talking and I started to say obenas things to which she only answered with gasps on the phone and I definitely seemed a woman very arrecha and told him things he wanted me to do with me and my females with culeo and every time I I was saying more high-pitched things and began to play the chucha while I warmed up on the phone and he told me that I have a lot of excitement that he wanted me to culeé as I had done with the women of my real characters in my stories … we were in richer and plas … communication was cut … I called her again and the phone was off so that night I went with the balls full of milk to my house.

The next day when I arrived at my office around noon, since I had appointments in the morning and when I checked my mailbox, I saw that I received the following message.

The phone call last night was spectacular, thank you, sorry I have not been able to answer the cell … then my husband arrived earlier than I expected, and he found me all wet, of course I had to tell him that waiting for him had me like that hahaha …

Porfis, write to me at this address, the other is already almost saturated with messages and I would prefer that you do so

I read your mail and I am fascinated by most of your proposals except the one of sucking a woman’s chucha, I do not think I would ever have fantasized about doing that, I have not even thought about it; I have not done the double penetration either, imagine who? hahaha, you know … and the bitch that you want to take me does not seem like a bad idea, I would prefer it to be in Quito, so, I really want to meet you and enjoy sex together … ..

Every time Marlene was showing me that she was definitely a serious woman in her things and very, very angry, we continued with our phone calls where we knew each other more and more and with our morbid messages on our cell phones, the truth was Marlene was driving me crazy and I could barely hear her voice on the phone, my cock would stop as much as I could, I’d never had a female like that before, and that’s it, that bitch bitch had me all day with wet underwear on every call I did nothing but take my cock over my pants and squeeze it to calm my crazy cravings.

One night when I arrived at my house I received a message on my cell phone saying:

“Where are you daddy, I’m wanting you to take me rich, I’m alone in my house,” I replied that I was also alone and in less than what a cock calls a fight, the first three seconds I heard his voice, sweet sexy and sensual and my cock gave me a cimbrón that made me move the whole body.

She told me that all day she had been very hot because of me and that at that moment she was naked in her house, with her legs raised on the head of the bed and that she was caressing her clitoris while talking to me that she had just taken a shower and He wanted to listen to me with my voice on the phone, as I was also alone I took out my cock and when he heard how he complained about being rich and he told me things like:

“Rich man, I want you to culees me as well as women that you tell in your stories.”

“I need a man so he can make me enjoy like you.”

“I’m tired that my husband does not let me suck his cock … I want to suck your cock and take me all your cock thick and hot semen.”

Meanwhile, I continued to jerk off with my cock getting harder and harder, and she would emit louder gasps and louder words and I wanted to get more fingers …

Daddy, I want you to fuck me as soon as you fuck the women in your stories, you have me crazy, I want to be your whore and you’re my bastard and my husband’s horny boy put on the horns that look like a reindeer … ahhhhh How nice to fuck with a male like you daddy ahhhhhhhhh what rich fingers I have, I like you, that picture you sent me I hit a lot, I like you a lot, I want to meet you, I want you to give me a cock, make me yours always male, daddy ahhhhhhhh, at this moment I’m getting a dildo, ahhhhhhhhhhh that son of a bitch that rich how you make me exite, how you make me crazy, this dildo reaches me to the bottom, daddy, I’ll finish, I want me to culeeeeesssssssss ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggssssssshhhhhhh, I I’m wetting all for you and you bastard do me what you want son of biiii…….

And we ended the two together in the midst of panting, screaming and fucking on the phone, for my part I had taken a lot of semen out of my body that that woman made me produce in industrial quantities, we said goodbye by thanking us with loving kisses, I was so satisfied with the telepaja that we hit that I fell asleep in my bed until the other day filled up to my cum eggs.

Without thinking, thanks to my published stories, I had a new lover, a woman who far exceeded my morbidity and my desire for sports and wild sex, this woman was more clear than me that our favorite sport is adultery.

Since we both live in two different cities, we did not know what to do to give ourselves a little time from work and to be able to see each other at least for a moment and satisfy our sexual desires, we had a bestial desire to be together giving our bodies pleasure, we we had become in a short time the perfect complicitous lovers friends that until now we have the best communications and that nothing we hide and that everything about sex we tell even the darkest and hidden fantasies, the woman had found with which I could do thousands of unimaginable things and that everything she said was good.

A few days passed and the first idea that came up was to find us in a city that is in the middle of the two where we reside but to see us a short time because each of us had to return to work to sleep with our respective spouses but not really we were completely satisfied … actually we needed more than two or three hours of being together in the most calm and relaxed way to be able to unload our sexual energies in the body of the other, for my part I was willing to travel or do anything to possess This woman, so as the best thing I know how to do well is evil, I came up with a Machiavellian idea somewhat caligulezca …

As she is a general accountant of her family’s company, which has been doing very well for some years with a very fluid economic position, I suggested that I would send her a “ghost” invitation to a course for general accountants that was going to do next Saturday in my city and that this “invitation” would send you via fax and via mail so she can leave with that excuse, (it’s a good idea and gives surprising results for people who want to do it, copy the recipe hahahaha ).

I wrote an invitation worthy of an international congress for general accountants that I myself was crazy because I do not know where I came up with so many things I want to share with you what I had to do to eat this rich woman:


“Accounting, Internet and You …” ”


Program with international recognition given by Teachers of the Academic Claustrum of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, with optimum levels of preparation in Master’s degree with a wide business experience on an international scale. Personalized tutoring and applied to your company during the intensive 100% face-to-face course. Immediate applicability through the elaboration of Projects directed to your company and personal activity.


All those people who manage the General Accounting of a company that wish to increase their competitive potential through the effective, efficient and productive application of the Internet applied to Accounting, as a discipline linked to the process of generation and transmission of information.


Its purpose is that participants acquire sufficient knowledge in this area and develop their skills to generate viable and effective solutions to the daily challenges posed by the General Accounting of a company in a dynamic and global environment


In the whole program of the intensive two-day course, practical theoretical methods are combined with state-of-the-art technology at the international level with Broadband Internet and software and specialized hardware at the Inn.


The Impact of the Internet on the Accounting of Companies ”

There are many qualifiers to designate the Internet, but most people still do not know what it is, what can be done with it. This is intended to be a guide to know their possibilities and know how to use their applications, without becoming a user manual. We present the different uses of the Internet in Accounting.

Accounting, as a discipline linked to the process of generation and transmission of economic information, begins to feel the influence of the new technologies of electronic transmission of information. We will discuss the impact that the Internet, future information superhighways and, in general, technologies linked to telecommunications will have on the professional aspects of Accounting.

We intend, in the first place, to give an overview of the Internet applied to Accounting, describing the services it provides to the user. Later we facilitate the search of tax information in the network by providing numerous ways to access databases where you can access a large volume of tax information.

The EDI basically consists of electronically transmitting commercial and administrative documents between computer applications, in a standardized format. We describe what the EDI is, what different EDI standards exist, where the data travel, what is the structure of an EDI message, the benefits and costs that for a company can imply the implementation of this system and the impact it has on the Accounting .

COST: $ 150.00 For a single day of culeo, not bad, right? LOL

PLACE: The Hotel where we would meet to cook.

CITY: The city in which I reside.

DATE: The whole day that I was going to advise personally in a body-to-body manner.


My contact telephone numbers so that if the husband called me I would give him an advice on how this advice was going to be carried out and that I would be named an emerging Public Relations Representative, with a logo and isotype of the ghost company to make the matter more corporate and serious.

This information was sent to her first via email to approve me … she said “Daddy you are a genius” and I congratulate myself for the well done of the matter and then send to the email addresses of the other people of the company , I even sent a fax to the General Manager and spoke with the brother of my girl who was already warm waiting for the big day of the “PRACTICAL COURSE DIRECTED TO GENERAL COUNTERS” she collaborated in the best way and to all the members and shareholders of her company. He made it known that he would come to a “similar” course, that an opportunity of that kind was not given in years and that he would not be lacking for the benefit of the company and that he pay for the per diem of this day. They reluctantly gave her approval because it was already the end of the month and they had to pay their workers, but she and I did not understand the reasons. We just wanted to be together so we could give ourselves all our crazy passion and then be able to die peacefully … everything was We were both happy that everything was going well, I already had everything ready to receive it and she was ready to come but as always there is a night but on the eve of coming to not guess ……

her husband ……… is assumed that he had to buy a car in this city and that he would come to leave at the hotel where he was going to dictate such a course and that he meanwhile was going to perform some errands and even visits family in the city, she communicated with me the next day informing me that the husband would come to leave her and that she had everything under control, is the least I could expect from her and her behavior as she is a brilliant woman who makes ipsofacto decisions and this time he accepted the husband who came to leave, to avoid suspicion … I will not deny that I scared at first the idea, then little by little that scare was morbid morbid something very special that I felt culiarme this woman when her husband was very close … to top it off she had told me that this guy was somewhat aggressive and haughty and half scratched in his actions, that he carried firearms and those people have to be a little careful not to believe? …

Finally in my country there is a saying “Arrecho never dies … and if he dies, he dies crap” and since I am a fine rooster and I sing in any chicken coop and if it is with chickens like this female better, I lowered the eggs from my throat and I put them in their place and in my thoughts I thought … this cuckold can not do anything with a gun or without a weapon what I never wanted or want is for my hens to have something for something I am the “gallo yaya” (the rooster) bravo that defends its territory with its chicks and chickens) something like the chicken master hahahaha for me to understand this indigenous Ecuadorian.

The course started at 9 o’clock in the morning and ended at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, so she must be punctual in a 4-star hotel with all the paradisiacal comforts of a tourist place in a tropical country such as Ecuador and she At 8 o’clock in the morning, he sent me a message on my cell phone telling me that he was on his way, I just thought about that long-awaited day and that our plan, prepared by both of us, was giving the best results despite the inconveniences and the mere fact of knowing that this female came to me to put chlorine in the pipe made testicles begin to produce semen in industrial quantities the tip of my cock was all this time very wet and my penis half-stopped inside my boxer.

The indicated time arrived and I received the call from Marlene at 9:20 in the morning when I had already arrived at my office and my heart began to beat at triple the normal and my cock gave a cimbrón that almost knocked me over the emotion … at last I was going to hit that female, I was waiting for me in the best room of the hotel, which had the 6-seater bed and the design style of the interior was all rustic wood, I had previously cooked in that bed always the I have rented because that room is ideal to practice group sex with such a bed one can get in there with 6 couples and very nice culiar in the same bed that is fixed and does not move at all since its bases are cement It is a bed like I say combat … this time was our ring, to fuck me like a female law needed space, comfort and ease because I had more or less idea to what I was, but after I realized that Marlene exceeded all It’s my loving expectations in spades.

He told me on the phone:

Come Daddy I’m here waiting for you where we agreed, I came to leave my husband here at the Hotel and I came punctually to the course so come my teacher to give me the advice that has offered me so much.

Already mijita wait for me in 10 minutes I’ll be there I’m dying to see you and to suck that rich little thing and make you enjoy and scream.

Come on, Daddy, but I’m ready for you now, and I want you to come and take advantage of the day because my hubby will come to pick me up at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. I want to be well looked after by you, my stud.

That’s what I want, while I’m going my love I want you to start touching that little bit … I want you to touch it … I want you to be ready when I go I want to put my cock as soon as it arrives and nail it to the bottom … of course after to suck that conchota you have about two hours.

Papi rico that I want you to do because I want to know how it feels since my husband has never sucked my chuchita or another boyfriend I had, so today I want to give myself to you in body, mind and soul, but come soon my king .

I’m already going my love, I’m on the way … take the rich little thing, realize you’re jerking off when we’re away, and I’m getting closer, I want you to do it, do it …

More than to fuck me today I want to cock, today I do not want to jerk off, I want your rich cock …

Tell me what you’re doing ?????

I’m putting my fingers in despair, ahhhhhhhhhh, how rich are my fingers, what rich fingers I have, you fuck me crazy, I like how fucking you are and how you make all your women happy, but there you are going to skewer me, today is my day today I’m going to take advantage of all the time we can … you’re a fucking, you fucker that excites me I want you to come and fuck me … I do not give more …

I arrived at the hotel in a few minutes and I went to the room to hit Marlene left, just wrapped in a towel as soon as she saw me she grabbed me violently without having time to do or say anything, she swallowed me in a kiss and started me I undressed with such violence that for a moment I was scared as I was very desperate and wanted to my way of seeing and with everything she told me she wanted me to tell her immediately that she was eager to try my cock, in a matter of seconds I was just in socks and my boxer, I took the stockings myself and in the end she lowered my interior in a way now yes subtle, the more I went down the more I could see my proud and restless mast that wanted to leave her confinement to be happy, He began to caress with such tenderness and only told me that it was finally his, that the moment had finally arrived, so long awaited by the two of being together, I rubbed my big one, my testicles, foreskin and began to caress me slowly approaching his head and pulling my tongue as much as I could tongue, I was burning and that produced many pre-seminal fluids that she had more and more out took advantage of to make me straw with much more lubricant, that woman in about minutes already had me in glory, I was an expert …

I really wanted to suck daddy because with my husband I never do it, that son of a bitch does not allow himself to suck his cock because he says that this is just a habit of whores … well, look how fucking I am and my husband does not exploit me … rich cock you have …

I could not anymore I had an immense desire to open his legs and start to asshole but I invoked my mind and my self control and giving a few sighs I held back and took control of the situation.

I laid her down on the bed and very subtly began to suck on her earlobes, to kiss her neck, I sucked her nipples that were then very erect and she was panting harder and harder, I began to suck the chucha very subtly by the contours of his vaginal lips, the good thing is that as he opened his legs as much as he could he had the absolute comfort to be able with the tip of my tongue and with the thick parts of it pass him rubbing him and irrigating the saliva from the eye from the ass to the tip of the clitoris, when I did this she told me:

There’s a bastard … you’re making me enjoy, I’ve never had oral sex, how rich it feels, you have me in glory, son of a bitch if you want to even pay you to be my bastard forever, you’re the best son of a bitch. ah ah ah ……………. no longer I can not stand it anymore, you no longer make me despair a lot, no more daddy no longer rich mijito, no longer daddy no longer … I want to feel your cock and daddy, give me your verga already, do not make me wait any longer, please bury me now, but do it already bastard.

I was putting it in the shell so that my gland wet from my thick mucus is caressing the shell while she with her movements made me notice that she was really desperate for me to thread my cock, she was screaming me and insisting that I already skewered him and the only thing I did was put my index finger and he calmed down momentarily and I started to move him inside his tight pussy, while he was squeezing me with incredible strength my finger, it was a sucker, a milking machine, while I was there little finger I began to think that it would feel skewered and that with that force I pressed and I milked, I did not want to delay this curiosity to experience sensations and I began to poke his head, in movements of corticos and out while she put her eyes were blank and she opened her mouth in a sign of enjoyment, she clung to my back and with her long nails began to draw me towards her, with one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my buttocks, her nails sounded and electrified my whole body and down my spine a wave of sensations as she with her screams made me wake up from the dream come true to be nailing at last after so many rows of my cock, every moment was gaining more space in her tunnel and after several erotic movements I could reach with my cock to the bottom and bump to the last of her flesh and where I could not move forward, my eggs were hanging outside and when I pushed harder she felt my scrotum hitting her ass, At the end I was fucking it, at last it was mine, at last after so much chaff this time it was reality, I was crating it with the strength of a brave bull and she received my envestidas with the greatest of joys …

What a way to shout from this woman, shouting, whining and talking a lot of things that sometimes in my ear did not make sense, I only understood the word rich, how rich. His coconchona had a strength to squeeze my cock to the exit and to the entrance and in each envestida made me enjoy deliciously and from time to time I wanted to finish, it was almost impossible to hold more the time of my ejaculation, still with the experience I have to control my ejaculation and functions of my body and going to my power of self control, I kept on cooking, feeling richer and richer, that together with all the things that he told me did not stop because it was too much to endure , that chucha is one of the richest I have ever eaten in my life I took out at least four times my cock of his evaporating hump and take one another breath before returning with more dedication to my work to give pleasure to this female thirsty for sex of good sex that I did not have at home. While I was cooking it, I said:

Do you like cabrona, do you like my cock?

If rich daddy, is well rich

How rich you fuck bastard I want to be your whore forever, you’re a rich son of a bitch you know how to make you a woman and make her feel, I want you to continue fucking me always bastard, I want your milk, give me more, give me more than that cuckold of my husband I do not give a good cock, I make love with you, I want sex, that riiiiiicooooo .. She was screaming like a crazy desperate, the bed where we were had six seats so it was a state of pleasure, I put in four and the I began to put with lots of energy and strength for the chucha by the back while I grabbed her tits with one hand and with the other praised her hair back very hard so that the tip of my cock hits the bottom well, I was cooking it for at least 20 minutes in the midst of their cries of pleasure, it was screams that even the family of the winged room they had been occupying saw that they left in a hurry so that the children would not continue to hear all the things that I shouted Aba and they left in a hurry doing crazy, to us at that time we did not care about anything, just enjoy and enjoy, she turned around on her back because she wanted to kiss me … she said … and while I was stringing her cock for her bunny I got the tongue up to the throat and played morbidly with mine, being in that position and after a long time of fornicating in the most delicious way and having produced semen in industrial quantities I could not stand it was too much to endure so much stimulation of the most delicious chucha that has I was my cock stuck in my life and began to spurt spurts of cum after having taken vaporizer from that hot bitch, I bathed her face hair, tits and part of the belly, with a single run I felt that my bags were left completely empty and everything that fell into his mouth swallowed him completely with epicurean delight.

After such a wild ejaculation I was a mess of flesh and bone, I collapsed on top of her with the attitude of a tender kitten, I stayed after disassembling her in the sexual nirvana, floating around the whole universe with my body very relaxed Feeling that she was stroking my hair like a good mother, after about 15 minutes she came back to me and realized that I was alive because I already felt the external stimuli, we both slept for about three quarters of an hour and started talking.

What a delicious delicious orgasm, I told him

Yes he was rich as you bathed me all

And why did not you finish?

I do not know what’s wrong I can not finish it just makes me want to enjoy you and I feel your cock to the bottom of my uterus and I’m having a great time so do not worry

But I would like you to finish

Do not pay attention to that you are a rich male and I am enjoying delicious, I like everything you do and how you move

But if you like why do not you finish?

I do not know the truth has never happened to me, it must be because I have a lot of emotion that I’m finally with you

I want you to finish my sweet

With you that woman is not going to end

I started caressing her morbidly everywhere as she did to me and in less than what you eat a barbeque and we were back in action enjoying with epicurean delight of our bodies, she began to moan again and scream morbidities.

What a bastard you are, I want to be your whore forever, I love how you know how to make a woman enjoy, you’re the best

Take a cock, gossip

I enjoy enjoying it as you have no idea, every millimeter makes me enjoy, fucking, you bastard.

At that moment it occurred to me to call a lover to her mobile phone in the middle of the richest of the culeo I told her:

Malena, it’s Tato and at this moment I’m cooking a very rich female, listen to her how the motherfucker moans

Ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh what a rich bastard you are

Make her enjoy that bitch how lucky she is to be by your side at this precise moment

I put Marlene on the phone to talk to Malena and they started talking.

Hello Malena

Hello Marlene

This male is breaking me in two, have you already tried it?

Yes, that son of a bitch is a rich man

That rich cock that is getting me ah ah that rich bastard

What ? First time you hit it?

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is a son of a bitch to blame at this moment since he put me in 4 and he is drilling me

Enjoy it a lot, you made me feel like it, I can accompany you by phone

Yeah right

Wait I’m going for my dildo-

Meanwhile I was still doing to Marlene after a moment the two began to enjoy as possessed, Marlene live and live and Malena on the phone putting her dildo at home listening to our screams while the two arrechas became the best friends in the world since they had something in common that united them … my cock, it was nice to hear the one in the high voice of the cell phone complain as when I’m really skewering it and Marlene howled with pleasure, this stimulated my senses again and I ejaculated again like a well-fed stallion horse, and jets and thick and vaporizing jets came out of my body to stagnate in the whole face and mouth of Marlene at the same time that Malena was on the phone with her vibrator listening to the arrechera of the two on the phone … it was really delicious and this time Marlene did not finish either, according to her she was enjoying as never before but she could not or did not want to finish telling me to reassure me that she was enjoying our sex session as she had never done before, we said goodbye to Malena thanking her for dedicating her time and I inviting her to travel soon so that we have unbridled sex as we always say goodbye with some loud kisses.

Actually I was already worried about this situation that Marlene was not finished, I had already used up my reserves until below half and she had not finished even once.

We talked again and I was able to calm down with his phrases full of security and I could see the truth in his eyes, she was enjoying it, period. We rested a good time and then start again, that bed we had soaked in sweat and as it was 6 seats had to perform the movements I wanted and make the most varied poses while I continued to penetrate I noticed that he liked to make him hurts the hump With my sudden movements of my vein inside her vaginal cavity and part I started to put a finger in the ass and she moaned like crazy, again in the best I called again on the phone but this time to another lover of mine just 19 years old we did the same with her as with Malena until the end but she was a little more shy to call it that way and stuck a straw with her fingers and I just wanted to hear my moans but not hers, but we reached the end again in the same way more pleasant after about 45 minutes of doing it and again Marlene did not finish.

I was really exhausted, I did not have milk almost even for the cats and we dedicated ourselves to sleep for about two hours, when I woke up I told her that I wanted her to give me an orgasm and she told me she would do it, all day we practically had it passing sexing in the best way, doing very morbid things and enjoying our bodies to the fullest but we still had after a good night’s sleep wanting to march.

We started doing it like this time as if it were my wife with all the love in the world, in the most tender and delicate way, the atmosphere lent itself, it was daytime and the room had a dim light, and in that stick was giving him all my tenderness and affection to feel this Marlene began to excite more and more and after an hour of culiando she began to go crazy, she screamed at me dirty things and every time I was more crazy.

I wanted to see how my cock came in and it occurred to me to put a very large portable mirror of those that have a base from the floor and are the size of your oval-shaped comber-like body vertically and I placed it next to the bed to see how my cock from different angles that set us much more to see in third dimension as that guy glove dude got my whole cock until my eggs crashed in her ass, we were in the missionary position she opened her legs to the fullest and I drilled her when Marlene began obsessive looking in the mirror and clutching her clitoris as a masturbation wet her long fingers in her chucha and put them in my mouth while penetrating her with some frequency, they knew their liquids to glory and was about to have an orgasm when suddenly without even thinking about it, she begins to convulse like an epileptic to the rhythm of my pumped up looking at herself in the mirror and watching how my body possessed her I can not stand it anymore and I felt something hot, something so hot that it burned my eggs and my phallus, that intense heat began to fall down my legs and up my abdomen, I felt that chucha squeezed my snake as if wanting to kill her, she arched her back and her head pulled her back and she only cried with tears in her eyes …

I could not believe it, Marlene was finally finishing, after so much effort and time I was having a female ejaculation but in what way, it had never happened to me, while I continued to give cock sprays and squirts of a very hot liquid that I wet everything with his little sparkles, Marlene was ending with the strength of a motorcycle bomb, the bed was soaked with this liquid that at first I thought she was peeing with pleasure but after a while I realized that it was not urine if not another liquid until then unknown to me that emanated a scent of the most sensual, she ended up like this for the span of about 90 seconds, I had never had a woman like that in my life, I ended up so long for a time more than a minute and I got wet so exaggeratedly, he bathed me up to my neck and knees without exaggerating and with the click of the sexes sprinkled sparks from the chucha at a distance of at least 50 cm. I calculate that she threw at least a half liter of this liquid I could not believe it, it was the first time something like this happened to me with a woman, the force with which she bounced this hot liquid to the outside, wetting three quarters of me. body stimulated my eggs in such a way that it was a totally different sensation, rich and strange for me, it caused me to bounce again semen in spurts from the hottie, this time if we had finished the same while staying I surrendered on top of her and Marlene passed out of her that when I woke up with the cock inside I still morcillota she was still dead.

We bathed … the time was approaching when his husband came to pick him up, when he arrived we were in the restaurant of the Inn, exhausted, and he introduced me as if I was the one who gave him the course of accounting, shaking his hand we say goodbye until the next opportunity Lcda. I said, I hope you liked the course to which she replied … it’s the best I’ve ever been in my life and the most interesting, her husband did not know what she was saying she shook my hand and said goodbye, the only ones that were surprised that he went to pick up his same husband after cooking with me were the employees of the Inn that had a picaresque look and complicity drawn on their faces … Marlene was a bit embarrassed but then he did not care.

The richest thing for me from there is to get women to end up like this, she told me that all women can end up like that if they want it if they do not take advantage of it, for my part I have already managed to get two more to do it and More exciting is that you have that feeling of triumph, of course no one like her but I have achieved it.

If you are a woman that you usually end up like, please get in touch with me, write to my email address or add me to your msn step almost all the time online, even better if you are from Ecuador.

Dedicated to Marlene the female of the richest, longest and most intense female ejaculations.


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It is better not to talk about certain things

Despite all the predictions against surgery, it was a success. Finally, after so many cloudy days, the sun came out. Of course, doctors still could not be completely sure of their total and absolute recovery, but at least the prospects were encouraging. With my aunt Edith and some other family we were still taking turns to take care of him at night, although the doctors told us it was not necessary, for us it was and we were willing to stay by his side until he was discharged. Of course, in those moments most disappear, those who believed your friends were not so much and only those who really feel true affection are at your side, as is my case. And it is not that I was left alone because it was a family member, I did it because in my way I loved him and I felt that without him my world would fall apart.
That night I especially remembered the first time I ended up inside. Until then whenever we caught, at the time I reached orgasm, I took it out and ejaculated outside, so I always had the desire to feel his milk spilling inside me. It was like I felt I did not do it completely. And I told him. It was then that he took me to his trusted pharmacist and taught me how to take contraceptive pills, perhaps knowing that very soon I would be doing what I did with him with other men. In that aspect he was never selfish or possessive, he did not tell me that with the only one he had to put me in bed was with him, quite the contrary, whenever he taught me something new he would say: “when you are with someone else”, it was like I was instructing for the benefit of all humanity. And the contraceptive thing was something like that, before my claim that I wanted to end up inside, that I needed to feel its inner essence inside me, realized that if it was not he would be “someone else” who would end up filling me with the shell of milk, and faced with the latent risk of an unwanted pregnancy, it was better to prevent than to cure. I took the pills as the pharmacist told me, and when I was ready, we did it. I must say that since we started with the first caresses I was anxiously awaiting the long-awaited moment of the final dissolution, but my uncle was always to last a long time and to make the thousand and one positions, he liked to touch me from all angles, make me feel like different ways, so I had to arm myself with patience and enjoy each one of his enthusiastic thrusts, until YES !, I felt him shuddering, trembling in that unmistakable way, announcing that he was ready, I prepared then to receive him , to let myself be overwhelmed by that uncontrollable flow that was about to let go, I wanted to be attentive to every sensation, to every detail, and that was when in the middle of an exalted roar I felt the first jet, I felt that it wet me all inside, but something slightly different from the usual humidity that usually appears when I’m aroused, it was something thicker and if you like, much warmer, but it was not just one, but several the jets that I felt next, a true torrent of life diluting in my interior, flooding me with its gratifying sensations, my uncle was always of abundant ejaculations and that was not the exception, if I even felt like milk was dripping down my thighs, It was so much that pulsed my conchita could not contain everything, even so I felt full, satisfied, completely satiated, I pressed my walls to be able to hold him inside, because I felt that it was coming out, and I did not want to lose it, I did not want to lose a only drop of that balm that I had already tasted in my mouth and that now I wanted to feel in my shell. Knowing what my desire was, my uncle stayed inside until the last moment, letting me squeeze his cock with those tight little shell that I knew very well to do and that so maddened him. I did not leave until I milked the last drop of semen left him, moaning placidly while I felt him running through every corner of my intimacy, mingling with my own vaginal discharge, just as thick, just as hot, just as complacent.
– And … what did you think? – I wonder then, in a whisper, taking care not to break the magic of that moment.
“Marvelous!” I exclaimed, accompanying my expression with a smile full of joy.
I already felt how his cock was losing strength within me, as after the powerful discharge was deflating, leaving me empty of meat but full of sperm.
-From now I want you to always finish me inside- I said with the same smile full of anxiety.

-You are getting addicted- he said with a laugh.
-I’m just a vicious uncle, I can not help it- I assured him, and indeed, from then on every time we did, I ended up inside, filling myself with that substance of his that was already part of my own organism.
But, as always, my uncle was right in what he said about me being addicted, and as with any vice, with one I was not enough. I needed more, much more. It was so that when I was just turned 18, I put the horns on my uncle, he was not saved from my infidelities either. What happened is that I needed to experiment, spread my wings and fly beyond the nest of love and lust he had armed me. He urged me to know if I could manage on my own without having my uncle close and, in the process, to see if with another man I would enjoy as much as with him. The test was with a complete stranger, a foreigner whom I crossed in front of the window of an antique shop near the office where I worked at that time. We chatted for a while, I liked him and from there he took me to his hotel. The outcome ?: Test passed! With that stranger I gave myself some wonderful powders, verifying in an irrefutable way that “Sex” and “Mariela” would henceforth be synonymous, two complementary words, two terms that could not exist without each other.
After having been with that tourist, and on top of having had such a good time, when I went back to see my uncle I felt guilty, I had deceived him, I had betrayed him and I did not know how he would react to such infidelity. I could not hide it either because she knew immediately that something was happening to me, in that aspect she knew me as if she had given birth to me.
-What happens? Do you notice something different? – I wonder when we were ready to catch.
-It was … I was with another man, sorry man but I could not help it- he excuses me sobbing and hiding his face in his chest.
-It was that? – she exclaimed laughing -Don’t be silly, it is normal that you are with other men, or did you think that we would always be together? –
-No, but … – I tried to say raising my head and pouting.
-Decime something, did you like it? Did you have a good time? – he asked holding my chin with his fingers.
-If … very much- I nodded, blushing slightly.
-That’s the important thing, that you liked it, after all that’s what little bitches are for, to enjoy with other men- he said and kissed me.
He kissed me as he never had, intensely, a novelty pacifier, entangling his tongue with mine, rubbing lasciviously against my body, enveloping me little by little with that registered trademark fever that collapsed all my senses. He laid me on my back on the bed, separated my legs and plunging between them, he attacked my heated little shell. She spread my skirt to the sides and pushing aside my little cotton bombenita began to apply her tongue in a maddening way, of course I knew where to lick, where to apply those lamiditas, those punteos, those pressures that unhinged me. The humidity was immediate, a sudden puddle formed in my little shell, a puddle that he was responsible for sipping and tasting with obvious avidity. We usually did it with patience, enjoying the moment, taking the time to undress and enjoy our mutual nakedness, but at that time my uncle was unusually fast, and it was not because he did not have time. He did not even take the time to undress me with his own hands or to admire the strip tease that he used to offer him sometimes, this time he was about to catch me dressed, just as he was, so he did not give up so generously. , got up, peeled the cock and without even asking me to suck it as he liked to do it he put it in a single push and began to give me everything, pumping me rough and dry, making me fly with each attack, I opened all for him, receiving each piece of that sublime cock that gave me so much pleasure, I rubbed myself the tits, I squeezed and pinched them over the shirt, giving me completely to that overflow of passion that took me from my own body to rise to places that only exist far beyond the natural perception.
I wrapped my legs around his body to draw him even closer to me and feel it in all its overflowing splendor, feeling it throb deep, well nailed to me, filling me with his flesh, with that magnificent device that as far as I am concerned it is about the most perfect creation of all. Nature is wise in many aspects, but it is even more so because it has endowed man with such an instrument, with which we both like to ingratiate ourselves.
-more … more … give me more … stronger …! – I asked, I claimed, moving under him, pushing my hips up to meet him, coming together, taking advantage of each piece of cock, wrapping it, Sheltering it, protecting it, moistening it, warming it.
The friction became more and more intense, strong, accelerated, a whirlwind of thrown and pulled that shook me and lacerated me, that filled me with infinite and monumental pleasures. Although when we did it my uncle liked to rehearse different postures, and sometimes even invent one, this time just after I started, filling the milk shell again, like that time, overflowing with his warm effusiveness, with that delicious effervescence that in a matter of seconds expanded to all the cardinal points of my anatomy.
-Ahhhhhhh … God … that little bitch …! – he exclaimed between placid sighs as he convulsed inside me, releasing the last drops of milk.
Then he kissed me again, furiously, as if that kiss depended on recovering his breath to continue living.
-You received a little bitch, I congratulate you niece- she told me.
Then I realized that he had been terribly excited to learn that I was with another man. And I felt bad for putting the horns, without imagining that knowing it was going to warm him like never before. It was there that I realized that my uncle was not at all jealous about me, he never harmed me and I never would, I knew very well that I had the soul of a whore and that throughout my life I would need other men to be able to find That satisfaction that always seemed elusive to me.
He had already received me as a bitch, just as he said, but could I have done it without my uncle? Would she be the bitch I am today if he had not intervened just in time to let me know those captivating pleasures and mold them at will? Is my uncle the person in charge of what I am today? I do not know, maybe I never know, I do not know if I’m interested in knowing. An old song already says: “Better not to talk about certain things”.

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Her husband enjoys seeing the most

Her husband enjoys the most of us and he names me the official lover of his wife, which I thank him infinitely.

Thanks to my assiduous readers for the messages that they have sent me, that motivates me greatly to be able to continue writing my 100% real stories, they are communicated from all over the world, obviously from Spanish speaking countries and they even add me to the msn we have been able to Through that means we get to know each other a little bit more with each contact as I spend almost all the time online with the instant messenger of Hotmail or Yahoo, especially women who want to meet me in some way and also husbands who want to see their wives On the other, there is no lack of congratulations from one or another curious reader of the subject of trios hmh and one or another message against that they tell me that I am presumptuous and fanciful.

On this occasion I have material as always of real facts in my mind to tell you what happened a few days ago.

As I already told you in advance for labor issues, due to my own need to be in touch with all the contacts of different kinds on the planet and even for necessary vice, I spend a lot of time connected to the msn, one of these days I am greeted by a beautiful friend with whom we had already shared intimacy of three, this is a young couple who occasionally summon me to their home when they place the children where their parents want to spend a night of lust with me, with her or rather we have already been able get to have a very robust degree of confidence in all the senses and that has made in our sexual games help us a lot to be able to have a better time, I am very friendly with them but very respectful of their relationship, if they do not call (the that always calls is her) I do not call them or imply anything, I wait for them to catch the spark of desire without any pressure. We have made her enjoy sometimes until she has fallen asleep exhausted from so much pleasure.

Sometimes we talk in the msn since they do not connect much and in office hours almost never. But this time I was surprised to see her online at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and when she greeted me she told me that she was glad to see me online and that she had a surprise for me.

As she briefly explained to me, the previous night she had connected for a moment to check her mail and in a short time she was seen online to a contact she had seen on a Web page of swinger ads, which were a young couple from Guayaquil but they had made them understand that they did not want to exchange, but that they were interested in making a trio hmh. After asking me and asking them if we agreed to accept a Chat among all, seeing their interest and the degree of confidence that we handle did not hesitate to present them online as a conference we chatted the 3 a good time until we crossed our directions of mail and she said goodbye kindly leaving us already talking with the clear conviction of having performed a public relations act very well done.

As she continued with the new partner online, she was able to tell me that her husband had already left her and that now we were alone chatting.

She explained to me that her husband has the fantasy of seeing her with another man having sex for a long time but that she had always said no, first of all, how could that kind of thing occur to her and secondly that she was only He and no one else, that for the love he has for her and also because after a long time of going over her little by little convincing her, she was already accepting, let’s say reluctantly, what he still wanted to do. More to please him than for nothing in reality.

I thought it was the most frank and entertaining conversation that we had then, we devoted ourselves to know each other completely delivered without any interruptions, we decided to exchange photos and it turns out that he sent me one in which he showed his absolute beauty, My picture told me that it looked good and that in fact it pleased him which I felt sincere and it gave us more confidence, it was a small doll with a delicious face very sharp and a very sensual cinnamon skin color.

Her name is Gaby and she is a girl and a lady at the same time of 29 years, short, petite, brunette with cinnamon complexion and hair with medium hair, brown eyes and beautifully shaped childish face but with a perfectly curved body shaped like a classical guitar . His mouth small but with suggestive lips, neither thick nor thin. Her breasts are very large and well formed, with a dark aura of 3.5 cm. in diameter crowned with dark nipples that are erect in a state of calm, keeping in mind that her body is often her tits have an excellent size to enjoy with them. His waist is really wasp, his skin smooth and smooth, his ass upturned and tight, small and round, his buttocks have a reinforcement that seem to be stuffed with hard sponge, draws much attention the shape of its protruding buttocks that are so round like made with compass, your very well-groomed pubis does not have a single asshole in sight, his little girl looks like a little girl without a single hair and only sees the tracing of her own sex in an upward direction she has shaved it to mate and lets show slightly dark lips on the outside and pink and bright inside.

During at least two hours of talk in the msn there was an impressive chemistry, we laughed, we joked and we insinuated each other, before saying goodbye I thanked her for her time and I let her know that I would like to see her connected again and she told me that she had liked her a lot, and that for a long time to please her husband they were trying to contact a man to make the fantasy that her husband had reality, but he did not like any and that’s why they had never been in nothing in particular with anyone, we made an appointment for the next day at the same time and we said goodbye with a certain sorrow to leave such an enjoyable talk.

When she disconnected, I saw her picture more closely and she was definitely a woman who, apart from being beautiful, sensual and interesting in all senses, somewhere hidden for my conscious radiated a tenderness in her little being, I did not know if it was her look expressive or I do not know what, but as I continued to observe it I felt a sense of absolute tenderness.

I arrived home that night taking his photo in the flash memory I recorded it on the hard drive of my PC and putting Pink Floyd at a good volume kept watching it, it was a kind of work of art all its harmonious body, it seemed painted by all parts where I saw, his naked body that was a digital photo of very good resolution taken by his husband at times while flying in my lost thoughts I was made to see Leonardo Da Vinci with his precision of great master deep knowledge of human anatomy painting on canvas his perfect body using his knowledge about the number “Phi”. Everywhere he looked was an invitation to discover with mathematical precision the perfection of the nature of this little being. Lost in my thoughts that day I fell asleep …

The next day everything went with absolute normality, I arrived at the office in the afternoon since that day I had to attend some pending appointments with clients but it was already approaching 6 o’clock in the afternoon and I remembered that I had an appointment in the msn.

A little bit after 6 o’clock in the afternoon she connected and we started talking very openly with much more confidence than 26 hours ago, I had told her that I liked her a lot and what had happened at my house the night before while I watched her photos and I was flying with my thoughts.

She told me that after she closed the session with me she had told her husband Miguel that they had presented him in the chat with a man who really liked him. When she heard that, she told me that her husband was very excited and told her to I took more time to get to know myself and I could not believe that someone had liked him at the end, that he gave him all the permission and facilities so that little by little he would become more intimate with me.

I told her that I was very grateful to both of them for the openness and also to her, to a certain extent, for having chosen me as the perfect candidate as she herself had told me.

Miguel, her husband, is a 37-year-old man of normal constitution, with an incipient belly but still well formed. Clear skin with dark eyes and straight hair.

We had already while we were advancing in our conversations and in the days that we were in the Chat, already exchanged many photos among which was also with Miguel, and with much more confidence and also our cell phone numbers, with which we already had a contact a little more direct.

I discovered that in her voice Gaby had the tone and tone of a spoiled little girl, and that made her more charming and gave me more tenderness.

One day when I wanted to listen to her and talk to Gaby, I dialed her cell phone and her husband was driving as she told me and she told me that she was a copilot.

Every time we spoke on the phone or by msn she would say “my baby” for this or that thing, it is the word of affection that she uses with me

I want to see you, when you come to Guayaquil to see me – Gaby said to me that day on the phone while her husband was there – I want you to come, I have decided that I want to do it with you and if it is not with you, with anyone else.

Thank you my precious, I will go one of these days to visit you in your city, and we will coordinate so that this is done, please pass me your husband Miguel to greet him.

He delayed a little bit I think until the car borders.

Hello Tato a taste

Hi Miguel, I wanted to talk with your girl and I wanted to take the opportunity to say hello and thank you for the opportunity you gave me to approach her.

Do not worry Tato, I want you to call her with all the confidence of the world without any inconvenience, call her whenever you want, she told me that she likes you and that you like her, I tell you that you have been lucky because she is quite special and with you she tells me that she feels very comfortable and that what I like is to please her.

I thank you so much I will, I will be calling you often to have you
warm your wife.

Call her friend no problem, I see it quite content and excited with you, I hope that soon one of these days you visit us.

One of these days I fall down there to give the baby pleasure.

Ok, I’ll put it on again so you can keep talking to Gaby.

You saw my baby, I told you that there is no problem with Miguel that you are my lover, we have already talked about it and I have decided that it has to be with you, I like you, I like you and I feel very good, I want you to be my official lover and I do not want to know anything about anyone, only with you, at first I did not want it was just to please him, but now I’m dying of wanting you to come and eat me and have a nice time with my baby.

That will make my love soon.

For some time we continued to talk to her on the phone every day when Miguel was or not and we had very loud conversations, we chatted on the msn for a while, we saw each other on a webcam and we gave each other a lot of time during our virtual meetings, when I was alone at home or there was how she ran out of clothes and made me see in real time from miles away her beautiful naked body and we masturbated sometimes copiously in our cyber sex sessions.

There were also conversations with Miguel, in fact when for a or b reasons his phone was off or without a network he called Miguel’s and he passed it to me several times.

One day for work reasons I had to travel to Guayaquil and we agreed to see each other at a certain date. For reasons beyond my control, the trip was suspended because it was work and I could not travel and I apologized that I would not go on exposing what happened and my reasons, Gaby did not take it very well since she is very spoiled and she likes to leave everything as she wants and she felt frustrated and even a little annoyed and she made me notice.

We continue every day in the chat as always and I always got in the face that I left planted and I really want to know how I could have done that and actually made me feel bad with his comments, had the responsibility to go to meet My word but for some days for work reasons I could not do it.

One day while we connected, she gave me some pictures that Miguel her husband had done exclusively for me, it was a photo session that left me crazy like a dog smelling jealousy of a bitch, those photos caused a great impact on me, they were the height of suggestive in different poses and naked and as we were in the days of the 2006 Soccer World Cup with the shirt of the Ecuadorian team and nothing more than that.

That woman occupied all the time in my mind and we became like boyfriends, I know it will seem strange and somewhat unusual, but with her it was very special, it was not only sex, that girl stole me with her tenderness , way of being, attention and details my heart. The tenderness that it provoked in me became a very special affection that I had never felt for any other woman of friendly couples with whom we have a nice friendship and enjoyed sex, period, but in this case in the singular, I did not love her and he had me in love. Best of all, that’s what her husband wanted, she did not want us to be a sexual threesome, he always wanted what she said to me in the phone conversations and to her in her intimate moments, is that We are lovers, boyfriends and lovers and we love each other … It was not hard to fall in love with this angelic woman in a short time that every day was getting more into me with all its details.

After seeing those last pictures I put myself as a devil in the bottle and designed a plan so that as soon as possible I made the trip to Guayaquil to be able to go to enjoy such an exquisite woman, in the office I made all the possible arrangements since I had to To travel urgently for work and to enjoy my love that so anxious with her husband was waiting for me. I agreed on the date in the office and also with them and I arranged to visit them on Friday that was coming.

In those 4 days that she was missing she texted me to the cell telling me how anxious she was to prove me, it was time for us to come face to face and we came across flesh and blood, because a lot of accumulated arrechera already made us a bit bad-tempered of not being able to enjoy ourselves as we wanted.

Friday arrived and I arrived at his city Guayaquil at 8:30 at night as we had agreed, they would wait for me at the terminal of the transport company in which I moved, the trip lasted 5 hours and during the whole trip I was going putting that was already closer to her. It is amazing how in such a short time the two of us reciprocally generated those feelings as a couple in love, when I got off the bus they called me on my mobile and told me where they were.

Arriving at her car after a few steps, she was there, dressed as I had told her to wear that day for me, with a micro mini skirt, with a top that really looked like a barbie doll, fresh from the presentation card. Christmas day.

When I got into the car in the back they welcomed me, Miguel was driving and Gaby was sitting in the passenger seat, beautiful as she was, radiating a smile of happiness, she approached stretching to greet me with a loud and rich kiss on the mouth, I shook hands with Miguel and started the car.

As I watched the city go by, shifted from front to back, I saw Gaby’s teeth shine in a splendid way. I was excited to have this beautiful woman in front of me and in that moment I could smell her, touch her hair, her skin, it was a dream becoming reality.

Since 9 years ago I had not been to her city it was very changed and I was very much admired of the changes that had happened, it was like going back to Guayaquil, they told me they would let me know how beautiful their city is and they did, we started going around all the cardinal points of the city and I was remembering and recognizing each place, while I kissed her in the mouth, I rubbed her rich, hard tits that looked like two melons that came out of her chest, in her neck she caressed the divine bones that she has under her jaw at the end of her throat, she went ahead of co-pilot and I in the back seat, even though my advances were good, she indicated that she had been dressed as I asked only to please me me and lifting her skirt so short the smallest I’ve seen in my life told me that she wore a Brazilian tanguita that was delicious in its harmonious forms that was only held by two little bows she wore in each thigh, after morbosear a lot and sometimes give us kisses and caresses with a lot of love of the tender cigar how we had already walked around the main tourist places of the city Gaby said that he was hungry and Miguel started up after asking him what is it that he wanted and told him that some hamburgers and nothing else, I did not want to eat, rather I wanted to eat it and I rushed towards her, Miguel was congratulating her for the good taste and the luck of having as wife and mother of her children To such a female he feeling proud and pleased only smiled timidly while discerning in his thoughts that it was indeed like that.

Miguel was born the good idea of ​​Gaby to move to the back seat so we are more comfortable without being hindered or separated from the back of the seat, in fact that I wanted for a while but I was patient in waiting for him to say it himself as a sign of respect towards their relationship.

Gaby neither short nor lazy barely heard him with how little he is and very flexible too, put his foot to the side of the handbrake pushing on the shoulder of his husband fell on me throwing himself like a lioness stalking his prey, I eat I am not an easy prey to hunt, I gave a lot of war, the car windows were polarized or smoked and only the front windshield did not have this protective film that night was the curtain of our lewd acts that we did in the back seat while her husband only drove watching from time to time in the mirror what he was doing to me and that beautiful woman who is his wife made me.

We arrived at the place where they sold the hamburgers and there were many people out on foot and in cars, Miguel went down to buy and we were pampering and enjoying being alone, I took his little shaved and was very wet, he told me this night is completely my baby … while playing with her and her juices that were impregnated in my fingers and I took them to my nose and then to my mouth sucking them as a snack before the burger, that’s where Miguel came and found us inside the car with his eyes full of lust for so many caresses, as we could we got together and we started eating, even though I told him I did not want to eat he insisted and brought me a super burger and a tail, while we talked about how well we are doing it. end after so much cyber relationship we were finishing the meal we were eating and talking in that place for an hour with her by my side that stroked my hair with so much tenderness that I was invaded by that feeling of whenever she sows in me.

We were left to do a trio in which we would let things come to him, it does not bother him at all that we are, boyfriends, lovers or we love him, she treated me as always and better because we were finally together in a face-to-face manner. a morea so rich that she climbed and we both began to gasp with pleasure and Miguel said we better go elsewhere, while he was driving through the city we were going back long, doing ours, there was no one else at that moment in the world that the two of us delivered to lavish more and more daring caresses …

On this trip I lifted her skirt and untied her bows and stripped her of it to stick me in her well tender and shaved flush after giving caresses and kisses on her beautiful abdomen and the inside of her thighs, I lifted her legs almost to the roof of the car and I dedicated myself to do what I like the most, we looked at each other fixedly while doing it and I did it for the whole journey that was missing, for about 25 minutes I feasted on eating the most tender chuchita of my life, I had the feeling of being with a quinceañera, Gaby that looks like 15 years, no one can believe that she is a mother of two children and that the oldest is already 10 years old, I do not like little girls on the contrary I like mature women while older , but Gaby has a mixture of tenderness, pampered girl, quinceanera and mature woman with experience, her physique is of a pampered little girl but her actions are of a woman full of power and the same as her ideas without taking away her air of little girl that has also in his character.

When we arrived at the motel where Miguel took us when we entered, we got comfortable and we continued to kiss with crazy passion and extreme delight. We did not want to separate for a single moment, I felt an energy that made us both vibrate, at a moment that we gave ourselves a I took her breath from behind her waist and put her in front of the mirror and saw her in my small, rich and appetizing chest. With his half-moon smile he wanted to look me in the eyes in the reflection of the mirror and he told me – How nice that at last you are here my baby …

Miguel went to the bathroom or I do not know where and we began to undress because we had the need to brush our skin while kissing at any time, I enjoyed his whole body with my mouth and tongue and nothing remained without him I kissed, she responded very well to my caresses and you could tell that we both enjoyed each other, Miguel came to observe us as a silent witness of our actions, he did nothing, just watched ecstatically as he was eating his wife, fully dressed he prepared us a better environment, put on music, turned on the TV to light the room and began to see us from a prudent distance everything we did, each time we got more, she took my cock and began to rub with her little hands, my urethra dripped pre-seminal fluids, proof that I was extremely excited and wanting to penetrate her, at last I wanted it to be mine and she only let herself do everything until at one moment We started a 69 and began to blow my cock and each time it became richer, after a few minutes of giving us this kind of pleasure it was just and necessary for the two of us who wanted to feel our sexes say hello properly.

Gaby’s skin was boiling, it looked like iron and her cheeks although she is a brunette, they looked red from the armor that we were wearing, she offered me her cuckoo and she opened my legs and I began to saw her without penetrating her and she started to pant and I I felt in glory feeling his little cave of love very wet and warm, that made my penis erecté more and I could no longer resist the temptation to nail it, first I stuck the glans that came full, then pore by little I put Halfway up and in two or three sighs of self-control for not shouting, I nailed it to the bottom, taking a scream from me and a sigh to the depths of her lungs, telling her to look me in the eyes, but she I saw how my stick got into the eggs and I pulled it back until my glans was visible. We took sometimes hard and sometimes soft for at least 50 minutes, I sweated like pot lid and my sweat fell on her, she hugged me with her legs and arms and had wet sweat, I could not take it anymore and I had to wet her also with my perlina mass that came directly from my eggs to her belly, I came roaring like a lion in battle and after expelling all my offering in her womb I transformed into a kitten she stayed as faint and I only felt his slight caresses while our tongues were already intertwined delicately …

She rested on my chest while caressing her hair and we still did not have enough, I started to possess her again while this time her husband took us photos and filmed making from time to time approaches, still dressed and not wanting to participate just wanted to observe, his wife had her pass me alone …

I enjoyed it a lot for hours and she to me, there was a moment when she fell asleep exhausted after a long session of sex and love, I put her next to me and Miguel went to bed still dressed to the side and helped me to caress her body while she slept we both gently passed our fingertips over the beautiful and perfect silhouette of her body, she slept complacent, exhausted, with an expression of satisfaction in her matchless face.

We started to review the photos taken and they were excellent, the videos were not very good because they went dark due to lack of lighting, I told him if he wanted us to take it between us and Miguel said to me – No, calm Tato this is your night, It’s your honeymoon night, enjoy it, I have it every day.

While Gaby slept in the middle of the two, we became great friends with Miguel her husband, telling us stories that had no end, being very pleasant in the conversation after about two hours woke up and looked for my mouth … the prodigé of kisses and caresses soft and she felt grateful, I asked her how she was doing, she told me that tonight was going to be unforgettable for her, she made me stand up again and put her as a dog in bed, through her husband horizontal way, I got an erotic madness and began to give egg in a very wild way while she rested her breasts on the belly of her husband and each time he got harder and harder in that position and she was holding on to her husband when feeling each wild envestida mine, to see this excitement our Miguel reacted and began to undress without moving from the place where he was pillow of his wife to get a better and more comfortable position for me his lover officer penetrate it, she moaned rich and that I was more attached to arrechera, I saw that Miguel’s phallus was already stopped and I put under her and Gaby straddled me and started a delicious ups and downs, her husband was mounted on top of she said and you know that not from behind, he as with some disappointment began to put his tuco de verga in the chucha, where I was already comfortably inside, that position to the three after coupling in a synchronized swing made us enjoy to the three much during a few minutes that we were stringing our two yards in the hump of Gaby who received us gladly, feeling the pressure of all our three sexes ended up in a concert of orgasms and screams on the part of everyone. She went to the bathroom to wash while we both commented how rich we had, he told me when we were alone that he wanted to open his ass because he had never given it and he did not want out there in his life.

After he returned we talked for a while between the three of us and I blamed her again, Miguel this time took more pictures, then she fell asleep exhausted hugging me and facing away from him.

With Miguel we talked until dawn for hours while we talked about how well we had, we put things clear, the aces on the table and in one of his stories I fell asleep embraced with his rich wife.

A little before dawn when everyone was asleep I wanted to take it again and I got on top and she received me gladly, so that the bed does not move and not to interrupt the dream of Miguel we went down to fuck on the carpet crazy of desire we started to make noise and he woke up startled telling us that we had not made him wake up to see us, I explained that he was deeply asleep and did not want to interrupt his dream and was successful seeing that he was cooking his wife and again we did Double vaginal penetration, finishing the three rich again.

When it was clear at 6:30 in the morning I picked it up again and wanted to continue but she said that since she did not want to, she was already disgusted with so much sex, it was time to retire, and they called us from the administration of the motel to tell us that if we stayed longer we had to pay more … We both went to bathe with Gaby and while we put soap we gave each other the last kisses and caresses inside the motel. We had hardly slept and we spent the whole night sawing Gaby …

What we were in the car, we all agreed to continue with this relationship that we now have, if I am your boyfriend, lover with the permission and consent of Miguel, I call, write or vice versa and every day until today we are in contact and he wants me to go, he promised to come to my city these days to be able to repeat, Miguel is very happy that at last his wife has a lover, among the three there is a very good affinity, I respect Miguel a lot Gaby and her relationship but I feel for her love, this relationship more than swinger is more likely to be polyamory because we love and need her, it’s not just sex … with Miguel we agree to share it and she is happy with both Her two babies as she tells us.

It should be noted that Miguel and I are 100% heterosexual and that nothing to do between males nothing of fagots between us he is very respectful and that is what I like the most. Although in this type of sexual relations of three can not avoid friction when there is one we have the peace of mind that we respect each other a lot.

With Gaby every day we are in contact, more united than ever, we are communicated all the time and we are always planning the way to see each other, she is a girl, a lady, a rich female and I have even discovered that she is an excellent woman in her face of mother and I like that she is very worried about her children.

Gaby, here ends your story that you asked me to do it, I hope I have done well and again I am pleased as always in everything you ask me princess and I hope to keep you always and continue to feel this rich that I was born to you. Thanks Miguel and Nena for letting me enter their matrimonial womb.

I will appreciate comments from people who have been the same. If there are wives who want to do something different, do not hesitate to write me.


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My girlfriend Sara

My girlfriend After reading some stories, I want to share with you what I have lived.

I am now 30 years old but I started sexually at 19 years old with my girlfriend Sara, a girl of 1.60 with a spectacular body due to the fact that since I was a little girl I practice sports constantly and that’s when I attended the gymnasium of the same university.

When I met her I loved that spectacular redondito butt and we soon verified that it was also delicious.

After classes we spent a lot of time together on the campus of the university, we parked the car in unoccupied solitary places, we kissed and we began to touch each other little by little we learned the pleasure that we could give ourselves by desire, besides we loved each other. Although I was not strictly trained in moral matters, at all times I thought I would respect her because I had heard that it was a way to demonstrate to the couple the love one felt for her. But she had had an older boyfriend who taught her everything that I later lived.

On so many occasions when we were in the car where we gave ourselves tremendous heaters, she taught me to kiss her, to touch her according to her preference, since we were confident. He told me how to light it to the fullest with kisses and caresses.

That day we would spend in the car wearing a long dress that completely unbuttoned the front, an issue that facilitated any maneuver.

Her skin was silk, not forgetting her hair, which at the time was straight and jet black. His honey-colored eyes and that eternal smile …

He began by asking me to touch his sex and how little by little to introduce my fingers between his lips without more and lubricate the clitoris to fill him with caresses, without forgetting his breasts although small when he reached the exact degree were two volcanoes with tremendous hardness. Meanwhile she did her job kissing me like never before, she was the one who dictated the rhythm to follow, in what I put a thousand clitoris, after that came my reward, she deftly pulled out my penis and stroked it with those hands that did not I will never forget when I believed that my member had reached the maximum size, the surprise came, she took it in her mouth, with that magnificent handling that already mentioned the language and no repulsion to the act, it made it grow more, you can imagine the pleasure of someone you love doing something of what you most want at that age.

I take to heaven because I felt that humid cavity that I was gradually filling with my being, she kissed everything and with an almost magical ability she made me disappear inside, I felt as she passed by her bell and I followed all this in a combination of tenderness and mastery. Meanwhile I held her hair in my hands and separated them from her forehead, she opened her eyes, from which emanated a special shine, in the environment dominated the scent of our sexes.

Suddenly I felt like a heat wave took hold of me from my feet to the last hair and my semen came out which she kept and did not allow anything to come out, I felt like I was flying and transported me to eternity, after that, not knowing what time it was, I turned on me and watched as he shuddered and his sex emanated his juices and without letting me out of his mouth, we remained motionless, listening to the heartbeat of our hearts and the wind through the trees.

I must say that it was the beginning since my mind keeps even more, that I will tell you later …

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