Betania left the chair on which she knelt for twenty minutes rubbing her buttocks in two hands, with the futile desire to mitigate the sting produced by the countless number of lashes she had received during that time. He drove diligently to the bedroom to lie on the bed as he had been ordered.

Maybe it’s better to start at the beginning and portray Betania and her circumstances.

She is a young woman, Venezuelan, with long black hair, with big black eyes, hard and straight breasts, narrow waist and beautiful hips that accompany some attractive and prominent buttocks: of regular height, her figure, to put it once, It attracts the looks of anyone with whom it crosses and has eyes to enjoy its splendid figure and attractive face. Always with a smile on his lips, it does not go unnoticed by anyone.

In the year … when she was seventeen, she went to work for J. as a maid, cook and everything related to the care of the house and her person. Since that time, five years had passed.

For a while, his behavior was irreproachable. The efficiency that he showed satisfied J who was not oblivious to his charms and was delighted to have hired her.

A few months later, Betania, aware of the admiration that J. felt for her, began to neglect her obligations, to pay less attention to the good condition of the house and her lord, convinced as she was of what he felt for her and, therefore, unable to reprimand her. She spent more time lying in bed or watching TV than she was busy with her homework.

Although J. was attracted to her and wished with all her might to possess her, the situation was becoming untenable: she found dust almost anywhere, the good foods that she prepared for him before had become inedible. His bed made in any way, with wrinkles and lack of care. Her shoes and clothes, once so spoiled and put in place, now went crazy trying to find any garment.

He spoke with her making him see the irregularity of his behavior without obtaining any result. She continued to behave in the same careless way.

Against his kind and patient natural, J. decided to take matters into his own hands to try to change those bad habits of Betania to whom, in fact, he had taken something more than affection and who did not want to lose for anything in the world: It would have been appropriate to dismiss her, but … and that was what she felt and prevented her from doing it.

Twice more he tried to change her bad habits of recent times without getting the least. Betania, in her heart of hearts, believed that nothing she did wrong would be reason for her to dismiss her because of the love J. knew for her person. I was not very misguided.

However, after a long time in J., armed with patience and love mixed with desire, fed up, desperate not to get results by good and reached a point of no return, after a new attempt and check that only the words did not make a dent in the attitude of the young woman, extremely angry, almost without knowing what she was doing and against all of her vital approaches to nonviolence, she unloaded her hand on her face, which forced her to wobble. With eyes wide open in surprise, Betania put her hand to the place where she had been beaten.

Against all foresight, a single word of protest did not come from his mouth: he remained motionless, expectant, swinging on one foot and the other. On his face he painted himself, he did not know what. Enraged by her response, J. dragged her unceremoniously to a nearby chair and, making him lean over him, began to throw an endless series of lashes at those buttocks that he so desired to caress only protected by the tight black dress in uniform .

An insane satisfaction seized J. while he punished her in that way. Maybe that way I got what I did not get in good manners. In any case, the result of that action mattered little: his degree of excitement and the pleasure of the punishment he was inflicting on the young woman were such that nothing that happened afterward worried him.

Meanwhile, Betania, inexplicably, only uttered moans without it being noticed in her intention to escape punishment. Esthetically, he remained in the position in which J. had placed him. This one, more and more excited, encouraged by the passivity of Betanía and what seemed an acceptance of such punishment as expiation for so long of not fulfilling its mission, without the slightest consideration, lifted the dress of the girl to the waist and lowered her panties up to the ankles. It was then that for the first time he could appreciate the magnificence of those glorious buttocks, which, even covered by clothes, so many nights of insomnia and febrile states had cost him. For a few seconds, prey to the admiration and the desires that that vision produced, he did not know whether to whip or caress, to immerse himself in the pleasure of touching and to inhale his aroma or to continue with the punishment. He opted for the latter and again began to smash his hands mercilessly on that throbbing and already red skin. The groans of Betania that accompanied as the answer in a canon each scourge that received, excited more and more to J. to the point of which one way of thick fog was hovering over him.

Unexpectedly, J. leaned over those lovely buttocks and caressed them with pleasure while inspiring the scent that came from them. With an effort of will, although what he wanted above all things was to penetrate between those turgid and desired balloons, with a decisive gesture, he took out his belt and, with the bent in two, he re-started the punishment by lashing Betania without rest during ten minutes or more. Meanwhile, she still did not leave the altar where her buttocks were being sacrificed.

As everything has an end, the punishment came to an end. J. Betanía rose from his position and, without power or want to remedy, hugged and kissed with hot kisses to which she corresponded in the same way. Leaving to hold him with both arms, one of his hands stroked the so lashed buttocks and then take them to the pubis where he found a real source. Without further ado, right there on the carpet, they both frantically possessed themselves for an unlikely and timeless space of time.
After the outbursts of passion, decided to give and ask for explanations. J. confessed to Betanía the love that had been growing towards her almost from the moment of knowing her. She confessed that the same thing had happened to her and that all the things she had done wrong were to get her attention; that he saw him so distant and gentleman that he could not think of another way to do it. She was happy because she had achieved her purpose and with the beating she had paid for everything she had done wrong.

For a time, Betania was again what she was and the relationship between her and her lord, became something more than work.
However, strangely, after a time when everything worked perfectly, in that they loved each other at all times and the house shone clean and tidy, some things began to fail. J. realized almost immediately but did not want to take drastic measures with which now, in addition to the house, was busy filling him with satisfactions having become his lover to which corresponded with enthusiasm and love.

The days passed and things went worse and worse. The disinterestedness of that past time seemed to have settled in Betania. Seeing that the warnings were useless and that the house was getting worse, J. decided to take back what, except that first time, had left in suspense: he had never punished his love.

One night when after enjoying their bodies and their love he reproached her for her carelessness, she replied that she was not his slave. Astonished by those words, irritated, he turned her naked as he was and began to flog her without mercy. She saw how her buttocks were getting more and more red, how she kicked and complained about the deal despite which, he continued to unload his hands on her. He stopped for a moment and asked if that was enough to rectify his behavior. To that she replied that no and the spanking recommenced. Only when J. felt almost exhausted and with a gesture checked the state that presented the crotch of his lover, ceased to hit her.
Pouting and looking at him tenderly, Betania said:
-Fool; Did not you realize that what I was trying to do was to punish you again? What did I like so much that time that I wanted you to repeat it and you did not find out? –