by misterdick

This story is a work of fiction, I don’t condone this sort of thing being done to an unwilling participant. HOWEVER Bella is real and this story has been written for her. The dirty little slut loves it.


Bella let out a sigh of relief as she approached the hotel reception. It had been a long, uncomfortable flight from London to Tokyo and she couldn’t wait to get to her room for a hot shower. The young Japanese woman at the reception greeted her in passable english and handed her a key-card.

“Miss Bella, you know this special hotel? You sign please.”

The woman passed her a surprisingly large stack of papers which she flicked through, not really reading at all and then signed her name at the bottom of each. She’d found an incredibly good deal on the internet for this room, less than a quarter the price of anywhere else in the city and she didn’t want to cause a fuss over paperwork so she quickly signed each and every page.

“Thank you, thank you, domo arigato!” The woman said delightedly, showing her to the elevator while a young man grabbed her suitcase and scurried along ahead.

Bella had barely looked at the room as she arrived, the young man left her suitcase near the huge, comfortable looking bed and nodded, leaving and closing the door behind him. She swiftly stripped out of the dirty clothes she’d flown in, leaving them strewn on the bed and almost ran into the bathroom.

The room was large and luxurious, the shower was huge and when she turned on the tap she was pleased to see the strong pressure and instant steamy heat. She stepped into the water, groaning with pleasure as the warm water washed away all memory of her unpleasant flight. She soaped her curvy body, her large breasts and arse jiggling slightly as she took a long, hot shower.

She stepped out of she shower, her naked body dripping with water and her long brown hair plastered to her back, and looked about confusedly for a towel. There were none in the bathroom at all, not even a small hand towel. Cursing quietly to herself she wandered out into the room to find one.

Everything was gone.

Bella let out a squeal of dismay. No bed, no suitcase, no CLOTHES! Against one wall was a full length mirror and next to it was a coat rack with some kind of shiny, black latex bodysuit hanging from it. Instinctively she clutched a hand protectively over her crotch and an arm over her wet, dangling breasts. Someone had been in her room while she showered, what kind of mean prank was this?

She paced helplessly for a few minutes before stopping to examine the suit. Of course they expected her to put it on for some reason, and if she wanted to get back downstairs to find out what the hell was going on she had no choice. It looked uncomfortably figure-hugging and tight, and had high-heeled boots built into the legs.

Taking a deep breath Bella sat down on the floor and began pulling her legs into the tight latex. It felt unpleasant against her wet skin, almost sticking to her, but with some difficulty she slid her legs in, her feet fitting into the boots perfectly. Shakily she stood, the tight latex made it hard to bend her knees and the heels on the boots were a massive five inches, forcing her to wobble about on tiptoes.

It was as she squeezed the suit over her curvy arse and hips that she realised it must have been custom made to fit HER specifically. She grunted with dismay as she felt the latex pulled tight into her butt-crack and over her shaven pussy, then continued by squeezing her arms into the sleeves.

As she pulled the sleeves on she could see the suit included individual cups for each breast, which while providing some support would also display them lewdly once she was dressed. Gritting her teeth she squeezed her large tits into the suit, and all of a sudden the whole thing popped into place over her shoulders, encasing her body like a shiny, black, second skin.

She wondered angrily if she’d even be able to get out of this thing unaided as she struggled to pull up a long zip at the back. As the zip reached the back of her neck there was a strange ‘click’. Gasping, Bella tried to pull the zip back down and discovered to her horror that it was now completely immovable, locking her into this uncomfortable and embarrassing suit.

It wasn’t until twenty minutes later that she finally built up the courage to leave the room, she’d looked at herself in the mirror, shocked at how perverted her body looked squeezed into the tight latex, tottering about on the huge heels, her arse was transformed into a pair of shiny black beach balls, her tits on display, bouncing slightly, totally encased.

And this is how she looked as she stepped out into blinding light, a loud roar of a cheering and laughing audience. She moaned in humiliation as someone grabbed her shoulders and led her out onto a stage. Where had the hallway gone? She wondered stupidly as she took in her new environment.

There was a crowd or hundreds of grinning, laughing, cheering Japanese men. She was standing on a stage in front of a large pit filled with what looked like an obstacle course and various unusual devices. She looked back in a panic to see the door she’d come through vanish behind a huge screen that was projecting a close-up of her blushing face.

The man who lead her stepped back and began talking rapidly in Japanese into his microphone. He was dressed in a ridiculous, bright red suit and as he talked the audience laughed often. She couldn’t understand a single word he said until suddenly…

“Introducing — Bella!” immediately after he said her name a loud, humorous “MOOOO” played over the speakers, producing the biggest laugh from the crowd yet.

“Bella, you get 10 points, you go home. Until 10 points you stay all expenses pay in hotel!”

“What!?” shrieked Bella as she was shoved off the stage into the pit below. Stumbling on her high heels but managing to remain upright. In front of her was the obstacle course, starting with a series of walls with holes cut at different heights and sizes.

“GAME ONE, GO!” she heard over the speakers and the audience cheered loudly. Some of them were mooing at her and laughing.

All of a sudden she felt a great whack on her arse. Gasping with pain she reeled about, there was a small smirking Japanese man dressed as some kind of combination between a clown and a farmer, holding a long handled paddle in both hands.

“Go go go!” he chanted, as Bella felt another hard paddle hit her bottom from the other side. There were two of the clowns, dressed identically and they began to chase her as she stumbled towards the first wall squealing with pain and humiliation. There was a medium sized round hole near the ground and Bella crawled through it frantically, knowing full well that she was providing her arse as an even better target.

The clowns didn’t hold back, paddling her latex-clad rear as hard as they could as she struggled through the hole. The next wall had a smaller hole almost at head height. Tears forming in her eyes as the assault on her poor posterior continued Bella tried to pull herself up and through the hole. But in the high heels and with the limited mobility her costume provided she found it very difficult.

One of the clowns grinned wickedly and reversed his paddle, aiming the handle right between Bella’s shaking cheeks. She let out a howl of indignity as she was lifted up and shoved into the hole by a long wooden handle pressing at her anus. With one final paddle to the arse and a vicious poke between her cheeks she slid head-first through the hole and down the other side of the wall. Struggling to get back to her feet she saw the third wall, the hole was at waist height, and even smaller than the last.

Not wanting to receive too many more strikes to her tortured bum Bella plunged through the hole, having to breath in and squeeze to get her large breasts through. Unfortunately her arse refused to follow.

“No!” Shrieked Bella as she realised her chubby bottom prevented her getting all the way through the hole. Bent over at the waist and with her arms on the other side of the wall she could do nothing but wail as the clowns began raining her defenceless posterior with hard spanks. Over and over they hit her hard, she could see on the screen a close-up of her arse, watching it get flattened with each brutal swipe, shaking like shiny, black jelly as it received strike after strike.

“TIME UP! ZERO POINT!” The host roared into his microphone. Bella let out a sigh of relief as the paddling stopped and the clowns, grabbing her by the hips, extracted her from the hole. She rubbed her defeated bum, gasping as every touch caused intense pain. It felt as though her arse was swelling up inside the suit, the latex feeling tighter than ever on her sensitive cheeks.

“And the punishment!” the man continued causing the crowd to cheer louder than ever.

Punishment!? Bella started to run, but one of the men grabbed her arms and pulled them tightly above her head as the other knelt behind her and started fiddling with her rear.

“Wh.. what are you…!?” Bella stuttered as she felt the material covering her arse peel away, leaving her bottom totally exposed.

“No no no!” She moaned as the audience laughed at her chubby, bright red and swollen bum. She was dragged away from the walls and towards a long set of monkey bars. They were raised up about twelve feet, with a ladder at either end.

“BETTER LUCK IN GAME TWO BELLA! GO!” Again when her name was said the ridiculous cow sound effect played, making the crowd go crazy laughing and mooing at the poor girl.

“I don’t want to play this, you have to let me go!” She shouted, looking around for an exit. In reply one of the clowns hit her hard on her naked arse with a paddle. Growling she turned around, grabbing at the paddle. She struggled with the clown, trying to take his weapon from him as the other laughed and continued pelting her glowing bottom with spanks.

Bella had almost wrestled the paddle from the clown when she felt something wet and rubbery slither between her arse cheeks searching for her butt-hole. She howled, letting go and turned to see a third grinning clown, who was holding a long stick with a huge, gleaming, lubed up dildo on the end.

“OK OK!” Bella said frantically, climbing the ladder and grasping the monkey bars with her hands. She wasn’t the most athletic girl but the fall would be very painful, particularly in her ridiculous high heels so she held tightly and began slowly inching along the bars, one hand before the other, grimacing with difficulty.

The clowns suddenly appeared beneath her pushing a giant, open-topped barrel on wheels filled with a thick white liquid.

“BULL SEMEN!” came the cry from the host. Followed by a loud moo and intense cheering and laughter from the crowd. Tears flooded Bella’s eyes as she held on for dear life, the large pool of sticky white kept directly beneath her at all times by the attentive clowns.

She had made it to halfway when all of a sudden she felt something stir at her pussy. It was a light tingling at first, but quickly sped to a roaring vibration centred squarely on her clit. There must be a vibrator built into her suit, and there was no escaping the intense wave of unwanted pleasure that now crept over her. Looking down she saw a glowing smiley face made of small LED lights was flashing right over her cunt and shame-faced she realised the whole crowd knew exactly what was happening to her down there.

Struggling against the building feeling in her loins Bella desperately continued clawing along the obstacle, her legs dangling uselessly above the nasty barrel. Two clowns, now on stilts approached her from either side, and began grabbing at her tits. As with her arse, the latex covering her large udders peeled away and the bounced free for all to see.

Openly sobbing Bella struggled forwards, her arms were incredibly tired and she felt like she might be forced to orgasm at any moment. The clowns grabbed her breasts roughly, each pulling a tight metal hoop over a heaving tit, she felt her tits being squeezed tight as the clowns twisted bolts on the sides of their hoops, making them shrink around the base of her tits. Tighter and tighter until it felt as though her poor abused udders might burst, thrust out like pink balloons with nipples.

It was then she felt the familiar feeling of the dildo, large and greased thrust between her red arse cheeks. She began screaming anew as the phallus slowly pushed its way into her tight anus. She struggled and kicked but it continued its horrible invasion into her shitter, painfully giving Bella her first arse-fucking in front of a laughing crowd. It felt huge and awful inside her, but with the constant vibration on her clit she knew she was going to cum with the big rubber cock in her arse.

Her eyes rolling back in her head and moaning with shame she came intensely, bucking her arse towards the probing dildo, her tightly bound udders bouncing madly. And then her hands slipped.

It seemed to happen in slow motion as her sweaty fingers lost hold of the bar, the dildo slipped out of her quivering arsehole and she fell into the huge vat of thick, sticky, white semen. Her head went under, she was totally enveloped in the horrible stuff, and burst to the surface gasping for breath, her mouth and nostrils blowing bubbles, her hair plastered to her face, spitting and crying and struggling to reach the sides.

She was almost neck-deep in the gunk, she could feel it oozing inside her bodysuit through the holes and she felt it flow inside her recently stretched anus. She wiped as much as she could from her face, prying apart her sticky eyelashes and saw her cum-covered face projected huge on the screen. She looked like some kind of glistening white blob with a face, bobbing up and down in a barrel of slime.

Bella struggled to pull herself out of the pool, but kept slipping and sliding back in, shrieking and then gurgling and spitting as she caught a mouthful of the stuff.

“TIME UP! ZERO POINT AGAIN!” She heard through her slightly blocked ears.

“TIME FOR PUNISHMENT!” The host’s voice echoed through the room along with laughter and cheers from the crowd.

“NO! PLEASE DON’T! OH MY GOD NOOOO!” Bella screamed frantically as the lid descended upon the barrel, sealing her in darkness, standing neck deep in what she could only assume was the semen of several hundred farm animals.

“Let me out! Pleeeeaaaaase!” She wailed, pushing and hammering on the top of her sticky, smelly prison, discovering it had been locked shut tightly and she was sealed inside.

As she sobbed quietly Bella could hear the muffled cheers of the audience and the host shouting excitedly in Japanese. She became keenly aware of the powerful, inescapable vibrator still buzzing on her sensitive clit and to her immense dismay she realised that even in this horrendous situation she was becoming turned on.

She gasped as she felt the barrel begin to tilt, and sloshed helplessly onto her hands and knees as it was placed on its side. Then, all of a sudden the barrel began to roll. Bella was thrown arse over tit, churning amongst the revolting contents of the container. She clamped her eyes and mouth shut as tight as she could as she bounced around totally submerged in cum.

Then the barrel stopped, she struggled to the surface, gasping for air. The thick, white gunge had frothed up from all the mixing and now took up even more space in the barrel allowing only just enough room for her face to pant and moan near the top.

“Please! You can’t lea… GLUB!” Bella was cut off as the barrel began to roll again, filling her mouth with warm cum. Again she was thrown about in the muck until her nasty prison cell came to a rest and she was able to cough and splutter to the surface.

The sensation in her pussy was growing unbearable and she pleaded with her body not to behave this way as she felt another orgasm approaching. No please, not in here, its disgusting, I can’t come like this. As the barrel began rolling again she was able to take a deep breath, now humiliatingly close to climax as the incessant vibrations on her clit refused to stop. She found herself rubbing uncontrollably at her latex covered crotch and her painfully bound, balloon-like tits as she was totally submerged in sticky bull semen.

Then all of a sudden she was thrust into the light, gushing out of the barrel in a wave of cum, frantically rubbing her pussy as she began to orgasm, thrashing about in a revolting puddle in front of a huge crowd.

“No… I didn’t.. mean to.” She whimpered as the crowd roared with laughter,

Bella squirmed about, absolutely exhausted but with the now painful vibrations still jolting her poor cunt. She was lying on a huge grate and the slime that coated her slowly dripped away into a drain. All of a sudden she was hit with a high-pressured jet of cold water. She gasped and rolled around, the power of the water and the ridiculously high heels making it impossible for her to stand.

Two men, totally encased in over-the-top hazmat suits peeled her out of the latex body suit while a third hosed her down. Cuffs were snapped around her wrists and she was hoisted up to her feet, arms pulled above her until she was dancing on her tip-toes, totally naked and being sprayed with a painfully high-powered hose.

“DIRTY GIRL!” The host exclaimed as one man squirted her with a foul, chemical-smelling soap and another began to scrub her with a long stiff bristled brush.

She sobbed and hopped from one foot to the other trying to avoid the rough scrubbing, her skin turning bright pink as the astringent soap began to produce a stinging sensation in her asshole and pussy.

The man paid close attention to her poor abused breasts, still bound tightly at their bases and beginning to turn red. Bella howled with pain as her nipples were scrubbed ruthlessly, then again as he turned his attention to her battered behind. The hard bristles reminded her just how many times she’d been paddled and she moaned, turning away. Unfortunately the man began scrubbing her irritated cunt instead making her gasp in agony, thrusting her chubby arse back to face him only to have the man ruthlessly spread her butt-cheeks and scrub her burning anus.

Bella impotently danced about on tip-toes for a long while as she was sprayed with cold water and scrubbed all over her body until finally the hose was turned off and the man with the brush gave her arse-crack one last excruciating swipe.

“OKAY, GAME THREE!” The host shouted happily as the men lowered Bella and removed the cuffs from her wrists. Immediately she covered her naked body as best she could, suddenly aware how totally exposed she was to the crowd of laughing, jeering men. One of the men grabbed her by the hair and she squealed as she stumbled along, yanked swiftly to a large, wooden medieval-style pillory and roughly bent over, her neck placed in a small recess and her hands either side.

“Oooh!” She moaned as a plank was lowered over her neck and wrists, a padlock was clicked shut locking her in, bent over at the waist with her bright red abused arse waggling back and forth in fear.

Tears formed in her eyes as she felt something hard being inserted deep into her helpless butthole, thinner than the dildo that had previously violated her, but it seemed to go in very far, mercilessly pushing into her bowels. A huge glass vessel filled with a suspiciously familiar looking viscous, white liquid was wheeled into her vision. A tube attached to the bottom vanished behind her. Was it… going into her arse? Bella started to shriek nonsensically, there had to be more than six litres in there.

The jar of cum was wheeled right in front of her face, at mouth height there was a fat, phallic looking tube protruding which started poking at her closed lips.

“MMMMRRRRRMMMMMPH-AAAAH!!” Bella moaned as her mouth was forcefully filled with rubber cock.

“GO!” The announced yelled, the crowd let out a mighty roar and immediately Bella felt warm liquid flooding into her arse. She shrieked, gagging on the tube in her mouth as she watched the contents of the glass vessel slowly begin to go down. Her eyes widened with horror as she realised what she was supposed to do. Either she sucked as much semen through the cock as she could, or the entire massive amount was going to be pumped into her guts.

Bella tentatively sucked on the rubber dildo, her face red with intense humiliation, and was immediately rewarded with a mouthful of thick salty cum. Trying her best not to swallow too much she spat, sticky liquid pouring down her face and onto the ground. All the while she could feel herself becoming uncomfortably full as the revolting enema was continuously pumped up her anus. She already felt a desperate need to shit out what was in her and so she began frantically sucking and spitting for all she was worth, swallowing a disgusting amount in the process.

She felt as though she was full to burst, glancing up at the jar she was horrified to see it was only half empty and still it drained into her guts with a slow unstoppable pressure. With desperation she continued her hopeless mission, sucking on the rubber cock more intensely, grunting like some kind of ravenous piglet and letting the liquid pour out of her mouth and nostrils like gelatinous drool.

Bella continued like this for several minutes, sobbing and gagging with a constant mouthful of disgusting liquid, her need to relieve herself had grown to the most intense thing she had ever experienced, her guts more full than she could have imagined with hot sticky cum. And with a moan of humiliated relief she heard the awful noise of the last of the liquid being sucked through the rubber penis into her mouth. Staring at the floor weakly Bella guessed she’d taken the vast majority of the stuff up her arse and couldn’t wait to shit the whole lot out of her cramping bowels.

Someone wheeled the jar away from her face, she let out a sigh as the fat cock emerged from her mouth, several strands of semen stretching to it from her lips and tongue. She groaned and spat repeatedly, unable to get half the gunk out of her mouth as one of the hazmat men wiped her face roughly with a cloth leaving her feeling sticky and gross but looking more or less clean.

“Ooooooooooh.” Bella whined as the enema nozzle was slowly tugged out of her arse. They wouldn’t force her to expel in front of everyone would they? She longed for a private toilet where she could shit out the nasty slime that filled her in peace.

Then she felt something pushing at her rectum.

“NOOOOO! WHY!?” She screamed as a large buttplug forced it’s way painfully into her arse, making her feel even more impossibly full and removing any possibility of the relief she so desperately needed.

“Please, I’ll do anything!” Bella begged.

“YOU SCORE FIRST POINT BELLA!” came the reply over the speakers.

“CONGRATULATION. ONLY NINE MORE TO GO!” Bella gasped as she heard the sound of a pump and felt the plug in her arse begin to inflate.