Beande is a slightly past middle-age married man. He is a bi anal erotic with a life long fascination for enemas. He often administers enemas to himself and sometimes submits to enemas administered by others. Today Lady DeTorma will give Beande the largest enema of his life.

Chapter 1

I am again naked in the dungeon of Lady DeTorma, waiting for her to arrive with her slave Jill. Last time that I was here, she spanked my butt till it turned purple and I screamed myself hoarse. This time she has promised to give me a very large enema. I know that she has an amazing assortment of skills and equipment to inflict many forms of abuse upon my body. I will soon find out what methods she will use today.

The door opens and Jill enters. Only Jill. She is nude, of course.

“Hello Beande. Lady DeTorma gave me instructions on how to prepare you for your ordeal today. I am to give you cleansing enemas so that you will be completely emptied out before she begins to work on you. She wants you to be empty and stretched so that you can hold more enema solution. These won’t be little enemas like I gave you last time you were here. These will be large enemas and several of them. The whole process will take at least two hours, probably longer. Lady DeTorma finds this boring, so she assigned the task to me. I’m glad, because I like to give you enemas. We should get started now. Will you help me prepare the hot, soapy enema solution?”

I take the dish pan to the sink and put about six quarts of hot water in it. Then Jill adds three heaping tablespoons of Ivory flakes to the water and stirs it with her hand to be sure that it isn’t too hot. Then I carry the pan to a small table in front of a sturdy wooden bench. Jill sits down at the middle of the bench, where she can easily reach the dish pan with the pint enema bulb.

“Lay across my lap, Beande, with your head to my left.”

I lie down on the bench with my butt raised on her lap. My dick is hanging between her legs and it begins to get hard.

“You like that don’t you Beande – feeling your cock against my legs. It will get even harder when I put this hot soapy enema solution into your ass.”

She slips the nozzle into me and begins squeezing the bulb. As my prostate gets warmer, my dick gets harder. It feels good. She notices the hardness and closes her legs around my cock. When the first bulb full is in, she refills it and slowly injects the second one. After a minute or so wait, she fills the bulb for the third time and empties it into me.

“Let that soak in for a while and then you can go to evacuate it.”

As I lay there with my colon full of hot, soapy water and Jill’s legs griping my penis, I can not decide which I want more – to evacuate the enema or to screw Jill. Jill decides it for me by telling me to go to the toilet.

I stay on the toilet for a few minutes to let my colon drain completely. While I sit there, Jill walks slowly around the room, deliberately giving me the opportunity of viewing her body from all angles.

Jill is a very beautiful young woman. Twenty-three years old, perfect skin, long blond hair, blue eyes, firm breasts, narrow waist, sensuous hips, long legs, excellent muscle tone and of course her pussy is shaved.

She sits down on the bench again, “Let’s do it Beande.”

As I lay down across her lap, my dick slips between her legs again. Her legs feel warm, but I’ll bet that her pussy would be even warmer. She fills the bulb, inserts the nozzle and again fills my rectum with hot, soapy water. My prostate gets hotter and my dick gets harder. Twice more she fills the enema bulb and empties it into me. Three pints is not an overly large enema, so I was content just to lay there across Jill’s lap and enjoy having my dick between her warm legs. It ended all too soon when she told me to evacuate the enema.

The sink is directly across the room from the toilet. Jill walks to the sink and stands facing it with her legs spread apart. She bends over from the waist, with her legs straight, as though looking for something on the lower shelf. I have a clear view of her beautiful, shaved pussy. She remains that way for far longer that is necessary to see everything on the shelf. My dick is really hard now.

She returns to the bench and beckons to me to lie across her lap. I do so and feel her legs grip my hard dick again. Jill empties three bulbs full of enema solution into my bowels.

“I’m going to give you a full two quart enema this time, Beande.”

She fills the bulb again and inserts the nozzle. She injects the enema solution slowly, stopping every few seconds to let my tummy expand to accept it. When the bulb is empty and withdrawn, she pushes a two inch diameter butt plug into my ass.

“You have to hold this enema for several minutes and that butt plug will ensure that all of the enema solution stays up your butt.”

Even though I am very uncomfortable, I don’t mind it as long as I am across Jill’s lap with her warm legs holding my dick.

“After this enema soaks your colon for a while, I am going to rinse you out with several large enemas of clear water. I’ll use an enema bag with a hose and you will not be on my lap. You will be bending over with your head lower than your butt. You can put your head and shoulders on the padded foot stool.”

Oh darn, this is the last time today that I will have Jill’s warm body against mine. I’m beginning to like these large enemas when Jill administers them this way.

“Five minutes is enough soaking. Time to go evacuate your bowels.”

With reluctance, I get off of Jill’s lap and sit on the toilet. After I pull the butt plug out, I allow the enema solution to just flow out of me without forcing it. This third enema comes out completely in less time than the other ones. The cleaner your bowels, the faster the evacuation. All that is left inside my colon is a lot of soap suds. Jill will soon take care of that with her rinsing enemas.

“When you think that your colon is empty, come over here and stand in front of the foot stool. Good. Now bend over and rest your head and shoulders on the foot stool. Keep your legs wide apart. That’s good. Now your head is lower than your butt and the enema solution can flow down into your bowels. This position makes it easier for you to hold the five pint enemas that I will be giving you. I know that it’s a lot of fluid to take, but it will help to enlarge your colon capacity. Lady DeTorma plans to give you at least six pints of an enema solution that will be very hot and have a very strong soap in it. You need to take these enemas to prepare you for the bigger enemas that she will give you.”

Jill pushes a large, plug shaped enema nozzle into my ass and immediately releases the hot water from the enema bag hanging above the foot stool. The hot water rushes into my colon with a force I hadn’t felt before. As my colon rapidly fills, the water flow slows, but does not stop. Even though my bowels are full, the pressure from the overhead enema bag stretches them until the five pints are inside me. My stretched guts and muscles hurt in a way that I had not experienced before. It was a new kind of pain – or pain in new places. I start to stand up, but Jill pushes my head down.

“No. You have to hold that enema for several minutes. It will help your colon to remain enlarged for the bigger enemas to come.”

The enema nozzle has a shut-off valve where the hose connects. Jill closes the valve, clamps the hose closed and removes the hose form the nozzle.

“Ok. Beande, that’s long enough for this one. Hold that nozzle in until you get to the toilet.”

I stand up and waddle over to the toilet. It’s difficult to walk normally when my tummy is distended like this. I sit down, pull the plug and the water gushes out of me. My tummy deflates so quickly that it feels like I’ve been punched in the gut. Most of the water comes out immediately, but a pint of so remains in my ascending colon. I have to bend and twist and push on my abdomen to expel it.

“No time to rest, Beande. Get in the position for another one.”

Jill has filled the bag again with five pints of hot water. She pushes the nozzle into my ass, opens the valve and releases the hose clamp. The water rushes in full force. In less than a minute my colon is being stretched to a five pint capacity. Soon all the hot water is inside of me. I’m very hot and my entire body is covered with sweat. My tummy is as tight as a drum.

“You can stand part way up, Beande. Put your hands on the stool with your arms straight. That way the water is still pushing out on your tummy.”

I hope this position relieves the pressure inside me. It doesn’t. At least three or four minutes of misery pass before Jill lets me go again.

“This is the last one Beande, but I’m putting in a bit more that five pints of hot water this time and you should hold it for at least five minutes.”

For the last time five plus pints of hot water gushes into my bowels, stretching my colon even further. I am sweating profusely as the five minutes tick slowly by. The lower half of my body aches from the stretching of my skin and muscles. The heat and pressure in my gut has set my balls to throbbing. And this is just a preview of what Lady DeTorma plans to do to me.

At last the time is up and I release the pressure from my insides. I spend extra time on the toilet to ensure that my insides are completely empty.

“The last part of my instructions is to fix a drink for you. I’ll be right back.”

Jill soon returns with what appears to be a glass of beer.

“Here, drink this. It’ll help you relax.”

“What is it?” “It’s a glass of beer with two shots of 100 proof Vodka in it. Just drink it down and we will wait in the playroom for Lady DeTorma.”

I finish the drink and put the empty glass in the sink.

Chapter 2

The gynecology exam table is in the center of the room. In front of it is the enema machine and a utility table covered with the items that Lady DeTorma will use on me.

The door opens and Lady DeTorma enters. Today she is wearing a pink, form-fitting, sheer body suite with an eight inch wide black belt and black high heel shoes. Black latex gloves complete her outfit.

“Beande, today you will receive the largest enema you have ever experienced. You will be hooked up to an enema machine that will inflate your tummy until you think that it will burst. You have never taken a six pint enema before, but you will take more than that today. The enemas will be very hot and thick with an irritating soap. You are going to suffer and I am going to enjoy your screams.”

Her words send shivers through my body. Oh Mother of Misery, what have I let myself in for this time. How can I endure this?

“Beande, step up here, sit on the edge of the table, between to stirrups, lie back, and put your legs into the supports.”

As I lie back on the table and put my legs into the raised supports, Jill straps my legs firmly to the supports.

“Jill, move those leg supports further apart, I want his legs to be spread wide. And elevate his head and shoulders a little. I want him to be able to watch me. Then secure his arms to the sides of the table.”

I am securely restrained on the table by the straps binding my arms and legs to the table in a manner that will not interfere with Lady DeTorma’s activities.

“I will now begin to stretch you sphincter so that you will be able to accept the large enema nozzle that I will be using on you.”

I see Lady DeTorma pick up a medium size dildo, about 1 ½” in diameter, and spread lube on it. Then she presses it against my anus and applies a steady pressure. I feel my sphincter muscles slowly stretching until the head enters my ass. She continues to slowly apply pressure until it hits bottom, deep inside me. She lets it stay there for a few seconds, allowing me to feel the fullness inside my rectum, and then begins to fuck my ass using long steady strokes. After a couple minutes she withdraws that dildo and selects another, larger one. This one is over 2″ in diameter. She has to push harder to get this one in. I feel my sphincter muscles stretching to their limit as the head slides into me. It continues to stretch its way into my bowels until it can go no further. I am as full as I have ever been before. Maybe more. As she strokes the big plastic cock in and out of me, I feel my ass hole moving in and out with it. She begins to increase the pace of the strokes until that cock is going rapidly in and out. By the time she stops, I am more than ready to have that thing out of my ass.

” Now we are ready for the enema machine. Lets get him hooked up, Jill.”

The enema machine isn’t really a machine – it doesn’t have any motor or gears or pumps. It consists of a small platform on wheels that holds two five gallon buckets with lids and a post that rises over 6 feet high. On top of the post is a graduated cylinder marked off in pints. It holds ten pints of liquid. A tube connects the cylinder to a shut-off valve on the bottom of a large enema nozzle which is shaped like a butt plug. Another, larger tube, with shut-off valve, connects the enema nozzle to a bucket. It works like this. The shut-off valve on the large tube is closed and the one for the cylinder is opened. Water drains from the graduated cylinder into the bowels of the enema recipient. When a sufficient amount of water is in the bowels, the cylinder valve is closed and the larger valve is opened, allowing the fluid to drain from the bowels into the bucket. Gravity operated, no pump needed.

The enema nozzle that she is going to push into my ass is shaped like a butt plug and over 2 ½ ” in diameter. Larger than the big plastic cock. Lady DeTorma puts lube on the butt plug and in my ass. When she pushes it against my anus, it goes in about half way before it stops. My ass has been stretched by the dildo, but not enough to accept that huge butt plug. She pushes harder and rotates and wiggles the plug in an effort to get it in. I can feel my ass hole being stretched bigger than it has ever stretched before. It hurts. I think that my muscles are tearing. Just when I think that I will split wide open, it popes in and my muscles close around the base of the enema nozzle. I am thinking that it will probably hurt just as much when it comes out.

“Jill, did you prepare the enema solution as I instructed?”

“Yes, Lady DeTorma. The water temperature is 125 degrees and I stirred in several spoonfuls of very strong laundry soap flakes. It’s very hot and very soapy.”

“Good. Now put eight pints in the glass cylinder and get the air out of the tubing.”

Jill fills the cylinder and manipulates the tubing so the air can rise into the cylinder and the tube is full of the hot enema solution.

Now Lady DeTorma opens the small valve. Not all the way, but just enough that the fluid will flow in slowly. I watch the fluid level go down in the cylinder. I feel the heat building in my rectum. I see my tummy slowly swelling up as the hot fluid floods my colon. I feel it getting tight and my whole body is getting hot. I start sweating all over. With the heat and soap irritating my colon, I want to push out the enema solution, but the butt plug makes that impossible. I look at the cylinder again. About four pints. Only half way. I’m not hurting yet, just very uncomfortable but I know that I will be hurting by the time the whole eight pints are inside me. And the cramps are starting as my body tries to eject the hot enema fluid. The cramps persist for about a minute than subside for a while. But the hot, soapy fluid just keeps flowing in and heating my rectum far above normal body temperature. It hurts. I can do nothing. I am powerless to stop the buildup of pain. All I can do is to endure. Will this go on forever? I look again at the cylinder. Five pints. My tummy hurts. Help me! Lady DeTorma closes the valve. Not that I feel relief. No. I want desperately to evacuate this pain from my body, but I can’t. All I can do is lay here and suffer as the sweat runs off my body.

On the table is a piece of 1″ diameter plastic pipe about 16″ long. I wonder what she is going to use it for. Did you ever see a trucker thump his tires to check the pressure? She thumps my tummy with the pipe to see if it is as full as it can be. THUMP THUMP THUMP

“You aren’t quite full yet Beande. There are many things that I can do with this little piece of pipe. Here’s another one.”

With those words she slaps the pipe against the narrow area below my swollen tummy and just above my penis. The pipe beats a steady barrage against that area. THAWK THAWK THAWK The blows come hard and fast. The red hot pain of this beating makes me forget the pain in my bowels. I try to shift my body away from the painful strokes, but the restraints will not permit any movement. She gives me 40 blows that turn the area bright red.

“Time to add another pint or two. Then some time to let your tummy stretch and adjust to the pressure.”

She sets the valve for a medium flow.

I watch my tummy swell as the fluid level goes down. My insides are on fire, my tummy is about to explode, the pain is becoming unbearable. Just when I feel that I will pass out, she stops the flow.

“You have taken six and a half pints, Beande.


“You are stretched very tight now. I’m going to stop now for about a half an hour to let your gut relax and get limber enough to take the rest of this enema. Jill, watch him while I’m gone. If he faints, use the smelling salts to revive him.”

Pressure, pain, heat, sweat. Half an hour seems like an eternity, but the pressure and pain diminish while I await Lady DeTorma”s return. I don’t faint.

“It’s time for the Grand Finale, Beande. I sincerely hope that you can survive this without passing out. But don’t concern yourself about that. Jill has the smelling salts to revive you if you do. I don’t want you to miss any of the action.”

It starts. Lady DeTorma adjusts the enema valve for a slow flow.

“No reaction yet, Beande? Maybe you will notice this.”

She opens the enema valve more. Now I can really feel the water stretching my tummy, the pressure is becoming so intense that I can feel the stimulation in my genitals. My balls draw up, my cock is hard and throbbing. As the pressure and heat increase yet more, I begin to moan and scream.

“Oh what a beautiful sound, Beande. I love it. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you won’t get any more enema. You already have the whole eight pints inside you. And you told me that you couldn’t hold even six pints. Just for lying to me I’m going amuse myself by tormenting your testicles.”

With that, she grabs my scrotum and pulls until my balls are compressed by tightly stretched skin. Then she uses her sharply pointed fingernails to scratch dig and jab at my balls. The scratching isn’t bad, but when she buries a pointed nail into a testicle, I scream long and loud. Still holding my balls tight, she makes a fist with her other hand and punches my testes several times. I can feel the pain radiate up into my kidneys.

“Beande, I’ve had my fun for today. Now Jill will help you recover from your ordeal. She will rinse out your bowels and give you a hot bath to relax you. Then you will get an alcohol rub-down, a stiff drink, muscle relaxants and be put to bed to sleep off the pain of this session. When you awaken, you will be able to claim your reward for enduring this session. Jill is your reward.”