Thanks for the messages sent to me by my readers and especially my readers, it is impressive how through the Internet one can meet people in these times. The story that I am going to tell you just happened this Saturday that happened with a woman of the most sexual that I met on the Internet because she read one of my stories on this page and I contacted my email address.

Every day, I was connected during all working hours and about 20 days ago I got an email message in real time since my Hotmail messenger was activated a message saying:

Subject: What a Rich Story!

Hello Tato, I read your story “Adriana que regia eres” that you published on the web, a great “friend” sent it to me via mail, let me tell you how excited I got when reading it, I suppose you are divine for sex or so it seems, please, if you can, send me more stories that describe and further detail your sexuality … ..

I hope one day to be yours …


I responded kindly thanking him for his time and for having written to me and I actually sent him another story that I have published on this same page entitled “What a nice ass” trying to guess where she was from her adjectives when writing me and I thought she was Mexican because they write me Many women from that country and also because his email address was @ I asked him some very morbid questions and this was what he answered me.

Undoubtedly Adriana’s is better, as a story and as you culled with her …

I tell you that I am not Mexican, the direction was partly because of my ignorance, it was the first one that enabled, I am Ecuadorian, I live on the coast and I love sex. Please, do not stop sending me your stories, I am ecstatically excited when I read them, because I can not stop the humidity from taking over my southern area …

I will gladly answer your questions, I am 28 years old, I am married and obviously I live with my family in the city center, I am an accountant and I work in a commerce company, I also do some tax and accounting consultancies for companies and people, for my work I travel frequently to Quito and Guayaquil for updating seminars and other business reasons; I love sex, unfortunately my husband is too conservative in that sense and although it is very good doing it we have taken it more for the sentimental side than for sex itself, I tell you that I am very sexual and I like to experience new things, without extremes, Although the truth is not how far I could go in that sense, I usually masturbate when he is not, I love doing it especially if I have a direct stimulation (someone warming up over the phone), my sex life is very active, I have sex with my husband every day except when he travels clear, however relations with him leave me a little unsatisfied in the sense that as I told you, it is very traditional; with respect to men, then I tell you that I like men well men, who take care of their appearance regardless of whether they are handsome or not because that makes them attractive, tall, and medium build, having good treatment and GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR, Like every woman I like to be treated well, to pay attention to me and to worry about my satisfaction, especially in sex; my height is 1.69 my frame is a little thick, I have a very big ass which has brought me more than one argument with my husband who is very jealous, I think I am attractive or at least they say that, although it will be you who really qualifies me ….someday…

I would love to continue writing with you, to know you better to see what happens …

In truth, sexual fantasies I have some that I have not yet come true, but there is one that has me obsessed, and for which I need a man who acolite me, I would like to be “prostitute for one night”, you measure yourself ?, would be a good option to make a true story? By the way, I recently wrote one, I’m going to send it to you so you can rate it ok?

Do not stop writing…

In this same message that they just read, I sent their cell phone number to the one I called three days after having read it in the night and we started to talk about everything a little bit and I kept warming it up little by little, I am very morbid when talking and I started to say obenas things to which she only answered with gasps on the phone and I definitely seemed a woman very arrecha and told him things he wanted me to do with me and my females with culeo and every time I I was saying more high-pitched things and began to play the chucha while I warmed up on the phone and he told me that I have a lot of excitement that he wanted me to culeé as I had done with the women of my real characters in my stories … we were in richer and plas … communication was cut … I called her again and the phone was off so that night I went with the balls full of milk to my house.

The next day when I arrived at my office around noon, since I had appointments in the morning and when I checked my mailbox, I saw that I received the following message.

The phone call last night was spectacular, thank you, sorry I have not been able to answer the cell … then my husband arrived earlier than I expected, and he found me all wet, of course I had to tell him that waiting for him had me like that hahaha …

Porfis, write to me at this address, the other is already almost saturated with messages and I would prefer that you do so

I read your mail and I am fascinated by most of your proposals except the one of sucking a woman’s chucha, I do not think I would ever have fantasized about doing that, I have not even thought about it; I have not done the double penetration either, imagine who? hahaha, you know … and the bitch that you want to take me does not seem like a bad idea, I would prefer it to be in Quito, so, I really want to meet you and enjoy sex together … ..

Every time Marlene was showing me that she was definitely a serious woman in her things and very, very angry, we continued with our phone calls where we knew each other more and more and with our morbid messages on our cell phones, the truth was Marlene was driving me crazy and I could barely hear her voice on the phone, my cock would stop as much as I could, I’d never had a female like that before, and that’s it, that bitch bitch had me all day with wet underwear on every call I did nothing but take my cock over my pants and squeeze it to calm my crazy cravings.

One night when I arrived at my house I received a message on my cell phone saying:

“Where are you daddy, I’m wanting you to take me rich, I’m alone in my house,” I replied that I was also alone and in less than what a cock calls a fight, the first three seconds I heard his voice, sweet sexy and sensual and my cock gave me a cimbrón that made me move the whole body.

She told me that all day she had been very hot because of me and that at that moment she was naked in her house, with her legs raised on the head of the bed and that she was caressing her clitoris while talking to me that she had just taken a shower and He wanted to listen to me with my voice on the phone, as I was also alone I took out my cock and when he heard how he complained about being rich and he told me things like:

“Rich man, I want you to culees me as well as women that you tell in your stories.”

“I need a man so he can make me enjoy like you.”

“I’m tired that my husband does not let me suck his cock … I want to suck your cock and take me all your cock thick and hot semen.”

Meanwhile, I continued to jerk off with my cock getting harder and harder, and she would emit louder gasps and louder words and I wanted to get more fingers …

Daddy, I want you to fuck me as soon as you fuck the women in your stories, you have me crazy, I want to be your whore and you’re my bastard and my husband’s horny boy put on the horns that look like a reindeer … ahhhhh How nice to fuck with a male like you daddy ahhhhhhhhh what rich fingers I have, I like you, that picture you sent me I hit a lot, I like you a lot, I want to meet you, I want you to give me a cock, make me yours always male, daddy ahhhhhhhh, at this moment I’m getting a dildo, ahhhhhhhhhhh that son of a bitch that rich how you make me exite, how you make me crazy, this dildo reaches me to the bottom, daddy, I’ll finish, I want me to culeeeeesssssssss ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggssssssshhhhhhh, I I’m wetting all for you and you bastard do me what you want son of biiii…….

And we ended the two together in the midst of panting, screaming and fucking on the phone, for my part I had taken a lot of semen out of my body that that woman made me produce in industrial quantities, we said goodbye by thanking us with loving kisses, I was so satisfied with the telepaja that we hit that I fell asleep in my bed until the other day filled up to my cum eggs.

Without thinking, thanks to my published stories, I had a new lover, a woman who far exceeded my morbidity and my desire for sports and wild sex, this woman was more clear than me that our favorite sport is adultery.

Since we both live in two different cities, we did not know what to do to give ourselves a little time from work and to be able to see each other at least for a moment and satisfy our sexual desires, we had a bestial desire to be together giving our bodies pleasure, we we had become in a short time the perfect complicitous lovers friends that until now we have the best communications and that nothing we hide and that everything about sex we tell even the darkest and hidden fantasies, the woman had found with which I could do thousands of unimaginable things and that everything she said was good.

A few days passed and the first idea that came up was to find us in a city that is in the middle of the two where we reside but to see us a short time because each of us had to return to work to sleep with our respective spouses but not really we were completely satisfied … actually we needed more than two or three hours of being together in the most calm and relaxed way to be able to unload our sexual energies in the body of the other, for my part I was willing to travel or do anything to possess This woman, so as the best thing I know how to do well is evil, I came up with a Machiavellian idea somewhat caligulezca …

As she is a general accountant of her family’s company, which has been doing very well for some years with a very fluid economic position, I suggested that I would send her a “ghost” invitation to a course for general accountants that was going to do next Saturday in my city and that this “invitation” would send you via fax and via mail so she can leave with that excuse, (it’s a good idea and gives surprising results for people who want to do it, copy the recipe hahahaha ).

I wrote an invitation worthy of an international congress for general accountants that I myself was crazy because I do not know where I came up with so many things I want to share with you what I had to do to eat this rich woman:


“Accounting, Internet and You …” ”


Program with international recognition given by Teachers of the Academic Claustrum of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, with optimum levels of preparation in Master’s degree with a wide business experience on an international scale. Personalized tutoring and applied to your company during the intensive 100% face-to-face course. Immediate applicability through the elaboration of Projects directed to your company and personal activity.


All those people who manage the General Accounting of a company that wish to increase their competitive potential through the effective, efficient and productive application of the Internet applied to Accounting, as a discipline linked to the process of generation and transmission of information.


Its purpose is that participants acquire sufficient knowledge in this area and develop their skills to generate viable and effective solutions to the daily challenges posed by the General Accounting of a company in a dynamic and global environment


In the whole program of the intensive two-day course, practical theoretical methods are combined with state-of-the-art technology at the international level with Broadband Internet and software and specialized hardware at the Inn.


The Impact of the Internet on the Accounting of Companies ”

There are many qualifiers to designate the Internet, but most people still do not know what it is, what can be done with it. This is intended to be a guide to know their possibilities and know how to use their applications, without becoming a user manual. We present the different uses of the Internet in Accounting.

Accounting, as a discipline linked to the process of generation and transmission of economic information, begins to feel the influence of the new technologies of electronic transmission of information. We will discuss the impact that the Internet, future information superhighways and, in general, technologies linked to telecommunications will have on the professional aspects of Accounting.

We intend, in the first place, to give an overview of the Internet applied to Accounting, describing the services it provides to the user. Later we facilitate the search of tax information in the network by providing numerous ways to access databases where you can access a large volume of tax information.

The EDI basically consists of electronically transmitting commercial and administrative documents between computer applications, in a standardized format. We describe what the EDI is, what different EDI standards exist, where the data travel, what is the structure of an EDI message, the benefits and costs that for a company can imply the implementation of this system and the impact it has on the Accounting .

COST: $ 150.00 For a single day of culeo, not bad, right? LOL

PLACE: The Hotel where we would meet to cook.

CITY: The city in which I reside.

DATE: The whole day that I was going to advise personally in a body-to-body manner.


My contact telephone numbers so that if the husband called me I would give him an advice on how this advice was going to be carried out and that I would be named an emerging Public Relations Representative, with a logo and isotype of the ghost company to make the matter more corporate and serious.

This information was sent to her first via email to approve me … she said “Daddy you are a genius” and I congratulate myself for the well done of the matter and then send to the email addresses of the other people of the company , I even sent a fax to the General Manager and spoke with the brother of my girl who was already warm waiting for the big day of the “PRACTICAL COURSE DIRECTED TO GENERAL COUNTERS” she collaborated in the best way and to all the members and shareholders of her company. He made it known that he would come to a “similar” course, that an opportunity of that kind was not given in years and that he would not be lacking for the benefit of the company and that he pay for the per diem of this day. They reluctantly gave her approval because it was already the end of the month and they had to pay their workers, but she and I did not understand the reasons. We just wanted to be together so we could give ourselves all our crazy passion and then be able to die peacefully … everything was We were both happy that everything was going well, I already had everything ready to receive it and she was ready to come but as always there is a night but on the eve of coming to not guess ……

her husband ……… is assumed that he had to buy a car in this city and that he would come to leave at the hotel where he was going to dictate such a course and that he meanwhile was going to perform some errands and even visits family in the city, she communicated with me the next day informing me that the husband would come to leave her and that she had everything under control, is the least I could expect from her and her behavior as she is a brilliant woman who makes ipsofacto decisions and this time he accepted the husband who came to leave, to avoid suspicion … I will not deny that I scared at first the idea, then little by little that scare was morbid morbid something very special that I felt culiarme this woman when her husband was very close … to top it off she had told me that this guy was somewhat aggressive and haughty and half scratched in his actions, that he carried firearms and those people have to be a little careful not to believe? …

Finally in my country there is a saying “Arrecho never dies … and if he dies, he dies crap” and since I am a fine rooster and I sing in any chicken coop and if it is with chickens like this female better, I lowered the eggs from my throat and I put them in their place and in my thoughts I thought … this cuckold can not do anything with a gun or without a weapon what I never wanted or want is for my hens to have something for something I am the “gallo yaya” (the rooster) bravo that defends its territory with its chicks and chickens) something like the chicken master hahahaha for me to understand this indigenous Ecuadorian.

The course started at 9 o’clock in the morning and ended at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, so she must be punctual in a 4-star hotel with all the paradisiacal comforts of a tourist place in a tropical country such as Ecuador and she At 8 o’clock in the morning, he sent me a message on my cell phone telling me that he was on his way, I just thought about that long-awaited day and that our plan, prepared by both of us, was giving the best results despite the inconveniences and the mere fact of knowing that this female came to me to put chlorine in the pipe made testicles begin to produce semen in industrial quantities the tip of my cock was all this time very wet and my penis half-stopped inside my boxer.

The indicated time arrived and I received the call from Marlene at 9:20 in the morning when I had already arrived at my office and my heart began to beat at triple the normal and my cock gave a cimbrón that almost knocked me over the emotion … at last I was going to hit that female, I was waiting for me in the best room of the hotel, which had the 6-seater bed and the design style of the interior was all rustic wood, I had previously cooked in that bed always the I have rented because that room is ideal to practice group sex with such a bed one can get in there with 6 couples and very nice culiar in the same bed that is fixed and does not move at all since its bases are cement It is a bed like I say combat … this time was our ring, to fuck me like a female law needed space, comfort and ease because I had more or less idea to what I was, but after I realized that Marlene exceeded all It’s my loving expectations in spades.

He told me on the phone:

Come Daddy I’m here waiting for you where we agreed, I came to leave my husband here at the Hotel and I came punctually to the course so come my teacher to give me the advice that has offered me so much.

Already mijita wait for me in 10 minutes I’ll be there I’m dying to see you and to suck that rich little thing and make you enjoy and scream.

Come on, Daddy, but I’m ready for you now, and I want you to come and take advantage of the day because my hubby will come to pick me up at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. I want to be well looked after by you, my stud.

That’s what I want, while I’m going my love I want you to start touching that little bit … I want you to touch it … I want you to be ready when I go I want to put my cock as soon as it arrives and nail it to the bottom … of course after to suck that conchota you have about two hours.

Papi rico that I want you to do because I want to know how it feels since my husband has never sucked my chuchita or another boyfriend I had, so today I want to give myself to you in body, mind and soul, but come soon my king .

I’m already going my love, I’m on the way … take the rich little thing, realize you’re jerking off when we’re away, and I’m getting closer, I want you to do it, do it …

More than to fuck me today I want to cock, today I do not want to jerk off, I want your rich cock …

Tell me what you’re doing ?????

I’m putting my fingers in despair, ahhhhhhhhhh, how rich are my fingers, what rich fingers I have, you fuck me crazy, I like how fucking you are and how you make all your women happy, but there you are going to skewer me, today is my day today I’m going to take advantage of all the time we can … you’re a fucking, you fucker that excites me I want you to come and fuck me … I do not give more …

I arrived at the hotel in a few minutes and I went to the room to hit Marlene left, just wrapped in a towel as soon as she saw me she grabbed me violently without having time to do or say anything, she swallowed me in a kiss and started me I undressed with such violence that for a moment I was scared as I was very desperate and wanted to my way of seeing and with everything she told me she wanted me to tell her immediately that she was eager to try my cock, in a matter of seconds I was just in socks and my boxer, I took the stockings myself and in the end she lowered my interior in a way now yes subtle, the more I went down the more I could see my proud and restless mast that wanted to leave her confinement to be happy, He began to caress with such tenderness and only told me that it was finally his, that the moment had finally arrived, so long awaited by the two of being together, I rubbed my big one, my testicles, foreskin and began to caress me slowly approaching his head and pulling my tongue as much as I could tongue, I was burning and that produced many pre-seminal fluids that she had more and more out took advantage of to make me straw with much more lubricant, that woman in about minutes already had me in glory, I was an expert …

I really wanted to suck daddy because with my husband I never do it, that son of a bitch does not allow himself to suck his cock because he says that this is just a habit of whores … well, look how fucking I am and my husband does not exploit me … rich cock you have …

I could not anymore I had an immense desire to open his legs and start to asshole but I invoked my mind and my self control and giving a few sighs I held back and took control of the situation.

I laid her down on the bed and very subtly began to suck on her earlobes, to kiss her neck, I sucked her nipples that were then very erect and she was panting harder and harder, I began to suck the chucha very subtly by the contours of his vaginal lips, the good thing is that as he opened his legs as much as he could he had the absolute comfort to be able with the tip of my tongue and with the thick parts of it pass him rubbing him and irrigating the saliva from the eye from the ass to the tip of the clitoris, when I did this she told me:

There’s a bastard … you’re making me enjoy, I’ve never had oral sex, how rich it feels, you have me in glory, son of a bitch if you want to even pay you to be my bastard forever, you’re the best son of a bitch. ah ah ah ……………. no longer I can not stand it anymore, you no longer make me despair a lot, no more daddy no longer rich mijito, no longer daddy no longer … I want to feel your cock and daddy, give me your verga already, do not make me wait any longer, please bury me now, but do it already bastard.

I was putting it in the shell so that my gland wet from my thick mucus is caressing the shell while she with her movements made me notice that she was really desperate for me to thread my cock, she was screaming me and insisting that I already skewered him and the only thing I did was put my index finger and he calmed down momentarily and I started to move him inside his tight pussy, while he was squeezing me with incredible strength my finger, it was a sucker, a milking machine, while I was there little finger I began to think that it would feel skewered and that with that force I pressed and I milked, I did not want to delay this curiosity to experience sensations and I began to poke his head, in movements of corticos and out while she put her eyes were blank and she opened her mouth in a sign of enjoyment, she clung to my back and with her long nails began to draw me towards her, with one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my buttocks, her nails sounded and electrified my whole body and down my spine a wave of sensations as she with her screams made me wake up from the dream come true to be nailing at last after so many rows of my cock, every moment was gaining more space in her tunnel and after several erotic movements I could reach with my cock to the bottom and bump to the last of her flesh and where I could not move forward, my eggs were hanging outside and when I pushed harder she felt my scrotum hitting her ass, At the end I was fucking it, at last it was mine, at last after so much chaff this time it was reality, I was crating it with the strength of a brave bull and she received my envestidas with the greatest of joys …

What a way to shout from this woman, shouting, whining and talking a lot of things that sometimes in my ear did not make sense, I only understood the word rich, how rich. His coconchona had a strength to squeeze my cock to the exit and to the entrance and in each envestida made me enjoy deliciously and from time to time I wanted to finish, it was almost impossible to hold more the time of my ejaculation, still with the experience I have to control my ejaculation and functions of my body and going to my power of self control, I kept on cooking, feeling richer and richer, that together with all the things that he told me did not stop because it was too much to endure , that chucha is one of the richest I have ever eaten in my life I took out at least four times my cock of his evaporating hump and take one another breath before returning with more dedication to my work to give pleasure to this female thirsty for sex of good sex that I did not have at home. While I was cooking it, I said:

Do you like cabrona, do you like my cock?

If rich daddy, is well rich

How rich you fuck bastard I want to be your whore forever, you’re a rich son of a bitch you know how to make you a woman and make her feel, I want you to continue fucking me always bastard, I want your milk, give me more, give me more than that cuckold of my husband I do not give a good cock, I make love with you, I want sex, that riiiiiicooooo .. She was screaming like a crazy desperate, the bed where we were had six seats so it was a state of pleasure, I put in four and the I began to put with lots of energy and strength for the chucha by the back while I grabbed her tits with one hand and with the other praised her hair back very hard so that the tip of my cock hits the bottom well, I was cooking it for at least 20 minutes in the midst of their cries of pleasure, it was screams that even the family of the winged room they had been occupying saw that they left in a hurry so that the children would not continue to hear all the things that I shouted Aba and they left in a hurry doing crazy, to us at that time we did not care about anything, just enjoy and enjoy, she turned around on her back because she wanted to kiss me … she said … and while I was stringing her cock for her bunny I got the tongue up to the throat and played morbidly with mine, being in that position and after a long time of fornicating in the most delicious way and having produced semen in industrial quantities I could not stand it was too much to endure so much stimulation of the most delicious chucha that has I was my cock stuck in my life and began to spurt spurts of cum after having taken vaporizer from that hot bitch, I bathed her face hair, tits and part of the belly, with a single run I felt that my bags were left completely empty and everything that fell into his mouth swallowed him completely with epicurean delight.

After such a wild ejaculation I was a mess of flesh and bone, I collapsed on top of her with the attitude of a tender kitten, I stayed after disassembling her in the sexual nirvana, floating around the whole universe with my body very relaxed Feeling that she was stroking my hair like a good mother, after about 15 minutes she came back to me and realized that I was alive because I already felt the external stimuli, we both slept for about three quarters of an hour and started talking.

What a delicious delicious orgasm, I told him

Yes he was rich as you bathed me all

And why did not you finish?

I do not know what’s wrong I can not finish it just makes me want to enjoy you and I feel your cock to the bottom of my uterus and I’m having a great time so do not worry

But I would like you to finish

Do not pay attention to that you are a rich male and I am enjoying delicious, I like everything you do and how you move

But if you like why do not you finish?

I do not know the truth has never happened to me, it must be because I have a lot of emotion that I’m finally with you

I want you to finish my sweet

With you that woman is not going to end

I started caressing her morbidly everywhere as she did to me and in less than what you eat a barbeque and we were back in action enjoying with epicurean delight of our bodies, she began to moan again and scream morbidities.

What a bastard you are, I want to be your whore forever, I love how you know how to make a woman enjoy, you’re the best

Take a cock, gossip

I enjoy enjoying it as you have no idea, every millimeter makes me enjoy, fucking, you bastard.

At that moment it occurred to me to call a lover to her mobile phone in the middle of the richest of the culeo I told her:

Malena, it’s Tato and at this moment I’m cooking a very rich female, listen to her how the motherfucker moans

Ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh what a rich bastard you are

Make her enjoy that bitch how lucky she is to be by your side at this precise moment

I put Marlene on the phone to talk to Malena and they started talking.

Hello Malena

Hello Marlene

This male is breaking me in two, have you already tried it?

Yes, that son of a bitch is a rich man

That rich cock that is getting me ah ah that rich bastard

What ? First time you hit it?

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is a son of a bitch to blame at this moment since he put me in 4 and he is drilling me

Enjoy it a lot, you made me feel like it, I can accompany you by phone

Yeah right

Wait I’m going for my dildo-

Meanwhile I was still doing to Marlene after a moment the two began to enjoy as possessed, Marlene live and live and Malena on the phone putting her dildo at home listening to our screams while the two arrechas became the best friends in the world since they had something in common that united them … my cock, it was nice to hear the one in the high voice of the cell phone complain as when I’m really skewering it and Marlene howled with pleasure, this stimulated my senses again and I ejaculated again like a well-fed stallion horse, and jets and thick and vaporizing jets came out of my body to stagnate in the whole face and mouth of Marlene at the same time that Malena was on the phone with her vibrator listening to the arrechera of the two on the phone … it was really delicious and this time Marlene did not finish either, according to her she was enjoying as never before but she could not or did not want to finish telling me to reassure me that she was enjoying our sex session as she had never done before, we said goodbye to Malena thanking her for dedicating her time and I inviting her to travel soon so that we have unbridled sex as we always say goodbye with some loud kisses.

Actually I was already worried about this situation that Marlene was not finished, I had already used up my reserves until below half and she had not finished even once.

We talked again and I was able to calm down with his phrases full of security and I could see the truth in his eyes, she was enjoying it, period. We rested a good time and then start again, that bed we had soaked in sweat and as it was 6 seats had to perform the movements I wanted and make the most varied poses while I continued to penetrate I noticed that he liked to make him hurts the hump With my sudden movements of my vein inside her vaginal cavity and part I started to put a finger in the ass and she moaned like crazy, again in the best I called again on the phone but this time to another lover of mine just 19 years old we did the same with her as with Malena until the end but she was a little more shy to call it that way and stuck a straw with her fingers and I just wanted to hear my moans but not hers, but we reached the end again in the same way more pleasant after about 45 minutes of doing it and again Marlene did not finish.

I was really exhausted, I did not have milk almost even for the cats and we dedicated ourselves to sleep for about two hours, when I woke up I told her that I wanted her to give me an orgasm and she told me she would do it, all day we practically had it passing sexing in the best way, doing very morbid things and enjoying our bodies to the fullest but we still had after a good night’s sleep wanting to march.

We started doing it like this time as if it were my wife with all the love in the world, in the most tender and delicate way, the atmosphere lent itself, it was daytime and the room had a dim light, and in that stick was giving him all my tenderness and affection to feel this Marlene began to excite more and more and after an hour of culiando she began to go crazy, she screamed at me dirty things and every time I was more crazy.

I wanted to see how my cock came in and it occurred to me to put a very large portable mirror of those that have a base from the floor and are the size of your oval-shaped comber-like body vertically and I placed it next to the bed to see how my cock from different angles that set us much more to see in third dimension as that guy glove dude got my whole cock until my eggs crashed in her ass, we were in the missionary position she opened her legs to the fullest and I drilled her when Marlene began obsessive looking in the mirror and clutching her clitoris as a masturbation wet her long fingers in her chucha and put them in my mouth while penetrating her with some frequency, they knew their liquids to glory and was about to have an orgasm when suddenly without even thinking about it, she begins to convulse like an epileptic to the rhythm of my pumped up looking at herself in the mirror and watching how my body possessed her I can not stand it anymore and I felt something hot, something so hot that it burned my eggs and my phallus, that intense heat began to fall down my legs and up my abdomen, I felt that chucha squeezed my snake as if wanting to kill her, she arched her back and her head pulled her back and she only cried with tears in her eyes …

I could not believe it, Marlene was finally finishing, after so much effort and time I was having a female ejaculation but in what way, it had never happened to me, while I continued to give cock sprays and squirts of a very hot liquid that I wet everything with his little sparkles, Marlene was ending with the strength of a motorcycle bomb, the bed was soaked with this liquid that at first I thought she was peeing with pleasure but after a while I realized that it was not urine if not another liquid until then unknown to me that emanated a scent of the most sensual, she ended up like this for the span of about 90 seconds, I had never had a woman like that in my life, I ended up so long for a time more than a minute and I got wet so exaggeratedly, he bathed me up to my neck and knees without exaggerating and with the click of the sexes sprinkled sparks from the chucha at a distance of at least 50 cm. I calculate that she threw at least a half liter of this liquid I could not believe it, it was the first time something like this happened to me with a woman, the force with which she bounced this hot liquid to the outside, wetting three quarters of me. body stimulated my eggs in such a way that it was a totally different sensation, rich and strange for me, it caused me to bounce again semen in spurts from the hottie, this time if we had finished the same while staying I surrendered on top of her and Marlene passed out of her that when I woke up with the cock inside I still morcillota she was still dead.

We bathed … the time was approaching when his husband came to pick him up, when he arrived we were in the restaurant of the Inn, exhausted, and he introduced me as if I was the one who gave him the course of accounting, shaking his hand we say goodbye until the next opportunity Lcda. I said, I hope you liked the course to which she replied … it’s the best I’ve ever been in my life and the most interesting, her husband did not know what she was saying she shook my hand and said goodbye, the only ones that were surprised that he went to pick up his same husband after cooking with me were the employees of the Inn that had a picaresque look and complicity drawn on their faces … Marlene was a bit embarrassed but then he did not care.

The richest thing for me from there is to get women to end up like this, she told me that all women can end up like that if they want it if they do not take advantage of it, for my part I have already managed to get two more to do it and More exciting is that you have that feeling of triumph, of course no one like her but I have achieved it.

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Dedicated to Marlene the female of the richest, longest and most intense female ejaculations.