Averaging the morning of Friday when Fernando Fustez, possibly the most efficient, willing and laconic of the employees of Pompas Fúnebres El Ocaso Sociedad Anónima, went through the glass door and entered the reception area of ​​the executives of the company, the boundary of Nancy’s private hunt, the secretary.

Nancy … If someone had asked Fernando Fustez what was his ideal as a woman, he would have answered without hesitation: “Nancy.”

Nancy, with the enigma of her age – and that air, at once youthful and stately – in her court suits, her white blouses, and her scowl. Nancy, personified efficiency, the other face of seriousness, with a character not conducive to familiarity and not permissive for insinuations and office jokes. Nancy and her mysterious private life. No one could say that he knew his marital status, if he had a partner or if he liked women. But all agreed that if in that office there was a woman that everyone wanted but with whom it was not convenient to have a run-in, it was with Nancy.

Nancy, the perfect secretary for a company with these characteristics, that at that moment wrote an email, got a ur-gen-te communication for one of the bosses, and answered a call by mobile phone, all at the same time.

“He told me he wanted to talk to me,” he said, assuming she knew he was talking about his boss. It was known that in the company nobody could cross the virtual wall of Nancy’s desk who, like a soldier in his guard post, decided who could and who could not, which made her deserving of the antipathy of almost everyone, except that of Fernando. He did not care about that.

He could look a little farther and see Nancy with slender hands, with her long legs exquisitely turned like Greek columns, her blond hair picked up with studied carelessness, the generous breasts that could only be glimpsed beneath the silk as she bent over the keyboard of the computer, or the way the skirt strained on the perfect hips, as if they had been molded by a Renaissance artist. Sometimes he had furtively looked at her from behind to appreciate a perfect back ending in a buttocks more marked than his physical type could indicate, round, generous and very probably hard … He saw a Nancy of singular elegance, of an almost mythical beauty , mistress of a feline sensuality betrayed in the barely more pronounced thickness of the lower lip. A Nancy who skilfully concealed those freckles that sprayed her cleavage and smelled of French perfume.

Nancy … How many nights had she fallen asleep thinking about Nancy, fantasizing about that delicious woman totally inaccessible to him? He thought about having her on his knees and making him understand who was in charge … but … he was sure that she did not even remember his name.

But on that sunny Friday morning, and to her surprise, Nancy stopped pounding the keyboard, looked at him and smiled at him as she had never smiled at anyone he knew before.

“Go ahead, Fernando,” he said, as he emptied the contents of a packet of sweetener into the coffee cup he had on his desk.
I had called him by his name.

When he left the office, after half an hour of meeting, he already knew that this weekend, he had to take extra work home. A work on the profitability of cardboard coffins pressed for incineration “that has to be the lu-nes-sin-fal-ta, Fernando, I know you can do it”, had said the boss. He closed the office door behind him and could not help looking at Nancy who was just finishing her coffee at that moment. She smiled at him again.

Two smiles in one day!

His cheeks burned, as if someone had lit them with a flamethrower.
“Thank you … see you later …” he said, looking sideways and heading towards the exit.
Fernando was not the Rodolfo Valentino of the company, although he was not a timid woman either. In fact, he had gone out with some companions – that game that is known as office adventures – although he had not engaged in any relationship, perhaps because it was a company that worked with death, everything was compensated with a powerful Eros that It circulated through its corridors, meeting rooms and office. Fernando was a regular Internet navigator in search of women fond of erotic whipping … although it was very difficult to obtain appointments by that means, he had to settle for vanilla sex. In general, and although he did not consider himself a gallant or a professional seducer, he had no problems in dealing with girls, but with Nancy …

With Nancy, it was different.

When she crossed it in the elevator, at the entrance or at the time of leaving, she could not help but behave like a shameful adolescent, who blushes when she is face to face with the girl of her dreams. In all the time I worked in the office, and from the first time I saw her, they had not crossed more than a couple of words and the odd gesture in greeting.

He almost reached the double glass door when he heard the voice behind him:
-Fernando-again her name in her mouth.
-Hey? He stopped halfway and when he turned around, there was the smile again, enveloping him. Was I seducing him?
“They told me you can deal with computers,” she said.
“Emm … yes, something …” Fernando answered, modestly and stunned by the sensations.
“I … I wanted to ask you a favor,” she ventured. Well, actually I want to ask you a favor.
-A favor? Fernando asked. To me?
-Yes. Precisely to you, “she replied with the smile that was stubborn in her mouth, exposing her even teeth, with the two central ones barely separated, which gave her a youthful air and green eyes overflowing with golden sprinkles,
-Well, I … e-this … -she hesitated Fernando. He felt that in the chest, instead of the heart, he seemed to have a pneumatic hammer. What favor?
“You could say it’s an exchange,” she said.
“I invite you to dinner and you check my computer, I do not know what’s wrong,” he answered as if he had known in advance that he would not refuse under any circumstances.

It was barely past eight o’clock that night, when Fernando pressed the buzzer of the building’s power porter. His legs had been made of rubber. A cool breeze rippled the treetops of the street where she lived. He had given him the address of his house that morning, in the office, explaining that he could not use e-mail or the search engine and he promised to take the CDs to reinstall the programs, because he had to deal with that, no doubt. At that moment, when she handed him a card in which he scribbled his address, Fernando’s heart began to beat too fast, now he felt that at any moment he was going to escape from his chest.
Of course, he had completely forgotten about the work on the damn cardboard boxes that the lu-nos-sin-fal-ta had to be
-Fernando? His voice on the intercom, anticipating her response.
“Yes, it’s me … Fernando,” he answered.
“Come in, come in,” her voice said and a second later, the buzzing of the door opening.

When Nancy opened the door and opened the door, she stood on her toes to greet him with a kiss on the cheek. Fernando felt like pinching himself to make sure he was not dreaming, that it was reality.
She was wrapped in a white toweling robe, her hair still wet and barefoot. How could it be otherwise, I had some delicious feet. Her nails were painted red and a thin gold bracelet on her left ankle.

He entered the peaceful atmosphere, barely illuminated by the diffuse light of a table lamp and others, strategically located in the ceiling. From somewhere in the interior came the chords of Adaggio, by Albinoni.
-Discredit me for the outfit … but I arrived ground and needed a shower before preparing dinner.
“Excuse me the attire? What’s wrong with the outfit? Fernando thought, “She’s fantastic!”
“You should not have bothered,” he said, instead, without moving from the place where he had remained petrified, by the door.
Nancy stretched her hands.
– Are you going to stand there with your jacket on? There was something mischievous about the question. Come, man, make yourself comfortable.
He helped him take off his jacket and with natural ease and awkward femininity loosened the knot of his tie.
– Let’s see the machine now? Fernando offered, letting himself be done.
“After,” Nancy answered, and with a funny air added: “Now, Mr. Fustez, if you want to go with me, we’re going to finish preparing a delicious meal and having a glass of good wine. Tell me you like wine, please.
-Yes … I like red wine -Fernando, suddenly, he felt exceptionally comfortable.
“Come, come and uncork the bottle,” she encouraged him, and at that moment he somehow knew with certainty that that night was going to end as he had not imagined even in his craziest fantasies.

When they noticed that it was almost midnight. They had talked about everything, except the office. Of them, of their lives, of some fragments of their personal histories. By then, they knew each other a lot more and the wine bottle was empty.
“Oh, look what time it is,” she said. Time has passed so quickly …
“The computer,” he said.
– Is not it too late for you to go to work? she asked, leaving the plates on the kitchen sink.
-It’s a minute -I was not going to leave there, especially at that moment. Where do you have the equipment?
At that moment Nancy turned and faced Fernando less than half a span. The neckline of the white smock that smelled of clothes, sun and woman conditioner, had opened and he could see the sinus channel, dotted with freckles.
“In the bedroom,” Nancy said, looking into his eyes. He took her hand. “Come on,” he said. The last image that Fernando remembered was that the bedroom was on a mezzanine, a sort of upper floor, and was a reflection of Nancy’s personality. When they climbed the spiral staircase, she preceded him and he could not stop admiring her calves, which ended in the thin curve of her ankles, the thin gold chain on the left. The pink perfect heels, which he lifted slightly when he climbed the wooden steps on tiptoe. He appreciated – appreciating – his well formed ass that was deliciously marked. He also saw that the computer was in a piece of furniture embedded in a well-stocked library that covered a whole wall by the window.
“There it is,” Nancy pointed out, inviting him to sit in the comfortable work chair.
“It’s a minute,” said Fernando, for saying something, because he really wanted time not to happen.
– A little more wine? she offered.
“Only if you accompany me,” he agreed.

Then he went to work with the computer, loaded the programs again and, against all odds, everything worked perfectly.

He commented:

– You have a little messy My Documents folders, I help you organize them?

She answered affirmatively, while she kept looking at him somewhat uneasily.

When you get to a folder whose title was “A. SPK “to Fernando the heart gave a turn … he asked:

-Can I enter this folder?

She replied with a roguish gesture:

-Better than not because you would know almost all my secrets

He hit the double click and the surprise was capitalized when he came across a file with hundreds of photos and spanking clips …

She had lowered her gaze

And, he with an extraordinary rapidity of reflexes, he said:

– Do not worry I’m also fond of this kind of whipping fantasies

-What do you prefer to be spankee or be spanker? Because I’m spanker …

She answered with great relief and naturalness:

– I played in both roles, I have fantasies of the two types and you can say that I am a switch

Later, magic turned fantasy into reality.

Fernando told him:

– You have provoked me a lot and all your arrogance deserves a strict punishment!

Nancy with a barely audible voice whispered:

– I have not done anything wrong, I do not deserve to be treated like that, I’m a lady!

He took her tightly by the wrist, laid her down in a second on her legs and told her

– Now you are going to pay for everything you have made me suffer with your unattainable woman’s cockiness

He pulled her bathrobe up, to her surprise wore pretty lace culotte panties, and began to spank her over her underwear. She began to protest, already with a voice that indicated that she was recovered and was again a reflection of the woman-goddess that Fernando knew so well. This inflamed Fernando who redoubled the strength of his lashes and lowered his panties to the middle of his thighs.

Now she protested more forcefully saying:

-Don’t do that to me that is very humiliating, please, Fernando …

He was about to fall into the trap, but his reflexes of old spanker made him increase the intensity and cadence of his lashes that fell on one and another buttock and already began to blush that ass dream.

For a long time, despite Nancy’s protests, the whipping on Fernando’s knees continued, even with monotony, the more excited Fernando was, the more systematically he proceeded with the punishment.

Finally decided to give a truce to Nancy, stroked her buttocks and shortly after she was already laughing. Fernando thought that the second part would come now.

Then he made her stand up, took off her bathrobe and panties and laid her face down on the bed, resting her hips on a large cushion. He quickly took off his shirt, since he was hot and a lot of his clothes and, took advantage, to slide his belt out of the clips.

Without a solution of continuity, he started with the belt, with which he was not as skilled as with the whip, but unfortunately he was not prepared, for which he had to settle for the belt.

I was punishing with energy the exposed buttocks of Nancy, alternatively, although some belt fell on the last section of the thighs of the woman.

Now Nancy was complaining, but she was also gasping for breath, and she was moving restlessly. From time to time he tried to protect himself with his hands, but Fernando withdrew them immediately and his whirls became stricter.

While he was following the “cueriza,” as his Mexican Internet friends called this kind of punishment, Fernando peered out of the corner of his eye on Nancy’s dresser into a gigantic, traditional hairbrush. Told him:

-This is not over, I have to be certain that the message I’m sending you arrives … I’ll just leave you a minute of rest …

He took the brush, changed it for the belt and remembered the handling of this homemade but grateful instrument.

She had not noticed the change and was surprised by the first brush stroke that followed at least a hundred … it was a long session of whipping …

Fernando noticed how his sex, shaved on the lips, was wet from the beginning of the correction with the belt, but when the brush was overflowing and the humidity, it was no longer a mere dew but a tiny spring of pink and throbbing flesh. Fernando also had a stony erection …

Fernando decided to enter the phase of consolation and mimes, very well accepted by Nancy who changed his initial attitude of rebellious spankee for a behavior, first of greater submission and then very mimosa. Finally she showed herself as an entire woman yearning for sexual follies.

He pulled her to her feet and looked at the resounding body of a beautiful mature woman. The breasts more than generous, with the erect nipples and the pink and small areolas, and the way the skin bristled when he brushed it with his fingers.

Fernando’s hands could not stop touching that skin that seemed like silk; weigh your breasts, cradling them to brush your nipples with your lips. Somewhere in his memory he remembered that while he kissed her-he adored her, to be fair-he said things to her and that Nancy smiled at him and interlaced his fingers in her hair and also said something that excited him.

Until it was her turn, which also whispered in her ear that she had wanted it so much, although now it hurt a little, while she lowered the zipper, letting him explore her and recognize her.

And in the next moment they were both in bed, the bodies intermingled, kissing each other in the mouth, playing with their tongues, looking each other in the eye, enjoying having reached what they both sought: the end of the road.

Fernando was excited caressing her ass, still very hot from the whipping received.

Fernando enjoyed himself and Nancy was so excited, writhing with pleasure, asking him not to stop caressing her and not stop touching her, to keep stroking and kissing her breasts, to recognize her.

Nancy … As he had imagined it, as he had glimpsed it under the appearance of serious efficiency. A woman delivered and demanding at the same time, which at a certain moment forbade her to move and she slid her tongue down her torso and belly, until she reached her sex, where she devoted herself fully to giving him pleasure. Active, vehement, possessive and expert, he took it to the final explosion and drank from that spring the slightly sweet nectar that flowed from Fernando’s body.

Then she opened herself to him, and asked for reciprocity, offered her own well of delights so that he would satisfy the same thirst that had captivated her. And when he had satiated and sated it, he urged it to slip inside and accepted it, captured it and both allowed themselves to reach the highest peaks of pleasure, and gave themselves up to the vertigo of orgasm and then, sweaty and agitated, They embraced but for a brief moment, because almost without realizing it, they had started again. And again. And another … On Sunday, when the sun like a disk of fire was hidden among the buildings of the big city, they had already spent two days with their nights locked up, dedicated completely and exclusively to love.

They had cooked together. They had dived together in the big bathtub to take a relaxing breath between oils and salts, to return again and again to explore new forms of pleasure, the exhilarating exercise of love. At no time did they dress. They enjoyed walking naked on the floor, with that naturalness that gives the intimacy achieved to pure passion discovered and unleashed.

There was another delicious session of spanking and sex, more sex, good sex … For both of them, this was like a distant dream come true. They spoke between lashes and sex, between sex and spanking, they talked and talked. How the taste for whipping had grown up in them, the playmates they had had. Nancy confessed to him that for many years she had spanked a second niece who had been living in her house while studying Law. And of course they talked about the great difficulty of getting partners for these games. They both confessed to each other that they only expected good vanilla sex, but luck had allowed them both to show themselves as they were.

They played many forbidden games, especially when she opened her closet and from a Samsonite-type case with combination she extracted all kinds of sex toys. Nancy confessed to Fernando that the plugs were her favorite, in the OTK position, Fernando soon followed by gradually inserting the three plugs that made up the game, when the thickest gauge was inserted, he hit her with a shoe and when his ass was red as a tomato, placed on all fours and extracted the plug and thanks to the achieved dilation the sodomized in one fell swoop, she did not take a minute and a half of synchronized movement, in having an explosive and deep orgasm . A few minutes later, Fernando also reached a thermonuclear orgasm within the narrowest canal of Nancy. Truly she honored her confession of being a “very anal” woman.

Only one concern came to disturb that idyllic weekend.

It was when they took a last bite in bed-almost had not been able to take off from that sacred ground of love that was the box spring-while watching a spanking movie down the network.

-Uh! Fernando suddenly exclaimed, snapping his forehead.
-What? What’s wrong, dear? Nancy asked, taken by surprise.
-The work … the damn job on the profitability of the new product.
-What job are you talking about?
“The one your boss commissioned me, the one with the cardboard coffins, when I had the meeting with him … Friday.
-What about work? -she asked, leaving the glass of wine on the bedside table.
– That I did not do it – he said.
Nancy removed the tray that was between them.
-What? Do not you realize that tomorrow I do not know what I’m going to tell him? he insisted.
But Nancy’s hand had taken hold of his manhood, which quickly woke up again.

Nancy did not answer him. In his eyes shone those golden little sparkles of mischief that he had discovered in her eyes, he bit his lower lip lightly and poked his beautiful tongue between his teeth.

A moment after straddling him and making him slide into her flesh, with his generous breasts splashed with freckles brushing her cheeks, and when he was already giving himself back to the woman, he heard her say:
– Leave it on my own, I solve it. Forget about that job and dedicate yourself to this one …

When, exhausted, they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, a new day began to dawn.