Ian and Breth, in the middle of the afternoon, after a day on the beach, went in the car to their house. Breth was driving as he told Ian how handsome and sexy he was in his new swimsuit.
Ian … – Brerth was excited again as he was counting – with this swimsuit you have an ass … mmmm … that you do not see. It squeezes you just enough to mark you to the tip of the “cocoon”, and lifts your eggs … grrrrr. There has been a while that I have become super hot, I wet the bikini panties. Surte that I do not trem …
When Breth turned to look at Ian for a moment, he found him sleeping and immediately noticed the huge bulge in his crotch. She did not know what to do. He got even more excited than he already was, wanted to touch her, wanted to suck her …
As they were driving along a road between two villages, Breth soon found, on his right, a sandy road. He turned sharply.
He could not stop staring at Ian’s huge erection, and it was getting hotter and hotter. At the same time, he did not know anything, he was just having an erotic dream in the country with Breth and his new swimsuit. Breth went on down the sand road buried by a huge forest. He veered off the path and entered it until he found a place well hidden among shrubs, oaks and oaks. He stopped the car and pulled his seat back. I did not know where to start.
Ian was still asleep, but he had moved a little. Now he was sitting facing forward, with his legs spread and his feet widely apart. His left knee touched the gear change. He was so comfortable that the bulge in his groin was still pronounced. Breth put his hand on it carefully, then Ian gasped with pleasure and moved slightly with the intention of throwing his pelvis forward. His cock got harder. I was still asleep, but happy.
Breth was super excited, her vulva was hot and wet. He began to massage, little by little, the huge cock over the shorts. Ian melted with taste but did not wake up. Then Breth lowered the bermuda’s waist a little and put his hand on the swimsuit. Ian had been so excited for so long that he had his swimsuit soaked in seminal fluid. Breth could not take it anymore and began to lower the swimsuit. He half woke up, and raising the ass of the seat cleared the ground so that she could lower the swimsuit and the shorts to the ankles. As he did so, he got so close to Ian’s cock that he could not stand it anymore. He began to suck, and in what way.
Hooo … Cari, fuck, what a pleasure. – Ian woke up suddenly, he was in limbo, he did not know very well what happened, but he was so hot and relaxed that he let himself be done.
Breth evidently did not say anything, and continued licking satisfied, his mouth was busy.
Ian’s hot member was so wet that Breth’s cheeks slipped easily. Then she put it all in her mouth until it touched her throat. Ian moaned with pleasure and from the tip of his burning glans came out a huge drop of transparent liquid that Breth felt hot on his palate, so, without taking the cock out of his mouth, he took the testicles with his hand and squeezed them gently, but firm enough for Ian to want to come at that very moment.
God, what a pleasure! – Ian moaned. – I want to tuck it in … and chew on everything.
They tried to change positions but they realized that in the car they could not continue. They went outside, put the towels on the beach, as they could, on the floor and Ian, still with his cock quite upright, invited Breth to lie down on the towels. Before sitting down, she licked and nibbled on his buttocks, passed through her hips, until she reached the pelvic area. The erection became more prominent. Then Breth threw himself on the towel, opening his thighs so that he could lick her juices.

She started playing with her breasts, licking her nipples. Meanwhile, Ian’s erect cock touched the female pubis from time to time, getting harder.
Hooo … .. mmm … – in the air were the gasps of both when rubbing.
Ian touched and licked every corner of Breth’s body as he felt his chills of pleasure. He kissed her navel and went down to touch the hair of the pubis, there almost without touching, I pass my nose and lips making circles. Breth was getting a hundred, wanted to kiss him in the mouth and let him know. So he climbed to his lips, feeling the hard nipples on his chest and letting his sex fall on hers. They kissed and sucked with enough desperation while the two sexes burned more and more.
Ian, after a while, needed to suck some more, and with very soft tongue and soft lips gently descended to the hot pussy of Breth and began to lick her huge swollen lips, introduced the tongue into the vagina and delicately, with the soft tongue began to play with the clitoris, stimulating it without stopping.
Breth could not open his legs anymore. It was getting hotter every time – hoo … keep it up … hoo … I want to feel you inside … – Breth with his hand, he looked for Ian’s cock.
I was hard and erect. Ian shivered with pleasure – hoo … I’m super hot – he gasped – I’ll put it to you … hooo … – He felt Breth’s hand squeezing his cock and began to move his hip to get a wank – mmm …. I’ll put it on you already, “he said as he got down on his knees between Breth’s legs. She opened her legs wide, letting Ian insert her member inside her.
Haaa … mmm … – the two moaned rhythmically.
Then, Breth sat on top of Ian with his legs spread, while he knelt down to the bottom with his hip movements – ho … ho … – while they embraced and kissed with passion. This made them very horny.
Let me put it behind you … mmm … – Ian gasped as he ate her ear.
Breth liked the idea and without thinking he got on all fours, put his ass well in pomp so that his vulva swollen with pleasure was seen from behind. Ian wet his hand with spit and passed it through his sex, it was burning and had a hard clitoris. He wanted to suck it. This made him a hundred and harder, so he grabbed her hand, little by little passed the cocoon soaked in seminal fluid, by the hard clitoris and began to jerk while licking Breth’s back.
haa … haa … if you continue I’ll run … haa … – Breth said – I want you to run inside …
Then she lay down on the floor again, with her legs spread and her pussy opened with her hands, so that Ian could easily get into her. He quickly got on top of her and put it to the bottom and remained quiet for a few seconds without removing it -haaaaaa … ..- gasped with pleasure both. Then he began to move his hips back and forth rhythmically, while kissing Breth on the mouth and neck.
haa … haa … haa … – they moaned with pleasure – they were both very hot and about to cum.
Breth with his right hand began to massage the wet clitoris by jerking. Ian saw that Breth was about to explode and started pumping faster. Each time it got hotter and his pulse quickened. – haa … haa … dear, I’m going to run – I told Breth pumping my hips faster and faster. – I also … haa … do not stop … that comes to me … haaaaaaaaaaa … – Breth felt in her vagina as the member of Ian became bigger and harder, and as the hot semen was deposited inside. At the same time Ian moaned with pleasure as he felt how Breth’s vaginal contractions wrapped around his hard and throbbing cock.- haaaaaaaaa … fuck … hooo … Goodbye … – They both ran at the same time.
They stayed embraced and relaxed for a while, until the ecstasy was over. The two lying on the towels in the middle of the forest, feeling the breeze in the late afternoon when the sun sets in the west.

It’s been great, sweetie, “Ian told Breth.” It’s one of the best powders we’ve ever thrown. What happened? I was asleep and …
Your swimsuit, which has put me in tune – she said laughing – I was telling you how sexy you were on the beach and when I turned you were sleeping with a trempera that you can not see and that has put me on top. What were you dreaming?
It’s true – he replied – I dreamed that we were on the beach and I was wearing my new black swimsuit, but we were alone, there was no one else and you were bathing naked and I started to get hard. Then I took off my swimsuit running towards the water.
Were you trepado? – She asked.
Yes, it was hard butt. When I was on the shore, you came out and on your knees, you started to suck me. God how you sucked me.
They began to get hot, again, with Ian’s story.
Hey darling – said Ian – I’m getting back, because I do not tell you in the car on the way home, that there is little left and when we arrive, you know, I’ll be ready again for …
Ok … – she said – because I’m also getting – he said putting his hand on the member to Ian – tell me everything we were fucking like crazy on the beach?