My name is Cris and the last weekend of a friend invited me to her graduation party. Everything was normal until the party came Beto, a friend of both and did not see a good time. He is very nice and cheerful and as expected we had a lot of fun.

Already at the time of the dance he took me and from the first moment did not lose the opportunity to flatter me and make me an occasional “innocent” caress. I was wearing a long, lead-colored dress that looks super stuck on me and highlights my body and I’m sure he did not miss the chance to give me a furtive check. None of the 2 is a good dancer but as they say: he knew what he was doing. ”

When the music stopped the DJ introduced the rock band that they hired and while they were making the final arrangements he hugged me around the waist and he was caressing my neck for a long time, he really did not care about being watched, on the other hand I I left to do since I liked it, I was having a lot of fun and I did not think it would get older.

At 1 o’clock in the morning we had stayed with my boyfriend who would pick me up because I live a little away from the place of the party. At the moment of truth my boyfriend did not arrive and since Beto also had to leave he offered to accompany me. While we were in the taxi he asked me how I was going to go if I lived so far away that I answered that in these cases I would sleep in my father’s office that is closer and only the next morning I go home and it was just there where I asked him to leave me, he hugged me and said “OK, come on”

When we were arriving and as it was early I told him if he wanted to spend some time, he told me that he could not because he had to go to another engagement with his girlfriend, but at my insistence we remained that he would stay while calling my house and then to my boyfriend to complain because he had not come.

At home they did not do much more problem when I called my boyfriend the thing was different. It turns out that if he had gone to pick me up but late and after asking he found out that I had gone with another boy, he became angry and started yelling at me. He did not even let me explain to him and between cries he told me where he was going and with whom, how could he do that to him. I started to cry and it was when “click” she hung up the phone and I saw that Beto had done it, he smilingly told me not to worry, that I did not put it like this, that it was better to wait the next day for my boyfriend calm down He dried my tears and gave me a delicious hug, for when we parted he said: “if you put music I stay a little longer”. I turned on the PC and after a while we were dancing, it made me laugh, it hugged me, it made me spin, I really knew how to make myself feel good to the point that I forgot what had happened with my boyfriend.

The music became somewhat slow and sticky and he told me to show him “the little step”. Neither short nor lazy I began to make my best moves, he was stuck to me enjoying them to the fullest, he said: “you are beautiful, what beauty, you move very rich”, I obviously crazy with those words, until I resisted and I approached him and we kissed each other sweetly for a long time. I imagine that she could not stand it anymore and began to walk all over my body over the dress, with special attention on my tail that was kneaded with great skill. He kissed me on the neck and turning me around he said “keep dancing for me”, while he caressed my breasts and belly.

I was super hot and wet, with my eyes closed I kept moving to continue enjoying his caresses and kisses. I felt the closing of my dress lower and slowly began to remove it, underneath I had nothing but a tiny thong that was also torn off leaving me completely naked. As the thing was already serious, I proceeded to remove his tie and shirt kissing his chest, I knelt to take off his pants leaving him only with the boxer on. We went to the sofa, he kissed me and bit my breasts, slowly lowered his tongue to the level of my vagina and gave him a few kisses that made me arch my back, noticing this I do not hesitate to start licking my sex playing with his thumb my clitoris When he put a finger in me I shouted, he played inside me for several minutes that were an eternity of pleasure with my inevitable first orgasm.

He had removed the boxer and with my juices moistened his penis, it accommodated him to the entrance of my vagina and with a single blow he penetrated me making me moan with pleasure. His thrusts were slow, he really made love to me with a lot of tenderness and I enjoyed it as never before. He drained them and I nail his nails in the back, what more delicious pleasure that provoked me, another orgasm that clouded my sight and he followed with the sticks and panting out of taste. He took it out and put me on top of him, took his member and I buried it to the bottom, he took me by the buttocks and guided my rhythm while I licked and rubbed my hard breasts and my neck.

He took it out again and he put me on four with my tail pointing up and he entered me so wildly that my moans became screams of pleasure, he kept me like that for a long time and my body trembled with each attack and again another orgasm at the same time I felt my vagina flooded with his hot cum. We parted and he settled me on his body to follow me caressing and giving me pleasure with his hands, there were no words only the noise of our agitated breathing.

He spent a while and settling me sideways I penetrated again, my sex was still wet so there were no problems in continuing to enjoy. He seated me with his back to him and opening my buttocks gave me hard causing even some pain but it did not lower my excitement, he took it out and I took it to take him down and take over his member which I licked like crazy, while with a hand rubbed the balls. He arranged me in such a way that we were in a perfect 69, again an orgasm with his tongue inside and to do better I got a finger and I sucked that cock, I used my lips, tongue and even my teeth, that sweetness. Suddenly I felt that my ass was invaded by his fingers which caused me even more pleasure and I took his penis out of my mouth to moan like possessed although I had never been put there.

I again accommodate four and said “you’ll like it, you leave me”, I said nothing and nodded. I felt the head of his member at the entrance of my anus, could not enter the first so with a little saliva lubricated his limb and a direct thrust I got to my insides, I shouted but not of pain, what a delight to be so wildly insane, I really thought that it would make me more drowsy but after a while I enjoyed the bitch like a bitch. At the same time I introduced a pair of fingers in my vagina and kissed the back of my neck, which I did not imagine was in me an erogenous zone.

I fucked hard for a long time, I think I even lost consciousness because he made me react when he spanked me so hard that he had to leave his fingers marked. He took it out and ran on my buttocks, pulling me to my side to stroke my hair and kiss me on the mouth.

We fell asleep for a long time, when I felt he got out of bed and began to get dressed, I told him not to do it, to stay with me, he looked at me and when I thought he was going to say no, he just settled beside me and He hugged me to stay deeply asleep a while later. By the time we woke up it had already dawned (7 in the morning), waking up by his side made me feel strange but when he hugged me and attracted me more to his body I remembered how well we had spent it. My anus hurt a bit and this he noticed, he told me laughing that it was normal and that we had to get used to it, we looked at each other and we kissed, he caressed me again and we started again, he made love to me like a savage, not precise details Well, imagine what he did to me and how much we enjoyed until 10 o’clock in the morning. Before dressing we went naked to the balcony that overlooks the house and he kissed and caressed me very tenderly, making me feel chill with that warm air on our bodies.

It was time to leave, we talked about trivial things and when we were dressed he called a taxi and embarked me. We do not talk, we just go out and we say goodbye with a kiss on the mouth, I know that one night is not enough to feel something for him and even more so having both partners, but if he gives himself the opportunity to be together I will not oppose at all.

A kiss to everyone … Cris.