Cal moved next door to me the day I turned seventeen years old. His two year age advantage made him a super hero in my mind. He made everyone laugh that day. He made it the best birthday party that I ever had. We became best buds. I did everything he did.

He played baseball. I played baseball. He wore blue jeans. I wore blue jeans. The years shuffled by and in college we still hung out together. In spite of our age difference we were tight friends.

The weather got better. We walked home from class. More like we ran home from class hoping that if we ran fast enough we might catch a glimpse of summer.

It started out a dreamy run but usually became a race that Cal always won. Our book bags bounced and we ran even faster and then I realized we were racing. Cal won everything.

He was better athlete than me and a he got better grades than me. I carried an overstuffed book bag home with all my homework. It seemed like I had to do twice as much homework as everybody else to stay even with the class.

We spent many a sunny summer afternoon at my house gaming The afternoon sun poured through the oak tree through my bedroom window that afternoon. The mottled light rained spots of light on us. We looked like leopards. I poked Cal’s every spot faster and faster until he burst out laughing from my tickle attack.

He retaliated and we ended up in a massive tickle fight writhing on the floor like two leopard cubs playing in their beds of meadow grass. We laughed so ha rd we could not breath. Those times represent a perfect time in my life. One particular day stands out.

We were especially exhausted from running the bases all day and we almost killed each other in a tickle fight. Cal looked in his book bag and said he had a special way to relax. He gave me an enema and I relished the soothing warmth. I helped him with his and we laid on the bedroom floor to see who could hold it the longer. We did not dare tickle each other but we could not stop giggling.

Cal leaped to the bathroom. I realized that I finally beat Cal. My superiority did not last long. I darted into the bathroom where he still perched on the toilet.

I tried to sit in front of him like we were on a motorcycle. I slid as far back as possible. We sat there somewhat stunned naked and touching. Speechless, we cleaned up the mess in the bathroom afraid to admit our feelings.

Without speaking we showered together. Hands full of soap and water made me feel clean on the outside like I already felt clean on the inside. We dried each other off and returned to my room. We made love for the first time. Uncontrollable waves of pleasure rolled over me. I thought the world had shattered. In a way it did because I have never looked at life in the same innocent way.

However, when I feel the warmth of an enema traveling inside my body I remember that afternoon when I found a new existence.