by Daddy Warbuck


Ron find a love in his daughter

A Farm Adventure

They’d been travelling for hours on this back road, which now Ron began to see as a fire trail, something that his sedan couldn’t really negotiate properly. Ron had taken a short cut that he been told about by the service station attendant, which sounded like a good deal. The only problem was that the road had changed from tar to dirt after only 3 kilometres. Then fewer houses were seen as they travelled further along. Ron’s daughter, Susie, was bored and couldn’t find any radio channels to listen to, as they journeyed. Susie and her father, Ron were travelling to meet up with Charlie, Ron’s son and Susie’s brother, who was finishing university and graduating with a PhD.

As they travelled the narrow dirt road, it became worse to drive, with pot holes and wash outs from recent heavy rains. Several times Ron had to slow down to negotiate the road, which only made his mind up never to take the advice of a stranger again. The light became dimmer with sunset and made it all the more harder to see the road ahead.

It was just on dusk when the rains came again, pouring down in a heavy torrent, making visibility hard. Ron was now swearing silently to himself and promising himself to always to stick on highways, instead of short cuts. It was about this time that water flowing across his path, pushed the sedan off into a gulley, that ran beside the road.

Ron tried several times to reverse out, but the car became bogged even further. Finally, he got out and tried to see if there was anything that could be done to extricate the vehicle from the mud. On looking at the wheel, he found that it dug in to the mud and now needed a tow truck to get the car out of this problem. The whole time, Susie was sitting in the front wondering when they were going to get back on the road, when he father came and told her what their problem was.

Ron told Susie that he was going to go for a walk, back the way they came, as he thought he saw a farm house about 3 kilometres back. Susie wasn’t so sure that she wanted to be left alone in the car while her father was gone. So, she told Ron that she was coming along for the walk.

So they started walking in the rain and last light, unable to keep from getting wet. Several times Susie slipped and was covered in mud and water, cursing the rain for coming at that time. Ron had to giggle at the misfortune of his daughter but though that on getting to the farm house everything would be fixed up. After walking the 3 to 4 kilometres they came upon the driveway that Ron had seen and what seemed to be a house off in the distance. So, they opened the gate and walked the 300 metres to the house.

On arriving at the front door of the house, no lights could be seen, though Ron still knocked, hoping the owner was home. Ron knocked several times more before he tried the door handle finding that it opened on turning it. Ron entered the house while Susie waited outside on her fathers instructions. Ron moved into the house and using his cigarette lighter, saw that it was an old shack with two rooms.

The lounge/bedroom with a fire place and an old double bed, which looked dusty and hadn’t been used in years. The other room was the kitchen/bathroom, which had an old shower head tied to the bottom of a canvas bag. Something that you filled with warm water and had a 2 minutes shower. What could be called a kitchen, had an open fire place with a plate above it, supposedly to cook your meal on. He looked out the back and found an old metal water tank filled with water over flowing.

Ron went back outside and told Susie to come in, as the house looked abandoned. Once inside Ron went about starting a fire, in both rooms, with wood that was left inside. Then he found an old boiler pot and filled it with water, putting it above the kitchen fire place to boil. He told Susie that once the water boiled she could have shower and get as clean as she could. Ron investigated the place further and found what looked like an old blanket, dusty but sure to give warmth. So Ron and Susie went about making the best of their situation.

By the time the water was boiled and in the shower bag, Susie was ready to feel a little better. As Susie started showering Ron came into the kitchen/bathroom to get her clothing so he could wash it and get the mud out. As he entered the room Susie was standing under the shower bag, her eyes closed, letting the water run down her supple body. Ron was amazed at how his 17 year old daughter had filled out, in the last few years, in all the right places. Susie’s long blond hair, reached down to the small of her back. Her breasts were small, but firm and perky and nipples pointing out, hard.

Ron, now 43 years old, never had any sexual thoughts about his daughter until this now. Seeing her naked. Standing under the shower, with the water cascading over her, gave his cock all the encouragement it needed to stand up hard and proud. Ron stood there for what seemed like hours, but in fact was only minutes. Then Susie opened her eyes and looked towards her father. Ron apologised, blushed and told her that he was going to wash her clothing and to use the blanket when she dried herself off in front of the kitchen fire.

Ron left and took Susie’s clothing out and washed them under the tap of the water tank. His mind kept coming back to his daughter’s naked body and how beautiful she was under the shower. Ron couldn’t get his mind away from her body, which meant his erection wouldn’t subside any time now.

After washing the mud from her clothing, Ron entered the house again to find that Susie was now wrapped in the blanket and laying on the double bed. After hanging up Susie’s clothing on a piece of string he found.

Susie asked “Dad are you going to shower and get out of those wet clothes.”

Ron replied, “No honey there’s only one blanket.”

Susie stated the fact, “Dad you better get out of those clothes or you’ll get sick.”

Ron said, “But, honey what am I going to wear? You’ve got the only blanket and we can’t share it together.’

Susie said, ‘Don’t be silly. You need to get out of those wet clothes. I understand and don’t worry if we’re naked. You need to share with me to keep warm.”

Finally Ron submitted to Susie’s suggestion and went and showered. He dried himself in front of the kitchen fire and hung his clothing next to Susie’s. Ron then called to his daughter, telling her that he was coming to the bed.

Ron walked in fast and got onto the bed next to Susie. Susie threw the other half of the blanket over Ron, who lay back to back with his daughter. As they laid there Ron couldn’t help himself thinking of Susie’s body and how he now slept naked next to her.

After a while, Ron had fallen into a deep sleep. He couldn’t help himself when he rolled over and started to spoon with Susie. Susie, who was also fast asleep, felt Ron’s hard on, pointing hard into the cheeks of her arse. She rubbed her cheeks against his hard on and pushed her arse back against Ron’s hard cock. Ron dreamt that he was sleeping next to his wife, who had passed away a year before. Ron’s wife also took on the features of Susie, making it a combined dream. So, on instinct, he used his free arm to wrap it around Susie’s waist and pull her firmly against his body. Susie, on feeling the hard cock point into her arse, squirmed enough to have the cock lodge between her legs, dreaming of her ex boyfriend and how she loved being taken from the rear.

As the two settled into their dreams, Ron started sliding his cock upwards towards Susie’s hot pussy. Susie was pushing her pussy back down against Ron’s cock. Then all of a sudden, Ron’s cock bumped into Susie’s pussy. Susie squirmed against Ron, who pushed again, entering into her cunt. Now both were pushing and thrusting together. It was during this time that Ron, thrusting, started to come awake at the arousal and joy he felt. Susie was also coming out of her slumber, thinking that her ex boyfriend was fucking her.

Ron couldn’t make heads or tails out of the situation but knew he had to keep on thrusting. Just as he was about to release his seed into Susie, he remembered where he was, but too late. Ron pushed hard into Susie and shot his load into her unprotected womb. Susie now realising what was happening orgasmed on feeling her father’s seed entering her body.

After coming wake Susie and Ron sat upright and looked at one another. Both were speechless on what had happened. Susie started to cry, when she said, “How could you. You’re not suppose to have sex with me. I’m your daughter.”

Ron said, “Honey, I’m sorry. This is why I didn’t want to get undressed and lie next to you. I haven’t been with anyone else since your mum passed away. I saw you naked and it aroused me.”

At that both started to cry. Susie said, “I haven’t been on the pill for 2 months dad. What are we going to do if I get pregnant.”

Ron shook his head and held his daughter close to him. He felt her warm vibrant body next to his. He could see her nipples hard and erect in the after glow of the fire. Ron’s cock started to swell again, as he held his daughter close to him. He stroked her hair and rubbed her back and couldn’t get the idea that he had just fucked his daughter and pushed his seed into her body. This feeling made him feel alive again and wanted to try a second time with his daughter.

Susie was thinking that her life would change dramatically if they did make a baby. But she couldn’t forget how hard and huge her father’s cock was, bigger than her ex boyfriend’s. How it slipped in between her lips and along her love tunnel and the sensation of be forced into her hard. She couldn’t forget the feeling of his semen shooting inside her and the the way she felt at this taboo interaction. She started thinking, as Ron was rubbing her back ‘What would it be like to really fuck her father? What if they did make a baby together? Her father was the only real man she ever looked up to. She did love him, but would it be a love that they could share.’

As Ron and Susie were thinking, fate just happened to help. A gust of wind sent Susie even closer to her father, so her head was resting on his shoulder. Ron tightened the blanket around them and they huddled together. Susie took a chance, one she would later determine was a good chance. She kissed her father on the neck. Then she trailed her next kiss in front of his ear, then on the cheek and one close to his mouth. Ron couldn’t believe what was happening. He held Susie’s head closer after her second kiss and waited until she kissed him near his mouth. He turned his head and kissed her passionately on her mouth. Susie and Ron began to exchange a wet passionate kiss, flicking their tongues inside the others mouth. Twisting and twirling their tongues as they both allowed the passion to rise.

By now Susie had taken Ron’s hard cock in her free hand and began jerking him up and down. Ron was tweaking Susie’s hard nipple with his free hand, pulling on it rolling it between his fingers. Ron lowered Susie down against the bed, keeping his mouth locked with hers. Susie wrapped her arms around her father’s shoulders as she kissed him back.

Ron started to feel every inch of Susie’s body. He explored each nipple, then brushed his fingers against her hard stomach, which she flinched at. Ron trailed his fingers down to her mons, scratching lightly over her pubic bone. Susie was hot from Ron’s touch, moaning and panting, so she reached down and again grabbed hold of his hard erection.

Ron, using his index finger, started playing with the lips of her pussy, rimming the edges, but missing the clitoris. As he lowered his head to suck at her supple nipple, he dipped his finger into her well lubricated pussy, scooping out a combination of their juices and applied it to her clit. Ron started rimming her clit, which caused Susie to moan all the more.

Ron couldn’t wait any longer, so easing himself between Susie’s legs, he placed his cock before Susie’s pussy and slowly entered her again. Ron could feel the mixture of their juices as he slowly pushed into her body. As their groins touched Susie wrapped her legs around her father’s waist and pulled him hard against her.

Ron started to thrust and withdraw slowly. But, as his arousal grew, he fucked Susie harder, and harder. Susie was calling out to her father. “fuck me. Fuck me daddy. Fuck me daddy.” Ron was spurned on by his daughter calling out to him. He knew that by the way he felt it wouldn’t be long before he shot his second load into his daughter. Susie was again building to another orgasm too, knowing that her father was fucking her and it was taboo.

Then Ron felt his seed running up his cock and he gave one mighty lunge and shot his second load into his daughter waiting womb. Susie, on feeling the second load, clenched onto Ron, having her second orgasm, called out, “yes, yes, yes, yes yesssss”. Ron felt four mighty blasts from his cock, as it was milked by his daughter’s cunt spasms.

Ron lay in his daughter’s grasp as they subsided from their incestuous union. Ron started kissing her on the lips, which she responded too. They held each other forgetting about the wind and rain. They held each other until they fell asleep once more.

Ron woke, the next morning, to see his daughter looking down at him, frowning. Ron asked, “What’s wrong honey?”

Susie said, “Daddy what we did was wrong. What happens if we made a baby?”

Ron Said, brushing her hair back from her face, “Honey don’t worry. We’ll look after the baby together.”

Susie said, “But what will people say?”

Ron Looked about him and thought that a little country cottage could be what they needed. He looked back at Susie and sat up. Pulling in close, he kissed her lightly on the lips and then said, “Honey what do you want. I love you and I’ll always love you. But it’s your decision.”

Susie sat up and pondered over her dilemma. She loved her father and knew that he would always look after her and their child. She looked about her and wondered how she could make things right, but what was right?

As she sat there Susie looked at her father, and saw the eyes of man she dearly loved. She felt her heart beat as she remembered their exchange last night. She knew that no other man could love her the way that her father loved her. So she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on his lips, to tell him that everything was right.

They shared another kiss which turned into a passionate kiss. Ron was already supporting a morning hard on, so he started to turn Susie on by the same means he did last night. Sucking on her small firm perky breasts, then trailing his tongue to her navel then on to her clitoris. Licking the clitoris and fingering her pussy, until she was ready for him to enter again. Ron placed his cock to the entrance of her pussy and pushed slowly into her cunt, feeling the warm snugness of her velvet glove.

He pushed into her until their groins met. Susie gripped him with her legs around his waist again and they began to move together as one. Ron kissed his daughter deeply, thinking all the time ‘This woman loves me for me and I love her’. They rode each other until all at once Susie climaxed, tightening around Ron’s cock. Ron found it harder to penetrate her, but succeeded in filling her womb again with his seed.

They both laid in a lovers embrace, holding onto the other for dear life, until they decided to get up and shower together. They started a fire again enough to boil water, They showered and then dried in front of the open fire. When they could the dressed and walked back down the driveway to the road again and started walking the same direction they had been going the night before, when they found the house. As they left the property, Ron saw the ‘For Sale’ sign and decided that if Susie wanted it they would buy it and build their new house there.

They didn’t have to walk to far as a car was going in the opposite direction. The driver stopped and they told him about their accident. Later the arranged for a tow truck to get the car out of the gulley and then they were on their way again. Bot in deep thought.

That night they stayed at a motel not far from their destination and talked about their affair. It was then that Ron told Susie of his plan to buy the property and build a home. Susie was over joyed at hearing her fathers suggestion and they made love again.

The next day they arrived at the university and spent the next three days with Charlie. Neither of them told Charlie what had happened, that night, or their decision to make a new home. Charlie told his father and sister that he had an offer overseas with a big company and he was taking the job. Both father and daughter were over joyed at hearing this.

They drove home later, after the third day, stopping any time during their travel to make up for the lost time they had with Charlie. For two nights on the road, at motels, they made love and plans for their future.
On arriving home Susie moved into the main bedroom with her father and never left his bed again. Two months later, a month after they bought the property, Susie was pregnant. They built their house on the property and shortly after moving in Susie gave her father a daughter. They live happily with their new life.