by CathexisSuccubus

“Oh, crap!!” He thought as he groggily woke up. “I thought it was just a cold, but now I feel REALLY terrible; must be a particularly vicious Flu.” Wobbly, he tried to get to his feet and realized that he was as weak as a kitten. He dragged himself to the bathroom to take a hot shower to see if it would make him feel any better. 5 minutes later, he felt worse.

He could feel that he had a fever and yet he was shivering. He was way out, up the coast, far from the nearest Hospital or Doctor.

Being out here seemed like such a good idea; relax, maybe write more of his new novel. Now he was screwed; getting weaker and sicker by the minute, he wondered what the best course of action was.

Way up in the middle of the Lost Coast of Mendocino was no place to be when illness hit; maybe he could call 911 and get an Ambulance up there? Naaaah. What if he only had a minor fever? Then he’d look like an idiot, and it would be prohibitively expensive. He could try calling his friends in San Francisco, but it would take them hours to get up there.

Then it hit him. His Sister was in Santa Rosa, studying to be a Doctor, he hadn’t seen her in years; maybe he could get her to come out and tend to him. He was 12 years older than her, and they hadn’t had much time together at home before he left at 23 years old, but he remembered her as a bright and precocious, pretty, and wiser than most girls her age. The last time he had seen her was as a slightly awkward 19-year -old; not filled out yet and a bit gangly. He slowly dialed her number.

“Sis, it’s your brother.”

“Darling! It’s great to hear your voice. I’ve missed you terribly! To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Hmm. I hate to bother you, I’m sure you’re busy, but I’m stuck here in Mendocino, and I feel TERRIBLE. I think I have some horrendous Far Eastern Flu crap. Is there any chance that you could pop in and see me, maybe look after me for a day or two until I feel well enough to get to a Doctor or Hospital?”

“Sweetie, ABSOLUTELY!! I would LOVE to see you, even in your presently weakened state. Luckily I have a few days off work and no plans. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

She was excited. Like most younger sisters, she had always worshipped her older brother from afar; he always seemed to be doing interesting things. She couldn’t follow him because she was too young. He had been off on various adventures around the World, and she always missed his protective presence, especially since their Father had left them alone when she was only four years old. He was the de-facto Man of the house.

She remembered inviting a couple of her Girlfriends over to her house where they would secretly spy on her older brother. Shadowing him, watching him eat his lunch, splitting some firewood for their stove; stripping off his T-shirt, swinging the ax with powerful strokes. Her friends giggled and made comments about his abs, and about how powerful he looked.

Strangely, those comments made her jealous. He was HER brother; he belonged to HER. SHE was the one that loved and adored him, even if he hardly seemed to notice HER very much; and she didn’t want anyone else to have him!

She rolled up to the door of the pretty little rental cottage on the beach. She hadn’t had time to change out of her Doctor’s uniform; the usual white coat yes, but beneath she always made an effort to retain her femininity. A crisp white blouse with a slightly plunging neckline, a businesslike grey wool skirt, a pair of sheer black stockings and a pair of over the top black pumps with a 4″ heel. Underneath it all, some La Perla lingerie that was her little secret. She wanted to impress him, especially since she was all grown up now; no longer his “little” sister.

She knocked on the door. She heard some clumsy movements and a couple of crashes. Someone said “OW!!” a couple of times, and in due course, the door opened up. He looked like crap she realized; pale, sweating, shaking and rubbing his shin.

“YOU, mister, straight back to bed!! you look like death warmed Over!!”

She gently guided him towards his rumpled bed and helped him lie down.

“Ok. Let me take your temperature.”

She pulled out her Doctor’s bag of tricks and grabbed a thermometer.

“Come on, open wide and put this under your tongue.”

She was horrified when she took it out.

“103 degrees!! You are sick, what other symptoms are you having? I need to know, otherwise I HAVE to get you to a Hospital.”

“Well, it’s nothing. really.”

“Come on. Spit it out. WHAT’S nothing really?”

“It’s embarrassing; I can’t tell you.”

“For God’s sake, I’m a Doctor and your Sister, Of COURSE, you can tell me!”

“I can’t; I just can’t.”

“If you don’t tell me, I SWEAR I will pull down your undies and give you a SERIOUS spanking, I MEAN it!!”

Looking at her face, her brows knitted together in frustration, her lips drawn tight in disapproval, he realized that she was serious!! He kept his gaze on her, and it registered that he really hadn’t taken a good look at her since she came in the door. She had changed a great deal in the last 11 years; no longer the gawky 19-year-old. Here was a Woman, not a girl. Tall, probably 5’9″ or 5’10” in height. Her hair was not quite blond, not quite brunette, but somewhere in between; huge green eyes, gorgeous long lashes and a beautiful kissable set of lips.

“Whoa there buddy,” he thought to himself, “that’s your SISTER there.” Maybe the meds he had found in the bathroom cabinet were making him slightly loopy, he thought.

“Come on, what on EARTH could you be too embarrassed to tell me?” she said in an exasperated tone of voice.

“Oh, for God’s sake, I can’t go to the bathroom. I’ve tried and tried, but nothing; THERE, are you happy now?”

“Sweetie, that’s not good; how many days?”


“OK, we’ll have to do something about that then; if you’re going to get better, we have to deal with it.”

She disappeared into the bathroom with her bag. As she left him, he couldn’t help but notice the shapely figure of her ass, swaying side-to-side as she walked and the fact that she was wearing stockings with a seam down the back and a pair of VERY sexy heels.

“Get a grip; you CAN’T be thinking these thoughts about your OWN SISTER!! It’s definitely the meds.”

Sitting on the side of the clawfoot tub, She opened her Doctors bag.

“Poor guy,” she thought, “what can I do to help him feel better?”

She remembered from her childhood that on occasion, she had the same problem and her Mother had solved it by giving her an enema to relieve her discomfort; “that’s it,” she thought, “now how do I persuade him that it’s in his best interests; he was so shy and embarrassed about telling me about it, maybe something to relax him might do the trick.”

He raised his head off the pillow when he heard her returning. The sound her stockings made as they rubbed together. Her thighs were brushing each other with every step. “Jesus!! she’s INCREDIBLY gorgeous,” he thought; slim waist, a full 34 C cup, her lips pink and moist. “I have GOT to stop this; it’s just not right, she’s my little sister; innocent and COMPLETELY out of bounds.”

“Here, take these pills; they’ll make you feel better, a bit spacy, but better,” she said. He gulped them down with some Gatorade she had brought.

“OK. get up and come with me to the bathroom,” she said in a low, quiet voice.

She took his arm and led him on increasingly unsteady legs towards the bathroom. Once there, the drugs had taken almost full effect. A couple of tranquilizers to calm him down and a couple of muscle relaxants to help with what was to come; those combined with the Vicodin would make him easier to deal with. She sat him on the side of the clawfoot tub and started to help him off with his clothes.

“What the hell,” was the clouded thought that went through his mind. “Whatever she gave me is certainly working; I feel relaxed and high, all at the same time, why is she taking off my T-shirt?”

She slowly inched his shirt over his head. Once it was off, she got a better look at him. He wasn’t as buff as he had once been, but he still had nice big biceps and beefy shoulders.

She remembered a time when she was younger. He had been taking a shower and had left the door open. Her curiosity had got the better of her, and she just HAD to take a peek. She had never seen a Man completely naked before, and seeing her brother in the shower, lathering his body, running his hands over his taut stomach made her stomach feel all tickly.

As she watched, he had slowly taken his time to clean his cock, peeling back his foreskin to wash underneath. While he handled himself, she had seen his member grow, swell and harden. His cockhead turned a dark reddish purple color. She remembered blushing as she watched, unable to tear her gaze away from his now fully erect cock. How she wished she could touch it, wrap her hand around it, maybe even kiss that big purple head.

She had sneaked back into her bedroom and under her duvet had furiously, fervently plunged her fingers inside her virgin pussy, traced her now wet lips with her fingers, finding her little swollen clitoris, she had masturbated to the image of her brother’s huge cock, coming in big spasms, arching her back as her body was wracked by a shattering orgasm.

She snapped herself out of her flashback. Time to concentrate on the task at hand, she thought.

He was very wobbly, having trouble balancing now, but she managed to get his jeans off; next his underpants.

He stood there in front of her, her big brother, naked and exposed. WOW!! She didn’t remember his cock being quite as big as it was; “quite delicious,” she thought to herself. Uncircumcised, great shape and color; but enough of that. She needed to help him with his “problem.”

“Ok, sweetie. I need you to get down on your hands and knees and get comfortable.”

In his almost stoned state, he wondered why she needed him down on his knees.

“What on EARTH do you want me down here for?” he asked her.

“I know this might be a bit embarrassing sweetie, but I’m going to have to give you an enema.”

“WHAT!!. No way, Sis, I’m NOT letting you do that to me; there has to be a better way; drugs? Something?”

“Look, sweetie, I’m a grown Woman AND a Doctor, it’s the best and quickest way to help you.”

In his fevered mind, he realized that he needed to listen to her, she WAS a Doctor after all; this was nothing but her professional advice.

“Oh God, I guess if it’s necessary, then go ahead” he muttered.”

She reached into her bag and took out her enema equipment. Quite often she needed to use it on pregnant Women who frequently ended up with the same problem her brother now had.

He watched her take out a red water bottle looking thing, some tubing and a pink, slightly curved nozzle of some type, it was about 1″ in diameter, and had a very bulbous tip.

“Jesus! That looks a bit strange. What the hell is she going to do to me with THAT setup,” he wondered.

She ran the water in the sink until it was warm and she added some water and a white powder from a packet she had opened into the red bag. She hung the bag from the shower curtain rail and attached the tubing to it. Lastly, she grabbed the curved pink nozzle and liberally coated it with some baby oil that she had retrieved from her bag of tricks.

He watched her deliberately assembling her “apparatus” with trepidation. When she started covering the nozzle with the baby oil, he realized why he was so unsettled; the damn thing looked like a big pink cock!! The way she was expertly coating the nozzle with the baby oil, her hands stroking up and down its length, smearing the oil all over it, twisting her hands around its girth.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” he thought “I am watching my sister basically masturbate an oily dildo that she’s about to put inside me. There’s something TERRIBLY wrong about this.” The Vicodin and muscle relaxants were kicking in heavily now. his brain conjured up various disturbing images of what his sister was about to do to him. He felt queasy, and on edge, his opiate addled mind was now producing small hallucinations.

She was ready now. Her brother on all fours in front of her; vulnerable and under her instruction. She felt a strange sense of power come over her. He was woozy from the drugs and trusting her to help him. She could almost get away with anything she realized; this COULD be fun if it were played right she thought.

Her feelings for him had always been overwhelming. When she was younger, her love and affection had been reserved almost entirely for him. She had imagined night after night in her dreams, that she would one day marry him, have babies with him. She knew it was wrong for her to feel that way; having “those” types of feeling for her brother were against all the laws of nature and society, but she didn’t care. Even after her therapist had tried steering her away from those thoughts, she still lay awake in her bed at nights; a sister who was in love with her older brother.

After the episode where she had watched him in the shower, she had tried to get more glimpses of him whenever she could. She would follow him at a distance while he walked in the woods, she had caught him peeing in a bush one day and was again mesmerized by the sight of him holding that delicious cock of his. The way the foreskin was partially pulled over the helmet of his cock; watching him from behind the bushes, she had thrust her fingers down the front of her panties and played with her little pink clit as her eyes drank in the sight of her handsome brother’s cock right in front of her.

Bringing herself back to the present, she realized that in his now drugged, fevered state, her brother probably wouldn’t remember much of what was going on. Her mind made up, she decided on a plan.

She got down beside him on the mat beside the clawfoot tub and brought her face next to his.

“Sweetie.” “I’m going to start now, ok? be brave and don’t make a fuss, it will be over soon.”

She applied some baby oil to her index and middle finger and slowly started to massage around his anus. his head jerked upwards when he felt her touch him.

“What a strange sensation,” he thought.

Her finger slowly kept massaging around his tight hole. Easing slowly inside the ring of his anus, she slowly and carefully inserted more and more of her index finger. He gasped as her greased finger slipped inside his most intimate place.

She probed deeper now; he was making a low sighing noise as she felt her finger being accepted by him. He wasn’t fighting it anymore. She with withdrew her index finger and added more baby oil to her hand; now for the second finger.

He was really fuzzy now. The drugs were making it hard to separate reality from his hallucinations. His sister had him writhing around under her ministrations. She now had two fingers buried in his ass; twisting inside him, filling him up, stretching his anus around her probing, thrusting digits.

The intensity of what he was feeling was overwhelming. The pressure of her fingers was concentrating on his prostate! He had never felt anything like it.

His unconscious mind was taking over, helped by the opiate high he was experiencing. He realized that his cock was throbbing, erect and harder than it had EVER been in his entire life. The exquisite torture of his sister’s invading fingers in his ass had brought him almost to the point of exploding.

As she continued preparing him for the nozzle, she realized that he had begun to thrust his ass up into the air; meeting her forceful probing, by rocking backward as if he wanted more. She slowly removed her fingers she, grasped the nozzle by its base and leaned forward. She looked into his eyes, the pupils now a pinprick as the drugs had taken hold.

“Baby, you’re ready now; just do what I tell you, and everything will be fine, just be a good boy for your little sister.”

She slowly positioned the bulbous pink head of the nozzle at his entrance. After her invasion and preparation of his ass, his anus was pink, smooth and shiny, slick with baby oil. She pressed the head of the nozzle firmly against his sphincter; he widened to accept this new intruder. She marveled at the sight before her; her brother’s virgin asshole spread before her, at her mercy to do with as she pleased.

He was fully in the grasp of his hallucinatory dreamscape now; nothing was real. He felt warm, happy and contented. his little sister was looking after him now and he would do anything she told him to, after all, she was a Doctor, and she loved him. He HAD to trust her.

He felt something MUCH bigger than her fingers nudging his rear portal, colder than her fingers had been. He sensed her pushing gently and felt his anus stretch to accommodate. She pushed a bit harder; he felt like he couldn’t take anymore. There was no way the nozzle was going to fit.; he momentarily started to panic, but his sister placed her hand in the small of his back as if to comfort him.

“Ok sweetie, I know this is difficult, but you HAVE to relax, you need to help your little sister to help you.”

One final thrust and she watched his asshole flare over the monstrous head of the pink nozzle.

His eyes flew open; his pupils widened. The momentary flash of pain caused him to inhale sharply; he thought his anus would tear, but once the bulbous tip was inside him, the discomfort was gone, replaced with a feeling of calm.

She watched the head of the nozzle disappear inside his ass. It was almost as if it had been greedily “sucked” inside him. He was gasping and moaning now, his head cradled in the crook of his elbow, his eyes hidden from her gaze.

She gently started to thrust the pink nozzle inside him. Only an inch or two at first, slowly in and out, twisting it as she penetrated him, then more. Eventually, she watched herself fucking him deeply with the implement.

“Oh, my!” she thought. The sight of her beloved brother kneeling before her, his body shaking with the intensity of the experience, his beautiful ass, hers for the taking; she was incredibly turned on. Her pussy wet, her clit hard, rubbing against the silk of her La Perla underwear, she was overcome with the need to touch his now fully erect cock.

“First things first though, she reasoned.” She stopped the pistoning motion of the nozzle in his ass and slowly turned the valve on the enema equipment. The mixture in the bag slowly started to fill him.

He didn’t know if he was dreaming or not, all he knew was that the sensations coming from his anus as his sister was “positioning” the nozzle were too much for him to bear. When the mixture of water and the mysterious white powder started flowing into his bowels, he felt an incredible surge of pressure. The feelings of extreme pleasure he had been experiencing from his sister’s anal intrusion, were replaced with warmth and fullness as more fluid filled him up. Soon he felt full, and he was uncomfortably positioned bent over on the floor like this.

“PLEASE Sis, no more. I can’t take it!!” he groaned.

“Stop being a baby; this will get everything moving again and clean you out. when it’s over, you will be thanking me.”

She reached over and closed the valve.

“Ok, sweetie, I want you to get up and sit on the edge of the bathtub. You HAVE to hold it all in for 5 minutes for it to work.”

Keeping it all inside was killing him. He started trembling and sweating profusely with the effort it took. It might have been the longest 5 minutes of his life.

“NOW you can sit on the toilet and let nature take its course,” she told him.

“I can’t go with you watching me Sis. you have to leave the room.”

“Don’t be a silly boy. I have to monitor you to see if the treatment is working, it’s perfectly normal for a Doctor to observe their patients.”

Sitting there, naked, with a huge erection in front of his sister was just too much, his increasingly fuzzy thought processes were suddenly cast aside by the unstoppable urge to “GO” and so, in front of his gorgeous 28 -year-old sister he proceeded to “cleanse” his insides. All the while she held his hand and comforted him.

He staggered to his feet.

“I’m back off to bed,” he declared; “that’s enough for me.”

“Oh no, you don’t” she fired back at him, “I need to administer one more treatment to be sure you’ll be ok. Come on, back on the ground.”

Wearily he got back down. The combination of his fever and the drugs were making him weak, and he didn’t have the strength to argue with her.

She applied another coating of baby oil to the nozzle and started to re-insert it.

“You know,” she told herself, “he DEFINITELY has a cute little bottom; even if he weren’t ill, I would still have found a way to do this to him.” A small giggle escaped her lips as she watched his pink anus expand around the head of the probe once more.

Suddenly she realized that her little ruse with him had gone further than she had intended. This was more than just an innocent game she was playing; she knew that more than anything else, she wanted him. She needed to love him with her whole heart AND her body; she would MAKE him love her back. That way she could finally have her brother all to herself. She would make him forget ALL those other girls he had dated, the ones she had been so jealous of when she watched him making out with them. She wanted to bring him pleasure like he had never felt before, THEN he would never want those other Women!

She worked the nozzle more purposefully now, thrusting it into him. Starting all the way from the thick head which opened up his pink rosebud ’till it could stretch no more, all the way down until the full length of the nozzle’s shaft was buried deep inside him. On each stroke, she made sure the head brushed his prostate, caressing it as it forced its way through him.

In a fog of opiates and exquisite pleasure, he didn’t know what to think. He DID know that it was wrong, SO wrong for him to be feeling this way about his baby sister, but the pleasure he was feeling was undeniably the most intense of his entire life. The feeling of her pumping his ass with the nozzle and the stimulation of his prostate was causing his huge erection to pulse in rhythm with her actions.

He was inflamed by the sensations he was feeling. Abandoning his moral dilemma regarding his emotions towards what his sister was doing to him, the only thing he wanted was release; he NEEDED to come. His cock, swollen and purple, the head fully free of his foreskin was near to bursting. He wanted, craved his sister’s touch now; he would do ANYTHING to release his impending orgasm.

As she continued her erotic manipulations of the nozzle inside him, she couldn’t take her eyes off his engorged member! It was huge and throbbing now; hanging down between his legs, his testicles growing larger it seemed with every thrust of the probe inside him.

Carefully she applied some baby oil to her left hand and slowly grasped his straining cock, encircling it and his balls in her hand. Slowly she started to pump her hand up and down the shaft; he was facing away from her, and she was pulling his cock and balls back, in the opposite direction from usual. By holding both his cock AND his balls in her hand, she could pull both parts of him towards her in a milking type motion.

He felt her soft hand encase his hardness; her hand pulling his member backward, a sensation that ran against everything he had ever felt before; she also had his balls captive in her slippery grasp.

The sensation of his rigid cock being pulled backward and his balls being lightly squeezed, together with her pumping his shaft caused him to go over the edge. His orgasm hit him harder than any before. Massive ribbons of his white semen erupted from the head of his cock. The nozzle in his ass filling him, his anus spasmed, clamping down on the still moving shaft so deep inside him. Every fiber of him surrendered to the incredible power of his orgasm at the hands of his dear little sister. Suddenly everything went black.

“Oh, my GOD!! I’ve killed the poor Man,” she thought as her brother’s body slumped to the floor. His cock still twitching from his massive orgasm, she felt for a pulse and realized he was fine. He had not been able to deal with such intensity and had passed out due to weakness from his illness.

She lovingly cleaned his limp body with a warm washcloth. She lingered over his beautiful cock, cleaning it thoroughly, paying extra attention to the head; pulling his foreskin down so she could clean underneath. She gently wiped between his ass cheeks with tenderness.

She managed to get him back over to the bed and cover him with the duvet and softly kissed his fevered brow, then again gently on his lips.

The next day he woke at noon. his body was sore, his mind woozy. He still felt terrible. The events of the previous evening were a mystery to him. He did remember, however, having some incredibly strange and powerful dreams. In remembering them, he started to blush profusely.

“OH. NO!” he thought to himself, “I can’t believe that I could even THINK like that about my little sister, let alone have dreams THAT sick!” His only consolation was that he could blame it on his illness and the hallucinogenic drugs that his sister the Doctor had given him.

She walked into the bedroom with slight trepidation. Would he remember ANYTHING from the previous night, she wondered? The white powder she had mixed into his enema solution had contained a powerful drug that usually wiped clean, the memories of those exposed to it. It was the same drug given to people who underwent surgery so they would have no memory of any pain they might feel while under the knife.

“Good morning my favorite brother, how are you feeling today?”

“Like I was kicked by a horse. I have a few aches and pains, and I can’t remember anything from yesterday, but it seems that your treatment worked for my “blockage” problem; thanks so much Sis, I should listen to your advice more often.”

She reached his bedside and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, but missed her target and got him dead on the lips. Unaffected by her slight “mistake” she held the kiss for a couple of seconds and then drew back.

“He’s BLUSHING,” she thought to herself. “how cute is THAT!” “he’d be doing a lot more than blushing if he could remember anything from last night” she silently reminded herself.


For the rest of that day, she cooked a couple of hearty meals for them, made sure he got his electrolytes, and they talked. They talked A LOT!!

Comparing notes from their time together as children, remembering the fun they had when he, as her older brother had taken her to the Zoo, or for Ice cream.; pleasant memories for both of them. He napped in the sunlight that streamed through the window as she watched him.

She contemplated his face. Rugged, not a pretty boy, but handsome in a Manly way she liked. All her feelings for him came flooding back to her. The behavior from the previous evening, rather than embarrassing or shaming her, made her feel in control of her emotions for the first time in her life.

All those Men she had dated and fucked. NONE of them could compare to HER brother. She realized that her feelings for him were intensifying to the point of obsession. She had to find a way for them to be together forever. That was the only way.

“Wake up sweetness, time for your treatment.”

“What treatment?” he asked her. “I thought we were done, finished, everything is working now!”

“Not yet my darling; you still need further treatment to KEEP everything working… you don’t want a relapse now, do you? Here, take these pills with some water, and I’ll be back in an hour, just relax.”

She wasn’t sure what she was going to do yet, she just needed to feel his body against hers, his lovely cock inside her, her skin needed his touch. Deep down inside, she knew this was terribly wrong, especially the fact that she was drugging her brother and doing unspeakable things to him against his will, but God damn it, she needed this, and now she’d had a taste of what COULD be, she wanted more.

An hour later, she gently roused him from his sleep.

“Baby, wake up; it’s time for your next treatment. Take my arm and follow me.”

She hoped she had not given him too big a dose of the drug; that would ruin the fun. Too little would be bad as well; he could remember what had happened if she had given him too small a dose.

She led him back to the bathroom and had him assume the position from the previous night.

“Damn. I’m dreaming again” he thought. “It’s the same exact dream from last night.” He was lying on the bathroom floor in exactly the same spot as before, naked as before and very woozy again.

She had everything prepared as previously, but this time had added some Vicodin into the solution, to keep him off balance and in a dream state.

Reaching into her Doctor’s bag, she pulled out another nozzle. This one was thicker, a full 2″ in diameter, with an even bigger head on it. It had a big opening in the tip to allow the flow of liquid to be faster. She would enjoy the sight of this monster embedded in his cute butt.

He was barely coherent, and his thoughts were scrambled. He felt the warmth of his sister’s fingers penetrate him. It seemed like it was more difficult this time; his consciousness floated about, disconnected from his intellect, he was reduced to a state of higher emotional and physical awareness. Waves of opiate induce bliss flooded his body.

“Am I dreaming” he wondered, “or is this real?”

She had worked three fingers into him now. his glistening pink ring grasping her slippery fingers as she deliciously felt him accepting more of her into his body. “I think he’s ready” she muttered to herself. The new nozzle was ready, poised to impale him. She pressed it gently to his rosebud, it opened, spreading, trying to accept this new invasion.

She gently twisted the toy to ease it inside him; more pressure, a bit more and suddenly it slipped inside him his anus expanding rapidly around the monster head, then closing around the shaft as the head slid inside him.

Slowly at first, she introduced more of it into him, gently, lovingly; she watched with fascination as it slid in and out of him, his asshole expanding and contracting around it. His cock was swollen to its maximum; near bursting with its hardness. Again she grasped it and started to glide her silky hand up and down the veined shaft and throbbing purple head.

He was waking up it seemed to him. He was less sleepy and coming back to reality; only it COULDN’T be a reality. Reality didn’t consist of his gorgeous young sister fucking him in the ass while pumping his cock, could it???? He tried to focus his eyes on the wall of the bathroom and say something, but all that came out was a whimpering groan.

She stopped for a second, wondering if he was waking up too soon. He was making a noise, but otherwise still seemed subdued.

Her face was just inches away from her brother’s hard, purple cock; she wanted to taste it. She rolled him over onto his back, the enema dildo still deep in his ass. Grasping his shaft with her oiled hand, slowly pulling down on it, watching his foreskin glide down and over the head; she lowered her head and gently licked him, swirling the tip of her tongue over the massively swollen helmet. She loved the feel of his hot hardness in her mouth, the slightly salty taste. She ran the tip of her tongue over the sensitive opening on the top of his cock, wishing somehow that she could penetrate deeper into him with her tongue.

Alternately she sucked, licked and gently bit the sensitive glans and head, all the while pumping her hand up and down the oiled shaft. Gently she reached down between his butt cheeks and slowly withdrew the nozzle; she wanted to FEEL him, invade his body with her body. Placing her fingers at his anal entrance, she slowly slid three fingers into his asshole.

He was relaxed enough so that his anus accepted her teasing fingers. Gripping them so hard she thought they might snap. Her head now bobbed up and down as she tried to take his whole cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him into an even harder state of arousal; her fingers feeling for his prostate and massaging him from the inside. After a couple of minutes, she felt his prostate harden, a sign that he was about to come. She stopped.

The more he regained his wits, the more confused he became. He was in an ecstatic trance, consumed by a level of pleasure that he had never imagined was possible. His cock was surrounded by a warm, wet vacuum, punctuated by nibbles of pain/pleasure that felt like little bites on the head of his cock. His anus was full of something warm, delicious and slick.

Full, stretched and utterly subsumed by pleasure, he felt something inside him start to spasm; his prostate was swelling with pre-cum, and then it stopped.

She ripped off her clothes, standing naked, sweating, breathing heavily. Her pussy was dripping wet, her clitoris hard and proudly erect, her hood drawn back, her bud painfully exposed. He was lying on his back, cock standing straight up and swollen. She wanted him inside her.

“The ultimate taboo,” she thought. “I am going to fuck my own BROTHER!” Somehow this thought excited her even more.

Lowering herself, she grasped his cock with her right hand and guided it into her pink wetness. It had been so long since she had felt anything inside her other than an artificial rubber dildo, that the warmth of his rigid flesh shocked her. Slowly she eased herself down onto her brother’s cock; he could feel it stretching her, inside her womb; her own flesh and blood!!

Finally, she felt loved! Her hips began to grind; she wanted to come so badly. Rubbing her hard little clit off his pubic bone, thrusting herself down, impaling herself on her beloved brother’s straining cock.

“Ok, this is most DEFINITELY, NOT a dream,” he said to himself, “what the fuck is going on?” He could feel the weight of her warm, smooth body on his, her gorgeous breasts mashed into his chest, her hair sweeping across his face. He could feel her velvety wet pussy milking his cock; her inner muscles beginning to tighten around him as her orgasm drew closer.

He tried to move his arms and found that they reacted to his commands; quickly, he raised both arms and wrapped them around his sister’s body.

“What the hell is going on Sis,” “what are you doing to me, you disgust me. GET OFF me now!!”

She was so involved in her impending orgasm that she had failed to notice his movements underneath her. Now he was awake and had her in a viselike grip; yelling at her, telling her she was sick, a pervert. She burst into tears, slumping onto his chest and wailing.

“I love you, even as a girl, I always had sexual feelings for you, I went to bed every night dreaming about you, wanting you to pay attention to me, to love me, hold me. You never did. All I ever wanted from you was for you to love me and you didn’t even know I existed.”

Her salty tears fell onto his face; he could taste them. He realized that she was right. He had seen her spying on him when she was younger. When he was in the shower that day, he had purposely lavished extra attention on his cock, knowing that she was watching. When he crept past her bedroom soon after, he had heard the unmistakable sounds of her coming, squealing as her orgasm took her. This WAS his fault as well as hers.

Slowly he brushed back her hair to look in her eyes; his cock still hard, was inside her as he talked to her.

“Sis, I don’t blame you. I led you on, and this is what ended up happening. I love you and always have. When you were younger, I stayed distant from you because I was afraid of what might happen if I got any closer. The way you looked at me, and my feelings for you frightened me.”

He reached up and pulled her head down to his, forcefully kissing her lips, parting them with his tongue, hers meeting his. He began to thrust his hips upwards, plunging his massively swollen cock into his dear sister’s wet pussy. ; he mouths stayed locked together greedily sucking, kissing biting. he rolled them over and was above her, he grabbed her arms and forced them above her head.

She could feel the power in his body now, his thrusts deep and long; her pussy begging for more of him, his cock a hot muscle inside her soft wetness. She could feel her spinal muscles, and her womb start to contract as she was ready to come. Quickly, he withdrew and turned her over; grabbing the bottle of baby oil, he massaged a copious amount onto the head of his cock.

“Payback’s a bitch you dirty little girl,” he said to her, grinning from ear to ear. She knew what she wanted now. Thrusting her gorgeous bottom into the air, she offered herself to his raging hardness. She felt his engorged head position itself at the entrance to her anus; he gently pressed his oiled cockhead against the tight pink ring and pushed.

She moaned and bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as his massive member entered her; her ring stretched around the shaft of his cock. Reaching back she pulled his hips into her so he would be fully embedded inside her tight hot ass; the feeling of being stretched and filled with her darling brother’s cock made her heart sing. She reached back and inserted a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy, her thumb on her clit. As her brother fucked her ass, she came as she had never come before. Head thrown back, she wailed with pleasure, thrusting back to meet her brother’s cock, her ass pulsing around his cock. He came simultaneously; his cock spewing massive amounts of sperm deep into her bowels, she could feel it inside her, his cock expanding and contracting, pulsing as he came inside her ass over and over again.

She threw her head back and screamed as another wave of electric pleasure radiated from her asshole; his cock continuing to fuck her tight hole mercilessly.

They were quiet for a while; looking at each other, embarrassed yet excited with the knowledge of what they had done.

He spoke first.

“Who would have thought that my baby sister would turn out to be such a fucking PERVERT! And so damn gorgeous as well. We’re going to have to make sure that this stays between us my love, I don’t think our friends would understand.”

“Whatever you say DARLING brother!! now will you please get hard enough to fuck me again??”

With a smile she looked back at him, arching her butt into the air and presenting her asshole to him, still leaking with his warm cum.