For my twentieth birthday, Mom and Dad bought me a fairly new sports car. Dad managed to afford it by anticipating a promotion at work. I didn't realise, when I saw it on the driveway, that even presents sometimes have a price.

I had not realised that my 'naughty secret' was, in no way a secret from my parents. I had never been very well-built and for most of my life I could have been mistaken for an underdeveloped girl. Even my cock was tiny, compared with some of those I'd seen in Gym classes and definitely when compared with my dad. I suppose it wasn't that big a leap for me to try on some of my mom's lingerie and for me to grow to like the feel of her stockings and pantyhose.

A few days after my birthday, Mom and Dad told me that Dad's boss, Craig was coming to dinner. He had almost decided to give my dad the promotion, but there was still an opportunity for him to blow it. Mom told me that we all had to pull together to make sure that Dad got what he deserved. Then she told me that she had an extra birthday present for me and told me to follow her upstairs.

Leading me into her bedroom, she showed me my extra birthday present. On her bed, she had laid out a very pretty frock and a silk camisole with a pair of matching panties. Next to those were a garter belt and a pair of silk stockings. Beautiful high-heeled pumps completed the outfit. I just looked at Mom and tried to speak.

"You Dad and I have known you like playing dressing up games with my clothes for a while now." Mom said, calmly, "We want you to be dressed like this tonight, when Craig comes to dinner."

I said nothing and stroked the soft silk, feeling it run like ice over my fingers. Mom just watched as I admired the gifts and then she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"First we need to get your hair styled, it's long enough to be cut in a bob, so that should work very nicely. Oh and Terrence is not quite the right sound. Teresa I think for tonight." Mom told me, her voice soft but commanding.

Mom drove me to the beauty salon and, after consultation with the stylist, I found myself with a manicure and a page-boy bob. It felt quite strange, looking in the mirror and seeing a feminine face looking back.

Back home Mom told me to bath and then to lie on my bed as there were some things that she would have to help me with. I did exactly as I was told, because I trusted her, after all, she was my Mom.

Mom brought a bowl of warm water and stuff to shave my legs with. She was very careful and the result felt incredibly sexy. Then she told me to lie back and she began forking the foam over my cock and balls, even further back until she had thoroughly lathered my balls and ass. then she used Dad's razor to remove every bit of hair over my loins. I have to admit the feel of the foam and the gentle scrapes of the razor were making me rather horny and my tiny cock was stiff and hard. Mom noticed as she was wiping the last of the foam from my skin and looked at me, smiling a little. She bent over my hard cock and kissed the point, slipping it slowly into her mouth. The touch of her lips was blissful but, when she began to lick and suck at my cock I thought I was in heaven.

Unfortunately, my youth and her experience meant that I lasted only a few seconds, before I spurted my sticky cum into her mouth. She wallowed and grinned.
"Remember that later." Mom said.

I nodded and slipped into the clothes that she had brought in from her room. Mom watched and smiled as I tucked my tiny cock into the panties. When I was dressed, she led me back into her room and applied a little blusher and a bright scarlet lipstick. Now I looked like a hooker, just starting on the game and Mom, knowing exactly the effect she had wanted to create, smiled and nodded. Dinner was catered, so all we had to do was wait for Dad to get home with Craig. I had barely time to take a deep breath and look at myself in Mom's mirror, before I heard the sound of my dad's key in the front door.

I carefully descended into the living room, following Mom and stood while Dad introduced Craig. Craig shook Mom's hand and kissed her cheek, then turned to look at me.

"And who is this, Keith?" Craig asked with a huge grin on his face.

"This is Teresa. Say hello to Craig, Teresa." Dad said.

I stepped forward and Craig took my hand then kissed me. He had kissed Mom on her cheek, but he kissed me full on my mouth, thrusting his tongue deep. I could taste bitter tobacco from his cigar and his hands squeezed my bottom roughly. Dad seemed not to notice and slapped Craig heartily on his back.

The meal dragged slowly on, Mom and Dad made sure that Craig had everything he wanted, Dad laughing at his jokes. Some of his wit was so blue that Mom looked uncomfortable and I could tell her smile was a little false. The caterers were expensive and had a reputation for producing the most delicious meals imaginable but, as far as I can recall, the whole thing could have tasted like cardboard.

At last Mom poured coffee and smiled at Craig, as she passed him his cup.

"Would you excuse us for a moment, Craig? We'll just pop these dishes in the dishwasher and then be right back. Teresa will look after you, I'm sure." Mom said, brightly.

"No matter, you take your time. I'll be right here. " Craig answered her, his eyes fixed on mine.

I felt almost hypnotised by his gaze and hardly noticed when Mom and dad left the room. Craig stood up and walked around the table towards me. I turned in my chair and looked up at him He was close enough for me to smell his cologne and, under the sharpness of it, a deeper, musky scent of his maleness. He looked down and I unconsciously ran the tip of my tongue over my glossy lips, then swallowed, a little nervously.

"Keith never told me he had a pretty thing like you hidden away." Craig said quietly, "Such a pretty dress and those lips."

I mumbled something, I can't remember what and sat awkwardly, his pants almost brushing against me. I could see a bulge forming in the dark cloth and the musky smell seemed to be stronger than before. He took hold of my arm and helped me to my feet, then without letting go of me, kissed my mouth. His lips mouth mashed my lips brutally and he forced his tongue into my mouth, almost to the back of my throat. I could taste the wine and the bitter tobacco smoke as he thrust his tongue deep. I couldn't help myself and I groaned softly. He pulled away and left me dizzy and gasping for air.

"God you're hot!" Craig gasped, "Wanna see what you're doing to me?"

He unzipped his pants and pushed them and his boxers to the floor. I just stared at his hard cock, as it jutted out beneath his belly. The head was swollen and purple with the skin drawn back. I could not take my eyes away from it as he took hold of the base of his shaft and drew the skin further back from the swollen head. Reaching out he took hold of my hand and placed it on his shaft, curling my fingers around it. I held it in my palm, feeling it twitch as though it were alive. He closed his eyes and guided my hand up and down his shaft. I could feel it swelling in my fingers and he grunted sharply as I squeezed him.

Craig pressed on my shoulders and I sank to my knees in front of him, his cock pointing towards my mouth. I could feel his hands on the back of my head, pulling me closer, until the tip of his cock brushed across my glossy lips. As if I was dreaming, I opened my mouth and he pushed his knob inside, over my tongue. I closed my lips around his shaft and he slowly pushed his cock deep into my mouth. My lipstick smeared over his hard rod, making it red and shiny as he thrust deeper. I could feel the blunt head as he forced into the back of my throat, making me start to gag. He just ignored my panic and discomfort, gripping my head tightly and thrusting into the back of my throat. I managed to hold on to my dinner, and it became easier to take his cock into my throat. I sucked on the hard pole in my mouth, tasting the muskiness I had smelt on him earlier as he slid his cock over my tongue. I tried to curl my tongue around his cock and swirl it over the tip as he pulled back. I could hear him grunting loudly as he fucked my tender mouth. I could not speak, other than to make very soft squealing noises as he pushed deeper.

Suddenly his cock stiffened in my mouth and I could feel it start to jerk. Hot sticky cum spurted into my mouth and throat, as his cock pumped it from his balls. I tried to swallow, but he came too hard and too much, so some dripped from my chin onto my pretty dress. I carried on sucking his cock, even after he had finished spurting his cum into my throat, so that, when he pulled out from between my lips, the only thing to show how he had fucked my mouth was a faint stain of lipstick on his shaft.

My lipstick was smeared across my face and the tears in my eyes had made my mascara run down my cheeks. Splashes of cum stained my new dress and dripped off my chin like pale snot.

Mom and Dad walked back in from the kitchen, just as Craig was fastening his pants. They looked at me kneeling with cum on my face and dress and my lipstick smeared as though I were some sluttish tart. Dad looked at Craig but spoke to me.

"Teresa go to your room, I'll have a word with you later. " Dad ordered.

I staggered blindly to my feet and slowly climbed the stairs. In my room I sat on the end of my bed, too upset to even wipe the mess from my face. I thought how Dad was angry with me when it had all been Craig's doing and how, if Dad did not get his new job, it would be my fault.

I heard Dad's feet as he climbed the stairs and stood up as he walked into the room, leaving the door wide open. He stepped close to me and lifted my chin, so that he was looking into my eyes. I felt his lips on mine, lightly brushing my mouth, at first, then becoming harder and more urgent. I opened my mouth to his tongue and felt him kissing me passionately. His fingers unfastened the button at the back of my neck and slowly drew the zipper down my back. He pushed the material off my shoulders, letting it slither over the silk of my camisole and fall in a heap around my ankles. I could feel the heat of his hands through the flimsy material and I closed my eyes as I felt him envelop me in a caress. His hands felt burning hot as he touched me and I felt dizzy for a moment. Then he slid his hands beneath the hem of my camisole and up onto my smooth belly. I felt his hands pinching my nipples and twisting them so that sparks of dark pleasure ripped through my body. I could feel the heat of his cock on my belly as he held me close and devoured me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and crushing me against him.

I felt his fingers sliding under the waist of my panties and slowly pull them down, pushing them past my knees so that they joined my pretty dress on the floor. My tiny cock was hard and painful, but he ignored that completely and reached further back to run his fingertip over my asshole. He found the tightly puckered bud and pressed firmly, forcing the tip of his finger inside me. I tried to cry out at the pain but his mouth was firmly pressed to mine and the cry that escaped my lips was muffled and swallowed in his kiss.

I desperately tried to relax as dad probed the entrance to my ass with his thick finger. He seemed totally oblivious to the pain he was causing me as his thick, dry, finger pressed deeper and deeper. I could do nothing to stop him and he rewarded me with a grunt into my mouth as his fingertip finally penetrated inside me. My asshole felt as though it was on fire as he roughly fingered me, coaxing a trace of lubrication from my backside.

He pushed me backwards, so that I fell onto my bed, his legs between my knees stopping me from squeezing them together. Slowly he unzipped his pants and pushed them down. I could see the front of his boxers sticking out like a circus tent, stretched by his hard, thick cock. He pulled the waistband of his boxers down past his hard-on and let them fall to the floor

I felt his hands on the backs of my knees, lifting them and spreading them wider. As he pushed my knees farther back and apart, I could feel him opening my ass, spreading the cheeks wide and exposing my tender back door. I could feel the tip of his cock brushing past my entrance, but he could not guide it into me and hold my legs spread wide, at the same time.

I sighed in relief as I realised that he would not be able to push his huge cock into my virgin ass. As I tried to lift myself on my elbows, I felt the blunt tip of his cock find the right spot, well right for him at least. This time it did not slip out and as my eyes widened with the pain, I looked down to plead with him or to scream for Mom, when I realised that he was not sliding out because Mom was there, her hands on his cock, guiding him into me. Her fingers and thumb could not meet around his girth, but she could still guide it as he pushed slowly, but relentlessly, into my ass. The burning pain as Dad pushed into my tight ass brought tears to my eyes, but he just pressed his cockhead into me harder. I could feel his cock stretching my tender ass, almost tearing me in to.

There was a sudden popping sensation, as though something had given way and The pain eased, just a little. Dad groaned softly in pleasure and I realised that he must have forced the head of his cock past the tight ring of my anus. The burning began to subside and I felt a shudder run through Dad's body as he held still for a moment. Then I felt the pressure building again as he pushed slowly into me. It was still uncomfortable as the thickness of his cock distended my virgin ass painfully, but it wasn't such blinding agony as before. In fact, by the time he had the whole length of his cock inside me, the pain hat subsided to a fierce warmth in my ass.

Time seemed to blur and all I could think of was the sensation of Dad's cock in my ass. The warmth became less painful and more comforting as I felt him thrusting gently into my tender bottom. He seemed to delight in listening to the sound of me groaning as he worked his cock in and out of me. I realised, slowly, that the noises I made took on a disappointed tone each time I thought that he would pull his cock right out of my ass. He moved inside me slowly and gently, releasing his hold on my legs, so that he could thrust his tongue into my mouth, in time with the slow rhythmic push of his cock. It felt as though his cock was piercing me right to my belly. he pushed the hem of my camisole up and kissed my erect nipples, biting them gently, and sucking on the hard, swollen points.

By now he was sliding easily into my ass, his heavy balls swinging against my buttocks. Mom had released his cock and was watching him fuck me, a look of rapt concentration on her face as she watched him plunge deeply. She watched as his thrusts speeded up, every plunge of his cock forcing the air out of my lungs and making me grunt like a rutting animal. His cock swelled even more and I howled in a mixture of pain and anticipation, as his cock swelled, stiffened and then began to spurt stinging jets of boiling sticky cum. He pinned me to the bed with his cock and sprayed sticky slimy cum into my ass. I could feel his cock slowly subside inside me and he rocked back, slowly easing it out of my tender asshole. Even half-soft the head stretched my anus painfully and I cried out as he pulled the tip away from my asshole.

Dad still said nothing to me, just left and went into the bathroom, turning the shower on so that he could clean himself up. I just lay there, shattered and too exhausted to move. My pathetic little cock, well pathetic compared to my Dad's and Craig's, was still hard and unsatisfied. Mom stood up from the chair and sat by me on the bed.

"You know, I never enjoyed your dad fucking me," she confided, "he was always so big and it seemed, no matter how wet I got he was always just too rough and too much for me to take. When I had you, I hoped he'd leave me alone, or at least be happy with just a blow-job. He wanted to fuck me though, so I had to put up with it."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mom had just sat and watched as her husband had fucked her son's virgin ass and now she was telling me that she hadn't enjoyed him fucking her cunt, so that would become my duty.

"So you see, Teresa, you can take care of him now. We'll buy you some pretty things and some training bras, then you can wear them and be daddy's pretty little girl." Mom continued, then she looked down at my cock, still hard even though Dad had nearly finished his shower. She reached down and wrapped her cool fingers around the shaft and began to stroke it vigorously, her hand whispering softly against my rod. She bent down and, with her hand firmly against the base of my cock, slipped the length of my shaft into her mouth.

Her hot tongue danced over my cock and her lips sealed wetly around the base as she licked and sucked my whole cock in her mouth .The sight of her head, bobbing up and down on my cock excited me. I could feel the tightening of my balls that heralded another load of cum to shoot in my Mom's greedy mouth. With a groan I spurted a thin stream of cum down her throat and across her tongue, feeling the caress of her mouth as she swallowed the sticky mess. She lifted her head and snuggled next to me, her cool fingers tracing patterns over my cock and balls. She brought her mouth very close to my ear and murmured seductively.

"You know," she whispered, "Boy cum is always sweeter and tastier than a grown man's. And if you take good care of your daddy, Mom will take very good care of you. If you please him, I might even let you fuck me."

The sound of my Mom saying words like 'fuck' in her soft, cultured voice even coaxed a final spurt of cum out of my balls, which splashed from my cock onto her hand. She giggled in the back of her throat and lifted her hands to her lips, licking the glistening trail from her fingers and looking deep into my eyes.

"I even think that I might be able to take your pretty little cock in my ass. Not even your Dad has been there." Mom finished, then ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.

What can a boy, who truly loves his Mom and Dad do?

Mr James

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