Samantha, A Different Kind of Love Ch. 05: Alternate

by Jaqui Lynne


Sunday came around and I reached over to Samantha's side of the bed, as if to feel her naked body. Of course, she wasn't there. I thought about her and what she might be going through, raising questions in my own mind about what changes, if any, she would exhibit once she returned.

Since Friday, she did seem a little different...perhaps a little moodier. And when I called her yesterday she seemed somewhat remote. Even so, my cock was getting stiff just thinking about her.

She had a collection of toys she kept in the large bottom drawer of her armoire which she used on me as well as herself. There was a nice life-sized pussy and ass that I was dying to try out. There were a variety of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and more that we employed on several occasions. She knew how to spice things up, whether she was with someone or not.

And though I was aching to masturbate and play with some of her collection I decided to save it for tonight, instead. I wanted to be sure to have a nice load for us to share.

Ah, well, I needed to get the place spruced up and get my mind on other things anyway. I got out of bed, got showered and shaved my body again and then went about the day's chores before settling down to watch some Sunday football. About two o'clock the phone rang. "Hello, is that you, Samantha," I asked.

"You know it, baby...I should be home in about an hour. Did ya miss me," she asked.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. By the way, where do you want to eat tonight, I'm taking you out for dinner and I thought I'd make some reservations."

"No, Alex, I don't really feel like going out. I just want to get showered and relax with you. I hope that's okay?"

"I'll tell you what, I'll throw something together here. There's enough food around and I can cook us up a nice little homemade dinner. How's that?"

"That would be great, you're such a good cook anyway, I'll be looking forward to it," she responded with a lilt in her voice. "I'll see you soon, lover." She smooched into the phone, then hung up.

I prepped up some shrimp scampi for us and got the table set, got candles out and chilled some wine to go with dinner. Samantha got home right on schedule with a huge brimming smile on her face. "What's goin' on," I asked, noticing her obvious excitement...

"I got it, I fucking got it..." she clamored.

"Got what, what the heck are you babbling about," I asked, confused over her announcement.

"Well," she continued," I just checked my mail and I got the SBA loan I had applied for, isn't that great?"

"Yeah, okay, that's great...what SBA loan...and how does a white male in this country get an SBA loan anyway?"

"No, you don't get it..." she explained," I didn't apply as a white male...I applied as a transsexual. If ya want to talk about many requests do you get for that?"

She was right, I hadn't thought of that. Talk about minority status.

"So what are you going to do with it," I queried.

"Well, I told you that I had a plan. I'm going to start my own agency. With this loan I'm going to have enough for start-up costs to have my own business. Alex, don't you see, I can be what I really more longer needing to be something I'm not. I'm going to be in charge, I'm going to own my own business...GOD, I love you," she pounced on me, shoved me against a wall and attacked my mouth like a wild animal. "Alex, you're my good-luck charm. Since we've met everything has just been grand...I'm gonna keep you forever."

We stood in the kitchen and kissed for a long while, with her arms resting on my shoulders, wrapped around me and her right leg wrapped around my left. My hands went down to feel her beautiful butt and I squeezed her cheeks. She squealed. After several minutes she broke off and we were both panting, trying to catch our breath. Just another of our hallmark kisses, wow!

"God, Alex...I really do love you, ya know?"

"I know, baby" I responded. I had never known anyone like Samantha. And here was a "woman" that really wanted me. Granted, she wasn't your ordinary woman, but who the fuck wants an ordinary woman? She was extraordinary, and I loved her...her personality, her energy, her gorgeous feminine form. I loved all of her. In fact, as I looked at her, she seemed to be even more feminine than ever. Her hair was growing out, her face was softer and I swear- her tits were getting larger.

"Let me finish getting dinner ready and then we can talk about where we go from here," I said. Her mouth returned to meet mine and her tongue parted my lips yet again. We enjoyed another moment of this before letting me get back to cooking dinner.

She hopped into the shower for ten minutes and then returned wearing just her white, plush cotton bathrobe. She uncorked the chilled sauvignon blanc and sat down, waiting for me to serve up the dinner while the smells of shrimp cooking and garlic bread getting toasted in the oven filled the air.

As we supped on the scrumptious meal and drank our wine Samantha revealed her plans. She was going to get the ball rolling and get her corporation set-up. She was going to start her own insurance office and she wanted me to be VP of the corporation.

She would bring on board some of her current clients that she had worked with over the last few years and that knew something of her and had accepted her for what she was. She had been very cautious not to reveal her true nature, but some clients had been curious and to those she trusted she had revealed that she was actually 'Samantha' and was playing a male role to get ahead in business. They seemed understanding and had told her that they would always support her in her endeavors, being pleased with her work for them.

And now she was ready to implement her plans for the future. Her excitement was incredible, if not contagious.

"Alex, you know that this means I'm going to be pretty busy for a while and we won't be able to see a lot of each other...and that bothers me...well, unless," she paused for a moment, thinking about what she was ready to propose,"...that is, unless you would want to move in with me. I mean, I would love having you here, hell- we're practically together most of the time anyway, and if you moved in I'd be able to see you every night. What do you think?"

I knew we would eventually get to this point in our relationship. We had been seeing each other for about ten months now and we had gotten pretty serious, not seeing anyone else romantically since we both wanted a monogamous relationship. Everything was working out beautifully and I did enjoy being here. I had thought of it, and my mind had toyed with the idea of us being permanently together while I daydreamed at the office or late at night, lying in bed.

"Don't you think you'd get tired of me," I asked.

"Oh, hell no! Alex, you're everything I could have asked for in a lover and a friend," she responded. "I know you'd have to commute, but you're all ready doing that three or more days a week anyway..."

I cut in," Yeah, baby, you're right. And I do love this place. It does seem like home and you make me feel like no other woman has ever made me feel. On top of that, I've gotten to long for that 'something extra' that you've got.

"I'm just a little embarrassed about admitting that, but as long as everyone thinks you're Samantha and no one ever suspects anything, I could live with that. Besides," I continued," I'm falling in love with you. I don't sleep well when you're not around. I miss looking at your face, tasting your lips and love the way we make love." There, I said it.

Samantha was perhaps a little nervous at the prospect of all that was happening and that which was yet to come. But she also seemed relieved as her personal life and her business plans were finally coming together.

"Well, Alex, I wasn't kidding when I said, I want to keep you around forever. I guess you know that means I'm in love with you, too. I was afraid to say anything before tonight...I didn't want to scare you off or anything...but you're my perfect man.

"I can't wait to see you when we're apart during the week. And I've been nervous about using the "L" word, myself. I never wanted to seem clingy or needy...but god, just thinking about you gives me a hard-on," she finished.

"But now that we've got that out of the way I can't wait to see get your agency going and be able to wake up with you every morning.," I said.

It'll be wonderful," she said, all excited at the proposition. She got up from her chair and came around to my side, pulling my chair out with me still in it. Then she sat down on my lap with her right arm draped around my shoulders and planted her sweet lips against mine. We kissed for a while before she wound up dragging me to the bedroom and started raping me. Actually, we were raping each other.

Our aggressive lovemaking lasted a couple hours before we finally had both spent whatever loads we had and then we fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of our new arrangement and what our lives were going to be like.

Over the next several days Samantha hired an attorney and an accountant and got things going with her new company. I put my house up for rent and got my necessary things together and moved into Samantha's condo. After a few weeks, things got less hectic and much more normalized as her business began to take off.

We wound up with our normal routines like feeling each other and both of us getting a nice blow job most mornings. At night I usually got to fuck her ass and at times she wanted to take mine. However we did it, we both usually got off everyday. No matter how tired we were at the end of the day, a massage and a few sensuous kisses got us into the mood. What we had sure beat sex with most women. Once they got what they wanted...namely a big ring and a house and/or a kid...all the romance and sex went out the window.

I didn't have that worry here. Samantha was quite imaginative and liked things a little fiery. She had her toys which we employed quite often... On top of that, she still liked a little role playing now and again.

She made me shave myself smooth and got me dressed in some sexy teddy or fish-net body suit and her heels and one of her wigs. She'd dress in one of her male dress suits and proceed to take me, letting me be her bitch for the evening. But mostly she wanted me as her male lover, though she did love watching me suck on some her dildos. I did anything to please her and she always made sure I was taken care of.

It was great living with her as her 'normal' female self. She rarely went out again in public as Sam. Her natural hair was thick and down to her shoulders now and still growing. Her breasts were much more well-defined than ever. She was gorgeous to look at and be with in public.

One night after having made love, we went back into the living room and shared a cigar and some scotch on ice. As we sat there in the romantic candlelit evening, she said," Alex, honey, tell me about Mandy."

I nearly choked as I accidentally took some whiskey down the wrong pipe. She caught me by surprise with the question but I knew that the day would come when I would have to divulge those things She had been patient with me, knowing that I was uncomfortable about that chapter of my past, but she wasn't any less curious about it. After all, she had always been upfront with me about her past. Now it was my turn.

"You know that I've been curious to find out about her and what wonderful things she taught you, after all, you had to have learned it somewhere, you're such a fucking hot lay"

"Well, Samantha, it's strictly confidential, but I'll tell you," I started," but come sit back here, lay your back against me so I can feel you." She did just that, grabbing my left arm and wrapping it around her and began caressing my arm.

"You see, there once was a girl named Mandy...." I began, as if starting a limerick. I told her almost every detail of that relationship that night. All the wonderful things we had shared and all of the nasty stuff I allowed her to perform with me. Samantha was definitely intrigued by the story and how I had gotten to where I was now. When I was through she took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom. She had a raging hard-on, as did I whenever I discussed the intimate details of my erotic past with Mandy.

"Well," she said," it's certainly her loss and my gain. The dumb bitch didn't know what she had. I'm glad you only want one woman, Alex, it certainly makes life less complicated."

We engaged in another hour-long fuck session. She couldn't wait to suck me then let me fuck her tight, wet ass-pussy. Her sphincter pulsated as her ass sucked my cock deep inside and her butt pushed back to get me in as deep as possible. She let me come inside of her and then demanded that I suck her. She loved the way I sucked and licked her balls and took her head into my mouth while stroking her beautiful shaft, all the while fingering her sopping wet asshole. Her hole would tighten down, sucking my fingers inside and I could feel the sheer electricity shooting through her when she finally exploded into my mouth.

When she was this hot and horny, there was no denying anything she demanded. It was my aim to please her. After all, she never let me down when I needed to get off. I sucked her for just a few minutes after she shot her wad into my waiting mouth. After that she pulled me up and stuck her sensuous tongue back into my mouth. We tasted and played with her juice together, tongues dancing upon one another, then spitting the pungent sex-juice into each other's mouth before finally swallowing the concoction of cum and saliva. We kissed deeply as if trying to find some last trace of the stuff.

Finally we collapsed into our usual position for sleeping, holding onto one another while the scent of sex and sweat and the feeling of bliss filled the night and our senses.


After a few months had gone by, I noticed that she was getting moody again. Sometimes she wouldn't say anything to me for a couple of days...and that was unusual for her. Or she would get more aggressive when she played her male-domination roles. Her sweet, sensual self took a vacation at such times and she would be over-domineering. I found that unpleasant, but rarely complained, which just seemed to piss her off even more when I did. I supposed that her business was a putting a lot of strain on her and maybe the hormone treatments were somewhat responsible for the personality changes. What the hell, at least she almost never held out on the sex.

But lately, she seemed to be getting into her male domination thing even more. She usually wanted me to play the submissive role, wearing some of her feminine things, plus the wigs and make-up. She insisted that I act feminine, (not gay, as in gay male behavior, but acting as she would...very feminine in a convincing transsexual fashion).

On occasion she would join me as her Samantha t.s. self and we would play lesbian transsexuals. Once, she wanted to take me out like that...go dancing at the gay/ lesbian bar scene and make out in public. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. This was as far as I could go. No one in public must ever know of this aspect of myself. I mean, I would do almost anything for Samantha, because I loved her and she turned me on...and the sex with her was kinky, sensuous, mind bending. She brought out my male and female sides...but I had to maintain what I am in reality, once outside of this place.

Then, as the days and weeks went by, there were times that she seemed even more distant. When asked about it, she just remained silent or gave a curt," I don't want to talk about it now."

She started staying out later and later, not showing up at home until eleven or twelve or even two a.m. several times a week. And that was an unusual pattern for her. She wouldn't discuss where she had been or what she was doing. I just thought it was related to her business...I wasn't suspicious of her. After all, I was her man. But at the same time, she started showing less attention towards me, and our love-making was getting quite rare and even without much feeling when we were so engaged.

It's hard to get all worked up when your partner isn't reciprocating or giving much back. She had times when she didn't want me to touch her at all, or hold her in bed as she was once accustomed to wanting.

I wasn't sure what was going on, but she had these swings in her personality that were foreign in the first year of our relationship. She just wasn't that same perky, adventurous Samantha that I had fallen for. But the tension between us was growing and as time continued to tick, I was becoming uneasy with her changes, not knowing how to relate to them since she offered no explanation of the issue or issues that were bothering her.

Then one afternoon she called my cell phone and said she had a special surprise for me. She asked that I get my body all nicely shaved, lotioned, and scented with some of her sexy body spray. And wouldn't I get into something sheer and sexy. Oh, and put on one of her wigs, perhaps the long red number. She asked in such a deep, spine tingling, slutty could I resist. I guess she really wanted to get into the male thing tonight. I was just pleased that she wanted me, for a change.

So I quit work a bit early, excited about her sudden change back to her old self, and went back to our condo and got myself prepped, even as she had requested. I felt pretty sexy, looking at myself in the mirror, I was a little apprehensive, though, as I thought that I was beginning to enjoy this role a bit too much. But I did look pretty.

I was wearing a black teddy, black stay-up nylons that came up to within 3 inches of my crotch area and a comfortable height pair of black heels that strapped on. The red, halfway-down-my-back wig really was a nice touch. For added attraction and reality, I donned some of her make-up the way she had taught me to apply the stuff. I was feeling quite feminine. My lips were now bright red with her lipstick. Damn- I looked hot...well, for a guy in drag, that is.

Four-thirty came. The home phone rang and I picked it up. "Hello," I said.

"Alex, this is Sam, did you get everything taken care of as I asked," she queried.

Hmmmm, I thought before responding, why was she referring to herself as "Sam", she doesn't usually do that, but then we were role playing tonight.

"Yeah, sugar, I got myself all ready for you," I replied.

"Well then mix us up some drinks, you know how I like my scotch, baby, leave them on the bar and wait for me in the bedroom...I should be there in a few minutes."

"Okay, love," I said," but what kind of surprise are you bringing?"

"Now, now, sweetie, you know it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I told just get things ready and wait for me in the bedroom, all right?"

"Yeah, all right, but hurry...I can't wait to see you."

"See you in a few, bye, lover, "she smooched into the phone and then hung up. I couldn't wait to see what the bitch was up to today. My cock began to stiffen at the thought of some new toy we'd share and fuck each other with.

I got the drinks ready, scotch on ice with a splash of soda, placed them on the bar and retreated to the bedroom, waiting for something special. A few minutes later the entrance door opened and I could hear Samantha stirring about.I heard her giggle at something, but couldn't tell what. The glasses of scotch clinked together, then she giggled again. I got up from the bed and wandered over to the door to try and surmise what was going on. Then suddenly, Samantha popped open the door in a swift and deliberate fashion , came into the bedroom, practically pushing me back to the bed, then just as forcefully slammed the door shut.

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