Samantha, A Different Kind of Love Ch. 04

by Jaqui Lynne


It was Monday morning. The first rays of light peered through the partially closed blinds as the clock announced that we were both going to be late for work..."7:30 a.m." We woke up, our hair completely disheveled, eyes full of sleep, the covers and sheets in complete disarray. "Oh, we have to go to work today," I asked, rubbing my eyes, sitting up.

Samantha looked up at me, rubbed my leg, then moved her head to lie on my thigh while she played with my limp cock. "I don't want to either...but ya know a girl's gotta earn a living." After a couple of minutes of rubbing my dick, she got up and said," Let's go, tiger, let's get showered and talk about what we do next."

I put the towels in the dryer and then joined her in the shower. We were both still a bit worn-out from our late night activities as well as in need of some sustenance. We soaped each other up and let our bodies move around against each other while the water rained down on us. All the while, I stared at her beautiful form, my head filled with thoughts of what this weekend had brought us and what was yet to come. She kissed me. I loved her tongue in my mouth. She clung to me with a tight embrace.

Such a sweet woman, I thought as I held her there like that while the hot water poured down our bodies. We finished up, and I went to retrieve the warmed towels. I got shaved while she prepped her face and lotioned up her body in front of the second sink and mirror, getting ready for work.

I put on the suit that I had worn on Friday, hoping that no one at work would notice once I arrived. Samantha was still getting ready while I went to the kitchen and poured us both a glass of orange juice. We didn't have time for breakfast or even coffee, running late as we were, so hopefully the juice would be sufficient until we could get some real food. I downed mine then brought hers into the bedroom where she was completing the final touches. As I entered, I looked at her in amazement.

There she was..."Sam", dressed in a man's business suit, a dark gray pin-striped affair, dark blue tie, her hair brushed back and looking quite...well, manly,...for Samantha, that is. "Juice," I asked, then remembered what she had said earlier," got to have your juice in the morning, don't you think?"

She looked at me, amused, and replied," Why, of course...especially if you can't get what you really want."

"And just what might that be, " I asked, handing her the glass.

She put the glass down and reached around my body, feeling my ass, then said," Silly boy." She attacked my lips and I didn't could I. It was a bit strange though, I thought, being kissed by Samantha as she was now in her male role, her male attire. I let my mind go as we ravaged each other's mouth, tongues probing deeply, wanting something more.

Just as both of us were getting worked up, Sam broke it off..."Whew," she said," I just can't get enough of you," looking down, blushing, then staring back into my eyes. "I don't know what you think, but I'd like to see you again, Alex, maybe later this week, that is if you have the time," she queried.

"Well, yes, of course," I responded, without really thinking. "I was hoping that you'd ask." With that reply, she hugged me, tightly. After a moment she let go and retrieved her juice.

"I have to go, sweetie," she said, now quite hurried as we were both running late.

"Wait," I stopped her," how are you getting down to the garage dressed like that...aren't the neighbors curious about your appearance?"

"Not at all, lover," she explained. "Only a couple of the neighbors know me and they think I'm a lesbian since they usually see me as Samantha... so they generally don't pay much attention to me." With that we left together and headed for our vehicles and another tedious week of work.


All week long I went about my usual business but couldn't stop thinking about the weekend Samantha and I had just experienced. Was I making a mistake, was this really what I wanted? I couldn't get the image of her beautiful shape, her lovely face out of my mind. And I couldn't stop thinking about everything we had shared. It wasn't just the incredible sex, either. Just being with her made me feel good. I felt as if for the first time in a long while that I had found a woman that wanted me and really understood what I needed. Of course, that brought to the forefront of my thoughts her true nature.

I was conflicted over that fact and what I had been looking for in my life. Could I really do this, could I really maintain the deep longing for the 'woman' that she was and could we both keep her persona a secret? We would have to, in order to keep public scrutiny at bay.

That was my foremost fear. Secondly was the fact that I really do prefer women. In spite of the feminine nature she maintained, would I tire of the kind of sexual appetite that we shared together, or would it become my preference? When would she complete her "transformation", or would she? We didn't get down to that in our conversations over the last three days.

But, in deeper reflection, I realized, or perhaps more accurately- I rationalized, that she really was a woman, just not completely formed. I wondered if I could let myself go and leave traditional norms to fall for this lovely creature. Was I really ready to immerse myself into this new-found realm? I worried about the consequences of being found out. And where else would this take us, I wondered. Because of my past experiences with Mandy and the things that we had engaged in, I was apprehensive about possibly falling into the same kind of life with Samantha.

I anguished over it all week, and found it difficult to keep my mind on business matters during the day, or sleep at night. I would up get out of bed late at night, pour myself a drink and light a cigar. Blues music would fill the house as I would sit back in my recliner, smoking and drinking. As smoke filled the air about me, all I could think of was her fragrance, her smile, her wonderful tongue. I would be stupid not to see her again. And as she had said, if it got too stressful...well, but I wanted to see her again if for no other reason than to be certain that it was right for me...for us.

Thursday night came and after I got settled in for the evening, I poured a drink and turned on the cable news. That's when I decided to call her. I dialed her home number. It rang four times, then the answering machine was activated and not in her voice, but rather a generic, mechanical voice requesting that I, "Leave a message after the tone".

I hung up. I didn't like answering machines. I wanted to hear her voice again. An hour later I tried again but with the same results. I was disappointed and somewhat frustrated. I turned off the television and played more of the melancholy music that had resonated throughout the house all week long, and I hated myself when I got depressed like this.

Then my phone rang. I picked up the receiver," Hello," I answered.

"Alex, is that you?" It was Samantha's voice.

"Yeah, I'm here...I've been trying to call you, but all I got was your machine and I was afraid to leave a message in case you had company or something," I said, grateful that she had decided to call me.

"Well, I never pick up the have to talk before I'll pick up," she explained," I never know if its work or personal, so I'm not sure how to answer the Sam or myself. When you didn't leave a message I thought it might be you, I'm sorry I hadn't explained about calling me here."

"That's all right, I should have said something but I wanted to hear your voice again, and well,I was a bit nervous about calling."

"But as far as company," she replied," ...Alex, I stay pretty much to myself here...besides, if I needed company I would have called you. In fact, I've been thinking about you, how are you doing, are you okay after last weekend?"

"Sam...Samantha," I stuttered, realizing that I was addressing 'her' now, not her alter ego," I haven't been able to get you off my mind, I haven't been able to sleep at night, I'm not eating right...all I think about is your face, and the way you touched me...." Then I caught myself, hoping I wasn't making an ass of myself by revealing all of this to her.

"I hope you don't think I'm being obsessive...but it's just the way you've made me feel and I haven't been able to stop thinking about...well, everything," I said, trying to find the right words to convey what I was going through. The other end of the phone was silent for a moment, and I wasn't sure what she was thinking until she finally breathed into my ear....

"I know what you mean...I've been thinking about you all week as well. God, Alex, I don't want to scare you away, I mean this is all happening so fast, but...I miss feeling you, I miss having you next to me...I hope that doesn't sound too clingy or anything, but it's what you do to me. There hasn't been anyone that's made feel the way you make me feel," she confessed.

I was glad she did, as it made me feel less like a fool for divulging my emotions this way. I was grateful to hear her thoughts, it dissipated some of the uncertainty that had been plaguing me all week. Her soft feminine voice had a way of soothing my fevered mind. I couldn't explain it, her voice just touched me that way. It made me want her.

"Alex," there was a slight hesitation in her voice," would you like to come over...tonight?" I didn't need to think about it, I had to see her.

"Yes...yes, I would, "I said," I...I want to touch you again. I need to be certain that you're real, that I'm not just dreaming this whole thing up."

She laughed at that. "You're not dreaming, Alex," she responded," because if you are, then we're both living in the same dream. Hurry your ass over here, I can't wait to see you."

With that said, I hung up the line and got ready, remembering to bring fresh clothes for work tomorrow, my razor and a bottle of cognac.


It took about half an hour to get there even without traffic at this time of night. I parked in the visitors area then got my stuff together and headed up to her place. I was happy that she had asked me over, but I was still a little nervous and tried to compose myself before knocking on her door. Just as I was ready to do so, the door opened. There was Samantha, standing there in her heels, wearing just a black, see-through teddy and her beautiful smile.

I stood there for a moment taking in her luscious form before saying, "My god, you look like an angel."

"Well," she said in a low, lustful tone, "let me show you Heaven."

She took my hand and led me into the condo. The candles were already lit and soft music filled the air along with the fragrance of her perfume. Once inside, she closed the door and took my things and left for the bedroom.

"Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, I'll be right back."

"Oh, I nearly forgot, I brought us some cognac, it's in the bag," I said as I found my familiar spot on the sofa. Then she returned, bottle in hand, and went to the wet bar to pour a couple of snifters. She brought over the drinks and handed me a glass before sitting down beside me.

"I'm glad you're here," she said, as she was now facing me, legs pulled up on the sofa, staring into my eyes, piercing my mind. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She seemed even more luscious, more beautiful than I had remembered. Without saying anything, she sipped from her glass and then pressed her lips against mine. I knew what she wanted and I opened my mouth as she let the fiery drink flow past her vibrant lips. I returned the favor and let the liquid flow back into her mouth. She swallowed. Her tongue followed after that. Our tongues played, lightly, teasingly at first, before she pressed her full mouth on mine and we returned to the deep, passionate kissing we had been getting used to.

We were both aching with a fierce desire, and grabbed one another, pulling our bodies close together, our mouths and tongues enmeshed and wanting more. Her glass slipped out of her hand onto the carpet, unnoticed, as we were now completely engaged in the heat of passion. She ripped my shirt open with one hand, her mouth still firmly planted on mine, and her hand reached in to feel my chest, tweaking my nipples.

I was so aroused, my prick was hard as rock and uncomfortable in its confinement and wet with juice oozing from its head. Several minutes passed before she broke off, gathering herself, and said excitedly, "Oh, wow, that was even better than I remembered." We were both panting heavily, and she continued, "I love the way you kiss's like you're filling me up, touching me everywhere inside..."

I knew what she meant.

"You do the same for me, Samantha," I replied as I caressed her soft shoulders, " I can't explain it...I just haven't felt this completely aroused, it's like...well, I don't know what it's like because I can't ever remember feeling quite like this."

It was true.

She leaned back, pulling me on top of her, my bare chest against her hard nipples, poking through the sheer fabric of her teddy. Her hand reached down and rubbed my cock through the now wet jeans.

"I think you need to take those off," she whispered, as her other hand reached around the back of my head, pulling my lips close to hers.

We kissed very tenderly, softly, for a moment before I complied with her request. I stood up, took off my shoes and let the jeans fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and returned to my place on top of her. My hand reached down and I could feel her swollen meat through the pre-cum drenched teddy. She pulled my shorts down, exposing my aching cock and pulled me back down on top of her. Her legs were spread for me and she began to move her hips, grinding her wet, fat cock against mine through the sopping wet fabric. I loved the way that felt.

I mimicked her movements as we returned to the torrid action of tongue on tongue, sensuously sucking each other's as if sucking cock. Our cocks were pressed hard against each other, spewing pre-cum, lubricating us as we continued our slow, rhythmic fucking motion. We maintained the action for about fifteen minutes before she pulled her tongue out of my mouth and turned my head. She slid the wet flesh into my ear, moving in the same rhythm that our bodies were still engaged in. After a minute of tongue fucking my ear, she bit my lobe then whispered, "I need you to fuck me, I really need you to fuck me...."

I didn't need anymore prompting than that.

I found a cushion and placed it under her ass then went down on her. I slid the wet teddy aside, exposing her hard, juicy dick. My right hand cupped her balls, pulling her skin down as my mouth enveloped her head. I sucked on it for a while before licking her whole shaft, down to her precious nuts then back up again to her aching head.

Samantha just moaned, pulling me by the back of my head, pressing my mouth down on her delicious meat. I couldn't help myself, I really did like pleasing her. My own cock was throbbing and aching to enter her willing hole. I wet the fingers of my left hand and stuck one inside of her 'pussy'. Her asshole was tightening around it as I fucked her while still sucking on her enlarged clit.

Before too long she yelled out, "Oh, Alex, fuck me...fuuuucckkk me!"

I took her cock out my mouth and went down to tongue fuck her hole. I spit on her ass and let my tongue rim her, flicking her throbbing anus, playing with it for a minute before sticking it inside of her. Once I did, she began to buck up against my mouth, her hands pressing the back of my head against her.

"Oh yeah, Alex, fuck my ass, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...," she cried out, encouraging me even more to satisfy her burning need. Several minutes went by before I pulled my fingers out of her ass and got on top of her, pressing my swollen head up to her waiting hole. Then I remembered that I didn't have a condom.

"God, Samantha, I don't want to break the mood, but where are the fucking rubbers," I asked, desperate to get inside of her.

She pulled me back on top of her and kissed me, one hand on the back of my head, the other feeling my ass. "It's okay, lover, you won't need one tonight. I got myself douched out real well earlier because I wanted to feel you, all of you, cumming up inside of me."

That was all I needed.

I pushed the head of my cock inside her wet hole and left it there for a moment before drawing back out. I continued teasing her pussy for a couple of minutes before she pushed her ass against my prick.

I felt her ass sucking my cock in and she took my entire length inside of her. Her hands were on my thighs, pulling me in as far as she could while her ass was pumping me, tightening around my meat. We fucked like that for twenty minutes, then she pulled me out and got on her side with her right leg in the air, resting on my shoulder.

"Put it back in, I need to feel you in my pussy," she demanded, once positioned.

We made love like that for a long while until I pulled out and said,"I want you to sit on my cock."

I got up, pulling her up with me and sat on the wet couch with Samantha straddling me, facing me. She reached behind her and found my stiff prick and positioned it against her waiting hole. She sat down on my cock very slowly at first then shoved it all the way in, picking up her pace, letting her asshole consume my stiff cock, ramming her ass down on my balls. She sucked my prick in, her tiny boobs bouncing up and down, as her own cock grew harder with the anticipation of me cumming inside of her.

I took hold of her penis while she continued riding me and started to jerk her off.

She was totally wet, covered with pre-cum oozing from her head. The juice made jacking her off quite easy as my fingers wrapped around her thick meat like wet pussy lips, waiting for the good stuff. Another fifteen minutes of hot love making went by and then her cock throbbed and shot a huge wad of cum onto my chest.

"Oh god, Alex, oh god, cum in me...cum in me," she screamed as she climaxed. I was always good at holding back, being certain that my woman was satisfied first...but with her cries,I couldn't hold it any longer. I tensed up as my cock pulsed and throbbed inside of her ass-pussy, I filled her with wave after wave of hot cum.

"Ahhhh," I cried out as the last burst of juice shot up inside of her.

She collapsed onto my chest, clutching me as her entire body was quivering from the intensity of it all. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly against me, feeling her every twitch, her every tiny motion as her asshole continued squeezing my thick prick, as if milking it for any last drops of cum.

We stayed like that for a while, feeling the immense rush of total sexual fulfillment. But it was more than that. I knew it and felt it as I'm sure Samantha did as well. It was like coming home, like finally being where we were meant to each other's arms.

She picked her head up from my chest and looked at me. Her piercing eyes delved inside of me. I felt a tingle up my spine, and my cock, now somewhat flaccid, twitched inside of her warm pussy. She moaned slightly at the sensation, and then softly, tenderly placed her lips on mine. We kissed for a moment before lying down on the cum-stained sofa, and embraced in our customary position.

Eleven o'clock came around when Samantha, cuddled up against me, said, "Let's get to bed, we still have to work tomorrow." She got up and found the glass of cognac that hadn't been spilled and then we drudgingly made our way to her bedroom with my right arm around her delicate frame and her body snuggled against mine.

We crawled into bed and she sipped the drink and spit it into my mouth, giggling, "I didn't want to waste such a fine spirit," she said. I drank it down as her tongue managed to find some of the nearly dried up cum she had spent on my chest earlier.

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