Samantha, A Different Kind of Love Ch. 03

by Jaqui Lynne


The dim light of early morning peered inside the room since we had forgotten to close the blinds before retiring last night.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake from the deep sleep I had fallen into after the evening's erotic venture. I was on my back, Samantha on her right side, facing me, with her left arm draped over my chest, her head cradled by my left arm as she snuggled close to me. I could still smell her fragrant body spray, now mingled with the odor of sweat and sex as her hair was next to my nose. I breathed deep, taking it in and remembering the torrid love session. As I did, I pulled her closer to my body and she repositioned herself, still asleep, clutching onto my right shoulder.

I knew I would have to get up soon. I didn't want to think of work tomorrow, I didn't want think of the thousand things I had to get done. I just wanted to stay here, with Samantha, and hold her like this, feeling her soft skin and feeling her desire for me. It didn't seem strange, having just made love to this passionate transsexual, even as new as this experience was for me.

She felt good. And she seemed more womanly than most women I'd ever been with. I supposed that being born male she knew what men wanted, and she acted instinctively upon those needs...having wanted them to some degree herself.

The women I'd been with, including my two ex-wives, only cared about themselves and their needs. Those kinds of relationships would never work since one or the other partner wasn't getting satisfied. It had taken me a while to understand that. And my quest for someone who wanted to share themselves, be pampered, and return in kind that same gift, had long been abandoned as I had given up any optimism of finding such a woman.

But then...there was Samantha. I remembered the words she shared yesterday. She, too, was looking for one man. As she had revealed at dinner that most of the guys she had dated fucked her and left. Having fulfilled their own desire to experience the talents that only a woman like Samantha could give, they cared nothing about what she wanted.

She had been with a couple of women as well, but they too had left her after the novelty of having such an affair had been replaced by a 'real' man. And she preferred men anyway. She had told me about how most transsexuals were just big cock-sluts, getting their fix and fucking anything they could get their dicks into. But that wasn't her. She needed something deeper, something more emotionally fulfilling, something meaningful.

And being a transsexual, being the woman that she was, she realized that her options were limited. She could have gone into the porn industry to earn her living as many transsexuals had, or get married to someone who would accept her as she was, or work in the business environment...posing as she had as 'Sam'. She chose the latter. All of these things flooded my mind as I lay there, the images and feelings of the last two nights teasing my senses as I thought of the possibilities.

Suddenly, the door to the suite opened and a cleaning woman started to enter until she turned and saw us lying there. She was stunned, not realizing the place was still occupied. She turned her beet-red face away saying," Ohh, por favor, senior...por favor." She quickly departed and locked the door behind her.

Samantha woke up, "Wha...what the hell...," she quizzed. As I filled her in on the event, she just laughed.

"Come on, puppy," she said, patting her hand on my chest, " Let's get cleaned up and go back to my place and...," suddenly, she caught herself in mid-sentence, "...I, ah... I mean if you don't have to be anywhere, or anything," she finished, feeling slightly embarrassed at her own presumptuousness. I looked at her as she stared up at me from the crook of my arm where her head lay.

"I don't have to be anywhere," I said, trying to put her mind at ease, " besides, where else is there to be....," she looked ever so curiously at me, then I continued, "...except with you?"

She sat up and then leaned over and held my head with both hands, eyes closed, and placed her lips on mine, then bit my lower lip... just a little and then giggled and turned my head. She licked my left ear, probing deep with her tongue, then withdrew and blew gently inside, leaving the warmth of her breath to tingle against the saliva she had just deposited there. My cock twitched.

"Come on then," she commanded, pulling me out of bed with her, "let's get showered."

Fucking tease, I thought. We peed, brushed our teeth and hopped into the shower. I got to soap her up, just as yesterday, except this time she returned the favor. She washed my back and let her hand reach my ass crack, and soaped it liberally, feeling my balls from behind and giving them a gentle squeeze. We rinsed off and I went down on her pink hole again, tonguing her fleshy cunt.

She moaned, crossed her legs, then turned and pulled me up. Her lips on mine, we kissed once more. I couldn't get enough of her mouth. I loved her tongue, her sensuous kisses, her taste. It was as if I had been deprived all my life, and now that which I had been longing for was here, before me. My mouth didn't want to stop tasting her's. She stirred me like nothing else could. I did feel like I was eighteen again, having my first sexual encounter, infatuated, senses reeling out of control with the lust of something new and exciting.

She pulled her tongue out and told me to turn around and face the shower wall. With water spraying down my back, she kissed me as her mouth then moved slowly down my body. She took her time, her arms reaching around and feeling my chest, then my belly as she worked her way down. Eventually, she found my ass and spread my cheeks with her hands. She licked the outside of my hole, then started making little circles with her tongue, licking all around the target. I moaned at the sensation. It had been some time since a woman had pleasured my ass that way. Soon she flicked her tongue against my hole, with me squirming the whole time.

My ass pushed back to her face, wanting what was inevitable, and my cock was stiffening at the prospect. She took the hint and planted her tongue inside. Even as I had performed on her, she rimmed it inside then proceeded to fuck me with her wonderful tongue. "Oh, baby, fuck my ass...let your tongue fuck my ass..." I blurted, though somewhat embarrassed at my own candidness. My cock grew hard as she just kept up her rhythm and my ass moved back to meet her tongue as she thrust it in.....much as her ass had done when I fucked her last night.

My right hand went down and I started jerking my cock. Samantha was relentless. She didn't stop, she just kept attacking my ass with that beautiful mouth and tongue-cock. Just then, she stuck a finger in her mouth, got it all wet then shoved it into my spit-lubed ass. "Ahhhh," I cried out, not believing the sensation. Then she stuck another finger in and fucked me harder. My ass continued bucking back on her hand, as I wanted to feel her fingers penetrate deeper. Without missing a beat, she repositioned herself underneath me and began licking my balls while I continued to masturbate.

Her tongue found its way underneath my balls, between my asshole and testicles and she licked it fervently. I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to have some release. Sensing that I was about to cum, she quickly removed her fingers from my ass and placed her head between my cock and the wall, taking my head into her mouth as she knelt on the stall floor, water still pouring down my back. I pulsed as I fucked her mouth, my head expanding as I gave her all the juice I had. She took me all the way in, gulping down my cum, and loving the flavor. Once my spasms stopped, I stood there, weak-kneed, but Samantha just kept sucking, wanting more.

After a minute or two, she needed help up and motioned with her hands. I pulled her to her feet, her back against the wall, facing me. "I told you yesterday, after the movie...that I'd take care of you," she said, giggling as she held onto my cock, watching my face. With my arms against the wall above her head, I leaned to taste her mouth. Her tongue parted my lips, still coated with my semen. I was beginning to savor this pleasure we shared. Her right hand pulled me by the back of my head deeper and harder into the kiss as her left hand continued to stroke my cock and I sucked her spunk coated tongue.

I reached down to feel her own prick, enticed to hardness from the event. "You don't have to...," she said, softly, looking into my eyes, "Besides, I owed you that from yesterday," she explained.

"But, I want to...I want to take care of you," I hesitated, staring back at her... what was I saying, "...I love tasting you...and you don't 'owe' me anything."

She kissed me on the lips and then allowed me to kiss my way down her belly to her waiting member. Just as before, I found her head to be hot, fat and wet. I sucked up her pre-cum then went down on her. I couldn't help myself...I just wanted to get her off. I wanted to taste her, pleasure her, feel her throbbing in my mouth, and I eagerly sucked and licked her juicy cock. She didn't keep me waiting long, either, as she had been pretty well worked up by now.

She pushed on the back of my head as I engulfed her aching prick. She swelled up inside of my mouth and fucked it hard, shooting two or three loads. My mouth could scarcely contain the massive flow from her orgasm, and I gagged a bit as her cum was oozing from my lips.

She soon relaxed, but I maintained a slow sucking motion, pulling back ever so slightly, then forcing my mouth back down to her balls. She appreciated the extra attention and moaned with approval. Soon, she pulled me up and licked the excess off of my lips and chin. "Gotta have our juice in the morning, don't you think," she asked amusingly. To that, all I could do was agree, and our tongues shared the cum that coated them as we sucked on each other's, yet again.

We soon got finished and then got dressed, me in the same clothes I'd worn the last two nights, feeling dirty. "Don't worry," Samantha said, noticing my unease as I sniffed my shirt, "I like you dirty." She giggled, kissed my cheek and we packed up our stuff and headed to the lobby so I could check out.

As we headed down to the parking garage, she put her head on my shoulder grasping onto my arm. Then, without thinking, I let my arm loose and squeezed her ass with a couple of fingers against her hole. Some people passed by, watching us, and as I groped her they shook their heads. I loved it. We were as new lovers, finding each other for the first time. I had some one or two night stands before....but Samantha was not in that class. And as she held onto me I realized that I didn't want to let her go. I wanted her.


We were driving back to her place, when I realized my vehicle was still at the parking garage where I had left it Friday afternoon. Samantha told me not to worry, it was safe there and she would get me back to retrieve it later. With that we went up to her condo. She went to the kitchen and told me to undress so that she could throw my clothes into the washer while she made us brunch.

I said," If you've got food, I can make us some breakfast," as I strolled to the hallway, removing my stale jeans and shirt and...well, everything, socks included. She moved next to me glancing at my body and reached down for my clothes.

"So, you can cook?," she asked as her tongue then licked my left inner thigh on her way up from retrieving my clothes, eyes locked onto me.

"Yes... yes I can," I replied, "I'm not just a pretty face, you know." She placed my things into the wash, as I, now completely naked, wandered into the kitchen. I searched for all of the familiar stuff, eggs, potatoes, cheese...all the usual breakfast things. Samantha came up behind me and draped a thick, white cotton bath robe over my shoulders. "You looked a little chilly," she said, wrapping her arms around me.

She was just too much. I put on the robe and turned to hold her against me. I gave her a brief kiss on the lips before returning to the task at hand...breakfast...I was famished.

She left, saying," Omelets would be nice...," as she strolled back to her bedroom.

"Omelets it is," I responded," and bacon...and me," as I went about my tasks. The hash browns took a little while, but I had everything ready at the same time including the coffee. Samantha emerged wearing only her white bath robe, and with champagne glasses in hand produced a chilled bottle from the fridge. I watched her as she proceeded to fill them.

Sundays would never be the same. We sat down at the table with hot breakfast, champagne, coffee...and each other.

"I love this," she said, sipping on the glass of champagne," we need to toast...."

We took our filled glasses and raised them, glancing at each other across the table as she said," To a lovely lover...."

We both downed our glasses of the bubbly stuff completely before returning to our food. Both of us were starving from the morning's activities so we ravenously devoured our breakfast. After some time, Samantha blurted,"'re much too experienced to be a novice at your love making... I want to ask do you know what to do when you do...that is ...what you've so skillfully done with me?"

I nearly choked on the mouthful of food I was trying to ingest, not expecting such a blunt question at that moment. I responded," Well...I once knew a woman...her name is Mandy...," I hesitated, thinking if this was the right time to reveal this... but, why not, I knew that I would have to explain this sooner or later,"...she had taught me a few things, mostly how to open up and accept new experiences...and, well,I have."

"I'll say...I love what you do to me," she said, her shoulders and ass twitching a bit in her chair as she thought about our erotic love making. "Well, here's to Mandy," she said, raising her glass for a toast.

Our glasses met and then I responded," Yeah, here's to Mandy...but, I have to tell you, she lives a destructive lifestyle. That's why I had to leave her...that's why I'm wanting just one woman. I don't want to share the one person that I hold dear to me...I want someone that's special...for me."

Somewhat embarrassed at my admission, I returned my attention to my plate, now playing with my food. Samantha was silent for a moment, contemplating my words, watching me...then she placed her right hand on mine and said," You're so sweet...I didn't think I would ever find someone...." she stopped for a moment, "...Alex, I didn't think I could find someone like you."

"What I mean," she continued," is that even though you weren't sure you wanted to do've made me feel so wonderful."

I looked at her, wondering if she knew how she had made me feel. I mean, god, I really enjoyed pleasing her. But if any of the people I worked with or any of my clients found out about my newly found appetite...I didn't know if I could ever live it down. Hell, I'd probably have to find a new venue. But there it was. There she was, a beautiful, elegant woman sitting across from me, staring at me with those penetrating eyes...wanting me. And I had to admit, I longed for the kind of longing she held for me.

I told her then, about these things that filled my head, about my desire for her, and my fears of what others would think....

"It's complicated," I said, wondering what to do with all of these feelings, "I mean, you're so gorgeous, I love being around you...but then you still have to play your role at work...what kind of relationship would we have?"

"Well, for starters, let's just take it a step at a time," she replied, anxious to reveal the plans that she had conceived. "We could see each other on weekends, my place...or if you're comfortable with it- at yours." She watched for my reaction, and I was interested in hearing more...."When I'm not at work, I live my life completely as the woman that I really every way, so you wouldn't have to be embarrassed about anyone finding out. I come across as a woman, don't you think?"

To that I had to agree. She showed no trace of her male self in either appearance or speech or manner. Samantha was the woman she made herself out to be.

"Don't you have people from work over, or clients," I asked.

"No, I can't deal with the complications that would afford. Everyone at work knows that my private life is private. That night at George's was an anomaly...I got off of work and was invited over to the party by his wife who happens to be a client of mine," she explained. "I'm glad I did, too, otherwise we might not have ever met.

"And if it doesn't work out for you...or me... if the situation ever became stressful, well we can just back off. But, Alex, I really like having you near me. The way you kiss and hold me sends shivers down my spine." Her hand squeezed mine a little tighter. I thought about it. It was difficult to deny that she did the same for me, and it wasn't just the sex, or the lovely face, but the way she looked at me and the feelings that engulfed me when I felt her touch.

I stood up and came around the table and took her by the hand. Standing up, she rubbed against my body then grabbed the bottle of champagne and led us to the living room. We sat close to each other on the sofa, my left arm around her, her head leaning against my arm. We stayed there, quietly reflecting on the possibilities of what we were about to embark upon. Occasionally she would sip from the bottle of champagne, then turn to kiss me, letting the drink flow out of her mouth into mine before letting her tongue play again.

It was nearly noon, when she said, "Oh, I almost forgot, football season starts you want to watch the game with me?" My god, she likes football, too, I thought.

"Ah, yeah, I love football, what time does is it come on?"

"Two o' we better get you dressed and get your car."

We did. I got dressed, while she corked the bottle and cleaned up the table. Once she got herself ready we took her car and headed back to get my SUV. On the way back, she stopped at a local grocery store to pick up a few items while I drove around the block several times, not being able to find another parking spot. That's one of the reasons I hated downtown. She soon re-emerged from the shop, bags in hand, got into her car and then I followed her back to her place.

Once there, she got things set up. The wide screen TV was on, and I plopped down with a beer while she prepared some dip and chips and some hors d'oeuvres. She got everything placed on the coffee table then disappeared into her bedroom. After several minutes she reappeared wearing only her panties and an oversized tee shirt.

Barefooted, she came over and sat down on the sofa, legs pulled up, snuggling next to me. She reached over and picked up one of the hors d'oeuvres, smoked salmon with cream cheese and a jalapeño on a piece of garlic bread, and held it before my mouth. I opened my mouth to bite into it but before I could she stuffed the whole thing in, with her fingers lingering there.

"Umph..," I noised, at this unexpected motion. She giggled as she pulled her fingers out slowly to let my lips suck the cream off of them. "Mmmm," I said after swallowing the bit," you're so naughty."

"Yes...yes I am," she replied. Then she kissed my cheek. "Time for the game..."

"Which one," I asked, looking into her eyes. She grinned, looked down and rubbed my thigh.

"Oh, would you get me a beer? I forgot." I went into the kitchen and pulled out a couple of cold lagers and then we settled back to watch the game.


Three and a half hours later the game was over, the food was gone and we both just laid back on the sofa with her back resting against me, and my left arm wrapped around her. God, it was comfortable here with her. It was nearly 6 p.m. and I thought about getting up and getting my ass back to my house, I didn't want to outstay my welcome here. "I should get going soon," I said," we both have to work tomorrow, and...," she didn't let me finish-

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