Samantha, A Different Kind of Love Ch. 02

by Jaqui Lynne


The early morning light found its way through the partially closed vertical blinds of the condo. I woke up, groggy from last night's consumption of booze and experience. I discovered a blanket had been covering me as I sat up on the sofa...without my companion. I rubbed my eyes, yawned, and gained a fuller state of consciousness as I searched the place for Samantha.

There she was, standing in the kitchen area of the open-spaced condo, wearing a cotton, button down oxford shirt... my shirt, and sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Good morning," she said, as she watched me feeling my way around, " I hope you don't mind my wearing your shirt...I was a little cold this morning and it just felt like the right thing to keep the morning chill off," she said, " besides, I wanted to smell you...your body, and have it wrapped around me." The shirt looked a little big on her, as she wasn't as broad shouldered as myself, and she had it buttoned only partially, exposing her breasts ever so slightly.

"Is that coffee?" I asked.

"Yes, come on over, I have some for do you take it?"

"Just straight," I replied. "Have you been up long?" I wondered, realizing that she must have covered me in the night.

"Just a little while, long enough to make us coffee," was her response. Then I noticed her voice seemed even softer and more feminine than before. I wondered, how did this lovely female pass herself off as male during her working days...she was just more feminine than a lot of the women I had ever known.

I joined her as she poured my cup and handed it to me. I gazed into her eyes and looked to see if the sensations that had brought us here last night were still there....

They were.

I didn't know what to think or feel, as I wanted this wonderful "woman" and I knew that she yearned for me as well, but was I making a mistake? I loved women...yet here was a person that I found incredibly attractive, even if different from accepted norms. And here with her, even though we had only just discovered one another, I was feeling a desire that my mind and body wanted desperately to explore.

I sipped my coffee," Thank you," I said, looking into her eyes, studying her face, wondering about her thoughts, " thank you for sharing yourself with me last night."

She looked pensively at me, almost as if she didn't believe the words coming out of mouth just then. She wanted to believe, but wasn't certain of my honesty. Was I just another guy that would say anything to get into her pants, then take she had experienced so many times in her past relationships

Her demeanor was as one looking for acceptance, wanting to be told that everything was going to be all right, that the feelings we shared last night were real. Even if I wasn't being 'straight' with her, she thought, she was the one who had dragged me into this. She could have just walked past me after spotting me there in the lounge. But no, she was too excited at the prospect of seeing me again, and what ...what would I feel, once I knew the real "Sam".

"I like the way you look in my shirt," I said,but I sensed a hint of tension as we stood now, face to face, in the early morning light with full view of each other's body. She smiled, looking down a bit as she sipped on her coffee, but said nothing...

It was then that I put my cup down and reached out and put my hands on her shoulders. Startled, at first, by my action, she began to look away. I took her cup from her hands and set it down, and my right hand turned her head back toward me. I stared into her eyes with a stern look and said, " Listen ...listen to me, I'm glad you've brought me here...and I... " I hesitated a moment, groping for the right words, "... I like the way you feel, the way you look at send a tingle down my spine. I can't describe it, what I feel...I ...I think I'd like to explore this with you., but I need you to help me."

She seemed a little dazed at first but stared back at me with those lustful blue eyes...then she closed them and held onto me for a long moment. Could it be true, she wondered. And could I be so willing and ready for this, having just discovered her true essence last night.

My arms reached around her and I held her close with a reassuring embrace. Then she turned her head and looked at me, and her full, luscious lips gently brushed against mine. This time my tongue spread her lips and we engaged in another long and enduring taste of each other's sensuality. Her right hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me deeper into our embrace.

Just as last night, the sensations I felt with our tongues touching in the heat of this passionate moment continued to fill my mind. And my body responded in kind as I could feel myself getting harder, pressed up against her luscious form. We just melted into each other's arms. I reached around and felt her firm ass through her silk panties. My right hand reached inside to feel her smooth flesh while our kissing continued. She moaned as I rubbed the soft, creamy skin of her ass. She broke away, pushing off for a moment and began unbuttoning the shirt.

I reached inside with both hands to feel those breasts again, playing with her rigid nipples. Looking down at her beautiful body I saw in full light for the first time the hard, wet head of her engorged cock, sticking up from the top of her panties. Our kissing was obviously enough to get her aroused as well. She was sopping wet with pre-cum, as I'm sure I was. Her hands went down to feel my stiff prick, one hand cradling my balls, the other lightly stroking the shaft through my wet boxers. We looked into each other's eyes just then. It was a long moment, as if time had suddenly stopped while we explored each other's face. And what a face she had, without a trace of hair, unlike pictures I'd seen of other transsexuals...her face was perfectly smooth, soft, delicious.

She gave me a quick little kiss on the lips as she let her hands wander down my chest. Then she slowly moved her mouth to my nipples. She sucked them, gently biting, then sucking them once again in turn. Her mouth continued its journey down my chest, stopping occasionally to kiss some area in her exploration of my body. I could only lean back against the counter, breathing hard as I took in her erotic motions. She pulled my shorts down to my ankles and told me step out of them.

Her face was now at my crotch and she began to stroke me with her fingers, while softly kissing my balls. My pre-cum was running down my cock and as it met her fingers she eagerly lapped up all there was. I was aching with anticipation.

She felt incredible. Before long, she took the head in her mouth and sucked it while her tongue moved in circular motions around it, occasionally taking my seven inches all the way into her mouth, balls deep, then coming back up to suck on the head again. Soon she found her rhythm and plunged up and down with her mouth for all she was worth, making moaning sounds the whole time. The humming from her vocal chords vibrated against my cock and heightened my pleasure. My cock stands straight up to heaven when hard and her head was bobbing up and down at a furious pace on my swollen meat.

I usually don't come very quickly, but Samantha knew how to manipulate my cock, as I'm sure she was well practiced. And she enjoyed it. Most women don't, that's why they aren't very good at it. But I didn't have that worry with Samantha. I wanted to explode, but held back a bit, not wanting to end the wonderful action of her beautiful mouth. Suddenly, she stopped and my cock popped out of the warm place that it was getting accustomed to.

"Let me turn around," she said, "I want to have my back against the cabinet...then you can fuck my mouth," she explained. She positioned herself so and I moved in front of her, holding on to the countertop and letting my stiff cock find her precious lips. My right hand moved down to place my cock right to her waiting mouth. My knees had to bend slightly as I forged into her. My ass moved back and forth as I now was plunging in and out of her wet, sumptuous and willing mouth.

With every new stroke out, she let her lips close just enough to let my cock head feel the pressure and let it spread them apart again, as if spreading pussy lips. It felt incredible, this woman really knew how to please a cock.

She continued her humming noises and I was aching to spill my load. I continued to fuck her mouth, changing tempo now and again, and the variance seemed pleasing to her as well. God, after what must have been fifteen minutes or so, I finally let loose and exploded in her mouth, my cock throbbing and dancing violently on her tongue. Her lips just tightened firmly around my pulsing meat as I cried out in sheer orgasmic relief and pleasure. One of her hands massaged my tight balls and my prick was aching, still stiff in her hot mouth. My knees buckled a bit, and I strained to pull out of her, but her other hand reached behind me and grabbed onto my ass and pulled me back, with one of her fingers pressed up against my asshole.

Her tongue started to lick my shaft, as much as it could with my full cock still held firmly held in place in her mouth. Then slowly, ever so slowly, she released her lips and let my cock draw out of her face until my engorged head appeared. Then she began to do her circular dance around the head, bothering to suck a little, and then played her tongue around in circles all over again. I was nearly breathless as this minx continued her playfulness, with me weary of standing and all my energy sapped from what was one of the finest blowjobs I could remember.

"Mmmmmm," she delightfully purred, "I liked that." She just sat there for a minute, licking her sticky fingers, and then let her tongue lap up any excess that had found its way out of her mouth and down my shaft. Her tongue found my tight balls and she polished them and the area underneath. I was bent over, leaning against the countertop, peering down at this wonderful little cocksucker as she enjoyed her oral ministrations. "I'm glad you have shaved balls and taint," she said, "so nice and clean, I just love shaved nuts." Her tongue continued its journey towards my ass, but the angle was a bit difficult from her current posture.

"Help me up," she said, needing some relief from the tiled floor. I reached down and took her hands as she placed them in mine in a very lady- like fashion. I stood her up and she looked at me, saying, "That was quite yummy, I love the way you taste." Before I could say anything, though, she planted her now sticky lips on mine and pressed her cummy tongue into my mouth. Taken back by this for a moment, I tried to pull away but then found that I was beginning to enjoy this new experience with her deep kissing and her familiar tongue motion.

The taste of my own cum on her tongue, now in my mouth, at first repulsed me, but I soon began to enjoy the flavor. It was not the first time I had tasted it,though...that was a while ago, with Mandy.

Samantha and I were engaged for several minutes before coming up for air. "Whew, that was some did you like the juice?" she asked, refering to my semen.

"It was different... I'm ...I'm not sure I liked it very much, though..." I lied. I moved my lips closer to hers and licked her sticky chin, "Looks like some tried to get away," I said. She giggled. This time I let my tongue part her puffy lips, tasting the cum flavored lipstick she now wore. My cock was still hard from the sucking and constant lip action and was pressing up against hers. I could feel the wetness on her belly of her pre-cum that must have been oozing all the while in her excitement.

Her swollen member was twitching against mine, stiff and in need of attention. Without thinking, my right hand went down and I began to caress her inner thigh, moving slowly and deliberately up to her balls and prick.

She broke the moment with," Oh, please...please feel me." And as she moaned, my hand rubbed her through the panties, now completely sopping wet. My fingers wrapped lightly around her hardness, and I could tell hers was as fat as mine, but about an inch smaller in length. I backed off a little, just enough to view her swollen cock.

"Do, ah...I mean, do you think you might want to try that," she asked. I knew what she meant.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for that," I said, as I continued the light stroking, feeling her aching head in the palm of my hand, then running my wet, closed fingers down to her shaved balls and then slowly back up. "I don't know if I would do it right, certainly not like you can... my god, your mouth is so fucking talented."

She took the compliment and kissed my lips again, then pleaded, "Oh please, Alex, I think you would do beautifully, well, I mean with the way you kiss and're so damned sensuous." She said that almost like a little school girl...fuck, she was so fucking luscious.

I know most guys think about it at one time or another, at least being able to suck their own meat if possible, but was I ready for this? She had just given me the best blow job of my life and I was feeling selfish not to give her something in return. Most guys finish their work and get the hell out, not caring about the bitch's needs....but that wasn't me. I aimed to satisfy. Samantha may be "different" for a woman, but she was in need.

"I understand," she said, feeling somewhat dejected since I hadn't responded immediately to her request.

After that saddened voice rang in my ears, I softly kissed her neck and moved down to her stiff nipples, sucking and biting, gently, then a little harder. My mouth moved down to her wet, pre-cum soaked stomach and I licked up every bit of the juice. It was good and sweet. She moaned softly and held the back of my head, keeping my face planted against her soft, succulent belly. Her cock head was touching the bottom of my chin, wet and quite hot.

She released the pressure of her hands against the back of my head, and I took that as my cue. My mouth licked the swollen head, wet with yet more juice flowing out. It was huge, purple and warm in my mouth. I pulled her panties down to the floor and she stepped out of them. The fullness of her thick, stiff prick was right there for my mouth to take. I closed my eyes and swallowed her pulsing head. My tongue swirled around it, much as she had done for me. I tried to imitate her movements as closely as possible, sensing that was what she preferred. I wasn't wrong.

Allowing her cock to spread my lips on every inward thrust, I could feel her head grow even larger as I did this. Soon my mouth engulfed her fat cock, the hot head touching the back of my throat. I could feel the veins expanding against my tongue as she seemed to grow. I found that I couldn't stop myself. My mouth eagerly sucked her, as my head bobbed up and down on the sweetmeat. She was moaning with delight. She began to tense up from the excitement and I knew she was nearly ready.....then she came. Her cock was throbbing in my mouth, as a wave of cum shot to the back of my throat and she pushed my face down with both hands on the back of my head, shoving her cock meat in as far in as possible.

Her body tensed as she stood on the tips of her toes and she held my head there for a long minute, maybe two, before releasing me. As she did, my mouth came up ever so slowly, as I remembered her previous moves. And when her head reached my lips, I sucked and swirled my tongue all around it. The taste of her juices filled my mouth and coated my tongue....and it wasn't a bad taste. It was a little salty, a bit sweet, and thick and had a hint of mustiness. In fact, we tasted a lot like each other. I moaned with pleasure as my mouth continued its sucking and slurping of my new friend's penis.

"Oh, god, I'm in heaven," she blurted out, panting a little. Then as I sucked, she throbbed again and another small glob of cum found its way into my mouth. I savored it for a second and then moved my face down to her balls.

"Mmmmmmm," was the only response I could give her, as I now had her balls completely in my mouth. I sucked them very gently, then withdrew them and kissed one testicle, than the other, and licked off any liquid that had dribbled onto them. It was an amazing turn on to lick her clean shaven nuts as I liked the feel of my own hairless balls, and having them licked without someone getting a mouthful of pubes. She tasted so fucking good.

My own cock started to stiffen again with my newly aroused senses.

"Oh, sure, you've never done that before, you fucking liar," she said, laughing and pulling on my hair.

"I had a good teacher," I replied, looking up at her flushed face, "I like to please....turning on my woman is as much a turn-on for me as getting myself off."

She looked down at me, smiling, with the words "my woman" resounding in her ears. She liked the sound of that.

My woman.

Her fingers continued to play with the hair on the top of my head, and I popped her fat, now somewhat limp cock back into my mouth. I couldn't believe the sensation of sucking on it and feeling it grow deep inside. I didn't understand why most women couldn't get into this. I took it out and licked the entire shaft, down one side and back up the other to her pretty, thick head.

God, I thought, I'm not into guys, but this was one sensuous experience. The mere thought of men, their faces and all the masculine stuff made me ill. Physically I couldn't bring myself to think of most guys as being attractive, until the night I saw Sam. At least I could say I wasn't gay, as the cock in my mouth belonged to a gorgeous not-yet-completed woman. And what a woman she was! At least in every aspect but one...and what an aspect it was.

I stood up, my knees hurting from the tiled kitchen floor. We faced each other and Samantha softly kissed my lips. Our arms wrapped around each other as we embraced, feeling the sweat on our bodies mingling, tongues slowly tasting the creamy love juice in each other's mouth. Her breasts were pressed against my chest with her hard, excited nipples, and my cock against her smooth belly was still stiff. Her cock had fallen, now limp and was resting against my inner thigh.

"I love it that you can still keep it hard like that," she said, licking her lips, then biting her lower lip in a teasing, coquettish way. "Mine doesn't do that very often, I think it's the hormones."

We were both exhausted, though, and knew we probably couldn't manage another heated session, at least not right now. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. I headed to the bathroom, dearly in need of relieving myself, and she followed. My prick had softened enough to be able to stand and pee, and Samantha came up behind me and grabbed my penis and aimed it for me. Once I was done, she sat down on the seat and let herself go, maintaining her womanly mannerisms. After that, she took me to her bed and without letting go of my hand, she pulled down the covers with her free hand. We crawled in together and pulled up the sheets and comforter.

Facing each other on our sides, we kissed once again, but briefly. She just stared into my eyes, then studied my face for a long while, as if trying to remember every facet, all the while caressing it. She turned my head slightly and let her tongue flick inside of my ear for a moment. The wetness and pressure of her wonderful tongue stirred my cock yet again. Then gently, she nibbled on my lobe. God, I loved her touch and the way she made me feel. If for no other reason than the tingling I felt from her every kiss, her every touch, her smell, and the way she looked at me....I could fall in love with this delicate thing. I felt as if no other woman had ever made me feel this complete, this satisfied. But then, Samantha was like no other woman.

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