Salacious Sarah

by LustyLee77


Joe Dodge walked down bustling Market Street in Philadelphia in awe. Joe and his wife Tammy moved here 4 months ago from a small town in Alabama. The 24 year old man missed his hometown but at the same time he marveled at the sights in the big city. It was Friday evening, he always went straight home to his wife but she left early that morning to visit her sick mother in Alabama and would be gone for a week so he decided to take in the sights of the city.

After walking for awhile he decided to stop in a tavern and quench his thirst with a cold beer. The jukebox was playing that old-time rock&roll music, the atmosphere seemed friendly, so he made his way to the bar and ordered a beer. The girl behind the bar was cute and sociable; he relaxed, ordered his third beer, looked around the bar and was confused when he spotted women dancing with women and men with men as well as men with women.

He was spellbound watching the interracial, mixed gender, and varied age group couplings on the dance floor. The spell was broken when a tall, beautiful black woman dressed in a low cut red dress asked, "Excuse my but is this seat taken?"

The startled man replied, "No, not at all, have a seat." Joe bought them both a drink and learned that her name was Sarah. Joe was captivated by the 22 year old ebony temptress and readily accepted when asked to dance. As their bodies pressed together Joe could feel his arousal growing when she whispered in his ear, "You are so handsome and nice, I just might take you home with me tonight." Sarah was fondling his buttocks and remarked that she could feel his cock stiffen.

They went back to the bar and Sarah noticed his wedding ring and asked, "Does your wife know that you are out on the prowl darling?" Joe explained that Tammy was out of town and at her request he showed Sarah a picture of Tammy. ""My, my, Joe she is beautiful, long blond hair, big blue eyes, she looks delicious, are you sure you want to fool around and risk losing your beautiful wife?"

"Well, I have never cheated on her but you are so beautiful and I have always fantasized about being with a black woman."

Sara gave Joe a wicked smile and told him, "Baby, after tonight you still will never have been with a black woman because I was born a man, a rather large one at that." The bewildered man could not believe his ears as he gazed at the 6' well stacked, sexy creature beside him. Confused and tipsy from the beer, Joe agreed to go to Sarah's apartment for a nightcap.

Once inside Sarah got them both a drink, went into the bedroom, took off the tape that held her cock in place, and slipped into a satin robe. Soft music was playing, the lights were dim, and Sarah snuggled next to the dumbfounded husband and lowered her thick red lips to his. They kissed passionately, her long tongue probed his mouth, and her hand went down to his already erect cock. He thought to himself that this was so wrong. He was married and the she was really a he. Just as he was about to object Sarah took Joe's cock out and sank to her knees. He let out a groan as her hot mouth engulfed his 6"hard cock. All thoughts of telling this sexy creature no were gone. After about ten minutes of pure pleasure Joe shook and quaked to a sublime climax. He was astonished as he watched the he/she swallow every drop of his sticky cum.

Sarah stood and kissed him on the lips again, he could taste his own cum on her sexy lips. Then she dropped the black robe to the floor and stood naked before him. His eyes traveled from her beautiful face to her 34C pert tits down to the swinging black snake that was longer and fatter than his own and it wasn't even hard yet! Joe looked back up to her face and she temptingly said, "Come on baby, take it in your hands and play with it. I know that you want to so don't be so shy. It won't bite you darling, my big dick needs your attention so just enjoy yourself."

Joe had never even thought of being with another man before but this was different. Overcome with a strong desire and curiosity Joe reached out and stroked with one hand and cupped the large ball sack with the other. He could feel the monster growing in his hand and was captivated by the 10"cock and could barely wrap his hand around the pulsating prick. Sarah gently pulled his face to the throbbing black joy stick and urged, "Put it in your mouth and suck on it baby. First kiss it all over then suck my big black cock deep into your hungry little mouth. I want to fuck your face and teach you how good it is to suck a big old dick and taste a hot load of cum. Come on baby, do it and do it good."

Joe's head was spinning, he thought of stopping but was compelled to put his lips to the irresistible hunk of meat and kiss up and down the long shaft. As he kissed and licked the bulky head of the ebony cock he opened his mouth and sucked with passion. He couldn't believe how arousing it was to surrender to his own deviant desires. He lovingly ran his tongue over the throbbing veins as he sucked as much of the passion pole into his mouth as he could. The thickness of the plowing cock stretched his mouth to the limit. He gagged and chocked when Sarah held his head tight and forced her big cock down his throat. He couldn't say or do anything as he felt the hard cock stiffen even more and then eject what seemed like a river of hot cum down his throat. With a plopping sound she withdrew her cock from his mouth and rubbed it all over his face and demanded, "Now lick it clean baby and then tell me how much you like it."

Joe obediently obeyed and licked all the cum off the semi-hard cock and submissively uttered, "I never would have thought it but yes,I love your sexy body, you are so awesome and I love your big black cock and delicious cum." Sarah led him to the bedroom and helped Joe disrobe. They got in bed and with Sarah on top, they shared a wild sixty-nine. Joe was hard once more and felt Sara's cock growing again in his mouth. As she gobbled up Joe's cock Sarah inserted a finger in his ass hole. Sarah lifted herself off her white lover and rolled him over and instructed him to get on his hands and knees. She vigorously stroked his cock as she put her mouth to his puckered brown hole. He felt a strange but pleasant sensation as her tongue probed his butt-hole. Then she kissed his buttocks as she placed one then two fingers up his hole.

Joe screamed out in shock and pain as the fat cock entered his puckered hole. Sarah grabbed a fist full of his light brown hair, pulled his head back and told him, "Now, now, don't worry baby, I will be gentle. It will hurt for a little while then it will feel marvelous, trust me. There is plenty of lube on my cock and up your butt to make it nice and smooth so just enjoy the ride."

Slowly but steadily Sarah increased the speed and depth of her strokes until Joe implored, "No don't! It hurts, please stop pleaseeeeeeesss ... Nnoooooooo!" Sarah smiled as she thrust deeper into the stretching bum-hole and felt it expand. She knew that as her big cock rubbed his prostrate gland he would cum and learn to love a big cock up his boy-pussy. She plowed away with vigor and soon felt him push back as the pain subsided and gave way to intense pleasure. She shoved it all the way in until she felt her balls slap his ass-cheeks. His groans of pleasure increased her own arousal and she could no longer hold back as she shot a stream of cum up his bowels.

Joe spent the night and before leaving he invited Sarah to his home in Cherry Hill New Jersey. They exchanged numbers and Sarah promised to call him the next day. When he got home there was a message from Tammy on the answering machine. He called his wife and told her that he went out drinking by himself. After he hung up he felt horrible for keeping a secret from his loving wife. He thought about calling Sarah and telling her that they should never see each other again but felt pain and a deep sense of loss at the prospect of not seeing her again. He wondered if he was gay now and he laughed at calling Sarah a she all the time when she had such a big dick but everything else about her was seductively feminine. He pondered their move to New Jersey and his job with a law firm in Philadelphia. The money was good and they had a nice house but back home he would never have had a gay experience. He had mixed emotions as he thought about everything.

The next day was Sunday and Sarah called and agreed to come over. After hours of wild sex Joe asked. "Does this mean that I am gay now? I not only enjoy taking your big cock up my ass but fucking your shapely rear-end was fantastic. There have been a lot of first times with you; first time sucking a cock, first time letting a man give me a blow-job, first time taking it up the ass and first time fucking a butt-hole. I don't know what to think."

"No that does not make you gay. You will see when the little wife gets home. You are more then likely bisexual just like me. I simply adore sex with men and women but as you know a tight ass hole is my favorite; it's hard to believe that you never fucked your wife's sweet ass! Say, I have a female roommate, she is a stripper, she prefers chicks but is bisexual as well; come over to my place after work tomorrow and we will see if you still like pussy! By the way, always refer to me as a woman even if I do have a huge cock." The lovers kissed goodbye and looked forward to seeing each other the next night.

After a long day at the office Joe hurriedly walked to Sarah's apartment. He rang the bell and was pulled in by Sarah and Busty Bertha. Joe was in shock as he stared at the two ebony beauties. As his eyes fixed on her awesome 44DD breasts he didn't have to ask how the stripper got her name. They pulled off his clothes and led him into Sarah's bedroom. Joe was pushed on his back and took turns orally satisfying the big black cock and hairy black pussy while they played with and sucked his hard white cock. Busty Bertha laid back and spread her legs invitingly. Joe did not hesitate to get between her legs and slip his stiff cock up her sopping cunt.

Joe fucked furiously, it felt so good and he was delighted to learn that he still loved pussy. Bertha's long legs wrapped around his waist and she fucked back vigorously. Then Joe felt the now familiar probing of his butt by Sarah's anus spoiler. Joe never felt so completely lost in lust in his whole life. When Sarah filled his ass hole with cum he shot his seed into the squishy cunt and felt like he was floating away. It was by far the most intense climax of his life, he almost passed out but after a few minutes was able to regain his composure. Joe thought that it was over but they teamed up and both sucked and kissed his cock hard again. After a three way oral orgy Bertha got on her hands and knees and accepted Joe's cock up her ass crack. While he pounded away in her ass Sarah did the same to his.

Exhausted they went into the living room for a drink, they didn't bother to dress. Bertha praised Joe telling him that he was the best man that she has had in a long time. Sarah gave the stripper a questioning look and Joe said, "Thanks but after Sarah fucked you how can you say that?"

Busty replied, "Listen here honey, I know that some dumb bitches think a huge cock is all that but I don't see it that way! I don't care if Sarah likes it or not but I will take your perfect sized cock any day. I guess some cunts enjoyed being strangled to death but I prefer to be tickled to death. Sarah tells me you are married; let me see a picture of your wife."

Joe walked back to the bedroom, got dressed, went back to them and showed Busty a picture of his loving wife. Busty Bertha licked her lips and declared, "Joe honey, she is one fine looking white girl; I want to ravish the bitch and make her my own cunt lapping little slut. Admit it Joe, you would love to watch me and her getting it on, wouldn't you baby?"

"Well I...uh...I guess so but she is straight laced and would never do such a thing. Tammy is beautiful and a great person but is not very adventures in bed; she is rather conservative, I have been her only lover and am sure that her making love to another woman is out of the question."

Busty laughed and told him, "You are just afraid that she will love my black cunt just like you do. Bring her over for drinks some night soon and we will see what happens." Joe kissed them goodbye and nervously walked to his car. During the ride home visions of his wife and Busty Bertha filled his head. What frightened him most of all was the picture in his mind of his sweet wife eating out the ebony empress was making his tired dick hard again. He thought about how much he had changed in less than a week and how perverted he had become.

On Wednesday night Sarah came over to his house. While enjoying a drink together on the sofa Sarah reminded him that his wife would be home Friday and that he better get on his knees and suck her big cock. Joe happily complied and was bobbing for apples when Tammy entered the house and screamed out, "You son of a bitch! How could you do this to me? I come back early to be with you and find your face buried between a black girl's legs. You are disgusting, I want a divorce, just go to hell, you bastard." With tears flowing down her cheeks Tammy stormed up the steps and slammed the bedroom door shut.

Sarah whispered, "You better go upstairs and make up with her. I will go and you can comfort your wife; she is hurt and it is all our fault."

"No don't go now. I don't want to face her after what she just saw. I simply can't. She is out of her mind and who knows what she might do? Just give her time to cool off and then we will talk to her together." Sarah did not agree and went upstairs to console the distraught wife.

The ebony he/she slowly opened the door and entered. Tammy was sprawled across the bed sobbing her eyes out. Filled with compassion, Sarah sat beside the heart broken young woman and ran her long black fingers through the wife's blond hair and said, "I'm so sorry darling I didn't mean to hurt you but I know we did. Let me make it up to you baby."Sarah ran her fingers down Tammy's back and gently caressed her buttocks.

Tammy turned her head up and blurted out, "What the hell do you think you are doing? You are one sick woman; you have sex with my husband and then come up here and tease me!" Please stop it right now, I am not into women, that is disgusting."

Sarah stood and dropped her skirt revealing the monster dick. She saw the look of disbelief, shock, and desire in Tammy's blue eyes and said, "You don't have to be into women to want me baby. Now is the perfect time to get even with your husband so come and get it, I know you want to." Tammy was frozen and didn't move so Sarah got behind her, lifted her skirt, tugged down her white panties, and kissed her sweet ass. Sarah kissed her way down to the sopping pussy and smiled when she heard moans of pleasure as she licked the wet canal and nuzzled her nose into the tight ass hole. Tammy squirmed and humped back at the face of her husband's black lover.

With her nose still up the brown hole and her tongue lapping the drenched pussy Sarah inserted two long fingers into the steamy cunt. The young wife had never been eaten out so well before, nor had she ever felt anything up her rectum, the sensations she was experiencing were driving her crazy with lust and she felt an orgasm building in her smoldering slit. As the pure pleasure of the earth shattering climax rocked her body Tammy moaned, "Oh god, Oh god, feels soooo good! Yes, yessssss!"

Sarah continued licking the juicy treat before standing beside the bed. Tammy looked up to see the he/she stroking her ebony joy stick. Sarah took the girl's hand and helped her to sit on the edge of the bed. Sarah stood close to the impassioned blond and moved her cock slowly all over Tammy's pretty face. The throbbing cock was leaking sticky juice all over her face. The sweet wife was overcome with desire and carnal lust. There was no denying that the big black cock was turning her into a cock craving slut. She lifted her small hands to hold the object of her desire. She was mesmerized, she slowly stroked it with both hands, she shivered when she felt the large veins, and she felt a wicked thrill as she observed her wedding ring and white hands stroking the massive man meat.

Without being told she parted her pink lips and wrapped them around the plum head of the big dick. As she accepted more of the man meat into her mouth she licked lovingly and with her hands she continued stroking and cupped the ball sack. Tammy felt so naughty and slutty. She was really in-to sucking the big cock and was overcome with carnal cravings. She reached up to fondle Sarah's breast as she worshiped the ebony cock with her mouth. She was so enamored with the mammoth hunk of flesh that she was having another orgasm as she slurped with fervor.

Sarah removed her cock from Tammy's sucking mouth, noticed how wet her cock was, and thought how sexy Tammy looked with her mouth fluids dripping from her sweet lips. Tammy looked so disappointed that her mouth was empty and wanted to fill it again but was thrilled when Sarah asked, "Do you want me to put this big thing up your sweet little pussy? Would you like to feel it deep inside you? Baby, just tell me what you want me to do."

"Oh yes, I want to feel you deep inside me, please do it, please!" Sarah made the girl strip naked, get on the bed on her hands and knees and then slowly slipped her cock into the wet opening. Sarah fucked her hard and long. Tammy lost track of how many orgasms she had while being stuffed and pounded by Sarah. Tammy never before had her pussy so full and the big dick hit spots that had never been touched before. Sarah roughly squeezed the blond's 36C tits as she unmercifully fucked the stretched cunt to yet another sublime orgasm. Tammy wondered how Sarah could fuck so long but was not complaining. She was aware of the fingers going in and out of her ass hole as Sarah fucked her dripping honey-pot but was too far gone in lust to think anything about it.

Tammy was puzzled when the big cock withdrew from her hungry pussy and moved slowly over her buttocks while two fingers were fucking her little brown hole. When she felt the huge cock head probe her butt she screamed out, "No, no please don't. It is too big and will tear me apart. Please stop, pleaseeee!"

Joe heard the screams and rushed upstairs. When he opened the door he was shocked to see the unlikely scene on his bed. Just as he was about to speak he saw Sarah raise her finger to her lips that signaled for him to be quiet. Sarah resumed rubbing the creamy buttocks with her cock and said, "So you won't take my joy stick up your tight little bum-hole then what do you want me to do with it?"

"Please put it back in my pussy and keep fucking me until you cum up my horny twat. My pussy is so hot and wet for your big cock; please fuck me some more. Please!" Sarah was turned-on by the white wife's begging and slipped her big black cock back in to the slushy cunt and rammed it in to the hilt. The erotic scene before him swiftly caused his white cock to become erect as Joe stroked his dick while watching his loving wife submit totally to his black lover. Watching and listening to his wife hump back at the black cock and squeal with delight as Sarah shot a load of cum deep inside his wife brought him to a tingling climax. Joe couldn't believe that watching his sweet wife become a black cock craving submissive slut would be such a turn on. He should be angry but instead he was overcome with decadent lust and deviant desire.

Before Sarah left they discussed the situation and Tammy even invited Sarah to move in with them but the cross-dresser wanted to maintain her independence, much to Tammy's dismay. Sarah noticed her disappointment and assured her that they would have many good-times together. The transsexual kissed them both goodbye and promised to call.

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