Role Over Ch. 24-28

by ColinGraham



When we awoke a few hours later, I realized it was late Monday morning. Remembering that Katy worked second shift at University Hospital, I quickly assumed my new submissive domestic role, hoping her benevolent mood would last until she left for work. She allowed me to wear only panties and an apron again as I cooked Spanish omelets for brunch. We all sat down together and ate hungrily.

"You've done really well Alexis," Misha commented as she watched me bustle about the kitchen.

"I had good instruction," I said smiling over at Katy.

"I noticed you still need to work on your walk though. You need to master the 'hip-sway.'"

"Like this, Mistress?" I walked across the kitchen flopping my butt from side to side in exaggerated movements.

"Not quite," Katy laughed.

"You're trying too hard," Misha explained. "Watch me."

She rose and strode across the room several times. The fluid motion of her beautifully contoured bottom flouncing beneath the skirt was impressive. I knew I could never come close to matching the effect.

"Now you try it Alexis. Once more—with feeling."

I made another attempt, not much better than the first.

"No, sorry. You're just to jerky in your movements," Katy said. "We're going to have to think this through more. Misha, show us again . . .No wait, remove your skirt if you don't mind."

"Sure." Misha unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.

This time I was treated to the spectacle of her lovely buttocks tensing and flexing beneath the sheer panties she wore. I tried to maintain my composure, as if evaluating the merits of a piece of furniture. It was hard. . .and I was getting hard.

"What do you see that strikes you Alexis," Katy asked.

"Well, I . . .I guess it's how smooth she makes it seem, Mistress" I stammered, then with a sudden inspiration added, "Fluid grace. That's what it's like. Very fluid."

Misha gave me a coy smile and sat down again.

"Okay, so try it again Alexis," Katy ordered. "Only smoother this time. Oh, and take your apron off too."

Uh, oh.

I was quite aroused by now, and I knew it would be immediately obvious to both women. I hesitated, fearing Katy's wrath.

To my surprise, she noticed my pleading look grimace. She beckoned Misha over to her side and they whispered conspiratorially for a moment.

Misha came over and—without saying a word—took my hand and led me from the room. We went down the hallway and into the master bedroom.

"You lucked out—she's in a good mood," Misha confided, "Now let me help you out. You seemed to be having a little trouble out there. . ." Her hands swiftly worked at my apron strings. "We thought you might appreciate a little privacy for once."

"You're very kind," I murmured as she pulled my apron off and tossed it aside.

"And you are very aroused," she commented, hooking her thumbs underneath the waistband of my panties and peeling them down to my ankles. She ran a finger along my rigid penis. "I can help you with this."

"Oh, yes. I'd really like that."

"Okay, but Katy wants me to do something first—it will help with your training." She opened the nightstand drawer and rummaged around inside.

Oh no . . .Not again!

Misha noticed my dismayed expression. "I'm sorry, Alexis, it has to be this way. But if you'd prefer to stop. . ." she started placing the items back in the drawer.

"No!, Okay, but I'm kind of sore down there."

"I'll be gentle dear," she said soothingly while she opened a jar and smeared lubricant on a large butt-plug. It was sculptured like a real penis, though fortunately shorter.

"Now I want you to lay back on the bed and spread your legs open, like a woman waiting to be taken. Lift your legs up in the air and grasp your knees from behind. . . . way up. That's it."

She helped push my weight back onto my shoulders, then she shoved a large pillow under the small of my back. "Try to relax," she cooed softly.

Right, I thought as the blood rushed toward my head.

Misha pressed the end of the plug against me, then waited for my aperture to widen, applying pressure until the head popped inside.

"Uuuhhh!" I grunted in pain and tried to relax enough to allow the rest of the shaft to enter, knowing from recent experience that the base would be narrower and less painful. Finally the plug was fully inserted, and I felt its flanged base seat itself against the tender flesh around my stretched hole.

Misha abruptly stood and pulled her sweater up over her head. She had no brassiere on, affording me the delicious sight of her milky white breasts pointing their lovely nipples at me. Then she climbed up on the bed and put her shoulders behind my knees. I forgot the discomfort of the butt-plug and delighted in the warm press of her breasts against the back of my thighs, her hard nipples digging in my flesh.

"How do you feel?"

I looked up and saw my legs still splayed out above me. "Like I'm getting fucked," I gasped.

"Good. Now hold that image. Remember, now you are a woman." She brought her hand around and rubbed my breast.

"You are being penetrated." She gave the plug a twisting motion, sending a shiver up through me.

"You love it. Now you know what else women love?" Her moist lips touched the end of my erection.

Oh god, yes. Take me.

"Women love to have their clit sucked. It drives us wild." She ran her lips around the head of my shaft and downward, then pulled back. "This is your clitoris Alexis, and I'm going to drive you wild."

She put her mouth back over my penis and began moving it up and down with long and deep strokes. She used her tongue and teeth to tease me with as she worked, occasionally reaching down to twist the butt-plug and send another tremor through me.

Then she playfully slapped my bottom, causing waves of pain and pleasure to ripple through my midsection. Her hands continued to rub my breasts and push in and out on the butt-plug.

I looked up again and saw my own feet, wagging in the air like a woman's. That, together with Misha's "cock" plunging in and out of me, pushed me over the edge into unfamiliar territory. God, I was a she, she was in me, she was on me, oh god. . .I gave myself to her completely, and in that moment I came.

"Ohhhhh . . .Gaawwdd," I writhed beneath her in ecstasy. My legs kicked up in the air, my toes arched outward. I expected Misha to pull away from me, but she hung on to my shaft, milking the juices out until I was dry.

"Ohhhhaaaahhahaha," I gave a long shuddering cry of joy. Was that my voice? I was surprised at the high feminine sound of it. Maybe it was just the inverted position I was in, but god it felt great!

Misha straightened up and moved around to face me, bringing her lips down to meet mine. Her hands came around to cradle my head as her mouth opened into mine. A peculiar tasting wetness washed down across my tongue and I suddenly realized she had never swallowed my juices, but had saved them instead—for me.

I tried to pull away but she had my head firmly in her grasp. Her nose covered mine so that eventually I had to swallow in order to breathe. When she knew I had swallowed her 'gift' she let go of my head and broke off our kiss.

"Why did you do that?" I gasped, a slick saltiness laying in the back of my throat.

"Every woman should know the taste of a man, Alexis," she smoothly responded, getting up and going into the bathroom. She came back with a damp washcloth and wiped me off.

I reached down and started to pull the plug from my bottom, then felt her hand close over top of mine, staying it.

"No, darling," she whispered, "Leave it in for now."

"But why?"

"Katy's orders—she says it will help train you." I looked puzzled.

"You'll see, just trust us," she said reassuringly, "Now that we've taken care of your little 'problem' come out and show Katy your walk." I hurriedly pulled my panties back on, leaving the apron aside, and walked back into the kitchen.

The plug felt strange, wobbling around inside me as I walked back toward the living room. It pushed my buttocks apart and caused me to become very aware of the motions those muscles made as I walked. I started to sway my hips to and fro, finding that this felt more comfortable—even natural.

"Hey, Alexis," Katy called out as I sashayed into the living room, "Looks like you're getting that walk down pretty good."

So that's what Katy meant by "training" me, I thought, not knowing how much our training goals differed. I would soon find out.



We drove over to the University District in Katy's car. I sat in back, excited to be out in public for the first time wearing women's clothing. I had on the long ruffled dress, a panty-girdle, sandals and a sweater. I also wore the padded brassiere, which really felt strange. The padding didn't add much to my chest but it was okay under the loose sweater. The women had also provided pads that fit under my girdle, augmenting my hips.

My 'training device' was bouncing around inside my ass with every jolt. Between bumps the tires created a steady humming sensation which I found quite pleasurable. I began to experiment, clamping and releasing my butt muscles to modulate the tremors rattling through my insides. The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, I hummed to myself.

"How are you doing back there Alexis," Misha asked, interrupting my private reverie, "Comfy?"

"Peachy," I replied, twitching away under my dress. Katy looked at me in the rearview mirror and must have seen my eyeballs rolling up.

"Don't go overboard with those Kegel exercises honey, or you'll loosen up so much your plug will pop out right there on University Avenue. Wouldn't that be a sight." Caught in the act, I blushed while Misha and Katy laughed merrily.

"Just remember, we come here regularly so try not to embarrass us." More laughter.

Unable to resist, I continued the flexing but tried to be more discreet about it, even carrying on part of a conversation. Katy pulled into the parking lot behind the bookstore and managed to find an open slot.

As soon as I got out I knew I was in trouble. The flexing had indeed loosened me up and now I felt the plug sliding down between my cheeks. If it weren't for the thin restraint provided by my panties it would indeed have wound up on Main Street. I reached behind and tried to surreptitiously poke it back in. Katy saw me.

"Uh, oh," she said quietly to Misha, "Slut girl here disobeyed me and got herself so worked up she's about to lose it."

"Okay, change of plan. Follow me."

I walked next to Misha while Katy fell in behind. She poked her finger up against my bottom now and then to make sure nothing fell out. We approached a small storefront that said "Eve's Orchard" and went inside.

I looked around the narrow shop, immediately noting the sexy lingerie hanging from racks. The shelves and display cases contained a wide array of sexual aids, 'toys' and books.

A petite young Asian woman greeted us warmly, "Hi Misha! I see you brought some new customers for me." Introductions were quickly made; I was of course introduced as "Alexis."

Nikki was looking at me curiously, and it was making me nervous.

"May I use the restroom?" I asked anxiously.

"Wait Alexis, just do as we say," Katy commanded in a sharp tone of voice.

"We need some help Nikki," Misha explained, "Katy's 'student' has a bit of a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"I think the best thing is to lay it all out so you get the entire picture. Can we go in back?"

"Sure." Nikki locked the door and flipped the sign to "CLOSED," then led us toward the back of the shop and through a curtained doorway. "Now, what's up?"

"Alexis, would you please disrobe for us?" It was not a question.


"Isn't that what I just said?" Again the sharp tone. "Do you need some help?"

"N-no . . ." I began to undress, feeling quite self-conscious with the three women watching. When I got down to my brassiere and panty-girdle it was pretty obvious what I was.

Judging from her lack of surprise, Nikki must have known I was male all along. She circled me with a bemused expression while I finished undressing. I stood there naked and beet-red from embarrassment, squeezing my butt-cheeks together to keep the plug from falling out on the floor.

"Nice shaving job," Nikki commented, "you must be getting some expert help."

"Alexis," Katy ordered, "bend over and show Nikki what you have stuck in your ass."

Reluctantly, I leaned forward and held my buttocks apart. Nikki bent to inspect the troublesome plug.

"My, that is a problem. Wait here while I get something from out front."

"Mistress Katy, this is embarrassing," I whispered when she was gone.

"Would you prefer a beating?" Katy asked in a matter of fact tone. "You can stand up now, by the way."

Nikki came back in carrying a box. "Let's see if this will fit." She pulled the lid off to reveal a rubber or neoprene harness of some sort. She took it out and held it up. It was a harness of some sort, comprised of a loop with two straps connecting front and back. She held it down near the floor.

"Step into this Alexis, one foot on each side of the straps." I did as she asked, then she pulled it up around my thighs. "Okay squat a little bit. That's it. Misha poke that thing back in will you?"

"With pleasure."

Misha stepped behind me and a moment later I felt the plug pressing back up inside of me. She seated it as far as the flange allowed and held it there.

"Close your mouth, Alexis. You look like a slut." That was Katy.

My mouth had indeed fallen open, almost as if in synchronicity with my bottom. I blushed and quickly shut it.

Nikki finished pulling the harness up around my waist, tugging and stretching it into place. Next she reached into the box the harness came in and retrieved a small patch of rubber with snaps on the corners.

"Here," she said, "this will keep you in place—spread your legs apart a little more."

She leaned down and fastened the narrow end onto a harness snap located between my legs. Then she stretched the material up over my genitals, pushing them in with her free hand while she snapped the upper corners onto the harness.

When Nikki finished she grasped my hands, pulled me upright and turned me toward a floor-length mirror. It felt very strange, and looked stranger—like some sort of medieval chastity belt. But I was now contained tightly enough to fit under my dress without showing a bulge. Close examination would reveal a most curious "panty-line" I mused, bending to retrieve my dress from the chair.

"Oh, that's perfect Nikki," Misha said popping her finger under one of my straps and giving it a playful snap, stinging me.

"You know, you might want to fit her with a larger plug too," Nikki said to Katy. "She seems about ready for one. Would you like me to do a fitting now, while you're here?"

No, please, I thought. I tried to appear calm, fearing swift retribution if I protested. Katy looked at me thoughtfully. There was a long pause during which she seemed to take pleasure from my apprehension.

"No I think not," Katy finally replied, "We're going to get Alexis' hair done, now that we can be sure she isn't going to drop her butt-plug in the salon and create an ugly scene." Everyone laughed while I flushed.

"May I get dressed now?" I asked Katy.

"Of course dear. Here, let me help." She reached in to help me fasten my brassiere, then held out my sweater. Finally I was able to retrieve my panty-girdle and pulled it up hastily to hide the bizarre sight underneath.

I put my skirt on and a few minutes later was again fully dressed, although certainly not in a manner recognizable to my friends. We said our good-byes to Nikki and left the shop, the plug still squishing loosely around in my well-reamed butt. I began swaying my hips a little more, moving the plug around in delightful ways, confident that my new harness would hold it in place. Katy was right—I was a slut, and I felt like one.


Two blocks down from Eve's we entered a salon called—of all things—The Mane Event. I was introduced to Char, a tall brunette with a shrill laugh.

The women stepped aside and spoke in whispers while I pretended to ignore the fact that they were talking about me. At length Char stepped over and gave me a warm—and knowing—smile, then gestured toward a salon chair.

"Darling, we are going to make you so beautiful your friends here will be jealous," she said in mock aristocratic tones. "You'll have to watch your back," she added, reaching out to pat my bottom as I walked past her.

Char had to know what was going on of course, but she was a true professional and never embarrassed me by saying anything. She did drop her brush in my lap once though, and grabbed for it rather aggressively I thought.

I never realized just how much longer it took for a woman to get a haircut, mainly because I never waited for one. Now that I was the subject of all the "full treatment" I suddenly had a greater appreciation for the time it took. Being a woman was neither quick nor easy.

One shampoo, haircut, styling, manicure and pedicure later we walked from the salon. I felt quite a bit further along in my "transformation," and swung my butt around with just a little more zest. The women noticed me doing this and started giggling.

"Feeling a little sassy are we, Alexis?" Katy inquired. I blushed and reduced the hip-sway slightly.

"Better watch it babe, one of these grad students might try and hit on ya," Misha chided.

"I can handle myself," I replied haughtily. Katy gave me a surprised look. Had I been a little more attentive I would have noticed the underlying warning that flashed in her eyes.

We strolled a couple of blocks down the Avenue and went in to a little sandwich shop for lunch. The woman at the counter gave me an odd look.

"She 'made' me," I whispered after we were seated.

"Don't sweat it. You have a long way to go Alexis," Katy said, "Eventually you'll be able to fool most males and a lot of women. There will always be exceptions—especially among children—unless you were to undergo a complete sex-change."

"You mean like with surgery?"

"It's done more often than you might think, and the results can be rather astounding." She fixed me with an amused stare, "Thinking about coming over permanently dear?"

"I didn't mean . . ." I stammered, blushing, "I wouldn't . . .well anyway it's probably horrendously expensive." Why did I say that? Surely there was more between me and such a drastic move than just money.

"Actually you might be surprised at the cost. A lot of advancements have been made and there are a number of clinics—all overseas of course." Katy was teasing—goading me to see how embarrassed she could make me. I tried to be casual, as if we were talking about buying an expensive car.

"Anything over a few hundred bucks would be out of my league," I replied casually. Then Misha piped in with a statement that took me by complete surprise.

"I could take care of the cost for you Alexis," she said sweetly and sincerely, "My folks made a lot of wise investments, so the estate wound up being quite large. Even though I live frugally, I'm what you might call 'filthy rich.' And Katy keeps me as her 'filthy bitch.'"

Katy added, "You better believe her sweetie—she'll foot the whole bill. So what do you say we get you set up for a consultation?" Her challenge was a deliberate attempt to humiliate me. I fought back, knowing nothing was at stake at this point.

"Sure, set me up." I grinned, then excused myself to use the restroom. Did I just say that!? Calm down, girl. I reminded myself that it was just a "consultation."

"You'd better go with him Misha," Katy said as I got up. "He might try going in the wrong door."


end of part 1

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