Role Over Ch. 18-23

by ColinGraham



Katy and Misha came back as I finished, their arms loaded full of packages, which they dropped in the living room. They were pleased to see that I had not only shaved but cleaned up the kitchen as well. After inspecting my work they led me back into the living room.

Katy closed the curtains and turned to face me. "Strip, Alexis"

I pulled my gown off and stood in front of them clad only in the white panties. Being nearly naked in front of two fully dressed women made me feel extremely vulnerable. It was also wildly erotic. I put my hands in front of my crotch in a lame attempt to hide the rapidly increasing bulge of my panties.

"The panties too," Katy commanded. Her smile told me that she was enjoying my humiliation as much as I was.

I turned my back, pulled the panties down around my ankles, and then stepped out of them. I straightened but kept my back turned to the women. My cock was now fully erect.

"Turn around, Alexis." Again, Katy's stern tone left me no choice.

I slowly turned, my hands still held down in front of my genitals. That was a mistake.

Katy walked over and slapped me on my buttocks as hard as she could.

"Ow! Why'd you do that?"

"Because you are being difficult, dear. Now you can do this our way, and maybe have a little fun, or we can just drag you down to the basement right now."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought everything was going pretty well. Now suddenly I was being threatened. I looked over at Misha for support but she just folded her arms and gave me an even stare.

"Why are you being so mean?" I asked.

"Because you seem to have forgotten your first lesson already, Alexis."

"What is it you want me to do?"

"We want you to obey us—to do what we ask without question or hesitation. This is the only way we will be able to help you. Now listen carefully Alexis, because it will be the last time I'll explain it. You have decided to do a very difficult thing—remember the decision to role-play was yours."

Katy picked my panties up off the floor and held them inches from my face. "These are the symbol of your commitment. The moment you put them on yesterday you committed yourself to seeing this through. We didn't force you to wear them. We only offered to help you because you'll need us in order to succeed. Misha and I have committed ourselves and our resources to helping you. When you question our orders and resist us we are hurt and insulted."

"I'm sorry," I replied quietly.

"You'll be more than sorry if we get you out in public or with our friends and—because you won't listen—you embarrass and humiliate all of us. We won't stand for it. Now make up your mind Alexis. Either you agree to follow all of our instructions without question, or leave this house right now." Katy pointed toward the front door for emphasis.

I glared back at Katy, truly taken aback by her tone and her "demands." I actually considered getting up and leaving, which seemed ludicrous in my current—totally naked—condition. Then I remembered standing on the bottom of the lake not so many hours before, barely able to breathe. Was I strong enough to resume my "old" life? Had anything really changed for me? The answer was obvious.

I lowered my eyes from Katy's and spoke in as humble a tone as I could muster, "You're right. I apologize for insulting you both."

"What do you want?"

"I want to role-play. I want you to help me, please. I will commit myself to your will."

"Prove it."


"You heard me. Demonstrate your commitment. Right now."

"How?" I was baffled.

"Use your imagination." Not sure what she wanted, and feeling ridiculous, I got down on my knees and leaned forward until my forehead touched the rug. This was the most obvious act of supplication I could think of. It was not enough. Misha and Katy stood immobile above me, watching.

"What do you think Misha? Does that do anything for you?"

"No. Nothing at all."

"You'd better think of something more impressive than that, Alexis." I knee-walked over to Katy's feet and began kissing her shoes.

"Hmmm, that's a little better." She moved her legs apart to hint at what she really wanted. I ran my kisses up her ankle, then along her calf and continued up under her skirt.

"Ohhh, yes. Now you're learning," she said encouragingly. She hiked her skirt up around her waist, revealing a garter belt and stockings, but no panties. She sat on the arm of the sofa and spread her knees apart, allowing me to continue kissing farther up her leg. Her warm musky scent filled my nostrils as I reached her inner thigh, leading my tongue like an excited hound toward its prey. When I arrived at her moist cleft she grasped the back of my head and pulled me into her.

"Ohhhhh...ooooohhh...mmmm . . .that's very good Alexis." I licked and sucked every part of her treasures that I could reach, including darting my tongue back into that smaller brown hole below her cleft. She seemed in no hurry for me to finish. Her skirt had fallen back around my head and it was dark underneath. It appeared that it might also be dark outside before I would escape from under her skirt.

Finally Katy climaxed, pressing my face into her so hard that she nearly broke my jaw with her orgasmic convulsions. I tried to keep from causing her any harm while I desperately fought for air through my partially covered nostrils. At length her contractions subsided and she loosened her grip on my head. I slunk to the floor in a submissive posture again, playing it for all it was worth. Minutes passed before Katy finally spoke, rather aloofly I thought.

"That was fairly well done Alexis, though your technique is not very refined."

"I'm sorry," I replied, shocked at how ungrateful she seemed.

"Don't worry. This is one of the areas where we can help you to improve yourself," she said, more kindly. "Now you that you have demonstrated you commitment to me, you are halfway home."


I kneeled there, waiting for Katy's next demand, but none came. Instead a white gauzy haze descended in front of me, the accompanying scent identifying its source. I turned my head upward to see Misha, naked, dangling her panties in front of me. There was no mistaking her intent as she sat down in an overstuffed chair, draping her legs up over the chair arms and moving her pelvis forward until her vagina protruded over the edge of the seat.

I drank in the pure beauty of her presentation. No sculptor could match the soft contours of her vagina, inner and outer lips splayed open like delicate flower petals. No painter could mix colors like those before me—rich hues of brown, pink and flesh—even now flushing red with her excitement and anticipation. Crowning all these glories, like a lighthouse guiding me into its harbor, sat her proud clitoris, its hood stretched back, unable to contain the glistening pearl as it swelled with her blood.

"It's beautiful isn't it," Katy whispered in my ear, startling me. I hadn't realized she was next to me, appreciatively examining the same spectacle.

"It's too perfect," I whispered back, reverently. "I can't touch that."

"Of course you can Alexis. You just have to do it with the proper amount of respect. Here, watch me." She leaned inward and brushed her lips lightly against the inside of Misha's thigh, then pulled back. "That was the 'greeting' Alexis. Now you try it."

I kissed Misha where Katy had, as gently as I could.

"Good. Now we'll ask for permission to engage her. Watch closely and you will see her body answer for her." Katy brought her lips in close, extended her tongue, and lightly—ever so lightly—flicked it against Misha's engorged folds. Misha trembled slightly and raised her hips.

"Did you see that Alexis? Misha's body is talking to me; she has just invited me to come inside. Now it's your turn."

We switched places and I repeated Katy's tongue movements. It was hard to resist the urge to dive in all the way once I had tasted her sweet juices. I pulled back, and again Misha moved her hips as if to follow my retreating tongue.

"She's ready for us to take her now Alexis. She wants it." Katy darted her tongue out and licked the spot where Misha's outer lips met at the bottom of her cleft. There was a small indentation there, just forward of her anus. "See that little hollow there just below her pussy? That's called the forchierre . . . intriguing, isn't it? Go ahead, taste it, Alexis."

I licked just where Katy showed me. Misha moaned softly.

"It's wonderful," I whispered breathlessly.

"Yes, now let's probe her depths." She ran her tongue from the base of Misha's crack slowly upward, then stopped to extend it inside. Misha was now moaning steadily, her entire body shuddering with pleasure.

I followed Katy's example and ran my tongue up the entire length of Misha's open cleft, pausing to insert it as deeply as possible. I was rewarded with the sweet acrid taste of her womanhood and more quivering tremors. I was really aroused by this time, and could hardly wait to place my lips and tongue against the "pearl" of Misha's engorged clitoris.

Katy showed me how it was done, pulling back between nibbles and licks to describe each move and the reason for it. It was the most compelling demonstration I had ever witnessed. I followed her moves, rolling Misha's little nubbin between my lips with dutiful attention to detail. What I learned that day from Katy about pleasing a woman would serve me—and my lovers—well for years to come.

Misha was in a full-blown frenzy by this point, moaning and lifting her pelvis completely off the cushion in pursuit of our fickle tongues. Katy and I took turns holding Misha's knees onto the chair arms while the other sucked and licked at her divine well. I was lucky enough to be engaged there when Misha finally climaxed. Her hot juices washed into my willing mouth and across my face as she shook and moaned in the throes of her ecstasy.

Having two beautiful women climax in my face had brought me to to brink myself, but I was also afraid to press my luck. Only moments before they had been ready to throw me out of the house, and I still wasn't certain how I should behave. No doubt, obedience was a big part of what they wanted from me. Now it seemed that servitude was another requirement, and there was certainly nothing wrong with this kind of servitude.

Okay, I thought, I can be your slave. I kneeled and bent forward again, keeping my head down to hide my throbbing erection. Some things would have to wait, I decided.


"Well at least you're trying harder, Alexis," Katy said, admiring my prone form. "We will continue to help you for now. Does that please you?"

"Yes Katy."

"Unfortunately there is a small matter to take care of first. Your insolent behavior and proud demeanor tell me that your male-identity is still too strong. I suggest we condition your behavior with punishments and rewards. Every manifestation of maleness you display will be punished quickly and harshly. Also, as you begin your femininity training, we will reward your progress. Will you submit yourself to this type of training?"

"I will."

"There can be no exceptions—we must be consistent. Anything less would be a failure of our commitment to you. You understand this don't you?"

"Yes Katy."

"Good. Now since your training had already begun, your insulting behavior a little while ago must be punished. Do you still agree?

"Yes. What are you going to do?"

"I was thinking of whipping you. It's my decision of course, but do you feel up to it?" My bottom was still inflamed and I didn't like the idea.

"Uh, you don't mean with the belt again do you?"

"It almost sounds like you are arguing with me. Are you arguing Alexis?"

"No Katy."

"Good. How many lashes should we give him Misha?"

"Hmmm. I think five should do it."

"Okay five it is."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Five licks with the belt didn't sound too bad. Then she continued, "Five lashes for insulting Misha. . ." she paused, ". . .and five more for insulting me. I will administer them."

Oh no! I fought the urge to argue, knowing it would only be worse if I did. I waited, perfectly still, while Katy left the room and returned with her leather belt.

"Get up Alexis." I stood, noticing that Misha had dressed, once again leaving me as the only naked person in the room. This time I was careful not to hide my genitals, gratefully noting that my terror had caused my embarrassing erection to subside. Katy directed me to stand behind the overstuffed chair.

"Okay Alexis, bend over the chair as far as you can and grasp the arms. Misha, take his wrists and hold him down."

I bent over the chair-back and prepared myself for her blows.


God! She hit hard!


Tears filled my eyes. I felt like a child.


This time I flinched too hard. Katy moved up close and shoved her hand roughly between my buttocks. Her finger was poised at my hole as if waiting for an excuse to enter. I stayed perfectly still.

"You aren't resisting are you Alexis? Would you like to continue in the basement?" I thought of the table and the restraints.

"N-no," I said, half sobbing.

"Gooood. That's a good girl."

Whack! Whack! Whack!

I tried to keep count but the pain was too intense. Without Misha holding my wrists I might have broken and ran. This was no "token" punishment; it was a statement. Katy was showing me that she was in charge.

I sobbed openly, and my tears flowed out and stained the front of the chair. At last, just when I felt I could bear it no longer, the beating stopped.

"You may get up now Alexis."

I rose, tears still streaking down my face. Misha supported me gently with one arm and reached up with the other to wipe my cheeks.

"Now go get cleaned up," Katy ordered. She added, almost cheerily, "When you are presentable come back here and see what wonderful gifts we brought for you. Don't put any clothes on though—we have lots of things out here for you to wear.

"Yes Katy. Thank you!" I literally ran from the room, buttocks aflame.


I was washing my face when Misha entered the bathroom. She examined my beet-red bottom with a sympathetic look, then reached around me and got a bottle from the medicine cabinet. Without saying a word she began applying lotion to the inflamed skin on the backs of my thighs and buttocks.

"Thank you Misha," I said quietly.

"Shhhhh . . .Try not to speak. I don't think this will be your last beating Alexis. You are too proud still, and that makes Katy angry. Obey her without question and she will be more kind. She can be a lot of fun you know."

I nodded in agreement, even though I found it hard to think of Katy as "fun." Misha left me alone to think about what she had said. I was beginning to get the picture—my earlier guess had been correct. Katy was the dominant female in the house and it was she who had defined my new role.

I was now obvious that I would be not just a "woman," I was to be a slave of sorts. This was much more than I had bargained for, but it took some of the sting out Katy's abuses. Now I knew that she didn't resent me; she just needed to be in control. Strangely, this gave me a small measure of control. I decided to play along for a while longer and see what happened.

I came back into the living room, completely naked as Katy had instructed. Misha began opening packages and laying various items of clothing out on the sofa and chairs. Katy had me stand still with legs spread and arms raised so that she could check my shaving and hygiene. She made a few critical comments about my appearance, then reached down and picked up something that looked like a long pair of panties with straps hanging from the legs.

"This is a panty-girdle," she explained, handing it to me. I put it on and she showed me how to pull it snugly around my stomach. It felt tight and stretchy across my inflamed buttocks. Katy circled me, examining the fit. Then she pulled the waistband out and shoved her hand inside, grabbing my testicles and pushing them down next to my leg.

"Remember to adjust yourself so you don't bulge out in front." She yanked up on the waistband, tightening the material around my crotch. "The girdle will help hold things down—unless you get too big of an erection," she winked, "in which case you should excuse yourself and head for the ladies room."

Misha handed me some flesh-colored nylon stockings. Both women watched with amusement while I struggled into the stockings, somehow managing to avoid tearing them.

"Okay here's how these work Alexis," Katy explained, reaching in to fasten the stocking top to a garter strap. The sensuous touch of her fingers working against my inner thigh was getting me aroused. I needed to think of something un-erotic. I began to visualize working on my car. In my mind's eye I had the air-cleaner off and was adjusting the throttle linkage...

Smack! Katy slapped my already sore bottom, quite hard.

"Alexis! Pay attention! I asked you to fasten the next clip, didn't you hear me?"

Chagrined, I reached down and fumbled with the next clip. After a few more I got the knack of it and even managed to reach the harder clips in back. I stood up proudly in my new panty-girdle and stockings, waiting for praise, but the women were too busy pawing through more lingerie to notice.

Just as I was getting to like the secure feeling of the panty-girdle they had me strip it off.

"Leave your stockings on dear," Katy instructed, "and put this on." She handed me a white garter belt with straps hanging from it.

After got it on, I hooked the straps to the stockings without being asked. I felt obscene in just the garter belt and stockings with my bare-ass and genitals hanging out for all to see.

The women took their time, admiring me and enjoying my discomfiture, Finally, Misha handed me a pair of black silk panties and I gratefully pulled them on, unsuccessfully trying to hide my erection underneath the sheer material.

Next they had me hold my arms out while they pulled a brassiere on me. Then they showed me how to hook it up (my previous experience being limited to bra-removals) and adjust it. The pads inside were just enough to give me the appearance of having small female breasts. Katy explained that I would be fitted for false breasts once they felt I was ready and had "earned them."

"Now the trick is for you to wear skirts and loose blouses or sweaters," Katy explained, "Never wear anything too tight or you'll give yourself away. You should also wear scarves whenever you can. They help conceal your Adam's apple and add a feminine touch."

"We have some things that will work nicely," Misha added, "Blouses that billow rather than cling, and skirts with pleats. We also have a couple dresses we want you to model, and a pair of shoes. We'll get you fitted with more shoes when you're ready to go out in public. Now slip this blouse on, I think you'll like it."

The blouse was indeed "billowy" and though I expected it to be not much different than a lightweight shirt, it was much more. I fumbled with the buttons, which were on the opposite side from what men are used to. Just one more thing to disorient me.

At last we got to the skirt. This was another "first," and it had a peculiar—almost enchanting—effect on me almost as soon I slipped my legs into it. It was long and ruffled, made of synthetic material that fell across my hips in soft curves and flowed over my thighs. My body, hidden now below the elastic waistband, felt cool and strangely unfettered, as if it were my own private playground; a place where I could even be naked if I wanted. Now I understood how erotic it must be for women to go out in public wearing a dress with no panties underneath. I couldn't wait to wear it outside, though I would probably need at least a thong or something to keep my erection in place.

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