Role Over Ch. 13-17

by ColinGraham



Awakening slowly, I blinked in the bright light illuminating the table where I still laid, face-up. My wrists were once again secured to the corners of the table above my head. I looked down to see that I was still quite naked, though my skin shone as if it had been oiled. My feet were bound together strangely, ankles crossing and strapped securely together with soles facing outward. This "lotus" contortion forced my knees awkwardly outward, stretching the muscles on the insides of my thighs and preventing me from bringing my legs together. My armpits seemed to tingle, so I craned my head around to see that they had been shaved bare and oiled. Trussed in this unusual way, unable to move or rise up, I was once again completely vulnerable, apparently ready for my next "lesson."

Glancing aside, I saw Misha tightening the phallic device's straps around herself. She was naked except for the strap-on harness and a pair of high heel shoes. Presumably she wore these for the same reason Katy had—increasing her height to where she could perform a level entry into my bottom with the device. Meanwhile Katy climbed up onto the table and straddled my torso while facing toward my feet

Misha moved toward the lower end of the table grasped my bound feet and pushed them up. Katy grabbed these and pulled, knee-walking herself back toward my chest. This forced my knees to be drawn up toward my chest so that my buttocks were now spread widely open. Misha pulled on something and I heard the table leaf drop away. Currents of disturbed air licked softly around my opening, evaporating the moisture there and cooling the swollen flesh.

Katy had settled into a position with her knees straddling my chest. She straightened upright, grasping the insides of my knees for support, and her spreading vagina descended down toward me. The warm rich smell emanating from her vestibule filled my nostrils as I studied the cleanly shaven contours poised inches above my face. Her pink engorged clitoris protruded wetly and invitingly from the protective flesh of its surrounding hood, flecks of milky white moisture glistening upon it.

Misha's fingers began to delicately fondle the area around my testicles and anus. I was grateful for the tenderness of her explorations as this area was now sore and probably quite swollen from the pummeling it had already received. She gently applied more oil around my puckered hole, brushing in a circular motion until her finger stabbed inside me to finish coating the entrance. The suddenness of this penetration caused me to twitch my pelvis away from her, though—bound as I was—I could hardly move very far. She responded to my resistance by bending her finger and pulling slightly against the inner wall below my testicles, as if to demonstrate that I was hooked like an unwilling and helpless fish.

The prolonged teasing had me quite aroused again, and I found myself almost anticipating the assault so that I could obtain the relief which I was sure would follow. Noticing this, Misha withdrew her finger and gently stroked her hand down the entire length of my engorged cock—that organ madly twitching in response. She anticipated me before I was able to climax though, removing her hand and whispering "No, no, no...Not yet you poor girl." This was followed by several hard slaps of the leather strap across my buttocks, firm hands grasping my thighs, and the familiar press of the phallus against the rim of my anus.

Misha's entry into my now "deflowered" portal was quite different than Katy's had been. She breeched the constricted entrance with the large head of the device using great care, so that my pain was not as intense as before. Achieving this, she thrust slowly—almost reverently—forward. Instead of furious headlong plunges, she skewered me with continuous and graceful movements, pausing now and then to shudder and savor the feeling she was getting from her own end of things.

Eventually I felt her tense as if preparing to engage me more aggressively. She grasped the edges of the table for leverage and thrust harder, burying the device to its deepest extent within me. I gasped once again from the sudden fullness and then surrendered myself to a prolonged series of exquisite thrusts. Misha's contractions increased in severity and tempo, signaling her approaching climax.

"Ohhh..," she cried out, throwing her abdomen against my testicles. Her device's refilled bladder flattened slightly on impact, her shaft pulsed and twitched and a warm gush of fluid rushed into me. She continued to ram hard up against my bottom in frantic moaning thrusts, squirting fluid until she was quite empty. The last pulsing injection was accompanied by a burble of air mixed with whatever liquid remained. Misha's deposits joined with Katy's, leaving me with a full and sloshy feeling inside. Finally she pulled back from between my thighs, the device popping free and allowing some of the ejaculate to spill out.

Katy continued to hold my knees up while Misha quickly plunged something into my leaking orifice. Its small end rapidly tapered up to a fat bulge which she pressed in past the swollen muscles around my opening. I guessed it was the "butt-plug" Misha had me use earlier on her. I sighed with relief as the bulge cleared and it tapered down again until the flange came up against my bottom. The fluids trying to escape my now swollen insides were now quite effectively blocked.

She whispered, "Don't push out yet. I'll tell you when you can let go." I grunted and obediently kept my muscles clamped around the plug and waited silently for whatever was to come next. Katy squatted lower onto me, her genitalia now directly on my nose and mouth. "Eat me," she said. "Eat me good. You must work for your reward, dear girl"

This was an offer I could hardly—especially in that position—refuse. I extended my tongue and began to run it all around her cleft, tasting her juices and pausing in the right areas while she hovered and writhed above my face. The small pink and brown cyclops of her anus met me at eye level, and I tilted my head back to dart my tongue into that space as well.

After many minutes of rocking, writhing and moaning, she cried out "Aaaahh..uh..uh..unh," and ground herself down on me, thighs convulsing spasmodically. My chin was rubbing her clitoris while my mouth and nose lay buried among the engorged wet folds of her cleft. I was nearly suffocating when she eased upward, her still quivering vagina dripping juices as it retreated to a point just above my face.

She bent forward, breasts falling against my stomach, and placed her lips around the end of my engorged shaft. Sliding her lips slowly down, she had taken almost the entire length of me before she pulled back, teeth lightly scraping against the sensitive vein along the underside of my penis. She then began a series of short up and down strokes, while I wriggled around in response. As she brought me to the edge of orgasm I moaned, "Oh god!" and began bucking about on the table.

I felt Misha quickly jerk the plug from my ass and press the rounded rim of a container up to encircle my buttocks. "Let it fly!" I heard Misha shout. "Go baby! Go!" Katy urged. I released all of my pent-up juices at once. Sperm flew up through my throbbing member and squirted violently into Katy's mouth, where she fed hungrily upon it, making loud sucking and gulping noises. Simultaneously, all of the deposits both women had injected into me blew out in a rapid gush, sloshing noisily into the receptacle Misha held tightly against me. All of these erotic sensations exploded in my head like a private fireworks display as I thrashed about in exquisite enjoyment of this climatic dual-release of energy and fluid.

Misha pulled the container away from my buttocks and gently wiped away the effluent that remained there. Then my feet were unbound and my legs were allowed to hang over the edge of the table. She bent over me, stroking my hair and kissing me lovingly on the mouth, while Katy pulled herself up off of me, dripping the exotic mixture of our combined juices across my bare flesh as she climbed down off the table. My wrist-cuffs were removed and though I was finally free to get up, I found that I hadn't the strength left to do so.

"Congratulations, Alexis! You passed the audition!" Misha exclaimed as she ran a damp cloth over my face chest and stomach, "Now we are ready to continue your transformation."

"God! You've virtually raped me already, what could be next?" I gasped.

"Plenty," Katy responded cheerfully, "We're just getting started, my dear." I groaned.


I was groaning and rubbing my sore rear end while the women tried to comfort me. Misha spoke encouragingly, as if reassuring a child. "You'll be okay, Alexis. We're going to help you play a woman so convincingly that you will be able to fool anyone into thinking you are one."

Katy gave me a friendly pat on my bottom. "In the end you will be stronger...and perhaps take more abuse without deciding to jump into any lakes." She was right. I had been despondent, who know how close to the edge. The strange erotic experience these women had put me through had somehow chased away the demons. Maybe I should play along until I felt they would stay gone forever. "Okay," I sighed, "You're right. What's next?"

"Come with us Alexis, my dear," she replied. Both women lifted me up and helped me from the table. I could barely stand, my legs felt weak and my bottom was stretched and sore where the fluid continued to drip from it. They placed my arms around their shoulders for support and walked me, still naked, from the room. As my head lolled lazily forward I noticed Misha still wore the harness. Its phallus bobbied obscenely in front of her, glistening with the moist remains of our last encounter.

They helped me in this manner to the bathroom and placed me gently down on the open toilet seat, where I sat in a stupor listening to the final drops of fluid fall from my ravaged bottom into the water below. I farted loudly into the bowl, releasing more air and liquid, and causing the women to break into laughter. "Go ahead," Misha guffawed, "Let it out...We sure packed enough into you!"

"Very funny," I replied sullenly, still feeling humiliated by my recent treatment.

Misha knelt and gave me a lingering open-mouthed kiss, then brought her mouth around to playfully nibble on my earlobe, as she whispered, "Hey, relax. We both think you're a really decent and fun guy. We just want to open your eyes a little."

"And something else," I murmured.

"Now look who's being funny," she said, rising, "Help me with this, Okay?"

I helped her unfasten the harness and remove it, admiring the way her eyes rolled up as the stubby end inside of her slid free. It was the first time I had felt the device—other than inside of my ass. I explored its intricacies while the women began running the shower. They washed each other lovingly while I absently fondled the device in my hand.

I bent to sniff the end that had just been inside Misha, and tentatively ran my tongue over it. Hearing more laughter, I looked up to see the women watching this interplay through the clear glass of the stall

"He'll make a fine woman," said Katy. "He's already developed a taste for it!"

Blushing, I lay the harness down and turned to watch the show inside the shower stall. After the women finished soaping, rinsing, caressing and stroking each other they opened the door and beckoned me to get in the shower with them. Still a little wobbly I stepped into the large stall, which suddenly became rather crowded with three of us in it.

Confined in this space, it was impossible to avoid rubbing, leaning and pressing against all the bare flesh which filled it. I luxuriated in the sensuous feel of their hands and bodies as they washed me all over. They took special care to be tender around the inflamed areas where they had so recently violated me, using fingers to wash there instead of cloth.

I playfully groped about, exploring whatever breasts, nipples and holes I came across. This elicited delighted squeals and shouts from the women, who reciprocated by squeezing my own genitals and nipples until we were all laughing so hard we had to hold each other up.

Eventually we got out and towels were passed around, although nobody used theirs to dry themselves. Everyone got a thorough rubbing from their neighbor, and I almost got a little more. Misha was starting to get friendly with my half-raised penis when Katy snapped her towel against both of our bottoms. "Save it," she said, shooing us out of the bathroom and down the hall with more towels snaps against our madly retreating buns.

Back in the bedroom, Misha pointed for me to lay down in the middle of the large bed. I hesitated, envisioning another "torture" session, but Katy pushed me from behind so that I fell awkwardly down onto the mattress. "Relax."

Both women dropped down on either side of me and we lay there awhile, almost silent except for the occasion spurt of air which escaped from me now and then, eliciting more chuckling and snickering from my bed partners. Misha rolled over to face me, cocking her elbow under her to support her, and studied my face for a moment. "Well, how did it feel to be fucked like a girl?"

I sputtered for a moment, trying to come up with an appropriate comeback. "It was hardly what I expected," I finally offered. Lame.

"We had to improvise, of course, you not having the correct plumbing and all," Katy responded, lazily dropping a hand into my crotch for emphasis. Her fingers began to intertwine themselves in my little forest of pubic hair. "But like the saying goes, 'Any port in a storm.'"

"How very nautical," I replied gazing at the ceiling, "but especially naughty. I was really wondering more about the bondage bit."

Her fingers moved up to trace circles over my abdomen. Misha's hand joined hers there and they commenced a sensuous little dance of intertwining fingers with my taut stomach as the dance floor. Tap. Thump. Tap, tap. Fred Murray, eat you heart out, I thought.

"Like I told you earlier," Misha said, "We needed to break down your 'maleness' as a first step. We tied you up to humiliate you and make you feel helpless, more than to keep you captive."

"I certainly felt all of that," I said, still not looking at either of them, "I also felt like jumping up and running several times, but you had me hog-tied pretty well."

"Yes, we didn't want you to act on the spur of the moment, and regret it later. We may have to restrain or punish you again, for you own good, so don't think to harshly of us. We want you to hang in there and follow through with this transformation, even if it's occasionally uncomfortable."

"I guess I can accept that," I said. No harm done, though I am pretty sore, and I feel damned strange...kind of vulnerable I guess. So what's next in your plan to 'save' me?"

"That's the spirit," Misha replied, "Now that we have torn down your male pride, and deflowered you, it's time to start building up your femininity. There are many things to learn."

Katy encircled my breast with her hand..."And many ways to learn," She winked at me and squeezed hard, forcing the flesh outward, then tweaking the nipple with her other hand. Then she started running her hand through my hair.

"Well I hope to hell they aren't as painful as the last lessons," I said, rubbing my inflamed buttocks.

Katy gave them another swat. "You should stop swearing. It's not very feminine. In fact I have an idea on how to help you there too."

"Oh no."

"Oh yes. We'll keep track of how many times you swear, then punish you for it at the end of each day. The last thing you will feel before going to sleep will be the pain you caused yourself by cussing like a man."

I yawned—it was early Saturday evening and exhaustion was finally overtaking my desire.

"Okay, I'll try to clean up my language." I yawned again. "Can I sleep now?" I asked.

"Yes, of course you may sleep Alexis. Your bed for now will be down the hall." She got up and went to a dresser and pulled something out of a drawer. She came over and held it out for me. "Before you leave I want you to put this on."

It was a woman's nightgown. It was cut large and looked like it would cover me, but the material was nearly sheer. "We want to see you wearing only women's clothing while you're in the house. It will help prepare you for larger steps.

I grasped the flimsy garment. "Now model it for us," she demanded. I rose and fumbled with it until Misha got up to help, "Here, silly...raise both your arms straight up, holding these straps. Okay, now let go." The gown slid down over my chest and settled into place. I felt ridiculous. Misha ran her hands all over me, pressing the material against my skin, and kissing me deeply.

Then Katy rose, and shoved me toward the bed, "Kneel down on the floor and lay across the bed." I felt the collar of my new gown pulled down. "How many times did Alexis swear Misha?"

Misha thought for a moment. "Twice."

"Then she will receive two lashes before retiring," Katy said, abruptly lifting the hem of my gown above my waist. "Stay still." She went over to the closet and retrieved a leather belt. Whack! Whack! Two hard slaps upon my already sore buttocks had me nearly in tears. She pulled the gown back down and pulled me upright, "Enough! Time for sleep."

Misha showed me my room and we kissed goodnight. "You did wonderfully," she told me as we parted, "Tomorrow will be a new beginning for you, you'll see, it'll be fun." I went in to use the bathroom a few minutes later and stood looking at myself in the mirror for awhile. Finding the image absurd, I walked over to the toilet and pulled up the gown to take a leak.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong!" Katy stood in the doorway watching. She strode over and slapped me hard on the ass. "Show me how a woman relieves herself, Alexis," she demanded.

Chastened and embarrassed, I pulled up the gown and sat my bruised bottom carefully down on the toilet seat. How far was I supposed to carry this, I wondered.

"Try to stay in character Alexis..." she reached down between my legs, aiming my penis into the bowl, "even if you have to improvise." She softened her tone and put her hand on my cheek, then bent and kissed me. "Get some sleep dear."


"Wake up," a woman's voice said. Something soft and silky brushed my face. I opened my eyes and couldn't see anything but a white haze...Pulling the white thing away, I saw an angels face bending over me...again. Misha.

Then it all came back, aided by the ravaged areas in my lower body sending their complaints about my previous evening's mistreatment. I looked at the whiteness that I had pulled off of my eyes. The panties.

"You left those in the kitchen," Misha said, "They're still clean. Come on, slip them on, we've got a lot to do."

I lifted up my nightgown and pulled on the panties. She whistled, "Hey, looking good Alexis!" I looked down at myself, already feeling slightly less strange than the first time I had seen myself in them.

"Look, we match," Misha said, pulling up her nightie to show me her tiny white panties.

" I like yours better," I said, "or what's in them, anyway."

"Clothes make the woman," she laughed, "but I think we can make some improvements elsewhere too. Let's go get cleaned up before we make breakfast." We went into the bathroom where she handed me a spare toothbrush she kept "just for emergencies." Then she pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet.

"Not bashful, are we?" I asked.

"Not when it's just us 'women,'" she replied with a grin, sounds of tinkling water coming from under her exquisitely rounded bottom.When I had finished brushing my teeth she gripped my whiskers with one hand and handed me a safety razor with the other. "Shaving cream's under the sink," she pointed. I removed all of my facial hair while she stood beside me brushing her teeth and watching. The whole scene had a real domestic feeling to it, and felt strangely comforting.

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