Role Over Ch. 10 -12

by ColinGraham



Misha led me down the stairs and into a windowless basement room. It was nearly empty except for a padded table in the center, lit brightly by small heat lamps suspended high above. A sheet covered the table, draping down to the floor and hiding whatever was underneath. The rest of the room was softly bathed by indirect light from several wall sconces. It felt like a cross between an operating theater and a dungeon. A small chest of drawers sat against one wall, and on top of it an array of bottles and folded towels. A light, flowery scent in the air suggested the bottles contained oils and lotions.

Misha walked over to the table and glanced demurely over her shoulder at me. "By now, I shouldn't even have to ask if you're shy. I'll go first." She slipped out of her robe, climbed up on the table, and lay facedown.

I stood there, transfixed by the side of her smooth supine form. The pale twin globes of her ass glowed under heat lamps like some exotic buffet.

"Ahem..." Misha pointed to the bottles. "The oil is over there. You do give backrubs don't you?"

"Oh, uh yes. I do," I replied. "And the front too. That is, uh, if you—"

"In time, my sweet. All in good time."

A serious massage was out of the question. My hands had a mind of their own, and tonight's mission was to explore and worship. Fortunately, Misha didn't mind my lack of finesse. She didn't even complain when my greasy fingers fumbled the bottle and created a major oil spill on her back.

"You can just spread the excess down lower," Misha said, pulling the towel aside.

"Okay, sure." I ran my slick hands down over her firm ivory buttocks and kept going, down the smooth shaven expanse of her legs to her ankles. The journey back up was even better, moving along the insides of her legs, pushing wavelets of excess oil with my hands. Uncertain about how much I could get away with, I stopped near the top of her thighs and went to work on her back again.

"All the way down my spine now, please," Misha whispered.

All the way? I didn't know whether she wanted me to stop at the small of her back or to go further, below the belt so to speak.

As if reading my mind, Misha moaned softly and spread her legs a little. "It's okay. You can touch me anywhere."

"But I thought ... I mean, aren't you and Katy—"

"Lovers?" Misha finished for me. "Of course we are, dear. But that doesn't mean I don't like men. Haven't you ever heard of a bisexual, silly?"

"Uh, sure."

"Good. Katy and I have what's called an open arrangement." She turned her head and saw my look. "But don't get any ideas about her. I've never seen Katy cross the gender line. That's not to say you couldn't please her in 'other' ways."

"Other ways?"

"You'll see," Misha replied cryptically. "Now will you stop worrying about Katy and get to work?"

"Yes, ma'am."

I pushed a small tsunami of excess oil into the valley between Misha's buttocks. It ran down over her tiny rosebud and toward the fleshy mound of her pussy below. I was tempted to go after it, but decided against it and choose instead to tease the soft white flesh of her inner thighs with delicate finger strokes. As I passed perilously close to her pussy, I felt the heat emanating from it.

Misha gave a small shudder, and then giggled. "Oil is leaking into my butt."


"No, it's fine. In fact I have just the thing for it." Misha lifted her arm and pointed toward the chest of drawers. "Look in the top drawer."

I went over and opened the drawer, expecting to find a washrag or hand towel. Instead, I found an array of sex toys. There were several vibrators of various types and sizes, a double-headed dildo, and three tapered rubber plugs of graduating sizes.

"Bring the butt-plug, honey," she said. "The medium sized one will do."

I grabbed what I thought was the right one and brought it back to the table and showed her. She nodded, rose to her knees and bent over with her ass facing me. She was completely exposed now, from the dark glimmering star of her freshly oiled anus and down to her neatly trimmed Venus mound, lost in shadow where it receded up toward her abdomen.

Once again I was found myself unable to move – though my cock was definitely moving on its own. Her delicate inner lips, moistened and flushed with her arousal, opened flowerlike even as I watched, revealing the small bump of her clitoral hood. At its center, the pink, shiny head of her clit was just peeking out, beckoning me.

Misha wriggled her bottom impatiently. "Just put it in the small hole, silly."

Aiming carefully, I placed the tapered tip of the plug against her pucker, and pushed ever so lightly. She was tight down there.

"Harder!" Misha demanded.

I applied more pressure and the tip went in. It got harder to push as the fat center portion neared her ring ... Misha lurched her ass backward towards me...

"Unh! Oh god!" Misha let out an explosive breath as the fat portion disappeared inside of her. Her little rosebud quickly closed around narrow base. A flat flange at the base of the plug prevented it from going in any deeper.

"Mmmm..." Misha sighed and lowered herself back down, rolling over so that she was on her back. "Now where were we?" she asked.

I didn't answer right away. Her beautiful tits were pointed up at me, and her hard, pink nipples were begging for my attention. And there was the matter of her glistening wet pussy. Well in for a penny, in for a pound.

"Well," I said, "Not to be an alarmist or anything, but I think there's another hole down there that hasn't been plugged."

Misha raised herself up on her elbows and looked down to where her legs were spread invitingly open. "Hmm ... You know, I think you're right. Try the drawer again please. The big pink vibrator this time."

I got the vibrator and brought it back, sneaking a rub at the bulge under my towel and wishing Misha had asked for that instead. Must be something about lesbians and their toys, I mused. Oh well, when in Rome...

I brandished the vibrator where Misha could view it. "Any instructions ma'am?"

"Full power Mr. Sulu. Take us out of orbit," she quipped.

I switched on the motor and—holding the swollen outer lips of her vestibule open with two fingers—inserted the tip of the vibrator into her pink opening.

Misha lifted her hips to take it. "More...more," she gasped.

"Aye cap'n! I'll give her all she's got!" I replied in my best impression of a Scottish brogue. I plunged the humming little toy in deeper, and then began a rhythmic series of strokes, pausing at the deepest point of insertion to rub my thumb around on her clitoris. I used my other hand to massage the sensitive area between her vagina and anus with my little finger.

Sheila writhed and bucked, the darkening outer lips of her engorged vagina signaling that she'd reached her pre-orgasmic "plateau." I held her on the brink for awhile, milking it for all it was worth. As her face began contorting, I grasped her breast with my free hand. She shuddered as she lost muscle control, and her buttocks and vaginal muscles contracted wildly.

"Aaaahhh, God! Ohhhh!" She came hard, almost violently. Her contractions were so intense that at one point I thought she might suck the vibrator right out of my hand.

I watched the subtle post-orgasmic changes to her body with fascination. I gently rubbed oil over her body while she recovered, feeling the soft rise and fall of her breasts as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Her breast swelling went down which surprisingly caused her nipples to pop up a little. Her vaginal organs shrank back, the dark flush fading from her outer folds while—receding between them—the inner lips closed like a delicate flower at the end of the day. And what a day it had been.

I was extremely aroused by all this of course, but felt it would be selfish to do anything except wait and let events transpire. After a few minutes Misha arose and stretched languorously. She turned to face the table and bent over so that her bottom was facing me.

"Ahem." She pointed toward the butt plug. "If you would please, kind sir?"

I gently pulled on the butt-plug and it slid free with a wet plop.

"Your turn buster, get up there" she said, patting the table.

I set the plug on the chest of drawers, and when I turned back, Misha immediately noticed the bulge under my towel.

"Oh my. We'd better do your front first."

I grinned and hopped up on the table. Misha pressed her hand against my chest, forcing me back.

"Lay back," she commanded.

"Yes ma'am." I eagerly complied.

Misha climbed up and put her knees astride my hips. Only the thin layer of towel now stood between my cock and her vagina. I could feel her heat radiate right through the damp material. She leaned forward and sucked on my nipples, and within seconds they were as hard as the bulge under my towel. Misha rubbed herself against it until I was about ready to explode, then she lifted her hips up and whisked the towel aside.

"Ohhhh. Look at this fine specimen," she teased, grabbing my cock. She fondled it from the glans all the way down to the base, and back up again. It wagged in response like a friendly dog, and—like a dog—it began to slobber. Misha wiped the precum with her finger and stuck it in her mouth.

"Umm..." She licked her lips. "I think he needs some immediate attention."

"Quite so," I replied, pleading with my eyes.

Grasping my penis to guide it, Misha lowered herself onto me. She was deliciously tight, and hotter than a volcano. I hoped she'd never stop, and she didn't, not until her furry mons was grinding against my pubic bone and our pubic airs were mingling in erotic consort.

"Oh god," I breathed

"Yes, baby," Misha responded rocking above me. "I'm here. Take me."

I looked up. Misha's face had a halo around it from the heat lamp suspended above her. Her skin was aglow and her eyes barely open, lids fluttering like delicate butterflies. We had barely started and yet here I was already close to climaxing. No woman had ever made me feel this way. Her perfectly timed vaginal contractions were stronger than squeezed me like I had never been squeezed before.

My muscles began contracting wildly as my hot seed drove upward through my aching loins. My cock pulsed and erupted, shooting its load deep into her scorching cleft. Misha responded to this new stimulus, her own contractions becoming even more insistent as she approached another climax. Women are just amazing, I thought, already collapsing mentally while still pushing my physical limits to give Misha the very best ride I could. At last we both collapsed into delicious post-orgasmic coma, and I knew from her convulsing shivers and moans that she had arrived there with me.

Sometime later, I'm not sure how long as it seems like a dream now, I woke up. It took me a second to remember where I was. Misha smiled down at me.

"Now that we have that taken care of, it's your turn for the massage. Roll over. I'm going to give you a treat you'll never forget."

Had I known the true meaning of those words I might have declined her offer. But looking back on it years later, I realize there could have been no other way.

Misha adjusted me facedown on the table and covered my lower body with a sheet. She talked softly as she began massaging me. "You know Alex, that by slipping into those panties you made a major commitment, don't you?"

"Mmmm," I mumbled.

She was kneading my neck muscles. "Now that you have agreed to do this, I have to warn you that some parts will not be easy."

"Mmmhh?" Things didn't seem too bad so far.

Her hands worked out over my shoulders. "The hardest part will be staying committed. It may seem brutal at first, as we tear down your old male-self. You may want to resist, but if you endure it your femininity will develop naturally, in response to our training. That will be your reward."

"Mmmm.." I didn't care, as long as she continued massaging me. She was working her way down my spine now, and I was deeply relaxed.

. "I think we'll change your name to Alexis," Misha said. "That way, if one of us forgets and uses your old name it won't raise any eyebrows." Her voice took on a slight tone of urgency. "A lot of things besides your name and your appearance will have to change. Things will begin to happen inside almost immediately. Are you sure you're ready for this role? Can you stay committed...Alexis?"

"Mmm-hmm...sure" I murmured.

Now she had reached the base of my spine. I was getting sleepy from the combined effects of sex, alcohol and everything else that had transpired. I seemed like days had passed since I met Misha, yet it had only been one night.

Misha slowly worked her hands back up along my sides, her words a soothing monologue in my ears, "Remember our pact then. We will help you learn the ways of women."


"And you will cooperate in every way. You will do everything we ask of you. In the end, you'll be renewed. That will be your reward, and your salvation, Alexis. Okay?"

"Mmmm..." I tried to nod my head but I was so relaxed by then, nothing seemed to work.

"Good. Then we can begin." Misha pulled my arms straight up over my head toward the far corners of the table. I now lay sprawled facedown in spread-eagle fashion. I felt like Superman, arms and legs spread in flight. Or maybe Supergirl I thought, as consciousness faded into dreams.

* * *

"Wake up sleepyhead." It was a woman's voice, but I didn't recognize it at first. "It's time for school."

I opened my eyes and blinked. It took me a few seconds to remember where I was. The voice was Misha's of course, and I was laying face-down on the massage table in her basement. I tried to roll over to face her, but I quickly discovered that I couldn't move. My wrists and ankles were encircled by padded leather cuffs and stretched toward the four corners of the table by stout cords. The cords weren't so tight as to be painful but tight enough to prevent me from moving more than an inch in any direction. I was spread-eagled and helpless, with only a thin sheet covering my lower half. I was also more than a little confused.

I turned my head to the side and saw Misha standing near the end of the table next to me. She wore only the towel wrapped around her waist and a mischievous grin that told me she was enjoying my discomfiture. Her small firm breasts were only inches from my face and her petite strawberry nipples looked good enough to eat.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"What is all this, Misha?" I tugged at my bonds. "Ready for what?"

"Why, your first lesson, of course." Misha ran her fingernail lightly down my spine, stopping right at the edge of the sheet. "Don't worry, Alexis. I'm sure you'll enjoy it." She yanked the sheet off me and tossed it aside.

I was now completed naked and exposed, laid out beneath the overhead heat lamps like the entrée at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The sensation was more erotic than uncomfortable, and I felt a growing hardness press itself between my stomach and the table's padded surface.

"This feels pretty weird." I chuckled nervously. "You, ah, aren't planning to torture me are you?"

"Of course not." Misha stroked her hand over my buttocks. "We're just going to help you get in character for you new role, as a woman, of course."

Oh, that. I'd almost forgotten. Then something else dawned on me. "We?"

There was movement from behind me; someone else was in the room, on the other side of the table. I tried to turn my head to look but suddenly a hand pressed my face flat against the table. I couldn't move.

"Yes, we." It was Katy's voice, so close that I could feel her warm breath against my neck. I caught a slight scent of disinfectant, like in a hospital.

The hand pulled away, and I turned my head. Katy gazed down at me, her eyes cool and appraising. She still had on her nurse's uniform from work.

"Oh, hi, Katy," I tried to sound casual, but it was obvious from the quaver in my voice that I was nervous as hell.

"Hello Alexis, I'm going to help train you." Katy ran her fingers freely over my body from head to toe, poking and prodding me as if I were a lab specimen. "You appear to be in excellent shape. That's good.

"Okay, joke's over," I said. "Let me up." I wasn't sure whether I had any say left, but I figured I'd better find out.

Misha bent down and whispered in my ear, "Remember our pact, Alexis. This is for your own good."

"Of course there will be some pain at first," said Katy, "but as with any renewal, a little pain is necessary. First steps are always the hardest. Just remember that only yesterday you almost took your last step."

"What do you have to lose?" Misha added.

"Ahh ... My self-esteem?"

"You lost that down by the lake, didn't you Alexis?"

Ouch. Katy was right. I had in fact surrendered everything the moment I jumped off the dock with a hundred pound rock tied to my ankles.

"The old Alex is dead," Katy explained, "All that remains are some old notions that will no longer serve you. We must wipe the slate clean to prepare you for your new role. Your old male image of yourself —your 'machismo'—will be the first to go. We'll begin this process by making you feel ... Helpless!" She tugged on my restraints, hard.


"Humiliated!" She gave my buttocks a stinging blow with her open hand.


"And ravaged." Her hand brushed down my back and into the cleft between my buttocks. She chuckled as she felt my body shudder in response. "And in the END, you will know how it feels to be a woman."

"You'll do fine," Misha soothed, "Just remember, you asked us for help. That's all we want to give you. Now we must begin the lesson."

"We're all going to become very close over the next few weeks." Katy said. She turned and kissed Misha fully on the mouth.

My mind was reeling with lurid visions Katy's words had conjured up. Humiliated? Her slap on my bottom had felt more erotic than painful. But did she say "Ravaged?" That sounded a lot more serious.

Katy reached under the table. I felt a clunk ... the table moved a tiny bit, then...

Slam! The portion of the table below my legs dropped away.

Suddenly I was bent over at the waist with my feet just touching the floor. Reflexively, I drew my legs together. Katy and Misha quickly moved behind me and pulled on the restraints, forcing them apart again. They bound my knees against the table legs with some sort of straps, and I was once again immobilized and completely helpless.



Both women moved out of sight, down toward the end of the table where my naked buttocks lay open and exposed. Slick fingers reached in from behind and caressed my testicles, then traced slowly back along the underside. One finger centered itself on my anus and touched it. I flinched as it dove briefly in and then back out, leaving an oily trace.

"Hey, what the hell are you trying to do!" I yelled.

"Hush!" Whack! A leather strap was laid fiercely across my exposed buttocks. "That's no way for a lady to talk, Alexis."

I squirmed and tried to pull away, but the bindings kept me bent tightly over the table's edge. My futile eforts were met with two more hard slaps of the leather strap. Whack! Whack!


"My goodness," exclaimed Katy. "Such a baby. Look at her squirm." She plunged her finger inside of me again. "And so tight too. I think she's a virgin!"

"Let me see."

"Here, I'll hold it open for you." Katy withdrew her finger and held my cheeks apart with both hands. Another finger—Misha's this time—darted inside me. I bucked again as my sphincter muscles contracted in spasms around it, but katy held me fast. I could feel their warm breath on my exposed ass.

"Oh, yes," Misha whispered. Her finger slid out a bit, then dove in again, deeper this time. "Alexis is definitely a virgin." She pulled her finger out and tugged at the hair around my hole. "This hair will have to go, though. It's terribly unsightly for a girl."


End of part 1

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