Road Trip '82

by falcon29


I was tired and I was also low on gas. It was 11:45 according to the dashboard clock. I'd been driving since 6 that morning. The reflectors on the road were dazzling and putting me to sleep. Fortunately, I passed a sign reading "Gas/Food/Snacks! 24 hours! Next Exit". I pulled onto the ramp and waited a few seconds when I reached the stop sign at the bottom.Looking to my left, I saw lights on at a convenience store. I turned and made my way there. At the pump I killed the engine and got out, stretching my sore back. I decided that if there was a motel nearby, I'd call it a night. I was way past the age when I could drive all night and still be alert when the sun came up. I slid my card into the reader and started the pump. The price per gallon was a little higher than at the last station but I didn't have a choice.

I twisted and felt and heard a satisfying crack-crack in my lower back. I shook my head and realized how really tired I was. The pump clicked off and I squeezed the handle to top the tank off. I hung the nozzle back on the pump and waited for the receipt.

The engine caught on the first rotation and I pulled over to the front of the store. There were no other cars around. As I entered I noticed that there was no one behind the counter. I sleepwalked toward the coffee machine, pondering whether to go for plain coffee or one of the fancier varieties. I decided to go for a cappuccino since it was stronger and sweeter.

As the machine began spitting out the espresso and milk a good looking girl of about twenty five, with shoulder length red hair came out of the back room. Well, she was a woman, but any female more than ten years younger than me is a girl to me. This one looked to be somewhere in her late twenties. She glanced my way and said, "Welcome to the end of the world." She slid behind the counter and leaned on it on her elbows.

"Thanks," I replied. "Why do you call it that?"

"Because it's a sleepy, nothing place. Sometimes I wish I'd never heard of it."

The machine finished filling my cup and I went to the counter to pay. The woman stood up, but not before I got a good glimpse of her considerable cleavage. "So why don't you leave?" I unfolded two bucks and set them in front of her.

"That's a long story. You probably don't have time to hear it. Besides, I get tired of telling it."

I laughed and took my change. Her hand brushed mine and I looked into her eyes. They were a deep green, a color you don't see often. She was about 5' 9", a few inches shorter than I am. She was wearing one of those cropped tee shirts and cutoff jeans. The size of her tits held the bottom of the shirt away from her belly, which had a nice curve to it. I wouldn't say she was fat, but she definitely had curves.

I sipped the coffee and burned my tongue, as usual. I don't know why I never learn about that. "Well, I have a lot of time. Is there a motel close by?" I asked.

"Yeah, there's a Motel 6 about a mile east. You turn left out of here and go to the K-Mart and take a right. Keep going and you can't miss it." Her eyes held mine. I've only known two women with green eyes. They both loved to fuck. I wondered if this girl was like that. Her tits acquired definite points as we talked. I tried not to stare.

"So, where are you headed?" she asked. I took the top off my cup and blew on the foam in an attempt to cool it.

"I'm on my way to Vegas," I said. "I start a new job on Monday. I do appraisals on homes."

"Well that certainly sounds boring. You look like you'd have a sexier job than that." I frowned. Her comment was two-edged and I wondered what she meant. I decided to take it as a bantering compliment.

"Hey, it's easy and it pays well. Not to be flip, but your job isn't exactly an executive position." She laughed.

"Oh, this isn't 'what I do', it's just temporary. I'm actually a writer and also the daughter of a millionaire and I'm doing this to get material for my first novel."

"Oh, yeah, I should have realized that," I said, moving toward the door. Her next words stopped me, however.

"Hey, as long as you're here, maybe you can help me. I need to restock the beer case and I need a boost to get the top case down. Come on in the back." She moved out from behind the counter and beckoned me with a wave. I set my cup on the counter and followed. Her ass was fascinating. It was nice and round, just the way I like them. Her short tee shirt showed the ubiquitous tattoo just above the curve. She glanced back, caught me looking and grinned.

The back room was small. It was packed with various types of merchandise and as she said, the beer was stacked almost to the ceiling in one corner. I thought it strange that the manager would have left it that way, but really there was no other place for it.

She turned and told me to make a 'stirrup' for her to stand on so she could reach the first case or two. I wasn't sure I could do it that way, though. My legs are stronger than my arms so I suggested she just climb onto my shoulders. "That way you can hand me the first one and grab the second. After that you can reach the rest."

She looked a little doubtful but she said she'd try it. The thought of her thick thighs over my shoulders (and her cunt pressed against my neck) got me going a bit. I squatted and she mounted up. I caught a scent I was familiar with: hot crotch.

I stood up; glad it was as easy as it was. She slid the first box of beer off the stack and handed it down. I took it with one hand and held on to her bare thigh with the other. She picked the second box off and I squatted down again. She swung her leg off and hopped down. My face was level with her hips and I looked up.

She gave me a smile. "That was easy. Thanks. She brushed against me as she led the way back to the front. Her tits felt good against my chest. I again followed her wide butt to the cooler.

I wondered why we were only taking two boxes out, but I thought I was beginning to get the idea. The back of my neck still felt kind of warm fro her hot crotch.

She opened the cooler and slid her box in and turned to take mine from me. Those green eyes slipped across my eyes again. I felt a flush pass through me. Her eyes were somehow compelling. She let the cooler door swing closed and turned to me.

"You know..." she began but the chime of the door opening interrupted her. We both turned to see who had entered. A man with white hair and a mustache was walking toward the back room. "Hey, Harry!" she called out. He stopped and turned toward the voice.

"Hey, Marnie," he said. "Has it been busy tonight?"

"Not so much," she said. "Just a few locals and this guy." She looked up at me again. "Say, what is your name?"

"I'm Paul, Stockard," I told her.

"Pleased to meetcha, Paul. Harry's my relief. I'm off now. If you give me a ride home I'll show you the motel. It's on the way." I told her I'd be glad to take her home. Then she did something strange. She reached out to my stomach and kind of scratched or tickled it with the tips of her fingers before she headed over to clock out. I followed her and found my coffee where I'd left it. It was still hot, but it had cooled enough to drink.

She said she'd be just a second and headed back to the back. Harry and I said the kind of things people in that situation say. Marnie came out carrying a blue sweater. I couldn't help noticing her nipples were hard again. Harry looked at me and winked.

"Yeah, there's the K-Mart. Take a right," she said. The streets were deserted. As I saw the lights and sign of the motel, my heart sank. The 'no' neon was lit next to the 'vacancy' tubes. "Uh-oh," Marnie said quietly.

"Yeah," I said, "More like 'Oh, shit!'"

"Well, that's the only place in town. The next place is about thirty miles down the road."

"Well, I guess I can handle that," I said.

"Or..." she said, and looked over at me, "I have a fold-out couch. It's not all that comfortable, but you're welcome to it."

I glanced her way and she had a straight face. "Do you make a habit of taking in strangers? What if I'm a serial killer and I've just been waiting to get you alone to cut your heart out?"

She laughed. "I'm a good judge of character. I don't think a house appraiser would make a good killer. Besides, you could have sliced me up in the back room a while ago."

I had pulled over in front of the motel. I looked out the windshield. My eyes hurt and the stretching had only been a temporary relief. "Okay," I said. "But you'll have to let me pat you what I'd have spent in there." I waved in the direction of the motel.

"Oh, no," I'm not that kind of girl," she joked. "You helped me so I figure you earned a bed and maybe a shower, if you want one." The idea of a hot shower was what did it.

"Okay, where to?" I asked her.

Just go straight ahead. I'll let you know where to turn." So I pulled back onto the road. In a few minutes we were parked in her driveway. An old Chevy was pulled in under the carport. She explained that the radiator was broken and she was saving up for a new one.

The house was small, little more than a cabin. It was definitely a feminine place. The main room was a living room and a kitchenette. We pulled the cushions off the couch and she folded it out. "I'll get you some sheets and a blanket," she said and went into a darkened hallway.

When she came back she made up the bed, despite my protests that I could do it. "Nah," she said, "it's easy enough." Still, I helped her. After tucking in the corners she put her hands on her hips and tipped her head toward the hall. Come on, I'll show you the bathroom.

The hallway was short. At one end was the bathroom. In the center was a closed door and at the other end was a dark room with the door open. She turned on the light in the bathroom and told me towels were in the linen closet (the closed door).

Then she walked toward the open door and flipped the light switch inside. It was her bedroom, of course. "Go ahead and make yourself at home," she told me. "I'm going to get out of these clothes." She disappeared into the bedroom and pushed the door almost closed. I opened the closet and chose a thick green towel.

I put it in the bathroom and went back out to get my shaving kit out of my bag. I was going back to the bathroom when she came out in a tee shirt that came to mid-thigh. "Can I pee first?" she asked. "Then I promise I'll let you alone." She smiled as she passed me and she closed the bathroom door behind her.

I stood around a minute and then I heard the toilet flush. She emerged and went toward the counter in the kitchen part of the room. I went into the bathroom and closed the door.

The usual assortment of makeup and "girl stuff" cluttered the vanity. A basket with colorful beads of (I supposed) bubble bath rested on the top of the toilet tank. Marnie's need to pee reminded me that I had to go, as well. I got out of my clothes and stood over the bowl.

I was shaking off the last drops before I noticed that the seat was up. I hadn't had to lift it. 'Strange,' I thought. 'Most women insist that the seat is left down for them.'

I shrugged my shoulders and turned to the shower. I was soaping up when there was a knock on the door. I peeked around the shower curtain as she opened the door. "Hey, do you want a drink?" she asked me.

"That sounds good. What do you have?" I said, letting the curtain fall back in place. I scrubbed my belly and cock as she told me she had whiskey, rum and beer.

"What kind of beer?"

"I have Bud and a couple of Corona's," she said.

"I'm a Bud man. That will hit the spot." She didn't mention wine. In my experience, most girls always have some kind of wine around.

I peeked out again and saw that she had left the door open. I rinsed my crotch and turned my back to the spray to wet my hair down. "Here you go," Marnie's voice sounded closer. I wiped the water from my eyes and saw that she was holding a beer inside the curtain.

I took it and thanked her. She leaned forward and her head appeared in the gap. It was a little disconcerting, but I really didn't care if she peeped at my nudity. I just smiled at her and her eyes went to my crotch before she looked back at me and returned the smile. My cock twitched. I decided I probably wouldn't be sleeping on the uncomfortable couch.

She left and closed the door again. I finished the shower and half the beer before I got out and dried off. It was only then that I realized I'd forgotten to bring any fresh shorts or any clothes at all. 'Well,' I shrugged, 'she already saw e naked. I guess seeing me in a towel is no big deal.' I wrapped the towel around my waist and tucked the corner in.

Back in the living room, Marnie was sitting at the foot of the couch bed and flipping through the TV channels. She had a glass containing something amber colored. Sitting the way she was, the shirt she wore had ridden up quite a way. I caught a glimpse of red panties. I went around to my bag where I had set it on the other side of the bed. I pulled out a pair of boxers and glanced up at her. My cock was about half hard because of the flash of panties.

She was sitting with her back to me. Deciding not to make an issue of it, I pulled the towel off and was stepping into the shorts when she asked me, "Hey, have you seen this one? It's a great movie." I glanced up and she had turned her head. She was looking at my cock as I finished pulling the shorts up. My semi-erection was threatening to totally embarrass me.

I looked at the screen. It was a classic cult film from the '70's. "Oh, yeah," I said. "I doubt there's anybody over the age of sixteen who hasn't seen it. She had turned back to watch the screen. I had to adjust my package because her blatant peeking was turning me on. Fortunately, I was still at half mast. I picked up the beer and went to sit beside her.

We watched, commenting on the movie for a few minutes. Marnie drained her glass and asked me if I wanted another beer. "No, thanks," I said. I'm really beat. I'll just crawl into bed. You don't have to turn the TV off. I sleep with mine on all the time." She went to make herself another drink and I slid under the sheet. While I was in the shower she had provided me with two pillows. I lay back and sighed.

I closed my eyes and listened to the dialog in the movie. I felt Marnie's weight press the foot of my bed down again. When the star uttered his famous line, we both chimed right in. We had a laugh at that. I opened my eyes and found her looking at me as she laughed along.

She stood and came around to the side of the couch. Setting her glass on the end table, she reclined next to me, leaning on the back of the couch. "Do you mind? My back is killing me."

"Hey, it's your house, your couch. I'm just a...a..." I couldn't think of the right word. If I said I was a guest, it might give the whole thing the wrong connotation. After all, a 'guest' doesn't usually get intimate with his hostess.

"You're a friend, silly," she said. "And we're having a sleepover." With that, she scooted back, bent her legs up and slipped under the covers next to me. She wiggled until she was lying up against me. She turned her head and I put my arm around her and under her neck. She made a little contented sound and turned her head a little bit more into my chest. I could feel her breath on my nipple and it puckered up with glee. My cock resumed stiffening and she put her hand on my stomach.

We stayed like that and watched the last fifteen minutes of the movie. When she lifted her head and reached for the remote I took the opportunity to pull my tingling arm back. "Oh, God, but this couch sucks as a bed. I usually only make my mom sleep on it when she comes to visit. She's a real bitch, but I need to stay on her good side as much as I can. Making her sleep here is about the only way I can retaliate."

She looked at me and asked with a twinkle in her eye, "Do you snore?"

I gave her my stock reply. "I don't think so. When I stay awake to see, I never have." She poked me in the ribs and then took my hand, sliding out from under the covers again. She clicked the TV into silence and dropped the remote on the couch.

"Come on. We can sleep in my bed." So I waited until she was on her feet and facing away before I got out. My boxers were fairly tented out. Her room was done in frills and pastels colors. Typical female stuff -- plush animals lined up on a shelf and bottles of perfume and that kind of stuff on the dressing table.

When she went to the other side of the bed and turned the blankets down I tried to get under without her seeing my erection but she made that contented sound again so I doubted I was successful. 'Oh well,' I thought. 'If things go where they seem to be, it won't matter in a few minutes.'

She again moved next to me but this time turned her back to me. "Spoon me, Paul. It's been a while since I've felt a man snuggled up to my back." I almost asked her how long it had been since a man snuggled up to her front, but held my tongue. I pushed my cock up so it was against my belly and moved in to her. I laid my arm over her middle and buried my face in her hair. She used some kind of floral shampoo.

She sat up, pulled the tee shirt up and off, and slid back down. She pushed her ass back against me and took my hand. When she moved it up just under her tits my cock twitched. She let out a little giggle and wriggled her butt. Then she put my hand right on her tit and pressed it tightly to her. I took advantage and kneaded the roundness and felt her nipple harden.

She turned her head toward me. "Kiss me, Paul," she said quietly. It was almost a whisper, but it was husky. I leaned forward and our lips met. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and writhed against mine. I pushed my cock against her ass. Without breaking the kiss, she extricated her body enough to turn over so we were facing. Her hand slid down my belly and into my shorts. She gripped my cock and squeezed it hard. She hummed into my mouth in appreciation.

She pulled her head back and moved her mouth down to my nipple. She sucked at it and gave it a light bite that was like a bolt of electricity that moved down to my already drooling prick. She moved lower still until, with a tug, she pulled my boxers down below my crotch.

Her lips surrounded my cock and she sucked it gently. My God, but she was good! I was so turned on by then I came in just a couple of minutes. She continued to suck and swallow until my last throb. Then she moved back up to me and kissed me again. I tasted my semen and felt it still on her tongue and in the little recesses around it.

When she broke the kiss again, she looked at me seriously. I wasn't sure what she was going to say, but it was obviously important. "Was that good, Paul? Was it as good as any other girl has done for you?"

"Marnie, it was incredible! Nobody has ever...reached into me and pulled that kind of feeling out of me. I loved it!" I meant every bit of it and more. My words couldn't convey the depth of my appreciation. All I could do was shake my head and knead her tits. She arched her back and pushed them harder into my hands. She kissed me again, tenderly. It was a kiss like lovers gave each other; lovers who had been together a long time. Yet it felt right.

She was almost young enough to be my daughter but she had caused me to pop off like an unschooled teenager. Not only that but I had remained nearly as hard after my climax. Her hands had never left my cock while we spoke.

But then she seemed to pull back, even though she still continued to fondle me. I was ready to go farther and I had thought she would be as well. I frowned and asked her what was wrong.

Then she did release me and she slid away to face me, that serious look on her face still. "I have to tell you something," she said quietly. 'Uh-oh,' I thought. 'Here it comes -- AIDS, herpes, cancer -- something dire, at any rate.' I took a breath and waited.

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