Ritualistic Design

by darkgoddess2478


"Is he awake?"

The voice seemed so distant as though he and the soft feminine voice drifting through his rousing consciousness were playing a game of telephone with tin cans and string. His eyelids were still heavy, his vision still cloudy and he felt slightly nauseous. Vague remembrances of the night before scratched at his brain as he swam through thick pillow waves in the ocean of sleepiness enveloping him.

"Yea, I think so. His eyes were moving."

The second voice was warm and thick like honey spilling over his ears. Wes forced his eyes open as two female faces wavered and shuddered into focus for his addled brain to process. The first was a long haired blonde with cornflower blue eyes. The second was a redhead with short, spiky hair and soft green eyes. They peered at him, hunched over and very close to his face. The blonde ran her hand over his forehead.

"Are you with us?" the blonde asked, her eyes surveying his face.

"Where am I?" Wes mumbled. He turned his head this way and that around the room.

"That's not important now. What is important is that you are calm and helpful. Do you think you can do that for us? Be calm and helpful?"

Wes blinked hard. "I'm not sure I understand."

The blonde shushed him and pulled him onto his feet. The redhead darted under his arm on the opposite side and they shuffled down the hallway. Still groggy, Wes accepted the help of the two pretty girls as they guided him down the hallway. They entered through the first doorway on the right into what appeared to be a locker room. The girls helped Wes sit on a bench. The redhead loosened his tie and slipped it from his neck as the blonde dipped behind the wall. He distinctly heard the sound of water running. His mind wandered and slipped beside a babbling brook in the forest where Wes was lying beside the stream, feeling the warm sunshine on his naked limbs and torso while the girls laughed and played in the water beside him. He was then floating in the stream with the girls lying naked on either side of him, the water rushing along his back and sides. Their breasts pressed in against his flesh, nipples taut and pouting. His arms were around them as the chatted back and forth about how warm the water was and if he were awake or if he would drown in the water. Surprisingly, Wes was unworried. He closed his eyes and sighed.

When he woke, he was lying in a stone walled room on a wooden folding cot. His head lolled to the side as the barren room came into focus. The two girls were sitting naked on the bed across the room and against the wall, licking and pinching each other's nipples. They were on their knees facing one another, red hair bowed toward blonde tresses covering nipples that poked from between her curls. Red's velvet tongue lapped gently at the perky bud, and then rosy lips wrapped gently around and sucked. Wes could feel his dick stirring in response and shifted uncomfortably. The noise caught the girl's attention. They looked startled for just a moment before slipping from the bed and padding over to his cot. Wes stared up at them with wide, questioning eyes, his brain finally free of the fog. The redhead's eyes slipped down his body and settled at his groin. Wes blushed slightly and tried to cover himself, but his arms were bound by white sheets tied in a quarter knot. He blushed deeper, realizing he was completely exposed.

"We were instructed to let you have one last sexual experience as a man before the ceremony." The blonde straddled him, draping a leg over each side of the cot. Wes strained uncomfortably. "You're lucky we aren't all lesbians here, you know. Else wise you wouldn't get a last huzzah."

Wes's brow furrowed deeply as he stared into her sweet blue eyes. "What are you talking about? Where am I? Who are you?"

The redhead giggled. "He's just full of questions, isn't he?" She was awfully cute the way she stood with her weight on one leg, her opposite hand over her mouth.

The blonde looked up at her with a rather irritated expression. "Watch it or I'll make you fuck him."

"I wouldn't mind," she shrugged. "He's kinda cute."

"I'm Maryam and this is Charlotte. We're part of an underground Dianaic coven of witches. I'm not sure what you might know about Dianaics or witches."

Wes shook his head, confused. Maryam continued.

"There are witches. We are alive and well in today's day and age. Contrary to popular belief, witches do not boil and eat children, do not have green faces and warts, and we don't ride broomsticks and make pacts with the devil. We are a nature based religion centered on the religious beliefs transcribed by Gerald Garner in the 1950's. Well, the American branch is, anyway. He claims to have gotten the knowledge from people in England from books passed down in his family. However, there are rumors of Pagans who have existed in hiding for over 2000 years.

"Dianaics are a branch of Wiccans who follow the Greek or Roman Goddess Diana or Artemis. These sects are generally populated by women, but also have a few men who believe that women are the divine and that society should return to a Matriarchy. While not all sects are lesbians, many lesbians are attracted to the branch because of the personality traits of Diana. She was a virgin huntress and warrior. She was strong, powerful, and took only female lovers. Again, there are women who are Dianaics who are not lesbian or celibate; however, we are a group of mostly lesbian women who worship the Goddess Diana.

"While most Wiccan covens do not believe in forcing their religion on others and while most Wiccans would prefer that people transition of their own free will, that is where the similarity ends. We are not a recognized coven and we like to keep our practices under wraps, especially since we are extreme compared to the majority of Pagans you will find on the street. Most of the group tends to be militant lesbians who hate men. We hold that all members of the coven must be Democrat and vote a party specific ticket. We also support all women's rights including abortion. Women are the superior and dominant gender and we will not hesitate to use force to become an accepted part of society.

"Everything I have told you so far will be covered in your training when you become a Priestess in the coven. We have three degrees and you will be expected to work through each of the three levels before you will be a full and accepted member of the coven.

"We do not accept men into our coven. Therefore, you won't be permitted to stay as a man for very long. As a favor to the one who had you inducted, we are giving you one last sexual experience as a man before the transformation. You should thank her when you see her later."

Wes's head spun. Maryam had thrown a lot of information at him very quickly. Dianaics? Wiccans? Not a man for long? What were these crazy women talking about?

"Do you have any questions?"

"What if your members don't prescribe to your rules?"

"They don't have a choice. We make sure of that."

"And how do you make sure of that?"

"You'll find out."

"And what do you mean by 'not a man for long'?"

"Yea, you'll find that out, too." She tossed her hair behind her shoulders. "I guess I shouldn't have asked you if you had questions. I can't really answer any more than what I just did." She stood and wrapped her arm around Charlotte. "So which one of us do you want?"

"Want for what?"

"Well, sex, of course!" Charlotte giggled again, shifting her weight back and forth. "You have to pick. You can't have us both!"

"Greedy man." Maryam smirked. "Of course I would want us both, too."

"I don't want this. I don't want this at all. You can't do this. How did I get here? Who sent for me?"

Maryam sighed and crouched beside Wes's cot. "We kidnapped and drugged you as you were headed for your car. We can do this because no one knows you are here. As for who sent for you, well, you will find that out soon enough. Now choose or we will have to choose for you."

"I refuse to choose anything! You let me out of here right now!"

Maryam shook her head and rose from the floor, her breasts catching light from the small half window above the cot. "Then I guess we just choose for you." She meandered across the room to a small wooden stand beside the bed and rooted through the door before retrieving a pair of white cotton panties and duct tape. Charlotte grinned and danced from foot to foot as Maryam shoved the panties into Wes's protesting mouth and taped them inside. "That ought to stop the questions until we've finished with you. And now we get down to business." She straddled him again, reaching her hand around his limp cock and rubbed it against her warm, wet slit. She sighed and looked over to Charlotte. "Are you just going to stand there watching? You know men do nothing for me."

"Oh, did you want me to help?"

"Well that would be nice." Maryam added, rather disgusted with the whole situation. Charlotte wriggled on the spot with amusement and dropped her weight over Wes's knees, her hands wrapping around Maryam's breasts. She nibbled along her neck and wrapped one leg around her partner's waist.

"Are you wet enough?"

"I guess so." Maryam shifted and the head of Wes's cock slipped inside her tight pussy. He moaned despite himself as her wetness greeted him. She rocked her hips gently, working him inside. "It's been a long time. I have to work him in slow."

Charlotte nodded, pressing kisses along Maryam's neck and shoulders. "Just pretend it's me and I'm wearing that strap on you like so well. That ought to help, right?" She bit down on the soft flesh of Maryam's shoulder. Maryam nodded as the last of Wes's cock slipped inside her pussy.

"It would be easier if he were hard. Can you believe he's only half mast? I guess we just have to rape him. I'm not going against the High Priestess. She'd have my head on a platter."

"Or your clit." Charlotte giggled, her hands caressing Maryam's breasts, occasionally squeezing a nipple. "You'd be nothing without your clit."

"Shut up. This is hard enough as it is. I feel dirty with a man inside me and not in a good way." Maryam's hips ground, burying the cock deep inside her pussy. Wes whipped his head back and forth in protest, struggling against the sheets tying him to the cot that was barely big enough for his body and sat low enough to the ground that Maryam was using her feet to facilitate her movement. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying hard to block the memory of the girls kissing and touching out of his mind. He couldn't cum if he wasn't hard. There was no way.

Maryam moaned as she thrusted against him. Wes's eyes snapped open to see Charlotte rubbing her clit with two fingers, her other hand cupping Maryam's left breast and lightly pinching and tugging the nipple. Maryam had turned her head nearly over her shoulder to meet Charlotte's lips and was kissing her, their tongues dancing around each other. Wes used his entire body to try and throw the girls from his lap. Maryam looked down at him. "That's the spirit! Go ahead and get into it. It's the last time you're going to be able to use that dick, you know. Better enjoy it while you have it."

Wes squeezed his eyes closed, forcing himself to think of other things.

"Can't you just hurry up and make him cum already so we can get this over with?" Charlotte asked, obviously bored. She shifted position to sit in front of Maryam with her back facing Wes as she sat on his belly. She lifted her legs and slid against Maryam. "If we've gotta do this, we might as well do it right. Rub your pussy against mine. I'll make you cum."

Maryam began the rhythm again, taking short strokes so her clit could rub against Charlotte's. They moaned and writhed against him, breathing heavier. Wes shuddered, feeling an orgasm overcome him. His body wracked as he came, the girls grinding against one another, moaning each other's names and panting. His body slumped in defeat. They had managed to make him cum in spite of his best efforts to the contrary.

The girls, on the other hand, weren't finished yet. They continued their act, using him only as a now flaccid dildo. He could feel Maryam's hand as she fingered Charlotte, their pussies still rubbing against each other. His belly was soaked from their juices. Maryam came first, grinding hard against the dick still inside her, their wet cunts slapping and rubbing against each other and making wet noises. Charlotte followed soon after, soaking him with her cum. The torture didn't end there, however. They sat afterward, making out with one another as Wes wished to be anywhere but being raped by the two lesbians.

The door creaked as it opened and a hooded figure stepped inside. "Have you finished?" The voice sounded slightly familiar, but he couldn't recognize the face behind the hood as it was cloaked in shadows. Wes waited expectantly.

The girls gave their compliance and went back to their bed in the corner, curling around one another on top of the blankets. Wes turned to the cloaked figure before him.

"You are to come with me. No arguments. No fighting. And you will do as you are told. Understood?"

Wes nodded, defeated. The woman released his hands and beckoned for him to stand and follow her, striding from the room.

"But what about clothes?" Wes stammered. "I'm naked."

"You don't need clothes. Come on."

She disappeared outside the door, Wes following behind her.

The woman led him down a labyrinth of hallways his mind could barely remember. They stopped before a thick wooden door. The cloaked figure reached for the door, exposing a slightly aged hand, and pushed it open. Inside was a chair, a sink, and a table covered with tools. A slightly masculine looking woman told him to roll onto his stomach and he complied. She slipped his wrists and ankles into manacles uncontested. The cloaked woman spoke.

"I had you brought here to join my coven. However, you will no longer be permitted to remain a man. We also have to mark you with a symbol of your loyalty to the coven. You will be tattooed with a pentacle on the back of our neck."

Wes stiffened. "Are you serious?" He tried to look at the woman, but couldn't move his head due to the way he was bound.

"Quite. Have fun. I'll be back for you in an hour."

He didn't bother to struggle as the woman used a transfer sheet to apply the rough design to the skin. He sat patiently while she loaded the gun with the needles and the ink. He made no sound as she began inking the design into his flesh. She had a light hand as she worked. The needles scratched at his skin making it feel raw and sore. While it didn't particularly hurt, it also wasn't pleasant. He didn't even flinch when the door opened and the hooded figure stood beside him, admiring the work. He was released and allowed to admire his new body art before heading to their next destination: the tailor.

Wes was measured from top to bottom at every conceivable place. He suffered through it, nursing a painful hard on. He wasn't sure why, but the tattoo had excited him. The fittings from the tailor excited him. He blundered through the rest of the day with fittings and being told things that barely made sense combined with the rest of the information already overloading his brain. His head ached and he was terribly thirsty. By the time he was allowed to bed down for the night, he was positively exhausted and collapsed almost immediately onto the bed in the small room that painfully reminded him of a jail cell. The hooded figure exited the room with only one phrase before the door closed behind her.

"Goodnight, Lori."


The name floated to him through the water over his ears. "Lori." Last night he had been too tired to care but today he was perplexed. Why would she have called him that, of all names? Wes tucked his hands behind his head and sat up suddenly. His neck was supremely tender where the tattoo had been applied. He gingerly removed the layer of plastic wrap the artist had placed over it to help the ink set and inspected her handiwork in the small lavatory mirror. True to the word, Wes now had a rather large pentacle tattooed on the back of his neck measuring around six inches high. He stretched his neck from side to side, feeling the skin pull tight and sore. He ran his finger along the thick black lines.

"You find the tattoo satisfactory, then?"

Wes turned to find Maryam smiling as she strolled up behind him. She was wearing a gossamer gown of white and silver. It was remarkably see through. He hadn't realized he was staring at her until his dick lurched into attention. He looked down at his rousing erection, then to her face. One brow was arched and she was smirking. Her eyes dropped to his crotch. He blushed deeply and reached for the bed sheet. Maryam took stock of the supplies in the room and turned to him holding what looked like a vase.

"Haven't you used the toilet yet?" she quirked.


"Yes. Don't you have to pee?"

"Well, yea, I-"

"Then here." Maryam cut him off by setting the vase hard on the floor with a metallic clunk. She stood over it with her hands on her hips. "Get to business. We have a lot to cover today."

"We do?" Wes glanced around the room. There wasn't anywhere he could go for privacy. "So where am I supposed to-"

Maryam pointed at the container at her feet. "And so help me God, if you piss on my feet..." Her voice dropped off. One foot tapped irritatedly on the floor, her hands still on her hips, the gown around her clinging to her flesh. Wes eyed her nervously.

"Are you going to stand there and watch?"

"Well how else am I going to know you're done?"

"Could you at least turn away?"

"Are we playing 20 questions? Just piss already!"

Wes pulled the sheet aside, sighed begrudgingly and released his bladder. He was careful not to miss or back spray to hit Maryam who was watching like a hawk. After he had finished, she picked up the container and headed for the door, whistling for him to follow her as though he were a puppy. Wes wrapped the sheet around his waist and scampered behind her, glad to be free of the room. She lead him up a flight of stairs and through a set of double doors. The scent of disinfectant wafted from beyond the doors.

"Why are we here?"

"We're going to the doctor."


"Yes, doctor."

"What do we need a doctor for?"

"For you. To make sure the things that should work, do work and the things that shouldn't work, won't."

"Oh." Maryam opened another door and ushered Wes inside. She pulled the sheet from around his waist and dropped it onto a chair.

"You won't need that. Sit up there on the exam table. The doctor will be with you shortly." She took a seat beside the sink on the wall. Wes stared at the row of glass jars containing cotton balls and swabs, tongue depressors, and rubber gloves. There really wasn't much else to look at, other than a picture of a field of flowers pinned to the ceiling.

The door opened and a doctor walked inside dressed in a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck. Wes startled. "I thought you didn't have males in your coven."

"We don't. The doctor and nurses aren't part of the coven. They just work here with us. Now be a good boy and cooperate."

The doctor asked the standard questions about height, weight, exercise, family medical history, and tests. After he had finished, he flipped a switch beside the door. Soon after, two large male nurses came inside and stood beside the table. They each reached out a hand and forced Wes to recline on the table. They kept one hand planted firmly on each shoulder. Wes stared at the picture of the flowers on the ceiling and read the inspirational quote along the bottom.

"Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you, but when you sit quietly and wait, it comes and lights softly on your shoulder."

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