Reverse Cuckold Ch. 01

by Barno


Serena turned the brand new BMW Z-3 into her driveway. It was late October and the leaves cascading all around her were burning with bright reds and oranges. She parked and swung her legs out of the small but powerful convertible. To the high school boy that lived across the street this was the best part of the day. The 30 seconds or so that it took the 28 year old married woman to walk across her lawn to the front door of the house.

Serena's outfit always dictated what would happen next. Today's business attire would bring about an extra special experience. The Indian Summer day had persuaded the young woman to wear his favorite outfit one more time. It was a navy blue summer suit with a slit skirt that opened well up the thigh. He watched her move from his bedroom window as he began stroking himself. Even at his young age he could tell she was a very athletic woman. The Blonde woman's leg muscles flexed as she turned her back to him to unlock the front door. The first spurt usually gushed from him soon after she closed the door after herself. Today it happened even quicker. The outfit was normally put away for the colder months. It was such a special treat that the young boy would let go three more times that night as he fantasized about what he would do to the young woman if she would only let him.

Serena was oblivious to the boy's infactuation. He was simply the nice boy from across the street whom she noticed spent a lot of time in his bedroom. She was in a good mood. She was looking forward to tonight with her husband, Dennis. It was their 4th anniversary and she was going to cook a romantic dinner. She changed into a tee shirt and sweat pants and went to work. Dennis got home around 7pm so she had about 3 hours. Although she was an excellent cook there was never any time with their busy schedules. She had snuck out of work early just for this occasion

She went down to the basement to grab a roasting pan. Serena was searching in a small walk-in closet that stored things that were brought out once or twice a year. She poked around wondering if the pan had somehow been relegated to the furnace room, a place where things that would never see the light of day again were kept. Finally reaching to the top shelf she felt the pan's handle. When she pulled it down a video cassette was dragged down with it. Luckily Serena had instinctively grabbed the tape and let the pan go. Her quick thinking that the metal pan could survive a drop to the floor, albeit, a noisy one, saved the plastic tape from smashing on the concrete floor. Examining the tape she found no markings on it. The couple had only owned the cape style house for 9 months. Quite possibly the previous owners had left it behind. Serena was so curious she forgot about her cooking and went to the family room and put the cassette into the VCR.

The picture was a bit grainy and there was no sound. There was a woman sitting between two men on a couch. She looked pretty with long brown hair and was wearing a short dress. Her long muscular legs crossed in front of her. The man on her left was an unremarkable white man while to her right was a rather large muscular black man. He had a shaved head. The men were all over the woman, touching her everywhere. She seemed to be trying to fend them off. And yet while the woman kept shaking her head and mouthing the word no she had a lewd smile on her face. She was trying to push their hands away with hers but having little success.

Serena realized that she was watching the beginnings of a porno tape. As she wondered who the owner was the men were easily gaining the upper hand. They had spread her legs and Serena saw that she was wearing full fashioned stockings. She started feeling naughty watching someone else's tape and it began to turn her on. The black man had taken his shirt off and the woman had given in and was caressing the deep valleys and mounds that made up his heavy musculature. They kissed and tongued each other. The camera moved in on their faces and Serena let out a shrill scream. The white girl was, in fact, her husband.

His eyebrows were plucked clean and whoever had done his make up was an expert but there was no mistaking whose pretty red lips were kissing the black man. Dennis was squirming between the men. Each escalation of this sexual encounter would drive a bolt through Serena's heart. Her husband began massaging the men's crotches. Serena was far from the most innocent girl in town but she had never seen a porno flick. So when Dennis pulled out the men's cocks she let out a loud "Oh my God!". While the white man may have looked run of the mill his dick certainly was not. It was only an inch or so longer than her husband's but incredibly thick. There was a large ridge that bowed out on the underside of the member from the head to the base. Serena watched her husband's long fingers gently slide up and down on it.

Serena was heartbroken. She was watching a tape of her husband performing in a homosexual porno film. Yet somehow she couldn't turn away from it. Especially when she saw the black man's naked body. It was rippling with muscles and what he had swinging between his legs did nothing to dispel the rumors she had heard about African-American size. The ebony prong was very dark and wrapped with veins and engorged to a steel like hardness. It had to be a foot long and as thick as his white counterpart's penis.

Dennis certainly had his hands full, quite literally and Serena had joined the crowd. She had reached under her sweats and given into the moistening itch between her legs. She began rubbing herself as the two men lowered his dress and began caressing and then sucking on Dennis' nipples. Her husband writhed in ecstasy betwen them. Their hands and mouths covered Dennis' smooth body and the dress dropped to the floor. He was totally exposed wearing only women's stockings and pumps. His cock, while dwarfed by the other two, bulged through the sheerness of the panties he was wearing. Serena figured Dennis' size would not be much of an issue in this movie. He would be receiving and not giving.

Both men were standing in front of her husband taking turns sliding their dicks in and out of his mouth. She noticed that her husband was no novice at the delicate art of cocksucking. How the hell did she miss the signs of his attraction towards men or were there any to begin with she thought. Meanwhile as he sucked on each dick Dennis's excitement was clear. He attacked the men with a sensuous vigor digging his bright red mails into their thighs and bobbing his head back and forth with passion. His own cock was halfway out of his panties and his nipples were rock hard. At one point the camera closed in on his face. He was slowly sliding the black man's huge dick in and out. Serena could tell he was smiling. Even with a big black dick in his mouth she could see it and then, incredibly he winked at the camera. It was as if he was admitting, "yes I'm a cocksucker and I love doing it". Suddenly the white guy began to cum right into Dennis' mouth. Serena had tasted cum a few times and was not crazy about swallowing, yet her husband did not seem to mind as the hot creamy liquid flowed out of his mouth and down his chin.

Serena was furiously frigging herself as she watched her husband lay back on the couch and spread his nylon clad legs. She knew what was coming next and the anticipation was driving her crazy. The black man laid on top of Dennis. She would have fast forwarded the tape but both her hands were now too busy to pick up the remote.

The black stud leaned into Dennis. Her Husband's body jacknifed with his legs over his head and the black man expertly pushed inside him. Serena was amazed at how easily such a large dick could go balls deep into a small rectum and then immediately begin sliding in and out with no time needed to adjust for such a discomfort. In fact Dennis began getting pounded so hard it looked like his black lover was using his ass as a trampoline.

Serena was no longer in control of her own body. Her hips bucked up and down violently and she orgasmed with a loud groan. The two men had gotten into a spoon position with the black man slamming her husband from behind. He continued his brutal pace while Dennis jerked his own rock hard cock.

Serena watched the two men move together. It was obvious that this was not the first time that Dennis had been with a man. Suddenly his feminine body stiffened and a rope of milky white cum flew from his erection. Serena was shocked at the intensity of his orgasm. He had never cum like this with her. Just as his orgasm subsided the black man pulled out and climbed up on top of Dennis and shot his load right on his face. It was thick and covered his made up face in a glistening sheen. As the movie ended the camera closed in on Dennis. He was licking at the cum with an incredibly satiated smile.

On instinct Serena rewound the tape. While the VCR hummed she began to cry. There was an intense feeling of hurt and betrayel coursing through her body. She sobbed loudly wondering if she should just move right out of the house before Dennis got home but changed her mind. She grabbed the roast and threw it in the oven. The walk downstairs was on unsteady legs. She had not been this blown away emotionally since her mother had passed away. Not only had Serena just found out that her husband was bisexual, she had cum three times while watching the tape. The guilt of the pleasure she had felt hung onto her as she put the tape back in its place.

She was leaning against the closet wall wondering what to do. Serena had met Dennis in college. She had been a field hockey player and he was on the gymnastics team so they had fallen in love around the school's athletic center. She had been chased by quite a few of the other athletes but had stuck with Dennis. Hell she had been chased by everyone including professors. Despite the athletic build and the jock moniker she carried around Serena was gorgeous and sexy. She was a top 1% girl in the looks department at any state school.

During their courtship there had been nothing to suggest that Dennis sucked cock. No rumors told around campus, nothing. Sure he was a gymnast but those guys were the most popular with the women. As far as Serena knew there were no gay members of the team. Yet now after seeing her husband all dolled up in make up and lingerie having sex with other men there was a femininity about him that she had just seen for the first time. He was easily passable as a woman.

Serena was absentmindedly playing with the string that hung down from the overhead light thinking about how to approach Dennis. She had now shifted her thoughts back to Dennis and wondered if he would fit into one of her dresses when she noticed a break in the wall she was facing. She pulled on the shelf and that part of the wall swung open like a vault. What was behind the wall made Serena's heart sink.

There were over thirty of them stacked in orderly fashion. And to Serena this meant that her husband probably had had sexual relations with over thirty men. She grabbed at them running up and down the stairs looking at bits and peices of all of them. It turned into a perverse film festival. Serena running into the family room with a half a dozen tapes at a time. As much as she could carry. Sitting there out of breath watching Dennis suck off or spread his legs for man after man.

Serena watched her man in all sorts of outfits, as a french maid, a school girl, a business woman and even a bride, being seduced in a score of different scenarios. Some of the tapes had sound which for some reason only broke Serena's heart that much harder. One theme ran through all these different scenes, Dennis was having sex with other men, Mostly black men and hispanics, and letting them have their way with him. There was one other thing. Dennis was good. He never failed to totally satisfy his lover. All of the men enjoyed having her husband pleasure them.

She watched them all getting excited again and being unable to explain to herself why watching someone she loved so much have sex with other men turned her on. Still she knew what she had to do as the front door opened and the familiar "Hi honey! How was your day!" echoed down the hall.

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