Remember The Nights Ch. 08

by velvetpie


"Charles Andrew Weatherly! Where were you all night?"

Cynthia. Not exactly what he wanted to hear first thing in the morning. "Good morning, Cynthia." Charlie stretched in his bed, unable to keep the silly smile from his face. Last night had been an eye-opener. Never in his life would he have thought that sex with a shemale could be so exciting. Once he'd gotten past the issue of Tamiko having a penis, the rest was icing. It wasn't about her body parts, but about the feeling between them. He'd only known her for two weeks but he was convinced: he loved her.

"Answer my question."

"I was at the office. I decided to bunk there since I had a shit load of work to do."

"You were at the office all night?" Her accusatory tone made him angry.

"Yes, all night. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really don't have time to talk. I have to meet Barry and Ed in 30 minutes to go over the Munson case."

"Can I come along?"

"If you want but you'd better bring something to read. We'll be working all day."

She huffed with such force that Charlie imagined that he could feel it on his end of the line. "Well, all right. I guess I'll stay at home." She pouted. "Dinner later?"

"Absolutely. I'll meet you at Giordiano's at seven, okay."

"Okay, Charles."

Charlie met up with his two colleagues and they worked the finer details of the Munson case for nearly five hours before Ed's frantic wife called with news that their youngest son had fallen off the bed and was having convulsions. He left to meet them at the hospital and the two men decided to call it a day, finding a local pub and ordering a few drinks.

"So, you getting cold feet yet?"

Charlie stared at his friend, glaring at him suspiciously. "Are you reading my mind?"

Barry grinned, slapping him on the back. "Hey, it's normal. I got them before I married Jessica."

"How'd you get over it?"

"Fucked the hell out of a black chick name Sugar Lips."

"Sugar Lips?"

Barry shrugged with a smirk. "Prostitutes always have fucked up names."

Yeah." Charlie finished his drink and gestured to the bartender for another as Barry sized him up with a wise eye.

"You dog!" Barry's outburst was so loud that Charlie looked around to make sure that no one else was listening. "You've found someone else, haven't you?"

"Barry … "

"Tell me about her."

"Barry … "

"Tell me! Tell me or I'll call Cynthia right now."

"Okay, okay!" Charlie hesitated as the bartender delivered their second round of drinks, a huge smile breaking out on his face. "She's absolutely wonderful."

"Have you fucked her yet?"

"She's Asian and she has the most beautiful brown eyes. They're so dark that they're almost black."

"Have you fucked her yet?"

"And her body …nice, soft breasts and an ass to die for … "

"Have you fucked her yet!?!?"

"It's not just about fucking, Barry."

"Of course it is!" The elder attorney laughed, taking a drink. "It's all about pussy and how much you can get." Charlie glared at Barry, the man's words making him feel ill. Just days ago, he would have been laughing boisterously at those words but now, all he felt was a deep, abiding sickness. "So, is she a good fuck? Does she compare to Cynthia?"

Charlie downed the remainder of his drink and gathered his briefcase, tossing a twenty on the counter. "I'll see you later, Barry. I don't want to be late for dinner." He clapped his colleague on the back to dismiss any feelings of unease. "You know how Cynthia is."

"Yes, I do." Barry winked, still sipping his drink. "All right. See you tomorrow."

It was five-fifteen. There was just time enough to make it to Armani's to see Tamiko. Her brilliant eyes lit up when she saw him and she locked the door, leading him back into the storage area and locking lips with him.

"I hoped that you would be here."

"I was hoping that you'd come to see me!" She answered, pressing feverish kisses across his face as his hands worked to rid her of the dress she was wearing.

Charlie's entire body and soul soared in her arms. His lips surrounded first one nipple, then the other, using his tongue and teeth to make her shout in joy. His hand stroked her rod, bringing her to the same hardness he felt himself and dropped to his knees, pushing her against the wall as he parted her cheeks. Her breathy groan told him that she was appreciative of his tongue's action and he kept up the activity, tickling the sensitive skin with the tip of his tongue, then thrusting it inward. Her entire body shuddered with each thrust.

"Now, Charlie. Please!"

He stood and pushed into her, his groan mingling with her own. He rode her hard and fast, the echoes of bodies slapping and moans filling his ears while her tongue filled his mouth. Then suddenly, he was coming, harder than ever and he clasped her own vibrating body to his own, aware of her own release by the way her anal muscles squeezed the last drops from his throbbing cock.

Tamiko swayed as he turned her, his mouth raining kisses all over her face and his strong arms encircling her as she trembled. "I hate to do this to you but I have to go."

"Wham, bam, thank you ma'am?" She laughed, holding her arms up as he tugged her dress back on.

"I guess." He touched her cheek softly. "I can see you later, though. Will that be all right?"

"Yes, Charlie."

He held her close, his mind racing as he thought of his approaching dinner with Cynthia. He wished he could be looking across the candles at Tamiko's face.

"Then I'll see you later."

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