Remember The Nights Ch. 07

by velvetpie


Four weeks until the wedding and Cynthia would speak to him. Charlie wasn't surprised. She hadn't taken his disappearance well and he was damned if he was going to tell her that he'd spent it with another woman. The entire week after, he was electric with joy. He poured his heart into his case and was rewarded with a hard-won conviction. At the congratulatory dinner, he sat by Cynthia's side but was thinking about Tamiko the entire time. Cynthia was pretty as a china doll and as warm as one; Tamiko was articulate and would have set his colleagues on their ears.

Finally, Saturday came and Charlie made his excuses to Cynthia, claiming to have to work. He went to the office and did five hours of pro bono work, then dressed for his date. He decided to surprise her. He didn't want the usual dinner, then night club date this time. He wanted something more intimate. At three o'clock, he arrived at Armani's and found her in the middle of servicing a client. Her lovely features lit up when she saw him and waved him over to the chair to wait. He picked up a magazine and pretended to read it as he watched her measure the gentleman, then assist him with trying on several suits.

The gentleman settled on five suits and she scheduled a date for the tailor to bring the suits out to his house for a personal visit. As soon as he left, Charlie grabbed her, swinging her around and kissing her soundly. "Ready to go?"

"It's only three o'clock, Charlie. You're early!"

"Yes. And?"

Tamiko grinned, grabbing her keys and locking the register. "What the hell?"

The afternoon started with drinks and appetizers at a local watering hole, then a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Holding hands and giggling at times, they spent long hours gazing at the paintings and sculptures before departing and attending a pre-arranged picnic in Central Park, complete with a portable fireplace and candles. Again, the conversation was cerebral and he never laughed so much in his life. As darkness crawled across the horizon, he found himself at her apartment, lying behind her as they watched a movie.

The press of her ass against his crotch was too much to bear and he found himself slightly moving, rubbing his hard cock against her ass. He caught himself too late; her body stiffened like Cynthia's and he released her shoulders, starting to sit up.

"Where are you going?"

"Uh, I think it's time I left."

"Nonsense." Her hand reached back, smoothing his body from hip to thigh. "Things were just getting interesting. Don't stop."

Charlie slumped back down, his cock hardening even more at her words. She wanted it! His hands moved over her hips, pulling her dress up and releasing a shuddering breath when he saw her lacy thong. Her ass cheeks were shaped like twin teardrops, a dusting of black hair on the small of her back. His hands moved over the soft flesh, squeezing gently and she arched back against him, her arms looping around his head and pulling him down for a deep kiss. His hips replaced his hands and he ground into her again, groaning his pleasure into her mouth. He slid his arm under her neck, supporting her while she undid the halter top of the dress, pushing it down and uncovering her beautiful breasts.

"Oh, yes." Tamiko whispered when his large palm covered one of her breasts, pinching her thick nipple and drawing another hiss of pleasure. He pulled on the rosy bead, rolling it between his fingers until she cried out, his mouth swooping down to capture hers again. His hand crept down and he freed himself, rubbing the head against her skin. She whimpered, pushing back into him, her body begging to be breached.


She quickly stood up, dropping the dress and thong to the floor and bent over the couch, her cock swinging free. Charlie arose, pushing his pants down to the floor and moving to stand behind her, slapping his cock against her ass. "Please, Charlie. I want you inside me. Quit teasing me." Pre-cum splattered onto her cheeks and she writhed excitedly as he moved closer, holding his prick upright to glide in her crack. She responded with a deep shudder, moving with him and spreading her ass cheeks as far as she could.

As the stiff length of his pole caressed her pucker, Charlie paused in each stroke to allow the fat head to drift over the super-sensitive skin, his pre-cum lubing her tiny hole. He pressed his thumb in, breaching her and she moaned as he changed position a bit, his cock riding under her balls. She reached down with one hand and grasped both of their rods, rubbing them together, her copious juice covering them both. "Oh, Tam." The whisper caught in her throat at her touch and he pulled out of her grasp, lining his prick up with her hole.

The first stroke was slow, agonizingly slow. He let the head slip in first and waited for her to relax before pressing in the rest of the way. Fully seated against her, he wrapped her arms around her, grabbing her breasts and rubbing the nipples into hardness. Charlie began to move then, moaning at the way she responded to him and increased his speed, fucking her harder and faster. Just as he was about to cum, he reached down and stroked her prick in concert.

Tamiko screamed. She couldn't help it. Her cock erupted into her hand as her lover's seed spurted into her bowels and the sensations overwhelmed her, making her body vibrate. His warm arms lifted her and he laid them down on the couch, cuddling her still-trembling body against him.

"Oh, Charlie ... " She gasped, caught in the throes of a delicious aftermath. "That was ... "

"Sshh." He held her close, pressing kisses to her ear. "You don't need to say anything."
Tamiko closed her eyes, shivering in his embrace and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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