Pure Heart - 1

by SpiceyAngel


Danny's eyes widened in total disbelief as the head of the parole board announced their decision to him. After fourteen long years in prison, he had finally been released. He felt numb as excitement soared through his veins while he was led back to his cramped cell.

The guard handed him a box and told him to pack his belongings. He nodded his head, and looked down at his shaking hands. Danny couldn't remember when he had been so scared and happy at the same time.

Being a very strong believer in his Native American heritage, the first thing he did was say a silent prayer of thanks. Then he slowly began to take inventory of all the stuff he had collected over the years.

It sure didn't seem like much but then again he had traded most of his books for postage stamps, long ago. In less than fifteen minutes he was all packed to leave. He paced his cell, impatiently waiting for the guard to return. When he finally did, he tossed a stack of clothes at him then shut the door again.

Danny was more than glad to change out of the prison issue clothes he had been wearing for so many years. The feel of regular street clothes against his skin was almost foreign. It was another hour before the guard returned to escort him to the discharge office.

Danny had grown quite cranky by then but held his tongue, not wanting to screw up his release. The two hours of red tape and paper work that followed, gave him a headache. By the time he was finally given the money from his prisoner bank account, it was almost dinner time.

He was driven to the bus station in Wichita, where he was supervised until he boarded the bus. A big smile crossed his face as he watched the prison van drive away. Reality began to set in as he thought about the future.

It had taken a lot of string pulling for him to be able to parole out to another state. He had been ordered to report to his parole officer first thing the following morning in Oklahoma City.

His stomach began to growl with a vengeance since he was used to eating on a strict time schedule. He was determined to ignore it but gave up after ten minutes. The bus driver told him that he had fifteen minutes before they would be pulling out of the station.

He made a bee-line for the snack bar and ordered a double cheeseburger combo. Just as he stepped back onto the bus, carrying his dinner, the driver announced that they were leaving.

Danny settled into a seat at the back of the bus. He gobbled his food, having almost forgotten what decent chow tasted like. It was almost the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, with one exception that he was reminded of as he watched a last minute passenger hurry on board.

He could tell that she had been running to catch the bus as her breasts heaved with each breath she took as she walked down the aisle toward him. His eyes slowly surveyed her body when she stopped four seats in front of him and leaned over to spread a blanket on the seat. Her long golden hair swayed as she moved her arms.
He leaned his head to the side, to get a look at her ass as her short dress crept upward. A brief glimpse of red satin panties and curvaceous thigh was all he saw. That was more than enough to excite him.

He waited until she was in her seat and the bus rolled out of the station before he unzipped his fly to relieve the intense pressure in his jeans. It didn't help much which forced him to pull his cock out of his underwear. He slowly stroked himself as he watched the back of the woman's head.

Danny imagined that she was kneeling between his legs, with his fingers intertwined in her beautiful hair as she wrapped her soft pink lips around his girth. He tightened the grip on his shaft, mimicking the movements her mouth would make as she took him in and out, deeper with each stroke.

An involuntary groan arose from his chest when he thought about the tip of his rod hitting the back of her throat. He was to wrapped up in his own fantasy to notice that the woman had turned around to look at him.

She watched his face intently as sweat poured down his forehead. By the movement of his arm, it was easy for her to guess what he was doing. Not one to be easily offended, she smiled as lustful thoughts entered her mind.

Danny's eyes had rolled back in his head by that time, so he did not see her when she stood up and quietly walked to his seat. He snapped back to reality when he felt her hand wrap around his. He looked up at her as she slid past him, sitting down in the seat next to him.

Without speaking a word, she pulled her hair to one side and lowered her face to his crotch as she lifted his hand away from his rigid cock. He thought he would faint in pleasure as she wrapped her mouth around him.
The touch of a woman was almost more than he could bare, after so many years of having to depend on himself for pleasure. He gritted his teeth, in an attempt to remain in control as she sucked his entire length into her throat. His entire body began to shake as he fought back the urge to cum. The exquisite touch of her magical tongue was to much for him to bear.

Every muscle in his body stiffened as he thrust upward. She moaned and began to swallow his thick cream as wave after wave exploded against the back of her throat. By the time his balls were finally emptied of his seed, Danny felt weak. He collapsed against the seat, breathing raggedly.

The blonde sat up, smiled and slowly licked her lips. Then she stood up and went back to her seat. His mind raced wildly as he began to wonder if it had all been a dream. Before he had gone to prison it sure was not an everyday occurrence that a sexy stranger just walked up to him and sucked his dick.

Danny tried to go to sleep after he tucked his flaccid dick back into his pants but his mind kept wondering back to what he had been craving for a taste of the past decade. He glanced around the bus, noticing that nobody else was sitting near the back except for him and the woman.

Finally getting his nerve up, he moved to the seat across from hers. She was sitting sideways with her legs stretched out along the seat. She smiled when they made eye contact, then she slowly opened her legs, revealing the fact that she had removed her panties.

As she parted her legs a little more, he realized that her pussy lips were smooth. Remembering what he had seen in dirty magazines over the years, he knew it was a common practice for women to shave their pussies nowadays.

He unconsciously bit his lip, his eyes following her hands as they gliding up her thighs. He gasped when she slipped one finger into her slit and wiggled it around enough to get it wet then lifted it to her mouth and slowly sucked it in.

The look of gratification on her face as she tasted herself almost pushed him over the edge. He wanted to taste her juices so bad that it was all he could do to control himself from jumping across the aisle and burying his face in her mound.

She could plainly see the effect her actions were having on his body, as the bulge in his jeans grew larger. Deciding to have a little more fun with him, she moved her finger back to her nether lips and slid it deep inside herself.

Her finger moved slowly at first, speed increasing with each stroke until she was panting in pure delight. Watching her finger fuck herself was more than Danny could take. He hopped over into her seat, pushing her thighs wide apart with his head.

She had to bite her lips to hold back a squeal of delight as his tongue began to lap at her juicy clit. He wrapped his hands around her thighs, holding her firmly in place as she began to buck wildly against his face.

Many years of speculation that he had lost his God given talent of eating pussy while locked up in prison, soon disappeared from his mind. He moved his tongue against her flesh with butterfly light flicks.

He moved it with such skill and expertise that the woman would have never believed him if he told her he'd been locked up for over a decade. She ground herself harder against his mouth, enjoying herself immensely as he devoured her pussy.

She ran her fingers through his hair, applying pressure to his head which pressed his face deeper into her wet valley. Hot pussy juice covered his face from ear to ear as he slid his tongue inside her.

Her muscles quivered in response, rippling against his tongue as he probed her body. He stretched it deep inside her and wiggled it wildly, bringing moans of pleasure from her. Danny was quite sure everyone on the bus knew what they were doing.

His craving for the taste of wet pussy was stronger than any worry he had about being kicked off the bus. He continued to fuck her with his tongue until he felt her lurch and heard her cry out.

She wrapped her legs around his neck, smothering him with her pussy as her hot juices poured into his mouth.

He slurped down every drop, in an attempt to quench his thirst. When she finally relaxed, he gave her another thorough licking, not stopping until she started to whimper.

When he lifted his head and looked around, his face grew red in embarrassment when he saw that they did indeed have an audience. Several people were staring at him with knowing looks on their faces.

Not caring what anyone thought, he leaned over and gave the blonde a hot frenzied kiss which left them both breathless. Then he wiped the juice off his face with his hand and returned to his original seat in the back of the bus.

Having satisfied himself temporarily, he had no trouble drifting off to sleep. He did not wake up until the bus pulled into the terminal in Oklahoma City. As he exited the bus, the blonde smiled at him and winked.

He wanted to ask her for her phone number but decided not to. Hell he was a free man and he planned to soil his wild oats with every chance he got. That meant not being with the same woman twice, until he got his 'whoring' streak out of his system.

As he walked around the bus station, trying to catch a glimpse of his family in the crowd, he recognized one of the people from the bus that had been staring at him. It was a brunette that looked to be in her mid twenty's. She smiled and walked past him, giving him a seductive look.

His eyes followed her as she walked toward an exit. Her ass swayed with each step she took. When she reached the door, she glanced back at him and stared until he began to walk toward her. She led him outside to some tall bushes, next to the building.

Danny glanced around before stepping behind the shrubs. He ended up face to face with the woman as she leaned against the wall. He took a deep breath as the scent of her perfume enveloped him. His eyes roamed down her body, noting her ample sized breasts and the outline of her pussy lips, through her tight jeans. He looked up when she spoke.

"Fuck me.", She said in an almost demanding voice.

Normally, that tone would have turned Danny off, but after being away from women for so long, it didn't bother him one bit. He wasted no time removing his jeans and underwear. Then he helped the woman take off hers. She leaned against the wall again as he moved his arms around, gripping her ass with his hands. He lifted her legs up as she wrapped them around his ass which pressed his cock against her womanhood.
"Fuck me.", She repeated.

He was more than happy to oblige her request and thrust into her with all his might. His full length slipped into her wet heat with ease. She tightened her muscles around him, gripping him like a vise as he thrust in and out of her.

He moved his pelvis faster and harder, causing his balls to slap wildly against her lips. Each stroke brought a cry of joy from her mouth. Not wanting to be interrupted while getting his first piece of ass, since his prison release, he pressed his lips to hers.

The sounds she was making were soon muffled by his dancing tongue. She followed his lead, kissing in rhythm with his thrusting cock. Danny's arms began to ache from holding her up in the air, so he broke the kiss and lifted her off of him.

Then he turned her facing away from him, and told her to bend over. She did as he asked, placing her hands on her ankles. He smiled as he got a full view of her wet slit. Then he grabbed her ass and ram-rodded his cock deep inside her pussy again.

His cock ached so bad for release by that time, that he no longer cared if anyone caught them. He pounded into her nether hole as hard and fast as he possibly could. Her squeals of ecstasy echoed across the parking lot.

He knew it would take anyone who heard them a few minutes to figure out the exact location of the noise. His nuts ricocheted off of her thighs with every hard slam. The sensation was almost enough to buckle his knees.
"Fuck me harder!", The bossy brunette yelled.

Not wanting to leave her unsatisfied, he drilled his pole into her with the force of a jackhammer. It was hard enough to cause her to fall onto all fours on the ground. Danny never lost a beat. In fact, he was able to fuck her even faster as he kneeled over her. That was enough to bring her to climax.

She thrashed against his body as she was swept away by orgasmic bliss. Her rippling pussy sent Danny over the edge. He grunted and shoved his beef deep inside her as he shot his wad. His hot cum coated her insides then began to ooze out. They collapsed in a heap on the ground, trying to catch their breath.

After a bit, he finally mustered up the strength to put his clothes back on. Then he waited until the woman had redressed before stepping out of the bushes. Just as he emerged on the sidewalk, he spotted his brother coming out the bus station door. He turned to the woman to tell her that he had to leave, but she had already walked off. Shrugging his shoulders, he grinned and walked toward his family.

It didn't take Danny long to settle into a routine. He got a job and kept all his appointments with his parole officer. In his spare time, he went out whoring around, as he liked to call it. He picked up just about any woman that was willing.

For the next six months, he screwed a different woman just about everyday. By the time he was released from parole, he was ready for a change. His family was getting on his nerves. He decided it was time to get a place of his own, where he could live his own life.

On the fifth day of apartment hunting, he finally found a reasonable place that he liked. The apartment manager didn't seem to care about his past. She did not do a credit check or anything.

All she cared about was the rent and deposit money. He could tell by the way she looked at him that she liked what she saw. He guessed that she wasn't much older than twenty. Being almost forty himself, she was just the right age for him.

Something about her made him curious. When he looked into her eyes, he could see a deep sadness. She tried to hide it with her smile but he sensed that she was heartbroken.

Not wanting to add to her troubles, he did not pursue the lustful thoughts he was feeling as he followed her through the apartment she was showing him. He felt a little guilty about wanting to jump her bones when he caught her staring out the window with tears in her eyes.

He tried to think of something to say, but all those years in prison had left him a little gun shy when it came to talking to women. Deciding not to say anything, he turned to leave the room. When she spoke, he stopped in his tracks and listened. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something about this woman was different from all the others that he had meaningless flings with.

"Do you ever wish you could turn into a bird and fly away?", She asked.

Surprised by her question, he hesitated momentarily. When she turned and looked into his eyes, he was able to find his words.

"Yes, I have spent many hours wishing I could do just that.", He answered honestly as he thought about those endless hours in that prison.

He was curious about why she asked that question but before he could say anything else she excused herself and left him standing there, feeling rather awkward. He looked around the apartment for a while longer, wondering if she would return.

When he finally gave up and decided to leave, he saw her sitting on a tire swing in the courtyard. She was absolutely breathtaking as the breeze blew through her hair. The swing swayed back and forth just a bit as she stared at nothing. He didn't think that she had noticed him until she looked over at him and beckoned him.
He took a deep breath and walked over to her. She patted the other side of the swing, inviting him to sit down. He gave her a sheepish smile, then sat down. He didn't mind when she leaned back a bit, using him for a backrest. Neither of them spoke for a while, as they both became lost in their own thoughts. When she finally did speak again, her words caught his interest.

"Have you ever just met anyone that you felt as if you had known your whole life? Something about them makes you feel so comfortable, that you feel like you could tell them your deepest darkest secret?", She asked.
Danny shifted his feet, as he began to grow more nervous. What she said got to him because he had just been thinking the same thing. Instead of answering her, he turned to look at her. Their eyes locked as they stared at each other. He felt mesmerized by her dark eyes as they seemed to pull him inward.

"You feel it to, don't you?", She said in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

He nodded his head, unable to find his voice, again. She gave him a serious look and said, "Your soul is very strong. I sense the bear spirit is watching over you."

His mouth fell open in amazement because he rarely told anyone about his Native American beliefs and this woman had been able to read him like the cover of a book. He stared at her, wondering how she had known about his spirit. She didn't have dark hair and skin like most Native Americans, so it hadn't occurred to him that she might be one, too.

As if she could read his thoughts, she said, "I am Cherokee. I also used to have a spirit watching over me."
Tears slowly poured from her eyes as she spoke. He sensed an uneasy emptiness inside her. While he looked at her thoughtfully, she continued speaking.

"Two years ago, I married a wonderful man. He to was of the Cherokee people. His spirit was a wolf. He could not control that spirit. It got him into more mischief than he could handle. Now he is gone and my spirit went with him.", She whispered so quietly that her words seemed to float on the wind.

"What happened?", Danny asked, hoping that he wasn't prying.

"He was murdered in a fight over a woman. The man came home and caught my husband in bed with his wife. Then he shot him. My life ended on that day, too.", She responded.

Danny stood up and walked around the swing. Then he knelt in front of her, taking her hands in his. He held them tightly as he said a prayer, asking for the spirits to give her the strength to heal. She waited until he finished then gave him a hug.

"After you get moved into the apartment, will you go on a drive with me? I would like to show you something.", She said.

Danny agreed, then they went to her apartment so he could sign a lease and pay his rent. He told her that he would go with her the next day. It was time for him to go to work. While he was working that evening, his mind kept wondering back to her. She had told him that her given name was in the Cherokee language and to hard to pronounce, so he could call her by her nickname, Willow.

He spent the evening and most of the night, trying to clear his mind of thoughts about her. No matter how hard he tried, his mind kept wondering back to the conversation they had on the tire swing.

It had been many years since a woman had affected him that way. Usually when he met a woman, sex was all he thought about. It was different this time, her soul was affecting him more than her body was

End of part 1

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