Pupil's Pet Ch. 3

by shadowed-man


Michelle gathered herself together, reclothing her used body and stumbled out of the room…with every step she felt Joe's cum inside her and immediately headed for the bathroom to attempt to remove it.

After a glance in the mirror she started crying again, she not only felt upset but she looked like a well used whore…her hair was a mess and her blouse was badly creased. The school was practically empty now with only the cleaners going from room to room . She headed for the car with a pile of books, but she didn't feel like touching them…everything was going wrong for her and now that Gary had got a piece of her the rumours might start spreading further.


The next morning Michelle woke up to her alarm, briefly unaware of what had been happening…then reality kicking in and causing more pain for her. That was it, she couldn't go back in…"I could phone in sick.." she thought, quickly dialling the school and trying to sound ill. It worked, the secretary noted her 'sickness' and in a bitchy manner said "Hope you feel better soon!."

She felt like a huge weight had been taken off her shoulders…no Joe to torment her and no Gary looking smug and spreading rumours as she'd predicted.

Joe on the other hand was very busy, he got up with a whistle and took a shower…thinking about Michelle's pussy and how much he'd enjoyed using her the day before. As he was drying himself off a twisted thought entered his head and he quickly got changed, heading for his parents' bedroom.

He already knew there was some BDSM stuff hidden in the closet and decided to look and see what he could find. After pushing aside dildos, vibrators and handcuffs he found what he'd been looking for, and smiled as he put it in his bag, along with the undeveloped film.

The bell rang, and Joe waited against a wall in the corridor…but no sign of Miss Tyler. He saw Mr Hockley swiftly strolling down the corridor, "Sir, have you seen Miss Tyler this morning? I've got something to give to her"

"No, she's not in Mr Keller…phoned in sick, you'll have to give it to her tomorrow or whenever she comes back," he replied, not stopping.

Joe was fuming, he knew why she wasn't in…this was going to ruin his day. He sat in class and thought about what to do…if only he knew her home address…where to find it though? The secretary's office!
Lunchtime soon came around and Joe strolled down to the office, holding a book in one hand…and strolled up to the flustered looking girl behind the desk, who was obviously busy.

"Excuse me, Miss?" Joe said, leaning over the counter and looking into her eyes.

"Yes, what is it?" she snapped.

"Hey, I need to give this to Miss Tyler, it's urgent for today…she's got to have it"

"She's not in today, you'll have to give it to her tomorrow morning…," the phone rang again and she hastily answered it.

Joe knew if he kept trying he could get Michelle's address out of this secretary, even if it was against protocol.

"…it's very important, please? I can take it to her at her house…I just need her address" he interrupted, turning on the Joe Keller charm that seemed to get him everything he wanted.

The secretary was still talking on the phone looking highly stressed, but reached across to a folder and flicked through it quickly. There it was, Miss Tyler's home address….he quickly noted it down and handed the folder back, smiling happily.

"Thank you, Miss," he winked at her before strolling out of the school gates…not seeing her forced grin at him before continuing to take down a message for someone.


It took Joe an hour on foot to reach Michelle's street, and what a street it was! Every house looked like a rich one, green lawns and fancy cars – this was obviously the place for high paid teachers like Miss Tyler to live…he strolled down the road in search of 63, his bag on his back and a happy smile on his face.

Michelle had a relaxing morning, she'd marked the books that she hadn't done the previous evening, finished some laundry that had piled up from the start of the week and had just got out of the shower, something that always made her feel better. Just as she'd put on a robe the doorbell rang…she wasn't expecting anyone so she didn't answer it, deciding to let them think nobody was there.

The doorbell rang again, and again…and a third time. Without thinking she ran down the stairs, "I'm coming, I'm coming…stop ringing!," and opened the door.

There was a sharp slap on the door as Joe pressed his hand against it and forced it all the way open. "Hello Michelle…been hiding from me have you?." Michelle stumbled backwards, half in shock and half in fear…"J..Joe, what…how did you get my address?"

He smiled evily, "I have my ways..now, I have the film with me, you can end all this right now if you want, just do as I say and it's all over"

"Please Joe, no more…I beg you, just let me have that film and stop tormenting me, I can't take it anymore," she begged.

Joe laughed loudly, "Man, you're really screwed up in there aren't you Miss? Haven't you learnt anything yet?"
He pulled her close to him, smelling the fresh scent of Michelle's skin and her still wet hair, "Mmmmm, you smell nice…good of you to clean yourself up for me" he said with another smile, before shutting the front door.

"Now, are you going to do what I say? I promise you this film will be yours if you do as I tell you," he said sincerely.

Michelle didn't know anymore, this film had caused her more problems than it solved – but at least if she had it back she'd only have to put up with Joe's smiles and maybe she could change schools, with her reputation in tact.

She reluctantly nodded, knowing that Joe was getting more daring and out of control. Here she was in her own house submitting to a student's every instruction to save her career.

"Now, take off the robe…let me see that sexy body of yours," he ordered.

She did it without hesitation.

"Very good" he said, walking up to her. He started caressing her breasts, feeling her still warm skin in his hands.

"You know Miss you have a beautiful pair of tits…" he said confidently.

Michelle didn't reply, she just wanted this over with so her life could get back to normal.

After Joe had finished his examination of his teacher he looked her in the eye, simply saying "Kiss me." There was a moment's hesitation but she did as he said, pecking him on the cheek. "No, you know what I mean, kiss me…properly, NOW!." She felt a tear run down her cheek, this was all wrong…she was a slave in her own home to a student only interested in abusing her for his own pleasure. After a moment's hesitation she kissed him, the way she kissed her former boyfriends of long ago. "Good, that's good" he said…"You're doing good Michelle, now, lets see how you like this"

He rummaged through his bag, throwing aside books and other school things…"Get on your knees for me" he ordered. Once again she did exactly as she was told.

And there, he pulled out a leash and collar…quickly strapping it to Miss Tyler's neck, he saw her eyes reddening again but was feeling too intense to stop, he stood in front of her with the chain in his hand and yanked it upwards, causing her to choke momentarily, He quickly dropped his pants, "Now, bitch…pull off my shorts and suck my cock like a good girl…yeah, that's it."

She was doing exactly as he said, even he was surprised that she let him put that collar around her neck, but was enjoying every moment of this so much that he'd forgotten about his plan. "OK Michelle, that's enough for now…," and yanked her over to her dining room, tying the leash around one of the table legs. "Now, see this?," he produced the film that she so desired, "I'm going to place this here," it was just out of her reach, and he knew it. "Now, bitch…reach for it, you know you want it," Michelle tried as hard as she could, if only her arms were slightly longer she'd have it in her grasp, only the leash prevented her from having it.

Joe was watching her squirm, this was great…far beyond how far he expected her to go, but then noticing her position…she was on her hands and knees reaching out for this film, her pussy was clearly visible from behind….and Joe couldn't resist.

He got down between her legs, still watching her reaching for this film….took his cock in his hand, and slowly pushed it towards Miss Tyler's inviting pussy, it was visibly wet from his view as he plunged his cock into her.

She stopped grabbing at the film and let out a loud sexual moan, half in shock.

Joe laughed quietly to himself, "There Michelle, you weren't expecting that huh?" he said as his hands clasped his teacher's hips and started pushing in and out of her.

Michelle snapped "FUCK YOU JOE, damn you for what you're doing..I hate you!" she screamed,

Joe rammed his cock into her hard, provoking another loud moan from deep inside her "Are you sure Miss? You sound like you're enjoying yourself" he laughed again to himself. He felt himself about to cum, the whole situation was bizarre and fucking Miss Tyler from behind was something he never thought he'd do.

He pulled her into him, watching her long legs bend to his demand..letting streams of cum ooze out of his cock and deep into his teacher's mature pussy, he promptly removed his cock and moved around to Michelle's face…slapping it across her and making her suck it clean.

She again did as she was told. Once Joe had finished he untied the leash and collar and passed her the film…"There you go Miss, I hope your career was worth saving," he said as he laughed and got dressed.

She promptly got up and slapped him across the face, with the film now in her possession she had some control again…"Joe Keller, if you ever come near me again I swear I'll call the cops…you should be ashamed of what you've done."

Joe took the slap quite well, he stood there looking slightly shocked but ultimately he'd got exactly what he wanted from Miss Tyler…he'd fucked her and made her suck his cock, more than the average student could manage from a teacher – all for some blackmail and a slightly guilty conscience.

Miss Tyler on the other hand, had been abused and made to have sex with two of her students…who knows what might have been said, and if her career would carry on normally. Little did she know what would happen in the next couple of weeks...

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