Pupil's Pet Ch. 1

by shadowed-man


Michelle parked her car up in the school car park, and grasping hold of a set of books she struggled out of the car and headed into the building, beelining for the staff room. It was Monday morning, everyone was recovering from their weekends and before anything else she needed a cup of coffee to start the day.

Michelle had just turned 38 and had been teaching at the school for 14 years, she loved her job, and she did it well...everything was on time and accurate, and nobody ever dared to argue with her.

Standing at just under 6'' she was the tallest female teacher in the school, with long curvy legs and large 36D breasts she was quite a sight. Rumour had it that a lot of the male students took a liking to her, not just for her looks but for her authority.

With a cup of coffee in her hand she walked down the corridor, stopping to order some kids away from the science lab and telling them to grow up in her powerful voice.

Just as she turned a corner she ran into Joe, who was running around the corner not looking where he was going. She almost spilt her coffee as he clattered into her...

"Mr Keller...where do you think you're going?" she said in her menacing voice.

"I'm sorry Miss Tyler, just running late...that's all" he said with a cheeky grin.

"Slow down in future!" she barked.

As she walked off Joe took a second look at Miss Tyler's body, the whole thing was planned...he wanted to get a feel of her gorgeous breasts as she turned the corner, but missed. One consolation though was the smell of her perfume on his clothes, she had a scent so sweet that he wanted to pull her against him and kiss her.

All of the pupils knew that Miss Tyler was single, too caught up with work to spare the time for a boyfriend - this made her even more wantable, but still out of their reach.

The day slowly passed, Michelle was frustrated with the extra workload she'd had to take on with other teachers calling in sick again...a common occurance for Monday's.

As the day ended she exited her last class after all the pupils had gone and kicked one of the lockers, making a large dent in it...and then turning around and resting up against it.

"Errr, Miss? That's damaging school property...", said a voice to her left.

It was Joe again.

"Leave me alone Joe, I've had a hard day" she sighed

Joe exploited what he'd just seen and formed a plan...

"You know teach, you could get in a lot of trouble for damaging someone's locker..." he said cheekily

"What are you saying?" she inquired.

"Well, far be it from me to tell the Principal but you could be in a lot of trouble..."

Michelle didn't need this, she had spent what free time she usually had during the day trying to teach kids that didn't want to know, Joe's blackmail was the last thing she needed....and moreso, she didn't want to blemish her record and was said to be inline to take a more senior role in the school.

"Oh, I see...this is blackmail is it?"

"If you want to look at it that way...you know Miss, I quite like you" he said cunningly.

"What do you want Joe??" she barked.

"Kiss me..." he ordered.

Michelle sighed, her hair was a mess and she'd had enough for the day. "Will that make you forget about this incident?"

"Oh yes, absolutely" he said as he moved closer to her.

Joe was only about 5'8'', quite short for his age - just turning 18 a month or two ago. Michelle leaned over slightly and pecked him on the cheek.

"There, done...now I'm going home" she said, not caring for his response.

"Errr, not so fast? You call that a kiss?" he gestured.

"What the hell? You want me to 'kiss' you?", this was getting embarrasing for her but with fatigue and tiredness creeping in she looked around to make sure nobody was watching, leaned over again and kissed him deeply...hoping that was the last of it.

Michelle got in the car and sped off, smirking to herself at Joe's reaction after the second kiss...but things were going to get worse.


Tuesday morning started in the same manner, Michelle grabbed a cup of coffee and walked down the corridor...she looked across at the locker she'd kicked the night before and there were nine or ten students getting an earful from the Principal...she noticed Joe standing there among them.

Stopping to see what happened, she asked the Principal who did it, as if she'd never seen it before in her life.

Nobody was admitting to it, naturally...when all of a sudden Joe looked across at Michelle with a cheeky grin, then reluctantly said, "Sorry sir, it was me...I've been having a hard time at home at the moment". The Principal ordered him to his office and Michelle carried on down to her classroom, wondering why Joe admitted to the damage she did.

After school Joe caught up with Michelle just as she was leaving her last class, "Did you see what I did for you today Miss Tyler? I took the blame..I've got to pay for the repairs though"

"I didn't make you..." Michelle said coldly

"No, but I could always have said it was you instead"

"OK, I'll give you the money...how much are the repairs costing?" she asked.

"No no no...I can cover the repairs" he smiled.

Michelle wasn't getting his drift, she was tired and wanted to go home, "Well what is it you want then?".

"I want you....", he stuttered a few times, repeating his words again and again

"YES?" she interrupted.

"I want you...to suck my cock! Right now!"

Taken aback, Michelle couldn't believe what this boy had just said. "You are joking of course, aren't you?...very funny Joe, you had me going there for a moment"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Joe shouted, trying to assert himself. The corridors were empty by now but still this was a dangerous situation, if she did what he asked he'd leave her alone, but if she got caught it was the end of her career.

Without thinking, she pushed him up against a locker..."You can go to hell!" and started walking off.
Joe was mad at her actions and ran up to her putting his hand over her mouth, she tried to scream but even with her height advantage she was too weak to stop him. He dragged her into a nearby storeroom and shut the door behind him.

"Now, Miss Tyler...I've tried to be reasonable, but you've gone too far", he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and shorts. "Do I need to ask you again?"

Michelle had fear creeping into her mind, Joe Keller was unpredictable it seemed, not how she thought of him before at all.

She crouched down, doing as he asked, looking up at him with anger and taking his young and already erect cock into her mouth. This had got out of control, but she had no other choice.

She sucked on it, feeling his balls in her hand, Joe ran his hand down the side of her cheek, grinning to himself...when the word got out about what the sexiest teacher in school did to him he'd have an interesting story to tell.

Michelle was fearing what was coming next, but she was actually enjoying some male company...even if it meant kneeling down on a cold floor and sucking a student's cock and being humiliated.

Just as she was getting into it Joe rapidly pulled out a camera and took five photos of his slut teacher sucking his cock - now he had all he needed to make her do everything he wanted.

Michelle stopped, and ordered him to hand over the camera...but it was no good, things had gotten even worse for her. Joe ordered her to keep sucking his cock and she obeyed, trying in vain to get a plan together in her head to get that camera from his pocket.

She felt his cock starting to contract and just as Joe was about to climax he pulled out of her mouth...streaming cum all over her face and into her thick blond hair, some even getting onto her clothes.
He laughed wildly at the sight of his teacher disgraced, Michelle knelt there and felt like crying...but not before Joe had taken another three pictures of her soaked in his cum.

This wasn't the last of Michelle forced into doing as she was told, if the word got out about what had happened, or worse...the photos went public she'd be finished forever.

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