by wishful1


She was not pretty and perhaps she never had been. At least not her face, which looked square and mannish and had big, strong, brown eyes. Her mouth was quite big, as if it was good for sucking a man's dick. Her body was small and slender, however, and she also had obvious breasts although they were not huge. Her ass was not huge either, only big enough to suggest that bearing children would not have been a problem for her. Karl had to admit her body was tempting when he thought about it. It was his kind of body, big enough to fondle, not so big that one could suffocate in it nor so small as to permit her to be mistaken for a boy.

He'd known Stella for about two years, perhaps a little bit more. She worked in one of the insurance offices in town. She seemed to do a good job. Everyone who had business contact with her told what a good service she did for them. Her boss admitted she was the best all-around office girl he'd ever had or known about. Karl had never taken her seriously, especially as a desirable woman.

Everything came to a head the weekend of Myrna's party. It was a dance party, and it was raucous at times as the band played the crowd, teasing many of the party-goers into participating in various steps. No one was required to be proficient, only to have fun.

At one point there was a drawing for door prizes. The first number called was Stella's, and she was exuberant. He'd watched her fly across the floor, her simple, untucked shirt-type blouse flying around and under it her breasts also bobbing on her chest almost as if she wore no bra. Yet it was obvious that she did have a bra on, from the visible straps across her back under the shirt.. It was more than jiggling because she was stepping high as she ran to the front of the room and her breasts were bouncing powerfully, more than Karl had thought they could. He wondered how many others noticed how well built she was.

The next day he'd met her on a downtown street. She was coming toward him and greeted him warmly.

"Good to see you, Karl!" she enthused, her grin very big and in her face, almost grotesque. Yet there was something there that attracted him.

"Good to see you too, Stella," he said and without any warning or prior history of affectiion they came together in a warm, though brief, hug.

"I noticed that you really enjoyed yourself at Myrna's party last night," Karl said.

"Oh yeah, wasn't that a lot of fun!" Stella retorted, laughing. "I didn't notice you out there dancing, though."

"Oh, I'm not much of a dancer," Karl rejoined. "And I'm pretty shy, too. You looked pretty good doing it, though."

"What did you like best about the party?" Stella asked.

"When I watched you bouncing across the floor to get your prize," Karl blurted before he could stop himself.

"Really?" Stella said, her mouth gaping open and an immediate grin taking over her entire head.

"Yeah, when I saw you going up there with your tits bouncing so hard as you ran, I knew what I've suspected all along, that you're probably one fantastic fucking broad." He was shocked to hear the continuation of his impromptu comment as though he had no control over what he was saying.

Stella's reaction was immediate. Her face suddenly was hard, yet she did not run or call for help.

"What? What did you say?" she loudly retorted. She seemed frozen in front of him there on the sidewalk, her hands down at her sides and her palms outward.

"Oh geez, Stella, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud. I know I'm out of place, and the only thing I can add is that it's true, but it's not smart of me to tell you that, is it?" He almost cowered before her, wanting to find a place to hide.

Stella stood for a long minute staring at him, her face inscrutable, before she spoke.

"I think you better come in here with me so we can talk about this," she said finally. They were directly in front of the office at which she worked. The office was closed on Saturday and she knew there would be no one else there.

She turned to the door, fumbling in her purse for her key. She opened it, pushed in, held the door open as Karl walked past her, wanting to touch her breasts but not daring to. She pushed the door closed behind him and he watched as she secured it from the inside.

"Come in here," she said, leading the way to the back of the main office room. She led him through a door into another room that had a table in the middle, a refrigerator, small stove, counter and cupboards, and a sofa on one side. Stella ordered Karl to sit on the sofa. He sat on one end.

"Now tell me that again," she ordered sternly as she sat on the other end, turned to face him, her hands folded demurely i fnervously in her lap.

"Oh no, I shouldn't have said anything in the first place," Karl protested.

"Well, I want to hear it again, and I think that now that you did say it, there's no harm in saying it again, is there? If I'm going to be offended, you already pulled that off, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I guess I did," he said sadly, looking down, not daring to face Stella any longer. "Look, Stella, I'm sorry I blurted that out, even if it's the way I think about you. I never looked at you like that before, but last evening somehow there you were, a woman with an incredible body and now I've really messed up, haven't I? It wasn't right, it wasn't kind, and it probably says that I'm some sort of a threat to you, even if I know that I'm not. I never would do anything to hurt you, I hope you know that."

"Yeah, I believe that, Karl," she said. "Now look at me."

He kept his head down.

"Karl, I said look at me!" she spoke very sternly. He jerked his head up and looked at her. His immediate reaction was shock. Without his attention to her, she had removed her shirt and bra and was sitting there with her breasts completely exposed to him, hands returned to her lap.

"Oh my god!" he moaned.

"Are they as you imagined, Karl? Are they larger or smaller? Are they shaped as nicely? Are they sagging too much, or are they nice and tight like a teen-ager's tits often are?"

"Oh no, Stella, they're beautiful! Oh god, I shouldn't have said that either, should I?" he said, burying his face in his hands.

"Look at me, Karl, and don't hide your face like that! I want you to look at me and tell me what you think."

"I can't," he said. "when I look at you like that it makes me want to do something I shouldn't.". He was clenching his hands as he spoke.

"It makes you want to touch me, doesn't it, Karl?" she teased. "It makes you want to put your hands under my tits and heft them, then coverf them and squeeze them, doesn't it? Does it make you want to suck on them, Karl? Why don't you start by feeling them, by playing with my nipples?"

She slid close to him until their knees were touching. Karl knew that her tits were very close to him, that he could do what he wanted with them as far as her proximity was concerned. He kept opening and closing his fists on his thighs.

"Your hands will feel better, I think, if you're doing that with my boobs inside them, Karl," Stella smirked. She reached out and took one of his hands and placed it flat on one breast. Her hard nipple could clearly be felt in the palm of his hand. His hand reacted involuntarily, squeezing her breast lightly.

"Oh yes, Karl, that's good," she said almost dreamily, "but I suspect you can do better than that, can't you? I suspect you know very well how to handle a woman's tits and make her happy, don't you?"

She lifted both of his hands simultaneously and placed them on her tits as she simultaneously pressed her chest outward toward him. He had no need to signal them what to do. Instinctively they squeezed and his fingers of their own accord flicked over her nipples. Stella closed her eyes in the preliminary stages of ecstasy. Her breathing became shallower and softer. Nevertheless she was unzipping his fly, after which she loosened his belt and spread his trousers open. She fished around inside his boxers until she closed her fist around his now prodigious erection. She pulled it out and eyed it for what seemed like forever as he continued to knead her tits.

"That's the most beautiful dick I've seen in a very long time," she said softly, turning her eyes up to mine. "In fact, that just might be the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, Karl, and I want to use it now!"

With that she lowered her head, making it difficult for him to continue to work on her tits. Reluctantly I pulled my hands back while almost at the same time I felt her mouth close over the end of my shaft. The sensation of exquisite pleasure was immediate. He had not suspected this woman, this facially-unattractive woman, of possessing this kind of talent. He only hoped that he could hold his release until he could slide himself between her thighs and fuck her as he could now understand she deserved to be fucked and apparently wanted to be fucked. It was clear that was what she had in mind, too. He noticed now, wondering how he'd missed her doing it, that she was completely naked. He could not see her pussy yet, since she was bent over his thighs and it was in the space where her thighs were closed. He worked very hard to think of all sorts of things so that he wouldn't ejaculate prematurely into her mouth: the Pythagorean theorem, characteristics of a tesseract, authorship problems of the Gospels, linguistic theories of the origin of language, how to tell if a melon is ripe, why socks are not returned in pairs from washing machines and many other things.

Finally Stella lifted her head and licked her lips. Her face was wreathed in a huge smile. He thought she was completely satisfied. She certainly looked as if she was, but she was not.

"That was terrific! Now," she growled, that same smile still all over her face as she leaned back away from him to expose her lovely, shaved pussy, "fuck me. You must fuck me. I haven't been fucked in a very long time and it's time for me to be fucked. You're not going to get away from me until you do it, so you might as well submit to my demand."

Her hand was still around his dick, which if anything had enlarged even more. He could not believe how attractive her body appeared to him. In fact, even her face improved in its appeal. He shifted toward her until he was hovering over her. She pulled him down on her, sliding his dick between her thighs.

"Now, Karl, fuck me with everything you have. No niceties, no tenderness, just a simple hard energetic manly fuck, do you understand?"

In reply he simply thrust himself into her with power. She grunted as she felt his thickness fill her. He felt her hips lift to meet him and they began a rhythm, slowly at first and then faster and faster. He was surprised that he didn't come quickly. There was something about fucking Stella that was different, in a way, although she clearly was a woman to enjoy. She was making all the right sounds, too, the sounds of a woman who knows she is approved of and appreciated as the man inside her is fucking her as if he wants never to do anything else, the sounds that drive a man to ejaculation. She was meeting his thrusts as if they had done this forever, as if they had rehearsed a performance that had to be done perfectly for an audience. As a matter of fact, he realized later that if there had been an audience he wouldn't have minded, he would have gone right on fucking her.

Finally it was time to finish. He felt my cum rising through his vas. He knew my climax was only seconds away.

"I'm there!" he roared loudly.

"Yes, do it, do it!" Stella cried out as they thrust their hips together and held tightly. He doubted very much that it would have been possible to separate them during the next few moments. He felt my thick, hot cream spurt deep inside her. He heard her scream more loudly than any woman ever had when he'd filled her. They clung together as her cunt milked the last remnants of his cum out of his shaft. At that point he felt her body wilt, then fling itself in all directions as she collapsed under him. He collapsed at the same time. His cock withered rapidly and it was only moments before he fell out of her.

WThey kissed, soft and tender. They cuddled together as she turned and spooned her ass against him.

"That, Stella, has to be the most wonderful fuck I have ever enjoyed," he said, whispering it into her ear.

"And it was something like that for me, too," she whispered in return. Then, in a louder and firmer voice, she added, "and if you don't come do this to me more often, I shall come to you to make you do it. I am not going to go through my life any longer deprived of this, now that I know this is what is available to me. Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am," he said in mock subservience. "Shall we make a schedule?"

"No, we shall not," Stella said. "We can plan sometimes, but if you have a hard-on you should come find me so we can fuck. If I get horny I shall find you so we can fuck. If you want to risk it, you can take me to the beach or the mountains for three or four days so I can fuck you silly. Of course that means that you will be fucking me silly as well."

"Sounds good to me," he murmured meekly, feeling his prick beginning to rise again. "Do you have time for a slow one right now?'

"You bet!" she said, her eyes shining. At that moment she became the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes. "If you wish, you can begin this time by sucking on my nipples."

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