Proving Herself

by Ovbit


I was 18 when I had my first real sexual experience, but what happened last Wednesday afternoon made everything else seem tame by comparison. I came home from college for lunch and was alone in the house. My T-shirt was tight and my erect nipples poked through the material I don’t wear a bra - while my pert little bum was barely covered by my micro-mini. The doorbell rang and on opening it my dad’s mate Ray stood smiling on the doorstep.

I had always fancied Ray and made a special effort to wear low-cut tops when he came round to see dad.

"Dad's gone to the office," I told him. "So you're all alone then?" he replied, pushing past me and walking down the hallway to the kitchen. I closed the front door and followed him. "Want a coffee?" I asked. He smiled as I flirted, "Don't think I haven't noticed the way you tease me. I bet you’ve never been fucked properly!" I was taken aback and replied sarcastically, "Is that an invitation?" Ray was in his late 30s and I had often overheard him telling dad of his latest conquests. "I hope you don’t need to be asked twice," he said.

Too right, I didn’t. I pushed myself against him so that my firm tits squashed against his chest and started to gently kiss his neck. His strong arms wrapped around my body and he pushed his lips hard against mine, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth. His strong musty smell filled my nostrils, making my knees go weak, causing my cunt to ooze in my pants.

His strong mouth ate at mine as his hands squeezed my arse and fondled my tits. I could feel his cock pushed hard against me, throbbing inside his jeans. Ray's hand slid down over my skirt onto my bare thigh. I felt so horny - my whole body was tingling - and his cool hand on my hot thigh sent waves of pleasure through my body. I pushed him hard against the freezer, looked him straight in the eye and, licking my lips, I released the button on his jeans and unzipped his fly. He wasn’t wearing any undies and his thick, hard cock poked through the opening. He was huge.

The meaty member fell free as I pulled his jeans to his knees. I peeled off my T-shirt to expose my lovely tits and knelt in front of him, poised to take his hot cock into my mouth. He tasted good and, as I slipped my hot tongue over his glistening helmet, his pole twinged and grew. Raising my eyes to meet Ray's gaze, I slipped the whole length of his manhood deep into my throat. Ray groaned as his sex slid in and out of my hot mouth. He wrapped his hand around the back of my head and thrust hard into my mouth, making sure I sucked his shaft right down to the base. I licked and nipped his pole until it was bobbing around, rock hard and thicker than a cucumber. He must have been at least nine inches. "So you can perform," he leered.

Ray took my shoulders, raised my mouth to his, and kissed me deeply. I pulled away and slid down so that I could rub his erect dick between my pert 36C tits. Ray moaned with pleasure. "Time to return the favour," he said. Lifting me onto the workbench, he took my erect nipple into his mouth and bit and chewed hard on it. I pulled him hard against me.

Suddenly he pulled away and took hold of my ankles, spreading my legs. My hot pussy had made my white cotton panties moist, and his hands slid from my ankles, over my knees and thighs, coming to rest on my cunt. Ray pulled my panties aside and ran his tongue over my slit. My body rushed with ecstasy as he licked and sucked my sweet tunnel until my juices ran down his chin. My pussy ached to feel his dick and I yelled, "Fuck me now Ray!"

"No." he said sternly, "you fuck me." He lay on the kitchen floor, his cock huge and erect, his helmet throbbing. I squatted over him, holding his pole as I lowered my sweet hole down, clenching the muscles in my love passage as his meat slid deep inside me. My pussy spasmed as I worked it slow and deep onto his manhood, gasping as he raised his hips, filling my cunt to the brim with his big, hard cock.

Ray's hand grasped my waist, forcing me down hard on him, his hips thrusting wildly. He pulled me down towards his face so he could suck on my tits while his cock pounded on my pussy. Suddenly he stopped, "Are you on the pill?" he gasped. "No." I yelled, so he pulled his cock out of me and in one swift movement pushed me down so my head was on his prick. I automatically took it deep into my mouth just as he shot his hot spunk down my throat. It was lovely. Ray and me have seen each other a few times since then!

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