Professor's Wife & Me

by amitvinod


I remember my days in College at Mumbai. We would have major parties and I would hit on lots of girls and the young female teachers. But there was always one female. One female on seeing whom I always ended up with a big hard-on. The warden's wife who also was teaching in a nearby school as the English Prof. The warden was one hell of a snooty chap who was forever immersed in his administrative work or in punishing all the innocent students and make their lives miserable. It seems that he barely had any time for his family or his wife, which was one of his mistakes.Let me tell you about the lady. She is a pretty, pleasantly plump and generously endowed woman. Her beautiful though short hair, curvaceous body, and gorgeous breasts made her a package to lust over, especially when she was draped in a silk or cotton sari (the typical Indian dress) . Not only her body but her personality made her hot. She had a hot and sexy smile with lovely twinkling eyes. This gave me a hard-on every time I saw her. She was a very lonely and independent woman and though they lived in the campus always preferred to go for a long walk in the evening and if given the chance a long drive.

She and her husband would always have a fight in their small cottage in the campus and often she would bring up the topic about her being lonely and he would never ever have the time for her. She would complain that it's been three years since they made love, she would say that she needed sex. He would go on the offensive saying they're not teenagers to have sex everyday. Then she would storm out of the house I often dreamed about her body and luscious lips and would relieve myself at night.

One day I finally decided to go for it and try to seduce her making her yearn for me. The day started off like any other day. I went to class and then waited for her to show up for her usual complaining. When I got to the house I heard her screaming at the headmaster as usual. I knew I had to get her alone. I went outside and waited. I was the only one in the house with a car and this was the best opportunity for me to get her alone. So finally after she stormed out of the house and walked out of the gates. I also got into my car .

I drove out slowly and lowered my car windows as soon as I approached her

"Is there a problem Mrs. Jagannathan?" I asked.

" Oh, Amit . What's the matter? Going for a Long drive! Can you take me to my sister's place? I will show you the directions." she asked.

My chance. I expressed my assent. We drove along the road as night fell and rain started to pour. After around 15 minutes we drove up to her sister's house from the pouring rain. She thanked me and proceeded to get out of the car. I walked out of the car and by some twist of fate fell into a deep puddle of water. My clothes were soaked. She walked me in and offered me a bath and to wash my clothes. It seems that her sister was out of station for a few days with her family and Mrs. Jagannathan had the run of the place.

She handed me a towel and walked me to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door leaving it open slightly for her to peek into. I undressed slowly knowing she would let curiosity eventually take over and peek into the door. I was down finally to my underwear, and that's where I heard her heavy breathing. When I looked I realized she was watching me undress and fingering herself at the same time. I smiled and took off my underwear exposing to her my huge cock. I could hear her sharp breathing as she rapidly fingered herself watching my big cock stick out of my towel. I walked into the shower and proceeded to bathe myself that's when I knew she was done with her peep show.

I now made a decision than rather asking her where my clothes were I would go into the kitchen in my towel half down to my waist just to show her my body and tempt her. I knew this day would end with us in the bed having hot sex and I was going to make this the best day of her life. I finally finished my shower and could hear her clambering around in the kitchen for cups as she made some tea for us. I wrapped the towel barely around my waist exposing some of my thigh and walked into the kitchen.

"My clothes done yet?" I asked. When she turned around and saw my half naked and wet body she let out a loud gasp and started to stutter. I could tell she was yearning for sex and this hot woman deserved a lot of it. I stood up letting her get a good eye full of my body and waited for her answer.

She pointed to the washing machine without answering, I walked over to her and started to thank her and hugged her. When my body rubbed up against hers I could hear her shuddering from the touch of my big bulge. I could tell she hasn't touched a man in years. Then something happened that I didn't plan. We made eye contact and she kissed me gently, brushing her soft lips. Then we began kissing passionately. She shook as we made-out passionately on her table. She smiled and dropped my towel. She gasped at the sight of my cock and started to caress it like a child discovering a new pet. We started kissing again. She caressed my back and ass groping it madly.

She stood up and grabbed my hand. She pulled me towards her and led me to the bedroom. Finally what I wanted. I was finally going to fuck this beautiful woman. I was finally going to give her what she deserved. She caressed my face and took off her kameez and salwar . I kissed her neck slightly and kissed lower and lower. I could hear her gasping every time my lips touched her soft skin. She put her hand on my head and caressed my hair letting my know this aroused her. She released her bra showing her large breasts. They were a little wrinkle but that's what was very endearing about her.

She dropped her pants showing her lacy panties. I slipped my hand into it feeling on her fresh pussy. It was tight. I could tell she hadn't had sex for quite some time. I laid her down on the bed as we made out. Her body was so soft. We slipped under her covers as we made out passionately like lovers who hadn't seen each other in years. She was experienced in her kissing. She turned me over and kissed me laying on my body. Her kisses lowered slowly. I leaned my head back as she engulfed my cock into her mouth. She fit all eight inches into her mouth engulfing and practically swallowing it. We laid there for ten minutes until finally I exploded.

She swallowed every drop. We kissed passionately until finally I laid my body on top of hers. I didn't want to soften her pussy up. I wanted sex between us to be raw and intense. I wanted her to be happy. I slid in my cock slowly inch by inch. She clenched onto the headboard shuddering wildly as finally my cock was all the way sunk into her pussy. She moaned aloud as I picked up the rhythm. I began to speed up the humping which made her scream louder and louder. The bed bounced up and down pounding on the floor. She screamed louder and louder until finally her body shuddered one last time and she came. I finally exploded into her making her moan even louder.I caressed her hands and slipped it off the headboard she was clenching hard. We joined hands and kissed passionately. I laid on top of her for hours as our bodies caressed and joined. That night she was happier than ever. Later on we had more sex in the shower and the living room. A Fine lady she was.


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